Lance Franklin is bigger news than Tony Abbott

Rossleigh posted an interesting comment on The AIMN yesterday, which I don’t think he’ll mind me repeating:

Part of the fight against any government is to ensure that the questions are examined in all their complexity, rather than simply allowing a simplistic response to a fragment. This has often been where the media has played an important role.

Reading the Murdoch Press today, I am aware of the many complexities and implications of the Buddy Franklin move to the Sydney Football Club. At least nine stories were about that. There may have been more. I stopped counting.

There was one story on Abbott’s trip to Indonesia – in fact, that may have been the only story about Abbott in the whole paper.

Lance (Buddy) Franklin, within days of helping Hawthorn to the AFL flag, had just signed a lucrative deal with the Sydney Swans. Tony Abbott, meanwhile, as our new Prime Minister was on his first overseas trip with the hopes of a redneck nation sitting on his shoulders that he would literally kick arse. He promised us he would.

Then someone switched the lights off.

I find it amusing that prior to his elevation to PM, Tony Abbott couldn’t even open an envelope without the media publishing at least 15 stories describing what a wonderful achievement it was. Not a morning went by without a story in the Murdoch Press beginning with “Tony Abbott says . . . ”

He couldn’t hop on a push bike or don a yellow vest without it turning into a media circus.

He was photographed and interviewed while looking at bananas, holding bags of ice, eating pies and kissing babies. The Murdoch media talked about his trips to butchers, the beach, or to the set of Big Brother. With every breath, with every step, he was the anointed one.

Now he is a non-issue despite his invasion of Indonesia.

The silence can only mean one thing: Abbott made a total fuck-up of his Indonesian trip and our media know it.

“Thank God for Lance Franklin’s move to Sydney” I can hear them say.

At least he can kick goals. The PM certainly can’t. 😉

Buddy lining up for his 500th

Buddy lining up for his 500th (Photo credit: raider of gin)

58 comments on “Lance Franklin is bigger news than Tony Abbott

  1. Another distortion, actually outright lie, by this government the media either refuse to report or don’t bother to look at purely because it’s a Liberal government in power that needs to be protected.

    Turnbull stated in media conference on NBN that a sick NBNco and roll out will be made better by his new board and changes.

    All Turnbull has done is politicise NBNco so that any of his delays and cost overruns won’t be made public, much the same as Abbott is doing with his whole government.

  2. You guys and girls just don’t get it.
    Kevin Rudd is no longer PM , Kevin was the one who constantly abused
    make up artists. He was the ultimate narcissist – having what could only be
    called a Media Fetish ‘ a minimum of a Media Appearance a day keeps the
    Opposition at bay ‘ was Kevin’s belief.
    Australian’s have voted for a PM to govern not smile at a camera and do
    nothing. Turning around the ‘ Rudderless Ship ‘ is not achievable in the
    short term but will happen.
    Abbott is employed by us not the TV Networks.

  3. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney October 4, 2013 @ 7:42 am
    We get it. Your not reading the story and throwing around false causes. Do try to do better Voyager. Your attempts are vapid and getting more shallow each day. I expect better from your type, but when your Master is so…so…so, words fail me to describe something so pitiful, I really can’t expect much from his Fans either.

  4. I generally take it the more they are not telling me in the Media about Abbott, means they are harder at work to screw us all over in their manipulations of the clueless Dork.

  5. voyager , you don’t get it ! you’re just another brainwashed moron! with a huge ego ! You spew crap just like your hero the rabbit. Have not seen much of him lately. Must be down in the warren. To scared to talk.! Babble on all you want voyager. But nobody here believes anything you have to say.

  6. Just to balance the tripe migloo peddles, here is latest article from Melanie Phillips of the British Daily Mail, not that any of you will read it.

    Something truly astounding has happened. The best political candidate for a country’s future has won a general election.

    Even more astonishing is the fact that this achievement was something David Cameron and his inner circle had given us to believe was as impossible as being reincarnated as an olive.

    So what is this miracle? That a true conservative has won a general election on true conservative principles.

    This has just occurred in Australia, where the leader of the Liberal (conservative) Party, Tony Abbott, has been elected Prime Minister by a landslide.

    As head of the Liberal/National coalition, he unseated a Labour government which had been in power since 2007.

    But here’s the rub: Mr Abbott stands for all the things which, in this country, the Cameroons repeatedly claimed would make the Conservative Party unelectable.

    An Oxford-educated devotee of the late Lady Thatcher, Mr Abbott wants to cut taxes and is against gay marriage, thinks man-made global warming theory is bunkum, wants to reduce immigration, and intends to end increases in overseas aid.

    He also displays a robust understanding of the current threats to the West, and just who are its true allies and true enemies.

    His views would not only make the UK’s armchair appeasement tendency choke over its rhubarb crumble but also discomfort the current would-be saviours of Syria in the White House and No 10 Downing Street.

    For unlike President Obama and Mr Cameron, the new Australian PM understands that in Syria, the alternative to the bad guys may be even worse guys.

    Needless to say, on account of Mr Abbott’s views, the usual suspects (yes, they have them Down Under, too) duly wrote him off as unelectable and tried to finish him politically through scorn, insults and abuse. He was called the ‘mad monk’ (he once trained to become a Catholic priest), ‘Putin-esque’ and ‘misogynist and sexist’ (that particular smear fell from the lips of Australia’s then Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard).

    He is none of those things. I have met him a couple of times. He is funny, clever, thoughtful and considerate. Now, after the election, he’s had the last laugh.

    True, he was up against a Labour Party busily committing electoral suicide through internal divisions, broken promises and general incompetence (sound familiar?)

    But unlike the British Cameroons – who bizarrely decided that, faced with the similar electoral meltdown of the Labour government under Gordon Brown, they nevertheless had to adopt Left-wing policies – Mr Abbott stuck to his conservative guns.

    This meant that, unlike the poor old British electorate who were faced with a choice between Left-wing, very Left-wing, and off the graph altogether Left-wing (you can decide for yourselves which party fitted which description), the Australians were presented with a clear choice of government.

    Moreover, people positively respect principle, which they associate with courage and straightforwardness.

    These characteristics produce, in turn, a measure of trust and respect, even from political opponents. This all leads to success at the ballot box. Who can be surprised by any of this?

    Only the Cameroons, paralysed as they are by the fashionable prejudices aired at metropolitan dinner tables and the terror of getting on the wrong side of the BBC sneerocracy.

    Even worse than that, they appear to have been influenced by the loathing which the Left displays for them. Or maybe they have absorbed the views of some of their wives, as we are told happens in the Cameron household where the progressively-minded SamCam is said regularly to bend her husband’s ear.

    History is littered with examples of great men who made catastrophic errors of judgment because they didn’t have the cojones to stand up to a woman with a hold over them.

    Whatever the reason, the Cameroons have staked out positions which make then indistinguishable from the Left.
    They are then mystified that they can’t seem to win elections. In desperation, they grab hold of a few right-wing policies – and become even more mystified when the public promptly condemns them as insincere.

    Yet evidence is all around them that conservative principles actually do win elections. Stephen Harper has shown that repeatedly as Canada’s Prime Minister, as did Mr Abbott’s Australian mentor John Howard, who won four general elections in a row. And at home, this is precisely where UKIP’s appeal also lies.

    Tony Abbott is a ‘conviction politician’, with a strong moral sense rooted in his religious faith.
    Indeed, while his social conservatism has made him a boo-figure for the Left, more thoughtful observers realise that it is those very same conservative principles which provide him with the compassionate edge which the Cameroons have so desperately tried to adopt.

    What they didn’t realise was that striking shallow poses over such fetishes as man-made global warming, gay marriage or international aid was not compassionate at all – quite the reverse, in fact.

    Adopting positions which distort scientific, social or political evidence in order to support an unchallengeable belief sets one social group against another, supports the victory of the strong over the weak, and replaces truth with ideological dogma.

    In other words, this pseudo-compassion (which the Left wears on its sleeve to proclaim its own virtue) is actually responsible for creating a more brutalised, selfish, and irresponsible society.

    By comparison, Mr Abbott’s beliefs are sincere; he lives a compassionate life – for example, doing community work among Aboriginal Australians to improve their lot.
    And while he opposes gay marriage, he has a lesbian sister who has campaigned for him – thus giving the lie to the calumny that anyone opposing gay marriage is a bigot who poses a threat to homosexuals.

    Above all, however, he is patriotic. That does not mean he indulges in sentimentalised lists of Australian achievements (in the way Mr Cameron did last week with regard to Britain’s successes after a jibe from the Russians about us being a ‘small island’).

    It means he always puts his country’s national interest first. You could never imagine Tony Abbott surrendering Australia’s ability to govern itself to some supra-national entity, as did British governments with the EU.
    Nor claiming he would restore that sovereignty, then backing away from that undertaking, as Mr Cameron has done.

    In other words, in a world made super-cynical by the supreme slipperiness of politicians, Mr Abbott is as solid as they come.
    By sticking to what he believes through thick and thin, he has shown he is not motivated by the desire to win power just for power’s sake – the characteristic with which David Cameron is associated and which repels so many voters.

    In addition, Mr Abbott did not buckle under the volleys of insults and brickbats hurled his way. He has thus achieved something rather more remarkable than just a general election victory.

    He has faced down the intellectual thuggery and demonisation by the Left, and shown that a politician who refuses to be cowed by this apparently all-encompassing intimidation can win big.

    Mr Cameron has congratulated the new Australian Prime Minister-elect, saying it would be ‘great to work with another centre-right leader’.

    One does wonder whether Mr Abbott sees Mr Cameron the same way. For the British PM has done everything he can to damn the positions Mr Abbott takes as being in ‘closet racist, fruitcake’ territory.

    Not surprisingly, however, some Tory MPs have got the point and are calling on Mr Cameron to adopt similar policies.
    After all, look at what Mr Abbott promises to do. Axe the carbon tax. Reduce overseas aid. Limit immigration. Cut taxes. Invest in infrastructure. And he is a passionate Anglophile (another difference from many British politicians!).

    In short, Britain has every reason to be envious of its Aussie friends. Can we clone Tony Abbott, please, and put him into Number 10 forthwith?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  7. Hitler fooled an gullible nation, history does tend to repeat itself. but just as Hitler fell. so will abbott. The voters will awaken from their self induced coma and realise they voted in a cretin. And puff Abbott will soon be dust !

  8. Typical, summo quoting a dimwitted, hard right reporter from the UK’s egregious Daily Mail rag no less.

    As for the last paragraph, which I quickly skipped to after reading the first few eye-glazing paragraphs, in which the “writer” asks if they can clone Abbott & put him into No 10 pronto. There is no need to clone him as they are very welcome to have their very own Pommie Tony back. It would be our great pleasure to offer him to them.

  9. Nice to see “Joy” read the entire story, and made an informed comment, or should I say, typical, skip the guts of it, read the last line and race off at the keyboard.What we expect from someone falling off the left side.

  10. Yajustgottalaugh at someone, who falls off the right side, using a pseudonym putting my real name in quotes. ……

  11. ananda1955 That is s-o-o-o-o true. There is a limit to just how much biased tripe we can read something the right whingers seem to not understand..

  12. The sole purpose of Rabbit’s trip to Indonesia was to get a photo shot of him shaking the hand of the Indonesian President. The Project ran a short segment two days ago in which they showed an unidentified Australian “journalist” making the request for the two to shake hands so he could take a picture. As he was walking away, Rabbit was heard to say, “Got it. You beauty.”

  13. Whisperers. Get used to this political journey where Labor’s cockups will be exposed, documented and rectified. It will take up most of the first Abbott term as PM. Indonesia will be firmly in Abbott’s Big Tent. The swift resolution of the Live beef export trade will go a long way to restoring our relationship with Indonesia. The mindless and insulting policy of Labor and Ludwig telling the Indonesians that they don’t know how to slaughter their cattle properly………I guess this epitomises the incompetence and low intellect arrogance of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd regime.
    Sadly for Labor the boats will be stopped. I saw Burke and Burke pontificating on Abbott’s boats policy. Talk about giving Abbott a free kick. Guys, it was a Labor stuff up to dismantle Howard’s Pacific Soultion. It helped you lose the election. Why remind the punters of your incompetence. It looks like Labor HQ has continued it’s blissful ignorance evident pre September 7.
    Technology has already circumvented the NBN Marginot Line of FTP and FTN will be a useful tool in an adult NBN Project driven by Turnbull. Labor’s delivery incompetence will be highlighted for many months to come. I for one will be interested to see how much taxpayers dollars have been pissed up against the wall in this area and many other areas.
    Gillard popping her head up over the parapets also reminds the punters that the worst PM in history is still on the taxpayer funded Gravy Train (with biscuit wheels) Abbott must be thinking ….another Labor gift that just keeps on giving…keep it up Gillard. Remind the voters how they got it all wrong and she really was the best PM voters could wish for….. Every time she pops her head up Abbott must just grin from ear to ear.
    Puerto del Espalmador, Espana.

  14. tweed, listening to right wingers is as annoying as stepping into dog shit. totally disgusting. Thats why i don’t come here as often as i used to. your selfisness and arrogance is pathetic to loving and caring people. And that is the difference between the right and the left. we care about the big picture off all things, you care about yourself !

  15. Melanie Phillips, oh dear 😯 , what an wonderful example of a loon,… such as yourself, Summo 😛
    …now lets take a look at some of the ‘views’ of this wonderful human being… :-
    “..On 26 November 2009, Phillips claimed that there was no evidence of global warming and that temperatures are going down rather than up.” 😆
    ” She said the UK government was brainwashing children by including references to gay people in lessons about censuses and population movement. Philips called it “an abuse of childhood”, part of a “ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very ­concept of normal sexual behaviour”. She received the ‘Bigot of the Year’ award from gay equality organisation Stonewall in 2011.” …. oh guffaw 🙂
    “..Since the election of Barack Obama, Phillips has accused him of “adopting the agenda of the Islamist” and of being “firmly in the Islamists camp”. 😯 😆 😯 😆
    Summo, keep them quotes coming….. 😀

  16. How was that makeup artist abused, or the taxi driver that took Shorten and his mates to the university hall.

    Crime seems to be, they did not take up conversation with them.

    Personally, I am not in the habit, of initiating conversation with cab drivers.

  17. “….A sacked former director of the NBN Co has conceded that aspects of the rollout were dysfunctional and he has accused both sides of politics of interfering in the multi-billion dollar project.

    Brad Orgill refused to voluntarily resign when new Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull asked the NBN Co’s board to stand down.

    “I chose not to resign with all other board members . . . [because of] my weariness at politics overshadowing fair process,” Mr Orgill wrote in an opinion piece published in the Australian Financial Review newspaper.

    Yesterday it was confirmed that former Telstra and Optus chief Ziggy Switkowski would take over as the company’s new chairman.

    Mr Orgill says he suspects Mr Turnbull’s decision to remove him was the result of his work for the previous Labor government in investigating the multi-billion dollar school building program.

    But Mr Orgill admits that when he was appointed to the NBN board late last year, some of the company’s operations were in a bad way.

    “I was struck by the dysfunctional nature of various NBN operational aspects but also impressed by what had been achieved in many of the work streams,” he said.

    He believes the board could have got the rollout back on track.

    “We could have got the local network component back on track to complete as scheduled by 2021,” he said.

    Mr Orgill says Mr Turnbull could have taken control of the board without having to sack anyone.

    Mr Turnbull says he asked the board to resign because the Government needed more flexibility to roll out its version of the network.

    He says Dr Switkowski’s appointment is “part of a clean slate for the NBN”.

    The next task for the network is to complete a strategic review within 60 days to determine how much the project will cost and how long it will take to complete.

    Topics: information-and-communication, computers-and-techn.

    Could NBNCo, be in the alleged strife, because of the actions of Abbott, and his continual undermining of it, turning it into a political fight,

    Where would the NBNCo be now, it Abbott had decided to treat it in a bipartisan manner.

    If so, should be easy to correct prob,ems and continue down the fibre to the home path.

    Wonder how Abbott will cope this weekend in Bali.

    Scott Morrison now on ABC. Appears that Mondays are no longer the only briefing.

    ABC 24. Building up the military perception. So wonder what has occurred.

  18. Michael, you are apparently wrong. According to Morrison, it was a highly successful meeting that Abbott had in In Indonesia. The world press must have it wrong. ABC 24

  19. Morrison , nothing really new. Just criticism of the former Labor government.

    The UN asked us to take 2000. We are taking 500.

    First lie. Labor promised 20,000 not 13, 700, as they are doing.

  20. It appears todays briefing because of Monday being a public Holiday.

    I noticed that Morrison did not claim they have already turned boats back, as Bolt claims.

  21. Once again reporting half paragraphs and out of context.
    Yes, it is true, one can build fibre to the node, cheaper that to the premises.

    What was also said, the two things are not the same.

    That most of our competitors, are building to the the premises.

    What is true, to the premises is still cheaper in the long run.

    If Turnbull is genuine, I believe we will have it to the premises.

    What I believe is really the case, Turnbull is preparing to sell all off.

    If that is true, I hope that there will be more than Murdoch, maybe Telstra lining up to buy.

  22. n a recent interview with The Australian Financial Review, Mr Pyne said that since Labor started changing the rules for international students in 2008, “they’ve managed to shrink the industry by about a quarter, which is a pretty dramatic failure given that the economy’s been growing in that period”. He said when Labor took office in December 2007, education was Australia’s second highest source of foreign income, or fourth highest if mining was broken down into iron ore, coal and gold.

    ABC Fact Check asked Mr Pyne for the basis for his comment. His spokesperson referred to a February 2013 report by economic consultants Deloitte Access Economics commissioned by the Australian Council for Private Education
    and Training, an industry body representing private education providers. The report said income from foreign students fell from $18.1 billion in the year to June 2010 to $14.7 billion in the year to June 2012. This is a drop of just under 19 per cent. ………….

    The verdict

    Mr Pyne overstates how far the international student industry has shrunk. Income from the industry has fallen by 15 per cent since the 2009 peak. The number of student visas has declined by 19 per cent. Neither measure is as high as Mr Pyne’s 25 per cent.

    His claim that Labor was responsible for the drop is not the full story. It was due to many factors – not just Labor policy. His comments in the The Australian Financial Review are exaggerated.

  23. Has anyone noticed the biggest difference between the ships sailing into the Harbour today, and photos of a century ago.

    Yes, it is the number of people standing on the decks. Can no longer say men.

    Another big difference, which the GG chose to emphasize with her speech, is the role that women play today.

  24. i must say it makes a nice change not seing this mugs face on tv lately,but it really scares me not knowing what he is up to ,because this gutless media wont report on anything,or even print opinions,who is running our country,it seems as though the budget emergency,the national emergency ,and global warming have all being solved.
    they still seem more interested in the coalition,than who is looking after our country
    i wonder if abbott will put a media ban on all oversea’s journalists in bali this weekend.

  25. Will be in Bali, then going on to another two I believe. Lucky for Obama, he will not be able to attend.

    Will try and find where I read it.

  26. The announcement comes as the Prime Minister prepares to travel to Bali on Sunday for the APEC conference following meetings with president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta earlier this week.

    Mr Abbott yesterday flagged a close relationship with Mr Yudhoyono, who he said had accepted him as John Howard’s political son and heir.

    “I was able to bask in John Howard’s glory, so to speak,” he said.

    Mr Abbott said he had met Mr Yudhoyono several times in Opposition and he was always a gracious man.

    He was “even more gracious now” as the pair made a strong commitment to the other to do what it could to fight people smuggling, he said.

    “I have to say that I think I’m lucky because John Howard and President Yudhoyono had a very strong relationship and I think the president decided that I was kind of John Howard’s political son and heir and therefore I was okay,” he told Triple M.

    Following Bali, Mr Abbott will travel to Brunei for the East Asia Summit.

    But before both forums, Mr Abbott will host Prince Harry at Kirribilli House on Saturday as the British royal visits Australia for the International Fleet Review in Sydney.

    “I have no doubt that as a British army officer Prince Harry will be the very soul of good behaviour,” he said, following suggestions his two daughters may attract the eligible bachelor’s eye….

    One still pushing, I noticed two daughters. Must be giving up on the one that is living in sin.

    Has Abbott managed to ignore the last six years. One would think that Ms. Gillard did not have a good relation

    Notice both Grattan and Cassidy see Abbott being very successful when dealing with Indonesia.

    Is it us, or them that live in a parallel world.

  27. Harry’s a POHM…. ‘think about it’ 😮 ….. just like Tones 😛 …. one wonders at the chances of Harry turning Tony into a Lord…. and towing him back home to Nanna’s ‘House’ so we can be rid of ‘him’…… just sayin 😉

  28. Caused by the Tea Party Summo, you know the party that Abbott emulated in opposition. So again you prove to us what a terrible leader Abbott is and what a bad party the Liberals are.

    You just love shooting yourself in the foot.


  29. Mobius Ecko, only an unfeeling, self-centred psychopath such as Summo would think it was funny that people are being placed on unpaid “furlough” due to the pig-headedness of conservative politicians. Despicable creature.

  30. joy you want to see just how low Summo has gone and just how despicable he can be then read his post in the “I’ll be claiming that too” thread, where he blames Labor for boat drownings and uses the tragedy off the coast of an Italian island to make the point, and laughs at the end.

  31. ME I’ll take your word for it as I don’t want to totally ruin my day reading that cretin’s disgusting garbage. Hard right conservative non-humans like him(?) make me proud that I am a progressive thinker & believer in a fair go for all, something they know nothing about.

    Summo & their ilk make me feel sick to my stomach. . .

  32. summo and his mates remind me of the feeling you get when suddenly a very large spider lands in your lap. very unpleasant people.

  33. Poor spiders, ananda. 😆 They are wonderful for the environment, Love to see huntsman spiders in our home. 🙂

    Summo et al bring to mind the ewww factor of seeing a cane toad in the back yard & just as ugly.

  34. DD, I believe not.

    “…………..If the Abbott government calls a double dissolution to end a deadlock with the Senate, it might need to build a new stand on the Senate floor to fit all the crossbenchers who would be elected.
    An analysis of last month’s election results finds that if voters vote the same way at a double dissolution, and parties give preferences the same way, there would be 15 senators on the crossbenches – up from two now, and eight in the new Senate. The Coalition would gain two seats, but lose five, leaving it with just 30 of the 76 senators. Labor and the Greens would lose two each, and the DLP and Motoring Enthusiasts would disappear.
    One in five senators would sit on the crossbenches, turning the Senate into a virtual house of independents.
    In a double dissolution, all 12 Senate seats in each state are up for grabs. That lowers the quota for election to just 7.7 per cent of votes after preferences. At the half-Senate election on September 7, it was 14.3 per cent.
    Analysis by the statistician and electoral watcher calling himself the ”Truth Seeker” finds that with the same votes and preferences and a lower threshold, big parties would lose seats to small ones.

    Read more:

  35. …comments that six years olds make..cretin, psychopath, non-human, cane toad. thats the alp for you. 🙂

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  36. S. Subhash. J, your saying, ” .. not much point talking facts..” , shows that you are muchly above Summo’s, umm, err, .. level 😕 ( summos got a level ??? 😛 )
    Summo’s as level as two planks side by side….. 😈

  37. Love you guys, with the exception of Summo. Love the articles, comments are also enlightening and entertaining (where is the like button?) I look forwarding to reading these just as much as the articles. 🙂

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