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Briefly, I felt embarrassed for Tony Abbott. It didn’t go well for him. He huffed and puffed and chucked in a couple of lies that were not questioned, ie, the use of the word ‘illegal’ when describing boat people and his claim that the Opposition’s broadband policy would cost $60B less than the Government’s NBN.

Embarrassment turned to disgust when he let out his sarcastic laugh about what Kevin Rudd said during his 2007 debate with John Howard.

I also tired of the pink batts, stop the carbon tax and stop the boats slogans. I also think he lost the plot when he blamed Kevin Rudd for killing the mining boom.

He performed poorly. But I expected no better.

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  1. It pretty much went as I expected. Rudd had all his facts and figures there to present and good old Abbort just trotted out the same dribble he always does. Yep the charming liar was almost at the stage of losing it as he can’t contain himself for much longer than a nanosecond.

  2. Abbott was much more than I expected. It appears the message that Rudd might of got across, the carbon tax is working.

  3. Intellectually – Rudd won.
    Emotionally – Abbott won.

    Emotions tend to have more weight in the larger population. Therefore Abbott won.

    Body language, Abbott looked more relaxed otherwise their behaviour was near identical. Smoothest I’ve seen him in a live performance too.

    Apparently the WORMs if averaged out come out something like 54-45 to Abbott too.

  4. WOW I agree with Laurie Oakes, Tony Abbott once again Never offered any details of His Promises, His answer on Gay Marriage was weak telling us it will be discussed After the Election, Saying he is Going to Fix the Gateway Bridge In Brisbane , The Second Bridge Has Been up and running for Over 12 months, His Broadband is out of Date NOW and offers Nothing to the Future, His turn Back the Boats answer was rubbish, But Lets wait and See how the Murdoch press report it. Any Bets on How they will Tell us how good Tony was .

  5. The $60 billion saving on the NBN (given that its total cost is only $37.4 billion) is obviously where Abbott is going to find his “savings”.

  6. Wow what a surprise on Ch7. The worm just did not like Rudd.The male worm
    (do not know how you tell the sex of a worm) peaked at negative 84% against
    Rudd and was constantly at -60% plus when he spoke.
    Ch7 viewers voted 68% for Abbott to 32% Rudd on conclusion with 18,000 voters.
    Guess it summarises the Electorate quite well and certainly most different to the
    bias constantly shown here.

  7. MJ, is that money even included in the budget, I thought as time goes on, there is a return from money already spent. On top of that, there is NBN lite, that I believe will be treated the same as NBNCo when it came to the budget.

  8. You do know the differences in the systems used or are you cherry picking as usual?

    I’ll leave you with this statement on the 9 Ektas system, and think there are a huge election swinging amount of undecided voters out there.

    Ekas provided sample of undecided voters to Channel Nine was a good estimate of the true nature of undecided voters around the country, Tony Abbott is in deep shit.

  9. Well then if Neil gives it to Abbott that’s it, election is over for Rudd. I mean when you have impartial commentators like Speers and NoS calling it then it must be correct.

  10. When talking about the schoolkids bonus Tony Abbott said “We can’t afford it at this time” but apparently we can afford to pay women of calibre 3 grand a week to stay home with their babies.

    On aged care all Abbott could come up with was “We will reduce the paperwork.” ummmm yeah great plan, that should solve the problem…NOT!

    In speaking on carbon pricing he said that “There is no way that other countries are moving towards carbon pricing. The trend is all the other way.” What planet does this guy live on?

    Abbott also said “Yes revenues are under pressure, no doubt about that” yet his catch cry has always been it’s not a revenue problem it’s a spending problem.

    I think they were discussing productivity when Abbott said “And what do we get, another committee”. I pert near choked as that is ALL he has proposed for his first term, committees and green papers and white papers and reviews.

    Abbott tried the stability theme saying that Labor had been all over the shop changing their policies. He said “We have had the same plan now for three years.” Conski anyone? Election funding, local council referendum? You don’t have the same plan for a week let alone three years Tony. And if you HAVE had the same plan for three years SURELY you have worked out how much it will cost?

    I don’t understand this costing argument. Why does he need PEFO to tell us what his policies will cost and what savings he will make to pay for them. The only thing that PEFO will provide is a starting point and projections for the future which Tony and Joe don’t believe anyway. Just tell me we will spend this much and on what and we will save this much and how. I don’t need to know surplus or deficit predictions.

    My assessment, Tony did his thing and possibly better than I expected him to. I noticed him glance quickly into the audience a couple of times. I had a vision of Peta sending signals like baseball catchers do. After all, there isn’t that much to remember about Coalition mantra. Excuse 15 Tone, make eye contact, and then do an underlining hand gesture. PS Try to stop the lizard tongue from darting out all the time, it’s kinda creepy.

  11. HOw anyone could give points to Abbot with his lies, slogans and evasiveness. Unbelievable the conniving smarmyiness of that man.

  12. From an impartial perspective, there were no discernable qualities of leadership that Australia so desperately needs, in either of the contestants. Posturing and showboating are no substitute for clear vision and purpose.

  13. Kevin needs a good makeover , he looked tired, very worried and as though
    he should be taking the rest of the month off.
    Maybe thats why he had notes.

  14. Correct F/U. The NBN’s not on the books, special bonds issue.

    It’s effectively a nationalised enterprise (until the govt flogs it).

    Sennex and I would agree I think that the bonds aren’t even necessary as the govt as monopoly issuer of the currency can just pay for it. But it probably keeps the bond market happy. Plus there’s a shortage of government securities for the new banking regulations, in spite of the HUGE DEBT.

  15. Still, as most of the states are now Coalition, the call could come from them. In fact if the Feds turned off funds to the states, they might have no choice in doing so,

    There is more than one way to skin a cat.

  16. Sorry, I cannot get the picture to show. Do not know if it is my computer or wordpress It says it all. Much better than Latham’s effort. Still one could say, they are alike,.

  17. Financial Review “Kevin Rudd has kept alive his election hopes with a hard-fought debate against Tony Abbott in which neither leader landed a knockout blow but Mr Rudd was the chosen winner by undecided voters.”

    The Age “Tony Abbott has branded Kevin Rudd’s claim of a $70 billion shortfall in his election platform as ”simply a fantasy” but refused to say how he would replace billions of dollars in revenue forgone by scrapping a slew of Labor taxes.”

    SMH “A contest that was light on new ideas and real answers ended in either a draw or a narrow win to Abbott, not least because Rudd appeared to be referring to notes on more than two occasions.”

  18. My fav bit of the night, apart from Tony’s ‘never ever’ GST routine, was the bit at the end of Tones ‘final say’…. he looks down the camera and try’s his Churchillian best to ‘do’ the statesmen thingy, ……you know 🙄 …, what he’s been practising in the mirror for days now….. 😆
    ……. and ‘just say’n, and I know it’s wrong,it’s about policy not personalities 😯 but I couldn’t help seeing Abbott as Gollum through the whole debatable, he did the lip lick thingy and all …..and in the background I could have sworn I heard “My precious, my precious”, but then again that could of been coming from ‘the Bishop’…… ewww 😀

  19. $70 billion fantasy another Abbott whopping lie. That’s their own reckoning on the brain farts and populism promises made by Abbott.

    Yet again as Abbott told some whoppers in the debate that have been called out we see the right wingers who have been so concerned about honesty now being mute on Abbott’s lies.

  20. “Never ever GST”. What a laugh when Abbott only a few weeks ago, and it’s on a front page, said it was on the table.

    Another back flip with thud and another whopping lie.

  21. Abbott was writing notes himself…. thats what one does in a debate… write down points as the ‘other’ speaks…. the Murdoch club has been saying this ad nauseam since the debatable… but as per, they missed Tony doing same…. go figure 🙄

  22. Reports Liberals flooding social media again this time with Abbott winning. Zombie trolls working over time, but then again Liberals don’t believe in penalty rates.

  23. Yes, Abbott did badly, Michael.

    He seemed ill-prepared, even allowing for the disadvantage of being in opposition, and thus unable to point to actions already taken. He missed a brilliant opportunity to let us know what his government would look like. Maybe that’s why his content was so poor!


  24. I found Abbott terribly uncomfortable and very stilted, almost child like. He hasn’t got good communications skills at all. Seems like he has everything off rote, what he is told to say. I suspect he is permanently incompetent. Too much addiction to adrenaline and sport perhaps. And the tricky little point the finger at the end was a shocker
    In fact I almost felt sorry for the guy. Maybe that is what is going. He is manipulating everyone to feel sorry for him and some sort of weird “look at me”, “look at me” lure. May be it wasn’t as bad as I think, but tell you what it was pretty bad. Thanks for posting the results. Channel 7 watchers must have a sick worm. LOL

  25. Tony Abbott isn’t alone in the belief that the GST can only be changed with agreement from the states. It appears to be a common view. The agreement between the federal government and the states and territories is more a political lock-in mechanism than a binding document. There is no compulsion under law or the constitution. And in the case of the constitution, the reverse is true; the federal parliament cannot be forced to seek approval from another party before creating legislation. The agreement is only as good as the political party with the numbers on the floor of parliament. As unlikely as it is, and despite the potential political damage, the federal parliament can legislate to change the GST without agreement from the states and territories.

    Which makes Abbott either:

    a. Culpable – (Knowingly telling a Lie)
    b. Incompetent – (Thinks what he is saying is true)

  26. My impression of Tony Abbott’s performance, the level of body language, is that I was uncomfortable with him. There was something disconcerting about his look into the camera. Kevin Rudd came across as less pent-up aggressive and more affable. Others are better at reading body language.

    As for content, we did get the opportunity for a critical appraisal of policy. Perhaps bias is a factor, and it may be easier for the PM in these circumstances. Obviously, it is good politics for both present talking points, hot button issues, rather than detailed policy discussion.

    The debate format seems to me to fundamentally flawed. The format is either too short, or it is not sufficiently focused. There was no opportunity allowed for refutation. The presence of other parties, so as to include perhaps on a rotating basis, The Greens, Bob Katter, Wikileaks and so forth, may be beneficial.

    Are there significant differences between the major parties on economic policy, or other issues, such as, “stopping the boats”? We mug punters need to know these things.

  27. Rudd was mediocre, but Abbott was wooden, especially towards the end. Abbott’s pointing to the camera at the end was extremely bad acting and just pathetic.

    Apart from Rudd’s promise to put legislation forward with 100 days on marriage equality, there was nothing new in the debate.

    Abbott should have spent the day studying rather than walking a marathon. All that walking has not sharpened his mind. there was still too much negativity in Abbott’s answers.

    I didn’t like Abbott’s promise to get rid of “green tape.” That sounds against the public interest to me.

    I give Rudd 7/10 and Abbott 3/10.

  28. I found the whole thing uninspiring but I think it was more due to the procedure which seemed to be both of them debating Speers rather than each other.. Still the worm provided the usual entertainment, partisan to the end. Laughed at BoltA’s comments where his fans managed the reactor, real time blog comments to their fearless leader all while listening to the debate – oh, and commentary to BoltA on their estimation of the ‘worm’s bias’

  29. Abbott appears to be so worried about all the paperwork those poor people in Aged Care have to cope with and he’s going to fix that. Labor already has that problem well in hand Abbott. It’s called the NBN.

  30. I didn’t enjoy the debate?? one little bit. When you have people like Speers, Harcher and Bensom controlling it I tend to turn off because they are so anti Labor. But overall I though Kevin Rudd, although he looked very tired, certainly had the better of Abbott who could not help himself being negative. We have heard the same old blahblah blah from Abbott for the past three years, nothing new only the oneBIG LIE that the GST is off the table. Howard said this a few years ago and look what happened.

  31. Tony Abbott has branded Kevin Rudd’s claim of a $70 billion shortfall in his election platform as ”simply a fantasy” but refused to say how he would replace billions of dollars in revenue forgone by scrapping a slew of Labor taxes.

    So Abbott has “refused to say”, while that isn’t an unusual event perhaps we can help him out..it simply has to be the lie about the GST being off the table.

    Any other ideas?

    Tony has previously said he will “cut the waste” but so far we have only one item on that particular table, that being less paperwork relating to people in Aged Care. I wonder which paperwork that might be – perhaps it’s the paperwork which ensures that the elderly receive medical attention in a timely manner, or perhaps it’s the paperwork which ensures that they receive a minimum of 3 meals a day.


  32. At least half of Abbott’s opening speech, I had heard from him in a presser a day or so before. 😯

    He’s got nothin’!

    and reinforced that fact with his answers… or lack thereof! 🙄

    Cheers 😀

  33. Others have commented about Abbott’s “Uncle Sam Wants You” gesture at the end.

    He must be watching the replay and cringing.

    Who on earth put him up to that !

    Or maybe it was all his own work…

  34. ‘ if you are real you dont need a road map of previous dishonesty’
    Probably sums up Kevin Rudd well , as for his New Way .
    It looks much like the Old Way with everything he touches and how it suits him.
    Shuffling Candidates , doing Captains picks , why sack the guy in Hotham.
    Incompetence its been around for years what had happened, Rudd must hate him.
    Bookies odds are changing quite quickly.

  35. Interesting people here said Laurie Oakes gave it to Rudd. Ive read on other forums Lieberals say Oakes gave it to Abbott. I thought Rudd went ok, but him and the media could have done more to pin Abbott down on where the money is coming from and what cuts he would be making. Abbott was allowed to dodge the question a few times and not answer about the money OR the cuts.

  36. @Voyager

    Ch7 viewers voted 68% for Abbott to 32% Rudd on conclusion with 18,000 voters. Guess it summarises the Electorate quite well and certainly most different to the bias constantly shown here.

    Really? Why leave out the rest of the channels?

    Channel 7 – Rudd: 28% / Abbott: 72%

    Channel 9 – Rudd: 59% / Abbott: 41%

    Channel 10 – Rudd: 61% / Abbott: 39%

    ABC – Rudd: 71% / Abbott: 29%

  37. http://tinyurl.com/lvnnxgm

    The final handshake between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott after tonight’s leaders’ debate: Rudd displayed an ‘authoritative handshake advantage’ here.

    Here’s Abbott’s handshake, which I’ve raised before and got lambasted for pointing out his body language failure. David Alssema an expert in body language agrees with me.

    It would not bode well if Abbott were to handshake like this with a foreign leader.

    It’s just another area, and though not the most important, that proves Abbott is not credible in any of the aspects required for leadership. He’s only in the position he’s in because he’s being propped up by faceless men and the MSM, he could never manage even the pretence of leadership without those props controlling him.

  38. Shuffling Candidates , doing Captains picks

    Interesting that Murdochs ltd news banged on about Rudd and Beattie hating each other and you think Rudd made this decision solely? A captains pick?

  39. Also Bob Channel 7 did a world first and had an app that allowed those with the App to influence the worm live. It seems the Liberal astroturfers flooded the voting, which is one of the reasons Channel 7 is so out of whack with the others.

    Channel 7 attempted to infer legitimacy this morning playing up how bad it was for Rudd whilst not mentioning any of the other contradictory to theirs live polls, and as O’Reilly couldn’t come up with any lucid reason as to why Abbott was better said he thought Abbott won because he showed up and wasn’t as bad as he thought he was going to be.

    I think this argument for Abbott has been used in past debates where Abbott hasn’t done well, yet hasn’t done terribly either. He wins because he doesn’t do as bad as they expect him to. His opponent loses because they do OK, better than Abbott, but not incredibly super human better, and that’s what they have to do to beat Abbott apparently.

  40. The Beattie pick is quite extraordinary and extreme high risk.
    Does anyone know what the internal polling was saying. One can but guess
    it was so so bad that in a desperate measure this course was chosen.
    It is very flawed in light of Rudds power to the members platforms of change.

    Beattie name is a bad brand in Qld , Heather foud out recently in Council Elections . She stood in Labor held seat and experienced an almost 10% swing against herWill this be repeated in Forde?

  41. Shorter VOYAGER on off topic Beattie post.

    “Quick look over there away from my inane earlier post and the failure of my beloved Abbott in a debate.”

  42. The Beattie pick is quite extraordinary and extreme high risk.

    So was it Rudds choice, captains pick as you said, or it came from elsewhere?

    Does anyone know what the internal polling was saying.

    41% Des Hardman. 50% Beattie.

    Beattie name is a bad brand in Qld

    Among right wingers….yes. For everyone else, he is well respected. But then again, would Liberals say anyone from ALP was good?

  43. Did anyone see the shit eating grin Abbott had towards the end of the debate? Endearing to a halfwit I’m sure.

  44. Rudd by a huge country mile. Factual, intelligent answers and a little nerdy.

    Abbott, thuggish, three word slogans, lacked detail hence the appeal to Ch7 viewers.

  45. Not much inspiring from either of them. Why wasn’t it a three way debate with Christine Milne there to stand up for everybody that cares?
    With the leader of the Greens there we would have got honest answers backed by policies that actually cares for the future of our land, today’s people and tomorrows children.

  46. Yes, Abbott does know that the GST can be changed at any time. Has been told so before. Maybe he is relying on Brandis legal opinion. That is a dangerous thing to do. Abbott now on, with his slogans, in that voice that talks down to one.

    “..Again, this agreement says the GST rate cannot be changed without three things happening: the unanimous support of the state and territory Governments; the endorsement by the Commonwealth Government of the day; and the passage of relevant legislation by both houses of the federal parliament.

    We then asked legal experts what this means in the real world. Can federal parliament be bound by such an agreement? Can’t all legislation be changed as long as the government of the day has the numbers in parliament to make changes?

    Barrister and academic Professor George Williams of the University of NSW says there is no legally enforceable way to require a future parliament to gain the approval of the states and territories.

    “The rate of a GST could be changed by an ordinary act of the parliament,” he says.

    This doesn’t mean the agreement, even if it can be overridden by legislating, has no value.

    “In a politically contentious area such as taxation, future governments may not be prepared to
    breach convention, and may seek the agreement of the states and territories before initiating a change to the GST rate,” Williams says.

    However, he says a change to the constitution would be the only way to ‘lock-in’ the GST rate. Currently the constitution gives parliament power to create legislation and it can’t vest this power in anyone else, including the states.

    (For the record, Williams unsuccessfully stood for ALP preselection in 2010 for the federal seat of Fraser.)….”

    “…..Constitutional law expert and academic Professor Anne Twomey of the University of Sydney says the GST was enacted by ordinary legislation under the ordinary taxation power and can be amended by majorities in the parliament regardless of what the states say.

    She says the parliament does not have the constitutional power to limit or abdicate its power by saying that such an act can only be changed if someone else, such as the states, agrees.

    “It is quite wrong for politicians to say that the commonwealth parliament can’t change the GST rate or base without the agreement of the states or can’t abolish it or otherwise change it,” she says.

    “Doing so would breach an agreement with the states, but this is a political agreement, not a legally binding contract.”

    What about the premiers and chief ministers of states and territories who signed the GST agreement with the federal government?

    Kate Carnell, who was chief minister of the ACT when the agreement was struck, said the states and territories knew then what the constitution says about the federal government and raising taxes.

    “We all knew it wasn’t legally enforceable,” she said. “It’s not the law but the view was that it would be incredibly difficult politically for the federal government to unilaterally go ahead and increase the GST. It would create a level of distrust between the states and territories that would be difficult to solve. You may have have noticed that the states and territories, and the federal government have low levels of trust when it comes to money.”

    Our ruling

    Tony Abbott isn’t alone in the belief that the GST can only be changed with agreement from the states. It appears to be a common view. The agreement between the federal government and the states and territories is more a political lock-in mechanism than a binding document. There is no compulsion under law or the constitution. And in the case of the constitution, the reverse is true; the federal parliament cannot be forced to seek approval from another party before creating legislation. The agreement is only as good as the political party with the numbers on the floor of parliament. As unlikely as it is, and despite the potential political damage, the federal parliament can legislate to change the GST without agreement from the states and territories.

    We rate this as Mostly False.


  47. Rudd does not seem to be in favour of the town hall debates. That is good. I like the ide of going down the USA route, where candidates are questioned by the media, from all sides. Yes ones that have dedicated themes, such as the economy. Yes, in depth questioning is badly needed. That does not happen in town hall type events.

    If not that, at least one appearance of them together, and apart on Q and A.

    One does miss Gillard, and her ability to be across all subjects. That was missing last night.

    Abbott pledges to rebuild Australia’s network. He wants to be remembered as the Infrastructure PM. Is roads really the biggest problem we face. Is more roads the answerer. Abbott has been on twice this morning. Nothing better than seeing new roads under way. Going to make annual infrastructure statement to the parliament.

    It is a pity that Gillard did not do that. It would be a lengthy document indeed.

    No matter what Abbott says, he has just pick up his 2010 campaign against Gillard and run with it. Very little new in what Abbott is proposing.

  48. Singleton is backing a team to run in the seats of Robertson and Dobell. Wonder if that is for the Liberal Party. Supposed to be independents,

    Says to me, Abbott is not traveling well here. Last week we had Howard, in full flight.

    If the polls are correct, these two seats should be a walk over for Abbott.

  49. I know what was missing with Abbott. He did not have the blue pamphlet, clutched to his chest. It appears one of the rules was no props. It appears that Rudd though notes were OK, as it was not a prop.

    Personally, I like candidates to be prepared with some figures when giving answers. Better than the slogan and spiel that comes out of the mouth of Abbott. Never any figures or facts with that man,. Would mean he would have to do some reading, even if it is only what is prepared by Peta.

    Heath Minister now on, Still talks sense, unlike her shadow, Mr. Hunt.

  50. There was an interesting programme on last night, just before midnight, on ABC News radio, from the BBC world news. It talk about how we are dealing with asylum seekers. It did not make one proud to listen, but summed up where we are better than most. Will try to find a copy.

  51. Does one get the impression, that when we look at Rudd and Abbott, we are getting similar types of politicians, as future PM. Yes, even at his worse, Rudd runs rings around Abbott, but I do miss our previous PM who could stand there and answer all that is aimed at her, without a pause of note in site.

    Neither of these men are on top of all, as she was.

    Rudd has a wonderful record to sell. Time he got out and done it.

    Wonder if Abbott sees NBNCo as being one of our essential and urgent infrastructure that is already being put in place. If he wants to be seen as infrastructure PM, this needs to be top of the list. Yes, it needs to be to the home and only fibre.

    I wonder how Abbott places education in that infrastructure dream of his. If so, he will be ensuring that Gonski in full, is put in place.

    What infrastructure, do readers out there, want to see Abbott concentrate on.

  52. Love it. Rudd said he cannot see what is wrong with having facts and figures to hand. Said there is a limited to how many three words slogans, one can write on their palms.

    Might not have done so well last night, but is making up for it now.,

  53. Hockey back to defending the FBT cheats. Wonder if the extra 500 that Gillard and Swan added to the taxation department, will be the first to go under Abbott. Cannot have cheats being punish, can we.

    Mr. Hockey, we really need to examine the tax system, and if needed bring in new revenue outlets. Cutting taxes is fools endeavour, and nothing more.
    Mr. Hockey, most cars bought under the FBT are imported. I suspect would not harm Holden and Toyota that much.

    Hockey still talking the economy down. Mr. Hockey, using your words, that is not good enough.

    Mr. Hockey, it is time to move on from the slogans and motherhood talk, and give us the details about how you are going to bring your golden age about. Yes, it is details we yearn for..

  54. Is it true, that Abbott is taking 70000 twitter accounts off, that someone bought for him.

    The rules said last night that one was allowed to bring a notebook and pen. I do not know if it stated that the notebook had to be blank.

    Rudd suggested that Abbott notes on his palm. Would not surprise me.

    I suspect Abbott has studied lip reading, so he can read Pets’a lips. That could explain why he kept peering into the audience. Then, that cannot be true, as he did not have his glasses in, as he does not wear them because of vanity.

    What I have written, is mainly dribble, but far superior of what is written about Rudd, by the Opposition and MSM.

    Hockey is going to allow the cheats under FBT to continue. It is not a big new tax. The legislation has not been changed in any way. All that has occurred, that people prove they are obeying the rules, that the car be used for business.

    PEKO is coming out earlier than expected tomorrow. They had ten days, which would have been Thursday. Leaves Abbott in a worse position, in avoiding his figures.

  55. Is it just me, that one gets the feeling that Abbott presents like a ventriloquist dummy. .

    His wooden and slow manner of speaking, sounds like the words are coming from somewhere else. Ge never comes across as being natural,m except for when he is making nasty comments.

    We now have Scott Morrison on, continuing to destroy the PNG scheme. I am sure those smugglers clap every time they see him. I am sure they are viewing their computers in Indonesia, as we are.

  56. Morrison, as Burke said, if they go to Christmas Island or the Torres Straits, they all end up in the same place. Probably PNG or home.

    If they do try to enter Australia, I am sure they are going to be quickly picked up.

  57. News flash.
    We are going to be invaded by asylum seekers through the Torres Straits. Talk about scare politics.

    Morrison and Brandis, do indeed sound desperate. It appears there have been four. If so, they have obviously picked up.

  58. You beat me to it Bacchus with the map.

    Fed up I for one love your daily ‘dribble’, please keep it up!!!!

  59. So the rules said “NO NOTES” Kevin thinks there is nothing wrong with breaking the rules, that must also include telling the truth!

  60. Didn’t watch it as had better things to do. It seems that the moderate commentators reckon it was a draw.

    Seems that Rudd broke the rules of no notes and props…cheating in any fair person’s mind but obviously not here unless Abbott cheats. Says it all about you barrackers. Ethically challenged!

  61. If so, then why did Abbott not lodge an objection at the time? Why did it take Abbott’s media mates to draw everyone’s attention to this? Surely David Speers could have reminded Rudd? And was it a set up, just the same as Gillard was set up during one of the town hall meetings?

  62. …and especially WHY is this now receiving so much media attention instead of the merit or otherwise of the leaders’ ideas…

  63. Fed up and,

    News flash.
    We are going to be invaded by asylum seekers through the Torres Straits.

    I wonder how this could suddenly happen..might Abbott be planning to cut serious funding from the Navy and Customs?

  64. You do know Chris Townley that Abbott also broke the rule during a debate with Gillard but not a single protest from the right wingers or media then.


  65. Wonder what you think of the Liberals paying to flood social media Chris Townley, and also buying Twitter and Facebook hits for Abbott and the Liberals?

  66. What I just saw on TV encapsulates everything that’s wrong with the media today.

    Channel 7 spruiking their live poll stated how it favoured Abbott by a long margin, but online it’s been pointed out to them that the other live polls were the opposite to theirs, so in the ticker they had, Channel 7 poll has Abbott winning by a large margin but other live polls were less certain and had the margin closer with no clear winner.

    What the fuck, really, 59:41 to Rudd, 61:39 to Rudd and 71:29 to Rudd isn’t a clear win?

    This is Channel 7 blatantly lying to attempt to hoodwink their viewers that 7’s poll is superior because it was clear cut and certain whereas the others were supposedly unreliable.

    It’s what the media has become in this country, a bunch of second rate operators always attempting the one up and gotcha no matter how underhanded and dishonest they have to go to do it.

    No wonder they are dying and are so scared of the NBN.

  67. Rather than a panel of journalists asking the questions with David (Skynews) Speers running the debate, how about we have a panel of experts asking the questions. Perhaps climate change, or NBN, or education, or health professionals, or Aborigines, or refugee advocates, or economists or people who know what they are talking about. Maybe a Q&A format?

  68. Oh dear, someone cites TV polls as a credible source of the mood of the swinging voters?

    I doubt that the bulk ever bothered to watch. Just grist for the chattering classes.

  69. scaper every single comment from you that I have ever read has been about polls. Glad you have realised that your IPA can’t just hope to waltz in without telling us what they are going to do.

  70. And what a success this has been..are we debating the merit or otherwise of the leaders’ ideas. No, of course we’re not..we’re debating polls and stray pieces of paper.. Which is of course exactly what Abbott wants. If you cannot compete on one playing field, then you make the play move to a playing field of your own choice.

  71. I know what is on the agenda if the Libs get in. When the polls were bad for Gillard most here thought they were rigged and funnily enough, when Rudd got in all of a sudden you people were spruiking them.

    Conspiracy theories are the domain of internet nutjobs. The NBN/Murdoch conspiracy was so far out there but you believe it.

  72. Conspiracy theories are the domain of internet nutjobs.

    Interesting. What do you think about human induced climate change, or anthropogenic global warming?

  73. Someone has picked up that Abbott is punch drunk suffering from Dementia Puilistica. I checked out the symptoms.

    ” The condition, which occurs in boxers having suffered repeated blows to the head, manifests as dementia , or declining mental ability, problems with memory, and Parkinsonism, or tremors and lack of coordination.[2]It can also cause speech problems [2]and an unsteady gait. Patients with DP may be prone to inappropriate or explosive behavior and may display pathological jealousyor paranoia .[2]Individuals displaying these symptoms also can be characterized as “punchy”, another term for a person suffering from DP Sufferers may be treated with drugs used for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism.[6] .

    On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 9:12 AM, “Caf Whispers” wrote:

    > ** > Kaye Lee commented: “I would like to hear scaper’s views on Agenda 21 > too (snort).”

  74. Agenda 21? Up there with the moon landings were faked and 911 was an inside job.

    So lefties, care to share your views on those topics? This should be interesting.

  75. Professional debaters know that if you break the rules then you are disqualified.

    I see that Rudd who was hectoring Abbott because he would not debate until an election is called is squibbing a peoples’ forum debate. Chicken Kev!

  76. I was embarassed listening to Abbott, stopping and stalling and err-ahhing his way through like an over grown kid with only one tactic, bullying and bluster. And the pointy finger number at the end was really weird.

    Kevin Rudd was a lot more reassuring and convincing. Did notice Rudd was somewhat reticent to focus too much on Abbott. Don’t blame him. He’s too disturbing. Might get his disease LOL. I thought the more accomplished and knowledgable Rudd easily won.

    Mind you if Julia Gillard was still PM, she probably would have demolished Abbott well and truly. Sigh!

  77. HEATHER, that’s because Dudd was reading from preprepared speeches in front of him, watch the closing statements of both Dudd and Abbott and you will see Abbott looking at the camera speaking and you will see Dudd looking down in front of himself reading. Dudd said he was unaware he couldn’t use notes what a liar, they all knew and I even knew.

  78. Dudd during the debate promised to run a positive campaign, the first Labor advert is all focused on negativity, more lies from Dudd to the gullible

  79. The first ads I’ve seen from Labor have been positive and yesterday I saw the first negative one from them.

    You being selective there Wazza?

  80. Wonder if Abbott’s daughters have sore necks when they go to bed each night, with all the neck nodding they do,

    I suspect that Gillard got it right, when Abbott announced his white paper for developing the north. I suspect she has already given the same short shift to Rudd’s announcements.

    It appears that in the past, the government was told that any investment on the Ord river would not lead to little or no economic return.

  81. Do you ever get anything right???

    Abbott did not announce anything, it was an internal coalition discussion paper that was leaked six months ago!

  82. scaper, once again I have to bow to your superior knowledge.

    That leaves me really confused,m as Abbott this afternoon, accused Rudd of pinching the policy he release earlier in the year.

  83. So MÖBIUS, you say that’s you’ve seen negative adds from Labor, didn’t Dudd PROMISE not to do that during the debate, that PROMISE lasted a long time didn’t it……and what’s this rubbish about the debate with Julia, is that what’s called grasping at straws?

  84. Oh, for the AUTHOR, the term ILLEGAL is not a lie its the correct term to describe illegal arrivals by boats, that’s according to Article 31(1) of the UN Refugee Convention.

    “The Contracting States shall not impose penalties, on account of their illegal entry or presence, on refugees who, coming directly from a territory where their life or freedom was threatened in the sense of article 1, enter or are present in their territory without authorization, provided they present themselves without delay to the authorities and show good cause for their illegal entry or presence. (Article 31, (1))

    The key words being COMING DIRECTLY FROM A TERRITORY WHERE THEIR LIFE OR FREEDOM WAS THREATENED, they are coming from Indonesia where they are safe and there is a UNHRC office.

  85. How is asking Abbott what his policies are, what are the details and costings, be seen as being negative.

    That is alll the Labor ads do.

  86. What about Abbott’s big lie tonight on 7.30. One he kept repeating for emphasis. The one where he said he cannot change the GST without the states agreement. This is a lie, he knows it is a lie.

    The GST is federal legislation, and can be rescinded or change anytime the federal; government wants to.

    There were many other lies, that one should also take on board, about education and health.

    One should be aware, that Abbott is still sticking to his beliefs that he had in 2007 for dismantling the hospital and school system, as we know it.

    Independent public schools, which evidence say does not work and community based committees to run public hospitals.

  87. Mr. Abbott also made a promised today in Tassie, to set up yet another level of bureaucracy call one shop stop or to supervise, the body that already supervises development in the state.
    For a man who is going to cut the PS, he is sure setting up Many new bodies.

  88. Abbott only has one ‘real’ policy…… and that policy is to re-continue the Howard sell off of Australia. (Its in their DNA)

  89. Do weathervanes bleed?
    When Tony Abbott chose to highlight his blood oath to rescind the Gillard government’s clean energy legislation on the first day of the election campaign it raised this question: do weathervanes bleed?

    I was reminded of Malcolm Turnbull’s irritation revealed a week after Abbott defeated him in a leadership ballot on 1 December 2009: “Tony himself has, in just four or five months, publicly advocated the blocking of the [emissions trading scheme], the passing of the ETS, the amending of the ETS and, if the amendments were satisfactory, passing it, and now the blocking of it. His only redeeming virtue in this remarkable lack of conviction is that every time he announced a new position to me he would preface it with “Mate, mate, I know I am a bit of a weathervane on this, but … ”.



  90. I wonder if Abbott told us some details and costing, would the so called negative ads disappear.

    came out with a superb, hard-hitting column this afternoon:

    “It’s not that “direct action” can’t work to reduce carbon emissions. It’s that the Coalition’s Direct Action plan – cobbled together in a couple months after Tony Abbott took the Liberal leadership and ditched the Coalition’s support for emissions trading – can’t work for the money that’s on the table.

    “And almost no one thinks it can. Not the business groups that have for years now been unsuccessfully seeking detail. Not academic experts who have studied the various sources of carbon abatement it proposes. And not anyone who has sought to model it.
    She calls Abbott out on his refusal to give detail. That’s the beginning of accountability journalism. More pleas.



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