J is for Julia and the Joy she gave.
U is for Us, so Useless to save
Labor while staying Loyal to her,
In spite of our Instinct that never
Again could we Australians be so proud of our name.

NOTES: I had thought I mightn’t write another pome and post for the Café now that Julia’s gone! However, I’ve just seen this picture and this paragraph in the accompanying article in The Monthly.

Why was this intelligent, dedicated, conscientious, patriotic woman, loved by her staff, glowingly admired by the independent MPs who’d just helped her minority government pass the highest rate of legislation of any prime minister, why was she being killed off? One would have thought from the frenzied, almost primitive calls for her head that she’d brought the government or the country to its knees, not just proven herself to be the most capable person in the Labor party.

So, I have written another pome and even a post, but just to let you know that I’m still in grief, which is why I haven’t had much to say recently. I’m wondering if other people are feeling the same. There seem to be a lot fewer comments recently. Are we all still feeling glum?

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  1. All that maybe true and rightly or wrongly her fate was sealed the day she did Kevin in.

    Now having said that I concur she was a Prime Minister who got things done. I suspect what she failed to do was to sell her many achievements. In the end if you can’t communicate it clearly you are kind of stuffed.

  2. julia never had a chance,she was hounded out of office by a coalition government ,who never got over loosing in 2010 to a woman, by the murdoch media, who believe their man abbott was born to rule,and by some in her own party,although i don’t agree with everything rudd has done i will still vote labor as to not let julia down for all the good policies that she had got passed in the parlament.
    we have a lot to thank her for

  3. Another lie about Julia. “Julia did Kevin in”, absolute rubbish, the Labour caucus voted out a man who is not a leader but someone who could never function as a leader. A leader leads others, to do this others need to be trusted, respected and taken into consideration. Kevin was too full of himself to ever have any responsibility for others.
    As for a communicator, it takes two for communication, someone to listen. Nobody wanted to listen about Government, all the focus was on politics. One of the greatest PMs the country has had was not a politician, she was too honest and focused on what she was elected to do, an adult who was not trapped into playing the immature game of politics.

  4. Julia did Kevin In. What a load of rubbish. Rudd went into Julias office and abused her for not being loyal to him and this is after she REFUSED to go against him. She wasmade a scapegoat for the likes of Shorten etc: so get all your facts straight. I for one will miss the kind, compassionate lady. What she has done for the women ofAustralia and the World for that matter is remarkable. I will always voteLabor because (I am aLabor person not like some of the friends of Rudd who even gave up their Membership of the Labor Party, so one must ask did they resign from the Party because Rudd was ousted or was it because a woman took his place. Methinks the latter.

  5. Gilly, Patricia couldn’t agree more. We will never know just what went down at either of the deposings. All I know is that I miss that wonderful courageous lady’s smile, her compassion etc. Don’t think that the new team is as good as hers, they have a slightly different agenda. Hope Bowen is as good at managing the books as Swanny was. Hope that Gonski doesn’t get watered down either. Julia got so many good things through didn’t she. Miss her heaps.

  6. My only feeling was relief when Gillard got killed off. She definitely evoked polarized opinions. Worst prime minister in Australian history in my opinion.

  7. Not that I’m going to get a lucid answer but I’ll ask anyway.

    freedomsmoker can you tell us why she was the worst PM using something like facts.

    Oh and it wasn’t Gillard who polarised opinions, that would be Abbott and the MSM lies and deceptions putting Gillard into a no win situation no matter what she did or said.

    My opinion she was the best PM we’ve had, and the runs are on the board to prove it.

  8. Whatever the reality is, and I don’t pretend to be an authority on is, the perception out there is that she did Kevin in. Whether she did or didn’t she was part of it. The powerbrokers that caused the spill are all complicit. When you take out a Prime Minister who enjoyed much popularity – all be it with some decline – which lets face it was more about the mining industy’s ad campaign than anything else – you are going to have an uphill battle.

    Whether Rudd was really as bad as all that or it was just easy to say he was to assasinate his character we will never know.

    Lets also remember much of the good policy that has been taken up by Julia was begun earlier on.

    I reckon they are both clever politicians and good leaders, I have to say though that Kevin is better at presenting that to the masses.

  9. PatriciaWA,
    Well said, now you have brought out the mists in my old tired eyes once again. Sad that Julia has vanished from the airwaves but not forgotten in our hearts.

    Now it is all Kevin, our household either switch off or change channels. I will still vote labor to keep out Abbort not to put in Kevin.

    I have heard that in cabinet, Kevin is still acting the same old same old, a leopard never loses its spots.

    However almost anything is better than a Lieberal government wallowing in Howards hasbeens, who without him, never had an original thought amongst them. The proof is in the policies they have/not created over the last six years.

    Don’t mention the rain man and his 10mill donation to a supporter no white knight there.
    Under Kevin who wants to be everyone’s friend, witness the Costello, Nelson, Fisher largesse when he should have followed up on the grain fiasco. Why is it only the Libs who resort to the courts to hound their enemies.

    PatriciaWa do not give up on the poems they light up the darkness.

  10. Mr. Abbott is NOT supporting Gonski, far from it. He is keeping the funding model for four years. He is clawing back all the rest. Yes, one could be a cynic, and replace funding directed at the child, for what they love, vouchers.

    The funding model, is only a small part of Better Schools. Do not let your self be conned.

    Cassidy pointed out, Labor would not be in so much trouble, if the left the Gillard CEF in place. Yes, it actually added to the economy. All money collected, was redirected to developing new technology and work.

    No matter how Abbott dresses it up, his aim is for private hospitals and schools.

    Abbott, once again is reacting, and not in control of the agenda. Wonder what their private polling is telling them. With their apparent back flip of Better Schools, one can make a guess.

    Wonder what the same polls are telling him about his support for tax rorters, defending the big banks and cigarette companies. Not t a good look.

    I am sure that some do not appreciate his and Morrison talking down of the PNG scheme. Sure the smugglers are clapping hard.

  11. No, not feeling glum. What has changed, is the feeling that one needs to defend Rudd. Yes, he was elected by caucus, and some will respect that.

    Time will tell if they made the right decision.

    They did back three years ago, when they put Gillard in place. Proof is in the way Labor has survived the minority government., Not only survived, but got many things in place, that many have tried from the days of Howard.

    Yes, Rudd is lucky indeed, th have the solid foundation that Gillard put in place, to carry him forwarded.

    The previous PM has said, give him a fair go, and I among many will.

    Have noticed that Rudd has laid low, leaving the space clear for Abbott.

  12. Julia Gillard carved her place among the greatest of Australia’s Prime Ministers.

    I remain among her many admirers for her achievements, although there were some of her policies with which I strongly disagreed. But she rescued Australia from the ignominy of the Rudd years whilst he plotted and conspired his return. I cannot believe how many people have been so deceived by him and have ignored his spectacular failings.

    If Julia were still Prime Minister I would have been one of the first to the Voting Station to register my support for her at the next election, but with Rudd there can only be further and more serious policy disasters. No, he should not have been given a second chance because he showed his incompetence and character deficiencies the first time and is incapable of the necessary fundamental changes, and I most certainly will not give him one. He had a fair go, and proved himself to be incompetent to the task of governing Australia.

    His opponents in the other major parties are similarly inadequate to the task, so my vote will go unrecorded. There are a great many others in my acquaintance who share my views.

  13. Ultimately it’s not about the person but the greater good and in this respect, whether people be Julia “supporters” or Rudd supporters, both persons having been elected by the Labor Party to be leader indicate that BOTH and I do mean both in some way embody what is right for Australia and most especially what is right for the Australian working class. Right wingers of course want to emphasise the person and plotting (whilst ignoring this in their own party) – for the sole purpose of making Labor people turn against each other and most especially to distract from the real issues for Australia, that being policy.

  14. Gillard was an incompetent socialist scrubber. No more no less. It was a mistake that she got the leadership and it was a mistake that such a failure was given the purse strings to the country.
    sent from down town Ceuta.

  15. Abbott is an incompetent fascist moron, no more no less. It was a mistake he got the leadership and it will be a massive mistake that such a failure is given the purse strings to the country.
    Sent from down town Nowra.

    There Tweed made it truthful for you. You really have to watch that predictive text and how it gets it wrong.

  16. Why no massive remonstration from the right wingers on Abbott’s massive back flip/flop on Gonski. after all they took undue delight in repeatedly pointing out ad nauseam supposed back flips by Gillard?

    As little as two weeks ago Pyne was saying Gonski was a dud and the current funding would remain under the Coalition, and as little as a month ago Abbott was asserting Gonski would not be part of his policy unless all the States and Territories unreservedly signed up.

    Abbott’s flip on school funding (Politifact)

  17. Min, well said… and I agree…. there are more things at stake in this political cycle, than there has ever been before….. 😦
    Julia is gone,.. a harsh fact……. ‘she’ will always be, to me, our best PM by/so far. 🙂 ….and I still believe ‘she’ would have won on Sept. 14 … alas 😦
    …. anyhoo, Kev’s back.. 🙂 …. and though I wish Julia was still in the ‘chair’…. I like and respect Kev, he said the long overdue word… “Sorry” .. and in the saying, put Australia, finally, onto the path to reconclliliation and maturity as a people and as a nation.
    But as Min (and others) have pointed out it’s the policies not the personalities that have defined this ALP govt., as a ‘group’ they have revived our economy after the mismanagement of the “Howard” years …. and as a ‘group’ have put Australia in the best position possible to take up the opportunities as the world moves into ‘Asian Century’.
    The ‘worry’ as to whom leads the ALP, at this time, pales into insignificance if one thinks about the destruction that could be wrought by the Ginas’/Ruperts’/Hillsongers’ puppet Abbott.
    The main game is still the main game…imo .. “Stop the Abbott’ … ‘Turn back the Abbott’… ‘Ditch the Abbott’ ….etc 😀

  18. We are wrong about Mr. Abbott. He is going to be a builder. How do we know? He just told us so. ABC 24. It is all about, Hope, Reward, Opportunity.

    He and his mate is telling us how bad we are having it. Must be true, Mr. Abbott told us same.

    It appears that we must ignore his last four years of destroying all in his path.

    We need to believe in him, as Mr. Rudd believes in nothing, not stopping the boats……………

    Has not told us how he is going to do all this building.

    We know he is good at talking down the economy, and the greatest supporter the smugglers have, in his loud and vocal opposition to everything Labor does. Have not seen ant evidence of anything he has built.

    We know he is on the side of tax rorters, cigarette companies and big banks and miners.

    What does he intend to build for us little people.

    Private hospitals and school system, does not excite me. Yes, he is also telling us, the PS needs to be curt by twenty thousand, that does not sound like building.
    I suspect his private polling is telling him, people see him as a demolisher, not a builder.

    Yes, one can not be blamed if they see Abbott as the demolition man. Hard to see him as a builder. His history just does not support such a belief.

    No Mr. Hockey, you are wrong. Not all boats automatically lift with the tide. If the=at tide is too sudden and to harsh, many boats will be swamped.

    I suspect, it is the likes of us on the bottom will be used by Abbott to do his building, yes the rubble that can be set aside, while those at the top, flourish.

    Please Mr. Abbott, tell us what you are building, and whom are you building it for?

  19. Where’s the cyber box of tissues, you snivelling bunch of loser worshippers?

    If Gillard was so good why did her party’s polling go down to 29% and she got dumped? Because she was unpopular and a woeful PM.

    Just can’t face the facts but not unusual for you delusional people.

    The biggest laugh was the grogan fossicker of Broken Hill who reckons that Labor has revived the economy. Are you serious??? Where were you yesterday when the emergency mini budget was announced?

    A projected deficit of $30B which is $12B more that announced twelve weeks ago in the budget indicates that Swan and Gillard did not have a clue. When I think about it…to even suggest this bunch of economic retards revived the economy is nothing but a bald faced lie but nothing new here!

  20. If they switched to Turnbull, they could be in bigger strife. It is not only Abbott thats is disliked, but all his policies, or lack of them.

    The change from Gillard to Rudd, was easy. It was Gillard that many in the public would not accept, not the policies. Rudd has a good foundation put in place by Gillard to go forward with. I suspect he will only get into strife, if he veers to far from the path she laid in place. Cannot see Turnbull carrying on from where Abbott left off.

  21. Speaking of Malcolm Fu, check out the drubbing he’s getting on his Facebook page re NBN:


    I’d rather wait 10 years to get Labor’s NBN than wait 10 days to get your second rate option


    Hey copper is brilliant!! My mother washed clothes in a Copper in the 1930’s and 1940’s…do you think you could also bring back the old washing machines where women spent all day washing clothes? Tony would just LOVE that!! Then when women are doing the washing and ironing all day we won’t have to worry about silly old things like your invention of the internet.

    and one last one:

    Every day you continue this ‘for the team’ charade you lose credibility, Malcolm. If your own money was on the line, you’d choose fibre all the way; as you did with France Telecom when they announced their fibre rollout.

    😆 😆 😆

  22. He also bought into the Spanish fibre to the premises.

    If he does a proper audit, he will be told, the NBNCo is the way to go. His scheme just does not add up.

    NBNCo, is the cheapest and most efficient scheme, in the long one. No manipulation of the figures can change that.

    Do not want to go back to using coppers. Though they were good for cooking the Christmas hams in. Oh, bring back that flavour. Yes, the pork was actually smoked, and one cooked the ham and bacon before using.

    Good for soap making too. Not so to good for women’s figures or health..

  23. “Why no massive remonstration from the right wingers on Abbott’s massive back flip/flop on Gonski.”

    Because there is NO back flip’flop. In fact he will used it to push the voucher system, they so love. It dawned on Pyne last week, that this could be the case. Individual funding following the child is what Gonski is about. Not vouchers, that one takes to the nearest private school.

  24. Someone will write the Rudd book. It will be a beauty. It will be about more than Rudd. It will be about the politics of the last couple of decades and how we reach were we are today. I suspect that Gillard will be one of the few that comes up smelling like roses.

    I suspect the real villains will be Howard and his side kicks.

    I suspect that Rudd will be written up as one who took advantage of the toxic politics of the time, but not for much more.

    The toxic politics began back in the days of Whitlam. The back lash was so bad, it was not until Howard got control of the Liberals, that they went down that path again.
    I think it is time, for the voter to say, this is not on. We expect better.

    That can only happen by Abbott being badly beaten, and for time to show up the weakness of Rudd.

    Yews, eventually the democratic system will sort things out. Just that sometimes, it is slow doing so.

  25. Yes, it is as they say, one can fool some people all the time. All the people some of the time. One cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Yes, time will once again prove this true.

    It is a shame many have to learn the hard way.

  26. Boy, you are politically naïve!

    Abbott’s announcement on school funding has negated Rudd’s strategy to run on education in the election campaign. Rudd got me too-ed.

    There is a distinct difference, Abbott won’t be taking over the running of schools from Canberra as what is Labor’s policy.

    That difference will be highlighted during the campaign.

  27. Scaper, Abbott has also shot himself in the foot if he thought that he could differentiate himself from Labor on the issue. What’s that again? So the reforms were right the whole entire time..well they must be, Abbott now agrees with them.

    “There is no difference between Kevin Rudd and myself when it comes to school funding,” the Opposition Leader said at an independent school in Melbourne.

    Huge *winner* for Abbott..he’s the same as Kevin Rudd. 🙄

  28. Yes, scaper, that difference will be highlighted during the election, much to Abbott’s disquiet. What Abbott wants, is the name Better Schools taken off the table. That is NOT going to happen. What we will see, is what Abbott’s and Pyne’s education is about. Believe me scaper, not many will like what they see.

    Yes, I believe most do not want nothing but private hospitals and schools.

    That is what the Libs are about.

    Bring on the debate, is all I can say.


  29. Maybe it is the chance that parliament will sit again. Maybe Abbott fears the though of his shadow party being all in the one place at the same time. Maybe Abbott does not want another party room meeting. Things can happen there.

    Abbott is the only one that sounds desperate. No one else e seems to mind either way. It will be sometime in the near future, what does a couple of weeks matter, one way or another.

  30. Scaper, “The biggest laugh was the grogan fossicker of Broken Hill who reckons that Labor has revived the economy. Are you serious??? Where were you yesterday when the emergency mini budget was announced?”
    Gee your funny Scraps…. just not the HAHAHA kind of funny 😆
    You just can’t stand the fact that little Johnnie got the worst PM and worst Treasurer gongs…… and “little lone” undermined the tax base and financial infrastructure of our country for years to come..
    Where were you when this govt. got three triple A’s ay…..
    …and where were you when Swanny got the Best Treasurer award
    ……. but don’t worry Scraps, there will always be Labor govt’s to fix the mess that you useless Lib’s leave behind. 😉

  31. “and “little lone” undermined the tax base and financial infrastructure of our country for years to come..”

    Not sure what you are talking about but the ALP is still giving tax cuts and then trying to blame Costello for tax cuts way back in 2007. This from the budget just a few months ago.


    The Government has delivered $47 billion of tax cuts in our first four years since coming to office. In addition, we have provided further tax cuts as assistance for the cost of living impact of the carbon price from 2012‑13. Even after accounting for the small increase in the Medicare levy in 2014‑15 we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales.”

  32. Yes, Neil, Labor has been making cost cuts for years. It is called governing. If this is so, how does it fit in with the Oppositions calls of waste and big spending.

    Trouble is, not the spending, but in diminishing revenues.

    Rudd now on ABC 24. With Nauruan President.

  33. Yes I am still grieving and I must say incredibly disillusioned with politics at present. I admit Rudd and the Federal Labor Party are far more intelligent and competent than anything that Abbott and the LNP have to offer but Julia Gillard operated from a higher plane again. Australia’s loss I’m afraid and I didn’t even agree with everything that Julia Gillard did.

  34. “Yes, Neil, Labor has been making cost cuts for years”

    Not sure what you are trying to say but Labor people blame Costello for creating budget problems because he gave tax cuts 6 years ago. But Labor has been giving tax cuts every year since 2007. See my link at 3.09PM.

    In fact in the May budget Swan compared his tax cuts to Costello’s.

  35. Neil, do you have any idea what you are on about. All you seem interested in laying blame. Why?

    Neil, it might have passed your notice, but economies are never stable, they go up and down for many many reasons.
    NO government controls the economy. Yes, Neil, none do.

    All they can do, is attempt to manage it.

    Capitalism is based on booms and busts. That is the nature of the creature.

    Why the need to laid blame?

  36. “Why the need to laid blame?

    I have seen many posts by ALP supporters blaming Costello for budget problems for tax cuts he did SIX years ago. But I have never seen those same people say anything about the Swan tax cuts in the May 2013 budget.

  37. Neil, not about blame. It is more about saying that actions taken by Howard and Costello leads to what is happening now. One can only assess the facts one has, make a decision, and hope for the best. That is life.

    What many are identifying, that action led to a structural defect that needs fixing. Most actions have unseen outcomes.

    It is not about blame, but identifying the problems and their causes that occur today.

  38. I would say, if Rudd is going to the G20 talks, he will also go to the Bali Group extraordinary meeting on August 20.

  39. Bet Morrison is sorry he pulled his stunt going to Nauru. I bet the President was laughing at the time. Getting him on what the government has all ready decided. Morrison cannot come out, and talk this one down.

  40. “Neil, not about blame. It is more about saying that actions taken by Howard and Costello leads to what is happening now.

    Exactly!! And that is what you immoral human beings say. You blame tax cuts by Costello SIX years ago but do not say anything about tax cuts in the May 2013 budget.

    And it was Costello who got our AAA credit rating back who you immoral people give no credit. It took a Parliament House riot followed by 6 surplus budget (something that Labor would never do) to get our AAA rating back.

    The ALP is a corrupt and immoral political party elected by corrupt and immoral people.

  41. Yes, Neil, those tax cuts six years ago, put in train the falling revenue receipts we are seeing today. Neil, every action taken by everyone has an effect down the line. Whether Costello was right or wrong does not matter. What matters., is that action now needs to be reverse. Yes, there were unseen consequences. One has to identify a problem, before they can fixed it.

  42. “Yes, Neil, those tax cuts six years ago, put in train the falling revenue receipts we are seeing today

    Really?? You immoral human being.

    Your Lords and Masters have the power since 2007 to overturn those tax cuts. They actually did not do that. But increased them,

    See my post at 3.09PM.

  43. Well now there is no election called this week, where does that leave Victoria. It appears that they will still be able to sign up Tuesday.

    Trouble with Abbott and his ilk, they believe the shit the make up.

    Love the video, of Shorten trying to quieten down, what looks like his very tired toddler. Gave a human touch. I suspect Shorten did not know the cameras were on him.

  44. Morning Scaper. To the point as usual buddy. If you cast your collective memories back a tad and consider the leaders Labor has put up. Latham? Rudd? Gillard? Rudd? ……… Shorten
    What a serial bunch of losers. All tried to be something they were not. Rudd tried to be a Howard Lite. FK what Gillard was trying to be. We all remember Latham taking up walking to counteract Howard’s stability. Latham took to jogging to try some one puma ship on Howard….until his man boobs gave him concussion while trying to jog. I suggest his concussion persists. The $30 billion deficit after nong Swan’s budgets? What a joke Labor is….

  45. Rudd and Labor are making everyone take a financial hit to pay for Labor’s cockups since 2007. The blue collars get stung more for their durriers. Banks have to tip into Labor’s recovery slush fund. Superanuants, car manufacturers via FBT changes, unemployed, ….we are all paying for the batts, NBN, Border Protection, blowout in public passengers (aka Public Servants) . Labor wasted a mining boom, tried to tax successful miners who got us through the GFC, we have yet to hear outcomes from Gillard/AWU, Slipper, Craig….. What a shit sandwich we got plated up in 2007. 2010 we got a second serve of the leftover and stale shit sandwich. Thank The Lord we will see the end of Labor via the incompetence of Rudd. Do we recall his self written bio leading up to the 2007 election? ” ….. highly intelligent …..IQ 134….” One thing we have clearly learned is that we need to raise the Intellectual Bar. IQ 134 and base LLB degree clearly didn’t cut it. Maybe the minimum PM requirement is Rhodes Scholar intellect to qualify for the position?

  46. Tweed, me old sthailor mate…. you sound so shrill…… but then again, of course you do 😉 …. but do please remember… the stale shit sandwich was baked by Howard and Cost-a-lloto… and well after Keating ‘fired’ the ovens….. instead of ‘golden aged’… we got burnt…… just say’n 🙂

  47. “Labor wasted a mining boom,

    Wasted a mining boom?? Have a look at this


    Nothing like this boom since Federation. Labor did not waste the boom. They abused the boom. They totally wasted every cent of the boom. They lost everything the boom could have given us. Swan spent his time using the boom for toilet paper.

  48. Tweed/NoS and ” Swan spent his time using the boom for toilet paper” …. well he did have to wipe up after ‘youse’ RWingers when you caused the ‘shit’ known as the GFC… historically speaking it was Howard that wasted the ‘boom’….and to think that Keating did all that work to create the conditions that Howard squandered…..Tweed/Nos, please do catch up 😛

  49. It is sad Niel. We probably won’t live long enough to see such an extraordinary boom situation again. Booming ocuntries with 1.2 bilion people dont come along every day. Mongolia will be the next big supply success of coal, iron and gas. We come out the other side of our boom with a $400 Billion debt. Thanks Kevin you moron. Thanks Gillard you socialist moron. Swan is special so we cant really blame him. What a waste. We could have been up the street round the corner with the only problem being how to spend our prosperity. Instead we are left with moronic policy from Swan, Rudd and Gillard to repay. What a cockup….

  50. Tweed, funny how no one here is mentioning the mini budget announced on Friday…all we get is HOWARD HOWARD HOWARD!

    The great economic retards’ budget lasted less than twelve weeks and has blown out by $12B. Predicting higher unemployment, lower growth and pushing the never ever Labor surplus out another year.

    And the Labor idiots and their barrackers here were accusing the opposition of talking down the economy? Well, it turns out that the government is now talking down the economy, according to the so called logic of the people here.

    The government is now issuing bonds and notes that mature in over a decade to pay out the maturing bonds and notes. In others words…pushing the debt onto the next generation to pay for their excesses, they have lost control of our finances.

  51. “Tweed, funny how no one here is mentioning the mini budget announced on Friday…all we get is HOWARD HOWARD HOWARD!”

    Scaper, if Neil stopped raising Howard, Howard……..people would not feel the need to respond.

    As for the mini budget, not much new or frightening there. I suspect it will be more worrying for Abbott. Where will he make the necessary. Criticizing all the essential cuts Labor has made, can only go so far. Abbott will have to come clean, on where he will cut.

  52. If the Liberals had been in office during the GFC a course of events would have happened.

    1) WorkChoices would have been ramped up. Wages and conditions would have been slashed (even beyond what they were with WorkChoices MKII).

    2) With potentially millions of employees affected by loss of income and job security, consumer demand and confidence would have gone into reverse.

    3) As demand and confidence among consumers fell, business profits would have followed downwards.

    3) As profits fell employers would use the WorkChoices provision to sack without cause or notice.

    4) Leading to rising unemployment.

    5) The economy enters a recession cycle – with declining consumer and business confidence, reducing profits and rising unemployment.

    6) As WorkChoices provides no means to halt the economic decline, recession would have deteriorated into depression.

  53. Neil did not bring up Howard here, it was grogan fingers.

    I suppose it is not frightening to you that the budget was blown in record time because you most probably won’t be around when the next generation suffers due to Labor’s excesses.

    On another note…drove up to Darwin via Tennant Creek and back. Checked out a parcel of vacant crown land east of Tennant which is most suitable for the project. The scumbags at the other place call it ‘Crapperville’ and the next move is to obtain a 99 year lease.

    Got Malcolm on board now who is showing a lot of interest, all bases are covered.

  54. I should just add that the sequence of events outlined in my previous comment will happen when the Liberals next come to power, irrespective of international economic conditions. WorkChoices (by whatever name they choose to call it) will set off a recession from which it provides no means of an exit.

  55. Sorry Patricia. Joolya`s done and dusted.
    Get over it. Move on.
    FFS you Lefty`s, stop sulking.
    Mr-Rabbit is not going to win, Roopert couldn`t get him over the line last time, and won`t this time either. (tell em at tps and aimn too)
    Concentrate on How you are going to vote, which should be below the Line, selecting who YOU want first, and number all the damn boxes so stupid politicians can`t trade away YOUR choice.
    And FFS, put Mr-Rabbit`s mob Last. 🙂

  56. “Got Malcolm on board now who is showing a lot of interest, all bases are covered.”

    Could be lucky scaper, as he did give a rain maker 10 million dollars to produce rain. Should not be hard to con.

  57. Turnbull also seized on what he thought was evidence to bring down the Labor government. But was of course a document forged by a Liberal operative in the public service. Yes, an easy mark to con, old Turdball.

  58. Will have a good laugh Rudd does not call the election. I really though he would wait until early October.

  59. 7.30, I agree…. I have been numbering below the line for over 30yrs….. and I most certainly will reserve last spots for the Liars No Policy…. except in state elections where I always put Freddy Nile last. 😉

  60. Could it be that the end of Abbott is nigh……. I do hope so….. and oh how I will laugh when Tony loses… not the Pope nor the PM, just the worst LOTO in au. political history…. and the icing on the cake would be if Tony did a ‘Howard’ and lost his seat just like his hero 😀
    Howard losing his seat still cracks me up…. now that was ‘pura comoedia’ 😆 😆 😆

  61. September 7.

    Media saying Rudd is copying Howard 2004 all on the back of Rudd saying the election will be about who you trust.

    Rudd hoed into Shanahan at presser, and rightly so.

    Rudd has asked for a debate every Sunday of the campaign to be hosted by different TV Stations and the media can get together to organise them.

    Kept asking media why they aren’t holding Abbott to account and allowing him to get away with not revealing policy and economic credentials.

    Media off to a low start already, trying to convey Rudd’s confidence and “trust” statement as a failure in the campaign already. Expect a lot more of this type of crap from them.

  62. Let up hope Australians do not vote for Rudd. This has got to be the worst govt ever and they still could win.

  63. The government is now issuing bonds and notes that mature in over a decade to pay out the maturing bonds and notes. In others words…pushing the debt onto the next generation to pay for their excesses, they have lost control of our finances”

    That is correct and another three years of Labor we will lose our credit rating again like we did under Hawke/Keating. This will mean we will have to pay even more interest on our debt.

    And our interest rates are already amongst the highest in the world. Some of the Europeans are paying zero interest on their debt which means they pay nothing. Our interest rates are way above theirs. So our interest payments on govt debt at 30% of GDP would be the same as European countries who have govt debt at 100% of GDP.

  64. Neil, there is nothing wrong with government bonds. Many experts believe the government should go back to them., as a means of funding infrastructure, instead of private partnership.

  65. Yeah tell that to the Europeans.

    A downgraded credit rating means business like Qantas have to borrow at a higher rate. And if Labor is re-elected we will lose our AAA.

  66. Mobius and,

    Rudd has asked for a debate every Sunday of the campaign to be hosted by different TV Stations and the media can get together to organise them.

    I wonder if Abbott has the gumption…I doubt it. Abbott struggles to make sense even when he has his own team holding up each elbow…

  67. Thank god, only 34 more days of some of our visitors. Abbott already is saying he will not respect the will of the voter, if there is another hung parliament. In other words, he does not respect the Constitution.

    Neil. the European economy is nothing like ours. This you know, as you have been told many times.

    Yes, we will vote, and a new government will be formed, to govern for three years. Who that will be we will have to wait and see.

    Yes, most on this sire will accept whatever the outcome. There will be no three year dummy split from this side. No ridicule of those who vote for him as well. . No need for that, as they will quickly wake up to the mistake they have made. Quicker, I believe than the voters in Queensland state elections have.

    Sometimes I feel, I would like to see Abbott win, as the way many think, they deserve him. Trouble is the rest of us do not.

    Bad government come and go. So do good ones, sadly.

    Why not drop the personal insults and stick to policy, and convincing us, Abbott is the best thing like sliced bread.

  68. Neil. the European economy is nothing like ours. This you know, as you have been told many times.”

    yes it is not like ours. This is because Howard/Costello were paying off debt while all the major European countries were raking it up. And Labor State govts were also raking it up.

    Look at what Labor did to Queensland.

  69. The Liberals will be sorry they stuck with Abbott. If they lose they will be sorry. If they “win” (with the help of the MSM/ABC) they will regret having such a dud humiliate them daily. Lose : lose.

  70. No, it is nothing like ours, as there is one currency for most of Europe. We has a sovereign economy. We are in control of our own economy. It has been explained to you many times, by better informed than me, SO i AM NOT WASTING ANYMORE TIME.

  71. “It has been explained to you many times

    And you people are born liars. So why should i believe anything you say?? Your only purpose in life is to destroy Australia.

  72. What we need to know, which party identifies TODAYS problems, and has the best way of dealing with it.

    We do liver in a instable global economy. As Rudd said, name one country that is able to make budgets predictions in this climate. Yes, Neil, under such conditions, it is impossible.

    Throughout our history, back to Menzies in my case, it was normal to see mini budgets bought down within months of the budget, because of changing conditions

    Most where horror budgets, and smokes and liquor was always the first hit. In those days, one had wholesale taxes, which was higher on what was seen as luxuries. That was also hit every time.

    Yes, back 2008 there was the GFC and most of the world still has not recovered. This still affects how economy.

  73. Neil, you do not have to believe what I say. Why do you not bring to our attention, any expert in the filed that agrees with what you say. Do not bother with Sloane, she is an idiot or liar.

    Neil, you have big problem. You call anyone that does not agree with you liars.

    Hard to debate with one that has such attitudes.

  74. <i<“It has been explained to you many times”

    The core Lieberal support demographic is heavy with Alzheimer’s.

  75. The Liberals cannot point to one period in the last 38 years when they turned the economy around from recession to growth.

    But they did turn a growing economy to recession under treasurer John Howard in the late 1970s, early 1980s.

  76. “Do not bother with Sloane, she is an idiot or liar.”

    I will tell you who the liars are. Stephen Koukoulis, Peter martin, John Quiggin, Bernard Keane, Mike Carlton.

    Oh and you lot. This is what labor did to Queensland and does to any govt when they are in power.

  77. Neil, if I believe a person to be a liar, I have nothing to do with them.

    I believe the three agencies that gave out the triple AAA ratings, complimented Labor this week, for the good job they are continuing to do.

    Of course, in your eyes, they are also liars. Not too sure what their motive would be.,


  78. Every Liberal National state is currently in deficit. One Liberal National state is in recession (Victoria). Two Liberal National states are borderline recession (WA and Qld).

  79. FU

    we had a AAA in 2007. In fact we have had AAA since we got it back in 2003 after we lost it under Hawke/Keating.

    Queensland lost its AAA under Labor and South Australia just lost its AAA under Labor and if Rudd is elected the Commonwealth will lose its AAA.

    But I guess you do not care.

  80. “Every Liberal National state is currently in deficit”

    Yes and if Abbott is elected the Commonwealth will also be in deficit. That is because Abbott will be handed some of the biggest deficits ever under Swan.

    You are actually more dishonest than i thought you were. Blaming the Libs for problems created by Labor.

  81. Kneel is now a fortune teller, sees the future, looks deep into his crystal ball, reads his tarot cards, tea leaves and tells shit.

  82. Fu – just ignore Neil – he’s still spouting the same discredited bullshit he’s been going on and on and on and on and …… about for the last 60 years (well it seems like that long 😉 ) Economics certainly ain’t his Forté 🙄

  83. Really Cuppa?? And you wonder why i repeat myself but this is what happened under keating

    Sept-Dec 1991- 10.1, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4
    Jan-Dec 1992- 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 11.2
    Jan-Dec1993- 10.9, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 10.8, 11.0, 10.8, 11.0, 10.7, 10.9, 10.8, 10.6
    Jan-April 1994- 10.4, 10.3, 10.3, 10.1

    Thirty months of double digit unemployment because of ALP policies. In case you don’t understand those numbers are the unemployment rate under the Australian Labor Party last time they were in power.

  84. Neil. no one is interested in history lessons, especially ones that have NOTHING to do with today.

  85. “Surpluses are in our DNA,” said the lying Abbott while ALL FIVE Liberal states were either in deficit or projected deficit.

  86. Under the Liberal Nationals credit rating is downgraded. (Qld).

    Under Labor, credit rating is uprgraded – to AAA for the first time with the three top ratings agencies. (Federal).

    See the difference, readers.

  87. “On the Liberal National watch in Queensland, ratings agency Fitch downgraded Queensland’s credit rating to AA”

    And why did they do that?? Could it be because of this??

    How about offering some help. You lot created this problem and you are so dishonest you want to blame Campbell Newman.

  88. Neil, how did Keating’s unemployment figures compare with those in other countries at the time. It does matter, that one compares oranges with oranges.

    Neil, you know, figures taken out of context are worthless. Why do you persist with such rot. Do you believe the readers on this site are idiots. You must,. to persist in recycling your rubbish.

  89. Oh Fck off Neil! Check out the trend of the debt to revenue ratio in Qld since Can’t Do got in. 🙄 I’ll give you a hint – sacking people and running austerity programs makes things worse, not better, but conservatives are too stupid to look at evidence of this over decades and learn from it…

    Speaking of stupid – we’ve got to put up with your inanity here and then 2SP comes along and makes you look like a economics pHD 😆

  90. In Victoria the Liberal Nationals inherited from Labor an economy in growth. Within months the economy was in recession.

  91. I’ll give you a hint – sacking people and running austerity programs makes things worse, not better

    And I will give YOU a hint. How about not getting into trouble in the first place.??

    How about that?? And then the Conservatives will not have to be mean and nasty when they get in.

  92. And I will give YOU a hint. How about not getting into trouble in the first place.??

    How about that?? And then the Conservatives will not have to be mean and nasty when they get in.

    More lies from the Liberal liar. The Howard Liberals were in office during the biggest boom to the global economy in history, supplemented in latter years by a giant domestic resources boom. And how did they “reward” Australians?

    The Liberal Nationals attacked Australians with the most extreme anti-worker legislation in a hundred years, the most extreme anti-worker legislation in the western world at the time. The so-called WorkChoices…

  93. “The Howard Liberals were in office during the biggest boom to the global economy in history, supplemented in latter years by a giant domestic resources boom.

    And during this time the European countries were getting into debt and the USA as well. And so were the State govts in Australia- all Labor govts.

  94. Kneel wrote:

    And I will give YOU a hint. How about not getting into trouble in the first place.??

    How about that?? And then the Conservatives will not have to be mean and nasty when they get in.

    The Liberal nationals enjoyed the fruits of the domestic mining boom plus the biggest boom to the global economy in history.

    Enjoying the good times how did the Liberal Nationals “reward” Australians? By putting the federal budget into structural deficit and $58 billion gross debt.

    Leith van Onselen, Macro Business:

    Little-by-little, inch-by-inch, the common misconception that the Howard/Costello Government were fiscal superheroes is unravelling and the truth is being revealed.


  95. Let’s not forget that Howard is contributing to the deficit by being the most expensive ex-pollie in Australian history by a long long way and Abbott also by being the most expensive LOTO by a long long way, which doesn’t bode well if he become PM.

    Bet he doesn’t cut back on his own privileges and just watch the tax payers party political promotions sky rocket under him as he cries poor, just like Newman. 20% or more payrise will be Abbott’s highest priority, even before giving everything he can to Murdoch, including the NBN so the right wing propaganda machine can go into full production.

    Liberals, dishonest, devious, greedy and morally bankrupt that’s for sure. Takes a special type of pliant unquestioning follower to support that lot.

  96. “Liberals, dishonest, devious, greedy and morally bankrupt that’s for sure. ”

    That is your opinion not mine. It is actually the opinion i have of Labor and people like you.

  97. NoS, lots of ad hominems by you tonight…. one wonders why 🙂 ?? … that feel’n your a feel’n… it’s called being p*wned… get used to it… 😉

  98. They say that Abbott has no policies. That is not true. What is true is that we are not been let in on them.

    When it comes to hospitals and schools, they are still talking about autonomy and being run by local boards.

    One needs to recall, the last thing Abbott did as Health Minister, was to buy the Mersey Hospital, Why? Suggest, this was a move away from the hospital system as we know it today. Maybe back at the beginning of last century, local boards, meet the needs of the community, in a efficient way. They talk about giving headmasters and parents more power to run schools. The evidence in on autonomy, has shown no education benefit. Those schools that would benefit, already do. It is just another way of the government moving out of private schooling,. I believe the answers can be found in Battlelines.

    We did have one hospital in NSW go down the path of private partnership, Port Macquarie I think. It was a failure.,

    Same goes for every policy of Abbott’s. One needs to read the small print carefully. One needs to listen to the caveats he puts on all. Yes, it may happen after he either does and audit, or send it off to the Productivity Commission. Even then he adds, if the money is available.

    I noticed he was questioned this morning about what he would cut. That is the only answer that is worthwhile from Abbott. Nothing else matters., What should be added, how does he intend to deal with the rapidly declining revenues. What one does not want, is any more of growing the pie, cutting regulations, MRRT and carbon tax. That tells us nothing. MRRT and carbon tax is actually revenue.

  99. LOVO. You must cease the substance abuse. Think of the damaged DNA you are going to pass on to your offspring.
    Gillard and Rudd have efficiently put this country into an economic tailspin since 2007. How can any economic manager turn +$60 Billion into -$400 Billion in just 6 years. I know they have the retard Swan at the economic levers but really this has been a Labor team effort. It has been Nong Central from the day of the election. Fortunately most of the drongos have left the building but some of the drongos remain led my Mr Delusional. FFS the country is awaiting the chance to pass judgement.

  100. Love the caption at the top of the page…’You’re in the right place’.

    Gee, might get a go on Bolt’s related links between Mark Steyn and Melanie Phillips.

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