Good luck

Good luck to whoever wins the election.

Most people know I support Labor but if Tony Abbott wins, as he has been tipped to do, then I wish him all the best. Whilst I can’t imagine how horrible this country might become under his leadership I hope, sincerely, that he serves us well.

All he needs to do to become a good Prime Minister is to finish the great work Labor has done for six years. In Government he does not need to be a wrecker. He won’t need to say “No” to everything, good or bad.

He won’t lose any friends if he keeps the NBN. Most voters want it even though they’ll most likely vote for the man who threatens to demolish it.

He won’t lose any friends either if he changes his antiquated views on same-sex marriage. Again, most voters approve of same-sex marriage even though they’ll most likely vote for the man who wants to close the door on it.

Neither will he lose any friends if he continues with the Gonski reforms. Again, funnily, most people want a good education for their children yet they’ll most likely vote for the man who will ignore their wants.

I doubt he’ll lose any friends if he doesn’t stop the boats, though he will definitely lose credibility because of it. Many people in this country don’t mind the boats coming. They’d rather see them drift safely to our shores than be turned around at sea.

He definitely won’t lose any friends if he keeps to his word and not reintroduce WorkChoices. Dare I say it again, but funnily enough the strugglers who will suffer most under WorkChoices will most likely vote for the man who probably can’t wait to rob them of their rights at work.

I could go on and on, but my main point is that if Mr Abbott wins then I wish him well. And he would be wise to remember what John Howard said in 1996 that he inherited a good economy from Paul Keating. Tony Abbott will be doing the same: inheriting a good economy. No, a great economy.

He would be wise not to stuff it up.

We’ll be watching him. Closely. We’d be happy to turn him into target practice if he ruins this great country.

If Kevin Rudd defies the odds and pulls off a surprise win then good luck to him too. His predecessor has left him some of the greatest reforms of the last decades to build upon. He has been part of a team that has seen Australia leap to the top as one of the most economically sound countries in the world.

I hope he is rewarded with another term. This photo (origin unknown) succinctly sums up why I want his team rewarded.

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  1. This is where we differ Michael. I see the last 6 years as a wasted opportunity. More froth and bubble than substance. The country could have had a much better outcome. The fault rests with Caucas and the factions for getting the personnel so terribly wrong. Gillard without a mandate chose to do deals with the unrepresentative Greens to move the country way too far to the Left.
    Financial management and border protection are the big unnecessary failures by Labor. Neither needed to happen. Talking of personnel choices, how did Swan get the job and keep it for so long. Something is wrong within Labor if he can remain as treasurer for six years.
    The peripheral giggle palace of the likes of Garrett, Emerson, Roxon, Perrett,. Conroy and the Handbag Brigade need special mention.
    Light weight unionists Ludwig and Cameron just show how much work Labor has to do to get balance back into the party.
    Wong and Bowen deserve special comment. Their skills reside in being able to consistently deny the facts and keep a straight face. Labor appears to laud these skills. The voters don’t see this as an attribute that is going to improve the business of managing the country.
    The Greens? ….to a person have no value in politics. Parliament standards were raised with the retirement of Bob.
    Michael it is fine to run up the whit flag and concentrate on what Abbott may do if he wins tomorrow. Labor needs to look at what Labor has done in the past 6 years and work out how it cannot happen again. Not an easy task.
    Unfortunately the sound operators within Labor have walked and will be nigh on impossible to replace. The incoming inexperienced Labor troops will be a grab bag with limited experience and depth and probably sourced from the failed selection model.
    At the centre of the Labor tragedy over the last 6 years are the factions. They are responsible for delivering the Lathams, the Gillards and the Rudds. How to fix that little dilemma……. f@@k knows.
    Michael, don’t worry too much about the Coalition and Abbott look at the root of the problem. Labor and the Factions and their combined judgement skills (lack).

  2. Personally I think Abbott will be a disaster. Just a hunch. Probably because I have absolutely no faith in the imbecile who’ll be his Treasurer.

  3. Tweed, …. such projection 🙄 … still trying to turn black (LNP) into white (ALP) I see 😉 … your thoughts and ‘values’ re: democracy are writ large with this ” The Greens? ….to a person have no value in politics. Parliament standards were raised with the retirement of Bob” …… small minded comes to mind, Tweedles 🙄 😛
    Tweed, though you would even deny it to yourself, are a pert, pretentious, priggish peacock…… no really 😀

  4. “Probably because I have absolutely no faith in the imbecile who’ll be his Treasurer.

    Actually Wayne Swan is a member of the Labor party.

    The big task is to try and stop us losing our AAA credit rating. It would not be possible under Labor. It may not even be possible under the Coalition. But we have to try.

  5. Nos, … please do remember that Swanny got us the 3xAAA rating… unlike Howard and Costalottello. ….
    Nos, 🙄 .. you and your constant cocky crow’n.. 😛
    ” Constant crowing by the cocky Coalition about the strong surplus it left is laughable. Even Algeria [20.9%], Bulgaria [10.2%] and Kazakhstan [14.4%] had better books in 2007 than Australia…”

  6. Mass sackings, the demolition of infrastructure and the delivery of second rate services is not the way to improve the economy. Tony Abbott is well known for his statements that he is not to be trusted with the truth, so let’s hope that this time around his election promises are also not worth the paper which they are written his election promises are mostly courtesy of the Murdoch media..that description could be accurate…

  7. Why should I vote for Labor ?? …. gee thats a hard to answer….. not 😉
    “◦They vow to do away with the NBN and replace it with a cheaper, third-rate option. This alone is sufficient for me to vote anything but Liberal. I cannot conceive of a government so short sighted as to cancel a national broadband scheme to all Australians, city or country, far in advance of anything presently available, and certainly more capable than the Liberal alternative. This is a time to be ramping things up, not down, for whatever we need, and think we need now, the likely reality is that we’ll be needing much more when the time comes. The NBN is essential for business productivity in the 21st century as technology becomes all-pervasive and more and more people work remotely. The likes of the NBN are a force multiplier – the potential of it creates things things that were never feasible nor considered previously. This is an initiative of utter nincompoopery, but there’s no way around it if the LNP gets into power because they need the savings they make from cutting this to pay for other election promises. (As an aside, the LNP released a policy last night about internet censorship. They claimed afterwards it was in error, but you really have to wonder now. That would be the last straw.)
    ◦Tony Abbott is one of the small breed of climate change deniers. Consequently he proclaims loudly how he is going to repeal the carbon emissions scheme (the carbon tax). He makes loud noises about it being a disaster, whereas in fact it has made a significant difference to actual carbon emissions, and the additional costs associated with it much ballyhooed at the time, have been negligible. It’s politics, but bad for the country to repeal something we need and which has proved to be good for the country.
    ◦The perpetually vexatious issue of asylum seekers. Back a month or so ago Rudd pulled the rug from under the LNP with his proposed PNG solution. The backroom fascists of the Liberal party got together and came up with a policy even further to the right. It was clear at this point that the fate of these refugees is incidental to the politics concerning them. And so the LNP came up with a plan whereupon these people have what remaining human rights they possess basically trashed in order to play to a political audience. Worse is better. Bad is good. Evil wins votes. Never mind that their plan is probably not legal, it makes them look bad ass, which is the important thing. In the mix as well is a laughably stupid policy to buy back Indonesian fishing boats so that they can’t be used by people smugglers. Cue a boat building boom in Indonesia, Indonesian fisherman looking to get rich off Australian taxpayers money, and Australia stockpiling leaky fishing boats. Seriously, this is a policy?
    ◦The LNP intransif=gence in not revealing their budgetary costings until a couple of days before the election, and after the advertising black-out. Even then the costings are incomplete, without details to verify them. Regardless of what the costings say this should ring very large alarm bells with every Australian who votes. What reason would the LNP do this? To avoid meaningful scrutiny of their figures. And why so? Because, logically, there is something in the figures they’re afraid will upset their delicately poised apple cart. Bottom line is, they’re not trustworthy – and if you can trust the figures, why would you vote in support of them?”

  8. Heaven help us..”wasted opportunities”?? Labor lead us through the GFC whereas the Howard Years/the wasted years were:

    From about the 20th-ranked economy in 1982 Australia had risen by 1996 to sixth in the world, only behind the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Singapore, Japan and the United States.

    That’s measured by the variables: income, growth, wealth, jobs, inflation, interest rates, taxes, economic freedom and credit ratings.
    click here

    By 2007, however, at the end of the Howard years, Australia had slipped back in the rankings to 10th place.

    This was masked at the time by strong global growth and prosperity. Plus an extraordinarily acquiescent media. But while Howard and Costello coasted, Australia (with Japan and the USA) was overtaken by Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

    Most of these countries had lower interest rates, greater support for enterprises and smarter investment strategies – and hence more people employed and stronger growth.

    However, we did have strong growth in middle class and upper class welfare…otherwise known as The Howard Handouts.

  9. Michael, it seems to me that all previous elections have been characterised by how to progress with disagreement about how this could be achieved..hence a difference of emphasis in direction from the major parties. This time around Abbott promises to do nothing particularly tangible (except $$s for millionaire mummies). Could this be the first election where Australians are to vote against their own best interests, to vote against Australia’s future, against equality and a fair go for all? And all because of a greedy media mogul and ultra wealthy miners who can never have enough money and power..more, more more and stuff the rest of you.

  10. Some Big Comments today, Here is my contribution, “WHY Vote LABOR ” I will say why not, So Many Good things that they Implemented in the tenure of Government , Especially Good because of the Hung Parliament Situation, And All the while Tony Abbott Bleated on about Everything, Not For the Good of the Country But for His Own Profile Of a Good Opposition Leader , Not Once in his Time as Leader of the LNP has he Offered anything worthy , His List of gaffes are quite amazing and Disturbing ( Thanks CUZZA for that catalogue ) And Yet all the time His Spin doctors Have been telling us ” what a nice Guy He is ” Denying He Punched the wall because he couldn’t remember, Had to back track on that, Not Being able to Ask oops Tell The Indonesian President SBY,About his Brain wave of turning back the Boats,(I am Busy so I wont write his full name ,Would You !. The classic Mark Riley Stunned silence For 30 seconds, That says it all about this man, How will he talk to World leaders with out his cue Cards ? Or His Minders in tow to Direct him In what to say, Its Incredible That He is on the Verge Of leading our Nation, A Role Model That if one Tells Fibs Regularly , Hide from the Heavy Press reporters , Speak off the Cuff Fluently ( I’m working on it OK ) Trying to Convince People That His TEAM is the Best, MR Tweed Are you telling us that Pyne, Abetz, Mirrabella, Bronwyn Bishop, Warren Truss ( Who ?) Barnaby Joyce ( AARH ) are better quality than their Labor Opposits, The Main Reason why Tony Abbott Has Got this far is the Murdoch Newspapers , Lying about Him, Not even reporting about him Painting him up to Be A Gift for all Australians, All this From Newspapers Run BY Murdoch A man who Has lost all credibility in Britain Particularly With the Phone tapping Saga, Lying Before The Parliamentary Committee This Man Is still Revered BY that side of Politics , “Don’t let the truth Get in the Way of a Good story” Other Supporters Obviously being the Miners, And the List Goes on, How many changes of Persona has this Man Had, Budgies, Guns, Vests, Hard Hats, Fake Tanning, Hair Dyes, From Putin to Belusconi and throw in a bit of Saddam Hussein with his rifle, OH and his Lycra look, While He was swanning around on His Bike , The Country was Being Governed, Having made my thoughts Plain to see, Because the Murdoch Press Have chosen to foist these people on us, They will Never Ever to the Truth about Him and His Mates. Its Bad Now Wait for the Future, And on the Other Hand Bringing Kevin Rudd back was a big Mistake , Super EGO ,Full Of Waffle, And Very Unreliable and Untrustworty, YET STILL BETTER THAN BUDGIE BOY, LOL

  11. In a safe Liberal booth I have to wonder at the desperation of the Liberals, the supposed shoe ins, in covering the the voting area in anti-Labor banners and bunting, swamping out the candidate posters.

    Then I read that Sophie Mirabella has been forced by the AEC to take down anti-Labor bunting in her booth, so now I’m wondering at the legality of all those banners and bunting at the booth I normally vote at?

    I also read that the Liberal party have been undertaking a massive data mining exercise through Facebook, getting people to Like them and then asking permission to use their profile, which included data mining their Facebook friends and family, which they didn’t disclose.

    As magnanimous as it is to wish Abbott good luck if he wins the real threat to Australia and Australians is the right Abbott represents. It was Howard’s usurping of freedoms and bit by bit exerting overarching control that turned me completely against the Liberals, and under Abbott the real threat to our freedom and democracy is the right he represents, whose supporters will gleefully cheer this on.

  12. Greg, a damn fine summary. And all the while never being asked one single solitary pertinent question by the media.

    Abbott stutters: This is a dysfunctional government

    Interviewer responds with smiles and nods and not one single solitary question such as, Why, How and When..

    Plenty of sexist put downs of Gillard, plenty of character assassinations of Rudd but where pray tell are the equivalent sarcastic put downs of Abbott? Where are the jokes about his stuttering monotone delivery? Where are the cartoons about his improbable brain f*rts put forward as supposed policy initiatives?

  13. Sympathies to you Mobius Ecko, Its standard Liberal Practice to be Over the top with their Canvassing abusing other candidates Helpers, I too was Invaded with LNP Rubbish via Facebook,Uninvited Took me a while to delete, But I Did so with Pleasure.

  14. Mobius, the only serious problem facing Australia according to Abbott was the fact that Australia made *a terrible mistake* in not electing him last time around.

    I note that Liberals are going to ditch child care worker to child ratios. This of course puts the lives of especially young babies at risk..but who cares, it’s bound to save a few bob for the child care organisations..perhaps Larry Antony (son of Doug) might even get back into the game with profits bound to soar at the expense of workers’ children.

  15. Carol they are also going to get rid of the in child care early teaching program that prepares the kids for primary school.

    The continued dumbing down of Australia by the Liberals continues and is accelerated. Look no further than the right wing supporters here, and one in particular, as proof of that.

  16. Mobius, as a former primary school teacher I would despair of that. Whether it be caused by disinterested parents or being placed in child care at a young age, children who lack school preparation are often 12 months behind their peers. Sadly some children never catch up.

  17. The thing that really worries me (I still have to vote today) is making sure that the Senate remains secure from LNP gaining control. If they happen to win & gain total control of both houses, that is when the real problems occur. They can get rid of absolutely anything they want, can gain control of whatever they want that will help them to keep control of this country forever.
    Just look what has happened when Howard was in power. Little by little, he sneaked ‘his’ people into so many places i.e. ABC, judicial areas, relaxed the laws relating to media ownership in this country. If you want to know why we have all been bleating so hard about ‘what has happened to the democracy in this country’, well it was stolen from us, little by little, so that we were genuinely not aware it was happening.
    LNP are the party of sneaky, dirty politics. The ALP could also be accused of sneakiness as well, but most of that sneakiness was directed to the internal workings of the party.
    Michael, I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to wish TA well if he does happen to win. I do not wish him well at all. He is a vindictive, nasty hypocrite of a man, is spiritually bereft & morally bankrupt.

  18. Having just voted, was interesting to see the posters, Labor promoting their local candidate, but the libs poster, which pretty much filled the entire fence, was simply “Labor = Mess” (or to that effect)

    I thought to myself, basically, without the media, they have nothing. It has been a media line (and a lib one) for years that labor is a shambolic mess. Facts be damned. This one probably pissed me off the most, as it happened just when Labor were getting traction in their apparently ‘chaotic’ campaign, It has summed up the past few years succinctly to highlight the medias abject failure to address their job.

    Labor certainly overplayed their hand and could have phrased their evidence differently. But they released all the documents from Treasury that they relied on, and Bowen himself admitted that these were not exact costings based on the Coalition’s set of policy assumptions. That was the point: no one knew what these assumptions were because Abbott and Hockey refused to reveal them.

    The generous interpretation of this reporting is it was exaggerated. However a more critical analysis, is that the reporting was careless and wrong. Stephen Long seems to think it was the later:

    Personally, I don’t think our media is that stupid, which leaves a pretty depressing implication imo.

  19. And this is what scares me the most about what WILL happen should what the tea leaves predict occur.

    Australia’s most influential business and industry groups will renew their push to reduce penalty rates for workers on Sundays and public holidays – particularly in retail, tourism and hospitality – if Tony Abbott becomes prime minister.

  20. Have just come back from voting…. there were 110 numbers below the line, 🙄 .. I put the Libs where they belong, at the bottom…. 😉 along with the other nutters… like the deniers and the christians 😆
    While I was waiting to be crossed off I noticed that those in the line ahead were ALL holding ALP how to vote cards to the fore….. just say’n.

  21. Check this poll from last night at the SMH website, it had a sample size over 60,000 and probably more indicative of the younger vote.

  22. I think it is perception or the circles you move in LOVO

    I noticed the libs HTV being totally ignored at ours, and Labor looking pretty busy. Also, my son came in and said ALL his mates have gone LABOR, thanks largely to this site being plastered over his facebook page lol

    Unfortunately, I still read the news, and the plethora of doom pervades. 😦 Time will tell I guess, but I’m only looking at a small microcosm. Apparently, the experts know it all, and have done for some time. Either way, the beer will still be flowing tomorrow, be it with condolences or rejoicement (is that even a word?) 🙂

  23. Could the readers here please tell us your perception(s) of how ‘things’ looked at your respective booths….. as in, what ‘how to votes’ were getting the most ‘hits’ … or ‘what, did you feel, was the ‘mood’ at your booth…
    I had the ‘perception’ that there was a strong lean to Labor at my booth in South Broken Hill and that the ALP supporters handing out the ‘how to vote cards’ were the busiest by far…….
    How was it at your booth. ❓

  24. Our booth, according to my neighbour, saw the ALP bloke being mobbed for how to vote cards. That booth is a strong one for Liberals, apparently, with lots of army officers living there.

  25. Still maintaining that Labor will retain 47 seats but it could be less.

    Abbott’s cost cutting exercise…buy an old school bus to pick up the Labor MPs when parliament sits. Would save thousands on Com cars.

  26. We can but hope that this has been a trend in all booths Michael. There is a very strong young vote & many of these young voters pretty much think that TA & his mob are a bunch of idiots. I left a message on the ALP twitter feed wishing them the best & saying that I just hope there are enough young voters to carry us over the line to victory. Got a lot of response from both young & older voters who totally agreed. It would be just soooooo good to see TA & his party with egg all over their faces when they realize that Australia really does get they were indeed conned by the LOTO.

  27. Would save thousands on Com cars.

    Yea, but, as with all things lib, the money they ‘save’ from making one lot second class citizens, they will blow on gold plated mercs for themselves.

  28. If Abbot gets in it should mean we will now take refugees from UNHCH camps.

    Rather than people with mobile phones, computers and $$$$10,000.

  29. Sandra, I’ve also had a lot of feedback from women voters who previously were dyed in the wool Liberal voters, who say that they could not possibly vote for Abbott. Abbott knows that he has “a problem with women” but he can’t help himself, every time he tries to appeal to the female vote it comes out as confirmation that he is a creep…and for you fellas here, there is nothing lower in female eyes than A Creep.

  30. Umm Neil, $10,000 as in *goods to the value of* as in a ‘fridge, a small tellie (helps with learning English big time especially children), coat hangers..or perhaps refugees shouldn’t be allowed to have food or have clothes enough to put some on coat hangers. 🙄

    But wait, there’s more..

    a hamper of bread, butter, milk, eggs, other essentials, and cleaning products

    ..clearly this mad pandering must cease forthwith!!!

  31. And you don’t care do you Min.

    We used to take refugees from UNHCR camps. Not anymore thanks to your vote in 2007.

  32. ummm Neil – I assume you are aware of this:


    The Gillard government increased Australia’s annual intake of humanitarian refugees from 13,750 places to 20,000. Tony Abbott initially said he supported the increase. But in its search for savings, the Coalition has pledged to reduce it back to 13,750 places a year, booking a saving of $1.3 billion across the four year budget horizon.

    But perhaps not…

    Why reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas – there won’t be any boats coming, will there?

  33. No. I want us to take refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Labor only takes people with mobile phones, computers and $$$10,00.

  34. Iranian asylum seeker Bizhan Jahangir reported that people smugglers operating out of Indonesia were already feeling the pinch.

    “I know some smugglers here, and they want to find customers, [but] there are no customers now,” he said. ”They can find hardly any customers, refugees, to go in this situation.

    “About three days ago a boat left for Australia, illegally, with only about 30 passengers. You know the capacity of one boat is at least 100 passengers. The smugglers know that from now it will be hard to find new customers.”

    People who have already paid people smugglers are asking for their money back. It seems asylum seekers really don’t want to end up in PNG or Nauru 😉

  35. LOVO. I tell you stuff but you don’t listen. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd was always destined to end in grief. Gillard’s romp with the Greens just compounded.
    I figured why the Greens always look and sound not quite the full cut lunch. invariably the wrong head is sliced off…….

  36. Bacchus

    Too late mate. Most if not all our refugee places are going to what your own Bob Carr calls economic immigrants.

    Under Labor you need money and lots of it to get a refugee place in Australia.

  37. Abbott told a lady at the Freshwater Surf Club polling booth to vote green.

    Like we have asked the right winger here why Abbott would make a good leader and they have never been able to answer, Abbott himself couldn’t articulate why he would be a good leader.

    She asked him who she should vote for, and Abbott asks what she believes in. She rattles off a list of worthy and important concerns that need government attention, and Abbott tells her she would be better off voting for the Greens.

    yajustgottalaugh at this dunce but more so at his supporters. They don’t realise that in supporting this idiot they are stating they have less intelligence than Abbott.

  38. Latest exit primaries have Labor/Green primaries at 45%, Coalition (Libs+Nats, remember Libs can’t do it on their own either), at 42.5%.

    Greens polling well. Wonder if it’s because Abbott is telling voters to vote for them?

  39. One good thing will come out if Abbott wins.

    We will be able to give dozens of real reasons with live evidence as to why Abbott is such a bad leader and the Liberal party such bad managers whilst the Abbott lovers will roll out excuses and blame shift, still not being able to give any reason as to why he’s a good leader.

  40. Tom R @11.24
    Thanks for that link, my estimation of Costingsgate’s much as you hint in your last para. I reckon the media’s been hanging out for a “leaks” style destabilising moment in this campaign too & ran with this. It’s allowed them to neuter the economic debate.

    As for the starting premise of the thread it’s pretty much necessary to wish Abbott good luck as he’ll surely need it. But if he gets it he’ll abuse it.

  41. Maybe one good thing will come out of this election, even though she will never be investigated for gold digging her husband and ripping off his family. Liberal party polling is showing Mirabella will lose her seat.

    What a nasty piece of work that woman is and she could only be spawned from the Liberal party.

  42. Möbius Ecko remember that pre-polling was at record levels in both absolute and relative terms and are therefore not part of these exit polls.

  43. Squeal of Sydney:

    Let us hope that the worst Australian govt EVAH gets thrown out.

    It was. In 2007.

    John Faulkner, 22 March 2006…

    We remember:

    * Minister Jim Short was forced to resign for failing to divest himself of financial interests in his area of ministerial responsibility.

    * Industry minister John Moore was exposed for his shareholdings in technology investment and share-trading companies.

    * Parliamentary secretary Brian Gibson lost his job because of a conflict of interest.

    * Small business minister Geoff Prosser was running three shopping centres while he was a Minister and he was forced to resign. (Geoff Prosser resigned in July 1997 following the disclosure that he was a shopping centre landlord while he was responsible for commercial tenancy provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1975).

    * Resources minister Warwick Parer had massive share interests in a coalmine and in other resource companies; he stayed, in breach of the Ministerial Code.

    * Acting Minister for Communications Peter McGauran forgot that he owned 70 poker machines.

    * Employment Services Minister Mal Brough promoted training courses which were actually Liberal Party fundraisers.

    * Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane was involved in a complex scam to rort GST rebates from Liberal Party fundraisers.

    * Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Herron kept up his practice as a surgeon, in breach of the code.

    Mr Howard himself was found to be in breach of his own code when he failed to resign as a director of the Menzies Research Centre.

    Mr Howard misled the Parliament over meetings he had held with ethanol producer Manildra’s boss – massive Liberal Party donor Dick Honan. It was eventually proved that the meetings did occur, and three weeks later the Government increased trade penalties against a Brazilian ethanol producer.

    And there’s more:

    * Parliamentary Secretary Warren Entsch’s concrete company won a massive Government contract in breach of the code.

    * Peter Reith was appointed as a consultant to defence contractor Tenix immediately after resigning as Defence Minister.

    * Health Minister Michael Wooldridge signed a $5 million building deal for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and days later, after resigning as Health Minister, was employed by the college as a consultant.

    * Senator Coonan, as Minister for Revenue, avoided paying a land tax. She was then exposed and forced to resign as a registered director of an insurance dispute resolution company operating from her own home.

    * Wilson Tuckey, then Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government, heavied a state police minister on behalf of a family member.

    * Parliamentary secretary Bob Woods retired from politics when he was under police investigation for travel rorts.

    * Communication minister Richard Alston’s family trust held Telstra shares.

    * Peter Costello, the Treasurer, appointed Liberal Party megadonor Robert Gerard to the Reserve Bank board despite being told by Mr Gerard that he was involved in a 14-year long tax evasion dispute with the Australian Taxation Office.

    * Three ministers – John Sharp, David Jull and Peter McGauran – were forced to resign as a result of travel rorts involving false claims, mismanagement or cover-ups.

    * Parliamentary Secretary Bill Heffernan was forced to resign over fabricated claims against a High Court judge.

    What else have we had over the past 10 years? Ten years of public policy failure. A partial – very partial – list would include:

    * The massive pork-barrelling of the $1 billion Federation Fund program.

    * The scandal over the budget leak about MRI machines.

    * The development of a culture of assumption and denial in DIMIA while Mr Ruddock was minister for immigration, which the Comrie report called failed, catastrophic and dehumanised; the wrongful and scandalous deportation of Australian citizen Vivian Alvarez Solon.

    * The wrongful and scandalous detention of Cornelia Rau at Baxter detention centre.

    * The utter incompetence of Veterans’ Affairs Minister Dana Vale over roadworks at Anzac Cove.

    * The rorting of the $500 million Regional Partnerships program, with massively disproportionate grants being allocated to Coalition seats – not to mention the Tumbi Creek and Beaudesert Rail scandals under the same program.

    * Support for the training of scab labour in Dubai to work on the waterfront and the use of dogs and security guards in balaclavas during the waterfront dispute as waterside workers were sacked under the cover of darkness with the loss of all entitlements and, in some cases, personal possessions.

    Of course, the Prime Minister introduced the GST after promising he never, ever would.

    * The Howard Government have sponsored many attacks on the independence of the judiciary and the courts, including repeated slurs by Senator Heffernan in this chamber and in Senate Estimates.

    * They scrapped the free Commonwealth dental health scheme for low-income people.

    * They put back the cause of reconciliation irrevocably by refusing to say sorry to the Stolen Generations.

    * They blurred the line between church and state by the disastrous appointment of Archbishop Hollingworth as Governor-General of Australia.

    Within days of coming to office, the Howard government sacked six departmental secretaries and have since politicised the public service so that officials will never offer frank and fearless advice. In fact, the Government have encouraged a culture where advice of any kind from a public servant is not welcome.

    * They have increased Government staffing of Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries from 293 when they came to office to 430 now, many paid above the salary range.

    * They cynically manipulated public sentiment about asylum seekers for political advantage.

    * They refused to sign the Kyoto protocol to deal with our greatest global environmental challenge – climate change.

    * They sponsored attacks from the former Communications Minister Richard Alston and from government backbenchers over alleged ABC bias while making partisan appointments to the ABC Board.

    * They introduced draconian industrial legislation to strip away the hard-won rights of Australian workers.

    * They introduced the flawed Pacific Solution, which has seen detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island remain open without any detainees.

    * They have allowed an Australian citizen, David Hicks, to be held overseas without charge or trial for more than four years and left him to face a highly flawed tribunal process without making any efforts to ensure he will have a fair trial.

    Then there was the dithering over preferences to One Nation, giving succour, as a result, to Pauline Hanson and tacit approval of her racist views.

    * There was the billion dollar bungling of major defence upgrade and acquisition projects. There was the massive blow-out of $2 billion in the Commonwealth’s Consultancies Bill.

    * There was the complete fiasco of the family tax benefit debt trap, which has slugged millions of Australian families with over $1.5 billion in debts.

    * There is the fiasco of child-care shortages and the broken promise of the Government on the child-care rebate.

    * We have had the Minister for Health and Aging, Tony Abbott, presiding over private health insurance premium hikes, which have totally absorbed the government rebate.

    * We have had the plunge in bulk-billing rates and the breaking of the Health Minister’s promise not to increase the Medicare safety net threshold.

    We really have seen 10 years of sleaze, deception and manipulation. We would be here all night if I had time to list every sorry exploit of the Howard Government, but I do not. A mere sample includes:

    * National Textiles, the company headed by the Prime Minister’s brother, Stan Howard, which was bailed out by the government to the tune of $4 million.

    * The infamous Peter Reith telecard affair.

    * The lies and deceit of ‘children overboard’.

    Then this nation was committed to war in Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence about weapons of mass destruction while the Government claimed that they were not aiming for regime change in Iraq.

    But when the government’s claims about weapons of mass destruction proved false, of course regime change became the justification for the war in Iraq. Never before has an Australian government sent our troops to war and lied to the Australian people about the reason for doing so.

    We had Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty heavied for doing no more than stating the obvious about the increased terrorist threat in Australia after our involvement in Iraq.

    * We have had public servants and senior defence officers forced to take the blame over the Government’s denials about their knowledge of the abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison.

    * We have had an unprecedented amount of public money splurged in advertising campaigns – as the Auditor-General has reported – to promote Liberal Party policies in the lead-up to the last three federal elections when the Howard Government was in office.

    * We have even had the government write the name of the Federal Liberal Party into electoral legislation on 33 occasions to strip the Liberal state divisions of public funding. They even now use the Parliament for their own dirty factional work.

    Despite the farcical denials that we have heard about Senator Hill’s appointment, he is about to become the 18th former Liberal Party politician to be appointed by the Howard government to a plum diplomatic post.

    Mr Howard perverted the accepted definition of an election promise. He broke promises willy-nilly but just redefined those broken promises as ‘non-core’ promises.

    What about the Nixonian leaking of a classified document to Andrew Bolt in order to politically assassinate its author, Andrew Wilkie, while not vetoing the leaker from contesting a Liberal Party preselection ballot?

    We also had a situation where Mr Howard’s government engineered the sleaziest of deals with a former Labor senator, Mal Colston, to promote Colston to the Deputy Presidency of the Senate in return for Colston’s vote on crucial legislation. How low can you go? Just recently, we had the unprecedented gagging of public servants before estimates committees.

    Kickbacks to Saddam.

    Mr Howard himself, his senior minister, and his entire government have turned a blind eye to kickbacks paid to Saddam Hussein’s regime to ensure wheat sales. At the same time, we had Mr Howard self-righteously proclaiming that Saddam Hussein is a ‘loathsome dictator’. They turned a blind eye to our single-desk wheat exporter, who practically became the banker of the Baath Party in Iraq. Who knows where that money ended up? Who knows what it paid for?

    What we do know is that, under the Government’s own terrorist legislation, if someone acts recklessly and funds turn up in the hands of terrorists, the guilty party is subject to life imprisonment. You go to jail and they throw away the keys if you recklessly engage in an action under our terrorism laws where financial resources end up in the hands of a terrorist. Let us see what happens in relation to the Howard government, which has acted as Saddam Hussein’s banker.

    Of course, all these sins mean nothing to the Howard government. After all, how can they repent what they cannot recall? This Government, and its hand-picked sycophants, suffers from the worst case of collective amnesia in medical and political history.

    What are the bywords of the Howard government? ‘I cannot recall,’ ‘I don’t recollect,’ ‘I wasn’t informed,’ ‘I can’t remember,’ ‘I have no recollection of that.’

    Best of all, we had Trevor Flugge of AWB fame claiming, as his defence, that he is hard of hearing. It seems to me the whole of this government is hard of hearing. They are certainly deaf to the cries of conscience.

    …John Faulkner, 22 March 2006

  44. Let us hope that the worst Australian govt EVAH gets thrown out.

    Steady on, Neil. Liealot & his mob of incompetents hasn’t been voted in, yet.

    I certainly don’t wish the Liars well, because if they win, I know they will turn this country into a basket case with a deep recession and unemployment nudging 10% for years.

    Why do I think that? Because these idiots won’t have a mining boom to squander this time round, nor will they have a healthy global economy to help them out.

    We’ve seen how inept & incompetent they are when times are tough and they’ve learned nothing from that.

    Like the Rodent, they will inherit an economy the envy of the world, with a 3xAAA rating to boot.

    And just like the Rodent, by the time they finish with it, it will be lucky to make it into the top 20.

    You can bet your bottom 5c piece ($$$ will be like hen’s teeth) that there will be feverish rationalising by the usual suspects, trying to spin their abject failure into Labor’s fault, to raucous laughter & jeering.

  45. Losing the election will be tough. But there will be a lot of schadenfruede in seeing the Liars’ baseless economic credentials turn to muck with the souring economy.

  46. Yes jane and cuppa.

    Howard inherited an improving economy, increasing its standing on the global stage, which he admitted at the time. An economy that had been growing for two years before he won office, and then he presided over the longest sustained global economic growth period in history. He didn’t have to do a thing yet still sold of everything he could in fire sales, including our gold for a song and handing over billions of a nest egg to be looked after by a foreigner at exorbitant fees, that also lost us a motsa.

    In the end Howard handed over a deteriorating economy that had gone backwards in many areas on the global stage despite having the best dream run of any political leader in our history, including global events falling into his lap.

    History rightly won’t be kind to Howard and those token awards he was given will mean nothing in the light of his history.

  47. Mobius,

    An economy that had been growing for two years before he won office, and then [Howard] presided over the longest sustained global economic growth period in history.

    The effect of which was multiplied in his latter years by the biggest domestic resources boom in a generation.

    All that money flooding into government coffers, from the joint booms plus the selling of assets. And what happened?

    The Liberals still managed to leave the budget in structural deficit and $58 billion gross debt.

  48. Yes, Australia will survive as Germany did after the rise of Hitler. One need to remember he was elected in by a big majority, I believe, but by a small numbers of voters. The rest of the population choose to take no interest in politics at the time. It was the time that much of the political ploys we have seen over recent time, were first used.

    Democracy is to precious to play games with.

  49. Plus stagnant productivity cuppa but worst of all, and in my opinion by far Howard’s greatest failure, one we will be paying for a long time to come, and that’s neglecting the skills shortage, and deliberately so.

    It’s not as though it suddenly jumped on Howard out of the blue. He was given a heads up on a looming skills shortage by industry towards the end of his first term and then regularly after that, growing more strident with each warning and plea for him to do something. He continued to ignore those warnings and pleas.

    It was not until the skills shortage had become critical and began making headlines that he finally jumped in and made a token effort to address it, which had more to do with getting the problem off the headlines and looking good in an election than addressing the serious problem it had become.

    Rudd on gaining government, much to his credit, immediately addressed the problem and though it never made headlines nor did he receive much kudos for it, his schemes have been highly successful and helped thousands of Australians gain worthwhile skills.

    Abbott has promised to undo all the skills training and hand it the problem to cheap foreign labour in the form of 457 visas, exactly what Gina and Twiggy want.

  50. I do not care if bony rabbit is PM for 3 years or 10 years, I do not wish him well. As far as I am concerned he will never be my PM. He will get the same respect from me as he and his very nasty party gave Julia. Which of course amounts to none at all. I will be campaigning against him for the next 3 years on social media and will continue to do so until the day he is gone.

  51. Can anyone give me a timescale as to when the abborttion will lead us into recession…. or should I just start hoarding essentials now……. and has anyone got some good recipes for dog/cat meat, I’m going to need some good ‘n tasty ones now that I am about to become the working poor again like I was under Howard…
    Ah, the good old days, I remember them like it was 10 minutes ago 😦

  52. Exactly Pamela.

    Much was made of Howard supposedly not getting enough respect from the media and people because of position of PM. The meme often was that you may dislike the man but you have to respect the office.

    Abbott threw that out the door along with trashing parliament, and because of that has not earned any respect whatsoever.

  53. It’s a lot easier to be a commenter on political blogs when your preferred side is not in government. Because when your opponents are in government every little thing that happens can be spun as a negative against them. Some might call it whingeing, but not really. It’s just giving the bastards back in kind.

  54. Cuppa, excellent observation. Since Labor got into power we’ve had to suffer through the endless moaning/we wuz robbed/this is an “illegitimate government” from Abbott and his supporters. Supporters who clearly care not a scrap about what sort of person they have backed to become our PM. Supporters backed by an equally drooling media who have refused to hold Abbott and his bunch of dysfunctional has-beens to account. Instead of acknowledging that Abbott’s opposition have been the weakest most ineffective bunch of no-hopers/sexist/homophobes, it was full page full living technicolor photo opportunities endlessly shoved down the throats of a dumbed-down public. The MSM might not care about anything except pandering to a certain media mogul (and who knows which Fairfax journo might need a job in the future?), but here in the alternative media we intend to be watching Abbott’s every move.

    Note: Imagine J. Bishop as our foreign minister. Oh dear….

  55. Bishop, Hockey, Abetz, Andrews, Dutton, ABBOTT… so many duds, so much fodder for scrutiny and criticism. This is gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  56. The one I will be watching is Cost of Living.

    If my cost of living doesn’t go down after Abbott saying for so long he has a contract with the people of Australia to get it down, and guarantees it, I’m going to whinge long and loud and won’t give a shit about what excuses the right wingers come up with.

    It’s like the State Liberals going on about electricity prices and promising they will go down if they are voted in only to see them not only go up but sky rocket up.

    Abbott also went on about electricity prices, so that’s one of the cost of living items I will be watching.

  57. I wouldn’t bet on that Carol, and the States are the example.

    O’Farrell has broken just about every major promise and made some significant stuff ups on things he used to can the previous Labor government for, yet the media let him get away with as he goes into hiding and shoves a minister out front. Even then they hardly grill them as they did the previous government.

    Same will happen to Abbott. The non-Murdoch media won’t report Abbott’s screw ups or will make excuses for them as they won’t admit they were wrong. Murdoch has a vest interest in Abbott but I’m sure will organise to get rid of him if Abbott becomes too much of an embarrassment.

    Abbott will also do what Howard did and close down the government to scrutiny, making it secretive and impose large penalties for leaks whilst giving huge bonuses to senior public servants on the proviso they tow his line. This will make for a much more expensive government, as Howard’s was.

    So it will be up to the online media and the Guardian to make sure Abbott is held to account.

  58. It is going to be weird to see Abbott on the world stage, should make for some interesting watching. How the hell are they going to cover his mistakes there. I wonder if he will tell the world his daughters are hot. Maybe he will let the women of the world know they have sex appeal. It is a huge worry to think of what damage the imbecile will do. I suppose they could try and hide him from the media and just let him out with a script every now and then. Even then he made an idiot of himself.

  59. I’m actually feeling quite positive because Liealot & his no hopers have nowhere to hide, now.

    As ME says, if my electricity account doesn’t fall by 50%, I’ll be the first one writing to the papers whinging about broken promises and how the Liars & the Murdoch press lied to the people.

    When they lose the 3xAAA ratings & we’re ranked @ 20th in the world down from #1, they’ll have to wear it, because their actions will be the cause. Another pile of steaming shit to rub their noses in.

    When unemployment skyrockets, I’ll have another mountain of shit just waiting for their snouts.

    When bankruptcies climb, there will be another semi full.

    When pensions are cut, I’ll happily march the ingrates who voted for the Liars into the bathroom for their kero baths.

    It will really be quite a lot of fun with the rider that we shouldn’t have to suffer any of the crap Liars voters have foisted on us, the blame should be shouldered entirely by them.

    I imagine the really heartbreaking thing for the barrackers is having to admit they voted out a bloody good government and replaced it with a mob who couldn’t even pass kindy economics.

  60. ME, I have a feeling that Turdoch could lose the lot, particularly if the US gets cracking. Apparently they’re pretty savage wrt Turdoch style corruption. How tragic if he can’t get his claws on NBN.

    WRT hiding their incompetence, that will only have limited success where it comes to power bills etc. They’ll have some ‘splaining to do if they noticeably increase despite removing the carbon price.

    Liealot has bignoted himself into a corner, imo. I’ll be happy if he & his incompetents are trapped there.

  61. No they don’t. Not happy but it’s what the people of Australia want for whatever reason they want it. That’s democracy. My fear is that like Howard did, and the State Liberals are doing, little piece by little piece, democracy will be undermined by Abbott.

    The people will have to wear their choice good or bad, but either way I will say in this election I didn’t vote Ludmalis.

    At least it looks like Mike Kelly will win Eden Monaro, so it’s no longer a bellwether seat. Hendy the Liberal candidate for that seat is an arsehole, as many Liberals seem to be, so it’s good to see the people saw that.

  62. Must agree with the opinion that Abbott stands a fair chance of escaping scrutiny. He wouldn’t have lasted a week given a tenth of the scrutiny & abuse Gillard copped. He’s an installation of the media & the money behind it & that effort wasn’t expended for nothing. The idea that the medias’ current business model is dismantling governments & that Abbott’s next for the treatment’s appealing but I think it assumes too much. He’ll be slapped around as necessary to keep him in line, of course. And he must live in mortal terror of losing Rupert’s favour. If it went south for Abbott in the media, that’d most likely be the cause.

  63. “Twas only thinking today, after the Fraser victory in ’75, the wonderful Nation Review’s headline was “Alright, turn on the lights. You can’t trust the bastards in the dark.” Not sure what use that is, but it’s a good line that certainly will need to be applied in spirit now.

  64. It is a shame, Mirabella appears to have survived. Could changed. Julie Bishop just said, Sophie is a great friend.

    Considering all that has occurred in the last three years, and the treatment on Julia Gillard, from all and sundry, including Rudd, three to four percent is not that bad, for a government, facing it third term, is the norm.

    Not sure what this means when we come from the senate.

    Libs beginning to gloat. Maybe tonight, is the time to shut up.

    Western Sydney not wiped out.

  65. As Jane said elsewhere, Abbott and co now have nowhere to hide.

    We get that costing released in thirty days.

    I am out at Narellan today. Been to Cobbitty Markets. Roads and market crowded, as so the shopping malls. People do seem to be out and around. Out and spending.

    Coming down on the train yesterday, I was surprise of those who said they were going for Palmer. Definitely no love for Abbott. If against Labor, all one heard was the word debt. A word Tony no longer uses. One that will come to haunt him.

    Swan and Rudd survives.

  66. OK we lost But not as badly as Murdoch papers Predicted, The Labor Party internal Bickering Has to be the Main Fault, I notice a Lot of votes going to the Minor Partys Because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote Directly for The Lizard Man or for Rudd after his white anting Of Labor and Julia Gillard, She Has More Class then Either Rudd or Abbott, Will Murdoch Be our Next foreigh Minister ?

  67. When they lose the 3xAAA ratings & we’re ranked @ 20th in the world down from #1

    Jane, you force me to talk about what everybody says i should not talk about.

    WE lost our AAA under Hawke in 1988. We got our AAA back under Costello in 2003.

    End of story.

  68. The people have spoken. I will respect the government they have chosen.

    I will treat Mr. Abbott with the same respect, he gave to the last government and it’s leaders.

    Rudd making an appearance.

  69. Let us hope we now have fairness in our asylum seeker program.

    Instead of taking people with $10,000 let us now take people from UNHCR camps.

  70. Well, Abbott is taking 7000 less. How does that equate to fairness, in not getting on those boats.

    Neil, we still needs to see what the Senate throws up.

    Abbott no longer talking about surpluses, wonder why. Seems to have forgotten about debt.

  71. “Well, Abbott is taking 7000 less. How does that equate to fairness, in not getting on those boats.

    Labor only take people with mobile phones, computers and $$$10,000.

    Let us hope Abbott takes people from UNHCR camps like we used to under Vanestone/Howard.

  72. Fairness to refugees is a worry under Abbott, when he intends to drop the number we take from 20,000 to 13,700. I would be concerned, if I was waiting in that queue, not getting on a boat.

    I wonder if the PNG PM will bother to talk to him. Yes, the boats they will be getting TPV, they will have a good reason to get on a boat.

    Not sure that Indonesian leaders will be in a hurry as well.

    Rudd not re contesting leadership.

  73. “Abbott no longer talking about surpluses, wonder why. Seems to have forgotten about debt.”

    Maybe he’s been reading Professor Mitchell’s blog ?

    Or listening to Professor McKibbin, at the other end of the political spectrum.

    The big scare has served its purpose and can now be ignored.

    In a way that’s a relief. Getting back into surplus is one promise I’m happy for them to break.

  74. No FU. They hope to take more.

    Labor no longer takes asylum seekers . Even Bob Carr, the foreign minister calls boat people economic immigrants.

    Let us hope we take 14,000 refugees from UNHCR camps not people with $10,000.

  75. Maybe from tonight we can move on from the horrors of the last three years.

    As for the new government, it has sixteen ministers from the Howard years, and elected on a campaign of lies, that wilt come home to roost.

    The first will be in thirty days, when the green and red books with costings are released.

    Next, is what the PNG leader has to say.

    Then there is Syria.

  76. The GG in a week or so, will swear in a new government. Why not this week?

    Still the slogans. I thought we heard the last of them.

  77. Neil. boat people are no longer coming under Labor. Did you miss that. In fact the boats have slow down, and carry much less passengers.

  78. Sorry Neil Labor was rated AAA by 3 agencies, not just one and more than once. When Liealot loses those ratings & the economy loses #1 ranking, are you going to blame Labor because Liars are piss poor economic managers?

  79. BTW, Migs, Go The Mighty Power!!!!. Unfortunately, I think it will come to a screeching halt next week against the Cats. An injured Cat is not a happy camper. Still, you never know your luck in the big city.

  80. Me-f’n-ow to that Jane, … though I must say, both my teams lost today 😯 … one team is the greatest team of ALL 😉 ….. the other team is called Australia….. oh the irony that both my teams have been f*cked by an Western Australian(s) …. …and so it goes 😉
    … but as me old mate C.J. ‘you’sed ta say….

    “There was never a time in this world so glad
    But it changed at last to gloom;
    There was never a time in this world too bad
    For the light somewhere to loom.
    There was never a day, however bright,
    But found its end in the fading light;
    There was never a night too dark and drear
    For the dawn on the hilltop to appear.
    Tick — tock. Tick — tock.
    Oh, the universe is a mighty clock,
    And the world is ruled by rhythm.
    And the bad years go, and the good years come
    To the swing of the gods’ great pendulum;

    And, whether we like the game or no,

    We puny mortals here below
    Must swing the whole way with ’em.
    Long have we striven since earth began,
    And the dawn of brotherhood,
    To seek from the skies some mystic plan
    For mankind’s lasting good;
    But to and fro – to and fro –
    With the swinging rhythm we have to go;
    While the voice of Destiny wisely saith:

    “Strive on; all’s well if ye hold to faith.”

    Tick — tock. Tick — tock.
    This universe is a mighty clock
    With us to the pendulum clinging;
    And we make complaint, or we shout with glee,
    Blaming or praising the times that be.
    But why grow gloomy? For, after all,

    Whether we rise or whether we fall,
    We have got to keep on swinging.”
    :- The Pendulum by C.J. Dennis

  81. I can’t say I’m over confident, but neither was I against Collingwood. We’re going to be away next weekend and have a function booked on the Friday we play, so I’ll miss the first half. Will be checking the phone for the score every two and a half seconds though.

    What are your thoughts?

  82. As far as the LNP goes, No respect shown… so NO respect given!”

    Abbott will be a disaster, and what we can look forward to is industrial disputes and being shown as followers not leaders, and a laughingstock on the world stage.

    the lesson… be careful what you wish for 😦

    Cheers 😀

  83. Why do the Whisperers continue to underestimate Tony Abbott? Is it some sort of political death wish. Surely you must be thinking ..,. Hang on. Maybe we got this whole “In your guts you know he is nuts” wrong? He has seen off Rudd twice .. Easily. Gillard very easily once and is PM with a not too shabby majority. A margin obviously better than the Gillard majority shortfall and looks like a better majority than Kevin got in 2007. Weird that Labor would not have taken more notice of Tony’s abilities. Now we hear from the Whisperers that he will be a terrible PM. Go figure. It’s not like Rudd and Gillard set a high bar of political success.for Tony to exceed….
    And I am happy Geelong got a flogging.

  84. Tweed, hope you are right. Australia does not deserve to be punished. Suspect we are though. Time will quickly tell.

  85. This was the flogging Labor had to have.

    And the turkeys have voted for Christmas.

    Maybe in the post-mortem somebody might suggest Labor gets back to core values.

    On the back cover of James K. Galbraith’s “The Predator State” one reads a review comment:

    “A passionate principled and fact-driven argument for rejecting the failed policies of deregulation, monetariansim and trickle-down economics, this is the call for Keynsianism that Barack Obama should read, embrace, and implement”

    This is the same lesson Labor has to learn.

  86. Boy, am I hung over. Should have stayed on the Dom instead of switching to the Bordeaux.

    Well, was I out on my prediction but not as bad as you lot…especially the ones that said Abbott was unelectable. Considering offering my services to the Green Army. After all, I put forward the structure that has been adopted in early 2010. Must change the name as ‘green’ is a dirty word. I put forward the Australian Environmental Corps and hopefully Greg will take that up.

    What a great day, like having a weight lifted off me after the last three years of been smothered by the worst government I’ve experienced. The number of people that voted Labor was the lowest in a very long time is the confirmation. This song says it all for us.

  87. Tweed we will let you know if we have underestimated Abbott, but we didn’t underestimate the media, and that’s who won Abbott the PMship, not Abbott.

    Tell us what Abbott did outside of daily stunts, brain farts, contradictions, back flips and lies that got him the job?

    If he had any real scrutiny, which he never did, he would have been gone a long time ago.

    Then there is the media’s role in denigrating the government at every turn, all helped Abbott. Abbott did little himself apart from pimp his daughters around.

    So will you be the first to admit you were wrong on Abbott when he breaks his first promise or fails in a policy? Of course you won’t.

    And I bet you didn’t know that Abbott has already deferred for three years policies he said were “urgent” and his first priority if he won government. This is exactly what the State Liberal governments did, push everything right and then continue to push them right or defer them to committees that are not due to sit for years and not due to report for a long time after that.

    I won’t hope I am wrong on Abbott because going on everything Abbott has done, including trashing parliament and undermining democracy, I fairly certain I’m not.

    That’s the other thing Tweed, you can’t complain if the office of PM is trashed, Abbott is gets abuse, parliament is turned into a circus and democracy is undermined in attack against Abbott. Abbott set the bar to the ground and it’s now the standard of politics in this country as in part he won government doing it. But again I have a feeling that the right wingers won’t hold to that and in their demonstrated hypocrisy will demand a higher standard of respect for Abbott and his government than they ever gave the previous government.

  88. “Now we hear from the Whisperers that he will be a terrible PM.”

    No Tweed, we’ve been saying that ever since there was that possibility…based mainly on his core policies…especially the obsession with not just balancing the budget, but generating a surplus regardless of the sectoral balances.

    Those who understand national accounting know this is bullshit. But there were enough turkeys who thought it made sense that it was too good an opportunity to miss for a cynical opposition. And it worked.

    That Abbott seems to have quickly moved away from this surplus obsession is a good thing (for the country) and hopefully has taught Labor a bitter lesson.

    To the left of the Liberal/Labor consensus there is a land of opportunity.

    Hopefully, Labor will retreat there and go through a bit of soul searching.

  89. Did you enjoy Rudd’s concession speech. Nothing but egotistical waffle and not one mention of Gillard. One would think that Labor won. Labor can not rebuild until the fuckwit is gone.

  90. Oh how quickly you forget scaper. You gotta keep track of your boasts.

    Rudd’s concession speech was leaps and bounds over Abbott’s last concession speech, that’s for sure.

    In fact I’m looking forward to Abbott stuffing up speeches for a good laugh for that’s one thing his followers can’t brag about, his ability at speeches. Have to be close to the worst leader in that area we’ve ever had.

  91. You mentioned your plan for the Green Army scaper. You are up on the fact that according to Abbott on one of the breakfast shows this morning he is deferring the cancelling of the carbon tax (will call it what he does even though it’s wrong) for three years and thus his DAP for at least that time, and talk by right wingers is DAP will never happen, which they say is a good thing.

    Maybe the report on the show was wrong about that and the other promises he’s also deferring for three years, heaven forbid that the media get something right when reporting on a government.

  92. Did you enjoy Rudd’s concession speech

    I haven’t heard it, and don’t intend to. I hope they now ditch him as far as they can.

    I guess we can only imagine what Gillard could have accomplished if her only opponents were the libs and the media. Rudd proved to much and, after three years of trashing his own brand, he was unable to save it.

    He will go down, imo, in the same category as latham. A failed experiment. Let’s hope they don’t do it again. Unfortunately, he has trashed anything positive that Gillard etal achieved.

    But, considering the three years of internal destabilisation, and external misrepresentation, we are lucky the numbers are not worst than they are.
    What Labor do now will be interesting. I hope they have a course set for this eventuality, and they implement it quickly. The last thing they need is rudd sitting on the back-bench keeping ‘quiet’ (sarcasm alert)

  93. It will be a long time before we hear anything negative about abbott from the media or his followers ME, welcome to the new age of entitlement (if you can afford it)

  94. I’m pretty sure that the environmental rehabilitation component of Direct Action will be put in place. As far as the rest goes…wouldn’t break my heart if it was scrapped.

  95. Scaper, I think that this has already been put in place – it’s called LandCare and DuneCare. Abbott was called to task about the environmental rehabilitation component aka planting trees by the Nats who stated that they would not support any program which interfered in any way with farming pursuits, therefore Abbott rapidly backpedaled and said that this would relate only to parks, nature strips and other urban infill. Otherwise, as above the programs are already there and have been for years…and manned by volunteers and not by those press-ganged into service ie some Work for the Dole scheme.

  96. @9:30 Yes Tom and the Liberal states are the example of what is going to happen with Abbott not being accountable for his broken promises and failures.

    O’Farrell is the example I know best, though Newman’s massive first week broken promise will go down in history though the media barely wasted a drop of ink on it.

    First O’Farrell took credit for the previous Labor government’s successful programs, though he had promised to scrap most of them when in opposition.

    Next he has broken over a 100 promises and is doing what he heavily canned the previous government for doing.

    Just about every measure has gone backwards, not that you would know it from the media, though when Labor were in power you knew about ever setback and disaster constantly for weeks on end, with O’Farrell or shadow minister front and centre canning it as the government’s fault even when clearly it wasn’t. Same tactic used by the media against the Federal government.

    And it goes on.

    It really is extraordinary that Labor governments ever get into power with everything that is stacked against them including the media bias. Says something about how bad Liberal governments get when in power that they do lose power and at the State level usually for more than two terms.

    Abbott will be no different. He, or the person who replaces him if he stuffs up once too often, which is on the cards, will get a second term as voters don’t like admitting they stuffed up in just one term, but all bets are off for the third unless by a miracle (or lucky circumstances as in Howard’s case twice), the Liberals do turn out to be a good government. I wouldn’t bet on that even with someone else’s money.

  97. Tom, then what is the Murdoch media going to talk about..?? Those newspapers thrive on two things, negativity and scandal. Otherwise, it’s back to talking about Kylie and Justin..oh wait, here’s something different, they’re talking about BoyZone..

  98. Oh fuck, and I mean really fuck. Someone on another forum reminded me that Howard will be GG. You know the post he usurped when PM to take all the glory for himself, and I’m now sure will ensure the PM gives him full up front exposure to all and sundry whilst the PM takes a back seat.

    The ego of Howard knows no bounds.

  99. And the bullshit taking kudos for something that is not their doing from the Liberal Federal government begins even before they are sworn in.

    Robb. And now we begin to kick start the mining boom. Then what is this Robb?

    Oh, I know what he means. WorkChoices to payback Gina and Twiggy.

  100. then what is the Murdoch media going to talk about..?

    How Labor has wrecked the economy, and how, due to them, we are plunging irreversibly into recession. Thank god we had the libs there to stop us going even further than we have. Oh, and Union = BOO

  101. Well, you all knew if the coalition won you’d all be on $1.10 a day. Abbott’s working family…mum in the office, dad on the factory floor and the kids down the coal mine. Enjoy.

  102. Speaking of mines…Labor was holding up Roy Hill due to not signing off on the foreign worker agreement. I expect Robb to put the pressure on to get done ASAP.

    I also expect the Alpha project and others in Qld to be finally getting federal approval after stalling by Labor. The Greens will be pissed off but they’re nothing but a shrinking minority. Lost over a third of their vote compared to 2010, the bunch of fruit cakes!

  103. How many members of the general public have been within 100 of the public in the last five weeks. Rudd not much better. Yes, very tightly controlled. Who will keep the control of Abbott now?

    I notice no we were robbed, or any complaints about the outcome.

    All we are saying, yesterday’s outcome, does not change most here, opinion of Abbott.

    Abbott promised from day one that he would be putting his promises into operation. He has had a clear win.

    What do we get, a bike ride and maybe a visit to the GG in a week or two. What happened to hitting the day running from day one.

    He is not in government, until that happens.

  104. Rudd, can say what he likes. All that matters, he is gone. Why so little talk on what Abbott is going to do. Why so much, on what Labor did during the campaign. That is already history.

  105. scaper, you have obviously ignored what Abbott has been saying. DA is for the dust bin, or at the least, not enough spent on it to count.

  106. Well yagottalaugh@libs.

    Someone I follow on Twitter had a go at Abbott as PM, and nowhere near as bad as Abbott himself went at Gillard, and a bunch of right wingnuts came back and said that now Abbott is PM everyone needs to show respect to the office and Abbott.

    Hypocrites to the core and always have been. Most are sore losers and ungracious winners, though the lot here have been surprisingly mild so far.

  107. Would you believe that Wayne Swan defeated Rod McGarvie despite his raising of hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to one well known ‘insider’. LOL. Might be the work I did handing out Swan’s HTV cards. LOL.

    And Malcolm Cole lost in Moreton as well. Probably spent to much time ‘chatting’ with the same insider.

    Didn’t hear anything in the campaign about a sister city for Tennant Creek. Must be one of those concealed policies that will come out after the audit. Perhaps it’s a non-core promise even though Malcolm is on board.

    Shakes head.

  108. And the politicising of the public service begins at the cost of millions of tax payer dollars from a party that says it’s all about ending waste.

    Hockey has said the government will audit Treasury. It will be no surprise the audit won’t be independent, stacked with Liberal cronies and IPA apparatchiks, and it will find exactly what Abbott wants it to find. From then on it will be controlled from the Treasurer’s office and all releases and costings must be vetted by the government before being made public.

    They don’t take long to reveal their true colours do they?

  109. Lilley and Moreton were disappointing but it is not over until all the votes are counted. Over all, not much else to be disappointed with, unlike you lot.

  110. Looking at Antony Green’s site, so far the swing is 1.6% to the Coalition with a -4.1% against Labor and -3.3% for the Greens, mostly going to Others.

    These Others, apart from Palmer/Katter, were in big part the deceptively named parties, mostly conservative, whose preferences mostly went to the Coalition. For instance there was the “Save the Wildlife” party in one electorate that did fairly well with a corresponding drop in Labor and Green votes. Save the Wildlife is an anti-Greens party setup to take votes away from the Greens and has nothing to do with wildlife, unless you count right wingers as wildlife.

  111. the deceptively named parties, mostly conservative

    I’m still kicking myself for political ignorance in times gone by. At the 2004 election I gave a high preference to Family First thinking, that’s a good-sounding, positive name. Little did I know at the time what they really were.

  112. Migs @2.14am, I think the Cats will be feeling very savage & it’s our bad luck to meet them for a second time after they’ve come off a loss.

    My hope is that team confidence will be high, along with fitness, aggression, skill, consistency & belief in themselves.

    As long as they are well prepared, I reckon they could go the distance & surprise everyone. After all Freo beat them, so we should be able to do the same.

    I’m starting to get a little flicker of confidence that maybe we can go the whole 9 yards. We’ve got a few scores to settle & doubters to spank.

    And I am happy Geelong got a flogging.

    At last, something we have in common, Tweed.

  113. Mr. Abbott will get the same respect that he gives others. No more, no less.

    What I do hope, is that Labor shows the parliament, and the chair more respect, than Abbott ever gave it.

    I am sure that Mr.Abbott will learn, attempting to buck public servants rarely works.

    He has to rely on them for facts, to ensure his policies are workable. Many will be quite happy to give him what he demands. Even forget to warn him of the reasons, his schemes will not work.

    The more he goes down that track, the quicker he will fail.

    Th4e treasury and I suspect the Reserve Bank are first on their hit list, I suspect.

    A treasury that has kept this country’s economy on track for a decade or more.

    Mr. Combet was scathing of Abbott last night, when it was mentioned, that Abbott will be wonderful, with his communication skills of negotiating with the unions and like.

    Mr.Combet said he did work with Abbott when he was IR minister. Mr.Combet said, it was not the most pleasurable experience that he has had. Mr. Combet went onto say Mr. Abbott will have to drop many of the stupid statements he has made in the last week or two.

    By the way, he is only still PM elect. Her has to get out to the GG, before he becomes PM.

    Howard said he does not want to be GG. I do not believe him.Her was too busy, taking over that role, and pushing the GG aside when he was PM.

    My impression is that Abbott sees his role, as standing aside, and letting the ministers get on with the job, with no interference from him. So it is in the lap of the gods, what this government will come u with.

    Take that Internet filter, that Turnbull knew nothing about, and Abbott glance at and misread. That would have been slipped in by some of the religious fundamentals, that are still around from Howard’s days. The ones that demanded changes to the Family Law act, giving fathers more power. There has been indications, that there are more changers high on the to do list. The previous changes put children at risk. Judges demanding be rescinded.

    Yes, interesting days to come.

    Cannot get over the girls turning up in virginal white last night mum in black. Abbott barely acknowledgement them after his acceptance speech. They were left floundering, and looking lost, on the out skirts of the crowd,

  114. “And I am happy Geelong got a flogging.”

    “At last, something we have in common, Tweed”
    Bloody Trolls……… BAN this pair Migs….. I mean whom in there right mind would think that Port has any chance at beating that most wonderous and talented team known as Geelong 😀
    …… ban ’em I tells ya 👿

  115. Landslide? There are eight seats in Qld where Labor has had a swing (2PP) TO them:
    Moreton => 0.87%
    Blair => 1.43%
    Rankin => 0.44%
    Hinkler => 1.48%
    Bowman => 1.38%
    Wide Bay => 2.81%
    Groom => 3.00%
    Maranoa => 2.10%

    To be fair, there are 20 seats where the swing is against Labor, but in the context of an overall national swing of -3.51%, an overall Qld swing of -0.86% is not too bad at all…

  116. Statewide swings make interesting reading too 😯 It’s the south of the country that let us down the most:

    TAS => -11.18%
    VIC => -5.97%
    SA => -5.33%
    NSW => 2.99%
    ACT => 1.59%
    WA => 1.16%
    QLD => 0.86%
    NT => 0.48%

  117. Good read from Hugh McKay, Only for Abbott, in his opinion, Labor would have been wiped out. Yes, one can understand his arguments.

    Fascinating times ahead.

    “………..The Rudd experiment is finally over. The scale of Labor’s loss in this election will be determined by the answer to just one question: how many voters who were ready to punish a mortally wounded and bitterly divided government would stay their hand because of their reservations about Tony Abbott?

    Abbott, not Rudd, has been Labor’s greatest asset in this election. He has long been recognised as a drag on the Coalition vote: without him, this would have been a bloodbath for Labor; with him, it may only be an emphatic humiliation.

    The revival of Kevin Rudd was a desperate play by nervous Labor MPs who harboured the fantasy that, with Julia Gillard gone, they might just manage to hang on to their own seats. The reality will hit them tonight when Rudd leads them into the political wilderness and they find themselves wondering how things could have been any worse under Gillard………….

    ………..The Rudd experiment is finally over. The scale of Labor’s loss in this election will be determined by the answer to just one question: how many voters who were ready to punish a mortally wounded and bitterly divided government would stay their hand because of their reservations about Tony Abbott?

    Abbott, not Rudd, has been Labor’s greatest asset in this election. He has long been recognised as a drag on the Coalition vote: without him, this would have been a bloodbath for Labor; with him, it may only be an emphatic humiliation.

    The revival of Kevin Rudd was a desperate play by nervous Labor MPs who harboured the fantasy that, with Julia Gillard gone, they might just manage to hang on to their own seats. The reality will hit them tonight when Rudd leads them into the political wilderness and they find themselves wondering how things could have been any worse under Gillard…………..

    Read more:

  118. Whoops looks like my link did not work. I got this from Tim Blair

    I remember Labor complaining that the Coalition got 70% of the regional funds before the 2007 election. They got 70% of the regional funds because they had 70% of the seats. Not pork barrelling like Labor claimed.

  119. Abbott in his much discussed agenda for for his first three weeks, he forgot, he would have to select his ministry, and install his government.

    “………“For someone who never admits any interest in or knowledge of foreign affairs, this could be difficult,” Abjorensen said.

    “He has serious fence-mending to do with Jakarta, and it will seriously test his diplomatic skills.”…

    Read more:

    Yes, and mend many fences. Maybe PNG should be on top of list. If what we read today, it appears getting rid of Department heads is. So much for the quality of advice, when they go to draw up his endless list of legislation, to rescind all that Gillard has put in place.

    Yes, he will have no time to travel overseas. No time at all.

  120. Neil, it looks like the National Party did well in country areas. Maybe enough, to give it confidence to raise some discontent with Abbott. There is much they disagree with, when it comes to Abbott. McEwen in the past, was able to always take his pound of fresh.

    They have been weak the last few years.

  121. Fu the Federal National Party are royally pissed off at Abbott and the Liberals over how they screwed them in WA during the election campaign, and it’s a perfect illustration of just how morally corrupt and low the Liberals are willing to go in their born to rule mentality.

    The Liberals took the kudos for a program the Nationals initially put together and then spent two years fighting hard to get implemented in WA, with the Liberals fighting against it every step of the way.

    The program ended up being successful for the Nationals, so the Liberals put out campaign material saying it was their doing, even going as far as Photoshopping out the NP member and substituting a Liberal.

    That won’t be easily forgiven and will take far more pork barrelling for the Nationals than the huge excesses of the Howard government and massive waste of tax payers money that ensued out of it.

  122. ME, I agree it won’t be long before there are squabbles over the spoils of victory!

    I imagine a pro rata divvying up wouldn’t be easy to do. What exactly are the numbers of Nationals and Liberal member held seats. I can’t imagine there are any which genuinely identify themselves as LNP.

  123. ME, I agree it won’t be long before there are squabbles over the spoils of victory!

    It has to be. Every man (sic) for himself, that’s the ethos. The idea that the party of “rugged individualists” can be a “team” is a creation of their spin and focus groups department.

    Of course they’re also the most loyal leader-followers you’re likely to see outside of a Pied Piper movie … that is, until it comes to treachery. They’d have to know as well as we do that Abbott is weak, gormless, shallow. One outrageous gaffe or brainfart too many and the moguls will be sending in the backroom assassins….

  124. Scaper projecting on projection.

    Often wonder if he really knows what it is or if he’s doing his schoolkid thing.

  125. Boy, you talk rubbish, repty. You people do not have a clue how the new government will perform, just feeding off the group think anger. I don’t have a clue either on how they will perform but I’m willing to wait and see rather than projecting gloom like you, hypocrite!

  126. No matter how they perform we’re gonna criticise them. Ferociously, wasn’t that Abbott’s word? Non-stop… until such time as we throw them out.

  127. “No matter how they perform we’re gonna criticise them.”

    That is actually my opinion of ALP supporters.

    ALP supporters vote for a team not principle.

    That is why i detest Labor.

  128. Don’t worry scraper, we’ll reserve the most of our contempt for the dupes who went out of their way to PUT them there.

  129. Yes Labor supporters do not care about Australia.

    They only care about there being an ALP govt here.

    They support a team not principle.

  130. Not the mug punters, they’re innocent of everything except being gullible and brainwashed. The contempt is reserved for trolls who, knowing full well what they were doing, went out of their way to sow right wing lies and propaganda across the internet. They disgust me because would fuck the country and their fellow citizens over for the satisfaction of a right wing “victory”.

  131. There’s a line attributed to Ernest Hemingway, I think. Something about the prayers of millions competing with each other as they make their way to God. Well, Abbott wouldn’t have millions ordering him around, although he’s probably come out with some shit about being the servant of the Australian people by now. But definitely the orders of many will be competing with each other as they make their way to him.

    Took a deep breath, had the shower ready & briefly dived into the local Murdoch rag the Sunday Mail. Full of dire warnings to those naughty & nasty Laborites & Greens not to get in Mr Abbott’s way, especially as he repeals the terrible Carbon Tax. Samantha Maiden explaining in the same article that Mr Hockey will lower taxes by abolishing the Mining Tax & also that it doesn’t raise any money.

    Did I notice a kinder, gentler polity being briefly practised around here by the trolls yesterday? Anyway, it’s gone now.

  132. the local Murdoch rag the Sunday Mail. Full of dire warnings to those naughty & nasty Laborites & Greens not to get in Mr Abbott’s way, especially as he repeals the terrible Carbon Tax. Samantha Maiden explaining in the same article that Mr Hockey….

    They are over their heads in obligation to Rupert and Ltd News. Media welfare comes at a high price. Meet the string-pullers of this new Liberal “government”. The money bags mining billionaires will also be waiting in the wings for their pay-off. Wonder what that will be: WorkChoices, among other things, no doubt.

  133. Small things? Yep, you are…I call you out as an extremist latte party freak! I respect another person’s right to vote Labor but call you delusional for stating here that the last government was a good one and Abbott is not electable.

    Australia has spoken and your lot lost. Putting shit on Australians for this is a c*** act!

  134. Putting shit on Australians for this

    I’m not sure if you’re being dense or dishonest here. The last thing I would want to do is “put shit” on the mug punters, millions of them, who are innocent victims of the Liberal brainwashing propaganda that comes at them year-in year-out from radio, television and newspapers, and in even higher concentrations during election periods. They’re deserving of compassion and help when the Liberals, as they will, start screwing them over. We’ll be here for them when that happens, and they will help us throw the Liberals out.

  135. There are some genuinely “ugly” people in the world – types that really contribute nothing to the sum total of society; excellent examples of the desirability of retrospective abortion.

    2SP would have to come close to being the “ugliest” I’ve had the misfortune to come across 👿

  136. Todays TV interviews after Rude says, I dont want the job thanks. Shortass ABC. I don’t want the job thanks. Elbow 10 Network. I don’t want the job thanks. Burke. 7Network I don’t want the job thanks. That other NSW squirt whom I shall never name. Every Network. I don’t want the job either thanks! They all fear the faceless men and the night of the long knives. pmsl

    Does anyone want to be leader of the pops? Why won’t someone ask that dried up prune Wong, she’d jump at the chance.

    What a party it was last night in Fairfax! We scoured a pumpkin into Beattie’s head and threw darts at it all nite. Then, we painted Rude’s face on a donkey’s arse and played pin the tail on DICKHEAD! How easy was that to find, I ask you…lolololol.

    At the end of the evening after much Red wine and celebration, we sat around the camp fire and toasted our success and laughed at the lefty wankers who caused such a **** up, all those idiot bloggers who sit in fish bowl places like this day after day espousing views that nobody gives a rats about. You see, at the end of the day, life goes on, not much changes, and after the worst lefty result in 100 years…………

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

    ps. buy BHP or FMG, not that I should do any of you fools a favour. Keep up the good work Neil, Scaper, Voyager.

  137. Hang on. So the right wingers are saying we need to adhere to their double standards and hypocrisy. They can talk all the shit they want, show the greatest disrespect for the office of PM and trash not on facts but purely on bullshit and now we’re supposed to kow tow to Abbott because he hasn’t fucked up as PM even though he constantly fucked up and lied in opposition and has a history of it.

    Sorry Abbott and his slavering supporters set the standard and we have every right to adhere to it or even beat it. Welcome to the new Australian political landscape that Abbott created.

  138. ME…geeeeez mate it was a good nite…how many electors managed to pin the tail on the donkey, whoops sorry, dickhead do ya reckon?

    thejokesonyoumobiedickhead 😉

  139. Hey Summo, didn’t you say the other day that you were leaving the Cafe. Non-core promise, was it? I guess we can expect plenty of them from the new Liberal “government”. (They have form for that…)

  140. Just catching up on paperwork, so I thought I’d take a smoko, drop by and to give you the express shits culpa. ……and guess what culpa?,,,geeez it feels gooood!


  141. When you going to leave us Summo or are you going to be another bullshitting right winger who promises to leave but keeps coming back? Actually that’s just like you’re beloved leader, who I believe is already starting to backtrack.

  142. I’ve never come across this Summo before (happily).

    What a party it was last night in Fairfax! We scoured a pumpkin into Beattie’s head and threw darts at it all nite. Then, we painted Rude’s face on a donkey’s arse and played pin the tail on DICKHEAD! How easy was that to find, I ask you…lolololol.

    What, no spin the bottle ?

    Jesus christ…

  143. Call me Rudd ME, I’ll just keep coming back. In fact, I’ll bet you basket weavers roll him out again in 2 1/2 years time in an effort to save another 2 seats.

    ohfuckyajustgottalaughthisisgettingfunnierbytheminute 😉

  144. So you’re a liar then Summo and just proved it, twice now. Thanks for confirming it for us and confirming you have absolutely no cred in anything you say.

    Didn’t you say you had go fuck off?

  145. Fed up, I don’t read anything suspicious into that. Former PMJG would have been congratulating the leaders of the two Coalition Liberal National parties. If the protocol required acknowledgement of the Deputy I am sure JG would fulfil that regardless of any personal feelings she might have towards Ms. Bishop.

  146. Just a quick one. Where is that dill Conroy? Haven’t heard from him for yonks. Not concerned mind you……just interesting he has clammed up.

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