So this is what everyone’s been laughing about

The social media has been going viral about “80 years in Tasmania according to Abbott” and I had no idea what anybody was talking about. A quick Google search with a few key words soon enlightened me. Here it is:

In a forum in Launceston last night, Mr Abbott made the ridiculous claim that it would take 80 years for the NBN to be fully rolled out across the state.

Malcolm (Turnbull) reckons that at the current rate of rollout it will take 80 years before the whole of Tasmania has broadband rolled out under this Government.”- Tony Abbott, Sky News Forum, 25/7/2013.

Knowing what it was about, I too can laugh.

Really, where did he get that one from? If he had have said something like five or ten years then I might have found his statement somewhat credible. But 80 years! Come on, who does he think he’s fooling? And where is someone from the media asking him to back up this latest brain fart?

How does that saying go? “In your guts, you know he’s nuts”.

With statements like the one above, how could you possibly argue with that saying?

60 comments on “So this is what everyone’s been laughing about

  1. And the really slimy bit, “Malcolm has told me”. He can’t even take responsibility for his own stupidity! I’m no Rudd fan but I hope he blows this nitwit out of the water!

  2. And the joke on Abbott is that Tasmania will be the first State to have a full NBN roll out in 2015.

    Tasmanians know that, which is why Abbott chose some wildly exaggerated number, as a very lame attempt at scaremongering, which is Abbott’s tactic for everything. Simplistic slogans and where they won’t wash, scaremongering and gross exaggerations.

  3. The internet is only for sending emails though right? So 80 years to wait for the NBN shouldn’t be a problem coz we don’t really need the internet. Just like how C02 is weightless and “shit happens”. Abbott is our own version of George Dubya. Cripes it will be embarassing if this loon leads our country.

  4. Thankyou . Can you imagine the MSM reporting this. ?? I mean… it was only on TV….Once…..
    ANY labor statement is pulled apart & dissected & reported in as negative light wherever possible……. contrast this……

  5. Maybe Abbott got confused, maybe he was thinking of the LNP FTTN, you know what Abbot is like at telling porkies.

  6. I’m constantly surprised how people let Tony Abbott get away with fallacies like this unchallenged. It’s like the media just swallows it up like a dog with a Schmackos.

  7. clearly Abbott has confidence the ALP will govern Federally for at least the next 80 years

  8. But Malcolm invented the internet so it must be true or an invisible gaseous claim..what did he say again?..yawn..Mr Rabbits answer me this…swishhh, pffft..poof…where did he go?

  9. Perhaps you may like to appraise yourself of the implementation record of Howard government projects V. You may not like what you see 😉

  10. What a strange individual. Abbott, that is. Though I imagine some of you might think I was referring to Voyager. 👻

  11. What interesting comments.. none realizing that the statement was ” At the Current rate of Rollout! ‘.. and that is all that applicable.. Ohh well.. it takes all kinds to make a world!

  12. As mentioned by others, TA is always offloading source of his claims – I guess to cancel out any serious interrogation (journo’s must ask themselves: ‘why ask TA?, he’s already said that he got it from someone else…’) and add a veneer of veracity to keep his feeble-minded true-believers ‘informed’. All bullshit, bluff, and bluster…

  13. But Bob that current rate of rollout of 80 years is just as much a fallacy as if it “current rate” were left out.

    At the current rate of rollout Tasmania will be the first state in Australia to be fully connected to the NBN in 2015.

    I guess it takes all kinds to attempt to make a fallacy into an fact.

  14. Another one of these, “I would laugh if it wasn’t so tragic” bits from Abbott and the opposition.

    Abbott and Morrison have announced a change to the asylum seeker policy, though mentioned on the news this morning it didn’t get any commentary or questioning. I couldn’t catch ABC News Breakfast so someone might update us on that front.

    And I bet there isn’t a single backlash from an Abbott adulator.

    Abbott now more or less has completely taken up Rudd’s asylum seeker policy.

    The newest development of the Coalition’s policy involves building a tent city on Nauru, no permanent accommodation at all, and housing asylum seekers there. If any are found to be genuine they are to be given Bridging Visas (yes you read that correctly) and permanently settled in Nauru besides the tent city but free to mingle with the general population. They will not be allowed into Australia.

    So replace PNG with Nauru, permanent buildings with tents and 2 Star Commander with 3 Star Commander and you have two almost identical policies.

    What has happened to the supposedly successful Howard Pacific solution that TPVs were so vital a part of, and the opposition mantra over the last couple of years of bringing back TPVs and getting rid of Bridging Visas?

    As we kept saying here and elsewhere, but were pooed pooed by the right wingers, Bridging Visas are harsher than TPVs. Abbott and Morrison have just proven us correct in taking up Bridging Visas and now it seems dropping TPVs, which was up until yesterday a major part of their promised asylum seeker policy.

    What Abbott and Morrison have now done is fully endorsed Rudd’s woeful policy whilst again falling back to the vicarious reason to vote for them of Abbott not being Rudd.

  15. if you watch the latest spiderman,I couldn’t NOTthink that the lizard man (if he had THOSE ears) would look like tony abbott!

  16. Bob I also found this direct quote from Abbott in Tasmania, and there’s no current roll out rate mentioned.

    Tony Abbott pledges to honour forest funding

    Mr Abbott says the rollout of his plan will be quicker and cheaper.

    “It will take 80 years before the whole of Tasmania has broadband rolled out under this government,” he said.

    Also note in that piece where Abbott promises pie in the sky stuff with extra funding but no details and also promises to keep current Labor government policies.

  17. Phoney Tony is just a congenital liar! And hasn’t realised that with modern information technology and information access it is so easy to get caught out! TA not fit 2B anything really!

  18. With his latest brainfart, this line from the song “Send in the clowns, don’t bother their here” comes to mind.

    Was the assembly all noalition rusted on’s or were there some real people present and I do not mean journalists, who live in another reality.

    One gets the impression that abbort has chucked in the towel but the ref has failed to notice.

    Roll on the election when abbort is put out to pasture, and I do not think Turdbull will pick up the baton, once bitten twice shy. Moriscum is thick enough or even whinney pyney for their 15 mins in the sun.

  19. Abbott seems to have smooth skin on his face, once again today. Wonder why he looks different, on different days?

  20. Abbott promises full fiscal statement. I wonder who will prepare it. Another accountancy firm? Maybe Costello and Griener will get together, even offer their services free.

  21. Voyager, if you read what is written, Liealot verballed Turnbull wrt NBN rollout. Turnbull should have stayed retired, imo.

    He could have had a lovely job @ Goldman Sachs and not have had to stand alongside a lying toerag with an iron grip on his goolies, trying to flog elderly ram legs to a butcher who knows there’s no way it could possibly be lamb.

    But 80 years, ffs! Even most barrackers aren’t quite that stupid, with the exception of Neil who really IS that stupid.

  22. Wonder why he looks different, on different days?

    Probably nothing too corky. Different make-up departments, HD, SD, lighting etc., except that obvious time at the Press Club he had on a fake tan and looked like he’d had botox.

  23. Are we really badly off. The figures say no. Still, the cut of the economy going to to the employers is still growing,

    One thing for sure, I do not see debt being the main problem. Why would one risk it all, with Abbott that can only spruik, debt, wasteful spending and big bad taxes.

    One wonders how he is going to address the falling revenues, when his two promises are to cut the carbon and MRRT, both which raise revenue.

    “…t its heart, the discussion around ‘cost of living’ in Australia centres on a key question: are complaints justified?

    This is not going to be an attempt to get right into the weeds around this; rather a brief attempt to identify what I feel to be the crucial elements in Australia’s growing financial siege mentality.

    Those elements are twofold; inequality and governmental impotence.

    In November 2012, the average Australian earned, in a week, before tax, about $1,080. That’s an annual income of $56,160. At the same time in 1997, it was $30,836. In other words, average wages have increased by about 82 per cent in that time.

    To get some understanding of how Australians’ incomes have grown in real terms, perhaps something more specific may work. The Wages Price Index measures changes over time in the price of labour services, unaffected by changes in the quality and quantity of work performed, and its movement in comparison to the nation’s CPI is instructive..”

  24. Does one get the impression, that Abbott is playing catch up every day. Reacting, not out in front.,

    He seems to have lost control of the agenda. Could this be why he wants a early election, as he does not want parliament to resume on 20 August, as he fears he will be found badly wanting.

    Just a thought. Abbott keeps saying that Rudd is desperate, but every time he opens that mouth, with the whining voice, one gets the feeling, that desperation lies in his camp.

    One wonders why?, as Rudd has done nothing, that Gillard was not already doing.

    If the asylum seekers is an emergency as Abbott claims, is not this a good reason to postpone the election, until the matter is addressed. One cannot surely put off emergencies, to another day.

    Is it not important, that the PM attend the extraordinary Bali Group meeting on August 20.

    Maybe the G20 and the UN meeting, that leads to Australia taking up it’s temporary seat is not as important. Who knows.

    If delaying the election for a few short weeks, enable this to occur, why not.


  25. They say Rudd is making policy on the run.

    Do not believe this to be true, but I am certain, that Abbott is reacting to Rudd’s moves, with little thought to what is needed.

    Abbott is by-passing his shadow cabinet, and is all over the place. :little of what they are saying, makes sense. They are too tied up in the past, and ignoring the situation, as it is today.

  26. Meanwhile, Lyndal Curtis is interviewing Warren Truss on ABC 24 TV

    They’re talking about The Deficit.

    They might as well be discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    Neither of them have the foggiest idea what it all means.

    It’s both comical, and sad.

  27. Fed up, do I note more than a slight note of panic.. it seems that we now have a tent city to be set up on Nauru. I cannot but imagine how this would be passed by the UN Inspectors, giving due regard to the fact that the Opposition insisted that any 3rd country be a signatory -which neither Malaysia nor Nauru were..but under pressure from Abbott, Nauru became one. Such is the convoluted and hypocritical attitude of the Liberals to the issue of asylum seekers who arrive by boat.

  28. Wonder how long those tents will survive in that climate, on the topics. Wonder how long one will be able to keep 5000 idle people under control.

    Wonder how safe the 9000 Nauruans would be, with such demoralized people with no hope.

  29. Min, I suspect it was Gillard that made the decision, she would no longer be the punching bag of either man. It must be beginning to dawn on Abbott, that he was bit the caused of her demised, If Rudd was not there, I believe that Gillard would have handled Abbott with one arm tied behind her back, Was doing so every day in the house.

  30. Looks like the ‘tent’s policy(?) is starting to cop flak. Also, reveals ltdnews (murdoch) to be the actual policy holder for the libs.

    Reporters not in Nauru were referred to stories published in News Limited publications by reporters invited on the Morrison trip – as if stories generated by third parties were an official record, or a transcript of some kind (an odious reflection, that – journalists are not record keepers or stenographers or megaphones, correct?)

  31. Comment from hannah’s dad at Larvatus Prodeo:


    For whom the bell tolls.

    The winter of our discount tents.

  32. I have just listen to Abbott. I thought it was Obeid family and Ian MacDonald that was found corrupt, along with many business men.

    Listening to Abbott, one would be led to believe, every other MP mentioned at the hearing was also found to have a case to answer. I believe the truth is, that they were cleared.

    Abbott has just said all are guilty, seems to be tainted by association. This after all the allegations were dealt with by the inquiry, and found to have no basis. He extends this guilt my association to Rudd.

    Once again, Abbott has shown no respect for facts, and is once again in the business os serious exaggeration, and straight out lies.

  33. Yes, I have gone back and read what ICAC released. The only other Labor politician mention, Mr Roozendaal, was cleared of any corruption.

  34. Tony Abbott heckled by elderly protester at Seaford RSL.

    When your key constituency turns against you and ribs you in a conservative sanctum then you really are in trouble.

    The longer Rudd holds off on an election the harder it will be for Abbott to hide from the pubic behind strictly controlled staged managed stunts and venues.

  35. Fu, I couldn’t help but notice that the media gravitated to Abbott for the first comment on the corruption findings.

    It was pathetic how he turned it into a pot calling the kettle black episode. How can he keep a straight face?

  36. Mo, he’s a joke. Big tough Tony is going to stop the boats yet he runs away from a pensioner carrying a placard.

    Tony was gripped in so much fear I noticed he’d bent the brochure clutched in his hands.

  37. All corrupt politicians need to be behind bars. They do not all reside on the left.

    At the end of the day, there are one family and MacDonald. There are numerous business men named, which all are ignoring.

    Do we say, all business men are corrupt?

    If Labor was as corrupt, as Abbott says, surely one would expect many more names.

  38. To the way of the media thinking, Abbott and the conservative parties throughout Aussie land are squeaky clean, and are the only ones to govern the country

  39. It says something, that O’Farrel is saying nothing until he reads the findings. Maybe Abbott and his offsider, might have been more prudent, if he followed O’Farrel example.

  40. Remember what the old Tony did and believe in. Remember the Mersey Hospital he bought on the eve of a election. Privatization only removes the cost of evacuation etc from the government to the voter. Does not make is cheaper. Just saves the government money.

    “…….Privatisation of schools is not a ‘real solution’
    By David Zyngier

    Posted 1 hour 37 minutes ago
    Photo: Justification of the drive for more school autonomy is based on a misguided belief that it improves student results. (ABC News)

    The Coalition’s education policy pushes ‘autonomy’ and ‘independence’ as keys to improved schools. But this privatisation plan will only help to further entrench difference and halt any upward social mobility in the education system, writes David Zyngier.

    In his autobiography Battlelines, Tony Abbott lays bare his loyalty to the privatisation of schools, hospitals, transport and the provision of government services.

    The private sector is good – he seems to be arguing – and the public sector is bad.

    In the book Abbott advocates for federal government control of state schools with a view to privatising them.


  41. talking of being currupt,tony abbott needs to have a good look around his own party,then when he is done their check out the nsw liberal party,
    pot calling kettle black

  42. What is going on with Rudd and the Labor Party, here we have Abbott condemning and associating Federal Labor with the ICAC Obeid/MacDonald scandal, and yet Rudd &Co are being extremely quite about it, WHY.

  43. Michael that time doing the wrong thing. Trying to work out whether the fault was with my computer or your site.

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  45. You’re a little behind the times VOYAGER. The pink batts scheme was a major success story. My batts have saved me at least $200 per year in heating costs. If it’s that much for all of the 1.2 million households that had them installed, that’s a quarter of a billion dollars Australians save each year, and will continue to save forever. The evidence shows that the number of fires per thousand installations dropped dramatically during this project compared to all the previous years of batt installation. (From 1.31 per thousand to 0.16 per thousand). The shonky workmen who failed to train their employees properly leading to their deaths, are rightly being pursued through the courts.

    Only 3.5% of all the schools in Australia involved in the BER made complaints, which means that 96.5% were well content with what they got. That’s a major success story by anyone’s standards, given the size and speed of the undertaking.

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