Abbott’s rich reward

Amid the daily Murdoch mantra that Tony Abbott is the man our country needs it was refreshing to read the views of an independent journalist, Michael Moore, whose ‘take’ on the Abbott victory is best summarised that Abbott has been rewarded for giving us the worst years in our political history. Michael Moore is a former independent member of the ACT Legislative Assembly from 1989 – 2001 and his article Rich rewards of the three worst years is, in a word, compelling. Writing for Moore delivers what can best be described as the absolute truth.

A small part of his article is reproduced below.

The last three years have changed the face of Australian politics. There will probably never be a return to the “kinder, gentler polity” that then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott called for in August 2010.

Some blame minority government, but this is nonsense – effective minority governments remain common across Australian jurisdictions. The blame lies squarely with just two people.

Despite his 2010 call, Tony Abbott was swept up in the international ultra-conservative movement largely led by the Tea Party in the US, where the formula is simple – oppose everything! The aim is clear and simple, make anything but the conservatives look incompetent, particularly in matters financial. Ensure governments achieve as little as possible so that when the conservatives return to power they can build a community in their own image.

This new phase of Australian democracy has a prime minister more beholden than ever before to Rupert Murdoch and his concentration of media outlets. The impact was no clearer than in the swinging seats of western Sydney and Queensland. There was never a more blatant partisan campaign in the media than the one Murdoch ran in this election.

It has been a rough three years in Australian political history where the worst sort of political behaviour has been rewarded. The standards have been set. It is difficult to foresee circumstances in which the downward spiral will be reversed.

What do you think?

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

Tony Abbott in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Totally agree, Abbott didnt win because he was the better choice, Murdoch bought and paid for him, the dirtiest Politics I have seen in almost 50 years, but the good news is that one on one Labor won, so I dont believe it will be long before they are returned. But I am terrified of the damage these mongrels will do to our country in the interim, the dredging and dumping on the Great Barrier Reef, the Heritage forests in Tasmania going to be logged, all of which cannot be reversed, and Im sure there are many other Golden handshakes to be honoured by this lying Liberal in the next 3 years, CGS coming to your backyard without your consent, its all so frightening, when they did NOT win a clear Mandate for any of it

  2. Its not all doom and gloom. Its now up to the ALP to prove itself as an effective opposition. The easiest way to do this is to represent themselves as a genuine alternative, not simply as the same model as the NLP only in a different colour which has been the line that they’ve been following for nearly a decade.
    As Abbott proved, an effective opposition can hold a government to account and operate checks and balances.
    Yes, I know that the Libs have the full force of the MSM at their disposal, but if the readers of this column can see the mendacity of Rupert Murdoch, rest assured that the rest of the electorate can too. While Murdoch seems unassailable, the fact is that his empire is steadily shrinking at a rate that must be worrying even to him. Every time he tweets one of his vicious asides, a little bit of readership slips away.
    The next three years will be critical for the ALP, so it’s up to them whether they re-invent themselves as a party of the Left or sink into obscurity by following the same old line.

  3. As long as he comes to believe the total vote does not give him his so-called mandate, we do stand a chance!!!

  4. Interesting you bring up mandate Gail as I’ve read a couple of articles over the weekend showing clearly that Abbott doesn’t have a mandate, as much as The Australian said he does.

    That even goes to parliamentary rules. For Abbott to have a mandate of any sort he would have needed to table a detailed policy and demonstrated the benefits of that policy to the people. He then needed to publish the costings of that policy and in good time to have the figures verified.

    Unless a party does that it does no have a mandate. And if it does, it only has a mandate for those policies it tables before the election.

  5. Mobius I was so interested to read what you had to say as I have doubted the mandate but did not know the law behind it. Thank you for enlightening me. I also agree on what people had to say above.

  6. As Abbott proved, an effective opposition can hold a government to account and operate checks and balances.

    Abbott proved no such thing, in fact I contend he did the opposite.

    Abbott did nothing but oppose for opposition’s sake, and in fact boasted of that being his job. He put few alternatives and no breakdown of why the government policies he was opposing were bad, he just called them bad and the media repeated the mantra.

    The proof is in the huge numbers of legislation that went through untouched and without scrutiny. I don’t know the final number but it was impressive and something that wasn’t matched by Howard who had free run of both houses.

    If you go through history you will see oppositions have made great contributions to reforms and major policies, indeed Howard in opposition was instrumental in getting changes made to Keating’s economic reforms that were beneficial.

    Abbott is the only opposition, who in modelling himself after the Tea Party in the US, has not contributed to the country whilst in opposition except to bring down our parliament and undermine democracy.

    So I repeat, Abbott proved nothing on checks and balances but did prove that a lying, deceitful and disruptive opposition can win government and has proven the model for future politics in this country to the detriment of it.

  7. Oh brother….How utterly predictable…You guys get pounced as forecast and it has nothing to do with bad policy or poor leadership but some “media or mogul” influence….Lefties….Who cares about mandate, TA is your prime minister now; deal with it…Your policies stink, you leadership stunk and you guys lacked a coherent , unified message on just about everything…

    As usual there is a hell of a lot of difference between Uni theoretical and the “real world”…

  8. Sparta chiming in from the outer and wrong again as usual.

    Just take one thing Sparta. “Your policies stink.”

    How about you tell us just how they stank and what was wrong with them?

  9. Mobius Echo; ‘If you go through history you will see oppositions have made great contributions to reforms and major policies’
    Exactly my point! I certainly wasn’t defending Abbott or his party.

  10. Then there’s this gem on the back of canning our attack on the media, “you guys lacked a coherent , unified message on just about everything…”

    Why was there no coherent, unified message on just about everything Sparta?

    Wouldn’t that mean the media would have had to report that message honestly and accurately?

    How does a government give a coherent message when everything they say is turned around and twisted by the media and the media itself puts out a mantra in repeating the opposition slogans, in fact going as far as outright lying on the government and on behalf of the opposition.

    Methinks it’s you who not in touch with reality here.

  11. Sorry edward, your sentence read that way when we know Abbott contributed absolutely nothing to reforms or policies, and indeed didn’t even table alternatives during his time in opposition except for PPL, a brain fart that will cost the country dearly, and DAP, a very expensive failure before it even starts.

    Apart from that I think over 600 pieces of legislation went through untouched.

    And as further proof of Abbott’s oppose everything for the sake of it is that major Labor policies he and the media heavily canned over the last three years are going to be continued or implemented by an Abbott government, with of course he taking the kudos for them.

  12. Perhaps we should thank Abbott for re-defining the political ground rules. If Labor use the same tactics in opposition they will cut through more easily than Abbott did and this new government’s weaknesses will be exposed with even greater clarity.

  13. The Blame game alive and well @ CW’s.
    Go look in the mirror and ask why Labor Lost so badly.
    Maybe some of these contributed:
    – the rabble of past 4 or 5 years ( 3 PMs , 3D/PMs in last 3yrs)
    – policy back flips even policy by the hour
    I am sure you could add a lot more. Now the choice between Shorten and Albonese now that is even a bigger joke. In 8 weeks when installed how long will the new leader last?

    – a recycled leader more concerned with ego than policy.
    – policy by the hour

  14. I nearly choked on my Weeties this morning when B. Bishop could likely become the new Speaker,because she will bring back dignity to Parliament. Give me a break, who continually abused Prime Minister JG day after day, who stood in front of banners depicting the PM as a Witch, and some banners saying “ditch the Bitch” none other than B. Bishop. and before I forget who was the Minister on Howards front bench who wanted to wash old people in Nursing Homes in kerosene because they had bed sores., none other then B. Bishop.

  15. “I am sure you could add a lot more.”

    VOYAGER you haven’t added anything at all so I don’t know how you’re going to add more.

    Just one example. Policy back flips. Well that describes Abbott to a tee, just in the last week of campaigning alone he changed his stance on several major policies he stridently opposed the three years previously and he’s already mentioned changing others, and that’s before his ministry is sworn in.

    Right wingers and projection, they’re synergistic.

  16. Also VOYAGER if Labor policy supposedly changed so often, which it didn’t, another right wing media lie taken up by the gormless followers, then did Abbott allow around 600+ pieces of legislation go through unopposed or without amendment, thus wholly endorsing them?

    Why is he now taking up nearly all of those Labor policies now he’s in government, thus reinforcing his endorsement of those policies as being good policies?

    Why are you being so shrill in your attack on Labor when it’s Abbott whose in government now? That you continue to attack Labor shows you are really worried about your anserine Abbott.

    You do know Abbott got in a Liberal leadership coup and stabbing Hockey in the back don’t you?

    You do know that there are already calls by Liberal supporters to kick Abbott out?

  17. For a while now the idea’s been bouncing around in my noggin that Australian politics over the last few years has essentially been about the convenience of two men. Rupert Murdoch & Tony Abbott.
    Murdoch gets the country he wants, Abbott gets the job he wants. And nothing else matters.
    For sure there’s been a multitude of camp followers, fellow travellers & other such hangers on, plus of course the media support crew who’ve done so well out of it & will continue to do so as long as they write the right stuff.
    But it’s all about them, really.

  18. Voyager…by the same old line you must mean running the country…ie focusing on better health, education, transport etc etc while supporting innovative ideas like the NBN which will in turn support health, education etc. Abbott’s incoming lot not only have no vision but they will destroy as much as they can because that is their want. They are old school who want to punish Australia for misbehaving ie defying Murdoch and the born to rule elite. I support the ALP going in hard against Abbott at every turn to expose the lies that Murdoch and the MSM foisted on the Australian public with such ferocity….and not responding to the 24 hour news cycle is one part of that plan.

  19. It sickens me to see that B.Bishop is going to be involved she should of resigned from Parliament years ago he thinking is old hat, her ideas are old hat, and she certainly is not going to gain one thing for older people in our community with the attitude that she has and to think that they are making her The Speaker goodness me there must of been someone else that Abbott could have picked for this role, also I am disgusted to thin that there is only one woman in that is Bishop heavens do not tell me that this is the best you could do Mr Abbott for Murdock or did he pick the parliament for you as well.

  20. yoyager
    whilst there is undeniably a truth in why leadership destabilisation was a reason for labor’s election loss, the gist of the article is about the tea party style of politics and it’s unedifying result in having people vote for politics over policy – i can’t recall ever seeing a party being elected on a platform of nothing – sure kick out a govt that hasn’t delivered, but tell me how almost 600 pcs of legislation with major reforms isn’t delivering? sure stuff ups as well, but i can point to every govt ever formed in having stuff ups – pretending the real world doesn’t consist of voters who only grab the headline & look no further from very limited sources is strettching the credibility of your ‘real world’ – typical of many right leaners, you choose to ignore what is obvious to any unbiased outsider – maybe even the joseph stiglitz types of this real world

  21. @Sparta of Phoenix, AZ USA – Your country is broke, relying on hand outs from china, you have the lowest IQ’s outside of africa, zero healthcare, people living in tent cities, 60% obesity and are the joke of the international community, you are destroying your eco system and groundwater with CSG fracking, you have zero political influence at the UN anymore and your dollar is worthless. – go fuck yourself.

  22. To Sparta from Arizona,

    Excuse me if I choose not to take your advice or opinion about anything. Arizona…what a joke. Arizona does not regulate ammunition or require background checks for private firearm sales. Arizona is behind the national average in terms of submitting records of mentally ill people to the federal NICS database which is designed to deny guns to those who are deemed mentally ill. Reporting to this database might have prevented the Virginia Tech shooting and may have also prevented Jared Loughner from obtaining the gun he used to shoot Gabrielle Giffords.

    You come from a different world Sparta…a world we do NOT want. I notice you didn’t elaborate on anything specific when commenting on our politics. Could you explain to me the “coherent unified message” proposed by Tony Abbott? Could you explain how his Direct Action Plan works or how his PPL scheme will help productivity because it appears his party is anything BUT unified on these two big ticket items that Tony is trying to sell.

    Oh and have you decided evolution is real yet or is it one of those “Uni theoretical” things (guffaw).

  23. I see Voyager is once again taking us all on a voyage to …………nowhere. A place where he is comfortable espousing that all that he says is wisdom, because he said it and that means it is correct (in his own mind).
    I always believed the height of stupidity or mental health issues was when you believed your own propaganda.

  24. Mandate, smandate, he wishes… will do as you are told Australian people!!! The Liberals do nothing….just like their electors like, then when’s he ALP get in they have to do what is needed, because they have the guts to do it. Tony Abbott is a serial No man, except when it comes to big business and the like. He is a heartless relic of the past with no insight into our future. He has single handedly polarised this country and encouraged hate and separatism. Oh by the way Matty, Bishop is not a woman!!!

  25. The only mandate given under the Constitution, is the right of your local MP to sit in parliament. That MP is expected to respect the will of the electors, that voted for him.

    Both Abbott and Howard have stated similar sentiments in the past. Abbott, even writing an essay on the subject.

    If Abbott can muster the votes of those MPs on the floor of both houses, he will get his legislation through, If not, bad luck.

    Aside from that fact, there is little evidence that voters based their vote on getting rid of the so called carbon tax. In fact, polls taken over tine, including exit polls, point to the tax being low on the list of many.

    It appears, that most voted to get rid of Labor. Not even too sure if they really want this government. It;s saving grace, is it is not Labor.

    There appears to be more wanting, in spite of the election, wanting to keep the CEF suite of legislation, as well as the NBNCo.

    Politics is the art of the possible, as Abbott will quickly fond out,

    One does not vote for a PM, when one casts their vote. One votes for a local MP, to represent them in parliament.

    One does not vote for a dictator for three years. Abbott has to defend has proposals within the houses.

    Time for Abbott to join the real world. Threats and fear campaign has reached it’s used by date. stunts and slogans will no longer work.

    Will have to face the media, where spontaneous speech is requires. The slogans and stage managed non responses have had their day.

  26. Sparta, what do you think of Obama’s recent actions?

    Sparta, if one goes through Hansard from the last government, you will find that Abbott and his cronies even bothered to reply to most legislation.

    Many statements that he made, over the time of the government, proved that he did not even take time to read legalization passed.

    Abbott was all about, no no and undermining all that was passed. This included talking down the economy and the ensuring that all plans to curtail the boats would fail.

    I do not know of any legislation, that Abbott’s contribution led it to be improved. In this country, that is also the role of an Opposition. Not only to destroy or say no.

  27. Colin, he will find out very quickly. He has written a essay in the past, saying that is not so.

    Wonderful thing about the Internet, everything is easily pulled up from the past.

    Will just be another lie, to add to his long list of lies.

    Like the oner, that he was going to install his shadow front bench, when elected.

    Not even PM, and already lying. Yes, Lying.

    Still procrastinating it appears, or trying to stage manage his appearance, which he has to make today, before the media.

  28. Voyager, confused by your claim of blame game.

    Most here are not talking much about the past, but what is happening today.

    You say, that Abbott is not procrastinating, I assume. You say that Abbott is not being stage mannered, I assume.

    Stating facts, is not playing the blame game. Voyager, pretty pleased, tell us where our facts are wrong.

    All we are doing, is ensuring that Abbott is held accountable. This has not occurred over the last four years.

    Voyager, that is what Oppositions do, I believe.

  29. Patrica. Bishop the elder, needs to be careful. Being of similar age, I am only too conscious of the fact, that a nursing home accommodation, might not be that far off.

    I think that she will find that hers and Abbott’s solution of getting rid of red tape, will not lead to improvements in those same nursing homes.

    Taking away the wage rises from staff, that was put in place under Gillard, will not help either

    Yes, even Bishop the elder, along with Ruddock will not live forever.

  30. I believe the voting public is unaware of what Labor achieved and what they have to lose.

    I am more of the belief that they have no idea what Abbott’s policies are. In fact, outside aspirational proposals, any detailed policies are impossible to find.

    They are scarcer than hens teeth.

  31. Wonder when Abbott will have his first cabinet meeting. If he continues at his present speed, it will be next month.

  32. It is good to see so many new names on this and other sites,.

    It gives one hope,m that Labor is not going to lie down and die.

    I think we learnt one thing, from when Keating was beaten,.

    We do not turn our back on what has been achieved. We do not do as we bid then, slunk off with our tail between our legs.,

    No, we defend, proudly, everything that Labor has achieved over the last six years.

    Yes, there were mistakes made, but in my humble opinion, they were few,

    We take time to look where we have been, dump what we want to take into the future.

    We know that the election of a new leader, was put in place to protect him, is not necessary. The one good thing, it makes it harder for Rudd to get another go.

    It does have a good downside though. It allows Labor to reassessed where it has been and where we are going, in the public domain. That has to be a good thing,.

    Abbott is making it easy, by vacating the public space, which Labor will quickly fill.

    Mr. Abbott, a lesson that you have to learn. In politics, as well as the economy and global world order, is in continuous flux, Always changing. One has to adapt.

    One gets the sense, that Labor has been reinvigorated by it’s recent loss.


  33. “Brilliance is typically the act of an individual, but incredible stupidity can usually be traced to an organization”, an apt description of alp if ever there was.

    What brilliance did either recent alp leader possess, besides the brilliant lies told to deceive Australians. Now drone after moi..”There will be no carbon tax under a Gwovermet I lead.”.” I will not challenge for the leadership of the alp again.”
    We know who the big fat fibbers are, don’t we kiddies…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  34. TICKY FULLERTON: Will this Government commit to keeping the Medicare-plus-safety-net as it is now in place after the election?


    TICKY FULLERTON: That’s a cast-iron commitment?

    TONY ABBOTT: Cast-iron commitment. Absolutely.

    TICKY FULLERTON: 80 per cent of out-of-pocket expenses rebatable over $300, over $700?

    TONY ABBOTT: That is an absolutely rock solid, iron-clad commitment.


    However, in 2005, Tony Abbott and the Howard Government raised the Medicare Safety Net threshold from $300 to $500 for lower income families, and $700 to $1000 for everybody else.

  35. Kerry O’Brien: No, but I’d like you to explain it. Tony Abbott feels with conviction we will not have a new tax in any way, shape or form, we won’t have a new tax; a month later, you do.

    Tony Abbott: Well, again Kerry, I know politicians are gonna be judged on everything they say, but sometimes, in the heat of discussion, you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark, which is one of the reasons why the statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth is those carefully prepared scripted remarks.

  36. Summo, in case you have not notice, it is now the PM elect in the headlights. You are talking abut yesterday’;s people. They are no longer of any concern.

    Catch up. and tell us what Abbott is doing, that is great.

  37. Poor old Summo, trying to win the battle of the lies. Your first lie-there is no carbon tax. Epic fail.

    Whyalla will disappear. LOL lie #1
    A leg of lamb will cost $300 Lie #2
    Alcoa and many other lies Lies #3-13.
    The next 15 lies Lies #14-29
    And let’s not go to his @rse and its sale.

    I await the latest crop of lies and will wait with interest for Clive Palmer’s action against Brough.

    Then there’s Ashbygate. Should be delightful watching Prissy, Brandis & Sloppy being marched off.

    And of course there’s the 2 cases against Liesalot.

  38. Abbott will follow that leech Howards way…. pork barrel’n for votes ..whilst all the while *ucking the basic economic structure of the economy. Tony, as per always, will completely miss the lessons Howard and Costalotto’ fiscal *uckups have wrought and will try to out-sell the previous wasteful LNP mess under that leech Howard.

  39. Is this all that showed up?

    Laura Tingle ‏@latingle 42m
    Vaguely disturbing some people can’t spot the joke”@ABCcameramatt Abbott’s frontbench vs Press Gallery frontbench”

  40. Tim’s defence was that many were ministers in the Howard government. Was of that government thrown out in 2007, as many seen them as failures.

  41. One has to agree, Labor’s seeking to bring in a surplus above all else, led in a way to it;s defeat. At least they did wake up, that this could not be achieved, in fact, with the global economy, should not be sought.

    Now, what is a bigger worry, the government elect, will go down the same path. In fact will play the game harder.


    Clearly, there is much more to write on this period of government in Australia. It has been a complex period and certainly the challenges raised by the global financial crisis made governing difficult.

    But the reality is that just as the Labor party abandoned principle in 1975 over East Timor, the most recent iteration of Labor power also saw it buy into the neo-liberal market rhetoric at the expense of principle.

    It allowed itself to indulge in an obsession about budget surpluses knowing it was driving labour underutilisation (both unemployment and underemployment) up and knowing that joblessness causes misery for the individuals and their families that have to endure the plight.

    It did so because it thought that would be rewarded by an ignorant electorate that would see it as good economic managers.

    But unemployment is never really accepted as being a good outcome and in many electorates (particularly in the old Labor heartland of Tasmania) the voters sent the signal to the government – failure and out!

    That is enough for today!……..

  42. Summo shriller and shriller as he desperately attempts to keep the spotlight off his beloved gormless leader of the gormless followers.

    Problem for Summo he can only come up with two instances and one wasn’t a lie but there is a long history of Abbott’s lies, most far worse than anything any other politician outside of Howard’s Iraq lies. There can be no greater lie than to send a country to war and our troops into danger based on lies and sycophancy to another country’s leader.


  43. Mr. Turnbull, please explain?

    “….he condition of millions of copper wires the Coalition will rely on to deliver its broadband policy is unknown, and it will take months to uncover how many are functional and how many are beyond use.
    Telstra has never revealed how much it spends maintaining the network each year and its own descriptions of the life span range from three to 100 years.
    The state of the customer access network, as it is known, directly affects the cost and speed of implementing the proposed fibre-to-the-node network because unusable sections of copper must be repaired or replaced with fibre.
    Illustration: Rocco Fazzari
    Illustration: Rocco Fazzari
    Fault rates have increased in the past seven years from about 13 per cent in 2006-07 to 18 per cent, or 1 million faults, in 2011-12, according to figures published by the communications regulator.
    However, a spokesman for the expected incoming communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said copper maintenance costs were not cited by any telco in the world as a reason to replace wires with a full fibre network, and the most common cause of faults was accidental digging through phone lines.
    ”In areas where the [network] is deployed using fibre to the node, the most error-prone parts of the copper – the large bundles running between nodes and exchanges – will be replaced by fibre,” he said.
    ”The Coalition forecasts also build in a budget for copper remediation, which is often part of a fibre to the node rollout.”
    He said maintenance costs were expected to be lower under the Coalition’s policy than NBN Co’s fibre-to-the-home model.
    About 71 per cent of premises in Australia would get a node-based broadband service on their existing copper connection under the Coalition’s proposal, but that figure may change depending on the copper’s reliability.
    Telstra has given inconsistent messages about the longevity of its network. Chief executive David Thodey said earlier this year ”the copper has been going well for a hundred years. I think it will keep going for another hundred.”
    But in 2003 Telstra’s then group managing director of regulatory strategy, Tony Warren, told a Senate committee the copper was ”at five minutes to midnight” and would last up to 15 years.
    Mr Warren now leads the team renegotiating Telstra’s multibillion-dollar deal with the government, under which the Coalition hopes it can take ownership of the customer access network.
    The Coalition wants NBN Co to provide within 60 days an estimate of how much it would cost to change to a fibre-to-the-node network, and wants the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy to provide within 90 days a list of broadband quality in all areas of Australia. Both tasks require detailed knowledge of the state of the copper network.
    Blogger, former Telstra technician and pro-fibre advocate Kieran Cummings said no one knew how much copper remediation would be needed to get faster speeds on a fibre-to-the-node network.
    ”We are talking about 10 millions [copper] lines, times four. That’s what we have to test to know the quality of everything in the network, because that is how much copper they have put in the ground. You can’t audit a network that big,” he said..

    Read more:

  44. I do hope that Conroy has done the figures on the state of the copper wire. If not him, someone else has. We cannot rely on any figures Turnbull produces.

  45. ME. What Gillard did or not do, is no longer relevant, We have moved on, the people have spoken, and one trick Tony is now in the headlights.

    It is time that the likes of summo start defending him, not dwell on the past Labor government.

  46. Fu it’s typical of the right wingers to bring up the past on Labor when they want to divert from the failures of the Liberals in the present.

    And it’s a very selective past they bring up, often distorted or fabricated. Anything to take the spotlight off the woeful performance of the Liberals.

  47. Let’s face it, women’s place is in the home – doing the ironing, displaying sex appeal, producing offspring and then looking after them. It’s part of the ‘natural order’. Everyone knows that. That’s why we have a very generous PPL. Much more bountiful than Afghanistan which seems to have lost its way. You know all those women in important government positions. It’s not for the government I lead.

    Government isn’t for the ‘fairer sex’. Government is for adults, in particular for the male of the species. Women are too emotional.

  48. Been out of town (and out of the loop) for a few days. It appears that tabot is backflipping and exposing his entire tantrum in opposition as the great big lie it was, nothing more. And what do out media do about it.. nothing.

    After declaring a ‘budget emergency,. it now looks like stimulus is OK, as long as it liberal stimulus, not Labor

    The incoming Abbott government is preparing an about-face on the ­economy, looking to quickly boost infrastructure spending to stave off a post-mining boom slowdown that is set to push up unemployment.

    Can you imagine the outrage if this was Labor. Oh yes, we can, we just gotta look back at the previous few years. Then, there is piece of duplicitous crap, which just exposes again that THERE WAS NO BUDGET EMERGENCY

    Tony Abbott flags delay in mid-year budget update, indicates changes to government spending

    As the acting leader Chris Bowen pointed out today, the timing is when most of the press gallery is off on holidays. I hate to break it to him, but they aren’t on holidays at the moment, and yet still seem very disinterested in all of these BROKEN PROMISES.

    There is a quickly growing list of before/after photo ops just crying out. I wonder if the media will go after any with the same vigour and single minded purpose that they did over what turned out to not actually be a broken promise from Gillard over Carbon Pricing?

    Now the Coalition says it’s methodically going through the budget numbers to assess the state of the books. Now it does have until the end of January to release that mid-year budget update. But if it waits that long, Tony, that would break a promise that Mr Abbott has given. He said that he would release the updated budget figures within 100 days of coming to office. And if they do it in January, it breaks that promise.

    My moneys on not.

  49. And for those here who want to challenge why there’s only one woman in Cabinet, I should remind you the LNP only selects on merit. It’s in our DNA. Generally speaking, women aren’t as meritorious as men. It’s in their DNA as well. Pretty obvious. And I should know because I have a wife and three daughters. What more evidence do you want?

  50. So what you are saying Tone is that. although they may have ‘women of calibre’, their ‘calibre’ is just not up to their male counterparts ‘calibre’

  51. I note that some in the media are still questioning why there’s one woman in Cabinet? Well the answer is that she’s beyond the breeding age and besides as Foreign Minister she’ll spend most of her time out of the country anyway and therefore won’t disrupt Cabinet anyway.

    I note also that the critics are female. Just proves my point. They just don’t get it.

  52. Tone, I do hope that is tongue in cheek. Then, It is what I would expect from Tony, your namesake.

    If not, it is a shame that when it comes to voting, we women are equal. My vote has the same value as yours.

    Time for those women on the right to do some thinking, and stand up for themselves., We on the lefty cannot help them ,

    Believe me, women should know, this is something they have to fight for, Men are it going to move out of the way, to give them a fair go.

  53. Well, I suppose ministers from a failed government, that was voted out in 2007 would be superior.

    It is not only the gender make up of the front bench that raise one’s concern,

    One wonders where are today’s men, if it is men we must have.males. Where are the moderates?

  54. ‘women of calibre’

    No Tom, not ‘women’ but a ‘woman’. We need ‘tokens’. All ideologies, to be viable, must have an element of truth, and Julie is our token. And she is endurable. Deputy to three LOTO. How is that for ‘ideological’ flexibility? She’s a woman for all seasons.

    While she was married one to a respectable property developer, she shows her ability to adjust to Ross Lightfoot and Peter Nattrass. There’s no depth to which she will not sink. The evidence abounds.

  55. It seems one cannot send up the right.

    Media Watch.

    Would like to remind them that may worse ones have been shown of Gillard. I do not agree with ones shown, but have little sympathy for Mirabella. She was the leader in such behaviour.

    In fact, it is time it stopped from all.

    Yes, free speech does not include the right to offend.,

    Maybe the likes of Mirabella might take time to think, before she sets out to abuse again,. It doesn’t feel nice, as she has found out.

  56. Why does Abbott need a minister for science, in this day of high technology?

    ………………Australia’s landslide election result seems to be bad news for the climate. Following the election of a new government, Australia is to abolish its emissions trading scheme, disband a climate advisory body and institute a carbon reduction policy that experts say will fail to meet its meagre target.

    It will also scale back the country’s embryonic National Broadband Network and direct funding away from research projects it deems “ridiculous”.

    The conservative Liberal-National coalition, headed by incoming prime minister Tony Abbott, triumphed at the polls this weekend. It ran for election with a core idea of “scrapping the carbon tax”. In the last term of the Labor government, a price on carbon was introduced, under pressure from the Australian Greens party, with whom they shared power in a minority government. The carbon price – widely called a “carbon tax” – was set to increase gradually until 2015 when carbon credits would be opened for trading, allowing the market to set the price.

    Abbott’s coalition also signalled that it would disband Australia’s Climate Commission – an independent scientific body that provides reliable information on climate change to the public. In response to a report the commission released, warning that extreme weather was made more likely by climate change, Abbott said: “When the carbon tax goes, all of those bureaucracies will go and I suspect we might find that the particular position you refer to goes with them.”

    Contentious views………….”

    Latham is right. Abbott is a follower of Santamaria. That is not a believer in the free market, and very conservative social values. His values are back in the time of Santamaria. That is in the 1950s.

  57. My success was always down to slogans, preferably, the three/four word ones. You know.

    Stop the boats.

    Turn back the boats

    End the Carbon Tax

    Abolish the MRRT

    And I will deliver, in the future. But for now I have delivered an implied but unstated policy

    Fuck the women!

    Now, how Australian is that.

  58. Could it be, that Abbott has not the guts to open that door, the women are knocking on. I suggest the women stop knocking, and break the door down,. That is the only way, it appears on their side of the fence.

    Warren Mundine has backed a loser. The votes at all the booths, where Indigenous people voted, where anti Coalition. That is except for the one in Pearson town. The vote there was slightly in Abbott’s favour.

    Abbott has to get them on side first. Mundine and Pearson, do not carry the weight, that Abbott gives them.

  59. Tone, you are not the first to point that out. It still means Fed u, you know. Feds up with some idiots that visit this site, from time to time. Sorry, I gave you the benefited of the doubt. More fool me.

    Not very clever, you know, Also, I have a very thick hide. Been abused by experts, you are just a sprat, a very little fish indeed.

  60. “……….When Tony Abbott says he is “disappointed” there aren’t more women in his cabinet, what can he mean?

    It can’t be that he’s disappointed with the selection process, because he did it.

    It can’t be that he’s disappointed with the fact there are so many long-serving men there, because it was his decision not to move any of them on.

    It can’t be because he hasn’t any sufficiently talented women MPs, because quite clearly he has.

    And when he says there are “binders full” of women “knocking on the door” of the cabinet, and the ministry (OK, he didn’t say the bit about binders), it’s not clear what he means either, because of his 12 parliamentary secretaries – traditionally a kind of ministerial training ground – only one is a woman and she’s there because she’s been demoted..”
    Yes, very sorry. Not his fault. Never is.

  61. women are knocking on

    Yep, women are always for the ‘knocking’. Whether that be for the ‘on’, but better still for the ‘off’. And I speak from experience.

    But not for my virginal daughters, even though I did pimp them around to get elected. All dressed in white and all that.

    BTW, I didn’t mention the eldest who’s been cohabitating with an Italian rooter for some time now. Even though I know, she doesn’t ‘do it’. In bed, they just hold hands. No glands involved, she assures me.

  62. Tone is “speaking” very much tongue in cheek Fu. There really is a need for a /sarc tag at times 🙂 He’s a parody of our new PM, not having a go at the left…

  63. Bacchus not sure what he is about. Suspect he is not sure himself.

    Not sure it is not aimed at woman, Still I would rather give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Has anyone seen any comments, that back Abbott. The only ones I have seen, are those that are telling us what a good bloke he is. Even on qanda tonight, there did not seem to be any love for Abbott.

  64. This is what overseas thionk of our PM elect.

    “…………CANBERRA, Australia — Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott has rekindled the sexism accusations that have dogged his political career by naming only one woman — Foreign Minister Julie Bishop — to the 19-member Cabinet that will be sworn into government Wednesday.

    Six women are among the 42 executive members of government named by Abbott on Monday: Bishop, the deputy leader of the ruling Liberal Party, and five women who will serve in lower ministries or as parliamentary secretary.

    Abbott, a 55-year-old former Roman Catholic seminarian, battled perceptions of sexism to lead his conservative coalition to an election victory Sept. 7. His government is likely to hold 90 seats in the 150-seat House of Representatives……..

    Read more here:

  65. More from same paper.

    Aboriginal woman’s Aussie Senate bid brings abuse
    Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 4:46 AM
    Facing the prospect of becoming the first Aboriginal woman to win a seat in Australia’s Parliament, Nova Peris said Sunday that she was targeted during her campaign by the worst onslaught of racial abuse she had ever endured.

    Australia’s new gov’t vows to scrap carbon tax
    Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 2:26 AM
    Australia’s new government prepared to take control of the nation Sunday, with Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott vowing to immediately scrap a hated tax on carbon polluters and implement a controversial plan to stop asylum seekers from reachi…

    Australia’s new gov’t vows to limit foreign aid

    Read more here:

  66. More.

    :…………Australia’s likely new PM not particularly liked
    Associated Press
    Published: Wednesday, Sep. 4, 2013 – 11:11 pm
    Last Modified: Thursday, Sep. 5, 2013 – 9:42 am
    CANBERRA, Australia — Tony Abbott, the political pugilist who leads Australia’s opposition, was once dubbed “unelectable” by a former boss, but as elections near he seems certain to become prime minister.

    All it took was an unpopular government bloodied by infighting, relentless cheerleading from media mogul Rupert Murdoch and a multibillion-dollar campaign promise aimed at the women he has frequently alienated. And even then, if Australians voted for prime minister rather than members of Parliament, Saturday’s election probably would be a close race.

    The 55-year-old conservative has never been very popular nationally. His Liberal Party colleagues elected him their leader by just a single vote in 2009. “Polarizing” is an adjective often used to describe him.

    He was notoriously branded “a misogynist” and “sexist” by Australia’s first woman prime minister, Julia Gillard, in a speech to Parliament in 2012 that was lauded by feminists around the world. She led her center-left Labor Party to a narrow victory against Abbott at the last election in 2010.

    Gillard’s own party ousted her in June and replaced her with Kevin Rudd, once the most popular Australian prime minister of the past three decades. It appears to have been a vain attempt to boost Labor enough to produce a surprise election victory.

    Abbott’s conservative coalition now holds a commanding lead in opinion polls, though the man himself surpassed Rudd in popularity only this week in a poll by Sydney-based market researcher Newspoll. In July, Rudd had been the clear favorite, 50 percent to 34 percent.

    The 1,116 voters surveyed last weekend favored Abbott over Rudd by 2 percentage points, but since the poll has a 3-percentage-point margin of error, the question was really too close to call. And only 41 percent said they were satisfied with Abbott’s performance, while 51 percent said they were dissatisfied.

    Read more here:

    I assume, not one of Murdoch’s papers.

  67. Tone, we know that over the last few years Tone has lowered the tone…. but having said that Tone, ewe (baa) have lowered the tone a tad yourself,umm, Tone….. and yes I understand where your tongue is squarely planted…. BUT ewe (baa) sure are coming close to the other-side of that line, re:- Tone @ 11.08…….

  68. Lovely Ms. Cash.

    …………Senator Cash made headlines recently with a speech in which she denounced the Labor “sisterhood” after the leadership spill against Julia Gillard.
    “I wonder how loud former prime minister Gillard screamed when her own sisterhood knifed her in the back,” Senator Cash yelled in the Senate chamber.
    “Minister Wong, who’s now sitting, reaping the spoils of the victory, drinking from the chalice of blood.”
    Liberal MP for Higgins Kelly O’Dwyer may be promoted.
    Liberal MP for Higgins Kelly O’Dwyer may be promoted. Photo: Ken Irwin
    Mr Abbott is understood to hold Senator Cash in high regard, and over the past term of Parliament she has been promoted as a party spokeswoman, often appearing in press conferences by the leader’s side.
    Ms O’Dwyer, though a relatively new member of Parliament (she was elected to Peter Costello’s seat of Higgins in a 2009 byelection), is understood to be highly regarded and viewed as having leadership potential.

    Read more:

  69. Why does Abbott look so worried all the time, Well not all the time. Other times he has a ;lost look on his face. Other times a smug smirk He never looks relaxed or at ease,.

    He speaks, as it he is afraid he is going to make a mistake.

    One could think, he is not enjoying the job. Makes one wonder.

    Wonder when the polls begin again. Could have one, on what people want to see happen with CEF and NBNCo. Would be interesting, but I am afraid that will not be on the cards. Not unless business decides they want things as they are, in that regard.

  70. news An online poll taken by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this week has shown Australians overwhelmingly believe focusing on the National Broadband Network should be Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott’s highest priority in his first 100 days in office, eclipsing issues such as education, the carbon tax, border protection and the environment.

    The poll asked some 4,166 Australians visiting the ABC’s website what they thought Abbott’s number one priority for his first 100 days in office should be. The NBN was rated as the most popular response, with some 546 respondents supporting the project as Abbott’s highest priority. A further 287 respondents demanded that Abbott focus on keeping Labor’s fibre to the premises-based NBN policy intact, instead of shifting to the Coalition’s less ambitious fibre to the node rollout style.

    Other important national issues, such as education, health, the carbon tax, the environment and border protection, rated less popular than the NBN as an issue with Australians.

    The news comes as dissent regarding the Coalition’s plans to substantially modify the NBN continues to grow, with other signs of the will of the Australian population on the issue being the creation of a fast-growing petition and the publication of a landmark article by the ABC on the issue.

    A petition placed on popular website on the issue following the election, demanding the Coalition reconsider the FTTN technology and focus on the superior FTTP option, has already garnered in excess of 193,000 signatures, with tens of thousands more Australians putting their names to the issue every day……………..

    news Communications Minister-elect Malcolm Turnbull has savagely attacked a University of Queensland lecturer for a seemingly innocuous article analysing rising online dissent towards the Coalition’s NBN policy, inaccurately labelling the academic’s article as “false” and “misleading”, and claiming that it was “a disgrace”.

    Since the Coalition won power in last week’s Federal Election, a vigorous online movement focused on getting the new Abbott administration to abandon its own National Broadband Network policy and support Labor’s existing vision has been gaining force. Supporters of Labor’s vision argue that it will serve Australia’s long-term interests much better, as it features an all-fibre NBN, delivering a more reliable network and faster speeds.

    The Coalition’s version of the NBN policy will see part of Telstra’s existing copper network maintained, in what is termed a ‘fibre to the node’ deployment. The model has been extensively and successfully deployed in countries such as the UK, but proponents of Labor’s policy have highlighted the fact that it offers limited speed boosts over currently available broadband in Australia (up to 100Mbps as a top-end limit), compared with Labor’s NBN, which will offer enhanced levels of reliability and speeds up to 1Gbps, coupled with significantly enhanced upload speeds.

    Industry experts have consistently stated that they believe Labor’s NBN policy to be highly technically superior to the Coalition’s more modest vision, and having the potential to deliver Australia superior long-term outcomes in terms of service delivery and boosting Australia’s economy through productivity gains. In addition, questions have been raised about the extent to whether it’s possible to deploy the FTTN technology the Coalition is focused on in Australia and whether it will perform as the Coalition has claimed.

    A petition placed on popular website on the issue following the election, demanding the Coalition reconsider the FTTN technology and focus on the superior FTTP option, has already garnered in excess of 240,000 signatures, with tens of thousands more Australians putting their names to the issue every day.

    In addition, an online poll taken by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this week showed Australians overwhelmingly believe focusing on the National Broadband Network should be Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott’s highest priority in his first 100 days in office, eclipsing issues such as education, the carbon tax, border protection and the environment.

    However, in a statement posted on his website last week, Turnbull rejected the petition. “The promoters of this petition apparently believe that we should ignore the lengthy public debate on the NBN that preceded the election and also ignore the election result,” said Turnbull. “We should within days of the election walk away from one of our most well debated, well understood and prominent policies. Democracy? I don’t think so.”

    Turnbull’s statement was immediately met by criticism by a number of online commentators.

    In a post on The Conversation, University of Queensland communications lecturer Sean Rintel pointed out that furore had erupted on social media following Turnbull’s response and that the community was rejecting Turnbull’s stance on the issue. And opinionated online commentator and IT professional Kieran Cummings, who has consistently been a fierce critic of Turnbull and the Coalition’s NBN policy, accused the Liberal MP of “hypocrisy” on the issue, given that he had supported similar petitions in the past on other issues.

    In response, Turnbull once again today went on the attack, publishing a statement yesterday rejecting the criticism which had been levelled at him.

    The Member for Wentworth first attacked Rintel, who he accused of “misrepresentation” of Turnbull’s view. “His first misrepresentation is in the first paragraph where he writes that social media users “are mobilising against … Malcolm Turnbull’s claim that “democracy has spoken” on the issue of the NBN”,” wrote Turnbull. “I am not sure what the University of Queensland means by “Strategic” Communications, but I doubt they mean “false” or “misleading”.”

    “Rintel put the phrase “democracy has spoken” in quotes intending no doubt to create the impression I had written those words – but I had done no such thing. Had he left the quotes out, readers may have simply assumed he was paraphrasing (in his own view) my remarks. But the use of the quotes deliberately sought to create a false impression, that the words in quotes had been written by me.”

    “But then he goes on to refer to a blog post on this site in which I “also appeared to dismiss democratic debate outside of elections.” Nobody who read that blog post could have honestly or rationally come to that conclusion. Indeed I described the strategic review and cost benefit analysis of the project and the technologies available to complete as being “vital for the public to be fully informed”. Far from dismissing debate outside of elections I concluded by writing: ‘The NBN debate is not over – but I am determined to ensure that from now on it is at least fully informed.’”

    Turnbull said Rintel’s comments “would disgrace any of his students”…….

    “He deliberately sets out to create a false and misleading impression about my comments, putting words into my mouth I have not said and attributing to me a view as to the role of public debate entirely at odds with the express words of my own blog on the matter,” said Turnbull.

  71. Only one week in and one day since swearing in his ministry and Abbott has fucked up big time on several fronts, not the least in only having one woman in his cabinet, which has caused a huge backlash not only from senior Liberal women, who are now openly questioning Abbott on his fitness to be inclusive, but from female Liberal Party members across the board.

    This move by Abbott and his woeful response of he was disappointed he couldn’t find more women to put into cabinet will cost the Liberal party some of the female membership.

  72. “Ms O’Dwyer, though a relatively new member of Parliament (she was elected to Peter Costello’s seat of Higgins in a 2009 byelection), is understood to be highly regarded and viewed as having leadership potential.” (my bold)

    Well that’s O’Dwyer well and truly stuffed from ever becoming a Liberal party leader. Every woman the Liberals have espoused as having leadership potential has failed, and apart from the forever bridesmaid Bishop the younger, have eventually gone backwards or been demoted in the party.

  73. Good stuff Tone. The Liberals to a tee.

    Let’s look at Abbott’s other screwups only one week in and day one of his ministry.

    1. No Minister for Ageing
    Apparently ageing is not a problem in this country so we don’t need a Minister for Ageing. To demonstrate how much a non-problem ageing is over 2000 people turn 65 each week in Australia.

    2. No Minister for Disabilities
    Abbott is going to only cater for those Australians who are like him, fit, virile and male. Though it can be successfully argued that Abbott has a severe intelligence disability he will not cater to those with any other type of disability by giving them a dedicated minister. NDIS has been tagged onto the end of someone’s portfolio as an afterthought.

    3. No Science Minister
    For the first time since it was created in 1931 Australia won’t have a Minister for Science. Refer to Point 2 and Abbott’s disability as to why we won’t have a Minister for Science. Science is just not that important in the everyday lives of Australians, it does nothing, produces nothing and doesn’t help Australia go back to the 1950s in anyway, but most of all it proves Climate Change, and Abbott can’t have a Minister facing the public over that.
    Plus Abbott can’t have any of his Ministers appearing to be smart and intelligent, it will make Abbott look bad, though honestly I don’t know of anything that can hide his stupidity outside of the media not reporting it.

    4. No cabinet Minister with responsibility for Resources
    Resources are just stuff in the ground to be exploited by billionaires and the profits sent off overseas. What’s so hard about that, so why do we need a Minister to look after them and the industries that exploit them. Just let them do what they want, cut their taxes and bring in WorkChoices so they’ll be happy and it’s one less thing for a government to worry about.

    On Point 4. Abetz flagged WorkChoices yesterday.

    There is one other portfolio that will not have a Minister I’ve missed. Will post about it when I remember or when I hear it again.

    And Abbott’s Liberal women problem does not just go to his Cabinet. Read when looking up the Abbott ministry that Abbott leading up to the election preselected men over women in a large majority of seats making the Liberals the least women orientated party for a long time, probably since the 50s where Abbott wants to send Australia back to.

  74. Tom R, referring to Andrew Bolt’s better judgement reminds me of my days in ATSIC when Howard would form policies based on the editorials in the Australian. It was as though Michael Stutchbury had been elevated to head up the Public Service.

    Howard has hundreds of competent policy officers at his disposal who were consulting with Aboriginal communities and knew what issues needed to be addressed and what policies or programs would be best to tackle them, but no, Howard let the media decide what was best.

    It was one of Howard’s good tricks to create a problem that didn’t exist then put himself forward as the only man capable of fixing it.

    And boy, didn’t the media help him create the perception that everything was wrong with Aboriginal Australia, and in particular ATSIC.

    And now we have Bolt as Minister for Science. 🙄

  75. And boy, didn’t the media help him create the perception

    And they are doing the same again with tabot

    Tony Abbott bid to lure back foreign investment

    Who said that foreign investment had fled, except of course for the libs, who did everything in their power to try and scare it away. But, the media will run with this theme. Meanwhile, in the real world, nothing will change.

  76. Before the Election It was All Abbott as the front Man , Not that he said anything useful, Now already after the Election Its the Underlings doing the Spruiking, As this Morning it was Greg Hunt Telling us “The world Is So Enthralled Because we have a Female Foreign Minister ” And ” We have so Much Female Talent Just Waiting In the Back Rows,” They Could have Given Christopher Pyne a New Frock, While this is going on Tony has Pumped his tyres up and Pedalled away

  77. Are we about to see another policy BACKFLIP over car industry support

    My moneys on ‘yes’

    My moneys also on the media going ‘good on him’

  78. When humiliated by Gillard in her “misogyny speech”, Tony Abbott’s people immediately swamped the press with pictures of the man surrounded by his wife and three young adult daughters. “My Tony’s a Good Man,” was the official line

    And the presses line was something about ‘context’ which, again, they completely failed to comprehend.

    But, the summary to the story is the best, and perhaps most poignant

    It’s a sorry state of affairs for what has been a modern and progressive country to find itself in, and what it will mean for Australian women to have a leader who doesn’t enfranchise women at a political level, who has actively campaigned against abortion rights and said “the right of women to withhold sex … needs to be moderated” is a thought this writer can only countenance with nausea and dread.

    Well done Australia, this is what you get when you allow a geriatric criminal from overseas to dictate our perceptions. Our media, collectively, should hang their heads in well deserved shame.

  79. Abbott seems to do everything right, before the election. Since September 7, he seems to do nothing right.

    Who is surprised.

    Love that last question yesterday. Asked Abbott if he chooses to stay at the academy, to get away from women, or words to that effect.

    We now have the retiring Pakistani Ambassador to Indonesia, saying that he believes that the Indonesians are confused and concerned about Abbott;s plans for the refugee. Suggest he put all aside, and talk with people in the region own country, making life safer for all.

    Listening to Hunt defended no women on the front bench. Maybe they should just shut up, especially when they keep praising Mirabella, as if she was a woman of quality. Even with her, it would have only been two, out of eighteen, I believe.

    It is not so much, that there are no women of merit in the Coalition, it is that many of the males are yesterday’s men.

    Stale old men, plus a handful of extreme new males,. Find it hard to use the word men, for some.

    Also the titles of the ministers raised concern. No titles, that identifies what is facing the country at this time. Science, transport and communications down played. Aged care and disability push into the background.

    Abbott seems more interested when announcing his front bench, in having digs at Labor and Gillard, than why it is good for the country.

    Yes, the titles were becoming unwieldy, but Abbott has gone to far the other way. His titles tells us nothing.

  80. I do not have much time for Coalition women, but they are being shoved aside for yesterday’s men.

    The 1950’s are really back with us. I hated that period of time. Do not want to end my days, in the same type of era\, I started it.

    I thought the world has changed dramatically since then.

    I believe this country could have an exciting future, in the Asian Century. What I see, is us becoming the poor white trash of this region. Our descendants will look back in regret.

  81. ME. yes back to the days of his hero, Santamaria.

    I did not like those days. Yes, women were sure kept in their place. That is mainly because I did not like them.

    Also workers, if I recall correctly. There were still many industrial rights to be won.

    ,All done the hard way

  82. Bishop the elder stated this morning that Gillard’s misogynist speech was the worst speech she had ever heard from anyone.

    Then in a complete rewrite of recent history she went on to say that as speaker she would bring order to parliament and blamed the fall in standards on the Labor government.

    Please Liberals FFS. Do you always have to go through life lying and misrepresenting the reality, and is projection that ingrained in your party and personalities you cannot be honest any more even on the simple things and the obvious truth?

  83. Labor, has to ensure, it also does not repeat the 1950’s by getting it’s act together, planning for the future. That would be a divide one step too far.

    Democracy means losing as well as winning. :Losing can be as good as winning, if one puts it to the right use.

    There does not seem to be desperation in Labor, as many predicted. There is I hope, and will be if managed properly, hopes for a great future.

    Labor has history shows, is always capable of picking itself up, when it sinks to low levels.

    The last six years have been good. They have also be bad.

    Abbott has won, because of Labor’s shenanigans. Abbott has not won with any respect or love.

    We can have a rarity in this country, if the Labor parliamentary party play their cards right. Pulling together is the name of the game.

    Yes, have that debate out in the public., Do as Gillard said, dump what is not required. Agree to what has to be done. and pull together, there is no other way.

    Interested to see, if any boats are turned around this week.

    Newsline now on. ABC 24. He says he will stop the boats. NO wonder those defence chiefs look so sour, when having the photo op with Abbott. Abbott only now hopes to have a good relationship with the Indonesian leader, not will have. Bishop no longer working with Indonesia, but telling them what she is doing. All she hopes now, is that he understands.

    Woman on Newsline. What needs to be avoided, is disruption from establish procedure. What Abbott is saying, is the opposite.

  84. We could have a international scandal before the week is out.

    Abbott does not appear to see, that all his policies could have any downsides. He just does not see that. It is all my way, or no way. A dangerous way to procede.

  85. Tune into Newsline. Not sure who the woman is, but what she is saying, does not make Abbott look good, She is reminding him, that treaties are binding and important.

  86. re bishop the elder and the Misogyny Speech

    “I do regret that I didn’t call a point of order at the time [arguing] that it wasn’t relevant to the question that was before the chair.

    “Instead of addressing the question which was before the chair, it was clearly a speech that was not to the point, but it played the victim.

    “As a woman, I didn’t like that.”

    I can tell you why she didn’t call a point of order at the time. It was because Gillard would have crucified it. In tabots ‘speech’, he alleged that Slipper was a misogynist. Gillard simply pointed out that, on a scale of misogyny, Slipper has a way to go before matching tabot. I am pretty sure any ‘point of order’ would have further highlighted that.

    Still pissed at our medias incomprehensible defense of our countries most famous true misogynist though. Context indeed.

  87. Where are our trolls. I thought they were going to stay around and gloat at our loss. Could it be, that they are realizing, all we said is true?

    Yes, with Abbott, it is indeed what you see, you get. No more. No less. Nine days. to pock a front bench, put his whole time to the job, and delivers a lemon. A lemon of the highest order.

    What do we have, no trolls but a great number of what appears to be anti Abbott people. I really thought they would be around to rub salt into the wound.

    We have those overseas, either laughing or ridiculing Abbott. Not a bad effort for what is still a PM elect.

    Labor does not appear to be ion desperation, but eagerly working, looking

    This election of the Labor leader campaign, is giving Labor a wonderful platform to attack Abbott. Not that Abbott is that hard to attack.

    Do Labor people feel, they are getting their party back. I hope this is true. There does seem to be great hope among Labor people.

  88. What gets me on this whole ministry selection farce and the backlash it’s causing is that Abbott has been saying for three years he’s ready to government at any moment as he attempted to engineer a government downfall, something else he failed at.

    His first task in government is to put together a cabinet, not the mentions of policy back flips he’s been engaging in for the last week and half. Putting together a first term ministry has been done since the time democracy started so there’s a whole history of examples to call upon, and indeed previous Liberal governments at both levels of government have done it more times than Labor, but both have managed it without too much of a fuss apart from the occasional media brouhaha.

    So Abbott’s first most basic of all democratic tasks, one he has said for the last three years he’s been ready to undertake at any moment, was to form a ministry, yet he stuffs it up. The stuff up is made worse by the fact he has been going on about how his front bench has already been formed and he will take the shadow ministry to the government ministry, yet he still screws up a pre-prepared cabinet.


  89. Astute comments as always, Mobius Ecko.

    PS: I wonder where the Fiberal trolls have got to. Scurried off in embarrassment? It’s not as much fun for them now. And only going to get worse as the stuff-ups continue to pile up.

  90. Will sure lead to better aged care. Not too sure how.

    The Coalition intends to abandon $1.5 billion of union-linked wage increases for up to 350,000 workers in aged and child care, challenging one of the union movement’s strongholds.

    A spokesman for Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott confirmed the funding for higher wages committed by the Gillard Labor government would be redirected because the money was to be funnelled through agreements negotiated by unions, including the scandal-hit Health Services Union.

    The wage rises were rushed through in the dying days of the last Parliament, and required most workers to sign up to enterprise bargaining agreements for their employers to be eligible for the extra money.

    The new government does not need the agreement of the Labor and Greens-controlled Senate to stop the wage increases for aged care.

    “As part of the Coalition’s approach, we will work with providers to ensure these funds are distributed in a way that is better targeted to genuinely improving pay and conditions for the workforce,” the spokesman said.

    “Labor’s Workforce Compact adds…

  91. Got into conversation with A feisty 82 year old today,, while at my local shopping centre. Very proud of a long history in the Labor and union movement. A lady. with very strong views and opinions. I burst out laughing, when she came out with “That Bishop woman, he is in her pants”. Funny the impression some get, when looking at pictures. I am not saying, that is so. I am saying, this is how some see it.

    No idiot, this woman. Son barrister. Daughter high up in management of a overseas merchant bank

  92. So Abbott has his General. Just got home. Abbott has not been listening to what the Indonesians are saying, if he still expects to have a good relationship.

  93. Abbott has so much riding on stopping those boats. and the Indonesians know it. Abbott will be going to the country with one arm tied behind his back.

    I am sure that the Indonesians get every pound of flesh out of him, that they can.

    We, the tax payer will be paying dearly.

    There is one thing that Asians are not, that is stupid.

  94. Seems Abbott grandiose PPL is going to have more trouble, from within his own party. Still only day 10, and not installed.

  95. ……….Deputy Chief of Army Angus Campbell will be put in charge of combating people smugglers and securing Australia’s borders under the incoming Coalition Government.

    The ABC understands the appointment will be confirmed by Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott later this week.

    Major General Campbell will promoted to a three-star general and will coordinate the 16 departments and agencies that will come under the Operation Sovereign Borders policy.

    He will have the powers to bypass normal Defence Force command structures and will report directly to incoming Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

    Special Operations commander Major General Peter Warwick Gilmore will be his second in command.

    Major General Campbell has been the co………….

    Maybe Abbott should have spent more time, getting his government installed, instead of off playing soldiers. He may be methodical….. but one needs to learn, one deals with things in proper order.

  96. Not to sure how legal this will be. Time will tell. Might have problems with the Constitution.

    “.He will have the powers to bypass normal Defence Force command structures and will report directly to incoming Immigration Minister Scott Morrison..”

  97. Mr. Jensen has one thing right. He is accountable to those who voted for him.

    Yes, all those in his electorate.

    That is the mandate that all MPs have.

    The one and only given by the voters in their electorate.

    They are accountable, not to party. not even to government.

    This was proven in the INDi electorate, that has led probably the demised of Mirabella.

  98. pmsl…Tony should look here for arousal….there’s plenty of old women here! Is it any wonder Abbott is under fire….each time I stop by this cafe it’s same old women competing for the title of Oldest Old Maid..I think it’s between ME, Cuppa or Lovy…although Tommy qualifies …sorry FU, you’re out of contention being way to intermittent.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  99. Interesting conversation on Finance Quarter ABC 24, in relation to how much cutting red tape and carbon tax, will save most small businesses Very little, it seems.

    Conversation on Super, not so clear.

  100. Summo addition to debate = <0

    Note not one word on Abbott, the selection of his cabinet, his string of back flips or defending this:

    Ministries out:
    Mental Health
    Resources and Energy
    Tertiary Education
    Science (first time no Science Minister since 1931)
    International Development
    Climate Change

    Ministries in:
    Border Protection

    Just a puerile attack not worth of a 3rd grader.


  101. The ABC understands the appointment will be confirmed by Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott later this week.

    What a joke Abbott already is. Another broken promise in his first week.

    First he said emphatically he would stop the boats the moment he got into government. 5 boats and over 400 refugees he delays installing his cabinet and says he will stop them the moment they are sworn in.

    Now action has been moved to the end of the week and it will be weeks after that until anything at all will be actually done, and what then if the boats still come?

    I bet anything the right wingers will be making all the excuses under the sun and still blaming Labor for Abbott’s failure.


  102. Dummo doesn’t want to talk about politics any more. Lol! it’s going to be a long and thoroughly unpleasant three years for the Fiberal trolls as the gormless Monkey stumbles, lies, gaffes and alienates voters. This is gonna be a lot of fun watching their discomfort.

  103. what then if the boats still come?

    ME you goose, It will still be alp leader Rudd’s fault. What did u miss stupid?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  104. Projection again Summo, it’s fun watching the right wingers squirm as their beloved yajustgottalaughattheclown leader is already failing miserably, breaking promises and back flipping faster than a wind up monkey.

    So much so they can’t talk about Abbott’s cabinet appointment and scrapping of some of the most important port folios whilst treating women like crap, especially women in the Liberal Party.

    Takes a special yajustgottalaughattheclown leader to screw up in his first 10 days of office and even bigger yajustgottalaughattheclown followers to ever believe this idiot would not stuff up.


  105. What a joke Abbott already is. Another broken promise in his first week.


    In the new parlance devised by the Fiberals “broken promises” are now called lies.

    How many lies has Phoney Tony told so far this week?

    Worst government EVER. Election NOW.

  106. whilst treating women like crap, especially women in the Liberal Party.

    It will be a laugh to watch their membership fall away, now that the rush of Murdoch getting them elected recedes and disillusionment among women sets in. The infighting has already begun with Liberals criticising the lack of females in the cabinet and the dropping of the Science portfolio. This in less than a week. Worst government ever.

  107. summo, the old women here are very happy with the relationships they have., Where does the old maids come from. Proud mother of four, grandmother of eleven, great grandmother of six, with the seventh on the way.

    I probably enjoy a better life that you, a long way from being an old maid.

    Maybe the problem with some of our visitors, that they are frustrated, as they cannot get it up.

  108. Michael, do all the heads of departments, look as miserable as those sitting beside Abbott in his photo ops.

    Why does Abbott look so unhappy? Is he ill?

  109. Why does Abbott look so unhappy? Is he ill?

    He’s shit-scared and there is nowhere to run.

  110. summo, we do not seem to be showing any discomfort. In fact, most seem to be enjoying ourselves.

    Losing is not always the end of the world.

    Wonder why that is so?

  111. I am enjoying myself, seeing that Abbott has turned out, as we predicted. Yes, with Abbott what you have seen, is what you get. Definitely no more to him.

  112. Summo, the pain must be great, seeing Abbott turning out, as we predcted. I do feel for you, back inf such a loser.

  113. I am not trying to be smart, but there is something going on with Abbott. Has been for a while.

    There has been a change since Gillard began to get his measure in QT and elsewhere.

    He has been kept on a tight leash, and whenever he moved from script, put his foot in it every time.

    He talked about the comment he made, about that candidate being sexy during the Kitchen Cabinet show. He did seem confused about why what he said was wrong. Said that as soon a he said it, aides let him know he had done wrong.

    The trouble is, I suspect, that men with attitudes like Abbott, do not see what they are doing as being amiss. They just do not understand.

    Abbott has been focus and on script so long, he appears unable to go back to regular communications.

    I think he could terrified of making mistakes. If I am right, this attitude will lead to disaster.

    Would not be surprised, if those pulling the strings are happy with things the way it is.

    Just an idea.

    Something is wrong. It tels in his face, and that silly grin, with mouth half open, does not give one confidence.

    Do not really want to see him blow it, and destroy the country in the process.

    Our new government elect is not coming across like a group of happy Vegemites, as Rudd would say.

    Another who has gone into hiding. For good, one would hope. As much as he could be planning, I cannot see him coming back, The new rules he set up, to protect himself, will make that hard.

    Yes, I suspect, Rudd really believed he would win.

    One day, the penny will drop with most, if Rudd had not undermined Gillard for three years, she might have walked in the last election.

  114. I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires some time this term, citing “ill health”, “family reasons” or similar.


    Here’s a good joke: “What has nineteen men, one woman and doesn’t want emphasis put on science, mental health, disability or climate change?’ The punch line is Tony Abbott’s new ministry. The joke is on all of us.

    If you managed to wade through the countless Harry Potter-related ministry jokes on Twitter without throwing your computer away, you would be aware that there are issues with the new Abbott ministry. For one, there is no longer an individual portfolio for Science, Disability Reform, Ageing, Higher Education, Mental Health or Industrial Relations (great sign, workers of Australia!).

    There is, however, a Minister for Sport (the ever-popular Peter Dutton). At the same time, he will be Minister for Health. That seems like a lot for one minister to handle, but don’t worry, it makes total sense. It’s just like the old saying from Grease – “We [Sport and Health] go together like rama lama lama ka ding look over there everything is fine a de dinga dong”. Additionally, the Minister for Immigration has been rebranded as “Minister for Immigration and Border Protection”. That minister is still Scott Morrison, so it may as well be changed to “Minister for Repelling Non-White People”.

    On top of this, I find myself worrying my pretty little head about the fact in a cabinet of twenty, Mr Abbott only found a place for one – yes, that’s 1, un, uno, yi, eins – woman, Julie Bishop.

    Mr Abbott said he was “d………..

  116. The Coalition getting hard time on The Business, ABC 24 Worth following up. I do hope this keeps up for the rest of the year.

  117. And Abbott launches another attack on the most vulnerable and in need in society.

    Abbott is to slash Centrelink and other government call centre staff by the end of this year, most certainly leading to much longer waiting times than already being experienced along with a significant reduction in service.

    No surprise to us here that a Liberal government attacks those most in need and least able to defend themselves and of even less surprise is that their blind followers in their heartlessness cheer this on.

  118. Well, this really takes the cake. Apparently, our brave third estate have been gamed

    We staged an intervention. We had a delicate chat about the problemes des femmes you seemed to be experiencing.

    So, let me get this straight. What you are saying basically is that, through his time as a misogynist opposition leader, you, the media, have been handling him with kid gloves, pampering him through in the hope that all of his lifelong sexist behaviour will be reformed simply by painting over it. And not informing us, the voters, of what was truly happening. Instead, every time he exposed himself as a Mad Man in the true Hollywood meaning of the term, you instead turned it on Gillard, accusing her of playing the ‘gender card’, when in fact it turns out she was simply highlighting the ugly truth, something you now admit you were blind to. Perhaps even deliberately blind?

    To have such a women-poor cabinet is to either say that you deliberately overlook competent women because you are sexist, or to say there are no competent women in your ranks to promote in the first place.

    If the latter is the case, whose fault is that?

    And if the former is the case, who’s fault is it that that we now have a sexist as a pm? Remember when the former PM Gillard highlighted, in one of the worlds most famous Parliamentary Speeches, just what our new pm is like, and you all ignored AND misrepresented it. Well, it looks like she was right all along, and you have now helped to enable this misogynist to run our country through your own actions and deeds. And will you be apologising to the former PM Gillard for both ignoring her repeated warnings, and also for misrepresenting them as somehow being her fault? Should I hold my breath on that?

  119. cuppa @ 8:27 pm

    It will be a laugh to watch their membership fall away…

    Conversely the direct membership election of the Labor Party leader has seen a rush of new memberships for the Party.

    By the way New Zealand Labour implemented a very similar direct election model with success and increased membership.

  120. @ Fu

    One day, the penny will drop with most, if Rudd had not undermined Gillard for three years, she might have walked in the last election.

    Agree wholeheartedly – PMJG had abbott’s measure, and he was deservedly terrified of facing her. Rudd allowed his narcissism to be bolstered by the artificiality of the “preferred leader” polls and betrayed his party and leader in seeking aggrandisement and “glory”.

    Further, PMJG had what I believe was a “trump card” which would play in her favour.
    That being the sympathy that I heard expressed against her appalling treatment at the hands of the media and the lnp. These expressions came both unsolicited, and from conservative voters.

  121. The trouble is, it will take a while for that penny to drop. This mob are never going to admit, they had it wrong.

    History, as we have found out, with Keating, has the habit of righting misconceptions of the time.

    We have seen Gillard’s speech when she entered parliament. It appears, she achieved all she set out to do. It is not the length of time one is in power, but what one does with that power when they have it.

    Abbott can speak normally. Sorry, I take that back. Is quickly back to slogans.

  122. “Maybe the problem with some of our visitors, that they are frustrated, as they cannot get it up…….. *classic* Fu, 😆
    One day, the penny will drop with most, if Rudd had not undermined Gillard for three years, she might have walked in the last election….. 😥 …….. sigh 😦 … nail on head, Fu.
    “It is not the length of time one is in power, but what one does with that power when they have it. ” ….. Julia used that time and position wisely,…… she created. 😀

    Fu. now we have Tony, ” time for me to pay the piper and get on my knee’s and say Sooie”, Abbott …in that position of power….. and so far all we have seen is ‘he’ uncreate…… ‘he’ is indeed a worry…… and with strings attached.

  123. Abbott and the LNP have been placed in protection by the Media and mining barons. Just kick back and try to enjoy getting shafted for the next few years

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