I’ll be claming that too

Attorney-General George Brandis and Agriculture Minister Senator Barnaby Joyce have agreed to repay travel expenses they had claimed to attend the wedding of Sydney radio shock jock Michael Smith two years ago.

Despite it being part of “a work day” pleaded Barnaby, he parted with his money. Yes apparently:

The wedding, Mr Joyce argued, was ”a work day like any other”.

”They’re all private functions at which you spend most of the time talking about politics,” he said.

Well I’m delighted to learn this. It encourages me to submit a back-log of claims for expenses I incurred – planned or unplanned – talking about former my work in the Public Service. At the Executive level I was expected to be on call 24 hours a day, even if I was attending a private function.

Without the benefit of a strapped on GPS tracker to retrace all of my movements over the last umpteen years I’m limited to recall only a few stand-out events from which to launch a claim. Take, for example, the time I drove down to Joe’s Fish ‘n’ Chip shop before Christmas. I hadn’t been to Joe’s for a while so he was eager for a chat. Here’s where the door opened for me: he asked me about my job. I conveniently recall the two of us engaged in discussion about how much of a lousy day I’d had while the chips were cooking. I’m putting in a claim for the fuel costs to run down to Joe’s. It was just another work day like any other. Not a problem. I’ll get that one.

And how about the time I attended a subordinate’s wedding. We weren’t that close so I’m guessing I was only invited because I was his boss. Naturally, father of the groom wanted to chat to me about young Rodney’s work. It’s hard to escape from at times. Bugger it, I’m putting in a claim.

Let’s not be trivial. I could go in for the kill here.

Carol and I spent some time in America last year and we were fortunate to meet many great locals. You know how it is when you meet anybody new . . . they ask what line of work you’re in. And those pesky Americans, of course, wanted to know everything about the Australian Public Service. Work, work work. That’s all I ever spoke about. The airfare wasn’t cheap, by the way, so I demand to be reimbursed. Sure, I was not over there performing official duties on a work day, but it was a work day for those poor sods back home so I see a loophole here. After all, I was meant to be on call 24 hours a day. Surely we can’t let a trivial thing like being out of the country as a stumbling block to my claim?

I think I might just get away with it . . . especially if people are idiots. Well, in my opinion Barnaby seems to think everyone is.

Image courtesy of theaustralian.com.au

Image courtesy of theaustralian.com.au

110 comments on “I’ll be claming that too

  1. Why were the 2 in question asked to the wedding?
    -because they were Politicians or
    -because they were making up numbers.
    Probably the former which means there was strong work connections .
    And knowing both ‘ too much politics’ would have been discussed.
    It wasn’t a winery tour using multiple cab charge dockets!

  2. Oh what a surprise, LibTard troll & ignoramus-Voyager-wants to defend his precious mates from attack by spouting this weak as piss defense. I suspect they were invited because they’re mates with this Right Wing shock jock. To call this a “legitimate expense” is laughable, & if it had been someone from the Labor Party you’d be howling for blood-Voyager-don’t deny it. I bet you were cool with Reith’s son spending $50,000 on his dad’s tax-payer funded phone card too. Typical Right Wing hypocrites…oops, excuse the tautology there.

  3. What “multiple cab-charge dockets”, Voyager, you simpleton? Facts are facts-your corrupt LibTard mates have been allowed to pay back the money they STOLE, whilst Slipper has been hounded over *half* that amount (money he has offered to pay back). Oh, & lets not forget that Abbott (who rorted over $9000 to flog his book) defended Slipper initially. Can you spell VENDETTA, Voyager? ‘Cause I sure can!

  4. Voyager, wasn’t one of them the MC? That being the case, they weren’t invited for simply being a politician. May as well have invited old Tones himself that being the case.

    But another thing is, Voyager, if it were Labor politicians I’d be just as critical. You, however, jump to their defence solely because they belong to the Coalition. You’d be screaming with rage if they were Labor.

  5. Marcus the irony.

    Voyager and Vendetta with both RAN destroyers. I spent a short time on their sister ship Vampire.

    As you probably know Voyager sank after a collision with the carrier HMAS Melbourne, which I also spent some time on.

  6. Labor should lay the Slipper into the pricks. Heres something to think about,the minister for the arts at a shock jocks wedding, heathen. Bandis minister for black and white awa tele with rabbit ears.

  7. Summo: I hope that you have evidence for the statement you made. Have you heard of the crime of Libel? It’s what people who make false statements which damage the reputation of others are charged with, and it’s punishable with a prison sentence. Show us the evidence.

  8. What is not surprising is the dogged belief the RWingers have re their entitlement to suck off the public teat. They would claim just for getting out of bed in the morning. Even their barracking apologists such as VOYAGER BS seem to think their rorting is okay. They can do no wrong apparently. How delusional is that?

    Of course, we know that the LNP is the party of me me psychopaths. The ATO should look very closely at their tax returns as these MPs would be claiming for everything they can think of. Wasn’t Barnaby Joyce a small town accountant prior to entering the Senate? By the way he excuses claiming the cost of the plane fare back to Moree because he was “returning home”(??????). He lived in St George in Qld at the time NOT Moree!!!! Why hasn’t this been pointed out??

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  9. Yes indeed, Tim did borrow Julia’s car – yes it’s quite a scandal isn’t it, that in 2007 a person borrowed their partner’s car. There was no hint of any cost to the taxpayer but it was pointed out that as Tim’s use of the car might be considered a commercial use Julia paid a sum of several thousand – in 2007 – as compensation for use of the car. Clearly the issue is one of hypocrisy that the opposition, so holier than thou worry about shampoo, but it’s themselves who have been rorting all along.

  10. People seem to forget or ignore the fact that the charges Peter Slipper is facing stem from when he was still a LIBERAL MP, so it appears that claiming travel that they may not be entitled to was endemic in the Liberal Opposition!

  11. What seems not to be getting attention, is the fact, they were networking with these media guys, because they were digging up dirt on the PM of the time. Also, at that time, Brandis in particularity was liaising with police forces of four states and Federal, to bring down Slipper, Gillard and Thomson.

    Should not the Liberal party the picking up the bill.

    As for Joyce, why did not Bolt pick up his expenses.

    Someone needs to tell Joyce, most people travel to Killcare by train, Not a bad trip. Well it was not before we had the O’Farrel government installed.

    Now to Brandis massive bill to stock his own personal library. It is good to know the man is widely read, but do not we have a parliamentary library, he could borrow the books from.

    The person I would love to see their claims for books of any description is the Honourable PM Abbott. I am sure, we will have no complaints about the money spent.

  12. As some point out, that is how one networks.

    What were they networking for?

    This at a time, when Brandis was pursuing two people for abuse of entitlements, it appears he was doing the same himself.

    I do not care, how they and their supporters try to spin it, they are in the wrong.

  13. The difference is, this mob pursue people to jail, to prove a point. They are doing the same there selves.

    Gillard repaid that money quickly. In fact, I see nowhere, were she claim for the time Tim used the car.

    Gillard admitted that it was wrong to claim expenses for the car, under those conditions. In fact, I suspect this is a very grey area.

    In fact, is it much different than claiming FBT for a car, that one is supposed to used at work, but does not.

    Maybe Mr. Gillard can explain how one can get tax deductions for driving to work, but not is one travels by public transport. Because that e what having a car, as part of your salary package amounts to. Why not also have your trains fares, included.

    You Tim’s used of the car, is not the same.

  14. Thanks for the date Carol. It makes more sense now. That would have been back when Gillard first became PM. I know one MP, that been around for decade. His wife is the one that drives the car. Mainly because he have never felt the need for a licence. As I said, this one would be a grey area. Not the same as using a hire car or taxi.

  15. Slipper was prepared to ‘repay’ but because he was reported to the AFP by Brandis, I believe), it was too late. If the journalist who came upon this rort had reported it to the AFP instead of publishing it and causing Brandis to repay, then Brandis would be in real trouble.

    Imagine having a ‘rorter’ as AG.

  16. Ah, so good to see Dummo doing his best to try & deflect attention away from his hypocritical buddies in the Tory Party. Last I checked, Gillard wasn’t going around, at the time, demanding that Liberal Party MP’s be “hung drawn & quartered” for minor transgressions-the way Brandis has so frequently.

    Also, should we forget all the scams the former Howard Government was involved in. How many ex-Ministers used their positions to benefit companies they later went to work for? I’ve personally lost count. How many MP’s & Ministers were guilty of rorting their travel entitlements? Remember Warwick Parer & his dubious decisions, that just happened to benefit his family trust? I remember the phone-card scam very clearly ($50,000 of tax payers money wasted), & the MRI scan scam. How about the Prime Minister bailing out his brother’s employees to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, just so said brother could avoid a potential criminal case?

    Admittedly, Brandis & Joyce are “small potatoes” compared to these scams, but it does show that (a) that they have *real* form on this matter & (b) the utter depth of their hypocrisy in demanding such harsh punishments for the likes of Thomson & Slipper.

  17. they were networking with these media guys

    This is probably the most pertinent point in this story. When pollies and the media become that entwined, there is absolutely no way they can claim to be unbiased. The fact that brandi actually tried to use the collusion with a media mouthpiece to smear the PM as some kind of ‘work commitment’ is just abhorrent. Maybe if they were actually investigating something , perhaps, but a bloody wedding?

    And, the fact that the AG himself doesn’t know the rules? even as he repays the money?

    What a tosser.

  18. It is also interesting how the media are portraying tabots complete capitulation to Indonesia as some kind of ‘success’, and the complete abandonment of his election rhetoric over ‘turn back the boats’ as some kind of policy ‘adjustment’. What all of a sudden happened to word ‘liar’. Will it be entombed with Gillards career?

    Or perhaps the journo’s just want to try and keep some kind of minimal access within ‘the loop’, unlike their Indonesian counterparts

    Abbott’s Press Event Shuts Out Local Reporters


    The restriction to the press is remarkable. Where are all our ‘free speech’ advocates now? Even within our own media? Hypocrites?

    I know that it is frowned upon to raise the Godwin, but even the most rusted on right wingers would have to admit that, under these circumstances, the Godwin effect pretty much “rights” itself

  19. It’s alright – they’ve got plenty of money 😉

    Where’s Neil? Gross federal government borrowing since the election is $7.9 billion. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) No comments from the hypocritical Neil though?

  20. Bacchus, but there is no budget emergency or need for an instant surplus now. Remember Joe told us that the economic situation was sufficiently weak that rushing back to a surplus would hurt too much.

  21. …or need for an instant surplus now

    Yep 2353 – 10 years is soon enough**, isn’t it? 😉

    ** As long as there’s a Lieberal government on the treasury benches – otherwise it’ll be an instant emergency again 🙄

  22. Bacchus, I don’t know where Neil is but I can guess. At this very moment he’ll be scouring Bolt’s blog or Wikipedia for ‘evidence’ that Joyce is completely within his rights. 🙄

  23. Wonder what the NZ PM do here. Not normal meeting. Was not expected. Could Abbott be calling for backup.

    Wonder if foreign press be allow at any gathering. Was not in Indonesia. Well their press was not.

    Yes, Australia is open for businesses, the business of plundering, that is.

    Palmer has another senate seat. That is three seats.

  24. Wonder if out illustrious AG is going to refer Bought and Ashbey, along with Jackson to the relevant police.

    After all we can assume he does understand the law, an d what Justice Rare’s judgment said.

    After all the man has practiced as a barrister. Is a QC.

    But then, he does not seem to understand the rules, relating to travel and accommodation entitlements,

  25. “,Perhaps he was conscious of the presence of the Indonesian press contingent in Jakarta.
    The other thing that I noticed was that he continually referred to SBY as “Bapak” President and I wonder how that went down with the old Liberal attack dogs who crucified Paul Keating when he addressed Suharto by that honorific and accused him of grovelling before Suharto.
    It was nice to see that News Limited remembered in their piece today (Ian McPhedran Defence Writer, October 01, 2013
    “Back in 1992 Keating was a huge fan of the Indonesian dictator General Suharto. He even referred to him as “Bapak” or uncle”


  26. It appears, it is only a day visit. Just to lay a wreath,

    APEC summit later this week, at Bali I believe.

    Abbott looks bored. Looking around, not taking much interest.

    In fact, Abbott is stony faced.

    Maybe he has not been told the reason.

  27. Yes, Abbott still operating according to rules, that are long past, when it comes to our near neighbours.

    Have we heard of what they think of his Colombo plan, in reverse?

    Did Abbott ask, is this what they are happy with.

    Seems to me, it was though up during the election campaign, no consultation with the country, he is imposing it on.

    It seems to be aimed at the elite of both countries from where I am sitting.

    “………..Australian prime minister Tony Abbott met with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on September 30, a date loaded with historical and political significance in Indonesia. EPA/Adi Weda
    September 30 is an important date in Indonesian history. On that day in 1965 the Indonesian military seized power and unleashed a massacre of innocent civilians, killing and incarcerating hundreds of thousands of people.

    In that context, it was an odd day for a new Australian Prime Minister to visit Indonesia. But an interesting point of departure to assess how a democratic Indonesia views Australia.

    The highly emotive and contentious history continues to occupy media attention 48 years after the event. A great deal remains unresolved. No one has been prosecuted for one of the worst genocides in human history. Films are still banned for straying too far from the official explanation of what happened that night in 1965 and the military brutality that followed.

    But a lot has also changed. Indonesia’s leading English language daily, the Jakarta Post, called for:

    …an official apology [that] will be important step toward demonstrating the Indonesian state’s seriousness about drawing a line under the dark legacy of the New Order era.
    The Australian general public is yet to fully comprehend the massive transformation that Indonesia has undergone in the last decade from military dictatorship to thriving democracy with a loud, diverse, unruly media.

    While Australians generally, and Indonesia specialists certainly, rejoiced in the fall of Suharto, democracy has not made relations between Jakarta and Canberra any easier.

    During the years of the Suharto dictatorship (1965 – 1997), successive Australian governments had two advantages in dealing with Indonesia. They knew exactly who they were dealing with and knew also, that the Suharto regime’s view was the only one that mattered.

    The current Indonesian government, like any other elected government, can only act within the limits of the voting public’s opinion. And like never before, any Australian policy needs to understand the complex undercurrents in this massive and unique democracy in our neighborhood – unique not only as the best functioning democracy in any majority Muslim nation but also arguably the most diverse of nations.

    While Indonesia was under dictatorship, Australia could always occupy the high moral ground of democracy. Indeed, the generation of students who marched against Suharto in the late 1990s looked to Australia both as a source of scholarly critique of their government and as a model for a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, highly tolerant democracy.

    Asylum seekers from Bangladesh and Myanmar in Indonesian detention in Aceh. Australia’s handling of the asylum issue has cost it moral capital with the Indonesian people. EPA/Hotli Simanjuntak
    Prime minister Abbott arrives in Jakarta at a time when Australia’s moral authority in the minds of the Indonesian public has largely waned.

    Australia has a particular image problem in the region around its treatment of asylum seekers. The language of “border protection” when dealing with unarmed women and children in leaky boats is easily seen as overly muscular.

    Recently most Indonesian daily newspapers have run screaming headlines about Australia’s inhumane treatment of refugees. Even the Kompas newspaper, old, respected, middle-of-the road, Catholic-owned and generally sympathetic to Western positions, has begun to question Australian policy on asylum seekers since the latest drowning at sea.

    But more generally, Australia simply does not any longer constitute a model for a progressive, representative, multi-cultural democracy in the minds of Indonesians.

    Internationalised, media savvy, English-literate Indonesians noticed that the Australian media treated their first woman prime minister, Gillard, as despicably as Indonesia’s media had treated their first female President, Megawati. Kompas, Jakarta Post and other national Indonesian newspapers have noted that there is just one female minister in the Abbott cabinet.

    When Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), replaced Megawati as President, he appointed four women as cabinet ministers, including into two key economic portfolios – finance (Sri Mulyani) and trade (Mari Pangestu). Throughout his two terms, SBY has had at least four women in senior cabinet positions.

    The current Indonesian cabinet is also highly diverse in ethnic and religious representation – with Catholics, Protestants, a Hindu and Indonesians of Chinese origin represented in this cabinet.

    For all the short-comings of the Indonesian government (and needless to say, many are well-documented), every Indonesian cabinet since 1998 has been carefully constructed to democratically represent Indonesia’s national diversity.

    The vast Indonesian media is critically scrutinising many aspects of Australian politics, including the make-up of its government. Australia has a public relations exercise to win in Indonesia, that goes way beyond simply a relationship between two executive governments……..


  28. Just look at that stupid grin on Abbott’s face.

    Shit he’s such an embarrassment for Australia on the international stage.

    Can someone please tell me what happened with Bishop the younger on this overseas trip?

    Wasn’t she supposed to be with Abbott and didn’t she come back early from her failed diplomacy in New York to go to Indonesia?

  29. She was there Mö – smiling as one of the ‘noddies’ during that press conference where the local press was locked out 🙄

  30. But she isn’t being mentioned anywhere Bacchus, and considering she along with Morrison verballed the Indonesians I would have thought she would be front and centre crawling on hands and knees to them.

    As to her smiling noddies, that’s all she did in New York and like Abbott has in Indonesia, embarrassed us on the global stage.

    And note the Ltd News media also said her trip to New York was a success, just as they have with Abbott in Indonesia.

  31. Roswell @ October 2, 2013 @ 9:57 pm “I was talking about Tony Abbott today? Can I put in a claim for stress?”
    Sadly, no. The Australian Electoral System has decreed that we must suffer for three years, all sort of painful, malignant, totally insane psychological tortures, till we are prodded into our decreed new approved, acceptable psych, of being deliriously happy to work for IPA approved benefactors, for $2 a day, if we meet the approval of baleful megalomaniacs, also approved by the IPA.
    I, on the other hand, would rather claim exile and call them their Füç#W!+s to their face.

  32. LOVO, many more than two, I suspect. Maybe one for every day of the week.

    Where is Mr. Turnbull. Was suppose to tell is today, this 15 day of this new government, what is to become of the NBNCo board. Maybe he is having trouble finding someone who is not corrupt.

    More likely, having difficulty finding someone who has faith in NBN lite/fraud

  33. Fu, ” More likely, having difficulty finding someone who has faith in NBN lite/fraud”

    The ‘one’ they find may as well have “sycophant” tattooed on their forehead. 😆

  34. This cannot be true. Hockey to increase spending, and to do so, increase borrowing. How shocking is that.

    Where is Neil, to point out the errors of his ways.

    “………….Treasurer Joe Hockey is considering identifying government borrowings raised to fund infrastructure as separate from debt raised to cover the budget deficit as the Abbott government contemplates an infrastructure spending splurge.

    Mr Hockey confirmed last week the government was “looking at ways that we can stimulate growth, particularly in the next 18 months and beyond”.

    “There is a challenge that we recognised in opposition, and the government talked about, of sustaining growth and increasing economic growth,” he told reporters.

    “From my perspective – and the Coalition’s perspective – infrastructure investment that is based on proper cost-benefit analysis is a good investment that helps to improve productivity growth and that is the sort of thing we need to drive.”

    The Australian Financial Review revealed last month the government was preparing an about-face on the ­economy, looking to boost infrastructure spending to stave off a post-mining boom investment slowdown that could push up unemployment

    While the Coalition hopes it can lift private-sector investment in infrastructure, senior sources concede the government will have to boost its own spending if it is to get a rapid injection of funds into infrastructure projects…………..


  35. Yes, so true

    “But the Coalition must first execute a stunning political about-face to explain why it may increase debt, and let the deficit increase, after years of attacking Labor over “debt and deficits”.”

    Yes Day 15. Yes Leighton Holdings.

    Turnbull still not seen.

    Government to raise debt levels.

  36. Did I hear Abbott say yesterday, he was following NZ example with orthodox economics. Anyone understand what he means.

    What does he believe the Labor government followed.

    What is orthodox economics. Is it like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

  37. Will the debt be removed from the budget? I bet the answer is “yes”.

    Prominent Melbourne University economists John Freebairn and Max Corden last week proposed a “capital investment stabilisation fund” in which federal infrastructure spending would be increased to fill a forecast slump in investment by the mining industry, which is expected to drop from 8 per cent of gross domestic product to 2 per cent in the next couple of years.

    The federal budget already separates capital and recurrent spending but it does not similarly separate debt based on its use. As a result, the national building program – which includes the federal government’s road building program – is incorporated in the general budget and is funded in the same way as recurrent spending, either by tax revenues or debt.

    Former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry said this week that governments were too reluctant to finance projects using public debt. “In many cases, it makes perfectly good sense for public debt to be raised to invest in public infrastructure,” he said…………….


    By the way, I am not condemning the government for the proposed spending., I am relieved.

    I am condemning them for their attack on Labor, for doing the same thing,. Also for not telling us.

  38. Ziggy in. Three of the old board kept.

    I noticed that Turnbull is using old back ground.

    Asked about Leighton Holdings.

    At least Turnbull is taking questions.

    New board members coming up shortly.

  39. Just plain funny reading comments here. CW’s being good little Labor lapdogs.
    Labor cannot even organise a fake Election for Parliamentry Leader.
    Choice of two duds and absolutely certain new leader will not be there at the
    next Federal Election.
    Are the Union Stooges who have rigged so many ballots in the past doing
    similar in this exercise ? ALP – now All Laughs Plebicite.
    It’s a case of who wins looses.

  40. VBS, ya so make me laugh with your *look over there’s* … you a funny guy, yes indeedy 🙄 …. but get this …. once apon a time we were leaders, in this, the Asian Century…. now we have become what we once were…. a back-water at the arse end of the world.. and it only took a fortnight of tony the ignoble 🙄 ….. thanks tony, thanks for your white fella rule the world anglo-saxon superiority complex think’n….. the world’s media are so-o laughing at ‘us’ now and all you can do VBS is continue the ‘hate labor’ diatribe,…. seriously???? …is that all ya got VBS, hate Labor! , gawd 🙄
    Better check under your bed VBS… there might be a ‘red’ under it 😆
    ” the commies are coming, the commies are coming” 😆 ha, you lot and your 1950’s world view…. though I guess that ‘world view’ may have changed somewhat since SBY slapped/towed tones, somewhat, towards the 21st century. 😀

  41. VOYAGER as you find it so funny here how about just for once tell us what you think of all the Abbott back flips and failures since he got into government, so far taking up and extending just about every Labor policy there is, so endorsing them?

    You know, that’s the policies of the party you say can’t organise anything, yet for some reason Abbott believes are so organised he is taking up most of their policies.

    Tell us what you think of Hockey now bringing in a stimulus package, borrowing billions to do it and it follows the Rudd package to a tee, you know that stimulus that Hockey and you blindly aping him said was a dud?

    Now you have your man in government how about for once you put your feeble spotlight of a brain on him instead of doing “look over there at Labor” and raising strawmen?

    Of course you won’t. Your man and this government are such failures, have screwed up more in 15 days than any other government has over a whole term and are so bad they hide from media, but more than that have closed freedom of speech down. If a Labor government had done a fraction of this, or even mentioned no talking to the media you would have been here with your lame quips telling us all how bad they are, so why the double standards VOYAGER?

    No need to answer any of this, we already know the answer. Doesn’t say much about you really.

  42. Möbius, when it comes to any failings of any of the animals, of the type you get in the Licentious Nasty Party, of which he so well exemplifies, well, Voyager is just……speechless.

  43. TechinBris we have been asking the right wingers here for a very long time to tell us what is good about Abbott and the Liberals. What would make them a good government and give us the details of how they would improve the lot of this country going forward.

    Time and and again the only answer outside of silence we get is, “they are not Labor, Abbott is not Gillard or we won nya nya.”

    We have a party and now a government that cannot stand on its own merit and needs to be constantly propped up by a right wing media and powerful right wing think tanks supported by wealthy vested interest, yet whenever we ask what are the merits of this party we get “look over there at Labor, look over there at anything but our party and nya nya.”

    What a joke they are and as I’ve said often, yajustgottalaughattheclowns.

  44. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney October 4, 2013 @ 7:29 am
    Shhh, Voyager, stop talking about yourself and your friends in the third person. It doesn’t make you look smarter.

  45. Möbius, they fear. They fear they might not answer the question correctly and bring the wrath of their beloved Masters upon them. As everyone knows that sycophants always avoid questions that “might” have a blow-back result. Fear that lies in an overdeveloped psychosis of avoiding any form of failure at any cost. Unfortunately, they fool themselves that this means they are being successful, savvy and smart by avoiding the question, when all it does is paint them in the corner of the pathetic.
    Normally what will happen is now we will get some form of an ad hominem attack, followed by a tu cuoque.
    *sigh* I never expect much but the same, from the like of Voyager. What can one say, when they fall for the type of information served up by the likes of the “Ministry of Truth” that is pumped out by “He, whose name we do not mention”.

  46. Very simply put.

    Lindsay Sidwell 6 days ago
    It is quite extraordinary how the Labor Party could be so wrong with almost everything they touched during their slim tenure, held together by three traitors who sold their souls for self reward. We now come to those little union desperadoes standing before us quite unashamedly asking for ‘another go!’. Lindsay Ross

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  47. They say when one enters senility, it is the past memories that are the last to go.

    Maybe our visitor has no memories of this 16 day old government.

  48. Maybe this government cuts already have the mail running slower.

    Results of who wins, will still occur on the same day.

    Love the shenanigans in the NSW Liberal machine. Yes, there are many on many fronts.

    Whether on the Central Coast, Sutherland shire. or even head office.

    And I have not even mentioned Victoria, only NSW.

    Yes, A man suspended for five years, for criticizing policy.

    Have we ever seen a new PM get so much bad press, here and overseas.
    It is day 16 of this government.

    I wonder why our visitors, find it impossible, to support the government, they have desired for so long, and now have.

    It is a mystery indeed.

    Why do they not challenge the comments we make abiout Tones and co.

  49. I am at a lost working out what we are doing wrong. I was so sure I understood Abbott when in Opposition, that this is how one operates when in the same situation.

    One must condemn and undermine all that any government does. Does not matter, if one destroys the economy and country’s name in the process. It is all about destroying, then winning. The means does not matter. Anything goes.

    Thankfully, all we have to do, is to report what this government does each day.

    Yes, they are very good at providing the ammunition to fire.

    I do not believe I can lower myself to Abbott’s creed. That is lying and making up facts and data is allowed.

    I will treat Abbott and Co with the respect they deserve.

    I will keep to truth to do so.

    I expect his followers to do, as we have done, come out and challenge the statements we make. Show us were we have it wrong.

    I also will not hold my breadth, until someone has the guts to do so.

  50. I would also like to see, that we respond only to comments, that actually challenge what we have to say. Ignore the rubbish they still continue wit, in spite of a change of government.

    We are told to get over it, now we have a new government.

    I suggest, they take their own advice, and let the past go.

    Yes, Labor isno longer in government. Let the panny drop, and move on.

  51. Mobius, perhaps you knew my brother, jesse james. he was a gunner on the vendetta, he spent 10 years in the navy from the mid 60s to the mid 70s. he also served on other ships. he started of his cadetship in lewin, excuse spelling.

  52. ananda1955. I vaguely remember a QMG named Jesse James but I was an Ord (Ordinary Seaman) in the early 70’s so don’t remember all those I met in those early days,

  53. Summo yet again proving that he deeply believes Abbott and the Liberals to be absolutely flawed and a terrible government.

    Thanks for continuing to confirm it Summo.

    You would have thought after a hiatus you would come back fresh minded and with new initiatives, but instead like a broken CD stuck on a spot we get the same crap look at Labor and not at the Liberal failures as always.

  54. mobius, my brother was also an ordinary seaman, his first name is john, he used to bring a lot of seaman back to our house in jannali in sydney, thinking of, alan curtis,.. greg fewkes.. tom monteith. he was on the melbourne at the time of the accident. not sure which one though, maybe the 2nd one. dale and david ashford. all from sydney except alan curtis from tassie. there were also many others who came to stay when they were lonely for company.

  55. I was amongst the last of the Ords and did a US trip on Melbourne the carrier as the final group of Ords to go to sea. Your brother sounds like he was before my time.

    In my recruit intake was a survivor of the Voyager who got back in after several years outside after the accident. This is not the fora for it but I could tell you some enthralling stories he told us recruits. Will tell them to Michael and Carol one day over a Lamb’s Navy Rum from a decanter.

  56. And yet again Summo shoots himself in the foot. yagottalaughattheclown.

    Wasn’t it Howard that encouraged the boats?

    What was Italy’s reaction to that sinking Summo?

    You really are scraping rock bottom at the moment. At a time you would think you could be enlightening us on how well the Abbott government is doing and about how he is keeping his promises, bringing in great policies and doing well in overseas diplomacy, all you keep doing is attacking Labor.

    Nothing more says what a failure this Abbott government is than Summo continually attacking Labor and not sticking up for Abbott and the government.

  57. Well said, ME. 🙂 What does the loathsome shitforbrains Summo have to say about the pompously pious christian Scott Morrison denying that the LNP EVER said they would tow back the coats when Abbott is clearly on record as agreeing with Steve Price that they would do just that!!! Hypocritical prevaricators.

  58. There are so many back flips in such a short time from this new government it’s hard to know where to begin.

    As you mentioned the complete turnaround on their boats policy starting after Abbott returned from Indonesia with tail between his legs and Bishop the younger hidden away.

    But the back flip on boats is not just on what they promised prior to the election but on Howard’s policy, you know the one they and the right wingers kept saying was successful. Abbott’s current policy, that he’s now back flipped on, only had a small base in common with Howard’s policy, the rest was new or changed so much as to be unrecognisable as Howard’s.

    So that was a double back flip.

    Hockey bringing in a stimulus package identical in framework to Labor’s. You know a stimulus Hockey, the opposition and MSM spent large amounts of air time and ink in heavily caning.

    No wonder Summo spends all his time attacking Labor the last thing he wants is any scrutiny of the current government, the worst in our history.

  59. Hear, hear, Mobius Ecko!! No wonder Abbott has to keep fit & not just for his endorphins fix. His back flips with pike would get him into the gymnastics team.

  60. So, now the possible worse PM and his minister Morrison must be considered liars.

    I expect to hear so all day, on the ABC and across all the media headlines in the country.

    Not too sure what the lies is.

    Is it that they lied about towing the boats back, or is the lie, they now say they did not.

    Is the lie, when they said they would tow back the boats, they had no intention of doing. Knowing at the time it was impossible.

    Is the lie, the situation has changed, and they now find out, they cannot.

    The same as Rudd found out, when he became PM.

    It is puzzling indeed.

    Whatever conclusion one comes to, it is a lie.

    Abbott out today. He would be only third in line at this show, I believe.

    I believe that cocktail party later this day, is for young people who have contributed to the community. If the two girls turn up,. what have they contributed.

  61. summo, the people in that part of the world, showed respect for those who died. Did not label then PIIs.

    They are going as far, as having a day of mourning.

    Yes, and are talking about having more boats out, not to stop them, but ensure their safety.

    A different attitude, one would say.

    Italy alone , I believe have taken tens of thousands in, and they keep coming. I think, up to fifty thousand so far.

  62. Well, the first sign of senility is, not being able to lay fresh memories. The memories of the past, are like they just happened.

    Maybe, like Abbott, some have blotted out the last six years completely.

    Abbott sees the relationship with Indonesia, where Howard dropped off.

    All he sees that happened in the last six years, is that Labor trashed all. Nothing of consequent occurred.

    Even so, he will be kept very busy, during this term, dismantling all that was achieved.

    Still, a lie is a lie, and according to Abbott’s rulebook, one must go.

  63. Yes Fu, just as Summo has done in the past when sourcing something, he blew his foot off in sourcing the Italian refugee tragedy.

    Let’s see Abbott have a day of mourning for those who died off Indonesia recently or talk about plans to make the boat journey safer whilst taking in more boat people.

  64. We need to be kind, when it comes to our visitors.

    it is impossible to defend the indefensible.

    One is left nowhere to go, but go back to the past,.

    With Abbott, this is the only place to be, because nothing he sprouts comes from this, the Asian Century.

    Just watching the rescuers from the Italian disaster. Years, they are talking about people, not refugees or illegals.

    Before one gets on the bandwagon about the Sri Lankans stopping a boat, that occurred under Labor.

    The difference is, they are returning their own people. The Indonesians are not.

    Just the same, that happened when the Cubans fled their country, The Cuban wanted them back.

  65. By the way, Abbott uses the USA as an example all the time.

    Wonder when they are going to compare apples with apples, instead of their desire path, of comparing apples with oranges.

    Yes, the true comparison. is what occurred off the shores of Italy.

    Has anyone have the number that have fled this way, in that area, over the last few years.

  66. I would imagine that one thing these people have learnt over the last couple of decades, is not to allow oneself or family to be struck in the nearest refugee camp.

    One will find themselves trapped for decades.

    It appears that God helps those who help themselves. The weak just miss out.

    Whose fault is that?

    Abbott and Morrison has lowered the numbers overall, especially from our region.

    In fact, Morrison has halved the number we are taking in total.

    Have halve the number we are taking from Syria.

    How is that to go down in nearby countries. I suspect, that will be on the top of any demand that Indonesia makes.

    What gets me, no one raises this point.

    We are now doing half as much as previously, while the numbers increase.

    Many of these people are highly educated and skilled. Would only contribute to the nation positively.

    Does not make sense.

  67. Abbott also claims he is a great mate of the Indonesian President, and has met him numerous times.

    I know only of two occasions. One while here, in Darwin, and the other when he visited the country, not raising, towing back the boats.

    Abbott talks of picking up where Howard left off. It seems that the last six years did not happen, and that the President does not have a good word for the Labor government.

    This in spite of much occurring under Labor.

    How does a President fee, having to sit, and listen to a new PM trashing the previous government, and their achievements.

    One cannot let this become the popular perception within the community.

    We are hearing one version for the Indonesians, one for us. They are in conflict.

    Does this government really believe that all our neighbours hear, is what this government say, while in their country.

    I suspect, they do follow our media, on the web.

    Many have had all their education in this country, and I suspect, understand us, better than we do ourselves.

    I suppose that could be seen as numerous.

  68. One can pick Abbott out, with the bald patch showing up fro a distance. Surely he could have found a costume to wear today, to allow him to fit in.

    Looks out of place, in that suit.

  69. What does the “p i i” label mean, that the general used when talking about the number of asylum seekers arriving.

    Yes, we are indeed back to the days of Howard, when no refugee was allowed to be seen as a human being, in need of a safe haven.

    They must be dehumanized at all times.

    Wonder when we have Morrison announcing that all are now on a police register, as he promised. I suspect, all will have to notify the police of every move they make. Talk about respecting ones right to freedom.

    Funny, and I do not mean this to be racist, as I believe no refugee is a greater threat to the community, than those born here.

    The only ones that have harmed any one in the public, seem to come from Africa. Yes, Africa, which Ruddock and the Liberals show so much concern for.

    Wonder when he is going to set up work for the dole?

    Do those we are taking, the five hundred, from Syria, getting permanent visas, or are we only giving them TPV, in the prospect that they return home when safe to do so.

    It is time for Morrison to tell us what the TPV are really about.

  70. “We’re not going to break any law to make this happen”: Scott Morrison. Photo: Brendan Esposito
    Papua New Guinea has cast doubt on the Abbott government’s target of transferring asylum-seekers to Manus Island within 48 hours, vowing it won’t break its own immigration laws to meet the deadline.
    Despite Scott Morrison’s insistence the superfast turnaround would now be the norm, PNG Foreign and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato said he could not commit to the time frame, which is down from between 10 and 12 days under Labor.
    He was speaking after Labor and some medical specialists raised concerns over Mr Morrison’s pledge to transfer asylum-seekers off Christmas Island and into detention on Manus Island or Nauru, which they said would not leave time for proper health checks.
    Meanwhile, pregnant asylum seekers will give birth in Nauru for the first time since 2004 under the Abbott government’s ”no exemptions” approach to offshore detention.
    Fairfax Media has learnt a woman carrying twins is one of the first asylum seekers since the Howard era to face the prospect of giving birth in the tiny island republic.
    Refugee advocates are seeking details about the woman, who is said to be 22 weeks’ pregnant and arrived on Nauru last Friday, according to sources on the island. Of six pregnant women transferred from detention on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea by Labor earlier in the year, three miscarried.
    A section of Nauru’s only hospital burnt down in August and medical experts and campaigners say there is no proof that conditions for mothers and babies are adequate in an environment where detainees live in tents in temperatures of 40 degrees and above……….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/png-wont-rush-health-checks-on-boat-people-20131004-2uzps.html#ixzz2goQTKdPH

    Abbott still not getting the message. Other countries in the region, are not going to be told what to do.

    Abbott will have big problems, if PNG pulls out of the Gillard’/Rudd scheme. that appears to be working.

  71. And barnaby reckons his taking a “free trip” from gina is “saving taxpayer’s money.


    Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says the fact that mining magnate Gina Rinehart paid for him to fly to a wedding in India helped make the trip cheaper for taxpayers.

    The Nationals member for New England has come under fire for claiming expenses for the 2011 trip.

    Mr Joyce and Coalition colleagues Julie Bishop and Teresa Gambaro attended the Hyderabad wedding of the granddaughter of Mrs Rinehart’s business partner and claimed overseas study entitlements for the trip home.

  72. Is this person correct?

    “…..Even the Oz is onto the Prime Rorter.

    When Abbott was in Port Macquarie for that triathlon he stayed at Rydges, the most expensive place in town and, of course, he claimed the maximum allowed amount of $349 for his accommodation. Rydges still doesn’t charge that much for one night for one person, not even with added extras. So there’s the problem, right there. Politicians claim a maximum allowance rather that what was actually spent. What’s wrong with only allowing claims for the actual amount spent? What’s wrong with requiring receipts? Next time someone wants to make budget savings they could start by looking at the way parliamentarians’ entitlements are paid …..


  73. pterosaur1, Gina was able to seal a good contract at that wedding. Wonder if Gina claimed the expenses in her taxation returns.

    That is why they were taken, to enhance Gina’s chance of success.

    That is why Martin Ferguson rejected Gina’s option of also accompany them.

  74. So Abbott apologized to Malaysia for being so rude to them, when Gillard was PM.

    Wonder why he took this action.

    Can only come to the conclusion, the Malaysian leader must have launch a complaint with him.

    Also must raised questions to Abbott’s action at the time. at destroying the Malaysian option, which might have made things better, and saved life. Trouble is, we will never know.

    Lets be clear, Abbott’s apology can only mean, he is saying he was wrong at the time.

  75. he is saying he was wrong at the time.

    He is not saying that FU, but that is what it is. In fact, he is attempting to blame it on Labor.

    what is his grovelling going to cost Australia?

    Well, after basically telling China that all they need to do is wait 12 months and they will get everything they want in their Free Trade Agreement, it is going to cost us a lot

  76. So Abbott apologized to Malaysia for being so rude to them

    After doing the same with Indonesia

    He’s a sorry little man 😉

  77. Yes Tom R, whatever workers rights we have left.

    Not to sure what Indonesia will demand, when they spring the trap, they have Abbott in. Malaysia does not muck around. They go straight for the jugular.

    Have we heard from Sri Lankans yet.

  78. Do we have CHOGM next? There is another show on, before he comes home on Friday.

    Have we heard whether Hockey has got to NY yet. Believe he is going to try and convince the rating agencies, that the borrowing he intends to make, is OK. Somehow, must be different when the Libs do it. Bad, bad, when Labor does.

  79. Is this person correct?

    Yes, and no Fu. There are different types of travelling allowance used by companies and governments. I think you’ll find politicians can claim a fixed amount per day depending on where they are – Sydney & Melbourne rates will probably be higher than other capitals which are higher than major regional centres, which are higher than rural centres.

    A company I worked for in the dim distant past used this system for award workers, and issued a credit card to those on AWAs. So if two of us went to Melbourne, the one with the credit card would stay in the most expensive hotel that was allowed and eat at expensive restaurants, while the award fellow would get the cheapest accommodation they could put up with and eat cheaply, keeping what was left over as a bonus.

    One method of paying is not necessarily cheaper than the other. Having to keep receipts and consolidate them against the credit card bill each month has costs in both the staff member’s time and in HR resources to process the bills. Paying a fixed amount each day with no requirement to account for anything was much simpler.

    Michael could probably tell you how it works in the PS – I’m guessing lower lever staff would get a fixed rate of TA, and “executive” level staff would use the credit card method…

  80. @ Bacchus

    I’m guessing lower lever staff would get a fixed rate of TA, and “executive” level staff would use the credit card method…

    That was pretty much the situation when I worked for the (state) PS.

  81. Less not forget, as Abbott says, he and his supporters made a great thing of all the charity work he has done over the years.

    In fact many of us were highly criticized and abuse, when we dared to point out. it was not charity work he was carrying out. It appears we have been proven right.

    It now appears that was lie. What he was about, was political spin, pure electioneering, under th e guise of charity work. What is worse, he was being paid, at all times, with his job, as a politician.

    Did I hear right. That people in Queensland want one of the new, I think Motoring Party to resign, so they can replace him with some one from Queensland.

    Are we going back to the time of Whitlam, where the Senate was realigned with such underhanded tactics.

    That is not chaity work, under any guiise.

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