Who Should I Vote For?

And to think that a few weeks ago the election result was a forgone conclusion.

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Actually that headline is misleading. I know exactly who I will vote for and why. Labor is indelible within me and I am proud of it. At an early age I inherited (or it was born in me) an unshakable belief in social justice. In equality of opportunity and a belief that every person has an indisputable right to an equitable share of the country’s wealth. Labor is the only party that can deliver on these values.

I believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. That it is the duty of the government to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. I further believe that the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. That progressive policies are needed for government to solve problems.

If that sounds idealistic then so be it.


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69 comments on “Who Should I Vote For?

  1. Whom should I vote for ??? …mm, tough one……. not 😀
    ALP in the HoR’s and Greens in the Senate !! That will sate my inner watermelon 😉

    The interesting thing for my seat, Farrer, will be the inclusion of the Katter/ Palmer candidates. LNP Sussan Ley MP has held the seat through 3 elections and with an healthy margin, but I think that margin is in jeopardy.
    If one thinks about what type of voter Katter and Palmer would appeal to, one would have to think Liberals, Nationals and lefty rednecks.
    …..and if the ALP vote stays roughly the same…. or increases slightly, then the ‘race’ will certainly be deceide by preferences.
    But which way will the Katter/Palmer reps preference. …mm.
    ….. and how will this play out across the whole of Australia….so called ‘safe’ Liberal seats may not be so ‘safe’ anymore.

  2. If Rudd is ‘a dead drovers dog ‘, the descriptions of tabot should be interesting 😉

    Russ is still Labor. As pointed out so often during Gillards tenure, often with much disdain, the policies that the then PMJG put through were the policies that came from the previous PMKR.

    They are Labor policies, and, that is what I vote for.

    Personally, I would prefer Julia Gillard to be PM. And, I’m not too sure I’m altogether happy about the diminishing of Union power within the party.

    Faceless men will never be gone. With power, comes factions. At least with the Unions, we knew the factions, and, Unions themselves represent workers, which in turn represents the wider community, whether you are a member or not.

    Perhaps it is what Labor needs, I’m not to sure.

    What I do know, is that Labor have completed a major, public brawl, that has drastically reshaped the party internally, and are now heading into an election united, with the policies I vote for intact. Meanwhile, the libs are starting to look like the rabble they have always been.

  3. Malcolm Cole in Moreton. Malcolm is a small business owner and has a past as a journalist.

    Have met him on a few occasions and we have talked extensively on the phone. Will be meeting him before the election in regards to the campaign.

    Malcolm is a straight shooting moderate that will be the next generation of leadership, have talked to Greg Hunt about Malcolm, who he also knows and we concur that he will be a rising star.

    I see Malcolm eventually getting a portfolio…most probably small business as he understands the issues affecting the sector that seems to be neglected although it employs more Australians than any other.

  4. A Liberal with a handle on the needs of small business sounds good, Scaper. And I mean that in all seriousness.

    Let’s face it. Up until now they have only shown an interest in the needs of a few large corporations. And by that I mean very large. Very, very large.

  5. Ashbygate: the great disappearing scandal about to roar back into life

    Why Abbott should not be elected, as he supports the much disliked Brough.

    If Cole is a moderate then he will never get a portfolio under an Abbott government. Joanna Gash and the now gone member for Hawksbury whose name I can’t remember can attest to that. Like Howard before him Abbott has no place for moderates, and first NSW and now Queensland is moving so far right it won’t be long until all moderates are excised.

    Newman is now moving further regulations that will make it harder for any other party but the LNP to win government. He like Peterson did is setting Queensland up as an fiefdom.

    All indications of why Abbott should never be elected.

  6. Sorry scaper I really hope you can get a moderate up but Hunt and Turnbull are not got examples.

    Turnbull is clearly perturbed, unconvinced and was knifed by the extreme right when he made move to bring in moderate policies. Even when he was leader the extreme right contradicted him at every turn, sometimes when he was in the middle of a press conference.

    Both Hunt and Turnbull now ape the Abbott given lines, which in turn are aped from his master, and though Hunt, who doesn’t front up all that often nowadays, has conviction in what he says it’s still extreme right wing and not his own moderate convictions. That can be seen by the fact he’s totally abandoned what he’s written in the past as his beliefs and core values to now mindlessly spruik the Liberal puppet master lines.

    No moderation has been excised from the Liberals when they got their (badly) programmed automaton as the leader and they are moving as far right as fast as they can. Government will allow them to achieve the final steps in cauterising anything left of Minchin to complete their shift away from the moderates.

  7. Known Greg for over five years, he is a moderate and a shame we don’t have more of his kind on both sides. His last outing that I saw was with Abbott going hard on Rudd over the HIP…hehehehehe.

    Turnbull is also a moderate to an extent that he is a poster boy for the left as they keep suggesting he should be the leader. Malcolm got rubbed out because of a grass roots campaign that exerted so much pressure he had to go. Couldn’t see that happening in the union dominated Labor.

    In an ideal world everyone would follow their convictions but that is not how party politics is done. I thought at least you would understand that but it appears not.

    Both believe that global warming is happening and know my position but that did not prevent me from having input to the Direct Action policy. Not hard to guess which part.

  8. a grass roots campaign


    yea, grass roots led by gina and twiggy 😆

    Bit like the ‘grass roots’ convey on incontinence

  9. Scaper, the faceless man behind Tony…… HAHAHA, ….the DAP is a dog, Scaper’s part was putting the mongrel in…. 😆

  10. Who to vote for ?
    The lnp lost my (potential) vote forever with their introduction of the game of Deathball and its application to those not yet eligible to vote, as I then was one so affected. This revealed the penchant of the lnp to involve Australia in wars of “convenience”, rather than as an action of last resort The judgement I made then has been confirmed, notably wrt the murderous Iraq fiasco.

    For many years, I voted for the ALP, recognising the social value of most of their policies, although disagreeing with some.

    Voted Democrat for a while until the opportunity came to vote Green, although I continued to vote for the ALP federally as often as not. That changed as a result of the duplicity exhibited by the state ALP wrt to the “No Dams” referendum..and further cemented by the collapse of the Labor Green Accord.

    Michael Field and Christine Milne spoke about the breakdown of the accord to the ABC program Stateline in 2006. Field compared the relationship between Labor and the Greens to a “forced marriage” which ended in a “very acrimonious divorce”. Milne stated:

    “What destroyed the Labor-Green Accord was the betrayal of the Greens by the Labor Party over resource security legislation.”

    . I concur with Milne’s evaluation.

    I voted for the ALP in 2007 and was surprised when he was replaced. The build-up to the 2010 election was entirely missed by me, as I was the exploring and fishing in FNQ, a chance encounter enabled me to make the trip to Weipa to vote. Missed the “deal making” period too.

    I remain pleased that the ALP managed to negotiate a minority government, as I feel such arrangements improve policy development and implementation. JGPM impressed me greatly as she grew into her position, in the face of the brutal and dishonest campaigns being mounted against her.

    Had she remained PM. I probably would have voted (directly) for my local ALP candidate, but that is not as likely now, although I will always preference Labor over the lnp.


    Well well the plot thickens.

    Pyne lied on ABC Lateline and the Finance Department confirms he did.

    But worse for Pyne, in lying he reveals he knows more about the referral of Slipper to the AFP than the Coalition have been letting on.

    On 16 November 2012, Mr Slipper wrote:

    ‘I understand the department may have some queries about my travel in Canberra suburbs on 20 January, 19 April 2010 and 27 June 2010 (the issue he was later charged with in January). I seek advice on any outstanding concerns by the department in relation to travel on the dates noted above or any other use of entitlement.’

    The Finance Department’s Mr David Tune replied on 17 December 2012:

    ‘Prior to the AFP investigation, Finance had no concerns with your travel paid under entitlement on those days… To the extent that Finance has received any further information about travel on those days, it would only be from assistance provided in response to AFP queries during the course of the AFP’s investigation…’

    So Slipper sought to clear up the issue with the department but it was taken out of their hands.

    The other thing that is now doing the rounds are demands that Abbott be asked if he or his department mistakenly claimed the $9400 as he tetchily averred as he knew it was private non-government business, why did he use the Comcar supplied under his request?

  12. One wonders about the carreer longevity of certain AFP, NSW and Mexican…. sorry…sorry…. I mean Victorian 😛 , police personnel WHEN the ALP retains office.
    One would hope that …here…. in Australia,.. the Police havn’t been overstepping.
    There seems to be a lot of questions that need to be answered about ‘perceived political bias’ in relation to certain cases involving certain politicians, mm …. I mean, if there is political coersion for certain office holders to overstep… then whats next… a putsch…… no, really 🙂

  13. Haha. Liberals latest “positive” campaign video promises to create 2 million jobs in 10 years.

    That’s just normal jobs growth and less than the current 480 jobs a day.

  14. Tommy, you are well and truly cementing your reputation for untruthfulness.

    Firstly, neither Gina or Twiggy were behind the telephone and email campaign to rub out Turnbull. In fact there was not a peep out of them until after the mining tax was announced around six months after the fact.

    Secondly, neither were behind the Convoy, it was Mick Patel who has no connection to either person. As a convoyer, Gina received a photo of my vehicle dressed up and an account of the trip and rally for distribution to ANDEV members and the political list.

    Had a ball! Met people from all over the country at the bonfire at Epic, on the last night the Feds threw a BBQ for us and had a band on the back of a flat bed truck.

    Stayed an extra day due to an appointment at Parliament House to discuss the CSG issue. The line was due to the fact that the Great Artesian Basin spans over state borders then the federal government should act to protect the asset as it can not be a state responsibility. Legislation is now in place.

  15. “Prior to the AFP investigation, Finance had no concerns with your travel paid under entitlement on those days… To the extent that Finance has received any further information about travel on those days, it would only be from assistance provided in response to AFP queries during the course of the AFP’s investigation…’”

    So who did notify the police. How many of Slipper’s records where passed on by his two staff members. The police had to get the information from somewhere to act.

  16. Well Fed up, Pyne has put his foot in it in the Lateline interview. Someone should be asking him how he knew about the referral of Slipper to the AFP before it was made public.

  17. I am finding it very annoying, on most channels it seems, that Rudd is getting rid of the carbon tax. What carbon tax,

    All I see is that we are moving from a fixed price, to market based mechanism twelve months earlier than planned. I do not see Rudd getting rid of anything.

  18. Would be funny, if it turns out, the police used illegally obtained information to investigate him. that is, illegal access to SLIPPER’S DIARIES.

  19. What carbon tax? Are you serious? Heard Bowen on TV call it a carbon tax and also said it has to go to meet cost of living pressures. But I thought that Labor said it would not have an impact on the cost of living?

    Your party of choice is making a fool of you, old girl. A link.


    Even the Greens are calling it a tax Can’t stand Milne or the Greens but have to agree that Rudd is nothing but a FAKE!

  20. Has one noticed the number of very young children and babies on the last two boats to come. Could we be in for a rerun of the siev10, when hundreds of women and their kids lost their lives.

    The ones that began coming, because of the temporary visas, which did not allow for family REUNIONS.

    One that many men here, could see the only hope for family reunions, was for the wife and children get on those boats.

    Contrary to what Morrison has to say, there is no difference between bridging visa’s and temporary. In fact under Labor, the bridging visa is more harsher, in fact, crueler.

    I noticed, Tony is out today.

  21. It is a shame, Tony has nothing new to say. Slogans are growing whiskers, they are that worn out.

    New PM, same old Tony.

  22. Turnbull said on Channel 10 Financial Review piece it would be “ridiculous to deny” that there are a lot of people out there who would rather I was leading the Liberal Party.

    Poll after poll shows double and sometimes triple the number of people prefer Turnbull over Abbott. Methinks he’s setting himself up for a takeover if things go south for Abbott before the election and to take the reigns if Abbott fails after the election.

  23. ME, his body language said it all on the last qanda. Every time Abbott’s name was mentioned, he flinched.

  24. Yes Fu, when Abbott’s joke of a pamphlet was mentioned Turnbull visibly screwed up his face in disapproval.

  25. Here we go.

    “.Marcus Priest

    The Coalition plans to create a new national energy regulator with the power to rein in electricity utilities’ spending in return for deregulation of state retail electricity markets.

    Opposition energy spokesman Ian Macfarlane promised an immediate review of green schemes to staunch big rises in the national electricity market, a sign the Coalition may scale back the 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target.

    “I think you have to put stability back into the wholesale market or else you are inviting a catastrophe . . . the fact is we are being swamped with renewable energy certificates,” he said.

    A new trading body could be set up to promote transparency by publishing details of wholesale gas contracts.

    Pressure would be stepped up on those state governments that own power companies to sell them to the private sector. In Queensland, the sales could raise up to $10 billion, $8 billion in Tasmania and $35 billion in NSW..”


    By the way, the $150 savings per year, that moving quicker to a floating price, will only apply if one pays more than $2000 per year.

  26. “Unlike Labor, the coalition govern differently.”

    Yeah Newman is an example of how they govern. Rule for the few privileged at the cost of many and undermine democracy at every chance to attempt permanent born to rule governance.

    No thanks.

  27. Gee whiz, Kevin is using the media for his own gains. GEE, i WONDER WHO ELSE PLAYS THE SAME CON GAMES.

    Tony, I am afraid you have to do better. Maybe Tony needs to keep up with what Kevin has announced. Tony, not even the people of Reid are going to buy your shit.

    Getting asked questions. Now audience is on hand to cheer.

    All he seems to be doing, is talking about Kevin. Every answer comes back to Kevin,.

  28. What has the Qld LNP government have to do with a federal coalition government? Don’t have anything to do with the state government but understand they have a mess to clean up thanks to Labor and the last poll I saw was around 59-41 which would be an electoral thrashing!

    No thanks? You only have one vote in a Liberal seat.


  29. Sorry scaper last poll was 53:47 in Queensland, another 9 seats lost from the LNP since the previous poll. The trend is going bad for them, and in such a short time, the worst decline in Australian political history.

    But they aren’t fixing any mess, they are making things go significantly worse and sending Queensland backwards. By the way a lot of the so called mess is based on bullshit figures and data made up by the Newman government, another Liberal trait that will happen in the Federal sphere.

    It has everything to do with the Federal Libs as Abbott has highly praised Newman and what he is doing inferring he will undertake some of the same processes.

    No thanks? You only have one vote in a Liberal seat.

    But not always a fair vote with ballot rigging and the ousting of moderates for extreme right wing factions.

    No thanks.

  30. Another reason not to vote for the Liberals and especially Abbott.

    Not only will he be the most expensive PM in our history by a huge margin, he like Newman will ensure massive pay rises for his government whilst cutting finances to other parties and everything else.

    No money for social requirements, the needy, health education etc. but unlimited public funds for polluters, gambling industry, the wealthiest and largest industries etc.

  31. The last poll I saw was last week. Can’t find a link without a pay wall so I’ll use Billbo’s site.


    Woops, that was a May poll.


    Wait a minute, you said that they were trending down but when you look at the two links they are not.

    Firstly, you put forward part of what Turnbull said without a link to all he said, then made a ludicrous comment that he is positioning to challenge. Secondly, then you try to make a case that somehow Newman is in trouble then reply with a poll figure again without a link to say that my 59-41 is wrong.

    Lift your game as it is embarrassing.

    I should be more worried what is happening to your dear party in NSW as us Queenslanders do not need your concern!

  32. Looks like the Liars bullshit meter has hit the stratosphere in just a few hours. The carbon price is being phased out 12 months early & will be replaced with an ETS, which for the benefit of the willfully ignorant, was Julia Gillard’s favoured mechanism.

    But thanks to The Termite, she had to legislate the carbon price, which incidentally was what the Greens favoured. Seems there are quite a few amnesiacs around the place.

    Whatever, the carbon price would have transitioned to an ETS in 2015, so all you Liars barrackers can stop hyperventilating and breathlessly spreading the usual lies, obfuscation, FUD & assorted other bullshit.

    What has the Qld LNP government have to do with a federal coalition government?

    Liealot has been fulsome in his praise of Newman’s governance 7 indicated that is the course he will follow if the Liars park their unworthy, corrupt @rses on the government benches.

    Obviously, Qld voters don’t share Liealot’s enthusiasm for Newman’s style of government. The latest polling suggests they think that Austerity is a load of LNP crap. All pain for them, all gain for Newman & his wealthy mates.

  33. And no surprise scaper comes to the defence of the indefensible.

    What a load of crap. If that’s the case why didn’t the previous Queensland government give themselves huge pay rises under that law, in fact they tried to freeze their wages.

    That link is damning on Newman and Seeney, who could cut PS wages and funding to other parties whilst at the same time allowing massive pay rises for themselves to go through. If they were honest about getting Queensland back to prosperity then they would freeze their wages, they have the power to do that with the huge majority they have.

    Greed is the core of the Liberal party and always has been. It’s why Abbott’s office is so expensive and Howard costs far more than every other ex-PM combined and was also the most expensive PM when in office.

    Newman for a leader surely doesn’t know a lot, plus his deputy couldn’t even do the sums. A state run by a lot of idiots and a Federal opposition run by an idiot who doesn’t read up on what he attacks and hasn’t has little idea on Australian democracy.

  34. You linked to two different polls. As usual you are cherry picking Newspoll and ignoring other polls.

    And even if we take Newspoll in isolation in March it was 62-38. That’s still a trend away as is Galaxy and the other polls.

    I have no doubt this huge wage rise will cause a massive backlash as well, along with Newman attempting to undermine democracy so it becomes harder for other parties to oust the LNP.

    At the Federal level Labor leads in Queensland more than any other seat and it is put down to Newman.

  35. That’s the aggregate of all polls and apart from a rise for a little the LNP are trending down. This early in their term with such a huge margin to start with they are showing signs of losing a lot of their gained seats, especially if Newman keeps stuffing up the way he has been.

  36. ME, I cannot see Turnbull getting a run. Would mean that many we do not hear from getting backbone. That whole shadow front bench would need to go.

  37. Talk about try hard!

    Got a link to the poll that had your numbers of 53-47??? Didn’t think so.

    I’m not defending Newman, I’m defending the truth!

  38. Those sitting on the fence for most of this year, appear to be becoming decided, no longer undecided.

  39. Fed up, when Abbott promised at the last election that this would be the same team that he would take to the next election I am certain that many Libs had that sinking feeling – imagine being a Liberal backbencher where nothing ever changes, everything always remains the same. My person opinion is the Abbott simply lacks sufficient imagination to enable changes to happen.

  40. Shit do I have to do everything.

    UPDATE (12/7): ReachTEL automated phone poll of 1613 respondents which suggests Labor’s Rudd-backed federal surge may have translated to state level, with the Labor on 37.0%, the LNP on 43.3%, the Greens on 5.1%, Katter’s Australian Party on 5.7% and the Palmer United Party on 4.5%. By my reckoning, this pans out to an LNP two-party lead of a bit higher than 53-47 based on preference flows from last year’s election.

    Problem for Newspoll is that it hasn’t worked out how to factor in Katter and Palmer (who might be merging) so under report them by keeping them static at a low number. Katter and Palmer are taking away LNP votes.

  41. Now you can see why the corrupt Newman is changing the laws so unlimited donations can be made and donations up to $1.1 million can be kept secret, whilst at the same time cutting funding to other parties, increasing them to his own and making it all but impossible to refer government corruption to the CMC.

    There was a piece I glanced at work but didn’t have time to read of Newman further corrupting the democratic process in Queensland by changing laws that will make it harder to oust his government. I will try to chase them up.

    It’s always been the way with the Liberals and we see it with Abbott. Because we are born to rule, when we aren’t ruling we have a duty to do anything we can get away with to win no matter how underhanded and dishonest, and when we win we can do anything no matter how morally corrupt to stay in power.

  42. Galaxy research poll shows that 11% of respondents who said they will vote for the Coalition will now vote for Labor because Rudd supports gay marriage.

  43. Nielson poll 2PP: ALP 50 (+7) L/NP 50 (-7). Another big backward step for Abbott, and Turnbull circles.

    Not Newspoll so probably won’t get much coverage tomorrow.

  44. We apologise to scaper for incorrect poll figures.

    I’ll just repeat the correct figures for you-Morgan poll ALP 54.5% (up 3% since last week’s multi-mode Morgan Poll of June 28-30, 2013) is now further ahead of the L-NP 45.5% (down 3%) on a two-party preferred basis”.

  45. ……………So Rudd’s announcement that he will dump the fixed price period, seems likely to make things harder for Abbott.

    What’s more recent polling for Fairfax Media found that 62 per cent of respondents didn’t want the carbon tax scrapped if doing so would damage government revenue.

    This comes on top of polling in June by JWS Research (detailed here) which found only 37% believed the Coalition should seek to repeal the carbon price if elected. This was down from 48% in May 2012 just before the carbon price came into effect. This polling suggested people were more angry with Gillard about a perceived lie, rather than the carbon price itself.

    She’s since gone and now the so called lie has gone too.

    In combination with the fact that the impact of carbon pricing has been almost completely benign for most voters, Abbott’s greatest weapon is looking increasingly impotent.
    More from Tristan Edis
    12 Jul Rudd puts electricity reform number 1……………..


    Source: Google Trends. Note: Chart is normalised against a scale of 100 where 100 equals the point at which searches for the term ‘carbon tax’ peaked.

    Read more: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2013/7/15/carbon-markets/carbon-trading-not-tax-%E2%80%93-google-says-its-bad-abbott#ixzz2Z3QKWFHB

  46. Tony Abbott reveals sympathy for Julia Gillard

    TONY Abbott has revealed he feels “sympathy” for Julia Gillard and has made contact with his former foe since she was dumped as prime minister.

    Mr Abbott is challenging Kevin Rudd to “bring it on” and name a new date for the election, originally scheduled for September 14.

    Brushing off the threat the Prime Minister could cap his fairytale resurrection with an unlikely third term for Labor, the Coalition will today unleash a new ad campaign painting Mr Rudd as a fake.

    Mr Abbott also confirmed he would scrap Kevin Rudd’s Better Schools reforms if elected.

    In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Abbott said he would not be tearing up his political strategy to deal with Mr Rudd.

    “We are ready to govern. We are ready for an election. Last time Mr Rudd was prime minister and he was up against me, his own party sacked him for incompetence and arrogan………….


    Would love to know what was Ms. Gillard’s response.

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