Who Tony needs to visit

Tony Abbott has committed to spending one week each year in a remote Indigenous community. Offering encouragement from the sidelines, Warren Mundine informs us that:

“What Tony Abbott is doing is ensuring Indigenous issues become a bipartisan issue and he’s making it a personal crusade of his own”.

Forget about this publicity stunt. Instead, carry this same ‘admirable’ attitude with you and spend a week elsewhere where you have some learning to do. Here are some suggestions:

Spend a week in the Nauru detention centre.

Spend a week in Treasury.

Spend a week with some pensioners.

Spend a week with a dying asbestos victim.

Spend a week with a women’s group.

Spend a week in Centrelink.

Spend a week with an Internet service provider.

Spend a week in the public service.

Spend a week in a poor paying job.

Spend a week in a boat.

Spend a week in hospital.

Spend a week in a public school.

Spend a week with a gay couple.

Spend a week with an immigrant family.

Spend a week with a non-Christian family.

Spend a week with a youth group.

And while you’re there, show more respect for these groups than you have our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

38 comments on “Who Tony needs to visit

  1. More telling is can he spend a whole week away from his minders, puppet masters and script writers.

  2. A week with Abbott… would be 7 days too long 😆
    I wouldn’t ‘spend’ a penny on him…. even if he was on fire. 😀

  3. And why in hell would he show respect to indigenous groups, respect is earned not granted unconditionally. I see Abos daily sniffing petrol, staggering drunk, stealing anything not bolted down, racially abusing people and you say we should respect that scum?

  4. Hope he doesn’t take his daughters to these abo camps, they rape their own kids there so his wouldn’t be safe.

  5. Wazza, *ankers such as your ‘good’ self 😛 , are why we ‘fight’. You are the epitome of our sorry yesterdays 🙄 …… and good luck with that evolutionary dead-end your purposefully hurtling down….. THUD !!!!

  6. Ignore LOVO. He’s a lowlife racist who has crawled out of the sewers to troll, it’s the why of the few short provocative racist posts, to get responses.

    Just console yourself that he votes for Abbott. Says it all about Abbott and the type of wanting person he is.

  7. It has been a very serious issue which has been a dismal failure by
    Successive Governments. Abbots address of this should not be ridiculed
    as is happening here on CWs , sometimes a bit more maturity should be

  8. Sadly, this is just another publicity stunt by the Abbott team. No real substance to what he says about this or anything else that matters.

  9. It’s being ridiculed VOYAGER because Abbott is not doing anything about a very serious issue that is very difficult, so shouldn’t be used as a political football, which is what Abbott is using it for, just like Howard did before him.

    Read what Abbott said. The same old Howard failures are there. Integration, big daddy control and punishment.

    For Abbott it’s not about the good of a disenfranchised and denigrated group of people, it’s about the good of Abbott in winning an election.

  10. All that Tony Abbott has announced is giving Warren Mundine a job, that he will spend one week a year doing an indigenous photo shoot, and pledging 10 million dollars for a “common sense approach to employment and training for indigenous Australians.” It a paltry amount with no detail on actual plans, just yet another committee.

    Mr Abbott did not go into detail about how he would tackle entrenched problems in remote communities. But some possibilities were floated, such as employing truancy officers to fine parents when children skip school, rather than the current welfare quarantine scheme.

    He also flagged lifting incentives for teachers and health professionals to work in Indigenous communities and making it easier for Aboriginal people on missions to buy their own house.

    The Opposition Leader said he was aware the Coalition’s track record on Indigenous affairs would cause for suspicion for some, and distanced himself from John Howard, who he served as health minister in the last Coalition government.

    “I think it was a pity that as a government we got hung up on that word, ‘sorry’,” he told the audience.

    “John (Howard) was of a generation… where perhaps Indigenous people were not valued as in different circumstances and different times.”

  11. Just wondering why the Author wants Abbott to show MORE respect to homo couples than to Abo”s?

    Would you want Abbott to show less respect….??

  12. Tony Abbott on Aboriginal issues..such is Tones “understanding”…

    There may not be a great job for them but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done’.

  13. By the way Mundine has mentioned the Aboriginal land ownership needs to be visited, which I believe is another throwback to Howard.

    They want Aboriginals to take up individual land and house ownership as is done for the general Australian and Western populations.

    No matter how they frame it, it’s a big step to integration.

    Who will be the ones to benefit from owning and selling parcels of land and houses?

    House ownership is working really well in the general society, not. Ownership is more and more being sold into to the hands of fewer individuals who can make large amounts of money from development, rents and speculation whereas in the rest of society owning a home has become a pipe dream that will never be in reach.

    Who can forget Mal Brough’s conflict of interest in Tiwi Island development he sought to make profit from.

    The township of Nguiu, on the Tiwis’ western-most Bathurst Island, was the only community that signed up to Mr Brough’s 99-year lease arrangements during his tenure as minister. The lease means Nguiu has effectively become public land, with no permit required to enter. Locals can now look to buy their own homes – and outsiders can scope the town for business opportunities.

  14. Mobius, true enough..the thing which Abbott will never promise is to put his money where his mouth is. He will never promise that every indigenous child will have a minimum of 10 years of Australia-class schooling, he will never promise that every community have once a week garbage collection, he will never promise free dental for Aboriginal communities.

    However he will promise to take the children, to punish the adults but he will never promise that one single solitary additional text book be placed in front of any indigenous child.

  15. Migs, can explain it far better than I but I believe that for many indigenous communities it is simply not possible to buy/sell the land because it is owned by all..or rather, not owned by any. I know from my own TSI daughter in law that the shell fish belong to the women but other things belong to the men. It’s not X parcel of land with the shellfish..it’s simply not divided up that way.

  16. I assume he is heading north 8/9. Hope they have good communications,like high speed broadband, so he can carry out all the other things he has promised to do on the first day.

  17. Wazza you are a disgusting racist maggot and perhaps you may like to educate yourself on rape. You think whitey is superior and has a clean slate, then think again you piece of garbage.

  18. Seems appropriate given Tony’s false persona, fake Twitter followers to go with it. Honestly, Abbott simply does not get it..his effort to enter the new media is to fake followers..Abbott’s “followers” increased by 70,000 in less than 24 hours. 🙄

    Even with the inflated numbers Mr Abbott, who has 188,000 followers, still lags behind Mr Rudd, who was 1.4 million people following his tweets.


  19. The LIb mob are going at it full bore, just had my second letter. First full of links Facebook etc etc, inviting me to be a part of the game. The second from the younger Bishop, telling me how great Tony is.

    One would believe that the debate is on.

    Suspect it will be a fizzer anyway. Too many restrictions from both sides.

    It seems that it is going to be in the format of the Bishop. Carr effort. A little boring, and restrictive.

  20. I would advise Rudd to be clear and concise. Ignore Abbott and concentrate on getting the message out.

    I suspect that Turnbull believes this will happen. That accounts for his comment today, that Rudd is good at debating with himself, and that Abbott may as well stay home.

    Rudd has plenty to sell, mostly thanks for Gillard, all he has to do, is get on with the job. It is time for Rudd to be the statesman, that rises above Abbott’s noise.

    Abbott is not so lucky, all he has is his slogans and motherhood statements. He has been in this mode for so long, all he has to say is stale. I will be very surprised if he comes up with anything new.

  21. “Just wondering why the Author wants Abbott to show MORE respect to homo couples than to Abo”s?”

    Where was that said. I read it, as showing the same respect. Is going on a camping holiday, bludging off people, showing respect. Who invites him,. Why go to the same area every year.

    If he is elected, his job will be in Canberra, not going bush. It is a stupid promise that means little.

  22. The kids have already been with him. In fact, I find the comments insulting and unnecessary. Suggest they be deleted.
    They add nothing to the post.

  23. Heard Kevin on the TV speaking in Queanbeyan today ums and ha’s all over the place, the worst I have heard him speak for a very long time, hope he gets sorted out by tonight. I shall record the debate as other duties call.

  24. Kaye, you ignore what he said about land rights, and the p

    He Said plenty, if one remembers back to the early days of Howard and their fight against Indigenous Land Rights. I suspect that is why many of the faces present looked confused and gave each other funny looks. Maybe the promise to go there straight after the election for a week, was a way of diverting attention from what he really was saying.

    If so, it worked.

  25. A shrink because no one could be that freaking delusional and unhinged. A visit to the local straight jacket company.

  26. what component of tax -payers monies is paid to Abbott on his excursions to these settlements it has been well documented that Abbott makes money on so called charity excursions– turning them into “Abbott’s A Good Bloke” Pr trips –costing the tax payers in the end– thousands of living away from home and travelling dollars–to and from remote venus plus up to $350 overnight accomodation claims made back on the public purse

  27. My cynicism of Abbotts motives are confirmed when consistently his visits in the NT are to Hermansburg Lutheran, Santa Theresa Catholics and Tiwi Catholics. Abbott is using the religion connection of these generally accepting and warm people to get his foot in the door. It is a most cynical use of religion against the dis-empowered i have ever seen. Precedent would be from 100 years previously and for entirely different motives.
    Abbott is the uncle tom of religious imperialism. For what purpose? To get their vote only. All promises made now will after the election (if he is successful) become non core and instead the intervention will become more draconian. Stunt boy and his photo ops courtesy of a captive backdrop, to kind and caring for etiquette, to tell him to fuck off. His comments from some time ago on aboriginality can be found here.


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