Election September 7


It being a beautiful day here in Canberra I thought to spend time in the garden taking note of the tiny shoots which indicated that Spring was a promise which wasn’t too far away.  Coming in for a break, I read with some matter-of-fact-ness the announcement that Kevin Rudd will visit the Governor General either tomorrow or Monday to seek approval for an election to be held on September 7th.

Fairfax media admits that they are relying on “sources” for this information however, I am currently opting for the opinion that this will be the date.  This is speaking solely from a strategic point of view due to a number of factors:

The case for sooner rather than later:

Kevin Rudd is the preferred Prime Minister – many do not perceive the failings of his previous Prime Ministership but note his media presence which is almost always positive.  It is not often that Rudd criticises overtly, but when he does makes certain that it is duly noted by the use of comments such as, It is with some reluctance that I….

Tony Abbott on the other hand comes over as throwing a bunch of rotting cabbage into a vat of swill, no style and no class and appears brutish by comparison.  Abbott’s vague attempts to appear balanced come over as insincere;  Abbott chafes at the bit to make the next dig mostly via sarcasm, using even the most inappropriate of venues as opportunities.  Weddings, funerals and his great auntie’s tea party.  Although he might baulk at the latter.

Kevin Rudd has knowledge of many portfolios whereas Abbott has not much knowledge of anything in particular resulting in numerous *brain farts*.

Kevin Rudd needed time to defuse issues where the balls had previously all been in Tony Abbott’ court, especially that of asylum seekers but also including that of the price on carbon and education reform.

The case for now:

Prime is the worsening situation with the economy.  Should Rudd delay in calling the election this can only be to Tony Abbott’s benefit due to Abbott’s ability to rouse the plebs via one of the biggest scare campaigns anyone is likely to see – perhaps the exception being John Howard’s “War on Terror”.  The shock jocks will take to the airwaves in droves.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey will not be providing solutions.  We will not see any well thought out plans for the future, we will see a scare campaign.  Calling an immediate election will provide this pair with as few opportunities as possible to initiate the campaign as all focus will be on the fact that the election has been called.

With an election called the likelihood of serious debate is maximised.

As news.com reports from Tony Abbott: We’ve been ready for a long time.  How ready, we are on the brink of finding out and I would suspect “ready” to coast into the Lodge on the back of shock jock commenters but ready with a vision for Australia’s future…?