Let’s Pretend

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Asylum boat

Guest post by Doug Evans

Let’s pretend.

Let’s play a little game of make believe. At the moment it seems that everyone is talking about Australia’s enormous intractable problem of asylum seekers and how to deal with them. But this is in large measure a function of the last decade of policy history in this area. What if we could roll it all back and construct exactly the asylum seeker policy we believe we should have. What would its main features be? Here is my attempt.


  • I think all processing of refugee/asylum applications should be carried out onshore. 80 or 90% of Australia’s asylum seekers arrive by plane with valid papers, usually a tourist visa and simply overstay before applying for asylum. They are processed onshore why not the rest? Australia is the only industrialized country in the world (out of some 44 countries) to have offshore…

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