If only we could have another election

Kaye Lee notes over at The AIMN that though Tony Abbott has been claiming to have an overwhelming mandate, it turns out he only won by about 30,000 votes. 11 of the Coalition seats have margins of less than 4,000. See this story at the New Matilda, Thirty Thousand votes and Abbott’s gone for a detailed analysis.

Of course, it hasn’t stopped the gloating, especially on this site from the band of right-wing diehards. “Abbott won on Sep 7, so suck it up” is the general consensus.

It appears that many people who voted for the Coalition have since had a change of heart, as this latest Morgan Poll suggests, noting:

The L-NP (50.5%, down 2.9% since the 2013 Federal Election) leads the ALP (49.5%, up 2.9%) on a two-party preferred basis according to the multi-mode Morgan Poll conducted last weekend (September 21/22, 2013) on Federal voting intention with an Australia-wide cross-section of 2,999 Australian electors aged 18+.

But it’s on the airwaves that the real stories are heard. Complaints and messages of regret have been flooding in. Well I guess it’s too late. They should have thought of that earlier.

If only they could get another chance.

Significantly, the message is that after a week in office the Coalition have seen voters turn away from them.

Why do you think this is so?

Abbott Victory

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  1. It’s like all these people got drunk on misinfomed purile distortions ( or blackberry nip 😉 ) and now they have awoken, hung-over, with a stale taste in their mouth(s).

  2. Why do you think this is so?

    Because how anyone but a rabid right winger would think that the worst opposition in history would make anything other than the worst government in history is a mystery that can only be explained by one thing, the MSM.

  3. Not to worry, by TA’s own definition his Government is illegitimate. After all the previous Government was a coalition, just like Tony’s. Hence he won’t do anything he don’t have a mandate. How do I know this, nothing will be reported in the MSM so nothing will happen. Oh except that I expect TA’s expenses will rise.

  4. Well the fact that Labor won less seats last election didn’t stop the labor imbeciles claiming a mandate. Good for the goose and all…..

  5. I guess another way to absorb said statistics Mig would be to criticise the late move to Rudd. Perhaps if they’d stuck with Gillard, many of those 30,000 might have supported her. People I speak to couldn’t wait to smash Rudd. Back in 2010 he really was despised you know. It really is that simple. I guess we shall never know how Gillard would have done, but I’d prefer her to be leading the alp now, becasue she has earned the credibility. Wouldn’t you? I’d genuinely like to know how you all feel about this. Would you like to have Gillard as leader now?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  6. Summo on Rudd again. Really is an obsession.

    How about we throw this back at you by asking do you think Turnbull would have led the party to a more emphatic win, whilst also not trashing the once great Liberal party by turning it into a far right wing warped version of the US Tea Party?

    I’d prefer Turnbull be leading the country right now because he has some credibility where Abbott has none at all, don’t you think so?

  7. Just answer the question for once please ME. Just once without carrying on! Would you prefer Gillard to be in the chair now? Yes or no. 😉

  8. By the way that’s no big secret or anything, and if you really had bother to read posts instead of clowning around you would have known the answer to that ages ago.

  9. Yes cuppa Abbott is doing a Newman but unlike Newman who has such a big lead he can afford to lose dozens of seats and still win the next election, Abbott only has a slim margin with less people actually voting for the Liberals than Labor.

  10. At this stage of the political cycle I am behind Abbott, however, the party will decide when Turnbull (whom I admire immensely) will become leader. Of course that shall be a strategic move against moves by the alp. With regard to the current alp vote, I must say I lean towards Albo, as I believe he is more honest and more of a worker. One could never question Albo’s devotion. In fact, I reckon I’d love to have a beer with the bloke. In the meantime…relax

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  11. Sorry that I’ve not read every post you’ve written ME. Unlike some in this fishbowl, I am not glued to a computer from dawn to beyond dusk. I just stop by for a quick look every so often. Remember laughter is the best medicine….

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  12. Summo, if you admire Turnbull *immensely* and I admit to being a one time Turnbull fan as I once was a Joe Hockey fan (I’ll save ya Fiona) but then it all turned out to be an illusion. If Turnbull is willing to sell his soul to the devil to deliver Australia with a half-hearted, lesser broadband scheme then he has descended by several measures in my esteem. I guess that I expected more by moral fibre..or should that be fibre to the home. If you do not understand how important 1st rate communication is to Australia then you have not studied Australian history.

  13. Carol,

    The end of the mining boom is in sight. As a country we should be exploring means to be competitive in the post-boom phase.

    Two ways we could be making ourselves relevant is with ubiquitous first-rate broadband infrastructure (so important in the connected world) and incentivising clean energy sunrise industries.

    Unfortunately for Australia, through ideological zeal and his debt to his media and mining backers, the moronic Abbott is intent on killing both at birth. So we’ll get third world fraudband and continued reliance on the export of increasingly irrelevant dirty fuels.

    September 7 will go down as a black day in history, the day the media convinced people to shun progress and wind the clock back. The worst Opposition in history was elevated to the worst government in history.

  14. This is a great question by @miglo. I really would like to hear solid answers from anyone who voted for Abbott govt. I have no way of knowing if they have a sense that what is happening is not what that thought they voted for. Genuine interest.
    (I also wish blogs had a way of separating accusations, off topic discussions, personal exchanges etc into one area and impersonal commentary into another!)

  15. Severinlou. I voted for Ted O’Brien. He was worthy of my vote as a proven performer in business and supportive of locals. I’d heard him speak at several functions as I had also heard other candidates. It is my belief that Ted O’Brien would be a worthy member of parliament. Unfortunately, it looks as though he will be pipped at the post by Clive Palmer. Therefore my sense of humour takes over…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉 because there’s nothing I can do about it except laugh.:)

  16. Why do you think this is so?

    Because the things he has done so far were just considered ‘lefty scaremongering’ to most voters?

    Like what party with half a brain would abolish a commission that was actually performing it’s task, and helping to reduce emissions.

    I don’t know if I should resent or pity people like the idiot who started the petition to save the NBN. He drank from the murdoch cool-aide, and now, has seen what those lies has got him, murdochs wet dream full-filled. Well, us unfortunate as it is, 30,000 idiots like that have handed over our future to a megalomaniac who is quite happy to make money not just from the misery of others, but by actively causing the misery of others

  17. The Liberals conned the voters Tony Abbott told Lie after Lie During his time as Opposition Leader Supported By the Murdoch Press, An Absolutely ridiculously Biased, Not Ever Reporting T A’s stuff ups, He is and will prove to be an Embarrassment to this Country . Supporters Of our side of Politics knew what was coming, And Now it would seem others are realising just what they Voted for, He Has been shaped to suit what ever way the Wind is blowing, from Budgie swimmers , the Bike rider, The Good Guy , The Nice guy, Woman Supporter etc etc, And he is Only the Front Man for a whole Army Of Fruit Loops who will Show Their true colours with their wacky Ideas, It Will Happen And just where would Be with out Peta credlin He cannot talk with out Her say so, Suppository of Wisdom indeed

  18. Carol we are amongst the Roos and @ 12mps which is plenty thanks. You see, many don’t need the speeds being promised and besides, those speeds cannot be delivered for decades. And when they are. do you really believe the spiel about the cost. You know as well as I do, you get what you pay for and if you want 1000mbs, you will pay huge dollars for it.

  19. Had to laugh at bishop the younger tonight on the news telling the world about how far forward we have come as a nation with regards to female representation in politics.

    Yes Minister couldn’t have come up with a script so hilarious

  20. I prefer that Gillard were leader Summo. And Nesy Turnbull has no credibility now as he has lied for Abbott about the Fraudband policy. Only the damage that Abbott will reek upon the environment will surpass the loss of FTTP internet. Turnbull is vying for worst liar in the new Govt not best leader, and unprincipled apologist for Abbott will go down in history as “Abbotts cur”. Like Baldrick is to Black adder.

  21. Interesting listening to the commentary on even ABC radio today….whilst it was very Abbott leaning pre the election, suddenly there is a more critical voice. I do refugee activism work, so I am very aware of dialogue in this area, and before the election, it was impossible to hear anyone in the MSM defend asylum seekers. Now the commentary is that Abbott has gone too far, that these people are not invaders, but fleeing from danger, that Abbott’s plan is ridiculously costly etc etc….All these things we continually raised in public forums and online and at rallies for weeks before the election…but there was not a breath of it on the airwaves..Why????? Seems people had picked a winner and were running with it. Fingers in their ears screaming rhubarb rhubarb so they wouldn’t hear anything else. And those in the media who weren’t under Rupert’s spell decided to go along with those who were…a crazy momentum resulted comprised of those who were going to have a ‘change’ no matter what!. And now they’ve all calmed down and are having the morning after regrets. Unfortunately this country will pay dearly for the collective madness.

  22. Abbott is the most destructive, divisive and dangerous man ever to hold high office in this country and his party of puppets to the uber-wealthy are a disgrace. The damage they will wreak upon our nation in the next few years will take decades to overcome, if it can be undone at all.

    I hope those who voted for this sham of a government take the time to reflect long and hard upon their decision, because we will all be paying the price for their lack of judgement for many years to come.

  23. Clare De Mayo
    SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 @ 8:04 PM. “Abbott’s plan is ridiculously costly etc etc”

    How so? I’d like to know where that conclusion came from?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  24. If the polls turn, will Abbott have the guts to call a DD election?

    Nah, I don’t think so.

    Would love to see the Opposition (capital “O” – first time I’ve used it in six years) scream for one every five minutes trying to keep Abbott to his word.

  25. You see, many don’t need the speeds being promised

    A statement one would expect from Tone and others of his ilk. No sense of history and certainly no vision. As for the ‘history’, try these examples.

    When news of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention reached the United Kingdom, the engineer-in-chief of the British Post Office failed to be impressed. “The Americans,” he said loftily, “have need of the telephone—but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys…”

    LOL. And now we have none. Or perhaps they do in some parallel universe?

    “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.”
    Western Union telegraph company memo, 1877.

    “An amazing invention but who would ever want to use one?”
    US President Rutherford B. Hayes, 1876.

    We always have those who can’t keep up.

    He’s hilarious. A figure of historical fun! Just sayin

  26. Rupert Murdoch is the interloper and had a huge influence with the people with his newspapers. People were vulnerable and confused, Murdoch journalists and editors created further confusion and swamped them with spin and lies. Abbott was coached and protected from exposing his true self. Murdoch has to be made accountable for his actions!

  27. Summo, quoting from The Australian Independent Media Network , quoting Abbott’s commitments before the election


    “Again from the Sydney Morning Herald:

    ‘Under Operation Sovereign Borders two frigates, seven patrol boats and numerous Customs vessels will patrol the seas between Christmas Island and Ashmore Reef and Indonesia.

    Anzac Class frigates cost about $207,000-a-day to operate compared with $40,000-a-day for Armidale Class Patrol boats.’

    Seven frigates at $207,000 a day means that Operation Sovereign Boarders would cost the taxpayer over $520M a year for the Navy’s contribution alone. Then there are the Global Hawke Drones, if he decides to go ahead with them, at a cost of $US218M each. How many might he want? In an environment of a budget emergency, how long before the taxpayers rest a little uneasy about the enormous expense of detecting or intercepting the boats that are apparently going to stop coming?”

    BTW, I rejected the ALP P&G plan too. Onshore assessment and resettlement in the community is exponentially cheaper and more humane and constructive than either policy.

  28. Won’t be a DD! And for a variety of reasons. First, the Senate quotas are halved and therefore the chances of the ‘ferals’ reaching a quota are greatly increased. Second, the Greens would be elated. Just look at the numbers.

    Third, the electorate ‘hates’ politicians, particularly those who have graced the TV screens for a long time. Abbott is now in the ‘hated’ class. It’s why he is currently in ‘invisible’ mode. But it’s too late.

    Fourth, history shows that DD are rarely fought on the DD ‘issue’. Rather the DD issue is quickly forgotten and a whole range of other ‘issues’ hold sway.

    One could go on.

    No DD. Ain’t got the numbers, or the political capital to burn.

  29. When Tony’s legislation to scrap the carbon price goes to the senate, we may just get our chance. I believe he’s on record as saying that he’ll use the double dissolution if necessary, believing of course that he still has a massive mandate.

  30. Of course, Tony saying that he’ll use the trigger if necessary doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will happen… as I see others have pointed out. I *did* search for “dissolution” and didn’t find anything… sigh.

  31. i always knew we would suffer under an abbott government,and after two weeks my worst nightmare has come true.god and murdoch are the only ones who know what our next three years are going to be like ,we should all be afraid

  32. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed she will be joining Prime Minister Tony Abbott on his visit to Indonesia next week.
    During a meeting with her Indonesia counterpart in New York on Monday, Ms Bishop advised Marty Natalegawa she would see him in Jakarta for the crucial bi-lateral meetings, which comes amid mounting tension over the Coalition’s “turn back the boats” policy.
    Ms Bishop said she looked forward to working closely with Dr Natalegawa to reduce the shared problem of people trafficking.
    She also reiterated Australia’s commitment to the Lombok Treaty, signed in 2006 during the Howard era, and invited Australia’s near neighbour to participate in a pilot program for the New Colombo Plan……….]]……………espite the tension over the Abbott government’s asylum-seeker policy, initial niceties were exchanged between Ms Bishop and Mr Natalegawa for the media before a 30-minute discussion behind closed doors.
    Throughout the day, Ms Bishop raced from meeting to meeting, holding talks with her regional counterparts from Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea, China, Iran, PNG, and the UK.
    Later in the day, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, in a roundtable meeting chaired by US Secretary of State John Kerry, Ms Bishop delivered a statement on the Equal Futures Partnership.
    She said Australia had successfully implemented “all of its Futures Partnership” promises to promote gender equality, and among its key achievement was establishing the National Centre of Excellence for Reducing Violence Against Women.
    “We have met our targets of 40 per cent for gender balance on government boards with 41.7 per cent of positions…occupied by women,” she told the audience, which included former British first lady, Cherie Blair.
    “Now we should be hoping for 50 per cent.”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/julie-bishop-meets-with-indonesian-counterpart-during-un-event-20130924-2uau3.html#ixzz2foIfDwKd..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/julie-bishop-meets-with-indonesian-counterpart-during-un-event-20130924-2uau3.html#ixzz2foIJeDyo

    This is where Abbot should be, not hiding in some monk cell in Canberra.

  33. ………….Ms Bishop said high on the agenda during the UN General Assembly Leaders’ Week – the single largest gathering of world leaders and ministers – would be the debate on the Syrian crisis, and “the use of chemical weapons and what we can do to secure and eliminate those weapons”…….

    …….With Australia as President of the United Nations Security Council for the month of September, Ms Bishop will chair a Security Council debate on small arms and light weapons on Thursday…………

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/julie-bishop-meets-with-indonesian-counterpart-during-un-event-20130924-2uau3.html#ixzz2foJ473TS

    Is our leader, the only one tha did n ot turn up?

  34. Summo September 24, 2013 @ 7:27 pm “because there’s nothing I can do about it except laugh.:)”
    You may be suffering symptoms of Vascular Dementia Summo. You show signs include confusion, problems with recent memory, wandering , emotional problems like laughing or crying inappropriately.
    Do you also find yourself getting lost in familiar places, loss of bladder or bowel control? Hmmm?
    Sounds like you may have a serious problem Summo. Abbott is cutting and trashing most of the things that would have been a help to you.

  35. Is there any rhyme or reason to this man?

    “……….he purpose of this long tale from over 30 years ago is that the same appears to be Mr Abbott’s approach to the much bigger job he won by being clear what he was opposed to, but never what he was in favour of.

    Today we read about Mr Abbott’s second round (after Climate Change Commission) of agencies to be cut. The common theme is that they are agencies that do things that Mr Abbott just philosophically (note that word) does not support.

    So he abolishes the Major Cities Unit in infrastructure, because it will tell him the importance of public transport investment. And Mr Abbott’s opposition to public transport investment in entirely illogical since he believes these are “over-manned, union-dominated, government-run train and bus systems”.
    He is also unwinding what are tagged “nanny state” agencies. The Australian National Preventative Health Agency – which leads the fight against obesity, alcohol abuse and tobacco use – is listed as one of these. And it performed the sin of spending money researching the effects of a fat tax despite the fact that neither party was proposing one..”


  36. PaulB, some are saying, Labor is not doing enough navel glazing, as their reason for failure.

    No need to. As Ms. Gillard said,, it was not even about policy.

    Yes, it is right to question the likes of Albanese, why they did not take action to pull theses people into line.

    That is a harder question to answer.

    Cannot help but think, if Gillard was not a woman, things would have been different.

    All we hear of Ms, Gillard, says that she is open, and easy to approach. Why did this not happen,

    Maybe many of those, who fell in behind Rudd, and those who felt it was not their business need to examine their consciences.,

    In the meantime, Labor should do as they are now, rebuilding the party.

  37. re, turnbull selling his soul over the NBN.
    He was asked today if he supported the direct action approach to climate change.
    he said he supports the government on this . seems only yesterday he was very supportive of an ETS . funny that.. How many souls does he have to sell ?

  38. Whatever the weary protests of those burnt out from the last round of conflict during the Howard era, the culture wars are unmistakably back.

    In part, this is due to the amazingly ideological nature of the new government’s targets: senior public servants, scientists, climate change bodies, public health agencies, academic researchers and the board of the National Broadband Network

    More here. https://newmatilda.com/2013/09/24/abbott-has-got-culture-war-he-wanted

    While it’s clear the list of people they don’t like becomes clearer, those on the ‘like’ list, apart from Rupert and Ziggy, is less clear. For example, is Mack, the aspirant Chief Weeder, a recipient of the ‘spoils’ or on just another ‘broken promise’?

    Methinks his losing streak will continue unabated. His failures are always a safe bet. Just sayin ..

  39. A man that knows what he does not like. Yep, that is our Tony.

    …..But in reality, what you see is the Government that reflects its leader. A leader who knows what he doesn’t like – and at the top of the list is any independent research or advice on the policy challenges for the government.

    After all, you become Prime Minister or President of the SRC by talking about what you don’t like – not what you might actually plan to do…..


  40. Shorten or Albanese as Oppostion leader , could not lead a group of ducklings.
    Be prepared for on going instability from within a feuding Australian Losers Party.
    A guarantee to remain in Opposition for as long as possible.
    Both incredibly poor options as alternate PM.
    Does anyone here fess up to wanting a leader from – the Socialist Left?

  41. Talk about back to the past. Hatred of all things, that are labeled ”

    …………..The Abbott government plans a drastic overhaul of the higher education system, including axeing the compulsory fee collected by universities to support student services and scrapping Labor’s targets to lift participation by disadvantaged students.
    Education Minister Christopher Pyne has also opened the door to re-introducing caps on university places, warning any loss of quality would ”poison” the sector’s international reputation.
    The removal of the equity targets would…………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/education/christopher-pyne-reveals-university-shakeup-20130924-2ucag.html#ixzz2foabkat0

  42. Why is it that VOYAGER and other right wing dick heads like to use capitals in their monikers?

    Clearly an attempt to disguise their insecurity?

    And why not because their ‘insecurity’ is evident in spades. No argument. Just slogans.

  43. I think the days of big difference between left and right, have long gone. As for extreme, left. Please name one.

    I can name many that belong the extreme right, in the Coalition.

  44. In relation to the Immigration and Asylum Seeker Policies – I completely agree. To this day, not a single one of the comparatively small number of Asylum Seekers entering the country by boat have found to be terrorists. (so it is NOT a security concern at this point)

    And most, once processed (which takes entirely too long) have been found to be genuine refugees.

    I also favor resettlement in the community.

  45. Tony Abbott to launch inquiry into AWU ‘slush fund’

    JULIA Gillard and a raft of senior Labor figures could face being grilled by a judicial inquiry into the union slush fund scandal involving her former boyfriend.

    Senior Coalition figures confirm an Abbott Government would establish a royal commission-style inquiry into the alleged misuse of up to $1 million in funds from the Australian Workers’ Union.

    It would have powers to compel witnesses to give evidence, with senior Coalition figures naming the former Prime Minister as one of the key political figures who would be required to appear.

    Ms Gillard has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

    Last night, former Attorney-General, Rob McClelland – who helped to reignite the 20-year-old scandal when he gave a statement to parliament in mid-2012 – pledged to “co-operate” with any investigation.

    Documents filed in the Melbourne Magistrates Court confirm Ms Gillard is a focus in the ongoing police investigation.

    The court issued a search warrant in May 2013 directing police to search Slater & Gordon’s Melbourne premises. They seized documents including “personnel files relating to Julia Gillard including her invoices/billings, time sheets and travel records”.

    They also seized “partnership meeting documents pertaining to Julia Gillard and the (AWU)”.

    Ms Gillard provided legal advice to her then boyfriend and former AWU official, Bruce Wilson, who was described in court as the “primary subject” of the long running inquiry.

    The former PM helped to establish the Australian Workers’ Union Workplace Reform Association.

    Ms Gillard described this vehicle as a “slush fund” during an exit interview from Slater & Gordon in 1995.

    A spokesman for Ms Gillard said she had no comment on the matter.

    The former Labor leader has maintained that the allegations against her were a “smear” while Mr Wilson – who now lives on the NSW north coast – has cleared Ms Gillard of any wrongdoing.

    Kevin Rudd, campaigning in Tasmania, also declined to comment on the scandal.

    “I have nothing to add to this as it is an ongoing investigation,” the PM told reporters.

    Mr McClelland has returned to work as a partner at law firm Turner Freeman after quitting politics.

    In the mid-1990s, he provided legal advice to a former AWU joint national secretary Ian Cambridge as he tried to investigate the alleged misuse of union funds.

    Mr McClelland said the law firm had not been asked to hand over any documents relating to the AWU matter.

    “But of course, Turner Freeman and I personally would co-operate with any police or other investigation into the matter,” he said.


    We know from Abbott’s pursuit of Pauline Hanson, he is not happy until they are jailed. Even if later proved to be innocence.
    Why not leave it up to the police.

    What are they actually accusing Ms, Gillard of. From my reading, the most would be, that she might not have actually witness a signature on the document, of a man that is a proven liar, and who has admitted to criminal activities. The one that lives overseas, not the ex boyfriend.

    If Abbott goes down this track, if only proves how vindictive the man is.

  46. The Federal Government is refusing to rule out the closure of a national preventative health body.

    The National Preventative Health Agency researches policy and runs initiatives aimed at reducing deaths and illness caused by smoking, alcohol and obesity.

    There has been speculation that the centre would be closed down under the new federal government, and speaking through a spokeswoman, Health Minister Peter Dutton will not rule it out.

    The Cancer Council’s chief executive in Victoria, Todd Harper, says it should be kept running.

    “It makes no sense to be closing an agency that’s tackling those problems,” he said.

    The Cancer Council says alcohol, tobacco and obesity cost the health system $6 billion a year.


  47. THE first boatload of asylum seekers since the Coalition’s Operation Sovereign Borders measures briefing last Monday has been detected off Christmas Island. Nothing will be revealed until Mr Morrison and commander Angus Campbell hold their weekly media briefing next Monday. Our source understands there could be as many as 70 to 8o people on board, inc children. >>> http://www.theguardian.com/au

  48. I don’t recall any of these later points you raise being raised prior to the elction FU (except the AWU witch hunt)

    More surorises from the party of no surprises.

    Also, it is clear that these are Ideological decisions, nothing to do with Values at all

    The bullshit continues. In the old days, this was simply called lies.

  49. Tom, I have absolutely no doubt that the Murdoch media will continue with it’s dirt campaign against anyone who has the gumption to become Labor’s leader. As we write, the minions will be scouring the archives, contacting aged relatives, kids Albo and Bill went to school with/their hairdresser/their wives hairdresser/their 2nd class teachers..to prove how unsuited to become leader they are.

  50. Slumdog and others on Channel 9 Today this morning footage taken by 9 the government was trying to hide from the public.

    Asylum seekers being taken to and offloaded in Darwin.

    Morrison stated the other day that over 30% of the boat people who had arrived since they were elected had already been fast tracked processed and taken offshore. He lied, they are being taken to the mainland.

    Your government is lying to you right wingers. You voted for a dud that is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but of course you sheeple won’t care because it’s the Liberals doing it and you expect nothing more than lies and deceits from them, but as long as you can brag they’re in power your small minds are happy.

    On the other hand if Labor had done this, attempted to bring asylum seekers to the mainland under secrecy, then all hell would have broken lose from the media and right wingers demanding the government be sacked and an immediate election called.

    No hypocrisy involved here at all, bullshit.

  51. Now I know where Summo gets his inspiration from, Bishop the younger.

    Interview on ABC Breakfast with Bishop the younger in New York not long after she had met the Indonesian Foreign Minister.

    Asked what was discussed in the meeting Bishop launched into a diatribe against Labor and how everything was Labor’s fault that they were trying to fix. She went on about Labor but not once to she address a single question asked and avoided answering anything on Indonesia.

    No Bishop, you token woman, the problem with Indonesia is directly yours and Morrison’s fault and nothing to do with Labor at all, so for once can someone from Liberals answer a question directly instead of so obviously bullshitting and treating the Australian people like sheeple, that title belongs to their gormless followers.

  52. >i?Asylum seekers being taken to and offloaded in Darwin.

    Do you know if they are taken from Christmas Island to Darwin, or directly there ME? I ask because I see reported increasingly “the number of asylum seekers arrived” to be now “the number of asylum seekers arrived at Christmas Island”, as if they mean the same thing. I was wondering if they were bypassing Christmas Island altogether, then using arrivals at Christmas Island to report the number of arrivals. Really, the ‘free speech’ warriors of a few months ago appear to have run out of steam. This is truly a restriction on Free Speech, yet they just don’t seem to care.

  53. $400,000 in one day. Pretty impressive.

    No, I haven’t donated yet. End of a pay cycle, but, if we have the money, I hope to.

    Apparently, Hunt has claimed that Government shouldn’t be wasting money on this (you know, informing the nation about science and stuff) Yet, the spent the same amount of money on the Brisbane Broncos. If that is ‘governing by Values’, I think they need to re-evaluate their Values

  54. Government has announced it will slash spending to universities and put caps on student places.

    Education for the wealthy and the dumbing down of Australia has started already.

    This bad government is not wasting any time. It’s implementing as quickly as possible the things it never bothered to mention before the election that it knows would have cost them the election if mentioned. It’s hoping that three years of a snow job and secrecy with the aid of the media will have people forget what they are doing now, which is destroying the fabric of the country and its basis of a fair go for all, something Abbott actually said would be part of a government he leads. Just another massive lie.

    Yet the right wingers go on about a lie in the previous government when they are being snowballed by massive lie after massive lie by the current government, but not a single word of protest, just harping back to Labor, and that says more than anything else about how terrible this Abbott government is.

  55. Sorry Tom I only saw the lead in to the story on Today with the voice over saying along the line of, “…the footage the government didn’t want you to see but we exclusively have, asylum seekers being taken directly to Darwin to be offloaded.”

    The low quality snippet of footage showed the Customs vessel Triton sailing into Darwin Harbour with refugees on the deck. The footage was taken from the shore a fair distance away.

  56. and that says more than anything else about how terrible this Abbott government is.

    What is worst ME, is that what they did actually promised, was seen by many at the time to be craziness. Now is the time that craziness is coming home

    Watching the new Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull’s performance yesterday, one was forcefully struck by the thought that the NBN is now his, quickly followed by a second realisation that sometime in the past two weeks he has been struck by the same thought, which would, in turn, have been quickly followed by: “Oh Shit”.

    What matters is whether it’s a wholesale monopoly. If it’s not, best to cancel it now while we still can.


    And that is the point, without it being a monopoly, it cannot make even the marginal returns Labor envisaged. In other words, a dud. And, it will also lead to this. I hope those who voted coalition in the rural sectors take note.

    The NBN was, at heart, apart from being Stephen Conroy’s Monument, a mechanism for city broadband users to subsidise regional areas. All Australians would be connected to fibre, fixed wireless or satellite and all would pay the same, no matter what the cost of connecting them.
    For that principle to work it requires there to be no alternative in the city, where prices could, and arguably should, be lower.

    Yet under the heading of Competition, the Coalition’s broadband policy says this: “Competitive and free markets have driven innovation and cost reductions in telecommunications since the early 1990s. The Coalition will remove or waive impediments to infrastructure competition introduced to provide a monopoly to Labor’s NBN …”


    Which is why we end up with claims like this. Claims that are almost impossible to refute.

    Labor MP Ed Husic warns Coalition Government NBN will disadvantage regional Australia


  57. Independent Australia highlights just one of tabots lies already, and has a go at the Teflon coating the media apply to him

    Tony Abbott has broken his campaign promise to spend the first week of his prime ministership with the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land, so News Corp is now pretending he never made it. Managing editor David Donovan reports.
    In any case, the question is not really why Sam Maiden lied; the question is why she was so determined to support Abbott against all the available evidence?


  58. I didn’t vote for Abbott so I don’t really know why those who did are so disillusioned! (Surely they didn’t all believe the LNP’s spin?!) Nor did I vote *for* Rudd (whom I tried to ignore!) but rather, for an excellent Labor candidate for whom I volunteered many hours.

    Given Rudd’s appalling behaviour as PM1&2 perhaps those who voted for Abbott were just anti-Rudd? Maybe the ridiculous presidential-style campaign is to blame for voters forgetting they were really voting for the values of the respective parties?

    Any masks the Coalition wore before and during the election are well and truly off now, and Abbott and his crew are exposed in all their small-minded nastiness! Add that to the removal of the rose-tinted glasses worn by those who “unwittingly” voted for Abbott, and voila! Mass unhappiness.

    Best wishes


  59. Something in the news this morning about the NBN being handed over to Telstra.

    They attack it because it’s monopoly so they hand it over to the monopoly monster created by Howard that got us into the very expensive by world standards user pays rip off.

    Wow, that’s going to be a success, not. And they promised a cheaper service.

  60. Abbott and J. Bishop claimed that they had all of the answers on the asylum seeker issue, it now seems that the answer is to make certain that there is no timely information made available.

  61. Straight out of the howard play book Min

    How many ‘boat people’ arrived after howard ‘stopped the boats’?

  62. So, universities only have one role.That is to train people for paid work.

    Support for those from low income areas is to go.
    All university support for students has to go.
    One must go back to the days of Howard.
    All that Labor did, m must be erased.

  63. But you are having another election!

    Following their rejection by the Australian people on 7th September, the Australian Labor Party are now going through the pantomime of selecting a new leader.

    Labor are trying to suggest things have changed, but it is clear the deep problems Labor had in government are now following them into Opposition.

    Despite the pretence, the factions are still calling the shots:
    “… senior members of the ALP national executive have blasted the leadership contest … as “factionalism as usual”.

    Over the past week, factional figures loyal to Mr Shorten and Mr Albanese have marshalled their armies of supporters — MPs, unionists, apparatchiks and staff members — to wage a battle for the Labor leadership.

    Mr Albanese’s campaign is being run by left sub-faction boss and former minister Mark Butler. Mr Shorten’s campaign is being jointly co-ordinated by right faction bosses David Feeney and Sam Dastyari.

    “It’s all pretty depressing really, just factionalism as usual,” said a National Executive member. “It’s no surprise really given Bill is a faction boss from the right and Albo is a faction boss from the Left”… (and) their campaign machines are almost entirely staffed and organised by figures aligned to either the Left or Right.”

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  64. Why did Malcolm not mention, that it took eighteen months of hard negotiating,with Telstra, which delivered the best the best deal for customers.

    Why did Malcolm not tell us, because it took eighteen months, it pout the roll out behind schedule.

    He forgot to remind us of the Asbestos political beat up, meant that once again the roll out was force to halt the ongoing roll out.

    This halt was completely unnecessary, but meant once again, the roll out was behind schedule. Mr. Turnbull, himself was the leader in this attack.

    If NBNCo, has not paused, they would have been politically suicide not to.

    Dyes, this scheme is bigger than the Snowy Mountains Hydro scheme. Is due to finish, I think in 2020. There is plenty of time to catch up, now that all is in place.

    Mr. Turnbull did not tell us about the health of the copper, or the cost to bring it up to standard. The reason he did not, is because no one knows.

    Anyone on cable needs to remember, it act like copper wire. The more that use it, the weaker the speed.

    Fibre is the only option, that is simple to use. Does not matter the number of users. Simple and cheap to maintain. Has a life well into the unforeseeable future.

    Give one standard, across the nation.

    Not too sure what he meant yesterday. I got the impression, the like of Telstra and other telco

    We need to remember that Cormann is involved, working with Turnbull on their new plans. What I would love to know, what control does Cormann have in the process.

    Maybe others can make more sense of what Turnbull is saying.

  65. Unbelievable Summo. Nothing could illustrate more how badly this Abbott government is doing than you continually harping back to Labor in a vain attempt to draw attention away from a badly failing and deceitful government.

    For that I thank you.

  66. Carol, I read somewhere, that Abbott toured through India as a young man, looking for answers. It is obvious, he did not find any.

  67. summo, a terrific pantomime, reminding people of all they have lost, and whats more, people are watching the pantomime.

    Abbott has made this easy, by retreating into his bunker, and ordering his team to have no communications with the public.

    I think I heard this morn, Abbott’s mob have been ordered not to twitter. Maybe that is what his meetings all day yesterday with ministers, was about.

    Labor is very happy to fill the void, that Abbott and his government are leaving inn their wake.

    Yes, the selfish behavior of many Labor MP,s, hand the government to Abbott.

    Wonder, how long it will take Abbott to hand it back.

    Yes, the blokes do have a blokey cabinet for a blokey government. ish I could get the wording right, of that ABC promoo.

    Next Monday afternoon, for the first time we will hear what Gillard really has to say. I suspect that Rudd will not get much of a mention. Gillard will have bigger fish to fry.

  68. There are fractions in all parties. The point is, what does having fractions mean. I think, that now in Labor, they are little more than a title.

    I would be concerned, that in any party, there are not dissenting views.

    What horrifies me, when it comes to Abbott government, that no dissent is allow.

    What I do not condone, is once the party has debated, coming to a decision, all do not fall in behind that decision, That is what did not occur in the Gillard government.

    Some did not accept defeat, putting themselves above the party, set out to have their own way, destroying the government on the way. Thankfully, their actions could have led to the party, going forward and being stronger.

    In contrast, we have a Abbott government, that is a carbon copy of the Howard government,They have learnt nothing,

    This in a world that has changed dramatically over the last decade, in every way.

    A decade ago, we would not have been sitting here, communicating with many, as we do now.

  69. Thinking of what Turnbull said and alleged yesterday, that NBNCo was telling the government what they want to hear. Could it be possible that the documents he now has access to, support what Labor was claiming.

    That he has not been able to find the smoking gun. Where is that report, he demanded Albanese release during the campaign,.Could it so, that Turnbull was in fact wrong. I think he announce oboe sentence from it yesterday, without any context.

    Mr. Turnbull was asked more than once for figures. He said he could not answer, as he did not know. Did not stop him from making outlandish claims about NBNCo for months, using figures, Did he make them up then. Must have, if what he said yesterday was fact.

  70. As Husic said last night, Turnbull was lying. He said he sat next to Turnbull when many of the figures asked for by the media were announced.

    Now, it seems, Mr. Turnbull knows nothing.

  71. The voting forms go out to Labor members today.

    So Ms. Bishop has met Obama. That could and should have been Abbott, if he had the guts to come out of his bunker.

    News, removing caps has led to a lowering of quality, having people from lower income areas.

    Yes, people from the western SYdey do lower the tone. He will put quality back by barring the poor from the doors of the universities.

  72. Yep another day and another major promise broken.

    Pyne in August last year. We will not put a cap on university places.
    Pyne in September this year. We are putting a cap on university places.

    Newman stand aside, you’re an amateur at deceit and breaking promises, watch the Federal Liberals to see how it’s done.

    No wonder Summo is mute on this new government and keeps harking back to the old one, for whichever way you slice it they were way better and far more honest.

  73. Can some one tell me, what their idea of the role of universities in out society from the middle ages I believe. Are they only there to train fodder for industry, or do they have a wider role.

    Are they only for the elite, and allowing anyone in lowers the tone, as Pyne claims.

    Why should not the students be asked, to contribute to the uni amenities, they all have access to and enjoy.

    This was attacked during the culture wars of the Howard years, which it appears are back. It was seen by many on the right, as being a union. Yes, it did have that in it’s title.

    Changing the title would have made more sense. It is more a levy, like Medicare, to provide essential services on the campuses.

  74. Yes, it is day eight of this government, that promised no surprises.

    Well, maybe we should not be surprised,as they never bothered to tell us what they would do.

    I do not believe many regulars here are surprised. In fact many predicted accurately what this government would do.

    The surprise is that the have done it so soon, and so crudely.

    Wonder if Abbott will invite Prince Harry to his bunker, or emerge to greet him.

  75. What a laugh. Labor people are now expected to entertain taxi driver, and not say anything that is not to their liking.

    “………A SYDNEY cab driver who drove Labor heavyweight Bill Shorten to a leadership debate against Anthony Albanese at UTS last night has accused the former union leader of being “dismissive, elitist and rude” throughout a tense eight minute journey.

    The cabbie, who gave his first name as David, said he picked up Mr Shorten and three other Labor people, including MP Richard Marles, from the Bridge St taxi rank about 7pm last night.

    A Labor spokeswoman rejected David’s “version of events”, saying there had been a “misunderstanding” and that “there’s four of us and one of him”.

    Mr Shorten said last night the windows of the taxi were down, requiring him to speak loudly to be heard and that he apologized once he realized the driver had taken his comments the wrong way…..

    …………..He wound the window up. He had fear in his eyes, like he was thinking ‘oh s***, I shouldn’t have done this.”

    David said one of the men in the back seat paid the fare of $15.60 when they arrived at the destination.

    “The guy paid in cash, $15.60 bang on, no tip, three 20 cent pieces.”

    The incident comes a month after Mr Shorten apologised to a Melbourne pie shop owner after a “big misunderstanding’’ over a $4.80 pie.

    He was accused of abusing store owner Annie Huang after she offered to microwave a pie and swearing as he left the shop — a claim Mr Shorten denies.

    “Bill Shorten came into my shop, asked for a Boscastle pie, then I say: ‘Sold out, sorry,’” Ms Huang said at the time.

    Mr Shorten said that he believed Ms Huang had said to him “It would be soft, like Julia Gillard.”………”


  76. My emphasis. The trouble could be, that Turnbull is going to find it impossible to justify what Abbott wants him to do.

    The 2013-2016 draft NBN corporate plan, not released publicly but leaked yesterday to your correspondent and others, is 140 pages of terrifying, mostly incomprehensible detail. It describes an infrastructure project that, to the untrained eye, looks basically impossible (Turnbull pops the bubble of broadband nirvana, September 25).

    The document revises the forecast revenue down by $1.4 billion because of the three-month rollout delay, but the forecast internal rate of return is still 7.1 per cent.

    That return relies on this statement on page 21 of the document: “Subject to a limited number of exceptions, Telstra has agreed that it will use the NBN FTTP network exclusively as the fixed line connection to premises in the NBN Fibre Footprint for a 20-year period from commencement of the Definitive Agreements. That means following the Disconnection Date in respect of Rollout Region, Telstra will… only use the NBN FTTP Network to provide fixed line carriage Services to End-Users’ premises…
    .The 2013-2016 draft NBN corporate plan, not released publicly but leaked yesterday to your correspondent and others, is 140 pages of terrifying, mostly incomprehensible detail. It describes an infrastructure project that, to the untrained eye, looks basically impossible (Turnbull pops the bubble of broadband nirvana, September 25).

    The document revises the forecast revenue down by $1.4 billion because of the three-month rollout delay, but the forecast internal rate of return is still 7.1 per cent.

    That return relies on this statement on page 21 of the document: “Subject to a limited number of exceptions, Telstra has agreed that it will use the NBN FTTP network exclusively as the fixed line connection to premises in the NBN Fibre Footprint for a 20-year period from commencement of the Definitive Agreements. That means following the Disconnection Date in respect of Rollout Region, Telstra will… only use the NBN FTTP Network to provide fixed line carriage Services to End-Users’ premises…”…..


    Maybe the mess Turnbull found, that undoing what Conroy has put in place, wiul be harder than he believed.

  77. With the NBN, we have to be careful, we have the best and cheapest in the long run.

    The long run, being around 2020, not that far away.

    What we will hear about, is the very short run, two or three years, with the essential prospect of moving onto what we have now.

    There is a danger, that the cheapest and best in the long run, will now be denied to many.

    Chris Bowen on shortly, Wonder if the media will bother to ask him any questions today. They have not bothered in the last two days.

  78. A comment made on an ABC site.

    “.That aside, universities should not be places for vocational training, nor properly places of education, rather places of learning.
    From the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:
    13c Higher education shall be made equally accessible to all, on the basis of capacity, by every appropriate means, and in particular by the progressive introduction of free education..”


    How does abolishing caps, allow those without ability in.

    Surely that is dealt with, admittance requirements.

  79. The only people who find the new democratic Labor leadership rules disastrous are the machine men who have led the ALP into disaster

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  80. Summo what do you think of all the broken promises and deceits of the current government, broken promises and lies you would go ape shit over if it was a Labor government?

  81. Summo why do you find it so hard to talk about the current government and have to keep going on about Labor, it seems you are disturbingly obsessed with them?

    Plus your laughing at yourself at the end of each post is a worry.

  82. Summo, I am curious. What has whether I twitter or not got to do with anything?

    Maybe you can let me in on the secret.

    Summo, the man that knows all.Have you have any idea where Gillard is at this moment?

  83. Yes, Julia is b= now being feted in NY. Yes, being held in high esteem. Could the timing be accidental.

    “,,,,,,,,,,Memoir of a prime minister
    Julia Gillard has given her first known interview since losing the Labor leadership, in which she says she will be pursuing education and women’s issues on the global stage.
    ‘It’s an experience that’s mixed, I’d have to say. Endless focus on hair, and clothes and shoes and things that men don’t have to put up with.

    Speaking to two representatives from the Laureate International Universities in New York, including a student from Malaysia, Ms Gillard has said that she is looking forward to travelling and promoting causes overseas that she has been passionate about in Australia.
    ”I’m looking forward to doing some international travel and pursing internationally the causes I’ve been so passionate about locally in Australia, particularly education and empowerment for women and girls,” she said…………….

    …..Ms Gillard is in New York attending the Clinton Global Initiative – a prestigious annual meeting of global leaders including the likes of Bono, Barack Obama and IMF boss Christine Lagarde, to come up with ‘‘innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges’’.
    The initiative is led by former US president Bill Clinton, together with his wife, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and daughter Chelsea. Mr Clinton also serves as Honorary Chancellor of Laureate International Universities.
    Ms Gillard, who has kept a low profile since losing her job to Kevin Rudd in June, is attending the New York meeting for the first time. The interview did not include questioning about the Labor leadership, the federal election or Mr Rudd……………

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/julia-gillard-says-shell-pursue-education-and-womens-issues-in-life-after-politics-20130925-2ud5u.html#ixzz2frxHBzGV

  84. @VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney September 24, 2013 @ 10:55 pm
    I see your reading your dreams again from your own sewage Voyager. Try a goat next time. The Soothsayers said it works well. Your doing it all wrong…..again.

  85. Summo, the answer is, I use all avenues available to get the message out about the incompetence of our new government.

    I am determined that false perceptions are not created in the public sphere, about the new or old government.

    Yes, I am proud of what Gillard got put into legislation. I am determine to save as much as I can. Yes, much is worth fighting for.

    Yes, Summo, I know I cannot do this by myself.

    I use all, to point out much of the fallacies written about the previous government. These have to be reverted.

    Yes, Summo, I am dedicated, and believe strongly in what I am doing.

    What makes you tick. What do you believe in.

  86. For a government that wants to keep hidden, so much us emerging about what they are up to. Most of it in the negative and involves the wrecking ball.

    Ms. Bishop is quickly being shown up by Indonesians, for her spin, and one would say lies.

    I really did think, we would have time, for a little rest. It appears that is not to be so.
    And this only day eight.

  87. Gillard doing something positive for women and education in the world on the global stage, Bishop the younger fending off questions about her government’s inequality and skirting around answering questions about her government’s poor relationship with another country.

    No starker contrast of positive and negative could be given.

    What a terrible negative government we now have and what a great positive government under Gillard we could have had.

  88. Fed up SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 @ 10:59 AM.
    I think I heard this morn, Abbott’s mob have been ordered not to twitter.

    you think you heard? you think?..that is why I asked if you twitter? Well do you?

    Möbius Ecko SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 @ 12:23 PM
    Summo why do you find it so hard to talk about the current government and have to keep going on about Labor, it seems you are disturbingly obsessed with them?

    that’s the funniest hypocritical thing I’ve read in the fishbowl yet!! ME calling someone else disturbingly obsessed. Take a look in the mirror you fool and read the bile written by you constantly, every day, all day.

    Lefty true believers have a problem of their own — an easily touted moral superiority towards people who do not think or vote like them. ME is just a goose..lol

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  89. Summo. I have a problem, I find little to laugh about with our new government.

    I said, I thought, as it was one member that was mentioned, told not to twitter. Did not get the name,,as it was on radio local, and was only half listening.

    Why is it important to know whether I twitter or not. Was my answer to complicated to work out the answer to your question.

    I use all means available.

    Yes, even listen to Bolt.

  90. KMER ROUGE comes to Mind start again from Zero Pol Pot = Pol Abbot, What a fool Hiding in his Office while Personally I do not Miss his stupid Grin every day on my TV Obviously Frightened to face the Public , Not Even riding His Bike, Remember his staying awake for 36 hours stunt, How did this Man become PM , Thanks Mr Murdoch

  91. Col September 24, 2013 @ 11:07 pm “Why is it that VOYAGER and other right wing dick heads like to use capitals in their monikers?”

    Its a size thing. You know what they say!
    I’ll be quick and say it three times and it will be utterly true according the Liber*cough* Nasty Tea Party.
    Its a size thing.
    Its a size thing.
    There, three times Voyager. I hope you noticed the lower case now. It works!

    Gawd that person is a loser. Systemically feeds back on the argument, then neuters it again and goes nowhere whilst claiming victory. Would any choose that to be on your debating team.

    Nil and Dummo, don’t answer, as we you would, as you do the same thing. Go and start your own RWTT called “La casa de los tres perdedores” We’ll just sit back and laugh at you!

  92. Yes, Summo, I am one of those, that wears their heart on their sleeves.

    One that believes the meaning of life, is to leave the world in better shape than when I entered it.

    One that believes knowledge is power.

    One that believes in learning for learning sake.

    We enter a dangerous world, if all learning has to have a monetary values, and all learning is to produce fodder for the capitalist system.

    It is learning that allows our society to grow, and go forwarded.

    It is learning that makes the world a better place.
    This learning should never be confined to the political ideology of the time.

    Pyne worries one, as all we have heard from him, is his intention to involve himself in what is taught. he is going to keep a daily eye on the school curriculum. His words, weeks ago.

    Now he is defining what university’s are about.

    Yes, all their courses should lead to work, for the student. Yes, only those with ability, in his eyes, have the right to attends.

    That is I assume the elite.

    Now, Summo, I have laid out my agenda.

    What is yours?

  93. I am not actually opposed to Labor being led by an unelectable leader like Shortass.

    Remember – when Labor loses Australia wins

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  94. And Summo avoided the question again, just like the last one even though we answered his.

    Methinks it’s Summo who needs to look in the mirror.

    And still obsessed with Labor and laughing at himself.

  95. Again ME, just for you, a hypocrite of the highest order.

    Lefty true believers have a problem of their own — an easily touted moral superiority towards people who do not think or vote like them.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  96. re your comment this morning about Asylum seekers ME. It does appear that they are circumventing Christmas Island. This restriction to our Freedom of Information is being largely ignored by those previously so tetchy on the subject

  97. Fed up, who knows what learning will or will not be of value – some hobbies have lead to well paying careers, some degrees lead to nothing in spite of expectations that they should do so. How many things learned or studied will have a $ value in two or even less decades’ time…the way that society is changing today’s IT expert might be tomorrow’s equivalent of a stenographer or type-setter.

  98. Tom, they really are running scared – and it’s all about the overblown rhetoric that via some miracle when the Libs strode their way into power, that all problems would be miraculously solved. Surely by now the people smugglers should be hiding in their huts cowering at the mere thought that Captain Abbott was at the helm.

    As an aside, yesterday I was speaking with someone when a 3rd person interrupted who pronounced that what the Navy should be made to do is to start firing at asylum seekers..that’d teach ’em. He added, just over their heads of course. I pointed out that it’s not a great look to start firing live ammunition at women and children. This was scornfully rejected by this person who argued that they would get what they deserved and that he couldn’t see a problem with it. I said, Ok how about we get the Navy to fire a few rounds (just over the heads) of residents in the Western suburbs..perhaps the local town square would be a good location. He could not see what was wrong with the whole idea of firing at unarmed civilians..only if they were asylum seekers..naturally.

  99. And not a peep from Summo Tom, just harking back to Labor.

    Very telling on how bad he thinks this current government is.

    But here is one thing I bet you will never hear them admit, especially the likes of Neil.

    Yet again the Liberals have been handed an improving economy after a major global financial downturn that was navigated by a Labor government.

    growth turns towards the fast lane

    Time and again throughout Australian history the Liberals have landed Labor Federal governments with a mess, often of the Liberals own making like when Howard as Treasurer royally screwed up the country, Labor successfully navigates through it and gets voted out for their troubles, where the Liberals come in slashing and burning, hiding information, rewriting history and screwing the people, yet again leaving a mess for a Labor government to fix.

  100. thus descendeth the veil of secrecy.

    That’s not a veil, it’s an iron bloody curtain.

    just harking back to Labor.

    We did predict that Labor would be to blame for everything.

    after a major global financial downturn that was navigated by a Labor government.

    And a period that was dominated by false reports about ‘waste’ and mismanagement. Reports interestingly that led from from murdochs stable, who is now wetting himself over his recently acquired NBN monopoly

  101. (NOTE: “We” refers to uncle rupert)

    That’s a given Tom, it’s the ringmaster whose ruling this country at the moment and cracking his whip at the buffoons currently called a government.

  102. Possible PM Shorten and his staffer wouldn’t be surprised if the breaking of the story stemmed from Mr Shorten’s union rivals.

    “The actual rumor includes the termination of the pregnancy so those expecting a baby will be waiting a long time. The staffer is keeping it quiet for her own reasons – political and personal. Shorten is a narcissist of the highest order. He and the staffer have vehemently denied it to Chloe. He is guilty as sin. Really what can Chloe expect from this very ordinary man. On a personal note, I struggle with knowing the pressure shorten would have applied to this girl (23yrs old).”

    hmmmmm….and this is the quality the alp throw up?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  103. I have just come home. I am disappointed
    . I thought that Summo would let us know what he is about.

    I really thought, he would give some consideration, in convincing us, why we are wrong about Abbott,

    I thought he would be eager to tell us why the world will be a better place with Abbott, as leader

    All I see, is him on his favorite topic, telling us how bad Labor is, especially out Labor PM.

    Nothing new at all.

  104. Yet we have a PM who intimidated women and punched a wall beside one.

    And I note you are yet again silent on what Abbott and the government are doing at the moment, things if Labor were doing you would be lambasting them from here to eternity.


  105. Fu Summo wants to only talk about Labor and avoid any conversation on the current government like the plague.

    It says everything about how bad he thinks Abbott and the government is. He got dudded.

  106. What about the poor girl. now dead, that Abbott dumped nearly at the altar. Yes called it off a few days before the wedding. Yes, and told her, to adopt it out, as he would be unable to support. Was off to be a priest, it seems.]

    Trouble was, he was not man enough at the time. to produce that boy. The laugh was on him, as it was not his.

    I have only made this statement, to point out, no ones back ground can be found to be unblemished.

    It is gutter politics, from those, who belong in the gutter.

  107. It’s all they know Fu. They can’t win on credibility, policy frameworks, strategic programs and lucid conversations with the public so have always resorted to underhandedness, slogans, smears, deceits and lies aided and abetted by the media.

    When the engage in this their mindless followers resort to obfuscation and distractions with “look over there at Labor”.

    It has been nearly forever thus.

  108. None of the slashing and burning has little to do with the economy. The figures involved,are very small.

    Yes, some even cause more spending.

    It is to do with ideology and paying the voter back, for kicking Howard out, and not letting them back for two terms.

  109. Chris Bowen, now on.

    Maintain quality. So 200000 more uni places, with those from the west of Sydney obviously in their eyes lower the quality.

    That woman was from University Australia.

    How does uncap place lead to lower quality.

    Day eight.Chaotic University policy, that breaks all previous promises.

  110. Yet more proof that this is going to be a secretive government with a lot to hide.

    Tony Abbott’s press office has moved to crack down on media appearances by his frontbench, issuing an edict that all media requests for interviews be approved by the Prime Minister’s staff.

    Labor faced the media day in day out and you couldn’t keep the Abbott opposition away from the press and a camera to spruik bullshit and slogans, now you can’t get them anywhere near the media.

    A very bad government indeed and worth the title of the worst ever.

  111. Bacchis, I believe one will find that it is not a rumour but pure fact. Abbot, himself admitted most. The only new part, was that the wedding was arranged, and he called it off a few days before.

  112. I would also like to pint out, if there was any truth in what summo says, it is only the business of Shorten and the girl. It is no ones business.

    Similar things happen every day, to all types of people. It is life.

    It still takes two to tango, I do believe.

    Then there is the other rumour, which involves office staff, but I will not repeat as that one is only a rumour, that has been around a long time. The latest edition is that Margie is returning to NZ to live. Yes, just a rumour.

    Yes, summo, all can play that game. Think hard about it, before you continue.

    I have had old people, very old, saying to me, they think he is in that Bishop woman pants. Yes, this is what some of them think, looking at the two of them together on their TV. Now do you believe that could be true. Even if you did, once again, whose business is it.

    summo, get out of the gutter. It is not healthy down there.

  113. And I note you are yet again silent on what Abbott and the government are doing at the moment

    They’re lining the wrecking ball up for its back swing

    God only knows what’s next.

  114. Possibly relations with Indonesia, which they have already stretched to the limit, will be the balls next target?

    As far as Ms Bishop is concerned her meeting earlier this week with Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Minister to discuss the Coalition’s controversial asylum-seeker policy was “very cordial”, “positive and very productive”.

    Yet Dr Natalegawa clearly saw – and heard – it differently, and said he warned the Australian minister against implementing the policy, which he strongly rejects.


  115. A former Labor politician takes aim: ”As John Button once said, ‘Bill is a future champion – I know that because he’s told me’. The ego is extraordinary … he’s a star recruit but he’s struggling to get a position. He likes to be loved so he makes commitments he can’t deliver.”

    Of course you knowalls already know al this.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  116. ”As far as I know he has no expertise in mining or mine rescues, and no active role in the rescue effort,” said a volunteer on the ground. ”Yet he manages to hog just about every media report on the rescue effort.”

    The sniping was but the tip of an iceberg then and since. Criticism of Shorten comes not from rank- and-file unionists but from high in the foodchain where some on his side of politics sledge him as a man on the make.

    Bill Shorten announces his decision to switch his support to Kevin Rudd on June 26, 2013 despite swearing allegiance to Gillard.

    Says a union leader who helped Shorten in the past: ”The boys used to call him Showbag Shorten … He’s got an ego and in politics that’s fine, but if there’s no loyalty [to those who helped him] then what? The ‘discard after use’ label applies to most of us.”

    Still sound familiar…new nic is

    Kevin Shorten..oooohhhhhh side splitting!!!!!

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  117. an “economic illiterate” said someone high up the food chain about tabot

    yajustgottakeepattentionawayfromabbott 😉

  118. I firmly of the opinion this mob believe their own spin. It is like going back the the past. Yes, as a young teenager, I used to sneak to listen TV on late at night to listen to Santamaria, and another called Eric Baume. Both made must sense to me at the time. Luckily, I grew up.

    “…This is part of what I wrote in December.

    Tony Abbot was a pupil of B.A.Santamaria for 22 years, and once described Santamaria as ‘The greatest living Australian.”

    Santamaria was a extreme Catholic radical who said that all private and public policy must be according to strict Catholic doctrine. Basically Santamaria wanted Australia to be governed as a Catholic theocracy.

    In an interview on Radio National (March14, 2001) Fr Bruce Duncan said of Santamaria.

    “I don’t think he went out of his way to mislead and misinterpret events, I think he was just so convinced of his ideas that he automatically kept reinterpreting things to mean the exact opposite of what they had originally intended to mean.”

    The same might be said of Santamaria’s pupil, Tony Abbott…..


  119. summo, are you telling us any thing we do not know. All you are doing, is putting your interpretation on what happened. Does not make what you say being right in anyway. If anyone was out to get Shorten and the Coalition., it would be Kathy Jackson,

  120. The same might be said of Santamaria’s pupil, Tony Abbott…..


    I think he lies deliberately, because he knows his truths are too unpalatable

    On the Labor leadership, I was initially behind Albo, mainly because the libs need to be attacked, and he’s the man for that job. However, seeing the all out assault the RWDB’s are launching on Shorten, maybe he’s the one to go with?

    It really is a massive unhinging going on from them over Labor picking a leader, it is really quite bemusing to witness.

  121. By the way, summo, that is politics. Happens in all parties.

    Was interested to read, this day on the front page of the Tele, that our new Coalition MP might find herself charged and before the court,

    The one I am talking about, took over from Thomson, That would indeed be Karma,

    Yes, two or three state MPs and at least one Federal. We are a very small region, if one looks at the map Only two federal seats, jammed in between northern Sydney and Belmont,south of Newcastle. Sea to the east, mountains and lakes to the west.

    There is so much going on, with the new government, that has taken to the bunker, one cannot keep up.

    This is only day eight.

  122. Tom, could be, that they are getting out a very positive picture of Labor each day, and are filling up that void, that Abbott has created by going to the bunker.

    I suspect, they have become so embolied in swinging the wrecking ball, they have lost any perspective of what is going on about them.

    I do believe that many, especially those around Abbott, do believe they have it right.

  123. Just for you FU

    “On the Labor side, prime ministerial aspirant and senior cabinet minister Bill Shorten was also schooled at Xavier College in Melbourne. Corporate Jesuit alumni include James Gorman, now chairman and chief executive of multinational securities giant Morgan Stanley, who was also at Xavier.
    An even older old boy is Melbourne developer Lloyd Williams, who developed Crown Casino then sold it to the Packers. David Murray, former CEO of Commonwealth Bank and former chairman of the Future Fund was also Jesuit-educated, as was Macquarie Bank’s Nicholas Moore.”

    your mate Shortass has all YOUR credentials and YOUR hallmarks of a right of right wing liberal capitalistist, not to mention a strict catholic radical…he is ABBOTT CLONED.

    ohhhhh..this just gets better

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  124. Summo reduced to petty abuse, he’s worried shitless about Shorten that’s for sure.

    The job losses have started under the Liberals. Telstra sacking 1100 and other companies to announce lay-offs in the near future. The path towards WorkChoices has begun and the obsessed and distraught Summo will of course go on about Labor even more, anything but face another major broken promise from his beloved Abbott the liar.

    And talking about that he’s all but admitted that Abbott is utter crap by attempting to denigrate Shorten and then liken him to Abbott.

    Way to abuse Abbott, yajustgottalaughattheclown

    Thanks again Summo for admitting he’s the worst PM and this is a terrible government.

  125. Within the Roman Catholic Church, there has existed a sometimes tense relationship between Jesuits and the Vatican due to questioning of official Church teaching and papal directives, such as those on abortion, birth control, women deacons, homosexuality, and liberation theology. Usually this theological free thinking is academically oriented, being prevalent at the university level. From this standpoint, the function of this debate is less to challenge the magisterium than illustrate the church’s ability to compromise in a pluralist society based on shared values which do not always align with religious teachings. The previous two Popes have appointed Jesuits to powerful positions in the Church; John Paul II appointed Roberto Tucci, S.J., to the College of Cardinals, after serving as the chief organizer of papal trips and public events. Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have appointed 10 Jesuit Cardinals to notable jobs. Benedict XVI appointed Jesuits to notable positions in his curia, such as Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, S.J. as Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Rev. Federico Lombardi, S.J., Vatican Press Secretary. Pope Francis, elected in 2013, has become the first Jesuit Pope.

    and yet, you lefties continue to denigrate Jesuits such as Messrs Shorten and Abbott. Each has the where with all to transform under Jesuit teachings, do they not?

    They are so alike that…
    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  126. and of course Shortass being such a wonderful practicing mick, eats, roots, shoots and leaves, then begs forgiveness. Peter Beattie was an expert! The grub has the morals of…well?…. a grub!

    ME shortass really has us all worried especially me…NOT! There’s so much ammo, he’ll just turn into another silly little man like Kevin…you know, that fool you voted fof 🙂

    If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, chances are…..


  127. Shorten has you worried and Abbott doesn’t, says it all about you and your total lack of credibility that you liken the two you totally support and love Abbott but denigrate Shorten to the point of petty abuse,

    You lost this one and reveal just where in the ring wing circus you belong.

    And I will repeat because it’s worth repeating. Because you go on so much about Labor and Shorten whilst not answering one question about Abbott and this government demonstrates how really terrible they are. When one of their own can’t defend them and must distract to the party not in power then it’s a worry for this country.

    It’s bad when right wingers are abandoning Abbott and the Liberals.

  128. Tom it’s fun watching Summo continue to shoot himself in the foot, almost as much fun as clowns in a circus… wait on.


  129. I recall tat for the previous three years, the libs and their spruikers raised the phrase ‘sovereign’ quite a lot to try and spread fear about Labors handling with our neighbours. All quite unfounded too it always turned out.

    Yet not once did a foreign nation raise the term themselves back at us for our treatment of them.

    Nice work yokels

  130. yajustgottalaughattheclown

    Actually, it’s got to the point I’m just scrolling most of it. year old smears raised just cos they are scared of Shorten for some reason.

    Like I said though, personally, I’d lean to Albo, but both are worthy candidates.

  131. Thing is they stuffed it up in opposition so how anyone thought they would be better in government has me perplexed, except for their gormless rusted ons of course.

    I see huge bribes dressed as aid and the selling of large tracts of prime cattle country for a song coming Indonesia’s way.

    So the Nationals are going to be triple dudded by the Liberals. Land handed over for DAP, land handed over for coal and CSG mining and land handed over for Indonesian cattle farmers.

    I also see a huge amount of pork barrelling being thrown at the Nationals to appease them.

    This is going to be one expensive and wasteful government, one that will make Howard’s huge waste look like small change.

  132. Turnbull, it appears is on the same track as Neil. If the figures do mot fit in with what he believes, he says he does not believe them.

    That is strong allegation to make against any board. He is accusing NBNco of lying.

    Leaked NBN Co corporate plan shows project on track

    The cost of connecting each home and business to the fibre-optic national broadband network has dropped to less than $1500 and key financial estimates of the project remain largely unchanged, according to a leaked copy of NBN Co’s latest three-year plan.

    However, new Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he does not believe the figures in the report and was waiting for the outcome of a strategic review he ordered on Tuesday.


  133. I am not that keen on Shorten, but he would do much better than Rudd or Abbott. I like Albanese, but I feel he is more needed as leader of the Opposition in the house. That role counts, and not many have the ability. I suspect, that is were he would rather be.

    I found, being leader is not all it is talked up to be.

    I would gave liked to see Burke make the run. There are a couple of younger ones behind him.

    That is not to be.

    Burke or a couple of others, would have made a clean break with the past.

    We cannot always have what we want.

    Shorten has been seen as a leader for a long time, by many different people. Must have something going for him.

  134. Is it just moi? 😀 ..or is the Summo we have now.. not the same Summo we started with ❓ 😯 …… gawd, it’s El all over agin (he/she/shim) 😉 …. like, do they work in shifts or what 😕 …… I mean, how can posing negative circular cherry-picked arguments and abuse/lies/deceit on a blog, apparently, of no consequence, be so lucrative (damn you Rupert, damn you Gina )… 🙄
    ….. and one can only imagine their ‘cell’ xmas wind-up, bet it’s white xmas themed….and “little lone” the menu.. 😛 … just, you know, ..sayin 🙂

  135. LOVO,

    At their Christmas workplace ‘do’ they’re probably expected to bring their own food and gifts. You know what they say about right wingers, long pockets and short arms…

  136. My preference at this particular point in time is Albo – he’s already been criticised for not having *the stage presence* of Abbott..and of course to the msm it’s not about the country, not about the best person..someone who is able to get his head around numerous portfolios (maybe that’s why Abbott shortened their titles, so that he could remember their names 😀 ), but it’s the person who looks good..airbrushed..sigh.. The Great Dumbing Down continues…

    I was very impressed by Shorten on Q&A and his ability to answer questions in a sincere manner (no sarcastic quips such as emanated from the Liberal side) and who can forget him during the Beaconsfield mine disaster and more recently pushing hard for the NDIS to become a reality – but perhaps it’s not yet his turn.

  137. That’s it Bill…just shove the sheila in the boot!

    BILL Shorten has admitted rigging a question for his debate with Anthony Albanese as new details emerged of the comedy of errors in the back of a Sydney taxi to the event.

    The Labor leadership hopeful’s top spin doctor was left by herself in the back of the taxi after becoming trapped in the disabled section.

    Mr Shorten, former Minister Richard Marles and another staffer were unable to extract her, leading to criticism from the driver who also claimed Mr Shorten was rude to him.

    “Where do they get off on this whole misogyny trip, all the blokes got out and I’ve got a wheelchair accessible car and there was a woman sitting right in the back and you have to push the seat forward,” the driver said.

    Albo must be a shoe in. This other bloke Bill Clint…err I mean Shorten has to much form

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  138. Oh goodness me, someone was rude to a taxi driver..mind you, there are a few that I would have liked to have strangled 😉 One would have to be somewhat stupid naive to believe that this wasn’t a media set-up. These sort of tactics from the media could be spun anyway the media wants it for example: Shorten rescues female staffer trapped in taxi.

  139. Oh goodness me, someone was rude to a taxi driver

    yea, one that listens to 2GB as well. who’d have thunk it. A 2GB fanboy who doesn’t like Labor.

    I see the murdochracy is throwing everything at trying to divert attention away from the libs policy shambles. What do we have so far today?

    Indonesia raising concerns about THEIR sovereignty with us
    churnbull getting pwnd for lying about the NBN progress, and then declaring that those facts are wrong.

  140. oops, add the roads plan to the list of policy failures already today

    The Coalition’s pledge to “build the roads of the 21st century” and withdraw funding for rail projects is regressive and fails to tackle the issue of congestion, according to public transport advocates.


    Meanwhile, murdochracy only appears interested in what might be happening in Shortens cab, or the fact that ensuring the NBN was started in ALL electorates is some kind of Pork Barrel exercise?

    They don’t seem to have noticed that churnbull tried to sit on the report that made his claims lies., or that the Indonesians are extremely pissed with our new government, or that the roads plan is a disaster.

    Full Steam Ahead looking back with blinkers for them 😉

  141. Tom R, Tiny has emerged with something to say I assume.

    Shame it is still the slogans, new and old.

    He is not going to talk about other parties.

    Still double talk, walking both sides of the fence.

  142. Yes, the same old double talk. When in trouble, revert to the slogans.

    Will announce the recall of Parliament shortly. Double talk. We will not be seeing many sittings of parliament. Will only be recalled when HE has something to say.

    I thought, it was also there, for others to ask questions.

    In spite of the no answers, he has given more away, that he realises, I believe.

    Those slogans, do grate on the nerves.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott, we do understand what your blokey government is about. All those slogans hide nothing.

    Ghent problem for Mr. Abbott, is he does have plenty to say, but we are not going to hear, as he has not the futs to tell us.

    It was notable for what he did not say.

  143. Abbott might have thought he had something worth saying this on day nine. Would have been better for him, that he did not bother, and remain in that bunker, until he thinks of something worthwhile, which is not double talk and slogans.

  144. We are talking about the report, that Albanese refused to released during the campaign, as he received it too late to take to cabinet.

    Could Albo have set him up.

    I notice that Peter Costello re

    Much talk on super funds today.

  145. I do hope, that Gillard in her book, repeats all the abuse see received across the table from Pyne and his ilk, including the younger Bishop and Mirabella.

    That alone, will prove anything she has to say.

    All those things they were asked to withdraw every QT,.

    It is time, that when one is asked to withdraw, one has to repeat what is being withdrawn..

  146. Good to see that not all of the msm is asleep at the wheel

    The hypocrisy here has been breathtaking

    If as Morrison now claims the provision of this information has aided the smugglers, then we can assume it also, by his own arguments, put lives at risk. Logically that is precisely what Messrs Morrison and Abbott have spent the past three years in opposition doing: spreading information for political purpose that by their own standards of “shipping news” encouraged the smugglers and thus put the lives of asylum seekers in terrible jeopardy.


  147. Wonder how long Abbott’s back bench is going to remain silent.

    I also recall the murdochracy castigating Rudd loudly when he did this. Where is their balance now?

  148. Tom @@ 12:02 pm.

    That’s what I have been saying for a long time. Go back to my posts and you will see I was saying that the Coalition were deliberately encouraging boats from the first moment Rudd partly changed Howard’s policy.

    Remember the shouts of “open door”, “open borders”, “lost control”, “unprotected” etc.

    And I wasn’t the only one who picked up on this, some in the media and political cartoonists did as well.

    When the morally corrupt Liberal opposition blamed asylum seeker deaths on the government it really lay at their feet. And most profess to be devout Christians.

    The same went for them continuously selling down the economy so as to engender diminished confidence, and the proof on that is the moment they won government they shouted how great the economy is and lost their budget emergency.

  149. Nationals heading for another policy clash with the Liberals, this time over the government’s proposed universities policy. This policy hits country universities the hardest or those from the country going to major universities.

    The Nats are royally peeved at the Libs, and that started in the election campaign, when the Liberals airbrushed out the Nats in policy promotions, continuing through to now with most new on the fly policies announced by Abbott adversely effecting the National’s constituents.

  150. The haunted look that Abbott now wears, could come from his fear of how both back and front bench will perform. He spent much of the PC, throwing water on the fames that Pyne created yesterday.

    I note, that Turnbull made it clear at his PC, that he was working in close liaison with Mathias Cormann, and kept saying, all action was to be OK by cabinet.

    The message I got, was that Turnbull was given a strict script to stick to.

    Abbott seems to have enemies all around him.

    I also feel that Abbott himself has been given a strict script. What we do not know, who is pulling the strings of this blokey government, for I suspect, blokey blokes.

  151. All those silly women, knocking on the door, will continue to be Abbott’s chief head kickers. They would be better placed, kicking the door down instead.

    Yes, some do have talent, that they allow to be used in the wrong way. Look at the admiration Mirabella got from the party.

    Yes, admiration for being nasty and spiteful. Yes, admiration to get those even oldies to Canberra, then onto disrupting the house. Yes, great for stirring up hate.

  152. And I wasn’t the only one who picked up on this, some in the media and political cartoonists did as well.

    Yes, there were quite a few on the fringes who highlighted this. Claims printed loudly about ‘hampers’ and such in the daily terror, basically advertising for people to come here, while tut-tutting on the other sides of their faces.

    These are also the (majority) of papers who are playing along with the coalitions cone of silence.

    It pays to have a major media baron in your corner, particularly one with such a stranglehold over the media stories of the day, and the spin they will apply to them

  153. oh oh, the ministry of truth busted again

  154. ME, that is what most of us have been saying, very clearly.

    It seems from the time the Country Party changed their name to the Nationals, they lost either their power, or maybe will to be a thorn in the side of the Liberals.

    Being a thorn, did not harm them back in the days of Black Jack Ewen. Maybe it is time for the Nationals, to start representing those, who vote them in. After all, that is the mandate given to them. I think they might have increased the vote this time.

    If the do not, they will disappear.

    PS. I must say, Abbott has not disappointed, from out point of view.

    The whole party cannot be living in the past. If so, they have little future.

    I really think it is nothing more than as arm of the IPA. that is the only thing that makes sense.

  155. They say that Gillard and Labor could not sell their message.
    How does that compute wit Abbott, who is not even going to try.
    With Abbott, it seems this is it, you can all like it, or lump it.

    Abbott seems to believe, it is my way, or no way. NO criticism will be entered into.

  156. “France has unveiled plans to use a levy on nuclear energy, as well as a tax on carbon emissions from fossil fuels, to help finance the country’s billion-dollar “energy transition” to a power mix based on renewables and energy efficiency.


    Read more at http://cleantechnica.com/2013/09/25/france-tax-conventional-power-accelerate-shift-renewables/#PRMFZ4KIPL9dJhG0.99

    Yes, we are indeed going it alone. Cannot wait until Abbott goes to the G20 in early November.

    He will be asked, I believe to please explain. The answers will be interesting. Suspect, next week in Indonesia will no be better.

    They want answers as well.

    Yes, that so called carbon tax, is about who is going to pay, to clean up the globe.
    CEFC board have not given up. they are attempting to speak to the government, with little success. on how many jobs and industry will be lost by their actions.

    Yes, this body adds to the economy, not subtracts from it.

    The action on behalf of the government, does not make sense in any sphere. None at all.

  157. Well, Abbott, along with Mundine and Pearson do have a big problem when it comes to Our indigenous people.

    Some one did a survey of the polls numbers where Indigenous casted their vote across the nation. These booths show massive swings against Abbott, except for the one near Pearson. Even there, it was only a small majority for Abbott.

    Yes, the people did truly speak, when it came to Abbott;s plans, Wonder if Abbott has not gone north, because he is afraid they will turn up in protest, against what he has planned for them.

    Wonder what private polling is saying in this regard.

    Must be some reason, he did not go.

    Still waiting for the excuse, why he did not go to the biggest gathering of world leaders, including all but him, in this region.

  158. @Fu

    Still waiting for the excuse, why he did not go to the biggest gathering of world leaders, including all but him, in this region.

    Maybe because as a tool of murdoch, he has come to realise he has no place among leaders.?

    I doubt he has that much self awareness, myself.

  159. Well Abbott did say, that Australia does not have much influence on the world’s stage, and we should not reach above our station.

    Still, all those leaders, even the very small one, seem to believe it is worthwhile to be there, to stick up for their countries, I would assume.

    Good, they are repeating those pearls of words, Downer used on the Drum. Shame, they are not repeating the lot.

  160. Nesy, wrong that Libs won more seats than Labor in 2010. Tedious but necessary to keep dispelling these myths and legends spread by LNP and supporters as truth.

    Seat counts were – 72 Labor, 72 Coalition, 1 Bandt (Green) and 5 Independents – Wilkie, Oakshott, Windsor, Katter and Crook (Independent National).

    Labor was not illegitimate due to having less seats or for any other reason. Labor on 2PP basis won more votes than coalition. Less seats was just another oif the many distortions and misrepresentations circulated by the coalition. Libs could not have governed without the support of National Party + the independents that Labor relied on to govern.

    Abbott was very eager and willing to form Govt with support of Independents but was unable to negotiate that outcome. Windsor say Abbott stated he was willing to do (almost) anything to be PM.

  161. Could one describe the speech of Abbott;s as groveling last night.
    Wonder what the thought of apologizing for the sins of the Labor government.

    I have seen no evidence, except from the lips of Abbott, that the Indonesians have nothing but respect for the former PM, Ms. Gillard.

    One wonder if the Indonesians have any respect for Abbott.

    I am getting this horrible feeling that Abbott believes his own spiel. If that it so, the country is in big trouble.

  162. Now girls, let’s fight fair in this, the most important election in our history, No scratching, biting, pulling hair and definitely no bickering. We can’t give anyone, I we mean anyone more ammunition than they already have to poke fun at us. We must strive to make them believe we are a legitimate political force in this country. By the way, does anybody have Borat’s mobile number?


    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  163. Summo what do you think of Coalition MPs yet again being caught out claiming travel at tax payers expense to attend weddings?

    If you reckon it’s OK then it means you have no problems with any pollie doing it and were just bullshitting as usual when canning Labor.

    And yet again going at Labor and avoiding talking about Abbott and this woeful government, easily in such a short time the worst ever, confirming it once again.

    Keep doing our work for us of holding this terrible government to account Summo, great job.


  164. Nough Said, trouble, Abbott could not get the numbers on the floors of bath houses.

    Was unable to negotiate.

    Yes, that was a legitimate. duly elected government, representing the will of the voter, according to the constitution.

    The Independents were not Representatives of the Coalition. People in those electorates elected both Windsor and Oakeshott, over Coalition candidates.

    Yes, Gillard had the right to govern. Gillard did govern for three years, full term.

    The government at no time looked like falling.

    It passed much important legislation during it’s term.

    Gillard had the right to expect respect from the Opposition. This it did not get, from day one.

    Abbott threw a three year tantrum, demanding daily another election. Doing all in his power to undermine the economy, and everything that was put into legislation,, including any action taken to deal with the boat smugglers.

    Abbott was willing to put at risk the economy and the well being of the nation, to achieve his dream of governing.

    He now has it, and does ot seem anymore capable of doing the job, than he has for the last three years.

    Yes, Oppositions oppose. That does not mean demolish and destroy.

    It means pointing out what they see as wrong, and proposing better options.

  165. As for the Indian wedding. The impression was given that Gina was picking up the tab. It appears we, the taxpayer did.

  166. Does this new governmetn have to disagree with everything. This is ridiculous.

    “………Controversy raged, though, when Ms Gash insisted, quite forcefully, that the place is pronounced Jervis, to rhyme with service. The navy calls it Jah-vis, and has done forever.
    I’m here to say the navy’s right. The bay was named for Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Jervis, Earl St Vincent, a cranky old martinet who was one of the great British naval figures of the Nelson era. Anyone who has read the seafaring novels of Patrick O’Brian will know his nickname was Old Jarvie, spelt just that way……..

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/comment/nobody-parties-like-cabinet-ministers-20131004-2uzh4.html#ixzz2gthyc7WQ

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