Media mud chuckers

It appears that no matter who leads the Labor Party, whether in Government or Opposition, the media always manage to dredge up some mud to throw at them.

When Rudd took over the leadership in 2006 they went into a frenzy over the story about him visiting a strip club in New York years earlier, or that he lunched with former WA Premier Brian Bourke. Bourke was painted to be evil, a disgraced person, therefore Rudd was not a worthy Prime Minister because, gulp, he had dined with him.

The Government at the time, led by John Howard, naturally chimed in. Howard was producing dirt files quicker than he was producing policies. Senior managers in my department were asked to gather as much mud as they could on Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein, who had had dealings with the department through her business interests.

Then there was Julia Gillard. Just look at how she was treated. Her achievements as Prime Minister were less important than who she slept with 17 years ago. And of course she was a ‘commie’ because she was a member of the union in her university days. The list of her alleged crimes of the past was endless, with each entry encouraging and attracting another mud chucking session.

She also had to cope with being labelled a back stabbed for replacing Rudd, aided of course by faceless men. Tags that never left them.

Rudd’s return was met with reminders that he was not popular with Gillard’s backers. He was a psychopath, if you were to believe the media.

There could be another election in six months if Abbott calls a DD. Whoever leads Labor going into it needs to be squeaky clean or the media will go in for the kill. If he is one of the so-called faceless men he’ll be murdered for it. If he or she was openly a Rudd or Gillard backer they’ll be exposed as someone who helped destroy the other’s leadership.

In a nutshell, the media will screw them on whatever flimsy evidence they can dig up. God help them if, at some time in the past, they had provided a personal referee for a priest later charged with pedophilia of had a history of pissing in shoes in Canberra restaurants, among other noteworthy ‘çrimes’.

At the moment there aren’t too many people in the party who’d be safe from the mud chucking. But anything will do. Kissing the wrong baby in 1985 or dumping a girlfriend as a teenager would be enough get the sharks circling.

In your opinion, given my assumption that the media would want political blood, who could thus be ruled out as the person to lead Labor at the next election?

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  1. It won’t really matter if there is anything in the prospective new Labor leader’s past, they will manufacture something with which to vilify them. Isn’t that how it’s done nowadays? Doesn’t really matter if is truthful or not, as long as the mud has a fair chance of sticking. This is the ugly place we find ourselves.

  2. We should be chucking mud at the Libs. There’s a load of mud in the #ashbygate truck just around the corner.

  3. How about we begin “The Cafe Whispers MSM Bad Journalist Awards”?

    We can all be sure of one thing: there’s no shortage of candidates! 😀

  4. Bill shorten. Yesterday ABC24 done a brief profile of the man and it was savaging. They pretty much blamed him every leadership problem Labor had over the last six years. Granted he did have a lot to do with it but the story all but blamed him for everything. The worst part though is this was the ABC doing this and it would’ve ran all day to boot.

  5. Bill Shorten has been involved in organizing numbers and is one of the people who helps make decisions on who will be Labor’s leader.
    This, of course, disqualifies him, as no previous leader of any political party has ever shown any interesting in wheeling and dealing. All the rest got there by the party realising that they were clearly the best candidate or when a light from heaven illuminated them during a party room meeting.
    I’m no Shorten fan, but ffs, if you criticise and rule a potential leader because they’re ambitious, we end up asking one of the people handing out how to vote cards.
    And, if they say, yes, we have to wonder about them.

  6. Can I respectfully argue that I think you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill Michael. It’s more important what direction the party takes rather than if the leader is as you put it, ‘squeaky clean’. Besides, politics is a dirty business and faint hearts or Casper Milqtoasts don’t last very long, and you’ll be looking a very long time before you find one. As the late John Button pointed out; if you want to make friends in politics – buy a dog. The real issue now is that whoever leads the party is that they stop playing by the other sides rules and move away from the ‘we’d do that too but slightly differently’ stance that has dogged them them since the days of Beazley and cost them so dearly at this election.

  7. Well Michael, what have you to say about ed eastwood’s more than fair and honest observation? Do you have an opinion about alp direction or do you just want to bully the other side’s opinions?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  8. Do you have an opinion about alp direction or do you just want to bully the other side’s opinions?

    Did anyone ever tell you that you’re a complete idiot?

    Oh, silly question. I’m sure they have.

  9. Well Summo same goes for you hypocrite. Do you just wanna bash the other side on bullshit as edward eastwood’s comment goes equally for the Liberals.


  10. “When Rudd took over the leadership in 2006 they went into a frenzy over the story about him visiting a strip club in New York years earlier”

    Maybe so.

    But i will never forget Bacchus trying to slime John Howard because his father may or may have done something wrong in 1927.

  11. Edward, as long as the media treats everyone is the same manner – which it doesn’t. The current situation is digging up dirt about what the person may or indeed may not have done decades earlier and all the while making excuses or glossing over similar actions if the person just to happens to belong to the *approved* political party.

  12. Tania is the best choice but they will drag up her hubby. Albo is a cleanskin and like Garrett they would not find jack shit. Bills oratorical skills are as engaging as lawn growth as a spectator sport. The libs went digging for the wild rock and roll excesses of the oils and just got stories of charity, philosophy discussions and organic tea parties. They were mortified to find that Pete was a deeply religious man of deep moral conviction adored by fans.

  13. Hey Adrian

    You broke your rule. I thought you said you no longer read my posts. Anyway that is what you said.

    Yep that is the link. Howards Father in 1927 did something and i am not sure what.

    Mate you leftoids go back into ancient history to try and trash a human being.

  14. There will not be a DD. The Carbon tax will be effectively neutered but the actual obstruction in the Senate will be another stick to beat Labor.
    Abbott will let the carbon tax issue fester just the same as the Border Protection festered.
    My call is the boast issue will be fixed pretty quickly. The Carbon Tax will be Labors Work choices except that labor wont be able to disown it like Abbott did with Workchoices.
    Abbott is well into planning for the next election while Labor continues to tear themselves apart.
    Labor never did deserve to govern and are just clarifying this point to the voters post election.
    Moriara, Spain.

  15. Neil of Sydney September 12, 2013 @ 9:16 pm “You broke your rule. I thought you said you no longer read my posts. Anyway that is what you said.”

    ROFL Maybe they are learning from you Niel. A word is worth nothing to you, so why worry about anything you have to say. Now back in your corner and spin like a good kiddy.

  16. Another problem for Abbott. Seems that there has been a audit on the treasury.

    “…………..Hockey has spent the past three years trying his best to undermine voters’ confidence in the economic and financial institutions of this country in order to have people think Labor has lost control of the budget and the economy. As Treasurer, it is time he realised that his words now carry weight. No longer will they be dismissed as the ranting of a man willing to say anything to get into office. Treasurers’ words move markets.

    The Tresasury’s forecasts are also relied upon by many organisations to frame their own budgets – from charities and unions looking at expected levels of unemployment to commercial organisations looking ahead to the economic environment in which they are thinking about investing.

    They are serious things and they are taken very seriously by Treasury. For Hockey to brazenly claim they need to be audited, with seemingly no comprehension that a full review of the forecasts has just been completed, suggests he has yet to make the switch from opposition to government.

    Given his responsibility, let’s hope he makes the transition soon………………

    Maybe that media, instead of throwing mud on Labor, should turn their attention to the new government in waiting. Just a thought, I suspect Hockey should be looking at a little fiscal stimulation, in stead of contracting the economy further, looking at today’s unemployment figures, and the way they are trending.

    I believe that is the warnings that Swan and Gillard have been giving for most of this years. Time to put that surplus on hold.

  17. Tweed, just an humble point of order on your last……. I find it funny that your already on the ‘blame Labor’ path and Gina’ “dance Tony, dance Tony… now there’s a good boy”, has not even been sworn in yet…… fair suck of the sauce bottle, mate!!
    ….. and whats with the work ‘no’ choices and the carbon price being in the same arena …… one’s about grinding your heel into your fellow Aussie(s) ….. and the other is about ‘chipping in’ with the rest of the world and being a world leading country that is on the fore front of best practise carbon reduction, coupled with sustainable energy production, that supports business, going forward, in an pro-active manner. 😛
    …… and my call is that your… ” My call is the boast issue will be fixed pretty quickly.” , is just some ironic fraudian slip 😉 …… f’n funny, but 😀

  18. You can be sure of one thing, if it is Shorten, we will hear much about these ‘faceless’ men (Why don’t we ever hear about the libs faceless ones?) and meat pies.

    If it is Albo, something about airports. I recall in the ‘campaign’ ltdnews ran some rubbish about Albo and the airport. I couldn’t really follow what the gripe was, I think, on the first day, it was (incorrect) rumours about him allowing planes after curfew, the next one was him not allowing them??

    And, if it is Tanya Pilbersek, much ado about her husbands past.

    This is also pertinent

  19. But, personally, I like Shorten, he is very clear on his path, and, being brought up through hte unions, is Labor at heart. I don’t know Alsbo’s past much, and, while he is extremely effective as an attack dog, Labor will not be able to get away with the vitriol and sheer audacity of negative rhetoric that the libs and their media chums have perpetrated over the past several years.

    Personally, I think it best to keep Albo to the side to cop the flak as he delivers it.

    And, as talented as Tanya Pilbersek is, it is quite obvious that Australia as a nation is not ‘growed up’ enough for a true ‘woman of quality’, Gillard showed us all that in no uncertain terms. It was not a pretty picture looking into that collective mirror, and seeing such an ugly, petty misogynist glaring back.

  20. Rating comments now? This should be fun, a cyber bottle of red to the one who gets most thumbs down for a comment. Free membership of the Socialist Alliance for most thumbs up.

  21. TechinBris @ 10:36 pm

    Just read your quote of Neil. What a conceited twerp he is.

    I don’t read his posts and haven’t for a long while now, I skip straight past them, sometimes catching a word but nothing more. The only time I catch anything he vomits up, so many times now I almost know every one of his posts off by heart, is when he’s quoted or mentioned by someone else I read.

    If that’s what he’s referring to I don’t give a rats arse, as I don’t give a shit about anything he may have said in response to one of my posts. He would not have said anything original and almost certainly said something he’s repeated many times before even if its been discredited.

  22. Möbius Ecko September 13, 2013 @ 8:38 am
    He’s a Kiddie Troll. Refuses to grow up. He’ll just spin in his little corner like a good Puppy that someone has to tolerate in sympathy, lest he bother the less fortunate.
    So who house trained him so well? He’s so polite and toilets in his own corner where he dwells. I am impressed!

  23. Meanwhile, at the grown up camp Abbott and Bishop have been re-elected and Barnaby (ANDEV) has been elected to deputy leader of the Nationals.

    Parliament is going to be a hoot!

  24. What I find a hoot (or would if it wasn’t so important) is Malcolm Turnbull claiming the election showed the public prefers his fraudband policy regardless of the fact that a petition started a few days ago already has well over 200,000 signatures.

    Turnbullshit said “There will be a strategic review conducted within the next 60 days which will show how long it will take and how much it will cost to complete the NBN on the current specifications and what that means both to the taxpayer and to the consumers.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t he spend the entire campaign saying they had already done that and it would cost 94 billion? Guess he just made that up like all the other crap they spewed to mislead the people they supposedly represent.

    From what I can see the Abbott government has no intention of doing anything at all other than keeping consultants in work for the next three years doing reviews/audits/white and green papers even though all those studies have already been done. We will review and review and review again until they tell us what we want to hear. That should only waste hundreds of millions doing nothing…rather like the Direct Inaction fiasco. Way to go Team Abbott you bunch of do-nothing know-nothing losers.

  25. 2SP strikes again. Labor have a leader already dickhead. His name is Chris Bowen – he remains leader until the new leadership process elects a new leader…

    You’re right – parliament will be a hoot. Labor’s front bench will still have it all over the drop-kick left-over dopey Howard pensioners 😉

  26. Hey soxy, so how did your 74 seat prediction pan out? I might have got it wrong but yours was not even in the ball park!

    Tommy says Albanese is the stand in and you say Bowen is, can’t both be right. The government elect has enough material to heckle Labour in QT for five years.

  27. That’s all they will be doing…heckling….it’s all they know how to do. Other than that they will be waiting waiting waiting while consultants produce paper after paper after paper for them to ignore just like they have all the studies that have already been done.

    What a joke.

  28. Albanese was acting leader up until the caucus meeting today. Once he declared his candidacy, the next most senior front bench member from the HoR becomes interim leader.

    Don’t understand much for a supposed ‘insider’ do you? 🙄

  29. Go out, come home and a new stand in. No comment on how badly you got the Labor seat wrong, I see. Gee, the new government has not been sworn in and are unhinging. At this rate you be foaming from every orifice in a year.

  30. You really are deserving of the 2SP moniker aren’t you?Talk about miss the point of my “prediction”

    Everyone with more than half a brain cell knew that it was exactly the opposite of a prediction – a dig at the stupidity of making predictions three weeks before an election, based on corrupted polls 🙄

  31. We now have a contest for Labor leadership. Yes, I believe Labor at last, is moving on. Still time for more to put their hands up.

  32. scaper I would be laughing Abbott called parliament in the next few days. Why, he has not even installed his government yet. What would Abbott have ready to put before the house.

    I assume there will be a acting Labor leader, who would be ready for anything.

    In the meantime, with the process of the new leadership process, getting their message out, in front of all. Suspect the public will be listening.

    What should be clear, at the end of the process, the direction of where Labor is going should be clear, as well as having a popular elected leader.

    Abbott can recall parliament whenever he likes. So not expect for it to be early. Abbott will not be ready.

    If one does not believe, listen to Albanese now on ABC 24.

  33. “From what I can see the Abbott government has no intention of doing anything at all other than keeping consultants in work for the next three years doing ”

    Agree, all decisions are delayed until they are completed. If I did not know better, Abbott words it, as meaning any real changes will be taken to the next election.

    Yes, I understand it to mean, that Abbott has no real plans for this term. That he will be developing policies for the next.

    All that Abbott has his mind on, is demolishing, not building.

    Yes, Rudd has left a costive process, to elect a Labor leader, Maybe for the wrong reasons, as far as he is concerned. He was protecting his own position.

    Yes, Labor moves on, Abbott further backwards.

    The time for nominations is open for seven days.

  34. Wonder, along with Albanese, what would happen if Abbott had to go through the same process. Suspect, Turnbull would be out among the leaders.

  35. scapegrace certainly is degenerating, but at least he’s now no longer pretending to be balanced, and is openly the right wingnut I always suspected he is.

  36. Abbott’s new policy on women:

    If we look COMPREHENSIVELY at the Catholic doctrine, we’ll see very little that promotes a woman working outside the home. Further a good working knowledge of the basics for today’s culture and progressive society can be learned in 12 years of school. Politicians say that 12 years is not enough today, but that is because of a failed corrupted education system. Homeschooling parents can educate their children in 12 years. College may be necessary for the provider of a family depending on the vocation God is calling them to or for those who are called to the Priesthood, both of which are intended for men.


  37. The shepherd has gone away and the sheep no longer have their noses toward the wind. The herd is now a rabble all going in different directions and getting into all sorts of mischief. Being unshorn, they long helpless and ragged, with no idea where they should head. Before long they shall perish, unless a shortened ram who can’t keep his pecker to himself stakes a claim on them all and leads them to his bedroom, where they will all be well and truly f……

    yajustgottlaugh 😉

  38. Make no mistake, these fuckers are going to go in hard. An easy ride for Abbott whilst digging up anything they can find on the ALP, planting it in the ground the day before if necessary.

  39. Note people that just like they did when Abbott was the worst opposition leader this country has ever had his adoring fans here are still not talking about his policies, they are still just attacking Labor.

    Also again lays bare their hypocrisy.

    They have nothing Copernican to laud for their wanting man.

  40. New slogans. ” “purposefully, calmly, methodically”

    Does it mean, if the Indonesians do not go along with the Sovereign Borders, that Abbott has broken a promise.

    Wonder what Indonesia thinks about the government cutting back our refugee program by 7000, down to 13,700.

    That means less being taken from the region.

  41. And I’m already pissed off at the proliferation of “Labor shouldn’t be seduced by the temptation to emulate Abbott’s style” articles that will soon develop into an accepted theme. It’s all so predictable.
    I said on this site a long time ago that one of the things I really, really, really hate is when the scum that’ve done you over try to come across with faux concern. Either for you or some sort of shitty “now calm down, two wrongs don’t make a right” sort of drivel.
    The Abbott victory rests entirely on the foundations of the media’s support.

  42. Really the key element in the dross that is stuffing up the Nation is the Media. Truth, no matter if your a moderate or a hard nosed Fascist, no one’s real message is going to get out whilst the Media is a power to be reckoned with.
    And before our pet Fascists in here erupt in a frenzy, know that you can be just as vulnerable as well, by a self-interested Media Machine when it is like this. Look at the Trial by Media that is going on outside of politics, to understand the danger you are in.
    The Main Stream Media has to fall. It is a danger to all Australians. Only way is for everyone to turn away from them and their incessant screaming for attention and they will be gone in a very short span of time. It costs millions to run their machine. If everyone dumps it, it won’t be there for long as it will costs way too much and Shareholders won’t tolerate a loss for long.

  43. Hey repty, who are you to judge on my politics? You are nothing but a far left wing extremist! You treat your fellow Australians that do not share your politics as a sub species. Wing nuts and other derogatory terms express your extremism and your white hot hatred of people.

    You are a pissant of no value and I detest your ilk, just like I detest the far right who also demean Australians for their right to hold their own opinions. One example is John Jay over at Piers’ place. The only difference between you and him is he preaches his main stream religion and you, the church of global warming.

    You are the biggest projecting hypocrite here and you have the gall to accuse others of what you’ve made an art form? A disgusting piece of work but you get that from a weakling hunkered down in a coastal backwater with a keyboard.

  44. So it’s come to this! An alp election after a general election because they’re so dysfunctional that they can’t appoint a leader who has the support, let alone the ability to be a credible opposition leader. You have an Elbow and Mr Shortypeckerpants to choose from do you? Funny that Shortypeckerpants has chosen a good sort as his running mate….he really thinks he’s a big show there I suppose….doesn’t care who he pants, does he?

    Elbow, I ain’t heard nuffink yet from his side bout a running mate. I hope he’s not misogynist…hahahaha! Pick Wong, any wong will do. Don’t waste your ballot basket weavers….THE CHOICE IS ALLLLLL YOURS. DONT FUCK IT UP NOW…hehehe.

    Everything is riding on YOUR vote…looks like you might win the next election… apparently?


  45. Hey Summo how’s your beloved leader doing?

    No need to answer, must be fucked if you are spending so much time lamely trying to draw attention to Labor instead of Abbott’s PMship.

    Nationals pissed off, two threatening to cross the floor and told by a Liberal if they do to leave the floor.

    Another Liberal blaming Labor for the boats that are going to come in the future, thus admitting they can’t stop them.

    Indonesia pissed off with headlines in their main papers canning Abbott.

    Very telling that when Abbott was in opposition we were told he wasn’t in government so we shouldn’t judge him. Now he’s in government the clueless like you tell us to look at Labor in opposition.

    Wow what a failure Abbott is and not even sworn in.


  46. How about the right wingers actually talking about Abbott policy for once.

    What do they think of Aged, invalid and child care workers having their hard fought for pay rise cancelled by Abbott?

    The same Abbott who criticised the Labor government for hanging back on the pay rise he’s now cancelling.

    Tell us what you think makes Abbott such a great man and Christian that he attacks the lowest paid and most vulnerable whilst giving massive largess to the very wealthy in this country. Look up Ramsey, who has exclusively donated to the Liberals and is set to reap millions of tax payers dollars from Abbott.

    How about the Abbott adorers tell us how this in any way fair and Christian?

  47. Sorry Summo you’re the one who voted for the biggest prick of them all.

    How about answering why you reckon Abbott is such a great PM for cancelling a hard fought for pay rise for the carers in our society, who are already amongst the lowest paid in this country?

  48. Also why are so keen on Labor when it’s Abbott whose now in government so should be the one under scrutiny. Or are you the hypocrite we always said you are?

  49. I spoke to a Lib supporter who said he wanted to remove carbon pricing because it would bring down electricity prices. I remembered Rudd talking about this a couple of times and I told this guy that 90% of electricity price rises were due to gouging by the utilities. He sort of agreed, but then stuck to his guns that carbon pricing has to go. i got the impression that Abbott’s lie that electricity prices will come down may have been a key reason why the Libs got in. it’s a failure of progressives that they didn’t recognize this essential issue, but now we have to. We have to hold Punchy to account for electricity price rises and his inability to bring them down.

  50. If Abbott does get rid of the carbon price and electricity continues to go up he will say that it would have gone up more with the carbon price.

    The gormless right wing Abbott Adorers (Aborters) will repeat it to make it true. Another Liberal lie perpetrated to add to their many thousands.

  51. I forgot to mention that the Lib supporter I was speaking to was my doctor during a consultation. He had the gall to make a political point, and I got the distinct impression he was gloating about Abbott’s win and trying to rub it in. I used to admire my doctor as a brilliant man, but now I have to admit he is a bit of a dick. 😦

  52. Has anyone noticed, Abbott has not faced the medias this week. It seems it is the way, he intends it to be. Yes, the new slogan. Methodically, careful etc.

    Nothing more than a couple of short radio interviews.

    Love them explaining away the lack of woman.

    They are sure up themselves.

  53. Why are so many out today, nearly hysterical, in their defence of Abbott.

    Why are so many, from the right, worried about how Labor is choosing a leader. I, for one, believe we should leave it up to caucus, but there are some good downsides, from what is occurring.

    It is allowing Labor to get their policies out in public. Stating clearly, they are standing proudly by what has been achieved, and stating clearly, where Labor is going from here.

    Yes, making a case, for the actions they intend to take, including voting against the removal of the so called carbon tax.

    It is pushing Abbott and what he is about to the sidelines. Not that he is doing much.

    With Abbott we have APEC next month, and another meeting in November, where Abbott is going to have to perform. The days of stage managing him then will be over.

    Remember, Abbott at all times destroyed any agenda that Rudd, then Gillard attempted. Like the trolls that come here, everything was driven off track, with Abbott’s nonsense taking over.

    If Labor achieves the same, but with solid policy, and why they will do it better, it will be an interesting outcome.
    At least, Labor is not coming across as a beaten party, sneaking off with it;s tail between it;s legs.

    It is out in front, ready to fight the good battle.

    Yes, Abbott’s could be leading a one term government.

    Abbott cannot hide forever. Cannot understand why, as he is supposed to be the winner.

  54. Who are you to condemn ours.

    Thanks Fu, and exactly right. Who is he the hypocrite to judge others here and their politics, which he does and condemns constantly.

    Actually what he’s mostly been doing lately is making snide remarks of petty abuse he probably thinks are clever but really are school kid mentality lame.

  55. I also note that he went into a spray of projection.

    Sorry scaper but you are the one who demonstrates gross hypocrisy, whilst often saying you’re balanced and not biased yet constantly putting down the left, often with abuse, yet you accuse me of abuse. Show me where I’ve abused anywhere near as much as you have, again another illustration of your hypocrisy and projection. All the while you big note yourself with your bragging of association with far right wing groups and individuals, even boasting of supporting them, something you never have done for the centre let alone the left.

    I and probably others here will believe you are not the far right supporter you have demonstrated you are here when you live up to your intimation before the election that you would be as harsh on a Liberal government as you were on the previous Labor one, when you attack Abbott as much as you did Gillard.

  56. I’m not condemning your politics, I’m calling out your judgement! Your rabid support for the last government which is the worst in my opinion, indicates you don’t have a stance on politics, just barrackers.

    Of all the failed policies, knee jerk reactions that destroyed industries, you have supported all but the boat policy. In your collective cough, cough, wisdom, you have attacked Abbott to a point of near slander. The biggest mistake the left have made is to underestimate Abbott who as opposition leader contributed to the downfall of three Prime Ministerships. And you repty, state that Abbott was the worst opposition leader…totally delusional!

    I don’t consider the IPA as far right, it is a libertarian organisation that fights for freedoms. We were at the forefront on the fight against the proposed media regulation and workplace discrimination legislation…we won those battles.

    If a government of any colour attempts to curtail our rights or freedom we will fight them as we seem to be the only show in town on those issues. I personally heard Michael Kroger relate this to George Brandis in no uncertain terms.

    If the IPA is, in your mind far right why is it fighting the LNP on their proposed legislation in relation to school children’s rights? As I said yesterday, don’t like the far right as much as I detest the far left which you are without a doubt.

    Neither has any influence in election outcomes or anything worthy to contribute to society or the future of the nation…simply pissants.

  57. Talk about unhingeing.

    Yes more projection from scaper.

    In a post he rails against abuse (for the word wingnut no less, which is the only derogatory term I use) he ends by hurling abuse. Go figure.

    For someone who goes on about posters being unhinged, more often than not fallaciously, he exemplifies being unhinged in his post.

    For someone who brags about getting under posters’ skin, more often than not fallaciously, he sometimes exemplifies being rattled in his posts.

    For someone who goes on about others being hypocrites, more often than not fallaciously, he at times exemplifies hypocrisy in his posts.

    I could go on but you get the drift.

  58. What a heap of crap scaper, and your unfettered praise of the IPA, who are anything but about the fight for freedom, that is if you believe freedom is to do the bidding of the rich and powerful for their own benefit at the cost of freedom for ordinary citizens.

    Abbott was a woeful leader, and he did fail. He didn’t win the election for the Liberals, preferences from Palmer and other looney fringe parties got him over. Some have reported he harmed the Liberals election win in restricting what should have been a much greater margin.

    That you believe Abbott is a good leader says a lot about you. Can we still expect your revelations on Abbott? Guess not.

    It’s you who have stated your supposed non-partisanship but have constantly come to Abbott’s and the Liberal parties defence, even when they have blatantly lied.

    The other thing I cannot understand is your hypocrisy on land care. You have gone on about it for a long time yet support the party that will do the most to destroy our environment, even defending the Newman government who is going to allow the bulldozers with ball and chains loose on the landscape again.

    And as further proof of your bad judgement in so many things demonstrated by your posts, calling me far left no doubt is up there. You say you’re not a supporter of the extreme right, yet your posts often contradict that claim, then say I’m a supporter of the extreme left based on my posts using equivalence, again showing your projection. It’s no wonder you believe I’m an extreme lefty if you believe you’re not a supporter of the far right. Anybody left of Bolt would be an extreme lefty to you.

  59. Now you are spinning. If Abbott is such a woeful leader how come he almost took out a first term government and then took them out after their second term? You do know he’ll be sworn in as PM next week?

    Your preferences spin is just that. I could go down the same pathetic path in relation to Greens preferences but accept the results in a few seats I was hopeful of seeing a win.

    And makes you believe I support Newman or the LNP? Got any proof that Newman is going to allow unfettered land clearing or is it more extremist projection?

    Everything you say that will be done in the future is just that, comrade!

  60. Back to petty insults, always your desperate last resort.

    Almost took out a first term government. There’s one proof just in that statement alone. He didn’t, he failed, though he had the full weight of the media behind him in the dirtiest most corrupt campaign ever run against a government.

    Abbott should have won in 2010 and failed, and the failure was sheeted fully to Abbott at the time.

    You keep crediting Abbott with things he never did or espousing them as successes when they weren’t, and more than anything else, including throwing petty abuses at others, it says how much of a far right wing supporter you are in your absolute adoration of Abbott. You have gone into bat for him and defended him time and again, siding with the far right wingers here, who think you’re their hero.

    Better be careful as the hem of your fascist petticoat is showing.

  61. The chart below helps to put into context the extent of Queensland’s land clearing prior to the 2007 ban. Queensland’s level of land clearing (illustrated in dark green) overwhelms that of the rest of the country. Indeed, Queensland had been clearing its remaining bushland in percentage terms at a rate equivalent to that occurring in the Amazon basin.

    But yesterday (23 May 2013) the Queensland parliament passed amendments that noticeably weaken those laws. Premier Campbell Newman’s election promise to retain the current level of statutory vegetation protection has “counted for nothing”.

    There are four major changes affecting land clearing that have been introduced by the Newman government. The amendments to the Vegetation Management Act would:

    1. Remove restrictions on clearing of bushland that was cleared post December 31, 1989 (counts towards compliance with Kyoto Protocol) and is now regrowing;

    2. Allow a new type of broad-scale clearing of mature bushland for ‘high value agriculture’;

    3. Alter provisions to make it harder to enforce restrictions on illegal clearing, for example allowing the defence of ‘mistaken belief’ or that a person other than the defendant was responsible for the clearing.

    4. Removal of requirement for permits to clear native vegetation in watercourses.

  62. “Campbell Newman Takes an Axe to the Queensland Environment”

    “Campbell Newman to open Cape to farming”
    THE Newman government is opening up Cape York to large-scale farming for the first time, with the relaxation of land clearing laws allowing citrus plantations, broadacre grain growing and the construction of dams in areas slated for World Heritage listing.

    “Campbell Newman’s LNP bulldozing pre-election promise”
    MEASURES being implemented in Queensland by Premier Campbell Newman amount to the greatest rollback of environmental protection in Australian political history.

    Plenty more if you look, and much like those above from The Australian and other right wing media.

  63. scaper… September 13, 2013 @ 6:30 pm “Hey repty, who are you to judge on my politics? You are nothing but a far left wing extremist! You treat your fellow Australians that do not share your politics as a sub species.”

    Pot, meet Kettle. Scaper, you literally do drip hypocrisy you know. Tragically even. Pointing the accusatory finger only to utilise the thing you are criticising to justify your stance. If you have something to say, make sense of it and don’t neuter your own argument. Sheesh!

    Summo September 13, 2013 @ 7:20 pm “An alp election after a general election because they’re so dysfunctional that they can’t appoint a leader”

    Do catch up to the Digital age Summo. It is so analogous to just repeat ad-infinitum the same thing like a broken record. At least with digital recordings, the error is noted and the logic skips over the trash. It also presents that your arguments are too shallow, as you have nothing more to offer the discussion than the same hearsay justified only because you said it. I have heard better from 7 Year Olds.

    scaper… September 14, 2013 @ 8:37 am “I’m not condemning your politics, I’m calling out your judgement!”

    Really scaper, you just really don’t understand reality, cocooned as you are in your reality of Neo-Fascism. Tragic. You have earned my sincere pity. Relish it or spit it out, for I think I don’t care for your lack of empathy for anyone but yourself and those who agree with you. It is called selfishness, if no one ever bothered to teach you the word, which is very obvious.

    “I don’t consider the IPA as far right”
    From where you stand scaper, everything has to be off to the left as anything to the right will fall off the cliff of humanitarianism. Look, the grass is greener on the other side of the Septic Tank! Be a good little Lamb and go eat it till you cease being one of the Sheeple.

    “If the IPA is, in your mind far right why is it fighting the LNP on their proposed legislation in relation to school children’s rights?”
    That is because the IPA doesn’t have to face the Voters in 3 years’ time or sooner. It can be as Fascist as its financial contributors want it to be towards its goal of Fascism as Law.

    scaper… September 14, 2013 @ 8:53 am “Still can’t defend your left wing extremism or the fact that if anyone has a differing opinion you call them right wing nuts I see.”
    Logical fallacy! Scaper, do better please. Google “Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies” and learn.

    I’m bored with this. Off into the garden to grow food. Have a great day everyone! Yes, even our pet Fascists. See, that is called being polite even to those who are not. We all should never stop trying to be better people. Cheers!

  64. Tony Burke asked, why is he still migration minister this long after last week’s election. Question many should ask in my opinion.

    Does carefully, methodically calmly,……….. really mean, I am not able to make decisions.

    I am afraid, that one expects PM’s to make decisions quickly, not procrastinate for over a week. Especially so, when the man said that hos shadow bench will b e the one he puts back, when in government.

    Could there be dissension within the party in this matter. Are more sensible heads putting pressure on him,. to forget about the past, and pick a crew for this day and age.

    The other thing, Abbott has not faced the media. Yes, a few, very few stage managed appearances. Stunts, where he repeats his new slogan , but nothing else.

    It is said that Abbott will not be feeding the 24/7 media frenzy. Does Abbott believe he will only appear, as he desires.

  65. scaper. what gives you the right to challenge our judgment. Notice most here do not say you are wrong to pass a opinion on pol

    Why could it not be, that our judgment is sound.

    In fact, most of what we say, seems to come to fruition.

    Piece in Guardian today from Ms. Gillard. Long and thoughtful, they say. Willget back, when I have time to read it.

  66. Is there any extreme left in Labor today. One would have trouble finding a moderate one. Those days are long passed. I suspect many that claim Labor has lost it way, are talking about the extreme far left of the past.

    Certainly, I have seen not evidence of any far left views on this or similar sites.

    Maybe lack of the far left, is what confuses many older Laborites.

    Even so, fractions do not appear to have the power or division in the p;arty, as in the past.

    I say this, after spending most of the time I spent in the party, as being in left wing branches.

  67. Well Newman has already to get out of Queensland, and allow unfretted mining to go ahead.

    Not a bad start, when the man is still not PM.

    Has a elected leader ever took this length of time, to take over the reins.

    As I said previously. I believe that Abbott has been so focused, for years getting the job, that he gave no thought to what he would do, when he realized his dream.

    I also noticed, we have Kevin Andrews back, and his religious interference in our lives. It is as if the last six years have not occurred, and the Libs will carrying on, as they left off.

    Have not seen any evidence, that they have learnt anything in the last six years.

    Abbott’s aim is to erase everything they did from history.

    Trouble is, there has been little or no consideration to what he will replace Gillard’s and Rudd”s achievements with.

    The bigger trouble is that he is also ignoring the great changes that have occurred in the global economy and world order, during that time.

    As for one of the biggest advancement in technology, he does not even seem aware that it has occurred.

    I still say, answers from the past, will not work today, because the world is not the same today, in anyway.

    Labor is the one, that sees the world as it is today, and in a position to drop all that has shackled it in the last term, and begin with a new sheet. Yes, not hobbled by all it has endured over recent times.

    One picks up, that already, the media is bot too impressed with this new government. Are already asking many questions, but getting no answers.
    It seems to be the right politicians that are sounding shrill and working over time, to defend their leader. Why is this so? Could it be, that they know their man is not popular, and what we have seen, is a very strong anti Labor voter, not a great vote for their side. Time will quickly tell.

    Where is the honey moon period. I believe that Abbott, by his actions is already putting many off side.

    That is just my perception. Could be seeing what I want to.

    Well Newman has already to get out of Queensland, and allow unfretted mining to go ahead.
    Not a bad start, when the man is still not PM.

    Has a elected leader ever took this length of time, to take over the reins.

    As I said previously. I believe that Abbott has been so focused, for years getting the job, that he gave no thought to what he would do, when he realized his dream.

    I also noticed, we have Kevin Andrews back, and his religious interference in our lives. It is as if the last six years have not occurred, and the Libs will carry on, as they left off.

    Have not seen any evidence, that they have learnt anything in the last six years.

    Mr. Abbott’s aim is to erase everything they did from history.

    Trouble is, there has been little or no consideration to what he will replace Gillard’s and Rudd”s achievements with.

    The bigger trouble is that he is also ignoring the great changes that have occurred in the global economy and world order, during that time.

    As for one of the biggest advancement in technology, he does not even seem aware that it has occurred.

    I still say, answers from the past, will not work today, because the world is not the same today, in any way.

    I really have problems with people who can see no good in what others have done. Never known anyone to be one hundred percent wrong. Never met anyone, I agree with one hundred percent.

    One knew that Rudd threw the election down, the morning he uttered those stupid words in Darwin. From then, it was downhill all the way.
    If Rudd got out, and sold what Labor had achieved, instead of out doing Abbott, he might have done better.
    That morning, Rudd gave credence to what Abbott was uttering. It was unnecessary, especially when Rudd was just talking about aspirations, going down the track of Abbott. Abbott’s plans for the north were utter rubbish, but Rudd by his announcement, made Abbott’s effort feasible. Which they are not, by the way.

    Yes, Labor threw the last election away. Abbott would have to be a complete disaster, not to win.

    Labor is the one, that sees the world as it is today, and in a position to drop all that has shackled it in the last term, and begin with a new sheet. Yes, not hobbled by all it has endured over recent times.

    One picks up, that already, the media is bot too impressed with this new government. Are already asking many questions, but getting no answers.
    It seems to be the right politicians that are sounding shrill and working overtime, to defend their leader. Why is this so? Could it be, that they know their man is not popular, and what we have seen, is a very strong anti Labor voter, not a great vote for their side. Time will quickly tell.

    Where is the honeymoon period. I believe that Abbott, by his actions is already putting many off side.

    That is just my perception. Could be seeing what I want to.

  68. I will make a prediction. I expect to see the Liberal Premiers, quickly start to put distance between them and the new Abbott government. It will be Victoria first off the mark, as I believe they go to the polls in the next twelve months.

    I say this, as history shows, that Australia has a habit of moving from all states and Federal governments of the same colour. They the quickly move the other way back to Labor. Has been the norm since WWW11

    Owing to the ability and nature of Abbott, this process will speed up.

    I also suspect, that the voter is no longer rusted onto any side, see little difference in either, and will be inclined to change their vote quickly.

    I also suspect that not many have much faith in our new government. Not much lover indeed.

    I also suspect, that the general public is in a mood not to take rubbish from either side.

  69. scaper. I do not believe that many Liberal supporters would support anything that comes out of the IPA.

    I believe that there are many, well I hope there are some left, that will fight for true Liberal policies, the policies of the days of Menzies.

    I do know that most have been forced out.

    I was listening to the three that are coming from Tasmania. They sounded decent. Even gave thanks to the Labor people deposed by them, thanking them for what they have done for the state.

    I wonder how this mob is going to survive in Abbott’s government.

  70. I agree with Ms. Gillard, that the present leadership rules be abandon. Saying that, they will serve a purpose at this time. It gives Labor a chance to get their views across, and correlate much that has been written over the last term of government.

    A exercise, that allows Labor to draw a line in the sand, putting the past behind them.

    Personally, this process is not really necessary in the ordinary run of things.

    With a little luck, it could change public perception of Labor.

    What does not seem to be important, is that one comes from the right, the other from the left.

  71. Does anyone realise, that the terrible debt we have according to Hockey and co, has very low interest rates attached to it.

    Yes, it is not the paying back, but the cost of the debt that counts.
    If that allows us to build the necessary infrastructure for the future,

    Is not that prudence,’

  72. scaper. you cannot defend your statement, that there is left wing extremism in the party today.

    In fact there has not been for decades. The labels are just loose labels for different groups. No great difference between any.

    Socialism today, appears to be found in the Country/National party, and yes indeed, within the Liberals.

    Socialism for the upper income earners. Which I must express, is indeed a new concept.

    Business is also quick to put out their hands for taxpayers assistance.

    scaper, time to come into this century. Let the last one go.

  73. Whose fault. Yes, the stock market has been traveling well for yonks. Abbott was given credit, when it continue to go up, earlier this week.

    ………Strong run for Aust stocks at an end
    Updated: 12:26, Saturday September 14, 2013
    Australian shares have fallen from their five year highs as investors are unwilling to push prices higher.

    The local market is following negative leads from markets in the US and Europe, ahead of a US Federal Reserve meeting next week where a decision is expected on a winding back of its economic stimulus program…

    Personally, Abbott is neither to blame, whether it goes up or down at this time. As much as he may believe, does not have control over the economy.

    Government can only hope to alleviate what occurs in the global economy. They cannot control it.

    One has to be willing to change their mind when circumstances change. Is Abbott capable of doing this? Suspect not.

    Abbott has gone to the last election with all the policies he has from 2010. One cannot believe that there has not been great changes in that time, and new , or at least up to date policies were needed.

    We have Abbot, eight days after election, not capable of addressing the media, or even selecting his front bench and installing his government.

    Is Abbott capable of introducing some fiscal stimulation,. that the latest employment figures suggest,t might be needed.

    So much for Abbott going to camp out with Pearson, and visiting Indonesia within the first week. He cannot even get his government up and running.

    Tony Burke is still in charge of the refugee problem. So much frog putting the army in charge.

    Suspect that Tone has been so focus on destroying Gillard and winning government, he forgot to focus on what he would do, if he got the job.

  74. Listening to Abbott for the last week, in the very few stage managed appearances, Abbott seems to have lost the ability for spontaneous speech.

    We are stil getting his slow, and faltering speech, still made up of slogans. News ones, I must admit.

    Looks more like prognostication to me. The inability to know what to do next.

    Is he going to remain hidden for the next three years, by ignoring the media altogether.

    While this is happening, thanks to Rudd’s inane attempt to keep himself in power, is able to restate what they stand for, and where they intend to go. Could even say, Labor is setting the agenda.

    It appears to be Abbott that has slunk off, keeping out of the publish eye. Already sick of the new slogans. Just an excuse to do nothing,.

  75. The former prime minister urges her party to learn the lessons from its 1996 loss and make sure it owns its good record in government while also examining which election promises to keep and which to reject.

    She says Labor must stand up for its economic record and also policies that are right but may be unpopular, like carbon pricing.

    Ms Gillard concedes she was wrong to not contest coalition leader Tony Abbott’s labelling of the carbon pricing scheme as a ‘tax’.

    ‘I feared the media would end up playing constant silly word games with me, trying to get me to say the word tax’,’ she says.

    ‘But I made the wrong choice and, politically, it hurt me terribly.’

    Ms Gillard relates the story of an elderly lady asking her during the election whether it was the fault of the lady or the campaign that she can’t understand what it’s about.

    ‘After a resounding Labor loss, that word fault is now everywhere,’ she writes.

    ..’But though it is so painful and so hard, now is a time for cool analysis.

    ‘It is a time to carefully plan Labor’s future and its next contribution to the nation.’……………

    Yes, the gracious woman is now came out, with the aim of allowing the party to heal. Must move on from running the party, according to what the polls say.

    We will see, as Abbott’s governments unfolds, where this leads us. Not to a pretty end I suspect.

    To those who want to expel Rudd, put it aside, as the fallout will not be worth it. Same as the Libya question, going in a on a war setting will solve nothing.,

    The reality is. that Rudd is a spent force. He has no one left to rail against.

  76. More Liberal lies?

    “………Row over heritage of NT Chief Minister Adam Giles
    BY: RICHARD GUILLIATT From: The Australian September 14, 2013 12:00AM

    NORTHERN Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has denied his family’s accusation that he misrepresented his Aboriginal ancestry during his maiden speech to parliament five years ago.

    Mr Giles’s grandmother, Lois Romer, told The Weekend Australian that her grandson was talking “rubbish” when he described her as an Aboriginal woman who was “born in the Pilliga scrub” of northern NSW.


  77. “Login to read the rest of this article” from “The Australian”.
    ROFL, as if! Sorry, I don’t cast pearls before swine. Only thing from Rupee the Loopy that I’d accept, is what he gives for free (because that is all it is worth), such as his used dead trees that make terrific lining for the Kitty Litter Tray.

  78. I suspect that Labor has learnt the lesson well from Abbott. Maybe Abbott will regret, before the year is out, that he never struck to the old idea, that it is prudent, to treat one, as you would like to be treated yourself.

    I only hope, that Labor attacks policy and not set out to destroy their opponents. I hope, they only destroy what they stand for.

    “………….Tony Abbott is promising again and again that he will lead a “methodical, measured, calm” government. But he’s overlooking something. He’s just finished writing a rip-roaring new guidebook on how to be a successful opposition.It’s the Abbott model of how to destroy a government. And guess what? The Labor Party noticed.
    Rule No.1: Don’t give the government a thing. Fight it up hill, down dale, day in day out. Be strident, be angry, be unreasonable. Apply maximum pressure and see what cracks. ……………..

    …………..So while Abbott wants to be methodical, measured and calm, will the Labor opposition let him?…………..

    Read more:–ok-20130913-2tqau.html#ixzz2eqB4VgBR


  79. How long can this last? How long can one stage manage a PM. Has to get out and give some spontaneous answer’ sometime. There is a limit to how long they can keep him in cotton wool.

    “…….First, can’t a new prime minister dominate the logistics, the policy and the psychology of a new parliament? Surely Abbott can resist Labor’s efforts at payback.
    Abbott already has slowed the pace of government and steadied the pace of media engagement. The incoming prime minister, a week after the election, is still incoming. He’s postponed the formalities of swearing in by a week. He’s proposing a serenely slow resumption of parliament. He has given no press conferences or media door-stops for an entire a week. The supposedly relentless 24/7 media cycle? He’s ignoring it, and the media cycle is staring to ignore him. This is exactly what he wants, putting sport back on the front page, as he’s said, with the government in the background……………..

    Read more:–ok-20130913-2tqau.html#ixzz2eqDENXyB

  80. Abbott: “I will act on stopping the boats from day one.”

    Week prior to election; 3 boats 184 refugees.
    Week since the election; 5 boats 481 refugees.

    Abbott hiding, not a single report in Murdoch media.

    By the way they are setting up a blog called Abbottoir to chronicle Abbott’s time in office and they aren’t banking on many successes but a whole lot of failures.

  81. The list of Abbott’s almost certain failures is rapidly growing. No wonder he’s in hiding getting elocution lessons like Howard did.

    Abbott is heading for a potential disaster internationally over DAP.

    Scientifically no independent expert believes DAP can cut emissions as much as Abbott’s promising.

    Governments worldwide will go into a new round of global negotiations over the next year to agree to emissions cuts and because the climate changing is now causing damage and hurting they will be demanding real quantifiable action. Because of that Abbott’s promised policy may become a failure in Australia and a negotiating liability abroad.

  82. There’s also a blog that is tabling a weekly update of boats and refugee numbers as it seems the right wing sites that were constantly throwing up those numbers have gone silent on them.

    No hypocrisy there? Lots of it.

    Right wingers, the supporters you want when double standards are requisite.

  83. So wingnuts – what do you think of your government borrowing an extra $800 million, over 3 years, interest rate 2.91% this week?

    How about the fact that they plan to borrow a further $800m next Wednesday via 2 year bonds and another $800m next Friday via 4 year bonds?

  84. what have you lot got to say about Gillard now hey

    To some hypocritical right-whinger – nothing at all. You’d be incapable of understanding anything more than 3 word slogans anyway 😆

    yareallygottapissyourselflaughingatthedeludedclowns 😆

  85. NBN needs to be connected to all premises to reach it’s full potential.

    Yes, and the present plan will be the cheapest in the long run.

    “…….he real potential of NBN doesn’t lie in digital consumption. It lies in the ability of every premises connected to the NBN to become an active player in the digital economy.

    We, the shareholders of the Australian digital economy under rollout, require to know what structural adjustments we will need to make to take advantage of our 21st century railway. What skills we will need to have, how we’re going to build them, what exactly do we mean by the “innovation” that is needed to get us there? How are we going to produce it?

    It is this type of policy that will send a demand signal to industries to start filling the structural gaps through innovative new products and services.

    The biggest cost blowout we are facing is the lack of vision to connect fibre to the future. We need leadership in creating the policies and skills that take full advantage of the infrastructure we are building, and we can’t wait for that until 2016 or 2021.

    And the cost to us will be far higher than $29.5 billion and $94 billion put together……

    We can always hope that commonsense will prevail, but with Twiggy doing the audit, does not give one hope.

    What we will have, is a inferior system, that generates much unnecessary waste, to fuel the elected PM ideology, of destroying all that Gillard built.

  86. Mobius, Burke begged Morrison to do a back-flip on the TPV. Obviously the smugglers have quickly got the message.

    The refugees hate the bridging visa’s but the prospect of none, stopped them im their tracks.

    Most could live wit TPV. Allows them to live and work here, if nothing else. Bridging does not allow them to work, in fact that included voluntary work. Not getting here is acceptable to most. May as well stay where they are.

    Cannot see this government working with PNG for long.

  87. Yes, they success in undermining the PNG scheme, along with the economy.

    Yes, have been very successful in wrecking any steps taken by Labor, when it come to the refugees.

  88. No Neil, no hate. He is not worth that much emotion. Just stating facts. Day 8. Where is he?

    Drawing up lists to sack, I suspect. Wonder how many Department heads are to roll. Expect to see most of treasury and NBNCo go.

    First to go, will be th GG. Wonder who they will replace her with, Same fors for Bracks job. By the way, he had been working in the position for over a month.

    Bishop goes overseas at the end of next week. That will be a sight to see. Has already big noted herself by demanding to be removed from first class on the airline, and much cheaper accommodation. I believe she will soon realise, that the amount of travel this job entails, decent accommodation and first class might just be essential.

  89. No, Neil, I will be the first to pat on the back if he does something right.

    Not much chance of that, I fear.

    That will be more, than he has ever done.

    As I said, the man will be given the same respect, he has given everyone else.

    Will mean, we will not have to put ourselves out much.

    But, I for one will give credit, if it is due.

    Much more than he ever did.

  90. “So wingnuts – what do you think of your government borrowing an extra $800 million, over 3 years, interest rate 2.91% this week?

    What are they supposed to do Bacchus?? As usual you have handed the Coalition nothing but trouble.

    You seem to expect the impossible.

    You are beneath contempt. You walk around shiting on the flour and then expect the Coalition to clean it up.

  91. Neil, no it is not true. Rudd handed his resignation in to the GG. Chris Bowen is acting in the position.

    As Tony Burke said,that on day 8 after the election, he cannot believe he is still caretaker immigration minister. Neither can anyone else, I suspect.

    Abbott could have went out to the GG any day this week. Has not bothered to.

  92. Can they sack the GG for no reason Fu? She has been reappointed till early next year – March I think – so it would make more sense to just let her see out her term…

  93. Good governance, if the interest is that low. Think of the infrastructure it allows to put in place, at such a low cost.

    Country should find the debt easy to service.

    Interest payments negligible. Good value one would think.

  94. Can someone on the right tell me the reason Abbott delayed the swearing in for a week and has gone into hiding, also restricting media access for his ministers?

    The real reason, not what you think is the reason, which will be wrong.

  95. Neil,

    You’re nothing but a hypocritical prick. Labor doing the right thing by the economy by providing stimulus when it’s needed is evil, but when your beloved Lieberals flip-flop on all their pre-election rhetoric and plan continued stimulus spending (also correctly as it turns out) then it’s all hunky dory. You really are beneath contempt! 🙄

    Hockey’s plan for budget stimulus

    Exclusive | The incoming Abbott government is preparing an about-face on the ­economy, looking to quickly boost infrastructure spending to stave off a post-mining boom slowdown that is set to push up unemployment.

  96. I think they can remove her at will. Probably want to go, anyway.

    Are looking to use Shorten for an excuse. No meed to really, but they are, in spite of Neil’s high recommendation, still all cowards.

    Next week will be interesting.

    I wonder how many at treasury will want to stay, after Hockey’s trashing of them, demanding their figures have outside auditing.

    Could only mean, that the figures do not show Labor in a bad light.

    Truth is, Hockey is going to have to accept some fiscal stimulation, if he does not want unemployment to take off, out of control. That, he will not want.

  97. He is trying to give the impression that his government will be calm, methodical and careful I think. Mainly, he is trying to break the nexus of 24/.7 media.

    I think there is more going on,. He has the job, now he does know what do with it. I think he is procrastinating. unable to take the next step.

    The glimpse we have seen of him, gives one the impression of a rabbit caught in the car’s headlights. He has a glazed look in his eyes.

    Even Obama did not contact him for five days.

  98. “Neil,

    You’re nothing but a hypocritical prick”

    Thanks for this honour you have given me.

    I clicked on the link and it said Laura Tingle. Another rusted on Labor supporter. Tingle is not as dishonest as Koukoulas, but she is up there.

    How about waiting before they do what Tingle says before making a decision??

  99. “Tony Abbott is promising again and again that he will lead a “methodical, measured, calm”

    Read more:

    So calm, it has gone to sleep.

    I think Craig Thomson is back to court this week,

    Now if Brandis could write letters to the police in three states. initiating them to act on Thomson, Gillard and Slipper, can the new shadow Attorney General do the same.

    For starters, getting police to act on the Ashby Bough and Pyne matter.

    Then while he is at it, hurry them up on the Kathy Jackson’s inquiries.

    Then maybe the new shadow, does not have friends in the police that he can call on.

  100. Typical hypocritical prick! Eyes tightly shut, fingers in ears, chanting LA LA LA LA LA LA LA? I can’t see or hear what the new government is doing, therefore it’s not happening.

    One day you’ll grow up and literally shit yourself when you see the real world as it is, not as you vainly try to imagine it to be. 🙄

  101. Bacchus, next week might tell us something. Will have to before the 19/20 that is when Bishop is due to go to the USA I believe.

  102. Bacchus

    The new govt is not in yet.

    I guess you will give them two weeks before you start abusing Abbott.

    The real world is that Labor almost always trashes the budget. Except here in NSW where they have usually been conservative.

  103. The new govt is not in yet.

    Would you like a chance to explain why not Neil? With all these “emergencies” you’d think your heroes would be champing at the bit to get in and solve all these nonexistent problems. Why haven’t they done so Neil? Have they been lieing to you all your life Neil? When will you wake up to the undeniable FACT that they’ve taken you for the fool you are for your entire life?

    Open BOTH eyes Neil – it can be liberating once you accept your past ignorance 😉

  104. The ‘I.P.A.’ …. surely, …. they are a Union… by any definition!
    “The IPA was founded in 1943 as an anti-socialist, free market think tank, and helped formulate the original ideologies which inspired the creation of the Liberal Party a few years later in 1945. As a collective, they stood silently behind the Liberals……”

  105. It’s angering & outrageous, really, how they all tailor their output to suit Abbott’s requirements on the day. Skim reading Laurie Oakes’ weekly Murdoch slab, he refers to Abbott’s starving the media beast. The beast has in fact put itself on a strict reduction diet when it comes to talking about Tones. Oakes refers to meetings in the halls of power. Perhaps we’ll see a blitz of favourable coverage to reveal all soon.
    No doubt any policy or personnel changes so emphatically denied a week or two back will be waved through with understanding commentary about the need to adapt to changed circumstance, a flexible polity, etc, etc.
    Then again, he might actually deliver the circus he “promised” & it’ll be funny to see his support crew work with that.

  106. ABC has already started on favourable coverage on the Abbott government, all stuff directly fed from industry and the IPA.

    If you want an example of how the media will treat the Abbott government and Abbott, look at NSW and O’Farrell.

    By just about every measure O’Farrell is a failure on both what he constantly criticised the previous State Labor government over and promised to fix and in his own government’s failures on many fronts, but the average punter wouldn’t know.

    On the former. Whenever there is a massive power failure, which happened recently, a Sydney traffic tunnel failure, which has happened several times, massive traffic snarls, which are common, rail failures and delays, common, hospital failures especially with unnecessary deaths, sadly also happening too much, shootings, sadly more common under O’Farrell and many other failures that were directly sheeted to the previous Labor government for blame, the O’Farrell government is nowhere to be found and in stark contrast to the Labor government, not mentioned at all in the news with the blame fully put on the operators/owners.

    On the latter. When an O’Farrell minister stuffs up their port folio or personally, O’Farrell goes into hiding and is not seen for sometimes weeks at a time, only to appear for a fluff piece, which the media cover lots of with O’Farrell. When O’Farrell directly breaks a major promise, with a string of them now behind him, again the media don’t report it, and even when the opposition leader does get a little air time to highlight the broken promise he’s cut off or given short shrift. The direct opposite of what they did when O’Farrell was opposition leader, when they gave him far more air time than the State government, except when they were canning the State government.

    O’Farrell is enjoying decent polls he nowhere near deserves and would not be getting if the media were doing their job.

    It will be the same with Abbott.

  107. “Neil You’re nothing but a hypocritical prick.”
    “One day you’ll grow up and literally shit yourself.”
    “When will you wake up to the undeniable FACT that they’ve taken you for the fool you are for your entire life?”

    bacchus, you’d best get back to your basket weaving. It will help you move that shit off your liver. such anger and hate? bacchus has some serious problems.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  108. The right wingers are at it already and they must be the same mob that said Howard was treated to harshly by the media.

    TV news shows are getting letters and emails saying that they hope the stations are as harsh on the new Labor leader as they were on Abbott when he was opposition leader and they treat the Prime Minister with the respect the office demands.

    They are just unfuckingbelievable in their undisguised hypocrisy and yajustgottalaugh at them because they are serious.

    What this does reveal is that they’re really worried about their man and don’t believe he has the ability to handle scrutiny.

  109. Should Labor stick with defending CEF and all it entails. Polls taken during the election point to saying they should.

    As much as Abbott would like to deceiive everyone, it was not a referendum on carbon tax. It seems that mot want to see it stay, that is CEF legislation.

    “……..Until the Coalition can reveal details that it can achieve such reductions by 2020 and beyond, there should be no repeal.

    Ongoing research into community attitudes through our Climate of the Nation research shows that the public supports the current laws, even if it has disdained the processes and politics around them.

    Exit polling conducted on election date had important results. It is false to portray this election as a “referendum on the carbon tax” as just 3 per cent of all voters listed it as the most important issue.

    When asked to decide on whether they supported repeal or the retention of carbon pricing, Australians were split 47 per cent apiece. But when asked which of the Coalition’s promises of repeal or target reductions were more important, almost twice as many prioritised the reductions over repeal (40 per cent vs 28 per cent).

    We also asked Labor voters whether “Labor and the Greens should try to block removal of the carbon tax in the Senate”. Some 71 per cent of Labor voters agreed with this and just 18 per cent opposed, with the rest undecided.

    Repealing the current legislation without a credible alternative will have consequence not only for our action but also the global effort. Whether intentionally or not, and while it will be against our national climate interest, an inability to achieve reduction targets will facilitate an obstructionist role in the evolving and broadly positive climate negotiations.

    Repeal will also embolden other backward steps worldwide. We are already hearing reports that forces opposed to South Africa’s planned introduction of carbon pricing are using the Australian election as an argument to stop this reform. And in the United States it is being used to thwart growing interest in national carbon pricing to complement state emissions trading schemes in California and in north-eastern US.

    Finally, Labor has a deep tradition of climate action. State ALP Governments acted through the 1990s, and emissions trading has been a part of ALP National Policy platform since 2000.

    After the passage of the Clean Energy Future legislation, former premiers and chief ministers Carr, Beattie, Bracks, Gallop, Rann, Martin and Stanhope released a statement which acknowledged that:

    … effective climate policy must be informed by science and global carbon pollution must peak and begin to decline rapidly within the next 10 years.
    It also congratulated the government for:

    … achieving a price on carbon: a vital first step towards achieving this goal and, with it, a secure, strong and prosperous low carbon economy.
    Writing in The Australian on its release, Bob Carr said that “climate should be a core Labor Party concern”…

  110. It is a wonder, that the new government is not seen with dismay, when it seems that all that concerns it, is wiping out all that Labor has done over the last six years.
    It seems that all things, connected to Labor government, especially one, that was headed by a woman, has to be destroyed. Not satisfied with beating them, but an obsession to rid the country, of all they achieved.
    One could not possibly believe that all Labor did over six years is wrong.
    The economic figures alone say this is not true.

    Abbott’s action seems more based on hatred of all things Labor, especially when carried out by a woman, have to go.

    Abbott appears to sop eager to get on with the job of finishing off Labor, that he has spent the week, not picking his ministry, getting his government installed, but drawing up lists of who are to be sacked. I suspect, involves clearing out treasury from the top down. We know that all of the NBNCo is to go. Twiggy to carry out the propose audit.
    I am sure they will get the numbers they desire. Whether it will be a genuine audit, is another matter.

    Vindication seems to be the name of the game.

    This week will tell.

    Well it seems the girls will not be going with Abbott, in their desire to live at home until married. Abbott intends to live in a small flat, students’ quarters, within the grounds of the AFP. Wonder what the students think of this arrangement.

    Would take it, from this action, Margie does not intend to change her lifestyle.

    We have Bishop, who has ordered that all be changed by her trip, towards the end of this week., Air travel is to be downgraded, cheaper accommodation found for the large party accompany her. Maybe these numbers could be culled back.

    Maybe this week, Abbott wil get around to installing his government.

    Wonder how long she will find cheaper air travel OK, with the amount of travel this job entails. Suspect not, that she will realise, that more comfortable travel arrangements, are not luxury, but essential. At least, I assume, she will not be taking the live in boyfriend.

  111. Wonder why summo and Neil do not take the opportunity to tell us about all the wonderful things that

    More interested in telling us, we are wrong, Never give a reason why though. Do not call. insulting comments, reasons. That is just stupid behavior, that one expects to find in the school ground, of a junior boy’s school.

  112. TONY Abbott has decided to bunk with Australian Federal Police recruits in a $120-a-night flat while renovations are conducted at the possum-infested prime ministerial residence The Lodge.

    The modest and unusual digs, in a red brick AFP building close to Parliament, will feature a kitchenette and around-the-clock security from his AFP security officers and their junior colleagues.

    GALLERY: A portrait of Tony Abbott’s first week in office

    Perhaps most importantly for the fitness fanatic, the student quarters also include an impressive gym.

    The AFP recruits were informed over the weekend that they should soon expect a very “VIP” visitor..

  113. Why does one get the impression, that Abbott is not being taken seriously and is being taken as a bit of a joke, along with his deputy,

    Suspect, Abbott;s problem could be, that all is going to give him the same respect he gave others.

    Yes, and Mirabella. They say the swing against her was massive and something must have gone wrong.

    Maybe the message is, behave better, do not like the abuse she handed pout, and she is been sent on her way.

    Same happen in western Sydney, when one candidate was found wanting. The migration solicitor who could not tell us what the six pillars were,

    Maybe Labor, for the next three years, needs to forget about Abbott or whoever the PM is, and concentrate on local members.

    Local members, their own, and that of the government.

    Local members, with good profiles within their electorate can go against any negative trend,

    Interesting times ahead.

  114. Appears the trip to government house, will be Wednesday.

    Why so long?

    Maybe he should move out of the students accommodation.

  115. I suspect that Abbott will not be able to curtail the hearings on sexual abuse of children. The Royal Commission is getting up steam quickly. Already have 5999 people wanting to be heard.

    Also this week, Thomson back to court Th

    Wonder when Abbott will announced the inquiry into Gillard and the AWU.

    Suspect we will get a long list, of e=inquiries, of one sort or another this week.

  116. “Flushed with the recent victory of its owner Rupert Murdoch in the Federal elections, The Australian decided to highlight what it obviously considers as a triumph for the new regime and a number one priority.

    Budget cuts announced? Talks with regional partners? Business taxes? Education?

    No folks, it was this (paywall).”

    Yep, he has his priorities right. expect much more of tis, during the next week.

    Yep, they are going to save money. Bishop said it is a good thing for Tony to stay where his security detail stays.

    Poor buggers not going to be able to get away from the boss, even when off duty.

    Royal Commission of Child abuse in institutions has first sitting tomorrow. They say the public will be shocked. First cab off the mark, tomorrow, will be the Scouts.

  117. Looks like the capital strike is over. About time. Abbott not even taken up the cudgels of power, and this has occurred. I believe in pigs flying a well, if he is to take credit for this amazing turn about.

    Never seen a economy fixed so fast or so easily,.

  118. Yup, all we need to do is take a wage cut, and all will be perfect.

    Nothing about that high dollars, which has been falling. Of course,m that could not have anything to do with the economy, and business ability to make a profit.

    Watching the Business show on ABC24. To be fair, one was skeptical about giving Abbott credit.

  119. Yep, penalty rates are first in the firing line. The lady just said, she thinks that firms have more problems about sales. They have not moved with times, is what she seems to be saying.

    Yes, things have changed, they have not.

    In other words, business need to change.

    The lady suggests, they look at customer service, ifr they want to compete with online.

  120. I wonder does good old Tones get to claim $260 per day in travelling allowance while staying with his AFP buddies? 😉

  121. Where has he been staying up to now. Many say, on other people’s couches.

    Gillard stayed in her own unit, until after the 2010 elections.

  122. “His first press conference will be on Monday morning when he announces his ministry.

    Instead, he has spent the week reading incoming government briefs prepared by departmental chiefs and putting together the “building blocks” of government with Department of Prime Minister and cabinet secretary Ian Watt. Mr Abbott has held talks with Australia’s defence chiefs and spoken on the phone to US President Barack Obama.”

    Now that must be hard for Abbott. We know how he has trouble with reading. Also, we know, he can only do one thing at a time. No wonder it is taking so long to install his government. Do not know abut Monday. They are now saying, he might visit the GG on Wednesday.

    I do hope, the briefs are written in simple language, so Abbott can comprehend what has been written.

    Are people sure, he has not ordered audio briefs. He could listen, while pumping iron. The distance he has the paper in the plane, makes one wonder, if a visit to the eye doctor should be top of his list.

  123. “Mr Abbott has held talks with Australia’s defence chiefs …”

    Mr Abbott has held a staged photo op with Australia’s defence chiefs who look uncomfortable and pissed off to be used for blatant propaganda for a clueless PM.

    There fixed it to reflect the reality of what occurred.

    Note how the media are being polite to Abbott, giving him the courtesy of “Mr Abbott”, something they didn’t always do with Rudd and were rarely polite with Gillard, just as Abbott was never polite with Gillard.

    Tweeted to Albanese and Shorten to always call Abbott “him” or “he” and not be polite. They never responded but others wanted then to call Abbott far worse than “him”.


  124. Mr. Abbott is on a campaign to save government money.

    Suggest he not bring back the Medicare levy rebate for all.

    What about staying with NBNCo, which in the long run is the cheapest option.

    Do we need Sovereign Borders, that will bring in a expensive supervisory body,head by a god knows how many starred General.

    Do we need the 45 inquiries of all types of investigations. Do we need an audit of treasury figures. One was done recently. Surely that will do.

    In fact, if Abbott put aside most of his election aspirations and couple of promises, much would be saved.

    Demolition, can and often leads to unnecessary waste.

    We do not need all those metal fridges on out street corners, They have limited use, and can be by passed.

    And the biggest saving of all, would be to keep the present CEF suite of legislation.

    Yes, Mr.Abbott, easy to save us money. Just forget the demolition programme and leave things as they are.

    We do not need a special court for the building industry to be bought back.
    We do not need an inquiry into HSU. We do not need one into Ms. Gillards actions of over twenty years ago.

    Yes look at red and green tape, and regulations within the government. Mr. Abbott, does not good governance suggest, that should be an ongoing process.

    And dump that unnecessary and grandiose PPL. Not needed.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott, it is easy to save money.

  125. Was it Mr. Burke, that said Mr. Abbott said a lot of stupid things just before the election.

    From where I am sitting, what he is saying, has deteriorated since he was elected.

    In fact what his party is saying, makes little sense.

  126. It appears that GIllard stayed in he Kingston flat when she took over from Rudd, but due to securities concerns, moved into where Abbott is now,

  127. ME, do not know about Turnbull. There is much he has said about NBNCo and NBN lite’fraud, that just might backfire on him. Many of his figures and technology claims are on very shaky ground.

    When people realizes that Telstra may be well and truly back in control, might scare some off.

    No one has any idea about the state of that copper, and using it, has not been costed.

    Also, NBNCo had to map all the households, leading to further delays. Amazingly, Telstra never had the figures. Same as they have no idea how many ducts and pits have asbestos in them.

    The reality is, NBN lite will take as long, be more inferior than let on, and be more expensive.

    As for Abbott rushing anything through, most will be immediately hived off to senate committees for indefinite times. Nothing is going to happen, until well into next year.

  128. yajustgottalaughatthem.

    Bishop the younger in an interview saying how great Abbott is for staying in the AFP recruit accommodation because he’s all about saving Australia money whereas the Labor government was about wasting it.

    Back to studio the announcer states Gillard also stayed in that accommodation.

    Of course Bishop the younger didn’t mention all of Abbott massive rorts as LOTO and running the most expensive office of any leader ever.

    But we won’t here the right wingers being honest and picking up Bishop on her misinformation.

    By the way, Bishop the elder will be Speaker. Well that really fucks that position just as she screwed every portfolio she was ever given.

  129. yajustgottalaughatthem.

    Bishop the younger bragging she is saving Australia money as she won’t fly first class on government business.

    Says a lot about her and the Libs that they would even think of doing it as it would be a rort. First class travel hasn’t been allowed for a long while.

    This is what we can expect from a lying and deceiving Liberal government, misdirections and misrepresentations as they big note themselves, take praise for successes not their doing and blame shift for failures that are their doing. Howard’s government reborn already.

  130. You want more examples of how the Liberals twist others successful work as their own, but this one comes with the indirect admission that two Liberal leaders have failed.

    O’Farrell announced new laws to crack down on gun violence. Look them up to see what’s involved. This is an admission he has failed on violence in NSW, and Abbott during the election campaign saying he would get the guns off the street was meaningless rhetoric.

    o’Farrell announced these new laws chest thumping how tough he is.

    When he was in opposition O’Farrell went on and on about the State Labor losing control of the streets with gun violence far less than under the O’Farrell government, yet here he is making out he’s the tough man saviour of NSW.

    But then comes the news that illustrates what terrible liars and deceivers the Liberals are. It turned out that O’Farrell in opposition voted down legislation for tougher laws on guns. Robertson is waiting for the legislation to be tabled because it seems it’s the same as or very similar to the laws O’Farrell voted down in opposition.

    Roberson won’t vote against it but he wants the media to report how O’Farrell opposed this in opposition and now has stolen it in government.

  131. …………………public service jobs just three weeks after it is elected.
    A Tony Abbott-led government will then need to cut more than 660 jobs a month between October and June next year as it looks to move quickly to lock in its projected savings.
    Correspondence between the Parliamentary Budget Office and senior Coalition frontbenchers shows that the axe will fall on public service jobs in just over a month if Mr Abbott wins government.
    The documents, which have been used to underpin Coalition costings, confirm the target of 6000 positions to be axed between October 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, with the opposition still insisting that the cuts will be achieved through natural attrition.
    The Coalition believes its first tranche of cuts will be enough to reach its ambitious target of saving $303 million this financial year if it forms government after the September 7 election.
    Fairfax Media understands t………………..

    Read more:

    Let the slashing begin.

  132. By the way, they have been traveling business class for years.

    Another lie, another stunt. They cannot help themselves.

    Suspect they have a PS that is going to set them up, every chance they get, by telling them what they want to hear.

    Have done briefing papers for ministers. They are a pain in the arse really. The shame is, that one cannot put into them, what one really means.

    Some ministers seem more concerned, that one uses the correct font and format, than what they contain.

  133. Yes he did. More that once. Crowed that it was experienced, as they sat on Howard’s front bench.

    It appears that Ian McDonald has been told, his job has gone.

    Just before the election, Abbott was backing off this position, when asked if Bishop would retain her position. Seems that some of her jobs are to go.

    Personally, I believe Abbott will do as he is told. Time will tell.

  134. Twitter is saying Abbott has broken a promise already, and the way he went on about taking his shadow cabinet to government he has.

    Also backlash on Abbott only having one woman in a cabinet of 20. Even women who voted Abbott are stating his cabinet is unrepresentative and doesn’t speak for them.

    Seems the only time Abbott wants more women around is when he can pimp them during an election campaign.

  135. I suspect that Abbott’s apparent control of all behind is coming to an end,. Big majorities are hard to control.

    Abbott claims because he still has the same shadow front bench, most from Howard’s means stability. I can think of another name.

    If we go on the last week, it is apparent that Abbott is going to play the PM’s role, the same as he did as Opposition leader. Stunts, stage manage media conferences and slogans.

  136. By the way, some of those women are ambitious. Cannot see some of them, sitting quietly, waiting for the great man to call them.

    The Coalition has been kept on a tight rein for so long, that it must bust out soon,

  137. I imagine that it must be an introspective time for Tony ” I’m a man’s man, just ask me” Abbott, in so far as, trying to find some wimmens, any wimmens, in the Party of the same ‘calibre’ as Sophie M. 😀 ..just say’n 😉 …. but having said that….. it must be an introspective time for Tony ” Is it time to change feet now, Peta” Abbott to find any calibre across the breadth.
    I think ‘we’ are all so damned lucky he has someone else to tell him what to Do!! ……. otherwise can you imagine ‘The Nod’ he’d get himself in to if he had to think for himself… unscripted….. 🙄
    ….. one wonders how Col Pot is going with that script…. just say’n 😀

  138. One less woman in Abbott’s front bench/ Teresa Gamnbaro. parliamentary secretary to go, along with Ian McDonald.

    It appears there is to be a shake up, in the outer cabinet. Wonder if he bought Corey Bernadi back.

    That ensures, all the idiots stay.

    Bishop the elder, to be speaker. That in itself is a laugh/. Never seen a speaker yet, that agreed with much she had to say.

    An interesting day ahead, whether one waits for Abbott to eventually face the media, or the Royal Commission hearings.

    “Senator Ian Macdonald has revealed there is no longer room for him on the frontbench, while fellow Queenslander Teresa Gambaro has also lost her shadow parliamentary secretary role.”
    Senator Ian Macdonald has revealed there is no longer room for him on the frontbench, while fellow Queenslander Teresa Gambaro has also lost her shadow parliamentary secretary role.

  139. So Abbott’s first lie revealed and about to be enacted when he announces his ministry today.

    By the way it’s a lie we exposed before the election and were dismissed on. It may have been you Fu who said Abbott’s arrangement for his front bench just to keep a high pay for himself meant he had to screw some in his party.

    Seems there are several women he’s shelving and many Australian women are not impressed.

  140. One of the most right wing partisan MPs to become speaker, simply shows that the position will not be independent at all. I hope the ALP and Independents carry forward the Tony Abbott tradition of oppose, oppose and Oppose with interruptions, screaming and howling down the parliament. Install moles in the public gallery to heckle and abuse. Then every day end question time with the request of suspend standing orders, irrespective of the majority the government has. Tony Abbott created the bitter nasty parliament, let the new parliament be just as bitter against him. If not I will be bitterly disappointed. If the media ask why, simply tell them we learnt from the best.

  141. I suspect that Labor has learnt well, and will do it less clumsily that Abbott. Abbott attacked the person, never the policy. Did not bother himself or Opposition in debates within the house. This is where Labor will shine, as they have talent, Abbott’s mob did not.

    With the elder Bishop in the Chair, QT will be a circus, one of the highest order.

    I hope they keep away from using MSO to a minimum. With this mob, they will quickly get a chance to move genuine ones.

    Labor needs to have answers, that even if they do not answer, as will be the case. Ask the questions, and get them out in the public.

    First one for Mr. Turnbull. What is the state of the copper wire, and is it the case, it is deteriorating every year. Now about 18%, I believe in extreme state of disrepair., How much will it cost to bring it up to standard, to connect to fibre. Just an example for starters. Mr. Turnbull, is it your intention, that in the next decade of so, the fibre will be extended to the premises. If so, Mr, Turnbull, how much will that cost. Mr., Turnbull, what becomes of those fridges you are building on every corner. Do they have other uses.

    Yes, Labor will b having fun with the questions they will be asking of this government..

    The lies will quickly come home to roost, as lies always do.

  142. Sinodinos misses out. That is the man that Howard worked so hard to get back into parliament. Cormann won out over him. That tells us where Abbott is going. Sinodinos does have talent, in MHO. Cormann scares the hell out of one.

    It appears that Abbott has still not made his PC to many.

  143. Wonder what time he intends to announce his front bench today. The way he is going, it will very late tonight, if not tomorrow.

    I believe many are not happy with the calls they are getting. So much for keeping his shadow front bench.

    I love the ones he is choosing so far. All big mouths that will soon turn the public of

  144. Well, at last, we are getting to see, who is pulling Abbott’s strings. Not a pretty picture at all.

    No one he has had a worried look on his face for the last couple of months. Suspect he has woken up to the fact, he has been used.

    Abbott will have no control over this mob. None at all.

    As for Abbott saying he will not be interfering in the school curriculum, but leaving it up to teachers. He might be of that mind, but Pyne is not. He said on more than one occasion, he will be assessing it every day. Howard’s version will be back quickly, as it Kevin Andrews religious counseling, in areas that should not be concern of any government.

    So Nash is in, wonder about Cash, The Coalition women in the senate, put the behavior of Mirabella in the lower house to shame. They leave her for dead, in there inbuilt nastiness. They can scream louder, and talk faster. Yes, the dramatics belong on the stage.

    I think I now have Nash and Cash in the right order. One is National Party I believe. She wanted to be leader of the Senate, but was denied her.

  145. Jokes on you Summo, did you see the picture of the government front bench fronting up to a media conference?

    There’s your joke.


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