Will the real Scott Morrison please stand up?

Anyone who listened to Scott Morrison’s maiden speech to Parliament in February 2008 would have been heartened that a man of such humility and humanity could one day be a political heavyweight in our country, especially of one who belonged to the Coalition. They had, after all, suffered a massive defeat at the hands of an electorate after twelve years of Howard’s mean spirited government.

After Howard’s demonisation of asylum seekers it was a breath of fresh air to hear someone new in the party speak of his love for all people and their right to share our country. One could have easily been lulled into believing this man could one day become the Minister for Immigration and through his beliefs restore Australia’s long-gone goodwill of fellow beings. Here are some extracts of his speech:

It is with humility and a deep sense of appreciation to the electors of Cook that I rise to make my maiden speech in this House. Today I wish to pay tribute to those who have been instrumental in my journey and to share the values and vision that I intend to bring to this House. I begin by acknowledging the first Australians, in particular the Gweigal people of the Dharawal nation of southern Sydney, who were the first to encounter Lieutenant James Cook, the namesake of my electorate, at Kurnell almost 240 years ago. I also commence by expressing my sincere appreciation to the people and families of the Sutherland shire in my electorate of Cook for placing their trust in me on this first occasion.

The shire community is a strong one. It is free of pretension and deeply proud of our nation’s heritage. Like most Australians, we are a community knit together by our shared commitment to family, hard work and generosity. We share a deep passion for our local natural environment and embrace what Teddy Roosevelt called the vigorous life, especially in sports. It is also a place where the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of small business has flourished, particularly in recent years. In short, the shire is a great place to live and raise a family. As the federal member for Cook, I want to keep it that way by ensuring that Australia remains true to the values that have made our nation great and by keeping our economy strong so that families and small business can plan for their future with confidence.

At a local level, families—in particular carers—will come under increasing pressure because of the inability of local services to meet the changing needs of an ageing population. The character of our local area is also threatened by a failure to deliver critical state infrastructure such as the F6 extension for our current population, let alone the population growth targets set by the state government for the future.

On the Kurnell peninsula, the modern birthplace of our nation, we must reverse 150 years of environmental neglect, most recently demonstrated by the construction of Labor’s desalination plant—a plant that New South Wales does not need and the shire community does not want.

We must also combat the negative influences on our young people that lead to depression, suicide, self-harm, abuse and antisocial behaviour that in turn threatens our community. We need to help our young people make positive choices for their lives and be there to help them get their lives back on track when they fall.

For the past nine years, the Hon. Bruce Baird has ably represented the Cook electorate. Bruce Baird is a man of achievement, integrity, faith and, above all, compassion. He has set a high standard. I thank him for his service, his personal guidance over many years and for being here today.

From my faith I derive the values of loving-kindness, justice and righteousness, to act with compassion and kindness, acknowledging our common humanity and to consider the welfare of others; to fight for a fair go for everyone to fulfil their human potential and to remove whatever unjust obstacles stand in their way, including diminishing their personal responsibility for their own wellbeing; and to do what is right, to respect the rule of law, the sanctity of human life and the moral integrity of marriage and the family. We must recognise an unchanging and absolute standard of what is good and what is evil.

Australia is a strong nation. It is the product of more than 200 years of sacrifice—most significantly by those who have served in our defence forces, both here and overseas, and by those who have fallen, particularly those who have fallen most recently, and to whom I express my profound gratitude. But a strong country is also one that is at peace with its past. I do not share the armband view of history, black or otherwise. I like my history in high-definition, widescreen, full, vibrant colour. There is no doubt that our Indigenous population has been devastated by the inevitable clash of cultures that came with the arrival of the modern world in 1770 at Kurnell in my electorate. This situation is not the result of any one act but of more than 200 years of shared ignorance, failed policies and failed communities. And we are not alone: our experience is shared by every other modern nation that began this way. There is much for us all to be sorry for. Sadly, those who will be most sorry are the children growing up in Indigenous communities today, whose life chances are significantly less than the rest of us.

We can choose to sit in judgement on previous generations, thinking we would have done it differently. But would we? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Nor can we compare the world we live in today with the world that framed the policies of previous generations. So let us not judge. Rather, having apologised for our past—as I was proud to do in this place yesterday—let us foster a reconciliation where true forgiveness can emerge and we work together to remove the disadvantage of our Indigenous communities, not out of a sense of guilt or recompense for past failures but because it is the humane and right thing to do. Having said this, we cannot allow a national obsession with our past failures to overwhelm our national appetite for celebrating our modern stories of nationhood. We must celebrate our achievements and acknowledge our failures at least in equal measure. We should never feel the need to deny our past to embrace our future.

We are a prosperous people, but this prosperity is not solely for our own benefit; it comes with a responsibility to invest back into our communities. Our communities are held together by the selfless service of volunteers. We must work to value their service and encourage more of our community to join the volunteer ranks and assist local organisations engage and retain today’s volunteers, particularly from younger generations. We must also appreciate that our not-for-profit sector has the potential to play a far greater role in the delivery of community services than is currently recognised. As global citizens, we must also recognise that our freedom will always be diminished by the denial of those same freedoms elsewhere, whether in Australia or overseas.

We must engage as individuals and communities to confront these issues—not just as governments. We have all heard the call to make poverty history. Let us do this by first making poverty our own personal business.

The Howard government increased annual spending on foreign aid to $3.2 billion. The new government has committed to continue to increase this investment and I commend it for doing so. However, we still must go further. If we doubt the need, let us note that in 2007 the total world budget for global aid accounted for only one-third of basic global needs in areas such as education, general health, HIV-AIDS, water treatment and sanitation. This leaves a sizeable gap. The need is not diminishing, nor can our support. It is the Australian thing to do.

What a wonderful human being. One who recognised injustice to the first Australians; one who felt for those suffering overseas and one who believed in Australia’s ability to open up its arms to the underprivileged of the world.

What happened to him?

First, as our Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship  and now as our Minister for Immigration and Border Protection we hear these words (not in chronological order):

“I have always been angry at people making moral judgements…just because we took a different position from them”.

. . .

More than 30,000 refugees living in Australia will be denied permanent settlement and have their appeal rights stripped, under a new Coalition policy released on Friday.

Mr Morrison said the system would, in part, be modelled on Howard government policies and a system currently operating in the United Kingdom.

He said it would prevent the “90% of those arriving receiving permanent visas”, and address “a backlog of more than 30,000 illegal boat arrivals” already waiting for permanent visas.

. . .

Liberal Party immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has taken the demonisation of refugees and immigrants to new depths. Morrison called last month for asylum seekers living in the community under the Labor government’s punitive temporary visa scheme to be publicly identified, forced to report regularly to the police and placed under unspecified “behavioural protocols.”

. . .

This is an appalling failure from this government where we see other governments like the Government of Canada acting to introduce temporary visas.  They understand the need to take permanent residency off the table.

. . .

Well, I think the real point here is that the Gillard Government is known globally as a soft touch on this issue and people will go where the door is open and that’s certainly the case under this Government.
. . .

THE opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate’s growing concerns about “Muslim immigration”, “Muslims in Australia” and the “inability” of Muslim migrants to integrate.

Sources say Mr Morrison told the shadow cabinet meeting on December 1 at the Ryde Civic Centre that the Coalition should ramp up its questioning of “multiculturalism” and appeal to deep voter concerns about Muslim immigration and “inability” to integrate.

. . .

The Coalition won’t give up the ‘tow back the boats‘ line, even as it falls apart under scrutiny. It’s dangerous, illegal and threatens our key bilateral relationship with Indonesia.

Morrison’s media strategy is simple, but effective. Every time a boat arrives, he issues a press release and makes himself available for media comment. The line is always the same: we’ll tow them back. On 5 July, for instance, he wrote that “if elected, the Coalition will implement a full suite of proven border protection policies including turning boats around.

I could go on. And on. And on. The internet is filled with online material providing examples of what has become of Scott Morrison (look them up if you need more convincing). He isn’t behaving like the “man of such humility and humanity” that spoke to Parliament in February 2008. The new Scott Morrison seems as mean spirited as Howard himself. It’s hard to believe that the Scott Morrison of today is the same as the one of five and a half years ago.

Will the real Scott Morrison please stand up?

I’m afraid he has.

71 comments on “Will the real Scott Morrison please stand up?

  1. Morrison is behaving like just about all Liberal politicians with a few exceptions.

    All nice words and promises to get elected but then hateful, nasty, mean, lying, deceitful and narrow minded greedy arseholes when in power.

    Two faced duplicity is part of their nature and a trait necessary to get ahead in the party. Honesty, transparency and integrity like the couple of Liberals I have voted for in my life ensure you will always be kept in the bowels of the party and never rise to be anything within it.

  2. Just from memory, the reason that Howard gave for the introduction of temporary residency was that *the war on terror* was going to be won by the *coalition of the willing* any tick of the clock, following which all those who had become displaced persons would be able to safely return to their homelands. A complete fallacy of course, but at least it was removed (in words, if not in deeds) from the aura of nasty, vindictiveness displayed by the current government. Morrison and Abbott of course know that it is against all conventions plus against all human decency to punish those who have been found to be genuine refugees.

  3. If you want to analyse Politicians – two of the greatest mis-representations ever.
    1. Julia and now we have ‘ the Real Julia.’ We found both to be the same!
    2. Kevin , we had the bad , cranky , rude , abusive and swearing Kevin.
    Then we had ‘ the New Kevin who had learnt from his mistakes ‘ and who
    would listen , consult , not be rude and not make policy on the run. Another Lie!
    Makes Morrison look like an amateur , just stick to it and stop those bloody boats.

  4. And yet again a blind Liberal supporter harks back to Labor in a very lame attempt to divert attention away from another terrible Liberal minister and a shockingly bad Liberal government.

    I guess this is what we are going to get for three years, right wingers obfuscating, diverting, lying, deceiving and making excuses for a bad Abbott government, the worst government ever.

    Hang on, obfuscating, diverting, lying, deceiving and making excuses, that’s all we got from the right wingers during the entire Howard period and for the last six years under Labor.


  5. Ask Michael Towke who the real Scott Morrison is & it definitely wouldn’t be the one who gave THAT long-winded & flowery maiden speech. A Bruce Baird he certainly ain’t.

  6. But but but Scotty is a good ol’ god fearing Christian boy, surely he has the concerns of the asylum seekers in his heart. But I think if you scratch the surface you will find 666 etched into his scalp. He really is Damien.

  7. At least VOYAGER in his exaggerated and distorted spray against Rudd admits Morrison is terrible, though VOYAGER probably doesn’t realise he’s done so.

  8. That’s why I mentioned Michael Towke, Fed up. That was a disgraceful affair. Nothing Scott Morrison can be proud of.

  9. Too Funny

    The most dishonest and immoral human beings i have ever met giving Scott Morrision lectures in morality.

    Why don’t you people go back to building more and more detention centers.

  10. Carol we had those we took from Yugoslavia and Timor.

    Howard let them in on temporary visas, to go home when the battles were over.

    The different was, it look as if these war zones would be quickly settled.

    I am not sure, if Morrison intends to give all refugees only TPV, even those who come here. legally, as they say.

    What I do not understand, is why the preset change of bridging visas is necessary. Bridging visas are harsher , and give one fewer rights.

    None are to get permanent visa’s in the foreseeable future, because of th no disadvantaged rule.

    He seems to be dismantling things, because they are Labor’s

    The action being taken by the Navy at this time, is under a agreement, Labor made with Indonesia.]

    So their turn back the votes was nothing more than noise. They cannot hope to do much more, that what is being done now. Yes, Labor policy.

    Morrison has to get off that plane sometime.

  11. I for one, is more interested in what Abbott is, and what he does. He is now PM. Rudd and Gillard are not, They are now a part of history.

  12. Neil, did you miss out. Morrison has ordered that both Nauru and Mannix are to be extended. Not only extend but the work is so urgent, is has to be done in a matter of a few short weeks.

  13. Neil, what problem?

    The problem is not the building of the plant, That was necessary.

    The problems come from the present Coalition government selling it.

  14. If you want to climb the political ladder, you have to sometimes compromise your principles and do ugly things. I think it’s obvious that Morrison has done this. For an even more dramatic example, look at Phillip Ruddock, who was quite sensible and progressive when first elected, but changed over the Howard years to what we now have today.

    This isn’t just a Liberal thing by the way, you can say this about plenty of people in the ALP as well (thinking particularly of Jenny Macklin’s single mothers policy here).

  15. There is an important difference between the clips from their ABC and Channel 10. Channel 10 shows Abbott actually running away. ABC shows only the latter stage of him fleeing, walking.

    A prime minister RUNNING, not just walking away from questions, is a notable occurrence. So why wouldn’t the public broadcaster’s “news” service show vision of it? Could it be that their ABC wanted to spare him the further embarrassment? Another case of ‘bias by omission’?

  16. True Craig but it doesn’t excuse it and in most cases diminishes the person as it has in Morrison’s case, and indeed Turnbull is another example foregoing all his principals to sell something he doesn’t believe in, and worse, going after those who dared to be honest and call him out for his lies and deceits.

    Yes Macklin sold out in that case and the ALP have admitted they stuffed up over it, but they didn’t lie, deceive and go after those whose principals they had usurped in nasty petty revenge and to justify selling out the principals they had forsaken.

    We see it now with climate change, NBN Co., Education and that’s just the start with this mob.

  17. cuppa the Channel 10 reporter who was there with the film crew was on Twitter this arvo describing the whole sordid and cowardly thing. She said their filming was exclusive. The ABC probably showed their own footage or someone else’s they had the rights to.

    So I’m not sure if Aunty is trying to underplay Abbott run rabbit run act.

  18. Social media calling Morrison’s silence on asylum seeker deaths “Operation Silent Drowning.”

    Raw Channel 10 footage of Abbott running away with the media incredulous at him doing it. Damning against the cowardly Abbott who is now being called the “Running Man”.

  19. Notice his lizard tongue is at work and it didn’t stop him getting his photo up before he ran like a coward.

  20. If Channel 10’s footage of the imbecile running away was exclusive, I guess that explains why ABC didn’t show it. Thanks, Mobius. I now I sound cynical about the ABC at times, but, hey, they’ve earned it.

  21. This coward of a man dared to have a go at Gillard and undermine her at every turn. Gillard is a 1000 times the human being and a 1000 times braver than this poltroon who hides his cowardice behind bullying and playing macho man.

    Gillard stood in front of a hostile media throng for over half and hour bravely and calmly answering every sordid question thrown at her.

    Abbott turns tail and runs away the moment a question gets even a little bit hard for his tiny mind to formulate an answer for. So the coward shuts down the media and access to his ministers to hide away his total incompetence as a PM, clamps down his government in secrecy and undermining of freedom of speech that would do some fascists proud and is going about hand picking the political reporters who will be allowed in the Canberra press gallery so he can control what they report and if that wasn’t enough the cringing cur hires a commercial news cameraman at tax payers expense to take the only footage Abbott will allow to be released through his office.

    Sure even the most rusted on right wingers aren’t going to justify this because if anybody from Labor had done a fraction of this they would have been screaming blue murder but all I see now is dumb silence and harking back at Labor.

  22. Neil, have you taken leave of your senses?

    Shit, what’s he said now?

    Actually don’t answer I don’t want to know, and I probably already know as it will be something he said many times before or it will be an obfuscation or diversion of “look over there at Labor.”

    I don’t know why anyone bothers engaging with Neil, even for “fun” as some have put it.

  23. Not good for Abbott on theNBNCo front. NOt good on the CEF Front.

    Not good on Turning back the boats front.

    Not good for Pyne on the education front.

    Not good for MaFarlane, on the coal seam gas front.

    To add insult to injury, the younger Bishop has been a disaster in NY. A trip that should have seen Australis celebrating, their temporary seat on the security council and chairing the show.

    They must be doing something right, any clues.

  24. In the unlikely event that Morrison’s speech was honest and heartfelt, his subsequent and ongoing behaviour surely illustrates the profound corrupting influence of the regressives controlling the lnp.
    OTOH if, as I suspect the speech was a carefully crafted deceit, it illustrates the nature of the candidates those same regressives attract and promote.
    Abbott’s continued demonstrations of cowardice in the face of the media responsible for his rise further demonstrates his pathetic inadequacy for his job. not to mention those “liberals” within the lnp outstanding by their “fearless” silence in the face of such a travesty.
    Worst government ever!

  25. cuppa just watching ABC News24 Early News and you were right in the first instance, the ABC is covering for Abbott.

    Though they mightn’t have access to Channel 10’s footage they certainly can report what actually happened, and they haven’t.

    The worst they’ve said so far is, “Prime Minister Abbott refused to answer reporters questions,” with footage of Abbott getting into the car and nothing else.

    I have absolutely no doubt if this had been Rudd running away from questions the ABC would have reported along the lines of Rudd running away from reporters when faced with questions.

  26. At around 1:07 Abbott tells a reporter to “Fuck off.”

    So where is all the media outrage to the same level when Rudd swore?

    Abbott really is a terrible PM, easily in this short time the worst we have ever seen.

  27. I have just had a horrible, terrible thought. Hoe many new terrorist, could the pictures we see coming out of Indonesia create.

    When you have survivors, saying it is the fault of Australia, that all my family is dead, that there are fifty dean babies.

    The worse part, it is the fault of this government. That cannot be denied. I am not saying the drownings, but how it has been handled, and how the world is seeing it.

    A am sure, that they will be seeing, the pictures of our Honourable PM running from the media.

    When the reports of our FM, refusing to face the media, over the same topic, what impressions is the worked getting on our new government.

  28. Good to see, not automatically going on the attack against the new 12 day old government, saying there might be reasonable explanation.

    Yes, unlike Abbott, that went in on the attack on everything.

    Do, or should we pay for MPs in Opposition, to travel the country, working on networking with journalists, in the press.

    Do we pay to go for private weddings? Did we pay for the accommodation?

  29. Wonder if we could star a petition stating no confidence in the current government after seeing this I am sure there will be a lot of people willing to sign it. He should have gotten on and at least given his condolences not run away from it.

  30. This is the man who leads the party voted to govern the country, an idiot of a man who doesn’t know how government works in this country.

    On being question about his media silence.

    “In opposition it is your job to make noise as there’s nothing else to do but in government your job is to keep quiet and get on with your job.”

    And no right wingers this is not smart, it is undermining democracy at its base and should be condemned by everyone, left, centre and right. If you support that statement then it means you don’t care for democracy in this country at all and just want to see an autocratic government in power forever.

    Be very careful what you desire and don’t let that ideological hankering obscure desire for freedom by a nation.

  31. Fed up, obviously the reason that any celebrations about Australia winning a seat on the UN Security Council is because this was a Rudd initiative from 2008 and was reported by the Daily Telegraph thus:

    MILLIONS of dollars are being secretly spent on Australia’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council, with foreign ambassadors being wined and dined – and even invited to a swank MasterChef dinner.

    OMG MasterChef no less. :mrgreen:

  32. Mobius and,

    “In opposition it is your job to make noise as there’s nothing else to do but in government your job is to keep quiet and get on with your job.”

    Well actually Tony is wrong (no surprises there), in opposition it’s your job to offer proposals which you believe are to the betterment of the country, via amendments and alternative policies. In government it is your responsibility to prove yourself worthy of the trust which voters have placed in you and to communicate your actions to the best of your ability to prove that you are capable of putting words into action.

  33. The lady, we now find, is one of steel, snubbed the noses of those 140 countries, who voted for us, by refusing to face the media, after sitting in the chair, as president.

    Yes, then is coming home early, handing her job over to a diplomat. That grey headed man that one seen hovering the background wherever Bishop appeared.

    Did anyone see the video of Bishop working out, and posing with weights. Well dressed for th occasion. No baggy track pants for her.

  34. Carol, it was also strongly coveted by Howard. Howard failed in his quest.

    One wonders what Howard thinks about Bishop’s effort, and Abbott shunning the event.

    He should have been there for other reasons. He could have met with all the leaders from this region. Might not be in the trouble he is, with Morrison’s handling of asylum seekers.

    At least, he would not be insulting them, as he is now.

  35. And Neil says Labor is corrupt. Sorry there is no matching the Liberals with their noses in the trough, and they’re being outed for it across social media, including Abbott for not only his rorting as LOTO and running the most expensive office in our history, but now already being the most expensive PM.

    Just two weeks and already they are easily the worst government. Just when is it going to stop with this lot, surely Australia isn’t going to wear three years of this incompetence, lies and corruption.

  36. I gathered that Migs, it made too much sense, but the comment, and the attached picture with brandies pathetic non apology for ripping off taxpayers on a dirt digging exercise is real.

    It is also nice to have on record just how low brandy reckons pollies can stoop to receive tax dollars.

  37. Got me beat as to how he can reckon it’s work related.

    Smearing people is what they considered their job description when in opposition. I reckon they think the same in government too

  38. Well Michael, he is a barrister. Not that I would go anywhere near him, if I was in trouble.

    I have not seen one legal opinion of his, that I agree with. He has sure given plenty.

  39. “Shit happens”……. and it’s happening now, to all of Australia and Australians…..
    …how embarressment, 😳 … one wonders how much our cred has diminished internationally 😥
    What think you @trolls 😕 … whom have been sparse of late 😕 strange dat 😀 .. one wonders if there might be a news black-out across the board, as it were 😛 ….or mayhap they are too, too embarressed 😛 …… though ya get that with aspirationals 😉 … like, if it’s all to hard just *run away* and hide…. but, hey… shit happens :-

  40. An interesting true story seen in the Bankstown and Auburn local newspapers.

    Local Lebanese and Asian leaders here are upset at the the Liberal Party for threatening to send back the illegal boat people and to restrict Immigration.
    So this weekend they boycotted all Australian owned businesses in the Sydney area as a demonstration of their economic impact on the community.
    The boycott was declared a success by the Lebanese communities, noting that revenue in Aussie owned businesses was down by 19%.

    However it is reported that Aussie business owners also declared the boycott a success , pointing out that shoplifting was reduced by 77%, money orders sent out of the country were down by 97%, the cost of daily clean-up and trash collection was down by 84%.
    Shoppers reported that they could actually hear English being spoken throughout the community for the first time in recent memory, and customers actually paid for purchases with real money, not government debit cards or fake credit cards.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  41. interesting true story

    True? True? Clearly you would believe anything.

    Can I interest you in the many bridges I have for sale? If you’re quick, I’ll throw in some steak knives.

    No wonder you vote LNP.

  42. Yes Bacchus! No doubt Summo bought the bullshit that they would tow back the boats, buy the spare ones and … whatever.

    Perhaps if I threw in free legals as well? Well you never know. There’s one born every day. And in Summo’s case – reborn each and every day.


  43. Read a comment, as Abbott will have control of the Senate, it will mean that we will have stable government for six years.

    So, we can only have stable government, if a PM has no opposition, is allow to get his legislation through without proper scrutiny and no amendment.

    That must mean, this country in it’s 113 year old Federation, has rarely had stable government.

    Well, it might be seen as stable, but I suspect it will not be good governance, on a par with Howard’s last term.

    Having to negotiate ones legislation through at least one house of parliament, can only lead to better legislation and laws, that are likely to represent all the people.

    It is not, and should not, be winner take all.

    Minority governments, in fact are more likely to govern for the majority of the people.

    I suspect, it is more likely to lead to bad governance, and yes, instability.

  44. I have this funny idea, that in a democracy, change of government should be seen as a good thing. A time for new beginnings, a revitalisation of all that makes us a wonderful place to live. A time to rethink were we are heading. A time to build on what went before, a time for new ideas,

    I do not see the role of a new government, to demolish all that was achieved or put in place, in the last six years, to the point of going through legislation, changing spelling of words, such as programme.

    This new government is going a step further, setting up persona inquiries into ministers, including the PM, to hound them,even to jail.

    Sounds nothing more than petty vindictiveness to me.

  45. Of course I would like to see no government in power, but Labor. This would be a bad thing,as all governments run out of steam. Become stale and need time out in the paddock to recuperate and create plans for the future.

    I can remember back in the days of Menzies, after winning an election, immediately take some of Caldwell’s policies. This was to Caldwell’s disgust.

    Point is, he was big enough, to identify good policy, no matter where it came from.

    For the love of me, I cannot remember what the policies were. Does not matter.

    One place that Hunt to start, is saying he is going to look at the CEF suite of bills, and see if there are any that can be saved, that fit in with their Direct Actions. I think one would find, all would. That is except for the price on carbon emissions, that fund the rest.

    Another is for Pyne to get off his high horse, saying he will definitely look at what Gonski said, and see how much of Gillard’s policy they can save. I have a suspicion, that Pyne will be pulled into line, by the states. I suspect, they liked where Gillard was heading.

    Yes, there is no need to demolishing, Most can be changed or built on.

    As for the NBNCo, that is a no brainer. Yes can be greatly improved, but is going back to the clapped out copper, the sensible way to go. Is bringing the likes of Telstra back into the game, what most want.

    Demolishing all in ones path, to me is just waste, and take longer to get, where we want to be. It is doing things the hard way.

  46. Just wonder if we should be concerned for our own human rights. I am thinking, does such things as income management based on race, or social status, which is to be extended by this 22 day old government.

    Should control of how we spend our money be taken off us, because we are forced to live on benefits, which most make go further, that most would believe.

    We cannot be forced into a mental hospital, because someone believes we might harm ourselves. Proof has to be provided, that we will. We cannot be sent to jail, without conviction.
    Our children removed without a court order.

    But when it comes to Welfare, and CentreLink, they can do as they please, without any conviction or court order.

    Believe me, I have worked both in the Child protection and Mental Health field,

    Getting those necessary court orders, is not easy.

    Yet we will have someone, sitting in CentreLink make a decision, that because mum is a little scrappy, they needs income management.

    I am not sure what power she has to question the decision.

    The ability to handle money is rarely a problem. If so, can easily be corrected by a little pressure, and voluntary cooperation.

    Now, look how we are treating those who seek asylum here. The safety of these people is no longer a concern, of this, the new 22 day old government.

    “…………Sri Lanka stops a number of desperate Tamils fleeing to Australia and the Abbott government is forever grateful. That is why, despite consistent findings of war crimes by the Sri Lankan regime against the Tamil people, the Abbott government supports the government there.

    The next Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting is in Sri Lanka. Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, won’t be going because of Sri Lanka’s human rights violations. Abbott will because he hopes the Sri Lankan government will help him ‘stop the boats’ or rather give that impression. It also takes back deported asylum seekers. Some have been tortured on return.

    It is the same with Indonesia. The Indonesian government is a key for Abbott in any ‘success’ against refugees coming to Australia seeking asylum. So Abbott will do nothing to upset the Indonesian leadership.

    When three West Papuans scaled the walls of the Australian consulate in Bali just before the recent meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Council, it is alleged the Consulate told the West Papuans that the Indonesians would be called in to arrest them unless they left peacefully. They left after calling for the release of all political prisoners and to allow reporters into the province. These are basic demands for freedom.

    In 1969, after 6 years o…….”


    I know, that the rights I mention for Australians do not lead to death, but they are important.

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