An insult to Australians

From the day Café Whispers opened as a blog site we have maintained that the Murdoch media has been hell-bent on destroying the Labor Government; the result of which will see the elevation of a puppet Abbott Government. Naturally, we have been derided for suggesting this.

The behaviour of the Murdoch media, in particular since Kevin Rudd announced the election date has provided us with justification for our ‘crazy leftish conspiracy theories’.

I think there’s enough evidence on the front pages of the Murdoch rags to dispel the suggestion that it has just been nothing but a conspiracy theory. Only those who are hard-core right wingers would fail to see the vicious bile that is pushed down our throats. And only the ignorant would fail to accept that serious questions about Murdoch’s credibility and ethics hang around his neck in those countries where the public and the government are sick to death of his bullying tactics.

They are doing something about it. Nobody in this country has had the guts to.

It takes a British MP to come to our shores to tell us to wake up. It takes a British MP to tell us that Murdoch’s election coverage is an ‘insult to Australians‘. Tom Watson:

Dubbed Rupert Murdoch’s ”tormentor-in-chief” by the British press, he has since devoted himself to the public scrutiny of the 82-year-old’s global media empire. He is in Australia to discuss News Corp’s coverage of the federal election: an unabashed anti-Labor crusade, he believes, driven by Mr Murdoch and his New York Post editor-in-chief, Col Allan.

”It insults Australians when they produce content like that,” Watson says, referring to the recent front pages depicting Labor politicians as clowns and Nazis and demands to ”KICK THIS MOB OUT”.

The article reminds us that A fortnight ago, the ABC’s Media Watch analysed one week’s political coverage in Mr Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph. Of the 80 election stories it printed, the program deemed half negative to Labor but none negative to the Coalition.

Anyway, I could go on with quotes from the article but instead I implore you to read it yourself. Either that or read every post here at Café Whispers to hear the same message.

English: Rupert Murdoch at the Vanity Fair par...

Rupert Murdoch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)