The question no-one can answer

Will Tony Abbott be a good Prime Minister?

I’m yet to find anyone who can answer that in the affirmative. No-one from the ‘right’ side of politics has been able to come up with a simple ‘yes’ let alone anything of substance to back up the claim. Instead, we hear how bad the recent Labor prime ministers have been.

Why can’t they answer it? Do they have no confidence in him themselves? Do they think he’s a dud, but acceptable purely because at this stage he is the alternate Prime Minister?

Are they satisfied with a politician who keeps raising the bar of stupidity?

The election is around the corner and I’d like to hear from those people who think he will be a good prime minister and of course, from those who think he will not. But there is one simple rule: Tell us why.

In November last year I gave the right-wing loyalists the opportunity to be heard, commenting that:

No doubt inspired by their hero Abbott’s performances (which can be likened to a mad banshee), right-wing bloggers come here imitating his behaviour from the sidelines with the most outrageous comments about how evil and incompetent the Gillard Government is whilst at the same time hoisting Abbott as the new Messiah.

They fail miserably on both counts. All bluster with no evidence.

I’m giving them the opportunity to redeem themselves. I devote this thread to them where they can add some substance to their claims that Gillard is evil, the Government is toxic or why Abbott would make a better Prime Minister.

They failed miserably again:

The post received over 620 comments and the ‘right’ were out in force, however, their responses were merely parrot-fashion repeats of what we hear from the opposition and the media.

But now it’s a different playing field: We are nearing the election, Abbott has the chance to replace Rudd instead of Gillard, and we have a wider variety of contributors to the site now compared to last November.

It would be refreshing if those who think Abbott would be a good PM could attempt – as hard as it might be – to rise above the level of idiocy so evident in the right-wing newspapers and right-wing social media forums that tell us that Rudd eats babies, kills kittens, talks to trees or costs the tax-payer money to simply do his job. If I wanted to hear that you only like Abbott because Rudd can’t comb his hair properly (yes, the media do talk about that) then I might as well just head straight to the Murdoch media and read what people have to say there.

I imagine, going by the history of what the right-wing commenters have been saying on this site, that they might be intellectually challenged to come up with something original and meaningful. Here’s the chance to prove to us you are an intelligent voter or conversely, provide us with further evidence that you simply aren’t.

Another reason I’ve re-visited the opportunity to ask people why Abbott might be a good PM is because he has done nothing to convince me he could be, and because the anti-Rudd brigade has been rather feral in both the mainstream and social media forums. There must be at least one voter out there who can tell us why Abbott would be a good PM. I’m yet to meet him or her. Come on, show us your face.

BTW, I’ve heard some very good reasons as to why Abbott won’t make a good PM and they all have merit. A recap can be found here.

Election 2013

604 comments on “The question no-one can answer

  1. You guys have got to keep fighting for Labor to get. You cant give up
    half way through. After all he’s done, his continual maltreatment of our first woman PM Julia Gillard, his brutish and arrogant elitism CANNOT BE REWARDS.
    This man is a bully, and voting him in will cause a lot of men out there to do the same. It is already happening with the really nasty Lib people.
    It is not on to give kudos and credits to bullies. We have a social responsibility to stop it dead. We fight on with fury and courage until the poll closes.
    I am skirting known redneck sites getting the word out, not just hanging out with friends.

    I just posted over at Margo’s No Fibs as she has kind of given up. We can still win, beat the MSM dominance and show the door to the evil of Abbott corrupting everybody.

  2. Does one really expect that Abbott will stay around long. I suspect, that conviction he had, that he would be ether Pope or PM, did not include any pesky plans for what he would do, when he achieved his childhood obsession.

    No, I do not believe we will have to put up with Abbott too long.
    What terrifies me, we have no idea, who is pulling the strings, or who will take over. It will not be Turnbull.

    I agree with Senator Wong, a debate between her and Mr. Robb would be entertaining. Mr. Robb, bring it on.

  3. Yes, the topic of this post has nothing to do about Rudd. We do know, every leader that has come to this country, he has managed to insult in speeches made in their presence. That inludes Obama.,

    Why cannot one positive image come to mind.

  4. That’s such a well composed piece, asking THE vital question really. You would think he might have cultivated some statesman like approach to the game by now, considering how eager he has been most of his life just to have the job. Which in itself is a very good reason for him not to have it. Most people learn their craft along the way. What’s he been doing, besides firstly trying any method to get into positions of power by any means in whichever organisation he could force his way into, then, deluded enough that he was now a man of power, entered politics and began worming his way into executive positions by pandering to the powerful with whatever words they wanted to hear in an attempt to have them gather around him – I presume as some deranged self confidence boosting exercise because most of them don’t want him to lead their party either, unless he’s bowing to their desires – that qualifies him to lead this great and proud nation of ours?

  5. Most whispered would have played 500 during collective misspent youths. Abbott has hustled Rudd into calling 10 No Trumps. Rudd has taken the first trick with his Joker. Abbott has followed with a trump and is now leading back with Aces and Kings/Queens/Jacks/10s
    Rudd never had the hand to win this election. He carries too much of Gillards baggage as well as his not inconsiderable baggage.

  6. They won’t answer it, because they cannot answer it. It has no answer. Like asking: What are the advantages of eating razor blades?

    I reckon the so-called Liberal Party must be shitting itself at the thought of this dud getting the job. There will be Schadenfreude aplenty at the Cafe and other similar sites at the gaffes and stuff-ups he would make. Look at the campaign this week: a gaffe almost every day so far. Imagine him under real pressure, and when the economy begins to turn. We’ll be here to highlight every stuff-up and say to the Liberal deadbeats:


  7. Will Abbott make a good PM? Absolutely not. He cannot do anything effectively. I don’t think he has either the competence or confidence, which is odd, because he’s overly confident he’ll get the job.

  8. Tom Watson hey Jane. Now that’ll be worth watching.

    I’m aware of who he is but I’m not familiar with his style. Does he go for the jugular?

  9. Will Tony Abbott make a good PM. Can anyone imagine the man on the World stage meeting with World leaders. His attitude toward women , the way he leers at them, the way he sucks his teeth before answering questions, and his ability to know nothing about what the real world is about. God help us if it ever happens. I worry for my grandchildren if it does. We older citizens have had a great life but with Abbott in charge that will all go down the drain, because we know what his attitude is toward Pensioners. I could go on and on but I feel a heart attack com ing on.

  10. Patricia, the very creepy thing to me..aside from his extraordinarily creepy attitude towards that Abbott does not seem to have any particular attitude towards anything which cannot be expressed in biblical phrases – it is as if his upbringing was so ingrained that no attitude or opinion exists without the backing of the church. I think that this is the reason why so many consider his attitudes as straight out of the ’50s..perhaps not so much the ’50s as of that particular religion of an extremely conservative variety.

  11. If the ridiculous happens and he’s elected, Abbott will be a good PM for the following reasons:
    1. He’ll break many of his promises and say that he didn’t put them in writing, losing credibility for the Liberals for the next ten years.
    2. He’ll have the first recession in Australia since the 90s which – although he’ll successfully blame Labor for the first twelve months – will make people nostalgic for the Swan and Bowen.
    3. He’ll alienate a large number of voters forever, when instead of simply making gaffes, he has the opportunity to enshrine them in legislation.
    4. He’ll make people aware – at least for a couple of elections – that you should actually examine what policies you’re voting in, and not just vote someone out because the Murdoch Press tells you to.

  12. Yes you do not seem to be getting any answers here. Where are the true Abbott believers. They do seem to be absent. Is it because they may actually have to answer your question without abuse. I doubt they will wake up before the election that will happen afterwards then you will not find one single person that would admit to voting him in, as happened with Howard. They do not even realise they have been brainwashed by the Murdoch owned MSM. It does say a lot about a persons intelligence when they are so easily brainwashed.

  13. Rossleigh, as a sort of prediction should Australia have the misfortune to have to endure an Abbott prime ministership..I wonder what sort of excuses the Murdoch media will be able to dredge up to justify Abbott? Or is it that once puppet-boy has done the job for them, that they will ditch him faster than you can say Malcolm Turnbull.

  14. Tony will be a good PM because he will stop the boats, and the economy will flourish again, and everyone will have a million dollars to buy stuff from Harvey Norman and we won’t all be killed in our beds by muslins.

    And there’ll be a special zone in the north called “Westworld” and Gina and Clive will build robots to dig rocks up and shit, and they’ll all be bald and wear black shirts and look live Yul Brynner.

    Tony will be a good PM because Tony will bring back prosperity for all Australians all of the time and there’ll be dancing and pina coladas and parties forever because the robots will do all the work.

    It’s simple really.

  15. 16. Tony refuses to politicise abortion

    17. Tony will not allow any attack on the income of self-funded retirees

    18. Tony has a vision for the future

    19. Tony is a consultative leader who is part of a team

    20. Tony will not make deals with minor parties or independents.

    21. Tony is a brilliant orator

    22. And a heck of a nice guy (too many links to prove this one but think Bernie Banton and this government should have died of shame etc etc)

  16. Another good post, Migs.

    Kaye Lee, Love your points wrt Liealot’s potential to be PM. Pretty pathetic, when there’s sooo many negatives & you can’t find positives even with the aid of an electron microscope.

    Ross Sharp, rofl. 😀 😀 😀

    And for a kicker on the Liars favourite topic of economic management and how they are sooo good at it. The link below shows how Australia managed to avoid being wiped out by the GFC and leap to #1 economy.

    A tip for the barrackers, the Liars “solutions” would have plunged us into recession,

  17. 23. Tony champions the cause of second-class citizens

    “If we really want the women of Australia to be first class citizens and first class contributors to our economy as well as to our society, they need to have a proper choice to combine families with careers.” 20/8/13

  18. Sorry, complete failure of imagination on my part. I can’t imagine Tony Abbott as a good PM. The media seem to have convinced some voters that he is a good Leader of the Opposition but the lack of policies after three years of negativity suggest that this is not great leadership. Most announcements (can’t call them policies) have been about undoing Labor’s policies. There is no vision for the future just a vague backward-looking narrative to some mythical John Howard Golden Age. The same characters are hanging around to step into their old roles as if the last six years hadn’t happened.

    On the other hand the media may well convince us that he is a great PM regardless of what actually happens as they have invested so much time and effort into promoting him. I’m envisioning here some nightmare Orwellian 1984 scenario where in the next three years Abbott’s image is untarnished while the wreckage of our society lies all around him and it’s somehow all Labor’s fault.

    Nightmares aside, I just tried to envisage Abbott on the world stage meeting world leaders and diplomats and I can’t do it without cringing. Sorry, that’s me done. I give up!

  19. We know the Liberal drones have been visiting the Cafe in the hours since this topic was posted. Nil of Sydney and Scraper, I see they’ve been posting on other topics….But not on THIS one…. We know why they’re avoiding the question don’t we, cos Abbott is a dud and even those desperados can’t defend him. If they think he’s indefensible now, in the cushy role of media-protected opposition leader, imagine him as PM in full brainfart mode every day and the cameras of the world watching. We will be LOLing constantly at the Liberal drones if this dud gets in. And they won’t be game to knife him after all the crocodile tears they made about Labor deposing a leader. They’ll be stuck with the biggest dud of all time making a mockery of the Liberal name. Ha, what a joke.

  20. 4:00pm: Earlier today Fairfax Media hosted a Google Hangout with Clive Palmer, the leader of Palmer United Party.
    Tomorrow, Mr Palmer has promised to hold a press conference which he has called “Slipper, Hockey, Brough, Palmer ‘Affair’ – The Truth”.
    I can’t wait.
    (I know – I’ve already broken my rule about not quoting from press release teasers with a good ‘un from Bob Katter last week but sometimes the material is just too good.)

    3:38pm: What’s wrong with the youth of today? No respect for tradition or their elders.
    Students at Coalition leader Tony Abbott’s alma mater – the very posh Catholic finishing school for boys Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview (which is in Sydney) – are worried that Mr Abbott and other political alumni have forsaken the Jesuit values that underpinned their education.
    450 boys have signed and couriered a letter to old boys appealing them to work for “a more moral and a more just Australia”.
    The letter has gone to the electorate offices of Mr Abbott and his fellow Jesuit schooled National Party candidate Barnaby Joyce, Coalition frontbenchers Joe Hockey and Christopher Pyne and Labor minister Bill Shorten.
    You can read about it here.

    3:24pm: This is the PERFECT thing for this time of the afternoon.
    Whack a pollie, courtesy of our techical wizards, can be found here.
    Upvotes:0 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
    3:21pm: Could that be? Yes, it is! Ladies and gentleman, the first campaign sighting of Coalition frontbencher Bronwyn Bishop (she’s on the right of this shot and Philip Ruddock is at the top of the frame). The gang’s all here.

    Read more:

  21. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says a coalition government won’t be writing ‘blank cheques’ for the car industry, but will support Australia’s manufacturing industry.

    Mr Abbott visited a Volvo Group plant in Brisbane to announce the coalition’s manufacturing policy.

    ‘I want Australia to be a country that makes things,’ he said on Wednesday.

    He said the repeal of the carbon and mining taxes, a company tax cut, cuts to regulation, road building and workplace law reform would benefit manufacturers.

    A coalition government would also appoint a trade and investment minister, provide an initial $50 million in export market development grants and put $50 million into a manufacturing transition fund.

    Asked if a coalition government would provide more money to Holden and Toyota, the opposition leader said: ‘Let’s cross those bridges if and when we get there.’

    ‘What we aren’t going to do … is run down the road after Holden waving a blank cheque at them,’ Mr Abbott said.

    ‘That is not a sensible way for an adult government to behave, but we are happy to sit down with them.’

  22. It Abbott wants to

    Rudd just said,m he will not be told to shut up, and continued talking.

    Abbott claims the Policy Honesty does not agree with Rudd. Mr. Abbott, them let us see what the say.

  23. ………..Students from Sydney’s prestigious Catholic high school St Ignatius’ College, Riverview, have accused Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and other Jesuit-educated MPs of “moral bankruptcy” over their asylum seeker policies.

    The Jesuit order founded the college in 1880, and Mr Abbott was a student there along with the Nationals’ Barnaby Joyce.

    A group of senior students from St Ignatius’ has written to Mr Abbott, Mr Joyce and three other Jesuit-educated federal MPs, Joe Hockey, Christopher Pyne and Labor Minister Bill Shorten………….

  24. 24. Tony is a master debater
    “Does this guy ever shut up?” (shit eating grin)

    25. Tony always tells the truth
    “I’d love to see the quote”

  25. The gut of Labora problem is that they have a pipeline if dud leaders they have had to choose from since Hawke Keating. I was reading Lathams comments in Cut and Paste. Funny but not what a party leader former or current should be saying. Then you look at the arid Gillard Rudd cockup. Surely there is better depth in the union or the leftie legal firms or TAFE or CENTRELINK. I didn’t see Gillards pull the pin speech but someone said she said she had paved the way for the next female PM. I know what the question will be if there is an aspiring unionist for PM….. But what if we get another Gillard. What a bunch of political scrubbers Labor has to choose from.

  26. Hey Tweed,

    Scroll back up to the top of this page you’re on and read Migs’ opening post. You can read, right? He’s asking you Lieberals why Abbott would make a (lol) ‘better PM’.

    If you can’t answer the challenge, we will take that as an admission from you that Abbott would NOT be a better PM.

  27. Yep Cuppa, “please look over there at Labor, please don’t look at my beloved idiot of a pretender Abbott who will never be a leader’s arsehole.”

    Standard SOP for right wingers when it comes to lamely trying to defend their gormless Abbott.

  28. Hey Cuppa. Apologise for going off topic but am WiFi challenged and do not have bandwidth to digest all your cerebral comments. As a coverall reply. What I am saying, and I think the electorate is saying, that it probably does not matter how Tony is as PM…. He will be streams ahead of the serial political retards Labor has thrown in Rudd Gillard Rudd. Hope this is an adequate response.

  29. Actually Tweed, for an Abbotteer (hey there hi there ho there) that was positively verbose and contained about as much detail as we could humanly expect.

  30. Notice that Tweed and Voyager fail to say WHY Abbott would be a ‘better PM’.

    Thanks for conceding that he wouldn’t.

  31. Tony’s stable team are never out of the stable 🙄 ….. wot team…. nobody has ever seen them or heard/herd of them… in and/or out of the ‘HoR’s’ …… they ‘play’ small target politics because their small. 😛

  32. The opposition have gone through two leaders and disunity on any number of things. Shadow portfolios have been shuffled more times the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Bishop, Turnbull fall out over spill

    Look up opposition disunity and you find plenty.

    Then there are the constant contradictions on their policies, especially with their puppet leader saying something totally different to what they have been, not the least the disquiet about Abbott’s huge brain farting haemorrhage on his PPL, something he go all uppity over in the last debate when he couldn’t answer how he will pay for it, because he knows he can’t.

    Then there were Abbott’s direct lies in the debate. How come the right wingers who go on so much about lies never ever pick up Abbott’s constant string of them, and many out and out massive whoppers?

    For instance there he was in the debate saying he opposed WorkChoices in the Howard government when on the record he said WorkChoices was one the greatest achievements of the Howard government.

    In fact Abbott’s whole performance was one of projection, which is his SOP for everything and something he’s done all his political life. Tony Jones in an interview with Abbott and Tanner on Lateline so far is the only journalist I’ve seen pick up Abbott on his blatant projection. It was on show in spades last night.

    Another reason Abbott will make such a terrible PM, he will never take responsibility for any stuff up or negative outcome, instead always projecting his failure onto others.

  33. Abbott apologetics, What about this blatant lie from Abbott.

    Abbott says child immunisation rates have fallen under the Labor government, that during the Howard government vaccination rates went back up over 90 per cent, “a great achievement of a Coalition government,” Mr Abbott told the Ten network’s Meet the Press on August 18.

    “Now they are dropping back again,” he said.

    Outright lie.

    They were static at 83% under Howard for five year olds and have gone up to 90% under the work of Tanya Plibersek, with Rudd putting in place policy and an aim to get it to 100%. Abbott has nothing planned except slogans and empty words on this front but no concrete policy.

  34. I haven’t seen the full debate from last night, but, is it surprising that murdochs breed of journalist reckon that the best ‘question’ of the night was asking someone else to stop asking questions? Churnalism, mordor style. Don’t ask, Don’t tell. Just SHUT UP!

  35. And here is why the churno’s don’t like people asking their tone awkward questions. Because they won’t do it themselves.

    Pressed by Rudd in the lively debate at the Broncos Leagues Club in Brisbane, Abbott answered the question he and his ministers had been avoiding for days.

    “The levy will cover about a half of the scheme,” he said,

    Here’s a thought churno’s, if he doesn’t answer a question, do what Rudd did, DON’T SHUT UP!

  36. I never said it!

    “Workplace reform was one of the greatest achievements of the Howard government”
    Tony Abbott
    House of Representatives
    13 August 2009

    “the howard Government’s industrial legislation, it was good for wages,
    it was good for jobs, and it was good for workers. And let’s never
    forget that.”
    Source: parliament house interview, 19 march 2008

    “WorkChoices will also help continue the improvement in our
    living standards and quality of life. And that’s something worth
    waiting for.”
    Source: tony abbott– newsletter, November 2005

    “WorkChoices was a political mistake, but it may not have been an
    economic one.”
    Source: Battlelines, 2009, PaGe 87

  37. What sort of Prime Minister will Tony Abbott be if he can’t get out on his bike every day? As Leader of the Opposition that seemed to be when he dreamed up what he would be his line for the day. He had that time to dream up ways to peddle new ideas or recycle old ones.

    Is Tony Abbott ‘peddling’ ideas or just recycling them?

    How else to break monotony
    With only thoughts for company?
    Wheels whirl out ideas for me.
    They roll out in a litany.

    How can we win a lot more votes?
    Keep a count on asylum boats!
    That’ll get lots of headline quotes
    And keep the Greens at Labor throats.

    Unemployed should be down the mines.
    Get bludgers off their fat behinds.
    Objectors should pay heavy fines.
    That’s bound to win some hearts and minds
    So what about the nation’s health?
    For that I’ll need a bit more stealth.
    Why aren’t they active like myself?
    I don’t rely on the Commonwealth!

    Nearly there, another twenty miles!
    Soon media crowding in the aisles
    Will grab my latest for their files.
    My party men will be all smiles.

  38. 23:00 Next Labor Leader Markets (1)

    Anthony Albanese 2.50 Bill Shorten 3.00 Chris Bowen 5.00
    Peter Beattie 6.00 Jason Clare 9.00 Tony Burke 14.00
    Mark Butler 15.00 Tanya Plibersek 21.00 Gary Gray 26.00
    Bob Carr 41.00 Penny Wong 51.00

    Care Sportzbet

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  39. Seriously, this is just so much fun, although 6 to 6.30pm on the 7th will be more fun. 🙂

    No. of LNP seats Labor take on Saturday 07/09/2013

    Applies to seats currently held by LNP members (MP for Fisher, Peter Slipper is an IND). Does not include any currently held Labor seats lost to LNP.
    10:00 Queensland Special Markets (1)
    0 1.50 1 2.40 2 5.00
    3 11.00 4 15.00 5 34.00
    6 51.00 7 67.00 8 81.00
    9 or more 101.00

  40. Thanks for your erudite contribution again Summo Waterhouse. Gee that convinces me that the Coalition policies are indeed better for our nation and that Tony Abbott will of course be the best person to tell other leaders to shut up.

  41. So, is brough gone?

    “Mal Brough said to me that we needed to destroy Peter Slipper,” Mr Palmer said.

    “He said he had all the evidence that would put Peter Slipper away for a long time.”

    Mr Palmer said the case that Mr Brough outlined included much of what had been detailed in the statement of claim in the federal court.

    Will ltdnews manage to get random (and retracted) claims from facebook off their front page for this, a conspiracy to bring down a Government? Doubts.

  42. murdoch is going all out, bringing up every allegation, insinuation and runour about bad behaviour from Rudd. Wonder why that is not cross referenced about tabots history with women?

    tabot must have tanked big time last night for rupe to pull out the big guns this early.

    Yet brough appears to be sailing by right under their noses 😯

  43. Just had a thought, Abbott would make the perfect troll. Has all their tricks of trade down to perfection. Yes, when one opponent asks a question, or says something, that you cannot defend, one begins the name calling, lies and if that does not work, tells them to shut up. Told Gillard many times. Like Rudd, she took such behavior with smile, and continued on with her message.

    We have the likes of Kroger and his ilk, saying that Abbott made the comment deliberately. Might believe that, if Abbott’s body language, was saying, he was seething inside. Now we have Abbott out today, saying that Rudd is out, blabbering on.

    No, Mr, Abbott, he is asking you the questions we want to know,

    We want to know, if FW stays, why are you intending to set up new bodies, to supervise Unions, and saying you are going to stop excessive wage claims. Mr. Abbot, where are the excessive wage claims.

    You told Mr. Rudd last night, that Parliamentary Budget Honesty does not agree with his statement. Mr. Abbott, if that is so, why not release the costings.?

    Just asking.

    Are you going to close down Medicare Locals, or sell them off? Closing them down

    Would like a real answer, as to why your real beliefs are re the environment, and man made climate change. Last night’s answer did not make sense,Mr. Abbott.

    Mr,. Abbott, I want to know what green and red tape, you are going to abolished, Examples, not weasel words.

    What are you going to do with public hospitals??????

    So many questions, not being answered, Mr. Abbott. Your side said last night, what you had to say, had more substance. Mr. Abbott, I am a little thick, must be, as I do not understand, can you explain to me, what you said, that was of substance?

  44. “Cardinal Pell is a fine man… Cardinal Pell is one of the greatest churchmen that Australia has seen.” – Tony Abbott on Cardinal George Pell

    “Abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people.” – Cardinal George Pell

  45. “Yes I get on well with Alan, he’s a friend of mine… I’ve know him for 30 years now.” – Tony Abbott on Alan Jones

    “Every person in the caucus of the Labor Party knows that Julia Gillard is a liar, everybody. I will come to that in a moment. The old man recently died a few weeks ago of shame. To think that he has a daughter who told lies every time she stood for Parliament.” – Alan Jones on the death of Julia Gillard’s father, September 29, 2012

    “I am certainly not going to ignore [Alan Jones’s] audience of half a million people in Sydney. I never have and I never will.” – Tony Abbott, responding to Jones’s remarks, October 2, 2012.

    “Another day of shame for a government which should already have died of shame.” – Tony Abbott in parliament, October 9, 2012.

    “I’d completely forgotten about [it], of course, but nevertheless. I have said time and time again that this is a government that has died of shame, that should have died of shame years ago. It was a clear reference to the government. I don’t think anyone, anyone, should be trying to make something out of this. It just goes to show how, I suppose, the political correctness police are on a rampage for anyone to even think there was a problem.” – Tony Abbott, October 10, 2012, having “completely forgotten” about Jones’s remarks 11 days prior.

  46. “The idea that you can solve a great spiritual and health crisis like AIDS with a few mechanical contraptions like condoms is ridiculous.” – Cardinal George Pell

    “I’ve got a great admiration for the Jews but we don’t need to exaggerate their contribution in their early days. They weren’t intellectually the equal of [the Egyptians or Persians] intellectually, morally… The poor little Jewish people, they were originally shepherds. They were stuck. They’re still stuck between these great powers.” – Cardinal George Pell on Jews

    “Cardinal Pell is one of the greatest churchmen that Australia has seen. I am a very imperfect Catholic. Why shouldn’t I go and seek counsel? Why shouldn’t I go and trespass on the time occasionally of someone like Cardinal Pell.

    If you spent more time with Cardinal Pell, your life might be more interesting.”

    – Tony Abbott interviewed on ABC’s Lateline

  47. What a weird world mordor is, when, the day after tabot tells the sitting PM to Shut Up!, they spend the next day accusing Rudd of being rude

    Ruddney Rude 🙂 (No, I do NOT give permission for news corp to use that title 😉 )

  48. So Mr. Palmer has proven, that Justice Rares Judgment was spot on. Cannot see any appeal against it now having any chance of success. Proves that, Slipper was indeed a victim.

    Now, are the police going to resume the investigations they suspended. If not, why not?

  49. ………..TONY Abbott has been accused of continuing Labor’s piecemeal approach to investment rule changes, despite promising “no adverse unexpected changes” to superannuation.

    The superannuation industry and fund managers today expressed alarm at the Coalition’s move to deny investors $1.6 billion a year in franking credits from companies that pay its 1.5 per cent paid parental leave scheme levy.

    The Coalition is banking the saving towards the scheme, with the biggest impact to be felt by retirees who rely on dividends for a portion of their income.

    The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia said surprise changes that affected retirement incomes should be at all costs.

    “Policy in this area cannot be done on the run,” the association’s chief executive Pauline Vamos said.


  50. independent australia ,has had many stories on the conspiricy to bring mr slipper down ,since this whole grubby saga started,
    and the MSM and those in high places have kept it hidden until now,
    thank you mr palmer for bringing this out into the open ,they have tried to ruin mr slipper, for no other reason ,than to bring a government down ,and if their is to be any justice the need to be charged for doing just that,
    i hope this isn’t the last we hear of this,but i wont hold my breath,because journalist’s have known about the grubby saga since the beginning and have said nothing,

  51. I do hope this is wrong. Then we see today, the most important topic is who a makeup artist liked.

    What else happened yesterday. Yes, Abbott announced some disturbing policies on how we treat out industry. Mr. Abetz has raised disturbing concerns when it comes to IR, Not least, is the fact, that the self funded retirees will be picking up a greater part of the bill, for Abbott;s grandiose and unnecessary PPL.

    We see battlers interviewed in the street, with Labor done nothing for us. We like Abott, or worse still, “she lied”

    Maybe they just do not think, well at least question what they hear.

    “…But the campaigns will go on using their talking points, because they’ve been honed to cut through to the voters who decide Australian elections – people who the mastermind of the Kevin 07 campaign, ad man Neil Lawrence, described recently as ”disengaged and hard to get to”.

    Ironically, that description was fact-checked on The Conversation website in July by political scientist Sally Young of Melbourne University. She finds it is accurate. She quotes an internal Labor report from the 1980s that described swinging voters as ”basically ignorant and indifferent about politics. They vote on instinct for superficial, ill-informed and generally selfish reasons.”

    Nothing has changed since then, writes Dr Young, except that in the digital age these people are harder to reach than ever………….

  52. I agree Voyager. Between the Bogan representing us overseas and K Rudd lining up the Ambassadors in Canberra to seek his court, we must look like a diplomatic sheltered workshop to the rest of the world.

  53. See the Liberal workchoices losers are still avoiding the challenge put at the top of this page: Why would Abbott be a ‘better PM’? Their silence an admission that he wouldn’t be…. He would be a dud – and the workchoices party would be a figure of ridicule and scorn if Murdoch gets him the job.

  54. ………………………There is a gap of almost $30 billion between the size of the tax cuts and new spending the Coalition has promised and the savings it has unveiled so far, leading economist Saul Eslake estimates.
    In a 34-page review for clients of how a Coalition government might change economic management, Mr Eslake, chief Australian economist for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, also highlights the potential for “significant and ongoing tensions” in an Abbott government between its “genuine economic liberals”, such as shadow treasurer Joe Hockey, and those who are “more sceptical about markets … including in many cases Tony Abbott as Prime Minister”………………..

    Read more:

  55. Mr. Rudd has said he will create a clearing house to deal with super and PPL payments, reducing red tape for business.

    Mr. Abbott, that is how it is done. Not raving on about cutting red and green tape, and nothing more.

    Tell us what steps you are taking, as Rudd has done.

    Not that hard.

  56. Yes mum will pay. Not the higher income ones, I suspect.

    ……….Mothers themselves will pay almost a third of the net cost of the Coalition’s policy to boost the paid parental leave scheme, judging from costings of a similar policy by the Parliamentary Budget Office.
    The budget office’s costing of the Greens’ policy, on broadly similar lines, finds that in 2016-17, when the Coalition’s plan is in full operation, parents would receive $3.78 billion in net increased benefits, but pay back $1.12 billion in higher income tax, tax on superannuation contributions, and lower family assistance benefits…………

    Read more:

  57. I do not believe it, Judith Sloane criticizing Abetz plan for stopping excessive wage rises.

    In fact all do. ABC Drum

  58. Nearly everything Abbott promises, or mere the case, aspires to, comes with the added note, that it will be audited, sent to the Productivity Commission, or a green or white paper produced. In fact, he seem to be saying most will then be taken to the following election.

    Of course, the same is not rue, fr all he is going to rescind or dismantle. In fact, I suspect, his whole time will be taken up in this activity.

    Added to shat, the uncertainty and instability he will cause, calling DD elections, then the effort in getting the houses back in sync.

    …………IT is fair to say Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme is not very popular on his side of politics. Many in parliament and the wider party believe it is too big, too generous with taxpayers’ money. But the angst ignores a reality: if Abbott does become prime minister next month there’s a good chance the plan won’t be implemented.
    Abbott is planning a commission of audit. One of the chief purposes of these exercises is to enable the breaking of campaign promises.
    New governments nearly always break campaign promises, using the commission of audit or traditional bureaucrats’ briefing about the state of the finances…………

  59. They keep saying the carbon tax will go up. Expect to be 35 dollars in a few years. But is it works, we will be well into moving to renewals, and there should be a lot less emissions to pay the ETS on. More electricity will be produced by other means, that does not attract the so called tax.

    Hunt and Butler on

  60. It is time, the;public is reminded about that tax that Abbott to slash. I think many have forgot, or have not connected the two.

    Thankfully, Butler is now answering the question, what effect does the tax have on the budget

    Hunt is going to ignore, the renewals, now put in place.

  61. 2 days in and they still can’t do it. Scaper, Tweed, can you answer the question of this post?

  62. Scaper, Tweed, can you answer the question of this post?

    Trying your hand at comedy? Not a bad one 😉

  63. ………..Abetz lets slip Coalition’s real IR agenda – no pay rises without loss of penalty rates and conditions

    22 August, 2013 | Media Release
    Eric Abetz has confirmed today that an Abbott Government will try and stop workers getting pay rises above inflation unless they give up conditions.

    ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said Mr Abetz’s comments in The Australian this morning that the Coalition would demand “excessive” wage rises include productivity reforms should ring alarm bells for workers, particularly given his comments on penalty rates……………..

  64. To Cuppa
    You do not comprehend : I said ‘ he has a good stable team ‘
    Cannot make it any simpler for you – proves you need a license to vote.
    No 1 Wish for Australians is. Stable Government And that has been absent.
    Government with no record is Rudds team now so depleted by resignations.
    Like 25 .

  65. Voyager you DO realise he CANNOT change his team because they have been rorting the system for years. He has 2 too many shadow ministers and 5 too many parliamentary secretaries. He did a deal that they could all stay in their jobs AND get the massive payrise but the proviso was that if he made ANY changes he would have to give up the rort….sack the dead wood, and get back to the number he was supposed to have. Not only has this cost we taxpayers millions in extra wages, it has meant that no-one will dare question Tony for fear they will be the one cut. It has also meant that backbenchers have nothing to strive for. It has NOTHING to do with loyalty or ability…it’s all about the money. What a surprise.

  66. Kaye Lee, sorry to disagree 😯 …. but you said something about Abbortt having Shadow Ministers…… I don’t know where your getting your info from, umm, KayeLee… 😉
    .. if you would but look at the Hansard over the past few years you will find very little mention of the opposition having any Shadow Ministers for anything ….. well, as far as anyone could tell……. I mean, if Abbott had a Ministry of Shadow ‘woteva’s …. surely they would have had something productive to say about their respective shadow portfolio’s by now 🙄 …. surely we would have heard how Shadow Minister So n’ So amended ‘dis or amended ‘dat…… But, alas, Kaye… there seems to be very little to go on to support the notion that the LNP have Shadow Ministers…… and if they do,… then, …’where the bloody hell are they’ ………. *crickets*

  67. No 1 Wish for Australians is. Stable Government

    Geeez, I’d like to meet these Australians and give them a slap. Everyone that I know would be no.1 a happy healthy life. Enough to be comfortable.

    Even in the political compass vote on ABC I never saw it come up. In all the debates on different websites, or any any of the last two debates…….no one mentioned stable government. We are not friggin Greece, sheeesh.

    Your simply playing politics.

  68. Yes Summo brain WIPEOUT. First of all Abbott whose supporters here have proven is a brain wipeout by not being able to come up with any lucid explanatory reasoning as to why Abbott would be a good PM. Thanks for being integral to that Summo. And second a country WIPEOUT if Abbott gets elected, again being well and truly demonstrated by his supporters here who don’t care one smick for the country, only that their beloved idiot gets into power. Again I thank you Summo for being a part of that proof.

  69. You have the title of this thread back to front.

    ‘Will Tony Abbott be a good PM? The question nobody can answer.’

    No one can predict if a person elected by his party to the position of PM will be good as it is a position that has to be grown into. People that like to predict beforehand are either the barrackers or in the case here, the haters.

    Now, I’ll use you lot and your opinions as a yardstick of probability.

    You lot were barracking for Rudd and thought he was a good PM right up to the night he was knifed by Gillard who said a government had lost its way. His own party said he was not good at governing and no lot of pants firing here can alter that fact. His own party deemed Rudd as not a good PM.

    Then along comes Gillard, the adulation of her here was sickening, never before have I read such uncritical worship of a politician in my life! Gillard’s tenure proved that she was not a good PM, her style of governing, shockingly poor policy formulation and her attempts to divide this nation led to the dumping of her as PM. Again, her own party deemed Gillard as not a good PM.

    For near on four years you lot have been engaging in a hate fest of Abbott feeding off each other that would warrant a psychological study on the effects of group think. If there was just one dollar donated to the poor for every time Abbott was written here under all guises, Lialot and the other pathetic name calling, no child would go hungry!

    Based on your own opinion, taking into account your record of judgement which has been an abysmal failure…the probability of Abbott making a good PM is highly likely.

  70. Some concessions on my behalf. I in 2007 thought that Rudd would make a good PM, hence voted Labor. I saw through Rudd only a few months into his term.

    My prediction in 2007 was Labor winning 84 seats, out by one.

    I believed that Gillard would have done a better job than Rudd but that never eventuated. In fairness, Gillard would most probably done a better job if she had a clear majority but that does not detract from her failings stated.

    In 2010 I could not predict a clear winner, so was pretty close to the result.

    I had stated that Labor would only hold 47 seats at this election before Gillard got stabbed and will be sticking by that. If you look at the seat swing at previous elections that changed government 47 seats held is in the frame.

    My greatest hope at this election is that Rudd loses his seat so Labor can move on and hopefully reinvent themselves. Rudd is a traitor to Labor and deserves it!

  71. Abbotts PPL. What stops people rorting it? Like business owners with families in the business who have women looking to start a family. They can simply bump up the familiy members salary, or anyone else they want just before their time off, then get the tax payer to pay them at the max salary rate for the next 6 months.

  72. Saddest part re re Abbott’s grandiose PPL scheme, which is more generous than even the Greens can bring themselves to support, is that mums are not going to get the nett amount he promises w. Yes, a con indeed.

    First, they will lose access to the many industry schemes, within their wage packet they now receive, letting employers off the hook, for responsibility for this benefit, which they face in most countries of the world, putting the burden back on the taxpayers.

    Second they will lose access to the present family benefits that they are now entitled to.

    Thirdly, it will be taxed.

    To rub salt into the wound, 50% of the cost will comes from those who rely of shares and franking for income.

    What we now have, is an affordable scheme, that gives mums basic support, and for many is topped up by company schemes. Yes, by industry schemes, that are in deed a workplace Right.

    Most voters, I believe would rather protect the future of NDIS, Better schools, skills training and a worthwhile NBNCO, than Abbott;s dream, that sucks the air out of the rest of the economy.

    The choice is what thew voter will make.

    Yes mums will be a little better off, over the short term. Will be losers over the long term. That child is around for more that six months. It actually get harder and costlier as they get older.

    Same goes for NBN lite. Maybe little cheaper short term, much more expensive and wasteful over the long term.

  73. It’s interesting that for any other job you have to have the qualifications and display competence BEFORE you get the job. Apparently, for arguably the most influential job in the country, you get to “grow into it”.

    Have they come up with any reasons yet as to why Tony Abbott will be a good PM? How about if we rephrased the question to why will an Abbott led government be better for this country? It’s just as unanswerable.

  74. So Mr. Morrison is going to encourage Indonesian’s fishermen, to sail their leaky boats into Australian waters, where he will buy them.

  75. Well, apparently the Liberal party room believe Abbott has not only the qualifications, but the competence to be PM as they are arbiters of who becomes their leader, not me and certainly not you!

    Gee, if I had not been given the opportunity to “grow in the job” I’d be still a labourer instead of getting to the top of the tree before going out on my own. It is the norm in the private and public sphere but not according to you people.

    I’ve already answered your stupid question, if you people, that have woeful judgement as evidenced by your track record reckon Abbott and a coalition government will be bad then the opposite will probably occur.

    You also have no say in the PM or next government, the swinging voters will determine the outcome. Must feel pretty helpless but that’s democracy for the rusted on barrackers on the sideline.

  76. Well said scaper (applause). By the way, Bill Glasson’s odds shortened considerably and Rude’s drifted when Rude was a no show at The Powerhouse last night for a Griffith public forum. Glasson now has 54% of primary vote.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  77. Bonus for the LNP. Dr Hugh McDermott. What a grub. Plenty more where he emerged from no doubt. In fact one springs to mind instantly, Chris Bowen…another little grub of no consequence. No bother, he’ll be gone in 2 weeks.

  78. Just calling it the way I see it Summo.

    Yeah, polling in Rudd’s seat is not looking good and Dr Glasson would be a welcome addition to Parliament. Bet Dutton is watching on with nervous interest.

  79. Abbott graduated from the University of Sydney with degrees in Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Economics (BEc). Then he became a Rhodes Scholar at Queens College Oxford UK in Politics and Philosophy. He also won a boxing blue at Oxford. He married Margaret in 1987 and has three daughters. He is a member of the congregation of the Catholic Church.

    He was involved in student politics, but beyond that, biographer Michael Duffy wrote that during his student days he saved a child who was swept out to sea. Another time, he helped save children from a burning house next to a pub where he was drinking. On each occasion he disappeared before he could be properly thanked

    He is a member of Manly’s Queenscliffe SLSC, and a member of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, both of which he joined before it was politically expedient to do so. He spent several weeks teaching in remote Aboriginal settlements in Cape York in an effort ‘to familiarise himself with indigenous issues’.

    If you are wondering where some of the negativity attributed to Tony Abbott comes from, go on to the Net and have a look at the comments which followed, 2 years ago, when he was asked by the Women’s Weekly:–

    “What advice would you give your three daughters on sex before marriage?”

    He told the magazine: “I would say to my daughters, if they were to ask me this question ‘It is the greatest gift you can give someone, the ultimate gift of giving and don’t give it up to someone lightly’.”

    Yet, if you were to read many of the comments on the Internet and the print media at the time, you could be forgiven for thinking he was attempting to impose his will on all females in Australia, had ranted against women, had argued for Muslim like chastity, and so on……………… See for yourself – Google it! Gillard’s response was to accuse Abbott of “lecturing women”?!?

    I have also included a video of Abbott where he commented on, in what seems to me to be quite a balanced fashion, “climate change”. Yet the title of the video suggests he has been extreme in “denying climate change and advocating carbon tax”. See what you think. http://youtube/oPpQisoZqx4 Then have a look at the longer interview from which this original excerpt was taken

    Abbott has had a history of being told by ‘ABC types’ that he lacks compassion, does not understand homosexuality or homosexuals, avoids situations where he might need to face up to gay relationships, and so on. Again, because he was not prepared to reveal personal issues of others (ethics, principles), he did not speak about his own sister’s lesbian relationship and the part he played in supporting her. It would have been an easy defence for him, but in line with his principles and values, he chose not to use it.

    Granted, he is not a super smooth, off the cuff, speaker, and does not fit the orator mould. But when he is compared to the glib tongues and untrustworthiness of Gillard, Rudd, Swan, etc., it is not difficult to determine which attributes are more important for the leadership of Australia.

    After Abbott completed his studies, he became a journalist for The Bulletin and also the Australian. For a time he was plant manager for Pioneer Concrete, then became press secretary for the then Opposition Leader, Dr John Hewson. He was elected to Parliament in 1994 at a bi-election. He has held various Ministerial posts and his actions in those roles are a matter of public record. His work ethic is unquestioned.

    He was dismayed at the policies of former leader Malcolm Turnbull relating to ETS, and following widespread disaffection with Turnbull’s stance among Liberal Party members, threw his hat into the ring, as did Joe Hockey, for leadership of the Liberal Party. Abbott was successful. At the time, the polls were running strongly against the Liberal Party (in the 40% approval range), while Kevin Rudd enjoyed figures around 60%

    Within a short space of time, with Abbott as leader, those figures changed to such a degree that Rudd was replaced in the now infamous “faceless men” coup which installed Gillard. Since that time, Abbott has maintained constant focus on the ever widening circle of disasters associated with the Gillard government to the stage where support for that government now hovers around the 30% mark.

    Abbott strikes me as a person of integrity, he has values in which I too believe, and ethics based on his Christian beliefs. I would much rather place my trust in someone who, in his actions, has shown he is what he says, rather than someone who will say anything to gain a prospective advantage for themselves.

  80. Never could understand how an ex copper got health. Speaking of ex coppers…the sliming of Ray King in McMahon will work against ‘Baby Face’ Bowen.

  81. The ALP campaign is now officially a farce. Rudes price in Griffith has drifted from dead set cert at $1.01 to $1.75 in 24 hrs. Glasson has firmed in from $8 to $3. Exactly as I predicted when they threw Gillard off the pier, Rude would collapse and the labor vote would end up worse. They should have stuck with Gillard. At least they would have some credibility. At this rate the ALP will be an even bigger joke federally than they were in Qld, where they now can’t even fill a Toyota Tarago with Palaszczuk driving on an empty tank. I’m calling the election now by 26 seats to the coalition.

    Cuppa, suck it up princess. cut cut cut

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  82. So scaper and Summo, do you feel we need to act on climate change? Do you think we will all need fast broadband in the future? Do you think mining companies should pay tax on their superprofits? Do you think a surplus is a desirable goal within itself regardless of circumstances? Do you think cutting 20,000 public service jobs and assistance to the car manufacturing and renewable energy industries will create 2 million net new jobs? Do you truly believe that “if we lift the tide all boats will rise” and could you explain some detail of what the hell that means and how the Coalition hope to achieve it? Do you think the media has an obligation to present factual account of both sides of a debate?

  83. And there in a nutshell is Tony’s approach to politics.

    “No, yes and no, no, straw, more straw, ?, paranoid!”

  84. Your opinion means nothing in the scheme of things. Opinions are like arseholes…everyone has one but some stink more than others. Free tissues on the new thread.

  85. Your bully tactics mean nothing to me scaper. I recognise and dismiss them as easily as you dismiss my opinion. You will never make me feel inadequate and worthless regardless of what you say or how hard you try.

    If we removed reference to polls, bookies odds, and tissues from your threads we are left with very little. If we remove posts about Kevin Rudd vs Julia Gillard we are left with SFA. Not an ounce of substance.

  86. If you put five people in a room and ask them for their political opinions you would get a varying degree of answers.

    If you put you and four other whisperers in a room you would get the same degree of answers.

    Don’t lecture me on substance, Kaye!

  87. ” Don’t lecture me on substance, Kaye!” ….waste of time Kaye, he has none….. and don’t lecture Scraps on calibre either….. he has none….. or honour… none…. or honesty…. zip….. or integity..nil…… or ethics… ditto, …none…. or anything requiring ‘substance’ …… ‘e’s just an ‘orrible little hater.

  88. And the questions remain unanswered….why on earth would anyone want Tony Abbott as a Prime Minister and what policies do the Coalition have that would make me want to vote for them?

  89. Wow what a lame come back from scaper, worse than his usual schooly boy retorts.

    Not me… nya.

    I’ve been looking at him personally and morally disintegrate as he’s attempted to go lower than the right wingers that love him so much here, and the descent into puerility is nearing rock bottom.

    Well done scaper, you have outdone yourself, becoming even more petty than I thought possible of you.

  90. Meanwhile, it seems the real psephologists are still pissing themselves laughing at Lonergan’s polling and woeful analysis…

  91. pmsl @ leg humping. Nice turn of phrase that. Kayelee…dunno,dunno,dunno,dunno,dunno.dunno and dunno. All i know is I can’t stand you basket weaving, sandal wearing centro socialist bigots who shout down anyone who has a different point of view. Common thread here, which is why I like to visit. “Keep the bastards honest” comes to mind, although anything remotely associated with unionism will never be placed in the honest basket. Can anyone here justify a union reps wage being $250K? Don’t even try!

    yajustgottalaughatyoulotwhoknowtheraceislostalready 😉

  92. Summo the whole point is you don’t HAVE a point of view. You freely admit you know nothing and care less. And in the 70’s I was called a pot-smoking communist lesbian…apparently now I am a “basket weaving, sandal wearing centro socialist bigot”. I find your lack of knowledge appalling and your name calling ridiculous. Your ignorance is common amongst Coalition voters…let’s face it…you would HAVE to be ignorant to vote for them.

  93. Voyager,

    ABBOTT, tell us why he would be a ‘good PM’. No reference to others, no red herrings, no spin, this is about ABBOTT.

    The question no one can answer.

  94. The obvious initial response is that it will be impossible for Abbott to be a worse PM than Gillard or Rudd. We will not see duds of the like of Gillard Rudd Garrett Swan Wong …. for a lot of future political cycles. Both sides of politics recognise since 2007 the government leaders have been abysmal. Whisperers. I will make a final prediction for this political cycle. The Gillard polling numbers will look not too shabby come the election in two weeks. Rudd has the wind in his face. Unfortunately he is plummeting from a high place headed to a concrete pavement on 7th.
    Now re Tony. Why do you guys continue to hope Tony is some how going to forget all he has learned in 20 years of politics? It is job and his career. He is good at it. He has flogged Rudd. Flogged Gillard and has again flogged Rudd. He reads the electorate. He has experience intelligence education and more importantly proven Form. When are you whisperers going to listen to what I have been say for the past 3 years???
    If you have any doubt read your own researchers. Go read Poll Bludger Crikey. It is catastrophic for Labor.
    Gotta zip, fair shake of the sauce bottle and dive into the briny blue Med …….

  95. Kaye Lee. A pot smoking commie lezo? I’d never have guessed your butch, much less a commie….! As for name calling? Where, when, what? Do you not wear sandals, have you not ever basket weaved, are you not centro? Bit over sensitive there dear.

    nowonderumakemelaughkeepupthegoodwork 😉

  96. Summo’s not too bright cuppa. That’s the second mindless wingnut to be caught out by that BS piece, supposedly by Latham, in the last few days. Come in spinner. Talk about make you laugh 😆 😆


    This is what the real Mark Latham wrote about Abbott in the Financial Review on 11 October, 25 October and 20 December 2012:

    * The pampered childhood, in which no boundaries were placed on young Tony’s adventurism. His time at Sydney University hectoring lesbians and vandalising public property in the name of conservatism. His struggles as a trainee priest in conforming to the vows of celibacy and the culture of St Patrick’s seminary. Then his turbulent period in the early 1990s, ostensibly working for the Liberal leader, John Hewson, but acting as an agent for John Howard….Under his leadership, we are witnessing the moral decline of Australian conservatism.

    * My theory on Abbott is that he is a habitual exaggerator, an attention seeker who will say or do anything to inflate the perceived sins of his opponents.

    * Tony Abbott is a flawed character, a habitual exaggerator, deeply unpopular with the Australian people. There is no surging public sentiment to make him prime minister.

    That garbage that the gormless Summo posts can only be found on right-whinge sites, claiming to be “BY Mark LATHAM, Former Leader of A.L.P”

  98. Lol Bacchus!

    Right wingers are so gullible. No wonder they would vote for a dropkick like Abbott, even without being able to say why he’d be a ‘good PM’…. And the rest of the Liberal ‘team’, they support them TOO. Hoodwinked!

  99. “In the end, Rudd disappointed on the downside while Howard surprised on the upside.

    Abbott’s relatively low personal ratings are a potential bonus if he can surprise people by rising above such low expectations. This depends upon the way Abbott grows into the office of prime minister, always an unpredictable factor.”

    Paul Kelly in The Australian today but apparently KL believes that PMs are ready made and don’t grow into the job.

  100. Yes scaper I would hope that the person who becomes the PM would have the necessary qualities before hand. You can’t “grow into the job” when you don’t have the required skills in the first place. I don’t think “does this guy ever shut up” will go over well at the G20 summit or at the UN Security council, do you? I don’t think describing female politicians as having sex appeal will go over well, do you? I don’t think describing Indigenous people as “adornments” to our society will go over well, do you? I don’t expect him to be the suppository of all wisdom but if that is the best he can do after 20 years in politics then I would suggest he does NOT have what it takes.

  101. Well, judging by the polls Abbott’s so called gaffes have had no effect on normal Australians. The only ones protesting over them are the PC wowser brigade and neo feminists of your ilk.

  102. The problem with polls in individual seats is the size of the sample – hence a much larger margin of error. Add to that the obvious problems of who is polled and how (robopoll) – most are meaningless. For example, Possum Comitatus has posted a breakdown by booths at the last election. This shows that the conclusion Lonergan arrived at in Griffith is unlikely as best…


  103. Word is that a proportion of LNP volunteers from Brisbane safe seats to swamp Griffith next week right up to close of campaign. Would do Labor a favour but not according to those here that support the traitor to his own party.

  104. Just for those who mightn’t know Griffith, the blue across the top of that map is the Brisbane River, not Liberal voters 😆

  105. Notice that scraper is posting in the topic but avoids stating why Abbott would be a ‘good PM’. Of course he’s not alone there, none of the mental midgets can do it. And we know why, it’s the question without an answer. How long is a piece of string, morons? Be afraid, if Abbott wins you lose.

  106. After the last six years of Labor, why do they deserve to be voted in for another three years.

    The answer to that has been provided over and over again, here and elsewhere, but it all stems back to the fact that Labor is looking towards a future for our country – putting policies into to place to grow the future for all Australians – while the Lieberals are harking back to a more “comfortable” time circa 1954 😆

    It’s lust the basic difference between conservatives and progressives – conservatives are pants-wetters who never want anything to change EVER. Progressives can see possibilities for a better future…

    NBN, Gonski, NDIS, Asian Century, rational economics…

  107. This going to be fun watching the Aust Losers Party die the death of a thousand cuts cuts cuts over the next 2 weeks. What joy after all the lies they have told, over and over and over.

    yajustgottaluagh 😉

  108. Imagine the absolute unhinging of the right-whingers if Kevvie were to pull off an Obama, and come back to win against what the polls are supposedly saying now! Or even better – another Labor controlled hung parliament. Delicious! The last three years of dummy-spitting would have nothing on what would come… 😆 :mrgreen:

  109. Well, judging by the polls Abbott’s so called gaffes have had no effect on normal Australians.

    Of course not. The media is in full teflon mode for tabot. he loses a debate, tells the PM to Shut Up!, and the next day is all about a makeup artist making up stuff about Rudd.

  110. The end result of a The pampered childhood or, tabots record of behaviour

    • in Parliament he physically threatened a Vietnam Veteran who had lost both his legs during the Vietnam War
    • kicked in a glass panel door after a narrow defeat in the University Senate elections
    • was charged with indecent assault for allegedly touching a female student teacher between her legs on the lower buttock.
    • alleged to have approached the person who defeated him, Barbara Ramjan, come as close to an inch from her nose and then punched the wall on either side of her head.
    • once threatened to punch Lindsay Foyle, a former deputy editor of The Bulletin because of a disagreement over abortion
    • punched Joe Hockey out cold sometime during a disagreement at a rugby match
    • acccused terminally ill man, Bernie Banton, of not being “pure of heart”, after refusing to see him.
    • once joked about the suicide attempt of John Brogden
    • joked about the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that sunk claiming 11 lives
    • believes that C02 is weightless, and that we shouldn’t have a Carbon Price because it is ‘invisible’, yet will pay farmers to bury this ‘weightless, invisible’ gas 😯
    • is now apparently blaming Gillard for the ‘toxic’ nature of the past three years of Parliament. Mind you, I don’t recall Gillard standing in front of signs calling tabot a “Bitch”, insinuated that his relatives have “died of shame”, tried to run from the Parliament or been evicted from it.

    That last dot point is the most blatant use of right-whinge projection yet Bacchus 😉

  111. That’s quite a list Tom R. I recall reading about each of those incidents across scattered sources. Thanks for compiling them in one piece. Abbott would NOT be a ‘good PM’. His record of behaviour will have the RWFs shitting themselves if he (ie, the media) should ‘win’ the election.

  112. Grow into the job? Not according to Bruce Haigh.

    Canberra Times, 23 October 2012:

    …Chances are that Abbott has also changed very little. Anger is a byproduct of his ”whatever it takes” ambition. Wed this to his conservative Christian beliefs and he becomes a crusader, using religion as a shield from criticism. He is not trusted or liked, particularly by women, but also by a lot of men, who distrust his superficiality.

    Abbott employs personal attacks in lieu of policy proposals. His present political tactics are similar to those employed all those years ago on campus and with the Student Representative Council.

    When cornered, Abbott has played fast and loose with the truth; he shoots from the hip; his retractions on the morrow have something of Richard Nixon about them and are an insight into the frailty of his capacity to lead within a democratic framework.

    Misogynist, sexist, religious fundamentalist, shallow, aggressive, dishonest, coward, blustering bully.. it’s all here in Bruce Haigh’s article. Read more at:

  113. Great list Tom. Good to know Tony is so passionate. Is it any wonder almost 70% have swung towards him. Please expound upon his threats against a legless man. Obviously you were there and can give us a first hand account. As for being cranky with hard core lesbians, well who hasn’t? Pains in the arse they are.

    Yajustgottalaughat ALosersP clutching at anything now. 😉

    Back to the Bledeslow Cup..What a match hey!

  114. Dummo,

    When it all starts going to shit for the Lieberals the RWFs who spam the Cafe and other sites will be nowhere to be seen.

    When the Lieberals start screwing your neighbours & loved ones with SerfChoices, and wrecking the economy with incompetence, will you apologise for working to inflict a Lieberal “government” on them?

  115. and Mr Abbots’s initial impression of this verbally capable invalid was? Equality has many faces and everyone wants and respects equality. Just don’t sit there taking the moral high ground that you’ve never insulted someone, be they invalid, old, short of mind, a bit slow to serve or legless. God forbid you have Cuppa and co.(THAT IS A NO BRAINER) that any of you have cursed an old lady in traffic! (yes that’s right, hypocrites.) Are you to know until the legless man pushed his chair back? I’ve been in pubs where the most opinionated loudmouths use their incapacity to advantage, so please, don’t play the woe is me card, I ain’t got no legs. They have mouths which can still get them in strife. You attempted distractions from the main frame are worthless. ALP is about to be flogged and NOT BEFORE TIME!

    By the way, if a legless, black, homo socialist tattooed dwarf, who drives a falcon and is the the son of a disadvantaged holden driving lesbian hooker who sold her beliefs to become a green, please, please don’t CRITICISE HIM WHEN HE BUYS A TOYOTA! You may have to tread beyond your mental extremities by not using just one swear word.

    yajustgottalaugh 🙂

  116. And… the question was: Will Tony Abbott be a good Prime Minister?
    Reason: Never trust a man who smooches on a first meeting. It breaks the rules of personal space integrity, passes 100 million germs (approx) and puts a woman ‘in her place’… sexually – displaying the man’s superiority. Cave man stuff… ya know, ‘Middle wicket syndrome’. I’d have thought he would have grown out of that by his late ’30’s – apparently not.

    I don’t want a PM who’s going to look at Angela Merkel as a sex object.

  117. Says it all about Rudd. He suspends election campaign due to gravity of the Syria issue then delays Syria security briefing to record episode of Kitchen Cabinet. He is a serial bullshit artist.
    It will be interesting to see how Tony goes as PM. Nobody knows as he has never done the job. Same as you whisperers had high expectations for Rudd as PM in 2006, Gillard in 2010 and Rudd in 2013. I don’t think there would be any Ahstralian that could say Labor has lived up to expectations since 2007.
    I mean if Kabor was your football team you would steer clear of the coffee machine at work on a Monday morning. Supporting Labor since 2007 is like saying Hird epitomises Healthcare Excellence.
    No no one knows how Tony will go as PM but I will be surprised if he doesn’t turn out to be one of our best reforming PMs. He has a lot to fix. A lot to repair financially. Repair to Border Control. I note the Whisperers and Labor have consistently underestimated Abbott. Gillard and Rudd were comprehensively flogged by Abbott.
    You have to remember Abbott has done the hard yards both personally and professionally. He has come up trumps in his personal life and his political life. Just compare him to Gillard and Rudd. Gillard is. History of bad choices and questionable integrity. Rudd is simply a serial tool. Labor brains trust us an oxymoron. I mean who could have thought out such a stupid scenario commencing in 2097 a NAND exacerbating with the folly since 2010. Swan as Treasurer for 6 years? Just what were they thinking.
    Anyhow it looks like we will all find out what Abbott will be like as PM. I am confident and you whispered should accept there is no way he could be such a disaster as the Gillard and the Tool.

  118. What’s your excuse for posting, soxy?

    I like the line from Abbott today in relation to the parliamentary billiard tables. The government allowed the tables to be sold for a paltry five grand and then launched an enquiry that cost one hundred grand to work out why.

    Can’t beat that lefty logical dyslexia…reminds me of soxy and his hand!

  119. Poor Tony.Ms.Gillard’s over the top actions has besmirched his character. rwr. Of course his own behavior has not contributed, ALL Julia’s fault.

    Well that is what Tony is saying.

  120. Mr.Rudd is being persecuted for smiling and not having a conversation with a makeup girl that brushes some powder over your face. He was not rude, acknowledged her with a smile, and continues with the matter at hand. That is being prepared for the debate.

    One could imagined the outcry, if Rudd, or anyone in Labor behaved in a similar manner.

  121. No, I do not, and will not, while there are the likes of you around.

    When I get your response, I know I have once gain succeeded.

    Sorry for the typos tonight. Having trouble with eyes, on the computer I have borrowed.

    What excuse do you have.

    Norm for those from the right, from Abbott down, if they do not like what they are hearing, they come out with the shut up.

    Mainly to women, I fear

    I will still be here, when you have long gone.

  122. He suspends election campaign due to gravity of the Syria issue then delays Syria security briefing to record episode of Kitchen Cabinet.

    Tweed, don’t believe what murdochs rags say, they are full of shit. If you just repeat without verifying the story, you just might sound like you are full of the same stuff yourself 😉

    It appears that this story has less correct with it than a make-up artists made-up stories.

    Both got front page coverage for over a day, keeping tabots continual stuff ups out of the limelight as murdoch runs interference for the worst loto in living memory

  123. Tom. Get your head out of the sand. Murdock does not own the Age or SMH or Channel 10 or ABC. Just suck it up buddy. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd, Swan Wong, Garrett et al have been a total cockup. Gillard in particular has has had an honesty/integrity cloud over her head since the whole AWU business, the Craig business has been disgusting. Swan has been a total joke (very expensive joke) for his whole 6 year term. just look at every corner of the Labor administration since 2006 and you see lunacy, corruption, incompetence, endless spin…….
    As I said before. Just what was the Labor brains trust thinking.
    All you can do Tom R is hope Abbott is a more normal administrator that the past loons.
    Abbott simply could not be anywhere near the disaster Gillard and Rudd have been.
    I am confident he has the experience, integrity, intelligence, compassion and fairness to make a very good PM.
    We will all find out in due course I suspect.

  124. Tweed, I do hope you are right, if the country is unlucky to have to endure Abbott as PM. I wish I could find something in his character or past, that says, yes he will be a good PM. You people have been asked, and still have not come up with anything, that gives us a little hope..

  125. The one thing I do not accept. is that Gillard was a disaster, and if you have to rely on facts, will find it impossible to prove it is so.

    History will treat this woman well.

  126. Murdock does not own the Age or SMH or Channel 10 or ABC

    And none of them made the bullshit claim, although, they have toed the line by helping to keep it out there. The ALP were very specific about what was said and when.

  127. Well, Summo, sorry you do not make me laugh. I think that you are either misled, or maybe just a fool, who mouths the words of others.

    You know who I mean. Does not impress.

  128. “Mr Abbott said Ms Gillard had driven an ”over-the-top” campaign to damage his reputation. She had maligned him.”

    Yep. some might believe Abbott, but one thing for sure, it is not hard to malign him, all one has to do is repeat what comes out of his mouth, or just replay the videos.

  129. She had maligned him

    That is hilarious isn’t it FU.

    What most appear to forget that, when Gillard did her misogyny speech, it was a direct rebuttal of tabot calling Slipper a misogynist. Is tabot claiming that he has maligned Slipper?

  130. Tony Abbott has been in politics for decades and the best approbation his supporters can give him is “I’m sure he’ll grow into the job”. Ya think?

  131. Bacchus that’s why I still use a typewriter and a black Bakelite phone with a dial…well nearly. I don’t trust those new fangled gadgets. My son just got a new phone and he was checking out some of it’s functions. He said “Holy shit” and the phone said back “That’s not very holy”. Freaked me out. I feel like I am living with HAL.

  132. Carol, like the new name. Suits you. Said you two had more to do, than worry abut the likes of Summo and scaper this weekend.

    Just a little story, something like a little parable.

    We had this PM, who decided they would build the government house, that is badly needed. Much work and effort, was put into coming up with a design, that met the needs of the nation, and was the most economical..The PM manages to get this building, which many thought was appropriated, and met the needs of the future, One the country would benefit from for many years to come.

    Alon come Abbott. and sadly the PM is deposed.

    Abbott says to one and all, we cannot afford that building, I can do it cheaper, and whats more, that is what I intend so do,

    In comes the bulldozers, and knocks the building down. All the rubble moved to the rubbish tip, and contracts signed, bought out.

    Abbott brings in his trusty team of builders and begins to erect his so called better option. One that amounts not more, than a fibro triumph. See, says Abbott. I told you I can do it better. Matters not, that the building does not meet the needs of the nation.

    Matters not, that money spent on the half finished building, and buying out signed contracts was pure waste. No Abbott did as he promised, built a cheaper, inferior building. He counts not, or cares for the money wasted, to have his own way.

    Yes, things can always be done for less money. Whether it is cheaper, in the long rub, and value for money, is another thing.

    Now Abbott has promised to do the same, with NBNCO, CEF and all it entails. NDIS and Better Schools. Along with opening up the loop holes in the FBT when it comes to cars, giving the wealthy back their Medicare rebates.

    I am afraid, what Abbott spruiks, just does not add up.

    We had a Liberal government, decades ago, promising that they could build the Opera House cheaper and bringing a Labor government down to do it.

    Sadly they did bot do it cheaper, but indeed did produce a inferior building. Yes, we, the taxpayer, are now spending hundreds of millions of dollars to brig the building up to standard. The standard, that Labor was building at the time.

    We get rid of NBNCO. wasting the money already spent, including buying out god only know signed contracts. replacing it with a inferior service, that in the long run will cost much more., Sadly all that is spent on those cabinets on every street corner, will have no further use, when the move to fibre to the premises comes, which it must. In the meantime, millions will be wasted every year, maintaining the clapped out copper wire. Turnbull cannot even tell one, what the true state of that copper is. We know that Telcom, told us a couple of decades ago, it had to be replaced with fibre.

  133. scaper…

    I detest lefties because they are pissants. Especially at Cafe Delusions.

    I think that allowing scaper to keep posting here and advertising his own hatred of this place is like us kicking ourselves in the teeth. I think we might have to say goodbye to scaper.

  134. From what I have observed, scaper is like an uncle of mine who, when sitting at the dinner table, would purposely say something he knew would upset someone, and then sit back and watch the shit fly, purely for his own amusement. It took me a long time to tell him to F off but god it felt good when I did.

  135. I’m so sorry…. but this may be a tad off thread, as it were( and prob’s none of my beeswax)…….. but Min, in the words of that prima diva, Poorline….. umm,…. and I don’t wanna get all Peyton Place or Home and Away about ‘it’ ….. but…… err and umm….”Please explain”……. Carol Taylor …. 😯 but, like I said ‘ none of my Beeswax’ …..BUT, congrats to ya’s, ya old bastards :grins:

  136. On ya Min, …. no, really 😉 ….. my only issue with ya’s….. IS…. Colin Wood v Port Tadlaide….. and, umm, good luck with dat 😆

  137. OT, sorry. Was a lovely wedding and Carol looked stunning. I don’t easily go to tears but nearly did when I saw her enter the chapel.

    Michael, that would have to be the best words of love and devotion I’ve heard a man give to a woman.

    Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity of being a part of such a special day.

    Footnote: Hope you don’t mind me putting this here. Please remove if you wanted to keep it private.

  138. Maybe a further wedding present as some of the right wingers go on about polls so much.

    Labor closed the gap in latest Newspoll showing it’s too early to call this either way and you’d be silly to do so. Whoever wins it’s what the people voted for, whatever the reasons, media influence included. They will have to live with that, and we know what that consequence will be under Abbott, it’s one thing you can predict with almost absolute certainty, as will be the lame excuses and blame shifting for his long string of broken promises, lies and failures.

    Election aside the one thing the right wingers can’t hide is how on the nose Abbott is, even amongst staunch Liberal supporters. He slipped further behind Rudd, and apart from a brief period when the media made a long and concerted very viscous effort against Gillard and high praise with lots of stunts based on lies for Abbott, he’s nearly always been the dog of a leader in the people’s minds.

  139. Well it is nice to hear that Abbott has come to his senses, and getting to surpluses no longer is important. It appears he has given himself a decade.

    The daughters being the centre of attention, is beginning to annoy many. Wonder does he realise, they tower over him, and make him look small. Try to say this morning, they are not with him all the time.

    Gee, wonder the who the girls are next to him each.

    One last night, in formal dress, the other in sport clothes, and both virginal white.

    The most dubious of all polls has changed in Rudd’s favour. Does not mean much, but maybe the trolls will take a rest.

    Yes. indeed a beautiful wedding.

    As someone else said. on September 7, the voters will make their choice, and that will be the government, if they last that long, for the next three years. That is the way it works. Whether we agree or not, that government deserves the respect of the people, as it is the peoples choice.

    This is something that those from the right do not understand, or if they do, cannot accept.

    That is something that MS. Gillard understood. She accepted the right of caucus to make a decision, to put Rudd in her place, and continues to respect the right of Rudd to lead.

    I still think we can win. There are still many undecided voters, they say 7% make their decision on the Saturday, as they enter the voting premises.

    Looking at this weeks figures, they seem to be coming Labor’s way. This year, I suspect these number’s have never been so great, nor so many, waiting to the last minute. This does not tally with those who say, most have made their minds up, and are o longer listening.

    Then that might just be wishful thinking.

    It appears that Hockey was on some show, making a big thing of his lapband surgery. Did not go down well with my daughter, who by the way, does not take one iota of interest in politics, and refuses to talk about it. It was the previous weekend, on one of the Sunday night show.

  140. After announcing to follow Labor to a tee on the deficit, the Liberals announced their fiscal outlook, and lo and behold it’s near on identical to Labor’s.

    There are several conclusions that can be drawn from this, but a couple come immediately to mind.

    First the right wingers who claimed the government was lying on their fiscal position are either saying the Coalition is also lying or that they were lying when saying Labor was lying.

    The main conclusion I come to is that this is a unconcealed admission by the Coalition that the economic policy and shouts of superior management, things will be better under them, they will fix a broken economy and much more was all bullshit.

    If they are the great economic managers they brag they are, then they’re now saying things will be economically the same under them as it will be under Labor.

    Most here know that’s not true either, as in all probability it will be worse under a Coalition government when they slash and burn, take away wages and conditions, destroy public instrumentalities servicing those who need it most, destroy the environment in the name of big business and vested interests, and overall trash the country also in the name of those elite interests.

  141. Abbott, still into extending middle/upper class welfare. Why does the seniors card need to be extended, to make more eligible.

    The truth is, it should be narrowed, to onbly those who hold a health card. Why should one pay less because they are older.

    Surely income and the ability to pay, should be the same for all ages.

  142. Why does the seniors card need to be extended, to make more eligible.

    This is where Labors campaign ad I saw last night is so pertinent with the pensioner saying that tabots priorities are all wrong.

    It is remarkable that after all the bluster about living within our means, everything about the libs policies to date is about re-distributing welfare to the well off.

  143. Wow, another valid point was raised on Abbott’s now copying of Labor’s fiscal policy, and that is in doing so he’s admitting his “budget emergencies”, weren’t emergencies at all, he just made them up.

    Wonder what the right wingers think of Abbott lying to them in this way and pulling the wool over their eyes as they went on about budget emergencies in response to Abbott’s decree on them?

    Another good point was raised on the Liberal’s campaign launch where it was stated, “The LNP has for almost 3 years been sitting on a full, written plan for governing Australia.”

    Thing about that is that not a single bit of that plan was ever made public, and still hasn’t been, plus the things that have been announced are almost exact copies of Labor’s plan. So are the Liberals admitting that for three years they have been plagiarising Labor and Labor, meaning Gillard had it right all along.

    Someone better tell Ltd News that all their articles over the last three years were wrong, and that comes from Abbott and the Liberals.

  144. Someone better tell Ltd News that all their articles over the last three years were wrong

    I think that has been touched on briefly here ME 😉

    Not sure rupe took any notice 😦

  145. I mean someone from the conservative side Tom, since the Liberals have openly admitted Labor had it right.

  146. No-one is going to do that ME. They want to treat everyone like mushrooms. I mean, we have journo’s ringing their hands in feigned outrage that the libs aren’t coming clean, but do they press on with questioning? No. I saw mark simkins ‘interview’ tabot last night, it was nothing more than a free ad for the libs. No questions in regards to their $60 + BILLION BLACK HOLE, just pot shots at Labor

    This is no better

    But that’s not important. What’s important, or at least interesting, is that Tony Abbott has his own Fightback! plan, put together by the same man who did it for John Hewson, but this time it’s a secret.

    The only thing he has to do now is get through the next 12 days without saying too much more.

    Here’s a thought Alan, pester him until he does answer, instead of providing him with an excuse to stay silent for the next two weeks.

    Or are you just afraid that he will tell you Shut Up! too?


    Shift in prices this arvo.

    Coalition firms into $1.06 and Alp out to $9.50 from $8.00. …..ouch!

    notlookinggoodforyouleftieslol 😉

  148. Why aren’t you pissed off that Abbott has pulled the wool over your eyes Summo, or is it that’s what you expect from Liberal politicians?

    Surely it couldn’t be you’re so easily taken in?

    Anyway if Abbott wins as is the will of the voters it will you and fellow blind supporters who are the losers and will be left to lie and make excuses for his string of failures and broken promises, much like you do now.

  149. Why aren’t you pissed off that Abbott has pulled the wool over your eyes Summo

    Whatever It Takes ME 😉

    Go Hird!

  150. Min & Migs, congratulations from The Minister and ‘im … good luck for your future together.

    May the bluebird of happiness … 😉

  151. Yep, sTortsbet is obviously the place to get your odds from. Apparently, this is how you win an election, placing bets ROFL

    A PUNTER today placed the biggest bet in Australian political history, wagering $750,000 on the Coalition to win the Federal Election.
    As a result, Labor’s odds with Sportsbet have ballooned out to $9.50 to win the September 7 vote

    That’s a lot of money for ‘someone’ to risk just to get another favourable headline.

  152. Nah Summo, I Am Not Worthy. Now, if I could find out who was making that bet then yeah, I might be worthy of the title 😉

  153. The last little quip isn’t just quoting the market, it’s saying you either like having Abbott and the Liberals pull the wool over your eyes or you are ignorant of the fact he and they are doing it.

    There is another explanation though. The fact you defend your post by stating you are just quoting the markets can mean you know Abbott and Liberals are full of shit and a woeful party and all you have left to defend them with is betting odds.

    Anyone of those reasons is a sad indictment really.

  154. What a load of Kohler shit that is Tom.

    The most comprehensive plan ever put together by an opposition but kept totally secret and not used in three years as they bumbled and contradicted each other from one announcement to the next and one slogan to the next.

    What Kohler is trying to fool the readers with is that the Liberals came up with the greatest plan to govern, yet it was so fantastic they decided to hide it away and not tell anyone about it solely on who the author is.

    It either means this is a whole lot of crock, which is what I believe, or if there is a plan then it is so flawed and/or unpalatable to the public they need to keep it secret.

  155. The Crikey Cash Tracker is interesting.

    So far the only party that has come up with concrete savings is the one supposedly the party of wasteful spending whilst the alleged great economic managers who have promised huge cuts and savings just keep racking up spending, and lots of it on what are State responsibilities and one, mobile phone black holes, that is an industry responsibility.

    Missing from that Coalition’s unfettered and unfunded spending spree are previous commitments they have made, like DAP and fraudband. That 62+ billion is only their campaign commitments. So they are now well and truly over the $70 billion in unfunded liabilities with only a very shonky $17 billion in savings announced, something Bowen picked up in the debate with Hockey and Hockey had no answer for when thrown at him..

  156. If you go on polls this far out, or betting, you are a mug.

    Essential has seen a sudden surge to the Greens, which now means the 2PP is neck and neck.

    This piece behind a paywall looks interesting.

    Tony Abbott officially launched his campaign in Queensland yesterday, and it was the first time he gave anything like a political speech. But the divide between the old and new Liberal party has never been so stark.

    Who said they were a stable and united party?

  157. And when all else fails and you can’t answer when facts are presented fall back to the “bait” cop out.

    Ironic thing is that this is more projection as it’s the right wingers who are often baiting for a “laugh”.

  158. When will a journalist ‘bait’ tabot with a question about where he will find the cash to plug the $70 BILLION BLACK HOLE

    C’mon journo’s, get ya’ fishing gear on (in the real world, this would have been done to death already in the course of their regular day jobs)

  159. I partly agree with Abbott for once. No one can promise a surplus. That depends completely on what occurs across the globe in the future.

    I do not agree that he will do it quicker than Labor. That is another promise, Abbott cannot make. He does not have a crystal ball, that allows him to see into the future.
    Why this sudden back-down on the surplus.

    “………..Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says it would be ‘foolish’ to give an absolute guarantee about the timing of a budget surplus under a coalition government.

    At the official coalition election campaign launch on Sunday, Mr Abbott said the budget would be on track to a ‘believable’ surplus by the end of a first term.

    He refined this on Monday, saying it could deliver a surplus by 2016/17 if the current budget projections were correct.

    ‘We will deliver a surplus as soon as we humanly can and we will deliver a surplus quicker and more reliable than the Labor Party,’ he told reporters in Brisbane.

    Mr Abbott said Labor’s economic update ahead of the campaign showed the budget bottom line had deteriorated by about $3 billion a week between May and July.

    ‘With that kind of deterioration, it would be foolish of me to give an absolute guarantee,’ he said.


  160. You’d think you got married or something Michael 😉

    More interesting stuff, this time from ABC 7:30.

    Seems Labor’s attacks on Abbott’s big spending promises without saying how he will pay for them are biting along with their attacks on Abbott’s flawed character, a person you cannot trust.

    Internal polling is showing the message is biting against Abbott, so much so Howard came out and said the Australian people will embrace Abbott on the day. If that isn’t the kiss of death for Abbott then nothing is.

    Howard’s ego is so great he believes he was a popular PM but go back and you will see that for most of his 10½ years Howard was very unpopular.

  161. ‘We will deliver a surplus as soon as we humanly can and we will deliver a surplus quicker and more reliable than the Labor Party,’ he told reporters in Brisbane.

    Sounds like …….368 times each..we will deliver a surplus in 2012-13. Geez you bastards make me laugh. Ignorance IS bliss.

    You see, when LNP says it, people’s trust kicks in and they believe….and so they should. You lying mongrels have never delivered a surplus in my lifetime.

    yajusgottaluagh 😉

  162. Oh what a load of shit Summo, and yet again you prove you have no idea of government debt and deficits apart from the fact you and the other ignorant horde believe it makes a good Labor bashing point, and for no other reason than that.

    Read what the economists are saying about Abbott’s backflip on the deficit, it’s a good thing for the same reason as Labor doing it.

    Labor was wrong to announce a surplus early, we have stated that and there is the difference between us and you Summo, you will never admit a Liberal failure, be it program, policy or personality, you will always make lame excuses for them and bash everyone else for no other lucid reason than they are not the Coalition.

  163. We think this might have come as a bit of a surprise to you all.

    It certainly did Migs

    I had always assumed Min had taste 😉

    But seriously, best of wishes to you both. I hope you both get all the joy you both deserve

  164. Migs isn’t ‘arf so bad.

    Are you saying he is more than half bad then Min 😯

    Nah, I’ll agree, for a Port supporter, he isn’t ‘arf so bad. 😉

  165. This is actually a really good read:

    The reason why you can’t find anyone to Say “I love Tony” is the same reason why when Howard kept winning, you could never find people who said “I love Howard”. People forget what its like to live under Liberal rule. Some young voters wouldn’t have actually felt it. However, the article above proves how hurt the Australian public actually was under Howard’s reign. Not only did he spend NOTHING to help the people, he only ever loosened up the cash come time to bribe people in his election campaign and he taxed EVERYONE senseless. If people actually CARED about the Economy and how it affects us, then actually DO the research to understand it. What good is a surplus if the PEOPLE get zilch??? Howard left us highly taxed, NO future infrastructure and then wanted to take our RIGHTS away. Tony is a Howard Puppet. Tony has no actual political thought or concept of his own. Tony is not just a puppet, but a Marionette. He has other people thinking, talking, inventing for him. He’s the dummy on strings playing Pied Piper!!

  166. Just read that article by Stephen Koukoulas. It just reaffirms my belief that Koukoulas is a liar and a total fraud. Also he is a dangerous man because he convinces people to believe stupid things.

    Also the posters comments are a load of crap. Labor supporters are totally deluded. Living under Howard was much better than living under Keating.

  167. Really? How? Spoken like a true Liberal. Give a statement, provide no proof. Explain HOW the people were better off?? I’m sorry…High tax, no spending on infrastructure, and then wanting to take away workers rights was going to help us, how?? The states ALL cried for help in Healthcare, Education and growth…Howard said NO. There is a huge reason why people finally had a gut full of Howard and why he LOST is reign. If we were soooo better off, how did he lose???.

  168. f we were soooo better off, how did he lose???.”

    Beats me. Perhaps people are stupid.

    I think Labor voters always put themselves and their greedy bellies before the good of the country. So they demand this, that and whatever.

  169. Mr. Abbott often says, we should read Battlelines, if we wish to know what he is thinking. Yes, I agree once again with Tony.

    “…………Both Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd claim to be federalists rather than centralists. Kevin Rudd announced himself as a cooperative federalist in the run-up to the 2007 election. Tony Abbott’s conversion is more recent. In his 2009 book Battlelines, Abbott declared the federation “Australia’s biggest political problem” and outlined his desire to abolish the states. He has since updated that view, and in May this year committed to a white paper on federalism, if elected.

    For the first time, we have two potential prime ministers with previous experience of Commonwealth/state relations and who have committed to forging a better relationship with the states and territories. But so far in the campaign, neither party has released a policy on how to make this a reality…..”

    Yes, one needs to read the fine print carefully, and be aware of what being spoken by the man.

    Media Watch worth a look at tonight. Ignore the likes of Dwyer. QandA

  170. Kelly, just been given a good backhander, by our visitor from the UK. She should have been pulled up by Jones before this. Another nasty piece of goods. The Libs sure know how to find them.

  171. dsecrets I will leave it totally up to you but my advice is not to engage Neil of Sydney (NoS). He will take you on circular arguments, repeat the same things over and over, the same ones he has been repeating for years now, when faced with facts that shoot down his flawed contentions he will either put up strawmen, obfuscate or change topic onto something else he has been repeating for years.

    If you want Neil’s argument in a nutshell to save your wasted effort in arguing with him.

    Liberal = good (even if it’s bad)
    Labor = bad (even it’s good)
    Howard = the greatest man to walk the planet
    Keating = the worst man to walk the planet.

    No other facts, figures, information or argument are needed for Neil outside of those points.

  172. Should be no regulations on the media. every time, it ends up being used for political purposes. What in the hell is Murdoch doing, with his free press. It is not political?????????????????

  173. Neil, the Government are meant to be OUR voice. We are THEIR people. If not for us, they have nothing to Govern for. The good of the country is nothing without its people. All you have without us is one big, harsh, land. Sure, follow the Pied Pier. Again, an answer that provides no actual intellect, truth or weight. Rather than posing insults, try actually providing factual information. Give us a reason to think twice.

  174. Möbius Ecko – LOL. Thank you. But, yes, I already worked it out when he can only insult rather than have an actual, intellectual debate. I have no hesitation engaging in a Liberal vs Labor debate, but if you want to change my mind, even in the slightest, then provide the proof.

  175. “Liberal = good (even if it’s bad)
    Labor = bad (even it’s good

    No, Howard/Costello govt was good. But you are right about my opinion of Labor. Almost always bad. Look at what Beattie did to Queensland

    Queensland’s Gang of Two managed to max out the AAA credit card in just four budgets. ……….Did Queenslanders get value for money? Sadly, no…….Take the $9bn SEQ Water Grid, for example.

    The most muddle-headed piece of that grid, the now fully decommissioned $2.5bn Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme, had just two customers – the Swanbank and Tarong power stations. Beattie forced these power stations to buy western corridor recycled water for $3200 per megalitre when the going rate for regular dam water was $380 per ML. To call this scheme hare-brained would be to insult any self-respecting hare. With a slew of such decisions, Queensland lost its AAA credit rating in February 2009, just 18 months after Beattie’s retirement.

  176. Yes, with Abbott, we need to go back and look at whar Abbott has said.

    “…..BACK IN OCTOBER 2005, Tony Abbott, the Howard government’s health minister, introduced two bills to amend the Therapeutic Goods Administration Act. It seemed like a routine, innocuous piece of parliamentary business, but the outcome was something quite remarkable. Minor adjustments to the functions of a statutory body resulted in the medical abortifacient RU486 becoming available to Australian women, and this after a decade’s denial. The vote on RU486, applauded at the time, has been the one outstanding example of women in parliament making a difference, as women, for women. Four years later it gives rise to the obvious question: why just this once? It all began in 1996 when Brian Harradine, who held the balance of power in the Senate, agreed to let another bill pass if a veto over RU486’s supply was given to the health minister, making it the sole “restricted’ good on the TGA’s list of pharmaceuticals. This unusual arrangement said a lot about the ongoing resistance to abortion, despite several landmark state rulings that had liberalised access to surgical procedures for nearly a quarter of a century (a state of affairs that is still unsatisfactory, as recent events in Queensland have shown). With Tony Abbott eager to apply the veto, access to one of the safest forms of termination was barred. No matter that it had been widely available overseas for several years with no appreciable ill effect, and was safer for the woman than carrying a pregnancy to term if used under medical supervision. But less than a decade later the gender – See more at:”

    Kelly O’Dywer is out doing herself tonight. Q&A. Shorten, holding his own.

  177. Squeal of Sydney,

    Try quoting from a source that isn’t biased to the Lieberals – if you can find anything.

  178. Jealous Julie

    …………….I have always said that to be a member of the Liberal party, it must be a pre-requisite for one to take nasty, vicious pills.

    If so, Julie Bishop has obviously overdosed.

    I have also said that Ms Bishop the younger, is the most nasty, vicious woman in Parliament. Her spiteful cat calling across the Chamber during Question Time is legendary and extremely unbecoming of a fellow woman Parliamentarian.

    I thought Ms Mirabella was bad enough but Ms Bishop trumps even her.

    Now we have Ms Bishop’s recent interview in the Tasmanian newspaper, The Examiner, as absolute proof that her spitefulness and jealousy has now reached a new low.

    Kicking someone when they’re down……………….


  179. copy>>>>paste…copy>>>paste…copy>>>paste…ho hum off to bed. Boring boring boring. Fair dinkum, you lefties must have hard drives the size of London buses and files upon files upon files upon which to draw &, dare I say it again…copy>>>paste>>>copy>>>paste of lefty propaganda rollld out time and time again and copied>>>paste>>>copy>>>paste.

    Fact…The coalition have the momentum, the policies and the experience to…….you guess…..? $1.06 -v- $9.00

    yajustgottalaughatalplosers 😉

    p.s. wasn’t billshorten appropriately named.
    Sweet dreams 😉

  180. Squeal of Sydney……. oh, oh ,oh ….. bugger you Cuppa… I spilt me cuppa 😆
    Nos, don’t you get sick and tired of coming here and getting p*wned….. for years now, Nos, you have done the Howard is demi-god bull…. and been completely proven wrong time and time and time and…. etc 🙄 ….. my only conclusion, and this is an IMHO, is that ewe, baa.., Squeal of Sydney, are actualy John Howard…….. and if’n that be so, I just wanna say this ” Ya lost your seat, bwaahaahaa” … 😆 … oh, ain’t that a laugh that keeps on giving… 😉 😛

  181. ………..Why aren’ the Coalition listening to Business and the market?
    Turnbull is pitching the Australian taxpayer for $30 billion to invest in his new scheme, but hasn’t provided an adequate Business Plan. Why?
    Only 5 years of the 30 years of financial forecasts that Turnbull prepared are published.
    If politicians deliberately hide figures, it’s only because they’re bad news.
    Why did Turnbull leave out the majority of his financial forecasts.
    There is NO break-even period.
    If the Copper/Node network made a profit and paid off the loans, Turnbull would’ve screamed it from the rooftops.
    There is NO Return on Investment.
    Similarly, if there was any ROI, it would be talked about, a lot.
    What’s the maximum Downside Risk of the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan?
    Without tiered pricing, the “one size, one price fits all” model destroys revenue.
    Which coupled with higher maintenance and higher depreciation charges, makes it impossible to make a profit.
    The only earnings hurdle Turnbull has set for his investment seems to be “cashflow positive”, which he knows very well can never pay off the loans.
    Posted by Steve Jenkin at 15:17 …………

  182. Good, I will step up my cutting and pasting, if it bores you. With a little luck, it might make you disappear.

    I find many of your comments,extremely boring. Suspect others do too.

    You are always free to scroll past anything I put up. Do not have to read.

    I am sure others do.

  183. Another boring article. Well if one does not paste them, they get missed.

    “……Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has visited a mechanical shop to promote his loan scheme for apprentices, but failed to win over all the tradies.

    Under the plan, $20,000 interest fee loans will be offered to trade apprentices to help support their education and must later be paid back.

    Mr Abbott championed his policy to more than 100 workers at Mills-Tui, a north Brisbane-based mechanical manufacturing firm on Monday.

    ‘This is significant assistance for the tradies of the future,’ said Mr Abbott.

    ‘It’s not a handout, because it will have to be repaid, but it’s a hand up.’

    Many workers nodded in approval, but others were sceptical.

    Tim O’Sullivan, 30, who’s completed his apprenticeship, remembers receiving $400 a year under a Labor incentive scheme which he could use to buy tools.

    ‘That didn’t go far, because you have to buy lots of different equipment in this business … but I didn’t have to pay it back,’ Mr O’Sullivan said.

    Mr Abbott said those who completed their apprenticeship would be required to repay 80 per cent of the loan once they were earning more than $50,000 a year.

    ‘It’s about the government making a sensible investment in the skills of the future,’ he added.

    Employees at the huge workshop, housing heavy vehicles such as buses and fire trucks, lin.”

    Did not impress the workers at all.

  184. Try quoting from a source that isn’t biased to the Lieberals – if you can find anything.”

    Well i keep getting links to Koukoulis. It says this at the bottom

    “Between September 2010 and July 2011, he was senior economic adviser to then prime minister Julia Gillard,

    Koukoulas not biased?? In fact like most Labor supporters i have met he is also a shocking liar. The man is a disgrace.

    More on Queensland

    The difficulty of Newman’s task reflects the extent of the wreckage he inherited. In total, Beattie’s follies cost Queensland more than $50bn.

    Thanks to Pete, the electors of Forde are $922 million worse off – almost $12,000 per voter. This includes additional electricity charges of $1300 per voter, including for the network overbuild, the five per cent super profits that Beattie guaranteed to energy retailers and the mandated Queensland Gas Scheme. Add to that $1700 per voter for the water grid, the green schemes, the Smart State waste and the health payroll debacle. Then there are the interest payments and the standard cost of taxation. Those costs combined amount to $8500 per elector…………………..Little wonder he has teamed up with Rudd. It’s the marriage made in heaven of the nation’s two ultimate Hollowmen – who would take the country to hell.”

  185. FTTN will not work anyway. How do you “push” fast internet via Copper? The max speed you can get from ADSL is 24mbps and you need to basically live right next door to the exchange to get that. The further away you are, you get data loss before it just fizzles out. Copper was not made to handle such requests as ‘high speed data’. What about people who cannot get ADSL via copper because of pair gain lines? These lines cannot carry high speed data at all and MANY homes have this connected. FTTN = FAIL, hence the fact that the countries that have already done this are now installing FTTP. You can’t promise 25mbps as an average speed when that IS our current max but average around 12 or 13. I live about 2km from my exchange and still only pull a max 10 – 15 (on a really great, low usage day). FTTN would provide no profit, no change in current speeds and more complaints.

  186. I for one love your posts Fed up, keep them coming!! Tend to scroll past certain others posts tho’…

  187. Just reminding some, what is important. What is going on now, not the past. Cannot rely on the media.

    Who knew that Abbott was shunned by the apprentices. He uses then as props, whether they agree with him or not.

  188. Fck off you disingenuous prick Neil. We have already established from non-partisan sources that Beattie was running surplus budgets and Qld had negative net debt when he resigned as premier.

    Just goes to show how much the Opposition Oracle values truth in reporting, and what a inherently dishonest character you are. Typical – no wonder you’re a mindless, unthinking lieberal suckhole…

    Apologies for language, but Neil has been pulling this same crap for about 7 years & I’ve got my grumpy pants on tonight 👿

  189. & I’ve got my grumpy pants on tonight

    Better than the alternative I guess Bacchus 😉

    But, I don’t think too many here will feel outraged if you snap every now and again at nil, after all, he repeatedly tells us how distrustful and devious we all are when we supply evidence to counter his rants, he can’t complain when a bit comes back.

  190. From the examiner link FU,

    Ms Bishop said that she was surprised when Ms Gillard described Mr Abbott as a misogynist.

    I don’t think this young lady has any misconceptions about tabots misogyny any more. She couldn’t wait to get the hell away from him. For anyone else, that would be all over red rover. Imagine Rudd leering over someone like that? We had enough about him not doing anything with a made up make up artist. Just another day on the campaign trail for teflon tabot though.

  191. “Fck off you disingenuous prick Neil. We have already established from non-partisan sources that Beattie was running surplus budgets and Qld had negative net debt when he resigned as premier.”

    So this isn’t true Bacchus??

  192. Squeal of Sydney,

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look, as a hoodwinked Liberal, asking others about “truth”?

    I see you haven’t been able to find a source that’s not biased in favour of the Lieberals. With such a biased media, why on earth would we consider you hoodwinked?

  193. 👿 😈

    Gross debt Neil, trying to fill the huge gaps in funding for infrastructure left by a mean and miserable federal government. We’ve been over & over & over this before, with “official” sources – Treasury etc.

    We’ve also pointed out that at around the time that graph really took off, Qld was faced with natural disasters on an unprecedented scale, together with the GFC.

    Peter Beattie was premier until Sept 2007 – ask yourself why the Opposition Oracle would want to mount an attack on him now…

    If you were capable of independent thought, the obvious answer is

  194. Bacchus,

    They quote gross debt or net debt, whichever suits their spin at the time.

    For example, they like to say they left office with “no NET debt”. But they never mention their $58 billion GROSS debt.

    They like to say Labor left “$96 billion debt”, but they don’t mention that that was the GROSS debt (and almost a half of it – $40 billion – was Howard’s old unpaid debt).

    Spin, smoke and mirrors – and gullible types like Squeal fall for it every time.

  195. Did anyone listen to Bolt and Abbott on Sunday. Gave a little insight into the man’s thinking, or maybe lack of thinking. Bolt did his best to some opinions out of him. Yes. Bolt is hard to take and more so last Sunday.

    Same goes for the rubbish that came out of Meet the Press. when it came to Rudd. Repeated all the lies, that came out of the Telegraph in full.

  196. “We’ve also pointed out that at around the time that graph really took off, Qld was faced with natural disasters on an unprecedented scale, together with the GFC. ”

    Someone bring out the violin. It is not what the article said Bacchus. Labor did the same in Victoria under Cain and the same Federally under Keating. Does it sound like Labor has form in doing things like this.

    “But Beattie can’t face up to any of that. Endless ambition, and an addiction to the public teat, preclude even the basic honesty to accept responsibility. Little wonder he has teamed up with Rudd. It’s the marriage made in heaven of the nation’s two ultimate Hollowmen – who would take the country to hell

  197. Did anyone listen to Bolt and Abbott on Sunday.

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Sorry, were you serious 😯

  198. No unbiased sources yet, Squeal?

    I guess finding a media source not biased to the Lieberals is as futile as seeking an answer to the question ‘Why would Abbott make a good PM?’. Neither exist.

  199. Still can’t think for yourself Neil? Why is the Opposition Oracle publishing this bullshit now? Nothing to do with the likelihood of Mr Beattie taking a currently held seat from the CONservatives?

    Just to show how they’re frantically spinning and misrepresenting for all they’re worth:

    The ITO was a much more detailed invitation. It was issued on 12 September 2007. Responses were received from IBM, Accenture and Logica. SAP made the decision to “graciously withdraw from the Prime Contractor selection process”

    IBM was the successful tenderer and on 5 December 2007 it and the State of Queensland executed a contract for the provision of Shared Services to nominated departments. The replacement of QH Payroll remained a priority. It was to be the first system delivered. 31 July 2008 was fixed by the contract for that goal

    I’ll remind you again, Mr Beattie resigned as premier in Sept 2007. If you read the commission of enquiry on the health payroll debacle – it points to possibly corrupt behaviour by public servants in awarding the tender to IBM, not to any failure of the Labor government…

    Once again, I have conclusively demonstrated the mendacity of the Opposition Oracle, but you will blindly go on believing whatever they publish – you’re a sad little fellow beyond rational help Neil – I really do feel sorry for you now 😦

  200. “No unbiased sources yet, Squeal?

    You people keep giving me Koukoulas. And he was an adviser to Gillard. Furthermore Koukoulas is a liar.

    “I’ll remind you again, Mr Beattie resigned as premier in Sept 2007.

    Most probably because he could see what was coming due to his stuff ups.

  201. Poor old Squeal reinforces his brainwashing by clinging to the comfort of propaganda sheets such as the Opposition Oracle.

    Behind closed doors the media-Lieberals must be laughing at gullible sheep like Squeal and how easy it is to hoodwink them.

  202. Cuppa, I loved the comment from MP Tom Watson on Q&A last night. When asked whether or not he thought that Abbott’s response about Rudd being verbose was a pre-scripted, his answer was that Abbott is an experienced politician who knows more than many how to play the media game – that whether or not scripted, that Abbott knew that his comment would immediately take over the headlines on the Murdoch media at very least. The DT and Courier Mail dutifully complied.

    So that’s an interesting theory, who is playing who?

  203. So that’s an interesting theory, who is playing who?

    Hi Carol,

    I suspect they’re working together, as a team, if you like. Though that’s not to say they are equals. if it came to the crunch, Abbott would be in the inferior position. Ltd News could crush him as easily as they are building him up.

    If he becomes ‘PM’ it won’t be his victory, it will be Murdoch’s (and Rinehart’s etc), and Abbott will only stay on as long Murcoh approves. Abbott will be the puppet and Murdoch the defacto PM.

  204. Tom, I was serious. I just wonder if any other was surprised, as I was, that this man has no depth is very shallow.

    I actually thought, he might just believe in something. Not necessary something I could agree with.

    He should wear a sign across his forehead, that says, vacant. Waiting for a tenant.

  205. Mr. Abbott already has a personal bill to give victims of terrorism extra money.

    If Howard’s government was passed it’s prime, why has he got 16 members of that government on his front shadow bench. Just asking.

    Yes, passed it’s prime and yesterday’s government, even before it is elected.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott definitely spoke on the Bolt show, as if he was already in government. No pretence there.

    God help us, we now have Rudd out, doing Howard’s walk.

  206. “We give you comments from many experience in economics. You discard them all.”

    This is what Gillards adviser said

    “Under the Howard government, asset sales and privatisations totalled about $74 billion in June 2008 dollar terms. This means that without asset sales, the Howard government would have left the incoming Rudd government net debt of $39 billion, or 3.7 per cent of GDP, rather than financial assets of $45 billion, or 3.8 per cent of GDP.

    This is not true. Costello ran approx $100B in surplus budgets which did not include asset sales. Koukoulas conveniently forgets all the money in the Future Fund and other funds started up by Costello like HEEF.

    Costello ran $100B in surplus budgets which did not contain asset sales AND approx $70B of asset sales. So Costello saved $100B+$70B = $170B. All the debt was paid off WITHOUT asset sales.

    I am not only ashamed to call Stephen Koukoulas a fellow Australian i am ashamed to call him a human being. It is people like him who stuff this world up. Calling him a liar and a fraud is an understatement. He is a disgrace to the human race.

  207. “You’re a fool, Nil.

    No, i tell the truth. You are the fool for believing anything Stephen Koukoulas says.

    That link that was given is a load of rubbish. Koukoulas conveniently forgets all the money in the Future Fund and other Funds started by Costello.

    Koukoulas is out by $100B in his numbers. Did he make a mistake or did he lie??

    I know the answer. He is a advisor to Gillard and supports Labor so what else could be be??

  208. Neil, there are many more that agree with Koukoulas. Have you ever took a look at his experience, and the jobs he has held.

  209. “Neil, there are many more that agree with Koukoulas.

    I am sure you are correct.

    Anybody who agrees with Koukoulas is a corrupt and dishonest as he is. I guess this means 48% of the population who vote Labor.

    The man is a disgrace. Calling him a liar is an understatement.

  210. ” Why not talk about what is happening now.

    What is happening now is frauds like Mr Stephen Koukoulas are listened to.

    The man is a lying, immoral unethical pig.

    It is people like Stephen Koukoulas why this planet has so many dishonest people

  211. It is people like Stephen Koukoulas why this planet has so many dishonest people

    This contributor is clearly incapable of giving coherent, clear, or effective expression to his ideas or feelings. I suspect he votes LNP.

  212. Col

    How clear do you want me to be??

    Mr Stephen Koukoulas is a disgrace as a human being. I gave you my reason at August 27, 2013 @ 3:06 pm.

    It makes sense. A lying immoral unethical pig supports the Labor Party.

    It is people like Stephen Koukoulas that makes this planet so corrupt.

  213. Neil, why do you use two question marks? Or is this ‘stutter’ beyond your control?

    As for a planet being corrupt. Shakes head.

    Inarticulate is an apt descriptor.

  214. I hope your head does not fall off.

    Too bad your too stupid to see that Stephen Koukoulas is a liar.

  215. Great, you think I am stupid. I would be really worried if you agreed with anything I said.

    Stephen Koukoulas is one of the reasons wars start on this planet. He is a highly intelligent and educated human being.

    And he is also one of the biggest liars ever.

  216. I would be really worried if you agreed with anything I said

    ‘Worry’ often comes about because a person is conscious of the possible or likely outcomes of an intellectual position. This doesn’t seem possible in your case.

    A reliable ‘spam’ filter would render you mute.

  217. “……MARK LATHAM
    Abbott’s fiscal discipline a fraud

    The verdict on the election campaign is in. Tony Abbott is an opportunist on a scale rarely seen in federal politics.

    It started with his four-year insurgency against carbon pricing, a policy Abbott had previously supported. Predictions of economic ruin from Labor’s carbon tax, with whole regions and industries wiped out, were made to look absurd by ongoing income and employment growth.

    Then he turned to debt and deficit, in May proclaiming a “budget emergency”. The shallowness of this strategy has now become clear, with Abbott crab-walking away from his commitment to improve the budget bottom line compared to Treasury’s forward estimates.

    In his policy speech on Sunday, all the Opposition Leader could promise was a surplus of 1 per cent of GDP in 10 years’ time – four elections away. Perhaps he plans to hold a 2023 summit to work out the details.

    This is a new low in democratic transparency. By the normal standards of public life, a leader who declares a national budget emergency, trying to create panic in the economy, has a moral and political obligation to set out a solution. Yet to avoid scrutiny, Abbott has refused to release a full list of savings and funding sources.

    If there is an emergency, the net impact of the Coalition’s policy announcements has been to make it worse. A consensus has emerged among private-sector economists that an Abbott government will add substantially to debt and deficit. The exact figures have been obscured by the Coalition’s fiscal secrecy and the type of rubbery numbers released on Wednesday by shadow treasurer Joe Hockey. On average, economists are predicting a deterioration in the budget position of $25 billion over four years.

    What is certain is Abbott’s determination to create new middle-class welfare entitlements. His PPL scheme is the most generous parental policy since the reading of Kerry Packer’s will. The Coalition’s compo-for-nothing carbon tax payments and plan to abolish means-testing of the private health insurance rebate are no less extravagant. On Sunday, Abbott added a fourth budgetary indulgence: cheaper medicines for self-funded retirees…………

    It is shame, that Abbott has not grown up or matured as Latham has done.

  218. Col

    Koukoulas said this

    ““Under the Howard government, asset sales and privatisations totalled about $74 billion in June 2008 dollar terms. This means that without asset sales, the Howard government would have left the incoming Rudd government net debt of $39 billion, or 3.7 per cent of GDP, rather than financial assets of $45 billion, or 3.8 per cent of GDP.

    A highly intelligent and educated man told a pack of lies. Koukoulas is the reason wars start.

    Costello ran surplus budgets of $100B. That alone was enough to pay off the $96B debt he inherited.

    Koukoulas also forgets about the $70B in the FUTURE FUND and billions in other funds like HEEF. Costello saved $100B (surplus budgets) plus ($70B asset sales) plus a lot more.

    And you people wonder why i repeat myself. I have to. The truth goes in one ear and out the other side with you people.

  219. This is how it is to be done,. Problem is that carbon emissions will not go away. NBNCo and Better Schools is still needed.

    Yes, Abbot can cut, but he only brings back the old debates, the issues to be dealt with, once again.We will wonder why, very quickly, if Abbott wins.

    “The Coalition will pay for its campaign promises by raising taxes on business, cutting support for middle-income and low-income earners, and cutting environmental programs, under the list of savings given out by shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey and shadow finance minister Andrew Robb.
    At first sight, they answer some of the questions hanging over the Coalition’s growing list of policies, which have been much stronger on new handouts than on new ways to pay for them.
    Hockey and Robb say their list of 18 savings measures adds up to $31.6 billion of financing for its tax cuts and new spending programs, which leading economist Saul Eslake estimates add up to $44.5 billion over the next four years…………….

    Read more:

  220. It is not time to get rid of the so called carbon tax, or all it entails.

    “……………………….Australia will not take advantage of China’s relentless drive to lead the world in clean energy by undertaking another inquiry. The new industries of tomorrow and the entrepreneurs of today will not be motivated by government reviews that rake over old ground and recycle old arguments in determining what we already know.

    There is a clear economic consensus that carbon pricing is the most efficient way to reduce carbon pollution, and there is now demonstrable proof that the Renewable Energy Target complements carbon pricing in reducing emissions and building a vibrant clean energy industry.

    A decade after Peter Costello took the first submission to Cabinet to put a price on carbon pollution and twelve years after the establishment of the Renewable Energy Target by the Howard Government, it is time to draw a line on our climate action history and make these policies the cornerstone of genuine efforts to cut greenhouse emissions and build a strong, low-carbon economy.

    Fiona O’Hehir is CEO of Green……”

    The bottom line is that we cannot afford Abbott. Many industries know this.

  221. Howard and Costello left gross debt of $58 billion. Gross debt under the Liberals never fell to below $47 billion.

  222. Howard and Costello left gross debt of $58 billion. Gross debt under the Liberals never fell to below $47 billion.”

    So what?? I am more concerned about the lies told by Koukoulas.

  223. Still stuttering Neil. Clearly a very, very slow learner.

    I suppose he’s more to be pitied than ridiculed. So I’ll desist.

    I’ll let him hang in the breeze.

  224. “So what?? I am more concerned about the lies told by Koukoulas.”

    Neil, are you that thick, that it has not occurred to you, no one else is.

  225. Still stuttering Neil. Clearly a very, very slow learner

    Definitely. Nil has been told many, many times that Howard and Costello were inferior economic managers, and he’s still yet to grasp the lesson.

  226. I think Neil is just someone who can’t handle when the truth is put plain and simple without any political trickery. Abbott will destroy us all.

  227. From the structural balance’s biggest surplus in 2002-03 to its biggest deficit in 2011-12, the structural level of revenue fell by about five percentage points of GDP, while the structural level of spending rose by about one percentage point…

    The budget office says more than two-thirds of the initial five percentage point decline in structural revenue was caused by the cumulative effect of the six tax cuts in a row delivered or promised by Costello… A further quarter of the five points, the office tells us, results from a decline in excise receipts, caused [mainly] by Costello’s decision to end the indexation of petrol excise in the 2001…

    The Libs keep saying the problem is Labor’s unrestrained spending but, in fact, it’s almost all on the tax side. The tax weakness arises overwhelmingly from Costello’s eight delivered or promised tax cuts.

  228. “The budget office says more than two-thirds of the initial five percentage point decline in structural revenue was caused by the cumulative effect of the six tax cuts in a row delivered or promised by Costello”

    Really?? What about these tax cuts??

    The Government has delivered $47 billion of tax cuts in our first four years since coming to office. In addition, we have provided further tax cuts as assistance for the cost of living impact of the carbon price from 2012‑13. Even after accounting for the small increase in the Medicare levy in 2014‑15 we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales.

  229. By the way, my link shows how dishonest Labor supporters are.

    You lot go back SIX years and blame Costello. But say nothing about the Swan tax cuts in the May 2013 budget.

  230. Neil, why do you continue to keep repeating your lies over and over.

    This question has been answered god knows how many times.

    Yes, PM Rudd was wrong to match Howard’s promises for more tax cuts.

    Yes, he contributed to the structural imbalance that Costello began.

    Also, you have been told that Labor has clawed back much of the rebates and welfare given to middle/upper income earners. They have been criticized by the Opposition for every cut they made.

    In fact Abbott has gone out of his way, promising to return most. That includes Medicare rebates to high income earners.

    In fact intends to restore welfare to upper income earners, that Labor has rescinded. In fact, Abbott intends to add more.

    To pay for these, he is cutting benefits to lower income earners and small businesses.

    He is also cutting back on and putting at risk, the greatest infrastructure this country needs, the NBNCo and CEF. The same goes for Better Schools, and in my opinion NDIS.

    How this deals with the budget structural imbalances, which is caused by a decreasing revenue base, is beyond me.

    In fact, I fear that Rudd is also ignoring the elephant in the room, but does not appear to be adding to the problem.

    As we have been having this discussion with you, that seems like hundreds of times, I can only come to the conclusion,. you know you are lying.

  231. Neil, by the way, you appear to be the only one interested in this conversation at this time.

    Just stop putting words in our mouths, and claiming we say things we do not.

  232. “Neil, why do you continue to keep repeating your lies over and over.”

    What lies are these?? I was actually responding to the lies of the poster at August 29, 2013 @ 10:07 pm. I could not let these accusations go unanswered. So i had to repeat myself again.

    Why do dishonest Labor supporters like Kaye go back and blame tax cuts SIX years ago for problems when Swan gave tax cuts in the MAY budget just 3 months ago??

  233. Neil, why then does Abbott keep saying that Labor introduced new taxes, and is the party of high taxes.

    Neil, also since Costello was treasure, circumstance have changed. We have gone through and still suffering effects from the GFC, the greatest economic downturn since the big depression.

    Neil, you comments do not make sense.

    Tell me Neil, why Abbott is now saying there is no need to worry about a surplus for up to a decade. What happened to his budget emergency.

  234. Because back in Costello time. that money should have been invested in infrastructure for the future. If the cuts in tax had not occurred, we would now have a surplus.


  235. I heard on ABC radio this morning, that a high school in the Pennant Hills was force to withdraw a noticed that religious education in their school was compulsory. Is this what we get, when the Principal and parents are given more control of the school. Thankfully they were force to withdraw the notice.

  236. .

    …………………..The Gillard government oversaw the smallest increase in cost of living of any Australian government for at least 25 years despite the introduction of the carbon tax, a new study has found.
    Moreover, Australian households have seen real incomes – disposable income minus cost of living increases – rise 15 per cent since just after Labor took office, giving the average household a $5324 a year boost, or $102 a week.
    The results of the survey by the University of Canberra’s national centre for social and economic modelling go much of the way to answering the question Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has asked repeatedly throughout the election campaign: ”Are we better off than we were six years ago?”
    The answer, at least in terms of family incomes, is an emphatic ”yes” according to the centre’s research. Since Labor took power, the ”standard of living” – the centre’s term for rises in disposable income subtracted by cost of living increases – has risen 2.6 per cent a year, the exact same average annual increase as during the 11 years of the Howard government.
    During the first Rudd term, the cost of living rose 3.3 per cent each year but disposable incomes were up almost 6 per cent over the same period. During Ms Gillard’s term, from 2010 to June 2013 (when the latest data was available), the cost of living rose 1.6 per cent while disposable income rose 4.2 per cent.
    Treasurer Chris Bowen said: “Labor’s world-recognised management of the economy through the GFC has flowed through to households.”
    The Coalition has made easing cost of………….

    Read more:

    Remember, no matter what Abbott tells you, it is the economy stupid.

    Remember that hip pocket. You have much to lose and little to gain, if Abbott is elected.

    We will have trouble holding him to account, has he still has his policies and costings hidden.

    Can you really take the man on trust, as he is demanding.

  237. ” If the cuts in tax had not occurred, we would now have a surplus.

    Now I know you are insane. So it is the Costello tax cuts from SIX years ago that caused a problem. Not the tax cuts Swan gave every year since including some only 3 months ago in the May budget??

    Furthermore Labor had the power to overturn Costello tax cuts and not give any more. But they did nothing about tax cuts SIX years ago but gave even more.

    “has he still has his policies and costings hidden

    So what?? Labor did not reveal costings when they were in Opposition. The main purpose of the Charter of Budget Honesty is so the incumbent govt cannot lie to the Australian people like Beazley did way back in 1996. If you remember he said the budget was in surplus. When Howard/costello got in they found a $10B black hole.

  238. Can one imagine Abbott and Bishop dealing with the Syria question and our seat on the UN on Sunday 8th September.

    I, for one cannot.

  239. Neil, if we were still collecting taxes at the rate before Costello cuts, we would now be receiving more revenues, therefore no deficit.

    Neil, simple mathematics. Collect more, reduces deficit.

    Budgets have two components. Spending and revenues.

    One collects revenue to pay for spending, that is needed to oil the wheels of our economy and society.

    Someone screaming at Rudd. No idea what he is saying, but one can hear the bitterness and hate in his voice.

    Why the hate?

    ABC 24

  240. Summo I read your link which you say explains why Abbott would be a better PM.

    “Indeed, there was a tendency, once Abbott abandoned efforts to craft a challenge on education, to treat education as a neutral issue. So, too, at least at first, with the national disability scheme, covered with Gillard fingerprints, even after its renaming.

    Abbott was banging away, not effectively, but serving to remind everyone of the supposed badness of the Gillard government, and Rudd’s role in all of the supposed disasters. But Abbott was adopting more and more of Gillard’s policies – the policies which had supposedly brought Australia to rack and ruin. There is no effective difference between Labor and Coalition policies on education, health, social welfare, foreign affairs, defence, immigration and refugees. Only tiny points of difference magnified, unconvincingly, to sound significant.

    Abbott and his shadow treasurer Joe Hockey have simply put themselves a millimetre to the more austere side, and, on these issues, campaigned primarily on ”who do you trust?”

    If that is the best you can come up with the question remains unanswered

  241. Kaye, I am afraid Neil is obsessed with a couple of beliefs he has, when it comes to Costello’s handling of the economy. He cannot move on, no matter how it is explained to him.
    I think the right has problems basing their camping on the theme that the economy is broken, when all the evidence, facts and figures prove otherwise,

  242. “Neil, if we were still collecting taxes at the rate before Costello cuts, we would now be receiving more revenues, therefore no deficit.

    Why go back SIX years and blame Costello?? Perhaps you are being dishonest. Why not blame Swan who did not change the tax scales but gave even bigger tax cuts?? Labor had the numbers to pass the legislation. This from the May 2013 budget

    The Government has delivered $47 billion of tax cuts in our first four years since coming to office. In addition, we have provided further tax cuts as assistance for the cost of living impact of the carbon price from 2012‑13. Even after accounting for the small increase in the Medicare levy in 2014‑15 we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales

    Swan even compares his tax cuts with Costello’s from 2007-08.

  243. Neil, if you know better than the many that say this, so be it. People who have spent time and effort studying economic. I take my clue from the experts, not you.

    When Costello made the personal taxation cuts in time of the mining boom, meant the cuts remain, when the mining boom revenues disappear. Costello also moved from personal taxation, which is progressive to the GST, which is regressive. Yes, putting more responsibility on the low income earner.

    If he had invested the huge revenues from the massive profits that come out of the mining boom, not taxation reductions, we would now be better off.

    Neil, simple fact of mathematics.

    Now the revenue bases are disappearing. .

    It is not about blaming anyone.

  244. Neil. by the way, I rest my case and will no longer be responding. Time to move on to the next item on your list, that you continually recycle. Forget what is next on that list of obsessions of yours

  245. Another backer for Labor, when it comes toi the economy.

    “……….The Economist has hesitantly thrown its support behind Kevin Rudd as the nation gears up to head to the polls next week, declaring that the Labor Party’s “decent record” in recent years makes it the best party to face the challenges of the future.
    While acknowledging that the Liberal-National coalition is the natural home of The Economist’s vote, the magazine says in an editorial due to be published on Saturday that it has broken with tradition and endorsed Mr Rudd, although “the choice for voters, frankly, is not great”.
    “The choice between a man with a defective manifesto and one with a defective personality is not appealing—but Mr Rudd gets our vote, largely because of Labor’s decent record,” The Economist writes, describing the parties’ respective leaders as “Daggy Abbott and rude Rudd”.
    The editorial, entitled “Lucky no more: Kevin Rudd just about deserves a second turn”, says that much of the lucky country’s recent prosperity came from exporting commodities to China.
    But that luck might be about to turn, it says, with the Chinese boom fading and commodit……..

    Read more:

  246. Google Los Nietos, Mar Menor, Spain and you will understand I am WiFi challenged and have not been able to keep up with Whisperer’s posts.
    Two comments though. No one seems to be defending the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government over the past 6 years which I suppose shows some political maturity amongst the Whisperers.
    Secondly what I suggested a few weeks ago has come to pass. Namely Rudd’s only chance of electoral victory was if he could hold the election within 8 hours of calling the election.
    Secondly I flagged that as the election progressed Rudd’s electoral results may make Gillards expected electoral result look not too shabby.
    All has come to pass.
    I note lots of chatter about whether Costello and Howard were good economic managers. Fair dinkum Whisperers. The Holocaust happened. Costello and Howard were exceptional economic managers that gave Rudd a fantastic economic springboard from which to deliver his economic chaos.
    So lets get on to some relevant discussion. Who will lead Labor after 7.00PM EST on Saturday night.

  247. How wrong you are Tweed, on everything. No more need be said your own words prove it.

    What nonsense.

  248. I note lots of chatter about whether Costello and Howard were good economic managers

    And who keeps harping on about it? None other than your mate Neil of Sydney. 🙄

  249. I rest my case and will no longer be responding. Time to move on to the next item on your list

    Good. But it was not on my list. I was just responding to this BS post by Kaye

    “The Libs keep saying the problem is Labor’s unrestrained spending but, in fact, it’s almost all on the tax side. The tax weakness arises overwhelmingly from Costello’s eight delivered or promised tax cuts.

    One of the “joys” of govt is that you get to solve problems. If Costello created a problem, Wayne Swan could have solved it by introducing legislation to overturn the Costello tax cuts. Not only did he not do this but he gave even MORE tax cuts. Even some more in the MAY 2013 budget which I linked to above.

  250. So Moby. You are saying the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government was good and as members of the Australian democracy we should all be warm a moist about the outcomes?
    Like Essendon supports it is probably time to drop the team for a generation.
    “Infamy….Infamy…Infamy…they all have it In fa me. (including Rupert of course). K.Rudd circa September 2013”

  251. Yeah I am saying that this government has done a good job.

    National Broadband Network
    Disability Care
    Better Schools
    Carbon Pricing + compensation + falling emissions
    Record increase to Pensions
    Tax-free threshold up from $6,000 to $18,200
    School kids bonus
    Record Infrastructure spend
    $10b Green Energy fund
    7000 more GP’s than 2007
    More doctors, more surgeons, more nurses and more beds
    Better Aged Care
    Better Mental Health
    Flexible Child Care
    Fair Work Commission
    Equal pay for Community Workers
    Record spending on Education
    My School
    National curriculum
    World’s largest marine parks
    First Murray Darling water plan in a hundred years
    Paid parental leave
    Plain Paper Packaging
    CSG environmental protection
    National Sorry Day
    National Apology to The Stolen Generations
    National Apology for Forced Adoptions
    Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse
    Seat at the UN
    Superannuation to 12%
    Support for Manufacturing
    Lower interest rates saving the average household $6000 pa
    Among the lowest debt in OECD
    Low unemployment
    Increased productivity
    Wealthiest country per capita in the world
    Amongst the world leaders in low sovereign risk
    21 years of sustained national growth
    11 successive years of wages growth greater than inflation
    14% national growth since the GFC
    3 AAA credit ratings for the first time.
    Lower tax to GDP than Howard
    Record investment
    Record terms of trade
    over 900,000 jobs created

  252. Will be interesting seeing how Abbott reacts when the criticism comes, as it will.

    Saying that, it will be no surprise, as one has seen glimpses of his inability to deal with such, many times in QT.

    Yes, the man is thinned skinned indeed, along with his mates, Pyne and Bishop.

  253. “National Broadband Network”

    Doesn’t exist.

    “Among the lowest debt in OECD”

    Would have been the highest if it wasn’t for Costello

    “Low unemployment

    It was lower in 2007. In fact you have to go back to the 1970’s to find unemployment at 4%

    In fact most of that list is BS. Go for it Labor supporters. Just see how many lies you can tell.

  254. The Gillard government oversaw the smallest increase in cost of living of any Australian government for at least 25 years despite the introduction of the carbon tax, a new study has found.

    Moreover, Australian households have seen real incomes – disposable income minus cost of living increases – rise 15 per cent since just after Labor took office, giving the average household a $5324 a year boost, or $102 a week.

    Read more:

  255. It should never be forgotten that Labor ran budget deficits of $-27B, -$-54B, -$47B, -$43B in their first 4 years.

    Our prosperity was put on the credit card. Most people understand you can live a little while on credit and then you have to pay the bill plus interest.

    Most people does not include Labor supporters.

  256. “Among the lowest debt in OECD”
    Would have been the highest if it wasn’t for Costello

    Would have been LOWER OR NIL if Costello hadn’t blown the windfalls from the global boom + domestic mining boom part 1.

    The profligacy of the Liberals, the most wasteful government in our 200-year history meant there was insufficient money in reserve to meet the challenge of stimulating the economy when the GFC threatened. With just $20 billion in ‘surplus’ we were forced to borrow money almost the moment the global economy turned sour.

    Australia’s most needless wasteful spending took place under the John Howard-led Coalition government rather than under the Whitlam, Rudd or Gillard Labor governments, a study has found.

    The International Monetary Fund study bills itself as the first to examine 200 years of government financial records across 55 leading economies.

    It identifies only two periods of Australian “fiscal profligacy” in recent years, both during Mr Howard’s term in office – in 2003 at the start of the mining boom and during his final years in office between 2005 and 2007.

  257. The Liberal government of Robert Menzies recorded 17 consecutive budget deficits. Deficits are in the Liberal DNA.

  258. Yes Neil, low debt. Have you not noticed that Abbott is no longer worried about debt or deficits. He believes it will be a decade at least before he get back to surplus.

    After all,. Mr, Abbott believes we can afford his grandiose and unnecessary PPL scheme. Debt it no longer on his mind, it appears.

  259. “With just $20 billion in ‘surplus’ we were forced to borrow money almost the moment the global economy turned sour. ”

    Mate we were one of the few countries with no govt debt. Please tell me how much debt Britain and the USA had in 2007???

  260. oops tell a lie

    Date (30 June)

    Gross Debt ($ millions)

    2007 58,284
    2008 60,462
    2009 101,147
    2010 147,133
    2011 191,291
    2012 233,976
    Source: Reserve Bank of Australia

  261. In their last term in office the Liberals spent $314 billion additional revenue from the mining boom. That’s more than the debt we incurred over five years to offset the GFC.

  262. After enjoying the longest unbroken period of global growth in human history the Liberals still managed to leave the budget in structural deficit and $58 billion gross debt.

  263. Neil, I am not that interested in who caused the structural budget imbalance. I am more interested in what Abbott intends to address it now.

    Cutting is not the answer.

  264. Every billion dollars the Liberals wasted during the good times was another billion we were forced to borrow when the crunch inevitably came.

  265. “In their last term in office the Liberals spent $314 billion additional revenue from the mining boom.

    Any man who has any honesty would know that statement is a lie. Too bad you have no honesty Cupa.

    And please do not give me any links. I have been through that BS a million time

    “Neil we actually had 56 billion dollars of debt in 2007”

    It was gross debt Kaye. After much thought Costello decided to stay in the securities market. Costello could have stopped lending money but wanted the Australian govt to stay in the securites market. he had money in the bank to pay off all govt debt.

  266. In their last term in office the Liberals spent $314 billion additional revenue from the mining boom.”


    Any man who has any honesty would know that statement is a lie. Too bad you have no honesty Cupa.

    Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 2009:

    …More starkly, the Treasury reported that from the 2004-05 budget to the 2007 election, the China boom and a robust economy had added $334 billion in windfall gains to the budget surplus.

    Of this, the Howard government spent, or gave away in tax cuts, $314 billion, or 94 per cent. Again, for perspective, this is the size of the entire annual economic output of South Africa or Denmark. Effectively, the extra revenue from the commodity boom has been spent or provided as tax cuts, summarised the Treasury in its summer 2008 Economic Roundup.


    Recent Howard budgets resembled “Christmas night at the pirate cave”, in the phrase of a former budget analyst with the Treasury and Department of Finance, Stephen Anthony, of the consultancy

  267. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 2009:
    Effectively, the extra revenue from the commodity boom has been spent or provided [by the Liberals] as tax cuts

    Money that we could have used to fend off the GFC – not available – blown by the Liberals – meaning instant debt when the global economy turned sour.

  268. The Liberals, the most wasteful government in Australia’s history, left debt and a structural deficit. That’s after they had enjoyed a decade+ of the biggest influx of tax revenues ever recorded.

  269. Cuppa

    I told you, don;t give me any links.

    Anybody who believes that $314B BS is beyond hope.

    Peter hartcher is another i have to put on my mist of journalists not to trust

  270. John and Peter went to the races. They won $334 dollars. They had a great time plying punters with drinks and cash gifts. With their generosity they made a great many new “friends”. That was the intention, of course.

    How silly they looked the next day, crawling home red-faced with only 20 dollars between them.

  271. Neil you’re an obsessed and transparent loser. Any journalist or commentator who writes the truth about the Liberals awful economic record you call liars or not trustworthy. Quit the projection, right-winger, look in the mirror and see who’s the untrustworthy one.

  272. “Lolololololol. The truth…… it hurts!!!!

    I told you. Anyone who believes that $334B bullshit is a fool.

    And Cuppa you are not only a fool but a dishonest human being. Like most ALP supporters.

    In case you don’t know Swan has got more revenue from the mining boom than Costello. Unlike Costello he wasted the lot.

  273. Who should we believe Migs? Journalistic commentators and experts quoting Treasury figures…. or an obsessed Liberal in constant projection mode?


  274. Maybe Neil, or his ilk can explain, how Abbott is going to fix an economy that is not broken, by getting rid of the carbon tax.

    More confusing, as he is going to replace it with his Direct Action which will not address the problem of carbon emissions, and . Is more expensive and inefficient.

    Added to that, how will one fix a economy that is not broken, and increase revenue, by getting rid of the MRRT.

    An of course, there is that grandiose PPL, which will replace the scheme we already have, that was recommended by the productivity.

    Yes Tweed, I would love some answers, to how Abbott’s policies will work.

  275. This is what malcolm Turnbull says about the Costello tax cuts that KAYE talked about

    Recently we have also heard the canard that, because the Howard government cut income taxes and promised further tax cuts if it were re-elected in 2007, this somehow is the reason for the precarious current state of the budget. What nonsense! The income tax cuts that occurred after 2007 were a choice that the current Treasurer, and the government of which he is a part, made. They claimed all credit for them. They did not say, ‘Peter Costello made me do it. John Howard had my arms twisted up behind my back.’ It was their choice. If they disagreed with those tax cuts—if they thought they were unaffordable—they should have said so in 2007. If the facts changed, such that they no longer were affordable, why did they continue with them? Or, having implemented them, why did they not repeal them?

  276. Now Neil is quoting that UNBIASED source, Liberal, Malcolm Turnbull.

    {For Neil’s benefit, that’s ^ meant to be irony}

    Desperate much?


  277. On the tax cut topic, what did Turnbull say that was wrong??

    Kaye Lee says Costello is responsible for falling revenue because of his tax cuts. Turnbull say Swan could have repealed them.

    Is this wrong??

  278. That’s great Michael. The science is settled. We have had a great government since 2007…… Rudd was an outstanding PM and Gillard was even better than Rudd and now Rudd is even better PM than Gillard.
    The damn electorate has just got it all wrong.
    Come inn fella. Fess up. We have had a labor cluster f@@k since before Latham. Gillard and Rudd simply raised the bar.
    So who will lead Labor after 7pm next Saturday night?

  279. By the way Turnbull nails it when he says this

    By the end of all of this, $45 billion in cash at the bank left behind by the coalition in November 2007 will have been turned into net public debt of $191 billion.

    And that is the sorry bottom line caused by 50% of the population who voted for Rudd in 2007.

    Not forgetting of course the 14,000 refugees from UNHCR camps now denied places because Bacchus, Adrian, Min, Michael, FU, Jane et al voted Labor

  280. Oh guffaw Baccs 😆 I do so like an long play joke, ay Fu 🙂 ….. and, err, speaking of long play jokes, Tony Abbott said…..

  281. One wonders…. as one does 😉 …. and if one were to read between the lines….. as it were 🙂 … one would get the feeling that Neil ‘n Tweed were sounding a bit shrill…. desperate even 😛
    The NBN and non-landliners reality must be starting to bite 😆
    ……P.S. Where was Tony today??? Certainly not in Warringah 🙄 , mayhap he was to busy ray-king. 😀

  282. Yes Tweed. Just like our challenge on Abbott and mine on the Liberal Party, how about you do the opposite and tell us all the fuck ups with information that you so stridently say makes Labor the worst government.

    Take into account there’s a huge list of Labor successes and many of the things the Murdoch media canned them for were based on lies and exaggerations, like BER, which there’s also proof for. My prediction is you are going to struggle and either come out with the usual wingnut nonsense not based on any facts or just do a gormless Neil, “they are bad because they just are.”

  283. “In their last term in office the Liberals spent $314 billion additional revenue from the mining boom.”

    Here is a link, not to a journalist or a politician but the real numbers.

    Can anyone identify the additional $314B in revenue and also point out the additional spending of $314 during the last term of the Libs?

    You can’t because it never happened.

    Neil is correct and you lot are pants firing yet again!

  284. After watching the alp this past month, and Rude in particular, it is impossible to tell where revelations stop and hallucinations begin. Correction, the last 6 years actually.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  285. This election is proof, Australians have a very long memory. The question of reforming the labor is now on ice for years. No politician is going to touch it and besides, nobody knows where to begin, because the labor identity has become abstract and the light on the hill extinguished by Rude pissing all over it.

    It’s fair to say, he has become poisonous and anyone who associates with him will be viewed the same way.

    He deserves everything coming his way in this Ruddslide.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  286. Can’t unscramble an egg. Best to throw the lot out and start again.

    The union movement is no more than a minority group with too much influence and not much intelligence and that is the problem with Labor.

  287. When are our leaders, especially “my dad” Tony going to get out among the people.

    It appears we will be having a interesting three years to come.

  288. Tony has done remarkably well over the last four years. What has he really achieved? What skills has he shown. What success has he had.

  289. scraper said:


    Can anyone identify the additional $314B in revenue and also point out the additional spending of $314 during the last term of the Libs?

    You can’t because it never happened.

    The trouble with Lieberals is they are so used to their own lies that when confronted with facts they deny them, and accuse the citer of facts of dishonesty.

    Projection – it’s their favourite tactic.

    (From a report by the Budget Policy Division, the Australian Treasury)

    …From the 2004-05 Budget to the 2007 Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook, parameter and other variations have added $391 billion to the budget surplus over the period 2004-05 to 2010-11, while new spending decisions (including income tax cuts) have reduced the surplus by $314 billion over the same period. Revenue variations contributed $334 billion to the budget surplus. Effectively, the additional revenue from the commodity boom has been spent, or provided as tax cuts (see Chart 16).

    Now that is exactly as summarised by Peter Hartcher, called unreliable by Nil, and denied by scraper (and by extension Dummo). Hartcher:

    …As the Treasury reported last year, from the 2004-05 budget to the 2007 election the China boom and a robust economy added $334 billion in windfall gains to the budget surplus. Of this, the Howard government spent, or gave away in tax cuts, $314 billion, or 94 per cent.

  290. It appears there is a swing to Labor in the Labor and Coalition seats. There is a swing against the government in the marginal seats.

    What is that saying.

  291. Summo a self parody that laughs at himself at the end of each post. What a laugh.

    Fu, they will be flat out making up excuses for all of his broken promises, lies and failures, of course Labor being the top of the blame list. Nothing is more certain.

    Note they love quoting polls (only when they are one way of course) but there is one part of the poll they never mention. Wonder why that it and is it related to the fact they can’t answer why Abbott would be a good PM.

  292. FU,

    I doubt you would see them here after a short period of a media-imposed Abbott “government”. If they were still stinking the place with their presence, to protect the gormless Abbott they would be projecting, lying and spinning non-stop – the same routine they have used for years.

    These are the masterminds who cannot tell us beforehand why Abbott would be a ‘good’ PM. They would be incapable of defending him honestly as it became apparent to increasing numbers of voters what a dud the media tricked them into supporting.

  293. Cuppa, Abbott has promised a DD election if he fails to win control of both houses of parliament at this election. If so..and of course there is no guarantee that Abbott will honour one single one of his promises, Abbott could easily end up being ditched and promptly.

    When the public eventually wake up to the fact that it’s all about policies and not some sort of personal revenge scenario which the media has spent years drumming’s all going to be too late for the public, they’re going to be stuck not only with Abbott, but with his policies. However, a DD election as promised by Tony Abbott could easily give them another chance in the not too distant future.

  294. Labor lies have turned the voters against labor. Dishonest, hopeless amateurs like Craig Thompson is the benchmark for a labor lollie.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  295. if labor has been such a wonderful govt under 3 leaders on 6 years, then why are they going to get smashed next saturday?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  296. And Abbott has been honest Summo? Do you want a list of Liberal and National benchmarks.

    Congratulations, you are now your own joke. What a laugh.

  297. C’mon Summo you have been issued this challenge and time and again, being the joke you are, you cannot answer it.

    Please tell us where the Labor government has failed?

    And you said the word wonderful, not us. It has not been perfect but it’s been streets ahead of Howard before it and way ahead of Abbott, who will go down in history has the worse opposition leader ever, and if he wins, the worse PM in history.

  298. Still can’t identify the $314B can you??? For one to spend one has to earn the revenue first, it did not happen and to identify tax cuts as spends is economics voodoo!

    Up there with Abbott ripped a billion dollars out of health which is blatant lie but some here still believe that…says it all.

  299. to identify tax cuts as spends is economics voodoo!

    Except they didn’t, can’t you read? They said tax cuts AND spends… not tax cuts AS spends. Back to Grade 1 with you, Lieberal.

  300. scraper said:

    Coming from a childish Labor shill.

    Lol, he reads “AS” for “AND”, a mistake a Grade 1 child wouldn’t make. Then he says someone else is “childish”.

    Right-Wing Projection: The political tactic where right wingers use descriptions pertaining to themselves to describe their opponents.

  301. 500 times we heard ‘we will return the budget to surplus in 12/13. this is beyond doubt.’ instead, it was a $30b deficit. Mr Abbott doesn’t have much to beat. What a performance by swan, dillard and the rest of the labor lollies.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  302. and your next leader is a sex addict who can’t keep his pecker zipped…Oh that’s just great that is..another Hawky. Morals of a drug dealer.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  303. Nah, I accept that they all lie, so far removed from delusion. Funny that, because I’m on the right of left wing extremists like you I must be right wing. How dumb you are.

  304. Tony Abbott jokes about ‘body contact’ with teen netballers

    News Limited, 29 August 2013

    Australia’s daggiest netball dad showed again today he just can’t help himself, joking with young players that a “bit of body contact never hurt anyone” as they posed for photos.

    The Hills Sport High netball side had been working out for the cameras as Mr Abbott announced a $6 million boost to Australia’s most popular girls sport and were worried they might be a bit sweaty to pose with him.


    “That’s all right, you’ve been working hard,” he replied.

    “Bit of body contact never hurt anyone.”


    Mr Abbott said to the high schoolers: “If you girls want to keep demonstrating your skills I’ll humbly watch and wish I was younger again.”

  305. What type of people are we, that allow the likes of summo and scaper to continue with the infantile abuse, they are lashing out with today.,

    Are we going to put up with another week of this. If so, why?

  306. And you lot never abuse??? Hey CU, have I ever called you a turd. Calling someone dumb and a left wing extremist is hardly abuse when it is evident. Have I called anyone here a dead shit or cock sucker???

    Your problem is you can’t handle the truth!

  307. Dummo said:

    and your next leader is a sex addict who can’t keep his pecker zipped…Oh that’s just great that is..another Hawky. Morals of a drug dealer.

    Sounds like a wowser, yes?

    So scraper, in projection mode, said:

    Why are left wing extremists wowsers?

    Right-Wing Projection: The political tactic where right wingers use descriptions pertaining to themselves to describe others.

  308. What is important, and will not go away, no matter what Abbott and his ilk would like, is the damage that carbon emissions caused our environment. It is hard to ignore the hottest summer, and now winter on record.

    What Mr. Abbott wants to do, is replace the CEF and all it entails, with his inefficient and useless Direct Action. DA, which is based on dubious science at the best.

    Abbot wants to claw back on one of the best roll out out fibre in the world, replacing int with a second rate system, that will not deliver,, will be more expensive in the long run. Why?

    Then we come to his grandiose PPL scheme. He wants to remove the Labor PPL, which was built on what the Productivity Commission advised.

    So why would one vote for Abbott, who is promising an inferior NBN, An inferior method of dealing with carbon emissions. Not address the funding in education, which is not working now,.

    Why replace sensible and policies that are working, with those, that belong in cuckoo land.

  309. ……..Coalition’s climate policy would cost vastly more than budgeted, study finds
    Modelling commissioned by WWF-Australia says funds set aside to meet emissions targets would fall short by at least $20bn……..

    Sorry scaper, but we need to get back to the facts of this election, not what occurred in history.

    Cannot change that, but we can ensure, we get the information, so that one can make an informed decision next Saturday.

    Summo and scaper. I acknowledge that you are working hard for this not to occur.

    If I am wrong in that assumption, is all you say here, is only about seeing how nasty and irrelevant you can be.

    Good to hear Albo proudly standing up for all that Labor has achieved, including pink batts in a million and quarter homes.

    That is what they have achieved over six years.

    One only hopes, that when Rudd gets his chance, he backs upo what Albo is saying.

  310. The carbon tax, in any form will be abolished. The Direct Action will focus on tackling real environmental problems and there is nothing you lot can do about it.

  311. Forget about what those two have to say. More important matters to address, Please do not let oneself be diverted with stupidity, Do not give them the pleasure of winning.

  312. and yes, going on your efforts here in the last 24 hours, I do believe you are a turd. As I do not know you, I can only make my judgments on your contributions, which do not amount to much.


  313. Like all from the right, these days, ,can hand out but squeal like stuck pigs when the mildest criticism is given. Very thin skinned, would stay out of the sun.

  314. CO2 is the least of our problems. Feral animals and weeds are out of control and need addressing. Particulate pollution in our cities is also a problem.

    Part of my CV is native habitat rehabilitation and I’ve been out there and seen the problem.

  315. Twittermargo kingston @margokingston1Albo is proving he’s a real option for next Labor leader. Such a relief to listen to someone able to pause. #ALPlaunch ReplyRetweetFavorite

  316. …………If Tony Abbott is elected prime minister on Saturday he will abolish the watchdog established by Labor to keep an eye on the billions of dollars received and spent by Australian charities each year. Why?
    The answer, in part at least, may be the lobbying power of church conservatives, the Catholic Church in particular, and the office of Sydney Cardinal George Pell, more particularly still.
    And their focus has not been the Coalition alone. Labor insiders acknowledge the impact of Cardinal Pell’s office as it reduced the scope of its new national regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission.
    Charity leaders, church heads and political insiders have told The Sunday Age about the lobbying campaign over charities regulation by the Sydney archdiocese, notably Cardinal Pell’s business manager and chief political envoy, Danny Casey.

    Read more:

    I will go on what other’ believe. Should I apologize to scaper?

  317. The Seante could be fun.

    “he record number of groups with no track record makes the detailed Senate outcome impossible to forecast. But simulations by Fairfax Media and online electoral watchers using ABC analyst Antony Green’s online Senate calculator suggest that:
    ■ One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has a serious chance of defeating the Liberals’ intended finance minister, Senator Arthur Sinodinos, for one of the two final seats in NSW.
    ■ Family First, which won a Senate seat in Victoria in 2004 with 1.9 per cent of the vote, could do it again, with their lead candidate Ashley Fenn rated a 50/50 chance of unseating Liberal senator Helen Kroger.
    ■ The Coalition is odds on to lose a further seat in Queensland, probably to country singer James Blundell of Way Out West fame, running for Bob Katter’s Australia Party, but possibly to the Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party, One Nation or the Australian Christians.
    ■ In South Australia, the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics are given a strong chance of unseating prominent Green Sarah Hanson-Young, even if they get as little as 0.15 per cent of the vote.
    Computer simulations by a professional financial modeller writing on online electoral sites as ”the truth seeker” show that depending on the exact votes for each party and order of elimination, the Australian Democrats, the Sex Party, WikiLeaks, the Shooters and Fishers, the Liberal Democrats, and even the Stable Population Party have a chance of winning Senate seats.

    Read more:

  318. That is not true, scaper. It is the right and the media that has been doing that. Over the last six years, we have been forced to defend our leaders.

    Not a situation I like. Rather talk abut the whole team, and Labor does have one with depth.

    Also would like to focus, not on Abbott, but those shadowy faces that sit behind him. NO depth there.

    In fact it is not Abbott that so much scares me, it is what you see, when you look past him.

    Who pulls the strings in the Coalition?

  319. Rudd, thankfully has picked up Gillard’s agenda. That is of a better educated and trained workforce, that is essential for th future.

    I believe Gillard would have moved onto the same point at this time.

  320. The launchg was nore about comparing Labor with the Coalition. Not so much running Abbott down.

    We need a lot of that this week.

    CEF v Direct Action.

    NBNCo v NBN lite/fraud

    Grants to Apprentices v $20,000 loans

    Beterr Schools v Independent Public schools, or Charter Schools as they are known in the USA.

    Labors PPL v Abbott’s grandiose PPL, that gives money to those who do not need it.

    The list is endless.

    We need to spend the next week, not condemning Abbott but making comparisons in his promises.

    That is if one can find enough details to do so.

    At the end of the day, do not forget one clear promise of Abbott. That is all will be put to his audits or other inquiries, before any are put in place, or even if he will go ahead with them.

    The only thing set in stone is his PPL. Everything else has cravets on them. That is let out clauses..

  321. In other words, another Abbott con. One among many.

    “….According to Reputex, if it sticks with this funding allocation Australia’s emissions will rise by 16% by 2020 compared with 2000 levels, missing by a long way Australia’s international commitment to reduce emissions by 5% over that timeframe.

    Both Labor and the Coalition have committed to the 5% reduction as Australia’s minimum effort and have promised to reduce Australia’s emissions by up to 25% if other countries also take strong action.

    But Reputex found that a 25% cut could not be delivered by Direct Action under any realistic pricing scenario.

    The fact that a direct action scheme cannot be “scaled up” was pointed out by former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull when he explained in 2011 that continuing to use a big government taxpayer-funded scheme to reduce emissions in the long term would “become a very expensive charge on the budget in the years ahead”..”

  322. Should I apologize to scaper?

    Definitely not Fu – that one has shown the low-life nature of his character over a number of years on a number of different blogs. You’re opinion in this matter is pretty well spot on 😉

  323. No one has answered the question as why Abbott would make a good PM. Just pointing out, many, too many reason why he will not.

  324. Malcolm Turnbull talks about that $334B nonsense

    “The Treasurer claims the ”mining boom mark II will have all of the pressures of the first boom, without the surge in revenues”. He contrasts this with the good old days, when ”between 2004 and 2007, tax revenues were revised up by a massive $334 billion cumulatively, over the budget estimates……………..In fact, revenue gains from growing commodity exports and favourable terms of trade received during Peter Costello’s final three budgets are calculated at $25 billion – a far cry from Swan’s nonsense about $384 billion. Of course, those three budgets ran an aggregate surplus of $51 billion.

    In contrast, Treasury calculates the resources boom has delivered tax windfalls of about $60 billion between 2008 and 2010 – even after accounting for the GFC. Of course, each of Labor’s three budgets so far has been hugely in deficit, and so every cent of the resources windfall has been spent.”

    Anybody who believes that $334B nonsense is a fool. Where is the $100B increase (334/3) in revenue in 2004 in the budget papers before it could be handed back as tax cuts??

  325. That was my conclusion Bacchus. Just thought it was time for a few home truths. We spend to much time being fair and respecting views of others.

  326. That was interesting. Faulkner seemed to hold back from Rudd. I thought he was one of his supporters.

    Maybe it was process that he was more interesting in protecting.

  327. One thing I fear, there will be mass firing of department heads, that will make Howard’s effort look like a Sunday picnic.

    Abbott and crew will finally finish off, politicizing the Public Service.

  328. Did you see the dribble spew from Rude at that joke of a launch. Rude has fighting spirit…..apparently? The bloke could win a fight with a gay army behind him. He’s such an idiot…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  329. Why not any comments on what was said. Did you bother to listen,. Tell us what was wrong with the speech. Tell us what you do not like about the policies.

    That is a big ask, I know, from you lot.

  330. I was just responding to that $334B rubbish bought up by Cuppa. The accusation is that Costello received an extra $334B in revenue from 2004-2007. An average of $100B/year. Even it this accusation was true Labor would have got the same benefit from 2008.

    For some reason people like to tell lies about the Howard govt. I guess it is in the nature of ALP supporters to tell lies.

  331. Neil, I could not care whether people like to tell lies about Howard. That is back in the dark ages.

    The question is, why is Abbott the better PM option.

  332. Neil, the voters gave their opinion on Howard. They threw him out of office as PM.. They threw him out of his seat. End of story.

  333. Neil, why not write a post, on the golden days of Howard, and asker Michale to put it up.

    Just stop trying to wreck every thread that comes up. Not much to ask..

  334. One wonders how many of the 624,000 newbys have been polled on a landline. 😀

    More Partys, more voters…… it sure is shaping up to be an interesting electoral cycle 🙄 ……. and if the polls and the pollsters are proven wrong and, or heaven forbid, biased 😯 ….will Labor get the blame for that too 😕
    “A total of 14,712,799 people are enrolled to vote in the 2013 federal election, Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn announced today.

    “The electoral roll has increased by over 624,000 since the last election, significantly more than the previous comparable period from 2007 to the 2010 when the increase was just over 440,000,” Mr Killesteyn said.

    Many Australians left enrolling to vote or updating their details to the last minute.

    “From the announcement of the election on Sunday 4 August to the 8pm close of rolls deadline on Monday 12 August, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) added over 162,000 people to the roll.”

  335. “Just stop trying to wreck every thread that comes up. Not much to ask..

    I actually posted on this thread because I thought it was dead. I had not posted for about a day. I made a post and then it looks like everybody followed me here.

  336. Rudd’s campaign launch very successful and getting lots of kudos in social media.

    Summo confirms Rudd was brilliant.

  337. Is this you Neil, Summo, Tweed, VOYAGER or scaper?

    But his explanation of why Abbott is a good leader, as utterly lame as it is, is streets ahead of anything the right wingers here have given us.

  338. ME, much better than the 15 minute rant I have just watched from Pyne. He appears to have transferred hos special hate from Gillard to Wong.

    Why is it, that it appears the Opposition who are desperate. Does not make sense.

  339. I have seen the Coalition voters here say why they thought Howard was a good PM and why they think Rudd is a bad one but I am STILL yet to see them give one reason why Abbott would be a good one.

  340. The conservative frontrunner to become Australia’s next prime minister came under fire Sunday after describing the conflict in Syria as “baddies versus baddies”, renewing criticism of his diplomatic credentials.

    Tony Abbott, currently on track to win Australia’s September 7 elections over centre-left Labor incumbent Kevin Rudd, described the conflict in Syria as a civil war “between two pretty unsavoury sides”.

    “It is not goodies versus baddies, it is baddies versus baddies and that is why it is very important that we don’t make a very difficult situation worse,” Abbott told ABC television Sunday morning.

    The remarks came as Australia prepared to assume the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council, and Abbott’s political opponents seized upon them as evidence he was not ready for the international stage.

    “Can you imagine him at the G20? ‘Barack, it’s baddies versus baddies’,” said Labor Senator Penny Wong.

  341. Why does Abbot, in this day and age, favor roads over racial and public transport?
    Why does he see only roads as being infrastructure. Why does he ignore such as rail and Skilling of the workforce, also a pillar of infrastructure.

  342. Wonder if one recalls the number of promises that Howard never delivered. Many announced numerous times.

    It is a little nit picking, when some of the examples where minor, and never seen the light of day, as they were opposed by Abbott in the senate. Others got lost in thew GFC.

    What is important, all the big promises where delivered. Ones such as extend childcare into school grounds, was over taken by the ABC fiasco, which Labor was left to sort out. Yes, the childcare places whether delivered. but not in the form promised.

    Many of the Coalition’s examples are just plain lies.

  343. According to Pyne, goodies versus baddies is being sophisticated

    This from the mouth of Pyne.

    This is a promised, that could see Abbott on the world stage within a week, if elected.

    Are we willing to risk the ridicule he could bring?

    Can we afford Abbott?

  344. Glad to see the job services been looked at. This has not occurred since Howard got rid of the CES. I am sure one will find great waste there.

    Rudd would know about this, as his family fortune was created by his wife, from the CES changes.

    Wonder how many other millionaires it created.

    Have not heard many job seekers praise the system.

    Since when stating the Opposition policies as announced and asked for costings and details, been seen as a scare campaign.

    Easy Mr. Abbott, announce details and prove Rudd wrong.

  345. Mr. Abbott, many do not but, the trust me. Especially when you have administered too lying on more than one occasion.

    As it was you that said we only believe what you have put in writing, and even there, it had to be in blood. You did not say, whose blood.

    Michel, I remember we had many posts along this lien, I believe back in the 2010 campaign.

    We seemed to had a rerun of that one, with nothing new added.

    This in spite of the great changes that have occurred across the globe during the last three years.

    We are still emerging from the GFC. The Asian century when it comes to trade and economics, is bringing a new world order. Polytechnic has changed the way business is done,. the world over,

    We hear one of this from the mouth of Abbott.

    Yes, Albo is correct, very lazy when it comes to policy.

  346. Maybe too late for Labor. but not for us.

    “.”NBN Lite” won’t happen, but has served its purpose: took the NBN off the Election agenda
    To win the NBN Debate, Turnbull, the Earl of Wentworth, only needed to convince the media that he had an NBN Plan that was acceptable to the great unwashed and was roughly the same as the Real NBN.

    To support this, he had to cast serious doubt on the NBN Co budget and ability to execute, and to confuse/conflate the critical questions so media never asked them:
    Lifetime on-budget spending of both Proposals.
    Lifetime Rate of Return from Equity
    Pay-back Period of Government Equity
    Downside Risks
    Turnbull succeeded on 10-April when Alan Kohler announced “How Turnbull Saved the NBN” summed up as:
    Malcolm Turnbull, with the help of the polls, has turned the Liberals into an NBN party. His plan isn’t perfect, but it’s better than dismantling the whole thing, …
    After that, the mainstream media assumed that line and all “analyses” uncritically accepted the unverified, unchecked Coalition figures as truth.

    The ALP failed to counter this strategy, even under Conroy. Noticeably, they failed to ask Turnbull the central questions above and have the media, and so the electorate, question the fate of an NBN under the Coalition. It’s now too late for them to put the fate of the NBN back on the election agenda…………..

    The danger is becoming apparent, that not only we do not get NBNCo but also Turnbull’s NBN lite/fraud.

    I suspect, we will see our broadband handed back to Telstra.

    Is there anyone that cares?

  347. So come on down Kevin from Qld and say g’day. Cringe, cringe and CRINGE!

    Rude policies don’t count you see FU, because he has the ability of a mouse and no way to implement them. This is a proven fact! He is useless, that is why his front bench deserted him not once, but twice. DID YOU SEE SWAN’S FACE when The Mrs introduced Rude? Priceless! lol

    That’s why Abbott is the better choice. He has a great team, He will return the economy to strength, abolish the mining tax :), cut govt red tape, stop the boats and give you selfish lefty loons the shits for a long long time to come. 3 terms probably…2 as PM and Turnbull the 3rd.

    yajustgottaluagh 😉

  348. lolololSummo…lets have a look at that shall we….


    When the Shadow Treasurer is asked questions on how they plan to achieve this he invariably says “Lift the tide and all boats will rise”. Their policies seem to imply that if we make the rich richer we will all benefit.

    For example

    1. The PPL scheme, which has NO means test ie if you are a woman of calibre (as opposed to a nurse or a teacher or a childcare worker or a paramedic or a soldier or a carer or God forbid, a stay-at-home mum) and you earn 1 million a year you will still receive 75,000. To pay for this they will cut the Schoolkids bonus. They will also impose a levy on big business which they will no doubt pass on to consumers, whilst giving them a company tax cut resulting in the loss of franking credits for self-funded retirees.

    2. They will remove the means test for the PHI rebate which means families earning over 272,000 will be eligible for the tax deduction. When the overwhelming majority of Australians supported an increased medicare levy to help fund the NDIS Tony Abbott, ever the weathervane, reluctantly gave bipartisan support. It seems the low-income workers are prepared to do their bit to help but let’s not ask the rich people to chip in.

    3. They will create 1 million jobs over the next decade. To achieve this they will cut 12,000+ jobs from the public service. They will cut subsidies to the car industry. They will increase the 457 visa intake. It is worth noting that Labor, during their 6 years presiding over a period of GFC, have created 940,000 jobs.

    4. They will axe the carbon tax and pay polluters with taxpayer money. They will abolish the CEFC thereby halting investment in the renewable energy industry. They will abolish all climate change and environmental authorities and replace them with a one-stop developers dream shop. They will create a 15,000 strong green army though funding for it is capped at 50 million a year giving them $64/week each with no money left to actually buy equipment or trees or for administration.

    5. They will abolish the mining tax and create a tax haven in the North for mining companies, 83% of whose profits go to overseas shareholders. To pay for this they will axe the co-contribution on voluntary contributions made by low-income earners and freeze the superannuation guarantee robbing all workers of the proposed increase to 12%. At the same time they will remove the tax on superannuation payouts over 100,000 a year and the increased tax on contributions for those earning over 300,000 a year.

    6. They will abolish the requirement for justifying tax deductions claimed for car business use. At the same time they will abolish the small business asset write-off for proven, justifiable purchases of required equipment.

    There are no doubt many more examples I could include but these will suffice to make the point that this rising tide may lift Gina’s tankers and Rupert’s fleet and James Packer’s yacht, but those of us sitting in tinnies tied to the jetty will quickly be submerged.

  349. summo, what you are missing, there is nothing there, that is extravagant or none deliverable.

    Most of what was promise six years ago, has become a reality, in spite of Rudd.

    Yes, Labor has managed, in spite all tofu the allegations of being unstable and in disarray, have achieved most of what they set out to do. Not always, as originally planned, but achieve regardless.

    What is being promise in this campaign, is actually in place, and building on the groundwork of the last six years.

    I feel that not even Rudd can muck that up.

    Yes, a plan for the future.

    Not one that promises to knock all down in their path, and taking us back to the past.

    Demolition can be a expensive and wasteful exercise.

  350. Most of what was promise six years ago, has become a reality, in spite of Rudd.

    Yes, like the boat policy. 40,000 illegals so far.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  351. Only ones with the inability to do their own thinking would blame Rudd for resumption of the boats coming.

    Those who take the time to look at the facts do not come to that conclusion.

    As we have a harsher version of the Pacific Solution now in place, dear summo, why is it not working.

    The truth is I suspect, is that the boats have stop coming in such great numbers. Whether it will last, only time will tell.

    I suspect there are as many negative votes got the Coalition in this regard, as there are positive.

    Would be surprised, if many thought, Abbott had the answers.

  352. Summo. Not 40,000 illegals, you even have to lie about that. No wonder you support Abbott, one liar supporting the greatest proven bullshitter ever.

    Here’s a a thought, do you have an original thought on politics that isn’t regurgitated Liberal Party propaganda because so far you haven’t demonstrated it.

  353. This is a proven fact!

    It’s not a proven fact just because you say it is or you regurgitate Liberal Party lies, which is closer to the truth for you rarely come out with a single non-Liberal lie.

    If it is lie why won’t answer our challenges and tell us where Rudd/Gillard failed in policy, over 600 implemented, most according to you so bad that Abbott endorsed everyone without a single change or word against them.

  354. Now that we have the boat people in order said Rude and 40,000 illegals, let’s sit down Wayne, Julia and build a mining tax. But first let’s spend the forecast $13billion proceeds. Pass me that envelope over there, this is policy after all.

    Upon implementation, $120m collected and billions of investment dollars and jobs sent offshore.

    By the way can anyone here tell me how fathers day was celebrated in the Wong household?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉


    We will stop the boats (by buying them from Indonesian fishermen because smugglers are hardly likely to take 2 grand when they make hundreds of thousands per voyage.)

    We will stop the waste (by spending billions on a paid parental leave scheme and Direct Action that won’t work.)

    We will abolish the carbon tax (cause we’d rather pay polluters with taxpayer money than ask them to pay for the pollution they create) and the mining tax (because Gina is doing it tough and low income workers shouldn’t expect any help with superannuation though the high income earners could do with a few more tax deductions).

    We will build the roads of the 21st century (even though the rest of the world see the value of urban and high speed rail).

    We will strengthen the economy (by getting quintuple A credit ratings through sacking public servants and introducing regressive taxation and privatising anything anyone will take off our hands).

  356. And yet again Abbott stuffs up on the international stage whilst being in Australia.

    His baddies vs baddies inappropriate comment on Syria is making international news in a negative way.

    Do you want this embarrassment of a man as our PM?

  357. “most according to you so bad that Abbott endorsed everyone without a single change or word against them.”

    I thought you people said Abbott opposed everything. Now you are saying he endorsed everything.

    By the way this speech by Turnbull is a must read

    Despite all of this however, revenues in 2013-14 are forecast to be $103 billion higher than in Peter Costello’s final 2007-08 budget. That is an increase of 38 per cent in nominal terms, or about 12 per cent in real terms, and that despite the impact of the GFC. The real problem is that spending has surged by $138 billion since Labor came to power in November 2007. That is an increase of 55 per cent in nominal terms, or 25 per cent in real terms. Profligate spending and a habitual disregard for the responsible use of taxpayers’ funds has become ingrained.”

  358. ME can you point to the goodies in Syria please? Which side are the goodies? Give Tony your expert advice here ME.

    yajustgottalaugh ;’)

  359. Thanks for that Neil. Even when you carefully put the facts in front of this lot, they still can’t see. That is why you can’t take this too seriously and…..

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  360. Good question. Might surprise you to know, biological fathers often play a part in the life of the child. Also might be another father figure, as my eldest daughter had, when dad took off. Yes, there are still grand daddies around, that play a big part in the life of there grand kids.

    Yes, there are many different types of families, more that you could ever imagine summo.. Very happy families in fact.

    In fact, back in the last century, and the one before, it was rare for kids to grow up with their natural parents, especially mothers.

  361. Losing it Summo?

    You don’t understand Summo? Of course not you have as much international diplomacy acumen as Abbott, which means being worthless.

    My expert advice to Abbott on the international stage is to avoid it like the plaque or he will be a bigger embarrassment to Australia as a country as he is to us as a human being.

  362. FU…sorry your reply doesn’t cut the mustard! I asked about the Wong household in particular, not a household where daddy has taken off. You know, a lesbian household! One where the child is not a product of the enduring love between a man and a woman, but the product of a union between a lesbian and….. ?


  363. You are getting low Summo, the true nasty conservative always outs in the end.

    You deserve Abbott but Australia doesn’t.

  364. By the way this speech by Turnbull is a must read.

    “Many Liberals are rightly dismayed that on this vital issue of climate change we are not simply without a policy, without any prospect of having a credible policy but we are now without integrity. We have given our opponents the irrefutable, undeniable evidence that we cannot be trusted.”

    Read more:

  365. Summo you like your beloved Abbott do the same thing because your narrow minds can’t deinterleave complex situations and thoughts.

    The reason Abbott is being canned internationally, and the reason he is rightly canned in Australia, is because he is a simpleton who devolves everything down to a simplistic meme of black and white when in reality it is more complex, but Abbott like you can’t get his head around complex stuff.

  366. So ME, then you agree, it IS baddies -v- baddies. You will not answer, whoops…sorry, cannot answer, because you have NFI !

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  367. It’s tough for Tony ME. He finds burqas confronting and homosexuals threatening though he does think aboriginals make a nice adornment to our society and that it isn’t women’s fault that they aren’t as good at tricky stuff as men.

    Perhaps if one team in Syria started wearing feathers and shooting bows and arrows while the other guys used rifles and wore hats it would be easier to choose.

  368. No Summo, don’t put words into what I have not stated, and it’s a bit rich you demanding answers when you more than anyone except Neil ignore questions or requests for answers, or more accurately can’t answer.

    I did answer by the way but because it was black and white, goodies and badies you don’t get it.

    Let’s throw this back at you. If Syria is just a case of badies vs badies why is Abbott being internationally canned as a diplomatic dolt over his statement?

    Remember Abbot has to represent us on the International stage and so far he has already pissed off two countries from opposition.

    Why would you vote for Abbott as PM?

  369. It’s a laugh Kaye Lee when in his campaign launch he said he wanted to be the PM for Aboriginals yet he wouldn’t have an Aboriginal Welcome to Country ceremony.

    Indeed the Liberals refuse to have one in any political function they control.

  370. “Cardinal Pell is one of the greatest churchmen that Australia has seen. I am a very imperfect Catholic. Why shouldn’t I go and seek counsel? Why shouldn’t I go and trespass on the time occasionally of someone like Cardinal Pell.
    If you spent more time with Cardinal Pell, your life might be more interesting.”
    – Tony Abbott interviewed on ABC’s Lateline

    “Abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people.” – Cardinal George Pell

    “The idea that you can solve a great spiritual and health crisis like AIDS with a few mechanical contraptions like condoms is ridiculous.” – Cardinal George Pell

    “I’ve got a great admiration for the Jews but we don’t need to exaggerate their contribution in their early days. They weren’t intellectually the equal of [the Egyptians or Persians] intellectually, morally… The poor little Jewish people, they were originally shepherds. They were stuck. They’re still stuck between these great powers.” – Cardinal George Pell on Jews

  371. You can add Pell’s ignorant stance on Global Warming to that as well Kaye Lee. What was his nonsensical scientific explanation on greenhouse gases?

    Another thing Abbott and Pell have in common, idiocy.

  372. Abbott’s ‘baddies’ Syria comment: ‘International relations is a little more complicated than a John Wayne western.’

    Summo doesn’t believe it is.

  373. Sorry, my answer does cut the mustard. You have no idea of the family arrangements in the Wong household, and whats more, it is none of your business.

    As for accusing Rudd of the deaths caused by the sinking boats, is another one, you cannot prove. All that you prove with figures, is the boats began coming again. You ignore the change in circumstance., that led to people once again risking their lives.

    You are saying, that all other facts stayed the same since the time of Howard. That the only thing that changed, was the actions of Rudd.

    The trouble is, this is not true.

    In fact the facts says, no matter who the PM, those boats would have come again.

    As for Abbott’s badies and badies, it is the language he used. As it has been said, Abbott reduces everything to black and white answers.

    He has already put off side, leaders in our immediate area,with his lose language.

    Seem to believe he can go into, any tell every country what to do.

    Abbott appears to have no idea or respect for ones personal space. This appears to extend to the personal; space of countries as well.

    He has no insight, into the damage, his language can cause.

    I do not believe this country can AFFORD Abbott.

  374. I heard today, forget where, that Abbott in an interview, said politics is a game. I am afraid, that is all the politics and democracy is to Abbott. A game, nothing more.

  375. Wonder how Pell gets on with the Pope, who is a trained scientist, and believes in global warming.

    Would also be in strife with the man, for his stance on sexual abuse by the clergy.I think Pell will be busy defending himself to be ablr to give Abbott any support.

  376. Its Fathers Day ( Wattle Day too ) …. and I’m a single Dad of 3…… Summo, if we use your analogy… then how do you view me in regards to Mothers Day….. does that make me ‘n mine suspect in your Mum=bad family. YOUR A ‘RIGHT’ FUCK-WIT….. mods please ban this piece of used toilet paper before he sullies this blog any further 👿
    …… and readers here be advised that Summo’s comments are an example of the type of Govt. this country will get under the RW. Dumb, backward and regressive.

  377. Question to Abbott: “Would you call gassing innocent men women and children, “baddies gassing baddies”? YOU F**KING MORON!!

    Couldn’t have put it better. Warning disturbing pictures of dead children.

    Are these Abbott’s “baddies”? and is this a baddie?

    Now do you see why Abbott is not fit to lead this country. This isn’t by a long shot the first time he has put his mouth into it as he brain farts. They have been less over the last year because you can see he is being carefully controlled and rehearsed but he will always inappropriately brain fart as he’s always done it.

  378. Lovo…pull your head in. I didn’t mention anything about u or you 3 children, nor did I use any analogy pertaining to you or others like you. Hopefully your children still have a mother and can celebrate Mums day with her. You need to settle down pet. Take a chill pill.

  379. LOVO, I agree completely. No one has the right to tell others what their family should be. The assumption that the child will be disadvantaged, is arrogance in extreme.

    I found many abuse and unhappy kids, in what summo would see as the only genuine family. In fact some of the worse abuse was found there.

    As for notifications, that would have come from the likes of summo. involving same gender parents, were all found to be malicious and mischievous. It was an embarrassment, having to enter their homes, where the welfare of the child was always put first.

    I found these parents gave a lot of thought, before they went ahead with having children.


  380. summo, you made judgment on Senator Wong and her family.This you have no right to do.

    LOVO has all the right in the world to disagree with you, without being told to pull his head in.

    Why not just keep to policy, and keep your personal opinions of people’s character to yourself.

  381. ME, every time Abbott goes off script, he puts his foot in his mouth. OK, while he keeps to the script, a very limited one at that.

  382. But who will keep Julie in line Fu?

    Bishop carved out a new Coalition policy position that foreign affairs would henceforth be about trying to secure Australia’s economic interests. All else fell away by comparison. “Foreign policy will be trade policy,” Bishop said, “and trade policy will be foreign policy.”

    Bishop’s preference for trade rather than aid also appealed to the prospect of Australian economic growth while assuaging voters who don’t see much benefit in giving money to regional neighbours.

    Should the Coalition win government in September, there will no doubt be a lot of pushing and shoving between the minister, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and AuAID. Populist policies do not necessarily equate to good international relations and DFAT in particular has long been the bureaucratic tail that has wagged the government dog. Resistance, and policy compromise, is very likely.

    Labor favours multilateralism and international cooperation; the Coalition favours bilateralism and individual arrangements. But it was turning Australia’s foreign relations into an arm of business, for better or worse, or continuing its role as a “creative middle power”, that set apart the two camps.

  383. So we can expect a battle between Bishop and Mirabella. That indeed will be interesting.

    The trolls say we will be in tears this time next week.

    Wonder why they think that. NO matter the results, we will have plenty to amuse us for the next three years.

    Then there is no guarantee, if Abbott did get in, he would not race back to an election much earlier than that. It could be six months, and we are back here.

    We need to do as you are, getting out what the announced cuts are. I suspect many do not know what they have to lose.

    Just keep to what Babbitt has announced, while comparing policies of Labor and N-NP.

    No need for a scare campaign,. I suspect Abbott, sees anyone saying it as it is, as being a scare campaign.

    What we do not have, is time to play the games that Neil and his ilk want. Time to ignore them.

  384. ” YOUR A ‘RIGHT’ FUCK-WIT….. mods please ban this piece of used toilet paper before he sullies this blog any further 👿
    …… and readers here be advised that Summo’s comments are an example of the type of Govt. this country will get under the RW. Dumb, backward and regressive. ”

    You’re a prime example of why I detest left wing extremists like you. After that little outburst you lot can’t accuse the non leftists here of abuse. Carry on unhinging as it is most entertaining.

  385. Tensions erupt on Manus Island as locals threaten to sabotage “PNG Solution” detention centre. Another failed Rude policy. He promises the world and delivered a bucket of wet sand. Outrageously spending $500K on each illegal!!!! Half a million bloody dollars that could be better spent.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  386. Here’s something to look forward to under an Abbott-led government:

    Why taxes would rise under Abbott

    To return to surplus and to do it while avoiding growth in tax collections would require a literally unbelievable degree of spending restraint.

    Remember, though it gets little notice, Abbott is also promising to impose new taxes, increase taxes and eliminate tax breaks. These are partly to help cover the cost of the taxes he’s getting rid of and partly to help pay for his new spending promises.

    He’s proposing a 1.5 per cent levy on big companies to cover the net additional cost of his paid parental leave scheme and a 0.5 percentage-point increase in all rates of income tax (aka the Medicare levy) to help cover the cost of the national disability insurance scheme (both raising $16 billion over four years).

    To help cover the cost of abolishing the mining tax he’s proposing to save $4.7 billion over four years by cutting business tax breaks: ending the instant asset write-off, removing accelerated depreciation for motor vehicles, ending the phase-down of interest withholding tax on financial institutions and ending the ”tax loss carry-back”.

    Also to help cover the cost of abolishing the mining tax he proposes to save $3.7 billion in four years by effectively increasing the superannuation contributions tax for those earning up to $37,000 a year, and save $1.6 billion in four years on no-longer-forgone super tax breaks by delaying for two years phase-up in compulsory employer contributions.

    And all this is before we get to Labor’s as-yet-unlegislated tax rises, which Abbott has quietly indicated he would proceed with: extra revenue of almost $10 billion over four years from measures to ”protect the corporate tax base”, cut research tax breaks, increase cigarette tax and impose a levy on savings accounts.

    When you see the list of tax hikes that accompany Abbott’s grand tax-cutting gesture, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence he could keep taxes down in a way none of his predecessors has managed to.

  387. Well, nothing at all on the horizon to forestall what is going to be an unfortunate loss for Labor. The media have chosen their side, and are barracking harder than a charged up Collingwood supporter at the MCG. Between rudds white-anting, liberal lies, media smears and the ALP NSW right, I guess there was very little hope from the start. Unless every poll in the country is rigged, there really is no coming back from here

    Last weeks costings debacle from our ever diligent media morons was the final nail imo. It has allowed the libs to sail through unchallenged, again, on lies and distortions. Meanwhile, every nuance uttered by Labor is milked through the spin machine to try and put the worst angle possible. If this were an election between ‘Goodies and baddies’, the media have surely decided who their goodie is. I mean really, this idiot is going to represent our country internationally. bush will look like a true statesman beside him. What an embarrassment. Hopefully three years of idiocy will be all it takes.

    Mind you, the media will undoubtedly smear layers of lipstick on that one for us, but only for domestic eyes unfortunately.

    I can only assume that the character behind tabot here is the press gallery

  388. Dearest Trolls, your bully boy ways are one thing, most troll comments are inane and easily managed…. but when it turns into incivility, then you have crossed the line IMO. 👿

  389. btw summo, fuck off with your patronizing degradation of families who do not conform to your narrow vision. I would prefer two mothers like Penny Wong compared with one friggin father even remotely like you anyday. Get over yourself.

  390. Whatever you say Tom…whatever you say…just so long as everyone conforms to your ideals, then everything is rosy….don’t dare put any point of view across unless Tom approves…no problem Mien Herr!

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  391. Guy goes into a bar where there’s a robot barman.

    The Robot says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “A beer.”

    The robot brings back his drink and says to the man, “What’s your IQ?”

    The guy says,”168.” The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology.

    The guy leaves, . . . But he is curious . . . So he goes back into the bar.

    The robot barman says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “A beer.”

    Again, the robot brings the man his drink and says, “What’s your IQ?”

    The guy says, “100.” The robot then starts to talk about car races, football, cricket and things of that nature.

    The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will try it one more time. He goes back into the bar.

    The robot says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “A beer,” and the robot brings him his beer.

    The robot then says, “What’s your IQ?”

    The guy says, “Uh, about 50.”

    The robot leans in real close and says, “SO, . . . You people still happy with Kevin?

  392. Summo thankfully we live in a society where the offensive discriminatory views that you hold are not tolerated. You, like Tony Abbott, seem to feel threatened by homosexuality. It is not only reasonable, it is essential that when stupid comments like yours are made they are called for what they are….the idiotic prejudice of a ill-informed bigot.

  393. ” YOUR A ‘RIGHT’ FUCK-WIT….. mods please ban this piece of used toilet paper before he sullies this blog any further 👿

    No scaper, I will not.

    Like me and many others LOVO’s had a gut full of Summo’s crap. And I’m going to say this: Summo, you’re a right fuck wit. There, scaper, do you want me banned too?

    And I’ll also say this: Summo, if you want to carry on like a childish idiot then you can piss off.

  394. KL. I am not threatened by homosexuals. Once again you make incorrect statements and tell lies. Just because I do not agree with your bourgeois far left views, do not think you can simply come here and defame me.

  395. just so long as everyone conforms to your ideals

    That’s ripe, considering your comment about Wong. As to your views, all I’m doing is telling you where you can shove ’em. And pointing out how antiquated and outright objectionable they are. Look in the mirror before bagging someone elses choices.

  396. I am not threatened by homosexuals

    Maybe not, but you are pig ignorant about them, which often leads to fear.

  397. You have your wish Michael. Shove your one eyed offensive bigoted opinions up your arse and enjoy the company of these small minded minority wankers. Intolerant ranting wannabe’s who spend the best part of each day sitting in cyberspace espousing their warped views and attacking anybody who might have a different way of life. FU, KL et al, turn off your computer and walk outside. You might get an accurate view of the world and learn something beneficial. I’ve looked at this site in amazement and reaslised some of you are here at 6am and still here close to mid night. WTF? Get a life.

    I look forward to Saturday night at 6.15pm, when your precious labor wrecking ball is smashed and you all sit here crying and wondering where you went wrong, knowing full well where. Never attack the man, you bigots!

    You hypocrites sit here attacking me with lies, then attack Mr Abbott for being a catholic, a good father, a life saver, a rural fire brigade member and generally a person none of you could ever aspire to be. You take yourselves far too seriously.

    and that is why yajustgottalaugh 😉

    ALL of you here have forgotten how!

    Bye bye.

  398. Summo you have no fucking idea about anything let alone me and my life. You can go get well and truly fucked you pissant ignorant coward. (Apologies to others for my language but sometimes yajustgottaslapthefoolsdown 🙂

  399. Shove your one eyed offensive bigoted opinions up your arse

    Yeah, whether you are a lesbian or a ….. ?

    bigoted ROFL Talk about projection

  400. News announcement from Mr. Abbot. It appears he will not be going to Indonesia next week if elected.

    He has informed people, that one can not lob up uninvited. One has to wait till this occurs.

  401. Gee, the right are thinned skin. Cannot take what they give at all.

    Reminds me, watching kids playing/fighting. One little bugger hits his brother, when brother retaliates, we see him running to mum, screaming “he hit me. He hit me.

  402. One thing that summo and his ilk are threaten by, and cannot bear is fact and truth.

    What ever we wake up to next Sunday, will be the will of the voter. We have no option but to accept that vote.

    The one thing, if this happens, that we are wrong, for our good, and the good oif Australia.

    Abbott is already backing away from many of his promises.

    Maybe we will not have to wait three years, as Abbott has promise, if he does not get his own way, he will be going back to the polls long before that.

    Morrison, said when the election is on, we will know they have launched all their policies, In other words, we will be waiting for 30 days until that red or green book is released by the PBO..

    The seat of interest, could be the seat of Griffith.

    Wonder how qanda will go tonight.

    We still have both to face the NPC this week. .

  403. What irk’s me the most, if Abbott is successful, is not that Labor lost, but Abbott will be getting in, with none of his promises or mutterings being questioned.

    Getting in, with the public not knowing the details of what he intends to do, Yes, no details, along wit no costings.

    Talk about many making uninformed votes.

  404. Not about being happy with Kevin. It is about not wanting Tony.

    Rudd now on.

    I wonder if any going to get near the public this week,. Rudd, has been closer, to than Abbot has.

    Well Rudd has been near enough, for him to be heckled. Abbott seems to appear to turn up behind high fences, or in parks, in the middle of no where.

    Why travel around the country, to do photo ops, with no members of the public within a hundred metres,

    Just asking.

    No rallies address. Not even walks through shopping centres.

    Why is this so?

  405. Where has summo been attacked for genuine political views or opinions. The only attack I have seen is in response for the scandalous things he says about people here, or those on the Labor side of policies.

    Maybe he can give an example of where he has been pilloried for his political beliefs.

    Freedom of speech, does not involve being able to make libelous or slanderous statements. In fact, it is against the law.

  406. Sorry for such long cut and paste. We do need to at least acknowledge, we might just not be too bad off. Facts that trolls are afraid of.

    “………While other countries fell into the global recession, Australia maintained strong economic growth, low government debt and a triple-A credit rating. With this record, you might expect the federal election to be focused on how to convert the strength of today’s economy into resilience for the future. But instead the political spotlight has fallen on the perceived problem of government debt, with alarming proposals to bring austerity ”down under”.
    For an American, Australia’s anxiety about deficit and debt is a little amusing. Australia’s budget deficit is less than half that of the US and its net debt is less than an eighth of the country’s gross domestic product.
    Most countries would envy Australia’s economy. During the global recession, Kevin Rudd’s government implemented one of the strongest Keynesian stimulus packages in the world. That package was delivered early, with cash grants that could be spent quickly followed by longer-term investments that buoyed confidence and activity over time. In many other countries, stimulus was too small and arrived too late, after jobs and confidence were already lost.
    In Australia the stimulus helped avoid a recession and saved up to 200,000 jobs. And new research shows that stimulus may have also actually reduced government debt over time. Evidence from the crisis suggests that, when the economy is weak, the long-run tax revenue benefits of keeping businesses afloat and people in work can be greater than the short-run expenditure on stimulus measures. That means that a well-targeted fiscal stimulus might actually reduce public debt in the long run.
    Australia may have successfully dodged the global crisis, but some politicians seem to have missed the lessons it taught the rest of the world. In this election, the conservative side of politics has foreshadowed substantial cuts to the government budget. This would be a grave mistake, especially now.
    Recent experience around the world suggests that austerity can have devastating consequences, and especially so for fragile economies. Government cuts have helped push Britain, Spain and Greece’s economies deeper into recession and led to widespread public mi………….

    Read more:

    Rudd is now out, doing what he should have been doing from day one, selling the Labor record of the last six years.

    Yes, acknowledging that the last three did exist. that this is not a rerun of the 2010 election, as both Rudd and Abbott would like.

    Yes, Abbott has much to fear, being reminded what occurred over the last three years.

  407. When did one stop playing goodies versus badies. Most would say, when they were kids.

    One generally would not describe the pointing of women and children, in this manner.

  408. Mr. Rudd said that Abbott is innumerate, and is uncomfortable discussing foreign affairs.

    Innumerate when it comes to the economy. Does not know what to say, when commenting on what occurs overseas.

    Rudd just asked, if he would marry someone like Tony Abbott, if in same sex relationship.

    Must say, the media is reaching, what I thought was impossible, a new low.

  409. “…………Nationals turn on Joe Hockey as war breaks out within Coalition
    Senator Fiona Nash joins Nationals leader, Warren Truss, in attack on shadow treasurer amid row over adverts in WA pre………..

    ………..Nash said: “It just shows how disconnected Joe Hockey is from regional Australia and shows even more how important the National party is.

    “If that seriously is what Joe Hockey thinks about the National party then there needs to be some very strong discussions taking place. The comment was beyond the pale.”

    The row marks a dangerous rift between the National party and its Coalition partners, particularly Hockey, who, if he becomes treasurer, will have sole responsibility to decide on the fate of the sale of agribusiness GrainCorp to US multinational Archer Daniels Midland – a move which the Nationals fiercely oppose.

    On Saturday, Truss expressed his “disgust” at the “blatantly dishonest advertisement” run by WA Liberals in the West Australian to claim “exclusive” credit for a fund the Liberal party had nothing to do with.”

    No conflict in the Coalition camp.

  410. Hockey is refusing to go ahead with third debate with Bowen

    Not costing NBN lite/fraud.

    Costings being shown to selected media.

  411. Another back down by Abbott. No longer buying drones. Two polices on boats dropped today.

    Not rushing off to Indonesia and buying drones.

    According to Abbott , one cannot make these decisions from Opposition. Why then did he promised to do so.

    Abbott is creating as much wiggle room, that he can, before the election.

    Wonder how many more brain farts he will he be clawing back,

    Maybe he will tell us, that foreign affairs is more than playing goodies and baddies.

  412. “…………..On droning versus not droning. As the ABC’s Emma Griffiths reports: “The Coalition has moderated its plans for several major defence projects, including backing away from a policy to spend $1.5bn on long-range surveillance aircraft or drones. In April, Opposition defence spokesman David Johnston said the Coalition would use drones to help spot and turn back asylum seeker boats. He laid out a $1.5bn policy to buy seven drones and have them in the air by 2017-18. But today, Senator Johnston and Opposition leader Tony Abbott have released the Coalition’s defence policy, which states only that it will “consider closely the need for unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles”.

    11.55am AEST
    Sorry – the aformentioned campaign acceleration is making nailing drones difficult – but I’m determined to get there.

    Let’s get there now.

    Tony Abbott has previously said the Coalition would spend $1.5bn buying Global Hawks. Now, as I mentioned in the post on the defence policy at 10.43am, he’s walked that back.

    The rationale from Abbott? We took a policy on Global Hawks to the last election, but the advice now is…………”

  413. Burke is begging Morrison to take TPV off the table, What Morrison is telling people smugglers, that after Sunday boat people will be allowed to stay here.

    Burke said that the message must be, that if one comes by boat, they will not be allowed to stay here.

    Morison is sending another message.. That they will but only given TPV.

    Burke believes the back of the smuggling trade has been broken.
    ABC 24

  414. Hair glued down with brylcreem.

    All he has, is the carbon tax, which is going to fix all our ills, if he does away with in removing it.

    Back to Gillard’s lie……

    The question is, is this tax the best way to deal with carbon emissions.

    Do we want it replaced with hos expensive a inefficient Direct Action, O

    Still waffling on about carbon tax. Wonder who cares.

  415. The fact finder sites are going to have fund with this speech.

    Still talking about carbon tax. Is this all he s going to talk about at this NPC address.

  416. Every fifth or so word is “carbon tax” Does not matter what he says, if comes back to the words “carbon tax”

    This speech is unbelievable, from one that seeks to be PM.

    Mentioned in every sentence.

  417. The evidence is that the “carbon tax” has had little effect on the economy. If that is so, why does Abbott claim it does.

    If one suspected that Abbott treats the voters as fools. Well there will be no doubt after todays effort.

  418. Now we are onto attacking unions,.
    The questions should be interesting, if the journalist present do their jobs.

    Wonder how many times “carbon tax” has been mentioned. It has to be a record.

  419. Abbott, is not enjoying this at all. I am.

    From his answers, there is much more to this story, Seems to involve Abbott’s road funding promises.

    Now being asked about privatization. Another question, I believe Abbott will not welcome.

    Still no carbon tax.

  420. Question on on UN Security council. Should not exaggerate our own influences. Once again talking Australia down.

    No question on CT

  421. Abbott you spent 15 minutes talking about Carbon Tax.

    Abbott’s response, is struggle going on in the labor Party.

    I get it, Labor will roll over and allow him to get rid of the CT. Yes, it a

    Education curriculum being politicized. Yes, back to the days of Howard’s view Answer, walking both sides of the street.

  422. Another question from Farr, that I suspect Abbott would rather not answer. Of course Mr. Abbott is correct, there is no way the companies would pass on the penalties put on them for carbon emission.

    Yes, there will be penalties.

  423. It appears not all our armed forces are endeared with Abbott.

    …… think I managed to get in and out without getting any grease stains on me,’ he said.

    The brief campaign stop was not without blemish, however.

    One soldier approached Mr Abbott to complain about foreign investment in Australian agricultural land, which he said troops were defending.

    The soldier, who declined to give his name, asked the opposition leader if he’d be able to ‘sit comfortably’ with himself as an old man, if land continued to be sold off to overseas buyers.

    ‘I think in a free country we have to have reasonably free markets,’ Mr Abbott replied.

    ‘I guess that means that in some circumstances it might be alright to sell land, in some circumstances it would not be alright to sell land.’

    After the Holsworthy visit, Mr Abbott went to Canberra to address the National Press Club………..”

  424. “One of Abbott’s pledges during the campaign is to “make the economy stronger”.

    At no stage has he articulated what that means, nor has he been asked in the plethora of interviews he has given what the characteristics of that “stronger economy” are.

    I reckon most reasonable people would interpret ‘economic strength’ from the perspective of GDP and employment growth, the unemployment rate, rising real wages and ongoing low inflation. These are the items that will show whether an economy is strong or weak.

    Looking at what Tony Abbott might be thinking about with a strong economy must be framed from the perspective of the economic climate Abbott is inheriting – the one he wants to strengthen.”

    What does Tony mean. Why has he not been asked.

  425. …………….Of course, he has to win the election first. That looks likely. The trick for Abbott will be implementing a policy framework that delivers his “stronger economy” commitment.

    It won’t be easy. In fact, Australia has never had an economy that in any full year has simultaneously delivered GDP growth above 3 per cent with the unemployment rate at 5 per cent or less, the inflation rate below 2.5 per cent and average real wages growth above 1.25 per cent per annum.

    If Abbott can do all of this, he will have done a terrific job in managing the economy and will go to the 2016 election campaign on the back of a highly successful program of economic management. Good luck to him…………..

  426. If this is true, why do we need changes to Fair Work Australia. Appears to be working well. Abbott did mention his changes today NPC. Appears the pendulum might be in the right place. As Kearney said, there is nothing wrong with worker productivity. Problems with productivity, are to be found with capital.


    The three claims of Bill Shorten regarding wages, industrial conflict and labour productivity are broadly correct. Any errors were minor and were in his favour at least as often as against it.

    Wage costs are growing at slightly less than he claimed, while wage pressures shown in current agreements are slightly higher, but receding.

    His comparison of industrial disputes under the Coalition and Labor years was essentially correct. An argument could be made about the choice of time period, but a different period would still show a major fall in disputation.

    His claims on productivity growth slightly understated the period of time through which Australia has been experiencing successive growth quarters…

    Wong replying to NPC speech of Abbott. ABC 24

  427. This is what industry will lose, if Abbott achieves his aim, of clawing back, all that the CEF and the so called tax.

    It is much more than getting rid of a nuisance tax.


    The claim to save the budget bottom line A$7.5 billion with these measures significantly overstates the practical reality, primarily because of the misclassification of A$4.5 billion under the Jobs and Competitiveness Program and energy market compensation measures. A more accurate figure for the total cash saved by this set of measures is more like $3 billion – nowhere close to the loss of A$9.7 billion in revenue from abolishing the price on carbon.

    These cuts also have serious adverse implications for Australia’s preparedness to tackle climate change in the future, since they discourage investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency and imply drastic cuts to vital climate adaptation funds.

    I am grateful for the assistance of Claire Maries, Climate Change Campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation in the preparation of this article. Any errors are my own..”

  428. Just a suggestion Fu. This thread is now over 600 comments long. Perhaps we can use the later “What if . . . ?” thread for further election discussion to make it a bet easier on those reading with mobile devices? 😉

  429. Michael Taylor

    September 2, 2013 @ 9:22 am: I didn’t ask that anyone be banned. The broken heart from Broken Hill said it. Gee, just pointing out the rank abuse, especially when I am accused of abuse which is low level compared to the old days.

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