Sacked, for believing in climate change

The sacking yesterday of three public department heads signals that the Abbott Government fully intends to politicise the Public Service. In that regards they follow in John Howard’s dreaded footsteps.

Those sacked include Don Russell from the Department of Innovation and Blair Comley (pictured) from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET).

Here’s where I think their sackings were politically motivated.

When the Gillard Government disbanded the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency in March, the climate change functions were absorbed into the Department of Innovation and the energy efficiency functions into RET. Is it a coincidence that both these department heads have now been sacked?

I have only met Don Russell a couple of times but I’ve had the pleasure to hear Blair Comley speak on a number of occasions. His commitment to addressing climate change was one of his great drivers and he possessed a passion that also drove others. His devotion is unmatched by anybody I have ever met.

Further, his knowledge of international and local initiatives on energy efficiency techniques alone made him an asset to the government.

His other great passion was Indigenous affairs and he fought tirelessly in his portfolio to address the social and economic disadvantages of Aboriginal Australians.

Is it any wonder Tony Abbott wanted to sack him?


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  1. Unfortunately this is just the start of things to come. Here in Queensland the Newmann Government is going to close 6 schools and one wonders is this because the Teachers and kids believe in Education. Tie yourselves in Comrades it is going to be a LOOOOOONG three years. I hope there is something left to fight for.

  2. Patricia Barnett in WA is also attacking and slashing public education, and remember the WA model is the one being held up by Abbott as the way to go for the Nation.

    What a backward disgrace the Liberal and National Parties are.

  3. Please link us to the IPCC and point out where they have backed right off?

    You as usual are full of shit VOYAGER and haven’t a clue, which is why you’re such an avid Liberal follower.

  4. Well, I think that that launching an attack on science and action for climate change prevention will backfire badly.

    I think the libs believed their own sales pitch about ‘no carbon tax’. That time has passed, and people are quite benign about the carbon price itself, but still concerned about AGW. Attacking scientists and the science might make a few fringe groups happy, but the general populace still rate scientists well above pollies. Attack them at your own risk.

    In the meantime, it is already looking like the Abbottoir is making bush the jnr’s reign resemble an age of enlightenment by comparison.

    I also love the way that politically motivated persecution of senior public servants is presented as ‘action’ in the media. muppets!

  5. Please I hope not Tom, I got sick of that with our last resident denier.

    Abbott could be heading for a big international fall in his stance against climate change.

    As extreme weather events continue to escalate, costing countries large chunks of money, and most countries intrinsically accept the science, it seems the next round of the international climate conference is going to demand binding action against CO² emissions.

    Abbott’s DAP, already a known failure before it’s started, won’t cut the mustard, so countries that do take measure to reduce CO² will put tariffs on those who don’t.

  6. I wonder if the deniers will see the irony in the fact that for years they have made (baseless) accusations that ‘skeptics’ were being fired for their views on global warming, yet here we have actual firing of anyone who has anything to do with the issue.

  7. yet here we have actual firing of anyone who has anything to do with the issue.

    I don’t think they see anything but their bloody minded denial ginckgo. Although, it is a valid point you raise. For years, we have heard about greenies feathering their own nests (with no proof, except denial of science). Now, for purely ideological reasons, nothing to do with ‘values’, these public servants have been sacked, simply for performing to the directions of their ministers.

    Values. Ha, it’s a wonder they could even spell it.

  8. There is always something left to fight for. It’s like the old saying you get knocked down you get back up an start again. Politics will NOT DICTATE our futures! Stand together we must make a difference and we must fight with everything we have!

  9. “Read the latest from IPCC , they have backed right off.” Oh, what a load of old bollocks. What a surprise that you’re an avid reader of Uncle Rupert’s Right Wing propaganda, Voyager, as it’s clearly aimed at people of way below average intelligence. As for your claims that Abbott & Co were elected on the basis of abolishing the carbon tax, well that’s the biggest load of balderdash I’ve ever read. Why don’t you piss off back to Menzies House, Voyager?

  10. Migs, so true, these are just more examples that he, Abbott, has no belief or interest in the science or the truth of CC, and ALL appointments, including the two Bishops will be purely political, all the while claiming that they and the rest of his ministry appointments are meritorious? WTF?

    I have just posted “LNP women of calibre!” looking at some of these issues 😀

    Cheers 😀

  11. atkenos. Howard’s mutual obligation and stated stick and carrot approach.

    What a joke that turned out to be.

    The mutual obligation turned out to be mutual obligation. Everyone we decree, but mostly the disadvantaged and least able to defend themselves, are obligated but we the government are not obligated to do anything in return.

    As to the carrot and stick. I remember a cartoon at the time of a huge stick holding a tiny shrivelled carrot in front of a starving ragged donkey.

    Abbott will get rid of the carrot altogether and just beat the donkey with a massive stick.

  12. Keep the Faith, Fight the Fight, Right Aint Right , OMG Am I Entering The Three word slogans Mantra, Tony Abbott will choke on his Silly Policys , Boats Hitting troubled waters already, NBN Will Highlight His Stupidity, , Denying Climate Change Tut tut he is really proving he is a Dinosaur , AND I am so glad we wont see as much of his stupid Fixed Grin On TV If he had told me this before the election I think I would have voted for him, No doubt he will Back flip on this Policy as well

  13. This is heartbreaking and wrong, so wrong on so many levels. Our government is moving to a Dictatorship, gone is democracy. This I feared so passionately, that is why I worked so hard to get people to see the truth. But Murdochracy won out, Australia as we knew it is going, going ……………..

  14. BTW, Voyager, funny how you Right Whingers are always so keen to talk of “mandates” whenever your mob of clowns are in office…yet I don’t recall these same clowns being too keen on letting Rudd get his ETS through the Senate back in 2009-even though he had almost certainly had a stronger claim to a mandate than Abbott currently does. This just smacks of the usual “born to rule” attitude we’ve come to expect of the Lunar Right. This new government was only elected less than 2 weeks ago, & they’re already pissing people off left, right & center-even within their own party. When he’s spent some months wrecking the economy, like his mate Barnett has in WA, then even Uncle Rupert won’t be able to save him!

  15. It appalls me that worthy people are sacked and there is no good reason at all. It is Abbott’s vindictiveness first, and then his lack of foresight and intelligence. I hope his despicable behavior means there will be mass protests.

  16. I, as well as many of my science colleagues that are about to graduate from uni are looking for work internationally, at least for the next three years. Not a month into the new regime and we can already tell there’s going to be no jobs for us. Yes, we’re calling it a regime– officials sacked for supporting a claim that goes against policies, several ministries abolished, education cuts, censorship– sound familiar to anybody?

  17. Let us all just keep on pointing out just how many things that this newly elected government are doing wrong & how it will affect us as a nation.
    We need to keep up the fight to get the messages out that the MSM are still avoiding to print. How long can they keep this avoidance up is anyone’s guess, but we must not let up on the pressure that should be applied to all journalists.
    To the MSM – message – START DOING YOUR JOB PROPERLY! You are journalists, you need to question, seek the truth, be objective.

  18. Voyager….the Libs got voted in for only one reason, and that was nothing to do with climate change! They got voted in because Rupert Murdoch set out on a very successful mission to get rid of the Labor Government through his 70% ownership of media in Australia, and he achieved exactly that. Well done Murdoch….let’s see how long your clown puppet Abbott will last! Hopefully not long enough to do the damage he has already set out to do.

  19. David, I feel sorry that you and your colleagues have to consider leaving the country for work. This government is going to have a lot to answer for.:(

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  21. Patricia, are you sure it will be three years. Abbott doesn’t appear to be getting a honeymoon from the media.

    Two overseas, important jaunts quickly coming up, which I suspect, ill truly reveal his worth.

    When one peeps at what us being said on other continents, one can only guess what his reception will be.

    Where are all the people, who one would think, would be backing him in getting rid of that tax?

    Where are his defenders. I mean those outside the party.


  22. I suspect, that most in Western Sydney would have been more interested in improvements to the transport network, especially when next month, brings cuts in services.

  23. Well voyager, I do not intend to back off. I happen to believe that the CEF suite of legislation is important for this country,.

    I believe that Abbott intends to come down on the side of the deniers, and his DA is a sham.

    I happen to believe in Gonski and NDIS. Abbott does pot intend to deliver either.

    Yes, I believe in what Gillard achieve and will fight while I am able to save some.

    I do not believe that many voted for Abbott because of his policies. In fact, I am not even sure what most of his policies are.

    I do not believe he will get far with OSB, and that he will cause international outcry within the Asian region.

    The evidence seems to suggest, that getting rid of Labor was the aim. Have not seen many, attack Labor’s policies.

    No, none of us will be lying down, letting him roll over us, in his bull dozer.

  24. Parents in WA of 457 visa being given bill up to $10,00 per annum for the education of their kids. Not entitled for Medicare either. No wonder Abbott and Co, love these visa;s. .

    Voyager, look in on today;s Newsline, ABC 24. Can see on line and elsewhere.

    He has already got China offside.

    Not bad for the second day of his government.

  25. Michael, I love this “following up”, of all that Abbott has said or promised.

    Time for the likes of Voyager and Tweed, to begin defending Abbott, that is if they can.

  26. That report still has not been publish,. There have been leaks from the draft, taken out of context.

    The experts questioned on the leaks, said they will wait ti see the report.when It appears.

    They are still standing strongly behind the concept of man made climate change, due to carbon emission,

    The Australia quickly dropped, using the leak. Have not followed up on it.

    Hard to give links, to something that yet does not exist.

    A beatuo in the Australian means little. Suspect the public is wising up to this.

  27. It will come back to bite him Human Kind, not just from the US, but also from other countries who are taking up carbon abatement schemes of one type or another, you know the ones Abbott said weren’t as supposedly more countries were taking up direct action than carbon schemes, which was another Abbott lie.

  28. If Abbott was sincere about DA and dealing with climate change, he would be introducing the legislation, leading to the present suite of CEF to be superseded.

    This, he refuses to do.

    Same will be true with the NBNCo.

    Same with Gonski.

    Same with border control.

    He will need to this, if he wants to get the majority on side. This, he will not do, as DA will be seen as the fallacy it is.

    Albanese holding media conference in the next hour or so.

    Once Abbott begins to introduce legislation, he can no longer hide.

    That could be, why he is putting off recalling parliament to the latest date he can.

    I believe his has to do so, within thirty days from yesterday. All so, thirty days after the 7/9 we have the costings revealed.

    Abbott is all hot air. There will be no DD, under any circumstances.

    I laugh when Abbott keeps telling the Indonesians he can still work together, when they say, he cannot, if he continues down the present path,

    The Indonesians, thank to their big mouth have control of the agenda. Saying his new slogans, I want to work calmly…..will not work with them, anymore than they will with the public here.

    Albanese now on ABC 24

  29. Julia Gillard gave the clue, the night she called on the vote, declaring all positions open. “it is not even about policies”.

    Yes, she is correct, this election was not about Labor’s policies.

    Abbot was not elected for his policies.

    I suspect that Abbott will find his victory, hollow indeed.

    Labor, in the process of electing their leader, will provide the public with a clear choice between them and the government.

    Not sure if this is the legacy Rudd wanted for his actions, in changing how leaders are picked. With Rudd, I suspect it was more about keeping him in power.

    Good outcome, even if Rudd changed the rules for the wrong reasons.

    Abbott needs, not to hide from the media, but get out their, selling his policies, if that is possible. He will have to let us in on the secrets, that are his policies for the future.

  30. Labor is setting up their policies for the next election, as they go into Opposition. Not opposing for oppositions sake, but saying, this is how we can do better.

  31. At least for the next three or less years, we can proudly push what Labor stands for, and defend the policies being put forwarded.

    We can let the government get on, with cutting their own throats.

    At least we will know what the policies are, and not having to focus on saying over and over, bad bad government, as Abbott was reduced to. Nothing but slogans and saying no no no.

  32. Funny. what we are hearing from Albanese and Shorten, and the rest of Labor, seems to be adult and mature conversation. It seems Labor is practicing what Abbott is promising us. Still have not seen any from the new government.

    What will Abbott say at the G20 and other international body. If he stands up and says, climate change is rubbish. what will be the reception.

  33. And so convenient after the election too.

    Wonder if the right wingers who accused Gillard of being guilty on the evidence of a document that did not exist or for any of the evidence that was fabricated will apologise.

    Don’t be stupid, they will keep on making baseless accusations on fabrications because there’s not a skerrick of integrity in their right wing souls.

  34. Mr. McFarland said, he is surprise that Holden has not got some of the millions he gave them, when minister before,.

    Can someone point out to the minister, that was decade, two governments ago.

    Yesterday men, for today’s problems.

    Mr. Abbott said his government would be a problem solving government.

    Wonder if he meant today’s problems, or those in the past, back in Howard’s day.
    Abbott could begin by addressing the problems that Howard created, that of middle’upper welfare a and that of the budget structural imbalance he left behind.

    Just a thought.

  35. I believe Mr. Abbott might be lucky that Gillard is not a vindictive person. She appears to be of the nature, that once the job is finished, she moves onto the next chapter of her life.

  36. And so convenient after the election too.

    Pure coincidence

    Like how there was court hearing on Thom(p)son in the last week of the campaign, in which the judge declared that the gg had misrepresented him.

  37. I, as well as many of my science colleagues that are about to graduate from uni are looking for work internationally, at least for the next three years. Not a month into the new regime and we can already tell there’s going to be no jobs for us

    You know David, telling lies for political purposes is not good. I doubt if a change in govt has made any change in your work prospects. It is what you want to believe however. But if you want to complain you should complain about this if you have any honesty.

    THOUSANDS more foreign students will get the green light to compete with young Australians for jobs next week, when Julia Gillard’s “Aussie-first” government expands a back-door work visa scheme………..The number of foreigners on “485 skilled graduate” visas soared 74 per cent last year to 38,210 – the same number of unemployed Australians aged 20 to 24, who were searching for their first job in January…………..But starting next Saturday, foreign graduates with a bachelor’s degree in any field will be allowed to work here for up to two years.

    Master’s degree graduates will be allowed to work for three years, and PhD graduates for four years.

  38. Tony Abbott refuses to discuss sackings of Public Servants or give reasons. Tony Abbott refuses to discuss meeting and trip to Indonesia to discuss Asylum Seeker Policy and claims Media has done much damage before. Looks like we lost a PM that actually fronted the media and explained things (good or bad) and answered questions. Now we have a PM who as LOTO was in the media more often than the Kardashians and now he won’t discuss anything. Looks like we only get the Good News Tony and no explanation or media presence when the hard questions are asked. Now how did I know this was what he was going to be like. Never liked him since 1996 and still don’t like the man. All bark and run with his tail between his legs when the questions don’t suit him.

  39. Oh & look, here is Abbott’s two biggest fan bois-Scraper & Nil of Sydney. Tell you what, Neil, you must be getting desperate if you have to drag out extremely dubious “news” stories-from over 3 months ago-in order to try to distract us from what a moronic & destructive twit Abbott is. Now, why don’t you & your mate Scraper toddle on back to Menzies House, & leave the conversation to those with more than a single digit IQ?

  40. 😆 @ Marcus


    Good to see you commenting again (albeit occasionally). Hopefully you are recovering well and may get to join in the effort of holding the new government to account 🙂

  41. So Tim retires to his waterfront property and watch the waters rise….shityagottalaughhavnetya 😉 “watchoiut Timmy, the sharks are circling!”

    In the meantime, we have Paul Howes calling a media con to announce he’s pulling out of the senate race, for an alp senate spot that doesn’t exist, coz it is currently held by Carr who slid in after saying he wasn’t interested, but then today says he is staying put. alp’s new logo ‘some things never change…you can trust us, we’re fair dinkum’..ME talks about a circus…have u heard anything funnier…what clowns 🙂

    hey! anybody heard how that bum grub craigy thompson is coming along?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  42. New US Ambassador Is A Union Defender
    By Adam Brereton

    labourUS ambassadorus politicsjohn berryadam brereton
    John Berry, our new US ambassador, is more than a daggy jumper-wearing ‘people person’. He made his career defending civil servants against savage attacks, writes Adam Brereton

    Meet John Berry, the Obama administration’s quirky new appointment as Australian ambassador! He wears daggy knitted jumpers, and has both a mountain in Antarctica and a lion named after him! We know all this from his impeccably naff introduction video, which was reported by the nation’s press this week.

    Here’s what you won’t read about Berry: As director of the Office of Personnel Management (the central HR department for the US civil service) he was a strong advocate for public sector unions, even as he was being crushed between Obama’s attempts to cut the enormous US deficit, and the attacks of anti-labour ideologues in the hostile Republican-dominated US Congress. In other words, Berry was handed the biggest turd sandwich in the US and managed to make a decent meal of it, while keeping a smile on his face……….

    That new Ambassador Obama sent us, gets more in interesting. I suspect that Obama has a wicked sense of humour.

    Drum and ABC back to being ridiculous. Many saying much that is just their own prejudices, not based on one iota of fact.

  43. scaper, are you suggesting the new government should not be held to account.

    News for you, he will be.

    Have you noticed, the numbers this and similar sites are reaching each day.

    The figure would shock you.

    MSM might even be proud to reach so many, that take time to read, not just turn to the sports or crossword page.

    Why the have gone up so quickly, at this stage, I have no idea,

    Could it be that people are waking from their stupor, of it will be all right mate, nothing to do with me.

  44. scaper. please allow me to translate FU’s last post. the poor dear is worn out,

    #@*#@$ &*%$#@*&^$# #!#!#(*%^$#@!( and so on and so forth

    she’s been sitting here posting for 943 days without a break and after 126,472 posts isn’t quite with us…she’ll be right though after a bit of rest….back to her old warrior self 🙂


  45. summo, you know, as well as the ABC where you comment came from, that the media have been stirring up trouble for weeks, with stories of Carr retiring, and Howes taking over.

    All Howes did today, kill the story. Could not imagine why he would want the job at his age.

    At the same time, Howes took the opportunity, to give support for women in the party. What is wrong with that.

    Yes, I watched our ABC late this afternoon, once again twist everything to suit their views.

    It seem, if one listen to the Drum, that Abbott can do as he likes, as the public does not care. They seem to believe, everyone thinks like they do. Did they not noticed, a great number did not vote for Abbott.

    Many might not be interested in either party, but not so sure, many. a great many do not like the policies that Labor put in place. Have not seen much love for the policies of Abbott. Not even sure many know what they are. We who were following closely had trouble finding details. Aspirational proposals means little for me..

    Does not matter anymore, I do not believe many are listening to that type of talk,

  46. “Tell you what, Neil, you must be getting desperate if you have to drag out extremely dubious “news” stories-from over 3 months ago-in order to try to distract us from what a moronic & destructive twit Abbott is

    Dubious?? These changes to the 485 visas will cause David (11.28AM) more trouble getting a job in science than anything Abbott may do. And it was a Gillard govt policy. I agree with Labor about the rorting going on with 457 visas but 485 visas are causing more trouble for people who want a job in science than 457 visas.

    According to the link i gave there are 240,000 foreign students and thanks to Labor will be competing with local graduates for a job.

    If this was a Howard govt policy you lot would be exploding.

  47. summo, you would be better put, adding up figures connected to Abbott.

    summo, have you taken up, doing the dirty work, of those on another site.

    If so, you are wasting your time.It will be only yourself, that you will make a fool of.

    Plain English, The number of visitors, that come daily is getting near 100.000 Not a bad number in anyones language.

    Yes, these sites are growing.

  48. Did you ever stop to consider there may be two sides to that coin Neil? How many Australian students get to work in the US, UK, China, Japan, Europe? When I was at uni, one of the professors’ main role was lining up graduates to work in the US.

    My own son attended uni in Japan for two semesters, paid for by the Japanese government, including living expenses. He also had the opportunity to work in Tokyo for 3 months before he graduated from UQ, and could have stayed longer if he’d wanted to.

    A colleague I worked with until recently is now working in Shanghai – started last week…

    Open BOTH of those eyes Neil – you may be surprised at what you can see. 😉

  49. Very productive, am I not.

    Also I do not keep saying the same thing over and over, I move with the times, do not linger in the past.

    This is not the only site i visit. Do not even stick to blogs.

    Now summo, what is your problem. What is your point.

    What have you contributed during this time, apart from calling people names.

  50. Bacchus

    I take your point. But English is now the language for everything. While lots of Aussies go overseas it is nothing like the numbers of people coming from Eastern Europe and China.

    Basically everyone in Eastern Europe wants a job here. They are economic immigrants who use education to get out of their homeland. We are not talking about small numbers like Aussies who go overseas, we are talking about MASS migration. Shut the door and the last Eastern European to leave turn out the lights.

    Labors changes to 485 visas are doing damage to people who want to do science in Australia. There is something wrong when the majority of people in research labs are flyins from Eastern Europe and China.

  51. it is nothing like the numbers of people coming from Eastern Europe and China.

    And look beyond into just how much money these international students bring into the country. And you are worried about some part time work for them. Unemployment is still low. They are not taking anyone’s job. They are adding to our growing economy.

  52. Did you read the link???

    But starting next Saturday, foreign graduates with a bachelor’s degree in any field will be allowed to work here for up to two years.

    Master’s degree graduates will be allowed to work for three years, and PhD graduates for four years.”

    And there are 240,000 of these people here. Labors 485 visas are a joke and if this was a Howard govt policy Unions would be going ballistic. Looks like the Coalition supports 485 visas also.

    And the same goes for other English speaking countries. Everybody in Eastern Europe wants a job in an English speaking country because the pay is better and it is a nicer place to live.

  53. Beats me why you people are against 457 visas but say nothing about 485

    Probably because 457 visas are aimed at undercutting wages. 485 are about attracting quality students to learn here, which, as I said, makes a lot of money.

  54. Do you have any idea how much it costs for an international student to complete a degree here Neil? My daughter in law has a $40,000 debt from her masters degree – total cost was about $60,000. Multiply that by your 240,000 students – they’re bringing a ship load of $$$ into our tertiary institutions.

    It would also do your case less damage if you weren’t such a disingenuous fellow. 🙄 How many students are taking up the 485 visas? It’s not anywhere near the 240,000 you keep preaching, is it?

  55. Well the link i gave said this

    “The number of foreigners on “485 skilled graduate” visas soared 74 per cent last year to 38,210 – the same number of unemployed Australians aged 20 to 24, who were searching for their first job in January.”

    And it will explode even more under the new modified visa.

    By the way i mentioned this topic because “shit for brains” David said this at 11.28AM

    “I, as well as many of my science colleagues that are about to graduate from uni are looking for work internationally, at least for the next three years. Not a month into the new regime and we can already tell there’s going to be no jobs for us.”

    I hate people who tell lies for political purposes.. Why does David do this?? Trying to win votes for Labor by telling lies??

  56. Well WA is getting even with those on 457 visas. They are lumping parents $10,000 per annum, per child for their kids education, Not entitled to Medicare either. No wonder Abbott likes then so much.

  57. “yet here we have actual firing of anyone who has anything to do with the issue.”

    Well see, therein lies the problem…When an individual or group proposes a scientific theory it is usually best to rigorously debate it and test said theory; especially in a public forum as has been done historically…Not declare the “debate is over” before its ever had and in the same breath declare it fact; create a whole wing of government, off shoot industries etc. prematurely…Unfortunately that is exactly what most Western governments/economies have done but as the science has shown, something just isn’t adding up. Oh to be sure the Carbon is; we are still pumping tons of it into the air at the expense of what, more vegetation? Oh but instead of declaring the “brethren” might not have all the variables (like many so called skeptics have said from the beginning) plugged into their “algorithms of infallibility” they start coming up with theories to explain their original theory’s shortcomings while asking us to hold true to the original? This is unabashed leftwing dogma at its core and why when said dogma is implemented it never works or never has an ending; just increasing costs with no funding unless you can make it “all about the children”… One bad theory compounded by another; supported by tortured logic…Boats, Carbon, Insulation, Lack of leadership etc…Good riddance…

  58. Sparta, we’re back in America over Xmas. Will you be anywhere near Vegas? I’m not sure if we can make it to Arizona apart from a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

    Since Abbott won, the Aussie dollar has creeped up five cents against the Greenback so we might grab a few more dollars to lash out. Might even be able to afford to buy you a drink.

  59. Since Abbott won, the Aussie dollar has creeped up five cents against the Greenback

    Interesting watching the news report this last night Migs. A month ago, it was all ‘woe is us’ because the dollar was too high. Last night, the rising dollar was fantastic news. If you are traveling overseas, lower interest rates (wasn’t that bad a month ago?) and I forget the last positive (??). But there was NOTHING negative. Unlike a month ago, when there was NOTHING positive, for the same bloody story.

    Purely coincidental, I’m sure 😉

  60. And it will explode even more under the new modified visa.

    Perhaps you missed the caveat then nil

    She said the government would monitor the use of the visas and “make changes in response to economic and employment circumstances”.

    Yet there is no evidence presented in the article that graduates are taking the low pay jobs as it hypothesized. I would argue that, after completing a degree, if they cannot find work in that field here, they will then look overseas for that work. That is the main reason for doing the degree in the first place is it not? So, again, our media is comparing Apples and Oranges, which they do love to compare, yet have no reflection on the actual argument in question

    I, as well as many of my science colleagues that are about to graduate from uni are looking for work internationally, at least for the next three years.

    Note the bit in bold nil. That might help you to understand the CONTEXT of what was being said, and perhaps reveal to you the reason WHY these students now find themselves in a different situation than they faced three short months ago.

    Try not to call people liars so often nil when it your own inability to grasp a subject that is lacking.

  61. Funny that, isn’t it Tom. The dollar was too high – therefore it would hurt locally produced products. Now of course it’s good that its creeping up as it will mean petrol prices could go down. Gee, those Libs are miracle workers. 🙄

  62. Gee, those Libs are miracle workers.

    Yes. Just how do they get the media to spin it so differently depending on which party it reflects best on?

  63. The other area I’ve noticed a big change in the ABC on is that so far everyone of their political pieces has not had one “the opposition says”, “such and such of the opposition says” etc. in direct contrast where the moment the Labor government made a statement, did something or was interviewed it was immediately followed by something from the opposition and whatever they said was never challenged.

    But of course the right wingers from their position of head in sand and cloaca in the air will say the media are not biased and had no influence.

  64. The lnp and their troll fanbois continue their war on reality – unsurprising at least.
    When will they learn that REALITY is not subject to ideology ?
    Rather than acting as “adults” they betray all the maturity of a 2 y.o.’s tantrum.
    Looks increasingly like we are now getting the “incompetent government” they’ve been rabbitting on about for years, as they continue to deny reality in favour of their fractured ideology, built as it is on lies and wishful thinking..
    I would rejoice at their failures, except for the human and ecological costs of their failures will be great, and unequally “shared.”
    The lessons they are (apparently)incapable of learning about the nature and supremacy of reality when juxtaposed against their witless “policies” will become evident soon enough.
    REALITY ALWAYS WINS any such conflict.

  65. “Since Abbott won, the Aussie dollar has creeped up five cents against the Greenback so we might grab a few more dollars to lash out. Might even be able to afford to buy you a drink.”

    Ahhh…Now Migs, I hope you know, in all sincerity, I would be there to meet you in a second if I could…I am actually in Toronto for a bit and not due back to AZ until Feb. However, it is I who would have gladly bought you a drink mate. Wishing you good health…

  66. has not had one “the opposition says”

    Yes ME, remarkable, is it not? And, it is not from lack of the Opposition saying either. many articles have the comments down near the bottom, instead of forming the basis of the story. Previously, the Governments actions and announcements were all presented through the prism of ‘the opposition says’, not, they are a footnote. If they are mentioned at all.

  67. nil wrote:
    I hate people who tell lies for political purposes..

    So you’d loathe and detest the Liberals for their claim that WorkChoices is “dead, buried and cremated”, and the alarmist slogan: “Budget emergency”?

  68. cuppa you nuff nuff…”there will be no carbon tax under a govt I lead” and this little gem ” I will never again contest the leadership of the labor party.” rudd

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  69. “More than ever, Australia needs a government that will help the nation fulfill its promise rather than a government which makes promises it cannot fulfill.’- Kevin Rudd, 2007.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  70. Yes Tom. In reading articles on the growing Indonesian anger over Abbott’s stance and put down of them I noticed that there was just one that at the very bottom in one line had an opposition Labor spokesman said.

    It’s not that they always referred to the opposition says for every single point of the previous government, but they often, and especially the ABC, had the opposition says prominent in their articles, more often than not on for longer or in longer pieces, were never critical of the opposition’s statements even when they were blatant or proven fabrications, showed them more favourably than the government’s points and at times had the opposition response lead the government point so as to undermine the what the government was stating.

  71. Dummo,

    Does this ring a bell? The Liberals ran this as election advertising:

    We will keep interest rates at record lows”

    Then there was this one:

    “The GST is dead and buried. It was killed by the voters at the last election. It will not be part of the Liberal agenda again. Never ever”.

    Now they are trying the same line with SerfChoices, the same word for word,

    “WorkChoices is dead, buried and cremated”.

    Anyone who believes that is as dumb as summo.

    And I expect nil of sydney to come forward and condemn the Liberals for lying for political purposes.

    I hate people who tell lies for political purposes..

  72. Well Summo we certainly haven’t got that government now. Already promises broken and back flips that make a wind up toy monkey look pedestrian.


  73. cuppa Abetz mentioned bringing in WorkChoices the day after the election. He didn’t call it that but what he said would be on the government’s agenda sounded like WorkChoices, smelt like WorkChoices and tasted like WorkChoices so is WorkChoices no matter what name they call it.

  74. Pre-election Kevin Rudd promised to keep fuel and grocery prices down – a feat he must have known to be impossible. Labor launched Fuelwatch and Grocerywatch websites at huge cost to taxpayers, promptly shutting them down when they proved completely ineffective.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  75. The super clinics are a great success and the attacks on them were another of the media and opposition’s beat ups on crap facts, just like all their other crap facts.

    That you fell for it and believed them Summo doesn’t surprise me on little bit.


  76. Hey Summo how many times do have to be shown that something you claim is a lie wasn’t one before you admit you are lying?

    Don’t answer, it’s self evident.


  77. Kevin Rudd promised to build 260 childcare centres on school grounds. On April 22 2010 he made a junior minister announce that this had been scrapped.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  78. Bob Kernohan said:
    “Bill Shorten should hang his head in shame, but of course he won’t, this bloke has no moral conscience.
    Bill Shorten was a young man that I nurtured, indeed I became his mentor in terms of providing Bill with an opportunity to have a career in the union.
    I blame myself as much as anyone for allowing people like Shorten to infiltrate the AWU. Bill never came from the true blue working class, he was a uni student and a career political public servant, similar to Rudd in the Goss Government.
    Bill Shorten was my campaign manager when I opposed and campaigned against Wilson and Gillard for fraud. For the record Bill Shorten, Chris Hayse, Conroy, Roxon,Swan, Feeney, Ludwig,Howes and others knew full well about the fraud perpetrated by Gillard and Wilson in what is now known as the AWU scandal.
    Shorten said to me when I asked him for his support after Wilson and Gillard were exposed for ripping off hundreds of thousands of dollars from the AWU, “Bob think of your future, Wilson has gone, everyone else is moving on, BULTISH, BULTISH.
    Not long after I received death threats, bullets in my mail box, bullied out of my office, and badly assulted. I am wondering Bill, will this legislation be retrospective?, Only asking…..
    Bob Kernohan

  79. Mr Albanese … said Australians needed the 1 gigabit per second [Gbps] internet download speeds Labor’s plan would deliver using fibre optic cabling to homes and businesses. But when asked what the cost of a 1Gbps would be to households and consumers, Mr Albanese said he did not know and that it was up to market players, which would include Telstra and SingTel-Optus, to decide what the price is.

    “The market will determine these things, Emma, this is not a Mr Albanese … said Australians needed the 1 gigabit per second [Gbps] internet download speeds Labor’s plan would deliver using fibre optic cabling to homes and businesses. But when asked what the cost of a 1Gbps would be to households and consumers, Mr Albanese said he did not know and that it was up to market players, which would Mr Albanese … said Australians needed the 1 gigabit per second [Gbps] internet download speeds Labor’s plan would deliver using fibre optic cabling to homes and businesses. But when asked what the cost of a 1Gbps would be to households and consumers, Mr Albanese said he did not know and that it was up to market players, which would include Telstra and SingTel-Optus, to decide what the price is.

    “The market will determine these things, Emma, this is not a government-owned monopoly,” he said.
    (Oh No! Another Albo lie)
    This was contradicted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as well as internet service provider SingTel-Optus who have long stated that the NBN will be a government-owned monopoly. NBN Co sets wholesale prices and has set a $150 per month wholesale rate for 1Gbps services, on top of which retailers will have to pay access charges before adding a margin.

    all alp’s in their dna

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  80. Hilarious, Dummo. Remember the Solid Gold Guarantee in relation to the Medicare Safety net? That was reneged on in a heart-beat. Remember the pledge not to bring in full-fee University degrees? Yep, that reneged on too. Remember Howard’s pledge not to revisit IR reform post-2004? Yep, he reneged on that too. Remember when Howard said regime change was insufficient justification for invading Iraq? Yep, he reneged on that too once those phantom WMD’s were exposed. Of course he also lied about not having made a decision about the Iraq invasion (the troops were already in Kuwait at the time). He also lied about Children Overboard. Meanwhile, Dummo, what you’ve provided thus far are *not* any examples of *lies* by Labor. Gillard ruled out a carbon tax, but she also pledged to put a price on Carbon in her very next breath (cherry picking quotes is in the LIEberal Troll DNA).

    According to this website:

    there are currently *50* GP super clinics in operation, so that’s not a lie either. Indeed, Dummo, I’ve yet to see you prove a single actual *lie* in any of your pathetic posts to date-especially as I don’t see a failure to achieve a goal to be a lie, whereas a deliberate, conscious back-flip (like those I listed above) most definitely do constitute LIES. Lying is clearly in the LIEberal Party DNA.

    Now, Dummo, why don’t you piss off back to Menzies House, & take your moronic mates-Scraper & Nil-with you. Again, leave this conversation to the *intelligent* people, not those so stupid that they believe everything Abbott & Murdoch tell them!

  81. Oh, & if we’re talking about lying, lets not forget that Howard pretty much *invented* the term “Non-core promise” in order to cover up for the litany of lies he told the Australian public during the 1996 election campaign. Lets not forget that his nickname “Honest” John Howard came about because of the lies he told as treasurer during the Fraser Years. Lets not forget that one of his *own* party members called him a “lying rodent”. Yet the LibTard trolls want to lecture *us* on the matter of honesty? That’s like the Catholic church lecturing people on issues of child protection!

  82. Kevin Rudd and Labor’s $2.45 billion home insulation scheme failed dismally, with dodgy operators profiteering off government grants, 120 house fires, up to 1000 electrified roofs, and four deaths of installers due to lack of adequate training. Prior to the scheme Peter Garrett wrote four letters to Kevin Rudd warning him his department was not able to handle the roll-out. The letters were ignored and Kevin Rudd refuses to publicly release them. Rudd defied calls to front a Senate inquiry into the debacle.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  83. Labor’s $16.2 billion school stimulus scheme was equally disasterous, with schools given funding to be spent on projects they don’t need, and more widespread profiteering from contractors, with examples such as shade cloths worth $250,000 being installed at a cost of $1,000,000.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  84. 2013

    Kevin Rudd, December 2009: “Global warming is the great moral and economic challenge of our time. The resolve of the Australian government is clear – we choose action. Action now. Not action delayed. The clock is ticking for the planet.” In April 2010 Kevin Rudd announced that any action on an ETS will be delayed until 2013 – two elections away.

    and delayed it has been 🙂


  85. Australia liberated from their long national green nightmare

    Today 7th Sept, is a great day not only in Australian history, but also in world history. It marks the day when people of character and sensibility pushed back against an overwrought and pointless green agenda, and pushed back in a big way. They’ve had enough, and they’ve scraped the Krudd off their shoes and are moving forward.

    Tony Abbott has won the Australian election in a landslide, and vows to abolish the carbon tax as a first order of business. Abbott has declared Australia is “once more open for business” in claiming victory in Saturday’s election.

    It is a huge blow to the Rudd-Gillard labor party and their green goals, which were built on a lie foisted on the Australian people. In 2010 when Gillard said “no carbon tax” in a videotaped speech that has been seen as the key moment Australians lost trust: snip

    Then, shortly after she was elected prime minister, she acted as if those words were never spoken, and implemented a carbon tax anyway. There’s nothing worse than a liar who is oblivious to their own lies, and in Australia’s opinion, this was the catalyst that set the stage for the end of labor’s green dream as well as their meager dominance in government.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  86. Fifty of Super Clinics, with more ready to go. Yes, there is a new dental scheme that covers children, and plans to extend services.

    summo, why not keep to the truth. Would be a change.

    Why are we talking about the previous government, when we now have a Abbott government.

    One would have thought, that you would be out, shouting from the roof tops, how good Abbott is.

  87. Yes, Rudd did make those promises. Promised similar legislation that exists in WA, and still does today.

    Guess what, the Opposition voted it down.

    At the end of the day, none were that essential. Would have been nice, but probably would not have changed much.

    Promised a ETS, which Abbott also voted down, along with the Greens, who were greedy.

    Funny, Abbott’s supporters are telling us to do, what they did not do, themselves, lie back and let Abbott get on with the job. Yes, we are not allowed to dissent.

    Funny, what happened to free speech, the right to speak ones mind.

  88. summo, you know why Labor did not go ahead with those childcare centres.

    Yes, they had to clean up the mess of the ABC centres scandal, which was a result of Howard’s interfering with childcare.

    The solution to th ABC centres, made the promise for more centres, to be placed in school grounds redundant.

    Try another one.

  89. The roof insulation scheme after three or more investigations was declared a success. In it’s wake, came regulations, for the first time, to make the industry safer.

    Yes over a million and quarter roofs, now insulated, leading to cheaper power bills for the owners.

    As for the deaths, the bossed were convicted for them. Yes, the boss, under state

    It did save the jobs of many, which was it’s aim. Yes, kept people in jots, and firms afloat.

    As for the fires, there were far fewer, than before the scheme was introduced.

  90. Yes, they had to clean up the mess of the ABC centres scandal, which was a result of Howard’s interfering with childcare.

    What total rubbish FU. ABC went belly up because the idiot running the show borrowed gazillions and paid gazillions for overpriced businesses in the USA.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  91. Do not hear many schools complain about their halls

    summo, you ignore what the scheme also entailed. Yes, language and science laboriousness. Yes, digitalization of every classroom that involved electronic white boards, computer and other equipment. Yes, even the school canteens, being bought into this century.

    Julia Gillard transform the school environment.

    Yes,much more that schools halls.

    I forgot the low income housing and housing for the homeless that was also built.
    Yes, a very wasteful time.

    The most important thing of all,no recession or depression.

  92. Indeed Summo Fed up is right. You believe there’s so much wrong with Abbott and the current government you have to keep harping back to the previous one in attacks.

    Says a real lot about how bad this Abbott government will be.

    Anyway went to town to do some banking and heard this on the radio.

    Abbott is heading for failure on his closure of the environmental and clean energy departments, already many businesses are talking of closing down because of it.

    Many businesses have invested lots of money and effort into clean energy and efficiencies for their companies and it’s making them competitive against overseas companies who are pouring huge amounts of resources into clean and renewable energy efficiencies.

    Abbott has destroyed that for Australia and the spokesperson said we will not only become uncompetitive because Abbott mistakenly thinks he is freeing up capital for business, in the long run we will become a backwater and will have restrictions imposed upon us by those trade countries who have invested heavy in clean energy and better practices.

    So Abbott isn’t pro-business at all, especially local businesses, unless it’s huge multi-nationals whose profits go overseas then he can’t bend over backwards enough.


  93. We are heading for another period that requires stimulation. It is already hinted, that this government will do as they have always done. That is lower taxes, mostly for higher income earners, that does not work.

    At the same time, they are cutting things as the school kids bonus, which could be seen as a stimulation mechanism. In fact much he is rushing to destroy, could be seen in the same light.

  94. You are so full of shit Summo, just regurgitate the same old Ltd. News lies.

    Why do believe you need to lie and exaggerate so much to make your points? Is the party you support really that bad you can’t be honest about them but need to be dishonest about others to make them appear good?


  95. summo, not that great of landslide.

    In fact, one would have thought, after the behavior of many in the Labor government, the figure would have been much higher.

    summo, not that great of landslide. Well the numbers did not all the numbers went to the Liberals

    The figures are close enough, for Labor to be able to make this a one term government.

    The reality is, it is a normal result for a government facing it’s third term

  96. If we listen to what Abbott’s mob has said, reverting childcare back to those days is on the cards. They intend to lower standards and cut off wage rises to workers. Yes, I believe nannies is the name of the game.

  97. It would not surprise me, if much of what Abbott has done in two days, will be declared illegal.

    He will be forced to do it properly, that is taking legislation through parliament.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott is still accountable to parliament, as much as he seems too think, laws do not apply to him.;

  98. It is not a carbon tax. All the experts say that. Yes, it could be seen as acting alike a tax.

    What it is, a fixed price on carbon emissions, or as some would say, on pollution, moving to a market base cost.

    Gillard done, as she said she would., Address the matter of carbon emissions that lead to man climate change

  99. Already there’s an accurate and factual Facebook group called “Tony Abbott – Worst PM in Australian History.”

    The lists of his failures, back flips, broken promises and dishonesties will be many and long and already off to a flying start to ensure he is enshrined as the Worst PM in Australian History.

  100. We will have problems accusing Abbott of lying. One, he seems to have many positions on most issues.

    Two, he has not released the details of any of his aspiration proposals.

    He has put caveats on all. That each will under go some type on investigation, then he will make his mind on what to do.

    In fact, beside his demolition programmes and PPL, he has made no promises.

  101. Agree ME, and it is only day three. Even the media cannot ignore what is going on.

    Abbott needs to say, he will not allow the states and territories change the GST.

    Yes, he has that power. Intends to use it, when it comes ti the ACT same sex marriage bill.

  102. Why do believe you need to lie and exaggerate so much to make your points? Is the party you support really that bad you can’t be honest about them but need to be dishonest about others to make them appear good?

    The party he supports is so bad that it needs almost the whole mainstream media’s support to keep it standing.

  103. I wonder why I bother with summo. Waste of time. That includes Neil. and scaper. Same old rubbish.

    Never anything new. When one thinks of it, even if what summo alleged was true, not a bad effort after two terms of government.

    All occurred the first term.

    All governments get things wrong. I believe that Gillard was better than most.

    The way Abbott is going, he is going to beat her and Rudd;s record in the first two weeks. let alone over six years.

  104. No doubt about that cuppa, Abbott can’t stand on his own merit whilst he denies women of merit entry into his cabinet.

    Abbott even needed to pimp his wife and daughters to prop him up.

    Not only is Abbott the worst prime minister in our history he’s the most legless, needing others’ crutches to help him stand.

  105. Renowned Canadian scientist, David Suzuki, is asking, “What the hell, Abbott?”

    His one-woman cabinet received coverage in France.

    He is expected to get a cold reception in Indonesia.

    And so the shaming and laughing stock of Australia internationally picks up pace under the Abbott government, the worst government in history.

    And this is only Week One.

  106. …The move has angered environmentalists, including the prominent Canadian scientist who was in Sydney to talk about marine pollution along Australia’s east coast.

    “What the hell kind of government is it that comes into office and the first symbolic act is to shut down a source of information?” Professor Suzuki told AAP this morning.

    “The minute you shut down solid scientific information then you can run it on your ideology.

    “You can run it on the Bible, you can run it on the Koran.”

    He also defended the former Labor government’s move to put a price on carbon as a very important step.

    “Why do we not object to paying for putting garbage into landfill, but we shout like mad when we put a price on putting carbon into the atmosphere?”

  107. I cannot remember a time, when Julia Gillard was afraid to face the media.

    No stage managed appearances for her.

    She stood before them, taking all questions, giving straight answers on two occasions for I believe two hours.

    Never froze or fled from them neither.

  108. Something raised on another site, made me ask myself, why does Abbott want the role of being minister for women.

    The only conclusion I can come to, he wants to be in control, of any ideas, concerning women, that do not meet his VALUES.

  109. Note, Victoria does not support the call, to change the GST. Would not have anything to do, with an election early next year.

    Tasmania will not accept any changes to the GST, that harm that state.

    Time for Abbott to state the same. Abbott can stop any change.

  110. With Shorten and Albanese on so much, and no sightings of Abbott, , it would not surprise me, if many though Labor was in power.

  111. His one-woman cabinet received coverage in France.

    I’ve already heard it referred to as the ‘menistry’ lol

    The only conclusion I can come to, he wants to be in control, of any ideas, concerning women, that do not meet his VALUES.

    So that’s what he meant wen he said we shall govern on values, not ideology (just before sacking a raft of people and divisions because they don’t fit in with his ideology?) 😯

  112. Ah yes, Dummo is a typical, ignorant LibTard troll-spout Murdoch propaganda whilst conveniently ignoring all the facts that go against his propaganda. I suspect that the likes of Dummo, Scraper & Nil are keeping the tinfoil industry alive single handedly!

  113. Back to the matter of honesty. Remember that budget “crisis” & boat-people “crisis” that Abbott & Hockey kept banging on about? You know, the one that was so bad it necessitated an *immediate* election. Also remember how they kept assuring us that they were “ready to govern”? Yet in spite of that, they’ve decided to take two months off-at tax payer expense-rather than immediately recall parliament. Clearly these “crises” were just more fabrications by the Fiberal Party & its propaganda department (aka News Limited).

  114. @ Marcus

    Yet in spite of that, they’ve decided to take two months off-at tax payer expense

    Time to develop the “policies” they were too scared to place before the electorate, knowing they were unacceptable to all except fringe dwelling fascist nutters?

    Either completely clueless, sinister, or maybe both ?

  115. And the unhinging continues. The new government has only been sworn in for a couple of days, will be interesting to see your mental states after a couple of terms.

  116. A man takes the day off work and
    Decides to go out golfing.
    He is on the second hole when he
    Notices a frog sitting next to the green.
    He thinks nothing of it and is
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    Now, this is a
    Million-to-one shot to win, but
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    Tons of chips come sliding back across the table
    The man takes his winnings and
    Buys the best room in the Hotel.
    He sits the frog down and Says,
    ‘Frog, I don’t know how to repay you.
    You’ve won me all this money and
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    The frog replies,

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    He figures why not,

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    With a kiss, the frog turns into a
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    ‘And that,
    Your honor, is how the girl
    Ended up in my room.
    So help me God

    Or my name is not Craig Thompson.’

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  117. I think I read of a small poll, that is already trending to Labor early in the week,

    You think?

    OMG..there’s fairies at the bottom of the garden…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  118. And scaper continues to defend a party and leader he said he would hold to account when they won power.

    scaper’s word is about as trustworthy as Abbott’s.

    Back to petty abuse as well. Oh well I guess when you descend into banality and pettiness to be snarky and bait is all you have left in a small and shrinking mind.

  119. Still no lucid defence of Abbott and the government yet Summo?

    So again in a bunch of inane posts and a circle jerk with scaper (how come you both pop up together) you prove Abbott and the government are as bad as we say they are, the worst in Australian history.


  120. After two days repty has declared Abbott as the worst PM ever, talk about projection!

    Will be watching your pea brain shrink over the next couple of years with glee, repty. In fact, your unhinging proves that you are a left wing extremist, clown!

  121. After two days repty has declared Abbott as the worst PM ever, talk about projection!

    lol, from the mob who gave us the cry of ‘election now’ before the Independents had even finished speaking


  122. Get used to it scraper. We will hold the worst PM and government in history to account for every lie, stuff-up, brainfart, scandal and injustice. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the circus, pity it’s real (as Fed Up put it).

  123. Funny that, spittoon. I reserved judgement on Rudd and Gillard based on their performance, not projection based on ideological bias.

    Seems you lot hope that the new government fucks up which indicates you wish the worst for the nation, must be proud of yourselves…scum!

  124. Scum scraper, the worst opposition in history has become the worst government in history. They would fuck up the country and the lives of potentially millions of people. They’re already giving us a bad name internationally, just in the first week alone. That is why we will hold them to account every (mis)step of the way. Don’t like it? back you go to murdoch moron media.

  125. I reserved judgement on Rudd and Gillard based on their performance

    So, you don’t judge tabot to have done anything wrong

    You know, like
    selecting only one woman in cabinet
    Straining international relationships in his first weeks after claiming for years that that is just what Labor were doing (although they weren’t)
    Suddenly forgetting about the ‘budget emergency’, and running the budget in almost the same fashion as Labor did
    Threatening the miners to dig now or never, irrespective of the own fiscal issues.
    Suddenly cosying up to Holdens after all of his rhetoric in opposition.

    Yea, what a performance. Two-Face couldn’t play it better

  126. The worst PM in history came to office on a lie. There was no “budget emergency”. He lied. Worst government in history. Election now!

  127. The worst opposition in history, according to you? Contributed to the downfall of Rudd, Gillard then Rudd in two terms.

    You lot whinge about the delay in swearing in and yet there is no leader of the opposition? Talk about a logic deficiency!

  128. They had to be carried by the mainstream media. They are so weak they cannot stand on their own two feet.

    They are crippled ethically, and if not for the media, crippled electorally.

    To be “viable” they need the support of almost the country’s entire news media industry. They are the ultimate media welfare case. The worst opposition in history, now the worst government in history.

    They came to office without reputable policies.

    They came to office on the interference of a foreign citizen, Murdoch.

    They came to office on a lie, claiming “budget emergency” when there was no such thing.

    The worst PM and government in Australian history.

  129. They are crippled ethically, and if not for the media, crippled electorally.

    And, they need two parties to win, which is kinda funny, considering tabot said he doesn’t do deals

  130. Oh come down from you pompous high horse scaper.

    The opposition and their gormless followers were first calling the Rudd government a bad government and then Gillard the worst ever on the day after their election victories. They called Gillard’s “an illegal government” on day one.

    And there you were right with them, so don’t talk to me about promulgating the worst government ever label hypocrite.

    I don’t know another government that screwed up just about everything from day one, even their swearing in, which they turned into a circus, along with back flipping and already breaking a string a tenets, like promising to be steady but jumping in and removing bunches of ministries.

    Getting rid of and undermining Science in the first days for stuff’s sake, how much more evidence of a bad troglodyte government do you need.


  131. Nominations have closed for Labor leadership race.

    Bishop, the younger, on way overseas, for her first trip aboard. I hope the Department found her a shocking, uncomfortable room.

    I cannot understand, why some find this site shocking. I thought this was the way one treated a government. Just following the trolls and Tony’s example. I am confused, as to what I could be dong wrong.

    Should not have to explain the word. “independent”.

    Means that is is not controlled by the MSM. Independent of Mr. Murdoc, party or organization.

  132. We did say, we would treat Mr. Abbott and his government, and give him the same respect, he gave the last government. No more, no less.

    I do hope, that unlike Abbott, we keep to facts and policies, and refrain from straight out name calling. We do not have to.

    Abbott will supply enough ammunition for us.

    Where is the best PM ever today?

    Would love to know abut what he thinks of Mr. Barnett’s interview last night.

  133. No scaper, unlike Abbott, we will NOT be talking the economy down. We will not be undermining any policy of value.

    We do not have to.

    We will though be holding Abbott and his government to account. We will be highlighting the errors as he makes them.

    We will be relentless, and as summo pointed out yesterday, I have stamina, and do not give up.

    There are many here, more determine than I.
    I wonder why we seem to be having new trolls moving through the sites.

    One would think they would be happy, having their man in power. Saying that, power should be the wrong word. One elects a PM to govern, not rule.

  134. The LOTO is Chris Bowen 😉 But let’s not let facts stand in the way of troglodyte ‘thinking’ 😆

    yagottalaughatthetroglodytes 😆

  135. Undermining science, how? Because there is no dedicated minister that oversees what is a free thinking industry that is embedded in institutions that are well funded?

    Could say a lot of stuff in relation to the issue but you wouldn’t believe it so won’t bother. Would you prefer the member for Tangney to run the science portfolio? Cut Jensen out of the loop around three years ago.

  136. scaper, time will tell..

    I wish they would stop saying, Abbott cannot change the GST. He can change it anytime he wants.

    It is Federal legislation. He can stop the states and territories from also increasing or widening the base.

  137. Another lie?

    “…Axing carbon tax won’t cut power bills for two years, industry says
    Electricity retailers cast doubt on Coalition claim that families would be $550 a year better off…………
    ………..The Coalition will have to wait for the new Senate to repeal the carbon tax, so electricity retailers will factor the carbon price into forward contracts for another year. Photograph: Ross Land/AP
    Household power bills are unlikely to fall for two years, despite Tony Abbott’s intention to make the carbon price repeal his first item of legislative business, the electricity industry is warning.

    With both Labor leadership candidates insisting the ALP will vote with the Greens to block the repeal, the Coalition is likely to have to wait until after the new Senate sits next July to get the abolition through the upper house.

    But electricity retailers say that means they will have to factor the price into forward contracts for another financial year, with July 2015 the earliest practical date that it could be unwound from power bills.

    Cameron O’Reilly, chief executive of the Energy Retailers Association, said that by July 2014, “the industry is likely to have locked in hedging arrangements for 2014-15 – so there will be a lag between passing the bill and carbon coming off retail bills.”………..

  138. Even the sand is returning to the beaches scaper…already we are seeing the affects of Tony’s policy on global…err climate…err….rising tem…err..dumping of needless bcrats (read brats) like Flannery sucking from the public teat.

    30deg forecast tamorra and beaches with lots of sand, gentle swell and blue sky. Fairfax is looookin good..even if Clive says so hisself.

    so alp trolls, what is happening in your computers tamorra or may you venture out to basket weaving classes and a latte to greet the early morning mist?

    Big Tones will be out for a ride…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  139. then again, the SLSC’s start tamorra and Big Tones might be rostered on. Np he’ll turn up after his bike ride and after that, it’s back to business to running the nation! What a bloke. You’ll do me mate…hmmmmI wonder what Kevy and Julia will be doing? Basket weaving perhaps….quilting…dunno?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  140. What planet Summo is from :?:. 🙄 He obviously thinks that the CC ‘debate’ is still going on…….. :newsflash: 4 ewe (baa) Summo, the ‘facts’ on man-made CC have been known for years now…… please do try to keep up, Summo ( otherwise you will just look like an complete idiot) ………………. 😛

  141. and what r the facts lovy..try not to explain in your usual disjointed illegible diatribe! explain what global warming is caused by love.. don’t copy and paste lefty bullshit..explain it all by yaself…go on, give it ya best shot love

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  142. LOVO, cannot see anything that merits a reply. Sad really.

    Wonder what it is like, to feel so superior. Not that I would want to know. Wonder what happened to free speech when it comes th the three amigos.

    The right to express an opinion, without being abused or ridiculed.

  143. From the last pictures one seen of Julia, she appears to be enjoying herself. Already moved onto her new life.

    As for Kevie, spending time with his daughter and her family in China.

    I thought you knew everything.

  144. FU, there is nothing wrong with moving on to quilting and knitting and Kevin is certainly in the right place to learn more about basket weaving. Who knows he may learn the time honoured alp tradition of dancing in sandals.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  145. Hey Summo, are going to love paying 15% or more GST to keep Abbott out of the shit as he trashes the economy, pays for the huge subsidies to the mining industry whilst taking it away from manufacturing and to pay off his stimulus package?

  146. Wait on, stimulus! Wasn’t that a bad policy by the previous government that made them the worst ever?

    “We will seek a regional solution.” Wait a darn minute, wasn’t that a previous red headed PM’s solution that made her the worst ever?

    500+ other policies from the previous government all endorsed by Abbott whilst calling them the worst government ever. Doesn’t that mean he is running such a terrible government already that he needs to take up and continue previous government policies?

    Hey but he knows how to axe ministries in a thrice whilst saying his will be a steady as she goes government, and whilst doing so attack science to cater to his ignorant followers.


  147. Summo, thank you. I cannot claim that I could possibly attempt the artistic pursuit of quilting but I definitely used to do heirloom crochet – made a lot of money from this too. You should drop by to a few craft markets and see the money these skills command. It’s probably that people appreciate skill plus originality rather than where you shop..Best & Less..

  148. Can the right wingers help?

    Social media has started a campaign to look for the missing budget emergency. If you know where it is or if Hockey’s hiding it can you please let us know.


  149. Just realised that losing a budget emergency in your first few days of government is another indication the worst government ever.

    It’s a toss up if it’s worse than O’Farrell losing and then finding $1 billion on gaining government but not as bad as Costello blowing several billion on a gold fire sale.

  150. Dear Carol, We sing from the same songsheet. Nanna (born1892) and my mum, aunties all created treasures from crafts long expired. I still warm myself with Nanna’s crocheted knee rugs to this day. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Yandina markets up this way, but my 5yr old Grace and I shall be off again tomorrow morn as per usual to pick up the fresh grown. Should u and yours ever visit the Sunshine Coast. I’d love to escort you through the maze of times past. It truly is an uplifting experience.

    But honestly, have a listen to u ME! Careful, careful, ME you may just beat FU for the one most likely to ignore other’s posts.

    So besides ME, which one of you is the one, (especially you ME), who has put their hand in their pocket, provided their own boat and fuel, over 10 or so years, trawled through the mangrove mud clearing tyres and debris, rubbish and filth from places like Cabbage Tree Creek, Brisbane River, Pine River, Moreton Bay, Nundah Creek, Shultzes Canal and numerous other waterways. Cleaned plastics and nettings from reefs and foreshores? Replanted dunes and creek banks with native vegetation? Walked miles and miles cleaning the stinking oil from the beaches on Moreton Island after the spill…not once, twice? You ME you waste of space, lovy, you culpa, how about you bacchus ya loudmouth? Any of you tipped hundreds of dollars towards a cleanup? I’ll bet none of you have even bothered to help on cleanup Australia day…just one!….at least you may have the chance FU to bring your kids, their kids and their kids along one day. Stump up one morning and say lets all get together, go down to the nearest waterway or beach and do just 1 hours cleaning.

    Sick to the back teeth of your hypocrisy. How about you bend your back, sweat a bit and do something instead of this bullshit! Just last month some mates and I (between beers and fishing) cleaned a kilometre of Deepwater National Park. Look it up! Nobody asked us to do it. It was just the 4 hrs we committed from our 200 hrs spent enjoying it.

    Nah! you lot would rather sit here and ridicule people you don’t even know and let your dogs shit on the footpath. You know it’s true……..and that is why…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  151. Just realised that losing a budget emergency in your first few days of government is another indication the worst government ever.

    Maybe they fixed it already? 😉

  152. @ troll

    Nah! you lot would rather sit here and ridicule people you don’t even know and let your dogs shit on the footpath.

    While doing exactly what it decries. How stupid is that ?

  153. I must say, I seem to be upsetting summo. He talks so much like one or two, who have came here before him. Suspect they come out of the same mould.

    When have I insulted you.

    summo, I expect it could be you that needs to take a rest.

    I thought it was Labor supporters, that where going to fall in a heap. We seem quite level headed, and getting on with life.

    What I do not understand why it is Abbott;s fans that are coming across as so upset

    Thought they would be too busy celebrate their win, Instead we have them coming to these sites in droves.


    They are suppose to be the victors. It is only day three and they are out attacking.all and sundry.

    Makes little sense,

  154. Tom R why do I seem to upset so many. Thought I was being nice.

    What I do not understand, the influx of trolls on the other site. One would think we won the election. Wonder what is upsetting them so much.

  155. Maybe I am unfair on Summo. Maybe he has been celebrating his teams win tonight.

    I should be more understanding and nicer, I suppose..

  156. Summo has sure lost it tonight. Wonder what upset him so much


    The truth probably. Nothing unsettles RWFs like truth, honesty and facts.

  157. cuppa, with my background, it is amiss of me, not to remember, one should be allowed to keep their illusions. Reality can be dangerous.

    That is very wicked of me. Think I should apologise?

    Na, would not do any good.

  158. Press Council finds Fairfax fabricated AWU Gillard stories

    cathing assessment of the ethics of Fairfax Media by the Press Council confirms Fairfax’s decision to follow the tawdry lead of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in falsifying ‘news’ for political ends, writes Alan Austin……………….

    Wonder if Ms. Gillard new home is near the sea. She might be able to but a yacht, as Mr. Hawke did from hos damages payouts.

    Then this woman is more likely to put the shit begins her, and get on with her life. I suspect she still has much to do.

  159. Do not miss the comedy on Lateline. One can not taking Susan Ley, for the government rep seriously Tony Burke, as usual making sense.

  160. Abbott did win, or am I mistaken. One could think they have it wrong, listening top Susan Ley, which I always thought had a brain. Do not know after tonight.

    Same with the influx of trolls on the other site.

    Why are they, as winners, screaming so loud. Interesting.

  161. Oh ffs Summo don’t come the saint and I’m holier than though because I’ve done such and such and you haven’t.

    You haven’t a clue what I’ve done in my life, like not only contributing to an orphanage but also in help building it, done several clean up Australia days plus many other things both environmentally and charitably.

    I’m not going to waste my time answering to you big noting yourself as though it somehow justifies your hypocrisy whilst projecting it onto me.

    And do you know what’s most hypocritical about your spray is that you support an ideology that would without hesitation destroy all the hard work you and your mates did whilst you heavily bag the ideologies that would not only help you but would prevent it and ensure it remained that way.

    In my early adulthood just before I joined the Navy a significant group I sometimes helped worked hard on rehabilitating a creek and bush alongside it. After several years of doing this and the area becoming popular along comes a government and with on stroke of pen the creek and bush are gone and road is in its place.

    You avidly support a party that puts money and development above all other considerations like social costs but most of all environment, yet come here and rave on about how good you are in helping to clean things up. How about instead you do more good and fight against those causing the pollution in the first instance and destroying the environment in the first place? A good start would be to stop following a rotten party that puts self interest and greed above other factors.

  162. Nah! you lot would rather sit here and ridicule people you don’t even know and let your dogs shit on the footpath

    The Unhinging is strong within this one 😆

  163. What did I do for the environment? While a shire councilor I was the regional representative on the EPA. Other projects to my credit are Quinn Reserve, the Aqueduct walking trail, and implementing cat curfews which saved the lyrebird of the Dandenong Ranges from likely extermination. In northern NSW I rehabilitated degraded creek areas which were part of my palm nursery.

  164. Meanwhile..

    Environment Minister Greg Hunt would not comment on the IPCC report until it is released. But he was confident the world would deal with climate change.

    ”The reason I am most confident is because the Chinese and the Americans who are the central part of any agreement both have a very strong view,” he said. ”The most heartening development in the past two years has been China’s growing commitment to action from its paramount leadership.”

    While canceling the portfolio of science which has been instrumental in encouraging research by Australian universities and scientists who previously have been working alongside and with the assistance of the Chinese.

  165. This looks quite worrying. Our free trade agreement that howard ‘negotiated’ with the US was bad enough. Now, it looks like we a re getting set up for a raft of even worst ones

    On the eve of the election, the Coalition released its trade policy, which includes a commitment to “remaining open to utilising investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses as part of Australia’s negotiating position” in future trade deals.

    In saying it was “remaining open” to ISDS clauses, the Coalition was being cunningly understated, as was made clear elsewhere in the document.


    In 2011, the Australian government declared it would not agree to ISDS provisions under any circumstances. The wording of a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was unequivocal.


    “The Government has not and will not accept provisions that limit its capacity to put health warnings or plain packaging requirements on tobacco products or its ability to continue the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme …”


    “Australia has a very high share of foreign ownership in mining and manufacturing so the issues involved with investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms are likely to severely impact Australia.”

    Looking after (international) big business first, that’s the libs for you.

    And, a way to wind back our plain packaging laws. They certainly are looking after their tobacco benefactors interests well, aren’t they, and the miners. If the miners can’t get past our already weakening environmental policies, just sue the Government. I wonder what the implications of an ISDS would have been over the Governments decision to ban the super trawler factory ship?

    Although, I just googled that, and found this

    A SUPER-TRAWLER factory fishing operation similar to that banned by the Gillard government could be operating in Australian waters by next year, with the Coalition moving to immediately conduct new fish stock studies and promising a decision based on science.


    The company is hoping an imminent Federal Court judgment will see the ban declared invalid. Failing that, Mr Geen did not rule out asking the new government to rescind the ban.

    Kinda interesting that they are claiming the ‘science’ ground, when they just got rid of all the scientists.

    Let the pillaging begin 😦

  166. Bolt certainly knows how to lie..

    Indeed, it has refused to concede the planet simply isn’t warming as global warming climate models predicted, as even the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits in a leaked draft of its latest report.

    And from the above link to The Age:

    The final draft of a major assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests that keeping warming to 2 degrees – regarded as a guard-rail against the worst impacts of climate change – will require deep global emissions cuts in coming decades.

  167. I’ve seen this type of spray many times before Carol, sometimes from the left but more often than not from the right.

    They make the rant in attempting to justify their ideological position as though somehow what they have done or do absolves them from the harsh, mean and uncompromising stance they take, often doing it with abuse and by putting down others, and they do this without having a clue about their audience or readers, but to put down that audience or reader as somehow being inferior.

    It’s just more right wing projection done in a different way and the ever present right wing arrogance you see so often from them.

  168. But he was confident the world would deal with climate change.

    The sheer audacity of that statement, after lying to us for three years about ‘going it alone’ is just breathtaking Min. Who will be the first Journalist to highlight the stunning hypocrisy on display here? Waiting ………..

  169. Yes Tom another Liberal back flip of many and just two weeks in office, yet not a peep from the media except to paint Abbott in glowing terms, apart for his lack of females in cabinet, that’s rightly getting wide condemnation.

    I suspect that in the coming year one of the male cabinet members will get a tap on the shoulder, a very cushy position somewhere and a token female promoted in.

    Sunrise showed a graphic of the percentage of females in cabinets and senior government positions from around the world. We are now the lowest, with even quasi Arab dictatorships and third world male dominated governments having more senior females in power.

    And the right continue to argue Abbott doesn’t have a problem with women when he actively bought about the current situation.

  170. On the upside ME, with this new incoming government, summo will have plenty of places to clean up after

    I’m in a glass half full sort of mood today 😉

  171. And the right continue to argue Abbott doesn’t have a problem with women when he actively bought about the current situation.

    Yea, but now they are arguing that the rest of the world can fix AGW for us, after claiming we were ‘going it alone’ for three years.

    The ultimate in outsourcing

    They have also just sacked the climate commission, who oversaw an actual reduction in emissions.

    Is this the first time something has been abolished AFTER it had achieved it goals?

  172. And, where are the cries of outrage from those media outlets who claimed that Labor was ‘muzzling’ them with their tepid media reforms? Now, they are actively being kept out of the loop, and (to their credit) the ABC seem to be the only ones interested

    The ABC asked both Customs and the Immigration Department whether any boats have arrived in recent days, but the questions were referred back to the Minister’s office.

    A spokesman for the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison would not say if any boats had arrived,

    The media have drawn a distinct line between their handling of the two major parties. It is active barracking that they are doing, not reporting.

  173. Now you’ll never, never know
    Because the info will never ever flow.

    That’s how we stop the boats.

    It’s also easy! Do as children do. Put your head under a pillow so no one can see you.

  174. I do not own a dog. Would love to see cats banned where I live.

    Why do they take comments made, as a personal attack on themselves. I cannot recall any personal accusations about what they do in their daily lives.

    All I see is responses to comments they have made.

    Last night Lateline is revealing, especially the attitudinize of Susan Ley.
    Why the need for secrecy. We no longer know how many boats are arriving.

    Why are government members and their supporters so much on the deference?

    Mr. Abbott’s adult, mature, methodical, calm .steady, sober, workman like, …………..government, intends to continue in complete secrecy, with us been told, what they believe we need to know.

    There is much more wrong already, day four of this government than the lack of a handful of women.

    I, for one. am worried about what those blokes, as one described themselves will do.

    I am more worried that we will not know,

    I am astounded at the attitude of their supporters, that this is OK, and that we should just sit back, let them get on with the job.

    I am concerned, that we are being told, we have no right to question the actions of our new government. Yes, for good or bad, it is now our government, not just theirs.

    They seem to be saying, ones political duty begins and end, with the vote they cast on election day. One then shuts up for the next three years.

    Small Business minister on. ABC 24. Cannot wait for the regulations they are going to abolished. Responsibilities seem to be spread also the place, as in others. We have a spending problem not revenue. Still with the slogans galore.

    No, he is wrong, we do have a problem with the revenue base. Time they became honest, and begin dealing with real problems and out the ideology behind.

    No boats turned back yet. Would we know, if they did. ]

    Looks like Clive is in. That will make for some fireworks, I would believe.

  175. I believe our visitors have a problem, in that none here are reacting to an Abbott win, as they expected.. Cannot understand why we all have not fallen in a heap, and calling foul.

    Cannot understand, that all has occurred, is that this time, the Coalition won, now is the time to fight for the next election.

    They cannot understand, that most also know why we lost, and time to mend th fences, not walk around in a daze, decrying about our lost.

    In fact, the lost has made me feel more confidence about the future for Labor, not less.

    I do hope that this election has been a watershed in the way politics works in this fine nation of ours, and that we are moving to a more civil climate.

    That does not mean that Abbott should be forgiven and what he did, put behind u

    No, that would mean rewarding the man. He must learn, that every action has reaction. He will get that reaction in a full serve.

  176. Abbott’s supporters spent the last six years whining and complaining that Labor was illegitimate and bad. . That I understand.

    What I do not understand, why are they still whining.

  177. There is one slogan we will no longer hear from this mob. The one of “open and transparent’.. It is being replaced, with the one, the right to know. We will decide that.

  178. Where I live it is marginal cropping country… the end of August, we went away for a week, leaving the horses (under care)in a 40ac. paddock chockers with green feed….We pondered wether to leave them with rugs on, but decided not to as the temp’s were predicted to be in the mid 20’s…….the temp’ got to the mid 30’s!!…and the 40 ac. of green field turned into a dry paddock in just a week!…and at the end of winter!…one week and that was that!….ponder on a fortnight of extreme heat at harvest time….climate change is here, it is now!

  179. Comments on ABC 24. Government culture of secrecy aboard. A hidden government, with hidden agenda, that not even ministers know what it is about.

    This is only day 4.

    Abbott going overseas Indonesia on Sept 30.

  180. Abbott will soon learn, that he cannot ignore the media and the public.

    The media is very capable of filling in that void, with conversation the will nor like.

    They are doing that well today.

  181. Abbott was sworn in on Wednesday, not Monday. I think Monday was the first time he faced the media after being elected.

  182. That programme on ANC 24 was Indl’s perfect storm.

    What is encouraging, was that it was initiated by the young. One can hope, that the movement spreads. Not supporting a party, but finding someone that is perfect for their own community.

    Sounds like Grass roots democracy to me.

    It is being follow on, by the attacks on Turnbull’s plans for the NBNCo.

    Got a feeling that they are not going to lie down and accept what Abbott dishes out.

    They intend to become active participants, in our democracy, that does not start and end on election day.

    It is an ongoing process.

  183. Can anyone explain that puzzled and worried look that Abbott has had on his face for weeks.

    One does see glimpse of the leering grin, but mostly one that looks like he is in pain.

    When he is seen within a group,such as the fathering on the installation of his government, he did not seem to be interacting withing anyone, outside his family. Even there he seem uncomfortable.

    The one that seem to be doing the rounds, and centre of attention, was Peta. Not sure what she and her husband where doing there.

  184. Where has the goodwill gone, Did it ever exists. We are seeing one of the shortest honeymoons in history. This is day 4

    “…………No it isn’t. It might be different were the government basking in the sort of roseate glow of goodwill that lasts for a while after a new government takes office – that has all but gone in this case, and your crusty old journos who’ve seen governments come and go missed that entirely……….”

  185. Any readers from Christmas Island. Maybe you could earn money, letting the media know, how many boats arrive.

    We would not mind hearing as well.

    Morrison’s press release did they, they are in the business of managing information being released.

    ….or words to that effect. Yes, managing information,.

    What is wrong with just plain facts.

    I am sure, the smuggles know the number.

    What js the justification for secrecy?

  186. Rerun NPC on ABC 24. Has much good to say. Reminds us, that the Coalition can be good, and how far it has fallen.

  187. I suspect, what we predicted having a Abbott led government has quickly came to fruition, this is why they are so unsettled.

  188. Can’t wait to receive the shoulder firing, explosive harpoon set up I bought on Ebay.

    I’ll head up to the northern waters and bag myself a whale…the white one. More of a challenge than beating baby seals over the head with a cricket bat.

  189. scaper, why the need to go up north. Whales near me, on the Central Coast. Suspect now, you will have open go, as all regulations and rules to protect the environment are pulled back.

  190. The hate relationship that Abbott had with Roxon, one would suspect that plain cigarette packaging will be quickly repealed,

    Mr. Turnbull, why did you tell Abbott he did not measure up.

    If you had not, he might not have set out on his campaign, to first get rid of you, and to become PM, to prove you wrong.

  191. Funny they could not tell us a fortnight ago what they intended cut and how much.

    The Australian Law Council is becoming increasingly worried about the lack of detail surrounding the Federal Government’s planned Family Court funding cuts.

    The Coalition unveiled a substantial list of extra savings in the lead-up to the federal election, including $30 million to be gained by a so-called “streamlining” of processes in the Family Court.

    The Law Council is now writing to Attorney-General George Brandis to request details of how those savings will be made.

    The chairman of the Law Council’s family law section, Rick O’Brien, says there is a serious concern about the suggestion of further cuts because the courts are already under-resourced.

    “At the moment all we’ve got is an unexplained one-liner in the Coalition costings,” he said…………

  192. Labor’s spokesman and former attorney-general Mark Dreyfus has previously warned the funding cut would “lead to chaos for families in crisis and provide access to justice only for those who could afford it”.

    “These huge funding cuts would mean fewer judges, decimated services and a reduction of court circuits in regional areas,” he said.

    The ABC provided an extensive list of questions about the cuts to the Attorney-General’s office earlier this week but has not received any answers so far.

    Topics: family-law, law-crime-and-justice, governmen……………….

  193. Tony Abbott defends not having ‘bulletproof’ climate change and broadband policies costed

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has defended the Coalition’s decision not to have two of its major policies independently costed, saying the measures are “bulletproof”.

    The Coalition will release the details of a final $10 billion in budget cuts and more policy costings this afternoon, after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s National Press Club address, and barely a day-and-a-half before polls open on Saturday.

    But Mr Abbott has confirmed that neither his Direct Action climate change policy nor the Coalition’s broadband plan have been reassessed independently in recent months.

    He says neither of them needs to be.

    “The national broadband network policy was released many months ago by myself and Malcolm [Turnbull],” he said………….

    Why are we surprise, he does not intend to tell us anything. He has not for the last four years.

  194. What is with these @trolls 🙄 …… they ‘put up’ thier environmental cred’s as if to say “I dig the environment, man” and try to come across all green ‘n caring as a Bobby Brown……. and then, without any knowledge about what certain whisperers environmental cred’s are, try and ‘project’ themselves onto some higher moral/ethical ground as ‘carer’s’ of the bush and waterways …..and then, after all that, still reckon that CC is crap…. WTF 😯
    Trolls, many a Whisperer has been involved with environmental projects. I applaud you(‘se) for the work you have done…… but please don’t come here to the Cafe and try and push some latte sipping sterotype on to US…..because you will be ‘wrong’, as per.
    I am a voluteer at our local Arboretum ( founding member), I am a voluteer in my local LandCare group ( founding Chair), I have been the convener for Wattle Day celebrations in my town for a number of years now ( raising awareness of our local flora/environment, whilst raising money for our local Red Cross). I have been involved with a number of planting days in our local Regeneration Reserve over recent times( instigating, organising, planning, planting and cooking the snags 😉 ). I have been involved with the organising, set up, building and putting together of a local provenance plant Nursery here( the only one in area)…..and yes theres more ( but I won’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ )….. so stick that in ya pipe and toke it. :mrgreen:
    ….. and if you think that Whisperers are all talk with no walk,.. then think again…. because what I have related about my ‘stuff’, pales into insignificance compared to others here.
    Yajustagottacryattheirlackingcred 😥

  195. Bad when a conservative UK who you visited several times when in opposition and claim as your friend criticises you for scrapping Climate Commission with the words; “Like beating cancer by sacking doctor.”

    Another point to the worst government in Australian history.


  196. More points to the worst government in Australian history.

    Looking for the the missing budget emergency has gone international.

    Turning Australia into a joke. yajustgottalaughattheclowns

  197. More points going to the worst government in Australian history.

    Major overseas science institutes beginning to speak up at the incredulity of a government scrapping ministries related to science. Australia becoming a backwater and more of a joke.


  198. A fully staged manage government, following his highly staged manage Opposition.

    “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Now, almost two weeks after the poll and just four days after the swearing in of Abbott and his ministers, it feels very much like Abbott is going to govern in slogans too.

    Abbott is intensely stubborn, likes to get one up on the smarties (either in the media or his own party) and has a towering opinion of his own opinion.

    Daily text message alerts are still sent out from Abbott’s office to all MPs with the theme to stick to: steady, methodical government to build a better Australia and that kind of thing.

    New ministers give interviews which sound eerily similar to what we heard during the campaign and over the past three years….”

  199. Yet again we see the crass double standards from a Liberal government.

    When O’Farrell was in opposition every report, true or not, about the malfeasance of a government minister got calls of they should be immediately stood down.

    As O’Farrell now goes through two more ministers under investigation he has done usual of denial and then gone into hiding.

    But where is his action on standing them down? And if he doesn’t why the double standards?

    This comes before more news of horrific alcohol violence incidents in Sydney. The violence that O’Farrell said had abated so he could remove the successful rules for trading at the behest of the clubs and pubs association, who donated heavily to O’Farrell for the election campaign.

    The Liberals can’t let small things like violence, cancer and health get in the way of their wealthy donors now can they?

  200. Even more points for the worst government in Australian history.

    International media reporting on Abbott’s back flips.

    Abbott gets busy backing away from pledges made during election
    New prime minister appears to have shelved stance taken in opposition

    Abbott really is turning us into an international laughing stock.

    And talk about international laughing stocks. It seems Abbott is not going to raise boats when he goes to Indonesia and hopes it will be just a passing irritant.

    Wonder how many millions he will give and what of Australia he will sell off at bargain basement prices, or give away, to appease them, for that’s what it appears he is planning on doing.


  201. “SCIENTISTS do not need to be consensual to be authoritative. Authority rests in the credibility of the arguments, which must include explicit reflection on uncertainties, ambiguities and areas of ignorance, and more openness for dissent. The role of scientists should not be to develop political will to act by hiding or simplifying the uncertainties, explicitly or implicitly, behind a negotiated consensus. I have recommended that the scientific consensus-seeking process be abandoned in favour of a more traditional review that presents arguments for and against, discusses the uncertainties, and speculates on the known and unknown unknowns. I think such a process would support scientific progress far better and be more useful for policymakers.”

  202. You do know Sparta that The Australian had to write a correction and then a retraction on misrepresenting the latest IPCC report where the paper deliberately and falsely reported the data and findings?

    The Australian in their retraction stated the errors was due to errors in their production process.

    Funny thing is that when it comes to reporting on science and climate change The Australian, who right wingers love to quote so often, has had to retract many articles and now we find it’s because News Ltd is an error in production.

    Sorry once you quote Ltd News as a source, the news organisation that published so many lies, half truths, distortions and exaggerations over the last six years, all credibility is out the window, and that goes just as much to its science reporting as it does to its political reporting.

  203. Think on the fact he will greet all foreign female leaders with that reptilian look.


    I guess his reptilian look is his nasty small mind saying I will get the last laugh when John Howard is in your spot.

  204. Not at all scaper. Not sworn in a week and screwing up badly just as we predicted.

    He’s doing in the heads of his beloved supporters like you though as he proves not to be the great saviour you thought he would be and really is a dunce.

  205. If you believe I support Abbott you are a bigger idiot than I thought. Like Rudd and Gillard, I’ll wait four months or so before I make any judgement on his government’s performance.

    Your predictions of doom and gloom hold no weight because your judgement is flawed by your white hot hatred of over 40% of fellow Australians, disgusting extremist!

  206. If you believe that Abbott is doing our heads in scaper then Rudd, but especially Gillard, must really have fucked you over big time and still has to this day.

    And back to the usual projection and piddly abuse.

  207. Don’t accuse me of projection when after less than a week of being sworn in you call this government the worst in history. Can’t admit that you are an extremist, can you? Delusional!

  208. So scaper you believe in double standards whilst claiming not to favour either side, always knew that was the case.

    I explained why I called this the worst government in Australian history and that you’ve jumped in and come to their rescue in an outrage says a lot, something you never did for the early days of either the Rudd, but especially the Gillard governments when the right wingers unleashed their huge dummy spits and started their lies and misinformation.

  209. Only an idiot and an extremist would claim a government is the worst in history after less than a week of been sworn in.

    Good to see a Minister on Australian Agenda actually giving honest answers, missed one important point though. Sent it through with the relevant data for back up. Received with thanks.

    Hope Tony Bourke goes back to Shadow Environment as could be some good outcomes because he has a good working relationship with Greg. That is how the Water Trigger legislation came about.

  210. Campaign to find it is hotting up and all ATM users are now also being asked to help.

    Only the worst government in Australian history on their fist day in office could lose the greatest budget emergency ever to befall this nation.

    If they’re such a good government they would have found it by now, but don’t worry the people are on the case for them.

  211. Since you’re so in with the conservatives and the “important” right wing people scaper, and they get your advice with thanks so often, how about you ask them where their budget emergency is?

  212. The difference there scaper is, the heat is known to be there, there is no trace of this ‘budget emergency’ however 😉

  213. Scraper has had the wool pulled over his eyes in relation to climate change and the non-existent “budget emergency”. He has backed a dud and we laugh at his unhingement.

  214. scaper, you have not been out swimming this spring. I was told, more that once, the water on the coast, is two degrees, yes two degrees warmer this year, than ever before.

    scaper, please explain what you mean, by many here being extremist. What are the comment, that you believe are extreme.

    I have asked this before.

    I am watching Meet the Press talking about Domestic violence. What s sad. that they are saying exactly the same things that was said thirty years ago. We do not appear to have come any distance at all. If anything, the violence has spread to all age groups, and across the community.

    Coalition governments are very careless when it comes to budgets. We have NSW losing, was it, a bi lion dollars. We have in Queensland, Costello finding black holes that do not exist, but us seems, he has fixed that iup by creating one.

    We have WA, the mining state, in spite of the boom in the industry, going backwards in their budgets. Blames the boom and the people it bought to the states.

    Suggest to the premier, there would have been no problems, if the miners were force to pay their fair share, of the infrastructure needed to make those super profits. Yes, a skilled workforce is a part of the infrastructure,

    Why should the rest of us, pay through increasing the GST

  215. Imagine if it had been a Labor government that had kept on a charged minister to shore up power.

    Libs to keep charged MP Shaw in party

    Actually you don’t have to imagine because the archives show the media outrage and vicious Liberal attacks calling for a sacking every time a Labor or Indie aligned to Labor gets a sideways glance from an investigative authority.

    Shit, the claim doesn’t have to be proven or have any basis in fact for them to go into demands that whole government stand down. Now we see from WA to the NT to Queensland to NSW and Victoria the Liberals and Nationals crass hypocrisy in play and not a peep online out of their supporters who are always so quick to call foul and have judged the person guilty when the shoe is on the other foot.

  216. It seems that it is a fact, that temperatures should have fallen much more than they have in the last decade or so.

    Yes, climate is cyclical. Yes, temperatures go up and down, when different events occur in entreaty.

    The events that have occurred over the last decade or so, should have produced much lower temperatures, not raise it.

    Bolt has really lost it today. Ans the show has just began.

  217. scaper, please explain what you mean, by many here being extremist. What are the comment, that you believe are extreme.

    He means he is the extremist – Right-Wing Projection.

  218. PS. I think I am going to switch the channel quickly. There is limit even to how much I can watch.

    Piers was enough for anyone, for one day.

  219. Anyone who believes the climate is static is unhinged

    Do you know anyone who believes that? I don’t know anyone who does

  220. scaper you have it wrong. Abbott is doing Australia in.

    Wonder what her Bishop is doing in the USA,. Not a word anywhere today. That cheap hotel must indeed be in a out away place, that not even the media can find it.

    Maybe she got off load on her cheap plane seat. and is stranded in some faraway place.

  221. Hey spittoon, anyone that wishes Abbott has his tongue cut out is not only an extremist but should be locked up. Got a computer in your jail cell, projectionist???

  222. Curious scaper, who would you like to be PM. What government would suit you. Just asking.

    Global warming movement is about to collapse. Now inot psychology. I think we might have a new minister being interview.

    Hope I have it wrong.

    I suspect, in November, when Abbott goes to the G20, might just find that to be wrong.

    Has not his mate, the UK PM condemned his actions, when it comes to climate change?

    As much as I hate it, Bolt needs to be watched.

    Was not a minister, was their science denialist, Jensen.

  223. It is obviously the ban is snot working with this back bencher. Then I could be wrong. maybe Abbott supports what he is saying, and has OK the appearance on Bolt.

  224. Bolt is reminding us, that the PM swore loyalty to the Queen.

    Judith is backing Bolt’s statement of culture change.

    Cultural change?????

  225. Sorry, that was told on our media on many occasions, and is an inconvenient fact, I know.

    Was do you ridicule me, for stating facts, or is that no longer allowed, under our new culture.

  226. Who said that Abbott should have his tongue cut out. I would hate to see that happen. It is Abbott’s own tongue, that brings him down.

  227. Well why was Jensen on. The government has warn even the ministers, that none are to appear, without permission. All below Bishop the younger, that is.

    Not that the permission is working,. Two minister allowed out yesterday, manage to make Morrison look a lie.

    So much so, that today, he was forced to come out and say, there will be weekly announcements of boats arriving. I Imogene, those weekly announcements will be staged manage, as all is to be with this government.

    It is a continuation of Abbott’s Opposition. Slogan and staged managed appearances.

    We will no longer have a PM, that faces the media, and stays to answer questions, until they die up.

  228. And I really care what you think as you should care what I think. Nice to see I’ve got under your scales…again!

    In the eight years or so that I’ve been on the blogs, you are the most extreme I’ve ever read.

  229. scraper is just a fibber… but that comes with being a right-wing extremist who’s backed a dud and dunce in abbott.

  230. We should thank scaper for his comments. It allows us a hook to hang on each day, what Abbott is up to and achieving.

  231. Gina’ pawn Scaper doesn’t reckon CC is happening because Gina told him so…… Gina’s may not be a scientist, but she is rich…. and that is all the proof Scaper needs.
    Scapers just one of Gina’s pet egyptian croc’s…..(like Plimer and Monkton, but dumber and sillier)…..Scaper will keep swimming in de Nile until Gina needs a grape or a pouffe. 😛 😛
    😆 😆 😆

  232. You have never ever got under my skin scaper as much as you think you have, but remarks like the one you finished the post on and past abusive outbursts indicate the opposite may be the case.

    Just a lot more projection on your part, especially from someone who keeps claiming not to be extreme but supports and cheers on right wing extreme views.

  233. scaper does not seem to have gathered much information in his eighth years on the blogs.

    scaper, why do I seem to much about with your head so much. Always picked out for special mention, Would love to know what I mm doing right.

    Noticed though, you never actually challenge what I say, and come back with facts to prove me wrong.
    scaper, you are no different that Neil, who when cornered, resorts to calling all liars.
    You just ridicule.

  234. Haha scaper, that from the person with two hands wanking as his avatar. Maybe we should call you 2HWing, but I won’t lower myself to your level of petty abuse.

    Just go back and read your posts of late, they are full of narky pettiness and other ones purely to shit stir by the looks, and you go and prove it in yet another small minded attack.

  235. scaper, do you realise, the comment about your wife, in this context, says to me, you and Abbott are on the same page.

    You both do not get it. One does not talk about playing with ones wife like that. She is not a plaything.

    With Abbott, it could be said, with certainty, that Abbott has no concept of appropriateness when talking about women, including his daughters.

    Maybe he is not a women hater, but he sure does not know how to address them. He sure does not know how to evaluate them.

  236. Mr. Hockey seems to also be missing. Maybe he has put it in his back pack, to take on his travels, to goodness knows where.

    Then we have senator Sinodinos, having lie lie low, because of his troubles in NSW, bot on the Central Coast and the Obied mob.

    Robb has been moved on.

    Cannot recall, who else is responsible for our money woes.

  237. I am sure, we are all interested in learning about our amazing new foreign minister,

    Personally I would not mind hearing, how she is performing in the USA at this time

    Not a mentioned that she has gone overseas, taking a bug group of people with her.

    “……………….In 1981, a bright young law student from a dynasty of fruit-growers in the Adelaide Hills took a tip from her mother and dropped in on a family friend for advice. The friend was Alexander Downer, then a junior officer in the Department of Foreign Affairs. The student was Julie Bishop and she wanted to know about a career in diplomacy.
    ”She was very charming,” recalls Downer. ”All the [three] Bishop girls were very charming”. Downer, who’d already enjoyed his first posting overseas, did not try to put her off, but his ”sales job”, he jokes now, was ” obviously inadequate”.
    The talented Miss Julie, former champion debater….”

    Read more:

  238. Funny, they said last week, that she was flying out Friday or Saturday. One cannot believe what is parented these days.

    That is the trouble when one tries to stage manage everything. Things tend to go amiss.

    We had the announcement, that the lady demanded business class. Shame

    Did not hear how demanding cheaper accommodation went. Suspect, same applies in that department as well.

  239. Repty tells me I’m petty

    Well then, will you answer any of the questions I have asked in response to your ‘allegedly’ non-petty remarks?

  240. If anyone should know where the Budget Emergency is it should be the Liberal party toadies.

    Perhaps it was lost in the ‘production process’ somewhere ME 😉

  241. Yes, naybe b-no fractions in the right, Do not need them. Vindictiveness rules the day

    “…………..Certainly Bishop had to show serious grit when she first stood for Parliament in 1998. Downer and another key backer, Peter Costello, defied John Howard’s wishes and campaigned for her that year in the seat of Curtin, where Howard was instead supporting his old friend and former numbers man, Allan Rocher, who had fallen out with the WA Liberals and was sitting as an independent.
    ”When she came in she was frozen out by Howard because she had beaten his candidate,” Costello recalled this week…………..

    ………..Her decision to continue as deputy under Abbott particularly stung Turnbull, with whom she’d had a longstanding friendship.
    In a searing email which was leaked in late 2009, he asked how she could have stayed in the post given ”what you were saying to us [Turnbull and his wife Lucy] in our apartment … your scathing attacks on him and his character.”
    Bishop had to retrieve her ballot papers to prove to Turnbull (with whom she’s since mended fences) that she hadn’t voted for Abbott.

    Read more:…………..”

    I do wish that Turnbull never told Tony he was not up to it, when Tony complained about not getting promotions.

  242. and I take it, Turnbull still believes this.

    “……………….While a shadow minister, Tony Abbott, was never afraid of speaking bluntly in a manner that was at odds with Coalition policy.
    So as I am a humble backbencher I am sure he won’t complain if I tell a few home truths about the farce that the Coalition’s policy, of lack of policy, on climate change has descended into.
    First, lets get this straight. You cannot cut emissions without a cost. To replace dirty coal fired power stations with cleaner gas fired ones, or renewables like wind let alone nuclear power or even coal fired power with carbon capture and storage is all going to cost money.
    To get farmers to change the way they manage their land, or plant trees and vegetation all costs money.
    Somebody has to pay.

    Read more:

    Yes, someone has to pay. That would be us. Why is not Turnbull in a finance role?

    I believe if Abbott wants to repeal all the CEF bills, he should be putting on the table, at the same time, what he is replacing them with.

    In fact, he should explain why such things as CEF does not fit in with his Direct Action,. Experts say it does.

    If Abbott did it this way, it would give the public a chance to compare the two.

    Would also look more like he was building and improving on what we have now.

    Not demolition of all action taken on man made climate change, caused by carbon emissions into the atsmosphere.

  243. The truth is, that Hockey might have a budget emergency, if that dollar keeps climbing, and the global economy continues to falter.

    Not their fault, no more than it was under Labor, but will need addressing.

  244. Hockey might have a big decision to make. Follow Rudd if stimulation, as it appears is needed, or go back to the failed efforts of previous Liberal governments, by using the mechanism of lowering tax cuts.

    It was not only that Rudd stimulated fast, it was the way he did it.

    As Albanese said this morning, most of the spending during the GFC was already in the pipeline. Just bought on faster.

  245. Sorry, scaper, wrong again. I had for kids, and remained in a violent relationship for fourteen years. Had to leave, when I discover he mad my 12 year old daughter pregnant.Yes, scaper, my problem is I stay to long,

    The next relationship, I was in for over twenty years, until my partner died.
    You make some stupid assumptions about people.
    Makes one query your judgment.

    Must admit, I have only been in

    My first es is also dead.

    Why he personal comments, on my private life? What do you think it means?

  246. Tom R, ignore him. I know that I do not hate men, in fact I love them.. I only ask, that they act like men, not pigs.

    That is what scaper is trying to imply. Picks it up from the gutter, in that other site, he obviously visits. Same for Summo, come to think of it.

    Rely on others to tell them what to think and say.

  247. Tom R, ignore him

    Not while, as was so eloquently put, he continually makes a complete arse of himself.

    It’s light entertainment 😉

  248. After listening to Piers this morning, talking about the treasury, we are prudent, to keep a close eye on this government. We have no idea what he was intending to do, as the secrecy we have now began long before the election.

    I fear we should be afraid.

    “…………We will be a problem-solving government based on values, not ideology,” said the newly sworn in prime minister Tony Abbott in a short speech on Wednesday before he presented his new ministry to the governor general, Quentin Bryce.

    But he’d already begun the process of sacking or moving on four of the country’s finest public servants – with ideology the only apparent motive.

    Martin Parkinson and Blair Comley appear to have been punished because of their roles in implementing the former government’s policy on climate change, Andrew Metcalfe for advising the former government on asylum policy and Don Russell for having once been a senior adviser to former prime minister Paul Keating.

    Parkinson, Comley and Metcalfe had served former Coalition governments with distinction. The Abbott government didn’t even wait to see how well it could work with Russell. Losing that kind of talent just to send a political message made Abbott’s subsequent protestations about having the utmost respect for the independent public service sound particularly hollow, even to some Coalition ears.

    Within hours of taking the job, treasurer Joe Hockey was also writing to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, telling the board to immediately cease operations, contrary to its obligations under the law of the land, which says it has to keep making “green” investments until such time as the parliament abolishes it. (The CEFC itself paused new investment decisions during the election campaign and is continuing that stance until it can talk to the new government, but believes it is not legally possible to stay in a holding pattern if the Senate refuses to pass repeal legislation until next year.)

    It is true the Coalition had made its hostility to the so-called green bank absolutely loud and clear – in fact its starting threat was that it would “tear up” any loans or investments the CEFC entered into before the election.

    But if it isn’t driven purely by ideology, it’s a hostility very hard to understand. The CEFC is investing in exactly the kind of projects the Coalition needs to make its alternative Direct Action climate plan work – energy efficiency fit-outs, renewable energy and the like. And it is making a commercial return for the government. Instead of spending $23 a tonne to abate carbon emissions, like the current carbon price, or about $15 a tonne, as envisaged under Direct Action, the CEFC helps abate emissions and earns money for the government in the process.

    In his Government …..”

  249. What I have been saying for weeks. Why has Abbott dismantled or attempted to, the CEF and all it entails.

    Also how much has Abbott saved with his sackings and repealing of the CEF suite of legalization. Not much, I would guess. In fact, it would not surprised me, that i has added to costs.

    “…………But if it isn’t driven purely by ideology, it’s a hostility very hard to understand. The CEFC is investing in exactly the kind of projects the Coalition needs to make its alternative Direct Action climate plan work – energy efficiency fit-outs, renewable energy and the like. And it is making a commercial return for the government. Instead of spending $23 a tonne to abate carbon emissions, like the current carbon price, or about $15 a tonne, as envisaged under Direct Action, the CEFC helps abate emissions and earns money for the government in the process…….

    No, I do not believe it is ideology, definitely not values. Only leaves revenge.

  250. Why the hell do theirabc continue to pay a habitual liar?

    Note: On the program, Akerman made a suggestion regarding former treasurer Chris Bowen and Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson.

    The ABC has since spoken to Mr Bowen and Dr Parkinson, who both reject the claim. On this basis, the ABC accepts the allegation is without foundation.

    Mr Akerman also accepts he was misinformed and apologises to both Mr Bowen and Dr Parkinson.

  251. Carol, anyone with sense knows that. If they were genuine they would do as I suggested. Still there could be hope. Depends on the reception he gets at G20 in November,

    I believe that many of those leaders, really liked Gillard as a person., What we see, printed overseas re Abbott, seems to belong in the ridicule class.

    As Flannery said, most of the world acknowledge the dangers of man made climate change, caused by carbon emissions, into the atmosphere.

    I sense, he might just be asked, some embarrassing questions. Time will tell.

    The discussion that Ackerman indulged in this morning, and the sackings make one fear, that the IPA are taking over the Treasury.

    I wished, they would asked, how much has Abbott save the budget this week, with his wrecking ball. Not much I believe.

  252. I believe that Abbott has only began with the sackings. I expect that everyone, that challenged them in Senate Hearing, are in for th chop.

    I am sure that Abetz and Minchin,and maybe Cormann, have drawn up a long list.

  253. 😳 Mods, I see you have deleted the little prick,please delete my previous comment as I have inadvertently repeated what that scum bucket said.
    SScaper deleted !!!! *clink* .. now I’ll drink to that !!!!!!!

  254. “Anyone who believes that ideology trumps reality is unhinged. AGW is our current reality.”

    Yes the ideology of “scientific process” vs. the AGW Church…Amen brothers! Yes Migs, you are right…It is a bit on the chilly side up here as you might expect but beautiful none the same; Makes me think we should have invaded Canada properly when we had the chance instead of just burning Toronto (kidding, will kind of)…Off to explore the Bruce Trail….

  255. Mods, …. an indulgence…. just for Scaper 😉 … my deleted comment minus the,
    ” this guys gotta be off planet” shit comment 😀
    “One wonders…… as one does 🙄 …. conjecture, thats healthy 😀 … a differing point of view, thats healthy 😀 … having your own opinion, thats healthy 😀 …taking the piss, thats healthy 😯 … having a go whilst standing by one’s principles, thats healthy 😀 ……….. saying things such as this :- { my repeat of Scapers deleted comment } ….. that’s just plain SICK…… I don’t know what you are Scaper, but you ain’t an Aussie…… NO, REALLY.( you’ve got me yelling at you now)
    Scaper reckons he’s a man’s man , Scaper reckons he’s an alpha …….. by your words Scaper you show that you are neither……. no, really ,…..****wit ”
    plus…. Scaper, you epitomise why we must fight……., Scaper, you epitomise why we must protest…. Scaper, you epitomise ALL that is wrong with your side of the spectrum…… Scaper, your fast becoming a banner-boy for ALL thats wrong with your side of the spectrum…… yajustgottalaughatthat …. I know I am 😉
    P.S. Can’t wait for your moderated thoughts, Scaper….. oh, and HAHAHAHAHA….****wit 😛

  256. Of course there will be no community cabinets under this government. Better things to do, than let the public in on what the government is up to.

  257. Entire NBN board walked up to Turnbull and quit in protest of him politicising it and his previous lies on the NBN.

    Ziggy Switkowski, the man who fucked Telstra, got paid millions by Howard to whip up a very skewed and flawed report on nuclear energy, and the hard right Liberals go to toady has been put in charge of the NBN.

    Well there goes the NBN down the gurgler, Murdoch must be doing a jig.

  258. Worst government in Australian history proves their credentials and may prove their credentials further in the coming weeks.

    Whole bunches of major develops in environmentally sensitive areas, like the Great Barrier Reef are being fast tracked in what is being called streamlining Green Tape, but what really means bypass environmental protections to speed up the development and destruction of those areas.

    A senior water manager for 31 years in Queensland quit on the complete disregard Newman had for water and environmental preservation in that state. He stated he had never seen anything like it and that before Newman Queensland had enviable water management practices in place for decades that had done an excellent job of protecting the water resources whilst still allowing development under guidelines.

    The previous Federal government bought in legislation, supported by the opposition, for water triggers in any State development. Queensland has given the fast track approval, bypassing its own EP laws, for 15 underground coal mines all in sensitive and vital water resource areas. Nine are slated for SE Queensland and will directly and adversely effect the The Great Artesian Basin aquifer and more specifically the SE Queensland water supply will be damaged by this mining, there’s no disputing that, but the dispute is by how much but according to the independent science, the current reports by the mining industry and Queensland government are way underestimating the damage, but even that underestimation is unacceptable.

    On top of that there hundreds of CSG wells in Queensland and NSW that are now also being fast tracked under the Green Tape streamlining.

    The ball is now in Greg Hunts court as under the Water Trigger act he approved in opposition he’s the only one that can give the go ahead.

    You will now see if Peter has to pay the Piper and if he does then my projection of the worst government in Australian history will have been proven correct as some areas of SE Queensland will lose their water forever.

    Remember the massive blow up in the last drought in SE Queensland, where Queensland wanted to pipe water from Northern NSW and deplete that aquifer. I can’t imagine how bad the situation will be If we have another drought like that and these mining projects have been approved.

  259. I can’t imagine how bad the situation will be If we have another drought like that and these mining projects have been approved.

    All projections indicate that this is inevitable ME (we don’t need projections, Australia has always had massive droughts since human habitation)

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling Labor will be back in by then, and spending their time fixing the messes created by the libs again. Think ABC learning, housing bubbles, personal debt and telecommunications (which is in the process of being destroyed again)

  260. It is a shame that scapers comments will be passing through a ‘pettiness’ filter. The true unhinge-mint will not be on display, although, many of his petty comments yesterday had sunk to lows even he hadn’t plunged before. I pity the mod who is now going to have to actually read his stuff in the first place 😉

  261. The NBNCo board has only offered to resign. Calling Turnbull’s bluff, one would say., I hope they added. One goes, all do,

  262. ME, I wonder if small business realise, that much of that so called green ab red tape, actually protects them from the big boys..

  263. AS for the GST, maybe Abbott can find a way to collect what is disappearing into the black money market. Who has not had two quotes from a tradesman?

    I suspect very little is being collected from tradesmen and services.

    Abbott lives inquiries, whet not into this.,

  264. It appears that our new government believes that the public service is there for one reason, and one reason only. To carry out orders and do as they are told. It appears that they seek not, or value little, what these PS, from department heads down, have to offer.

    It seems that all knowledge and ability resides with the minister.
    The question I ask, where are these new ministers taking their advice from, or who is giving them orders.

    I believe that when Rudd came to power, he was quickly advised that he could not turn boats around and why. Rudd had no choice but the accept the advice of those in the filed. The people by the way, that advise Howard. Howard had quickly stopped turning back boats, early in the piece. Probably because of the same advice.

    They have sack the Department head, that advise Howard and Ruddock. One wonders why.

    What is more worrying, is what is occurring in the treasury. It seems that IPA economics are to take over.

    This treasury, in spite of being bled by the likes op the IPA and their cronies, have given this country, continuous growth over a couple of decades, In fact. from the time of Keating. It is all about economical ideology. Has little to do with values. The danger is, this economy ideology, has not led other countries to the golden land.

    The criticism seems to be based on their inability to have more accurate predictions.Ignoring the fact, that due to the volatile global economy over the last decade, no country has been successful in that regard.

    Predictions are based on figures available, and how one expects the economy to behave in the future. Figures have been accurate. What has happen, the global economy is not reaction as expected.

    Yes, there is a great cultural change going on in this country.The question, we better ask ourselves quickly, do we want the cultural change that is coming.

    Are we going to worry and focus on a few women in this government, or focus on the real dangers.

    Yes, there are many.

    Keep that IPA agenda in mind. All is there, if one takes time to look. We hear from them every day., on ABC 24. Time to take what they say seriously.

  265. Tom R, I believe that drought will be back, quicker than most expect. I have seen reports, that country, green with grass, has become brown and burnt off in days, at this time. It is still only September. One would expect that to occur much later in the summer.

    The next one, will make the last seem like a Sunday picnic.

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  267. A

    GENCIES responsible for tackling obesity, capital city planning and security advice on asylum seekers are to be slashed as Tony Abbott takes the axe to Labor’s reform agenda.
    Less than a week after taking office, the Coalition Government has scrapped plans to build a multimillion-dollar embassy in Africa, and will also wipe $100 million off research funding.
    The Prime Minister has also pulled the pin on a key Kevin Rudd initiative – Community Cabinet – as he instructs his new ministry team to put the broom through the bureaucracy.
    Key elements of Labor’s reform agenda are being dismantled.
    The Major Cities

    Read more:

    Morrison has turned up with the general, to face the minister.

  268. he Coalition will also begin unwinding key “nanny state” agencies such as the Australian National Preventative Health Agency, established to lead the national fight against obesity, alcohol abuse and tobacco use.
    Health Minister Peter Dutton has been critical of ANPHA’s decision to spend $500,000 on a study into a potential “fat tax” despite neither side of politics supporting such a move.
    Senior ministers are now searching for big savings from departments with a raft of back office operations and smaller agencies on the chopping block.
    “It’s out of control,” one senior minister said, of the rapid growth in Commonwealth agencies.
    Even the Australian Institute of Criminology, established by Gough Whitlam in 1973, is under review and could be merged with a major university. in a bid to save millions of taxpayer dollars.
    Two major health agencies – the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the year-old National Health Performance Authority – are under review and could have their combined budgets – of around $40 million a year – slashed.

    Read more:

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