Guess who’s doing something to address climate change?

From the moment the Labor Party introduced policies to tackle the ravages of global warming, first with Kevin Rudd’s ETS and then Julia Gillard’s price on carbon, the Coalition have used just about every excuse to oppose them.

Prominent among these are the shallow arguments that Australia’s contribution to the carbon footprint is small, and more lamely, that while the big polluters like China and India sit idle in addressing climate change then why should Australia even bother.

I won’t myself bother with providing any links to their argument. Anybody who has read a newspaper, visited an online news service or listened to news radio would by now be well aware of these claims.

In government for less than a week, we have seen the Coalition try everything possible to send our efforts to address climate change back at least a decade.

Meanwhile, from one of those countries that they claim is doing nothing, India, comes this news: India Plans To Build The Largest Solar Plant In The World. In the Climate Progress online journal Andrew Breiner writes that:

Indian utilities plan to use 23,000 acres of land to build the largest solar power plant in the world, at 4 gigawatts of power, bringing prices and production of solar energy closer to competitiveness with coal.

The plant in Rajasthan is expected to commission its first phase in 2016, providing 1 gigawatt of power, enough to make it India’s largest solar power project ten times over. It will be a joint venture of five government-owned utilities. The other 3GW would be produced in an arrangement determined by the success of the first phase.

The finished plant would be comparable in power production to the four in-progress coal-fired Ultra Mega Power Plants (UMPP) under production, at 4 gigawatts of power. But those plants are struggling to hold prices low due to reliance on imported low-carbon coal. The solar plant’s operations won’t be subject to any such constraints.

In addition to cutting carbon, getting off of coal would help India reduce the 100,000+ deaths each year caused by coal plant pollution.

Jasmeet Khurana, of Bridge to India, said that these solar mega projects were intended to reduce the price of solar to INR 5 per kWh (USD 0.08/kWh), bringing it close enough to typical coal prices of INR 3.5/kWh to INR 4.5 kWh for solar to be truly competitive. In fact, coal’s relatively high prices made it so that even India’s largest coal company is turning to solar panels to lower its electric bills.

This comes as IBM and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation finalized a plan to link technological infrastructure in a massive stretch between India’s business and political capitals. Grid improvements will be necessary to fully take advantage of the new solar plant, as India’s often experiences outages and rationing, especially outside of big cities.

Meanwhile, another effort is underway to use solar energy in India in an innovative way. A company called Sarvajal is developing solar-powered “water ATMs” for remote villages, where tens of millions of Indians drink contaminated water on a regular basis. The ATMs would allow entrepreneurs to profitably sell water in smaller villages where transporting bottled water is prohibitively expensive.

As coal and water stress in India drive prices higher, wind is already competitive with new-build coal, and solar parity is getting closer as well, with cost-competitiveness expected sometime between 2016 and 2018. A future of renewable energy may be within reach for India.

Gosh, those people in our government are fairly good at telling lies, aren’t they.

Image courtesy of Associated Press

Image courtesy of Associated Press

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  1. Australia in fact produces 1.4 of the world’s emissions and people therefore argue that whatever we do to reduce it will have little or no effect. All the countries combined that produce less than 1.5 per cent (including England) actually total one third of world emissions so it follows that if we and the other smaller emitters do something to reduce them we will be having an effect on a third of the problem and that is a large contribution.

  2. NO NO NO !!! The LNP, TA etc. do not lie, they are misrepresented and misunderstood. Poor little dears, the “adults”, have a mission to complete and such negativity only makes it harder, for them, see the truth about themselves.

  3. Clean air is a major health benefit to all of Earth’s inhabitants and we must address this problem of high levels of toxic emissions polluting our atmosphere … The argument by the LIBs and deniers about India and China’s contribution to emissions are unfounded and is simply negative … Both China and India are the largest manufacturers of solar energy equipment supplying themselves and other progressive economies worldwide … Another sustainable energy resource is the utilisation of our planets tidal energy which is constantly flowing and ebbing 24/7 … and it is abundant along the coastal regions and estuaries of the earth’s landmasses … That means we can build an enormous amount of tidal power stations that is not confined to any one place … In fact there is approximately 534,000 miles or 855,000 kms of coastline to choose from … For us to be be progressive we need to accept the truth of what pollution is doing to our environment and change our method for our energy needs … Being a denier is regressive and it’s our future generations who will suffer the consequences as a result of the deniers’ willful negligence; all at the cost of being money and power hungry …

  4. Also from previous thread.

    “Fed up
    SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 @ 12:44 PM [EDIT]
    “France has unveiled plans to use a levy on nuclear energy, as well as a tax on carbon emissions from fossil fuels, to help finance the country’s billion-dollar “energy transition” to a power mix based on renewables and energy efficiency.



    Yes, we are indeed going it alone. Cannot wait until Abbott goes to the G20 in early November.

    He will be asked, I believe to please explain. The answers will be interesting. Suspect, next week in Indonesia will no be better.

    They want answers as well.”

    One only had to listen at the list of proposals that the CEFC is dealing with at this time. New jobs and industries across the breadth of Australia. They hope, but not much luck, of talking to the government, to show them how much will be loss.

    Yes, CEFC. does not cost the tax payer money, but adds to the economy.

  5. At least suspicions are now confirmed, Abbott’s “Green Army” was only ever meant to be a token gesture, a bit of window dressing for an issue that he has never considered of any importance..after all the only power Tony is interested in is his own.

  6. Drum was interesting. Downer has much to say, about the Indonesians, about what they should and not say, about the new government and Ms Bishop.

    Sinodinos out talking about changes to super. Abbott quickly hosing down what he said. Sinodinos want to level the playing field.

    Abbott carefully says there will be no negative changes. Could mean what one means about negativity, and to whom.

  7. Qld lawmakers to name and shame repeat juvenile offenders. At last, some sensibility from politicians. Let’s hope they role this out Australia wide. Once again Qld sets the pace.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  8. nobody about? where has everybody gone?…you rusted on lefties must be glued to your TV watching the messiah…you know!…the one who cant keep his pecker in his pants..:)

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  9. don’t do you. How disgusting!

    An apt description of a bigot such as you Michael Taylor.

    A lefty true believer that has a problem of his own — an easily touted moral superiority towards people who do not think or vote like him. How pathetic r u?

    Sleep tight you prick !

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  10. Didn’t Dummo say some time ago that he was leaving this blog?

    Must have been a non-core promise.

    The Liberals INVENTED those.

    And now he hangs around like a bad smell, or a fart in an elevator as Migs accurately put it.

  11. Remember Mr. Hunt, racing around with great dignity, crying he found fifty, yes fifty, mining applications, languishing in a drawer that Labor has not got around to dealing with.

    It appears that Labor had dealt with them, and was waiting on the miners to do their bit. Wonder if there will be a apology.

    Wonder what PS never pointed put that fact, letting him make a foll of himself.

    At least he is not dumping the new Labor rules.

    “…….Mega-mines will have to comply with tough ‘water trigger’ law: Greg Hunt
    Environmental safeguards introduced by Labor government will affect coalmines owned by Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehart……..

    …………….Huge coalmines proposed by Clive Palmer and a company co-owned by Gina Rinehart are among 47 projects that the new environment minister, Greg Hunt, has determined must comply with tough new federal rules about their impact on water, under laws enacted in the dying days of the former Labor government.

    Hunt has decided that 47 of 50 projects waiting for a federal government decision did in fact have to complete extra environmental assessments under the new “water trigger” in the federal law.

    He has asked the NSW government for more information on Cascade Coal’s controversial Mount Penny mine – caught up in an Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation – and is also seeking more information about the proposed Cameby Downs open-cut mine in south-east Queensland. The only project he has decided is not subject to the new provisions is an extension to the Pine Dale coalmine near Lithgow…….

  12. Yes, Michael. I believe we have found the right way to deal with some. Nothing like being ignored.

    Does upset some, I see.

    Any comments on Mr. Downer. Really lost it tonight. I believe it was Downer, that guided Julie Bishop, as a young girl. Does not seem to like, how his Indonesian mate is treating Julie.

    Maybe Julie should learn to shut up, and not put words in other peoples mouth.

    The PNG PM has things to say along similar lines.

    Both believe, they are working in partnership. Both seem to object to being told what to do.

    Why could not Abbott wait until he spoke to both.

    He could have spoke to all in the region, if he went to NY, as he should have.

    No, they have their outlandish plan, which hell come high water, they are going to put in place, no matter what.

    With a slowing down of the boats, maybe most of that plan is not necessary. Cannot have that, Labor would get some credit. That is the one thing, that Abbott cannot allow.

  13. Interesting to once again hear the talking point de jour. It seems just about every “lefty” blog I read since the election has some mindless right-whinger rabbiting on about “moral superiority.” Has there been an edict from the real PM, Peta Credlin, to endlessly repeat this mantra across the blogosphere? 🙄

  14. “Endlessly” was originally “mindlessly” until the % $#£€ predictive text of this mobile device decided it knew what I wanted to say 👿 “mindlessly” was much more appropriate…

  15. Wonder what Tony got right. Must be a first time.

    His political leaning. Far right. Though he appears to have been born that way, so no credit for initiative.

  16. Fu, “Another very hot day. High fire warnings. I think, we may be heading for a summer, we will not forget”…… thank goodness we have fireman Tony in charge……he’ll declare the fire as ‘crap’….. and it will just go away 😕

  17. Qld lawmakers to name and shame repeat juvenile offenders. At last, some sensibility from politicians. Let’s hope they role this out Australia wide. Once again Qld sets the pace.

    God you’re ignorant Summo, you really are.

    You know that hasn’t worked anywhere, including in the state and territory that currently have that law, so Queensland is following not setting the pace. More than that it doesn’t work, it makes repeat and worse offenders of many named, stigmatises them sometimes for life so they become lifetime hardened criminals.

    So WA, NT and now Queensland are creating criminals, not reducing crime.

    Would it be asking too much for you to read up on matters before shooting off your mouth and making a fool of yourself, just like your beloved leader.


  18. Since this has become the latest general defacto discussion thread I’ll post this here.

    Did anyone see Bishop the younger in the photo shoot with Indonesian Foreign Minister and another official in New York?

    Channel 10’s The Project showed the footage and talked about what a joke Bishop was.

    Really simple thing. Three people line up for a shoot, the tallest in the centre, the Indonesian Foreign Minister and Bishop to his right and the other official to his left.

    Bishop tried to take charge and put them in the positions she wanted whilst the official whilst trying to put them in the protocol positioning. Bishop was going round and round, weaving in and out of the two men and trying to guide them to spots and positions they obviously didn’t want to go as they weren’t the ones deemed by protocol, all the while she had this huge forced cheesy grin baring her teeth.

    It really was a clown act of the first order from Bishop and an embarrassment for Australia.


  19. Another back flip from Abbott from something he stated when in opposition.

    Yesterday he said that the most important thing was to continue the very good relationship Australia currently had with Indonesia.

    Yet when in opposition and his shadow ministers trashing that relationship, he said on several occasions that the government had damaged the relationship. Yet now he’s saying the previous Labor government had had a very good relationship with Indonesia. Probably the only truth he’s told since coming to power.

    By the way a boat with 80 people was intercepted yesterday and the refugees taken to Christmas Island.

    That’s number 10 since he was elected and 3 since he was sworn in as he and Bishop go slinking off to Indonesia next week, tails between their legs, no matter what tough talk the prat Downer engages in, and will probably end up giving the Indonesians undisclosed millions in a bribe to accept their policy.

  20. Ha ha Tom, apologies from this terrible government, the MSM who covers for them or their mindless supporters who don’t care what they say, do or stuff up, you have to be joking.

    What you’ll get is obfuscation, blame shifting, mostly to Labor and change of tact onto Labor. As long as Labor can be put down then anything terrible this government does doesn’t matter, no matter how much they stuff up or lie.

  21. That’s number 10 since he was elected and 3 since he was sworn in

    And how many of them have found front page position like every boat under Labor did in the murdochracy? Even with the attack on Free Speech, one would have thought that made it a bigger story?

    When in opposition, advertise to lure people to their deaths, when in government, refuse to tell the nation anything.

    The journo’s should be launching a revolt, not grovelling after this duplicitous act.

  22. Has Hockey found the budget again.

    We will do strong and sensible things that will bild on what we haver done with Indonesia.
    No it is not the boats that is problem. It is the words that your mob, are putting in the mouths of the Indonesians.

  23. We now have Hockey and Cormann. First.

    Releasing final budget outcomes, since the second last budget.

    Old news, it seems.

    Even Hockey is having trouble getting the words out.

  24. Second last, set on second last budget. They are going through everything. Why ot forget about history, and concentrate on what needs to be done now.

    ABC 24.

  25. Cormann, it appears you won the argument, You are now in government.

    What are you going to do now3. is what we all want to know.

    What happened to the emergency. What has the budget before last, has to do with anything.

    Talking about Labor’s promised to have surplus. So what, you are in now.

    Going back two budgets, is a bit strong.
    I think, it is about, that they cannot get the budget back to surplus.

    Cormann, we all know that.

    What we do not know, is what you are going to do.

    The figures that occur today, are better than the figures they are giving. According to one questioner.

    Another stunt falls like a lead balloon.

    No winder Hockey looks scared. He knows this is a stupid exercise.

  26. The numbers are not accurate. The government change them. The numbers have deteriorated. He is not going to tell us how.

    Not significant, but is a deterioration.

    Hockey is struggling.

    Now being questioned on the now.

    Fundamental point is, what Australia needs is a boost of confidence. Now the slogans.. Confidence is now back, because they are.
    Not going to speculate. Will release the mid year report in good time

    Was not asked, if that was next year.

    Cormann, carbon……………ignored.

  27. Not getting good run from the ABC. In fact, the ABC 24 is being honest for once. Not willing to tell us anything.

    Seems we will not learn anything, until next year.

    There have been improvements. which they did not want to talk about.

  28. Julie Bishop private meeting details published by Indonesia’s foreign minister

    No wonder Abbott wants secrecy in his government and the right wingers have gone silent on everything this terrible government is doing, instead they keep attacking an old Labor government.

    Get Abbott’s words. Mr Abbott said before the election he would repair the relationship with Indonesia he said had been “trashed” by Labor.

    Here is right wing projection at it’s finest and something Abbott has been doing from the day he entered politics, and I have no doubt even before that. Projection is so ingrained in his persona he often doesn’t know he’s doing it, as I exampled in the Tony Jones Lateline interview Abbott did when he was Health Minister in government and Lindsay Tanner was also on.

    Jones picked up a blatant projection of Abbott’s where on being caught out in a lie Abbott said Tanner had made the erroneous statement. Tanner spluttering, Abbott forcibly iterated that Tanner has said the lie and it seemed that Abbott genuinely believed it was Tanner who has made the statement, when it actually had been Abbott just 10 minutes earlier.

    Anyway Jones called Abbott out and said he would call for the footage to be played back to prove Abbott had made the fallacious statement and Abbott went into a brain freeze. That was the first time I had seen one of Abbott’s infamous brain freezes. Jones got Abbott off the hook when after about a minute or so of nodding head, gaping mouth, blank eye staring from Abbott Jones said let’s move on and he changed topic.

  29. If one thinks that juvenile offenders care about public shaming, they have rocks for brains in their heads.

    Does one really believe, that all in the local area, does not know what kid has bee before the courts.

    Most of the kids, would love the notoriety

    Note, the ABC 24 is repeating what Hockey had to say.

    The ABC has pointed out that Labor got it wrong., Things were better than their forecast.

    Of course what is not mentioned, is the actions took, since that budget announcement.

    Yes, Labor was capable of changing their actions, as the situation changed.

    What they pointed out, Labor has NOT lied to them.

    Abbott was also ridiculous this morning. This was on a station, kind to him.

  30. ME. did Abbott say, that Labor had a good relationship with Indonesia.

    If so, that is different to what he was saying before the elections.

    He was alleging that he would have to fix up the relationship, that Labor has trashed. Kept raving on about the halt in the live meat trade.

    Could it be, that the Indonesians also told Bishop, that they got on well with Gillard. That they liked and respected her.

  31. LNPee’s hiding in their secret places… Tony says to the boys+1 “Don’t say… don’t tell”.
    “Government ought to be all outside and no inside. . . . Everybody knows that corruption thrives in secret places, and avoids public places, and we believe it a fair presumption that secrecy means impropriety.”- Woodrow Wilson

  32. What, not keeping workers in jobs.

    Has it missed the ministers notice, that present laws are dealing with the matters. Yes, investigations have happened, and people charged. Now up to the courts.

    “……..Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott’s new employment minister, Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz, says one of his first priorities will be stamping out union corruption.

    Senator Abetz was yesterday named in Mr Abbott’s first Cabinet, and awarded the portfolio of Employment – an area he had covered in opposition – with the added responsibility of Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Public Service.

    He says one of his first ports of call as Employment Minister will be to launch “an attack on corruption in the trade union movement”.

    Senator Abetz says the Coalition’s policy to raise penalties for union corruption, to put them in line with the corporate sector, has been welcomed by union leaders including Australian Workers’ Union boss Paul Howes…….

  33. Yes, just caught the end of what Albanese has to say,

    Yes, we know well what this ten day old government is against.

    Have not heard anything, as to what they are for.

  34. ………………He says one of his first ports of call as Employment Minister will be to launch “an attack on corruption in the trade union movement”.

    Senator Abetz says the Coalition’s policy to raise penalties for union corruption, to put them in line with the corporate sector, has been welcomed by union leaders including Australian Workers’ Union boss Paul Howes.

    “We want to establish the Registered Organisations Commission to ensure that some of the corruption we have seen in the Health Services Union etc is not allowed to occur again,” he said.

    “We have a penalty regime in that area which we’re suggesting should be exactly the same for company directors.

    “If you as a company director rip off shareholders, you face the risk of five years jail or $320,000 worth of fines.

    “If you’re a trade union official and rip off your members, you face a $10,000 fine………….

    What about corrupt bosses?

  35. Deliver budget review now, Bowen says
    If the coalition believes the budget has deteriorated further they should release the mid-year review as soon as possible rather than waiting until January, interim Labor leader Chris Bowen says.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey released the final budget outcome for 2012/13 on Friday which showed a deficit of $18.8 billion.

    He said instead of the surplus promised by Labor in the 2012/13 budget, when it was released in May 2012, the bottom line has blown out by over $20 billion.

    But Mr Bowen, the former Labor treasurer, says Mr Hockey has ‘completely ignored’ Labor’s economic statement.

    Mr Bowen released the economic statement in August just prior to the election and flagged the $18.8 billion deficit.

    ‘There is not one dollar of difference in the 2012/13 budget outcome,’ he told reporters in Sydney.

    Mr Hockey’s media release was ‘full of spin and misleading commentary which does him no credit at all’, Mr Bowen said.

    He said the treasurer also hinted there is a further deterioration in the budget position.

    ‘He should tell us what it is. He can do that by releasing the mid-year economic forecast.’

    He said Mr Hockey was releasing this later than normal, in January when Australia will not be focused on the budget.

    ‘This is not transparency and is part of a growing and clear culture of secrecy in the Abbott government,’ he said.

    He likened delaying the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook to the government’s refusal to reveal when asylum seeker boats arrive or tell Australians whether they have attempted to turn back boats.

    He also said by trying to paint a deterioration in the budget deficit when there is not was is trying to create an alibi for further budget cuts to come.

    ‘This is dishonest and unacceptable,’ Mr Bowen said.

    Love the way, ABC is reporting on Hockey’s PC this morning. Not quite what Hockey had in mine, i would say.

    The report actually shows, that the action of Labor, since the budget before last, has turn the predictions around somewhat.

    What Hockey would or could not tell us, is what he intends to do. It appears we have to wait a few months. Until next year, I believe.

  36. Abbott for three years. “Boats, boats, boats, boats, boats, boats, boats, boats……..”

    Abbott today. “Boats aren’t important and are minor.”


  37. Cormann now on ABC 24. Does not like the questioning. Lyndal Curtis chooses to point out, the figures he produced today, showing the economy improving under Labor.

    Talking about trends, and yes, history.

    The trends, in the figures he produced today., does indeed show a improvement.

  38. he reality is that the political reporting of the deficit has long since departed from meaningful perspective. In the context of a roughly $400 billion budget, a difference of $600 million in the final count is immaterial.
    And what’s entirely missed is what an incredible budget 2012-13’s proved to be. After a deficit of $43.4 billion the previous year – 2.9 per cent of GDP – it is an unprecedented and utterly amazing fiscal contraction to be able to get it down to about $19 billion, 1.3 per cent of GDP. Thank heavens Wayne Swan didn’t succeed in reducing it to zero – that way recession would have laid.
    Treasury’s great accomplishment when confronted with Swan’s political target of a nominal surplus was to pull out all the available smoke and mirrors, to push forward and pull back and out-source as much as possible. Thus “public final demand”, which includes what the state governments were up to, only shrank by 1.5 per cent in the latest year, taking about half a per cent off economic growth.

    Read more:

    It appears if the new government does not reach the target they aim out for, it will not be a broken promise.

  39. Take a look at yourselves. How pathetic have you all become. The best part of a beautiful week spent still scratching around like old chooks in the leftovers of unhinged, dishonest-miserly lefty articles written by failed nobodies trying to make a name for themselves inside a fishbowl misty with mould. Try as you may, nobody takes any notice of you. I stop by, and there you sit, eyes glazed, blogging, blogging, blogging, the mantra repeating over and over. Let’s get Abbott, Let’s get Abbott. Is it any wonder I visit periodically so I can say….

    Yajustgottalaugh 😉

    The footy is on, stay where you are….you’re not invited! We don’t want our game corrupted by you miserable nobodies.

  40. Also not going to plan was when the lights went out – but only for a second.

    Ms Bishop, who has been in New York all week representing Australia at the 68th session of the UN General Assembly, unusually refused a request to speak to world media after her landmark role, prompting speculation she was unwilling to face potential questions on the increasing tension with Indonesia over the Coalition’s turn back the boats policy.

    At the council meeting, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told the Council: “The world is overarmed and peace underfunded.”

    “Small arms are a source of crises, conflict and criminality.”

    He urged States to commit to building a safer and more secure world by signing and ratifying the Arms Trade Treaty.

    Why no PC for the world media. .Is that bad manners on her part?


    Mr. Hockey and Mr. Cormann’s failed attempt at making Labor look bad.
    One question from nearly the first reporter, derailed the stunt. It was pointed out, that what they were saying, showed that under Labor, things were improving.

    It has been reseated, all the afternoon in that vein.

    “……..he reality is that the political reporting of the deficit has long since departed from meaningful perspective. In the context of a roughly $400 billion budget, a difference of $600 million in the final count is immaterial.
    And what’s entirely missed is what an incredible budget 2012-13’s proved to be. After a deficit of $43.4 billion the previous year – 2.9 per cent of GDP – it is an unprecedented and utterly amazing fiscal contraction to be able to get it down to about $19 billion, 1.3 per cent of GDP. Thank heavens Wayne Swan didn’t succeed in reducing it to zero – that way recession would have laid.
    Treasury’s great accomplishment when confronted with Swan’s political target of a nominal surplus was to pull out all the available smoke and mirrors, to push forward and pull back and out-source as much as possible. Thus “public final demand”, which includes what the state governments were up to, only shrank by 1.5 per cent in the latest year, taking about half a per cent off economic growth………

    Read more:

  41. You take notice Summo, and indeed spend an awful lot of time here, more than any other right winger, and you call us pathetic.

    You don’t offer anything, stuff up facts in your posts and are so worried about what an absolutely crap job Abbott is doing. Must be a huge disappointment to you the way you go on trying to divert attention away from his string of major failures.

    And your posts have degenerated into lame insults that most school kids would laugh at.

    How pathetic and petty you are that you have to interrupt footy to post that narky crap.


  42. Why no PC for the world media. .Is that bad manners on her part?

    Just a possibility 😉

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    Obviously, not something summo adheres to 😆

  43. Fu as Bowen pointed out It also showed the Labor government had been completely honest and open on two major economic announcements before the election, announcements Hockey at the time said were lies.

    Turns out the liar is Hockey and the deceivers are the current worst government in our history.


  44. announcements Hockey at the time said were lies.

    Something he repeated tonight again on the news, unchallenged of course by the reporter

  45. Learnt something about our visitor yesterday. He cannot stand being ignored. Suggest we follow on from yesterday.

    I think he told me how many comments I have made and when I began. If it was not this one, it was one of his mob.

    I suspect the information came from another site, but that matters little. Maybe, they same people would be better served, to go through the archives, looking at what we have had to say over the last three years.

    It is amazing, how much that was said in the past, is ow coming to be. The amazement is, that this is only day 10.

    I really do not believe, that any thought things would be so bad.

    They cannot even use the excuse of that great big black hole, they found. No, it appears, things are actually better.

    Yes, the budget predictions of not one but two budgets age where bad. What was ignored, that owing to action taken by Labor at the time, they came out better.
    It took one question today, to make both Hockey and Cormann to look fools.

    Yes, on the figures you have given of two budgets ago, the results were better.


    Wonder what scandal was found in Shortens back ground today. When it comes to marriage break ups and divorce, one needs to be careful about what the causes are.

    Know one, even family sometimes, knows what occurs within marriage.

    Mostly no one is too blame. Marriages just die.

    Yes, people no longer want to be together.

    At the end of the day, it is no ones business. Would not be many left in business or politics. if divorce ruled one out.

    What is amazing the number of marriages that hold together, until the husband becomes PM,. They quickly end, when they are no longer PM.
    We have Hawke and Keating that comes to mind.

    I believe that is more dishonest.

  46. Forgot to prepare.

    ….Ms Bishop, who sat proudly with the title “President” in front of her, opened the two-hour meeting by condemning the recent attack in Nairobi, and then calling for debate on small arms, which she said “has not been considered in a dedicated way in more than four years”.

    While Ms Bishop managed to chair the Security Council with poise and professionalism, what she was not prepared for was pronouncing some of the names, including Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister, Elmar Mammadyarov.


  47. A group of asylum seekers from the boat confirmed that they had been rescued by the navy after their boat began sinking about three days into their journey to reach Christmas Island.

    They said they did not care about the Abbott government, nor about the Papua New Guinea solution, and that they would try again to reach Australia.

    “If Tony Abbott doesn’t want to accept us as a boat seeker, then just give us a visa,” said the group’s spokesman, Yasr Hussain.

    “We are willing to go everywhere: to Nauru, to Papua New Guinea, to Australia,” Mr Hussain said.

    “If you give us security we will stay in Papua New Guinea for all our lives.”

    Also under the search and rescue protocol, the Ballarat then went closer to Indonesian territory where it met an Indonesian ship dispatched by Basarnas in calmer waters. In the early hours of Friday morning, the passengers were offloaded and brought back to Indonesia.

    “This is the third time since the memorandum of understanding was signed last year that a similar operation has taken place in this rescue zone,” said Basarnas’s Jakarta region operational chief Ahmad Firdausy.

    See your ad here
    A similar search and rescue operation and transfer also took place overnight involving an Australian Customs vessel and Indonesian agencies off Kupang, West Timor. The boat’s engine had stopped.

    A turn-back or tow-back under Mr Abbott’s Operation Sovereign Borders would differ from a rescue operation in that the asylum vessel would be deemed seaworthy, and the Australian authorities would order it back, or tow it back into or near Indonesia’s waters.

    Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has said he would reject that policy..

  48. What is amazing the number of marriages that hold together, until the husband (READ BASTARD) becomes PM,. They quickly end, when they are no longer PM.
    We have Hawke and Keating and SHORTEN that comes to mind.

    I believe that is more dishonest. (PRICELESS FU, ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS CONTRIBUTION THAT! hehehehe…..

    This little gem was simply too good to pass up.


  49. Seems the climate report released tonight is saying, there is now a 95% chance that carbon emissions is causing global warming, In scientific language, that is as good as it gets.

  50. My message,was, it is no ones business except the couple concerned when it comes to marriage desperation.

    It has nothing to do, with ones ability to hold an public, or that matter private post.

    It is gutter politics. to introduce it into any leadership challenge.

  51. “They quickly end, when they are no longer PM.

    Yes it appears to be the Labor Party way. Bob got rid of Hazel when she was no longer needed. Apparently Bob only stayed with Hazel because she gave him an extra 2% of the vote. Keating threw out Anita and it looks like Julia has discarded Tim.

  52. ……………..1. “We need a Cost Benefit Analysis for the NBN”.

    NO!!! It’s the wrong measure for an investment! It doesn’t cost the taxpayer a cent over its full lifetime.

    CBA’s only makes sense for fully public projects where Govt don’t ‘invest’ but spend with NO return to them. By definition, ALL returns & benefits are to the public, direct or indirect, and none to the Govt.

    That’s why they are tricky, costs are easy to identify (look in the Budget) while benefits are diffuse, time-delayed and

    You’ll also note that the Coalition, and folks like AIG, are NOT querying Abbott/Turnbull on the CBA’s for their road infrastructure spending.
    This is precisely where they should be done, yet they aren’t.
    Are the Coalition hypocrites, deluded or in denial? I don’t know and don’t care – it a reasonable question for journalists to ask & pursue in the public interest, but aren’t currently asking.

    The full cost to the Goverment, to 2033, for the NBN is zero.

    Dividing by zero has one answer: infinity.

    Any investment that makes a return, by definition, has an infinitely high Cost:Benefit ratio…
    It’s simple Maths, not even high-school Maths. What’s difficult with the concept?

    The “razor” question is: What does BHP do?

    Do large mining companies run “Cost Benefit Analyses” or something else?
    They run extensive modelling, discounted cash-flows, NPV’s and finally compare options on “Internal Rate of Return” (IRR).

    NBN Co is a company, admittedly wholly Govt owned, but a private-sector enterprise with an ABN, tax-file number, a Board and a duty to pay taxes and return value to its shareholder(s).

    It is NOT an on-budget Government expenditure program, nor a Government Department/Agency.

    Is this off-budget investment so hard to grasp??

    There doesn’t NEED to be a CBA because it’s wrong.
    There does need to be an assessment of the full-term options.

    Turnbull needs to be up-front, saying he’ll compare the full-term project costs on a sound commercial basis: Internal Rate of Return, IRR.

    He ran a comprehensive spreadsheet model of his 4-way network proposal, but didn’t release it, or the full-term Rate of Return and payback period.

    Why has that not been reported and picked apart?
    Are journalists too ignorant, stupid or just too blinkered to understand business basics?
    I can’t see a valid reason for it not being reported or the questions not asked.

    2. “The Cost of the NBN is $37.4/$44.1 billion versus the Coalition’s $20.5/$29.5 billion”

    Now with the “$1.6 billion” extra peak funding- all paid out of direct borrowing and still returning 7+% Rate of Return.

    Every-time this nonsense is repeated I bristle. The NBN Co budget has nothing to do with the Federal Budget, in the same way that what’s owing on your house isn’t important for your personal budget, only meeting the month repayments.

    There’s a world of difference between direct, on-budget expenses and independent, off-budget investments. It’s not even Accounting 101, so why don’t journalists understand and report this???

    The real cost to the taxpayer is the on-budget costs, the interest on the loans used to provide the $30.5 Billion equity for NBN Co. While the yearly Equity owed hasn’t been released, we know that it peaks in 2018 at $30.5B and doesn’t start to be paid down until 2025, with full pay-back by 2033. From 2033 to 2040, it provides the “return on investment” of around $50 billion in total (7.1%/year equivalent).

    My calculation of interest on equity, for the whole on-budget cost to 2033, is $12.5 billion at 2.5%.

    Turnbull has never once mentioned the difference between on-budget costs directly out of the taxpayer pocket, nor how his spreadsheet model paid down the equity. There’s only one statement on needed returns, and that’s imprecisely worded. It could be “cashflow positive”, which means it pays back interest and operational costs, but doesn’t pay off the equity or cover depreciation.

    This is Accounting 101: Expenses used to calculate profit must include non-cash charges, like depreciation.

    Profit = ( Revenue – Expenses)

    Cashflow is not profit, as many a small business has discovered too late to prevent ruin,

    Why aren’t journalists asking for the full on-budget cost to taxpayers over the full life of the project?

    Turnbull calculated all this in his spreadsheet model, just refused to give any details of half the equation (Revenues and Charges), and only released a fraction of his full model for the period 2014-2019.

    It’s time that journos demanded his full spreadsheet model for the full life of the project. This has to …………

    There is one question that Turnbull must answer. What is the state of the copper wire, and how much will it coat to bring it to a use able state.

    The problem is, that no one knows, including Telstra.

    It appears that any audit would be enormous, and there is a shortage of people who have the ability to do it.

    Saying that NBNCo will cost three times what is stated, is a little unbelievable

    The report that Albanese was unable to table before the election, did not say, what Turnbull hoped. Was so far off the mark, that Turnbull tries to bury it.

    Turnbull says he does not believe the figures. In other words, he is saying the whole board are liars. A strong accusation to make..

    Why would a board, put out a report with false figures, knowing that there was a big chance of a new government,.It would be suicide on their part,

    Al has gone very quiet on the NBNCo site.

  53. Yes, Labor was not that bad. Funny, the media is now pointing out, that even though Labor did not get to surplices, nearly every years, it was narrowing th e gap.

    It’s yet another case of politics overshadowing economics: while newbie Treasurer Joe Hockey insinuates otherwise, the final count for the 2012-13 federal budget is an outstanding achievement, a monument to a skilled Treasury performance in very difficult circumstances. No, seriously.
    It might be the fiscal luck of the Labor Party that even a slightly-better-than-expected deficit number only emerges from Treasury after it lost government – last year’s deficit finalised at $18.8 billion, compared with $19.4 billion in the economic statement on August 2.
    And it seems Joe Hockey can’t break old habits, fulminating about the final count. If he’s not careful he might claim there’s a budget crisis, forgetting that he effectively backtracked on that two days before the election.
    The reality is that the political reporting of the deficit has long since departed from meaningful perspective. In the context of a roughly $400 billion budget, a difference of $600 million in the final count is immaterial.
    And what’s entirely missed is what an incredible budget 2012-13’s proved to be. After a deficit of $43.4 billion the previous year – 2.9 per cent of GDP – it is an unprecedented and utterly amazing fiscal contraction to be able to get it down to about $19 billion, 1.3 per cent of GDP. Thank heavens Wayne Swan didn’t succeed in reducing it to zero – that way recession would have laid.
    Treasury’s great accomplishment when confronted with Swan’s political target of a nominal surplus was to pull out all the available smoke and mirrors, to push forward and pull back and out-source as much as possible. Thus “public final demand”, which includes what the state governments were up to, only shrank by 1.5 per cent in the latest year, taking about half a per cent off economic growth.
    After that exercise, the economy is not strong enough to handle further severe fiscal contraction just yet. And that’s why Joe Hockey is letting the deficit run this year, never mind his political rants, announcing that he will trim the budget by all of 0.4 per cent. Big whoop.
    Given the challenges facing us a little further down the track, the structural deficit does indeed have to be tamed with a mixture of genuine tax reform and entitlement restraint, but not just yet.
    Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson clearly spelt out those very serious challenges in his post-budget speech last year.
    “Governments at all levels face difficult fiscal circumstances for the foreseeable future, with razor thin surpluses at best in the absence of conscious decisions to raise additional revenue or cut outlays.
    “Efforts to reduce outlays are likely to be more effective, and sustainable, if nested within a broader assessment of the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government, an approach that could help sharpen the focus on duplication, overlap and inefficiency. In this regard, the announcement at the recent COAG meeting that the Commonwealth and the States will work cooperatively to ensure that State environmental approval processes can satisfy Commonwealth obligations, reducing duplication and double handling, is a good initiative.
    “However, even total success in minimising overlap will not address the key challenge — the gap between the expectations of government held by the Australian public and the public’s willingness to pay what’s required if those expectations are to be met.”
    It’s the sort of honesty that you’d hope to find in a Treasurer as well as a treasury secretary. Indeed, it’s the sort of speech that you would hope a Liberal Treasurer might make himself, but the reality is already falling short. The way the Federal Government is dropping the weights on New South Wales coal seam gas policy indicates the promises about states’ rights and less duplication of approvals processes only applies when state policy agrees with federal policy. Somewhere there’s a plaque for a kitchen (or cabinet) wall that states: “I’m not bossy – I just have better ideas”.
    In the gap between political promises and achievement, it bodes particularly ill if Parkinson is being flicked as Treasury Secretary. Frank and fearless advice might not be appreciated.
    P.S. In response to questions about who deserves credit for the fiscal contraction – Labor, the Treasury, or both – it is of course both. We’re fortunate Swan mostly took Treasury’s advice on the Big Picture. Just as importantly, they had the sense to abandon the silly surplus promise when they realised the damage further tightening would cause.
    A point I was trying to make is that it is fairer to measure the integrity of the process by comparing the outcome with the starting point, the 2011-12 budget, rather than a forecast made in May about how the bottom line might look 58 weeks later. What happened to that initial promised surplus is nicely explained by Crikey’s Bernard Keane…………

    Read more:

  54. I suspect it could have been Anita that left Keating. More likely they stayed together while there were children. Who knows.

  55. Apparently Bob only stayed with Hazel because she gave him an extra 2% of the vote.”

    Sorry i got that wrong. Hazel meant more to Bob than an extra 2% of the vote. It was actually 3%.

    “Hawke proposed to his mistress in 1978, but later withdrew the offer saying “Divorce could cost Labor three per cent.

    Looks like Tim has also been thrown on the scrap heap.

  56. One boat sinking, Navy with cooperation of Indonesian rescue refugees and take them to Indonesia. Refugees vow they will get the next boat and don’t care if they are sent to Manus or Nauru, it’s preferable to Indonesia. They said they will keep coming.

    Another boat in trouble this arvo, mostly women and children. Appears no cooperation this time and refugees taken to Christmas Island.

    This is rapidly turning into a farce for boats Abbott.


  57. Less than two weeks after the election the Coalition admit they lied and there is no budget emergency, they will not have a surplus for at least 10 years and they plan to increase debt.

    Wonder where the right wingers who go on and on about debt being bad will be now? Lying through their teeth of course in defending it because it’s Liberal debt and only Labor debt is bad.

    If any one of them defends this then they are admitting they are hypocrites.

  58. Downer being widely canned for his ineptitude, not just post Howard government but the huge list of his failures and stuff ups during the Howard government.

    Another clown, a broken down prissy clown for sure, but still a Liberal clown like the rest.

    What a bunch of maladroit buffoons the Liberals are.

  59. ME, you must be wrong, they tell us, they are steady as one goes, professionals, or words to the effect.

    Funny, they have to keep telling us how adult and nature they are. One would think, we could work that out for ourselves.

    As Abbott said, that would only be so, if we had done something stupid.

    I am really glad, that Abbott believes that is not the case.

    Day eleven tomorrow. What surprises will we get from this government, that promised us there would not be any.

    Trouble is Abbott could be telling the truth. None here seem surprised, at how things are turning out.

    That is except for our visitors, that have been sidetracked by gossip, like a mob old women,.

  60. With the economy so bad, one would have thought, things like bringing back special IR courts, for a single industry would be put aside, while they recalled parliament, to bring down a mini budget, to deal with the economic emergency that faces the nation’s economy.

  61. Mo, “…. Coalition admit they lied and there is no budget emergency, they will not have a surplus….”
    ….. damn, Mo 😯 …and there I was today putting up ‘budget emergency’ posters here and there… just tryin’ to help…. I mean, it;s terrible when things go missing like that 😉 …. So basically, Mo… they’ve found the ‘budget emergency’…. and it;s theirs….. 😕
    I tells ya,.. if I live to eleventy two… I’ll never understand the LNPee’s ‘nitronomics’….. it’s like one of thems joke cigars….. no, really 😦

  62. No budget emergency???

    Labor said in May 2012 we would have a $1B surplus. We actually got a $18B deficit. Treasury got it wrong.

  63. ….. and Abbott said he would change the whole world for the better.. from day 1……. 🙄 did Treasury get that wrong too NoS.

  64. The hypocritical Neil could be fun to play with over the next couple of years 😉
    By how much did your inept government increase our debt this week Neil? 😆

  65. “By how much did your inept government increase our debt this week Neil?

    I thought you people believe that debt is not a problem?? We are sovereign in our currency. We can just print money when we need it.

    Is this true??

    By the way Wayne Swan said we would have a $1B surplus and we got a $18B deficit. Missed it by that much.

  66. Debt’s only a problem if it’s Labor debt, isn’t that the story Neil?

    See if you can follow along with how treasury continues to run our economy over the next couple of years, inspite of the bumbling Hockey and the incompetant Cormann Neil. You might learn something about how economics works 🙄

    (Excuse the typos – the alternative is I break this £¥@&ing mobile device)

  67. Bacchus

    You need to do what Adrian does. Do not read my posts. it would be better for your health and mental state.

    By the way has Julia thrown out Tim?? Based on past behavior of ALP i would say it is a certainty. ALP Leaders morals are so low that you are thrown out when you are no longer needed.

    Like Hazel
    Like Anita
    And now like Tim.

  68. Baccs, I suppose it has been fun watching NoS get p*wned ‘all the time’ ..especially about his favourite pollies.. Howard n’ Costtalotto….. the provable facts that ‘they’ were economic wrecking balls is beyond NoS’s blinkered vision….. yup, watching Nos get p*wned has been an educational joy……..and to think that Howard and Co. were once considered to be the worst Govt. in Australian history…… Howard my have lost that spot now, though his Co. contiues on 😦 but, hey, ya sure gotta give him points for his mentorship of the next worst 🙄

  69. I did hear a rumour, that Tim was living in a caravan in the bush. It is said he was going fishing. Going fishing with his son.

    It is holiday time.

    Funny way for a man to leave someone. Camp in the bush, in a caravan.

    They were seen dining out together, and she left before him.

    Now, I do not know if anyone else has found more, but I suspect if they did, we would hearing about it from dawn to dusk.

    Sounds like the man is having a Holiday to me.

  70. Not too sure why Ms,Gillard need Tim to become PM. She was living with him, long before she even looked like getting the job.

    If one is a woman, I suspect it would be easer to do the job of PM without any partner or kids. Just a thought.

    Not much of a life for any partner of a female PM.

  71. Gee, I wonder if Tim left Julia ??? I wonder what has happened on BB 2nite??? I wonder what will happen next episode of “look over there”…….. sorry all if I’m a bit off topic and all over the peyton place 😀 , but, ‘look over there’, isn’t that one of Peta’s files…………. 😕
    Is that all the ‘news cycle’ and Menzies House has got.. backyard over the fence gossip 🙄
    Tad tragic of you NoS to slip into some kinda Summo modus 😛

  72. At least 20 people, mostly children, have drowned and many are missing after an Australia-bound boat carrying Middle Eastern asylum-seekers sank off Indonesia, police said Friday.
    “Local people found 20 dead bodies floating in the water, most of them are children,” said Warsono, a police official in Cianjur district of West Java province on Indonesia’s main island of Java.
    He added that the boat was believed to have been carrying 120 people, and that 25 adults had so far been rescued alive.
    It’s believed to be the first fatal attempted asylum-seeker crossing under the coalition government, and comes after another group of 44 asylum seekers were rescued by an Australian navy vessel in the Sunda Strait on Thursday.
    The group rescued on Thursday, which included four children, were offloaded at Indah Kiat port at Banten in the western part of Java at 8am on Friday.
    The two incidents come amid a ramping up in tensions between Canberra and Jakarta over the asylum seeker issue, and days ahead of talks in Jakarta between Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

    Read more:

  73. This is interesting. Just looking at the stats and guess what? Out of the last 1,000 comments, Summo is the 4th most prodigious commenter.

    Puts an end to his argument, doesn’t it?

  74. My mental state is fine Neil. Occasionally it’s a break from grown-up stuff to toy withyour tiny deluded little mind 😉

  75. Woke up to so much news of Liberal government failures this morning, Federal and State, I don’t know where to start.

    First NSW state government.

    NSW water desalination. O’Farrell kept secret, no surprise from a Liberal government there, the huge cost to the NSW people of his privatisation of the water desalination plant, $10 billion over 50 years whether it’s being used or not, around $500,000 a day to keep it on standby.

    Indeed it’s being shut down for at least four to five years but NSW water bills will still have a water charge hidden in them for the desalination plant costs.

    The new owners on top of that running cost charges are charging a $1.5 million shutdown fee every time it’s turned off and $5.5 million each time to restart it.

    But it gets worse. The membranes in the desalination process begin deteriorating the moment the plant is turned off. The eventual enormous cost of replacing them will be put onto the NSW people, but the technology is heading for obsolescence yet the NSW people will be paying for this plant for the next 50 years whether it gets shutdown permanently or if its pulled down and replaced or not, and then they will pay for the replacement on top of the continuing to pay for water they no longer get from a decommissioned plant or that doesn’t exist.

    O’Farrell sold the plant for $2.3 billion.

    This statement says it all about Liberal governments. “There’s great secrecy that surrounds all these asset sales under the O’Farrell Government.”


  76. The boats keep coming and the tragedy of that continues.

    As mentioned in the news article @10:55 PM above, a boat has sunk with mostly children amongst those who drowned.

    Another boat was intercepted by an Australian customs vessel and the attempt to send it back to Indonesia apparently failed. It’s believed the refugees were taken to Christmas Island.

    There was a workable solution to this, but because it was Gillard in government and a negabore Mr. No in opposition being aided and abetted by the media, that solution was quashed for no good reason.

  77. Correction to my post @7:00 AM.

    The refugees from second boat picked up by customs were not taken to Christmas Island but were offloaded onshore in Indonesia after getting permission from Indonesia rescue authorities.

  78. Wonder what is going on with the boats. Is the weather bad in the area? One sure for sure,Abbott seems to be ignoring what Indonesia has to say. One wonders why?

    Still cannot see why Abbott could not wait until he talks to those in the region. Just does not make sense, unless they are more interested in letting everyone know, including many Australians as well as leaders in the region, it will be my way, no matter what you think.

    We have Pru Goward in big trouble. Same goes for health.

    The cuts in NSW are now coming home to roost.

    Abbott’s meeting with Indonesia will be interesting.

    By the way the three general has gone on leave for two weeks.

    Government in hiding. Abbott at football breakfast. Will not be appearing PC. Morrison not replying.

    What is a fact, people are dying.

  79. We actually got a $18B deficit. Treasury got it wrong.

    As they always do. But that doesn’t constitute a ‘budget emergency’

    He has an argument?

    Yes. Mostly with himself, but an argument it is. It can be fun to watch at times, but, when it gets repetitive, the scroll wheel works fine.

  80. re ‘budget emergencies’

    And of course there’s the other question of where the “budget emergency” is, and why the Coalition isn’t rushing to address it with a mini-budget to slash spending and bring Australia’s debt under control. Instead, the government has been making noises about stimulating the economy. Indeed, apparently the government is considering adding to Australia’s debt to fund infrastructure construction. If so, the Coalition would be demonstrating a welcome maturity on the issue of government debt — and complete hypocrisy.

  81. Another this morning.

    “……………….No doubt at significant cost, Gladys Berejiklian’s Transport for NSW has been decking out Sydney train stations, ferry wharves and bus stops with new signs.
    But some of the information is no longer on display, after commuters and Fairfax Media pointed out the signs were erroneous.
    At Town Hall station, newly installed directions on platforms one and two were telling passengers to go to the wrong place.
    All change: the altered sign by Friday afternoon.
    All change: the sign was altered by the afternoon. Photo: Twitter: @sekundra
    The signs said that trains on platform one travel to Emu Plains or Richmond via Central, and Epping via Strathfield.

    They said trains on platform two travel to Campbelltown via Granville.
    That information would have been correct – if it was reversed.
    In fact, trains on platform one travel to Campbelltown via Granville, and trains on platform two travel to Emu Plains or Richmond and Epping via Strathfield.
    After a report by Fairfax Media pointed out the error on Friday morning, the erroneous information had been blocked out by lunchtime.
    Since Ms Berejiklian took over as Transport Minister she has overseen a “branding” overhaul for Sydney’s public transport system.
    All forms of public transport are now linked under a common ‘‘hop’’ logo, which was developed at a cost of more than $1 million.
    Fairfax Media asked Ms Berejiklian and………………..

    Read more:

  82. NSW water desalination. O’Farrell kept secret, no surprise from a Liberal government there, the huge cost to the NSW people of his privatisation of the water desalination plant, $10 billion over 50 years whether it’s being used or not, around $500,000 a day to keep it on standby.”

    I am not sure why you are blaming O’farrell for this. It was built by the previous ALP govt by Bob Carr because according to the global warming scare mongers it was never going to rain again. I think the Queensland desal plant is in mothballs, also built by Labor.

  83. Its A National Emergency Regarding the Poor Boatpeople and Now it A Minor Irritant Our Pm will sink to any Level . According to the Indonesian Press 41 People Drowned How high do we need to go for Major Irritant ? Labor were accused of using the Navy as a Taxi Service Not like this grand Plan Of Our Nasty Nasty Government, And then there Is Joe Hockey Spluttering Over His State of the Books Comments, With His Supposed Untrustworthy Treasury, Its A Baaaaad Government Going Worse, You are a Sickening Man Mr PM

  84. 13 boats Greg Toland, each and everyone that would have been splashed across the headlines and leading every news bulletin in the country with the drownings, shouts of how terrible Labor are being shouted by everyone.

    So why is this shockingly bad government and terrible PM being let of the hook and why are the right wingers who couldn’t have enough digs at Labor over this now mute on the matter, instead still going on about Labor.

    If it was so terrible under Labor it is now even worse under the Liberals who were the ones who made such a huge matter out of it.

    To show you how important this is to Abbott who first promised to do something about this the moment he got elected with “Sovereign Borders” and then changed that to when his government was sworn in, the three star General appointed to stop the boats has gone on leave.

  85. ………..Some scientists have suggested the climate is less sensitive than thought and there is a genuine debate about this. But the differences being discussed are essentially irrelevant. Thomas Stocker, one to the two scientists who oversaw the IPCC report, gave this criticism short shrift: The slightly lower sensitivity being discussed would give humanity only a “few years” longer to tackle climate change, he said: “It is not really a relevant point when it comes to the relevant reductions in CO2 emissions needed to keep temperature rise under 2C.”

    The estimates of climate sensitivity come out of the complex computers models used to project warming into the future. The IPCC states that the models, built on the basic laws of physics, now accurately represent a great many of the important climate phenomena. “If you are saying the models are flawed, you are saying the laws of physics are flawed,” said Tim Palmer, at the University of Oxford.

    Be in no doubt, climate change is real and dangerous. In fact, the new IPCC report, written in consensus by the world’s climate experts and signed off in unison by the world’s governments, may well be too timid. That is because it is a scientific document in which the confidence in climate knowledge and predictions are assessed. It is not a risk assessment………..

    It appears, what is happening re the boats today, happened under the previous government.

    It appears that Albanese made similar agreements with Indonesia.

    In other words, what is now happening, Indonesia agreed to.

    Morrison is obviously not going to surface, so he can be asked. Who will care by Monday?

  86. Neil, believe me, we will need that desalination plant again.

    We will have further droughts, whether one believes in man made climate change.or not.

    We are the land, “Of droughts and flooding rains”.

    One cannot deny, that the population of Sydney continues to grow, relying on a water supply, which is NOT.

  87. Tom R, Mathias Cormann answer the question on stimulation, by saying the government bring forwarded infrastructure that is already in the pipeline.

    Funny that. That is what the big part of Rudd;s stimulation scheme was, They bought forwarded planned projects.

    This is why Albanese was able to claim the other day, that Rudd;s stimulation was really policy. When challenged, Albanese, said that most of the stimulation was policy already in the pipeline.

    Funny, under Labor, it is waste. Under this government, it is doing what is needed.

  88. By the way, just in passing, Rudd spent on much more that pink batts and school halls.

    Yes, also on roads, which it seems Cormann is looking at.

    What we do not need, is tax cuts, that advantage the better off, and do not work, as these people are less likely to spend.

  89. “The Qld desalination plant was used this year during a flood.”

    Maybe it was. But i was replying to a comment about the cost of the desal plant in NSW. It was built by Labor and Adrian was trying to blame the Liberal Party and O’Farrel for the cost.

    This is what Scott Morrison says

    “On the Kurnell peninsula, the modern birthplace of our nation, we must reverse 150 years of environmental neglect, most recently demonstrated by the construction of Labor’s desalination plant—a plant that New South Wales does not need and the shire community does not want

    It was built in Kurnell because it is a Liberal party seat and Labor would not lose votes. Because it was built in Kurnell they had to build a 10KM pipeline under Botany Bay costing a lot of money. The best place for the desal plant was in a Labor Party seat in the Eastern Suburbs. But Bob Carr did not want to lose votes.

    But the whole thing was built by Labor and Adrian tries to blame O’Farrell for the cost to NSW taxpayers.

  90. Yes, the wonderful playgrounds that were built are still been used. Same goes for local roads that were on the never ever list. A bit for low income housing as well.

    I believe the homeless got some.

    I think that Mathias is only talking about roads. That is were infrastructure begins and end for Abbott.

    He could save himself a lot of work, leave CEFC in place and let them go ahead with their lending for new projects through the country.

    That one cost the taxpayer nothing., Same, if the leave NBNCo alone.

    Even better if he leaves the full suite of the CEF legislation in place.

  91. Neil, the choice is this plant, or more flooding of valleys in the near by National Parks.

    Even raising the Warragamba Dam wall, which the cost is enormous, is not viable.

    . The water would the spread out into nearby valleys.

    Wonder if the PM out with his crew, fighting fires. Wonder when he last attended a fire, and how often,

  92. Not sure what your point is. Adrian said this.

    “Indeed it’s being shut down for at least four to five years but NSW water bills will still have a water charge hidden in them for the desalination plant costs”

    Adrian is blaming Barry O’farrel for the cost of this desal plant.

  93. Neil, have you ever visited Botany Bay and seen what is built around the shores. Should say, what is built out into the bay. Much of the bay, has disappeared. This plant would hardly be noticed.

    Have to come up with a better one than that argument Neil.

    Not the beautiful place of my youth.

    Lovely seeing the bald patch of Abbott scuttling away into the crown, fleeing from the media.

    Another to add the lie long lists of video, already showing him on the run.

    Yes, run rabbit run.

  94. No Neil, I have just describe Botany Bay, which you claim this plant will destroy. Why, many still want to extend that little carport, further out into the bay/

    The plant was needed. Carr did the right thing. It was O’Farrell that sold it off.

    It saved building that wall higher, destroying what is left of nearby National Parks. It will be needed again. As time goes on, it will be needed more often,

    Your argument is that it should never have been built.

    What do you suggest we do, next time the rain does not come.


  95. O.K. if it was needed why does Adrian blame Barry O’Farrel for the cost of the desal plant??

    It has been shut down because it rained and we will not need it again if it does not rain again for 4 or 5 years.

    And the best place to build it was in the Eastern Suburbs which was a Labor Party seat. They built it in Kurnell because it was a Liberal Party seat.

    A dam would have been more economical. But Greens do not like dams.

  96. O’barrel sold off the desal plant for a song and gave the new owners a free lunch for fifty years, NoS 🙄 …. now thats typical LNP corrupt practise, sell the farm for threepence and then pay their mates not to farm. This NSW LNP makes Obied look like an altar boy…… no, really 😡
    I remember when the liars sold off the Clyde workshops years ago, spent ten million doing it up, then sold it for five million……. corruption has a name, that name is LNP.

  97. O’barrel sold off the desal plant for a song and gave the new owners a free lunch for fifty years, NoS 🙄

    You’ve explained it to him directly LOVO, but Neil still won’t get the point of the article 😉

  98. Don’t know Fu but she may have to prepare for he trip to Indonesia on Monday and it may also have to do with the pressure of constantly running away from the media in New York, they may have been zeroing in on her, so just like her cowardly master she turned tail and ran.

  99. I believe Rudd is also in NY, getting some award. Maybe it was two crowded wit to previous PMs.

    I will add this one here. On the other post. Maybe Neil can explain why he is running.

    Wonder does Abbott realise,it is the voters he is running from.

  100. Wonder what day 12 will bring? Yes, we have Insiders, Meet the Press, and of course Bolt. Might be worth a look, seeing Bolt, trying to make sense of this government.

    Yes, we will need that desalination plant again.

  101. Have we really got it right. I suggest not.

    Hunt is wrong, and he knows it, when he suggests that all the CEF suite of bills, is a tax on electricity, relying on making it dearer.

    This is not true,and the man knows it.

    It is a cost on carbon emissions,, paid by the highest emitter, to pay for things, like he claims will happen under his Direct Action.

    Yes, it is more, much more than a tax.

    If Hunt is genuine, about dealing with the problem, he will introduce all the DA bills, along with those that repeal the GEF bills. Yes bills, not bill.

    Maybe he can explain why the CEGC has to go. This cost the taxpayer nothing, UIt funds all the things, that Hunt says, need to be done. Would and could fit in with his DA.

    “…deral Environment Minister Greg Hunt will not escalate efforts to counteract climate change, despite an authoritative scientific report recommending swifter action by governments.
    Mr Hunt said the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change supported the government’s ”bi-partisan support for the science and the targets set for emissions reductions”. He cited the finding that the past decade was ”the hottest on record” but noted ”global air temperature over the last 15 years has been rising at a lower rate than the average since 1950”.
    The Coalition will scrap Labor’s carbon tax and replace it with a ”direct action” scheme including tree planting and soil carbon programs. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has acknowledged the $3.2 billion policy may not reach its promised 5 per cent cut in emissions by 2020.
    Dr Qin Dahe, a glaciologist and respected Chinese academic, has warned that Australia has much to lose if climate change continues unabated.
    In an exclusive interview, Dr Qin, who co-chaired the working group which wrote the IPCC assessment of climate science, urged Australia not to think of itself as an unimportant player in climate change.
    Our scientists played a key part in writing the report, and our country was at risk from what they discovered, he said.
    ”Climate change is a global concern and no country can be free from it, neither China nor Australia,” he said after the report’s release in Stockholm, adding the Chinese government was aware of the risks of a more extreme monsoon climate on its food supply, the economy and society.
    Australia’s population is concentrated along coastlines and ”sea level rises pose a hazardous impact to cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane”, Dr Qin said.
    Climate change could disrupt farming, and the frequency of bushfires is indirectly linked to climate change.
    Labor climate change spokesman Mark Butler said the government had suppressed scientific and expert advice by axing the Climate Commission and two senior bureaucrats involved in pricing carbon pollution.
    ”What we’re seeing is a well-worn path of conservative governments in Australia – silence those who disagree with you and hide evidence that discredits your policy position,” Mr Butler said.
    Greens leader Christine Milne said ”urgent and deep emission cuts” were needed and the 5 per cent target fell far short of those recommended by top climate scientists.

    Read more:

  102. So business plans are no longer required.

    Was this not seen as the biggest crime of the Rudd and Gillard government., NO business plans.

    It especially was applied to the NBNCo. By the way, Turnbull does not intend to have any for his plans. No, only applies to Labor

    “……..Prime Minister Tony Abbott will hand over $1.5 billion in federal funding for the east-west link without seeing the full business case for the controversial massive infrastructure project, despite an election promise that any investment of more than $100 million would require a published cost benefit analysis.
    Confirming he would honour the coalition’s election commitment to partly fund the $8 billion Victorian government tollway, which would connect the Eastern Freeway to Melbourne’s western suburbs, Mr Abbott told radio station 3AW that he trusts that the East West Link is a viable project despite not being provided with the full business case, which the state government has refused to make public.
    Premier Denis Napthine has defended the lack of transparency, saying that the the public release of details would place in jeopardy a competitive advantage as it sought bidders for its construction…..

    Read more:

  103. Sorry for so many cut and paste. Problem is that there is so much happening, or maybe not happening with this 12 day old government.

  104. Fed up: September 26, 2013 @ 6:38 pm
    Fed up, that photo with “Pyne works for you.” on it. After what Australian’s voted into Government, it is horribly apparent that most Australian’s are masochists and read it as “Pain works for you.”

  105. The RBofA scandal aired on 4 Corners last night… Secret deals by RBofA Chairman and directors with questionable people …

    This occurred during the years of the Howard government and it makes one wonder if they were complicit as well … My gut feeling says maybe so!!!

    See more:

    Fed up commented …
    SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 @ 8:35 PM
    The president talking in his own language, The body language and look on Abbott’s face tells it all. ABC 24

    Yes, so very obvious that they are playing ‘ducks and drakes’ with each other … In the meantime how many more AS/Refugees are going to perish … Meanwhile, reports from Tamil sources in Sri Lanka are that they are still going to risk the perilous trip in an attempt to flee from the persecution that is being wielded upon them … I would do exactly the same thing if I were in their shoes … The Indonesians are ‘beating around the bush’ and it is clear that the boat people are not wanted in their country … These so-called illegals are desperate and need a safe haven; there’s plenty that Australia could do to help them out … What Australia is not doing is morally wrong …

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