From news.com.au itself:

Tony Abbott ended his message with another squirmworthy and excruciating moment for his long suffering daughters, who look horrified as he finishes his pitch by talking up their good looks.

Says it all, really.

Here’s the link to the video. News.com.au were right: squirmworthy.

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  1. Really, in the real world, a misogynistic tool like that could never be on the cusp of actually LEADING a country, could he ❓

    Fuck You very much murdoch.

  2. I am so disturbed by this. I have been very very careful not to “play the man” during this long and horrifying campaign, but there’s something really unsettling about the complacent way those girls accept his behaviour, even though it clearly makes them uncomfortable.
    I can’t figure out whether it’s that they’ve been schooled into submission by a lifetime with a woman-hating catholic (those two words don’t *have* to go together) or they’ve been press-ganged into a campaign that is aimed at a demographic neither they nor their father really know. But something is fundamentally wrong here, and it’s ongoing, and it makes me a little ill.

  3. I wonder what the reaction of the BB housemates was, and will it ever be shown on TV. I imagine they thought it was as “squirmworthy” as most…

    I’ll have to find someone who watches the show to tell me – will you let me know Tom? 😛

  4. even though it clearly makes them uncomfortable

    Uncomfortable. Imagine, a father turning his own daughters into sexual objects just for votes. Of course, rupert will see nothing wrong with that, yet rudd is a creep because one of rupes lieutenants dragged him unwittingly into a strip club. WTF! ❓

    Nothing on the news about it. Must have gone the way of GetUps! paid advert.

  5. This is why or media are so friggin’ useless. Check your facts, it can’t be that hard.

    The Coalition says it has submitted 200 policies to the parliamentary budget office, but the documentation had not been publicly released. A ban on political advertising in the last days of the campaign takes force at midnight Wednesday.


    Yet, on the site

    Coalition Costings

    No categories


    He said/he said ‘reporting’, just lets them get away with lies.

  6. But sometimes, a journo gets it right.

    Based on his behaviour in the campaign, I’m going to call it even more plainly: Abbott thinks women are ornaments. It’s a belief that extends to his colleagues, to women he meets on the campaign trail and – on goddamn national television – to his own daughters. And just what, if he becomes prime minister, do you think that will mean for you? On Saturday, Australia – what standard will you be walking past?


  7. I reckon it’s a sad indictment on a possible leader of this country if even the Big Brother contestants think he’s creepy.

  8. Thanks Tom – of course i wasn’t implying that :mrgreen:

    That young Asian woman seems to be very confused about which party is which – Speaking about Abbott – “The last I heard he was still against it (gay marriage) but he wanted to push for his party to have a conscience vote, so that was more than Labor was giving us…” WTF?

  9. He has repeatedly shown himself to think of women in a less than men ideal… I still as a woman can’t fathom why not only his daughters but his WIFE allow him to get away with it… personally I am so glad that I chose a smart, compassionate and open minded man as my partner and the father of my son, because he is teaching my son how to be a REAL MAN not a neanderthal…

  10. Kitchen Cabinet no better tonight. Girls there to do the work. Did not see the third one, Might have missed, as I found other things to do, while the show was on,

  11. Watching Lateline. Opened with the claim that when Corbett launched his attack against Rudd, Lateline was unaware that Corbett was a member of the Liberal Party.

    What an indictment. BTW, did he invite himself to appear? Was he invited? If so, who is responsible for same?


  12. Abbott’s stuck in a time warp, modern men do not act this way. Suggest he reads books other than Battlelines, watches TV shows made after 1970 and maybe even catches up with some male friends ?!? who, I’m sure, would have progressed beyond weekly meetings with their priest.

  13. I have been posting on the Behind Big Brother forum for quite a while, and can say that when this came up, the criticisms of Abbott were very scathing and cynical, with some comparing him and his daughters to a pimp and his prostitutes. Rudd did absolutely the right thing to pitch the marriage equality angle to the young demographic who watch the show, and Abbott just showed that he has no f##ing clue.

  14. Car sales figures released do not back up the Opposition or industry claims that closing the tax rorts on the FBT on cars is correct. There is only a very tiny fall in sales.

    Another lie, in this campaign of Abbott’s built on lies.

  15. Mr. Abbott says it will be an referendum on the carbon tax, Because he says so, does not make it true.

    We have listened to the debates. We have seen people interviewed inn the streets. How many have mentioned the carbon tax. I would say none, or very few. None mention the boats people either.

    Most seem to say they are voting for Abbott because they cannot stand Labor. Yes, some even say they have little time for Abbott. Others say, because it is not Labor.

    If this is true, Abbott’s claim does not hold true.

    Even Mr. Howard, and even Abbott himself, in the past said, that the mandate story was false.

    Maybe those who are intending to vote for Abbott. need to ask themselves, do they really want to get rid of the CEF legislation and all it entails.
    From what Abbott has said, and the money he is to spend on the dubious Direct Action, shows he has not intention of dealing with carbon emissions.
    The problem is not going away, and if not dealt with now, will cost much more in the future.

    Same goes for NBNCO lite/fraud.

    I was surprised when Abbott said he spent four years in the seminary. I thought it was much shorter than that. Did Abbott really go as far as having wedding arrangements called off and refuse to support the child that he thought was his,. Did that woman really die since that story emerged, without Abbott even bothering to see her, or attend the funeral. If so, a little different from the original story,

    If Abbott musters the vote on the floor of both houses, he will have a mandate. If he cannot do this, he will not. Like all PM’s before him, he will have to negotiate with others, to get his legislation through,. That is how the system works. Always works this way.]

    Mr Howard said similar things. Mr. Abbott voted against the Rudd proposal, that had been policy of Labor for three elections, as well as Mr. Howard’s policy.

    The Opposition argument there is, that Rudd should have backed off, because circumstances changed. , Rudd should have changed his mind, because things changed, but Gillard when she was PM, was condemned for doing the same. Changing her mind, because things changed.

    I love the Opposition, one rule for them, one rule for Labor,. In fact, Abbott runs to his own rules.

    It is time the Australian voter woke up the the childish antics of this Opposition.

    Also, let it be clear, government departments have to operate under the legislation that covers their department. No order from Abbott can change that. They cannot be suspended to further noticed. This occurs until the legislation that bound then is rescinded. That is the law. I suspect, even suspending their operations during the election period could be suspect.

    The other reality is, whoever wins this election, is face with the present senate until next June, so it is unlikely either party will get legislation through without the support of the minor party, as it is now.

    What we have heard from the Opposition, in what they will do, its just a lot of hot air, and straight out lies.

    Governments cannot do as they like. To change things, they have to get legislation through. Until that happens, the present arrangements stand.

    There will not be much happening to the middle of next year at least,. Then it will depend on the makeup of the senate, elected next Saturday.

    This is Abbott;s reality.

  16. The Constitution is clear. To get legislation passed, it much have the majority of votes on the floor of both houses. That is all ity says.

    Yes, there are provision within the Constitution for DD. There is procedures that must be followed. Even then, I believe, the GG has final say.

  17. You know what has struck me as most squirmworthy about this? That clip was pre-recorded, it wasn’t off the cuff. In other words, the libs brains trust looked at it and said ‘that will be fine’


  18. Fed Up – you are an idiot.
    My son sells Toyatas and my mate is a Mazda dealer.
    Both say sales have halved. Why ?
    Another Rudd on the run Policy – FBT.
    Only 2 sleeps to go.Best solution for Labor is Rudd to lose his own seat.

  19. VOYAGER you are an idiot and cannot look at facts, indeed refuse to, a sure sign of idiocy. A couple of dealers you might know does not make an entire nationwide industry.

    And I find it incongruous that you go on about waste and rorts, from one side only of course, but have no problem with the rorting of the taxpayer in this case.

    Why the double standards?

  20. If you are going on about your concern about the car industry VOYAGER then why are supporting Abbott who is going to allow the local manufacturing industry to go under?

    Another double standard?

  21. What does it say when a parent talks up their female children’s good looks and not their intelligence or social conscience? Is this an indication of how Tony Abbott views all women?

  22. Is this an indication of how Tony Abbott views all women?

    Yes Cass – utterances and actions from Mr Abbott over decades continuously reinforce the ingrained .misogyny…

  23. Morrison has reached a new low. Out complaining about the stabbing last night in Sydney. It appears it was fight between three Iranians on bridging visas.
    Complaining about the police having no knowledge of this fact. Are we to believe the police will check whether they are on the bridging visas before attending the incident.
    What good would it do anyway. How does having a bridging visa, indicate that you might get in a fight, with companions, leading to a stabbing.

  24. utterances and actions from Mr Abbott over decades continuously reinforce the ingrained .misogyny…

    And fully supports Gillards speech, and exposes the media’s protection racket for tabot to be just that.

    Gillard was a correct. When tabot tried to call Slipper a misogynist, it was a case of the pot calling the kettle. And that was the true .context’ of that entire speech. Our media missed it, and went with their own ‘context’, that was just plain wrong.

  25. Abbott’as recent behaviour around woman, proves that Ms,. Gillard got it right.
    The sad part is, Abbott has no idea what he is doing wrong.

    Wonder his father or mother does not take him aside. Then they have witness his behavior since he was a kid. Probably still think he is their golden head boy.

    The look on his wife’s face, sometimes suggest she understands.

  26. Gee, Abbott taking the piss out of you wowsers and you fell for it. When Abbott gets in women will be paid 50 cents a day…the PPL scheme will cost not much at those rates.

  27. Now the minister will decide what research is desirable. As they will suoerives the school curriculum each day.

    No scientist will agree with this stance. No one knows were any research goes. The biggest gains has come, from what many would considerer waste of time and money.

    Yes, the Opposition are still they they know more that experts.

    Experts in any field that is.

    Any money saved, would be tiny.,

  28. Regional infrastructure funds are to be slashed under Abbott. Yes, the infrastructure PM is beginning the right way.

    Looks like Abbott’s saving are going to lead to great waste.

    To me. it looks like the Abbott pulling down, all that Gillard has built.

  29. To Abbott, infrastructure is building roads. I think he might be behind the times with this. I suspect most have got over the excitement of new roads, knowing they lead nowhere, but to more holds up. Few would not believe you build the roads, and the cars come. No traffic holdups are alleviated. At least not in the long run.

    Other solutions are needed. Maybe back to Whitlam’s days of decentralization, which a wonderful tool would be NBNCo, the road in the cyber space, not on land.

  30. First thing is Abbott’s statement, that we should not be getting ideas above our station. I do not know how Abbott has got away with that statement.

    Rudd NPC ABC 24.

  31. Joe Hockey will today reveal that his assault on ‘Labor waste’ is nothing of the kind – a reprioritisation of spending, but not a substantial reduction in spending. At the time of writing, the effect on the budget is to improve the budget bottom line to the tune of $1.5 billion per year over the forward estimates – in the context of a $380 billion budget, it’s just not significant to the economy overall.

    So what of Abbott’s claim, that a surge in confidence will correct the record drop in company profits seen in the last earnings season? Abbott is relying on that turnaround to increase tax revenue and stop him sliding into a Wayne-Swan-style series of deficits.

    The Coalition has tried to talk this up, saying that its pro-business policies will attract $150 billion more in resources investments, re-start the mining boom and get things going again.

    If only. The halcyon days of the Howard government will not return for Abbott, or Rudd for that matter.

    Between 1996 and 2007, Howard enjoyed giant windfalls in tax revenue due to ‘mining boom mark I’ and also reaped tens of billion of dollars from privatising public assets – the biggest being Telstra.

    Howard had massive amounts of money to spend, and he gave it back to the people through unsustainable income tax cuts, ‘middle-class welfare’ family benefits, and even vote-buyer baby bonuses. (I got the cheques too – thanks John!)

    Moreover, between 2000 and 2007, the nation got drunk on foreign investors’ hard-earned savings. Banks and non-banks gorged themselves on wholesale funding from abroad, and punters bid up the housing market accordingly. ………..


    scaper, you better tell the leaders of the USA and most in Europe, that the GFC finished years ago. Suspect, it they will find that statement a surprised.

    By the way, do you work. If so, that would surprise me.

  32. That we has aspirations above our statements, was common belief back in the 1950;s and era, I do not look back with pleasure.

    Once again, evidence that Abbott is struck back in the era. Before his birth, I do believe.

    Abbott put 200 policies into the PBO before the election was called, therefore do not have to produce the findings.

  33. By the way, car sales figures just released do not support Abbott’s claimed, that asking those with cars under FBT, meet the legibility rules. In other words, closing a tax loop hole has not led to the demise of car sales in this country,.

  34. Do I work? Only for myself and did work the last three days but have given myself the rest of Labor’s term off. One day pays for a weeks expenses. Have got a full schedule of work lined up commencing next week so won’t be around here during the day, that should make you happy.

  35. I remember meeting with Greg Hunt not long after Turnbull had been toppled from the Liberal leadership to discuss research we were planning at the Grattan Institute. At the time of the meeting I genuinely felt sorry for Hunt. He had been asked to eat and enjoy what looked like a truly horrible shit sandwich, to borrow from Abbott’s turn of phrase.

    Just about every informed Australian policy analyst had converged on the view that pricing carbon was the best way to reduce emissions. Sure there was some argument around the periphery about how to handle internationally traded goods, compensation for loss of asset-value, and the use of complementary mechanisms. But overall there was a remarkable consensus, even amongst key industry lobby groups like the Business Council of Australia, the Australian Industry Group and the Energy Supply Association of Australia.

    I was pretty sure Hunt concurred with this view given his advocacy in the past for a water market and his role as Turnbull’s shadow environment minister.

    But with almost no resources, and down in the polls Hunt would have to swim against the tide of expert opinion and against what I thought was his own philosophical outlook.

    Now he is on the verge of taking a position in an Abbott Government cabinet, having played a vital role in supporting Abbott’s rise on the back of his ‘Axe the Carbon Tax’ campaign.

    It is an extraordinary lesson in the magnificent use of bluffing.

    Last week the Climate Institute called Hunt’s bluff, releasin

    Yes, the greatest game of bluff, that we have ever seen in this country’s political history.

    I mean, all of Abbott;s campaign is all bluff and no substance.

  36. Gee. that does surprise me scaper. I do not, live alone but find it hard to find the time, you appear to have, to sit before that computer.

  37. Yesterday I touched on how Tony Abbott may be missing some of the complexities involved in an emissions reduction scheme based around reducing businesses’ emissions intensity (Abbott’s base level logic, September 4). But in many respects it is Abbott’s fellow Coalition colleague Malcolm Turnbull that has inadvertently delivered the most incisive critique.

    On Monday Abbott, in all his homespun wisdom, optimistically told the National Press Club:

    … it is in everyone’s economic interests … to try to reduce its costly inputs and often the most costly inputs apart from labour are fuel and power, and a sensible business wants to cut its costs as far as it reasonably can and normally that means using as little fuel and power as possible. So please, never underestimate the ordinary economic imperative to emit less.
    But Malcolm Turnbull knows better. Turnbull in a speech to parliament in 2010 explained, in all his knowledgeable nerdiness, why energy efficiency by itself was likely to reduce our overall emissions:

    I am an enthusiastic supporter of energy … efficiency. However, gross emission abatement figures … often fail to take into account what is known as the Jevons paradox. This paradox was described in 1865 by the British economist William Stanley Jevons…. he pointed to the experience of the Scottish iron industry, where the consumption of coal per tonne of iron had dropped by one-third but the consumption of coal, because of the enormous increase in the production of iron, had increased 10 times over.
    And, of course, Turnbull went on:

    … the increase in fuel savings arising from the Bessemer process for steelmaking in the 19th century … dramatically reduced the cost of steel … Not only did this result in much more steelmaking requiring much more coal because it made steel cheaper and more available – notwithstanding the efficiency obtained by the new process – but the new steel was used in building railroads and other infrastructure, all of which had caused or initiated their own energy demands.
    And after quite a few more academic references, he concluded:

    It follows that energy efficiency, while very desirable, is not a solution to greenhouse gas emissions or their abatement in and of itself.
    Yep, good old Malcolm, he may not be much good at humouring his less intelligent and less well-read colleagues but he is right.

    You see, the problem Turnbull was outlining is that while human beings have been great at improving the efficiency with which we turn inputs into outputs, we’re rarely content with keeping the number of outputs we consume constant. Instead, we take the gains from this increased efficiency and use it to produce more outputs and therefore consume the same or even more inputs.

    Over the period of 1990-2010, while the Australian economy achieved a 20 per cent improvement in converting energy into economic output, guess what happened to overall emissions growth in energy producing and consuming sectors?

    The chart below provides the answer:.


    Abbott, once again wrong. When one gives simple answers to complex problems, one always gets it wrong.

  38. Don’t make me laugh FU. You live on this bloody site. You here first thing every morning and last thing every nite. Get a job!

  39. Costings are to be released in one hour. Media to have access to the figures for 15 minutes. I am sure, that those, they have brief over the last few days, will be ready with questions, to drown out all others.

    Why such a staged managed event, to released costings.

    Cannot help but think, we are about to see the biggest con of this election campaign.

  40. Yes FU, they have already said that the PBO, who have made their job so much easier than Labor ever had it in opposition, will be ignored. Obviously, cos they don’t count conservative enough for them 😉

  41. JL, that is my point. I am retired, with time on my hands, saper and many others, are here as often. I do not claim to work. They do.

  42. From reading posts, you never leave the café whispers. You are here morning, noon and nite, day in day out ramming your egotistical opinions down everybody’s throat. One time I counted 28 consecutive posts by you…what a freak! You must live in a cold climate or something.

  43. I feel, I have already did my bit. Worked all my life. The emphasis on ALL. Have raised four kids, firstly in a violent marriage , then on mt own. I also managed to get myself back to university at 40. gaining a degree and diploma. Worked as a professional for the remainder of my working days.

    Now in my seventies. I know Abbott sees the answer, to deal with the likes of us, is to get us back to work. Not interested.

    I am a grand and great grandmother. Have done my bit.

    Started off before I left school, on a dairy farm. Do not have to tell one, what that means.

    jl, your comment borders on stupidity.

  44. JL, what is your problem. You are free as others are to scroll by my comments.

    In fact , I post most, to stir up comments from others. All are free to disagree. That is what it is all about.

    No one is forced to come here and read.

  45. ramming your egotistical opinions down everybody’s throat.

    Thank god no one else does the here 😯

    Oh, wait

    Lazy cow!

    Yea, you’re right, that’s not egotistical 😆

  46. You are here morning, noon and nite, day in day out ramming your egotistical opinions down everybody’s throat.

    Are you trying to say that someone might have missed their true calling as a professional political journo, JL?

  47. JL, yep, are you jealous, I have earn this right., Maybe, if you are lucky, you might just be in the same position.

    The great moment has arrived. ABC 24. The shadow ministers still have not shown up.

    Still have not got documents.

    “.ELECTION 2013
    Tony Abbott to champion freedom of speech
    BY:PAUL KELLY AND DENNIS SHANAHAN From: The Australian September 05, 2013
    TONY Abbott plans to roll back Labor’s laws that limit free speech on the basis of not “giving offence”, defend religious freedom and reform the Australian Human Rights Commission.

    In an exclusive interview with The Australian, the Opposition Leader said that, if elected, he would work with his attorney-general, George Brandis, to require the commission to champion, instead of restrict, the right of free speech in Australia.



  48. Tom, I love being a lazy cow. JL is spot on.

    Just put the points up. People are free to do what they like with them. Wonder why the visitors from the right, always end up with personal abuse.

    Plenty of other sites available more to their likings. No need to come here.

    The only regret I have, my aging eyes let errors pass.

  49. Stream lining family court procedures. Lyndal said she was not sure what that was about. Smells once again, of Kevin Andrews, and his giving fathers rights. that place their children at risk..

    Maybe Abbott’s two tier divorce, in bringing back fault divorce for those that want it.

    I was under the impression that the Family Law Courts work well and quickly for most.

  50. As for Commissions of Audit, does not good governance say, that this would be a ongoing action within all departments, at all times.

  51. This thread was about Tony Abbott’s presentation to the Big Brother house. TA’s presentation was so embarrassing that his followers are desperate to derail this thread. It is obvious to me that TA’s performance in that clip has blown his chances of winning out of the water.

    What messages did it send? Vote for me – because I have two reasonably attractive daughters, so I must have good DNA. Forget about policies. I have none.

    Rudd won the day easily with his pitch about marriage equality. He made two housemates cry out of joy. That type of publicity is gold.

    I would also draw your attention to what the asian housemate, Mikkayla, said in that clip. She is an avid Liberal supporter, and she tried to justify voting for Abbott because he will have a conscience vote on gay marriage. How stupid is that? No, Mikkayla, it’s the very opposite. It’s Rudd who will have the conscience vote, and Abbott who will dictate votes against gay marriage.

    Mikkayla is your typical stupid Liberal voter, with her facts mixed up, and who isn’t afraid to spread her confusion with others. This woman is supposed to be a school teacher. I fear for our children’s education with idiots like this in the classroom.

  52. Oh for fuck sake. After going on for such a long time about releasing their costings and savings “in good time” before the election they wait until the last minute when ads attacking them can’t be run and give us utter shit.

    A 22 minute news conference and $9 billion in savings, of which a portion is pie in the sky stuff. That’s it? You have to be joking.

    The biggest portion of that is going to be $4.5 billion cut to foreign aid. Well isn’t that going to be a clanger, and talk about counting your chickens before they hatch, $1.1 billion in stopping the boats. Something this current government is well on the way to doing by the way.

    Then there is Abbott being the PM for Aboriginals, yet since making that statement has implemented two thing that are unfavourable to Aboriginals. You can now add a third to the scalp of the PM for Aboriginals, the cutting of $42 million from Indigenous Policy.

    Hockey sweating like a pig in announcing this crud, and he should be.

    As someone tweeted. Hey Liberal voters are you watching these fuckwit amateurs.

  53. Yes, it is likely we will be back in the future, putting back in place what Abbott has demolished.

    That is norm for most Labor reforms. Have to be put in place twice.

    Why not bypass the process, and stick with what we have now? Less waste that way.

    “……….n fact, precisely the opposite is true. Carbon policy is not settled, and Labor is right to claim it will stick to its guns in opposition. Climate change is real and worsening, with the IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri recently telling the world we are at “five minutes to midnight” when it comes to saving the planet. An Australian government that walked away from its binding 5 per cent target on reducing emissions would be a huge symbolic blow to international action. In the meantime, the sophisticated infrastructure that Labor has painstakingly built on carbon – the Climate Commission, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Climate Change Authority, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, even the Department of Climate Change itself – will be dismantled. The war against carbon will even spill over into academia, with reports today that the Coalition would start vetting Australian Research Council grants to make sure they weren’t wasted on research on public art and climate change, to take one very specific example.

    As Fairfax’s Ben Cubby observes today, for all its carbon contortions, Labor eventually teamed with the Greens and independents to put in place a policy framework that had the ability to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions. After the wrecking ball of an Abbott government moves through, Cubby writes, “in all likelihood, this policy infrastructure will have to be rebuilt from the ground up in three or six years’ time.”

    We constantly hear reports of how disengaged voters can’t see the difference between the Coalition and Labor. On climate policy, there is a clear difference. The difference is not just over the narrow issue of the carbon tax. It is now about which party will actually reduce emissions. More broadly, it is about whether Australia will play its part in helping to stabilise the climate, or turn up the burners on a cooking pl.”


  54. Well we knocker, he does not like to read. That, I believe could be a problems. Why is he still pulling those girls around.

    It seems Turnbull has made a big big mistake. Notice money to address the gangling issue has disappeared.

    Anything that Labor has touched, has to go.

    It is vengeance that drive this man.

  55. At work today 2 of the apprentices walked up to me and said that because they have footy GF’s on Sat 7th they voted yesterday…….. and that they voted for the NBN… Labor’ NBN 😀 ……. and geeze I was chuffed 😀 …. they also said all their mates were voting for the NBN too……. geeze I was bouyed 😉 …. it ain’t over till its over 🙂

  56. horatio, maybe he needs his hands free, to keep shoveling food into his glob. Those traveling with him are not allow to film him eating.

  57. Just got this message in a huge banner across the top of a special interest forum I’m a member of.

    News alert
    The Coalition has quietly released policy for mandatory opt-out internet filtering for all internet and mobile service providers.
    If you care about your ability to visits sites like this, make your voice heard.
    Coverage: Whirlpool discussionITNewsZDNet – ZDNet follow-up – Policy document

    So again we see the double standards by the totally different treatment meted out by the media to the government and the opposition.

    So here is a nanny state restriction of freedom of speech policy being snuck in by the Coalition without a boo from the media at the same time Abbott is saying he is going to repeal some of the racial vilification act as it against freedom of speech.

    Does any right winger not see anything wrong with Abbott?

  58. What was missed in the announcement yesterday, when it was said there would be a reduction in foreign aid. The fact that they are going to by pass governments and such bodies, as the UN. They are going, in my understanding to charities and such agencies.

    Does this mean, another get back at the PNG Prime Minister, when he made agreements, to be more involved in aid we give to that country. Does that indicate, that they intend to destroy the PNG refugee solution is dead in the water/

    As I said, this will be a vindictive government, that will destroy anything connected with Labor, no matter the value of the programme.

    Listening to Robb and Shorten ABC 24.

    Also, the Libs have created a rod for their own back, with there ongoing ranting of deficits and debts. This is quickly coming home to roost. They know, as well as the rest of us, that is stupid policy.It will haunt them for the next three years.

    It appears that infrastructure, to this L-NP party is roads and nothing else. They have raised the Commonwealth share to 50.50. What the cities will not get, is improved public transport, which includes trains and light rails.

    We also learnt yesterday, from Abbott’s own lips, that is is waste of time reading, as he has poor comprehension problems. Waste of time him regarding anything.

    What was also interesting, from the mouth of Turnbull, policy is released from head office, and that he had not seen the policy
    before it was announced.

    Yes, Abbott said he read the policy, and it was poorly worded. No it was not, it was clearly written, and could mean nothing else.

    Bug cuts, many that are not in the documents published yesterday, along with much spending, to pay for a grandiose PLL scheme.

    Do we really need big roads at this time, at the expense of everything else.

    Will he produce a stroger economy. Fro, what we see, I do not see how that will occur.

    As for the pensioners that are complaining about nothing being offered to them. I suggest, that under Abbott, you will get less. I beieve they have already promised to take some away. For the self funded retiree, your franking on investments will less., to pay for that PPL.

  59. Well the official figures produce for the period show a drop of 0.2 percent. Of course one can be seen as an idiot, in going with solid figures, not observations of some car seller, that could have their own agenda.

    Time will tell, if the perception out in the community has it right or not.
    IMHO, I think, we will see that reality after tomorrow, that is the Australian economy going backwards.

    Voyager, why do they that come here to criticize, always fall back on personal abuse. You all do it, all the time. What makes you think, you are so superior. It becomes a little boring to end up at this point in every discussion with you LOT.

    It is if you all get pleasure, in not being right, but seeing how damn nasty you all can be.

    Not upset or hurt, just wondering.

  60. I suspect that software sneaked into the policy yesterday, was the work of some of the Christian fundamentals within the party, flexing their muscles. Same goes for the announcement yesterday, with changes to the Family Law Act. They were in great numbers in the Howard government, are are still around. In this< i am not rally including Abbott himself.

  61. You have a strange perception, whine about the supposed abuse but don’t see the abuse by your lot. Got called an arselicker yesterday by repty and you reckon being called an idiot is abuse?

    Speaking of squirm worthy, I see that Rudd has used people on one of his flyers, some denying the quotes.


    The fake has been caught out. Latest poll in Griffith…Rudd behind Glasson.

  62. scaper, I believe all here treat you with respect. Sometimes I wonder why we bother.

    One teaches their kids, well parents with the child’s best interest at heart, that it is wrong to gloat.

    scaper, in case it had missed your noticed, we live in an democracy, that have elections every three years. Yes, Labor can win, People will win or lose seats.

  63. Rudd. I am inclined to agree.

    For the country, Abbott losing his sear would be better.

    As bad as one sees Rudd, he will be never in Abbott’s league.

  64. the office had a recording of Mrs Millar’s comments as they were quoted in the brochure.

    “Ms Millar did consent to using her statement and the audio was recorded at the time, as is normal process,” the spokesman said.

    Hmm… Interestinger and interestinger. One could wonder if the “dirty tricks” campaign here actually originated on the other side of the political fence 😉

  65. New Coalition policy. Money for qualified teachers in child care is gone. Only signed contacts will be honoured. A one paragraph announcement.

  66. scaper, no one seems to deny making the statements. Just did not like it to be used in political advertising. Another beat up. Believe we will see many in the next few hours.

  67. FU more dirties are being exposed as the day progresses

    “What’s that mean translated into English?” he said.

    “What that means is the bucket of money which we, the Australian Government, have out there to assist child care centres around the country to have qualified teachers at the centre … to do the pre-literacy and pre-numeracy courses which are the absolute core of our early childhood education program, is, according to this statement, gone for the future.

    “In other words, they will accept any contract which exists up until now, but gone for the future.”


  68. One could wonder if the “dirty tricks” campaign here actually originated on the other side of the political fence

    That clarification from Labor has only just been put up. The story has been up all morning, without corroboration. I am actually surprised at the lack of ‘dirty tricks’ I thought it would be wall to wall, but it pretty subdued from murdoch. This lame attempt, and, on the oo, another NBN bash, which is already denied by NBNCo

  69. My best jane.

    One for the right wingers who I remember having a go at the mining tax not raising any revenue.

    Hockey’s sweaty costings states they will lose $3.7 billion in mining revenue scraping the tax.

    Yet another duplicity by the Liberals.

  70. “A present for Neil, Voyager, Tweed & scaper.”

    I wish i didn’t read that link. It just reaffirms my belief that Labor supporters are totally corrupt. I have to add Alan Austin to my ever increasing list of journalists not to trust. However i still think Stephen Koukoulis is the most dishonest.

    Let us hope that the most useless govt in Australian history is defeated tomorrow.

    It would not matter how good Costello was, 45% of the population would still winge, moan and complain.

  71. Costello swung in a hammock during a dceade+ of the biggest influx of tax revenues in history.

    He was rolled out of the hammock in 2007, leaving the budget in structural deficit and $58 billion gross debt.

  72. And Cuppa just re re reaffirms what i just said.

    I don’t think Labor supporters have any ethics or morals.

  73. Neil hates the truth, so I’ll say it again.

    Costello swung in a hammock during a dceade+ of the biggest influx of tax revenues in history.

    He was rolled out of the hammock in 2007, leaving the budget in structural deficit and $58 billion gross debt.

  74. Liberals accused of ‘data harvesting operation’

    The Liberal Party has been accused of conducting a “massive data harvesting operation” which collects highly personal information about people and their friends using Facebook.

    A website created by the Liberal Party, thechoice.liberal.org.au, asks users to log-in with their Facebook account to “see Australia’s two possible futures”.

    Once users proceed to see the “futures”, they are then told that the Liberal Party would like to access (with permission) their Facebook profile, which includes information such as the user’s name, profile picture, age range, gender, language and other public information. They are also told the Liberal Party will gain access to a list of the user’s friends, their friends’ likes and their friends’ location.

    The user’s friend is not asked whether this information should be divulged to the Liberal Party.

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