The Purge

A brief post, but it says a lot.

Tony Abbott has been Prime Minister for less than a week. In that time we have seen:

  • The sacking of the two department heads who were the driving forces behind initiatives to address climate change.
  • The scrapping of the Climate Commission, which had been established to provide public information on the effects of and potential solutions to global warming.
  • The Climate Change Authority responsible for investment in renewable energy abolished.
  • Six of the seven Board members of the NBN hand in their resignation.
  • A blackout on the arrival of asylum seekers arriving by boat.
  • And to top off what has already been a horror week, Andrew Bolt has called for journalists who support climate change to be sacked.

What the hell is happening? What the hell are we in for over the next three years?

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

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  1. :What the hell is happening? What the hell are we in for over the next three years?

    Michael, you have been around for a long time. What happens to any minister that does not listen to their PS and department. Especially when they first come into government.

    Do not have to take advice, but listen, yes.

    Morrison has still not explained why TPV are better than bridging visas.

    We can sit back, an wait for the inevitable disasters that are coming.

  2. The general will have abut fifty staff. Talk about cutting back on the PS. Still has not explained why he is necessary.

  3. If the everything is now rosy and things have never been better media up until now are anything to go by Fu the next three years may well be disastrous under the worst government in Australian history, but most of the public won’t know about it.

    Watching ABC news early this morning and driving to the airport later listening to RN I heard 10 or more news pieces featuring the new government, not once, not even as a passing mention did I hear, “the opposition says.”

    If you want to see how it will work just look at O’Farrell in NSW. By any account his has been a disastrous government with just about every lead indicator going backwards as he’s attacked institutions and proven austerity doesn’t work, still bringing in deficits when handed a surplus.

    The media were never silent about the previous Labor government and not a day went by without multiple negative stories on them, many false and distorted. It’s the exact opposite with O’Farrell who is ignored in any negative reporting with others outside of government blamed for the failures, the exact opposite of what occurred under the previous government.

    And it works. O’Farrell’s polling numbers are very good when by all rights they shouldn’t be.

    Same will happen with Abbott, and Abbott knows it, which is why he’s doing anything he wants, breaking promises, back flipping and bringing in highly unpopular policies he never mentioned so as to appease his masters.

  4. Then now come VOYAGER when Labor won the Liberals and supporters like you said they had no mandate?

    Very much negative and destructive steps taken by Abbott that will see the country go backwards and be punished internationally.

    Wonder where his slavering followers will be then.

  5. Good summary, Michael, except for the last point? Andrew has opinions, which he is welcome to express, and not on an equal footing with other citizens, presumably due to his widely acknowledged greater knowledge and wisdom, especially in matters related to science and cultural affairs, but has he become now a government “spokesthing”?

    If these were the priorities of the LNP, why were they not clearly expressed in the election campaign? I am sure sure this is evidence of the “no surprises, no excuses” government that was promised. Or are we just to conclude they are lying at every term? Integrity of government process counts for nothing. Perhaps Andrew Bolt will deliver related pearls of wisdom.

  6. There are many reasons why Abbott should go to New York. The first is that he is now Australia’s leader and there is a reason that this occasion is called “Leaders’ Week” rather “Foreign Ministers’ Week”. This is Abbott’s opportunity to announce his arrival on the global stage as Australia’s leader and to begin forging those essential personal relationships with his peers.

    Australia is also currently President of the UN Security Council, and it will hold a high-level meeting on small arms on September 26. As the meeting will take place during leaders’ week, all 15 Security Council members have been invited at the head of state level.

    As th…………

  7. .

    ……..Finally, Abbott does not have to “choose” between regional and global commitments. All of our region’s most important leaders will be in New York. He could therefore advance Australia’s national interests in meetings with his most valued regional peers on issues of bilateral and multilateral concern. Of course, if he were to meet these leaders in person in New York then it would eradicate the …..need to undertake costly trips at taxpayers’ expense to dozens of other capitals.

    Visiting New York for Leaders’ Week is not a frivolous extravagance: it is core business for Australia’s new prime minister. That Tony Abbott can save money conducting foreign policy at the United Nations should be the icing on the cake…

    Yes, one can do more than one thing at once. Well most people can, not sure about Abbott.

  8. Top effort Tony…burn the dead wood. The public sector is full of it. Just take a look how many are in here having coffee and cake.

    I especially applaud what some falsely call the blackout. Australians are sick to the back teeth of hearing about bloody boats. Just get on and do what you have to. Thanks mate 🙂

    Their side of politics is just shitty that their side was too stupid to think of harnessing the press. Instead of effectively governing, the lefty side was far more interested in selfies and school girls and getting their mugs on the 6 o’clock news…ohhhh…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  9. What are we in for? Insanity of course. Why should we miss out on what the Yanks had to suffer under G.W. Bush. We to have to do our turn at sufferance to understand what happens if you allow other people to do your thinking for you.
    Never trust Corporate Media as they will only tell you what to do, that works in with their own best interests. They admit it too.
    Fool is they, that listen to other Fools, speaking as though they have an answer to life, the Universe and everything.

  10. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney September 23, 2013 @ 2:56 pm “The Election has been won giving a mandate. Dead wood must go. Very positive steps required and taken by Abbott.”
    What?! I didn’t know Abbot had chopped his head off! He could have requested help from any of a number of places. Even dead wood like him should not have had to do himself in. Our Society would have helped him even if he is a Sociopathic liar.

  11. What happened to free speech. Does one remeber the clauses that Howard poutinto grants to NGO, that they were not allowed to criticised his government.

    “………..CONSERVATION groups seeking boycotts of products linked to alleged poor environmental practices may soon be liable for prosecution under consumer law.

    The move, which could severely hamper market-based campaigns by groups such as Markets for Change and GetUp!, is to be pursued by the Abbott government.

    Parliamentary secretary for agriculture Richard Colbeck told The Australian the move would prevent green groups from holding companies to ransom in their markets.

    “We’ll be looking at the way some of the environmental groups work because we are very concerned about some of the activities they conduct in the markets,” Senator Colbeck said. “They have exemptions for secondary boycott activities under the Consumer and Competition Act. We are going to have a complete review of the act………..”

    – See more at:

  12. Breaking news…. Morrison’s department to be re-named the ‘Ministry of Truth’. All further bulletins from this department will be issued through their propaganda arms, ‘The Hun’ and the ‘Dirty Telegraph’ (R. Murdoch prop. Obersturmbanfuhrer A. Bolt editor in chief).
    Voyager and Summo, your freshly pressed brown shirts and black jack-boots are now ready and will be forwarded to you!

  13. The only mandate given in any election, under our Constitution, is the right for each MP, elected in their electorate, to sit in parliament;

    It Abbott has the numbers on the floor of both houses, it will get through. If not, he will just have to do, as all other PMs have done. Negotiate.

  14. Yes, they d believe in free speech, as long as it is ot directed at them.

    “………………Mr Morrison today said the Coalition had rapidly increased offshore transfers of asylum-seekers since coming to office, but information on Operation Sovereign Borders would only be provided once a week.

    He said the Coalition was not in the business of providing the people-smugglers’ “shipping news”, and he expected government officials to abide by the policy.

    “Those who are employed by the government to do government jobs I would assume would implement government policy,” Mr Morrison told radio 2GB.

    “That’s the case not just for people in that position but for people in any position. That would be my reasonable expectation whether it was a Labor or a Coalition government.”

    Mr Stanhope, a former ACT chief minister, today said he would consider his position if the Prime Minister sought to prevent him about talking about boat arrivals on the Indian Ocean island.

    “I’ve certainly not been advised of a government policy that there’s to be no announcements or no information provided about boats arriving here on Christmas Island,” Mr Stanhope told ABC radio this morning.

    “I find it absolutely remarkable that there could be a policy in place that would seek to prevent 2,000 Australians that live on Christmas Island from talking about what happens here.”

    The Australian today revealed the arrival of the first asylum vessel on Christmas Island since the Coalition was sworn in.

    Another eight vessels have arrived since the September 7 election, carrying 493 asylum-seekers.

    Mr Morrison said about half had already been transferred to Nauru or Manus Island.

    He said there were no exceptions to the policy, with women and children facing the same fate as men………………

    – See more at:

  15. Thanks Teddy….please send it

    C/- Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands,
    PO Box 840157
    12531 Berlin

    Marked Att: Holger Apfel

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  16. Truly what’s obvious is this ISN’T governing but sheer bloody minded ideological ‘tit for tat’.

    I fully expect a range of worthwhile programs to be slashed, much like in Queensland. The Human Rights Commission being among them.

    The election was NOT a referendum on the pricing of carbon but really a plebiscite on how many seats to give the LNP. Thanks to the likes of Murdoch.

  17. Welcome to Conservative country… This has been happening in Queensland since the Newman Government got in, we see him (cando) about once every three weeks, to empty the can on the enemy of the day, with no house of review, it is government by decree, if a law is wrong, find the money and time to go to the high court to stop it yourself. What did everyone think Abbott spent so much time with good old CANDO before the election, he was getting lessons.

    One point… Abbott doesn’t have the Senate, and I don’t think he has the ticker for a DD election. The way he’s going, is parliament even going to sit again this year?

    Just wait to see what a bang up job Bishop Snr does as speaker.

  18. The great silencing if dissent has begun.

    It is bewildering the lack of ‘free press’ warriors considering the outrage they developed when the previous Labor Government didn’t restrict their freedoms at all.

    The murdoch influence is so ingrained and so obvious.

  19. What in the hell is happening some may ask … Seems like that a large section of Australians are into masochism by electing a nincompoop such as ABBOTT … Didn’t they get enough punishment during the Howard years; it appears not. Fancy the LIBs abolishing a sector that alone could profit Australia as a nation of progressive investors; i.e., the Climate Change Authority … It appears that the LNP conservatives in reality are Fascists with there totalitarian ideals … Thank GOD elections are held no longer than every 3 years in this country … The top economies of the world are openly laughing at us for allowing this numbskull ABBOTT to govern this country … It is like a dream gone good to bad …

  20. PS … 3 years of LIB rule will seem an eternity and equates like this … 6 steps forward under LABOR and 14 years back under Howard and Abbott … Woe is us …

  21. Summo September 23, 2013 @ 4:04 pm “Thanks Teddy….please send it”.

    Do you do innocent children as sacrifices on your alter of Mammon also, Summo? If you do, let me know where, so I can do you in before you harm one innocent. I will fight your evil to the end of my existence. We’ve had enough of your kind and I know many Germans and other citizens who would join me in helping you to depart this world into whatever void awaits your kind. Such evil in our presence. I feel ill.

  22. One wonders if increases to insurance premiums will be called a tax or a price….. just say’n. 😉
    “Insurance is also interesting in the broader political discussion insofar as it represents a big industry—in fact the world’s largest industry—that, unlike some others, sees climate change as a threat to its bottom line and sees action as being less costly than inaction.”

  23. One wonders if increases to insurance premiums will be called a tax or a price

    It won’t be called anything LOVO, much like the boats solution

    Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

  24. Sept 7 wasn’t an election, it was a coup d’état by the media and mining barons. With the extreme right wing media and mining barons now holding the nations highest office, who’s gonna umpire the umpire. >>>>Rinehart/ http;> ://

  25. pmsl@techinbris…lighten up tech. Have you become so left wing delusional that you can no longer tell when someone is yanking your chain…Is it any wonder I say…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  26. We Should all be worried about what is happening Not Being upfront with this issue is a disgrace, If its so good show us all the results so we can all share their Glory, Tony Abbotts latest stunt Being to stay indoors and not be Available for questions Along with his Inner sanctum they use every trick in the Book to Hide their incompetence Wanting to tell us all Everything is Under control I for one will never Let up on this Terrible Government And there will be Plenty to comment / complain about. and Its up to us all like minded anti Abbott people to Keep the Faith

  27. I am sorry Summo, but THAT is very poor humor. I have seen and experienced many things in my life, but that is something I would suggest you don’t yank the chain on. It is the poorest of poor taste, left, center or right.
    As to your insult to me, I pity your misunderstanding of such simple understanding of histories lessons for us all. You fail to realize the human condition out of disrespect.
    I suggest you return to the “center” a little, for being out there on the far right, or left for that matter, tends to make our species into Monsters of evil and the tipping point is so subtle, most do not realize they have stepped over that line. Don’t be one of them.
    You have a lot to learn about this amazingly cruel world. I hope you don’t have to learn what others wish they had not.

  28. If Helen Paton, that Scientist who said she voted for Abbott in good faith, but did not expect what he has done and regrets her choice comes wandering by, then this message is for her.
    Well Helen, it goes to show that no matter how smart we are, we still do stupid things. It is a bummer of a come down for the ego isn’t it? Examine carefully the experience that a lot of others, like you, will now wish not to experience, what now you will.
    C’ést la vie. Such is life.

  29. ABC reports turnbull sacked NBN board.
    Why do the regressives hate Australia? Seems like they prefer to rely upon foreign support (such as the criminal murdoch) to take power but are unable to articulate any vision for Australia’s future. Their destructive tantrums and lies exhibit nothing but their failed ideological war against reality and against the voters whom they have treated as morons, and been rewarded. Yet they have no policies for Australia, only against our nation’s and the population’s interests, as they continue to exhibit their infantile and irresponsible urges to destroy whatever they have not created.
    Perhaps not having any obvious targets(except maybe Indonesia) to launch a war of convenience against (as their lnp forbears have done) and given the lack of big brother’s appetite for foreign adventures, they’ve decided WE are the ones to be be warred against?

  30. Remember that centre in SA that the people fought not top open, the local community are now protesting that it is NOT closed down.

  31. …..Mr Turnbull has been severely critical of the board in the past, particularly its chairwoman, Siobhan McKenna, over cost blowouts and delays.

    He made the request last week, ahead of a board meeting on Friday.

    All but one board member, Brad Orgill, tendered their resignation.

    It is understood Mr Turnbull is awaiting approval from the Prime Minister’s office for three people he has selected to form a new board.

    The former chief executive of Telstra, Ziggy Switkowski, is expected to be named executive chairman of NBN Co and existing director Kerry Schott is likely to remain on the board……………

    So he ask them. So much about having to take it to cabinet,

  32. If this is true, Hunt was lying tonight on Lateline.

    “.Windsor on carbon pricing: a farewell fact-check
    Mostly True
    Share this story:

    Delivering his valedictory speech this week, Tony Windsor told parliament climate change was among the issues he was “proudest to be involved in”.

    Climate change policy was central to Windsor’s decision to support former PM Julia Gillard in her 2010 bid to form government. That decision elevated Windsor from the status of rural independent to minority government lynch-pin.

    The sentiment was on display in a recent Windsor press release about Arnold Schwarzeneggar. An odd match for Windsor, perhaps, but the rural independent and former California Governor are united by a mutual affection for carbon pricing.

    On the success of Australia’s carbon pricing scheme, Windsor said that since its introduction, emissions from the electricity sector had dropped 7.4 per cent, with renewable energy generation up 30 per cent.

    Governator aside, was he right?

    First, to emissions.

    A leading Australian authority on measuring emissions is the engineering consulting firm pitt&sherry. Their latest report shows a clear correlation between the introduction of carbon pricing in July of last year, and a drop in emissions.

    Hugh Saddler, who wrote the report, told PolitiFact Windsor was on the money with his 7.4 per cent claim.

    But he said there was more to the story. Such as the closure in October of the Kurri Kurri aluminium smelting plant, a massive polluter. And the impact of flooding on the Yallourn power plant, another primary polluter.

    Saddler also pointed out that decade-long increases in power costs have driven falling demand in electricity consumption. This was primarily due, as PolitiFact has discussed, to over-investment by power companies in network infrastructure, and to regulatory failure, rather than to the impact of carbon pricing.

    “With all the price increases people … have started yelling at their kids a bit more to turn things off,” added Alan Pears, another power expert.

    But Pears said the carbon price had pushed a number of older and less efficient coal-fired power stations over price cut-off point, forcing them to shut down.

    He attributed the emissions drop to a “myriad of factors that are all pointing in the same direction”. Most came back to climate policy, though — everything from changes to building energy codes, to mandatory targets on the energy efficiency of appliances.

    For the increase in renewable energy production, Saddler’s numbers are more conservative than Windsor’s.

    He calculates, based on data from the National Electricity Market, that renewable energy production has increased about 23 per cent since the introduction of carbon pricing.

    Again, there’s more to the story. The majority of this increase has come out of hydroelectricity production, which is up 35 per cent, which led Saddler to question the long term sustainability of the renewables increase.

    Our ruling

    Windsor’s on the money, with a few caveats.

    There are a number of factors driving down electricity sector emissions, and even the experts think it’s a hard slog to disentangle them. But carbon pricing and climate policy are central.

    When we break Windsor’s renewable energy production figures down as a percentage of total energy production, his figure is out slightly, but his thrust is spot on.

    We rate this statement Mostly True…….

  33. ‘The former chief executive of Telstra, Ziggy Switkowski, is expected to be named executive chairman of NBN Co and existing director Kerry Schott is likely to remain on the board’
    It is plainly obvious that the New LNP NBN is going to be under control of MURDOCH’s Media interests with ex-CEO Switkowski being at the helm … It’s payback time for the ABBOTTOMY government to pay up their dues to MURDEROCH … At the cost of Australian’s hard earnt … Look out, ‘Ali Baba’ Abbott and his forty thieves are set to bankrupt the economy …

  34. lstfra will be back in business.

    “……….. is because there is a large problem at the heart of the Coalition’s NBN policy. The key difference to the project that has come with the change of shareholder is not that two-thirds of the connections will be copper instead of fibre, which will make it cheaper and a bit slower. It is that competition will be allowed.

    The NBN will not be a monopoly, and to bring that point home, David Teoh’s TPG Telecom last week announced that it will connect fibre to capital city apartment buildings. The company already has 3,800 kilometres of fibre connecting businesses to the internet; now it’s planning to move into high-density residential, which is the most profitable.

    Telstra is also going to be allowed to operate its hybrid fibre-coaxial cable in competition with the NBN as well, covering the rest of the most profitable bits of the capital cities.

    The NBN was, at heart, apart from being Stephen Conroy’s Monument, a mechanism for city broadband users to subsidise regional areas. All Australians would be connected to fibre, fixed wireless or satellite and all would pay the same, no matter what the cost of connecting them.

    To drive that point home the NBN rollout began in rural Tasmania, the least profitable place to begin…”

  35. …………Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sent an unmistakable message that public servants are there to do what they are told, and those with other ideas won’t be tolerated, writes Mungo MacCallum.

    There are basically two sorts of leaders. There are the ones who treat their fellows as potential allies and the others who assume from the start that all those around them are potential enemies.

    Tony Abbott has already declared himself in the latter camp. His apologists have pointed out that his purge of the public service was not as gory as that of his mentor John Howard; on assuming office in 1996, Howard sacked six permanent heads in what became notorious as the worst bloodbath in the history of the service. Abbott has only axed three – well, so far at least. But the victims’ only crime appears to be that they were loyal servants of Abbott’s Labor predecessors.

    Don Russell was Paul Keati………….

  36. Yes, it is a dangerous path, that Abbott treads. A man that never has any concept of the consequences of his actions.

    “……..It could prove a dangerous path. Not only is it an incitement to sycophancy – ministers may find themselves surrounded by yes-men and yes-women, both inside and outside the office – but it will be a serious disincentive to those considering the public service as a career option.

    But with a Prime Minister not particularly interested in policy reform, and one who believes that he can get all the guidance he needs from his appointed staff and trusted confidantes (including, of course, his personal confessor, Cardinal George Pell) the public service was always going to be a touch superfluous anyway. Its role will not be to provide frank and fearless advice; it will be to implement government policy, to do what it is told.

    Yes, the old days are gone. There is a story that when Sir Robert Menzies was planning to make an economic statement he called his public service experts – the Chifleyites Nugget Coombs, Richard Randall and Roland Wilson – in for a conference and read them a draft. When he had finished, Coombs replied: “Prime Minister, you have just told us what you would like to do. We shall now tell you what you are able to do.”

    So they did, and he did it. His original proposal would have led to disaster. It is not to late for Abbott to learn from the master……

  37. Oh how guffaw…… I laughed till I cried……. no, really. 😥 …. it sure is funny how serious ‘things’ are….. but hey, I’m counting the days 😉
    ” So, shut your eyes and count to 1,071. That’s how many days it is till the next election. Or keep them open and watch the fun. The UMBP has big plans and exactly the wrong tools to implement them. HSBC has given its verdict on what this means for clean energy investment and stranded assets. We think it will be like watching someone trying to nail jelly to a tree”

  38. Tony Burke ‏@Tony_Burke 22 Sep
    Has anyone else noticed that the Liberals on twitter are no happier now than they were before the election? #auspol

  39. I know that Kevin Rudd hasn’t always been popular with some on this blog, but one thing that I will give him is that when he came into power he went about government in a logical, methodical manner retaining those heads of departments based on merit and not on any perceived political affiliations. In that case, I thought that Rudd was a little naive and should have off-loaded some of the Howard supporters..but he didn’ was all about getting the job done.

    Abbott on the other hand seems to want to surround himself with only those who will kowtow to his whims. If you surround yourself with a cheer squad and no dissenting opinions, then there is no incentive to improve. But of course, Abbott doesn’t seek improvement (being Mr. Picture Perfect already)..the Great Dumbing Down has begun…

  40. @ Fed up from September 24, 2013 @ 2:20 am.
    Conservatives are never happy because there is always more they want and there is always fear that someone might hurt them or take something in some way from them.
    After living in one of the most stable egalitarian Nations in the first world, on a holiday of dense fossilized liquid sunshine, they’ve opted for the horror of the war machine to try to keep on a holiday that could never last, all because some Con-men told them they could. You can pay tomorrow. Again? We’ve all heard that before. FÖckw!+s!
    Of course they are not happy. But they are going to be even less happy very soon. We know where it goes from here and they’ll fear that even more, if they have half the intelligence they think they have. Watch them either go very rabid or fall silent, very soon. They already are getting the jitters. The threat is there and they will come apart when it is in front of them or become swept up in the enthusiasm of power of other people’s life or death. Welcome back to ROME.
    The middle ground will soon dissolve on the end of a brass projectile exiting out of the back of a head of someone who is loved by someone else. It always does.

  41. No lies here.
    Rupert Murdoch has attacked Australia’s public servants while lauding the Coalition victory in Saturday’s Federal election.
    The US-based media mogul took to social media site Twitter on Saturday evening to accuse public sector workers, along with “phony welfare scroungers,” of sucking the life out of Australia’s economy.
    He predicted that “other nations” would follow Australia into more conservative politics.
    “Aust election public sick of public sector workers and phony welfare scroungers sucking life out of economy,” Mr Murdoch, a US citizen, wrote.
    “Others nations to follow in time.”
    Mr Murdoch, whose Australian newspaper empire campaigned for a Coalition win, returned to Twitter in the early hours of Sunday morning to accuse public sector workers of taking many more sick days than their private sector counterparts.
    “Small item: Apart from higher pay, public workers in Australia take many more sick days than those in hard working private sector!” he tweeted.
    A key campaign pledge of incoming Prime Minister Tony Abbott is to axe 12,000 public service jobs.
    He has also increased the efficiency dividend on public service departments and promised a “commission of audit” that will look at where more spending can be reduced.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  42. I know that Kevin Rudd hasn’t always been popular with some on this blog

    It is a well deserved popularity though Min. The party find themselves as to be perceived as a chaotic mess entirely through the machinations of him and his. One can only imagine what Labor could/would be like now had he not white-anted out from underneath them all the potential they still had at the 2010 election.

  43. The US-based media mogul took to social media site Twitter on Saturday evening to accuse public sector workers, along with “phony welfare scroungers,” of sucking the life out of Australia’s economy.

    Well, that is a lie to begin with, as the life had most definitely NOT been sucked out of the Australian economy at the time of the election.

    What happens now is anyone’s guess

  44. Carol

    Describing grandiose narcissism as less a psychiatric disease and more a destructive character defect, the document suggested Rudd was held together by one key strut: an absolute conviction of intellectual superiority over everyone else. “Kick out that strut and he will collapse”.
    Rudd, the document went on, was vulnerable to any challenge to his self-belief that he was more widely-read, smarter and more knowledgeable than anyone else “on the planet”. Such a condition of grandiose narcissism would make Rudd obsessively paranoid, excessively vindictive – “prepared to wait years to get revenge”.
    Rudd would be threatened by a rival in any of his fields and would be obsessively paranoid and ready to retaliate to real or perceived threats; he would suffer from excessive suspicion. This could be tactically exploited, the document suggested, by promoting the idea that Rudd was merely a caretaker prime minister, to be terminated by colleagues once the election was won.
    The document – simple in its construct and in many ways echoing a view clearly held inside Labor itself where many of Rudd’s colleagues had described him as dysfunctional – raised a riddle no one could answer; if the symptoms were all so obvious and the character flaws so marked, how was it that Labor had chosen Rudd not once, but twice to lead the country?

    Note …he is prepared to wait years to exact revenge. he isn’t finished yet, by a lonnnggg shot.

    yajustgotalaugh 😉

  45. From your politifact article FU

    “Since Australia’s carbon price began last July, emissions from the electricity sector have dropped 7.4% while renewable energy generation is up 30%.”

    This has gone largely unreported. Also, the turnaround that I predict will happen, with a drop in renewables, and a rise in emission’s, will receive much the same treatment

  46. he isn’t finished yet, by a lonnnggg shot.

    The recent ‘leaking’ of internal polls claiming how many seats rudd saved Labor from losing indicates this to be mostly true. 😦

    Labor cannot ‘move forward’ while he is still there. He has shown he holds himself above the party. He wants His party to be the party of all, as long as it is His all.

    If he cared for it at all, he would leave it to allow it to rebuild from what he has done to it.

  47. Tom R, the fact is, that Murdoch wound have more, if the majority have less. He might get a shock, to know, that might not work.

    The fact is to another,, Howard was a decade ago.Does one really believe if Howard was in, the boats would not be coming.

    If so, why did Labor’s re-introduction of a harsher regime work?

    Why does Morrison believe that his TPV will work, when what Labor was doing, was harsher. Bridging visas, with no chance of anything more, because of the no disadvantaged test. Has Morrison dumped that. I believe he has.

    The TPV allows these people to work, and allow reasonable normal lives. Bridging visa did not even allow voluntary work, and benefits were much less than the dole. No chance of a visa for five or six years, if even then. Not a bright life whatever.

    How will Morrison explain to the Indonesians and others in the region, taking seven thousand fewer refugees will encourage people not to get on the boats.

    The globe has changed dramatically in the last decade, a inconvenient fact that may ignore.

    The fact is, who to blame does not change what ids happening now. What amazers me with Morrison reply, he does not expect them to stop coming.

    Why does Morrison believe putting them on the plane PNG has to be within 48 hours, and that it is safe to send them into a region of high, life threatening disease area, without the protective vaccinations they need. These would be, I suspect, people whose immune systems are not the best. WHY? What does it prove.

    Mt. Morrison said, if they are well enough to get on the boats, they are well enough to fly. Is that necessary so.

    I was not aware, that one could compare the boats trip they had just endured, was equal to a pleasure cruise.

    Why does Morrison believe they have ti increase the facilities by thousands on both Islands.

    Why the need for the back drop yesterday. One felt they are more interested in staging stunts, creating impressions. than really dealing with the problem this was the case, Morrison and maybe his general, would be going to countries in the region, talking, before putting his grandiose scheme. First to ensure that the PNG is given every chance to work, ten onto the main countries in the region, to see what to do next.

    Bishop emerged this morning. It was suggested to to her, that Abbott should be in the USA with her, in respect to that seat, and chairing the security council.

    Howard seen the same importance in that seat, that Labor desired. Abbott by ignoring the Leaders meeting, is selling Australia short.

    Abbott is more interested in staying here, wielding that wrecking ball, getting revenge.

    Day seven. Wonders what awaits us today.

  48. It really must be a hell of a shock to have a PM who is actually doing what he says he will! All the fake posts & fake letters are coming from a couple of small groups who must have some kind of financial gain from conning the people. It has been proven climate change is a fraud. It’s very strange that people don’t want to accept that. They should be jumping for joy. Same with the boats. Some people are making a lot of money out of it. I feel sorry for the people who had their anxiety levels increased by Rudd’s self serving scare campaign. Abbott is here to clean up the country after labor chaos. That is why he was voted into government. These tantrums are quite pathetic & make the left look like union thugs.

  49. Hey CW’s get your facts right.
    The only dead wood cleaned out was Labor members on 7/9.
    Australia has voted , CW’s will have to wait 3years.Maybe 6 or 9 years.
    Labor under Shoten or Albanese will be disasterous , and the catch cry
    will be – Where is Kevin. Next 3 years are going to be be long and hard
    for Labor. Get used to a long time in Opposition.

  50. Heard a minister, I think his name is Bilson, or some such name, complaining this morning about the taxation department doing there job too well.

    They have been ordered to dropped their campaign, in how they tax people who claim but are not in reality, contractors.

    You know the ones I mean, Contractors that do all their work for one employer.

    This following on the closing of the loop hole for cars under the FBT, makes one wonder, what this government is about.

    One can only come to the conclusion, that cheating on your tax is OK.

    Maybe they also think, by passing the GST, for some, especially those in services and tradesmen is also acceptable.

  51. Describing grandiose narcissism, you just painted a pen picture of yourself Summo. No wonder your such a sad picture of the human spirit. Your only achieved outcome is to rail and rant at others through the Internet. Get a life and contribute something fulfilling than going around demeaning others. Enjoy.

  52. Gail, we will see, where the economy goes under this government. Most of Abbott’s actions in the last six fays, says little, if anything. In fact most will lead to waste.

    Sorry, carbon emission and the harm they caused, is still a fact.

    Abbott is so proud of his actions, that he refuses to emerge from his dark cave somewhere and face the media, to take questions.

    Abbott is so sure that he is right, that he is threatening or sacking anyone that raises concern, that he could be wrong.

    Why does he not come out, into the daylight, to defend his stance.

  53. have serious issues pal..take a look within be4 you attack…Voyager a fascist collaborator?…get real you goose.


  54. By the way, the climate commission was to cost five million over dour years. Big saving there.

    Does Hunt realise, that people who contribute to the new climate commission, will also be willing to get out on the street. Could be the birth of a new movement, one that might come back to haunt Hunt and Abbott.

    Will the donations be tax deductible.

  55. These tantrums are quite pathetic

    I gather you’ve been asleep for the last three years then Gail? The biggest dummy-spitting tantrum the country has ever seen came from Abbott and his henchmen.

  56. This story says it all. These people fought hard, with the backing of Morrison and Abbott, not to open it back in 2010.


    …………Save our centre

    The community of Inverbrackie in South Australia which opposed the establishment of a detention centre three years ago is now lobbying to keep it open……

    ………For the Coalition, the centre symbolised Labor’s poorly-handled asylum seeker policies.

    TONY ABBOTT, OPPOSITION LEADER (November, 2010): You do not send idyllic picture postcards from Australia to the people smugglers and their customers. And, you know, this is effectively a postcard from Australia saying, “Come on over”.

    JASON OM: The Coalition also pointed to the cases of an alleged terrorist organisation member and an Afghan detainee charged with people smuggling offences. But Inverbrackie’s supporters maintain the politicians have been using scare tactics.

    ALLEN MCMAHON, GOOD NEIGHBOUR COUNCIL: We should be opening our arms because, to me, every wave of immigration into Australia has had positive, not negative effects.

    JASON OM: These volunteers are among those in the Adelaide Hills who’ve sought to reach out to the centre’s residents by organising events and raising funds…….

  57. We heard wrong when Abbott said the country was open for business. It was, the country is open for plunder.

    …………….NSW under pressure to water down rules on coal seam gas
    Residential buffer zone re-examined as state hosts ‘summit’ to discuss economic problems caused by gas supply shortage……………
    ………………As protests to proposed new coal seam gas wells escalated before the federal election, the NSW government, with the encouragement of the then federal Coalition resources spokesman, Ian Macfarlane, and to the dismay of the gas industry, announced that no exploration or drilling would occur within 2km of a residential area, a proposed residential area or “critical industry clusters” such as horse studs and vineyards………………

    ……………..Macfarlane said the gas industries’ problems in NSW were caused by both the length of time it took for the state government to grant permits and the restrictive buffer zone and planning rules.

    He said the rules in Queensland and NSW should be the same, and that the Queensland deputy premier, Jeff Seeney, was reviewing that state’s buffer zone.

    “My message to NSW is you will run out of gas and you will lose thousands of jobs in NSW if you do not act,” Macfarlane said.

    “I am not saying where it should come from, perhaps it will come from [Santos’ proposed CSG wells] in the Pilliga forest, perhaps shale gas from South Australia will be piped over, but there is a large and rapidly looming gap in NSW gas supply and if we don’t fill it we’ll be losing jobs in Sydney and Wollongong and Newcastle.”…………

  58. Summo, you are so naïve from your cushioned little existence of Popsicles and candy. Want to play big games in the big nasty world? Now that is a serious issue and people are trying to avoid it for good reason due to how deadly it is. But silly idiots who don’t know better, like you and Voyager, know it all about nothing, because you are above doing the research because you get told what you want to know from your chosen source. How lazy is that?
    Gack! They are correct, that you are sniveling little snot rags locked up behind a computer. I hoped for intelligent reparté, I’m getting crap from you both. At Least Neil has potential.

  59. Abbott. if he had any concern for this country, would be at the United Nations, at the Leaders Conference, with Bishop.

    We now have a temporary seat, and we are chairing this meeting of world leaders.

    .Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is among world leaders gathering in New York ahead of the United Nations General Assembly meetings to take place this week.

    Australia has a leading role this year, holding the presidency of the Security Council just as the removal of Syria’s chemical weapons and the chance to do something about Iran’s nuclear program loom large.

    Ms Bishop’s first day in New York has been filled with back-to-back meetings, including talks with her counterpart from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia’s foreign minister Dr Marty Natalegawa.

    Key points

    Australia holds presidency of UN Security Council
    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has held talks with PNG, Indonesia
    Ms Bishop says asylum seeker policy up for discussion
    Landmark meetings expected on Iran’s nuclear program
    Barack Obama and new Iranian president may hold talks
    Schedule of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly
    During talks with Dr Natalegawa she acknowl……

    My emphasis.

  60. “you will run out of gas and you will lose thousands of jobs in NSW if you do not act,” Macfarlane said.”
    I see they are not above using extortion to goad the Public in the direction they want. Primitive, but it does work.

  61. I see Summo is still going on about Labor and not Abbott and the government.

    The more he keeps doing it the more he’s proving what a bad government we now have. Thank you for highlighting that.


  62. Sicily us, we thought it was about copper and fibre, Well I never believed that. It is about getting Telstra back into the game. It is about who controls the copper or fibre.

    Aboard of three with Twiggy leading the charge is beiong installed.

    …………The key to understanding what may happen to the NBN under the Coalition is the fundamental ideological difference between Labor’s nation-building, wholesale infrastructure model and the Coalition’s private sector-friendly, market-driven approach. This was hardly debated before the election.

    By allowing competition in the provision of fibre infrastructure, the Coalition policy kills the business model of the NBN as conceived and currently operated. Profits from densely populated urban markets will no longer be available to offset the costs of delivering comparable services at equal prices to users in regional and rural areas.

    Kohler is almost certainly correct in his belief that this is why the NBN Co board is jumping ship as the Government swings the main sail from fore to aft. Under the Coalition’s changes, NBN Co “will, in short, be a donkey, a money sinkhole, a political noose”.

    Best to get out now, then, rather than stay on to defend a business model that the shareholders no longer wishes to pursue. Turnbull may be right in claiming that this board does not have the skills necessary to deliver on the Coalition’s NBN – its business model is radically different to Labor’s.

    Essentially trusting the delivery of broadband infrastructure to market forces where viable, it will allow industry to cherry-pick the most profitable markets, competing to provide services in densely populated areas and leaving regional and rural Australia to be looked after by the government’s NBN Co service, with little or no private infrastructure competition and minimal profit.

    Australia’s experienced telco executives are probably very well placed to deliver such a business model to NBN Co’s new government shareholder.

    Industry inp………………

    Yes, the country is open for plundering.

  63. Summo September 24, 2013 @ 8:06 am “ have serious issues pal..take a look within be4 you attack”.
    I did my soul searching many years ago Summo. I decided to try to be humane and spare the world the outcomes of stupid idiots, such as yourself, who push what they do not understand on the prompting of very smart, nasty people who have absolutely no care whether you live or die, as long as you do as they want.
    How does it feel to be a Sheeple? I always felt embarrassed when I realized what was being done and how I fell for it. I guess you’re still to figure it out.

  64. Let me try to explain this as simply as possible. Once upon a time we had a government who got Australia into debt to the tune of 380 thousand million dollars. Every intelligent wage earner knows that if you spend more than you earn and put the rest on a credit card and only pay the minimum every month, you end up with massive debt.

    We’ve just had a federal election and the majority of Australians decided to get rid of the posers, wasters and pretenders and vote into power an adult government.

    The global warming scam has been exposed. The Climategate emails exposed the hoax and now the IPCC have admitted their climate models have over-predicted the temperature. The overwhelming consensus is that there has been no warming for last 16 years. To cut wasteful spending of taxpayers’ dollars, Tony Abbott is abolishing the unecessary and useless climate change bureaucracy. This will save $billions and the climate will carry on as usual.

    As for investment in renewable energy, by doing a little internet research you will discover thousands of wind turbines standing idle and rusting because of the prohibitive cost of maintaining them (Google “rusting wind turbines”). When the subsidies expire, so do the turbines. And when the wind doesn’t blow you still need backup power stations.

    And not mentioning the boats will leave the people smugglers in the dark.

    I hope this explanation will filter through to the minority who still live in the Labor dreamscape.

  65. Fed up September 24, 2013 @ 8:47 am “Yes, the country is open for plundering.”
    Welcome back to Rome Fed up. Wait for the Spectacular to arrive. The battle to the death for life, or some sort existence that you are allowed, on the whim of someone else. The cotton wool Babies in this Country have no idea how nasty it really gets.
    Thank you for all your work in bring this information into our minds for digestion. Informed, forewarned. Much appreciated.

  66. We can only come to the conclusion that Abbott really believes Australia has no influence on the world stage, and should not reach above it’s station.

    I do not understand, why he did not go..

    The leaders he needs to talk to about the boats, are all at that meeting. Good chance to put Australia’s interest forwarded.

    The only reason I can see, that it was an achievement of the Gillard government, therefore must be rubbished.

    Howard also desperate for Australia to be on that seat, but failed.

  67. John L September 24, 2013 @ 9:06 am
    Old conversation that has been done to death. Go and read and come back when your finished and structure a plausible conversation instead of just repeating propaganda your conditioned to push.

  68. The gormless blind conservative followers have always surprised me TechinBris. Call them automatons, sheeple, zombie trolls, it’s the same mould and as has been pointed out there and elsewhere must have the Liberal party and the right wing media ecstatic at how easy it is for them to have all these mindless followers doing their bidding for nothing. Just push their button given them a cue and off they go spouting the slogans and misinformation without a second thought.

    You only have to look at how not one of them could answer why Abbott would make a good PM or the Liberals a good government though they were asked several times to see this at work.

    And it’s not an exclusively Australian thing either. Seems to be the mindset of a large swag of hardline conservative supporters globally, but especially in the US, where they will blindly follow a party that is not only hasn’t their best interest at heart but actively screws them.

    There are some excellent papers and articles doing the rounds on it but some even better books, though US centric still have relevance to Australia, especially now Abbott is taking us down the same Tea Party route, which relies heavily on unquestioning and kept ignorant followers. Deer Hunting with Jesus by Joe Bageant is one example but there are several others.

  69. Ah yes, John L, typical simplistic bullshit from another LidTard drone. Here’s another little story for you. We had a government, in 1996, who sold off more than $70 billion in public assets-including gold at rock bottom prices-in order to pay off a very small (& shrinking) amount of public debt. This government then went on to seriously screw up our economy by splurging on pointless middle class welfare, whilst seriously cutting back on the means by which to pay for it (namely income tax on high income earners). They left this Country with a structural deficit-meaning there was more money going *out* than was coming in….and that was *before* the GFC massively undermined our remaining revenue streams. Labor actually tried to rein in the very worst of this Howard Era Middle Class Welfare, but your LibTard mates opposed every single one of those moves. Not only that, but their “solution” to the GFC was to cut taxes, which would have hurt the budget bottom line far worse than Rudd’s one off stimulus-& for far less gain. So please spare us your Menzies House propaganda John L. The rest of your post is just a typical, tin-foil hat nut-job rant, & so can thus be ignored completely. Now please take your meds, Mr Crazy man, before you hurt someone…or even yourself.

  70. John L, you have not seen debt yet. No, a country economy does not act as you say.

    Growing that revenue base, is important. Not cutting, which will lead to lower revenues and higher outlays. Unemployment is very costly for any country.

    PM having many meetings today. Of course, we will not be seeing him. One media event in seven days.

    Not even Hockey talks about debt or surpluses anymore. Maybe they will claw in back within the decade. Come to think about Hockey, he is also missing. Wonder what happened to that budget emergency.

    What is going on now, has nothing to do with the economy or debt.

    It is pure ideology and revenge.

    Everything that the Gillard government achieve, must be erased from history,

    One only has to look at the number of bodies, that Dutton has already dismantled. Many aim at preventing illness. Mostly not costing much. One has to go looking for, what they are doing.

    Not one minister out telling us. Sorry, Hunt has surfaced, but no one else.

    Yes, if they want to cut, that is their right, but they should also be up front with the public when doing so.

    They seem to have come in with lists prepared. Are not even running it past the people in the know, to see what they advise

    Every decision one makes, has a down side, and unseen consequents..

  71. “The global warming scam has been exposed. The Climategate emails exposed the hoax and now the IPCC have admitted their climate models have over-predicted the temperature.”

    Wrong, on both counts, you gormless little imbecile. The Climate-gate emails were shown to be nothing but a massive beat-up by the kool-aid drinking denialist cult, & your second claim has been exposed as a LIE by your mate, Uncle Rupert, & both the UK Tabloid in question, & The Australian, has been forced to offer a correction to that effect. If that’s the best you can come up with prove global warming is a “scam”, then I’ve got this Nigerian General I’d like to introduce you.

    Now, John L, please go away & play with your Uncle Rupert & Action Man Tony figurines, & leave the debate to the adults, OK?

  72. Apologies for the mangled grammar. I’m trying to type whilst in the field on a crappy clunky laptop with no time to proof before posting.

  73. John L how out of touch, probably deliberately so, you are.

    Climategate has had three independent enquiries and all have found a beat up and no malfeasance at play. But that’s really old news and was put to bed ages ago. That you still hold that belief so perfectly illustrates my point on mindless conservative followers being manipulated.

    Also it would behove you to read up on government debt, net and gross, and why it’s not anything like a household budget.

  74. Once upon a time we had a government who got Australia into debt to the tune of 380 thousand million dollars


    Well, moron, why do you think the Labor government had to borrow money?

    Do you think they WANTED to go into debt?

    Knowing the Lieberals / media would use it against them?

    They had to borrow money to counter the GFC because there wasn’t the cash available to use.

    And why was that?

    Because the previous Lieberal government had spent it all.

    Apart from a measly 20 billion dollars – which didn’t even touch the sides when big, rapid stimulus was required.

    That Lieberal government was the most wasteful in our 200-year history, as found by a recent report for the IMF.

    So when you lament the debt the government is in, blame those who left office in 2007 after the biggest global boom in human history with finances so threadbare that we were forced into debt the moment the GFC threatened.

  75. ………..AUSTRALIA’S most needless wasteful spending took place under the John Howard-led Coalition government rather than under the Whitlam, Rudd or Gillard Labor governments, a study has found.
    The International Monetary Fund study bills itself as the first to examine 200 years of government financial records across 55 leading economies.
    It identifies only two periods of Australian “fiscal profligacy” in recent years, both during Mr Howard’s term in office – in 2003 at the start of the mining boom and during his final years in office between 2005 and 2007.
    The stimulus spending of the Rudd government during the financial crisis does not rate as profligate because the measure makes allowance for spending needed to stabilise the economy.
    The Whitlam Labor government of 1972 to 1975 also escapes censure………….

    Read more:

  76. But wait! There will be more, of the Neo-tards in leotards to entertain us all to death, by unintelligent diatribe that has been manufactured, pasteurized and irradiated into a deadly muted message, to the purpose of screwing up the hearts and the minds of the gullible mob that desire to be the next lot of Cannon Fodder to their machine of War!
    If we give them a set of Steak Knives with it all, will they stab themselves to death and spare us the repeat performance of the first two World Wars?

  77. Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick – Untold History of the United States

    800+ pages of a hard slog full of sourced and verified historical data that had me getting angrier and angrier the further I read. So much so I had to finish it in chunks with long spells in between.

  78. @yetanothercluelesstroll
    I hope this explanation YOUR RECYCLED DENIALIST PROPAGANDA will filter through to the minority who still live in the FASCIST dreamscape promoted and now being implemented by the lnp.
    Fixed it for all. .

  79. Möbius, I saw that and wondered if it would be informative or just anger stoking. Let me know if it is constructively informative or just the latter please? Spare me the expense I cannot really afford right now, but my mind craves for intelligent information. Thankfully, Fed up is providing some nice information, unfortunately it is making me nervous.

  80. pterosaur1 September 24, 2013 @ 9:48 am
    You are so helpful. I wonder why you bother, then I remember, it is called being polite. It is so nice to see polite people helping those who are less fortunate, in their sources of information.

  81. Yes what a waste the last 6 years have been. Going from one of the few countries with no Federal govt debt to now paying $12B interest/year on the debt Labor has racked up.

    Some Coalition govts have trashed the budget but it seems to be more common for Labor to trash the budget except here in NSW where for some reason they are fiscally conservative.

  82. Neil of Sydney September 24, 2013 @ 10:03 am
    C’mon Neil, I know you can do better than that!
    Money, money, money, always funny, for a Rich Man’s Twerp!
    Abba’s songs had more meaning, and that was way back in the Seventies!

  83. Yes and also unfairness for our asylum seekers. We have gone from taking 14,000 people from UNHCR camps to giving our places for people with mobile phones, computers and $10,000 and most probably a lot more.

  84. Sigh, and then along comes NoS and proves Mo’s point perfectly……… and NoS should really know better by now as he has had it explained to him countless times…… talk about blinkered neo-tards in leotards 🙄

  85. The book just has much more detail and sources in it than the doco series, but the doco follows the book.

    There’s so much info and stuff you never knew on what American conservatism at the behest of its capitalistic pursuit over all else has been doing throughout history.

    As to being constructively informative, let me put it this way.

    Kuznick is one of America’s leading historians and you can see that the book is heavily a historic text, and reads that way, just sourced historic fact after fact with dates, times, conversations on the record, photos, records etc. Where it raises above the pure historic text book is in the magnitude of the historic facts and data given that you won’t find in any US or indeed global history on America. And that telling is damning indeed and makes Overthrow – 100 Years of Regime Change by Kinzer seem benevolent to the US in contrast.

    How many here would know of the man Henry Ford outside of his car making?

  86. Neil of Sydney September 24, 2013 @ 10:09 am “Yes and also unfairness for our asylum seekers. We have gone from taking 14,000 people from UNHCR camps to giving our places for people with mobile phones, computers and $10,000 and most probably a lot more.”
    Huh? WOW! You are on a trip!
    Oh dear. *pat* *pat* *pat* *pat*

  87. Möbius, that sounds heavy, but good to have for an understanding of what we have to survive against.
    I guess it is money well spent and as you said, it takes a long time to read and digest. Somehow, I don’t think it’ll leave me smiling though, but happier for the knowledge.

  88. @TechinBris 9:55
    Why bother ? I’ve just got this fixation about reality, I guess. 😉
    I do think its sad that the clueless are so determined in their ignorance, forgetting the horrors of fascism.
    There was a timber contractor on ABC news (TAS) last night claiming that it’s “time to abandon free speech”. in response to a story about the lnp’s latest effort to shut down dissent in favour of corporate interests.
    Such ignorance saddens and appalls me, and is a disgrace to those who fought WW2. against such extremism.
    The correlation between ignorance and arrogance exhibited by these lost souls is typical of the Authoritarian mindset beloved by evil manipulators. .

  89. LOL, Sparta, you gormless little troll. Now why don’t you scamper back to your US mates…you know, the Koch Brothers? I hear their Kool Aid tastes *really* good.

  90. Yes, Nil, very easy to get out of debt when you sell off public assets (thus denying revenue streams to future governments) & can rely on tax receipts from the biggest mining boom in our history. The question is, where *did* all that money disappear to? Their was no new investment in skills or infrastructure, & money was actually *removed* from public health & education. So what did Howard & Costello do with all that cash? Oh, that’s right, they used it to bribe the public with unaffordable tax cuts & middle class welfare. Now, Nil, piss off back to Menzies House where you belong!

  91. Conservatism thrives on the abundant ignorance and gullibility in a population. Fueled by partisan media, leaves the sheep lining up to the slaughter.

  92. Möbius, I just read this in a review by Michael P. Naughton on The Untold History of the United States. It bowled me backward in it’s obviousness, but equally as obvious is a fact our resident Trolls should be aware of, since obviously they are not. I will repeat it here, and I hope he forgives me for it.

    “If we do not choose our leaders carefully and become more engaged, and stop viewing history in hindsight, then we risk our nation becoming either a kakistocracy or catastrophe – you decide. You have more power then you think.
    Think independently. “Question everything” as Marx once said.”

    Relevant lesson for anyone in any Country.

  93. Marcus i really do not want to respond but i have to because you told so many lies.

    from the biggest mining boom in our history.

    Mining boom did not start to 2004 so Costello only got the benefit for the last 3 years where he saved $50B. Not bad.

    What did Swan do with an even bigger mining boom???

    very easy to get out of debt when you sell off public assets

    Eventually debt was paid off without the sale of assets. Costello ran $100B of surplus budgets in his 11 years. No revenue was from asset sales. Costello did a combination of $100B in surplus budgets and $70B in asset sales. That enabled creation of the Future Fund and other Funds like HEEF containing $70B.

    To say you people are the biggest liars i have ever met is an understatement. And i sick of repeating myself.

  94. Marcus, that’s typical of you Labor voters and climate warmists. Name calling is all you have left (excuse the pun). Shooting the messenger won’t change the facts. The reputation of climate science has taken a terrible beating, with one alarmist prediction after another brought down by the skeptics. Move away from group-think, become an individual, do some more research and get back to me.

  95. Jack, you should have left your comment at your first attempt, where you made more sense.

    Move away from the group-think, indeed! Right-Wing Projection.

  96. Oooohhhh! We are making a mark and hitting a raw nerve with the Neo-Bots. They are gathering their like-minded thoughtless drone Neo-tards in the over tight leotards, to entertain us. with Clown like boring dross.
    Can we pass and direct you to a entertain place called dev.null? Excellent!

  97. Jack can you please give us sources to where the climate scientists have been brought down.

    I also gather you mean by credited scientists who oppose AGW, as skeptics without scientific credentials cannot bring down a scientific theory or data?

    Plus you kind of give away your ignorance in the matter by saying alarmist prediction. Please read the reports before shooting yourself in the foot.

  98. you lefty gooses voted for this idiot? the comments in the link are extremely funny. what possible excuses have you got for voting 1, Rude? just coz you’re all basket weavers isn’t an excuse either!

    this’ll be good….go hard Techie

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  99. Marcus one little correction if I may. Howard/Costello reigned during the longest sustained global economic period in global history that actually started before they got into power and were the direct beneficiaries of Keating’s reforms, something Howard acknowledged on gaining power.

    The mining boom didn’t begin until later in their terms.

    All the other points remain valid, They were the most wasteful government in our history, the highest spending with the largest most inefficient government and the highest taxing.

  100. And Summo on Rudd again. Proving once more what an idiot Abbott is in that Summo must continually bring up distractions to stop us scrutinising the worst ever PM in our history, Abbott.

    Summo you do know there are entire website and dedicated social media topics dedicated to Abbottisms and Abbottoires, but not one on Rudd. Says it all really.


  101. “Howard/Costello reigned during the longest sustained global economic period in global history

    During which time very few govts paid off any debt except for us even if your comment is correct. Certainly no State govts in Australia did and they were all Labor govts. How much money did Beattie/Bligh waste??

    Speaking of secrecy has this been released??

    “The government is withholding a report on the NBN so its progress can’t be scrutinised by the public ahead of the election, the opposition says

  102. It’s just appalling that after being in office during the longest boom in human history, combined with a huge mining boom, the Liberals left public finances so threadbare that we were forced to borrow money the moment the global economy turned sour in 2008. It’s not Labor’s debt; it’s the Liberals’.

  103. Poor old (ivebeeneverywheremanME) Rude outshone Abbott as the worst PM in history. He even flogs Gough. and that’s not just in Australia, that’s world history.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  104. Wonder why this Officer was sacked by Howard,

    “…………..e chief of navy who turned back boats under the Howard government says the public has a right to know what’s going on.

    ‘The government said before it was elected it was going to do all these things,’ retired vice admiral David Shackleton told the ABC on Tuesday.

    ‘A measure of their success is keeping the Australian public informed to be able to give the public confidence that they’re achieving what they said they were going to do.’

    He thought the reality of modern communications meant the information would leak out anyway.

    His views were echoed by former defence department secretary Paul Barratt.

    ‘There’s absolutely no operational reason not to inform the public,’ Mr Barratt told the ABC.

    ‘The public should know when people have arrived, how many people have arrived and should know when boats are being towed back.’

    Mr Barratt was sacked by the Howard government in 1999 and has been a strong critic of the coalition’s asylum seeker policy in recent years………….

  105. I read that the haste of Abbott towards Costello, has led to Mp connected to him, being overlooked for promotion. That inludes the MP who tol=k over Coastellos seat.

    “…………Costello won’t put up hand for audit
    Updated: 08:27, Tuesday September 24, 2013
    Costello won’t put up hand for audit
    Former treasurer Peter Costello has ruled himself out of being a part of the Abbott government’s commission of audit, but has offered up his thoughts on what the auditors should do.

    Writing on what Treasurer Joe Hockey should look for when appointing people to the commission, Mr Costello says, ‘I will not be one.’

    Any review of government services should make sure it offers practical suggestions but ones which ‘try to stretch the envelope’.

    ‘An audit will be of no use if it confines itself to the well-worn paths that have been visited and debated over and again by the politicians,’ Mr Costello writes in News Limited papers on Tuesday.

    ‘At the same time there is no point in making recommendations that have no hope of implementation.

    ‘A report which cannot be released is of no value. A report which makes hopelessly impractical suggestions is little better.’

    Mr Costello headed up a commission of audit in Queensland when Campbell Newman became premier.

    That led to public services being slashed and was strongly criticised by federal Labor during the election campaign.

    It seems that one criticises Abbott at their own peril.

  106. Why is not Abbott on that world stage.

    Australians campaign to stop the boats is on Bishops agenda. Told the meeting, not as may woman as we would have liked. Have a talented pool to draw from.If so, why not this time.

    So the world is interested in the number of women, within our cabinet. The world is interested in our policy on boats people.

    So Bishop had to spend time,on the world stage, defending the Abbott government.

  107. It was 20,000 being taken under Labor. Did not hear anything yesterday, about Morrison’s promise to lower this to 13,700.

    This is suppose to be an effort to balance the budget.

    It appears we cannot afford to be humane anymore. We need the money, more than they do.

    Add to that, Labor promise to raise the quota to near thirty thousand.

    I suspect, Morrison gave it a miss, because countries in the region have pointed out the short sightness of their policy,.

  108. Oh, Nil, desperate to show your ignorance again, aren’t you? I’ll repeat it slowly again, just for you. The Coalition sold over $70 billion in assets, & were the recipients of the tax receipts from more than a decade of economic growth-including the Mining Boom from 2003-2007 (about half of their 11 years in office in fact). Yet Howard left behind an ever diminishing surplus, because his outgoings were greater than his revenue. That’s bad enough during a period of global prosperity, but utter disaster when a global recession hits. Truth is, we’re about to see how a Tory government handles an economy during bad times &-if it’s anything like when Fraser & Howard were running the show-then we’re in for a very rough ride indeed (Howard as treasurer gave us STAGFLATION, remember?)

  109. Well the Neo-bots are lame today. Nothing fresh, just the same ol’, same ol’, and wait for it, *yawn* same ol’ regurgitated propaganda. Obviously they have to stick to the same ol’ line, lest they trip up and get caught out by saying something that will embarrass them.
    Well, sorry Neo-bots, you did that. You know, embarrass yourself, by using the same tired propaganda you have, for over three years even, at times. We’ve evolved past it, debunked it even, though you still in denial about that, so you just do the same again, again, again…….
    But we are kind to you, and will bang our heads in the hope one day the penny will drop, you will switch from being driven by your Amygdala and upgrade to your frontal lobe and you will thank us profusely for our patience. We know you are capable. You just have to be inspired!
    Google up Pavlov’s Dog!

  110. pterosaur1, glad you raised that one. I thought about it, but was worried, as I have done much cut and paste today.

    Yes, it appears free speech has limitations on it, when it comes to those in power.

    One only had to listen to the last two episodes of Media Watch.. One law for us. One for them.

    Why do not our visitor begin talking about what this government has done, Surely it is time for them, to begin defending Abbott and his government. Talking about Labor, now is useless.That is now history.

    They need to find a history site, if that is what they wish to indulged in.

    Also we will not have waste effort, by going back in history to prove them wrong. Sadly, this seems to be on every comment they make. They just keep getting the facts wrong.

  111. Fed up September 24, 2013 @ 12:23 pm “Wonder if Abbott is going to the G20 in November?”

    OMG! How embarrassing! Can Australian’s concoct something to keep him at home? Anyone other than him. He’ll sell us out of House, Home and the Kitchen Sink! He couldn’t do the proverbial Chook Raffle in a Brown Paper Bag! He is just the Dork that tells other people what to do, as he has no idea about what the word responsible is, or the ramification of illegal acts, otherwise he wouldn’t do it.
    He does know how to be other peoples fall guy though, but so far has had other people organize others to fall on their swords for him. How do they do that? Who is this power behind the Dork of Dorks? That is what has me intrigued.

  112. Lived through, and as a child benefit from the record price paid for wool during the Korean war.

    It was a child. I was young, but can still recall the excitement of every farm, getting 32 volt electricity. With that came washing machines and electric lighting. There were new cars, to replace those being held together by fencing wire. This was wheat and sheep cocky country, not known for wealth.

    The girls paraded in their shop bought clothes.

    The greatest thing for many of the mums, was to put the tins of treacle and golden syrup, to the back of the pantry, never to be used again.

    Yes, we lived for a short, very short time in clover.

    As An adult, I have learnt, the rest of the country paid the price of our luxuries. Yes led to years of a unstable economy, where one learnt what inflation, and that new one stagnation was all about.

    Nothing, especially in economics, exist in isolation.

    Yes, we have had a long mining boom, which has not this time led to inflation. No, but it did lead th that very high dollar that has destroyed many of our business, especially in manufacture.

    It is really amazing, not for what we have lost, but for what has survived.

    When it comes to economics. we seem to solve one problem, only for another to emerge.

    Saying we did it before, just does not work. One has to deal with today’s problems. not those of the past.

    That is what terrifies me most, when it comes to Abbott, and the blokey cronies he keeps around them. He seems not to have noticed, the world has changed.

    The global order has changed, The economic global situation, is not behaving, as in the past,

    Same when it comes to the refugees.

    We now have the emergence, not only of China, but the whole Asian nations.

    The biggest changes have been in science and technology. This they not only see, but do not comprehend.

    Where is Turnbull?

  113. One needs to keep in mind, that Howard, made every NGO sign agreements, that they under no circumstances, make criticism of his government.

    This curtailed the same NGOs from doing their job.,

    Their role was to supports the disadvantaged, as well to advocate on there behalf. How can one advocate, without criticizing the government you are advocate on their behalf.

    Another clause that was demanded, that staff be hired on individual contracts, under the then WorkChoices.

    Once again, why is not Abbott at the UN. the world;s leaders, at the one gathering.

    We have Bishop, apologizing for lack of women in her government, One could say, that is embarrassing.

  114. It appears there is also criticism of our refugee treatment, and the axing of the CEF.

    Could that be the reason. Abbott is not there.

    Maybe it is not because he believes we have no influence on the world stage, and to go, would he reaching above out station. Abbott’s words. not mine.

  115. Another problem for Abbott when he goes overseas, those same world leaders, appears to like and respect Gillard. How many days did it take Obama to pick up that phone to call Abbott?

  116. None are defending Abbott. They are only saying, we should give him a fair go. Even Kroger yesteryear could not bring himself to support Morrison, Kept say, I presume he knows what he is doing. Not only said that,, but kept repeating it.

    He then went on to use the lies we have been hearing for so long, such as NBNco will cost 90 million, NBN lite 30 million. Neither figure is right.

    Most are now aware, it is not abut copper versus fibre. While a few cream off the profit to be made in cities, while those in the bush cannot for get about a service, or at least one they can afford.

    We were looking forward. to the

    The holdup, that Turnbull makes such a loud noise about, was cause by the fact, that NBNCo had to negotiate with Telstra, to use the pits and ducts, so that work would ot have to be duplicated and streets

    Yes, Rudd did promise a scheme similar to Howard’s efforts, but quickly learnt, nothing would work until the Telstra stranglehold on the industry was broken.

    Now this government wants to brings them back into the game. Why?

  117. If Abbott does not change his modulars operandi, he is not going to be around long.

    Each time his wrecking ball collides with something, it is more people out or work, or deprive of a service, they now enjoy.

    Many of the institutions, many small actually save money.

    None will save much. Just upset many, and what for, ideology. Sometimes, getting even.

  118. The truth is, no government has control over the economy. All the can do is alleviate the effects, and not act to make things worse.

    They have to work within the economy, the globe delivers to them.

    Neil, that is what I mean, by taking figures out of context.

    One needs to know what produced the figures, you keep screaming.

  119. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney September 24, 2013 @ 1:25 pm
    So much so Voyager, you keep coming back here, in a search for something, that you just cannot put your finger on, that does not makes sense in your Conservative outlook. Go on! Admit it! *nudge*

  120. We are not whining. We are not even angry. We are definitely not depressed.
    All we are doing, is pointing out what Abbott has achieved in seven days of government.

    Why are all his ministers kept on such a tight rein, they are invisible. That includes Turnbull by the way. A couple of trusties have been allowed out. Not impressed with the performance of either Morrison or Hunt.

    Maybe they will send out someone else from the bunker today.

    Now Abbott is having meetings all day, today with his blokey ministers. Wonder if they are getting a lecture from the headmaster.

  121. New one from the media. Chris Bowen call PC. raises serious issues about the government,. Media listen and ask no questions. Is that they way, it is going to be. Definitely no place, for the Opposition said so.

  122. Yes, it appears that Turnbull has been let off the rein News conference in the next hour. ABC 24.

    “……….Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull will spell out the Abbott government’s initial plans for NBN Co on Tuesday afternoon.

    Mr Turnbull will release an ‘interim statement of expectations’ at a media conference in Sydney at 2pm (AEST).

    It has been reported the new minister wants a temporary three-person board, headed by former Telstra chief Ziggy Switkowski, to take control of the national broadband network.

    Most of the NBN Co board offered their resignations on Friday, but the minister has yet to say whether he will accept or reject them.

    The Australian Financial Review reports that Mr Switkowski will be joined by two existing directors, Kerry Schott and Alison Lansley, on the interim board.

    The coalition has been critical of NBN Co’s handling of the nation’s biggest infrastructure project, particularly cost blowouts and delays…….

  123. Turnbull issuing statement to the company. How does that fit in with board resigning.

    One would think, that would be the first thing in his announcement,

  124. They really are an embarrassing joke this new government, one that just about everyone is laughing at, and probably many conservative supporters under their breaths as well.

    People smuggler ridicules Scott Morrison’s silence on boat arrivals

    I coined the yajustgottalaughattheclowns to display the lameness and tiny brain power required to come up with idiotic run together words that were the hallmark of a poster here who displayed those hallmarks. Yet now that little piece of retort is coming true as this government, and thus their ardent supporters, prove they really are a bunch of clowns.

    By the way the only female clown in the Coalition’s broken down circus is holding up the Australian government circus act overseas by making apologies for her government being such buffoons, but sincerely hopes they can provide some clowning around comedy relief from the harsh realities of the world.

  125. Government did request, that they offer their resignations, Should not be regarded as criticism of the directors. Then what does it mean?

    Who goes will be decided by the cabinet. Refusing to to talk any more abut board.

    Following the next cabinet meeting.

    Review cannot begin until there is a change in board.

    No changes to those, that have been promised NBNCo,

    Seems to be businesses as usual for the foreseeable future.

  126. I have a funny feeling, that Abbott and Co are not going to get what they think from Turnbull.

    Could he just be setting it up, to allow NBNCo, as it is to continue, with a few very small changes.

    I am picking up mixed messages from Turnbull.

  127. Turnbull backing off from criticism of board. All very food people.

    As I said, I am confused. Then talking about new board and management.

    No mention of Twiggy.

  128. Could it be, that Gillard has closed the loop holes here, as she has done in most of her legislation. Much harder to undo, that one expected
    Too much politics, according to Turnbull,, too much spin.

    WHO from, one must ask.

    Very careful with his words, ensuring that Abbott carries all responsibility.

    Not the PC one would have expected. One telling us very little.

    Allis up to cabinet. Wonder who he really means it is hp to. Would say, he is not driving the cabinet process.

  129. I wonder if the review will be genuine. He wants the plain unvarnished facts.

    Seems to be genuine in his comments.

  130. The trashing of the NBN is going to sadden me a lot, as it will directly restrict the growth of our business.

    The sacking of the Climate Commission was also a tragedy, but one easily remedied. It appears that Tim Flannery has already ‘moved forward’ 😉

  131. No fancy back drop for this PC. None at all. Does not know what figures are.

    Yes, maybe Turnbull;s pride, will ensure a different outcome, from what Abbott desires,

    Fibre will continue to be rolled out.

  132. Did not say,if the review will be about fibre to the premises or not. Did not say, if both options will be reviewed.

    Yes, as I said, he did not say much at all.

    He did say, more than once, it is up to cabinet. One would thin=k, he is ensuring, he will lay any blame, with Abbott and cabinet.

  133. Ms. Gillard is speaking from th Opera House, in a Big Ideas review, to be shown in the near future,

    Wonder who she will have in her sights.

    I suspect, it will not be Rudd. She will be after bigger game.

    Cannot see this woman being interested in petty revenge. Likely, more interested in establishing truth.

    Even on Sunday morning, Piers Ackerman had to attempts at blackening her name.

    First with the money, she repay, when her partner used the car when he should not have. The second, attempting to bring up the allegations, that police are still investigating her and the AWU.

    Barry pulled him up on the first, saying it was not the same, as the MP in Victoria, On the second, they just ignored him, moving on quickly to the next topic.

    The Opera House appearance with Anne Summers was sold out in record time. I believe there is a book, out before Christmas.

    Yes, interesting times ahead;

  134. Afghanistan or Pakistan, who holds the money in trust for passengers on boats. The money is only released to the people smuggler when the boat arrives safely.

    “This new policy can work only if the Abbott minister buys all the satellite phones in Indonesia (like they want to buy the scrap boats),” Amiri said.

    “That’s a stupid policy. The politicians are wasting their time.”

    Asylum seekers also immediately contact their families by phone when they arrive safely in Christmas Island, or they use the island’s detention centre computers to tell their stories, often over Facebook.

    Amiri, who is serving a six-year prison sentence for his role in people smuggling syndicates, said the information hitherto put out by the Australian government is “just for the rest of the world, not for the network”.

    Amiri also revealed that even an ordinary mobile phone worked from about 40 nautical miles from Christmas Island if it had global roaming switched on.

    “The boys could call the whole world by their personal handphones because its signal was full and strong there,” Amiri said……

  135. Listening to Turnbull, I could not work out what was wrong.

    Then the penny dropped, Turnbull is asking those doing the job, to provide information, and say what they are doing.

    He repeated more than once, that he could not answer questions, as he does not yet have the information.

    Now that is a first first the Abbott government.

    Actually finding out what is going on, before acting.

    Not assuming they know all.

  136. Thirty Thousand Votes And Abbott’s Gone

    Eleven of the Coalition’s new seats are held on a margin of less than 4000 votes. That isn’t a clean sweep, no matter how the hacks spin it, writes Phil Doyle

    Whichever way you want to look at the result of the recent Federal election, one argument that doesn’t stack up is that this is some kind of landslide for the Coalition. That’s how the election is being rewritten — but the figures don’t support the story.

    Fifteen of the Coalition’s new seats are held on very thin margins. Eleven seats have margins of less than 4000 voters, according to AEC figures as at 24 September:.

    I suspect that the DD threat will quickly sink in the sand.

  137. If these people are bought back into the fold, which the presrnt Labor contest for leader could do, things can trun around quickly.

    .people can safely draw a line through News Corporation as being an influence on public opinion. It still plays a role in setting the agenda for lazy TV news producers, but in the big scheme of things the internet is the go-to place for information.

    Underlining this is the size of the informal vote, compounded by the significant numbers of people that couldn’t be arsed voting at all. While the informal vote stayed roughly at the same proportion, the turnout was significantly down.

    Where people did vote informally was in “safe” ALP seats in western Sydney: Fowler, Watson,, Blaxland, Chifley and Werriwa were all in double digits. If these people aren’t going to vote Liberal now, it’s hard to see when they ever will.

    For many people neither of the old parties is doing much to address their needs, hence the widespread disengagement.

    Most of the ALP’s “solutions” turn out to be market based bait-and-switch operations like the Job Network or privatised VET that gouge the millions of Australians who earn less than $30,000 a year, while the Coalition offers to make life equally as miserable. None of the major parties is doing anything to push down the price of rent or help the millions of Australian households over their heads in debt – the big reason why so many people feel economically set upon in an age of paper prosperity………..

  138. I believe that Abbott will quickly learn, he should have taken more notice if science. Well, he might have learnt, that every action, has a reaction.

    Maybe Abbott will do, what others have not been able to do gor years, is to wake the sleeping Labor supporters

    Especially, if he thinks that he an treat the public with contempt, by not even emerging from his cave, to explain his actions.

    “………..Like it or not, the next three years will see bitter battles over culture, the humanities and science. If the left decides not to fight them, they are battles that will be certainly be lost.

    As it turns out, I think the left will fight. Indeed, the next three years are likely to see a much wider and more effective mobilisation of progressive sentiment than Tony Abbott and the tacticians at Crosby Textor may have bargained for.

    In that respect, this morning’s announcement of the rebirth of the Climate Commission as the crowd-funded and independent Climate Council is a straw in the wind. Only days after its abolition, Flannery and his colleagues at the Commission have reconstituted themselves with the help of a groundswell of community support. As independent analysts, they loom as far more effective critics of Greg Hunt and Tony Abbott’s risible Direct Action policy than they would have been while still formally part of the government.

    The rebirth of the Climate Council could not have occurred with anything like this speed and flexibility in the Howard years. It is a sign that the tools for community opposition to Tony Abbott’s agenda are effective and potentially highly disruptive. Like many a general before him, Abbott may soon realise that getting into a culture war is much easier than getting out. ………”

  139. ikely new federal Liberal MP for Dobell, Karen McNamara, has been drawn into controversy about political donations on the NSW central coast due to her role as campaign manager for a state MP whose office has been raided by corruption authorities.
    The electorate offices of NSW MPs Darren Webber and Chris Spence were raided by the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Friday. Mr Webber is the member for Wyong and Mr Spence for The Entrance.
    The raids are believed to be linked to revelations by Fairfax Media last year that two staff members of state Energy Minister Chris Hartcher, who holds the central coast seat of Terrigal, had been referred to election funding authorities by the Liberal Party.
    The Liberals alleged the pair -policy adviser Tim Koelma and Mr Hartcher’s electorate officer Ray Carter – had breached election funding laws shortly before the 2011 election. Ms McNamara was Mr Webber’s campaign manager for the 2011 campaign…………….

    Read more:

    They know how to pick them

  140. In short:
    For the next three years (apologies for cursing, but there is a supreme lack of words) we are f***ed.
    He’s completely anti-gay (how he can look his sister in the eye is amazing), he dislikes students intensely meaning I don’t have a good future anytime soon, he is a misogynist meaning women all over Australia are stuffed in any role that he believes they shouldn’t be in, and he is basically a botoxed version of Howard, so we should expect a relabelled version of Work Choices.
    By the by, who the hell did vote him in? Everyone I know despises him.

  141. To
    VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney
    Instead of being objective and seeing what reality is, you instead, rather react by being suggestive to the piss-poor opinions of the ABBOTT crowd. The LIB ideals will be proved to be biased and based on a perceived fantasy. Putting crap on intellectual reasoning and logic is usually the first sign of ignorance and self-centredness …

  142. There have been two polls taken since the election – Essential and Morgan. Both show an increase in Labor’s support.

    The Murdoch-Abbott “government” is the only one in modern history to have no honeymoon.

    It’s all downhill from here for the worst government since Federation – the beginning of the end…

  143. Turnbull 7.30/

    Why does one get the impression that Turnbull is positioning himself up, for a run at Abbott’;s job, taking both NBN and CEF to the people.

    So Hockey is overseas. Why the secrecy..

  144. Summo September 24, 2013 @ 6:13 pm “De Rogue. I voted him in. What’s your problem?”
    I think most of us have not stopped laughing at you for that one Summo. LOL

  145. Watching the ALP leadership debate, and while I’m no fan of Shorten, will someone explain to Albo that ‘Australia’ has an ‘L’ in it. It’s not ‘Austraya’ but ‘AustraLia’.

    Further, ‘must of’ is invariably meant as ‘must have’ and better said that way. Just sayin …

  146. Gail Campbell, In relation to Climate Change – That has not been proven, at all. In fact there are strong arguments representing both sides and I can guarantee that for every argument against, there is a point for. Sign of intelligence to see contrasting information and continue to be respectfully involved in discussion and all that business, yanno?

    In relation to the arrival of boats. There is no avoiding that is a complicated issue and it has been used as a political football by BOTH the Liberal and Labor Parties over recent years.

    I find it hard to take much that you say with a any level of credibility when you present that ‘Rudd’ was the only using this tactic in politics.

    Let us not forget that issue is about REAL people who, in most cases have suffered horrendous experiences. HOWEVER the situation is managed, that needs to be taken into account.

    The ‘Stop the Boats’ slogan did not win any brownie points with me. Apart from the fact that is not possible in my view, it became about appealing to already skewed public views and not about doing what is right for the people involved.

    Reality, none of it is simple and media blackouts will not make it go away.


    It’s going to be a very interesting 3 years.

  147. Miss Lou. There are only strong arguments on one side, that is for the AGW theory. There have been several alternate theories over the last decade or so but not one has stood up, whilst AGW due to CO2 theory continues to fit the empirical and current field data.

    “I can guarantee that for every argument against, there is a point for.”

    It’s more like for every argument against there are many points for.

    The arguments against have deteriorated into a set of constantly reiterated points, where when any one is shown to be false by the facts, the next point in the set is raised, and that has been going around in circles for more than a decade now.

    In the meantime the real science continues on.

  148. Yep ignorance is bliss to the right wingers.

    It goes a long way to explaining their attitude on education policy 😉

  149. Jack September 25, 2013 @ 7:34 am “I haven’t read a lot of the comments from the left-losers, but somehow I don’t feel cheated.”
    Do you know how dumb that statement makes you appear. Sheesh!
    It reminds me much of the Luddites. If you ignore it or refuse it, it will go away or not exist.
    But since history is a concept impossible for you to wrap your head around, try this one. ” I haven’t read much of the laws in the land, but somehow I don’t feel cheated.”
    Good luck with your philosophy. You’ll need it.

  150. Day nine of the Abbott. Another day,. that he has nothing worthwhile to say to us.

    Another day, he is not open to questions.

  151. Maybe they do not feel cheated, as Abbott and his blokey front bench are telling them nothing.

    Abbott has something to say for us. It is a shame it is just the same old slogans.

    Still has that haunted look.

  152. ABBOTT’s MANIFESTO: Purge and dismantle, then deregulation, followed by anarchy, chaos and disorder leading to martial law to divide and conquer Australians = Fascism = Totalitarianism

  153. Pete, you say it so well.

    Trouble is he will affect so many on the way. These people will not longer be able to ignore what is going on.

    It will not, no longer happening to someone else, it will be happening to them.

    It appears they were wrong, when they say the hip pocket counts. It appears that when there is money in it, people do not react.

    I suspect, when one needs longer arms to get anything out of the same pocket, they might just wake up.

    Abbott wasted his time coming out of the bunker. He still has nothing to say, that the voter wants to hear.

  154. …………The fact that they do it is not the thing that should bother us. The fact that we shrug our shoulders and recognise the political calculations for what they are and give them grudging admiration, that’s the troubling bit.

    We let ourselves be taken for this ride, by participating mutely in a structured political drama that can argue for people’s very lives in one month then turn around the next and do the opposite straight faced. One of these elections we might demand better.

    That we collude quietly for now is a particularly dark piece of moral turpitude. It shouldn’t be assessed against the standards of political cunning, it should be judged against the standards of simple decency………….

    Wonder if Abbott is enjoying the honey moon?

    Abbott said, as far as his people having to clear all they say and do, this is what worked in Opposition, and we are just continuing the practice.

    Wonder how long, it will be effective, or how long, he will get away with it.

    Abbott does not seem to understand, where a government leaves a Ind, many will rush to fill it.

    He leaves the media n where to go, but to report things as they really are.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott what one does not say, can be louder in the public arena, that what one does say.

  155. Yes, the country, as Abbott reminded us once again, is open for business. He is indeed correct. It is open for business to plunder it in every way.

    “………..The Federal Government has decided to intervene in New South Wales to re-spark the coal seam gas industry.

    Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane says he has spoken to Premier Barry O’Farrell and will be forming a committee of various stakeholders to find a real solution to the state’s “gas challenge”.

    Mr Macfarlane has told an energy summit in Sydney today that thousands of jobs are at stake unless opposition to coal seam gas can be overcome.

    He says it is one of his biggest priorities.

    “It’s too urgent. We’ve got to sort this out quickly,” Mr Macfarlane said.

    “We’ve got to get the drill rigs going, where the farmers want them going, where the geology’s safe, where the water’s safe, where the environment’s safe, we’ve got to get them going by Christmas if we can.”…

  156. I worked in DOCS, NSW, many decades ago, where all the back-line support, including clerical services were thrown out.

    Know what happened, our front line staff picked up the essential workload, leading to less time to work with families and kids.

    It meant the front line workers could not do their job.

    For many moons, I suspect up to now, we had these meetings, where we were asked, how the service could be improved. Always had the rider, hat there would be no extra money.

    It is a fallacy, that somehow, one can get rid of those behind the scenes, and things will run normally. This is not true. In fact, the opposite occurs.

    With DOCS, it is more children, continue to be abused. Adding a few Child Protection workers does not fix the problem.

    Same, I suspect in every government agency.

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