Could anything work for Abbott?

For three illustrious years Tony Abbott told us ad nauseum that he’ll stop the boats, destroy the carbon tax, save the country and save our souls. And going by the polls it had worked for him.

Those with an IQ above the idiot level have been highly amused by his antics. We’ve seen him, basically, as an idiot appealing to idiots.

But what has it added up to? Absolutely nothing. Three years of pure madness have been wasted as the playing field has now changed and the polls have thus turned. Yet still he goes on about the boats and electricity prices, while munching on pies and clutching to the pamphlet that will change the world. Same old same old.

Not much has changed in his little world. It has escaped him that nobody cares what he says anymore.

I would have thought that a shift in the polls might have encouraged a shift in the way he plays the game. But no. He’s still relying on his slogans and his scare tactics. No Plan B by the looks of it.

The slogans and the scaring haven’t worked so his response has been to up the ante: even more slogans and even more scaring.

Tony, give it up, mate. It won’t win you the election. The electorate aren’t the idiots you thought they were. The shift in the polls should have told you that.

Try something else. Perhaps show us some guts or show us some policies.

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

69 comments on “Could anything work for Abbott?

  1. I had not looked to see it in Australia but Abbott is obviously a target for those ancient Gods he follows. After all, those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad

  2. His face in the Picture looks as blank as his Policies. The only way the libs could stop the boats is to have a ban on the media reporting them coming.

  3. As I have said previously when they said no one was listening to Gillard, that they were also not listening to the media or Abbott as well.

    I suspect they might just be listening to Rudd, or at least those who have struck by him for the last three or more years.

    Not sure about everyone else.

  4. Anything could happen. given the past 4 Years of Abbott trying the go back to thelectorate so it could “GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME” and only talking about the right policies are his policies. He may have switched the masses off.
    When they come out to realise a vote is on, you had better ensure the are brought up to date! otherwise we are going into the spin cycle where all Labor initiatives are washed away and we stagnate

  5. Well the fact TA continues to Sprout his 3 word slogans as answers to legitimate questions. Like a cooked Chook when you pierce the skin it pops and escapes to nothing! The media do not stop and respectfully push him on answers that are full of details. Specific items within policy items regarding How he will do things. Hence privatise schools and other hidden wonders!

  6. To me the answer is no, Abbott cannot make things work. From observation of Tony Abbott over the years he must stick to the formula, the evidence being his 3-word slogans which he considers as “answering the question”. Further evidence is his lack of adaptability, even to the point of contradicting his own front benchers. Further evidence being the sense of panic which sets in when he is asked to be specific – it hasn’t often happened..the msm has made certain of that.

  7. Further evidence being that even when policies are proven to be unworkable or just plain wrong, Abbott still insists that they’re going to happen anyway – a complete lack of logical thought processes.

  8. There’s only one thing Abbott will do: turn up the attack volume as high as it can go. He might get some traction too, if the media give him enough oxygen.

  9. Oh how easily you have all forgotten Ms Gillard , in fact you all backed her.
    Now it seems you have forgotten your localities – then that’s the Labor way.
    Come Election Day so help me God may it be sooner not later Australians
    will not forget the Rudd 07. In 2 weeks he has done more backflips than
    At the pancake parade on Shrove Tuesday.
    ps Odds have shortened but still bad for Labor.
    Coalition. $1.25
    ALP. $5.00 (You should have put money on when out at $9.00)

  10. Voyager, selective reading once again. No one has forgotten Gillard. Many are following her lead, in letting Rudd get on with the job. Many here share with Gillard, her wish to see Labor win. Plenty of time, down the line, to voice what we think.

    Many also share the belief, that in politics, it is only the numbers that count. The caucus spoke when they elected Gillard. They spoke once again, when they re-instated Rudd.

    Yes, Rudd is now PM. We do not have to like him, to support him.

  11. V.B.S, and ” ALP. $5.00 (You should have put money on when out at $9.00)” …. did you … or was that last comment an Freudian slip on your part 😛

  12. I said months ago that the betting agencies’ odds were being manipulated by heavy betting from wealthy Lib supporters. Labor still at $5 bears this out. The true odds are given by Morgan poll, with Labor at 53:47. Labor are clearly favoured for a large win.

  13. You posting old figures Voyager?

    These are a couple of online odds I just found.

    Coalition 1.36 Labor 3.00
    Coalition 1.42 Labor 2.80

    Gillard hasn’t been forgotten as Abbott sinks and Turnbull circling him, along with the Coalition back flipping on just about all of their aspirational policies. Aspirational because they’re nothing more than a few paragraphs in an embarrassing pamphlet Abbott clings to his chest as though they are the ten commandments from god.

  14. No ME. Abbott does have a plan. Just not letting us in on it.

    I hope all are aware, Abbott launched his campaign yesterday, in Reid.

    I am confused, as I thought that he launched it immediately after the last election.

  15. Saw Abbott’s campaign ad for the first time last night and as usual it’s big on grand empty rhetoric and short of anything approaching substance. It boils down to “trust me”, and that’s Abbott’s biggest problem, no one can trust him and the polls have been saying that for a long time.

  16. …..Three out of five Australians don’t want to scrap the carbon tax if doing so damages government revenue, according to polling undertaken exclusively for Fairfax Media.

    The Lonergan Research survey of more then 1300 people across Australia also found voters were evenly divided over which leader they believed was best equipped to deal with asylum seekers.

    The automated phone poll of 1369 people was conducted last weekend and revealed 62 per cent of respondents wanted to keep the price on carbon and 38 per cent wanted it removed even if doing so damaged revenue.

    Those who preferred the tax to remain intact included 24 per cent wanting it kept at the current level of $24 a tonne, while 39 per cent favoured the rate being reduced and possibly set by market forces, as suggested by Prime Minister Kevin R……….

    Read more:


    Kevin Rudd’s second honeymoon is a good one for Labor, but it’s probably not quite good enough to win.

    As Monday’s poll confirms, Rudd’s return has transformed the election from an Abbott avalanche to a close contest.

    The central question in Australian politics today is: Is this as good as it gets for Rudd, or can he build support from here on?………..

    Read more:

  18. They really are getting desparate. Blaming Federal Labor for the increases in the State based network charges, a responsibility of the State governments, and all that have dramatically risen under Liberal governments.

    Some Liberal ministers are going around telling their constituents that electricity has risen 70% because of the carbon price.

    Not an honest bone amongst them.

  19. Kevin Rudd’s second honeymoon is a good one for Labor, but it’s probably not quite good enough to win.

    49% may not be quite enough to win but 49.5% is and 50% definitely is enough.

    Plus this is concentrating on just two polls, Newspoll and Nielson. Morgan, Essential and one other I can’t remember have Labor well in front. If you aggregate the polls Labor is in a winning position.

    On another note. It’s interesting to see the switch whereas the right were almost constantly ranting on about polls before Rudd and now it’s the left.

  20. Monday, 15 July 2013
    Howard and Switkowski allowed U.S. to commence spying on Telstra customers from 29 November 2001 onwards

    Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and former Telstra CEO and current Chancellor of RMIT University Dr Zygmunt “Ziggy” Switkowski have a lot to answer for – as do their respective cabinet ministers and telco chair and board members.

    It is noted that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was a cabinet minister in the Howard Government during the period in which this secret data collection and retention agreement was negotiated and signed, as was National Party Leader Warren Truss. Both men are standing at the forthcoming federal election…….

  21. It also partly goes for Newspoll silkworm where Possum has pointed out they have anchored Katter and Palmer at an artificially low figure as they don’t really know how to calculate their preferences. Just on those two party preferences alone the Libs might be 2% to 3% lower than Newspoll is showing.

  22. Abbott in south west Sydney. On ABC shortly. Would like to remind all, not to get too excited over polls. They are a snapshot of now, and no more. Can turn overnight, as we have just seen.

    Abbott spending two days in outer Sydney. Will take more than that. Suspect that is where one will find much support for Rudd.

  23. I believe that Tony might once again have it wrong. I am coming to the conclusion, that is more about having Rudd back, than any feeling they have for Gillard.

    “………Tony Abbott says Labor lift in polls is not Kevin Rudd linked, it’s voter relief at removing Julia Gillard………

    TONY Abbott has attempted to play down a new opinion poll showing the Coalition is under siege, claiming the dramatic ALP recovery was not a Kevin Rudd-led bounce but voter relief at removing Julia Gillard.

    The Opposition Leader this morning sought to explain the barnstorming return of Mr Rudd to the prime ministership, saying the Coalition always expected the gap to tighten.

    “What they’re really doing is showing their relief at the departure of an unpopular prime minister,” he said.

    “We’re a fair minded people, we’re prepared to give someone a fair go but I think what we’ll discover is he’s the same old Kevin Rudd and conclude that he had his chance before and he blew it.”

    Abbott at Camden, Catholic school with wifie in tow. Checkbook out for the school, with solar paneling.

    Except for that announcement, still the same old slogans. Does not look a happy Vegemite at all. Why does he not just record the message, and repay it wherever he goes.

  24. Mo @ 7:42
    Tried following the link you gave

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

    Reference #18.dd184b17.1373850610.3321228

    Moving on,

    Not an honest bone amongst them.

    What are they hiding ? Not just a lack of policies, I’m sure
    I believe they are hiding an agenda which they are well aware that the public won’t buy. Certainly, the policies they’ve apparently outsourced to the far right extremists (ipa and andev, US tea-party) are repellent enough.

  25. He does not believe in a market system. He believes it is the non delivery of an invisible substance to no one.

    Can anyone tell me what he is saying.

    Back to slogans.


  26. I’m no fan of personality over policy but Abbott has been “living by the sword” and may yet find himself a victim of that strategy.
    His plan was to force and early election by attacking Gillard personally and repeating the same slogans.
    Now Gillard is gone and as Rudd dismantles those few props, Abbott has left himself with nowhere left to go.

  27. …………On asylum seekers, the difference appears to come down to towing boats back or not, which is an entirely unresolvable theoretical debate – assertion versus assertion. Maybe a Coalition government could do it, maybe not; maybe it will work, maybe not. Apart from that, both sides favour offshore processing of refugees and then letting most of them in.

    But on climate change the difference is fundamental. It’s the carrot versus the stick; paying to encourage emission abatement versus charging companies that emit.

    Tony Abbott’s great achievement these past three years – perhaps his greatest – has been to have a greenhouse gas reduction target in his policy while campaigning as a climate change denier.

    It has been an incredible feat of political double standards: to have a policy that matches the ALP’s emissions abatement target while appealing to those who believe it’s all a load of rubbish.

    The question now is whether Kevin Rudd can expose Abbott on this subject by bringing forward the emissions trading scheme and thereby reducing the effective tax on carbon emissions earlier.

    So far Abbott’s plan appears to be to stick with the previous line: that it’s still a tax, and a tax is a tax. The problem is the crossover with fiscal policy.

    At some point during the campaign, the Coalition’s “direct action” plan will have to be costed and it will then be exposed as non-scalable – that is, the policy might just be affordable with a 5 per cent reduction target, although even that is dubious, but that will be it. Anything more than that would be patently unaffordable……………..

    Read more:

    Is it time for answers? From everyone, I would say.

    Bishop Malone found the files of sexual abuse too sickening, but done nothing to protect kids.

  28. Just been over to your diametric cousins’ place (Akerman) and they are all screaming like banshees. You know, like you were earlier in the year claiming the polls are rigged and the media is on Rudd’s side. Hilarious.

    Made a few calls earlier, no change of leadership but some interesting stuff to come. A heads up…if there ever was going to be a change of leader it was not to be the usual names I hear getting bandied around and not what I call a real moderate either.

    A cyber bottle of red to the first that gets it correct, if you dare.

  29. Tony Abbott may just have added the straw to his own camel with the latest philosophical positioning:

    Just ask yourself what an emissions trading scheme is all about. It’s a so-called market in the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no-one.

    As a general rule, politicians, no less Mr Abbott, might be careful as to what they admit with respect to “emissions trading” and invisible substance.

  30. And the Liberals caught lying through their teeth again, and the right wing trolls keep saying it’s Labor who are dishonest.

    The Liberal shadow tourism minister has stated that Labor has increased the department bureaucracy by 248% and cut funding by $6 million.


    It’s Howard who effectively cut tourism funding by at first slashing it when he got in and then keeping it static for the rest of his time in government. It took Labor to increase it.

    Hey Liberal liars “Where the bloody hell are you?”.

    From Morrison absolutely bullshitting in a presser and Abbott sounding desperate in every outing, and more than being desperate, looking more foolish than he normally is, and that’s a feat in itself.

  31. Some Lib supporters I know are more than confident that the polls will turn back in favour of them once Abbott turns up the nastiness deeper into the campaign. They’re obviously relying on the dirt unit to win the election for them. Throw around some mud instead of some policies.

  32. There are four negatives in that comment by the King of Negativity. (I count “so-called” as a negative, because it is casting doubt on the ETS being a market mechanism.)

  33. Alternate Voyager post.

    Quick look over there at Gillard, please don’t look at my beloved gormless Abbott failing and those circling around him.

  34. Has anyone noticed how these days Margie is always by his side, nodding away as she stands by her man to reassure him at least someone is listening?

  35. This is the key issue to most of the challeges confronting the people worldwide.
    Personhood is the shield behind which ruthless sociopaths malipulate the power of financial treams in their own interests to the detriment of all of us. Either pollution of the biosphere or controlling violent and oppressive goverments.
    This system of managment has grown since 1600, when companies were given guarantees of royal charters to go forth and conquer and suppress indipendent nations, and return treasure back the royal coffers.
    In other words Piracy was made legal and world dominance was contracted out and privatised. The monster has grown and along the way, we have seen violent ,bloody revolution by the ordinary people who have been pushed too far. The French, the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, and now the Arab spring and Syria.
    These are the consequence of the rise of mad people who have been given an avenue , a path to rise to the peak of power that is limited only by the revulsion of the oppressed who in the end become an armed mob that lets loose the destructive war we witness now in Syria.
    We have a choice to take back the chartering of companies, to be placed in the hands of the people, or to go to war with ourselves, with the aim to remove these diseased minds from positions of power in industry, commerce and goverment The latter will result in the landscape of the Syria we see today, spread world wide.
    There is no future, unless we move to amend and take a peaceful path. We are not seeing emerging democracy we are witnessing desperation of oppressed people taking to the streets and taking up arms.

    This is like sitting on a volcano. The ‘personhooding’ of corporations, thanks to Senator Roscoe Conkling, has meant the highest office bearers in corporations are more often than not are sociopaths. Who have the glibness and intence, intelligence to ruthlessly climb the corporate ladder. The flaw is they have no bounds and will concentrate the wealth in their own vaults and allow the organisation to collapse, lacking the resources to survive the people within are on the streets. The sociopaths do not care .

    The French revolution . The Arab spring. Syria and Egypt are indicators that democracy is not coming, but the madness of oppressed people, the mob is reaching a boiling point.

  36. Mr. Abbott, in Queensland wants to be the infrastructure PM. Suggest he begins with NBN. Is claiming, I believe that Labor promises money that does not get spent. I believe that was Howard’s stunt, not Labor. Howard used to re announce road funding on a regular basis, most of never turned into roads.

    What road funding that Labor has promised. that has not been spent.

    I thought that Labor had already promised funding for the Bruce Highway.

  37. Fu @ 10:24 am

    More projection from Abbott, he’s been constantly engaging in it from the moment Rudd came back on the scene.

    Yes one of Howard’s greatest tricks was to promise amounts of money to a policy or program and not spend that amount on it but still claim the originally budgeted amount in propaganda. Costello even stopped that disparity from budgeted amount to actual spend from being made public.

    “Abbott still looks bored and can I say it, angry.”

    He’s really pissed off that he now has to work to win the election. He’s ramped up the almost daily stunts and slogans, but this time they are getting little traction, as are his policy announcements.

    It’s barely got reported that in a formal release soon after Rudd’s TV speech Abbott announced his policy of Fault Based Divorce. The little reporting that was done on it was all negative.

    For the first time in three years questions are being asked of DAP and he doesn’t like it one bit as it is being found out for the fraud it is, as is he on climate change. As commentators are stating Abbott thought he could walk the line of doing something for climate change to appease those who support the contention whilst also appeasing the deniers, of which he is one. But what’s happening is he’s being asked questions from both sides and he just doesn’t have the acumen to handle one side let alone two.

    It all makes for an Abbott that is way out of his depth and is being exposed for it.

  38. This must be what the extra five hundred tax office workers are for. In my humble opinion, about time.

    “……THE taxman will crack down on cash-in-hand payments, targeting blue collar workers in its quest to catch out cheats.

    As Australians fill out their tax returns, the Australian Tax Office will today reveal it’s hit list for professions in the crosshairs.

    High claims by building and construction labourers, construction supervisors and project managers as well as sales and marketing managers.

    The hospitality and carpentry industry will also come under scrutiny for failing to pay employees their superannuation entitlements..”

  39. The impossible, marvellous NBN rolls on
    It is easy to forget that the national broadband network is basically a bipartisan project that’s going pretty well, considering it was more or less impossible.

    Like issues such as whether black is a dark colour, or whether the sun rises in the east, the NBN has become the subject of hot debate these past three years of political madness, but both major parties are now in favour of it and it’s only running about three months behind.

    Whoever wins the election this year there will be an NBN. It will either be very, very, very expensive or just very, very expensive because it will use some copper instead of all fibre. In that case, full fibre would be available on demand – that is the user pays for the third “very”.

    You can be forgiven for thinking, however, that the thing is a complete debacle, and is now rudderless, heading in disarray for the scrapheap following the departure of its champion, Stephen Conroy and the resignation of its head, Michael Quigley.

    In fact Australia’s NBN is a magnificent project, an engineering and social marvel. The only thing wrong with it, like many such projects, is that it was too ambitious.

    How did something obviously worthwhile become so politicised and controversial?

    Read more:

  40. Fu Hockey also repeated his line that he should have let Rudd drown on the Kakoda track trek.

    Really nice bunch these Liberals, from wishing other pollies all sorts of nasty deaths, need look no further than the plethora of twisted death wishes against Gillard, to plagiarism and attempting to bring down democracy itself by using staffers and public servants. And that doesn’t even begin to get into the phony pamphlets letter dropped or deceitful and fictitious information they put in propaganda ads and to the media.

  41. We haven’t gotten to the fact that Abbott’s statement, like so many of his others, is another lie.

    Abbott’s non-delivery of substance?

    So why aren’t Abbott’s constant stream of lies being highlighted instead of lamely attempting gotchas on contributors here in an effort to protect him? After all he is supposed to be leadership material but can barely get through aped simple slogans nor show an understanding the concepts of the subjects he spruiks on. Shit, he sometimes doesn’t bother reading up on them before making grand statements about their worth or validity, even when the material is handed to him to read.

  42. Michael, I( am sure you have had to fill in a mileage log. They only have to fill it in for a three month period, not all the time. I am sure that business needs to do this for their own planning.

  43. ME, that comment that Rudd was force to rescind, re the Kakoda track, was once again taken out of context. Only half the sentence reported. Rudd was commenting on the three thousand a year that walk and survive the track. Rudd added, he was one that survived. No connection whatever to soldiers, or war time. I do not believe he bought the topic up.

    Not that I am in the habit of protecting Rudd, but one has to be fair.

    At least our new treasurer, Chris Bowen, is out, making Hockey once again a fool. Not that it is hard to do that.

    I agree with Bowen, there are not many low income earners on salary sacrifice, just not worth the trouble.

  44. Until now, the NRMA has always being using its large membership numbers to heavy politicians for more money on roads. Recently and belatedly it has realised that many of its members are also public transport users.

    In the paper July/August edition of the Open Road, they devote a page to each of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott to explain their position on “An Election for Motorists”.

    The former PM says “The Federal Labour Government believes in a balanced approach, one that invests in both road AND rail infrastructure in our cities ANd regions.” (Her emphasis.) Tony Abbott does not mention public transport once.

    These articles do not appear in the electronic version of the current Open Road. It appears they were deleted following the last minute change of leader.

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