I’ve got the NBN, but I’m still voting Labor

It was always touch and go as to whether my suburb would be connected to the NBN before the election. I feared that a Liberal victory would see the work halted and sadly, I’d miss out. The NBN was a big election issue for me.

Well, the good news is that we’ve made it, or more importantly, I’ve made it . . . with just a few weeks to spare. As of yesterday I now have the NBN. I could say that it’s no longer an election issue for me as I have what I want.

But . . . I’ve decided I’m still going to vote Labor on this issue alone. Because, simply, I want you to have what I have.


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  1. That’s great, Michael. It looks increasingly likely that after September, the rest of us will have to literally march in the streets to get the real thing.


  2. The business district of the company I work for has started to have the NBN hooked up, but the surrounding areas are around 12 months away so will miss out under Abbott.

    I’ve spoken before of the huge setback not having high speed broadband has been for the business, at times an embarrassment in multi-country conferences where interactive CAD files were being shown and we were stuck on voice only.

    The MD is a staunch conservative and though he has often voiced his hate for Abbott will still vote Liberal I think. There is one hope though that for the first time in his life he might change his vote and that’s on the NBN. He lives within 10 minutes of the business but on the wrong side of the road so won’t get the NBN until next year. I’ve pointed him to info on the Coalition’s fraudband and the boss is not happy, in fact for the first time I heard him let loose a string of invectives at Abbott and Turnbull.

  3. Philosophy Doggy go here: http://www.nbnco.com.au/when-do-i-get-it/rollout-map.html and type in your address.

    Purple = Hooked up to NBN.
    Orange = Under construction (our business area) and according to Turnbull will be completed under the Coalition.
    Blue = Construction starts within one year, so under a Coalition government won’t happen, you miss out and have to go with their inferior fraudband at a huge hookup cost.
    Green = Construction starts in three years. Forget it under Abbott, you’ve well and truly missed out.

  4. I live in a green area, so still have to wait a long time under a Labor government but will be absolutely screwed for as long at they are in power under a Coalition government.

    Because of my location and distance from an exchange, I will be up for the maximum estimated hookup cost of around $5000 under the Coalition for an inferior broadband.

  5. The full potential of the NBN will only be realised if it can reach a critical mass (ie be available to enough people) to warrant new businesses to start up and attract enough customers to be able to compete with the bids of businesses like Foxtel.

  6. Once again, if the coalition are successful at this election, we will have a two-tiered, two-speed society. Those with Fibre to the home/business and those without. Some people with spare cash who miss out initially can join the ‘Have’s’ by paying a ‘membership’ connection fee, the rest miss out. It is always the way with this mob.

    They are so ideologically blinkered that they can’t see the big infrastructure picture here.

    I want my NBN but am unfortunately three years from being connected.

  7. Good to hear you got it, Michael. It would be dreadful to see all this go by the board with a Coalition take over. Still time for the masses to turn in the aftermath of Abbott free-for-all sex party and whatever. Some one mentioned disappearing communications but I think it was Abbott coughing on 7.30 and good sign he is weakening. We need to be plugging all the good stuff achieved by JG’s Labor great minority govt. “Let’s have more of these democratic minority govts thanks”
    I am trying to contact Labor re upping their game re JG’s efforts. Can Kevin and his Labor troupe rise above it all and have the maturity to do this. She is not a dark shadow, the Aussie men just attacked her endlessly. What’s new! us women live with this all our lives. Not that we condone it.

    Apparently all Labor’s monetary support it not being told to constituencies by the main stream media, so they are relying on the grapevine or ground swell, for.relaying of news. Peter Slipper back in the race is good. Plus Windsor says the new independent to replace him is very good and popular too. All good news.
    Nasty slur campaign against Beattie from unhappy people who will no doubt always be like this. Poor Anna Bligh copped it though. It is hard to take leave when it gets too rough and give it over to someone else to deal with. Guess he is feeling it.

    Volatile times, and it all could change, and people often make up their minds a couple of days before the election. So all the polling in the world flies out the door.

  8. Is it fair to spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on building the NBN and then connecting 20% of premises for free? This isn’t user pays. This is inequitable. They are building a multilane freeway to the edge of the CBD but those who don’t live innercity will then have to buy a limo to get home. This discriminates hugely against regional areas who will have to pay so much more.

    What will be the effect on housing and rental prices? Greenfield developments will be hooked up from what I can gather so these usually more affordable developments now have a saleable asset. A house that is hooked up has additional value as a rental property. How many university students will not have access because they are living in cheap rental accommodation?

    Why are we even quibbling about the cost? I would be amazed if a project of this size came in on budget and on time. It’s just something we HAVE to have so bite the bullet and do it properly. Malcolm has come up with 94 billion and has given the reasoning behind it some of which holds some truth. Several of the possible blowouts he identifies would also apply to the Coalition rollout yet NO-ONE has questioned or verified their figure of 29.5 billion.

    From what I understand this money is a loan/investment which will be recouped and even with a possible return of 5% which is why it is off-budget. The whole argument is just ridiculous. DO IT ONCE AND DO IT RIGHT AND BE FAIR ABOUT IT.

  9. Windbag Turnbull has said that “25 Megabits is enough”. (He doesn’t even know the difference between a bit and a byte!!) He reminds me of the “expert” who said, when computers were first invented: “The world will need about seven of these devices”. In his “I-know-everything-style”, Turnbull also states that his version will be cheaper because the “very expensive” copper to the house will not be replaced. Any informed person knows that this copper has reached its use-by date and will have to be replaced at huge expense later.

  10. You call Tony Abbott stable, disciplined and reliable (choke)!

    The reason there have been no changes to the Shadow Ministry is because Tony struck a deal when the pollies got their last pay rise. When it was found out that he had two too many shadow ministers it was agreed that he could give them all the pay rise as they were already in the job on the proviso that, if he made ANY changes, they would have to sack two of them.

    As with all things, they are thinking about the money, not what is best for the nation. What incentive do back benchers have? Why would a shadow minister question policy when they know it would put them in line to be the one sacked?

    A vote for the Coalition is a vote to take no action on climate change, to condemn asylum seekers to a life of slavery and misery, to give up the NBN, to water down education reform, to give up billions of dollars in taxation from the mining company superprofits, to give tax concessions to the wealthy, to pay for rich women to stay home with their babies, to stop superannuation guarantee increase and co-payments to low income earners, to reduce revenue raised from company taxes…..

    A vote for the Coalition implies that money is the most important thing and that all decisions will be based around making the rich richer in the hope that “if you lift the tide all boats will rise”. I’m sorry but I am over the slogans and the trite phrases.

  11. Good morning Folks off topic for a moment Ventis are canvassing re home heat extraction anyone have it or can provide info re costs and effectiveness.

    And the NBN is some time off for me.

    Abbott will never be PM or even a PM’s appendage take your pick. Not an original thought in his head even uses “We will control etc etc” I am surprised that the rodent is not seen perched on his shoulder like a parrot in a pirate movie. Abbott’s MTB’s( motor torpedo boats), are revving up machine guns ready to stop the boats crewed by rednecks no shortage of them it seems

    I listened to Kevin the other day ums and aahs he is better than this I hope he lifts his game soon.
    Migs expect me at your front door to connect to your NBN link soon, just kidding you lucky b***

  12. I am doubly envious, this area is at the end of the list. Funny, it is also a Labor electorate, which is unlikely to go, even in this election.

    I wonder how Mr. Turnbull is going to keep people like me happy. I want the same as those who already have. Do not want a second rate broadband. Do not want Telstra back in the picture. Do not want to see that head of Telstra, from the USA back again. What was his name, Twiggy or something. Mr. Turnbull said he will bring him back.

    At the end of the day, the fibre is just the road, that the broad band runs on. Cannot see the sense in having a eight lane highway, that when it hits near the end of the road, one is diverted off to lane ways and bush tracks.

  13. Looks like we can hold on to the car industry, for little outlay, and with assistance of the worker and unions. Consultations had been going on for months, among the government, company and unions.

    This is not a brain fart of Rudd. Work has been done on this problem for months, before Rudd came back to power.

    Why are all links breaking today, could not be that crapped out copper wire, it relies on, and Telsra’s failure to maintain it.

    Not about the cuts, in FBT. What cuts by the way. The FBT has not been changed in any way. All that is being asked, that they prove they are entitled to the FBT they are seeking. Yes, asked to prove they are not ripping the system off.

    The allowance is given for cars, whether imported or made here. Suspect it does not affect that car makers here that much.

    Mr. Abbott, at the same time, is dismantling the School Kids Bonus, because they do not have to prove they have spent the money. Would like to be able to send a kid to school, without spending that amount, and much more.

    By the way, in Shortland, that unnecessarily and wasteful bonus according to Abbott, puts nine billion dollars into the community on a regular basis,. Bet the shops love it.

  14. Notice the right wingers contribution to this discussion on broadband, especially the extreme right winger scaper, zilch.

    Not a single lucid and constructive post or anecdote to give examples of where fraudband would be superior and the NBN a failure.

  15. I read that the NBN has blown out by $5B already and it will be interesting reading the costings that Labor are too scared to release until after the election.

    CU, so typical of you lefties…not only want the road to run to your driveway but expect the taxpayers to pave your driveway and path to your front door!

    Recty, I detest extreme right wingers just as much as extreme left wingers like you. I vote for the least worse side…what was your excuse when you voted Liberal in 2007???

    Fucking extremist hypocrite you are, recty!

  16. By the way, the government’s announcement on the car industry, is thanks to the deal that the workers ans unions made this week, taking cuts over the short term.

    Mr, Abbott, why is not this flexibility enough under Fair Work, why the urgent need, in your eyes, to return to Work Choices, which by the way lowered productivity, while in operation.

    Where is the blank cheque by the way. I thought there was a capped amount.

    It is an announcement that Gillard proposed while PM. Consultations has been going on for months.

  17. It cannot be a policy making up for the FBT announcement, as it does not come into operation until after 2016. FBT requiring proof that you are entitled, begins now.

  18. scaper, can you tell me of any big government project over the last century, especially one that takes so long to build, comes in on budget. Not one. That includes the Opera House and the Parliament House. None by the way, of similar size and complexity, even in the private sector comes in on budget.

    It is not bad planning that has caused any small increase, and falling behind, what is it three months. It was the deal, thanks to Howard’s mismanagement that had to be done with Telstra. There is now a small hiccup with Telstra’s asbestos pits. I do wonder why it has taken Telstra so long, to solve the problem, of getting very small asbestos concrete pits out of the ground, in a safe manner. After all this is the method that have been used for decades. Telstra told NBNCo there were no problems.

    . God, it is about 2 by 3 feet, and not much deeper. Suggest they get their engineers to look at developing a small machine that crushes the pits, instead of men getting in with sledge and jack hammers to do so. They can either crush it in or out. After all it is about the size of your kitchen sink, smaller than the laundry basin.

    Why is it, months after the story broke, is there still inability of=n behalf of Telstra to come up with an answer. Telstra have no idea of how many pits there are.

    One could be a cynic, and Telstra is deliberately delaying the process.

    I am aware that the pit has to be broken up, around the wires ducts that run through it.

  19. Sorry scaper but lately, actually for a little while now, you have been behaving just like an extreme right winger so I’ll call it like I read it.

  20. Yes, ME, you have reminded us, no matter how fast the speeds are each way, it is useless, if the one on the other end does not have the latest technology. Yes, it will give access to the city specialist, but unless the patients’s or doctor’s surgery is connected,

    it will be useless. Same for students, who want to hook into their uni programme. It has to be the same at each end.

    Same for business and industry as well.

    No system is any better than it weakest link, Believe me, clapped out copper wire is weak indeed.

    Hockey is going to set up a panel to look at their costings, Mr. Hockey also said he has been working with these people for eight months. Is he going to set up a panel, or is it in operation now.

    Mr. Hockey there will be a great big panel, out here in the real would to look at your policies when they are released. Are you discarding what they say, even before they have spoken.

    We can see now, that the Opposition attack and demonisation of Treasury is all about.

  21. ME, I am green in spite of having it North, west and south of me. That is with a couple of lakes in the centre There is only the ocean to the east.

  22. The reason that there is no change in the shadow front bench,, is that Abbott is too lazy to apply himself to anything else but daily stunts and destroying the government.

    Abbott just does not have the imagination to bring his outdated shadow front bench, mostly from the Howard government up to date. Abbott sees this as stability. Mr. Abbott obviously does not believe in renewal or new blood.

    Mr. Abbott does not believe in taking risks. It is as simple as that. Mr, Abbott does not believe that one changes their mind and actions, when circumstances change. There is no flexibility in Abbott at all.

    This being the case, one cannot judge Abbott on his continuous and annoying slogans, which he seems to believe is policy for the last three or four years. One has to go back an look at his actions over the years. There is little likelihood that he has changed since those days.

    the trouble is, over the last decade, we have experienced one of the greatest change in the world order and the global economy, undermined by rapid gains in technology which top of the list, is broadband,. broadband, our highways of the present and future.

    it is now the time of the Asian century, which we can proudly take our place, or be the white trash of.

    Mr. Abbott is yesterday’s man.

  23. Heather, research has shown, that up to seven percent of Labor men shifted to Rudd, as soon as Gillard went. It is a shame, that out there, we have many men, that have not accepted that there is little difference between gender when it comes to ability. in any sphere.

    We had Abbott saying that his government would give money direct to school principals. He went onto say, he would decide how the money is spent. The “he” being the principal. Does one wonder if Abbott even knows n]many are women,.

    One can only hope, that after the disaster we might be facing, that those idiots are men enough, to take the blame.

    There is still three weeks for those who are being fooled to wake up, realizing that they do indeed have a lot to lose under Abbott.

    It will not be Labor that is the loser, but Australia.

    Yes, we are struck with Rudd, but at the end of the day, he will not be as disastrous as Abbott.

    I do not believe that Abbott will survive long, after he does his job in getting the Coalition elected. What terrifies me, is who follows him.

  24. Kaye Lee sure does look like there is some unwanted attention headed Christopher Pyne’s way in the very near future. Bring it on!!! The stench of shit is all over him.

  25. Abbott sees Cando, and his economics as the model to follow. He sees the Independent PS under WA as his model. That is dismantling the system we have now, and handing it over to local bodies. This is spite on the fact, that the evidence is not there to prove it leads to better education, In fact the opposite is true.

    He wants our great public hospital system, broken up, and taken back to the days of community hospitals boards.

    He wants to hand control of Broadband back to Telstra.

    He wants to encourage asylum seekers to come by boat, by processing, and allowing them to settle in Australia on his TPV. Will have to work for benefits. What happens to any of their kids born here. What happens if they marry.He will renew these TPV every three years. Therefore we will have tens of thousands of people within the community, living in limbo, not knowing what their futures are going to be for the next decade or so. Yes, they will keep coming, as this is better than they have now.

    Yes he will save money, by lowering our refugee intake back to 13,700 from 27,00, and likely to be raised further. These numbers are needed to take the pressure off within our region. Can only guess what the reaction of Indonesia and Malaysia will be.

    Of course he is going bring back much of Howard’s IR laws, including the unnecessary court for Builders Labourers, which I believe no unionist was convicted under.

    All I hear of the man, that is going to cut bureaucracy, is a new one he is setting up each day.

  26. They say that 27% voters make up their minds in the ;last week. 11% on the day they vote. It also appears that the numbers on undecided vote are once again increasing. People it appears, are getting back on the fence.

    It takes a brave one indeed, to call an election, if the above is true.

    We now have polls being published, that have up to at least 4.5 error rate. That means the figures could be out by 9%. What use are they. The only value they have, is to manipulate public opinion.

  27. scaper, you did not answer my question.What lage endeavour, over such a long period, does not blow out. What percentage is the figure you use if it is true.

    What cannot some of the extra cost and time be caught up by 2021.Yes, that is the date it is planned to have all put in place.

    Have hears Abbott once again concerning Labor’s assistance, which begins in 2016 to car manufactures, being condemned by Abbott. once again in slogans.

    scaper, why do you not raise concerns that Telstra is incapable of dealing with those asbestos laden pits. which they have been removing for up to a decade, long before NBNCO, or Labor come onto the scene.

  28. By the way, the way that NBNCo is funded has naught to do with the budget. Turnbull intendeds to fund NBN lite/fraud the same way. NBN lite/fraud is not going to be put forwarded for costing by Turnbull.

    Where is his business plan?

  29. “Come on Migs, you would still vote Labor if Rudd was caught in bed with his favourite barnyard animals.”

    Scaper, what has that to do with policy. Sometimes I have trouble working out where your mind resides. One would think, after Mr. Rudd;s announcements in the NT, you would be on his side. Concrete proposals, not slogans.

    Then, I must admit, Rudd did not promise to dam the north, or give taxation deductions to all. No, I must admit, even though the Rudd promises sounded like Abbott’s but on closer inspection where nothing alike.

    Poor politicking on Rudd’s behalf, that has led to giving Abbott’s aspirations legitimacy.

  30. ” (Not 3 different PMs and Deputy PMs)”

    Does changing PM make that much different to good governance. Good governance is more about who holds the top position. Companies change heads all the time, but the business moves on. We have mostly a Westminster system, not a Presidential. Even in the good old USA, the President does not seem to carry that much weight.

  31. Cu, could it be that Telstra, who owns the ‘tel’ bit of Foxtel, are using the asbestos pit situ. as a delaying tactic…… the ALP NBN will cook their golden goose, not only will people be able to choose their IPTV provider, they will no longer have a need for a landline connection for phone or ADSL. The money and power will shift out of their control… and they don’t like it.

  32. Yes. I have for most but not all of my life been a Labor voter. Saying that, I cannot recall a Liberal government that promises to be so bad, not even McMahon. That is saying something.

  33. I will say for most of my voting life, i have voted Labor but not always.

    I would like to add, I have never seen a Liberal one I fear so much., Yes, I hated the though of Howard, but not necessarily feared,.

    I believe that Abbott, if not pulled into line very quickly will send this country’s economy into downfall.

    Yes, I see Abbott leading us into disaster, when the real future for us is positive, Yes, I believe we can be a big player in the Asian Century

  34. Please, pretty please, let us begin to talk about the future, not the past.

    We cannot change the past, but we can sure take full advantage of the future.

    In politics, the future has never been so important, owing to the massive changes in the global economy and world order. Never have such changes occurred so rapidly.

    It is a new, exciting new age, one that by luck we are for the first time, the centre of.

  35. Migs, is hooking up as expensive as they claim. What expensive modem did you have to buy? Did you have to make choices in technology, as one will need to do under NBN lite/ fraud?

    Do you have to continuant to be hooked up to Telstra’s copper wire.
    When it comes to your land line,. do you need to have a land line number? Do you need to paid Telstra, for having a landline? Do you need a jlandliene? I do not, but have to poat Telstra anyway.

    How much more is this superior service costing you. How much has it costed you to hook in?

  36. ““NO-ONE has questioned or verified their figure of 29.5 billion.””

    Mr. Turnbull l is not presenting the figures to the Budget Honesty, to be assessed..

  37. The figures on the NBNCo, have been assessed on all of Mt. Turnbull’s assumptions. It count be the assumptions that deserve a closer look,

  38. Pynes problem is not that he is evil, but just might be a little missing in the brains department I have heard him say, his kids have learning problems. Maybe it is inherited.

  39. science, you give Turnbull too much credit. The man understand broadband and is well aware that he is lying.

    At least he has not obeyed Abbott in destroying fibre, but I refuse to believe he does not believe in NBNCo.

    He will call his inquiry, then announce it is too late to change. Problem is as voters, we cannot afford to take this risk.

  40. Turnbull’s challenge could depend on, the NBNCo is the most prudent and efficient way to go. Yes, we should stick with CEF legislation, as it is working and dismantling would cause too much economic disruption.

    Maybe Turnbull would come out, fully behind Better Schools, NDIS and Labor’s health initiatives,

    The trouble is we have no idea what a Abbott government would deliver.

    I can never recall this being the case, in my long interest in politics.

    It is not about what ideologue or the party I support.

    It is about not knowing.

    Maybe scaper, with your inside knowledge, can laid our concerns at rest?.

    What is terrifying about Abbott , is that he has fed us slogans for the last four years tell us nothing. We have no indication of what he is about.

    Three words slogans and motherhood statements tell us nothing.

    That us why we need to hear the details of his politics and how much they cost. We need to know, if we relying g on that green pamphlet says it all, or if there are previous documents that count.

    All we need, if for Abbott to come out and list policies, along with details, and tell us that there are no hidden promises.

    Not much to ask

  41. It appears that Rudd, for very little money, pj’s the actions of the unionS and workers have ensured that we keep a high tech motor industry in this country in thIs fair land of ours., a industry that will be based on exports, i BELIEVE.

  42. LOVO, you must agree, it cannot be too hard to remove that little box from the ground. I do not believe one needs a ti brains of Einstein to do so.

    Abbott now in the Pilbega. ABC 24.

  43. Why does one get the feeling, that Abbott’;s slow speech is that one hearing the words from elsewhere and repeating the, It is like he is being fed answers through a hearing aid, and repeating them. Do not seem to be coming from him.

    Now listening to Forrester, he sounds like the words are coming from him. Back to Abbott, the stilted and slow answers. It is as he is being fed, to what to say.

  44. I suspect that Forrester has does much good, as the native workforce is concerned. I also suspect that it is belated waking of Forrester that he has been ignoring the workforce available to him, for him for many decades.

    In fact Forrester has woken up to the wonderful workforce, that he has by passed or ignored over the decades. The only things that has changed, is for the first time., Forrester is giving them a chance. The Indigenous workforce has already been there and willing workers.

  45. Fortescue employ 14000 people. Is it great, that only a thousand are Indigenous. Especially as they reside in the region where the mines are.

  46. Fed up, Twiggy relies a lot on publicity. His jobs for Aboriginal people are in the vast majority furphies, they are employed as kitchen hands, trades assistants and domestic staff. Very very few are given employment which would result in transferable skills. The point is, not that they are just employed but are given skills which would enable them to be employed on other sites, in other towns.

  47. Great news Michael. So that’s almost 10 times faster. What about your upload speeds ? That’s the big diff between Fraudband and the real thing.

  48. What we have witness. is that ABC used of the INTERNET to broadcast PC or newsy interviews.

    Whether it is City or th we bush, they are losing connection all the time.

    The question I ask, is whty?????????????????

  49. at last the ashbygate saga has been published on a lot of independent site’s
    keep spreading the word where you can ,
    i just hope that all who are involved get what is owing to them
    it was all over facebook at 3 30pm,keep it going

  50. my say, fingers crossed that there is a snow ball effect and the ashbygate saga develops a life of it’s own. Fingers crossed.

  51. .Ashbygate ..which rolls into Broughgate.. which rolls into Jacksonvillegate.. which rolls into Mirrabellagate..which rolls into Etridgegate.. which rolls into [ please enter “…….”gate here].
    More gates than the Long Yard these bastards. 🙄 ….:D

  52. “Conclusion:

    All I can say is that the NBN experience has been terrific. A lot also has to do with Internode my service provider as without a first class network, you can never get the speeds especially international. Your ISP better have good overseas Internet connectivity if you want blazing speeds. Internode delivers in this regard! As you can see from speed tests, I can get very close to the speeds promised. I can download a 1.3 Gigabyte file in under 2 minutes at 9 megabytes per second and this is from a newsgroup in the U.S with 70 connections open. I can upload a file just over 400MB in under 2 minutes. Now that’s impressive! VoIP calls are crystal clear and I didn’t notice any cut outs while downloading and the QoS (Quality Of Service) on the Fritz!box works pretty well. The Fritz!box was able to handle the throughput with ease and I didn’t expect any problems. I will update you on the progress as I do more tests over the coming months. All in all a big thumbs up for the NBN and Internode. Feel free to comment or ask any questions in the comment box below.

    •Blistering Speeds
    •Fast Uploads
    •Streams videos without a hitch, No buffering on Video or Audio
    •Crystal Clear VoIP quality
    •Much faster and noticeable browsing speeds

    •Constant nagging from the Liberal party about how bad and wasteful the NBN is.
    •Apart from the above, none that I can think of”

  53. A photo showing Abbott closer on that night.

    It is said Abbott; boxing career, that it was lacking in skill and ability, but great ability to take it on the chin and remain standing.

    One can only assumed that he was only as thick when it came to boxing, as his attitude to politics,seem to be in the same vein.

    Michael forget the figures. Is it worth having?

  54. Fed Up
    My goodness you talk too much , it must be a happy home with you on the job.

    CWs It would appear things are deteriorating for you all. Clear patterns are
    now displayed which lead to a very decisive rejection of the great ‘ Kevin Rudd
    plot’ and will give clear air to progress Australia.
    Please phone Beattie and Bowen to see who is confident of winning their seat.
    And post the responses.
    My conservative projection for you is ALP Negative 20

  55. I do find it amusing that Coalition voters only ever talk about polls…NEVER about policies. Wonder why that is?

  56. Michael, I do not understate why there are not many more out there, telling us of what they think of being connected to NBNCo. Not quite as many as hoped at this time, but still a growing number, after all it is not until 2021 that all l will be connected

    Please convinced me, if you where considering moving. whether there was connection to NBNCo would not enter into consideration, as to where you would make your move,

    Back in the late 1990’s I had both Telstra and Opus cable connected. at the time,

    The above come about by having many generations under one roof. at one time.

    Even then, as stupid as I was, Knew i had to get away from Telstra copper if I wanted the high speeds,needed for better service,

    For one that turned her back on computers, I have come a long way.

    I find it very hard to write essays, and am in inclined tio rewrite, until i ppears t look OK. Computers are essential for me.

    Did not improve my writing, but sure made it easier,.

  57. Kaye Lee quite simply :
    ‘when your leader pulls out a Policy totally uncosted , unapproved and
    to be implemented out in dreamtime ‘ as has occurred this week .
    Rudd has shown – its no new Kevin , its no new labor Party and its back
    to the old ways.This may have been the turning point of the Election, not good.

  58. You gotta be kidding me Voyager? Could you possibly point me towards the costings of ANY of the Coalition policies?

  59. PETER Reith has urged Tony Abbott to abandon his generous paid parental leave scheme after last week’s $12 billion blowout in the budget deficit, as Nationals MPs warned they would cross the floor to vote against the policy if the Coalition won power.

    Several Nationals have told The Australian they are deeply disappointed that the policy will be reannounced during the election campaign and vowed to cross the floor on the issue if the Coalition wins the election.

    “We are never going to vote for something that makes one baby worth more than another,” one MP said.

    Senior frontbenchers and backbench MPs had hoped the Opposition Leader would back down from his commitment to the scheme.

    The Nationals strongly believe the scheme discriminates against its many constituents who are stay-at-home mothers.

    Mr Abbott has resisted immense internal pressure to abandon the scheme, believing it is a signature policy that demonstrates his commitment to working mothers.

  60. Dave H. said, ““Hi Guys. I’ve got NBN on in Kiama. As well as being super fast and cheap, there’s another advantage with NBN. This is the disconnection of the old Telstra copper phone line, and with it the line rental charge each month is dropped. So even before getting NBN, I’ve saved $30 each month. I now use a VOIP phone as my home phone. (Monthly phone bills are usually around $10 – another saving). As far as NBN charge goes, I`m on a $40 a month plan and get 25000 speed with a download limit of 50GB. In saying that, I’m considering changing over to the 100,000 speed with a download limit of 75GB. This deal is only $50 a month.

    So just to summarise and compare. I used to pay $30 a month phone line rental, $68 a month for ADSL2 with 12GB limit and around a $100 per month phone bill. Total approx $200 each month. Now I pay $0 for line rental, $40 a month for superfast NBN and around $10 a month for phone/ VOIP calls. A total of approx $50 a month. SO NBN HAS SAVED ME AROUND $150 EACH MONTH.”
    …… and one wonders what the asbestos pit(s) hold up is really all about 🙄 ………. from above ” Now I pay $0 for line rental…” … na, it couldn’t be that simple !! … could it ??

    and then theres this-

  61. ..from the above link- ” To quote Mark Newton from Internode:

    “FTTN doesn’t bring FTTP any closer, but it does push it several billion dollars further away….there’s no upgrade path from one to the other. This notion that FTTN is a “stepping stone” to something else is pure fantasy. If an FTTN network is built you’d better like it, because it’ll be around for a long, long time to come.”

  62. voyager. I suspect the problem IS NOT that I talk too much, but what I say makes you look an idiot. In fact, it might surprise you, that is not hard to do.

  63. Fu, ” Who cares if Abbottt dumps his generous PLS” …. umm, Agrarian Socialists… umm.. perhaps 😉

  64. Mo, said… ” This is brilliant, and even Turnbull was laughing at it. He knew he’s trying to sell 1900′s technology.”

  65. “I do find it amusing that Coalition voters only ever talk about polls…”

    But only when they are in their favour Kaye Lee, when they aren’t the hide away and barely come out to say boo, which is all they ever do anyway, come out to say boo.

    I will tell how it will go depending on who wins or the election.

    Labor loses. Labor supporters despondent, some respond angrily, blame the media, but a lot accept it and begin pointing the Coalition governments string of broken promises and lies, to which the right wingers in their hypocrisy of lambasting the previous Labor government over, either ignore or blame Labor, even years later.

    Liberals lose. The supporters engage in an initial outburst of anger and hatred in a massive dummy spit, stating they were robbed and it was mostly the media’s fault especially the lefty ABC, then they completely disappear for a while to sulk and whine and then they come back with the same old crap of lies and distortions straight out of the Liberal Party and Murdoch propaganda, blaming every woe on the government.

  66. Anyone in the industry knows that fraudband is a half arsed solution, that will probably cost more than Labors plan anyway when maintenance costs of the copper are factored in. And going back and doing it properly if we find out that the initial fraudband implementation was inadequate , will not only delay our global competitiveness , but cost us more than Labors solution anyway. As they will have to re-organise all the work crews again on a national scale, tool up again and enter a plan and design phase all over again, when it could have been done right to begin with.

    I fully believe that the Lieberals will simply acknowledge existing contracts and once that time has passed, will kill the NBN in it’s tracks. Claiming it costs too much. Murdoch and telstra want it dead so desperately.

    I have asked this question here and on other blogs to Lieberal fanbois who say all the usual shit they are brainwashed with, “it costs too much”, “white elephant” etc etc.

    Why don’t you have a problem with the $24B we spend a YEAR on the military? Or the $7B a year in fossil fuel subsidies? Or the billions collectively spent on the FHOG and baby bonus? When to re-cable Australia with fibre to make us more competitive on a global stage and is for everyone , costs us only a couple of $B a year.

  67. I heard a comment from Tony Abbott yesterday about everyone should get prepared for some ads coming from Labor, that will be scare campaigns.

    WTF?! Seriously? People can’t see through that shit? Not only does the Coalition have it’s own negative ads which they have been pumping out from day one, but there is the matter of Murdochs undeclared hundreds of millions worth of political donations/advertising through ltd.news that happens EVERY DAY!

  68. Speed was 95down/35up

    Jealous Migs – I’m on HFC cable & can occasionally get 100Mbps down (when no-one else in the neighbourhood is using it). the normal is 20-30Mbps down, but up is never higher than 2Mbps.

    Do it once, do it right, do it with fibre – only Labor will do this for you!

  69. Kaye Lee – answer my question or is it too difficult.
    Rudd back to the Old Kevin. It used to be the gang of 4 . Now it is the gang of 3.
    Clearly demonstrates what?
    N o t h I n g h a s c h a n g e d !
    Same Old Kevin. Same Old Labor.

  70. I just did my speed test. I thought maybe I got it wrong so repeated it.

    Download 10.20 Mbps Upload 0.82 Mbps 😦

  71. What question? You talked about uncosted policies – see you raise you 70 billion.
    You talked about not running policies by the party – I pointed out that Tony didn’t run his multi-billion dollar rich women’s bribe by the party room who, just quietly, think the idea stinks.

    One reason I don’t put too much urgency into answering you is because you say nothing worth talking about. Want to discuss the economy? or climate change? or education? or health? or asylum seekers? or NBN? or paid parental leave? or marriage equality?

    Or do you want to guffaw over headless chook ads?

  72. Mr. Abbott’s seems to believe his PLS is the same as other employer benefits such as sick and leave pay. He believes that being the case, it should be paid at the level of wages, as they are.

    So what is Mr. Abbott really about. Does Mr. Abbott believe there is a place for the government, to contribute directly to a persons pay packet. If so, why has he capped it at $150 thousand per annum. Why not give it to women that earn, say $500 thousand per annum.

    Now to pay for his scheme, he is going to transfer all public servants to the same scheme. Not sure whether most will be better off or not. He is, i believe doing away with other family payments, such as the school kids bonus that is paid to nearly two million families , twice a years. Yes, taking from low income families to give to those at the top.

    He is also relieving employers of the schemes they have at this time.

    When it comes to the government scheme, payments are the same for all, but industry schemes remain in place. I suspect, employer schemes are more likely to be part of the higher paid wage contract.

    Will the employers next be asking the government to pay penalty rates, or even part of long service, or even part of the wage.

    I suspect that Mr. Abbott’s thinking does not go that far.

    As for challenging Abbott post election, calling him a liar will be hard to do.

    It is hard to call someone out, when they have given you no details. Mr. Abbott is expecting all voters to take him on trust.

    Even in the promises of Morrison’s there are many details lacking, or even conflicting.

    Why is Morrison not questioned on the prudence of lowering the refugee intake from twenty seven thousand back to thirteen thousand, seven hundred.

    I am confused re their TPV. Are all refugees, no matter how they come,to be given TPV.

    That is how the dealt with the Yugoslav and Timor refugees, back in Howard’s days.

    According to Morrison, anyone that disagrees with him, or their policy, is attempting to bully them out of their policies. It is clear, no matter what the public might think, or believe, nothing is going to change him. It appears he could have the same feeling about the courts. He sees them as enemies.

    Mr. Morrison was asked this morning but not pressed, when he once again, said he was right about the Malaysian scheme falling over. Yes it did, not because of the High Court, but because Mr. Morrison and his party refused to support the legislation that would have allowed it to go ahead. The truth, Mr. Morrison, it was never given a chance, and we will never know it would work. The same can be said for the Houston Plan. Not put into operation, because the Opposition blocked it. As they blocked or undermined all that Labor attempted to do.

    Mr. Morrison it is wrong to say something would not work, when it was you that block it.

    The same as you have been out, every day, sending message to the smugglers. just wait, at PNG will not work. In fact the true message should be, will not work, as we are not going to let it to succeed.

    Debate on Constitution ABC 24

  73. One does know, that Turnbull is going to fund NBN lite/fraud, the same way as NBNCO, off budget

    Yes, and he will not be presenting his figures for audit. There will be no costings for NBN lite/fraud.

  74. I suspect that Rudd could be getting the message. For him, to win, he has to sell all the achievements of the last six years. Yes, Rudd cannot afford to delete the last three years of the Gillard government.

    Yes Rudd, at Westmead Hospital, mentioned some the Gillard’s doings. Not by name, but at least the policies she bought into being.

    Not sure what many think of the Medicare Locals, but they are on the top of Abbott’s list to be dismantled. Do that not lead, to the money Labor has invested, being completely wasted. It does cost, to demolish.,

    Tanya, HM, is now talking about much more than hospitals. There is much more to health today, than hospitals. Much more.

  75. .

    ………….Tony Abbott signals willingness to fail meeting emissions targets if funds fall short
    JONATHAN SWAN August 17, 2013
    Tony Abbott has given his strongest indication that he would sooner fail to meet Australia’s emissions reductions target than spend more money on his climate change policy.
    The Opposition Leader was asked on Saturday whether he was prepared to spend more money to honour his promise to cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions (on the levels they were in 2000) by 5 per cent by 2020.
    Estimates by Treasury and independent modeling companies suggest that the Coalition’s Direct Action funding will fall several billion dollars short.
    ”If it comes down to it,” a journalist asked Mr Abbott, ”and you need to spend several billion more than you budgeted, which do you do? Do you let the targets slip out or spend more money?”
    Mr Abbott replied: ”I want to just say of our Direct Action policy that it’s funded, it’s costed and it’s capped.”
    By capping his Direct Action plan at $3.2 billion, Mr Abbott runs a significant risk of having insufficient funds to reach the 2020 targe……


    Yes, those who believe the globe is suffering from carbon emissions, and climate change is underway, are you willing to allow Abbott to endanger the country even more.

    Evidence suggest that we have the best scheme, that is working.

  76. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott announces paid parental leave scheme to encourage baby boom………….

    …………TONY Abbott hopes his paid parental leave scheme will spark a baby boom to lift Australia’s population.
    The Opposition Leader visited a cafe in Melbourne’s suburbs to outline details of the policy this morning…….

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/federal-election/opposition-leader-tony-abbott-announces-paid-parental-leave-scheme-to-encourage-baby-boom/story-fnho52qo-1226699348119#ixzz2cIAtDAfK

  77. About half of women that now gets the benefits of the scheme in place, are topping from their workplace.

    Ged Kearney, we have a scheme in place, that is working. Why dismantle it an start again. Said, yes, the present scheme could be improved.

    Why should employers responsibly for wage justice be jettison, so Abbott can bring in his brain fart. that few in his own party support.

    What happens to the woman who do not, or cannot work? I suspect many more of these women will be found in the bush.

  78. @Mobius, thank you for that, i am aware of that site already but what i want is more detail, see my area has the following:
    “Fibre | Construction commenced – construction commenced in your area on Sep 2012.
    It is estimated that the average time from construction beginning to NBN services being available is 12 months”

    This means my street is scheduled to have it in September, with the election on the 7th. So where does that leave us, is construction complete enough and will work stop immediately after the election? It’s very unknown and i would love more detail on what will happen after, sadly, abbott wins.

  79. According the the Coalition if any construction for the NBN has started in an area then it will be completed.

    There are no details and they don’t specify how far construction must have progressed for it to go ahead. For instance surveying, which happened in the business park a couple of weeks ago, preparing the pits, WH&S surveys etc.

    Knowing how the Liberals work and how underhanded they are, especially in reneging on deals and promises, my bet would be that if an area has started but no progressed into full dig up trenches and laying fibre, they will stop it and go fraudband.

    That last scenario sound like what you might be in for.

  80. Labor intends to punish parents who op out of having the child vaccinated.

    We could also word it different.

    We could say that Labor intends to reward parents, who care enough for their kids, to have them vaccinated.

  81. Got polled by Morgan this afternoon. The first time I have ever been polled. Lady came around and spent about 30 mins at my home.Got $20 for the interview. 🙂

  82. We could say that Labor intends to reward parents, who care enough for their kids, to have them vaccinated.

    +1 for that.

    Another area besides climate change that relies on opinion and anecdotal evidence.

  83. Why?

    …………………….Abbott’s decision to leave it until the final days to reveal how he will pay for his promises reflects his confidence. Everything is going well for him. Why take a risk by unveiling decisions that could be unpopular, and reverse that momentum?
    But his reluctance to come clean adds to the question marks. What kind of government will the new team be? How will it change the economy? And how will it handle the challenge of leading Australia through the bust of the biggest mining boom since the 1850s?
    To Treasury and the Reserve Bank, that is the question ahead. Between 2001 and 2012, if you believe the national accounts, real business investment in Australia trebled. As a share of gross domestic product, it doubled from 9 per cent to 18 per cent. And most of that growth was in mining and mining-related investment.
    But it peaked last year, and is falling. China’s growth has slowed, and become less resource-intensive. Global growth is much lower than a decade ago. Rival suppliers have emerged, and prices have fallen. The cycle has turned, and as Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens noted cryptically last month, ”it could be quite a big fall in due course”.
    That is one key reason shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey, after an endless campaign against debt and deficits, refuses to set a deadline for getting the federal budget back into surplus. And it’s why he’s told us a Coalition government would provide economic stimulus if required ”should a downturn in the private sector become more protracted”.
    But despite a widespread community belief that governments control the economy, once parties take office, they often find themselves at the mercy of events they cannot control, and are forced to respond to them rather than stick to the agenda they planned.
    The Whitlam government was overwhelmed by, among many things, the doubling of oil prices and consequent global recession. The Fraser government found little worked for it as it hoped, and left the economy in no better shape than it inherited. The Hawke government had to jettison much of its platform to get the budget back in surplus. The Howard government had a charmed run but the Rudd government was immediately hit by the global financial crisis.
    Who knows what will dominate the economy under an Abbott government?
    Some things we can confidently predict. We know that in coming months, the Coalition will ”discover” that the budget is in worse shape than it thought. It will make spending cuts it had not flagged, and renege on campaign promises, saying it can no longer afford them. And it will try to blame it all on Labor.
    We know this will happen, because it always happens under new Coalition governments. Unless the numbers deteriorate badly in coming weeks, it will begin by administering nasty medicine to narrow the deficit, and blame it on Labor.
    This will hurt the economy and employment but Hockey will try to hold firm against all the inevitable protests and administer a second dose in the budget, by which time he hopes to have a report from its commission of audit on government spending – one of numerous reviews planned for their first term.
    Among others, the Coalition promises a review of the tax system – probably including the GST, despite Abbott’s denial that there will be any change to it. The review, ”by a distinguished Australian”, would report well before the next election, giving the Coalition time to craft a tax reform package to put to the voters for their endorsement, just as John Howard did in 1998 with the GST.
    But what those changes might be is unclear. There is support from business and economists for raising the GST rate and/or extending it to areas now untaxed – which would dovetail nicely with opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb’s plans to push more responsibilities back to the states.
    But Abbott will be wary of changing the GST without generous compensation. While business wants the states to use extra GST money to scrap taxes on transactions, there will be many hands out for that money.
    Hockey is also keen for a ”son of Wallis” inquiry into the financial system, with an eye to asking how well the banking oligopoly is working in Australia’s interests. Hockey’s family was in small business, and it has shaped his thinking as much as it shaped Howard’s.
    Another inquiry will look into competition policy, with the Productivity Commission asked whether it needs beefing up. The commission, out in the cold under Labor, will be busy under the Coalition, inquiring into the car industry and industrial relations as well.
    First of all, however, Abbott and Hockey will sit down with the heads of Holden and Toyota to work out the industry’s future – if any. Many believe the Coalition’s policy to cut $500 million from subsidies and give no new aid would make local manufacturing unviable.
    Whether he gives priori………………..


  84. I must say, any kid that comes within range, are sure capable of summing him up, if the expressions and body language of the kids is a gauge.

  85. It’s still over three years away in my suburb 😦

    I have Optus cable which isn’t too bad. I am looking at moving back to Brunswick where most addresses either have it or it’s at least under construction already.

    On a related note, as I run a technology startup from my lounge room doing basically everything from phone and internet, from my perspective it’s breathtaking that in 2013 we still have people arguing over whether or not higher speed internet will matter to the economy. What planet are these people on? It’s like saying that motorised road transport isn’t going to change business because horses and steam trains already distribute all the goods we need just fine.

  86. My god people, this is the box Abbott is planning to roll out thousands of across the country and into your suburbs. http://tinyurl.com/lmpbb95

    But also note this. A closer look at Turnbull’s figures for fraudband shows he has grossly underestimated the number of these boxes required and how long they take to install. He needed to do this to make the promise he will roll out fraudband faster than the NBN, which given the time taken for the number of boxes required to meet the coverage they have promised is near on impossible.

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