“Get a life”

Former Prime Minister John Howard has told anyone offended by Tony Abbott’s controversial comment that a Liberal Party candidate had “sex appeal” to “get a life”

“Really, that’s all I say. Really. Come on. He said what he said and I think the reaction of some people who tut-tutted about it is out of proportion and ridiculous . . . Get a life.”

Personally, what Abbott said didn’t hugely bother me and I think that many people who were critical of him were so because they don’t particularly like him anyway. I actually find what Howard said to be far more offensive. Offensive, and ignorant.

But he probably has a horde of followers happy to say the same thing. And I can’t work these type of people out.

What is it with some people that gives them no capacity whatsoever to appreciate how other people might feel? Or that those people have a right to hold whatever belief that they want to.

Australians are so ethnocentric. So many believe that their owns views and opinions are the only ones that matter. Feminists, Aborigines, non-Christians, gays, immigrants – to name a handful of groups as examples – hold different beliefs and people like John Howard have it set in their mind that those beliefs are inferior. Because John Howard finds nothing sexist in Abbott’s comments. he is quick to ridicule those people that do.

If someone were to tell me to “get a life” simply because I hold different values to them, well, I would find it very insulting. I can’t help but imagine how insulted feminists might feel after Howard’s public and much publicised outburst.

And naturally, The Daily Telegraph was quick to sink the boot in as well to those who were offended:

HAVEN’T we all had enough of the confected outrage over Tony Abbott’s attitude to women?

But the Hawker-Britton zombies were out of the gates at lightning speed yesterday to denounce the opposition leader for saying that his comely candidate in Lindsay, Fiona Scott, had “sex appeal”, among other attributes.

Renowned bearded feminist Kim Carr and Penny Wong were scathing.

Honestly. This sort of flim flam might play well on twitter and mummy blogs but in the real world it’s a joke. Especially in marginal western Sydney seats like Lindsay, where Abbott was speaking.

Disgraceful, isn’t it?

Mind you, I can’t disagree that much of the outraged might be confected, but I will maintain my outrage towards the people who criticise and ridicule those who ‘dare’ to hold values different to their own.

I’d like to say it’s un-Australian, but sadly, it’s not.

So many people mock Aborigines for not being as dark-skinned as they expect them to be. So many people mock immigrants who wear different clothes. So many don’t think gay people have the right to marry, and they mock them too. They mock feminists who fight for women’s rights in what is deemed a man’s world, and so on and so on.

Really, who needs to get a life?

John Howard tells people offended by Abbott to 'get a life'

Photo credit: the Australian Woman’s Weekly

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  1. Abbott has been telling us, that they are adult or grown up people, unlike Labor.

    Grown up people do not make such remarks.

    The man wants to be PM. It is time he ceased to make such remarks. The one he follow up with yesterday was worse.,

    The comment shows that Abbott has no insight into what other people think.

    He does not understand that it is comments like that, that leads one to believe he is sexist.

    As some say, coming from others, not in his position would not be a hanging offence.

  2. So many believe that their owns views and opinions are the only ones that matter. Feminists, Aborigines, non-Christians, gays, immigrants – to name a handful.

    So I take it you are a chrisitan then?

  3. No, I’m not a Christian, and for that matter I’m not gay or a feminist. But I do respect their rights and opinions.

    The non-Christian quip was put in there because of my own work in Aboriginal affairs and the impression of them by the Christian missions.

  4. I would have just thought it would be Christians that ‘hold different beliefs’ … Not the non Christians. Considering that Christianity is just one of many religions, a non Christian could perhaps be a Buddhist. A non-Christian is essentially not part of a group at all …

  5. So many believe that their owns views and opinions are the only ones that matter.

    Yes, like conservatives.

  6. I can’t disagree that much of the outraged might be confected

    Ditch the Twit!! (now THAT’S ‘confected’) 😉

    Rudd made a good point yesterday. How many CEO’s would say that about an employee? In Mad Men perhaps, but not in this day and age.

    “Suppository of Wisdom”
    “Sex Appeal”
    “SSM fashion of the moment ”

    While I am not confident of Labor victory here, the largest weapon they hold against the libs remains tabot himself. What an ignorant Twit!

  7. wow Colin, way to take things out of context!
    you didn’t even bother to complete the sentence you were quoting that the minority groups beliefs were considered inferior by some.
    a non-Christian is not part of a group at all?? what a strange little man you are…and somewhat ignorant I may add

  8. I always put Libs last, even behind Fred Nile, would you believe. Coalition are just desperados. I wonder if their traction will last. If they were anywhere near okay and up to being the government they would not have to stoop to such low tactics. But you know what humans are like. Australia has gone to the s**thouse since they have had this worst opposition leader ever. i am now refusing to even use the guy’s name.

  9. This is the Howard/Abbott camp & their spear-carriers rolling out their stock-standard crusade against ‘PC’, as if it were some evil on a par with dishonesty or bullying. In reality what we have is a lot of people (outraged or otherwise) coming out & saying what they think is appropriate behaviour and where the ‘line in the sand’ is. That’s all. If that equals PC then I am proud to support it.

    Fact is – Abbott in a professional environment was asked to talk up the qualities of Fiona Scott and Jackie Kelly, and sex appeal was one of the first things that sprang to his mind…and he went ahead & said it. You don’t need to foam at the mouth to say it’s damn wrong. And damn weird.

  10. Little Johnny’s record. Largest spending government in Australian history.

    Alice to Darwin railway, total failure
    Gun buyback, total failure
    GST, huge success for the top wealthiest 10%, total disaster for everyone else.
    Invasion of Iraq, total failure still seeing images of Iraqi children with limbs blown off.
    Boat arrivals, total failure, all safely settled in Australia on Centrelink benefits

    Abbott should be able to easily repeat this effort,although it may be too much to ask of someone who doesn’t know the difference between ” suppository and repository ”

    As Keating said in his very apt description of them ” pre- Copernican obscurantists ”
    the lot of them.

  11. Oooh! Oooh! said young Tony
    who’d come top of his class in Celibacy,
    Ooooh! he said.
    So he leaned out of the window,
    and he said real, real suave like,
    he said…,( as he changed feet),…… who put this foot in my mouth 🙂

  12. Howard is the grub that told the great unwashed if we did not support going to war against Iraq we were supporters of Bin Laden.This has always been his attitude,if you don’t agree with me you are against everything. I don’t believe that the outrage is confected, the last time I filled in job application there was no mention of sex appeal as criteria.

  13. This is wrong on so many levels.

    There is the obvious sexist aspect. He is looking at her in a way completely inappropriate to the circumstances.

    There is the embarrassment and humiliation for the candidate, his daughter (who as usual was holding Daddy’s hand), and his wife, who had to listen to that silliness.

    There is the workplace harassment aspect. If my boss said that to me I would feel extremely uncomfortable working with him.

    There is the body image message which does so much harm to our young people. Being pretty is the best quality you can have.

    There is the lack of realisation about how inappropriate it was. To explain it away as exuberance or a daggy dad moment not only shows a failure to understand why it was wrong, it increases the probability that he will have more of those moments.

    So many stupid things said in such a short time makes me even more certain (if that were possible) that we cannot have this man representing our country to the world. It would make Karl Stefanovic’s exchange with the Dalai Lama appear enlightened.

  14. First of all Mia, To make such a generalsation that I am ‘A strange little man’ when you have never even met me, is no better than making such a generalised comment towards a woman that she is ‘Sexually Appealing’ – If anyone is ignorant it is you – You are completely ignorant to the type of person I am, yet here you are making a generalisation as to what kind of person I may or may not be!

  15. Secondly Mia – All I was saying was that Christians, Buddhists, Hindus etc. … Are more likely to be considered a ‘group’ than a person who is non-Christian or non-religious. I was not making judgement beyond that, I accept everyone for who are they and what they believe (as long as it doesn’t impose on any other living being). It’s like saying ‘I don’t follow soccer’ therefore I am part of a group. It doesn’t make sense … Just like saying ’I don’t follow any religion’ therefore I am part of a group.

  16. We will determine what people can say in this country, and the circumstances in which they can say it.

  17. For the old fossil Howard to come out and defend Punchy against accusations of sexism means that these accusations must really have them worried. They know they are staring down the barrel of defeat.

  18. Oh Tom this is just too good to let go with a link. C’mon right wingers you surely don’t want this idiot to be a PM. (bold mine)

    Critics have characterized Mr. Abbott’s gaffe as misogynistic in nature, but the opposition leader dismisses those accusations, and said this morning that he personally knows “a woman.”

    Asked if that woman was Liberal Party deputy leader Julie Bishop, Abbott remarked “Oh, yeah, her too.”

    He was later forced to concede that the woman he was originally thinking of was a man.

    Please WTF, the woman he was thinking of was a MAN? Then this proof of Abbott’s misogyny against Gillard and his refusal to do the small courtesy of calling her by name or title.

    “They’ve had a guts-full of the last six years under Kevin Rudd and, uhm, the one before him…”

    No you misogynistic idiot Abbott, we’ve had a gut-full of you.

  19. Friggin’ hell Credlin’s not going to be happy, Abbott thinks she’s a man.

    By the way what’s happened to her? Very quiet since Gillard has gone and the election has been announced.

  20. and, uhm, the one before him…”

    WOW. I hadn’t really read that initially ME. I was still laughing so much about not being able to name a woman. That right there just shows his contempt and disrespect for a former PM who just happened to be a woman (you know, the nameless ones)

    Yes, this SHOULD be getting airplay, but, it won’t, as the media know it is truly hurtful. Not that telling a candidate he is chosen for her ‘sex appeal’ isn’t, it’s just another level of nasty, not just 50’s style sexism.

  21. Guys I think you will find that article is satirical

    You might be right actually Kaye Lee

    It is getting harder to tell satire from reality these days 😦

  22. I’m leaning towards Latham’s appraisal of the candidate. Can’t see any sex appeal at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

    However, puts on body armour…who the hell is her stylist??? Gee, get the lady to the hairdresser to cut her a fringe to cover that forehead large enough to be a helicopter pad! And FFS get some colour and definition into those sunken cheek bones to deflect the fact that cavemen have slaughtered Mammoths with smaller cheek bones than hers!

    Would give her the Angie Dickenson look but still no sex appeal in my humble eye.

  23. Yes, should have read it to the end and Pyne’s 7 foot penis. That’s the giveaway, with a voice that whiny and high Pyne probably hasn’t got a penis.

  24. Tony Abbott should be using the election campaign to persuade Australians regardless of their political views that he is fit for the job of PM.

    He is the favoured pony in this race, so I am led to believe.

    We might expect a certain capability, social and political competence of the person that assumes that role. Without expecting perfection,Tony, at least in my view ( trying as I do to be impartial) is a considerable disappointment for the reasons elaborated above by others.

    The election campaign, as was the leader’s debate. is a disgrace. There is scant respect for democratic process. The grab for power is the grab for the support of the undecideds in the marginal seats.

  25. He is impossible to understand to us simple right wingers who only understand Abbott’s grunts, ahhs and slogans. Anything outside of that is way over our heads.

    There fixed it for you VOYAGER.

  26. Abbott truly disgusts me,please Australians don’t give this man any more power,he as been a dreadfully negative,nasty & untruthful Ol & the office of PM deserves Better…for all our sakes vote ALP

  27. You’re pretty much preaching to the converted here. Best to don a sandwich board with ‘Under Abbott The End Is Nigh’ written on it and stand beside a major road. Good luck with that as the latest polling indicates that the coalition is comfortably ahead.

    Oh, you do not speak for all Australians.

  28. When are they going to ‘fact check’ the ‘No Carbon Tax’ lie I wonder?

    They appear to be quite selective in their ‘checking’

    Like the $70 billion, which they deemed to false, just before quoting the libs themselves admitting to it. 😯

  29. Conveniently it totals $70 billion, which is a figure the Coalition itself has tossed around in the past, a couple of years ago. We do not yet know if $70 billion is the number.


    Well, if they don’t like the number they themselves used, then put out your costings, as the rules dictate, which they are currently breaking, and let us see just how bad the damage is.

    Until then, $70 billion is the best we have to go on. Fact checking my arse, simply providing cover for gutless twerps is what they are doing.

  30. I notice you didn’t respond to my fact checking on your claim that the construction industry is in recession scaper.

  31. My oh my you’re in a nasty mood today, Scaper.

    I hope that you are not implying that he should perhaps ‘get a life’ there Migs 😉

  32. Problem with you scaper whilst stating you are supposed to be balanced and not one sided you only ever display one sidedness here.

    The examples you give are illustrative as they are one sided, in not one instance do you pick up the myriad of lies and distortions from the other side, and they are considerable.

    There is no right wing site you attack the veracity of as you do here, and you go to lengths to stick up for Abbott and the Coalition, even by omission.

    Plus you come here to bait and engage in gotchas as an ego trip, the pursuit of the small minded who are full of their own piss and importance. Your petty minded digs at avatars are an example of that, whilst once decrying abuse here.

    You speak against us because it gets your rocks off to do so, not because of any higher moral rationalisation.

  33. So, tabot lied cos he is full of shit, and Rudd lied cos he used the libs own figures 😯

    Bizarro world ‘fact checking’

  34. Tom. Isn’t it something? The Coalition haven’t put out their costings, by the rules they implemented by the way, so the $70 billion is not a fact, and indeed if you take that to its conclusion, any figure given is not a fact.

    Though if you add up all their unfunded liabilities in the promises they have made and foolishly take their supposed savings as stated in the budget reply then the figure is close to $70 billion, which is the figure the Coalition once iterated I believe in stating they would need to find $70 billion in savings.

    Yet after saying for a long while now they were ready to go to an election and rule as their policies are fleshed out and costed, we have Abbott yesterday stating they are still crunching the numbers on savings so can’t release them until much closer to election day.

  35. if you take that to its conclusion, any figure given is not a fact.

    Precisely ME. The media are actively paving the way for the libs. I note no-one points out that, yes, Labor might not have had all of costings out before the last day, but, that was within the rules. The rules have changed, as the access to Treasury is now far more open to oppositions. They compare apples with oranges, and the media don’t care.

  36. scaper fact-checking

    Only two weeks left Kaye Lee. We don’t really have time to expose how wrong scapes usually is, or how often. I just assume from the start that he is, and work from there 😉

  37. So Mr. Abbott is only going to allow TPV’s. Yes, they will work for benefits. Does not matter how long they are here, that is all they are going to get, including those in the country awaiting possessing.

    Will they be allowed to marry here. If so, will Abbott also send the Australia=n wife back as well.

    Will they be allowed to work or set up a businesses. (beside working for the dole).

    Is it OK for people to have to live their lives in limbo, not being able to plan for their future, as Abbott says he has no idea what might happen in five or ten years.

    Abbott is going to have single person possessing with no appeal. If they are wrong, these people are sent back to possible death.

    We are going to have many tens of thousands of people, released into the community for decades, that at the very least, not be happy. Do we really want such a larhge number of what can be only seen by many as second class citizens.

  38. Rudd went along with Abbott for the last so called debate. It should be up to Rudd to set the conditions for the next. Nothing wrong with a proper panel, and single topic, which both answer questions. If they Yanks can do it, so can we.

  39. Well, I hear no one mentioning the lie of Abbott last night on 7.30. Not only lied, but kept repeating it, as if to challenge anyone to pick him up. Must be once again relying on the legal advice of Brandis
    We have many, experience in Constitutional lies, and also the facts sites, telling us that any Federal government can rescind or change the GST legislation anytime they wish.

    They do NOT need the agreement of the states. This is true, as it is Federal legislation.

    There were many more lies, especially about his schools policies, but the GST was the biggest.

  40. I’ll admit that blooper but the leaked discussion paper was pretty much the same. Did you read the discussion paper?

    Tommy, wouldn’t be so coy as you have written those lies here and I’m not sure if it is you or repty that lies the most.

  41. Liars or clunkheads or both, oh my.
    Liars or clunkheads or both, oh my.
    Liars or clunkheads or both, oh my.

    “There are two possible explanations for how an opposition presenting itself as an alternative government could end up with an $11 billion hole in the cost of its election commitments.

    One is that they are liars, the other is that they are clunkheads. Actually, there is a third explanation: they are liars and clunkheads.

    But whatever the combination, they are not fit to govern.”

    – Laura Tingle


  42. The one thing I am not clear on. Is Morrison saying that all refugees we take, will never be given permanent visas. Abbott must have run out of slogans, he ie now reviving Howard’s, we will decide who comes here.

    If regional solutions work, why do we need any visas at all.

    We are back to those who dispose of their papers, we not be on any queue, but turfed out. It appears the visas are three years, but Abbott did mention five to ten years.

  43. Why can’t we have a debate where the two people offering up themselves challenge EACH other, instead of these confected q&a affairs with partisan hacks asking questions, or, even worse, town hall debates where (usually stacked) people ask questions.

    abbott makes claims that Rudd is not allowed to challenge directly. That is what a debate is supposed to be about, the contest of ideas (or lack thereof)

    What we have now is a stage managed appearance, which, unsurprisingly, the media then complain about afterwards for it being ‘boring’

    Well media, you controlled that last debate. If it was ‘boring’ the fault lies with you. Let ’em (MAKE ‘EM) get in the ring together, and duke it out with ideas one on one.

    THAT’S a debate. That’s what I recall them to be. It is nothing like what we have now.

  44. scaper, whether or not you see sex appeal in the statement is irrelevant. The whole point about statements like Abbott’s is that some people find them offensive. Of course we can never guard against offending absolutely anyone, but that’s the nature of community standards. When you’re in tune with them, you don’t make those kind of mistakes. And politicians, expecting to appeal to the widest possible base, should NEVER make them.

  45. The coordinated campaign against Labor commences this weekend and it is going to be bigger than anything that Labor and the unions can fund.

    I call it “Operation Ruddfu#ke#”. I see Dobell and Robertson are not looking too good for Labor. Enjoy.

  46. Merci, the only people that would take offence to the sex appeal statement are the PC prudes. Now who said “she had the chance to be the tits of the nation”?

    I strongly object as I’ve seen far better chestnuts than Meares’. Maybe there should be a new category of award on Australia day? TOA: Tits of Australia award. Will the women call it sexist if they are ignored for a fine set of hairy man boobs???

  47. The coordinated campaign against Labor commences this weekend

    not another convoy of incontinence 😦

  48. As the Government also lends out money to other countries and is owed money via taxpayers, the most accurate figure for Government debt is Nett Debt which is around $160B. The Government borrows money by way of BOND issues and because it has a AAA credit rating, it pays just under 3% interest. So, if it never paid off the principal and rolled over debt with new bond issues, it’s outgoings on the public purse is around $160B x 3% i.e. $4.8B per year. Now, the Government takes in about $1B/day in revenue, 365 days/ year. So, the monies required to service the debt is under 5 days revenue.

  49. In fact, scaper, $2.1B is chump change compared with the size of Australia’s economy.

    Do you have a mortgage? Paid it off yet? if not, why not?

  50. I see Dobell and Robertson are not looking too good for Labor.

    You do know that poll was rigged, but no surprise you fall right into it.

    505 were sampled and and not the standard 800, which is the statistical minimum
    The age demographics are not revealed.
    Two seats were combined in one poll when each should have been done individually for a valid poll.
    The vote for Craig Thomson was not shown.
    The Nathan Bracken celebrity candidate vote was not shown.
    No mobiles were rung, only daytime landlines.
    Respondents were not asked what their preferences were.
    There is a large margin of error is 4.4, which is unusual in published polls.
    The poll allots Thomson’s preferences to the Liberals.

  51. Not a mistake scaper, just comparing two numbers. And saying one of them is jack shite.
    Re you earlier narking, I don’t understand what an Abbott landslide has to do with people walking around saying we’ll all be doomed under him. I believe he’ll do a lot of damage to the country. I will still believe that if he wins in a canter. Winning will say absolutely nothing to justify his policies. They’re still crap even if most Australians know no better.

  52. No. As usual you verbal and twist things around.

    The poll was rigged. It’s not accurate because it did not use the normal statistical methodologies even for Newpoll. A properly conducted poll would give a better indication of how those seats would vote, one way or another.

  53. More pertinent point is that you fell for it like I did the sarcasm the other day. So you’re not the great know it all and suppository of all wisdom you make out after all.

  54. Reminds of the joke about two guys who nominated their favourite fruit then was told they would win big if they could stick a hundred up their arses.

    The first guy nominated cherries, got into the high nineties but laughed and they all blew out. Asked why he laughed and lost the chance to win big. He replied that his competitor’s favourite fruit was watermelon.

    So, how many watermelons did you fit, repty???

  55. Ahhhhh I am glad you brought up Robertson where the local Liberal candidate is Lucy Who? This woman lived in Warringah and was on the State Executive. Tony CHOSE her to be the local candidate denying the local Liberal party preselection which pissed them off NO end as they had a very good candidate in Darren Jamieson who was only narrowly defeated last time.

    Here is what the local Liberal members had to say.

    “As a Cental Coast Liberal and a past preselector I was shocked with this announcement. This person is an unknown to the local voters, the State Executive do not seem to be aware how parochial we are and the hard campaigner that the Labor incumbent is.
    We were successfull with the candidates that we selected at the last State election why the sudden loss of faith in our judgement?”

    “At least Dobell had a pre-selection and the fact that the Candidate was not altogether truthful about his living arrangements was his downfall or undoing if you like. I know that Karen McNamara will make an excellent Candidate. Robertson was denied a fair pre-selection because they knew that Darren Jameson would have won. Lucy Wicks lives in Warringah, Tony Abbott’s electorate…hmmm. Wicks nominated on Thursday and was rushed through NRC. Then the vote went to State Executive on Friday. The problem is that our leadership has shown no integrity in this issue. To fix the problem in Dobell, a problem of their own making, they take away the democratic rights of Robertson branch members. We will not stand for these tactics, there are 10 branches in Robertson – 10 branches with hundreds of unpaid foot soldiers who will walk away, let Head Office pay for the lot come the Election. Deb O’Neill will eat Lucy Wicks for breakfast, she’ll be sitting back just loving this.”

    “If Lucy Wicks is such a good candidate why didnt she put her hand up for preselection for Robertson? The Labor Party will now put all their resources into Robertson because it will be one of the 10 or so seats they will be left with after the next election.
    Wicks would crumble under ONeil and she will get no support from the NOrth Coast liberals who have turned their backs on her and will move across to support the seat of Dobell. Local Liberals want to support a winner not a loser installed by the factional war lords. Abbott have made a huge error of judgement, should start counting his numbers now slippers gone”

  56. Whether it’s polls or economics, anything that comes from something Murdoch has a finger in must be dismissed as bullshit.

    More deliberate misrepresentation from “The Australian”

    And they will continue to lie if Abbott gets into power to cover up for the bad economic news that follows, which is bad news for Australia and Australian businesses. One big bubble being created that will pop with and almighty bang of fallout.

    Their constant false bad news on the economy has already groundlessly dampened business confidence, but like Howard did they will sell the false news of never having it so good as record bankruptcies occur (except if you’re related to Abbott of course) and people struggle in what they are being told are great times for them.

  57. “Tony CHOSE her to be the local candidate denying the local Liberal party preselection…”

    No this can’t be, only Labor does things like this and when they do it’s splashed across the headlines to show how bad they are in ignoring local’s wishes.

    So looking for the headlines condemning Abbott for this… chirp.. chirp…

    “Local Liberals want to support a winner not a loser installed by the factional war lords.”

    Now I know you’re joshing, only Labor has factions and faceless men.

  58. Hey ME I am only quoting what the local Liberal members said. (Disclaimer: the spelling mistakes are all theirs 😉 )

  59. Oh I don’t agree with it scaper….just sharing information as you brought up Liberal’s likelihood of securing Robertson. Just thought I’d give you the local perspective…yanno…from the actual people who are voting.

  60. Apparently, Katter and Palmer have done a preference deal. They reckon the two majors have a born to rule mentality.

    Pretty funny coming from a second generation MP and a white shoe billionaire on paper that is shunned by his peers.

  61. And yet again scaper twists the point, which is exactly that, Labor does it, but that makes headline news as the worse thing ever and how dare they. The Liberals do it and you throw it back onto Labor, and so far haven’t condemned them at all, just like NoS would do. Peas in pod.

  62. Maybe it wouldn’t make the headlines if the NT senator candidate was an Olympian that was not even a party member but Gillard’s token black and Beattie was a former hated premier that had supposedly retired from politics.

    What was Wick’s claim to fame to receive a column inch? Twisting indeed, recty!

  63. But the Liberals have thrown in a token black, and yet again no condemnation of them by you, just Labor examples.

    More of the colour of you knickers are showing all the time, and probably after the election if the Liberals win the colour of your goolies as well.

  64. ..Scaper HAS goolies 😯 …… and there I was think’n he was just one of Gina’ eunuch’s… 😀

  65. No-one would want to own (or own up to knowing you!) scaper… thought ‘pets’ were meant to be kept on leads.

  66. How do you know he didn’t read my post scaper, it’s how I sometimes respond to something said about Neil without having to actually read his inane crap?

  67. Come in spinner 😛 😛 😛
    … and thats “Turd Fossickee”, if you please,… I don’t work down the hole anymore.
    … now back to your fanning and grape holding no nuts boy….. 😛

  68. Well it is a long time since I have heard of Labor calling in the police, and some locals taking the matter to court.

  69. We had Mr. Sinodinos leading the charge, for Abbott, if not Howard. Yes, the big guns were bought in, to put the pesky locals in their place.

    Now I am not in Dobell, but I did hear Thosmon being interviewed in depth, this morning on ABC local radio. He did sound at ease, and had much to say, that is worth hearing.

    I suspect the man will

    I see both of the big party leaders beginning to wobble. Will be interesting which will fall over first. The one that remains standing, could just be the winner.

  70. Apparently the Nats are telling Abbott to shove his centrepiece policy of PPL up his arse. Don’t know if there’s much room for it there along with his suppository of all knowledge. Then again if it’s a suppository of all Abbott’s knowledge it will be a very small one indeed.

  71. ME, I suspect many others are also giving him The same message. Not too sure about the support for DA or NBN lite/fraud as well.

    They say, when it comes to politics, one can fool all the people for some of the time. Some of the people for all of the time. They say, one cannot fool all the people for all of the time.

    I do hope those who are being fooled for some of the time, wake up quickly.

    If we can get Abbott to let us in, on the details of his school and hospital policies, many will wake up with a shock.

    That is if they do not want both systems, as we know it, dismantled, as has been Abbott’s long term plan.

    Yes, Independent Public schools and hospitals run by local committees,. Better still, hospital taken over by the private sector. Abbott believes, and spruiks, small government. This means that governments move out of both areas.

  72. Yes, I believe most that comment here regularly are Labor supporters. though not all. What the likes of scaper seems to ignores, there are thousand that pass through, not making their presence felt.

  73. Ah, but how many thousand are Labor supporters? Maybe some of them there folk might be from the dark side? You know…fellow Australians that might have a different view to you lot and would not want to run the gauntlet.

  74. Oh dear, seems that other MPs were not aware of Rudd’s Northern Australia joke until the day it was announced. Disjointed policy on the run? YOU BET!

  75. A leaked communication from a consultant to Peta Credlin discussing strategies of successful leaders from the past in determining Liberal strategy.

    “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

    By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

    How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.

    Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.

    Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

    It is not truth that matters, but victory.

    The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other f Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.”

    I hope you find this helpful,

    Adolph Hitler

  76. EDIT The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.

    damn these newfangled ways of communicating

  77. Imagine if there was a BCOA awarded back in the early seventies? The judges at Australia House would be overwhelmed!

    Rod March sported a bum crack with a moe. That’s when men were men.

  78. scaper your ramblings and obvious failure to address any of the issues I raise makes me feel the winner on the day 😉

  79. Had a very interesting conversation this afternoon with a couple who live in Clive Palmer’s electorate. They are very intelligent and have vast experience in so many pertinent issues in this election.

    They of course abhor Tony Abbott and Coalition policies, as anyone with their on-the-ground experience would. The interesting thing was they feel Clive Palmer will win his seat. The incumbent is a retiring Liberal that I have never heard of who they say only rises to the surface come election time. Clive is spending big money and the other candidates are unknown, but everyone knows big Clive.

    When I commented that Question Time with Clive Palmer and Bob Katter would be funny they both laughed and said Clive won’t bother turning up for that.

    Was a fun afternoon 🙂

  80. What issues, the topic of this thread? Hehehehehe.

    What was shaping up as PC thread has degenerated into a non PC thread relating to goolies and proctological analyses by our resident recty.

    I take it you don’t mind if I nominate you for a BCOA award. Could lead to a movie career.

  81. News ltd. As the questioner on Q&A said:

    “Another journalist claimed that the current level of support in News Limited media for the Liberal and National parties was equivalent to multi-million dollar undeclared political donations.”

    Goebbels was an simplistic amateur.

  82. Bob your cat video depends on having someone capable of hitting the ball back. I think this better expresses how I feel.

  83. Soylent Green depicts the investigation into the murder of a wealthy businessman in a dystopian future suffering from pollution, overpopulation, depleted resources, poverty, dying oceans, and a hot climate due to the greenhouse effect.

    Now that you mention it……..

  84. I wonder if Abbott ever has an original thought. His election campaign, is a rerun of 2010. Nearly word for word in fact. Abbott said that he has been talking about policies for three years. I believe, but it has been in code. He did mention the green pamphlet, but also another he released before Christmas. Forget what he called it, but I suspect it might be important if he wins. I suspect more will be found in Battlelines.

    Expect the man, to come out with announcements, after the election, that many have not heard of, but being told, that he had announced all.

    Hearing him, using Howard’s, which was no more that a slogan did grate. Grated when Howard said we decide.. and grates more now.

  85. Kevin has lost his sex appeal
    Peter B has lost his sex appeal
    Together they have lost the Election.
    Silly little boys will have very deflated egos

  86. Good to see you presenting your case with such irrefutable arguments based on the important issues Voyager!

  87. Voyagers been going to creative writing classes …..again… I see. 🙄
    …. but shouldn’t the last line, of your ‘poetic’, have only three words …just say’n 😉
    …. and lets not forget Tony’s sex appeal *straightfacesmiley* …………oh look, I made a funny…… just like Voyager 😛

  88. It’s very telling that to a tee with the right wingers here it’s all about winning so they can go nya nya, and nothing else. Policies be damned, people be damned, country be damned, as long as they in a couple of weeks can come on here and go nya nya.


  89. Not looking good for Labor in Lindsay, Banks, Greenway, Reid, Corangamite, Deakin, La Trobe, McMahon, Kingsford Smith, Dobell, Robertson, Bass and Braddon.

    Lyne and New England are definite gains for the coalition.

    Looks like Labor will pick up Melbourne from The Greens which in the scheme of things, is a neutral gain.

    And this is before the blitz commences. And some here reckon that Rudd will win it? Talk about imaginations!

  90. I see in The Australian today that Gina Rinehart is ‘ecstatic’ in regards to Rudd’s policy on the north. Way over the top and not in support of Rudd at all. Now that Rudd has introduced a policy, a wedge awaits when the policy is finally revealed after the election.

    Rudd the destroyer, in usual fashion, can not see the consequences of his actions.

  91. scaper, at this time of the game. prudent people focus their attention on policies, not polls.

    ABC 24 repeating forum on age cars. Worth a listen, with three speakers.

  92. You can focus on whatever you like to maintain your delusion but in the end it is the voters that decide and judging by the polls it is looking pretty bad for Rudd.

  93. “Hopefully the next you hear from me I’ll be in Canberra, putting the fire to the feet of our elected representatives and demanding answers about Julie Bishop’s earrings; but till then, remember to say a prayer of thanks for our army of journalists: they’re our best defence against descending into a pathetic rabble of narrow-minded cretins obsessing over idiotic minutiae at the expense of meaningful engagement with genuine issues.

    And that would be really bad.”

    For some reason I thought of you scaper when I read this article.


  94. Scaper – I’m with you for gathering information.
    The polls have turned and also the Bookies are most unfriendly towards Labor
    now out to $7.00 with the other mob at $1.12.
    Bit of difference with both please explain.

  95. I guess the bookies had better catch on to the difference between a Poll and a LtdNews Poll….. just ask Mitt, he knows 😆

  96. Galaxy Poll: 52/48

    You clowns reckon all the polls are rigged but when Rudd came back and the polls were level you were all cheering them. Now that they are indicating a loss all of a sudden they are supposed rigged again.

    Talk about scrambled brains!

  97. scaper you miss the point. People who actually care about this country are more interested in policies and their implementation than polls and bookmakers odds. But I realise for Coalition voter it may be difficult to discuss anything of substance because “it’s a secret”.

  98. Hah, playing the people who care card? The coalition have been releasing policies, I see that Twiggy will be spearheading Abbott’s Aboriginal employment programme through GenerationOne which I’m a supporter of.

    The more important policies will be released later in the campaign as to ensure that the idea-less Labor have not time to copy them, as evidenced by the northern Australia announcement by Rudd.

    The reality is Labor have no real policy, can’t run on their record and all they have is attack.

  99. In my opinion parental leave schemes are for women whose return to work is a necessity in order to support the family, pay the mortgage and put food on the table – it is not a *bonus prize* for wealthy women..

    Should it not be the other way around? that families who need the money should receive the maximum?

    Women who earn over $150,000 will also get the maximum $75,000.

    And not only but also..A Big New Tax

    But big business will pick up the tab with every company in Australia with a turnover of more than $5 million a year slapped with a new 1.5 per cent levy from 2015.


  100. Scaper said, “The reality is Labor have no real policy, can’t run on their record and all they have is attack”.
    ….. noice bit of RW projection there, umm, Scraps 🙄 😛

  101. That is EXACTLY the question scaper…what HAVE the PBO been doing? One would assume that the Coalition know what their policies are (I’m being generous there). They could do as Labor did and have a provision in their costings for “policies not yet announced”.

    Their refusal to show their figures means they don’t add up or the cuts are going to be horrific.

  102. Hey turdy. you are another idiot that believes that because of my disgust for this government it must mean I’m right wing. Was I right wing in 2007 when I was disgusted in the Howard government???

    And you people claim to care for this country…bullshit! You are mindless barrackers.

  103. Hey !! ..it’s Turdles to you toots….. you are another idiot that believes that because of my disgust for you trolls it must mean I’m left wing. Was I left wing in 2007 when I was disgusted in the Howard government???

    And you claim to care for this country…bullshit! You are mindless barracker.

  104. LOVO extends thumb…. places thumb on nose and waves fingers around….. 😛
    ….. a mindless thing to do, I know….. but, aaayyy …as Fonzie would say … 🙂

  105. I would very much like to hear why you are disgusted with this government.

    Is it because they have presided over a period of economic turmoil and come through it with the country better placed than virtually anywhere else in the world? Australia moved from the world’s 12th-ranked economy in 2007 to clearly the best-managed by 2010.

    Is it the school halls (97% satisfaction rate) and pink batts (More than a million home owners will now save an estimated 45% of heating/cooling outlays for the life of their house. That alone is multiple billions as well as the reduction in emissions)? The main purpose of the stimulus packages was to get $42 billion into circulation as rapidly as possible. This they did. All of the $42 billion ended up precisely where it was intended — in Australia’s steadily growing economy.

    Is it the debt and deficit? Our net debt is about 160 billion or roughly 11% of GDP (one of the lowest in the world). The interest we pay is less than one week’s revenue and interest rates are very low making it a good time to invest.

    Is it the asylum seeker issue? We have an obligation to help with the global refugee crisis and should start showing some humanity. Both sides fail on that one.

    Is it because they put a price on carbon – something the rest of the world is either doing or moving towards. Do you want to be the ONLY country in the world moving AWAY from action on climate change?

    Is it because they introduced a mining tax so we got some return from the superprofits that mining companies are making by extracting our finite patrimony?

    Please explain!

  106. Could I also point out that, for the last 38 years, the average budget deficit has been 2.7 per cent of GDP. The average target for government shouldn’t be a deficit of zero, but a deficit of about 3 per cent of GDP – roughly equal to the average rate of economic growth for the post-WWII period. The deficit would be smaller when the economy was booming – and would possibly be a surplus during extreme booms – and larger when it was growing well below trend.

    That would not result in a household-sector-like blowout in debt, but in a level of government debt which was relatively constant compared to GDP – versus the obsession both parties have with getting that debt to zero.

  107. We went into the GFC way ahead of the pack and were only exposed to about $10B of sub-prime mortgage packages.

    If our so called economy was so well managed why can not this government balance a budget? You say our debt is low but do not mention state debt (mostly racked up by Labor) or the government unfinanced superannuation liabilities. You can add half a trillion dollars on those two elements alone.

    Net debt is not what the interest has to be paid on. In fact it is like saying we owe $268B (book value if you know what that means) but because of the Future Fund which can’t be accessed for over a decade, HECS and the like we have a net debt. Take that to a bank manager and you would be laughed out of his office! The GDP comparison does not cut it either, it is government revenue that counts when debt is repaid.

    Your average deficit rubbish is just that. To come up with that figure you would have to remove the coalition budgets off the record. Can you read a spread sheet?


    What evidence have you that the stimulus did wash through the economy? None because it can not be tracked. In this household it was banked in my daughter’s account just like all the other family bribes that has been received for the last fourteen years.

    You have the hide to mention HIPS where people died and houses burnt down and millions had to be spent rectifying the situation? Perfectly good insulation was ripped out and replaced. It also decimated the industry and it will be before the courts.

    Rudd was warned on at least ten occasions concerning safety but went ahead anyhow. There will be a investigation into that.

    BER was an overpriced mess that was badly targeted. A large proportion of projects were not even started until the so called turmoil had passed. It did squat for the building industry that has been on its knees now for 38 months.

    Rudd, by dismantling the refugee policy is responsible for the influx and to a degree, the deaths at sea. There is a boat of 200 sinking as I type. Because of the influx real refugees have been left rotting in camps.

    You mention the mining tax which has collected nothing but the forecast proceeds are being spent in the budget. A tax that collects no tax…how stupid is that???

    The carbon tax passage is like everything else you’ve written, absolute rubbish!

    This government has destroyed industries, businesses, tried to inflame both a class and gender war when the purpose of government is to serve ALL the people. Their policy process has been abysmal and the sooner they are gone, the sooner the mess that they have created can be repaired!

  108. http://www.independentaustralia.net/2013/politics/rudds-pinks-batts-scheme-saved-lives/


    Looking back over the past year of construction (2010), we can see that the spending program has improved the lives of more than a million individuals in NSW alone, including the 287,000 primary school students and their teachers who will sit in new halls and libraries or enjoy outdoor classes under cover and no longer need to worry about upgrading their electrical systems.

    More than 4000 apprentices have worked on the Primary Schools for the 21st Century Program (Building the Education Revolution), clocking up about 1.3 million hours of work in an environment where two years ago there were falling apprentice numbers.

    A key goal in rolling the program out quickly was to get jobs happening — not later, but right then. If we’d spent the usual 18 months consulting with every school community to try to achieve the perfect solution for everyone, builders and other supply businesses would have laid people off or even gone under themselves.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/small-problems-for-big-results-in-schools-20101229-199qz.html#ixzz2cIBZqvzY




    We raised about 200 million from the MRRT and revised projections indicate a revenue of 5.3 billion over the forward estimates. Why scrap it? Toughen it up if anything.

    I am aware of the difference between gross debt and net debt. I find it an interesting phenomenon that Coalition supporters say we inherited no debt (net) but we owe 400 billion (gross some time a few years off). This country has NEVER had zero gross debt. You can’t have it both ways.

    Yes I agree that revenue is important when assessing our ability to service the debt. That is why I pointed out that the interest we pay is about 1 week’s revenue.

    And aside from all that, I cannot have for PM a man that brings his grownup daughter to work every day and wanders around holding her hand so she can squeeze it when he is saying something offensive. Tony Abbott is for sale to whatever Gina and Rupert and the polls say.

  109. Mr. Abbott does not need to dismantle the present scheme, which appears to be working. He could just promise to improve it, in his eyes, by making changes and updating.

    Mr. Abbott, dismantling this governments schemes cost money, and many would see as waste on your part.

    Two that come to mind, is the present PPL scheme and the CEFC.

    The latter could be used, to deliver your DA proposals. Why build new, when what is there can be changed, to support your aspirational proposals.

    Notice Abbott visited a cafe in a wealthy area to release his PPL scheme.

    The question that mum needs to ask. Do they want a better , once in lifetime payment, or do they wants to keep the help they are now getting, that continues over the life oy your child.

    Mums, having both, is not on offer.

    Mums, make sure, you add up what you will lose, to get Tony’s PPL scheme.

  110. Fewer houses burnt down under the Rudd Insulation scheme. Industry left much safer. A million and quarter roofs, now have lower power bills.

    Yes, a very successful scheme, as all the many investigations proved.

    Yes, we gain much from the Insulation, along with BER at the time.

  111. scaper, it is a shame that you have no facts or evidence to back up, what you keep recycling.

    Keep the recycling up, but at the end of the day, what yo write is rubbish, and what’s more, you know it.

    Bot of those schemes,were highly successful, as well as keeping unemployment down.

    I do not believe that any previous schemes have had so many inquiries and investigations into them..

    None produced any evidence, to support the alleviations made at the time, or in fact today.

  112. scaper you say Labor has started a class war (typical American tea Party crap). We know which class they want to win.

    What is surprising is the extent to which Coalition policies will result in a significant redistribution of wealth upwards rather than downwards. Consider the following Coalition policies:

    ■ Lower the tax-free threshold from $18,200 to $6000. This will drag more than one million low-income earners back into the tax system. It will also increase the taxes for 6 million Australians earning less than $80,000.

    ■ Abolish the low-income superannuation contribution. This will reimpose a 15 per cent tax on superannuation contributions for people earning less than $37,000.

    ■ Abolish the proposed 15 per cent tax on income from superannuation above $100,000 a year. The combined effect of these two superannuation changes is that 16,000 high-income earners with superannuation savings in excess of $2 million will get a tax cut while 3.6 million workers earning less than $37,000 will pay more than $4 billion extra in tax on their super over the next four years.

    ■ Abolish the means test on the private health insurance rebate. This will deliver a $2.4 billion tax cut over three years for individuals earning more than $84,001 a year, or couples earning more than $168,001. People on lower incomes will receive no benefit.

    ■ Introduce a paid parental leave scheme that replaces a mother’s salary up to $150,000. To put it crudely, this means a low-income mum gets about $600 per week while a high-income mum gets close to $3000.

    ■ Abolish the means-tested Schoolkids Bonus that benefits 1.3 million families by providing up to $410 for each primary school child and up to $820 for each high school child.

    These policies will result in low- and middle-income earners paying billions of dollars more in tax while those on higher incomes receive billions in tax cuts and new benefits. Rather than take from the rich and give to the poor, the Coalition policies are a case of take from the poor and give to the rich. And this remains the case even taking into account the flow-on effects of the abolition of the carbon price and the funding of the Coalition’s paid maternity leave through a tax on big companies.

  113. Antony Green saying the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics have put Labor ahead of Coalition in Victoria as well.

    Abbott not liked in Victoria and is likely to lose seats there.

  114. “…..ALMOST 75 per cent of voters across NSW want Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to commit to a second airport – and the overwhelming majority want it at Badgerys Creek in western Sydney.

    Almost 30 years after the project was killed, voters have declared they want politics put aside, and for one side or the other to just get on with it.

    An exclusive Galaxy poll conducted for The Daily Telegraph, following last week’s national leaders’ debate, showed that an overwhelming 72 per cent of NSW voters back a second airport for Sydney.

    People push for a second airport

    Only 20 per cent are now opposed to it – a complete turnaround in public support for the project from the past three decades.

    But in spite of public support for a project which.


    This is a surprising turnabout.

  115. Do we really want to dump all the GEF legislation. Do we really believe that Direct Action will be better.

    We now have in place, a scheme that is bringing change, and has not destroyed the economy, as Abbott claimed.
    Why would one want to get rid of something that works, to replace it with an inefficient and expensive alternative.

    It appears, that Abbott;s action will lead to many jobs being lost.

    …………..AUSTRALIA’S renewable energy industries will lose billions of dollars if the coalition wins government in September, according to confidential data.
    Analysis commissioned by The Climate Institute reveals about $4 billion in private funding would be lost to the industry, including for solar power.
    It also says the coalition’s climate change plan is $4bn short of the amount needed to meet its proposed five per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, Fairfax reported on Monday.
    Instead, the private think tank’s analysis suggests there would be a nine per cent increase in emissions by 2020.
    Fairfax reports big business is planning for the impact should Opposition Leader Tony Abbott cut the carbon price and axe the clean energy finance system, despite the coalition rejecting the institute’s analysis.
    Carbon finance sector sources believe the loss of about $4.1bn of private funds away from large-scale renewable power projects will lead to the construction of cheap wind farms to meet mandatory renewable energy targets of 20 per cent clean power by 2020.
    It als

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national/solar-funding-to-be-lost-under-coalition/story-e6frfku9-1226699596344#ixzz2cMuns0M8

  116. Why would one duimp a scheme that business suppports.

    “…………..A survey by consultants AECOM of 180 leading companies found 65 per cent of businesses supported an emissions trading scheme, 29 per cent supported a carbon tax and just seven per cent of businesses supported the coalition’s direct action policy…………………..

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national/solar-funding-to-be-lost-under-coalition/story-e6frfku9-1226699596344#ixzz2cMw7dB00

  117. Why why?

    “………..TONY Abbott is risking a cost blowout on his flagship $5.5 billion parental leave policy by counting on the states to contribute to the scheme, amid business fears of a long-lasting tax to help fund it.

    In a key test of his policy platform, the Opposition Leader has committed to the payments without locking in any deals with state governments to reimburse Canberra for their share of the benefits. The Coalition assumes the state contributions will cover part of a $1bn gap in annual funding for the scheme, alongside other measures it is yet to reveal, such as savings on family tax benefits.

    Mr Abbott declared yesterday he had a “convert’s zeal” on paid parental leave, as he confirmed a policy that is far more generous than the government’s scheme but is opposed by business groups that reject the 1.5 per cent levy needed to fund it.

    “No woman will be worse off under this policy but every working woman will be better off,” Mr Abbott told reporters…”


  118. This is some of what you will be giving up, to fun Abbott’s grandiose plans. Are you sure it is worth it?

    “………..• the schoolkids bonus, worth $410 a year for primary school children from families who meet the means test and $820 a year for high school students, costing $1.2bn a year in total;

    • low-income earners losing the government’s co-contribution to their super – saving the treasury around $1bn a year;

    • the 12,000 people who will lose their jobs – public servants the coalition says will go through “natural attrition”;

    It then moves to claims likely to be contested, including that the Coalition will:

    • cut “penalty rates and overtime” – in fact the Coalition has pledged to keep most of Labor’s Fair Work Act in the short term and ask the Productivity Commission to look at industrial relations changes that it would take to the subsequent election.

    • cut “billions from education including those schools that need it most”. In fact the Coalition has said it will spend the same as Labor over the next four years, but has not committed to the two years after that, when the biggest increases under the so-called Gonski reforms are scheduled.

    Labor’s campaign will also allege the Coalition intends to cut health funding. In fact the Coalition’s health policy has been left fairly vague. It promises to “review” Medicare locals – the 60 or so organisations set up around Australia to co-ordinate primary health care – and to keep existing levels of hospital funding. It has said GP superclinics have been a failure but it will honour existing contracts..”


  119. Yes, it does apply to women, who already better off than most.

    “………..Greg Jericho cites the Productivity Commission’s finding that a paid parental leave scheme with “full replacement wages for highly educated, well-paid women would be very costly for taxpayers” and would pay the most to women who already had a “high level of attachment to the labour force” and also already had “a high level of private provision of paid parental leave”. The PC’s finding was that the PPL “would have few incremental labour supply benefits”………


  120. NBN: Full Disclosure of the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan legally necessary?
    Turnbull claims to have, “by mutual agreement” with the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), decided to not submit his NBN Copper/Node Plan for costings. That may be a valid position if the NBN were a fully funded Government programme or if NBN Co were not a registered Australian company: wholly and solely a commercial entity transacting a business.

    I believe there are significant legal implications to not fully disclosing to investors all information about the NBN Business that Turnbull is pitching: be clear, this is a pitch for a risky $30 billion investment.

    Turnbull has filed what amounts to a Prospectus, an invitation to the public invest in a business, with the proviso that the investors, the taxpayer/voters, have to bear any and all the downside risk: the voting public are obliged to accept covering any and all losses of the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan……


  121. We can forget about any costings from Turnbull. One needs to recall that Turnbull, claiming extreme costs for NBNCO and negligible for NBN lite.

    It is about time that Turnbull put up, or shut.
    Give us the figures and facts.

    …….The PBO would need expert assistance to verify and comment on the key assumptions within a competently and properly constructed Business Plan, necessarily containing more than 5 years of “Summary Financials”.

    A panel of industry experts should be able to assess & confirm/reject in just 1 or 2 days all the critical Industry-specific assumptions in a complete Business Plan, partly because they are required to be laid out clearly and concisely. There has never been a justification for Turnbull’s Copper/Node Plan to be viewed as complex: it’s at heart a straight-foward spreadsheet, albeit over 30 years with moderately large numbers.

    The reality is that the PBO could have a full assessment of the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan within 5 working days from the time they were given an electronic copy of the financial modelling. All the phantoms conjured by Turnbull are irrelevant and only creations of his imagination: assessing his Copper/Node Plan is only complex and intricate because of his deliberate attempts to make it that way.

    I find it incredible that the PBO should have fallen for Turnbull’s illusions and distractions.
    They are amply qualified and funded to assess what they should be receiving from Turnbull: a complete Business Plan.

    Turnbull has forced himself into a binary position on this matter. He has either:
    prepared a complete Business Plan and is deliberately hiding it and refusing to disclose it, or
    is incompetent and negligent and has not prepared a complete Business Plan.
    Neither of these propositions, foisted on Turnbull by himself, are acceptable in a political candidate and disqualify him as a potential Minister of the Crown: he’s demonstrated either he’s deliberately lying by omission or incompetent and negligent.
    Posted by Steve Jenkin at 12:07 ..


  122. Chief political correspondent Louise Yaxley says shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has been unable to explain the details of the funding for the Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme.

    The scheme would cost $5.5 billion a year and be partly funded by a levy on big business.

    Fairfax Radio’s Neil Mitchell asked Mr Hockey this morning to explain the full funding plan.

    Mitchell: “How much of the initial $5.5 billion will be covered by the levy and how much do you have to get from these other areas?”

    Hockey: “Ah, well it’ll be about… I haven’t got the exact numbers in front of me – I’m in a car on the central coast of New South wales – but it will cover, the total costs are covered Neil.”

    Finance Minister Penny Wong says it is a sign the Coalition will have to make deep cuts to fund the policy.

    “The man who would be the treasurer of Australia doesn’t know how he would pay for his leader’s signature policy.

    “Now not only is that bad that he doesn’t know it, what’s probably worse is that he doesn’t seem to care because the people who will end up paying for this very expensive paid parental leave scheme is the families of Australia.”
    by Daniel Franklin 3:06 PM


    Maybe Hockey should read the costings, even if he is reluctant to release them.

    Sick of being told, by the L-NP, that is the way it is, when asked about costings.

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