It will not be Tony Abbott

John Lord’s Election Updates on The AIMN not only provide insightful reading but also attract a high degree of insightful comments. Kaye Lee provided one such comment in John’s latest election update which would make a great post in itself. Here’s what Kay said:

I also have struggled to find anything positive about the Liberal Party. Even as a debating technique, it is wise to know the Opposition’s strengths. I struggle to find anyone in the Shadow Ministry who I feel has the good of the nation as their prime goal.

I have never felt so strongly and it definitely stems from Tony Abbott. Malcolm at least believes in action on climate change. Judi Moylan is a woman for whom I have a great deal of respect but sadly she is retiring this year which leaves us with the likes of Michaelia Cash to lead the reasoned debate and considered appraisal required in the Senate.

What have Sophie Mirabella and Bronwyn Bishop contributed during their term as Shadow Ministers? Why don’t Peter Dutton and Christopher Pyne ever talk about health and education? What sort of welcome and assistance can asylum seekers expect from Scott Morrison? How good will Julie Bishop be in the sensitive discussions required in Foreign Affairs negotiations?

On policy, I have the choice between action on climate change or not. I have the choice between being hooked up to fast NBN or not. I have the choice between welfare for our most vulnerable or tax concessions for the wealthy and ‘economic zones’ for mining magnates. I have the choice between spending on urban rail or not. I have the choice between an equitable affordable PPL scheme or one that rewards the wealthy paid for by the poor. I have the choice between workplace health and safety standards and protection of workers rights or not. I have the choice between environmental assessments for mining, dredging, and water table protection or a one-stop-shop for developers. I have a choice between taxing mining companies on the extreme wealth they are accruing from my patrimony or not. I have a choice between cutting company tax or raising the Newstart allowance. I have a choice between the full Gonski funding or a very small percentage of it.

I have a choice about who will represent me to the world and if I have ANY say in that it will NOT be Tony Abbott!

Thank you, Kay.

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

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  1. I find Abbott scary, but those who sit behind him are terrifying.

    If people, as the polls seem to be going Abbott’s way, they deserve what they get.
    Pity all have to suffer.

  2. Very well said Kaye. I feel the same way. Lets keep Abbott where he is and that is Opposition leader. His party will get rid of him sooner or later. He will probably go mad on election night when he sees that Kevin Rudd has won the election. I hope no one gets hurt at the hands of Tony Abbott.

  3. The author or anyone here has no say in who will govern. The swing voters will determine the next government. By the looks of the polls, the swingers are favouring the coalition.

    Keep up the hope though…most amusing.

  4. Evidence for what???

    If you infer the polls then I suggest you look at the latest Nielson result of 52/48 in the coalition’s favour. But most interestingly, the Qld Galaxy Poll in favour of the coalition 56/44 with a Labor primary of 34%…the same as when Gillard was squatting in the Lodge.

    The Rudd boost for Qld will not eventuate, even with the destroyer of Qld (Beattie) being parachuted into Forde at the expense of the preselected candidate. Labor has to win seats in Qld to have any chance and it is looking like going the other way.

  5. scaper by all means get your information from polls, base your opinion on polls, and keep up to date with breaking news by how the polls are going. Don’t forget to check on that accurate predictor Newspoll which is part owned by News Ltd and published exclusively in the Murdoch owned Australian. Or Galaxy polls whose results are published in News Limited tabloid newspapers, including the Herald Sun, Courier-Mail and The Daily Telegraph

    The polls reported here typically have sample sizes in excess of 1,000 (though not always), with margins of error of approximately three per cent, and are mainly conducted using landlines.

    Whilst waiting for the next poll to tell you how to vote, you may find this article interesting reading on the side. Just some facts to fill in the time, though I know for many facts are kind of irrelevant and concentration doesn’t extend to reading beyond a headline.

  6. I have said many times that the Liberal party need a big clean out starting from the top and working down. Trouble with that is one wonders how many would be left to govern after the clean out. Even Malcolm lies about everything. They could get rid of that whole front bench because they are totally disgusting people. I can not bare to look at any of them. Never mind listening to their rantings. The fact is Tony has been chucking a 3 year long tantrum because he did not become PM. He has also been in Election mode for three years. Visiting everyone’s workplace but his own. No wonder he has not had time to form a decent Policy. Heaven help this country if they get in.

  7. So, the polls are being manipulated by the evil MSM, eh? Gee, I’ve never read that here before…especially when it was 50/50 a while back after Rudd knifed Gillard!

    Most Amusing.

  8. I must also point out that your assumption that I am not a swinging voter is presumptuous. I have always based my vote on policies and local candidates in the past but this time the leader of the party is having a large influence on my, and I suspect many other people’s, vote. Your attempt to disenfranchise me by saying I will not determine the outcome of the election is silly. Am I to assume that you will not be voting since your vote won’t be the decider and, that being the case, you will express no further opinion?

    And whilst on the subject of local candidates and preselection, I have my reservations about overriding the local Party members’ voting rights. It caused a great deal of consternation in the marginal seat of Robertson when Tony Abbott dictated that a woman who lived in his electorate who was on the State Executive be made the Liberal candidate denying local party members a vote.

    This was the online reaction from local Liberal Party members.

    “Robertson was denied a fair pre-selection because they knew that Darren Jameson would have won. Lucy Wicks lives in Warringah, Tony Abbott’s electorate…hmmm. Wicks nominated on Thursday and was rushed through NRC. Then the vote went to State Executive on Friday. The problem is that our leadership has shown no integrity in this issue. To fix the problem in Dobell, a problem of their own making, they take away the democratic rights of Robertson branch members. We will not stand for these tactics, there are 10 branches in Robertson – 10 branches with hundreds of unpaid foot soldiers who will walk away, let Head Office pay for the lot come the Election. Deb O’Neill will eat Lucy Wicks for breakfast, she’ll be sitting back just loving this.”

    “As a Central Coast Liberal and a past preselector I was shocked with this announcement. This person is an unknown to the local voters, the State Executive do not seem to be aware how parochial we are and the hard campaigner that the Labor incumbent is.
    We were successful with the candidates that we selected at the last State election why the sudden loss of faith in our judgement?”

  9. On the subject of poll manipulation, my reference to News Ltd’s involvement was more to show the quality of the publications that consider them newsworthy.

    And of COURSE polls are manipulated. Having been the subject/victim of many phone polls in recent times (living in a marginal seat), the opening questions determine whether your opinion will be recorded as they specify their target group. The language and nature of the questions limit your responses. The small size of the sample group makes extrapolation of results questionable. Only using land lines leaves out a whole demographic. Without a detailed analysis of the sampling methodology I find it hard to take them seriously.

    Polls can’t predict the future and usually only give an approximate view of what voters thought last weekend. At four of the past seven federal elections the party trailing months out from polling day has come back to win.

  10. the sad thing is so many Australians have bought the message of negativity

    The poor me I deserve more and you deserve less story that Abbott is selling.

    We are a nation divided and that is not a good thing

  11. That isn’t quite true that Labor has to win seats to retain government. Sophie Mirabella is in serious trouble in the previously safe seat of Indi where independent Cathy McGowan is getting a lot of support. And I cannot believe that the people of Bowman could possibly vote for that moronic Andrew Laming again though I don’t know the other candidates.

    Tony has ruled out the possibility of forming a minority government so if sufficient independents or Greens candidates get up then it will be see ya later Tony. It ain’t a done deal yet by any means.

  12. Oh puhlease…Labor started the gender war? You are obviously male. As just one very small example of the inequity that women face in Australian society, tampons and sanitary napkins are GST taxed as ‘luxury’ items. Condoms and lubricants are not. As one very BIG example, the treatment of our first female Prime Minister was a national disgrace which humiliated us on an international level.

  13. Gillard started the so called gender war with her Parliament rant and went over the top in her blue tie speech. It was the final straw that got her knifed.

    Your tampon/condom line is a long bow in regards to the failed gender war…looks like misandry from here.

  14. I will say this about Scaper, IT runs with the same mental defectiveness of the whole LNP campaign… a following of polls that are not accurate. Did Scaper know that the ABC social media polls has 500 000 responsdents across many seats, looking at at many areas of policy and the overall poll from week one election trail has Labour 57% LNP 35% and others 8% – it seems the coalition is losing ground way faster than the 1000 polsters are indicating

  15. It might be wise to add, Abbott wanted the debate at the Press club so he would get questions from the very media who supports him; he could not cope with a wider questioning regime. Once he lose this debate he will do no more, he will back away from them with many excuses. I watched the debate with Hockey, and what a clown he turned out to be – never answered a question, and interrupted Bowen whenever he tried to speak. I wonder if Pyne could debate – or would he simply explode like he has whenever questioned? Abbott will never be PM, people really are not that stupid

  16. scaper seems to be well behind the times I think… like the LNP… the 500 000 registered voters (not likes or clicks) represent 500 000 actual voters who filled out an extensive questionnaire on political issues important to them… it does appear our friend scaper may not actually be up on things here. The ABC site has this questionnaire for all to participate in… it also shows the Greens are doing very well as well. Given the short attention span of the scaper persona – troll does come to mind

  17. Meanwhile Abbott has recruited former ALP president, Warren Mundine to address Aboriginal disadvantage.

    Why did Mundine, who is respected by all resign from the Labor party?

  18. Brough will take Fisher regardless of the so called conspiracy repeated ad nauseam here.

    Lilley on a knife edge, could come down to PUP and KAP preferences. If so, Swan is gone! At a certain event late last year I asked Rod McGarvie what he required to campaign against Swan at the next election. Then proceeded to call for pledges. Rod is well funded.

    Swan started the class war, idiot!

  19. Just one day here I’d like to not see the word, ‘troll’ but that has about as much chance as happening as Rudd winning the next election.

    So Migs, any comment on what seats Labor will win off the coalition?

    Talked to Bert this morning, he reckons that internal polling is pretty much useless in Forde until Beattie gears up but I suspect Beattie will lose due to the sophomore surge. Time will tell.

  20. No, I haven’t been paying any attention to the individual seats. However, there is talk that Pyne might lose Sturt. But they said that last election and the creep still won.

  21. Wow! I didn’t know that about condoms etc. Incredible bias isn’t it.
    Am not surprised having seen women’s hair cuts. clothes etc. being way overpriced compared with men over the years. Yes women get less pay. Not hard to see that women under the dominant masculine theme are suffering through all the denials of not being treated equally. It might not come out in up-front protesting, yet it comes out in all the nasty, bitchy, back biting. jealousies, one-up-womanship, envy, narcissisim. There are some good examples of this with Julie Bishop and Sophie Mirabella in the opposition…and no doubt more.

    My only child, a daughter. laments that it’s not fair.
    And that’s down right true, it is not fair, and this is not a fair go country….yet.

    Yesterday Labor sent out a newsletter with lots of pics linking to faces, and I clicked on Julia’s and it was her last speech to the press club. I watched it again. So gracious and moving, yet strong and accomplished. As some said she was a class act and she certainly comes across like that. How can people say she is cold, I really can’t fathom. She was so obviously deeply moved and quite emotional but not too much, and even that wacky sense of humor came through, which shows her wonderful generosity of spirit and ability to share with others. Sure many people could not cope with such an accomplished woman with as sense of assured inner power in this country, and we needed to get a leader back who could claim more votes for the party.

    Kevin is a softer sort of man, strong but soft, very good leader potential, but are people out there going to get it? I hope so. Kevin Rudd has improved a hell of a lot, and maybe some of his assurance comes from Julia’s example. He also has a certain dynamism which cuts through. Is able to harness the multitudes of facts needed to lead a country. Plus he anchors things in extremely well. Whilst Abbott and the Coalition seems to be floundering around, kind of popping up another banner as it goes, with a loud controlling voice. All brawn no brain! Big daddy Abbott, what a terrible thought. Taking over the indigenous people…Oh! no, him and Brough, now with Mundine strutting their stuff with the army in toe. Hope Mundine has enough sense to opt out and stay with changing the constitution. Let’s not forget that it was Kevin Rudd who said “Sorry” so well.

    I cant see Abbott usurping the power either. But my god he has tried so hard.
    There is a saying around the traps “trying too hard, makes life trying”. We don’t need this guy of “anything it takes” to wreck out country any more.

  22. I am so pleased you brought up the Mundine story scaper as I just did a little research on that.

    So I awake to the news that Tony Abbott has pledged a new indigenous advisory board headed by ex-ALP president Warren Mundine.

    This from the man who, when Indigenous people travelled for three days to get to Canberra to put their case to a Parliamentary committee, Tony Abbott walked in late, didn’t apologise, sat down and then fell asleep.

    This from the man who said ‘There may not be a great job for them but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done’

    This from the man who, at the Australia Day celebrations this year, said “The first lot of Australians were chosen by the finest judges in England, not always for good reasons, and from that rather inauspicious beginning we have become a rich, a free and a fair society which has contributed so much to the wider world in good times and in not so good times.”

    This from the man who has previously said ‘Now, I know that there are some Aboriginal people who aren’t happy with Australia Day. For them it remains Invasion Day. I think a better view is the view of Noel Pearson, who has said that Aboriginal people have much to celebrate in this country’s British Heritage’ and ‘Western civilisation came to this country in 1788 and I’m proud of that…’.

    This from the man who ignited the debate as to who is a ‘real’ aborigine when he said he wanted Territory Indigenous Advancement Minister Alison Anderson in federal politics because she would be an “authentic” indigenous representative in parliament. He described federal Liberal lower house MP Ken Wyatt as an “urban Aboriginal” – a “good bloke” but “not a man of culture”. “It would be terrific if, as well as having an urban Aboriginal in our parliament, we had an Aboriginal person from Central Australia, an authentic representative of the ancient cultures,” he said.

    This from the leader of the Party that refused to make an apology to the Stolen Generation and, when it was later famously made by Kevin Rudd, there were several Coalition MPs conspicuously absent including Sophie Mirabella, Alby Schultz and Don Randall. The West Australian backbencher Wilson Tuckey departed immediately after the opening prayer to join those who had not bothered to show up. The Victorian Liberal MP Chris Pearce attended the event but refused to stand at the end of the speeches. Beforehand, he was outside the chamber deriding the ceremony as a “pantomime”.

    Excuse my cynicism.

  23. I also fail to see how bringing up inequities in the taxation system makes me a misandrist (a word I am sure you had never heard of before the shock jocks made it their catch cry). I will use the Tony Abbott defence to that – lots of my relatives are male ergo I could not POSSIBLY be a misandrist.

  24. As to why Warren Mundine has switched camps perhaps this had something to do with it. Mr Mundine was passed over by the Labor Party last year for a NSW Senate spot vacated by his close friend Mark Arbib in favour of now-foreign minister, and former NSW premier, Bob Carr.

  25. It would be nice to know what Abbott does talk about with his regular meetings with Murdoch., They must talk about something when they sup together, behind the curtain, in secluded areas of the restaurant.

    As voters, I feel we have a right to know. Freedom of speech, should also I believe, include the right to be told.

  26. We had Howard yesterday. Today we have Hawke. Still making much sense.

    How Abbott could be gaining in the polls is beyond me, then no it is not., Sya anything to people around you, and you get debt, and Rudd panicking. It is unbelievable when most get a reasonable decent eduction today, that people still seem unable to see through spin and are so easy conned. Because that is what occurring.

    I agree with Hawke, if we do not choose well, we will end up the poor white trash of Asia. It does matter. It is not ideology we are talking about., It is the future of Australia, in a world that has never changed so rapidly.

    The inability of treasury to make predictions that do not last weeks, shows us this. Yes, nothing is behaving or reacting as in the last. We are in a whole new ball game. The solutions will not be found in the past. What worked even five years ago will not work now.

    It is a shame. that it was only Gillard that gave any indication that she realize this She seen the answer as education and skilling of the workforce, and ensuring the latest technology as the way forwarded. That is still truth.

    Borders of any kind are breaking down. Just look at the way our politicians are moving around the country, in fact moving around the globe. It is a global society we now live in, and with that pesky INTERNET, has become amazing smaller. To live in the bush now, means you share much of what the city cousins do each day.

  27. Will someone please ask Abbott, what he was going to do with the Mersey Hospital, the last thing he bought as Health Minister. A mess he left for Labor to sort out.
    Have never heard of his rationale for such an action, that threw the state hospital plans into disarray. I believe the answer should give us some insight into the plans he had for the public hospital system. I believe it was the beginning of his hopes of dismantling the public system as we know it. As was the funding dreamt up by Howard, the beginning of making the private eduction supreme. With Abbott, one has to look at what he has done, as he is promising nothing that he can be pinned down for. Abbott, with his audits, white and green papers, and judicial inquiries, has gave him let out clauses on everything he says.

    Brandis is saying some of Labor candidates should not be allowed to run. Many of the Coalition leave a lot to be desired. What a sanctimonious idiot. Do not they sound desperate.

  28. Poor ol Scaper. No one likes Rudd up here? Really? Queensland Scaper?
    There are heaps of people living the reality of what LNP are capable of in all of the LNP states and it is all bad.
    They just don’t get that Health, Education & Housing, plus proper infrastructure are the key things that make a good society work properly. They think that by giving the rich tax deductions it will help provide jobs for workers. Really? Everyone knows that the trickle down effect doesn’t work, they are all just living in the past when it comes to what having a viable society really needs. Of course we need businesses to thrive & flourish, but not at the expense of the workers.
    They just don’t get the fact that if they involve employees, giving the employees the feeling that they are helping to keep their employment secure they are would be be able to make sure that they stay in business. As that Meercats ad on telly says “simples”.
    The world is changing folks. We need to keep up with the changes. The NBN has so much going for it not just for us plebs, just how much benefit will it be for health, education & dare I say it BUSINESS opportunities – world wide too.
    For those of us who see what the future holds we can be excited at the prospect. It DOES NOT INCLUDE TA & THE LNP’s backward looking policies.
    The young people get the picture, a lot of families get the picture & even us oldies get the picture. It is one of progress for all of society not just the elite.

  29. What is wrong with replacing a candidate that is not breaking through, in a winnable seat, with one that has a good chance of winning. It s not about being nice, it is about winning.

  30. Michael my head is exploding with knowledge and my heart is bursting. You have given me a venue – something for which my family and friends are truly grateful as you have taken the burden from them as a place to rant.

    I am just collating what is available for all to find if they have time. Thank you so much for all you do in spreading the word.

  31. I see Mirabella’s name mentioned twice in the last few posts and no matter what happens in the election, an Abbott win or not, that’s the people’s choice it’s what they will have to live with as we here will have to live with the myriad of excuses from the right wingers as he breaks promise after promise and fails, but there’s one thing I hope for that may come to pass, the nasty piece of work Mirabella losing the seat of Indi to an independent. Yes it is a conservative Indie, a moderate, but it’s on the cards though it will be close call.

  32. He is despised up here

    Speaking of being despised up here, I attended a funeral in Bundaberg a few months ago – met up with rellies I hadn’t seen for many years, mostly National Party voting country people. Every one of them absolutely despised Campbell Newman, and not one of them had a good word for Tony Abbott.

    Being the rusted-on’s most of them are, they’ll probably still vote for their local LNP candidates, but the attitudes were very telling for country folk 😉

  33. “If he has one ambition in life, it’s to ensure closing the gap with indigenous Australians is taken out of the political ruck.” Kevin Rudd said this today.

    Hey Migs, do you really want to stay in the political ruck by writing a thread based on your non sequitur concerning Abbott and his concern for Aboriginal Australians?

    Rucking madness!

  34. Kay Lee, have just read you comment re Mundine/TA. You are absolutely on the ball with everything you say in the whole of that comment.
    I just hope that the first people of this nation will not fall into the trap of believing the spin of TA & the LNP.
    I watch a lot of NITV these days, you can just see how important self governing for our Indigenous is. They are a proud people, very diverse in their journeys along the path to self determination.
    I am not Indigenous, but I am just so proud of these wonderful, generous, caring people. They love this land that we live in, they value family & the community.
    Let us hope that they can all come together, with their excellent leaders and make this self determination work – without the patronizing big brother attitude of the ‘white people’.
    These people need to be able to keep growing. They have so much optomism for the future of their people. We need to stand back & encourage that growth & applaud each and everyone of them in their journey.

  35. Yes Pam, Abbott is a worry, but what sits behind him is astounding for having so little ability, and all from the distant past, of Howard’s government. Why no new faces leaning the way.

    No matter how one looks at Abbott, he is still no more that the party’s head kicking boy. Yes, to demolish, never to build. Yes, the party bully.

    What are they really about. That, I fear we are not going to hear.

    It does matter, as for the first time in my thirty years, I feel we are moving into a completely new age, in every way. Yes, there has been rapid global realigning over the last decade, of a nature we have not seen.

    The world order has changed, borders are disappearing when it comes to economies and people. We need people who can make sense of what is happening today, and plan for the future. The past is of no help at this time. Technology and education is the key to opening those doors. We can be in the centre of the Asian Century, or we can be the white trash of Asia. It is our choice.

    There will be mistakes, we do not have crystal balls or the ability to see into the future. Those who only look back, and keep saying we did it before, we will do it again, are certainly on the wrong track.

  36. Sandra I went to a few discussion groups run by two women, indigenous sisters who had been separated as part of the Stolen Generation and brought up by white families, and who only found each other as adults. It was unbelievably enlightening. They were such wise women. They didn’t express hate or resentment for what had happened to them. Instead they said it placed them in a unique place to help with reconciliation. This was in no way the focus of the group. They weren’t there to whinge…they were there to teach us. They were there to help cancer sufferers and their families feel peaceful. They were there to take us into the bush and teach us about ‘seeing’. They welcomed us and explained that we too were now connected to this land and had a responsibility to cherish, protect, and listen to it….to ‘see’ it.

    We need these women to have a voice.

  37. Fed Up, one reason that we see no new faces in Tony Abbott’s ministry is because, when they got a pay rise last year, it was found he had two too many ministers. He made a deal that he could keep them and they would get the pay rise but they instructed him that if ANY changes were made then he would have to reduce the numbers by 2. That’s why he can’t make changes, that’s why no-one can disagree with him, and that’s why no talent they may have on the back bench even gets a look in.

  38. scaper the gender divide is there and is real. Are you saying women have no right to speak up. Sadly men could change the situation over

    Yes women have come a long way, but still have a few more walls to knock down.
    Scaper, I suggest that men, and many women too blind to see, with their treatment and belief of what a women;s place should be, created the wars.

    Ms. Julie Gillard did not say one thing, that was not true. Not one thing.All has been well and truly documented, in the house and out.

    We had a PM that was respected on the world stage, and treated like shit in her own country.

    Overseas seem to cope with women in all fields, why not here. The fact that you mention the phrase “gender wars” says it all. Even across the ditch, they accept and treat women PM with respect.

    Yes, scaper, all women want, is to be treated with respect, that men demand for themselves. Is that too hard. Seems to be for many of our menfolk.

  39. Michael if you are doing a piece on Indigenous Australians it would be important to include what the shadow minister thinks.

    Jnauray 2013: THE federal coalition’s indigenous health spokesman will keep his job, despite widespread criticism of his comments on Twitter about violent racial clashes in Logan.

    On Monday night, Andrew Laming, the MP for Bowman, tweeted: “Mobs tearing up Logan. Did any of them do a day’s work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?”

  40. scaper, trouble is, Warren Mundine does not speak for or respected by many Aborigines. Pearson also is not like or supported by many. This is a lousy and stupid political stunt that will hold back the Aborigine cause.

    Abbott is so predictable in what his next move will be, this action of his is no surprise. For a man who is cutting back the PS, he is sure setting up a large number of new bodies. Bodies to supervise, supervising bodies of everything.

    scaper. wait for the outcry that I am sure will come from the Indigenous community, that is if it gets reported.

    If Warren was so great, he would be working much more with the community, than he does now

    Abbott, is just another idiot, who has had some contact wit one or two communities, who believes they know all the answers. No one does.

  41. Another correction…Laming isn’t a shadow minister. He’s a spokesmodel apparently. Interesting to note that in May 2013, Laming announced he was re-registering as an eye specialist. Laming said this would give him the opportunity to volunteer in Aboriginal communities performing eye exams and screening for disease to save surgeon’s time.

    Does this imply that he expects to lose the election or is he to join the Tony Abbott volunteer photo shoot crowd?

  42. Boy, you write crap. The so called gender war was instigated by Gillard for no other reason but to get the sympathy vote. It did not work as Australians have long moved on.

    The only walls that need to be knocked down is the people of your ilk who believe that women are somehow second class citizens and I don’t see how women are not equal…by implying that there is no equality is a lie.

    Gillard was not fit to be PM and gender has absolutely nothing to do with it. The most woeful leader that I’ve ever seen. Her knifing, in your neo feminist mind would have to be a misogynist action by your beloved Labor party but not a word, hypocrite!

    Your judgement is distorted because you had an abusive marriage, respect is something that is earned regardless of gender. You certainly do not speak for modern women or have the unbiased capacity or any right to judge men.

  43. Trouble with relying on water to trickle down, to water the garden at the bottom, it is more likely to evaporate before it gets there.

    Same with big tides, lifting all boats. Some might not survive the sudden up Ward push. Only the largest will survive the sudden surge, and rise to the top.

    Many years ago, my daughters dog had am very big litter, with one so stunted, that my father told her, it would be better to put it out of it’s misery, as it would not survive. Did my seven year old believe this. No, she seen another answer. For days she took that pup into her care. Many times a day, pushing the other healthy and strong pups aside, putting the runt to the tit. Yes, within days, that pup had caught up with it’s siblings, and manage to thrive.

    My daughter taught me something, I have never forgot. Put the support in early enough, and the saving will last a lifetime.

  44. Yes, sometimes the strong have to be pushed aside, to let the weak rise. The strong do not need or deserve help.

  45. It will not be Tony….. no, No..NO…. 😛
    It will be Jules…. yes, Yes, YES…. 😉
    Jules Zanetti is an IT consultant and wants to debate Tony on the issues that matter to Warringah…..issues such as the NBN 🙂


  46. Andrew Laming could actually provide a story within himself.
    He wrote the Poltician’s Guide to Using Social Media in which he warns “While now generally accepted, sensitivities remain around the way elected representatives conduct themselves on Facebook. The benefits of cheap, instant and targeted communication are balanced by the political risks of missteps.” Oh the irony……
    “TIP for politicians on Facebook: Even when provoked, you should almost never “unfriend” a constituent, which can prove “the most damaging thing a candidate can do” on social media sites.

    Possible repercussions include word of the disconnection “going viral” through the person’s network, the creation of a group to lobby the MP to let the person back on and a bombardment of requests to be reinstated.

    Instead, the advice when dealing with aggressive, argumentative or critical messages, or ones of a sensitive nature, is to “respond calmly in the constituent’s inbox and delete the comment”.

    The exception is racist or sexist posts: users are advised to immediately delete them, warn the poster in their inbox and “disconnect repeat offenders”.

    The tips are contained in a document of “social media notes” prepared by the office of Queensland Liberal backbencher Andrew Laming, who says he hopes to start a discussion in his electorate on the best use of social media by politicians.”

    The funny thing is that Andrew’s facebook page is FULL of racist, sexist, bullying posts, and he has now blocked anyone who is not in his constituency from commenting, a move that has taken a great deal of fun out of pollie fact checking . He used to get eaten alive by posters because he knows nothing about anything and responds like a petulant child.

    I recall once making a post on his facebook page during question time. He responded to my comment immediately. I said Hey aren’t you spose to be listening? He replied that there was nothing in the standing orders restricting politicians from using social media during question time. I answered him by saying, as I am paying you, you could at least pay attention whilst at work!

    And they want to talk about improving productivity?

  47. Yes scaper, I had an abusive marriage. Have you become ToM;s spokesman.

    Yes, and that marriage taught me a lot. Well not the marriage, but all the research and study I did after, to find out why strong women remain in such marriages.

    scaper, you are terribly wrong about my relationships with men. I have aways done and still prefer the company of men. In fact I am one of those women who prefer the company of men.

    Wonder what happened in your life, that you do not like and fear strong women?

    No scaper, I happen to love men. Men do not seem to find it hard to accept my company, as well.

    You seem to believe that one has to be a man hater, to see the gender bias and the harm in causes in our society,

    Though I must say, I am not that loving of the men you seem to represent.

  48. scaper you seem to think that Julia Gillard started the misogyny war. As in most things, your belief is incorrect.

    Ms Gillard’s speech in Parliament, lauded around the world, was in response to tiny Tony Abbott’s ridiculous fixation with Peter Slipper. I shudder to think how much time was wasted in Parliament by the Coalition pursuing the Slipper and Thomson affairs, the AWU slush fund, and the “convicted Egyptian jihadist terrorist held behind a pool fence”. Take out asylum seeker boat questions, motions to suspend standing orders, and points of order which either involved Bronnie searching through her tome or Chrissy having a hissy fit, and there is basically nothing left other than misreading electricity bills. Is that what we pay them to do?

    For your edification, this is the comment to which Ms Gillard was replying – and in a damn fine way I might add.
    Tony Abbott: “These remarks of the Member for Fisher that were read into the court transcript, that are uncontested, that are now on the public record, are offensive. Many of them obscenely offensive. What female Labor Members would describe as sexist and misogynist if anyone else had uttered them.”

    He started it and she chewed him up and spat him out. You go girl!

  49. Fed Up I will tell you what strong women say to people like scaper.

    Fuck off turkey. You know nothing and you are not worth wasting my time on.

  50. Sorry all but it makes my blood boil when someone who has been in an abusive relationship is called on to justify themselves and told that their opinion is not important.

  51. I wonder why scaper bothers here. He disagrees with all that is said.

    When he is on the losing side, the abuse always comes. Does he not learn from life experiences. It does not necessary make one bitter, but the more caring

    scaper, once more, what has Abbott and his cronies have to offer us. I am sure you have told us before, but being so bitter and stupid, i did not understand, or even remember.

    scaoer, as you are so wise and knowing, please let us in on the secret. You have told us so often, how Labor is lacking and bad. Time to tell us why Abbott is so good and wise

  52. Kaye, do not worry, we have been down this path so often with scaper and many that are no longer here, it has become a joke.

    I am approaching my 72 birthday, have four kids, eleven grand kids, and expecting my seventh great in November. I went back to Uni, attaining a Diploma and later a degree, at forty. Worked in disabilities and child protection for most of my working life after separating.

    Yes, I am very comfortable and happy where I am at, in fact proud.

    . I even have a a wonderful and close relationship with those horrible men.

    I do not see it as justifying my beliefs but as a little bit of gloating on my part.

  53. PS. Women who have suffered abuse, and seen their children abused, have to speak up. There is no choice, as that is how such atrocities have survived over one could say centuries.

    Listening to Brandis.a Labor candidate abusing a woman in a wheel chair, should be sacked.

    Should not abuse anyone I know. We have not been told, whether she was abused because she was in the chair. I suspect the wheelchair had little to do with the incident.

    Does the same apply to an Opposition leader, abusing a dying man, as back in the days of the fight against asbestos.

    I suspect when it comes to Brandis, there is one rule for the Liberals, and another for Labor.

  54. Have Abetz complaining about electricity going up in Tasmania. Surely as Tasmania does not rely on coal for power production, the so called carbon tax could not be having that much effect.

    Will remind Mr. Abetz, that Abbott made an announcement for funding to get 2000 long term unemployed back to work, which will be much less, than the government programme that is already in place. Suggest to Mr. Abetz, he needs to do his homework.

    At least he is being asked questions. ABC 24

  55. The “be alarmed” advertising by Howard was different. Did not Abbott say the boats coming is an national emergency.

    The truth is that if one wants to get the message through those catching boats, one does it through their families and friends in this country, No better way of doing it.

    I must say, the Opposition representatives sound like a lot of desperate whingers this morning. One whine after another.

  56. Kaye Lee,

    Best to ignore scraper…. and certainly don’t let him get under you skin.

    He’s a Liberal/IPA troll, best ignored.

    For that matter, same goes for Abbott.

  57. Fed up, I can tell from your posts that you have travelled the journey and prevailed. From all experiences in our life, good or bad, we learn things. I was inspired by the Chief of Army David Morrison when he said “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.

    I will not accept bullying.

    Solidarity sister.

  58. And cuppa, I agree I need to work on my ignoring, but rest assured that scaper could never affect me. I practise on people like him 😉

  59. One way to stop the boats is to educate the impoverished Indonesian fishermen/people smugglers. At present all that happens to fishermen/poachers who are caught is that the boat is impounded and they are returned home. It is therefore simple for the real people smugglers to convince people that nothing more than this will happen to them if/when they are caught people smuggling. Little do they know that they will end up languishing in an Australian prison for years.

    However, I doubt if those sort of approach would appeal to Abbott who only wants to grandstand.

  60. Fed up and,

    Time to tell us why Abbott is so good and wise.

    A request scrupulously avoided by all whose argument equates with LNP good/ALP bad.

  61. Kaye and,

    Is that what we pay them to do?

    Abbott once said that it was the opposition’s job to oppose. I thought rather that it was the job of those of the opposition to represent the people who elected them to the best of their ability – that all ideas, proposals should be judged upon merit not to oppose and nothing more. Abbott’s opposition will go down in history as the weakest in history because they achieved nothing of any value.

  62. I do read Scaper stuff all the time and it is really quite sad. Political commentary does elude this type of poster, and I am afraid commentary has eluded much of the LNP – they have just sat back hoping the MSM would win it for them. Rudd threw a curve ball, well the ALP did and now the LNP are scampering with the MSM plastering the walls with misinformation and lies (Any one see the Hockey claim he never said he would sack 20 000 public servants and how Labor lied about it – then Penny Wong actually pointed him toward the very ABC interview where he said just that) All very interesting stuff and a great part of political horse play, But when they have been pushed all the LNP ministers have crumpled, falling back on Stop the Boats, which it now appears the ALP has started to accomplish. And scrap the Carbon Tax, which is actually working and the cost of living rise because of it is way less than even calculated. What Abbot is actually saying, we will stop all environmental work and pay big polluters to pollute – just read their action plan and see first hand how they plan to reward polluters for doing nothing. I do not need to convince anyone about the social ineptitude of the LNP, it is becoming more and more apparent day by day — oh, and it was the Liberals who said Social Media will have no affect on the election — An interesting comment to make, considering it is this very medium that is now undermining the party and bringing down it greatest supporter – Murdoch – when Murdoch falls in a week or so (The board is actually calling for his resignation and stranding down) so too will the last of the effluent call the LNP. I see the Greens picking up even more seats this election and as it stands we could again have a hung parliament, with an ALP Prime Minister but Greens Deputy

  63. …as it stands we could again have a hung parliament, with an ALP Prime Minister but Greens Deputy

    That’s sweet to imagine. Think of the heads of the Liars Party exploding. The ructions could be seen from space! 😀

  64. Ah, good to see that we can always rely on the usual Right Wing Propaganda from resident Liberal Party Spambot scraper. Your reliance on polls with limited sampling size and outdated polling techniques is incredibly quaint. If Abbott is such a shoe in, then why is the Murdochracy getting increasingly shrill & partisan with every new front page? Sounds reminiscent of the US elections to me!

  65. Also, typical Right Wing projection from scraper. Though he clearly would say *anything* to defend his beloved Tony Abbott!

  66. Love the same result as last time. Trouble there is not a male on either side with the bilabial or negation skill for it to survive.

  67. Abbott with another high priority job, indigenous affairs and living in an aboriginal community in his first week.

    I now make it that every thing he has proposed is a highest priority yet most of it is being fobbed off to committees down the track.

    He has been given the apt moniker of Mr. No or Mr Negative, yet Mr. Contradiction would be more apt.

  68. Did one note the faces of the audience during that speech. Not a smile in sight, but many funny looks between them.

  69. Min @4.21pm, you are so right. The Liars have demonstrated clearly that they have absolutely no interest in representing their electorates.

    Their disgraceful antics in the HoR made that only too clear. Unfortunately, barrackers don’t seem to have the wit to realise how badly they’ve been dudded.

  70. “Unfortunately, barrackers don’t seem to have the wit to realise how badly they’ve been dudded.” So true…BARRACKER!

    I see that two Labor candidates have been stood down. One for abusing a wheelchair bound woman eleven years ago and the other for calling Abbott a bigot and racist. Pretty harsh on the second, seems tame compared to the comments here.

    Galaxy Poll: 51.5/48.5

    ReachTel: 53/47

    Two dollars a day is too much for you lot.

    I also see that Prime Minister’s parliamentary secretary for broadband, Ed Husic, has dismissed claims that the National Broadband Network presents a threat to the pay TV network Foxtel.

    Any rational person can see that.

  71. Apparently scaper thinks he’s well served by a Liars Party which doesn’t give a toss about the voters they claim to represent.

    It’s very telling that a Liars MP accused Tony Windsor of representing the interests of his electorate instead of the interests of the Liars Party.

    And no surprise that Windsor’s electorate kept giving him the nod by as much as 62% of the primary vote for years.

    New England votets had been done over by a

  72. There hasn’t been a Labor MP in New England for a century. Labor only got around 7,500 votes at the 2010 election, definitely not a lefty electorate but Windsor goes with Labor?

    Windsor retired because Barnaby (ANDEV) was going to trounce him.

  73. Posting from a phone is a very frustrating exercise.

    New England voters had been done over by the Liars for years, as had Windsor. So they voted comprehensively to give the finger to the Liars.

    If scaper thinks for one minute that the Liars have ANY interest in him or his
    family, he’s deluding himself.

    Who is campaigning for the Liars? A
    corrupt old foreigner whose company had no qualms about hacking a murdered child’s phone with no thought or sympathy for her family.

    A company which also had no qualms about publishing details of another child’s life threatening disease despite her parents’ wishes for privacy.

    A man who has been declared unfit to run a company in the UK with more questions to answer.

    A man who will have to answer charges in the US which could very likely lead to a custodial sentence.

    A man whose company is banned from operating in Canada because it & by inference, its owner are liars.

    Yet scaper that he will be well served by a party which is beholden to the likes of Murdoch.

    Hold on to that delusion, scaper. Rupert’s got the Liars by the short & curlies & you barrackers are the poor shmucks who will be collateral damage.

  74. You’re are the one that is delusional and a barracker to jack boot! You don’t have a clue who is behind the coalition but that is expected from a conspiracy theory nut job that will further unhinge as time passes.

  75. For you to even mention Barnaby Joyce (is that the Chattanooga choo choo) in the same breath as Tony Windsor borders on blasphemy. To infer that he is leaving because he was scared of being beaten shows you know NOTHING about New England. Mr Windsor is suffering ill health and wanted to spend some time with his family – something he has more than earned the right to do. He is an honourable man and we are the poorer for his departure.

    Tony Windsor has been an outstanding local member and an outstanding MP. A huge burden was placed on his and Rob Oakeshott’s shoulders. They basically had the deciding vote on so many pieces of legislation. I can only express my appreciation for their hard work and their principled stance on so many issues. Honest politicians are hard to come by and both these men served us very well.

  76. It’s bleedin obvious who is behind the Coalition. Check out the guest list for the IPA dinner earlier this year. Check out who the MC was and who the guest speakers were. Check out who was being lauded that night and Mr Abbott’s sycopohantic speech. Read Gina Rinehart’s book about developing Northern Australia, read ANDEV’s goals, read the IPA 75 point wish list and you will get far more detail about Coalition policy than you will from the security pamphlet that Tony clutches in every appearance.

  77. It is surprising, or is it, how similar was the behavior of that stood down candidate is similar to the Opposition leader at a similar age.
    Big difference is that the bloke apologized eleven years ago and accept responsibility for the unbecoming behavior. He has immediately, once again accepted responsibility and apologized once again. No excuses made then or now.
    Now, when we come to thee Opposition leader, he did not apologize then or now. In fact he claims it did not occur.

    The wheelchair really makes no difference. Just makes the story sound better. One was an verbal attack, the other, physical.

    By the way, the behaviour of either man is acceptable. What I am talking about, how it is treated by the media and the Opposition. In fact there could now be grounds for Abbott to step down, if one took the reasoning to it’s full extent.

  78. Murdoch has no influence over the IPA, the reason Rupes was a guest was because his father was a founding member. A good night was had by all.

    I didn’t know you lefties had money to purchase Gina’s book, you lot expect everything for free so I doubt you have read it. Attended the Brisbane book launch and have an autographed copy.

    Because Gina had a tight schedule she took three questions. My question concerned Aboriginal disadvantage and the role of ANDEV in addressing such in the north. Won’t relate the excellent answer.

    Yes, I’m a member of the IPA and also a foundation member of ANDEV.

  79. The disgusting way Abbott & Co wrecked this term of government is why a lot of good people have left this parliament for their health most probably sanity. Best example is the the case of Tony Windsor who so bravely stood up and told Abbott just what he was like…the truth, take it man stuff. He was the only one who had the guts to do that. Loved his comment about Abbott being like rabid dog. Deranged and sick is a great analogy for Abbott. Then Julia went on to smack down Abbott good and proper.

    Now this year in the aftermath of alienating a lot of people over his despicable behavior he has the audacity to pretend he is the nice guy, well met, whilst trying to claim the top job way before he would ever deserve it. Are people going to wake up in the few days and say “no thanks we will stay with tried and true”: Could be a shocker for Abbott if he thinks he is winning right up until the last, and it swings right around. Happened to him before and he was left floundering. He is such a bully this guy I think people will realize his strangle hold on our democratic govt. and he will become the enemy of our security, the guy who has done his all to wreck what stability we have had in the past 5+ years. There is a great opportunity here for the women to rise up and heal the situation.

    The problem is that Abbott has messed with our minds and therefore our country big time. Do we have the strength and will to rise above his sinister tactics? We can oust this guy and clear the Howard stench for good. We might even become the lucky country again…

  80. “We might even become the lucky country again…”

    Are you serious? You do realise the origin was not so flattering. Here is the phrase in full: “Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck.”

    You might want that but rational people believe that reward is the product of toil and luck does not figure largely in aspiration.

  81. This is a poem written by Gina Rinehart about her vision for our country’s future.

    Our Future

    The globe is sadly groaning with debt, poverty and strife

    And billions now are pleading to enjoy a better life

    Their hope lies with resources buried deep within the earth

    And the enterprise and capital which give each project worth

    Is our future threatened with massive debts run up by political hacks

    Who dig themselves out by unleashing rampant tax

    The end result is sending Australian investment, growth and jobs offshore

    This type of direction is harmful to our core

    Some envious unthinking people have been conned

    To think prosperity is created by waving a magic wand

    Through such unfortunate ignorance, too much abuse is hurled

    Against miners, workers and related industries who strive to build the world

    Develop North Australia, embrace multiculturalism and welcome short term foreign workers to our shores

    To benefit from the export of our minerals and ores

    The world’s poor need our resources: do not leave them to their fate

    Our nation needs special economic zones and wiser government, before it is too late

  82. This is my response to Gina

    The love of wealth and power,
    Of coal seam gas and mines,
    Of working without unions
    Or carbon output fines.
    Strong love of Gina Rinhehart,
    Murdoch and their IPA
    We recognise who’s talking
    When Tony has his say.

    Scourge of my heart, my country!
    Being sold for a pot of Gold,
    For flood and fire and famine,
    Will now increase threefold –
    Over the thirsty paddocks,
    Watch, after many days,
    The filmy veil of pollution
    That thickens as we gaze.

    Scourge of my heart, my country!
    Ignoring the experts cry
    When sick at heart, around us,
    We see the planet die –
    But rather than take action,
    So we can breathe again
    You conscript a Green Army,
    To fight the acid rain.

    I want the Labor Party
    And their plans for our great nation
    Of educated children
    And no more discrimination
    Of NBN for everyone
    And helping those in need
    Care for the disabled
    And fighting against greed

    An open-hearted country,
    A welcome, caring land
    Where all can find safe haven
    And someone to understand
    Though life holds many setbacks,
    And troubles for us all,
    I know the Labor Party
    Will help us when we fall.

  83. Scraps, “Yes, I’m a member of the IPA and also a foundation member of ANDEV” …. which makes you a traitor to our country, in my book, …. now we know what a right f*tard you really are. …. like someone here said “.Fuck off turkey. You know nothing and you are not worth wasting my time on.”
    Scroll this troll whisperers….. and he is a troll,… not even human, as evidenced by his club’ membership.

  84. scaper, why does it matter why we have the views we have. If we are delusional, so be it. Scaper, remember this is only your opinion, and some suspect, what you believe, comes from a delusional mind, or at the very least, a closed one.

    You are also very quick to lay on abuse when people disagree, same as that candidate that is to be replaced.

    He at least admitted his mistake and has taken steps to improve his behaviour. He makes no excuse back then, eleven years ago, or today for the behaviour. I have concerns for the person in the wheel chair, that after eleven years, cannot forgive. I wonder if she took offence because of being in the chair, or because of her gender. The chair should not have mattered. It was not an physical assault.

    I was married to a puny man, who when drunk, loved challenging men mush bigger that him, believing they could not respond without being seen as bully. This is not uncommon behaviour from those in similar positions. Yes, some do take advantage of their disabilities. I am not saying this is the case, but one should thing before jumping to conclusions.

    Anyway, I believe that incidents was not the main reason he was deposed. It appears that he did not make full disclosure to the selection committee.

    Many others do not, do not take responsibility, and denied it happened. Perfect example of this behaviour is the Opposition leader.

    Is not it time we moved on from personalities and began looking at policies.

  85. scaper, why have those in the electorates of Windsor and Oakeshott, chose to vote for the independents in such great numbers, when they have had Opposition members to vote for? In fact vote for them, many times. Could it be, they do not like the policies or behaviour of the Coalition. Of course that could not be true. in your eyes.

    Looks like similar action is being taken by the voters in Mirabella’s electorate. Yes, people do have other choices.

  86. scaper, unlike the other side, many here actually read why they have to say. It is not us who are claiming we are badly off.l In fact we are claiming the opposite, that we are traveling better than ever. We are saying the economy is pretty good. Not perfect, and facing unstable times, but not bad.

    Did Abbott accompany that blind man, so his slow tine would not show up? ]
    He is milking the charity do, to the limit. Is nothing sacred to this man.

  87. Abbott has taken on Hockey’s line. “I am not taking lectures from the government….”

    Yes, it is likely that all treasury predictions are to be wrong in time of such instable global economic conditions. No treasury in the world are having much luck in this regard.

    The truth is, over the last six years, the global economy is facing conditions that have not existed since the last great depression,. Yes, the economy is not reacting as one would expect.

    We just had Turnbull saying that the shadow front bench shows how stable the Coalition is. A shadow bench that is made up to I believe 19 members from a government that was in power before 2007. I front bench made up of yesterday’s men. Well mostly men. To me, it shows lack of imagination, and maybe laziness on behalf of the leader, that it has not been updated.

    Even Abbott held more than one ministry.

  88. Right wing organisations, such as ANDEV/IPA and ‘their’ media are, in many ways, no different than people shilling for homeopathy or faith healing or whatever: 🙄 .. Just pumping people up full of attractive lies in order to take them for their money. 👿
    It does well to step back once in awhile and remember that the conservative’s see their followers not as fellow travelers working towards a common political goal…but, so much as …marks. 👿
    Which isn’t to say that Abbortt and Co. don’t actually buy into their followers bigoted worldview. In fact, I’d say.. that the contempt for humanity that causes them to want to ban abortion, slash the social safety net, support O/S govts. who murder their own people in the streets, and start wars for the hell of it allows neo-cons, such as Abbott/Gina/Rupes/LNP etc, to view their followers as just one more group of people who ..”don’t deserve our sympathy if they can’t see through our bullshit.”….. Conning your followers is seen as just one more strike against those who are perceived as weak.
    This is so woven into the fabric of the right that it’s hard to even notice sometimes… 🙄 ….. See the way that right wing media blatantly lies to its audience, clearly indicating that they think the audience is stupid and gullible.
    But it was really driven home to me by the IPA list of 75 and Tony’s pamphlet,….these might as well have been titled “We’re Going To Pump You Up With Scary Lies So You’ll Give Us Money Which We Will Not Improve Any Lives But Ours”.
    But, as with everything these snake oil salesmen try to ‘sell’,.. it’s bullshit.. just like other magical and implausible “too good to be true” claims, but unfortunately, the social cost of right wing con jobs is even higher than it is for your typical snake oil.

  89. Brendan O’Connor on Meet the Press. Told a journalist that she was more interested in getting her view across, than his He said she was more a commentator than a journalist. He actually told her to stop talking over him.

    One can guess the lady’s name. About time, she is told what a poor interviewer she is.

    Her comment over his, that she was bringing him back to the question. The question by the way he was answering, but I suspect the lady did not like the answer. More of it I hope. Love seeing some media tarts being put in their place. Yes, that maybe sexist, but it fits.

    Later on, another questioner apologized for talking over the minister. Sounded nice. I believe O’Connor his point across.

    Love his answer to her later on when he told her, he thinks that voters are clever than some commentators,.

  90. Yes, O’Connor is talking about the future.

    The lady just cut in again, demanding to ask another question. O’Connor ignored her, and kept on talking. The lady is losing it. The lady is still cutting in. O’Connor is winning.

  91. Hey! that Labor guy Jules Zanetti who is standing against Abbott in the seat of Warringah looks like a really nice guy. Smart and cluey about IT too. They are now social progressives up that way, not too conservative like the old days. Plus they have a very good Independent guy running up against Abbott there, who when standing as independent in Manly caused a swing of 16% against sitting member

    “…PETER MACDONALD: I did manage to effect a swing of 16 per cent in Manly 10 years ago when I ousted the Liberal Minister, Hay, so it’s possible. Judging by the response we’ve had I think it’s even probable…”

    The election for independents could be on the cards. Mirabella looks to be in trouble from an Independent and Tony Windsor is said to get down to support her, if well enough. So many good people got shredded by that horrid opposition leader creating havoc for so long…what a menace! Let’s hope he loses like Howard did.

  92. Oops! that about the independent Peter Macdonald was very dated.

    However Abbott has 5 candidates up against him this time around. Before in 2010 it was 4.

    *Candidates* Sitting Liberal MP *Tony Abbott* is running for re-election. The ALP is running *Jules Zanetti*. The Greens are running *Will Kitching*. The Palmer United Party is running *Brodie Stewart*. The Stable Population Party is running *Mike Cottee*. Rise Up Australia is running *Mike Bloomfield*.

    I know for sure that Warringah Council at least has got a lot more greener in the past 3 years, and people are very particular about restoring some of their lost native environment.

  93. It would seem that Warringah has indeed progressed beyond the likes of Tony…. the Council is made up of Independents, Greens and the ‘Your Warringah’ independant group….. my rellies in that electorate often joke with me about Tony…. they say things like “Tony who ???” … and “that embarressment”. … ah, one does hope that Tony will do a ‘Howard’…. and lose his seat. 😆

  94. My immediate thought about all the rush of Twitter support for Abbott, was that hackers did it. Whilst out on my evening walk it came to me that it was Murdoch’s hackers. Wow! good point! You know the ones he’s used before with his phone hacks or whoever he knows through contacts with the underground. You bet Murdoch gone and done that.

  95. Abbott reveals where he’s keeping his policies. In a speech in Melbourne states no-one is a suppository of all wisdom.

  96. Suppository gaffe trending. Also do a search on Abbott suppository and even Ltd. News is having a go at him.

    As much as his minders try that cannot keep him brain fart free forever. Which is very scary if you think of him as the leader of a country and having to represent us on the global stage.

  97. I can’t believe Abbott did this, like it’s a 2 year old trick for which ALL the USA politicians have gotten so much blame for, you think the Aussie politicians would know by now that it’s a horrible idea and that the public would hate them for doing so. I lost my trust in Abbott because of it.

  98. Marc,

    let’s hope you are one of many to lose trust in Abbott in the next few weeks A lot of us never had it in the first place. We can see how he hooks people in though. With Rudd, yes he has some habits which have some trouble dying fast, but he is adaptable, is capable of looking at multifarious things, has a fair intelligence up there which is harness-able, can move his ego aside, is kind and generous, and does get the job done or able to nail it.
    Probably the best leader of the two, but there are good people in Labor who do it well and much liked like Tony Burke, Albanese, Bob Car is very smart and accomplished plus more, same for Penny Wong, Tanya Plibosec. Athough going by the ABC Vote Compass, sadly, women are out of the picture for the time being

    It does seem at the moment that Australia looks like suiciding from being up there tops in the world economically and surviving the GFC. Very weird situation. Almost looking like a blood sacrifice going on in Australia in past few years and we know who has been driving it. The big culprit that is.

    Why let Abbott win! we stand to lose the NBN, Better Schools, green sustainable energy shut down, no decent climate control mechanisms in place that work, Royal Commission in to Child Abuse (mostly RC) curbed, at risk is general social inequality about marriage through raisng of xenophobia and paranoia about those who are different and the Investigation in to the Military re sexual abuse Even I suspect the National Disability Insurance Scheme will be minimized, I doubt if the paid parental scheme of the Libs will get going at all. However the Labor one is viable for sure if they are voted in.

    Let’s not forget the need to stop Murdoch’s incessant takeover which has gone a long way to create our loss of faith in local and National Newspapers in hand and online. Let’s not allow a bully guy get what his wants. What we dont want is 3 years of widespread bullying in this country, by very poor example from the top.

  99. So Abbott is going to use their own people to cost, as they did at the last elections.

    That would indicate that they will not past the treasury or any other government department.

    They are not releasing costings before policies. Why have we not had the policies by now?

  100. So Abbott is going to do a Cando. That is find a Costello to muddy the water when it comes to costings. Very few experts have any faith in Costello’s figures, and do not like his methods.

    Hockey mentioned the CEFC. That one will not make any difference to the bottom line. It assists industry in moving to no renewals for power. Surely that add to productivity. The money from the carbon tax is used to create new industrries, and move them onto renewals. Mr.Abbott will be spending much more under the DA, for lesser results.

    Why cut the refugee intake to 13,700, when to relieve the pressure in Indonesia and Malaysia, we should be taking double that number. Why the School Kids Bonus, which help low income families with the cost of living pressures. Why delay raising the super contributions, which helps with the pressures that will be caused by an aging population. Why, takes the checks off the FBT that allows people to buy cars, and NOT used them for work.

    Why abandon the so called carbon tax and MRRT, which bring in revenue.

    Why lower company tax, when the budget is facing structural imbalance, because of decreasing revenue.

    All the Coalition has found, is a new way of presenting the budget as being inn trouble, by creating their own figures before the election.

    They are attempting to put their own spin on them. It is all about their own ideology of smaller government.

    Yes, dismantling the school and hospital systems, seem to be their starting point.
    It seems that their actions of demonisng treasury, has been deliberate.

  101. “The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life … A ruling group is a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors… Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same.”: George Orwell, 1984

  102. Just had a thought. What is Pauline Hanson going to run on this time. Both major parties have moved past her to the right, usurping her policies of the past..

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