New Australian Government Cancels the Future

The following is a comment from a Facebook friend, Shane C which he left under a topic I posted on Facebook yesterday; Victoria Rollison’s “Abbott is hiding from the future“. It deserves wider readership than the Facebook page could offer and it is my pleasure to post it here. You will agree that Shane raises some thought-provoking points. Here is what Shane said:

The Cabinet of the new Australian government has just one woman, no science ministry, only one member who takes scientists’ findings on global warming to be true (but who believes a future proof broadband network is not needed), and a particularly dense education minister who thinks advanced tertiary education is a privilege that only the rich should have.

This is a cause of great concern.

A number of breakthroughs in science and technology will start to emerge over the next five to twenty years. Some of the main ones will be breakthroughs in medical science, breakthroughs in materials technology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and nanotechnology.

A number of consequences will follow which will include but not limited to; the cure for all diseases, not just cancer, resulting in very long life, the catch being that only the rich and privileged can afford it, automation of labour in all mining and heavy industry resulting in the sudden unemployment of all non-skilled labour.

Because of the exponential nature of technological development, the nations that develop the three key technologies first, AI (artificial intelligence), QC (quantum computing), and NT (nanotechnology) will rule the world. Their medical and materials technologies will be as to the rest of the world as current technological societies are to stone age ones.

Not only will the nations who get to the key twenty-first century technologies first have a gigantic economic advantage but access to advanced technologies will bootstrap their advantage even further because they will go on to develop advanced means to accessing space with AI designed, NT grown, single stage to orbit (SSTO) spacecraft that will be relatively cheap to produce and operate.

We could be looking at a twenty-first century that will be dominated by a few AI/QC/NT enhanced societies taking humanity’s first truly permanent steps out into space. Those nations that will be successful will be those who take scientific research seriously, provide the world’s best telecommunications infrastructure, and provide their populations with the best access to medical care and education.

And the new Australian government is not interested in any of this.

"Technology has exceeded our humanity"

(Photo credit: Toban B.)

39 comments on “New Australian Government Cancels the Future

  1. “And the new Australian government is not interested in any of this.”
    No they wouldn’t be interested as they have been told not to.
    To have shown an interest, would mean a questioning mind, which normally is attributable in showing evidence of intelligence.
    There is little Intelligence in the current Government and it is quickly drowned out by the sycophantic droning that emanates out of the Prime Malison’s Office.

  2. I just want to shake my head in disbelief at just how ‘dumb’ & shortsighted this new government is. Blind Freddy could see what would happen when they got into power & everything that was said would happen is coming to fruition.
    Abbott is not fit to run this country, none of his front bench are up to the job of running this country, if they think that taking us back to the past will work.
    We need to have people in power who see clearly that to give us an NBN/Fraudband is probably the most important policy as it will open up so many wonderful opportunities for this country. No need to go into details here, we all here, know just how important it is.
    I just hope that whoever becomes leader of the ALP (hopefully Albanese, with no previous baggage) so that he can serve it right up to this thoroughly inept government.

  3. My thanks to Shane on a fantastic piece of writing and Michael for sharing it on this site, venerable words of wisdom for sure which is sadly missing from Abbott and his front bench and one would hope they would read it over the holidays but they will be too busy putting another coat of white paint on their picket fence.

  4. Fully agree, Shane, with your well-put post. Anyone who has lived a few decades has been witness to the most rapid advances in science & technology ever seen in the history of man.

    Although, I feel I must take you to task over your statement:- “automation of labour in all mining and heavy industry resulting in the sudden unemployment of all non-skilled labour. (My emphasis) To be able to work in both industries requires a skill-set which those of us, unused to working in them, do not have. They require training & years of practice to become proficient in these tasks. Just because someone does not need to have a degree to do a job does not, by definition, make that a non-skilled occupation. Even the most, apparently, menial job needs a modicum of training so they are hardly “non-skilled”. This is a term I do find “elitist”. Sure automatons may take their place, as has happened already, but they are tradespeople & not non-skilled.

    That being said, I heartily agree that we cannot afford to allow this regressive government return us to what they see as the good old days..Pyne is already trying to do that with the school curriculum, god help us.

  5. The next “wave” of unemployment is more likely to come from the automation of the “white collar” workplaces (and jobs) as AI gains sophistication – it will likely replace clerical, managerial and analytic functions currently provided by people. When I last studied(mid-1990’s), medical diagnostic software was significantly more consistent and accurate than that provided by medicos, for instance, and the field is certainly not static.
    There are also interesting developments in physics, such as the discovery of Temperature below absolute zero and the Higgs Boson.Then there’s the recent report of the creation of Photonic molecules
    These each present significant enhancements to our understanding of reality(-ies?).
    Why mention them? I think Shane has been a bit limiting in his prognostications in an excellent article, and to highlight the pathological incompetence currently masquerading as government.

  6. It is as though we have been transported back to an era when only the high priests had the knowledge, and thus the power. This is further born out by the fact that science and technology no longer exist because science is at odds with religion or whichever way you take it. I am comfortable with science & technology, they are the way to the future. Suddenly, we have been turned back to the past. We are now in a vacuum.

  7. We should all know the real reasons why the new Government is not interested in any of Labor’s good initiatives – Just as a FTTP NBN would damage Rupert Murdoch’s business interests, so would Clean energy damage Big Coal interests. Keeping the public misinformed, ill informed and unimformed is their greatest weapon against public opinion for a clean future. The soldiers that are keeping this weapon well oiled and operating, are the propagandists such as Bolt, Jones and the rest of their ilk. Lord Haw-Haw and Baghdad Bob, or, Comical Ali also spring to mind.
    Now, this is propaganda writ large and we should all realise this. And it will get worse. I am sure there is politicians being bought out, paid, corrupted or downright bullied to pursue the Big Business agenda, against all the collective wisdom of reputable scientists, climatologists and environmentalists, as well as the ordinary thinking person.
    What the new PM is going to do is anyone’s guess. He went to the election with no clear policy agenda. He was elected on that ‘invisible’ agenda by not many voters, but enough to get him over the line. He has no legitimate ‘mandate’ – never did. In my opinion, he is a Sociopath. I have learned to recognise that behaviour in years past. Expect more social engineering, expect laws limiting freedom of speech and unionism – although both are fundamental rights. Expect your phone, FB, Twitter and Internet to be bugged and monitored (Rupert’s Law) and heavy – handed tactics to suppress knowledge of anything unapproved.
    What deeply concerns me as with all of the above, is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, whereby corporations can sue Government for ‘damaging their brand’ by legislation, through the ISDS clauses in the agreement. Please read the link carefully, as the Americans want it signed off by October this year. Abbott has said he will ‘Repeal’ (get used to that word) legislation re Tobacco Plain Packaging, Alcopops and Food information labelling. Even John Howard said “No” but Abbott will scramble to their cause. Retrograde actions for Australia but ‘legitimate governance’ by a morally corrupt, elitist group of ‘Trust me, I’m from the Government’ dictators. ‘No surprises’ as well.
    My hope for the near future, is that Abbott encounters a hostile Senate, cannot pass legislation and calls a double dissolution – by which time people have woken up to the con which has been foisted upon them and vote appropriately. In short, I hope he destroys himself, before we all are destroyed. If he signs the TPP, he signs away Australia and Australians.

  8. Hot, Flat and Crowded. Written by Thomas Friedman in 2008 is a powerful read for anyone interested in the Climate – Energy era that we are now in. First in is this century’s winner.

  9. Deany, Abbott went to the election on the agenda of ditching the witch, but now she is ditched we have the same Abbott as had been photo-shopped by the msm in words and in deeds – is anyone surprised that he still runs away?

  10. This Shane C sounds familiar. but then in times past I had my Shane C pegged on the more conservative side of politics (a demographic thing) But his talk of AI,QC and NT reminds me of my Shane C who knew something of the trends in these sciences. While he and others around him understood the defence/military applications of these technologies, much of the funding for the less friendly aspects of these tecnologies has come from mostly unlisted defence sources and any prospect that advances would be shared with the vast mass of humanity are probably non existent.

  11. Sandra, one just has to wonder where Abbott and his cast of has-beens believe that Australia’s future prosperity is going to be coming from? Read it somewhere..but with Australia’s income from resources receding at a fairly rapid pace, the thought is that Abbott has to be *shovel ready* with his promise of infrastructure if Australia is to avoid going into recession. Given Abbott’s reluctance to commit to anything, I am extremely doubtful that Abbott will do anything.

  12. mm, thats an unfortunate typo there Fu 😀 …… for a moment there during the Gillard Show 😉 ..’she’ was my PM again and all was right with the world… *sigh* …. and then I got that slapped by a wet fish feel’n 😦 ..and as I watched Tony (not my pm) I saw that he had that same feel’n going on in Indonesia 😛 I think Tony has been treated politely and to protocol …. and thats all 🙄
    Marty sure takes the cake, mm 😉

  13. Came across this below……,thought about Julia and Tony, …… thought about wolves and foxes 😳 …and Julia ain’t no wolf 😀 ….. and Tony ain’t no fox 😆 ….. he is a beta wolf, which makes him feel… anger, envy, sorrow…regret, etc…… no, really 😡
    “An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life:”
    A fight is going on inside me, he said to the boy. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good – she is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. This same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, which wolf will win?

    The old Cherokee simply replied, The one you feed.”

  14. Yes, we thank you for respecting our sovereign. I like the idea of bilateral talks. What does that mean?

  15. Chris Bowen is correct. Abbott should forget about fixing up what he see as Labor;s mistakes, and deal on his own.

    Yes, the cattle disaster, bought about by the industry itself, has long been fixed.

    If Abbott truly believes he was successful yesterday, we are in trouble.

    What did he achieve. Morrison to go to Jakarta, ti talk about what he is doing.

    It seems, that the Navy has been acting under the agreements made between Labor and that country.

    Can anyone really see Indonesia going further, bilateral agreements of not.

    All I can see, they have agreed to talk. Abbott has been forced to promise to respect their sovereignty.

    The body language told everything last night.

    As elections are coming is, it matters little what the present President thinks.

  16. I find Tiny, our Prime Malison, so embarrassing. I am finding myself retreating, somewhat with relief, from the world, as I try to survive his insane postulations and manipulations on our Nation’s people driving them into an insane chronic nastiness via perpetual prodding from his friend with Media Holdings (Who’s name shall not be spoken).

  17. I just received my vehicle registration sticker in the mail along with a leaflet stating the following.
    ” As part of the Queensland Governments commitment to reducing red tape, from October 2014 you will no longer receive or have to attach a registration label to your vehicle”
    Talk about propaganda, I still have to pay, I will still get a fine if I don’t, I will still have to keep records and receive a notification in the mail.
    So how in Gods name is this reducing red tape. The Newman Government is clutching at straws claiming this a reduction in red tape.
    The only thing it does is reduce the need to replace a sticker and that is not red tape.
    I have no doubt the number of unregistered cars in this state will increase dramatically, however I also have no doubt records will not be kept, nor released if this is the result.

  18. Yes, shaneinqld, we already have this system in NSW. At least the O’Farrell government were more honest in that they made no claim about it reducing red tape (which we know it doesn’t), just that it would save them x million dollars per annum in printing etc costs. Money they claim that will be spent on the roads. Yerright.

  19. Neil of Sydney September 28, 2013 @ 4:30 pm “The most dishonest and immoral human beings i have ever met giving Scott Morrision lectures in morality.”

    Well if you’re telling us that he is getting lessons from Prime Malison Tiny and the American (whose name we do not mention), well, I never thought I’d agree with you on anything much Nil, but in this I do!
    I need to take a lie down, me thinks. Something is not right in the world at the moment.

  20. Hi Joy

    I agree, but the O’Farrell government forced a printing in Red on all electricity bills showing an average of Carbon Tax on the bill of $357 which scared the hell out of my mother. Despite me trying to explain to her that at 10% of her bill her Carbon Tax cost would be around $10 per bill as her bill is only $100 per quarter she still believed the crap on the bill from the O’Farrell government. That is dishonest, despicable and ideology gone mad.

  21. Hi Shaneinqld.

    Re @ 2.42pm question. Don’t think there haven’t been any figures released about whether the numbers of unregistered vehicles have increased but drivers are aware that all police vehicles have the tech onboard to know instantly whether a vehicle is registered or not. There was no decrease in rego fees of course.

    With regard to your comment @ 2.41pm. Agree with you about that being very dishonest & typical of the O’Farrell govt. Don’t blame your mother for being frightened as that would have been the whole idea for the deceit. We don’t get print electricity accs through the mail & do everything by computer so did not take any notice if that was, indeed, on the account, as we knew better.

  22. We can see how far the Tea Party and there supporters atr willing to go in the USA, to get their own way.They are the same as Abbott, willing ot destroy all in their path.
    Did Abbott talks about the boats. It appears not.

  23. Thank you for pointing this out to me, Joy Cooper.
    You are correct, that was inappropriate and elitist.
    When my position as a field engineer at Digital Equipment Corp was made redundant a consultant at a large outplacement agency called me a “back room boy” because I was not in sales or management. I reacted angrily at the time to being called a “boy”. I can’t stand snobbery.
    I wrote the original post in a rush to put up on facebook. I’ll be taking this on board as I’m working on an extended version of this article.
    The offending section will be replaced with something like this:
    “The replacement of all skilled jobs in areas that are either too dangerous or too tedious for humans such as underground mining, underground tunnel drilling, truck driving, factory assembly line work.”

  24. Thanks, pterosaur1. You make excellent points here.
    I wrote the original post for facebook in a fifteen minute burst of anger at finding out Australia will have no Cabinet Minister for Science and Technology for the first time since 1931. In brevity and haste I left out a great many areas of important progress and made some overgeneralisations, so I appreciate your corrections and extra information. This is all good stuff.

  25. Don’t know about cancelling the future but Abbott in a huge failure of his Indonesian trip has admitted he won’t stop the boats and has cancelled buying Indonesian fishing boats.

    Tony Abbott says $20 million put aside for buying fishing boats to be used for joint operations instead

    What a failure, what an idiot and what a bullshitter.

    He made three statements on his Indonesian visit, none which have had anything to do with his failure to get Indonesian corroboration to stop the boat, the centre piece of his policy. Each of his three centre piece statements on trade and education with Indonesia were old news and part of the previous Labor government’s relationship and discussions.

    Not one signature, not one agreement and no confirmatory words from Indonesia, as good as a slap really.

    Yet Abbott comes out and says he’s still fully committed to his policy of stopping the boats, only that he can’t be. Because since he started his stop the boats policy he as reneged on many parts of it, now including throwing away buying boats.

    Indeed when he started his “stop the boats” slogan he said he would reimplement Howard’s supposedly successful policy, yet his current policy has far more in common with Labor’s policy than Howard’s.

  26. Thank you, Shanecrocker. It has always peeved me (to put it mildly) when I have witnessed people, usually Liberal voting-types I might add, who treat waitpersons, hotel house staff, shop assistants, etc, with disdain as if they are inferior beings because they see them as being “unskilled” & they see their own positions as being more important. Not that they could do these types of jobs, successfully, in a million years. So yes the term “unskilled” is rather like a red rag to me. 🙂

    You would have felt the same when a chair warmer dismissed your important occupation as being “backroom” ergo, unimportant. Much like LNP governments when they say they are sacking staff but they will only be backroom. Huh!! As for being called “boy” I well understand your anger.

    Again, I must say your post was very apposite & from the heart. I admire your passion for all that is happening in the scientific world & share with you the horror that our current “government” will destroy all the good work that has been done, so far, in this country all for their petty ideology. They are vandals, pure & simple. Keep up your good work. We need such vision to give us hope that all is not lost.

  27. News bulletins this morning reporting Abbott’s return from Indonesia by saying he has greatly softened his stance/rhetoric on stopping the boats.

    In other words he has come crawling home chastened with tail between his legs.

    But where are all the media headlines that our borders are open?

    Where is Bishop the younger? Apart from a couple of bylines she was going to Indonesia and came back early from her failed New York foray, nothing about her in Indonesia.

    No surprise Tim Wilson IPA and The Australian are spouting Abbott’s trip as successful. Apparently according to them stopping the boats will be done in secret at the ministerial level between Indonesia and Australia.

    Yes, another secret so the people will be kept in the dark as to whether Abbott is failing.

  28. @ joy cooper October 1, 2013 @ 9:05 pm
    I think many of us would like to “disconnect” from this world we are being enslaved too. I know many people that would prefer the old egalitarian Australia we knew and loved before it was hijacked by the “Lying Rodent” himself, the dishonorable J. W. Howard. You know, the Australia our Parents and Grandparent helped to build.
    Trouble is the Neo-Con Tea Party have poisoned the well of our Democracy. The big question is how do the average Australian disconnect from the Globalized “Free” Trade movement that is imprisoning us all, and reconstruct a fairer, gentler more honest egalitarian world, with a better system of distributing the resources to the Citizens?
    Till we work out how to disconnect, something they will not allow, we are stuck in a nightmare of their own making.

  29. Actually, TechinBris, I have become much more “connected” since the duplicitous Abbott slithered into the leadership of the calamitous Liberal party by flimflamming the fool Minchin, then receiving the patronage of.the malevolent Murdoch. Even to the extent of joining the ALP as well as tweeting madly. 😆

  30. @ joy cooper October 2, 2013 @ 1:54 pm
    Go for it! You connect, I’ll grow the supplies to have us survive not eating Tiny’s approved GM fodder. I would probably hurl up all over Tiny if I had to meet him. not a good thing in the diplomatic circle to be intolerant of fools like Lactose or Gluten.

  31. I suspect, we will no longer hear the words, turn back the boats. I suspect that their polling is telling them the words are far past their used by date.

    When does Prince Harry turn up. Wonder if the girls are ready and appropriately dress. It appears, snatching a male is the only way they are going to be able to leave home.

  32. It will be interesting, if Abbott follows Howard’s actions of pushing the GG aside at every opportunity.

    I suspect he might. Cannot have a woman, as head of state, stealing his glory.

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