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A couple of weeks ago I was stunned to see that the widely reported Newspoll showed a 50/50 split in voting intentions. This seemed to be an aberration as Newspoll has not been closer than 4 points for several years. Although, for the first time, we were being told that there is a “Margin of Error” of around 3%. So the result could be up to 47/53 either way. We were left to draw our own conclusions.

Obviously the change from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd had had a big effect on the electorate. This hurt me on a personal level as I consider Julia Gillard to have been our best Prime Minister since Whitlam. Still, the effect would have to be confirmed over the next poll or two.

So it was with interest that I saw a new Newspoll on Tuesday. Rudd had had quite a good week…

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9 comments on “The “Don’t Look At Me” Newspoll

  1. Not closer than four points for several years??? I suggest the author do the appropriate research. Two minutes is not too long.

    % %
    Newspoll 7-10 June 2012# 54 46
    Newspoll 22-24 June 2012# 55 45
    Newspoll 6-8 July 2012# 56 44
    Newspoll 20-22 July 2012# 56 44
    Newspoll 3-5 August 2012# 54 46
    Newspoll 17-19 August 2012# 53 47
    Newspoll 31 August – 2 September 2012# 55 45
    Newspoll 14-16 September 2012# 50 50
    Newspoll 5-7 October 2012# 54 46
    Newspoll 26-28 October 2012# 50 50
    Newspoll 9-11 November 2012# 51 49
    Newspoll 23-25 November 2012# 51 49
    Newspoll 7-9 December 2012# 54 46
    Newspoll 11-13 January 2013# 51 49
    Newspoll 1-3 February 2013# 56 44

    Always has been a MOE of 3%.

  2. Honeymoon over Kevin . It will only get tougher from here.
    Labor needs a period in opposition to ‘clean up the cesspool within’
    Time stands still for no man or Kevin Rudd. The Election just gets nearer
    and the longer it goes the more damaged Rudd will be.

  3. Haven’t been following along then V?

    Methinks it should be, “the longer it goes the more damaged Abbott and Co. will be.” 😆

    PNG PM Peter O’Neill warns Coalition to stop misrepresenting foreign aid deal

    Indonesia’s President has delivered a sharp diplomatic rebuke to Tony Abbott’s signature ”turn back the boats” policy

  4. The Election just gets nearer and the longer it goes the more damaged Rudd will be.

    Nutcase has it exactly backwards. The longer Rudd drags out the election date, the more damaged Abbott will be.

  5. Sorry, Bacchus, didn’t see your comment before I posted mine. Great minds think alike, eh?

  6. Liberal need another few years to clean out their front bench and see if they have anyone decent because right now they are nowhere near decent and none of them are PM material.

  7. Looks like Gina is back in the country.

    Speaking of country, has anyone heard of GenerationOne or is a supporter? The movement was started by Twiggy around the last election and now has around 285,000 members.

    Governments have attempted for decades to close the gap between our indigenous peoples and main stream Australia.

    Maybe it is time that the people achieve what no government has, offer opportunity through education, training and employment and ensure continuance beyond political cycles. Worth a go.

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