Newsflash! Fitzroy re-admitted into the AFL!

On AFL Grand Final day – the biggest day of the year – comes the biggest news of the year. Fitzroy are to be re-admitted into the competition. Speaking at the Grand Final breakfast this morning the Prime Minister let slip this policy announcement to a stunned audience.

Or it could just be that the PM didn’t know what he was talking about.

For those who don’t follow AFL, Fitzroy were kicked out of the competition to make way for Port Adelaide, who joined in 1997.

36 comments on “Newsflash! Fitzroy re-admitted into the AFL!

  1. And THAT is about the level of announcement we can expect from our Glorious Leader every time he escapes the – err – clutches of his – ummm – office manageress! Heard our glorious FM talking today about “Trade-based Economic Aid!” I guess there is nothing humanitarian about our current rulers.

  2. “Trade-based Economic Aid”: perfectly consistent. The only kind of aid that matters is the trickle-down kind; trade assistance gets more money into the hands of businesses, which will help the poor by a magical form of osmosis. This applies equally well in Australia, of course.
    Oddly enough, the idea that helping the rich will end up helping the poor originated with rich men.

  3. Fitzroy merged with Brisbane in ’97. Hence the BFC name change from the Bears to the Lions. Also it’s fitting he would denigrate the one thing that is uniquely Australian and support a British sport like rugby because that is his homeland after all 😛

  4. Kevin, all I know about rugby is that it’s one bloke trying to push two blokes up three bloke’s bums.

    And why on earth did your Saints get rid of a good coach? After today he might well be a premiership coach.

  5. Just confirms what an utter and complete fooking moron he is. Deranged,delusional and unhinged, not the qualities required in a PM.

  6. Newsflash.

    Story is doing rounds that Abbott physically ran away at the AFL breakfast when journalists began asking questions on asylum seekers.

    Footage of it will be on Channel 10 News at 5pm.

  7. Has anyone told the Bne Lions? They seem to have been using the Fitzroy Lion since 1997 (when they changed from the “bad news Bears”.

  8. Day eleven not that good for Mr. Abbott. Peta is correct to keep them hidden, in that dunker., None should be allowed out.

    Once again, caught on camera, fleeing from the media, with the bald patch, bobbing up and down. as he weaves through the crowd.

  9. I noticed, he stills has that silly laugh, he has developed lately. One could say nerves or lack of confidence,.

  10. ME. Been on ABC 24 all day. Not quite running, but a brisk sprint would not be misleading.

    Will join the previous incidents, one would assume.

  11. From what I see of the government so far, they all seem to be doing their own thing, concentrating on their own pet hates. This mob sure have plenty.

    Is he attending the match, or just the breakfast.

  12. It’s creepy Fu, and he still dose that revolting lizard thing when he fronts up to greet someone along with the frequent tongue flicking over his bottom lip when talking to them.

    He is going to be a very embarrassing PM on the world stage.

  13. Happy birthday Carol. Have a glass on me from a lovely decanter.

    Fu I have a feeling that Abbott and Bishop will get away with their trip to Indonesia relatively scot free. What we won’t know for a long time to come is how much it cost Australia to save face for Abbott and Bishop and how much Indonesia gained out of it at a huge cost to our country for a long time to come.

  14. have a feeling that Abbott and Bishop will get away with their trip to Indonesia relatively scot (sic) free

    Indeed they will, I suspect. And it’s because Mark Scott has directed it to be so, either directly, but more importantly, indirectly, by the imposition of a new ‘common sense’.

    For example, today on ABC 24, following the IPCC report, we had the Professor from Tasmania sprouting the same denialist crap he advanced on Q&A on Monday night. I again wrote to the ABC, (yes I know a bugger for punishment) and will again expect the same answer, ‘the need for balance’. Real ‘balance’ involves the broadcasting the views of the 97% rather than giving equal time to the 3% who clearly have a vested interest.

    While most of us accept that 2 plus 2 equals 4, the ABC, under Scott, must provide ‘balance’ by giving time to the ‘crazy’ who argues that 2 plus 2 equals whatever. Try 7, or 6 or whatever.

  15. Carol, did I get your birthday wrong. Anyway happy birthday again. My daughters also today. My baby daughter that is.

    ME. I do not believe they will get away with much.

    i have never believed that Abbott was meant to be around for long. That haunted look, he has had on his faced for a while now, backs that up.

    I have never seen Turnbull in the running except for the last few days.

    Much of what he had to say on the NBNCo, did not make sense. I am not sure who he was conning. The name Abbott came to mind.

    I really do not believe business is really concerned about the carbon tax, or the MRRT for that matter.

    Yes, they would like to see regulations and workers rights pulled back.

    Most of all, what business would want, is certainty. Abbott does not promised that..

    Politics has never been so surreal.

  16. Imagine if the roles were reversed, if it were some leftists on the ‘wrong side’ of the climate change debate. They would be lucky to get a syllable in for balance on the ABC. The editorial directive would be As a trusted media and information source we must go with the scientific consensus, and to hell with the screwballs.

  17. Thank you for the birthday wishes..and yes Mobius, a tipple from a very special decanter. 🙂

    Will I dob him in..why not. 😀 Someone very special played this one for my birthday, the same song which he chose for our bridal waltz. I couldn’t help but think that with all the negativity which often surrounds us, that there are still those good and unique people in this world..and I am lucky to have been a friend and now wife of one such as these.

  18. Thanks for posting that Carol, a truly wonderful way to start my Sunday… I too was lucky enough to find one of those special people to share my life, still getting flowers every week even after 23yrs!

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday for yesterday, and many more to come!
    Hugs to you both and heartfelt thanks for the sterling job you all do here a CW.

  19. Min belated happy birthday, the first time I heard this tune was whilst watching you and Migs gliding around the floor it will always be a reminder of that lovely day.
    Migs this Fitzroy thing is it for real my knowledge of AFL is sketchy at best, soccer being my preferred sporting option. Did you like the run rabbit run at the breakfast do some one forgot to tell him he is Prime Minister now and he does not need to hurry , a dignified swish of his head for the peasants is all that is needed.

  20. This does indeed makes one day. Sorry about the duck, Michael.

    “‘There’s no evidence that the old shearer’s alert of ”ducks on the pond” went around as Tony Abbott’s C1-plated limo pulled up in front of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on Wednesday afternoon. But it’s possible.
    PM&C, as it is known in Canberra, is now Abbott’s department but he is hardly thought of as an insider within its schmick new headquarters.
    Just 10 days after being sworn in, the list of agencies, programs and personnel being cut is mounting.

    The belated visit was a getting-to-know-you exercise designed to convey to the nervous boffins that yes, he was the new boss but no, he was not also their executioner.
    He told them he had worked very co-operatively with the bureaucracy before to resolve difficult public policy challenges during the Howard government, and planned to do so again.
    ”Like so many of my Coalition colleagues, I came to the Parliament … a little sceptical of the Australian Public Service,” he said..”

    Read more:

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