Mr. Abbott last night, said that . . .

Mr. Abbott has told us with great pride, that he wants to be known at the infrastructure PM.

Mr. Abbott says that he has announced upgrades to what seem to be all our major highways. Of course he has let us know, that bridges need trains are not included. For some reason, he believes that the Feds have nothing to do with trains or rails. What was that infrastructure THAT Mr. Howard had built from Alice Springs to Darwin. Silly me, thought it was a railway line.

By the way, how successful was that endeavor? I seem to remember Howard also selling some off. Maybe that’s what Abbott means, OK to sell off, but not to build.

Now is upgrading roads all that infrastructure is about. Is building roads the most important and urgent problem facing this nature.

My gut tells me no, on both propositions. I believe that infrastructure might be about much more. If so, Mr. Abbott will have to do much, to earn that title.

The main contender in my eyes, is the record of the previous PM.

PM Gillard while in office, did indeed put much infrastructure in place. Abbott will have to work hard, to beat her record.

Infrastructure: The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies).

Noun 1. the basic, underlying framework or features of a system of organization. 2. the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or area, as transportation and communication systems, power plants, and schools. 3. the military installations of a country.

Examples: The basic physical systems of a country’s or community’s population, including roads, utilities, water, sewage, etc. These systems are considered essential for enabling productivity in the economy. Developing infrastructure often requires large initial investment, but the economies of scale tend to be significant.

Definition: Internal facilities of a country that make business activity possible, such as communication, transportation, and distribution networks, financial institutions and markets, and energy supply systems. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

So it appears I could be correct. Infrastructure is much more that upgrading roads. One could say that much of what Abbott intends to claw back from the Gillard years, is the demolition of infrastructure.

I fear if Abbott keeps his promises, he will be demolishing infrastructure already in place or in the pipeline, not building it. Mr. Abbott last night said that one had to deal with the transport and roads, before even thinking of building a new airport. No, Mr. Abbott, one has to decide to build it, and choose the site. The infrastructure to service the airport can be built at the same time.

I suspect that airports are also off Mr. Abbott’ s list. Mr. Abbott did not end there. He went on to say the most important thing is to upgrade the roads that are cluttered around the existing airport.

No, Mr. Abbott, that will not fix the problem. You can speed the traffic up, but what does one do with the car. At once one gets to the airport. I suspect the answers in upgrading the public transport to the area. In reality, that means trains and light rail. Not more roads, to encourage more cars to come.

Yes, providing modern and up to date public transport would indeed be building infrastructure. Now back to those highways. Maybe it is time to give serious consideration to high speed rail. Yes, Mr., Abbott, that is also infrastructure, and could be more productive and efficient than more highways.

If not the high speed rail, why not put the rail infrastructure in place to get those trucks off the highways .Maybe if this was done, the present highways would be safer and able to cope with their present state. Just an idea, Abbott.

Yes, rail is a superior method of moving goods, between states and large cities. Trouble is, Mr. Abbott, you do not believe the Feds have any responsibility for trains.

Now what was also mentioned last night, that we need to have better services for the aged. Yes, Mr. Abbott, that pesky NBNCO, that you say we do not need supplies many solutions in that regard. Mr, Abbott, the NBNCO, that you want o claw back, and replace with inferior, crapped out copper,is essential infrastructure, this nation needs now and into the future.

It will enhance many other spheres of out community.From education, the health,to business.It will bring allow our country cousins to share any of the delight,us city folk takes or granted. It is the highways of this century. Second best will prove a waste of money.

Yes, putting fibre to the home is infrastructure. The same as the highways you want to upgrade. At this stage, more important.

Now let’s look at the Better Schools Scheme. Yes, this is also the infrastructure, to enable us to have a highly educated and skilled workforce, that we need to take our place in the Asian century. Another one that you want to claw back, saying the present system is not broken. Sadly Mr. Abbott, you and Mr. Pyne are the only ones that believes that.

Now I come to that so called carbon tax, you are going to abolish. Why abolish something that is working, and us financing the infrastructure business needs to grow in the future.

The CEFC is assisting many firms that are high users of electricity, produced by fossil fuels, to lower their power bills, now and into the future. This infrastructure that is occurring, in not only lowering carbon emissions, but greatly decreasing their power bills, some to a negligible amount. Mr. Abbott how do you justify not allowing such efficient and economical infrastructure to continue.

Mr. Abbott, why do you want to dismantle this infrastructure, to replace it with your Direct Action, that is expensive, inefficient and based on unproven technology? Mr. Abbott, no one believes it will work. NO one.

Then there is the MRRT. Yes, has not returned a much as expected, mainly because the mining magnates manage to delay it, until time, the super profits disappeared. Yes, Mr. Abbott, it is a tax that only brings returns of their a super profits. Still, it does bring in a little, that I used to give assistance mostly to business. Yes, Mr. Abbott, even that one helps build infrastructure.

Mr. Abbott, I have only touched on some of the infrastructure put in place by the previous PM. Why, if you want to be seen as the infrastructure PM, are you intent on pulling down much that is already in place?

Mr. Abbott, roads are not on top of the list. There are many more important structures that need to be put in place.

A good place for you to start, is to leave what is in place and already working. Demolition can be expensive, very expensive, and in this case, unnecessary.

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  1. “…….What was much more important for the Opposition Leader in last night’s debate was to consistently put arguments that the Coalition would deliver stable government, that it was trustworthy and that he had clear plans and goals to lay out.

    He didn’t really get a chance to do that until his closing remarks.

    But then again, the whole lack of real agendas for the next term of government on both sides really stuck out in last night’s debate.

    Tony Abbott’s agenda still focuses on undoing Labor policies and on getting better budget outcomes by unspecified means. Most significant reform has to await the 2016 election.

    And an hour after the debate started, voters would still have been struggling to know what Rudd’s “new way” actually means.

    Kevin Rudd’s opening (and therefore prepared) address was surprisingly weak.

    Tony Abbott was smart in his opening pitch: going straight to self-interest and addressing “you” the voter and cost of living issues.

    But when it moved into questions of just how the Coalition was going to get rid of four different taxes, keep Labor spending promises and also have some big spends of its own, voters would have also been left wondering…..”

  2. Tony Abbott overruled advice on indigenous advisory council
    BY:PATRICIA KARVELAS From: The Australian August 12, 2013 12:00AM 6

    TONY Abbott’s proposed indigenous advisory council was only supposed to last for six months to undertake a significant review of indigenous affairs, but the Opposition Leader changed the policy late in the process.

    The Australian understands the policy, which had been planned over many months, was rewritten by Mr Abbott who decided, against advice, to make it a permanent feature of his government rather than a short-term audit…….

  3. LNP and infrastructure…. that is for the private sector any the Government has should be sold off to mates. If the Government has to bother with infrastructure then only by PPP (Public Private Partnership) then use taxpayers money to cover the losses the mates have made.

  4. Gilly, could be time to go back to the old fashion way of funding infrastructure, like the F3 was funded decades ago. Government bonds, with a toll, Seemed to work then. Many like the safe place they had to invest their savings as well,

  5. For a man, that is such a wonderful father of three daughters, he does not seem to know to handle babies. This father does not show much confidence in his ability, and it is not even a new baby

    So much is fake, when it comes to Abbott.

  6. It seems that cheating, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder (“Note-using Kevin Rudd accused of cheating in leaders’ debate”,, August 12). Three years ago, in the first election debate between Mr Abbott and Ms Gillard at a western Sydney club, an agreement with the organisers was established as to where the speakers should stand, on a podium in front of the audience, while delivering their speeches. Ms Gillard went first and spoke from the agreed position on the podium. It made her look aloof and disconnected with the audience. When Mr Abbott rose for his delivery he ignored the agreement, and left the podium, walking down to the audience level, standing virtually among them. This allowed him to appear more connected with the audience, giving him a decided advantage over Ms Gillard. On that occasion there was no bleating about cheating from the opposition, or, to her credit, from Ms Gillard.
    Ian Bartrim Bradbury

    Read more:

  7. Just one comment about your statement on the NBN.
    While it is probably true that our regional cousins will, in general, benefit more than we city folk from its implementation, there are still many urban areas that suffer poor connectivity options and speeds. This is not to say that regional areas will get better services than urban areas – they won’t for the most part – but many regional areas will get decent Internet services for the first time. I just wanted to make sure it was noted that there are still plenty of Internet black-spots in the cities too.
    In my area it’s not so much a black-spot as a near enforced monopoly. We can get pathetic 2-3Mbps ADSL, if you’re lucky, or you can have 30Mbps cable from Bigpond. Bring on the competition!

  8. Darren, I agree completely. Telstra, back in Telcom days. over twenty years ago, said the copper was crapped out and it needed to be replace with fibre then. Little has improved since then.

    One can find areas, nearly in the centre of major cities, that is beyond repair.

    Turnbull, himself said the other day, no one knew the real state of the coper net work, or what it would cost to bring it up to standard. Telstra does not even know the number of ducts and pits they have with asbestos in them.

    There is simply no argument, except for politics to keep the copper.

    You know what, I believe that Turnbull will have his audit, which he already knows the result. He will then say, because of the stage that NBCo is at, it, it will be better to continue with what Labor has done. He will find the weasel words to bring this about. If I really want fibre, I would not take the risk though.,At the end of the day, Turnbull carries little weigh in his party.

    At least he did turn Abbott around a little, in accepting that fibre was the way to go, even if he had to come up with what knows is an inferior scheme.

  9. Fed up @12.34am, that would have been one of the most embarrassing set-ups ever..almost farcical, that’s if you enjoy seeing a woman being humiliated. Not that I ever liked Abbott prior to this, but from that moment I knew that there was no level to which he would not stoop. Only a small thing, a bit like Hockey’s refusal to attend Rudd’s daughter’s wedding because Howard ordered him not to…yes, just a small thing, but such actions indicate the calibre of the person.

  10. Tell me, what did Dudd say about Sydney Airport? You have told us what Abbott said so what did Dudd say? Of course he didn’t say anything as it wasn’t written in his notes.

  11. You better also do some research about the NBN,, our country cousins are not getting Fibre Optic Cable we are getting satellite. Tell me why should you city dwellers get Fibre Optic Cable and ultra fast Internet to download porn when us country folk can’t even get in to see a doctor or make mobile phone calls? How’s high speed Internet going to help me when I’m sick?

  12. Labors way: spend 96 BILLION DOLLARS on high speed Internet and let country folk rot with no medical care or mobile phone services.


    “PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd says he’s sorry for reducing a young female RAAF attendant to tears with a tirade over his missing “special” meal on a VIP flight.

    Mr Rudd’s bully behaviour appalled some senior Government officials who witnessed the dressing-down on the flight from Port Moresby to Canberra in late January.

    To make matters worse, Mr Rudd’s chief spin doctor Lachlan Harris initially tried to cover up the incident with a flat denial that it had occurred. But The Courier-Mail can reveal that an official report was filed by the Commander of 84 Wing and the VIP fleet Group Captain Peter Wood, detailing the behaviour of VIP No. 1.”

  14. Wazza, when it came to the airport, Rudd was not much better. I did not say he was.any better. The airport was only given as an example.

    I do not believe I even mentioned Rudd.

    At least Rudd is continuing with all the infrastructure that Gillard put in place.

    I, along with many others,, believe that Rudd is no where in Gillard;’s camp, but is sure a damn lot better that Abbott.

    It is Abbott that is promising to pull down all that Gillard built. In fact, I believe he would like to go back to what Keating achieved, by weakening the Aborigine Land Rights.

    While we are at it, we might as well mention that Abbott also is aiming at weakening Fair Work, to move the balance back to that of the employer, at the expense of the worker.

    Wazza, I have been very kind and moderate in my criticism of Abbott.

    What I was pointing out, all these things are infrastructure, not only roads, as Abbott seems to think.

    After spending his political career as a head kicker and spoiler, suddenly he wants to be seen as a builder. Not on mate.

  15. Wazza, those in isolated areas are getting satellite. A damn lot better than now. It is a part of the NBN roll out. I forget the percentage that is getting fibre, but it is very high. Sorry mate, another straw man, just like the many that Turnbull is putting up.

    Do you know, that story of Rudd bullying the air hostage, which happen to be in the Australian Air force was denied by those in charge.

    The plane left early in the morning from Australia to PNG and came back late in the afternoon,. The crew responsibility is to have the necessary food on board. The complaint was legitimate. The abuse was denied. There was no air hostage in tears.

    Next we will have the ear wax eating. The one where his mother did not have to leave the share farm, when his father died. That for a night or so, the mother was homeless. Of course if they came from a Labor Leader they wolf have to be lies.

    As having a similar, bush back ground, I cannot see why anything Rudd said would be lies. What happened to the family was the norm. Women simply did not take over when their husband died. Not even if they were capable of carrying on. Just was not done.

    Wazza why don’t you relieve the pressure and get all that you believe Rudd did off your chest. I know you are dying too.

    You might also have noticed, that I do not have any great admiration for Rudd, but believe me, I will have him any day, over Abbott. At least he has a brain.

    No, the amount that NBNCo will cost is not much more than NBN lite or fraud.

    If you believe that Abbott will be seen as the infrastructure PM, because he upgrades a few roads, that is your problem, not my. If you are happy to see him pull down infrastructure put in place by others, that is also your problem. Others are not.

  16. Please provide proof the Air Steward abuse claim was false? Just a link to the story that details that the claims were fabricated please?

  17. Wazza, do you live in the bush. Well the Internet is already able to help when you are sick. It is going to be, or I should say, already able to allow doctors and specials to do consultations over the net. Yes, even take blood pressure and make examinations. For this to occur, the speed must be fast, and of high quality. Computers can be used to supervise the elderly in their homes. The list goes on and on.

    Medicare schedules are already being amended to allow payments to doctors.

    I suggest, Wazza, that it is you that needs to do some reading and research. There are many good sites, that you can learn from.

  18. Really, how is the Internet going to examine me, how is it going to help, do I stick the webcam up my arse for a prostate exam?

  19. Fact: a doctor can never give the same level of care examining someone over an Internet as with a personal consultation, not even do blood pressure because then you require an unqualified person to attach the device. Get a clue, most uses that you claim can already be done now without wasting almost 100 BILLION DOLLARS and a white elephant.

  20. Wazza, do you know that the NBN will increase the quality of mobile phones. Why do you say the bush will be denied mobile phone and health services, when the opposite is true.

    Any way, it is nowhere near $96 million, as they are saying now. There is very little difference between NBNCo and NBN lite. That is as far as money is concerned. There is a massive difference when it comes to quality.

  21. FED UP, if the claims of bullying were made up why did Rudd publicly apologise? Seems now your making up lies to cover for him, why are you doing this?

  22. $96 BILLION DOLLARS according to the independent Maquarie Bank, how there’ll will fibre optics in the city help mobile phone coverage in the bush you tool? More Labor lies with no supporting proof.

  23. I live in the bush, in Esperance with a population of 15000 in the total shire, it’s impossible to see a doctor now, I have to go to the Hospital out Patients to see a doctor for anything, no booking times just rock up and wait 4 hours, but no lets not spend our limited money on more doctors lets get FTTP and stuff health care.

  24. It is Labor that is increasing super benefits. It is Abbott who intends also to rescind that action. Wazza, you know that high interest rates are often illusory, when they exist with high inflation rates.

    As for those of pension age, if their income falls, they are often eligible for pension rises..

    It is this government that has raised the tax free area, giving many of those o

    Personally I am sick of hearing from people the extra they have to pay on some things, while ignoring completely the extra they have in their pockets. To start with, is many with mortgages are now up to $5000 a year better off for starters.

    The compensation they were given for the so called carbon tax, is much higher, that the actual rise in the cost of living, by that tax. By the way, the Clean Energy Future is actually working, is already bring decreased in carbon emission. Many industries have been given assistance in bringing their power usage down. Yes, they are better off.

    Come to think of it, for any alleged bad behavior of Rudd, comes nowhere near the many stories, some proven that we hear of Abbott. A man who is a self confessed liar. A man who stands over a young woman, punching the wall each side of her head. Wazz, I suggest people who live in glass houses should think before they throw stones,.

    It is Abbott, who is facing court actions at this time, not Rudd.

  25. No, the doctors via the computer are going to examine you. It is already happening. Yes, many medical apparatus, like taking bold pressure and other tests can be done through the computer.

    I believe that specialist in the cities, can guide doctors in the bush,, even when operating,.

  26. 10km outside of Esperance is the town of Gibson, they have a pub, the Gibson Soak and shops and lots of houses but NO MOBILE PHONE COVERAGE, and you city slickers want high speed broad band FTTP when FTTN would be all 99.5% need, selfish twatts. So far the take up rate of the Labor broad band is just 30% of houses connected, that means each house being connected is costing tax payers $10,000.

  27. Maybe Rudd was a little rude and apologized. What I am saying the story that the abuse was so bad, that the woman was in tears was denied by the defence chiefs.

    Still, it is no where near as bad, as standing over a woman, punching the wall each side of her head.

  28. Doctors CAN’T examine you with a computer, explain how a doctor 1000km away will check your prostate? How will he take blood tests, stool samples, urine samples……’s Labor BS to say we need it for medical treatment. Under the coalition schools and hospitals will have fibre to the premises.

  29. Is your saying bullying a woman to tears WHILE YOUR PM is not as bad a school kid having a go at a fellow school kid?

  30. News
    NBN Towers Approved
    Friday, 31 May 2013
    Council this week approved planning applications for two fixed wireless towers as part of the National Broadband Network rollout.

    The towers will be located at Valley Road, in the Pink Lake area and Coolgardie-Esperance Highway in Monjingup. A proposal relating to land for the potential erection of a further tower at the Esperance Bay Turf Club was also approved.

    View further information about fixed wireless towers

    Maybe this will help.

  31. Conroy accelerates NBN rollout to 1.3m premises
    By Heath Aston May 5, 2013, 1 a.m.
    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy will announce on Sunday that a further 1.3 million Australian households and businesses will become part of the $38 billion national broadband network (NBN) project.

    Mr Conroy will promise fibre to an extra 302,800 premises in Victoria, 406,100 in NSW, 255,700 in Queensland, 181,500 in Western Australia, 117,700 in South Australia, and 45,000 in the ACT will be ”commenced or completed” by mid-2016.

    The government will promise that by mid-2016 construction of high-speed fibre to the premises will have been ”commenced or completed” to 4.8 million homes and businesses.

    Suburbs in Melbourne that have been added to the three-year plan include Heidelberg, Glen Iris, North Melbourne, Oakleigh and Coburg. Regional areas include Castlemaine, Kyneton and Winchelsea.

    Mr Conroy will announce the new target in the most marginal federal electorate in Sydney, Greenway, when he flicks the switch on NBN access for 1300 premises in Blacktown.

    In Victoria, 15 of the 26 electorates covered under the latest rollout are held by Labor.

    All 1.3 million premises announced on Sunday will pay $5000 to hook up to fibre if the Coalition takes office in September, he will say.

    Labor’s NBN plan promises broadband speeds of 100Mb a second by 2021, while the Coalition’s would be in place by 2019, but with slower minimum download speeds of 25Mbps.

    See your ad here
    “These are 1.3 million homes and businesses that under Tony Abbott will have the construction of the NBN cancelled, and be forced to pay $5000 or be left disconnected from Labor’s NBN,” Mr Conroy said.

    ”We are connecting all households to the NBN for free because we believe all Australian households deserve access to the NBN’s fast, reliable and affordable broadband.”

    Households and businesses do not pay a connection fee under the government’s NBN and NBN Co’s prices for access are the same in city, suburban and regional areas.

    Coalition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull has criticised the use of ”commenced or completed” as a measure, labelling it a ”nonsense metric”.

  32. Wazza, do you read what I say. Rudd is no hero of mind. In fact this post is about Abbott. Nothing in it about Rudd.

    For everything you bring up on Rudd, I can bring up much worse on Abbott. Please tell me what that has to do with policy, and what does it prove.

    You would do better, ,convincing us why Abbott is so good., That we do not hear.

  33. I have wasted enough of my time replying. I have come to the conclusion, you are not really interested.

  34. Well if the computer cannot help in doctors examinations, why are changes being made to the Medicare schedule. So all those doctors are lying when they say it will be a great advance.

  35. Demolition of infrastructure…are you serious? I see, the newest conspiracy theory.

    High speed rail? The CBA fell over. The Inland Multi Use Rail was recommended by Infrastructure Australia but was canned by this government. Governments are useless at nation building.

  36. Wow, Wazza and Scraper, the stupid……it burns!

    Tell me, what did Dudd say about Sydney Airport?

    Well it’s a bit hard Waz when Barry O Farrell outright opposes it.

    What doesn’t the magical free market build it? And how much is it affecting you, all the way over in friggin Esperence?

    our country cousins are not getting Fibre Optic Cable we are getting satellite.

    You obviously havent seen the size of Australia Waz. What, employ hundreds of people to lay a single strand over fibre a few hundred kilometres to service one or two houses? Dreamin.

    when us country folk can’t even get in to see a doctor or make mobile phone calls?

    It’s a big country Waz and only 10 Million people pay tax. You can’t expect the same services to be supplied in every nook and cranny of this massive continent. If I move out to some remote mine site and then demand I have my own internet line, doctor,hospital and airport. Why don’t i get it?

    How’s high speed Internet going to help me when I’m sick?

    How is $24B in defence spending per year and $7B in miners subsidies per year helping you out right now, vs $2B per year on NBN? Where is your outrage about those things?

    Labors way: spend 96 BILLION DOLLARS

    Not sure where you get those figures, but the Liberals will spend even more ultimately, as they have to continue to service a crumbling copper network indefinitely and we end up with slower speeds, in a digital age, where it is an important area we need to stay competitive in.

    Doctors CAN’T examine you with a computer, explain how a doctor 1000km away will check your prostate? How will he take blood tests, stool samples, urine samples

    Waz, you know, it’s not all about you and your prostate and stools. Not sure if you have sen what happens at a hospital, or even doctors surgery, but they do more than prostate checks. Please read the telemedicine NBN report:

    Click to access NICTA-Telemedicine_Report.pdf

    Have a look at the ehealth monitoring machine:

    Telescripts, telepsychiatry, teleradiology, health identifiers, just to name a few. And E-Health is just ONE of many applications.

    Hey MIN, look up RUDD BULLIES FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Says a lot of the character of the man right?

    Look up Tony punches wall and tries to intimidate women. Oh bugger it, here I’ll do it for you.

    @ Scraper

    Governments are useless at nation building.

    No, just Howard and Abbott are.

    Abbott “Mr Infrastructure” couldn’t have picked a worse policy pursuit. First of all, their record is not good and second of all……we are 2nd in the OECD. So Abbott is going to move us to no.1 ?

    Not going to happen.

  37. Labors way: spend 96 BILLION DOLLARS

    (Not sure where you get those figures…)

    That Wazza quotes it says a lot about about his mindless following of Abbott and the Liberals without bothering to check the facts behind their lies.

    The $96 billion for the NBN came from an announcement by Abbott and Turnbull in costing their fraudband plan after it rightly received heavy criticism from a lot of quarters and they were in damage control.

    What Turnbull did was take the absolute worst in ever case scenario, the highest possible cost for every item, service and labour, an inflated inflation figure and came out with $96 billion for the NBN. The figure has been widely discredited but that didn’t matter as it was put out there so gormless followers like Wazza could repeat it.

    In the meantime Turnbull in costing fraudband did the opposite, but not only did he take the lowest possible figures for the costings, he left out whole infrastructure and maintenance components. One example given round the traps is the ugly large fridge size service boxes fraudband will require. The Liberals will need to install 10,000+ of them around the country. They are big, complicated, expensive and take a lot of ongoing maintenance, but absolutely nowhere are they mentioned in the fraudband costings.

  38. Lets not forget that Tony “infrastructure” Abbott said in June

    “If we are elected we will form an organisation called Infrastructure Australia which will do its best to rationally and scientifically look at the various infrastructure projects and rank the best on public cost benefit.”

    ummmmm Tones….we already HAVE that body and they have already ranked their priorities stating the CBR for most projects. Or did you want to dismantle that body and make a new one called Infrastructure Abbott? And looking at their list of priorities may expand your mind beyond your fixation with roads. You waffle on about wanting to get commuters home to their families….well have a look at how they suggest that will be best done….fancy that…public transport. Gawd it’s hard listening to this idiot.

  39. I’m thinking Mr Infrastructure will give the department of procrastination the bulk of the work. Followed by the department of filibuster.

  40. Or did you want to dismantle that body and make a new one called Infrastructure Abbott?

    Why not?? Labor spent millions of dollars renaming all the AUSLINK projects and called then Nation Building projects.

    AusLink was an Australian Government land transport funding program, established in June 2004 and administered by the former Department of Transport and Regional Services. In 2009 it was replaced with the Nation Building Program under the Nation Building Program (National Land Transport) Act 2009.

    In fact it would be interesting to compare the infrastructure spend with what would have been spent if Howard did not lose office.

  41. Neil, doesn’t it kid of trouble you that Mr Infrastructure didn’t even KNOW we already had a body called Infrastructure Australia doing exactly what he suggested his “new” body should do? Finger on the pulse Tone…NOT!

  42. Now that PEFO is out today and validates much of what Labor said. When will Mr Infrastructure come out with his policy costings, or will they be encapsulated in his suppository still, ready to go into hiding?

  43. By the way this photo was from the 2010 debate with Gillard

    The photo has been cropped. A wider view would show Abbott is debating Gillard. It just reinforces my belief in ALP supporters. You are soooo deceitful.

  44. Once again Neil…you miss the point. The rules were the same then. Tony does it it’s ok…Kevin does it it’s not. MORE hypocrisy!

  45. Leave it to a Liberal to miss the point entirely.

    The point IS Neil. Is that Abbott has done it as well. And where was yours and ltd News outrage then?

    Hence why yesterday Abbott came out with the suppository remark and said he wasnt bothered by Rudds notes………..because he has done it himself!

    It just reinforces my belief that Coalition supporters are mendacious, liars and are economical with the truth at all costs.


    We’ve got a horrible bunch of Libtard nuts
    Here they are all sitting in a row
    Big ones, small ones, all as thick as 2 planks
    Give em the flick the bunch of pricks
    The country will say thanks

    We’ve got a horrible bunch of Libtard nuts
    Every policy makes Gina rich
    Their IPA, the ones that have the say
    Tell them throw the poor and sick folk in the ditch.

    They say ditch the witch
    And call her Bob Browne’s bitch
    Come September let us make sure they are gone.

  47. How typical that Neil would skip the hypocrisy of that photo and jump straight to what Murdoch has told him to think.

    Well trained and unthinking.

  48. Suggests???

    I think the rule was you were allowed pen and paper. The photo from 2010 is too blurred to say what was on Abbotts podium. Just another effort in deceit by the lefties.

    Rudd took in pages.

  49. Bob

    You mentioned Howard sold Telstra. I found a list which i assume is correct of things sole by Hawke/keating.

    1990 Australian Industry Development Corporation
    1991 Commonwealth bank
    !992 Aussat
    1992 Qantas
    1994 Moomba to Sydney gas pipeline
    1994 CSL
    1995 Aerospace Technologies of Australia

    Proceeds from Hawke/Keatings asset sales were used for recurrent spending not reducing debt. That is why Costtelo removed his asset sales from the budget as revenue.

    What do you think of Hawke/keating asset sales??

  50. Well, a page back someone else brought in info about the commonwealth bank and asset sales.

    Commonwealth Bank: Howard And Floats 51% at $10.40 a share.
    Commonwealth Funds Management: trade sale that raised $63 million.
    Airports: sale of separate long-term leasehold interests in Brisbane,
    Melbourne and Perth airports generating gross proceeds of of $3.31 Billion.
    Australian National Rail: trade sale that raised $95 million. Brisbane Airport trade sale that raised $1.4 billion.
    Melbourne Airport: trade sale that raised $1.3 billion. Perth Airport; trade sale that raised $643 million.
    Telstra: initial public float that raised $14.3 billion.
    Adelaide Airport: sold to Parafield and Adelaide Airport LTD for $467 million.
    Darwin & Alice springs Airport: sold to Alice Springs & Darwin International Airport PTY LTD for $108 Million.
    Canberra airport: sold to Consortium led by the Snow Brother for $65 million.
    Hobart airport: sold to Hobart international Airport PTY LTD for $35 million.
    Australian Industry Development Corporation: trade sale that Raised $200 million.
    Broadcast Australia: Howard sells the SBS and ABC transmission towers for $650 Million.
    National Rail corporation and Freightcorp: Howard Government received $1.05 billion from Toll holdings and Patrick corp for it’s rail assets.
    Sold 167 tonnes of gold, returning just $2.4billion for the gold that was sold via a “single broker engaged with out tender”.

    That is why Costtelo removed his asset sales from the budget as revenue.

    It was not all off debt and the point is, he sold shitloads of assets and called it genius. Thats not smart, thats dumb. And no I dont agree with Keating selling off assets if they were generating revenue.

  51. The thing I find really odd is conservative voters priorities. They think scandals are more important than policies.

    Look at the amount of time wasted in Parliament discussing the AWU slush fund (but not the Australians for Dishonest Politics slush fund), the Slipper and Thomson affairs (but not Tony’s misuse of funds for book signings), the “convicted Egyptian jihadist terrorist held behind a pool fence” (who turned out NOT to be a terrorist), asbestos in Telstra pits (that Tony chose to ignore when warned about it as Industrial Relations Minister in 2001), pink batts (despite the fact that it was due to employer negligence), school halls (despite a 97% satisfaction rating), leadership challenges and changes to cabinet (even though Tony knifed Malcolm by 1 vote and Howard had 7 cabinet ministers resign for breaches of the Code of Ministerial conduct), and now notes for a debate (even though Tony did the same last time).

    Conservatives also rate asylum seekers the second most important issue, well in front of health or education or action on climate change or infrastructure.

    It’s no wonder I have trouble understanding them – their view of the world is through a peep hole looking for something dirty or scary.

  52. So Mr. Abbott will keep all promises, even if the circumstances change, and it is the wrong thing to do so. We take it then, that Mr. Abbott is going to ignore all experts, if he is told hos promise is wrong. Mr. Abbott must believe that he, unlike no one else, can see into the future, He must really believe those Treasury predictions, are set in stone. He must believe the assumptions they are made on, never change.

    I really fear people, who believe they know all, and find it impossible to change. Mr. Abbott fits in the midst of this camp.

    Personally, I want a leader that is capable of re-assessing the situation, and is able to identify the facts at the time. Not one that seems in denial whenever he comes up against a situation, that conflicts with his beliefs.

    I would like a leader that assess the situation regularly, who makes assessment of his team, and makes the necessary adjustments. What seems right today, especially in the economy, can be entirely wrong in a months time.A good leader needs the ability ti adjust. It, in MHO, is called good governance.

    Good governance is about much more than keeping promises. It is about doing what is right at the time.

    Yes, Mr. Randal from WA was telling the truth, and the way it should be.

  53. “The thing I find really odd is conservative voters priorities. They think scandals are more important than policies.”

    It is easy to understand, it diverts from their lack of policy, and the lies they tell.

    When Abbott attempts to move on negativity and destroying his opponents. he has nothing else. That is the true state of today’s Coalition.

  54. I believe that high speed Internet will mean that many can and will choose to work from home, anywhere in the country. Yes, that means that 93% of the country, at least will have access wherever they are. Many of these businesses will require the highest speeds.

    Mr. Turnbull thinking is in the business model of last century, when one done your work, from offices and business that are found in certain areas and localities.

    You could have a high power business next door, and not know it,

    There is no argument, when one bothers to look at the facts, to go down the NBN lite or fraud,. It would be a backward step, and cost more in the long run. That long run comes in, about 2020, seven years time. Yes, those young that worry about them having to pay the debt back, will be lumbered with higher cost. They will be playing catch up with high speed broadband in this, the Asian region. Same goes for the Better Schools, if not continued with.

    It is Asian where we will be competing with. It will be Asia where our future lies. It will only come about, if we have the foresight to do what is needed now.

    Yes, we need to look to the future, not backwards.

    In the last decade, the world has changed in every way. We are better placed than many, to come out in front.

    This is the message, Rudd should be selling. It was the future that Gillard seen. We know that, by all the infrastructure, that she fought so hard for.

    Mr. Abbott never talks about the future. All we hear from him is statements like “we did it in the past, we will do it again” Would not be so bad if he did NOT add, “we will use the same methods. What worked then, will work again”. It is not only about asylum seekers that he uses such language. He uses it when he talks about the economy. He says he will take the Fair works back near to Howard’s failed policy.

    Mr. Hockey, yes the carbon tax will rise in the future. But as it is clearly working, there will be, I hope must less carbon emission to tax, and we will have moved onto renewals.

    Mr. Hockey, you are making comments saying everything will be worse under Labor. Unless you have Mr. Abbott’s crystal ball or Magic Pudding, you do not know.

    Mr. Hockey you have the figures, now is time to let us know what you mob are about.

    Slogans leave one cold at this time.We now need detail;s, and we will make up our own minds.

  55. We have Mr. Hockey reminding us, they are going to lower the intake

    Mr. Hockey and Robb still complaining. Complaining about the numbers changing.
    Yes,. Mr. Hockey, do not you get it. NO one can make predictions in this time of global economic instability and great change.

    . A global economy not behaving as it has in the past. No one can make better predictions.

    One can only make decisions based on today’s facts, and be prepared to make changes as needed. That is what Labor has been doing for the last six years.

    Robb and Hockey are lying, if they believe they can find others that can make these predictions.

    The ventriloquist doll is at Penrith. Same script and slogans.

  56. 😮 I stick the webcam up my arse for a prostate exam?”

    I think you might be spot on with that comment. Yes, a cam can be struck up your asrse, and that specialist in Sydney can observe.

    Can also transmit those spots, your local doctor is concerned about.

    Technology can even be used in the city. Yes, your local can hook into the specialist, while you sit in your local surgery. Get instant diagnosis.

    One needs high quality transmission for it to work.

  57. “It just reinforces my belief that Coalition supporters are mendacious, liars and are economical with the truth at all costs.”


  58. I believe we have already reached the stage, where we no longer pick up x-rays. They are transmitted over the web. I wonder if the actual x-ray photo will disappear. Now that has to be a big savings. What does one do with all those x-rays, that one accumulates over time.

  59. It just reinforces my belief that Coalition supporters are mendacious, liars and are economical with the truth at all costs.”

    That is actually what i believe about Labor and its supporters. Wouldn’t recognize the truth if you saw it walking down the street.

  60. ME, and those boxes take a lot of electricity, which I believe is not needed with fibre. It looks like the householder will be paying that electricity bill, as supplying electricity any other way, will lead to the footpaths being dug up.

    They say the electricity will be back ended from the home.

  61. Since when has any hybrid technology been better, that one simple technology, that is fibre, that delivers the same service anywhere.

  62. ““It just reinforces my belief that Coalition supporters are mendacious, liars and are economical with the truth at all costs.”

    Why?? That picture was from the 2010 debate. The rules were you were allowed pen and paper presumably to take notes. There is no evidence that Abbott was cheating in that 2010 debate like Rudd did.

    And Labor supporters have form. Like that photo of the empty parliament trying to make out that the Coalition did not care about the NDIS.

  63. Fu it’s one of the reasons it can cost up to $5000 to connect to the home under the Coalition’s fraudband.

    $1300 pa per home for DAP, uncompensated and up to $5000 to connect to the home for internet plus loss of services, wages, baby bonus, conditions, environment etc. Increase in the GST.

    The most expensive PM in Australia’s history both during office and especially after he’s booted out.

    Record waste and highest wages for himself and cronies.

    Huge subsidies and handouts to his big business supporters and the wealthy.

    Australia can’t afford Abbott

  64. When I was small, back in the 1940s, one went to GPO to ring someone in the bush.

    To find the farmer home, and to get the best connections, one rang about 9 pm. Yes, even a call in the daytime for many was not feasible.
    We have come a long way since then.

    Copper wire to the home was rare. We now have the copper wire pits and ducts, which are being rented to pull the fibre through. Damage to footpaths is small indeed.

    I suspect, that most expect better today.

  65. “Australia can’t afford Abbott”

    Too funny. From a supporter of a govt that has racked up $200B of debt in 6 years and not much to show for it.

    Another 3 years of Labor and we will lose our AAA meaning companies and govts will have to pay a higher interest rate for borrowed money.

    And the NBN is going nowhere. We would have been better off with the 2007 Coalition broadband policy. But Labor is good at selling ice to Eskimos.

  66. Another promise of Abbott, is to relieve business of paper work. He is even going to reform Centalink. I think if Abbott took the time to look, this Labor government has bought government department, as well as schools into the digital age. I have been on a pension for years, and have seen little paper. Even the unemployed lodge by computer.

    Teak different departments are link, and tracking tax avoidance, how much you have in the bank, is instant. Even your tax auditor, can bring your interest earned on his screen.

    Mr. Abbott, do you realize, that the days when the clerk, sat on his

    You seem to believe it is the responsibility of government, not the states or the boss to enforce these laws.


  67. The ABC 24 has just said that Mr. Slipper did not comment on his present court cases. Sorry, that is wrong. I heard Mr. Slipper say when asked, he could not understand why they were going after him, as under the Minchin policy, Abbott had been allowed to pay back $10,00 and Mr. Reith, $50,000. That, is a comment, I believe.

  68. “Look up Tony punches wall and tries to intimidate women. Oh bugger it, here I’ll do it for you.”

    A present court case, reinforces that Abbott did indeed act in such a way. NO, it was not a school ground tiff, between kids.

  69. Bob, that remark has gone global in a big way. The UK is having a great laugh. One comment, is that when it comes to politics, we are catching the UK disease.

    Big across the ditch as well. We want this man, to present us on the world stage. I think not.

  70. Those from the right are indeed missing the point. It is not about yesterday, it is about tomorrow, One can only believe they have not read what I have written. I suspect they put a few words in search, then continue to comment, taking all out of context.
    Why are we still talking about the past, when we are in a rapidly changing world, and our success lies in the future.

    Yes, the revenue base is still disappearing.

    This is what we need to talk about.. How are we going to fund our government into the future.

    Yes, is changing, not because treasury got it wrong, but because we are in a time of global economic insatiability, that has not been seen before.

    It is time for all politicians to identify the problems of today, and put ideology aside.

    Yes, there is a massive structural imbalance built into the budget. One needs to go back to the drawing board, and look at new ways of financing the budget. Will mean, I believe new taxes, so

    It is the governments responsibility, to [provide the necessary infrastructure for the economy to perform.

    Wages have fallen dramatically in the UK, and has not led to an improvement in the economy. In fact the opposite has occurred.

    Ged Kearny, in her address to the NPC pointed out that it is not wages and the workers that is leading to lower productivity.

    Productivity of the worker is still growing. Where the problem is, is with Capital. Productivity in that area has been going backwards. Could be a nice way to say, many bosses are not up to the task.

    They have just cut Rudd short, and moved onto Morrison. I love their priorities. Surely the Morrison interview could have been held off for a few minutes.

  71. Mr. Morrison, if the PNG scheme works, the cost will drop dramatically, overnight I believe.

    Why are you working so hard at at destroying the PNG scheme.

    Now we have cut Morrison,off, to move onto Abbott. How many times has he been on today.

    Still nothing new from Abbott.

  72. (

    FROM HANSARD 17/06/2013 – Proof that the coalition are manipulating the media)

    Mr ALBANESE: I saw a bit of policy from those opposite on 14 June—last week. The South Coast Register had the headline ‘Abbott show rolls into town’. It says—this is a direct quote:

    If we are elected we will form an organisation called Infrastructure Australia …

    Well, there’s a thought! There’s an idea! Why didn’t we think of that? Then he went on to say this:

    … which will do its best to rationally and scientifically look at the various infrastructure projects and rank the best on public cost benefit …

    There’s another idea! Why didn’t we think of that? Melbourne Metro—we did it. It is on the list. Cross River Rail—it is on the list. All 15 out of 15 projects are on the list, and we are funding them, and this bloke is telling state governments: ‘No, don’t accept the money. Stick with the Bombay solution on Cross River Rail of removing seats so people can stand up.’………

    Abbott has just been shown making remarks without questions being asked.

  73. Mr ALBANESE: This quote goes on:

    … then all levels of governments will be able to fund what they choose to be the one that makes most sense.

    So we have cost-benefit analysis. We have Infrastructure Australia. We have the system set up which doesn’t say, ‘We fund roads but we don’t fund rail.’ It says you do proper analysis and that you don’t have bias according to mode. That is precisely what we have done. It is precisely the good policy structure that we have set up. This bloke has not noticed that we have been funding public transport in our capital cities and urban centres. He also has not noticed Infrastructure Australia; so, to help him, I table the national infrastructure priority list, which has on it the NBN— (Time expired)


    Tony Abbott has gone on and on about how the Prime Minister “lied”. That it is all her fault that she said there would be no carbon tax and then there was. Tony wants everyone to forget reality.

    He does this when he explains how by spending more money on schools, somehow schools will be worse off. He wants you to forget that climate change is real and his policy to address it is totally bogus. He wants you to forget that in a global economy, a crisis such as the GFC will affect us indirectly by affecting our trading partners. He tries to make you think the economy is in a recession. Or that productivity, something that has been rising over the last 9 quarters, is actually down. And he wants you to forget this is a hung parliament.

    Abbott gets to say these things because the media have neglected to focus on what this govt has done and instead have focused on reporting the “alternative”, even when none exists. Indonesia has been saying they will not accept tow backs or turn backs for about four years now. Any media organisation could have flown to Jakarta and asked the government there and we would have all known that. Instead, they created the illusion that Abbott’s policy was intact. And that the government is at fault. Despite the reality of a hung parliament and what that means. How policy needs support. Ironically, the governments immigration policy was passed with the coalitions support. Yet they blame it all on the government.

    It is now becoming more and more clear that Abbott has been deceiving the electorate on turn backs. As he has about climate change and the price of carbon. As he has about the economy. As he has about education. As he attempted to do with the NDIS claiming it to be aspirational policy. Well it’s now here.

    While Abbott was doing his deceiving, he was telling the electorate that the Prime Minister is a liar.

    Abbott show rolls into town
    THE national media caravan rolled into the Shoalhaven yesterday with Opposition leader Tony Abbott.

    Mr Abbott made a number of appearances to support Liberal candidate Ann Sudmalis, including attending a community forum in the Nowra School of Arts.
    A large crowd of Gilmore residents, which Ms Sudmalis said had been “randomly selected” and sent invitations in the mail, attended the forum where after a short address Mr Abbott answered a number of questions on varying subjects from the floor.

    Dressed in one of his blue ties, he was confronted with issues such health, education, care for veterans, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, superannuation, small business, Aboriginal affairs, looking after youth, supermarkets harming farmers, road and rail transport and even the site for Sydney’s next airport.

    The article was bought to public attention in parliament when Anthony Albanese noticed a few quotes from the man who says he never lies. Here is Tony, standing in front of people that he is asking to trust him and vote for him and he lies to them. He treats them as ignorant. That they maybe unaware of the outside world beyond their small town borders.

    In a further question he said he would like to see the Princes Highway between Nowra and Gerringong upgraded.
    “Sure it would be great to have a fast train between Nowra and Sydney but it would also be good if we didn’t have that terrible and dangerous section of road from here Nowra through Berry and up to Gerringong,” he said.
    “So, what do we do?
    “Well, in the case of the Federal Government we are going to have this organisation, Infrastructure Australia, which will do its best to rationally and as scientifically as you can look at various infrastructure projects and rank the best on public cost benefit – then all levels of governments will be able to fund what they choose to be the one that makes most sense.”
    NB!! This is NOT what ABBOTT originally said at all!!! From Hansard

    If we are elected we will form an organisation called Infrastructure Australia …
    Well, there’s a thought! There’s an idea! Why didn’t we think of that? Then he went on to say this

    This is a big problem with Abbott. Does not seem to know what is already in place. One only have to go back to remarks that he made after the NDIS and Better Schools legislation was passed. Raised concerns, that the answers was in the legislation, his party had just supported.

    Yes, Mr. Infrastructure PM indeed.
    … which will do its best to rationally and scientifically look at the various infrastructure projects and rank the best on public cost benefit …

  74. Cross River Rail—it is on the list.

    And it was most probably on the list he was handed when he got into govt. THis from Howards last budget.

    The Australian Government will invest $22.3 billion in Australia’s land transport system from 2009–10 to 2013–14, under the second stage of its National Land Transport Plan—AusLink 2. AusLink 2 is the biggest investment in land transport infrastructure ever made by an Australian Government.”

    Labor just changed the name from AUSLINK to Nation Building Program.

  75. Neil, it is the now and here and the future that is important. Where is the evidence that Abbott can even identify today’s many problems. Yes, we live in a instable and rapidly changing world.

    Abbott, in spite if this fact, which was reinforced by today’s PEPO, is going ti keep all promise, regardless of how much circumstances change.

    Just heard the younger Bishop reinforcing that.

    I would rather someone, that has the nous to come up with something new, when things change, which they will, in the age we now live.

    One should see that as terrifying. I know I do. I can live with mistake being made. I cannot live with one, that is saying in advance, they will not acknowledge their mistake, and continue regardless down the same track.

  76. Yes, Neil, you are correct. Labor does not abandon policies that are working, regardless of who put them in place.

    After twelve years, Howard had to get some things right.

    I just wished that Rudd had cleaned the public service of Howard’s political appointments, when he first took power, starting with the ABC

    What Abbott says, that nothing that Labor has achieved is worth keeping. His criticism is based on it being a Labor achievement. Look at the effort they are putting in, even today, talking down the PNG scheme and the economy. They are still going full bore. I am sure the smuggler love it, every time Morrison puts up his head. Not too sure that business likes hearing the economy talked down, with such gusto.

    Now we need to remember, not many experts are blaming Labor for the state the economy is in. It is only the Opposition that is doing that.

  77. Another baby has just turned away from Abbott. At a football field, I believe. No way is he going to go near the public.

  78. “talking down the PNG scheme”

    Labor has no idea what they are doing. And you seem to support any scheme that Labor puts forward. I could agree if they have previously been successful but they are a failure.

    And the smugglers love Labor. Not an easy problem to solve. Too bad your vote in 2007 started this problem.

  79. I take it, those who do criticize Labor believe that NBNCo is infrastructure, and important infrastructure at that.

    Today’s PEPO reinforces what Labor has been telling us for a long time. We live in a time of great global economic instability. Why does not the Opposition acknowledge this.

    The truth is that most of Labor’s policy have already been costed through the economic announcement, before writs were issued.


    To embark on a project as large in works and a timeline of construction without a business plan or a CBA is unheard of.

    You people just don’t have a clue about construction project management or infrastructure passed off as nation building. Expected from barrackers.

    I hear that the latest target has fallen short by over a quarter of a million premises passed. Usually happens when wishful thinking and political expediency replaces sound business practice. The government has not a clue either.

  81. Today’s economic figures don’t lie – and the Libs are busted.”

    Why are the Libs busted?? Interestingly the PEFO was introduced by Costello. And it is getting easy to tell who a journalist votes for. Tim Colebatch is obviously a Labor voter.

    And PEFO says whoever wins the next election will have to raise our debt limit. But this does not matter we are sovereign in our currency according to you people. This is what Colebatch says

    “On these estimates, Australia’s fiscal position is not good, but it is manageable, and it is heading in the right direction.

  82. There is no evidence that Abbott was cheating in that 2010 debate like Rudd did.

    In Libtard world….no, it didn’t happen. Back in reality, it’s a different case:

  83. Yes exactly Neil, it’s heading in the right direction whereas Abbott would slash and burn sending Australia in the opposite direction.

  84. it is heading in the right direction

    Great! No need to change when we are on a good thing then eh?

  85. “Great! No need to change when we are on a good thing then eh?”

    Unemployment was at 4.3% when Howard lost office and trending down. Didn’t stop people voting for the current incompetents.

  86. Bob, that remark has gone global in a big way.

    Yes, it’s very Palinesque. I’m waiting to see him pull some costings out of his arse now. GIGO.

  87. Min, if Abbott slashes and burns, as your glass ball predicts, Abbott will get burnt! My cockroach in a matchbox predicts that memory sticks will turn up in the MSM’s post boxes.

  88. Unemployment was at 4.3% when Howard lost office and trending down

    Yes and inflation, interest rates, cost of living etc went nuts under Howard. So much so that a sitting prime minister and all round con man, was rightfully booted out of his seat, giving Australians in general a feeling of satisfaction for the contempt they felt for that man.

    “Three cheers for Howard losing his seat”, I heard. Oh I tell you Neil, good times. They should have that on replay like Mash, a few thousand times.

  89. Neil, whoever wins the next election, will have to address the elephant in the room, that of falling revenues.

    This is occurring across the globe. Yes, it could mean new and more tax.

    The truth is that we are a low taxing country, and it does not work.

    Yes, there are two things that have to be address to fix that debt, that worries you so.

    One is to raise new revenues, the other is to spend well, on the essential infrastructure, in the hope of growing the pie.

    No good whining about debt, unless one looks at how in has come about, and what needs to be done to fix it.

    I am sure the one thing that will not work, is the simple belief in cutting spending.

    Motherhood statement, of living within one;s means, tell us nothing, holds no answer to the problem. Slogans do not help. Neither does, looking backwards for answers.

    It takes more imagination than that.

    It could help, if more of an effort top close tax loopholes. Yes, even ensuring that the tax that should be paid, is collected.

    Not much hope with Abbott and Hockey, as they are out defending the cheats that are abusing the FBT when it comes to automobiles. Not a good look.

    The new global economy we live in, makes it hard to collect tax from business, especially big business. Most see the answer, in moving the onus onto the small people. Yes, in the form of taxes that are regressive, not progressive. Yes, on to those that can afford to pay, the least.

    What is Mr. Abbott reaction to the problems that face us, firstly he is going to rescind both the MRRT and the so called carbon tax. Both do involve bring revenue in. Then he is going to worsen the problem more by lowering company taxes. Where is the revenue going to come from, to replace what Abbott is rescinding. He is not saying.

    Yes, Neil, we do indeed need to be watchful of that debt, which by the way, is small at this time. Yes, the real problem is the structural deficits within the budget, which you so easily dismiss.

  90. Neil, circumstance were much different when Howard was in power. In fact circumstances are much different now, than they were six months ago. We had one of the biggest GFC in 2008, and the globe is still reeling from that meltdown. No, the old days are not going to come back. It is a completely new ball game today. One that still has a long way to work out.

    We need leaders, that have the ability to adjust to new circumstances, as they arise. Not one, who intends to keep to his promises, no matter what.

  91. “Yes and inflation, interest rates, cost of living etc went nuts under Howard.

    Now i know you are insane. I would not appear to be such a strong Coalition supporter if people like yourself told the truth.

    You are talking to someone who had to pay 18% interest on his home loan and was among the people who were unemployed during Keatings 30 months of double digit unemployment.

    Your loyalty is to the ALP. I don’t think you give a stuff about Australia.

  92. Our debt is small? A debt of $266B is not small in anyone’s language and that is the book value!

    Nothing Labor has done has grown the pie. Let us take a fraction of the debt. By utilising such no child would have to go without, no person would be living on the streets and no pensioner would have to lose their dignity after paying taxes all their lives but regardless of the debt not one of these issues has been addressed.

    You lefties do not seem to care about these people unless there is a political advantage and you call yourselves progressives??? I know what you are…would be scrubbed out so I won’t bother typing it, I’m sure you can guess.

  93. “So much so that a sitting prime minister and all round con man, was rightfully booted out of his seat, giving Australians in general a feeling of satisfaction for the contempt they felt for that man.”

    Such hatred. I actually don’t understand comments like that. Howard was a fine PM. It is comments like that why I am so anti-Labor. Just hate filled people with nothing to offer but trouble.

    Look at the abuse you lot gave Howard over the Pacific Solution. Howard was right and you all owe him an apology.

  94. Errr, Howard was a sock puppet, sorry to burst your bubble.

    It is comments like that why I am so anti-Labor.

    Maybe we could get that automatically added to your account, to save you typing in in each comment? Just trying to help out.

    The sky is blue.

    It is comments like that why I am so anti-Labor.

    Water is good for you.

    It is comments like that why I am so anti-Labor.

    Independent experts say our economy is doing good.

    It is comments like that why I am so anti-Labor.

    And so on and so forth.

  95. Howard went over the top in his last term and should have retired and let the next leadership team run up to the 2007 election.

    To accuse Howard of being anyone’s puppet is a fabrication backed by no evidence whatsoever. Nah, a slur by a pissant that is driven by a personal hatred of anything that is not Labor. Another boring barracker.

  96. Not only is Abbott is going to keep to his promises no matter what the circumstances. What is more worrying, Mr. Abbott”s campaign is just a rerun of his 2010 campaign, with very little change. I

    t is as if, for Abbott, the last three years, nothing has changed, nothing has happened.

  97. I would not appear to be such a strong Coalition supporter if people like yourself told the truth.

    Neil, at least be truthful for once, even to yourself. No one here believes you would vote for anyone other than the Coalition and are rusted on as they come. So quit with the pretense of being a fence sitter. Died in the wool language is easy to spot.

    You are talking to someone who had to pay 18% interest on his home loan

    Yes and how much did a house cost compared to wages? Howard presided over Australia’s biggest housing bubble.

    After the 50% discount on CGT

  98. A debt of $266B is not small in anyone’s language and that is the book value!

    It is for the lefties. They think it is not a problem. To that debt you have to add State and local govt.

    “Independent experts say our economy is doing good.

    Perhaps it is because it was in great shape in 2007. Our banks did very little sub-prime lending so are very profitable. One reason for this is APRA an organisation started by Costello. Our banks are better regulated because of APRA.

  99. It is for the lefties. They think it is not a problem. To that debt you have to add State and local govt.

    Why do right wingers excel at being mendacious? Is it something you study? A special class? Lets get things into context eh?

    Perhaps it is because it was in great shape in 2007.

    Is GFC this word that is just blotted out of right wingers minds? They go to type it or talk about it and something reaches in and snatches it from their train of thought. Incredible and predictable.

  100. I notice you give links and expect me to believe them. I don’t believe Peter Martin.

    Most Labor programs end up like their program dealing with asylum seekers.

    And my beliefs are based on what Labor does whenever they are in power. They always leave a trashed budget no matter what the conditions.

  101. I feel that Neil might just be right about many that post here. We do indeed have problems finding any truth in anything that comes out of the mount of Abbott and his mob.

    Yes, today, they trust the numbers, because they see them as bad. The trouble is, there is nothing new there,. that has not been in the public arena for months, and mainly put forwarded by Labor.

    I am fed up with being told all day, we will just have to wait. Why? Why? Why?

    Sick of told we should wait and see. Many are saying, you have the figures, we want to know now.

    Why not? Why not?.

  102. I notice you give links and expect me to believe them. I don’t believe Peter Martin

    No doubt, it would need to come from Hockey himself for you to believe. Try wiki then Neil.

    Sort by ascending. Whooooah man, outtta control!

    Most Labor programs end up like their program dealing with asylum seekers

    Out of curiosity Neil. The recent ABC political compass put asylum seekers as the next most important thing after the economy. Ahead of peoples, health, education and climate change. Would you agree?

  103. Bob, well he did tell Windsor he would even sell his arse. Maybe that is where his thinking arises from. The policies smell to high heaven, that could be why.

    Would love to know what Windsor has on that phone. Time to tell us, I believe.

  104. I must be mistaken, I was under the impression we have had growth every year under Labor., Yes, the jobs have alls continued to grow.

    Cost of living is stable. .

  105. No doubt, it would need to come from Hockey himself for you to believe”

    No, i have noticed Labor supporters/journalists are deceitful. I do not believe Peter Martin, Stephen Koukoulis, Bernard Keane, John Quiggin, Colebatch and some others.

    That IMF report that Martin talks about clearly says it was a working paper and not an official IMF document. Furthermore the Howard govt was not even mentioned in the IMF report. It was just inferred by Martin. Australia is a Federation. If anything it was talking a the State govts who were blowing their budgets (all Labor) and Howard got the blame.

    I think all people worry about is jobs and health.

  106. Are the Holden workers going to get any credit for giving up income, to save Holden in this country. Same as most unions and workers did during the GFC in 2008.

    Will we hear some credit from Abbott for the unions. I suspect not.

  107. Fed up, hopefully before the election and not in a book.

    Such hatred. I actually don’t understand comments like that.

    Yes, maybe I should tone it down a bit. Instead, I concur with George Brandis , when he said Howard was ” a lying rodent”. A fact, both sides can agree with. There, common ground 🙂

  108. As usual the Murdoch media raps Tony Abbott over the knuckles with a wet Kleenex.. “sparked amusement”. Where is the outrage? Oh that’s right, it’s Abbott and it’s nothing more than “amusement”.

    JUST a day after his suppository gaffe went global, Tony Abbott sparked amusement and risked criticism by mentioning the apparent sex appeal of a female Liberal candidate in Sydney.

  109. If anything it was talking a the State govts who were blowing their budgets (all Labor) and Howard got the blame.

    Oh of course Neil, of course! Always Labor’s fault….always! Now let me get you some WD40 and monocle, for that hard earned rust and one eye.

  110. Is Tony conducting training on how to be clueless and just stand there and nod when asked a question with a stupid expression? Diaz is his new student and the gift that keeps on giving.

  111. Oh of course Neil, of course! Always Labor’s fault….always! Now let me get you some WD40 and monocle, for that hard earned rust and one eye.”

    Well Peter Martin gave a link to the IMF report. in this sentence “The International Monetary Fund examined 200 years of government financial records across 55 leading economies.”

    Show me in the report where Howard is mentioned?? And use your brains. Howard saved $50B in his last three years. You people and journalists like Martin, Colebatch, Quiggin, Keane, Koukoulis are full of nothing but lies and hate.

    It was talking about this

  112. Mr. Morrison well knows what he is doing. He is undermining the PNG scheme, so that the boats keep coming. Yes, there are no votes for Abbott in a slow down of boats.

    If one is interesting, looking at how Morrison manage to get pre-selected is interesting reading. The man is no saint.

  113. Neil, I’m a bit disappointed. You forgot:

    It is comments like that why I am so anti-Labor

    Show me in the report where Howard is mentioned??

    Ummm, do they need to mention Howard? Wasn’t he PM during 2003 & 2005-07? Man, how evassive. Try the actuall report Neil, pg 44.

    Click to access wp1305.pdf

  114. Maybe for press conferences, Abbott and Diaz can just hand out nodding head dolls. It would achieve the same thing.

  115. Bob, they have to lie, as they have nothing to sell. Well nothing they want us to know.

    Now I believe that most government spending is essential.

    I believe we are a low spending country when it comes to welfare.

    All our welfare payments are tightly targeted. In fact when one comes to single parents, unemployed and sick, they are at all time lows.

    If that is the case, if one makes cuts to government spending, someone still has to pay.

    Who do those on the right, believe that might be. If I was them, I would look in the mirror. There is no one else in Abbott’s sights.

  116. Well either Peter Martin is a liar or Ergas is a liar

    To make matters worse, the estimates on which Martin relies do not actually relate to the commonwealth government alone. Although you wouldn’t know it from Martin’s reporting, they combine the commonwealth and the states. And the years covered by the test were a period in which the Labor states were amassing debt, with rising debt in Queensland and NSW exceeding the increase in commonwealth gross debt.”

    I say Martin is a fraud. Makes sense since you link to him.

  117. Abbott; if he keeps to his promises, has no choice to cut and burn. Especially when he is rescinding or lowering taxes.

    Then I could be wrong, and god has endow him with the power to produce loaves and fishes, or maybe he has found that Magic Pudding.


  118. I intend to ignore the likes of Neil and scaper, and their ever ending comments about debt. To acknowledge them takes one around and around in circles. One goes nowhere.

    I want to move on to the structural imbalances in the budget, that is adding to that debt, and ask, what do we do about it.

    Not interested in the past, at this stage. We need to look ahead. not backward.
    scaper and co, have you any answers? Details not slogans.

    Sorry for the typo

  119. Oh yes Neil The Australian……the bastion of truth. Versus, the IMF and Wiki, hmmm.

    By the way, how did you like our position on debt vs other countries on that wiki page Neil?

    Plenty of conservative led countries that are way above us in debt. How is that possible? I am led to believe that only Utopian sets of figures are to be found under conservative led countries?

    In case you had troubles clicking on the wiki link Neil, I thought I would print some out for you. It’s a bit messy, but they are in order. Gee, i wonder where Australia is? Alllllllllllll the way down the bottom Neil. Oh yeah. Complete disaster at 26.9%

    Japan 174.3125 214.3 2012 est. 134.325 2012 est. Asia
    Zimbabwe 129.4165 202.7 2012 est. 56.133 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Greece 158.339 161.3 2012 est. 155.378 2012 Europe
    Saint Kitts and Nevis 113.481 144 2012 est. 82.962 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Antigua and Barbuda 109.575 130 2010 est. 89.15 2012 Central America/Caribbean
    Lebanon 131.04 127.9 2012 est. 134.18 2012 est. Middle East
    Jamaica 135.029 127.3 2012 est. 142.758 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Italy 114.654 126.1 2012 est. 103.208 2012 Europe
    Portugal 115.628 123.6[3] 2012 est. 111.556 2012 est. Europe
    Iceland 93.565 118.9 2012 est. 68.23 2012 est. Europe
    Eritrea 120.887 118 2012 est. 123.774 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Ireland 110.162 118 2012 est. 102.324 2012 Europe
    Singapore 109.782 111.4 2012 est. 108.164 2012 gross, est. Southeast Asia
    Grenada 111.2835 110 2012 est. 112.567 2012 Central America/Caribbean
    Belgium 91.452 99.6 2012 est. 83.304 2012 est. Europe
    Belize 84.453 90.8 2012 est. 78.106 2012 est. Central America/Caribbean
    France 86.9825 89.9 2012 est. 84.065 2012 est. Europe
    Sudan 96.1135 89.3 2012 est. 102.927 2012 gross, est. Africa
    United Kingdom 85.7425 88.7 2012 est. 82.785 2012 Europe
    Spain 78.6155 85.3 2012 est. 71.931 2012 Europe
    Egypt 76.9035 85 2012 est. 68.807 2012 Africa
    Canada 59.3315 84.1 2012 est. 34.563 2012 North America
    Barbados 77.681 83.1 2012 est. 72.262 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Cape Verde 90.176 83.1 2012 est. 97.252 2012 Africa
    Germany 69.462 81.7 2012 est. 57.224 2012 Europe
    Sri Lanka 81 81 2012 est. Asia
    Cyprus 80.9 80.9 2012 est. Middle East
    Hungary 75.686 78.6 2012 est. 72.772 2012 est. Europe
    Malta 75.1305 77 2012 est. 73.261 2012 gross, est. Europe
    Saint Lucia 80.8805 77 2012 est. 84.761 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Sao Tome and Principe 71.03 76.5 2012 est. 65.56 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Jordan 74.968 75 2012 est. 74.936 2012 est. Middle East
    Austria 64.0455 74.6 2012 est. 53.491 2012 Europe
    Israel 72.271 74.4 2012 est. 70.142 2012 est. Middle East
    United States 90.7295 73.6 2012 est. 87.859 2012 North America
    Burundi 50.4425 72.3 2012 est. 28.585 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Morocco 65.3785 71.7 2012 est. 59.057 2012 Africa
    Dominica 71.082 70 2012 est. 72.164 2012 est. Central America/Caribbean
    Netherlands 50.601 68.7 2012 est. 32.502 2012 est. Europe
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 67.542 68 2011 est. 67.084 2012 est. Central America/Caribbean
    Guyana 61.8945 66.1 2012 est. 57.689 2012 est. South America
    World 64 64 2012 est. World
    Bhutan 73.215 64 2011 est. 82.43 2012 gross, est. Asia
    Mauritius 56.045 61.8 2012 est. 50.29 2012 Africa
    Serbia 59.194 61.5 2012 est. 56.888 2012 Europe
    Cote d’Ivoire 53.098 60.8 2012 est. 45.396 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Sierra Leone 30.4 60.8 2012 est. 0 2012 est. Africa
    Albania 60.5985 60.6 2012 est. 60.597 2012 Europe
    El Salvador 55.8745 57.4 2012 est. 54.349 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Uruguay 46.7675 57.2 2012 est. 36.335 2012 est. South America
    Bahrain 44.9635 56.2 2012 est. 33.727 2012 est. Middle East
    Brazil 45.0545 54.9 2012 est. 35.209 2012 South America
    Poland 40.271 53.8 2012 est. 26.742 2012 Europe
    Finland 1.2835 53.5 2012 est. -50.933 2012 est. Europe
    Malaysia 54.7655 53.5 2012 est. 56.031 2012 gross, est. Southeast Asia
    Slovenia 61.015 53.2 2012 est. 68.83 2012 gross, est. Europe
    Nicaragua 51.4275 52.7 2011 est. 50.155 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Switzerland 40.3325 52.4 2011 est. 28.265 2012 est. Europe
    Tunisia 47.883 52.3 2012 est. 43.466 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Croatia 55.8175 52.1 2012 est. 59.535 2012 gross, est. Europe
    Montenegro 50.439 52.1 2012 est. 48.778 2012 Europe
    India 59.145 51.9 2012 est. 66.39 2012 gross, est. Asia
    Philippines 45.365 51 2012 est. 39.73 2012 gross, est. Southeast Asia
    Pakistan 54.5855 50.4 2012 est. 58.771 2012 est. Asia
    Kenya 46.5835 50 2012 est. 43.167 2012 est. Africa
    Venezuela 55.4025 49 2012 est. 61.805 2012 gross, est. South America
    Slovakia 51.9395 48.6 2012 est. 55.279 2012 gross, est. Europe
    Vietnam 48.629 48.2 2012 est. 49.058 2012 est. Southeast Asia
    Mozambique 47.5545 48.1 2012 est. 47.009 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Laos 49.749 48 2012 est. 51.498 2012 gross, est. Southeast Asia
    Fiji 47.403 47.9 2012 est. 46.906 2012 est. Oceania
    Costa Rica 41.1105 47.4 2012 est. 34.821 2012 est. Central America/Caribbean
    Ghana 50.2625 47.4 2012 est. 53.125 2012 est. Africa
    Malawi 49.125 47.1 2012 est. 51.15 2012 est. Africa
    Trinidad and Tobago 37.8705 46.6 2012 est. 29.141 2012 Central America/Caribbean
    Aruba 46.3 46.3 2005 Central America/Caribbean
    Denmark 26.463 45.3 2012 est. 7.626 2012 est. Europe
    Ethiopia 31.286 44.4 2012 est. 18.172 2012 Africa
    Latvia 35.2845 44 2012 est. 26.569 2012 Europe
    Syria 44 44 2012 est. Middle East
    Czech Republic 44.367 43.9 2012 est. 44.834 2012 gross, est. Europe
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 41.1725 43.8 2012 est. 38.545 2012 est. Europe
    South Africa 39.4305 43.3 2012 est. 35.561 2012 Africa
    Thailand 44.584 43.3 2012 est. 45.868 2012 gross, est. Southeast Asia
    Yemen 43.6405 42.5 2012 est. 44.781 2012 est. Middle East
    Armenia 42.344 42.1 2012 est. 42.588 2012 gross, est. Asia
    New Zealand 34.108 41.8 2012 est. 26.416 2012 Oceania
    Argentina 42.0225 41.6 2012 est. 42.445 2012 gross, est. South America
    Panama 39.898 41 2012 est. 38.796 2012 Central America/Caribbean
    United Arab Emirates -26.543 40.4 2012 est. -93.486 2012 est. Middle East
    Colombia 32.397 40.2 2012 est. 24.594 2012 South America
    Dominican Republic 36.743 40 2012 est. 33.486 2012 Central America/Caribbean
    Seychelles 54.391 39.3 2012 est. 69.482 2012 est. Africa
    Ukraine 37.01 38.8 2012 est. 35.22 2012 Europe
    Sweden 10.484 38.6 2012 est. -17.632 2012 est. Europe
    Lithuania 36.945 38.5 2012 est. 35.39 2012 est. Europe
    Romania 37.037 37.2 2012 est. 36.874 2012 gross, est. Europe
    Chad 36.5045 36.9 2012 est. 36.109 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Georgia 33.7325 36.3 2012 est. 31.165 2012 gross, est. Asia
    Taiwan 38.1165 36 2012 est. 40.233 2012 gross, est. East Asia
    Turkey 34.1005 35.5 2013 est. 27.801 2012 est. Europe
    Mexico 36.699 35.4 2012 est. 37.998 2012 North America
    Cuba 35.1 35.1 2012 est. Central America/Caribbean
    Honduras 35.353 34.5 2012 est. 36.206 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Tanzania 39.666 34.4 2012 est. 44.932 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Korea, South 32.9705 33.7 2012 est. 32.241 2012 Asia
    Senegal 40.3845 33.6 2012 est. 47.169 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Bolivia 21.846 32.7 2012 est. 10.992 2012 South America
    Qatar 32.2075 32.5 2012 est. 31.915 2012 est. Middle East
    Bangladesh 32 32 2012 est. Asia
    China 26.5005 31.7 2012 est. 21.301 2012 gross, est. Asia
    Zambia 27.3585 31.2 2012 est. 23.517 2012 est. Africa
    Norway -67.604 30.3 2012 est. -165.508 2012 est. Europe
    Benin 29.442 30.2 2012 est. 28.684 2012 gross, est. Africa
    Belarus 15 30 2012 est. 0 2012 est. Europe
    Hong Kong 30.0715 30 2012 est. 30.143 2012 gross, est. Southeast Asia
    Guatemala 27.971 29.9 2012 est. 26.042 2012 gross, est. Central America/Caribbean
    Namibia 26.3055 28.2 2012 est. 24.411 2012 est. Africa
    Macedonia 28.153 27.3 2012 est. 29.006 2012 est. Europe
    Australia 19.2705 26.9 2012 est. 11.641 2012 Oceania

  120. We need top look ahead. not backward.
    scaper and co, have you any answers? Details not slogans.

    I’m up for a bit of that. Neil and scraper. Where are those figures for costings?……………….*crickets*

  121. I suppose kneel will disagree with this as well.

    Comment: How strong is Australia’s economy?

    The data indicates that the Prime Minister’s statement about the debt position of Australia is correct. The economy is doing relatively well by international standards. The new information recently released by the Treasury depicts a somewhat softer short-term outlook, but it does not substantially change the overall positive assessment of Australian economic performance in the global context.

  122. Now for a bit of humour, while waiting for Neil and Scrapers suggestions of where the money is coming from and who gets cut.

    Internationally, they think it’s funny as well.

  123. I seen Rudd kick a ball a few days ago. Is Abbott still playing catch up.

    Watching Abbott trying to build up the experience of a candidate, that is still a young uni student, was a wonder to watch. :Lots of life experience there.

  124. 😆 “Well either Peter Martin is a liar or Ergas is a liar

    Neither Neil – Ergas (like Sloan) is just a blind adherent to failed neo-classical economic theory (aka the Chicago school) 😆

  125. Neil,. you may want to talk about Howard all the time. Not sure that others want to.

    Why not for once, talk abut what is in the post. Would make a nice change. Might even widen your narrow horizon. Would not that be good? Might help you grow. One never knows.

  126. Of course it’s a Liberal government, where trashing the environment, taking away rights and freedoms, taxing the poor to subsidise the rich and the free marketbusiness rules over all other considerations even animal welfare.

    Victoria is going to legislate to make puppy farms legal and for the unwanted dogs to be clubbed to death.

  127. Wonder if anyone is willing to ask Abbott, if his daughters have sex appeal. Maybe go further, and ask him if it is necessary for them to have sex appeal.

  128. Wonder when he is going yo tell us, what green and red tape, is to go. Most was put in place for good reasons.

    Mostly to protect the public and stop criminal activity, along with unfair work practices.

  129. Has anyone told us yet, what those six pillars are. One would think a migration lawyer would know. It appears not.

  130. I believe one pillar is to lower refugee intake from 20,000 to 13,000, to save money. I do not know how that will go down with a]our near neighbours.

  131. Well today, we have Abbott out making announcements, that the local Labor member made months ago. He did the same, when visiting the tip of Dobell. Announcing upgrade to the F3, that Albanese announced weeks ago.. and is due to commence any day now. Farrell was present as well.

    Yes, Abbott is indeed playing catch up.

    I do not know how Abbott can make judgment on the Labor government, as things he says every day,proves he has no idea of what they have achieves.Too busy spending his time, thinking up and executing stunts each day.

    One can only say, catch up Tony, at this time.

    Worth a peek

  132. Abbott says NZ doing better than us

    Scroll up to my debt list above and look at where NZ’s debt is compared to ours. So Tones, are you seeing we need more debt to GDP? And you are no longer running a scare campaign on debt?

  133. Oh there’s no doubt Bob, Abbott plans to rack up debt like his State Liberal counterparts and blame Labor for it. Up until today I would have said no but, he absolutely ruled out raising the GST.

    This means the major revenue he has is selling the NBN to Murdoch, but he will do that for a song, and it also means he has promised far more outlay than income, way more, and the meagre savings flagged, which are a crock anyway, barely scratch the surface.

    More blatant lies from the king of liars.

  134. Mob, here in QLD, Newman put the Brisbane council into more debt than it has ever been and left it that way before he fled to State gov. With the help of Murdoch, he was able to say that “Bligh got us into debt” and totally ignored the GFC, Yasi and floods. But when asked about his debt, on the very few occasions, said it was because of the GFC, Yasi & the floods. Go figure. Hypocritical and unbelievable.

  135. Yes, it is a matter of balance, More, what one wishes to achieve.

    “………Fiscal austerity damages growth – latest evidence
    Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by bill
    Republican Presidential (Bush) and Presidential hopeful (Romney) advisor and a principal deficit terrorist, Glenn Hubbard has once again re-cycled his obsession about the apparent necessity for the US to pass a balanced budget amendment which would require governments to eschew their fiscal responsibility and behave like automatums irrespective of the state of the cycle or the behaviour of the other sectors (external and private domestic). In his latest New York Times article (August 11, 2013) – Republicans and Democrats Both Miscalculated – (with T. Kane), we see a tired conservative hack, worn out from repeated failed attempts to push a balanced budget amendment into US law, wimpering about the need for another vote on this issue, but signifying a boring lameness that is being overtaken by the duration of time that has elapsed without the doomsday arriving and more recent evidence refuting the position outright……….”

    Many do believe the worker needs to be put in their place.

  136. What’s up with Sky, a very unflattering picture of Abbott.

    Their token gesture story. They will make up for it with 10 of Rudd.

  137. You have to salute the courage of Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson and Finance Department secretary David Tune. Under serious pressure from their next political masters to produce a set of numbers favourable to the Coalition, they have stood their ground.
    The bottom line of their Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) is effectively identical to the one published 11 days ago in the government’s economic statement. Where it differs, the forecast budget outcomes over the next four years is actually $209 million better than the previous estimate.
    Moreover, their medium-term projections confirm that, in the eyes of the experts who run it, the budget is not out of control. Assuming normal growth over the medium-term, they see the budget returning to surplus in 2016-17, reaching a substantial surplus of roughly 1 per cent of GDP (gross domestic product) by 2019-20, and then staying there.
    Those surpluses will matter, hugely, because that is how we will repay the debt, which PEFO expects to hit $370 billion before the surpluses start flowing.
    On these estimates, Australia’s fiscal position is not good, but it is manageable, and it is heading in the right direction…………

    It appears the budget is not put of control/

  138. Why do they lie and try to create outcomes that are not true. Most know if they lie, they will always be caught out.Abbott and his cronies do not appear to learnt that lesson yet.

    “……..It is good for Australia that we are run by officials like that. If the Coalition does not succumb to hubris, it will realise it will also be good for a Coalition government to have senior officials who will tell it the truth, and not what it wants to hear.
    This PEFO contains no smoking gun. Quite the opposite: our two economic officials have confirmed that the numbers the government has published were the numbers prepared by the experts at Treasury and the Department of Finance.
    That should be no surprise to anyone. The budget forecasts are always prepared by the officials, not the Treasurer or his staff. Sometimes the officials come under covert pressure from the Treasurer of the day to massage the figures, but, to my knowledge, they have always stood their ground. And so they must, because it is their independence from political pressure that makes their expertise valuable.
    These numbers are a slap in the face for the Coalition – but it scored an own goal by pretending that the Labor government had drawn up the budget numbers, not the officials.
    That line was always phoney, the Coalition knew it, and it is now exposed as such. The budget numbers are the officials’ numbers. It’s always that way……”

  139. Appears the sky is not falling in. It appears, Labor and treasury were telling the truth.

    ……..Moreover, their medium-term projections confirm that, in the eyes of the experts who run it, the budget is not out of control. Assuming normal growth over the medium-term, they see the budget returning to surplus in 2016-17, reaching a substantial surplus of roughly 1 per cent of GDP (gross domestic product) by 2019-20, and then staying there.
    Those surpluses will matter, hugely, because that is how we will repay the debt, which PEFO expects to hit $370 billion before the surpluses start flowing.
    On these estimates, Australia’s fiscal position is not good, but it is manageable, and it is heading in the right direction.

    Read more:

  140. The Coalition will ask the Treasury to strip out unrealistically optimistic and what it claims are politically-directed assumptions from the budget to reveal a true picture of the government’s bottom line if elected in September.

    The opposition says the resulting figures are likely to be much worse than Labor’s recent economic statement.

    Unless the Departments of Treasury and Finance begin this adjustment in their own pre-election economic forecast and outlook (PEFO), to be released on Tuesday, the Coalition is likely to refuse to be held to any deficit or surplus for…..

    This is yesterday.Is Hockey and Co going to apologize. No wonder they look so miserable lately,. Caught out on all their lying predictions. I wonder if they really believe in what they say,including Turnbull. Sometimes I believe they do, and they are genuinely surprise, when they are proven wrong.

  141. Bob Evans, Liars excel at mendacity because it’s in their DNA. And just on case that’s not enough, it’s put in their sandwiches to be ingested every day.

    Later on, they’re sent to Liars indoctrination camps to reinforce the conditioning.

  142. scaper since when have governments done a CBA for public infrastructure? Just more Liars bullshit.

    Hope you located this country’s debt in the list provided. Mind you we will have debt the size of Japan’s but the Liars will make sure it’s bunged onto small business & wage earners.

    Personally, I hope barrackers cop the lot. It would also be particularly gratifying if barackets were stuck with repaying all of Liealot’s travel allowance rorts.

    Then they’d really have first hand experience of how much it costs this country to have that mob of spivs & crooks in charge of the finances.

    In fact, maybe we should start sending out the accounts for Liealot’s rorts for the last few years. That should be a sognificant boost to Treasury coffers right away.

  143. Neither Neil – Ergas (like Sloan) is just a blind adherent to failed neo-classical economic theory (aka the Chicago school)

    Bacchus- Ergas demolished that article by Peter Martin. I don’t trust Martin. He is a Labor partisan hack incapable of telling the truth. The reason i know this is because lefties always link to him. Dishonest people are attracted to dishonest journalists.

    Oh there’s no doubt Bob, Abbott plans to rack up debt like his State Liberal counterparts and blame Labor for it.”

    Adrian that really is a low blow even for you. Coalition govts are usually handed a trashed economy and then expected to work miracles and fix up a mess. Look at what Beattie did to Queensland. I would like to see you in charge of what beattie handed Newman. And i thought you said debt was not a problem anyway??

  144. Coalition govts are usually handed a trashed economy and then expected to work miracles and fix up a mess.

    Your one eyed, rose coloured, myopic coalition view of the world is incredulous. Hard wired into the Australian.

  145. “Your one eyed, rose coloured, myopic coalition view of the world is incredulous.”

    It also happens to be true.

    I am anti-labor for good reasons. This may sound strange but i don’t know that much about the Coalition. But i have seen what Labor is like by the posts i read from their supporters.

    I am sure there have been good Labor govts in the past but i can’t think of one in recent times. They all have one characteristic. They leave a trashed budget. Without exception.

  146. Honestly Bob completely ignore him. He rarely raises anything new, ignores facts as if they don’t exist, cherry picks very narrow bit and pieces that suit his very narrow views, brings up selective bits of the past but only for one party, quickly changes topic or does a “look over there” when things get uncomfortable for him but most of all actually gets his rocks off being called out and lambasted.

    Not worth wasting a single key press on.

  147. Somebody tell me why i should trust Labor and Treasury??

    Starting with that first budget – 2011-12 – when Wong was Finance Minister, she and Labor predicted a budget deficit of $22.6 billion in 2011-12. She was out by more than $20bn. The most recent budget in May revealed a deficit for 2011-12 of $43.3bn. It gets worse. In that first budget, Wong predicted a surplus of $3.5bn for 2012-13. She was out by $22.9bn with the actual result being a deficit of $19.4bn.

    And, yes, it gets even worse. In that first 2011-12 budget, Wong predicted a surplus of $3.7bn for 2013-14. By July this year, Wong was already out by $33.8bn this time. Her economic statement revealed a deficit of $30.1bn.

    Back in 2011-12, Wong promised a surplus of $5.8bn for 2014-15. Now Wong tells us it will be a $24bn deficit, putting her out by another $29.8bn…………….That Australia enjoys a AAA rating has everything to do with the starting point Swan inherited: no net debt and a whopping surplus.”

  148. Battery girl, the Snowy Mountains Scheme for starters as this government compared it to the NBN in the first instance, which is highly debatable.

    The projects that I’m involved/supporting all require a business plan that are subjected to a full CBA. No government in its right mind would embark on a nation building programme (highly debatable) without a CBA.

    I note this government won’t release the newest costings on the NBN until after the election. Not hard to guess why.

  149. Bob and other lefties

    I am willing to admit the GFC caused Labor trouble. Too bad you lot cannot admit the same thing when Howard was Treasurer and presided over the so-called Trifecta of misery.

    But I think Labor thought govt would be easy. However it never occurred to them that Howard/Costello made it look easy because they knew what they were doing. It was all just dumb luck allegedly.

  150. Every time Abbott moves fro script and slogans, he blows it.

    At least Rudd, has taken to the streets. No big fence and locked gate, guarded by police.

  151. No Neil, it is Costello’s accountancy, that no other expert agrees with.

    Do you really believe the Opposition’s trashing of treasury is not about setting them up to be able to dump treasury, as they have in Queensland and to a lesser extent NSW.

    Costello has his own methods.

  152. Neil, they are not only going to blame Labor, but also Federal departments such as Treasury and the RBA.

    Like you Neil, they do not believe anyone that dares to disagree with them , or criticizes their figures.

  153. scaper, mainly because those figues are still in draft.

    Essential reading. I believe this is the man, that was abused by one of Turnbull’s staff, because he challenges much of what Turnbull says.

    Turnbull said during that interview, when interrupted, that he would have much to say the next day. Have not heard anything from him yet.

    “.NBN: Answers to Emma Alberici.
    Lateline interview, Mr Albanese vs Mr Turnbull on NBN, Mon 12-Aug-2013.
    Rating: 12/10 on presenter performance, 3/10 for interviewee conduct.

    Here are my answers to some of Emma Alberici’s questions. My recollection was she’d presented multiple business shows in the past. I was impressed at her ability to repeatedly bring the interview back to her answering her questions…………..

  154. Is Morrison and Burke on 7.30 tonight? That should be interesting.

    Burke has just come back from the Islands. Made sense in his PC.

  155. thank you Fed up for keeping us up-to-date with each days goings on… would be lost without you. You are a treasure…keep it up!

  156. Thanks melaine.

    Listening to Brandis. Yes, I would love another three years like the last.

    The Libs did not turn up for the last ABC 24 with Lyndal Curtis.

    Why are the Coalition spending all day, on talking about preferences.

    Mr. Brandis, I think the loony party at the moment, is the one you belong to.

    If the voters deliver a collection of small parties and independents, so be it. That is democracy.

  157. Gee, Mr. Hockey has just come to the understanding, that in this time of global economic instability, looking at the bottom line of the PEFO, it is near impossible to make a prediction.

    Dear Mr. Hockey, Labor has been telling you that since last October at least.

    No wonder his mob is now ignoring PEFO, and is out with diversity tactics of putting Greens on the bottom, and threatening to to trash the voters will at the upcoming election.

    Mr. Abbott, it is the voter that decides government, not you.

    You have responsibility to work within the numbers thrown up,. Yes, it is up to you, to make the next parliament work. One does not take their bat and run.

    Where are the policy details and costings.????????????????????

  158. Just read one of Wozza’s comments wrt NBN & its significance to remote patients. I take it that Wozza is completely ignorant of the uses of internet to the medical community.

    Obviously he has no idea that xrays, scans & mri results are shared by treating doctors via internet & that NBN will allow for much higher resolution images to be sent.

    I’ve seen this first hand over the last 3 days during consultations with urologists & oncologists wrt treatment of my m-i-l’s bladder cancer.

  159. Jane, I think Roswell was right when he said that Wazza needs to stick a web cam up his arse.

    I recently had X-rays which I were able to view at home over the internet. No longer necessary to pay $75 to the doctor to go and see them.

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