J is for Julia and the Joy she gave.
U is for Us, so Useless to save
Labor while staying Loyal to her,
In spite of our Instinct that never
Again could we Australians be so proud of our name.

NOTES: I had thought I mightn’t write another pome and post for the Café now that Julia’s gone! However, I’ve just seen this picture and this paragraph in the accompanying article in The Monthly.

Why was this intelligent, dedicated, conscientious, patriotic woman, loved by her staff, glowingly admired by the independent MPs who’d just helped her minority government pass the highest rate of legislation of any prime minister, why was she being killed off? One would have thought from the frenzied, almost primitive calls for her head that she’d brought the government or the country to its knees, not just proven herself to be the most capable person in the Labor party.

So, I have written another pome and even a post, but just to let you know that I’m still in grief, which is why I haven’t had much to say recently. I’m wondering if other people are feeling the same. There seem to be a lot fewer comments recently. Are we all still feeling glum?