27 comments on “Caption Competition

  1. That was so creepy, him sniffing that woman’s hair, and social media is voicing how sleazy it looked.

    Voyager in a very lame “look over there away from my beloved Abbott being horribly sleazy and looking terribly creepy” delivers an air swing.

  2. The truth is even creepier. It was said that the sleaze Abbott was moving in to plant a sloppy kiss on that woman’s cheek, face or lips (who knows) when she fortuitously turned her head so all he got was to sniff her hair. That was a close shave for her.

    Another thing, anyone who brings a child within a bull’s roar of Tony Abbott should be charged with child abuse. The child in the above pic doesn’t too happy, either.

  3. “Hmmm, does this make me look less of a misogynist? What? I was supposed to kiss the babie’s head?!”

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  4. Im sure Im not the first person to notice, but when ever he kisses/sniffs/gropes someone, Tony Abbotts eyes are more often than not are looking towards the camera as in “did you get that?” – there is no genuine human connection, between Abbott and any other living human being or even animal (remember the horse that couldn’t get away from his inappropriate touch fast enough)

  5. You should stay away from babies. They only show you up.

    Of course I will defend my baby. God knows what she will catch.

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