I’ve raised the white flag

I’ve raised the white flag. Yes, there are still a few days to go and stranger things have happened but I’ve resigned myself to the horrible thought that Tony Abbott will be standing tall after Saturday night.

We all gave it our best shot. And we will keep giving it our best shot after Saturday, but I think it’ll be easier for us when people eventually see that the government they voted for is not the government they got. It will soon enough become evident that the new government has the interests of the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart and George Pell closer to their heart than the millions of people who helped vote them in.

What can I say?

The words of Facebooker Perpetually Enraged says it better than me. PE says:

I give in . . .

Vote Liberal!!!

I’ve finally decided that the MSM is right, the Opposition policies are exactly what we need at the moment.

I desperately want:

The elimination of the schoolkids bonus
The capping of superannuation at 9%
The PPL that benefits 50,000 women to the detriment of 9,000,000
The elimination of the Carbon Price and all its benefits
The elimination of the MRRT so the miners get richer
The elimination of pay increases for aged care workers
The elimination of Medicare Locals
The reduction of the tax free threshold from $18,000 to $6,000
The reintroduction of the non means tested health rebate
The reduction in funding for schools
The reduction in health funding
The destruction of our environment
The destruction of the world class NBN
The deferral of marriage equality
The attacks on unions and the workers they represent
The reduction of wages and conditions
The reduction in productivity
The death of the car industry in Australia
The death of the ABC as we know it
The increase in Murdoch’s media ownership
The loss of our AAA credit rating
The increase in unemployment
The increase in the GST
The elimination of the low income super contribution
The increased cruelty to refugees
The embarrassment of Abbott and Bishop on the world stage
The embarrassment of Hockey and Robb in control of the economy
The deceitful, immoral, dishonest Brandis as Attorney General
The elimination of the World Heritage listing in Tasmania
The elimination of the Marine Parks legislation
The investment in roads rather than public transport
The robbing of the poor to give to the rich
The forcing of public schools to become independent
The further erosion of TAFE and trades training
The march towards Uni for the rich, started under Howard
The increase in dishonesty, deceit, hubris and obfuscation
The decrease in social equity and a fair go for all

All this and more . . .

Well said, PE. It’s pleasing to know that that’s what people will be voting for. But when they wake up, it will be easier for us to work together to remove Tony Abbott in 2016 than it has been keeping him out of office in 2013.

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  1. Ah, well at least we won’t have to listen to Abbott complain about the Government. And we can keep asking when energy prices are coming down or when these bloody boats are gong to stop.

  2. How sad, telling people to vote for that Horrible man who has lied and cheated and stuffed up so many times in his time as Opposition Leader, Prime Minister my arse, Can’t Talk, Can’t think for him self, Can’t walk , Unbelievable what you can achieve By saying NO Australia is going to be a Laughing stock, , And what about his Mates, He’s bad but what about Mirrabella , Truss, Joyce, Pyne, Bronwyn Bishop, Julie Bishop, How Lucky are we to have such talent, Where is a good Guy Fawkes when you need one, Sad day for Australia ,Sad Sad Sad

  3. At least, today they seem to be connecting that so called tax to climate change. Penny might just drop yet.

    Yes since Abbott has said, no matter whether Direct Action works or not, there will be no m ore money. Therefore he does not care about carbon emissions.

    Bull shit artist in recorded message 7.30

  4. Don’t give up yet. Forget the opinion polls – they are rigged (being owned by News Ltd does that, you know) and the latest gaffes and policy backflips are showing that Abbott is a simple minded moron internationally, who really stands for nothing.

    Don’t give up, don’t give in. Take heart. It can be done.

  5. If by horrible mischance you are correct and we wake up on Sunday morning and find Tony Abbott on our TV screens with the mother of all wake-up regrets (did we really just….? Yes, I think we did. Ssh, let’s just say no more about it and get you out the door as quickly as possible. I’ll call you, I promise) then it will be more important than ever to keep up the fight. History is written by the victors, and unless we can maintain the fire and the fight for honesty, then the story of the terrible Labor guv’mint and the noble Coalition that came in to save us from it will be the defining narrative for another two or three terms….

  6. Michael, if you watched 7.30. one felt it was all over for Abbott. Worse performance, if possible, than his NPC appearance earlier today.

    Has anyone met the man, that wants to be PM. What is he like in person.

    I am concern, he will not last until Saturday. That silly laugh is becoming more pronounced today.

    He was at home among those giggling netball players, over the weekend,. Yes the ones he told, that physical contact ion the game was OK. Not to sure, the umpire would agree..

  7. John, I suspect that is some of the red and black tape that Abbott wantsd to get rid of it. Good luck. Hard to come back.

  8. From the PUB

    This has to be the comedy line of the night.

    Peter van Onselen ‏@vanOnselenP 14m
    I thought Tony Abbott sounded VERY competent discussing foreign affairs tonight on 7:30 with @leighsales. Cautiously conservative in style.

  9. Likewise John McP great to see you back! My feeling is that we are going to see some very uneven trends and it will be interesting to see whether or not these are based on Murdoch’s perceived spheres of influence ie the less informed/less educated demographic who *believe it cos they read it/saw it on the tellie* seeing a large swing to the LNP while with the younger better educated demographic will see a swing to The Greens especially in the Senate. I also believe that the female vote will be the wild card at this election.

  10. Alas, Miglo, mate, you have listed many things we should be considering. You have not mentioned that WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT HITLER bit.ly/172C2ax

    I’ll still be voting Greens with a second course of ALP’s!

  11. Abbott was talking about the cuts he will make, as if they did not mean money out of people pockets,.

    Ranting on about living within ones means.

    It was hard to follow what he was trying to say. Kept drifting off into slogans. He was pull into line more than once.

    You know the list of cuts, you Micheal and Kaye elsewhere have listed. All affect low income families and and small businesses.

    I have seen cuts to pensioners among them. 17 billion worth, is it not. Then he goes on, to tell us, we can afford his grandiose PPL.

    Yes, but we cannot afford to protect the atmosphere from carbon emissions.

    Yes, I am confused.

  12. FFS Lefty`s. Well it looks like recovering teabag Andrew Elder and duopoly disliker(me) are the only two Aussies that don`t really believe Mr-Rabbit will benefit from nationwide mass-stupidity.? Take a look at what Mr-Rabbit offers, it is less than what they already have, or is total bullshit like the PPS, which will go up in smoke, at the first sign of surplus-fetish panic.
    Do you really think Australia can the crown off teh-yanks as `Dumbest` nation on earth.?

  13. I don’t accede to voter stupidity because they vote one way or the other, except for rusted on Liberals. The same voter can’t be stupid because in one election they vote one way and then smart because the next they vote the other.

    There are many reasons why non-rusted ons vote the way they do, fear being high amongst them.

  14. NBN V’s the landline Polled V’s the uploaders.. record number of young enrollee’s…… it ain’t over till it’s over.
    ” Something that’s abundantly clear from Turnbull’s responses is that he doesn’t understand the YouTube generation that upload videos daily. This is where uploads count the most, user-generated content, not business generated, but user-generated from their homes.”

    ” A total of 14,712,799 people are enrolled to vote in the 2013 federal election, Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn announced today.

    “The electoral roll has increased by over 624,000 since the last election, significantly more than the previous comparable period from 2007 to the 2010 when the increase was just over 440,000,” Mr Killesteyn said.

    Many Australians left enrolling to vote or updating their details to the last minute.

    “From the announcement of the election on Sunday 4 August to the 8pm close of rolls deadline on Monday 12 August, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) added over 162,000 people to the roll.”


  15. LOVO, due to a small hiccup in the system (ie me) our NBN was not working on my computer..I was reduced to a speed of around 4mbps instead of the 95+mbps with the NBN. At that greatly reduced speed even ordinary sites such as that of the SMH and The Age were timing out.

  16. Fed up, I’m far more confident in the common good theory rather than any largesse which might perhaps trickle down from the wealthy and influential – needless to say it’s Labor for me and the Greens in the Senate.

  17. One on nursing homes. Abbott has plan to fix that one up. He will remove all nursing home regulations. Then they will have time to look after those in their care. I am not joking, this is the answer, Abbot gave a few days ago.

    Tony seems to know what the questions are, before we hear them

  18. Is qanda saying they could not find one questioner, that had a Labor point of view.

    It would be hard to get so many questions of this kind by accident.

  19. Just getting back to the start of the thread, you forgot to mention the sale of Medibank Private, I’m so looking forward to that. And we’ll be spared those fucking endless ABC “the federal opposition says…” intros, there’ll be none of them. And with any luck, soon there’ll be no ABC at all. And I’m pushing for the PPL scheme to be extended to pets, particularly my cats. This’ll be of inestimable value to the household finances when the next litter arrives. I deserve it. And that’s what matters.

  20. Michael I agree. Those god dammed voters look like they have got it wrong again. I mean this democracy nonsense has just got to end and let the Left Latte Set get on with the business of social engineering without interference from the great unwashed voter.
    Still not quite sure if we agree Latham, Rudd, Gillard, Rudd have been Exemplary Leaders orTools. Can I be advised of the correct position in this matter from the LLS?
    I must be honest I am more concerned with the temperature of my Cervesa Grande and the variety of my Tapas at the very moment.
    Cheers from Club de Regatas Los Urrutias Mar Menor

    I am taking the punt that consensus will confirm Tool…….

  21. Tweed, I just clicked onto your Gravatar by mistake & WordPress tells me you don’t exist. Try to live up to that.

  22. BSA Bob,

    And we’ll be spared those fucking endless ABC “the federal opposition says…” intros, there’ll be none of them. And with any luck, soon there’ll be no ABC at all.

    I sympathise with how you feel. The contempt the ABC shows for its charter and the public sometimes makes me wish it were shut down.

    I doubt the Liberals would do it though. The political cost would be too high (providing the ABC hasn’t already alienated so many people that no one is left to care what happens to it).

    They would have also taken note of what happened in Greece where the government shut down its public broadcaster. Apparently the domestic backlash (as well as international) was considerable.

    What they would probably do is require the ABC to accept advertising. This is a double-edged sword in my view. The concern is that, like any commercial media ABC would lose a degree of editorial independence if there were the imperative of keeping advertisers happy. For example, ABC would be loathe to run programs of narrow interest, as the smaller audience for them wouldn’t be profitable. It would be loathe to investigate too deeply into corporate malpractice and the like, especially if the organisations concerned were sponsor or prospective sponsors.

    On the positive side, a broadcaster funded by advertising could be more answerable to the public than the ABC presently is. At the moment, you may complain to the ABC about editorial bias and whatnot. But you might as well talk to the hand for all the effect it usually has. If the ABC were sponsored, you could take your complaint instead to the advertisers. Tell them you are not happy with the bias of the ‘product’ they’ve sponsoring and enlist their help in forcing the ABC to change. ABC would take notice of sponsors because they wield the chequebook. The sponsors could be leveraged by the audience to force the ABC to perform better and be more responsive.

  23. Fed Up
    I hadn’t thought of Ozpost, it’d be worth a bit. Don’t know whether it’s on the list to go yet. I’ve said for ages that the only thing you can guarantee about Tones is that he’ll want money & won’t care where he gets it from. So I reckon everything will be under consideration. With the exception of Kirribilli House & The Lodge of course. Parliament’s already been outsourced so that could be formalised.

  24. Well Migs this is undoubtedly the most sensible and realistic post by you ever.
    Labor does not deserve re-election. Labor has treated its Party Members
    like dirt always, these things must change. So many of these issues I have
    raised but even thinkers here dismissed constructive input. Party heavies turned their hearing aids off years ago .Union power has killed Labor. I honestly can understand the pain that you all will feel on Satbut Governance is cyclic.It is really a time for all of us to build a Better Future for Australia.My very best thoughts and wishes to you all

  25. Cuppa
    That’s good stuff. Am tired now so will reread it on the morrow. One thing I think is likely is that the ABC news divisions could be defunded & run as a cut price propaganda outfit. The point about being able to leverage through sponsors is a good one, as Alan Jones can testify. Bushfire Bill often refers to the media’s having alienated a great deal of its potential audience, it’d be good if this group could make its presence felt.

  26. Never surrender never give in, I am in denial re the the blogs.
    I refuse to believe that the Australian people know, that what the MSM say is what is actually happening at this time.
    If the unspeakable happens on Sat, Joseph Goebbels will have been proved right, and we need not have elections from now on.

    The new order will be in place and the media will shrink to the point of being invisible and irrelevant, no loss there.
    I hope all the ALP caucus members who voted against Julia can each bend over and give themselves a kick up their own ar**s.
    Rudd has been pathetic in this campaign wimpish, seems to have forgotten everything he new when dumping the rodent, too busy white anting to come up with a strategy to beat Abbort.

  27. I think there is one thing you have forgotten and that is there are going to be so many I told you so’s said that is if you can find anyone who will admit to voting him in. Let’s face it he so stupid he is going to stuff up time and time again same as the rest of his front bench. At least we will be able to laugh at the clown along with the rest of the world when they get to meet the idiot on the world stage. They are already laughing at him most of them have not met him yet. Hope no one asks him a question he does not like but it would be funny to see him go into that weird head nod and crazy stare. I will be able to buy my car sticker “Don’t Blame Me, I didn’t vote for him”. At least the sticker makers will make a fortune out of him. The old saying is true ” If you don’t laugh you will cry.”
    He will not be able to run away from the media either that should bring us some laughs. Just realized I am going to have to keep my tele off as well, I can not stand to look at him never mind listen to his stilted way of talking.
    I have come to the conclusion that most people do not want low interest rates, low taxes and low unemployment, they so obviously want all these things to go up. Maybe we are going to have the recession the people of Australia want, they must feel cheated because we came through the GFC with hardly a scratch.

  28. Absolutely bloody pathetic! Look what you produced: A proven liar, a bad-mouthed hippocrite, do I have to keep going back to Goof who “stole” millions of dollars from Defence retirees and now they are living in poverty. Well done Labor you should feel really proud -NOT.

  29. Well, a lot of things you say that the next government will do is simply untrue. I briefly talked to Abbott the day after the convoy rally in Greg Hunt’s office, was there in relation to CSG mining.

    He’ll do for the first term and have no intention of meeting him when he is PM. No need to as got other avenues to exercise my will. The old timers here know my agenda (GSC) and it has come a long way in the last six years.

    Sure, the government will make a few stuff ups, they all do. I’m looking at the leadership team and supportive of who will come after Abbott.

  30. was there in relation to CSG mining.

    was there in relation to ashby (fixed it for ya scapes)

    Sure, the government will make a few stuff ups, they all do.

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    And so the excuses begin already. Labor makes a mistake, and it is a ‘litany’ ROFL

    Look at our economy, you don’t get that from a ‘litany’ of mistakes.

  31. Here is a typical Liberal candidate..ah well, at least she has sex appeal. 🙄

    A Liberal candidate in western Sydney has said she believes asylum seekers are contributing to outer-suburban traffic jams.

    ”[Asylum seekers are] a hot topic here because our traffic is overcrowded,” Fiona Scott, the Liberal candidate for the seat of Lindsay told the ABC’s 4 Corners program.

    When asked to explain her view she said: ”Go sit on the M4, people see 50,000 people come in by boat – that’s more than twice the population of [western Sydney suburb] Glenmore Park,” she said.

    Ms Scott also suggested asylum seekers were exacerbating hospital waiting queues.


  32. Tom, that’s far too factual..best to concentrate on important “news” such as how Rudd was supposed to have told a woman how to wear her hair..but wait, that turned out to be a lie.

    And this is how the Murdoch media do it..take the statement (as per the link to the SMH): ”I said, ‘Oh, I’m not sure about how I should be wearing my hair.”’ and it becomes a screaming headline about Rudd being a power-tripper.

  33. Scaper, but who will come after Abbott? Abbott promised to never make any changes, and he won’t..he simply doesn’t have the imagination to be able to do anything differently. The right of the party hold power and so Turnbull is unlikely to be doing anything remotely important or impressive..the powers that be will be making certain of that. After Abbott comes Pyne.

  34. that turned out to be a lie.

    Are you sure Min. Perhaps you could highlight the ltdnews article that corrected their assertion 😉

  35. The promise that Abbott made, to make no changes whatever is poor stupidity. Does that means that Abbott is going to suspend good governance during his reign.

    Governing is about dealing with the issues of the day, as they arise.

    I would expect to be a prudent PM to assess the issues of the day, and if they change from when he made hos promises during another election campaign, and do what is needed to addressed the problems.

    I cannot understand the ABC this morning. Making a fun of everything that occurred yesterday. Seems to be from Sabre Lane down, not liking the answers Rudd is giving. Ignoring the shocking statements of Abbott completely.

    So it appear now, gays and carbons emissions, along with the tragedies in Syria are things to make light of.

    It appears that it is the journalist that now decides how Rudd answers the questions,m and they decide whether he has had long enough to do so.

    I might be silly, but I thought that was up to the listener.

    Abbott is proud that nothing has changed for him over the last four years. Does that not worry many, that we have a man, that ignores all that goes on around him, and goers ahead regardless.

    I want a PM that is capable to governing, in the full sense of the word. A man who is capable of assessing the problem and finding answers.

    Campaigns are about what one would like to do. Of where one in heading.

    Governing is , like politics, the art of the possible. One governs in the real world, where things are rarely like what we want, but where the decisions have to be made.

    Therefore saying, you will only do as promise and never change their mind, is terrifying.

    Sorry I use the word man, when referring to PM, but that is the choice we have this week.


  36. It appears that it is the journalist that now decides how Rudd answers the questions,m and they decide whether he has had long enough to do so.

    Apparently, Rudd skewered jones on this last night, with wtte “You asked me to be brief and now you’re asking me 3 questions about it”.

    When ‘baddies vs baddies’ just aint enough. God we are going to be the laughing stock should the polls prove correct.

  37. What are we getting this morning from our ABC. Talk about a survey and a matter of trust. This is the top story today. Not what occurred yesterday on qanda and 7.30.

    Not the messages that came from the both contenders.

    By the way, neither are seen as trustworthy. Neither reach 5%.

    What about climate change. What about the Syrian question. What about NBNCo. What about the education of kids. What about our age care system.

    Are not any of these important.

    Well at least, they are back to the costings.

  38. Tom, Rudd sure put Jones in his place last night, Lane this morning.

    The audience seem to be sacked against Rudd, but I got the sense, many respected him by the end of the show.

  39. When is Abbott, in particularly, going to make some contact with the public.

    Abbott is going to make change to the AAAC to ensure the saving made by rescinding the carbon tax are passed through.

    Problem for Abbott, is that there will be very little saving, as the so called carbon tax has not had much effect on the economy. Much less than was predicted.

    There is simply very little savings to be made.

    This was one mistake Rudd made last night, when he did not challenge Jones, who said the carbon tax was a great impost on business.

    Abbott’s problem is that his whole campaign is based on lies. One a

    The second is, that the so called carbon tax is not needed. I can only come to the conclusion, that Abbott does not believe in the damage that carbon emissiion does to the environment,

    I do not agree with Abbott, that Australia acts above it’s level on the world stage, that we are of little consequences. He appears to have no respect for our Presidency of the UN, that we are over reaching ourselves, and have little influence. Not sure that Mr. Howard would agree with him.

    He has said that he will have more important things to do here, and probably not be going to the UN.

    What, a PM, who can only deal with one matter at a time.

  40. Mr Abbott on Monday described the conflict as a civil war between “two pretty much equally unsavoury sides”.

    He added that the Syrian opposition included “quite a number of elements that are highly influenced by al-Qaeda”.

    The prime minister described Mr Abbott’s comments as “stunning”.

    He reminded the opposition leader that 80 countries, including Australia and the United States, recognised the main opposition umbrella group, the Syrian National Coalition.

    “If Mr Abbott is the prime minister on Sunday … is he going to send a direction to our ambassador in New York to de-recognise the Syrian National Coalition?” Mr Rudd told ABC radio on Tuesday.

    “This would set off such a reaction in Australian international relations and our standing across the world.

    “People wouldn’t just scratch their head, they’d walk away in horror at this appalling error of foreign policy judgment.”

    Which is why Abbott chickened out of appearing on Q&A..he cannot enter into any debate which requires any thought, intuition or knowledge. But hand him a dead fish, then he’s Johnny on the spot smirking in front of the nearest camera.


  41. Abbott promising to do a Howard but much worse. Erase the black armband and left wing view of history taught in schools to be replaced by his view of it. Would be OK if it were true, but it isn’t.

    He made this announcement on the back a lie, which won’t surprise anyone here, even the right wingers who for some reason condone his lies whilst calling others liars.

    Abbott said that there is no mention of a Liberal PM in history classes but there are of Labor PMs. That is a lie.

    Remember this is the man who said he would be the Aboriginal PM, but since that statement has been doing everything but recognising or acknowledging Aboriginals whilst doing everything policy wise to suppress and exclude them.

  42. Hadn’t seen this from last night, when Rudd was asked about his stance on Gay Marriage.

    He could have gone with the tried and true ‘goodies and baddies’ theme, but instead was brilliant.

  43. You can almost see his brain exploding on Rudd’s response.

    By the way the slavery response is one I often use when Christians hit me with bible passages as to why gays should be repressed. They can never come back with a credible answer after that.

  44. Pamela Rawlings, sorry but PM Abbott (lawd help us) will run away from the media, as he has always done. Look at Qld, CanDo disappears from the news for weeks at a time, and the ever friendly press just let him get away with it. Abbott has spent a lot of time in Qld, learning how to slash and burn, for no other reason than he can. And do not underestimate the depths that the torys will sink to kick anyone who is not one of them. Tha sad part is that Labor is so stupid as to put Peter Beatie in the running for the seat of Forde.
    We did manage to survive the Howard years, but Abbott is a different beast altogether, religiously conservative, fanatical health nut who will exploit anyone or anything to further his agenda ( is anyone else sick of the sight of his daughters? Same for Rudd’s as well).
    At what cost is the unwavering support of News Corp? Will the ABC survive?(one of Rudd V1 bigger mistakes was to not gut that place and get rid of Howard’s shills when he had the chance).
    Does anyone think that Pell will allow Gay marriage? Abortion on demand? The continuation of the enquiry into his church?.

    I actually think that Rudd and co do not deserve to win, but we do not deserve Abbott. Imagine if Rudd hadn’t spent the last three years sulking and scheming in the background, nursing his hurt feelings, undermining PM Gillard, and just took his lumps (Gillard has more class in her little finger than Rudd will ever have with his sad attempts at being a ‘normal’ bloke).

    Everyone treats Qld like a joke, but what is happening up here now, with the press cheering them on, is not funny at all. We are in a statewide recession we did not need, Heath and other public services are being cut, revenue earning assets are being sold, and it is all sheeted to the federal ALP or the previous government. Imagine this on a federal level?

    And I lost my job as well. I am currently retraining, along with thousands of others, in the hope of getting another job but who wants someone in their late forties (after the first hundred job applications with only two acknowledgements and zero interviews, you tend to get a bit disheartened).

    Sorry for the rambling, but I weep for this country if we are saddled with an Abbott lead government.

  45. Albo.. What we are doing is breaking Telstra’s monopoly. Yes, that is one of the reasons I love NBNCo. What Turnbull will do, is give the monopoly back to Telstra..

    Streets and suburbs will be divided. Half with NBNCo, half without.

    We cannot afford for NBNCo not to go ahead.

  46. Albo really challenging the reporters. Telling them they are wrong. They say he does not answer. He tells them, he has. Which is true by the way.

    Seems to be many unhappy journalists around today.

    Now on Abbott abandoning 5% reduction of carbon reduction. Abbott is say, climate change we will not worry about it. Plant a few trees and walk away from it.

    Question about Abbott’s DD. Once again, told he has not answered the question. Albo told her, she can sit there and abuse, if that is what she wants.

    Wonder when they wake up, their whinge us allowing the likes of Albo to get their answer out.

  47. I suspect Labor’s campaign is not going the way the media wants this week,

    I bet that journalist wished he kept his mouth shut, when Albanese called a stop to the PC.

    Clapping when he finished.

    I think some are getting pleasure seeing the media being called out.

    Same last night with qanda and Jones.

    Abbott in another back yard. Making the kids late for school.

  48. Milne has it right on one thing. What we have is a price on pollution. Yes, a price on carbon emissions.

    Maybe if Milne had been more cooperative in the past, we would not be in this situation.

    Then that is ancient history, that cannot be changed.

    Yes, we need to hear more abut price on carbon or pollution, not Abbott’s false carbon tax.

    Burke and Morrison NPC. I would say, that is one that should not be missed.

  49. So, the limp squid doesn’t mind supporting Baddies, as long as the yanks are OK with it. We’ll just toe their line. What a muppet

    This is who murdoch has been propping up 😯

    LEIGH SALES: But sorry to interrupt, that’s not what I asked. I just want to know do you support the US policy of arming the rebels in Syria?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, I will leave it to the United States. Obviously it is the general disposition of the Australian Government, whether it be a Labor government or a Coalition government, to be supportive of the United States and our other allies


  50. Kelvin, what will happen to Australia, if Abbott is successful, will not be a joke as well.

    I hope the job training leads to a better job and life. Sometimes happens.

    Just hit me, listening to a repeat of Jones last night, and reporters this morning, these so called journalists really believe they ask clever questions

    Sorry, I do not agree with Abbott, that we have no say on the world stage, but the journalist have a highly over belief in their own skills. The questions are plain stupid and irrelevant.

    They are not showing Labor candidates up, but their own lack of ability. Do not have the sense to know when to shut up.

    I believe the final result of this election, will be the final nail in the trust that people have in the media. All of it, including the ABC. They are going to be the biggest losers.

  51. Kelvin at 10.02
    I think you’re right in your predictions about the Abbott & media relationship. It’s the media wholl’ve won this election using Abbott as a glib protected frontman. He’s been put there for a purpose & will be defended. I think we can look forward to lots more negative reporting of the ALP with very little scrutiny of Abbott.
    Unless the media’s so full of itself it’ll simply decide to rip an Abbott government apart too. But I think they’ve got their orders, have had from 2007.

  52. Abbott’s whole campaign is bases on the price on carbon, or pollution.

    The question should be, do you believe that there is man made climate change, and whether it has to be addressed.

    If so, Abbott has to be wrong.

    Do you believe we need the best broadband that is available. Do we want the cheapest and most efficient way to go. Then you need NBNco.

    Do you beieve our funding for schools is broken and unfair. If so, you have to reject Abbott.

    Abbott, no media conference. Why?

  53. Tom, two sightings of Abbott. A lecture to employees. Slow clapping. No PC.

    So he is not in the business of meeting the public, now no questions.

    Wonder what the 15% or more of undecided are thinking about the last three days.. Wonder if they agree with the journalist, that questions are not being answered by Labor.

    The NPC should be a beauty. Burke and Morrison.

  54. I would like to see a list of Tony Abbotts stuff ups over his time as Opposition Leader My Favourites Being His Mark Riley Moments over 30 seconds of that, ” Shit Happens” regarding the Poor soldier killed in Aphganistan, Running out of Parliament along with His Poodle Pyne, Getting shown up by Julia Gillard Many times, Suppository being the Latest also I Like Body contact with the Netballers, So many Please add and lets have a good Laugh keep the Faith

  55. Trouble for Labor in Tasmania, when they change, they generally change in all seats. That has been true from the days of Whitlam.

  56. Abbott’s whole campaign is bases on the price on carbon, or pollution.

    I wonder why we haven’t seen major headlines about tabot BACKFLIPPING on the 5% Carbon reduction target? After all, for three years, he has waved it repeatedly about, saying his was just as good, and has now ditched it in the shadow of the election.

    C’MON MEDIA, do your friggin job!

  57. This could be an election where Labor’s over all vote is high, but lose many seats.

    It is said, that it is in the marginals that Labor is doing badly. In both Labor and Coalition majority seats they are doing well.

    I suspect. we will not see Abbott doing anymore PC.

  58. The fact is, Albanese answered all questions in full, as Rudd did last night. That seems to be the problem. Wonder why?

  59. Don’t be too sure about defeat as we haven’t seen the costings yet. I think Kevin Rudd would have won a few voters over after his Q&A last evening.

  60. From one who sleeps rough. The was a bloke called Tony, whose every utterance was baloney.

    I was wrong, Abbott now doing PC .

    Wonder how long, it will be proven, that they did not lose jobs because of carbon tax. We will have to wait and see. We know every other stunt of this nature, has been proven to be false.

  61. Don’t be too sure about defeat as we haven’t seen the costings yet

    I don’t think the costings mean anything now

    The media successfully killed that off last week with their verballing of the Treasury statement, and tabot is only releasing his after the advertising blackout. The only ones advertising after that will be ltdnews continuing their advertising campaign for the libs

  62. I’ve put up a very similar post to this but it was a while ago now, & as we watch the media circling for the final kill I thought I’d run it again. It’s probably my favourite media moment of the last few years & I think sums things up well.
    Watching a commercial TV news during the insulation program, there’d been a ceiling fire in a house linked to it. And the news gave the story the Full Treatment.
    The announcer donned her Concerned expression & voice, the background was plastered with graphics, pictures of Rudd & Garrett alongside words such as “debacle” etc as the episode was stretched out as long as possible. But all good things come to an end & the issue eventually gave way to a couple of the numbingly parochial stories that this channel’s so good at.
    And then,
    In a cheesy “hey folks!! guess what!!” tone we were told there’d been an electrical fire in the ceiling of a house & it’d burnt down. Yes, what’d happened was that these people had had a ducted airconditioning system installed, the installer had stuffed up the wiring & the whole place had gone up. Anyways, no biggy, thought you might be interested, etc, etc.
    I just sat there numb until the anger welled up. Perhaps you had to be there, but I don’t think I’ve seen a better example of the deliberately different treatment of essentially identical stories.

  63. Greg Toland,

    I would like to see a list of Tony Abbotts stuff ups over his time as Opposition Leader

    Here’s a great site for that. The Tony Abbott Gaffe List:

  64. Birmingham has moved himself out of the picture. The face of Pyne is amazing.

    The question is being asked. Are you aware that this firm has had generous handouts out from the CEF.

    Yes, the truth is always different.

    Another Abbott candidate in trouble. Makes unsavory comments about women.

    Abbott getting testy.

    I bet Pyne was terrific at playing statues when a kid.

  65. I do hope they ask Morrison, why he is reducing the number of refugees this country will take.

    Why not increase it to 27,000 as Rudd is promising.

    Makes a joke of what Morrison is now saying at the NPC.

  66. Just saw this linked to at PP, so thought I’d put it here too

    The GetUp! ad that the major television stations are apparently refusing to run

  67. “………..Nothing of the sort can be said this time. The case put forward by Abbott and the LNP is based entirely on lies and myths. These include the claims that
    * Labor has mismanaged the economy and piled up unnecessary debt and deficits
    * Australian families are ‘doing it tough’ because of a soaring cost of living
    * The carbon tax/price is a ‘wrecking ball’, destroying economic activity
    * The arrival of refugees represents a ‘national emergency’

    None of these claims stands up to even momentary scrutiny. And, after 20 years in politics, I can’t point to any substantial accomplishments on Abbott’s part, or even any coherent political philosophy. For example, I’m not as critical of his parental leave scheme as some, but it’s totally inconsistent with his general political line, a fact that his supporters in business have been keen to point out. On climate change, he’s held every position possible and is now promising, in effect, to do nothing. His refusal to reveal policy costings until the second-last day of the campaign debases an already appalling process. He treated budget surplus as a holy grail until it became inconvenient, and has now become carefully vague on the topic…”


  68. The biggest lie of the lot. Could be, but a close second mu

    “…………But for my mind, the really big lie in 2013 is that hoary cliché, “cost of living pressures.” And by acquiescing to it, the Government has done plenty of damage to its own cause.

    The idea that ordinary Australians are gripped by inexorably rising prices is an attractive one. Focus groups, we are told, constantly speak of it. Talkback radio is full of it. Both major parties have expended plenty of effort telling voters that they feel our pain. The Coalition has even built a special cost of living widget on its Facebook page, which can reliably spit out methodologically biased figures to scare ordinary voters.

    There’s just one problem with the cost of living controversy: it’s not true..”


    Turnbull now on, once again with lies. Speed test failed. That is under optimum conditions. ABC 24 Of course the coppper is very short distance.

  69. Do humans really kiss like that. I am in my seventies, and cannot bring to mind, a similar kiss.

    At least Rudd, hugs Theresa when he gives her a kiss.

  70. I noticed that Abbott is giving babies a wide berth now. Not doing too well with the older kids either. Noticed that they are all male. Most look as it they cannot wait to get away from him. Hard to do so, as he appears to have them well and truly within his grip,

  71. Migs and Min, fellow wisperers it has not been a good year for me. I call it my born year… Is this how it ends? The budists say that let all the turmoil of the storm wash over you, let it pass and take from it experience and energy. Australia will return to middle ground from the darkness of polar right. Australia has never been the same since Howards, he was a kitten compared to Abbott.

  72. The budists say that let all the turmoil of the storm wash over you, let it pass and take from it experience and energy

    I say, if you gonna die …….

  73. Abbott has already back down on three pledges we have been hearing about for months. That is going to Indonesia, buying drones and keeping the 5% percent reduction in carbon emissions.

    There are I am sure many more.

  74. Yes, getting worse. One can hope, the media is going to far, and there could, or should be a backlash.

    Rudd racing around, of course the Opposition leader is taking it easy.

    No matter, we will be back here. long before this time, next year.

  75. let’s not put that white flag up just yet 😉

  76. I have not heard anyone say, why they are voting for Abbott. Just that he will manage the economy better. None seem to be raising the so called carbon tax.,

    If that is so, how can Abbott claim a win, as a mandate to rescind the CEF and all it entails.

    None of the debates, where the audience ask the questions, have raised the issue.

  77. Yes, scaper, but Abbott seems the only one interested in it. Does the removal; of the CEF and all it entails, influence your vote.

  78. Reading today, my greatest fear is that Abbott has not got a secret plan. What we see, is what we get. As we see little, that is frightening.

  79. Where is Cormann?

    Is the economy now off the table.

    Why was Rudd asked about the high dollar, but not Abbott, when it was appropriate to do so>

    Why ask?

    By the way, no one is mentioning, stopping the boats either.

  80. Cormann now on, saying Rudd should have changed his mind on his ETS scheme, because things changed., Yes, if the situation change, one should change their mind.

    ABC 24

  81. I doubt that you would own any flags

    You doubt much, yet know little 😉

    Where is Labor’s presidential campaign?

    It’s the libs running ‘presidential ‘, you know, the mob who said ‘we don’t import our politics’ ROFL

  82. Should of persisted with Gillard. Labor has not imported three Obama campaign staff, have they???

    Now, if Abbott was half as bad as you say…do really believe that they would run a presidential style campaign?

    Beaten at his own game.

    A red flag with a hammer and sickle?

  83. i beg the people of australia,to think long and hard before voting for abbott,THINK about your sons ,then ask the question
    DO you think abbott is capable of handling the crisis,in syria .This is the man who along with the howard government,sent our soldiers to war,with the excuse of looking for weapons of mass destruction,which were never found,
    we lost so many lives,for nothing,

  84. Pre-panicked, white-flag Lefty`s seem to believe that in the last 3-years the nation has devolved into a country filled only with morons. You are wrong, it`s just the embedded media that has devolved. The rest of the nation is not teh-usa.

  85. One needs to remember, Abbott had at least one, and I think two briefings on Syria. One would think from that, he would have had an answer ready.

  86. my say, even many that are voting for him, agree with you. That isif one listens to some of the street interviews.

  87. One has agree, the media had a little help, from a handful of fools within the parliamentary Labor Party.

    Very little was due to the efforts of Abbott. Just pure luck on his part.

    Still Labor, with all it’s faults, leaves Abbott and his party for dead.

  88. Abbott is not only getting rid of the so called carbon tax.He is getting rid of all the CEF legislation and all it entails.

    Many of these bodies, actually overlap his Direct Action, and could be used with his scheme.

    The first one that comes to mind is CEFC. In fact Abbott will have great trouble rescinding that one.

    To me,.it points to the fact, Abbott does not believe in man made climate change, and that the DA will never see the light of day.

    It is much more complicated, than getting rid of a tax.

    There are numerous bills that will have to be voted on.

    “..Coalition ‘risks legal consequences’ if it tries to stop clean energy fund
    Christine Milne says interference in funding approvals process amounts to ‘arrogant attempt to usurp the role of the parliam..

    ….An incoming Coalition government would risk “serious legal consequences” if it tried to stop the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from funding new projects without convincing parliament to repeal the legislation setting up the $10bn green bank, the Greens leader, Christine Milne, has been told.

    Milne has been given advice from the clerk of the Senate and will release it when she addresses the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday, arguing that the Coalition’s attempt to stop the corporation from approving new funding amounts to an “arrogant attempt to usurp the role of the parliament”.

    The Coalition has been in a protracted argument with the corporation, which it intends to abolish, about whether it should continue making investments and writing loans.”


  89. Also little saving. but denying industry access to safe money, to improve their businesses and lower power bills into the future.

    One could say, Abbott’s demolition of Labor achievements, will create much unnecessary waste. of the highest order.

    Will caused much instability and uncertainty for businesses.

    Will lead to political and electoral uncertainty for years.

    Abbott needs to learn, good governance can mean the ability to negotiate. Yes, politics is always the art of the possible.

    I heard Cormann say tonight, that Rudd should have back off his ETS when circumstance changed. Yes, that was his argument, excuse for voting against the legislation at that time. That in fact, in spite of the fact, it was a seen a a mandate. That is in the Oppositions terms.

    “.But after the corporation’s board was established, it decided to take a cautious approach to its financing and lending which meant that cost was removed from this year’s budget and is no longer available as a saving.

    In this year’s budget the CEFC costs only $18m in start-up expenses in each of the first three years – suggesting there would be little money saved from its abolition..


  90. If Abbott gets control of both houses, or at least has the votes to get his way, in rescinding what he calls the carbon tax, he will have a mandate. If he cannot muster the votes, it is simple, he does not.

  91. What is new in that article . Most Labor supporters here would agree. Does not mean there will be outright was though.

  92. I would say, the Saturday’s pauper are going to be beauties. Cannot see how they can get much lower than they have now,

    Yes, they say, people become sensitize to pictures of a abuse, and of a sexul nature.

    They lose their ability to shock.

    Suspect the same goes . for years of abuse and lies against the Labor party.

  93. Tom, I am afraid that you could be correct.

    Does anyone realize, this whole campaign has been conducted away from the public.

    Rudd, a little contact. Abbott, none.

  94. Tom R. I have not been at all amazed. I think the whole Labor saga has gone to script. When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.
    McTernan epitomises poor choices by Labor.

  95. “Voting on a lie
    Posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 by bill
    Tomorrow, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will release the June-quarter National Accounts for Australia. In the lead up to this release, we get some information about the components of national expenditure and the contribution to the final real GDP growth result that will be released tomorrow. Last week, we learned, courtesy of the release – Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure, Australia, June 2013 – That seasonally adjusted new capital expenditure and fallen by 2.3 per cent in the year to June 2013. This is off an extremely high base and suggests that the investment boom associated with the mining sector is winding down, albeit steadily. Today, the ABS released the latest – Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia, June 2013 – which showed a widening Current Account deficit (by 7 per cent) with the surplus on the trade part of the account falling by 2 per cent. In volume terms, it is estimated that the external deficit would reduce real GDP growth by 0.04 percentage points. That is, a modest spending drain from the domestic economy.”


  96. I suspect that Abbott and his party ius going to demand respect, if he becomes PM.

    Demand respect that he has never given Labor.

    His wild words of “I will have a mandate” indicates this will be so.

    I do hope, he learns quickly that Howard, and carried on by him, have set the rules, that the next Opposition will follow.

    I suspect, there will be even a shorter honeymoon,

  97. The lie of Abbott, has used for his behavior for the last three years. Sounds very familiar, just a different PM. Carried out most of the promises as well.

    ………..In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    This is the strongest message Ms Gillard has sent about action on carbon pricing.

    While any carbon price would not be triggered until after the 2013 election, Ms Gillard would have two potential legislative partners next term – the Coalition or the Greens. She would legislate the carbon price next term if sufficient consensus existed…………


    Are we going to allow ourselves to be conned for the next three years.

    The unreasonable attack on Labor did bot begin with Gillard. It was well in progress long before that. In fact, led to the downfall of Rudd.

    Lets hope this election brings this to an end. I do not see how that is going to happen, but I sincerely hoped so,

    After next Saturday, maybe we can go back, and review what jas occurred over recent times.

    As for Abbott, I care less for him. Time will deal with him, without our assistance, He will bring himself down.

  98. …..The other is that the Channel Ten questioning starts with leadershit. Which reminds us that Gillard had to put up with a hostile press, the devastating leaks, and the distractions of Mark Latham to name three. Barry Jones seems to think that the conduct of this election has reached an all time low. I’d agree that it hasn’t improved much but 2010 was about as low as it goes.

    Meanwhile I think Geoff Kitney is onto something when he says that Abbott is having success passing himself off as an ‘ordinary man’. He’s had three years of free advertising from the ABC for example with almost daily set up media events, where he kicks a ball, sorts fruit, shovels dirt etc and then delivers prepared slogans to camera. Seems people are starting to trust him. He doesn’t have to con everyone, just enough swinging voters in marginal seats..


  99. Why does Mr. Abbott say that we have to respect what he wants to do.

    Mr. Abbott, ahas shown no respect for a duly elected government, according to the Constitution for the last three tears.

    Why do we have to respect a government, that has been elected on the basis of lies.

  100. Did the lieberals respect the “mandate” for introducing an ETS after the 2007election? Why then should Labor treat Abbott’s alleged “mandate” to abolish the carbon price any differently? (If he wins).

    Note: I’m with Fu here – the only mandate from an election is that a member for a seat represent their electors in the parliament – this “electoral mandate” idea is just hubris…

  101. Bacchus, that is what the Constitution says. All the rest is convention. Abbott has shown, he has no respect for convention, He has shown he has no respect for conventions built up, in how parliament is run.

    I definitely will not be showing him any respect.

  102. Fed Up @ 4.54
    “Reading today, my greatest fear is that Abbott has not got a secret plan. What we see, is what we get. As we see little, that is frightening.”
    That’s a great line. What if this is as good as it gets? That’s terrifying.

    Oh, & as for the idea of showing him respect, tell him he’s dreamin’.

  103. Fu,
    ” As for Abbott, I care less for him. Time will deal with him, without our assistance, He will bring himself down.” ….Fu, you are wisdom personified….. truly 😉
    Cu, Fu, Flo 😉 …. whilst many here at CW are ” doin’ ‘the passions’ “…. you, as always,…. are there…. holding a candle……….

  104. Afraid I might be too practical. Been around too long. Saturday is not the end, It is the beginning if the next fight.

    Can any here really see Abbott making it. Look at the last three days. No ability whatever. I feel that once he got the job, he will lose interest. Getting the job is what it is about for him., Doing the job, has not entered his mind.

    Does not appear to take interest in any policy. Look at his response to Syria. This is after having one briefing, maybe two, Had no understanding or response ready. His, be have no influence on the world stage, and I might not go to the UN.

    This man expects to be PM on Sunday. Syria will be one of the first things he has to deal with,. Not interested in what is going on. This is apparent by his answer.

    I do not think we have had an Opposition leader like him before.

    I suspect, that those behind him, believe in economics that unemployment is a good thing.Keeps the worker in line. Just a suspicion.

    All I know, we have not been told, what they intend to do.

    Can anyone really believe that Morrison, Mirabella, Pyne Brandis and Hunt are really minister material.

    I have not even got onto Hockey and Robb. Hockey failed in every ministry Howard gave him. I suspect he is the best of the bunch. Turnbull has proved to be a good liar, and little else. Dutton. Joyce and Bough are not even worth mentioning.

    By the way, where has Hockey been today?

    We will have plenty to amuse us for the next year or so.

  105. I am becoming so bored with the situation, I think, I will not even bothered looking at the results Saturday night. Just not interested. As I will be at my grand daughters birthday, my daughter will think I am sick.

  106. Yes, LOVO, the candle for the future. No government lasts forever. I think I will even outlive the next one, if it is Abbott.

    I am sad that a very good government has been badly maligned, but history will correct that.

  107. Watching a recorded copy of Insight. Group of migrants in marginal seats with Burke and Sinodinos to answer Question. Did not say why Morrison was not here.

  108. This years enrollments are up….. is that because of the NBN ???? Katter/Palmer look’n like they may pick up 8% each ( and each 8% is said to be made up of 2/3 normal LNP voters and 1/3 normal ALP voters)now do the math…. and add in .. Pauline 😯 … Greens will do better than most will expect….” little lone” ALL the other Party’s……. this is shaping up to be a bookies worst nightmare……a hung parliment with Clive in Oakshots role and Bob in Windsors role… Pauline 😯 … the Greens….. and mayhap the first cab off the rank ( on the ballet paper 😉 ) the Liberal Democrats ( 😆 … shh, say no more ) 🙂 ……. IT, most definitely, ain’t over till it’s over 😀

  109. Michael. Briefly read your comment about every dog has its day. I am not crowing about the results that will likely happen on Saturday. I just read it very clearly that Gillard and Rudd, particularly Gillard associated with the wrong people and did deals with the wrong people. For all the hatred here of Howard he would not have been a participant in a slush fund scandal with an organisation and alleged theft of an organisations funds. There are certain standards that we expect., Like seeing Gillard’s ex interviewed on TV is just shudder stuff. The term Bogan goes a long way to describe a lot of the issues Labor has had.
    I am totally aware that politics go in cycles and that Labor will get another run in one or two or three terms. I just hope that at every election we have worthy opponents on both sides. We haven’t had it this time. . As it stands I think history will write Gillard and Rudd are neck and neck for worst PM. Latham would have put up a very stiff challenge for the award.and heaven forbid if Latham had got up as PM……it would have been the trifecta of worst PMs for Labor.
    FU I rarely read what you write but I saw the clip of Gillard….No Carbon Tax under a Government I lead. Talk about evidence of her betrayal of the electorate. Explain again why you put up the link FU…

  110. What Rudd said on August 25.

    KEVIN Rudd has admitted Labor did not have a mandate from voters to introduce a carbon tax.

    During the 2010 election campaign, former prime minister Julia Gillard ruled out a carbon tax under her government.

    But she went on to introduce a fixed price on carbon pollution, with plans to move to an emissions trading scheme in 2015.

    Mr Rudd said in the past Labor governments “had got a number of things wrong”.

    “For example, I don’t think our actions on the carbon tax were right, that’s why I changed it to move towards a floating price,” the Prime Minister told ABC TV.

    “To begin with, we didn’t have a mandate for it.”


  111. NO MANDATE.

    Nor will tabot have a Mandate to remove it should he win.

    The Parliament or referendums decide the fate of individual policies, not elections

  112. Tweed, the thing which the Murdoch media did and successfully was to concentrate on the trivia while ignoring the substantial. How many sarcastic headlines were there about Kevin’s hair, Julia’s earlobes and all the while completely ignoring not only Tony Abbott’s considerable character flaws but ignoring ALL IMPLICATIONS of all policies. We could expect this from low class scandal rags, but the Australian people deserve a lot more from supposed national newspapers.

    I should say, not just *ignoring* Tony Abbott’s considerable character flaws but trying to turn these into some sort of virtues..the Murdoch media somewhat successfully was able to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. However, it seems that after the election we’re going to be stuck with a sow’s ear leading the country.

  113. it seems that after the election we’re going to be stuck with a sow’s ear leading the country.

    Only if the libs win Min 😉

    There has been much ranting from conservatives and their media mates about Labors alleged restrictions on ‘Free Speech’. So, where is the outcry about this proposal? Absolute silence from those who cried loudest when Labor simply looked to put the same guidelines on newspapers as news shows have.

    A COALITION government will impose a blackout on asylum-seeker boat arrivals or turn-arounds unless defence chiefs give their approvals shadow immigration minister Scott Morrison said today.

    Mr Morrison said today the information should not be “put in the hands of politicians” and would be released by the Coalition’s proposed Operation Sovereign Border which would be headed by a three-star general..


    So, this is how they ‘stop the boats’, just don’t tell us they are coming!

  114. Will someone please enlighten me as it seems that some labor voters are switching to the Libs, not because of their policies, but because they quote the past disruption in the Labor Party reflects on their loyalties to the head of their party. What is overlooked is that policies were not effected by changes of leadership. Every family has its blow ups and fall outs and challenges to the ‘head of the family’. There will always be contention in politics, on all sides, regarding who should lead. This does not change the basic tenets of any political party. It is a personal thing. Yes, people change their mind on personalities but I have not seen a change of mind on issues.

    Bill Shorten obviously thought that Labor would have a better chance with Rudd at the helm, so he put his personal opinions aside to put the party first.

    Kevin Rudd, imo, needs to address this issue before Saturday as it will cost him seats in the marginals.

  115. So the coalition avoids the opprobrium associated with boat arrivals by not telling us they’ve arrived? With the nation’s attention span akin to a goldfish’s that’ll get the issue out of the public mind. It can be reintroduced under controlled circumstances as required- “Remember when we used to hear about all those nasty boat arrivals under Labor? We don’t hear about them now do we?”
    Really, it’s the sheer unfairness of it all that gets me. Rough game, the enemy of my enemy & all that but the blatant rigging’s hard to bear.

  116. scaper. Rudd was right and wrong. Yes, no so called mandate for a carbon tax, as we did not get one.

    Yes, Gillard did have the mandate for the CEF and what it entails.

    I know this, because she manged to garner the votes on the floor of both houses.

    That is the only mandate available under our Constitution.

    By the way,, Abbott did vote against the one Rudd promised in the 2007 election. One similar to what Howard promised.

  117. Tweed, thanks for the compliment. I am very happy not to be in agreement with the likes of you. Still I respect your right, to say what you believe.

    No one is force to read me. Will not be insulted if many scroll past.

  118. Just had a beer whilst filling out my Senate vote. Put Labor first (of course) & the liberals last (of course). I really wanted to put Xenophon last but sometimes we must deny ourselves our pleasures for the greater good. It got a bit hit & miss in the middle, but the nihilism’s kicked in now & I’m just outside the house, watching the lava pouring down Mt Vesuvius’ side in the knowledge that I can’t outrun it.

    One of the reasons for the nihilism’s a truly depressing article from Ross Gittins I saw wherein he maintains there’ll not be as much cutting under a coalition government as some fear. Because Hockey’s not that stupid & Abbott’s not that committed. The rhetoric of the last few years will be dropped & everyone will pretend it never existed. We’ll see but it ties in with my general opinion that Abbott’s being facilitated in the theft of a sound economy which he’ll then take credit for. I’ve been swayed at times by the eloquent writings of others but have mainly come back to this. And as with everything else, he’ll be allowed to get away with it. In fairness to the article, Ross also takes a swipe at Labor over what he feels is an exaggerated scare campaign. Not sure myself, Labor tends to use Abbott’s own figures. Just that he’s been allowed to move on by then.

    But the weakness in Gittins’ argument is the weakness in everyone else’s. Abbott’s had so little scrutiny that no one can confidently predict his actions.

  119. A silver lining perhaps 😉

    Mind you, there are still so many undecided, all hope is not lost (I have to stop watching LOTR)

  120. If Sophie loses there’s the excuse for a “minor” front bench reshuffle. That’ll give Abbott the excuse to walk away from another “commitment”. Who knows who we’ll be seeing?

  121. Actually Doug, it is the journalist who should lose their job for not disclosing that the RBA board member theirabc have been using all day to flog the Labor party with is A LIBERAL PARTY MEMBER!

  122. Do not believe it. The two girls turned up on Kitchen Cabinet. All I have heard is silly giggling. Girls seem to be doing the work. Abbott directing.

    As for Abbott’s mandate, Milne repeated a comment of Howard’s today, when faced with a similar situation. Howard said such a opinion was stupid. NO one knows what policy that one chooses when the vote for a party. Howard, said, one does not know what policy they did not like. He said no one votes for all of the policies of any party.

    Abbot has said that some might not like the cuts. Mr. Abbott, I suggest, you forget about the cuts and drop your grandiose PPL That solves it for all.

    Therefore, there is no way, a policy can be seen as a mandate or referendum.

  123. FU. I think Abbott has made it pretty clear that …There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government he leads. If he gets elected on Saturday I think it would be pretty clear he has a Mandate. FU it is just the same as Gillard saying on the eve of the last election …There will be no Carbon tax under a Government I lead…. this was pretty clear to all that if she won the 2010 election then she would NOT have a mandate to introduce a carbon Tax.
    She did. She got spanked.Not Rocket Science……….

  124. Tom. Get your head out of your arse. Gillard said she would not bring in a Carbon Tax and she did. Whether it was because she actually believed in a Carbon Tax or more likely she bent over for Bob Brown. Regardless of the reasons or her squirming on the issue. The fact is she lied to the voters on the eve of the election so she would get the sceptics and non believers of climate change vote. She broke that undertaking. Brought in a Carbon Tax, putting aside the stupidity of the Carbon Tax, she got spanked because she lied to voter.
    Tony is up front and on a thousand occasions said he would get rid of the Carbon Tax. It is clear the voters agree with him otherwise we would still have Gillard and would still have Rudd after Saturday.
    As I said Tom (and FU) get your head out of each others arses. Gillard lied. She got spanked (incompetence et al are other issues contributing to the spanking)

  125. Gillard said she would not bring in a Carbon Tax and she did.

    It is a Price, with a fixed period, just like the ETS they tried to get through had. The Carbon Tax of which she was referring was a direct tax on consumption. But, who cares about ‘context’

  126. Tweed, Abbott’s government won’t only get rid of the tax but will slowly, methodically dismantle everything else related to such.

    Was a very informative function last night…very good wines too.

  127. Morning Scaper. Very good news. Not surprised. Must admit though it will be sad to lose one of those Labor/Greens inishitivzs that have just kept on giving for the Coalition.
    Watching FU’s video of Gillard and he No Carbon Tax yada yada…it will also be a bit sad not to have Gillard’s special way of talking any more (edukashun, wurking/wurkurs etc etc)

  128. but will slowly, methodically dismantle everything else related to such.

    Is there a policy release stating this, or is this an internet filter moment? 😉

  129. Was discussing Flannery with Bob, he made a great point that will be passed on. Instead of sacking Flannery and have him being paid out, charge him with dismantling all the related Global Warming departments, he would surely resign.

    How sweet would that be?

  130. How are you going to like having your internet filtered Tweed, plus the other freedoms Abbott has announced he will be taking away, but at least you will be able to engage in racial and homophobic vilification without a worry?

    Strange you have a go at Gillard who has done more for improving education in this country than anyone in our history, to support Abbott who is promising to do more to destroy it than anyone in our history.

    But then again you like being kept dumb and having a low educated population, more fodder like you for elites at the top.

  131. Yep. scaper, you could be right. Only those with nothing to offer, and of no values, but a belief in dirt, will survive.

    Suspect though, not many from this side of the fence will be lying down and dying. Maybe we need things to get tough, for most to realise what they HAD.

  132. Those still making up their votes, I will give this reminder. If Labor had anything to do with any scheme , it will go, regardless of it’s worth.

    To Abbott,if it is Labor, it is bad.

  133. Of coarse there is a policy but no link. If you go to Lib HQ, down the basement stairs, go through the door that says ‘don’t feed the macaque’ open the bottom drawer of the dusty filing cabinet, you can read it for yourself!

  134. Tom you only have Abbott’s word on that back flip, which has contradicted others and their tabled policy.

    Indeed the last month has been a revelation of Abbott back flips and adoption of Labor policies he has canned for the last three years, including not finding any waste, unless you count foreign aid as waste that is. Something that is already beginning to cause a backlash by the way.

  135. You have never impressed me and continue to be unimpressive reinforced by the post at @ 10:38.

    More school kid stuff. You used to be so much better than the narky sniping person you are now. That’s what hobnobbing with the extreme right does to you I guess, shrinks your brain down so only petty thoughts are produced.

  136. Wonder if the polls are closer than being put out by the media?

    Was just shown an email from the Liberals doing the rounds saying how vitally important it was for voters to put just a 1 above the line for the Liberals and not select any other parties. They intimated Armageddon for Australia if voters didn’t do this.

  137. Repty, just taking the piss. Most people here have lost their sense of humour which is a shame.

    The other place is even more morbid, Walrus the wanker is over there saying that I’ve threatened today to have the Gutter shut down, empty space between the ears!

    Like, who would bother as the freak show gets stuff all hits, not a backwater blog but a dry creek bed of cussing inanity. This place is very popular as they do have a running commentary at times.

    At the rate of traffic there they will get a million hits by 2025.


  138. Most people here have lost their sense of humou

    Maybe they just don’t like random abuse just because you are bored.

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