Mr. Abbott says he is going to be methodical, steadfast, careful mature adult and all the similar words one can think of.

Maybe one could say that is admirable.  Why an adult, that is taking on the role of PM keeps telling us he is going to be adult and mature puzzles me. One would think that would be taken as a given. Has he been acting in an immature manner up to now?

Now, Mr. Abbott, what is more important, that one carries out each talk in the correct order? I feel, from what you have told us, you intend to put the cart before the horse.

Yes, doing things arsehole about.  Yes, doing things back the front.

You seem to have lost the way, in your haste, in demolition of all that your arch enemy Julia Gillard built.

Has it entered your head, or of those about you, that’s for you to put your proposals in place?  Yes, you do not have to demolish the house, in most cases; the renovation could get you what you want.

Mr. Abbott, you say you want to save the taxpayer money, yet you are setting out on a path that will create waste and cost us more. Yes, not save as you say you desire.

You say your first action is to cut the carbon tax. Not sure what you mean, but what do you mean?  You are aware that there is a suite of CEF legalization that goes to reducing carbon emissions.? It is all of these measures you are removing, along with the price on carbon emissions. Mr. Abbott, you are out removing a tax. A Carbon tax does not exist.

I suggest that instead of wholesale demolition that you reconsider your actions, by introducing your Direct Action legalization, with the aim of it making the present legislation redundant.  At the same time, there are many similar schemes within the CEF legalization that could be changed to fit in with DA. This would lead to less disruption to staff and those already receiving assistance. The main difference in the two schemes apart from planting millions of trees is the way you are funding the operation.

The present scheme is funded with a fixed price being put on carbon emissions, moving to a market based price. The funds for Direct Action, I believe, will be provided out of general revenues. Mr. Abbott, it will still come from taxes paid by the taxpayer.  What we need to know, what are you going to cut to find the money? What is wrong with the polluter pay?  This is the case now. Is not there penalties hidden away in your scheme which business will have to pay?

I believe you need to have Direct Action before the parliament, before you rescind the CEF legislation, so, we the public know what it is about. This would make it more seamless to move between the two schemes.

Mr. Abbott, I say this, as I do not trust you. I feel that many in your government do not want any action taken at all and Direct Action will be abandoned.  This would help you to keep your promise to be open and transparent.

There is nowhere that I have seen that there is still a majority who believe that carbon emission harm the atmosphere and needs to be addressed.  Why are you insisting on rescinding agencies that assist in assessing carbon emissions?  Why are you turning your back on the science?

One could say the same about your grandiose PPL scheme which many consider too expensive, and unnecessary. Why not just rejig the Labor scheme? Why does the whole package have to be sent to the trash bin? This costs money.  Just change the benefit and eligibility to be paid.  Why do you have to restart from the beginning again?

As for the NBNCo, I suggest before wasting money sacking everyone, that you get Mr. Turnbull to find out how much copper wire will need to be brought up to standard and how much it will cost.  You did intend, down the track, to move to fibre to the home.

What will become of the technology you will have to use with copper to the node, plus the cost of the nodes?  I believe this will have no further use. I for one do not want to see Telstra bought back into the picture. I believe they should join the same level playing field as all other ISPs.  If necessary, I suspect you could quickly find any waste within the system.  Yes, once again, renovation is the name of the game. There is no need to pull all down.  Take into account what the long-range cost will be.  Yes, you need to compare what the cost of taking it to the premises, of yours and Labor’s scheme.  We like to see this when comparing.

Fibre to the home is the superior technology.  It will be needed in the long term.

Mr. Abbott, all I ask is that you reconsider your plans for demolition and consider renovation where necessary. This will lead to less waste.

We have Operation Sovereign Borders, which many fail to understand what you are about, Mr. Abbott. Please explain how replacing the present practice of only allowing bridging visa as is inferior to the TPV you are restoring. It might have missed your notice, but bridging visas have fewer rights, than TPVs. Yes, they are stricter, and scare the boat people more.

Mr. Abbott, what happens to those who marry here, or have the children? How long do you expect people to remain on your TPV? From what you have written, it will be forever. Mr. Abbott, are you dismantling the “NO ADVANTAGE” test.

Mr. Abbott, maybe it would have been more prudent to talk to Indonesia and others in the region before rushing off to promote an army man. Maybe there are other more humane options. Maybe, a trip to PNG, to give that country’s scheme a chance to work.

Mr. Abbott, the biggest question I ask, is why most of your election campaign, was identical to the one you used in 2010? Yes, the same, with no more detail, I am afraid. You do not wonder that maybe things have changed since then, and maybe new policies were needed.

Mr. Abbott, why is your new front bench made up of yesterday’s men. Men from Mr. Howard’s failed government that was thrown out in 2007.


  1. bushfirebill, says much better, what I am trying to portray.

    “….The great pity about Abbott’s action agenda is that most of it is based on knee-jerk reactions borne out of a desire to be negative, up to three years ago.

    Abbott is clinging to his old promises, and his old threats, most of which have been superseded, or rendered irrelevant by the passage of time. Yet, in his fanatical determination to be seen as “keeping his word”, at least on the Big Ticket items, he’s going ahead anyway.

    For example, three years ago you might have had a case for cancelling the NBN, when copper was not quite so obviously unviable, and before the optical rollout has really started.

    But a huge amount of premises, all over the country, have been passed now. The copper network is failing (my own phone line is on the blink as I write), all the bullshit arguments of Turnbull have been answered, he still hasn’t come up with any costings or business case for keeping a century old technology and trying to wring one more drop of blood out of it before it’s inevitably scrapped and the people want optical fibe in great majority…

  2. I just spoke to Tony and he tells me that he’s more mature than you are, so there. And his friend, Christopher says that lots of people say that Tony is the most mature man around and that no-one liked your friend, Julia, and that if you say more nasty things about Tony, he’s going to tell!

  3. I suspect that Abbott, does indeed knows what he is doing. Going back to the past and putting us all back in our place.

    “……Abbott says the cabinet was picked, by him, on merit. So no other woman has the ability to be a Cabinet Minister? Unlike say Warren Truss or Barnaby Joyce who just brim with talent.

    Of course merit is really about being white, male, rich and educated at a private school. Occasionally a woman is admitted to the boys’ club.

    Abbot also downsized the titles of Ministries. There is no ministry for science, none for aged care, none for disabilities, workplace relations, higher education, youth or climate change. There is however a Minister for the Anzac Day Centenary, another for Border Protection and one for Sport. The whiff of backwardness and populist nationalism grows stronger and stronger.

    Of course we need to think about this in class terms as well as gender terms.

    If this is the way Abbott treats ruling class women imagine what he has in store for working class women.

    Already the incoming Coalition government has announced it will rescind the pay increases for up to 350000 aged and child care workers, the overwhelming majority of whom are women.

    The new Government is the ………..

  4. Hello Michael, Like you and I would think many many other Australians Understand your Message, This Clown of a Man Now Really Has a Mandate to Undo all the Good Work of the Previous Government , How Scary, And For the Next three years we will be entertained by his Photo Opportunity Stunts, The Latest one Being The Pictures of Him Wheeling His Bike along The corridor , Too Funny, Hopefully The General Population will Finally see what a ( Take your Pick of a squillion Descriptive words To Label Him with ) “GOOSE” will do for Now

  5. Just watching the swearing in ceremony. It is nice to know, that after 19 years, we all have no idea, what a wonderful man that Tony is.

    It appears, the the Comcar drivers say, that Tony is the most polite man, they drive around. It is lovely to know, that all the Departments love working with Tone.

    They are saying that Tony is most patience and unflappable. Wonder what the episode was with Reilly.

    We are so lucky, to be getting such a wonderful man for PM. The question I ask, how did he manage to keep hidden for the last 19 years. all these wonderful aptitudes. How could we all get it so wrong.
    Why where there less than half a dozen, outside the gates to welcome such a perfect PM elect. Just as well his family turned up.

    Sorry, what I am listening to, is nauseating.

    One should look closely at the face of the GG after she swore Abbott in. One could sense, that smile was hard to put in place. Love that she had a woman army officer standing guard.

    Mirabella has conceded defeat.

    It is my 72 birthday. Am looking forwarded to my 75, which I think many here will be celebrating the return of Labor.

    My sympathies of all public servants, especially those in Canberra.

    I believe there will be more interesting news releases as the day goes on.

    It is also a big news, that the world will be poorer for the lost of Mirabella. It amazes me, how we also got her so wrong.

    We have more of Howard’s men, back around the parliament today. We have Mr. Nutt, helping Abbott get it right.

    Mirabella will be a great loss, as she is close to Tony. He does have a funny mob that is close to him

    Yes, Howard is back. Wonder he is not hovering around in the background.

  6. It is said, that no minister below Bishop the younger is allowed to talk to the media, without clearing it with Abbott;s office. It is said that Tony intends to ignore the media.

    How long can one stage manage a government.

  7. Turnbull ignoring proceedings, busy texting, or least looking at his phone.

    Bishop the younger, busy flashing her eyes, looking adoring at all males present.

  8. Judi Moylan, condemning Abbott’s policy of returning backs boats. Is saying it is a dangerous policy. Lost me now, saying if anyone can manage it, it will be Bishop the younger. Another one, we presumingly have wrong.

  9. It appears if Abbott attempts to keep his promises that is enough.
    So different rules for Abbott. For Gillard, failing to deliver, was translated into a lie, ad breaking of promises. Oh, how things change, when it is not Labor.

  10. It is said that Tony intends to ignore the media.

    If that is so Fu, it’s an excellent opportunity for an astute opposition to get into the ear of the media so we continue to hear “The opposition says” from the MSM for the next 3 years 😉

  11. But ”one of the main reasons participants felt disconnected from politics and the election was their dissatisfaction with both of the major parties’ leaders,” the report says. ”Regardless of whether their values were more closely aligned with Liberal or Labor (or the Greens) few people had positive things to say about either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott.”
    There was also disappointment with how the campaign had been run and, in particular, the lack of debate about policy, we’re told. Many complained the Liberal and Labor campaigns focused on ”slagging off” their competition instead of explaining policies.
    Participants were tired of the mud-slinging and personal attacks launched directly by the major parties’ leaders and felt that both lacked the charisma and vision required to inspire and help them connect with politics.
    To this end, many hoped the election would bring an end to minority government, the constant bickering and lack of stability that has characterised the last few years of Australian politics, the report says.
    But I say all the bickering and seeming lack of stability arose not from minority government as such, but from Abbott’s reaction to it, which was to assume government could fall into his hands at any moment and maintain a stance of total opposition to everything.
    The past three years have left a nasty taste partly because of Julia Gillard’s unpopularity and Labor’s constant feuding, but mainly because Abbott ran a three-year election campaign of politicians eternally at each other’s throats.
    But did you notice the way he transformed himself for the campaign proper? The man who’d run the highly effective but dishonest scare about the terrible effects of the carbon tax and – as we only now discover – a quite insincere scare about debt and deficit, became the man professing to be ”embarrassed” by Rudd’s scare campaigns on the Coalition’s supposed plans to raise the GST and to ”cut, cut, cut” government spending.
    And by the campaign proper the man who wrote the book on negativity was accusing Rudd of being ”so negative”.
    In government, the

    Read more:

    Where are the trolls. Have they fulfilled their role, and been pensioned off.

  12. From the GG comments, maybe the babies should have been left at home. Most seemed to be voicing their distress at what was occurring.

  13. I am sure, I along with many here, will be celebrating in 2015. In fact, I will be surprise if we have to wait that long.

  14. Waiting to see, how under the Constitution, a three star general can be accountable to a minister. How a minister can order defence materials to be used, over who controls the forces.

    I thought, the GG was the head.

  15. Today is a day to celebrate. Australia breathes fresh air instead of the
    infighting , bickering , wastefulness and uncertainty of previous Labor regeme.
    ps Forget ‘ Where is Wally ? ‘
    “Where is Kevin ? ” Have not seen or heard from him since 7/9. Must be living in a cave.

  16. .

    ……….A former Australian Defence Force chief says the Federal Government’s policy of turning back asylum seeker boats is doomed to failure.

    Retired Admiral Chris Barrie was required to implement former prime minister John Howard’s policy of turning back boats when safe to do so.

    Now that the policy is being revived as one of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s key election promises, Admiral Barrie fears there will be a return to people smugglers sabotaging their boats…..

    Mr. Abbott should take time out to listen to Brendan Nelsn at the NPC.

    Judi Moylan also said turning back the boats was dangerous policy.

  17. VOYAGER can you detail the wastefulness for us? I’ve asked this of every right winger that has made that claim yet not one has been able to answer.

    Where are all the senior Liberal women? That’s right in the kitchen making tea for the Liberal men, certainly not in cabinet.

    Then there is the internal Liberal party bickering, especially with the Nationals, and the absolute uncertainty that Abbott has unleashed without getting into the foreign countries he’s royally pissed of, which now includes Pakistan.

  18. Today is a day to celebrate. Australia breathes fresh air

    Well that’s a crass statement, VOYAGER.

    The carbon “tax” has already brought greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity-generating sector to their lowest level in a decade.

    Abbott has pledged to repeal the “tax”. That is likely to cause DIRTIER AIR.

    Celebrate that, Fiberals. Your kids aren’t going to need clean air, are they?

  19. Hi Mods, I’ve got a couple of comments stuck in moderation. They’re duplicate comments. Could you please post one and delete the other. Thank you.

  20. Happy birthday, Fed up. Pity about the birthday present though. There is certainly a lot of swearing going on today.

  21. I enjoy reading your blog posts, and broadly agree in principal with the theme of this one.
    In the interests of maintaining readability, can I humbly and constructively suggest this post would have benefitted from one or two more edits?
    The points are laboured (no pun intended) and at times obscured by bad grammar. Shouldn’t a rhetorical question, for example, end with a question mark?

  22. Listening to Abbott, one would think that for the last six years, Labor did nothing. in the last six years.

    One would think that most of Labor’s promises were not delivered. They delivered most of .what they set out to do.

    Abbott is still in the business, is creating false perceptions within the community.

    One would think if Abbott has guts, he would face the media, to announce sackings, not just press releases.

    I suspect accountability, is not Abbott’s intention. Press releases will be the order of the day.

    Then we all know, being held to accountability is not in Abbott’s genes.

  23. Happy birthday Fu.

    Not a present but this really says it all about Abbott as he makes his first excuse for the sting of broken promises about to come.

    Abbott: “We hope to be judged by what we have done, rather than what we said we would do”

    So where is the same outrage against the Coalition government from the right winger that they levelled against Labor for genuinely trying to be honest.

    Nowhere of course because the right wingers are as dishonest and hypocritical as the party they mindlessly support. It and the distortions from the media are the way the Liberals can ever gain power. Honestly and integrity are alien concepts to them.

  24. It appears, it is not usual to repeat the election spin, at the swearing in. Maybe he cannot wean himself off those slogans and motherhood statements.

    Would be nice, if one could find a few experts that agree with him. Not talking about IPA and one or two small business organizations.

    Big legal questions with Sovereign Borders. Same goes for carbon emission. Telling CEFC not to do their job. The list goes on and on.

    Nothing about the budget emergency.

    NO time for facing the media.

  25. So the Abbott government is putting in place the economic groundwork for interest rate rises and a return to the Howard era of unsustainable personal debt. And let’s not forget it was Costello along with just about every economist who said that Howard’s policy was unsustainable, yet Abbott wants to return to it.

    The new government wants to minimise the flow of bad news to the community to allow confidence to recover; it wants to differentiate itself from the frenetic nature of the Labor years. Rising confidence, rising house prices, rising share prices are part of what is called the “wealth effect” and the thinking goes that with all three turning up, consumers will be encouraged to save less and spend more, as they did in the Howard years, by either running down their high savings or taking on more debt.

    That thinking, by the way, ignores the negatives: that more spending could see bank deposits start falling, forcing the banks to borrow more from the wholesale funds, thereby increasing their riskiness, not to mention the impact on inflation of increased demand, which will force interest rates up.

  26. Chris, you are correct. My trouble is, I am too long in the tooth for my grammar to improve at this stage. I do run it through grammar programmes but they do not seem to improve things.

    For me to edit. I should put it aside for a week before pushing that publish button. From experience the errors will jump out for me after a time. In fact, if I reread it tomorrow, I will see them all.

    Afraid I do not have the patience for that. By then the topic is out of date,

    Would you like to offer, to edit for me.

    Chris, I am glad you agree with some of the sentiments, that is what is important, from where I sit.

    This one, I found hard to write. I know what the message I wanted to get out, but was not as easy, as one would think.

  27. Did not worry about talking the economy down when he was Opposition leader. Is he saying, all truth will be kept from us.

  28. Abbott has made many political announcements today. Suggest he face the media to explain his actions to the people. Not values or ideology, but political.

  29. Fancy Prime Minister Abbott only having a few competent women on board, no ladies promoted unless on merit.
    On the other hand you have labor union heavies stab a useless PM to replace him with a woman, only thing, she is even more useless so they have to dump her. Oh dear, fancy if the libs had treated a lady like that, but not a squeak out of you lot.

  30. no ladies promoted unless on merit

    So what would the merit of the lady (note, singular), Julie Bishop, be?

    Actually, let’s take it straight to the top: what is Abbott’s “merit”? Tell us why you think he would be a good PM.

  31. As Abbott said, we judge him by what I do. Yes, indeed we will.

    By Giles Parkinson on 17 September 2013

    Maurice Newman, the former chairman of the ABC and the ASX who will be the chair of Tony Abbott’s Business Advisory Council, has launched an attack against the CSIRO, the weather bureau and the “myth” of anthropological climate change.

    In an opinion piece written for the Australian Financial Review, Newman said much of the public service infrastructure would be resistant to change because of their “vested interests” in the status quo.

    “The CSIRO, for example, has 27 scientists dedicated to climate change,” Newman wrote. “It and the weather bureau continue to propagate the myth of anthropological climate change and are likely to be background critics of the Coalition’s Direct Action policies.”

    Given Newman’s dismissal of climate science, one wonders why he sees the need for Direct Action of any type. The answer possibly lies in the government’s updated policy position: Abbott has conceded that the government will no longer seek to reach even the minimum 5 per cent emission reduction target if its reduced budget of $3 billion falls short of requirements.

    Newman’s comments came a day after it wa…….

  32. Does this make sense. Bridging visas are tougher. In fact many said they would not come, if a bridging visa was all they would get. This is pure ideology.

    ‘………….The new immigration minister, Scott Morrison, will begin the process of reintroducing temporary protection visas, which will apply retrospectively to the 30,000 asylum seekers already in Australia on bridging visas under the former Labor government’s “no advantage” policy…….”

  33. Mobius and,

    Abbott: “We hope to be judged by what we have done, rather than what we said we would do”.

    Well that will be a turnaround..Abbott being judged on what he does rather than his oh-too-familiar impossible to fulfill empty oratories aka brain f*rts which the msm seem to gobble up with somewhat boring regularity – not even a raised eye-brow as to how, much less a why.

  34. Fed up @1.09pm..Admiral Barrie has been making public statements to this effect for quite some considerable time – which of course are but naught to the msm who want only sensationalism and quick fixes – easy, we’ll just turn back the boats. Too bad if senior Navy personnel consider that this policy risks lives including those of Australian personnel. One would consider that Abbott doesn’t give a rat’s about putting Australian navy and custom’s personnel’s lives at risk – who cares, as long at it receives the approval of the shock jocks, then it becomes “policy”.

  35. “…but not a squeak out of you lot.”

    hummmph didn’t bother to read anything before launching into another lot of right wing bullshit did he?

    Liberal of merit. If the only woman of merit is Julie Bishop, who once shacked up with a right nasty piece of shit and whose claim to merit was deliberately delaying asbestos cases so the claimants would die during the proceedings so her client, CSR, would have to pay out to them or their family.

    If that’s the highest woman of merit in the Liberal party then it’s in really deep shit.

    The we have real women of merit like Joanna Gash being overlooked and duck shoved so many times she retires to go into local politics.

    What an endorsement for the Libs hummmph.

  36. This is a government that is going to do it under the table, taking the chain saw out, taking as many PS out as possible.

    Drum. . Abbott will speak, only when he wants to.

    In other words, it is OK for the public not to know.

    I suspect, that Labor will be willing to fill the void.

    The media is hungry and demands to be fed.

  37. Mobius, J. Bishop the serial deputy to a succession of leaders of the opposition. As I wrote over at the AIMN..

    Apart from The Death Stare, the cat’s claws movement and a penchant for wear extremely tight fitting and expensive Armani suits, I really do not know what JB’s *field of expertise* is, remembering that in ’09 she was forced to resign due to perceived incompetence, this coming from her own ranks – in the role of Shadow Treasurer – Hockey took over.

    A few months later, Abbott became LOTO and in spite of numerous indications of incompetence such as being hauled up for not less than two reported “please explains” by the Indonesian Ambassador for spouting some Women’s Weekly style nonsense about Abbott’s-turn-back-the-boats, she obviously retained the pleasure of Abbott. Not once did Abbott do-a-Howard and at least make an apology for this particular Shadow Minister.

  38. Does one get the impression, this government is not going to be open and transparent, They seem to be setting up the framework to keep as much hidden as possible.

  39. ‘……..MP for Indi, of being partially responsible for the lack of women and the absence of a science minister in Tony Abbott’s first cabinet.

    Several sources have told Guardian Australia that McGowan’s ousting of rightwinger Sophie Mirabella is bad news for the status of women within the government, for science, and for In……..”

    Bad for women, how come. Has it escaped their noticed, that this lady is the first independent MP. Surely that is a success.

    I am sick of hearing, all that Abbott is going to get away with. What’s more according to popular opinion, the public will back Tony all the way. I think, they might just believe their own spin.

    Does anyone really believe that a majority want to lose NBNCo. Do they really want to see nothing done by carbon emission. I am sure most want the real Gonski.

    Does Abbott really have any policies, that the general public wants enshrined.

    The election was about giving Labor a lesson,. That after two elections has been done.

  40. Abbott said he will govern by values. Wonder what those values are. Believing he has lost a wonderful minister in Mirabella, make one concerned.

  41. Wonder why Obama sent us the light weigh ambassador who arrived today. Fund raiser, who is a nice guy, into sport. I believe he arrived with his same gender spouse.

    Both into sport.

    Could say, that Obama sees Abbott as a light weight.

  42. More than 100 witnesses will be called to give evidence against former federal independent MP Craig Thomson as he fights fraud charges.

    Thomson is fighting 173 charges over the alleged misuse of his union credit cards while he was the national secretary of the Health Services Union.

    It is alleged he spent $28,000 of union money for personal use, including paying for escort services, adult movies, hotel stays and flights.

    The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard 113 witnesses will be called to give evidence over whether it was Thomson using the cards, and if he was authorised to do so.

    The hearing will run for more than a month.

    Thomson’s lawyers are challenging whether he had authorisation to use the cards.

    If they are successful, the case against him will be thrown out.

  43. This is a problem for all of us, because we simply cannot, as a nation, thrive in the world when a significant portion of those in power are in denial about reality, whether it be the facts of climate change, the worth of women, or the ethnic composition of our population.

    Yes, the Coalition won the election quite comfortably, but not nearly as well as they thought they would. The result showed that a lot of the dissatisfaction with Labor went not to Mr Abbott but to minor parties and independents. The electorate is fractious and completely dissatisfied with both major parties, and they are unlikely to want to indulge a new prime minister and the chips on his shoulder for too long.

    Tony Abbott is more conservative and more of a culture warrior than the nation he now leads. He has set himself up for a reckoning, including from within his own party, and I don’t think it will take too long to manifest.

    Still, a lot of damage can be done in the meantime, and it is important that people understand that………..

  44. Meanwhile, the old media talks about “important issues”…’s all about the hairdo..

    We suggest that young women with political aspirations take careful note of this:

    “For those Liberal women wanting to be promoted to the inner circle, it could be as easy as a bit more spray.”

    There you go, ladies – there’s your answer. Our national newspapers have analysed this shiz: HAIRPSRAY 4 LADEEZ = PARLYMINT.

    We wish you well in your electoral pursuits…

  45. Now we know for certain that Abbott is pulling the piss out of the Australian people and has slapped down every woman except Bishop the younger out there. I include his wife and daughters in that who he pimped to win an election.

    The new prime minister himself has taken primary responsibility for women’s issues, which under Labor were handled by the families minister, Jenny Macklin.

    That’s right, Abbott is the Minister for Women.

  46. Tony Abbotts wife runs a child care centre and Abbotts Government is going to rescind the pay rise of aged care and child care workers,is that not a conflict of interest?.

  47. Sounds to me that should the little lady of the house make him a cup of tea, ME would order her to take it away, for fear that it may demean her equal position in the marriage. OMG u r pathetic ME…..what tripe you peddle

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  48. That is simply not true Mrs Taylor and for you to say such a thing shows you in a poor light indeed. I have a wife and daughter Mrs Taylor.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  49. Summo, I suspect that it’s your attitude towards them which might be a problem. Do you agree with Abbott that you should flaunt your daughters by labeling them virgins and telling the world that their virginity is *a gift*.

    I suspect that contrary to Abbott, that you respect the women in your life, that you treasure them and would never ever say such a thing.

  50. Happy Birthday FU.

    From your link to Tim Dunlops piece, this caught my eye

    The choices he has made point to a deep unseriousness and immaturity at the centre of the Abbott Government, as well as amongst those sources of power within our society – including within the media – that support him. For all of them, it is more important to raise a middle finger to what they see as their “enemies” than it is to govern in reality. They would rather score points against the “feminazis” and “poofs” and “inner-city elites” and all the other figments of their arrested development than face up to the world as it actually exists.

    Interestingly, his very first act after being sworn in was to tear down, by sacking three Senior Public Servants. A sign of things to come? He did nothing but a wrecking ball in opposition. It appears that this will continue. WA just lost their AAA credit rating. How long will it take tabot?

  51. Tim has it exactly right and you see it from the right wingers here. The most important thing to them wasn’t policy, wasn’t their leader’s credibility nor his intelligence and indeed though asked many times to elucidate what would make Abbott a good leader and the Liberals a competent party to rule, they couldn’t do it.

    Their whole attack here was on winning and “shoving it to us”, so looking forward to seeing us lose and being upset, and it went on.

    There in a nutshell is the attitude of many right wingers, schoolkid nya nya and country be stuffed.

  52. Tom, that prompted me to read some of our ye olde days on Tim’s’s this one. 🙂

    see this morning that Rupert Murdoch is all for spending $700 Billion on bailin’ out Wall Street.

    Might I politely suggest to Rupert that he sits down and shuts up and gets his own house in order by spending a bit of his own cash on getting his bloody site upto scratch since I ‘ve lost count of the number of times blogocracy has crashed on me today plus now I cant get the youtube clip to work.

    Not to mention all the other times there have been issues in relation to this site.
    I Am The Walrus of Sydney
    Wed 24 Sep 08 (01:42pm)

  53. Yes, and made the announcement by press release, refusing to face the media. Mr. Abbott turned todays ceremonies into a political exercised, than refuse to talk to the people.

    There have been announcements today, that were never mentioned in any election campaign.

    He has all the families there, from Evey young babies, then refused all of them, access to lunch.

    The decisions made, are definitely not those of any cabinet or front bench decision.

    We have Howard’s advisers back today, taking over. Wonder were Maxwilton or whatever his name is. probably still holding O’Farrell;s hand, along with Griener.

    Problems with a stage managed PM. Peta and her Husband were on full show today. One would think, they were there to get sworn in, along with the rest of the government.

    A PM who will address the media, only when he has something to say, scares the hell out of me.

    A man that puts embargoes on all his ministers, except Bishop the younger, talking to the media, without clearing it with him.

    The question I ask, who is running the show, From what one minister said, Abbott rang, telling him the news, This was followed up with a call from Howard.

    What we have seen today, is an orchestrated operation, telling us how wonderful a man Abbott is, and that we are wrong. Why would a new PM need such a huge build up.

    This business of camping in student accommodation, not allowing lunches is just plain ridiculous.

    If Abbott wants to spruik politics at todays ceremony, he should make himself available to answer questions, that arise out of his actions today. He should not make that choice, not to,.

  54. Could one imagine the outcry, if Gillard made many of the statements, that Abbott has made today.

    Yes. I mean, he is basically blackmailing the mining companies. Dig, or be barred from ever digging again. The jackboots are already on. A gentler, kinder Government 😯 ROFL

  55. Tom, who can forget Tony’s last effort at “gentler, kinder”..a small wistful sigh from Abbott as the petit ange précieux of conscience filtered across the landscape of Abbott’s brain only to promptly disappear..stomped on beaten by the desire to win. And they said that Rudd was a micro-manager control ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  56. Audio worth listening to.

    RCHIE LAW: It leaves everyone in this sector – and I’d suggest a lot of partner governments – wondering what the hell is going on in Canberra at the moment. You’d expect there’d be some pretty decent job losses coming out of that.

    SAMANTHA HAWLEY: The new Federal Cabinet and the National Security Committee of Cabinet have also met this afternoon.

    There was no Prime Ministerial press conference today, but Tony Abbott got his message out during the earlier formalities.

    TONY ABBOTT: We aim to be a calm, measured, steady and purposeful government that says what it means and does what it says.

    MARK COLVIN: The Prime Minister Tony Abbott ending Samantha Hawley’s report..

  57. However, there is a god..

    FORMER Coalition frontbencher Sophie Mirabella has surrendered her seat and will not demand a recount,

    In spite of Mirabella’s protestations of being *done in* by a coalition of greens, people who care about the environment/or children/or education/or old people/or people who own small dogs/or people who own largish dogs/or cats who don’t come when called – people in Sophie’s own electorate say that she did stuff all for them, never answered phone calls and in fact spent more time in Canberra sucking up to anyone who would buy her at least two Mae West cocktails – sigh, such is life Sophie..

  58. Indonesia will reject Abbott’s policy, Finds them insulting. Wants Abbot to talk with them, before doing anything.

    Strong warning been given.

    When is the man going to listen.

  59. What is frightening is that two of those heads, Russell and Comley, headed up the two departments that the old Dept of Climate Change was absorbed into back in March. They have obviously been punished for that. I have worked for both men and they are competent and outstanding department heads. They were tireless workers. Russell was the former Ambassador to the USA. Now he’s been sacked by an idiot who wants to once again politicise the public service. just like his hero Howard.

    Dark days ahead here in Canberra.

  60. Fro, their description of the ministries, they seem to have little bits all over the place.

    If Bishop the elder gets the chair, she is going to have fun working out, who to aim questions too. The big worry is Disability. I think Andrews is in charge. They have been talking about the British system, which it seems, hands it over to charities. If this is true, they will take disability backwards.,

  61. FU. you are a twisted Dill. Sit back and accept the next 3 years. I think Abbott’s whole Adult thing is just a polite way of saying we have had juvenile government for most of the last 6 years and he intends to provide the alternative.
    Downtown Portinatx…..

  62. TWEED it is funny how so many from your side if the fence, keep telling us we should just lie down, and accept what is dished out. Tweed, that is not how it works.

    All the election does, is give each MP a mandate to sit in parliament. After that, it is a matter of how many votes Abbott can muster on the floor of the house.

    It is not the Oppositions job, as Abbott seen it, to destroy everything in hos path, including the economy. It is there job to opposed and offer alternative solutions. To amend legislation to make it better.

    Abbott did not follow your advice. Why should we.

    Tweed, I am going to enjoy watching the likes of you, when Abbott falls in a heap, before your eyes. The only thing I hope, is that he does not caused to much damage in the process.

    The trouble is Tweed, you make a lot of statements, that you cannot back up with facts.

    No, I am not the dill. I will leave it up to others to work out who is.

  63. …. I keep telling you stuff FU. It comes to pass and you remain surprised. Not sure what else I can do.
    Re your comments about damage. Rudd/Gillard?Rudd redefined damage with their little experiments.

  64. Just saw the entire footage of the new government being sworn in and no matter how the right wingers attempt to dress it up, you have to say what a bunch of amateur clowns.

    They couldn’t get right a ceremony many have attended before during the Howard years. It was a circus from start to finish, including Abbott’s political swearing in speech. He can’t even be gracious in winning.

    Turnbull sat their texting.

    Half didn’t know whether to sit or stand, and Joyce did both at the wrong times.

    One, Scott Ryan, bought a massive bible that looked ludicrous whilst others had minuscule ones.

    And Abbott made a joke out of the entire affair and ended by politicising it.

    So in less than two weeks Abbott has stuffed up two basic new government procedures, along with further pissing off a near neighbour and breaking a couple of promises, already proving his is the worst government in Australian history.

    Newman stand aside you have a new king clown to take your crown. Welcome to the circus clowns that are our new Federal government.


  65. After eventually convincing myself to belatedly watch elements of the swearing in ceremony I was perplexed about so many things. Yes, it was a circus and for a group who so love the act of ceremony it was farcical, would you not think that if you were being sworn in as the PM you might just ask someone ( anyone?) wether you sit or stand and when? Simple actually. And the person who bought a bible the size of which even had the GG asking if he could manage? Greg Hunt bringing daughter Poppy with him to be sworn in, cute but really, is this another daggy dad moment. Was it not enough to be in the audience to see Dad being sworn in? Has anyone in this mob ever addressed the concept of appropriateness?

    We can look forward to more of this on the international stage for the next three years, by then not only will we be off side with almost the entire world, the laughing and ridicule will be interesting to see.

    Of course Abbott politicised the ceremony, he has politicised every event he has spoken at for years, who could forget his speech when Obama visited? Cringe material.

    And the quote of the day about values not ideology? Doesn’t our ideology inform the development of our values? This government becomes more bizarre by the day and with the announcement that Abbott is now the minister for Women’s Issues we can only look forward to more idiocy. The question now is, can the Labor party and the community bring them to account?

  66. VOYAGER I’ll fix it for you.

    Quick look over there at Kevin instead of my beloved idiotic and failing leader who is screwing government in just his first 10 days of office.

    Why won’t the right wingers address what Abbott is doing, his back flips, removing ministries, the slap to Australian women, breaking promises instead of continually harking back to the previous government.

    Not only is this very telling of what they think of Abbott and the new government it’s the height of hypocrisy.

    When Abbott’s and the shadow cabinet failures were highlighted in opposition the right wingers often came with the retort they weren’t the government so are not accountable.

    Well here’s news for them that they don’t seem to have heard. Abbott and the Liberals are now the government and ARE accountable for everything they do and say.

    Of course the media, and as we have already seen here, the right wingers, will attempt to cover up, divert and obfuscate for Abbott’s and his government’s failures, but there’s no way I for one will let them get away with it.

  67. Posted over at TS.

    Not transparent or open, is the man that intends only to talk to the media when he has something to say.

    There was much hidden in his announcement of that ministry. If one is relying on the NDIS, I would look closely on who is in charge and how it is divided among ministers.

    I suspect that he is out to confused, and to hide his actions.

    No men of calibre either, TS.

    Who are making the decisions in our new government. Definitely not being discussed in cabinet or the party room.

    Those announcements of sackings where in minutes of him being sworn in,long before any gatherings of his new ministry..

    The demolition man to not wait, to get going.

    By the way it seems that Indonesian will not accept his sovereign borders. We have Holden telliing them, they will close by Christmas.

    Yes, Mr.Abbott, others can make threats.

    The government will have to do more, than say, I do not have much money to give, It is up to the government to find the necessary money that is necessary for good governance. Answer to Holden, is we see what we will do in two months..

    ABC 24. Not usual to see so many back benches criticizing him already, including their youngest member. The youngster said that only having one woman is not good enough.

    Many unhappy party women speaking out.

    What does it mean, by Ian McFarland, still;.wears a Peter Brock hat, while making his response to Holden. Going to be OK. says Ian, I am been here before, we are a stable government, everything will be OK. Maybe Holden is a little suspect of a government up of stale old men, from another era.

    Suggest to Ian, Holden by their statement do not think, that having a new government gives them confident. In fact the announcement from Holden says the opposite.

    This is only day two of this government. Business demanding action and revolt on the back benches.

    Yes, Tweed, it is traveling well, and we should all sit back and relax. Tweed maybe we should all take a sleeping drug and go to bed for the next three years, making it easy for Abbott to rape us all.

  68. Thanks LOVO.

    Tweed, one thing you got very wrong. I am not surprised at any action of Mr. Abbott.

    The only thing that surprises me, is what I predicted is showing up so early in his PM ship. Nothing that have written since the election, was not said by me over many months, even years.

    Abbott does not surprise me at all.

    With Abbott, what you seen, is what you get. Not very pretty either.

    The problem is, that few where not looking, did not see, when it came to Abbott.

    They swallowed the false perception of Labor that was abroad, therefore with only one aim, acted to get rid of Labor.

    What surprises me Tweed, that you think Abbott is capable of being PM, that he will be good for us.

  69. The minister, the NSW one I think, was not introduced making the announcement, added “we blokes get things done” Does that mean, women don’t.

    We can now engage the community because we have something to talk to the community about”

    Then showing a video. ABC 24 Talk about staged managed.

    ABC 24 not buying it. They left the stunt video and returned to more worthwhile topics. The Indonesian MP talking about turning back the boats.

    Score one to the AB 24.

    Returning to Sydney, now the video is over. O’Farrel now talking.
    The slogans are out.

    Tony is talking now. Wonder if he will be asked any question.
    What has been launch Still the tree and four word sentences.

    Waiting for the questions, on Indonesian for starters. Second what does he think about his back bench,

    Now we have Truss.At least he uses words, that one makes to an adult.

    That minister was Duncan Grey.

    Any questions for myself and Premier. How many homes will be demolished? Four years to do stage one. That is planning and consulting.

    Abbott looks as he would rather be anywhere else, than here. They do not seem to like the questions. No one are really challenging. They are becoming upset. Not going the way, they planned.

    Yep. City Connex is not being received, as they hoped.

    What we have is a business plan that could be changed.

    Media not buying the stunt, which is all it is. Private sector not interestedl

    The trouble is, they have littles of substance to announce. This road might be complete 2023. The first stage 4 years. A long time before and soil is turned.

    Diverted a question, away from City connect.

    Now to the real questions.

    the ah and ahs beginning. First question on Labor party. Repeat of a the slogans. Labor needs to learn it’s lessons.

    Now back to the necessary announcements. First on aid. Do intend to trim size of PS by 12,000 over time, by attribution.

    Now to borders. No argument with anyone in the Indonesian parliament, Respect Indonesian. Confident this government will be able to work with Indonesian.,
    Calmly…. best thing for women is PPL. Did not quite answer question.

    Best thing for car industry, is free it from the carbon tax, and FBT. Now the slogans calming Not so sure Holden would agree.

    clean and fair. New slogan

    Same sex marriage. Not in business giving public advice to state and territories. Did not answer question on same sex marriage. Went back to City Connex. ACT free to do what they want, within the law. Brandis will will be seeking advice. This, all within one paragraph.

    Has deep respect for professionalism of the PS. You can see from what we have done. we respect the professionalism of the PS. We respect what they have done. Questions cut off by Abbott.

  70. Kevin is spending time with family in China, where I believe his daughter and gradn daughter lives.
    Who cares where he is.

    He has ensured, by his inane changes to the rules, he will not be back.

    It is more like most days, where is Tony?

  71. Marriage equality is now back and forefront.

    Howes will not be seeking a senate position. Howes has just said, we need more men that support women in our movement. Spot on. It was lack of support from men, that bought the PM down.

  72. Why would Howes want to retire to the senate at his age. A safe lower house seat, I could understand.

    He is backing Shorten.

  73. Thinking about what that NSW minster saying us blokes get things done.

    I must admit, O”Farrel is not having any luck with his women ministers, if Pru Goward any to go by. The other two are not any better.

    Minister for Welfare, Minister for Health an Minister for Transport are all a disaster at the job.

    (maybe the titles are not correct, but I hope you know what I mean)

  74. It will be interesting to see if Abbot has the guts, to let the car industry go to the wall. Time will tell.

    Waiting for Holden to come out and say, the carbon tax, and closing loopholes in the FBT is not the cause, and removing, will make no difference to their bottom line.

  75. Those who re watched yesterdays proceedings, did you noticed anyone, beside the younger Bishop, and his family engaging with the new PM.

    I cannot recall him interacting with anyone, except Bishop. He did take hold of his wifes hand, not the daughters for once,

    That kiss was another beauty. I do not know about others, but when I kiss someone clime to me, I like to touch, in fact cuddle.

    I suspect that Tony might just be a lonely man, not much time for social niceties.

    How can he dismiss what the Indonesian FM says.

    Sick of the word calmly, along with all the others.

    Wonder how long, this morning’s one, of “we blokes get things done” will last.

    One needs to remember, there is anew election on the horizon, and things will be entirely different early next year.

    Day two. Dissent from Indonesia. Same gender marriage back on the table, Trouble from back bench, Threats from Holden,

    Not bad for day two.

    Still early in the day. Stage managed announcement of a business plan for a road, fell like a lead balloon, in site of all the props and videos,

  76. Newsline now on ABC 24. Should not miss. It appears that 457 visa’ does not allow one to get Medicare. In WA they parents are now being slugged with bills up to $10, 000 a year education bills. It appears that China is objecting to Abbott’s plans to make foreign investments guidelines,

    Another speaking out against this government, on day two. A topologist on for Abbott, not making much sense.

    Indonesia, now China off side. Not a bad effort for two day old government.

    If I was Abbott, I would have struck to doing positive things, leaving the wrecking ball in the cupboard until next week.

    It appears we should not have listened to what Abbott did or said in opposition. They are sure he will do different, now he is in power. That was chairman of Minerals Australia.


    ………..The Abbott government’s plan to make scrapping the Climate Commission and the Climate Change Authority among its first priorities will deprive Australians of independent information on global warming just when it is needed most, leading scientists say.
    Staff at the Climate Commission, a federal body set up to publicise climate-change science, have all but ceased work as they await instructions from new Environment Minister Greg Hunt.
    Cathy Wilcox.
    Cathy Wilcox.
    The Climate Change Authority, a statutory body that will need a change in legislation before it can be axed, is continuing work on a draft report due out next month. That report will recommend the level of cuts to greenhouse gas emissions Australia should set and also details international efforts to combat climate change.
    ”It’s really………..

  78. Yes, Fed up, the numbers are exceptional. Long gone are the days when we held a party if we had 500 visitors.

    However it’s the numbers at The AIMN that astound me. We’re getting close to welcoming our 40,000th visitor today. Yes, that’s right, TODAY.

  79. Love the running commentary Fed Up, and yes Abbott’s lack of social skills and genuine warmth is really interesting and seems to be influencing the outcomes of the Foreign Policy thought bubbles of the LNP. As you say, China offside, Indonesia offside and on the second day of the current government. Now that takes a special type of stupidity.

  80. No this can’t be correct. I thought everything was going to be hunky dory once Abbott go in and industry was dancing on Labor’s grave as business confidence sky rocketed immediately after the election.

    So if everything is going to be so great why is Qantas engaging in another round of cuts and culling staff at Avalon?

    And I have no doubt that there will be many more businesses that cut back and close under Abbott, but unlike everyone being splashed across the media and directly blamed on Labor you won’t hear a peep on them under Abbott.

    Nor will the right wingers point them out as they were so willing to do previously.

  81. Michael, that is unbelievable, Suspect SMH would be happy with those figures. Come to think of it, pay-walls might be to our advantage. Also of note, its the number of quality sites that are linking up.

    Wonder how many the Guardian gets each day.

    Also the quality of reader, or should I say those who make comments seem to be rising.

    Congratulations once again.

  82. Abbott did say, we should judge him by what he does and achieves. We are taking him at his word.

    McFarland actually looked flat today. Wonder if he had to get a clearance to talk to the media. In fact his response was weak. They will have to wait a couple of months, ans I have no money in my pocket. I suspect, Holden will not even be waiting a few days, let alone a couple of months.

    I can see that trip being bought forwarded to the next few days.That is if the Indonesia head will see him.

    I cannot see any reason from his view, that he should. It is Abbott in the weak position in this one. Indonesian has nothing to lose. Abbott does.
    Was not the Australian Ambassador called home.

  83. Just a reminder, both Qantas and Virgin have big problems with carbon tax. Problem is that they are not paying that tax in Australia.

  84. Fed up, I have to adjust my figures. The AIMN is already nearing 60,000 hits (40,000 unique viewers) for the day so it’s safe to say we’ll get somewhere in the vicinity of 70-75,000.

    It’d be good if we could keep that up, but today is a bit of an exception.

  85. Michael, I think the public might be waking from their slumber.

    Looks like same sex marriage will be a reality by Christmas. A growth industry for your home town,.

  86. Albanese was worth listening today. I suspect the election has been a watershed, and we a new entering a new political era.

    Politics does seem to go in cycles.

    Abbott is wielding that wrecking ball too soon and too hard. Not even taking time, to take it before his new ministry.

    I suspect much will be undone very quickly.

  87. Interesting. No paywall.

    The incoming Abbott government is considering delaying until late January the mid-year budget update to avoid hurting confidence over the Christmas shopping season.

    Treasury briefings over the past week have driven home to the new ­government the risks to the economy. The economic forecasts and predictions contained in August’s Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook are already obsolete, the new government has been told.

    On election night, incoming Treasurer Joe Hockey urged Australians to spend big over Christmas. Since then, reports showed a rebound in consumer and business confidence during the election campaign.

    There are fears inside the Coalition, however, that if the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, normally released before Christmas, shows a further deterioration in the government’s finances and a slower economic outlook, confidence over the crucial period for retailers could be hurt.

    Furthermore, there have been several recent economic updates, each more downbeat than the other, and the government would like a break in the bad economic news, which started with the May 14 budget. It was followed by the Labor government’s economic statement in early August, just before it called the election, and the pre-election ­economic outlook 10 days into the ­campaign.


    It is official, we will be kept in the dark when it comes to the economy

  88. The Coalition urged consumers to spend big over Christmas. Photo: Erin Jonasson

    Families better spend up big this Christmas, before Abbott takes the money out of their pockets, starting with the school kids bonus.

  89. Fed up, however a report in the Canberra Times states that Abbott has said that he is considering challenging the ACT’s decision on same sex marriage in the High Court.

  90. Yes, Carol, he will. :Listening to the spokesman, today and previously,

    I thing they are on strong grounds.

    They have shared in this case. They are not interfering with the present Commonwealth act in anyway. It could be, that Howard’s change to the wording, inserting between a man and woman could leave the door open.

    The Commonwealth cannot overturn the any ACT’s decision without taking in through parliament, as the rules were changed recently.,

    The ACT is not making changes to the present act which covers dextrose couples.

    They intend a new act, to cover same sex. Two separate acts.

    The other question is, will Abbott want to become involved. Does he really want to take on a battle he is likely to lose. He could win the battle, to lose the war.

    Politically, in my opinion, the best option, would allow legislation for same sex marriages to be voted on in his government.

    We know from Abbott’s actions before the election, this is a battle he does not want to take on. Nothing has changed since.

  91. It appears we could be back to the failed attempts at stimulation, by tax cuts. Would be OK, it they were only aimed at low incomes, to people who have sp Also of help, that 18,000 tax free threshold.

  92. Do all of them count Migs? Some of the comments are very obviously ‘written’ by humanoids whose knuckles still drag on the ground! 😀

  93. Counting the lot, Bacchus. 🙂

    Fairly glad it isn’t the cafe that’s getting those numbers otherwise we’d need to get a larger cellar.

    You’d like that, wouldn’t you? 😉

  94. As evidence of my previous assertion, I offer:

    omfg you women willnever be happy till you are all running the country wel f@#$ing it. you had your chance with the female ronald n all she wanted to do is give her cabnet a rise and take any doller that she could off ppl .i realy thin youneed to back up and stop acting like a bunch of spoilt little school girls…you say hes exest but all iv heard is women bagging him out befor he even gets his shot,now thats just lame

    Followed quickly by:

    well have you ever thought he might not have anyone…(whos a women that is best for that so called job..i just know if someone baged the red rabbit like that she would have them locked up ….give him a go then if he dosn’t do dam good job witch he will then worry about it…there are plenty of ppl in australia who saythings that maybe best not said but atleasthe holds nothing back. go abbot

    WTF? 😯

  95. I noticed him, Bacchus. But it’s good to get a few like that as it shows just how intelligent and evolved the rest of us are.

    Actually, apart from the odd feral like that above, I’m quite pleased at the standard of clientele.

  96. Yep – I would agree with that. The standards of contributors are rising with the excellent authors you’re attracting now…

  97. And they’re lining up Bacchie.

    If only I could afford to pay them. 😦

    As I’m having the site rebuilt (and the costs of it) I’ve had to put in a donate button. Imagine if everyone who visits today donated just one dollar – I’d be $100,000 richer before midnight. 😯

  98. “…I just know she would have them locked up.”

    They’re always so certain of their bullshit even when just a modicum of thought would manifestly show it can’t possibly be true.

  99. Abbott about to face his first big international test.

    The Indonesians have said they fully reject Abbott’s asylum boat policy and have rightly declared it illegal.

  100. My point. Why cannot the CEFC stay. I have been saying this for a long time.

    “……Mr Mohr said the CEFC had been established to assist clean energy firms who “really needed to avoid their funding source being some sort of political roundabout.” The CEFC is required to lend $2 billion annually for five years.

    The legal advice from Mr Keim has also been sent to Mr Hunt’s office, Mr Mohr said.

    “Our position hasn’t changed on this,” a spokeswoman for Mr Hunt said.

    The CEFC is hoping to convince the new ministers that the bank can also serve the Coalition’s Direct Action plan to address climate change and is therefore worth retaining………….

    ll…………y needed to avoid their funding source being some sort of political roundabout.” The CEFC is required to lend $2 billion annually for five years.

    The legal advice from Mr Keim has also been sent to Mr Hunt’s office, Mr Mohr said.

    “Our position hasn’t changed on this,” a spokeswoman for Mr Hunt said.

    The CEFC is hoping to convince the new ministers that the bank can also serve the Coalition’s Direct Action plan to address climate change and is therefore worth retaining….”

    Read more:

  101. Third day of the Abbott government. GST fully on the table. WA Premier on Lateline is saying, Tony Abbott wild have to make some hard decisions, which include raising GST or widening the base. Either way, it will be the low income that will be the most affected.

    Wonder what day four will bring.

  102. Yes, the foot on the table. New Indigenous organizing tomorrow, led by Mundine. Should he interesting. The Aboriginals are the one group that did not vote for Abbott, right across the country except Mr. Pearson’s home town. Even there, there was only a small majority.

    It would amaze me, if Pearson and Mundine were seen by these people, as speaking for them.

    Yes, Abbott also gets these people, as he does women, the same as he gets the Indonesians.

  103. The Coalition urged consumers to spend big over Christmas

    Our family will be doing that. Imported where possible. There are some fantastic bargains to be had on eBay, cheaper from OS than in some domestic stores.

  104. Migs, congrats on the stat’s…. 😀
    Mig’s, I was just down the cellar 😉 …. didn’t run into Bacc’s but!! 😯 …. but in amoungst the unopened Black Berry Nip bottles I found an ‘amphora’ of Port.. of Adelaide origins, and, crikey, it sure had given it’s ‘angel’s share’ to seasonal evaporation, so to speak ;)…. so I chugg-a-lugged like a champion team support’a would.. and then said “meow” … 119 times 😛 ….. but having said that, 😆 .. I hope I have’nt been too Hawkish in my merryment…… and if I have…., then I’m sure you and/or Jane will remind me of my wit, late on friday night…….. GO Cats. 😀

  105. The Coalition urged consumers to spend big over Christmas

    Will they be ‘enticing’ us in the manner that they are doing with the miners?

  106. Tom, and Coalition urging us to spend – it would perhaps be useful if they weren’t constantly threatening to sack people. Yes I know that it’s *only* public servants but it’s the threat of job losses that people do remember.

  107. But the encouragement of unfettered spending and loading people and businesses up with private debt is what caused Howard to stuff up.

    Already a couple of economists have come out and said that this will increase inflation and up interest rates as the banks will need to adjust their internal rates and borrowing.

  108. Also note people that yesterday Abbott did another huge backflip in his boat people policy when he stated that a regional solution was required, which was Labor policy he knocked when in opposition.

    As anger grows in Indonesia over Abbott’s put down of them, Abbott did it again but the media let it slide by.

    Mr Abbott said he is confident his coalition government will be able to work effectively with Indonesia. Not everyone in Indonesia feels the same.

    Is this not Abbott saying he is going to bypass the Indonesian Ambassador, several senior politicians, Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister?

    Surely that’s a huge diplomatic gaff?

  109. Well done. Thanks to Barnett letting thew cat out of the bag, we do indeed have a big fight on our hands. Rudd was wrong to exempt GST from that tax review.
    The simple truth GST is not and never was the answer.

    All that Abbott said before the election, which was false, that the Federal government cannot changes the GST, as it according to him a state tax. It is no

    What we have seen over the last decade or so, is a transfer from industry, to the tax payer. Thanks to the global; economy we now have, no country are able to get tax out of companies. The low income earners are paying more than they can afford.

    The debate is not about increasing or extending the tax base. That is only a lazy and short term answer at the most.

    What we should be looking at the who,e tax system, and think hard before cutting tax for business. Someone has to fill the hole. That is us.

    Look at the power of industry, when Labor attempted to bring in the fair and moderate MRRT, on super profits, earned from the sale of the ore we, the public owns.

    Look at what happened when Labor attempted to close a tax loop hole, when it come to the FBT and buying cars. Has little effect on the sales of cars. That did not matter. This is included in wages packages, mostly in charities. I haver little problem there, as I believe most would use these cars at work, and have no probes meeting the eligibility for the rebate.

    They are giving, a tax rebate, if you used your car to go to work. Those who use public transport get no such rebate. In fact they pay GST on their fares. Yes, they are taxed for going to work.

    What we must not allow, the debate to be about the GST. It needs to be about the taxation in general.

    What I would like to see, which Rudd for political reasons did ot allow. Yes, a in depth investigation in how the GST is working. I suspect, it has not delivered any of what was promised by Howard.

    We know that Howard is closely connected to Abbott. We know that Howard would not have forgiven the Democrats for blocking him from bringing in his full GST.

    Since Howard, we have had Labor across the country. This is the first chance for the Liberals to go back, and finished Howard’s dream. Yes, we have to be careful of Abbott’s ideology, which he claims, he does not act on.

    Yes, it is about value. It is about fairness; It is about all paying their fair share.

    It is about solving the budget structural imbalance. Something that affects many nations across the western world. It is a problem that the USA will have to address.

    We have seen decades of the obsession with lowering taxes for industry and the wealthy

    There has been a transfer of wealth from the lower incomes. to higher incomes. This cannot be allowed to continue.

    During the election campaign, I raised this on more than one occasion. Is time for Albanese and Shorten to start talking about it.

    Maybe the GST is the answer, but the truth is, we have no idea if it has been a success or not. It does not appear to have delivered what was promised.

    As for the states, I believe all these stupid taxes should be abandoned, and we think seriously about handing back to the states, their ability to raised income tax, that was taken away during WWW11.

    States would have the ability to raise what they need. Would be open and transparent.

    Time for us to take our heads out of the sand.

  110. Back to Abbott’s promises. What are they, when it comes to education. Saying one will continue the funding level for four years, tells one nothing.

    “………The Abbott Government has clearly signalled school education as an important policy issue but it is clear the new government will be faced with some challenges, writes Kevin Donnelly.

    Much of the post election analysis of the Abbott Government’s education polices focuses on funding.

    Whereas the Rudd government promised to fund schools for six years, with most of the funding coming in the final two years, the Coalition’s policy only covers the first four years of the forward budget estimates.

    While funding is an important issue, equally important is the model of education being promised by the Coalition Government in areas like school autonomy, teacher training, curriculum and testing and accountability, all of which represents a significant change to policies imposed by the Rudd/Gillard governments over the last six years.

    One of the reasons Western Australia and Queensland refused to endorse the Rudd government’s Better Schools Plan, and a reason why Victoria and Tasmania were initially hesitant, is because the proposed model is highly statist and bureaucratic and control over schools is centralised in Canberra.

    The Coalition Government promises to reduce red tape and compliance costs by giving schools increased autonomy, based on the Western Australia Independent Public Schools initiative.

    It’s significant that in his book Battlelines Tony Abbott argues for greater local control and increased community involvement in schools. The campaign promise is to decentralise power over education by amending the recently enacted Australian Education Act.

    While critics see the move to school autonomy as indicative of a neo-conservative, market-driven approach to education, a closer examination of Coalition policies in relation to NAPLAN and MySchool proves otherwise.

    Not only has the newly appointed education minister, Christopher Pyne, been reported as expressing doubts about the adverse impact of standardised national testing, where individual schools are publicly ranked, but there is also a suggestion that the plan to include science will be scrapped.

    The Coalition Government has also promised to review the national curriculum as a matter of priority. While public response has centred on history and whether we are about to have a re-run of the culture wars in education, it is also important to note the other issues that have been highlighted.

    Based on the premise that diversity and innovation at the school level is an important precondition for a stronger, more effective education system, the intention is to review the curriculum to allow greater “choice and diversity”.

    Not, though, when it comes to the literacy program funded for remote primary schools. Here the requirement, quite rightly given the recommendations of the Commonwealth Government’s 2005 Teaching Literacy report chaired by Dr Ken Rowe, is that schools should demonstrate a “strong commitment by the principal to direct, explicit and systematic teaching of phonics”.

    The campaign policy also states that the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) will lose its testing and reporting function, leaving it to focus on ensuring the national curriculum is robust and rigorous by benchmarking it against “world’s best” curricula.

    Teacher quality and effectiveness, achieved through teacher training and a review of teacher training courses, are also on the Coalition’s list. Contrary to the ALP’s policy where any review of teacher training courses was to be carried out by the schools of education, the Coalition’s policy states that an independent Ministerial Advisory Group will be appointed to undertake the task.

    Picking up on overseas developments, in England and the USA, there is also the intention to broaden the criteria used to admit prospective teachers into teaching courses and to ensure that courses have the right balance between theory and practice.

    While possibly not going as far as New Zealand, where the new Partnership Schools will be able to employ teachers who are not fully registered, the Coalition also suggests that it “will work with the states and promote alternative career pathways into teaching”.

    TS Eliot in The Hollow Men writes,

    Between the idea
    And the reality
    Between the motion
    And the act
    Falls the Shadow
    The same can be said for government and how public policy is implemented.

    The Abbott Government has clearly signalled school education as an important policy issue and it’s also clear that there will be challenges. The first relates to balancing the desire for school autonomy with the need to implement government policy in areas like the national curriculum and national testing.

    The second challenge will be to work with an education establishment that has a history of favouring a more cultural-left, statist model of education.

    Professional bodies like the Australian Education Union, ACARA, the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, the Australian Council of Deans of Education and the Australian Curriculum Studies Association have tended to favour left-of-centre governments to those considered more conservative.

    Dr Kevin Donnelly is founder and director of Melbourne-based think tank Education Standards Institute. In 2004 he was an advisor to Kevin Andrews, now a minister in the Abbott government. View his full profile here…….

  111. I thought that Abbott was going to release his Indigenous plans today. The one written up by Mundine and Pearson.

    Suspect the GST got in the way.

  112. Grattan on Friday: Abbott has ragged start and tough times ahead………..

    …………In the week he formally took power, Tony Abbott managed to perform according to his old stereotype – that is, badly on a matter concerning women……

    ……Abbott is talking about a “measured” start but it has been a messy one. The dearth of women in the ministry, including only one in cabinet, is a bad look on a simple matter – it will register with many in the community who don’t tune into much about politics. The ministry itself wasn’t the worst of it. To have only one woman in the frontbench “kindergarten” – parliamentary secretary level – was ill judged and hard to understand.

    Equally difficult to comprehend was why the highly qualified Arthur Sinodinos was dudded for the finance job. Abbott had earlier intended to give it to him. His suggestion that people have to do their apprenticeship begs the question of why he had not thought this when he had wanted Sinodinos………..
    ………ome; the name of a senior minister is also being mentioned.

    However it precisely happened, there are already complaints in Liberal ranks about the close cabal around Abbott, including Credlin and cabinet ministers George Brandis and Christopher Pyne.

    The worry about Abbott as PM has always been that he would be too easily influenced by a narrow range of people. To be his “best self”, he needs the broadest advice, a flat office structure with only a limited filter, and plenty of contesting of arguments.

    The public breakout over science, parental leave and other issu………..

    Yes, that is being kind, calling it a ragged start. None sighted at all today. Seem to have gone into hiding. Not many others out either.

    I thought he was making announcements on Indigenous affairs today.

  113. Abbott doesn’t seem to know quite what message he wants to convey to the public. That he’s proceeding cautiously and carefully. Or that he’s determined to do everything instantly.

    Day one was not just to be enjoyed with the rellies at the swearing in – it was declared a day of action. The head of Operation Sovereign Borders has been appointed with some flurry. Yesterday the Climate Commission was sacked.

    The PM is still repeating his mantras – he even gave a speech at Government House – almost afraid to venture into new scripting.

    He’s come in with a program, a lot of it to dismantle things, and he’s ticking off the list as fast as possible…………

    As I raised. does he know what he is doing.

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