No, you’re wrong, Tony

The mainstream media has finally grabbed the story of  Tony Abbott being forced to repay taxpayers nearly $9,400 after receiving travel expenses to promote his book Battlelines in 2009. Naturally, according to Tony, it’s all Kevin Rudd’s fault:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has accused Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of organising a dirt campaign against him over an incorrect claim for travel expenses.

Sorry, Tony, but that’s not true. If you could try to keep up just for once you’ll know that this was discovered – by chance – by independent journalist Margo Kingston.

Give up trying to blame the Government.

And speaking of dirt campaigns, who was it in the Howard Government who phoned senior staff in the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) during the 2007 election campaign asking that they dig up whatever dirt than can on Kevin Rudd’s wife Therese Rein. Was it the minister, Joe Hockey? We’d like to know given your disapproval of dirt campaigns. Ms Rein, we all know, owned a string of employment service agencies funded by – you guessed it – DEWR (now DEEWR) under their Job Services Australia program.

I’d keep quiet about dirt campaigns if I were you. How does the old saying go? Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Thérèse Rein

Thérèse Rein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. I still want to know why the AFP aren’t investigating this, in the way they’re investigating the $900 over claimed by Slipper!

  2. Lets be honest, though, this is just classic Right Wing projection on Abbott’s part. His party has almost entirely relied on “fear & smear” to stay ahead in the polls yet, when his own vile hypocrisy gets exposed, he displays his usual thin skin & cries “foul play”. Moron!

  3. I remembering seeing cartoons one of many re mud slinging and it coming back into Abbort’s face.
    It is nice seeing the tide start to turn now let us start on his visits to all and sundry and bagging the carbon price it would make the $9k pall into insignificance. I hope Kevin keeps him on the run. Keep it up Migs.

  4. I know some good children, however, I was never one of them. It is time I came clean and confess that I stole seven shillings off my brother when I was a tacker.

    I feel better now but I’ll deny any further knowledge of it.

    Next time I see my brother I’ll give him 70 cents. Debt repaid. The equilibrium of my universe has been restored.

  5. I watched with interest this am when Abbott was asked why he claimed expenses from his Book launch etc, his response was that “its all in the past and has been fixed up”But if IA did not pursue he would have got away with it. As for the mud slinging has he forgotten how he and his Party went after Julia, standing in front of dreadful placards, and trying for all their worth about the AWU. He is a fraud and I believe the people of Australia are at last waking up to this.

  6. And like all bullies who love to dish out, Abbott is more than hopeless at receiving it back.

    His verbal attack on yet another female who dared to challenge his supposed unfettered and sacred authority is a sign of this.

    I’ve done a search and can not find an instance of Abbott ever telling a male “to calm down”, unless someone can point an instance out to me.

  7. Wonder who paid for the fuel in that firetruck, he took to the south coast? Remember when he claimed to be fighting fires.

    Where are the pictures, showing him driving that truck from Queensland. Read his license was not suitable for outside the yard, and traveled behind in a car.

  8. Who is not in govt kneel, Abbott is in govt, he was elected to the govt by the people in his electorate, he has lied to these people and to the people of Australia.

  9. No, this is just standard lefty tactics. You first try and trash someones reputation. If that does not work you tell bald face lies. If that does not work you may try and talk policy.

    Spare me the morality. You do not care about rorting. You only care about (alleged) Coalition rorting. You support a team not principle.

  10. How is this standard lefty tactics, it was reported by an independent, Abbott lied about his travel expenses, he has been caught out, and why the double standards between himself and Slipper.

  11. “Abbott lied about his travel expenses, he has been caught out, and why the double standards between himself and Slipper.

    I don’t know the whole story but i would say “intent”

    Slipper knowingly did the wrong thing.

    Abbott said he made a mistake and Gary Gray (Labor) agreed.

    No problem with you going for Abbotts throat as long as you are consistent. I suspect the ALP is not bringing this up because there is a lot of gray area in these sorts of claims.

  12. Theress the one who business in the UK who has failed the unemployed in the UK and has been handed notices an d is set to lose millions in contracts as they will not be renewed …….Slipper is facing criminal charges Abbott is not

  13. So why is Slipper facing charges and Abbott is not, the Minchin protocol should have applied to both.

  14. the Minchin protocol should have applied to both.

    Well, obviously, due to the name, it only there to protect liberals, not ex liberals. minchin would be upset if any one not of his team were allowed to get away what he did. 😉

  15. then why bring up all those things about julia gillard, that happened decades ago !

    Careful with all those questions Steven, pretty soon you’ll be told to ‘calm down’ 😉

  16. Would you like to put your teeth back in and try that one again Peter? I have NFI what you’re rabbiting about 🙄

  17. so because it happened long ago, according to tony, that makes it alright.”

    No, there was an official ruling by the powers that be.

    If Abbott deliberately rorted i would condemn him. The fact that the ALP is not saying anything makes me suspicious. You need to show some deception for personal gain for there to be a crime. Abbott says a mistake was made.

  18. So why is Abbott running away from the questions being asked of him, does he have something to hide, if not he should answer the questions pure and simple.

  19. Oh yes, Neil displays typical Right Wing denial syndrome. “Typical Lefty Tactics” Neil? Nope, wrong again. The tactic of slinging mud in hopes that it sticks is in fact the modus Operandi of the “born to rule” Right Wing sect-from the attempt to get Hanson thrown in jail on false charges, to the attempt to smear Rudd via his wife, to the attempts to smear Gillard, Slipper & Thomson. Please tell us of *one* example of where the Left got as down & dirty as you & your fellow Right Wing troglodytes, Neil! Now, don’t you have a cross-burning to attend?

  20. “If Abbott deliberately rorted i would condemn him” Yeah right, Neil. Pull the other one, it plays jingle bells. The only reason that Labor hasn’t pursued it,,,yet…is because they’re *trying* to take the high road, whereas your Liberal Party mates prefer to dwell in the sewer. The point is that he has been forced to pay back $9000, yet he isn’t being pursued by the AFP the same way they’re going after Slipper for a mere $900. Now that’s what I call *very* suspicious!

  21. Gary Gray must be a Liberal plant. Like the line that it was Labor that was digging for dirt…could have not said it better. Oh wait…

  22. So many things to talk about like failed ALP policies and lots of govt advertising everywhere which is driving me mad (which Labor promised not to do).

    But lets try and destroy a human being instead (another lefty tactic).

    Like I said if there is anything in this the ALP would be going for Abbotts throat. And none of us know the full story.

    I suspect Abbott mixed up business and personal and most of his trips would have been on govt business where he also flogged his book.

  23. But lets try and destroy a human being instead (another lefty tactic).

    So kneel, your blaming the labor party for destroying Slipper and Thomson, grow some mate and look at the real world.

  24. Hasn’t been touched at all. Nothing to answer for but some reporter asking him questions. Still see no coals but smell a pants wetter or two here.

  25. Well fuck me drunk, straight from the horses mouth. This as I got in the car to drive home from work and the radio came on.

    First Turnbull, which was no surprise, but then Hockey came out and said the Coalition if in government would bring in a carbon tax moving to an ETS.

    Well stuff me, and why aren’t the media all over this massive backflip, the mother of all backflips.

    The proviso was the rest of the world also moving to a carbon tax and ETS, which is what’s happening, so it was an announcement the Coalition would move to a Carbon Tax.

    Two reasons come to mind. One was the real threat of isolation from the world community and second and probably the main reason, they cannot meet their promise of keeping the current carbon price compensation whilst scrapping the tax.

    Then came this doozy from Hockey. The Coalition are not going alone in the world with a DAP, Obama is also implementing a direct action plan.

    Got home to Abbott rattled about being called out for is “stay calm” condescension on TV and Hockey being even more rattled in telling Australians Rudd is all bluff.

    What Joe, unlike Abbott?

  26. Well, who called a female reporter a ‘persistant little thing’ yesterday? Imagine if anyone in the coalition saying such a thing. It would be bucket and mop time here.

  27. Mobius, also obvious is that Abbott’s perceived scare campaign is a fizzer..he’s still at though with his “pic with pie”.

  28. Neil, that is probably one of Abbott’s problems..he doesn’t realise that he actually might have to do some real work one day hence his mix up between business and his own personal pursuits…it’s all One Big Photo Opportunity as far as Abbott is concerned. And doesn’t self-promotion equate with “for the good of the country” anyway. 🙄

  29. Yes it was scaper, and only a deep Abbott lover could not see it.

    The reporter was calm and asked a question that Abbott obviously didn’t like and lamely avoided, when she persisted, again calmly, Abbott told her to stay calm as a condescension. He has never told a male reporter to stay calm, even ones who were not calm.

  30. Min I really hope this huge backflip on the carbon tax, and Hockey called their proposal a tax, gets some traction in the media tomorrow.

    This deserves a please explain from Abbott and not his minions for it has been Abbott who has been so often front and centre attacking the carbon price and promising to scrap it as his number one priority.

  31. Yes kneel, so many things to talk about, like coalition policies, where are they mate, oh that’s right, if Abbott wins the election he will announce them when he becomes PM, he is the biggest joke in Australia at the moment, his photo ops are not working, the press are actually starting to ask him questions, he hates that, just look at his replies, um ahhh, calm down, what was that u said, I have to go now, and the best of all, “it’s all Kevin Rudd’s fault” “it was Julia Gillard’s fault” “it was Labor’s fault” never takes the blame himself, always someone else.

  32. “Calm down” is an issue? I remember the days when being rational and having a backbone was expected.

  33. “First Turnbull, which was no surprise, but then Hockey came out and said the Coalition if in government would bring in a carbon tax moving to an ETS.”

    Now if I had said something like that i would have been accused of derailing the thread.

  34. Neil, if you believe that Liealot Inadvertently “overlooked” slugging the taxpayers $9400 to promote his book, I’ve got a lovely bridge you might like to buy.

    Liealot was allowed to use the Minchin Protocol to repay the embezzled funds, yet Slipper was denied that opportunity by Brandis. Double standards?

    And now you’re trotting out another fairy tale. Mixed up business & personal expenses my @rse!

    You are joking about destroying a human being, aren’t you? For one, Liealot isn’t a human being, he’s a corrupt bully & liar.

    And you seem to have developed amnesia wrt destroying people’s reputations & careers. Craig Thomson, Peter Slipper, Julia Gillard, Therese Rein, Kevin Rudd & Wayne Swan spring to mind as recent examples of the grubbiness of that mob of corrupt bullies and liars you worship.

    The Liars have been trying for 20 years to prove Gillard broke the law wrt AWU, and all they’ve come up with are 2 crooks who’ve been exposed as opportunistic liars.

    A judge has said that the Ashby case had no merit, but was a cynical political ploy to ruin one man’s reputation & bring down an elected government.

    And if we’re going down memory lane does the name Lionel Murphy mean anything to you? Your beloved f*cken Liars Party were still dragging the man to court the day before his death! And as usual proved bugger all.

    And Doug Anthony’s misuse of Commonwealth vehicles, which brings to mind the Liars smear campaign against Justice Kirby.

    And the bottom of the harbour schemes.

    I just hope The Termite shows a bit of ticker & cranks up a RC into AWB and a full investigation into Liealot’s slush fund to prosecute Pauline Hanson. I’m no fan of her, but what was done to her was despicable.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg wrt Liealot. Frankly, I’d love it if the ALP had a healthy dirt file on the grubs in the Liars Party. It would keep decent jounos going for years.

    Don’t get us started, Neil, you’ll regret it.

  35. I remember the days when being rational and having a backbone was expected.

    Something Abbott does not have.

  36. It amazes me that anyone here would support Slipper, being voted in on a coalition ticket and referring to female bits as ‘mussell’.

    But I suppose the ‘wimmen’ here only cry misogyny when it suits their neo-feminist ideological bent. Must be proud, sisters!

  37. Isn’t it telling.

    Every little thing, no matter how insignificant, is made into mountains if it can be made to look bad for Labor, but he moment the idiot Abbott engages his mouth before his tiny brain and gaffs big time out they come to defend the indefensible and tell everyone how inconsequential it is.

    I keep saying it and they keep proving me right, hypocrites.

  38. Could say something about yours as well scaper, looks like a self inflicted hand job from here mate.

  39. If your quiet Neil, you might be able to hear it, the sound will be the Libs unravelling at a rate of knots

  40. Haha friggin’ hypocrite. Very rich coming from someone who so often decries abuse in this blog and demands owner does something about it.

    Good to know that you were just being a wowser then.

  41. Still this gets us away from Abbott’s failing and his own hypocrisy.

    Notice Abbott back to his tax payer funded Liberal Party campaign stunts again and not calmly demanding an election now.

    Definitely running scared of going the distance.

  42. Oh how I laugh at NOS now people are starting to see through his fake unworthy poster boy… Left tactics? …they fakes of the floposition have nothing now faux outrage, a backfired popularity contest of their own making and a vacuous cycle of negativity wrapped in relentless blame.

  43. Just asking out of interest seeing Abbott doesn’t have many fans here…
    What has the Labor party achieved that makes some people here still want to vote for them again? Or is hating Abbott enough to write off the whole Liberal party?

  44. Some direct questions on the Coalition’s Direct Action plan

    It’s time to ramp up scrutiny of the opposition plan to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions by 5% by 2020

    At least Lenore Taylor is keeping up the questions on policy front.

    Note another Abbott lie in saying other countries are moving towards a DAP so there is no need for a market based mechanism. I bet if he were asked he could not name those countries and exactly what direct action they were taking.

  45. Bill if you go through the posts here you will see long lists of Labor’s achievements in government, and they are impressive by any standard, and of Abbott’s failures as an opposition leader, by far the worst this country has seen.

    Since you asked of us let’s throw it back at you. Tell us why you think Abbott would make a good PM?

  46. I had a look at the posts and there is no “long lists of Labor’s achievements in government” There are plenty of reasons why people think Abbott is not up to the job though, which is why I was asking.
    Too be honest I can’t see anyone from either side being a good PM. When I vote, its usually choosing “the lesser of 2 evils”. So to answer your last question, I don’t think he would be good, just not as bad as Kev.

  47. scaper, you misunderstand the alleged support for Slipper. It’s disgust at the smear tactics used to discredit him, and I might add at Liealot’s slush fund to prosecute Hanson.

    The smearing & other attacks on Slipper, Hanson, Thomson, Gillard, Rein, Rudd and others are plain old grubby tactics & hypocrisy writ large.

    Liealot embezzled “inadvertently” stuck the taxpayer for 10x more than Slipper, but according to his cheerleaders it’s hardly worth talking about. Worse, is the fact that he was allowed to repay the $9400 under the Minchin protocol, but Slipper was denied the opportunity thanks to the King of Sleaze Brandis.

    Pots & kettles, scaper.

    ME @7.33pm, I take it you won’t hang around for Bill’s list of reasons?

    BTW, Bill, don’t try to convince us that Liealot is a cleanskin after his appalling performances in 2 ministries in the Rodentochracy.

  48. “BTW, Bill, don’t try to convince us that Liealot is a cleanskin after his appalling performances in 2 ministries in the Rodentochracy.”
    The rational thing would be to wait until I write something you can go after 🙂
    I’ll see what I can do for you.

  49. “But I suppose the ‘wimmen’ here only cry misogyny when it suits their neo-feminist”

    Fail to see what you mean by this statement. Remember the Rares Judgment. Slipper was cleared. Where was the misogyny. Some school yard smut raised by Ashby,
    Slipper has had two wives, both who are standing by him.. Does not seem like a woman hater to me. Some woman, indulge on smut, in private, the conversation were in private.

    Slipper had no case to answer, Why do you keep going on, as if he is guilty.

  50. Bill, the barrackers were given the same challenge on this blog a while ago, but not one could, or would, come up with a single reason Liealot would be a good PM let alone better than Gillard & now Rudd.

    Rack your brains, I don’t expect a single credible reason.

  51. Looks like the score is 0-0 then. As I posted before, I’m not that keen on any of them and was trying to find out if people were more inclined to vote for a party or a leader.

  52. Bill obviously wasn’t looking very hard. I’ll get together a list that is nowhere exhaustive but I bet Bill doesn’t reciprocate as to why Abbott would make a good PM.

    Well over 500 pieces of legislation through a hostile minority government, something Howard couldn’t achieve with both houses. Many of them major reforms and programs, something else Howard couldn’t achieve.

    Apology, which was internationally praised and raised again today as a significant moment in Australia’s history.
    Kyoto signed
    Murray Darling agreement signed by all States including Victoria
    End of WorkChoices
    Removal of tax exemption on mixed alcoholic drinks
    Amendment to Trade Practices Act to stop large firms bullying small competitors
    Removing discrimination in legal matters for homosexuals
    Tax loopholes on share options plugged
    Increase to Child care rebates
    Increases to Disability Accommodation
    Taxes reduced to become lower taxing government than Howard
    Cap on Baby Bonus, Family Benefit B and dependent Spouse offset
    Infrastructure Australia
    Proactive Obesity program
    Sign Protocol on UN Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
    Set up of National Council to reduce violence against women and children
    Troops home from the illegal war in Iraq
    Avoiding recession
    Low interest rates
    Triple AAA rating
    960,000 new jobs created

    That’s my first list. Will post the next one a little later.

  53. The bigger mystery I find, is why he is considered a good Opposition leader. Not one win in four years, that I see,

    The minority government went full term.. Most legislation got through. Did not bring down Gillard. No wins at all. Only success was in hindering proper asylum seeker solutions, No worthwhile new policies.

    Where is the success?

  54. The Kitchen Cabinet is worth watching, Fits in with some pf the discussion here. Emerson speaking on sexism.

  55. Comments from the media, along the line of the Opposition leader responded with the usual slogans, brings a smile to ones face.

  56. “Bill obviously wasn’t looking very hard” That’s the first list I’ve seen on this page.

    “I bet Bill doesn’t reciprocate as to why Abbott would make a good PM.”
    It’s a pity Gonski wasn’t around years ago because you might have achieved some basic comprehension skills. Here’s what I wrote earlier “As I posted before, I’m not that keen on any of them and was trying to find out if people were more inclined to vote for a party or a leader.” It can’t make it simpler than that.

  57. Carbon price that demonstrably reduced carbon
    Dental reform
    GP clinics
    Road and rail upgrades
    Trade training centres in schools
    Smaller government
    Early childhood education
    National curriculum
    National health and hospital network
    Regional cancer centres
    50,000+ more university places
    30,000+ more social houses
    National organ transplant authority
    World’s best Treasurer
    Plain package cigarettes
    Fair treatment for workers, especially clothing workers
    Trade policy reform
    Worse than Howard asylum seeker policy
    Aboriginal Healing Foundation

    Someone else here can pull out the lists that have been put up previously.

    So how about why Abbott would make a good PM.

  58. Did I get it correct, when Turnbull indicated that NBN lite and Direct Action were only stop gap policies. That copper would be fully replaced with fibre and as the world moved towards ETS, we would also go down that path.

    If so, why demolish what we are doing now.

  59. Yes Fu and Hockey also stated that DAP was short term and if the world moved to a carbon tax and ETS then a Coalition government would move that way.

    As usual Abbott was putting out a contradictory message saying the world is moving to DAP and there is no need for an ETS. The only global example Abbott could give was Obama but he wouldn’t say what direct action Obama was taking.

  60. “Ah the retort to insult.” Yeh, you’re right, that probably wasn’t called for… read meaner than I intended.

  61. I don’t follow politics enough to know all the in and outs as to how things are done but it seems that there is a lot of problems that didn;t exist before Labor came in. As I said I’m not as clued in as I think I should be so that’s why I was looking for reasons why people still would vote for labour.

  62. “Yeh, you’re right, that probably wasn’t called for… read meaner than I intended.”

    Thanks for that, I’ve done it as well. Social media lends itself to being blunt and giving short shrift.

  63. Crikey, No Fibs, ABC Antony Green, otherwise most sites tend left or right with the extremes either end I avoid. Centre are rare if they exist at all. I guess Crikey is as close as it gets.

    Wixxyleaks is good for getting guff on the Liberal party that isn’t in the public domain.

  64. Taxes reduced to become lower taxing government than Howard”

    But you lot told me it was the Costello tax cuts SIX years ago created structural problems in the budget. Apparently the Swan tax cuts do not cause structural problems.


    These things don’t exist.

    Triple AAA rating”

    WE lost our AAA rating under Bob Hawke and it was Costello who got it back in 2003. After much abuse it should be stated. It took SIX surplus budgets to get our AAA back when everybody condemned Costello for running surplus budgets. For Labor to claim credit for our AAA shows how deceitful are Labor supporters.

  65. “Social media lends itself to being blunt and giving short shrift.” Especially with me when I’m doing something else at the same time – it comes out like I’m teasing a mate who is sitting next to me 🙂

    Cheers for the sites! You’ve given me a good start. I’ve heard a few good things about Crickey but haven’t got around to checking it out yet.
    “Centre are rare if they exist at all” Agree 100% – no different to radio.

    “What problems would they be?” I wish I had the time to chat and get a different view on it but I’ve got a friends PC needing some repairs so I’ll have to drop by another day.

  66. Yes kneel you keep stating that and people are getting sick of u saying it, Australia has three AAA from the big three

  67. Here’s a list that has nothing to do with Bill…… 😀 … others may be, but not Bill 😛
    “1. troll stays polite
    2. pretends to have a reasoned debate
    3. Posts outrageous pieces from Tea Party/ RW sites prolifically.
    4. Doesn’t object to being called a fool
    3. Repeats step three”

  68. .Neil, why do you find it so hard to accept that Australia has triple AAA rating from three agencies, at once, for the first time. Just a simple fact. why it has not happened before, I do not know, do you?

    Drum interesting tonight. Shows the belief that we are doing it hard, in an new light.

    Does not support Abbott’s claim that demolishing the CEF will solve all. The figures do not support Abbott’s claims.

  69. Neil, every time you go down this track, I ask you what do you think of those continual, I believe at least ten, interest rates rises, in times of continual surpluses.

    Neil, you always ignore the question.

    The other is, how do you explain the massive record private debt that occurred, in times of plenty.

  70. Howard…. the worst Treasurer…. the worst PM…… good brother, but… just ask Stan….. so dearly loved that he couldn’t even hold on to his seat….. Abbott…. the worst Health Minister…… the worst LOTO…… good mate, but…… goes to bat for his *clique* in giving an character reference for his priest mate who ends up being kicked out of the ‘church’ for child abuse…… so dearly loved that voters in his own electorate have scorned him……

  71. So Bills got no list, just waving around a pamphlet and a book that you would not wipe your ass with that I hazard a guess he has not even read. He probably has no idea who santamaria or the ipa are.. as NOS prattles on about things that are legislated reality and real…but apparently are just apparitions of his denial…. oh dear 🙄

  72. Neil, you always ignore the question.

    Because it doesn’t suit him to acknowledge those facts, Fed up. It disturbs him when people confront him with the truth about the Liars. He much prefers his fantasy world.

    Swan’s AAA ratings are a case in point. Neil seems to think that Tip has been the Treasurer for the last 6 years and successfully guided us through the GFC and still retained the AAA ratings.

    Sorry Neil, Tip had bugger all to do with navigating our way through the GFC. If he was Treasurer we would be in a big fat recession. not even one A.

  73. “I don’t follow politics enough to know all the in and outs as to how things are done”

    Many here do go to the trouble of following all Abbott says and does.

    Further more, they find Abbott badly wanting.

  74. A quick scan of the news sites this morning and can’t find anything on the so called ‘Abbott rort’.

    Didn’t even last twenty four hours and you lot thought you were on to something?



  75. Abbott has promised to politicise the PS again by bringing back performance bonuses for the top managers given at the discretion of the minister.

    That was what Howard did to keep the PS in line and not speak out against him.

    Social media has not let Abbott go though. Still rife. Abbott no longer untouchable and his woeful personal ratings reflect that.

  76. Also lets look at just how untouchable Abbott was on this. Not all that long ago this would have been completely buried, yet now these are the MSM and other political outlets that reported it over several days, some several times over those days.

    The Australian
    The Guardian
    Courier Mail
    Border Mail
    The South Coast Register
    All News Au
    Yahoo7 News
    The Conversation

    According to the Bing news aggregator there were 364 separate news articles on the Abbott story.

    Untouchable my arse.

    Then do a search of his condescension against the Guardian reporter and again you find that Abbott is no longer untouchable. The reason the first one has died on the mainstream because the latter of the patronage against a reporter has replaced it.

    From now on Abbott’s every trip up and fumble will be splashed across the media because the 5th Estate will make sure they are. It’s the reason he’s so desperately calling for an election, and has always been the reason his puppet masters have tried to engineer one, they know the strings they pull are loose and weak and they have a loose canon under them.

  77. This one is still up on the front of The Guardian

    Mind you, we know he has been ‘untouchable’ for years, just look at this story.

    It appears that no one in the story initially refused to pay, and then under-payed. Also, I don’t recall any of those listed lambasting Slipper like tabot has, only to find out this his ‘indiscretion’ was far worse.

    As to the ‘Calm Down’, this is how he reacts when asked a question I dearly want to know the answer to. And I hope he keeps getting asked it

    Mr Abbott, how is Peter Slipper incorrectly claiming $900 and offering to pay it back different from you incorrectly claiming $9000 worth of travel expenses and then paying it back? How are the situations different?
    Well he’s facing charges and you just got to pay $9000 back. How are those two situations different?

  78. Neil seems to think that Tip has been the Treasurer for the last 6 years and successfully guided us through the GFC and still retained the AAA ratings.

    Good. An ALP supporter has said something correct for once. Swan retained our AAA credit rating which Costello got back in 2003.

  79. which Costello got back in 2003.

    We could play nils game, and claim that tip only got the ratings because of the structure Keating left in place.

    In fact, when howard got in, all indicators were running back into positive direction, after guiding us through massive restructures in the economy and more global turmoil in the finance front.

  80. Turnbull setting himself for a leadership challenge?

    In the last two days he has openly contradicted Abbott twice, and both on two of Abbott’s big policies, DAP and tax cuts.

    First he, and Hockey, have stated DAP is short term policy before moving to a carbon tax and ETS, directly contradicting Abbott who has stated DAP is permanent, which was also contradicted by several other Liberal ministers who have all given different time scales for it.

    Now Turnbull has stated that Abbott’s much vaunted tax cuts won’t happen, something Hockey has also inferred in the past. Abbott is still insisting the cuts will happen in full.

    Methinks Turnbull is sick of being Abbott’s patsy and trying to sell lemons as mangos.

  81. Here is something to talk about

    A BILLION dollar blowout in the detention centre budget was filed the day Kevin Rudd was sworn back in as prime minister.

    Almost 1300 people have reached Australia since he seized his old job, taking the Christmas Island population to a record of 3544 people.

    The influx comes as the government revealed on a contracts website on June 27 that managing Australia’s detention centres will now cost almost $2.5 billion, almost $1 billion more than expected last year.”

    But lets talk about the Opposition not the people who are trashing the budget.

  82. Sorry Phanton, in what regards was that over?

    I know about the reporting of Abbott’s slush fund when it occurred.

  83. Yes kneel, Swann not only retained our AAA rating but also improved on it, by getting it from the three big rating agencies.

  84. No he didn’t Paul. All the benefits of getting a AAA happened in 2003. All you need is AAA from the big two, not the big two and the small third.

    Your comment is also insulting to Costello which i guess most labor supporters enjoy doing.

    Have you any idea how much crap Costello got from this lot for running surplus budgets?? He should have been spending on this and that and infrastructure and health they said.

    And if Labor is not thrown out, another 4 years of Labor budgets will see us lose it again. This time we will have to run 10 surplus budgets to get it back.

  85. What ever you say kneel, but costello only ever had AAA from two, you hate it when people tell you Swann has it from the big three.

    He should have been spending on this and that and infrastructure and health they said.

    Yes kneel, he should have been, but no, he used to buy the elections for Howard instead.

  86. “but costello only ever had AAA from two,

    And that is all you need.

    you hate it when people tell you Swann has it from the big three.

    Because it is deceitful. Swan is trying to make out he did something. 100% of the effort was all done by Costello. Under much abuse by this lot I should add.

    “he should have been”

    But then we never would have got back our AAA. Get it??? That is what Campbell Newman is trying to do in Queensland. Get back AAA which Beattie/Bligh lost

  87. Gillard was forced to pay back some money also.

    Try to keep up scapes

    The questions are, Why did Slipper get different treatment? Why Did tabot initially blame Labor for it? Why did tabot lie about it yestyerday? Why does he tell people to calm down when they ask these perfectly valid questions?

    I would also like to ask the writer of that article, why did they only only associate Gillard with the $100,000 total, but not detail the exact amount? And why did they ignore tabots record?

    Yes, there are Questions To Answer?

  88. kneeel how is it deceitful, so kneel what would of the coalition have done in the GFC, bugger all.

  89. Why did tabot lie about it yesterday?

    Why did he lie about at the time as well? After he had paid it back, short changing the government by the way, he denied he had to pay back anything and then when found out he had short changed and was forced to pay that as well he still went on about it being a smear campaign.

  90. Wow the budget is totally trashed. Another 4 years of Labor budgets will see us losing our credit rating (again).

    But lets try and find some mistake Abbott may have made (and not looking for ALP mistakes of course).

  91. 1. You would have to ask the Department of Finance why Slipper was referred for prosecution. Here is the phone number, Tommy. (02) 6215 2222

    2. You do know that Jambour has a connection to Rudd’s office by way of a very close relation, don’t you?

    3. Abbott did not lie, it was dealt with as he said. Gary Gray (Labor) has stated such.

    4. It was clear that the person which was very aggressive, was badgering and making a fool of herself amongst professionals. I’m surprised that Abbott did not ignore her after the first two questions. Abbott was relating to one person, not people as you spuriously allege when he said “calm down”.

    And finally…you have bad comprehension skills as the article clearly states the amount that Gillard had to repay.

    Here is the link to the site and you can click on the links there.

    Why did they ignore Abbott? Because he’s untouchable but you and the reptile seem to think I’m wrong…dogs and days.

  92. 1. You would have to ask the Department of Finance why Slipper was referred for prosecution. Here is the phone number, Tommy. (02) 6215 2222
    A. The Department won’t give you an answer except to say it was referred to the AFP by a mystery person, suspected to be Brandis, and thus taken out of their hands. Why didn’t this mystery person refer Abbott to the AFP?

    2. You do know that Jambour has a connection to Rudd’s office by way of a very close relation, don’t you?
    A. That has what to do with what?

    3. Abbott did not lie, it was dealt with as he said. Gary Gray (Labor) has stated such.
    A. Source please, and Abbott still tried to rort the system as he does with his charity rides and other stunts where he claims expenses for what are clearly party political campaigns and not government business.

    It also doesn’t detract from the fact he’s the most expensive LOTO ever with an office that costs more than the PM’s in administration and the fact he’s stated he doesn’t think he gets paid enough.

    4. It was clear that the person which was very aggressive, was badgering and making a fool of herself amongst professionals. I’m surprised that Abbott did not ignore her after the first two questions. Abbott was relating to one person, not people as you spuriously allege when he said “calm down”.
    A. It was clear the person wasn’t very aggressive, wasn’t badgering and wasn’t making a fool of herself amongst professionals. Only a blinkered devoted Abbott lover could see it any other way, and if you truly believed this then why have you never spoken up when reporters have been rude and badgering towards Gillard? Hypocrisy?

  93. Not at all scaper. You always think you get under other’s skin, that but it’s the other way round. Seen posters get your goat up several times though.

    I’m just pointing out your hypocrisy, though I really don’t need to as it’s open for every one who reads here to see.

  94. Neil, here is the facts in regard to AAA rating:
    Never once during the Howard government during which Costello was treasurer for the whole time did Australia achieve the triple-A credit rating from all major credit rating agencies. With Fitch moving Australia to triple-A last month, Australia for the first time ever has the trifecta of triple-A from all three agencies.
    Get it right or stop lying, either one will do

  95. Still don’t get it do you? You claim there has been a rort yet if it was so the government would have dragged him over the coals. They haven’t so your allegation holds absolutely no water, piss maybe.

    It seems that you peasants believe that MPs do all their own claims but that is not the case so no lies but quite a few here of late, that is to be expected. Nothing to answer for but at least it wet quite a lot of you lefties’ panties.

  96. Neil, in case it has escaped your notice, Labor has held onto the Triple A ratings from three sources for a long time now. Yes, they have improved on what Costello reached. Why would they go down hill from now on?

    The ratings have been done to death. Why not move onto explaining why Costello had ten or more interest rates hikes in a row, in spite of surpluses? Why did he leave behind record private debt?

    Of course Neil, as usual, you will ignore this question.

  97. Tom he said something similar at the time saying he had not claimed, then saying it was a Labor smear.

    Now the story is his parliamentary staffers, who should not doing private work for him in any case, wrongly claimed his expenses.

    I guess then it was also staffers who short changed the government the first time.

    This is the Howard way of doing business, which does not bode well if Abbott wins government.

    Not only is he showing that he will run an extremely expensive parliament, especially his private office, he will make sure he can blame shift his malfeasances if he gets caught onto untouchable staffers and advisers, none of who will get disciplined when blamed for stuffing up, and like Howard will probably be rewarded for taking the fall.

    Crooked to the core Liberals.

  98. Now we have very good private savings. If government move to user pays, putting extra expense on the individual, one has less to save.

    Governments sets the climate, that allows private debt or savings.

  99. They haven’t so your allegation holds absolutely no water,

    That is the most pathetic excuse to date. It is obvious he claimed falsely, credlin admitted as much. It is also obvious he lied about it. He also lied about it being a Labor smear, as, as you have just highlighted, they have been very careful not to raise this. The independent media are doing the footwork here. He is just building lie after lie, and looking worse and worse for it.

    It’s the ultimate home goal. Just say yes, I did, it happens, and move on. Unfortunately, their persecution of Slipper makes it much harder for him. It was always going to come back and bight them. This, I think, is just the first taste of what they can expect.

    Sucked in to them.

  100. Pappinbarra Fox

    “Never once during the Howard government during which Costello was treasurer for the whole time did Australia achieve the triple-A credit rating from all major credit rating agencies.

    CORRECT!!!. I never said they didn’t. I DID say the third one didn’t matter and was not important.

    STOP putting words into my mouth. You only need AAA from S&P’s and Moody’s to get your AAA back and to start paying lower interest rates on debt. Fitch is irrelevant It makes no difference. It is a diversion. It does not matter. It is unimportant.

    GET IT!!!

  101. Yes kneel we get it, you despise the fact that Swann got a AAA rating from the three big credit rating agencies, where Costello only got two of them, kneel your creating the diversion, not us, and we haven’t put word’s into your mouth.

  102. First there was
    You claim there has been a rort yet if it was so the government would have dragged him over the coals.

    I’ll admit Abbott did lie when he said it was a Labor smear

    Hilarious. tabots rorting is all Labors fault, even though they haven’t done anything, which proves there is nothing there 😯

  103. 6 Jan 2012 TAbbott competes in Pier to Pub swim in Lorne, claims $349 in travel allowance + $1095 flights to Melb
    21 April 2012 TAbbott competes in Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving Pier to Pub swim, claims $349 travel allowance + $2023 flights
    5 August 2012 TAbbott competes in Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge, claims $349 travel allowance for Coffs on 4 August + $650 flights
    9 Sept 2012 TAbbott competes in Wagga ‘Lake to Lagoon’ fun run, claims $354 travel allowance on 8 Sept & $160 for flights
    Dec 2012 TAbbott the trucker drives rig down Pacific Hway, claims $1108 in travel allowance for staying 3 nights in Brisbane, Coffs & Terrigal
    TAbbott claimed $9600 for charter travel to/from Aurukun Mission when he volunteered there in 2012
    TAbbott claimed travel allowance when he volunteered at Aurukun in 2012
    TAbbott claimed $1700 in travel allowance for his volunteer work as truancy assistant in Aurukun in 2009
    TAbbott claimed travel allowance for his volunteer work as builders labourer in Hopevale in 2011

    It’s not charity if you are not giving up anything to do it.
    It’s not a government expense when you are not on government business.
    It’s not a government expense when you are blatantly campaigning for your party.

  104. The most expensive LOTO by a huge margin every and runs and office that’s more expensive than the PM’s in every area except overseas travel, and even that is huge compared to any LOTO in our history.

  105. you despise the fact that Swann got a AAA rating from the three big credit rating agencies,”

    No i just want the truth told. And your comments further confirm that you people are deceitful.

    Swan has got you believing (because you want to believe) that he achieved something. He achieved nothing.

    And shame on you for not giving Costello any credit for all the hard work done and the abuse he took for running surplus budgets. From 2003 Australian companies were allowed to borrow at the lowest interest rate. It makes a big difference. It like the difference between borrowing from a bank or a finance company.

  106. Koukoulis is a nut job. He thinks Australia does not have enough debt.

    But I can handle the truth. I just don’t like people claiming credit for something they could never do. In my lifetime we usually lose our credit rating under Labor and then the Coalition is elected and try and get it back. Usually to much abuse because they start but cutting spending.

  107. Koukoulis is a nut job. He thinks Australia does not have enough debt.

    Why is he a nut job kneel, gives us an explanation. is it because he was employed by labor.

    The truth is kneel you do not like the truth, you have proved here in this blog.

    So Swann getting the big three AAA, that is not the truth, but it is the truth, just as Costello only got two of the three to give him AAA.

    And please explain why Fitch is not one of the big three, if they are not, why then do economists say they are.

  108. I gave you the link but here it is again

    “As of 2013 they hold a collective global market share of “roughly 95 percent”[1] with Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s having approximately 40% each, and Fitch around 15%.[2] However these figures understate the dominance of Moody’s and S&P, since the norm for debt issuers is to obtain ratings from these two, and only occasionally turn to Fitch, for example if Moody’s and S&P disagree.[3]”

  109. This is why Neil thinks the nab us a nut job.

    Koukoulis keeps saying things that challenges what he says.

    …….Let’s start with the obvious.

    A distinction must be made between net and gross debt. There is a nasty habit of some people starting a sentence referring to net debt and then finishing with a reference to gross debt. Words to the effect that “the Howard government left zero debt and now it is $300 billion” are an expression of such an error. Mr Abbott mixed up gross and net debt recently, but his Deputy Julie Bishop was even more extreme, saying that, “I think Australian people understand that when government debt goes from zero to heading towards $400 billion then that’s an emergency.” For Ms Bishop, who was shadow treasurer in 2008 and 2009, this is an embarrassing error.

    It’s a bit like saying, before I bought the house, I had no debt and I had $50,000 in savings. Now those savings have gone and I have debt of $500,000. What a hopeless manager of money I am.

    Even the lamest financial planner with white shoes can see the fault in that discussion.

    It is an important fact to note that the Howard government did not eliminate gross debt. Indeed, in the three months leading up to the election on November 24, 2007, the Howard government borrowed money from the capital markets on eight separate occasions (issuing government bonds) including just 11 days before polling day. At no stage under Mr Howard did gross debt fall below $47 billion, and since Federation in 1901, the Australian government has always had gross debt. Always…….”

  110. Yes kneel, I read that, why then is Fitch mentioned at all if it is of no significance in the economic community, according to you.

    It just seems to me that you just hate labor.

  111. But I can handle the truth.

    Kneel, Kneel, Kneel …

    Have you ever voted?

    Like all Liberal supporters you avoid answering truthfully …

  112. Yes kneel, I read that, why then is Fitch mentioned at all if it is of no significance in the economic community,”

    You only need the big two to give you a AAA. From that moment you can borrow money at the lowest interest rate which happened in 2003.

    It is only mentioned by Swan/Wong for propaganda purposes.

  113. And the rest of the media, the liberals, everyone but you it seems kneel, why is that, it seems you do not want to give credit where credit is due.

  114. paul it doesn’t matter that Fitch is important or not, Costello couldn’t get a AAA from them.

    But the other very important thing overlooked is that Swan kept two big AAA ratings during a GFC. Costello could only manage them in the greatest economic growth period the world has seen. Shit some of my drunken sailor mates on a run ashore on payday after a month at sea could have managed a AAA given Costello’s economic conditions. That Swan managed and held onto three given the economic conditions is very impressive indeed.

    Then there’s the fact that if Australia followed what the Liberals wanted at the time and was their policy for the GFC, we would have lost the AAA ratings and gone into recession with a loss of ~250,000 jobs instead of the 960,000 new jobs created.

  115. I know that ME, kneel does not seem to though, he thinks the sun shines out of Howard and Costello never regions.

  116. It’s why I avoid reading Neil. He never states anything new, obfuscates often, changes topic when proven false and everything he states can be boiled down to Liberal=good, Labor=bad, no matter how much you can prove that Liberal are not always=good, in fact mostly=bad and Labor are not always=bad and in fact are often=good.

  117. State breakdown of polls show Labor 57:43 in Queensland.

    Ashbygate has made Google News.

    By the way I donated to the Ashbygate fund. If you want to get to the truth about the faceless men other than Brough of the Liberal party behind Ashbygate please donate.

  118. I would love to donate to the Ashbygate fund, Mo… have you got a link for that 😉
    One of the things that irks me about the whole affair is that not only was Slipper one of their own, Abbott even went to his wedding and he was a sitting LNP member for years, but his aspirations to be Speaker was a known.. a said, as it were… and just when his widely known carreer path was about to reach fruition… along came fruit-fly Tony… out to score political points at any cost…. and as per, we had a Tony *fail*…. instead of having an ‘on-side’ mate as Speaker, we instead had one of the most indepentant Speakers this nation has ever seen….and for that, we had the labourious witch-hunt known as Ashbygate with a net value of $900 recovered at such a great cost to, not only those involved, but to our Australian democracy.. let alone, Peter Slipper and his family….. this is LNP loyalty…. this is how Tony Abbott and Co. treat one of their own……”For there are no real friends in the radical right, just ask… Peter Slipper.”

  119. One thing about the Ashbygate fund. The AFP would be hoping like hell that they don’t uncover anything, considering they were explicitly requested to look into this matter.

    After Margo’s investigations, they are looking pretty dodgy already. This would be a kick in the guts

  120. It’s a sad day for Australia and Australians, in general, if the AFP and other police dept.’s are complicite in a……… certain bias, shall we say… wonders if ‘they’ take seriously ‘their duty’ to the Australian public and our democracy…. one wonders if ‘selective policing’ is an ‘term appropriate’….. one wonders what Craig Thom(p)son and Peter Slippers ‘view’ is in reference to ‘selective policing’….. one wonders what Labor will do with thier mandate in relation to these ‘things’ when they win the next election 😀 ….. one wonders if ‘sphincter muscles’ are doing overtime, for some, at the AFP and ‘other’, so called, ‘guardians of democracy’ as scrutiny ‘bites’… 🙄

  121. Costello could only manage them in the greatest economic growth period the world has seen.

    It took a stinker of a budget in 1996 which caused a parliament house riot followed by six surplus budgets to get our AAA back which we lost under Hawke.

    No way could Labor run 6 surplus budgets.

    Another 4 years of Labor and we will lose it again meaning Australian companies will have to pay higher interest on their borrowings.

    To bad you lot are not worried about the country but are spending most of your time trying to find out if some conspiracy has been going on.

  122. Oh by the way Jeff Kennett shows what happens to a politician who runs surplus budgets. You get thrown out. Victoria almost went bankrupt under Labor and Kennet rescued the state but he got no thanks.

    Labor voters will not allow a long run of surplus budgets. They only think of themselves not the country. They want services and this and that and whatever.

    So the poster who implied that if Labor was in power during this alleged worldwide boom would have done what Costello did is wrong. Labor voters would not have allowed it. labor would have blown the money on some crazy scheme.

  123. Abbott wrong again. Caught out in a great big lie on carbon price.

    Said, “The world is moving away from carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes.”

    That’s a Lie. The world is increasingly moving towards carbon pricing and tax schemes, and according to Turnbull and Hockey so will the Coalition if the world does.

    Looking forward to the MSN splashing Abbott’s great big lie all over it’s headlines, but won’t hold my breath waiting.

  124. The world is increasingly moving towards carbon pricing and tax schemes, and according to Turnbull and Hockey so will the Coalition

    Starting to look like those two are sharpening their knives in anticipation. 😈

  125. Yes pterosaur, there have been several contradictions from within his party to Abbott recently, most from Turnbull, who seems to have had enough of playing Abbott’s patsy, but a couple from Hockey and others as well.

    There have also been others that are interesting and obvious signs of manoeuvring within a failing party. For instance Bishop the younger contradicted Morrison’s statement on using the SAS on asylum seekers.

    By the way if want to see how much a party of liars the Liberals are compare this maiden speech from Morrison against his actions as a member.

    “From my faith I derive the values of loving kindness, justice and righteousness; to act with compassion and kindness, acknowledging our common humanity and to consider the welfare of others.”
    Scott Morrison 14 February 2008 Maiden speech to Parliament.

  126. Oh and how about this for a huge, and I mean HUGE, slap down for Abbott.

    The US and China have announced increased joint efforts to reduce carbon emissions, making a global climate pricing deal more likely.

    Methinks Turnbull and Hockey had an inkling this was coming, which is probably why they contradicted Abbott, who yet again engaged his mouth before his tiny brain when he said the world is moving away from a carbon price, which is a lie.

  127. Perhaps what abbott sees, is that his “team” is moving away from their current “leader” and his nonsense “policies”, as his mendacity becomes increasingly apparent to all, yet that is all he has to fall back upon.

    The unhinging continues

  128. I read Koukoulis article

    He is a fraud and a liar. He said this

    A cynic might say it is easy to have a budget surplus and eliminate debt by selling assets and not spending on infrastructure.”

    Asset sales were not put into the budget as revenue. And Howard did spend on infrastructure. I have yet to see any figure that Howard spent less than Keating on infrastructure only allegations.

    Oh and by the way, why hasn’t a Journalist asked Rudd about the NBN. He said in 2007 it would cost $4.7B and be finished in 5 years.

  129. “Oh and by the way, why hasn’t a Journalist asked Rudd about the NBN. He said in 2007 it would cost $4.7B and be finished in 5 years.”

    Neil, by the way. why do you keep bringing this furthy up. Rudd did try to bring that one in, which followed on numerous attempts by Howard, for the same scheme. Like Howard’s schemes, it failed for he same reasons, private enterprise was not interested in picking up the bill. Also while Trestle was involved, nothing was going to happen.

    Neil you know, there is nothing similar in the two schemes. Rudd dumped that promise. after failed attempts were made to proceed with it.

    NBNCo, is entirely different,. and whats more. you know it.

  130. “Another 4 years of Labor”

    Neil, surely you know, Federal election terms are for three years.

  131. Caught out in a great big lie on carbon price.

    Is it purely co-incidence that he lies in the same way as ulman did too Gillard? What is it with liberals and their lackeys?

    Victoria almost went bankrupt under Labor and Kennet rescued the state but he got no thanks.

    There’s ‘rescuing’, and then there’s just plain nasty. I remember listening to this song when it came out, and recall reading somewhere that it was written as a direct result from kennets ‘reforms’, and the toll it took on ordinary people.

  132. “…and the toll it took on ordinary people.”

    Newman’s doing the same in Queensland and it looks like the same end result as Kennett, only quicker.

  133. I don’t agree with the comments but even if it is true, Wayne Swan should not get credit for a AAA. Labor supporters would never allow a Labor govt to run six surplus budgets which is what was needed to get our AAA back let alone the 10 that Costello ran. They would say with wide open mouths, please fill my stomach with services.

    So the people who say Labor would have done the same as Costello during this allegedly worldwide boom are wrong.

  134. Neil, has node the penny yet dropped. Those six surpluses do not carry the weight you give to them.

    Neil, you have to look at all the different things, that make up an economy.

    Neil, once again why do you ignore the numerous interest rate rises and record private debt, that was also a factor of Costello’s economy. Neil, one cannot ignore the bits that does not fit in with your view.

    All you do is, to keep repeating a narrow version of what occurred Costello’s day. Yes they are facts, but standing alone, explain nothing.

    We still have one of the lowest debt levels in the world. That is what is going with the argument you are once again putting up,l and have been doing for a couple of years. Exactly the same each time, word for word.

    Each time, you get the same replies, usually from a new audience.

  135. Oh it’s a joy to see the media praising Rudd’s one man debate at the National Press Club and stating he’s talking a lot of sense about the economy, being across the details, unlike his opponent.

    Abbott made a mistake not debating Rudd. Even if Rudd whopped his arse, as he would have, Abbott could have appeared a little courageous and excuses proffered for his poor showing. But to not show at all has left Rudd to show his considerable grasp on economics, just as Gillard would have, and the Coalition, but especially Abbott, left to look like piggy bank cowards.

  136. And no surprise to anyone, stuntman Abbott who could not debate Rudd as according to Abbott it is a stunt, calls a press conference whilst Rudd is talking at the National Press Club.

    Difference being this time Abbott is being called out for his presser for the stunt it is and being asked if he could talk at a press conference why couldn’t he talk at the National Press Club.

    Methinks Abbott is trying to run to what he believes is the safety of his media mates whilst he has his minders behind and beside him to steer him if he goes wrong or get him to run away when he gets stuck.

  137. “All you do is, to keep repeating a narrow version of what occurred Costello’s day. Yes they are facts, but standing alone, explain nothing.

    This topic started because someone posted a page from the Liberal Party website and then said it was full of lies. One of the (alleged) lies was that Costello restored our AAA credit rating. Anyway that was according to Paul.

    However it does annoy me when Labor puts up its list of achievements a AAA credit rating. We usually lose our credit rating under Labor and then the Libs are elected to clean up the mess and are forced to be tough.

    Why can’t you people hand over just once a budget that is not trashed when Labor loses office???

  138. ME, I love Turnbull’s reply that Rudd is good at debating with himself. What we do not hear, is the retort of another guest, that debating with Abbott is no different to debating with oneself.

    Yes, they seem to be taking Rudd seriously. Have not heard from any of Abbott’s mob today, not even in reply to unemployment figures. Are they in hiding.

    Neil, I hate to say this, you annoy me in general. Yes, you are terrific at debating with yourself. You do not acknowledge or hear anything that others say.

    Time to pull the plug once again. We have given you a good hearing, and it is clear you have nothing new to add..

  139. Neil, all parties lose office after a while. It is called democracy.

    Wonder if Abbott has made a booking at the NPC, to give his view on the economy. I bet not. Three words slogans do not count.

    Abbott, Rudd can call back Parliament, to have debates. Mr. Abbott, I watch Parliament every day over the life of this government, and I gave never seen you indulge in debates on any subject.

    Abuse yes, stunts yes, debates, no.

  140. Sounds like you are banning Neil. If so, who made you the arbiter of this place!

    Still waiting on your answer in regards that this government has moved away from user pay!!!

  141. “We have given you a good hearing, and it is clear you have nothing new to add.”

    All people have to do is tell the truth. Labor would have never got our AAA back because they would have never made the tough decisions.

    Labor loves spending money. Labor supporters want the Labor party to spend taxpayers money on them so they can enjoy themselves. So Labor supporters like Labor govts spending money.

    Hey lets see how big a deficit Labor can make. Lets put everything we can think of on the credit card.

  142. So today we ask – just what do you think Mr. Abbott would deliver for all Australians? How should he “restore hope, reward and opportunity”?

    And what policies would you like to see explained in health, education, business, industry, the environment, the economy and the rest?”

    Neil, what would you ask?

  143. Abbott/Rudd shaking hands

    This picture shows everything that’s wrong with Abbott. If anybody knows about body language and power hand shaking amongst leaders and business people they will immediately pick up on the things that Abbott is failing in.

    But even you know absolutely nothing about it, to anybody looking at the picture Abbott is almost shouting negativity, disrespect and arrogance. It’s an immediate turn off to viewers and it’s why he has always been so unpopular.

  144. The picture shows them before the handshake, repty.

    Looks like Abbott was about to give the two handshake. Do you know what that denotes? Tell me, what would you know about power handshaking? You are not even a business person, you attempted to be but ended up as a wage slave!

  145. Tell me scaper, what else is wrong about Abbott’s attitude in that hand shake, along with the two handed one?

  146. For those who don’t know, read any business success book and you will inevitably find this on hand shakes.

    “Do not ever clasp the other persons hand using two hands.” It is considered intrusive and arrogant.

    But Abbott commits three other major mistakes, all of which are negative and arrogant.

  147. Though I’ve just noticed that Rudd is doing what would also normally be a no no but in this case he’s doing it to stop Abbott’s arrogant two handed clasp. It’s why Rudd is looking at the hands.

  148. What scaper had to run off and do a Google on handshakes?

    Some supposed business leader you are.

  149. Crap. It’s all there as plain as the calm questions asked by a reporter Abbott got niggity over.

  150. OK I’ll spell them out.

    1. Most important. No eye contact, in fact not even close for Abbott.
    2. Two handed clasp, which is why Rudd is looking down and moving his hand in the dominant over position, which is normally a no no.
    3. Abbott not stretching out his hand but holding it closer to his body, bent elbow, thus forcing the other person into his personal space. Dominance and arrogance.
    4. Body party turned away from the other person. Disrespect.

  151. Calm reporter? You do realise that the person not only has a very close relative working for Rudd but is also a member of the Labor Party and not a real reporter?

    Calm down is niggity? Shakes head.

  152. What has her relationship with anyone got to do with her calmly asking a very relevant question of Abbott that he refused to answer.

    Yes he was niggity. If he wasn’t he would have calmly answered a legitimate question the first time instead of getting upset and telling her to calm down because as usual he gets niggity when he doesn’t like the question being asked, or runs away when simple questions are too hard for him.

  153. Look, the reptile has been googling. The angle was bad and taken before the act so can’t say if there was eye contact.

    You have put up a link then projected in the extreme but then again…you are of the extreme left that has voted for a Liberal. No honour or conviction!

  154. So scaper falls back to abuse again. The hypocrite.

    And note the remark on googling. Projection. By the way I didn’t google.

    Extreme left, now I know you’re a joke Abbott lover. A person who states they are not one side or the other but goes on to heavily defend the extreme right and right wing posters at every opportunity, especially in defending the extreme right wing Abbott.

  155. How can I believe that you did not google? Ever met Abbott or shaked his hand? Not a matter of defending him but calling out your bullshit.

  156. What has me not shaking Abbott’s hand got to do with anything? There’s bullshit around but it ain’t coming from me.

    Anyway back to politics.

    Abbott crawls out of his hidey hole to do a speech to camera replete with Australian flag tacked up to one side. Finally a big policy announcement.

    Yep, and it’s being described as ‘ludicrous’, and even batshit.

    Abbott if he wins government will return to fault based divorce, that was dropped in 1975.

    Well it’s not quite taking Australia back to the 1950’s but he’s heading that way.

  157. Your google stricture would only apply on first meeting, surely you knew that. Nah, everyone has their foibles on greeting but there is no real orthodoxy unless one is a try hard.

    If you met Abbott you might understand. Shame there is no boxing ring in the Parliament House complex.

  158. I hope you are joking. His two tier version was bad enough. I suppose he will also bring back church based counselors before one seeks medical termination.

    It is not divorce the harms the kids. It is the abuse that proceeds, and often continues after the divorce. It is the bad relationship between the parents.

    Has Abbott been in a coma since the 1970’s. Cannot think of another reason for his lank of understanding of what is needed for this century, the one that belongs to Asia, which luckily we are a part of.

    What is his rationale for such a stupid announcement.

    As for the handshake, Abbott also leans forwarded into Rudd’s space. Goes Abbott do, as Howard always did, keep pumping the hand, until the other is force to pull their hand away.

    Why one would want to shake hands with either, is beyond me.

  159. scaper and Neil. I do as you both do, decide what I reply to. As for banning, that was furthest from my mind.

    As for the question, you are demanding I answer, I just find it too stupid, to warrant a reply.

  160. Back onto real things we should be talking about.

    HOLDEN is speeding towards a head-on crash with unions that will likely lead to the end of car manufacturing in Australia by the end of 2016.

    The struggling car maker’s survival depends on Holden factory workers taking a pay cut of up to $200 per week, but union officials have given the clearest indication yet they will not give up wages and conditions.”

  161. scaper, what about Uhlmann, Chris Kenny etc?

    And if it’s OK to hound Gillard about 20yo rumours, why is it not OK to question why Liealot misused his parliamentary allowance to the tune of $9400 to fund his book promotion?

    And if it was OK to allow Liealot to repay the misappropriated $9400 under the Minchin Protocol, why was it not OK for the same courtesy to be extended to Slipper for an amount 10x less?

    Is it any wonder that the stench of corruption and a fix is in the air?

    I hiold no brief for Slipper, but I think he has been the subject of some undeserved very dirty political chicanery.

    I’m also pissed off because Slipper was the best Speaker we’ve had in years. The House was orderly & QT was not abused by the Liars’ grandstanding & stupid political stunts.

  162. “ME, you have to be joking with that announcement.”

    I wish I was Fu, but no I’m not. Abbott in a very lame attempt to look like he has a policy and to usurp Rudd at the NPC in a formal from desk announcement, aping Rudd from the week before but with a badly tacked up Australian flag across a bookshelf on one side, said if he wins government he will bring back fault based divorce as a way of keeping he family unit together.

    He is doing what he promised he wouldn’t, and that’s bring in his staunch religious beliefs into policy. It’s that basic. As pointed out on Facebook this has been a push from the ACL and something they have been lobbying Abbott with for a while.

    As was also pointed out in that Facebook group what this will do is return to what was happening prior to 1975.

    – Couples living apart either in the same house or in separate residences and often in open adulterous relationships.
    – Loveless marriages with the strain often taken out on the children who are forced to remain with both loveless parents.
    – The deliberate entrapment of a partner to engineer a fault for divorce.

    … and other reasons I’ve forgotten from the article I read on this a while ago. It was not in any way a good situation and definitely wasn’t this make believe utopia Abbott is attempting to paint it as.

    This is a definitive sign of what life would be like under the extreme religious right of Abbott with Pell and the Church being one of those pulling his strings.

    This leads me to the other two faced conundrum that is Abbott. For a man of such supposed deep religious convictions that he will impose them on the people he certainly doesn’t practice the Christian tenet of honesty.

  163. “Your google stricture would only apply on first meeting, surely you knew that.”

    Full of shit again scaper. I did not google, but it’s now certain you did after initially coming across as a know it all on the matter.

    And again what has meeting Abbott got to do with anything?

    Plenty have met Abbott and many have come away saying what an arrogant aggressive arsehole he is. Those that have said he’s a great guy are either arrogant arseholes like him, party toadies and hacks, his family dragged along in protest to make him look good or were fooled by the very carefully controlled and rehearsed fake nice Abbott.

    Liz Hayes had his measure and what she reveals in two separate meetings and interviews a while apart is absolutely indicative of the man. Anyone else who has met him and believes he is not an arrogant aggressive man faking nice has been fooled.

    What’s the reference to a boxing ring in parliament got to do with anything?

  164. Divorce laws will not keep families together. People separate because there lives have become unbearable. Sometimes there is fault, other times not.

    Abbott, if he wants to force people to live together, will have to also bring back other reasons women could not get out.

    Whitlam also bought in the single parent Allowance, that gave them the ability to survive outside marriage.

    Even that would not be enough. He would have to ensure that women cannot earn enough to live on, independently. by bringing back the unequal female wages of the time.

    To make sure, they could not survive, he would have to restrict their access to education, ensuring they return to being a unskilled work force.

    The biggest problem he would have, is the lack of influence the church has today.

    I do believe the man does live in fantasy land.

    How does he cope with an inconvenient fact, that many do not bother with marriage in the first place.

  165. ME, I have noticed that Rudd puts his right hand, gripping the person he is greeting, but he then pats the top grip of both with his left.

  166. “Even that would not be enough. He would have to ensure that women cannot earn enough to live on, independently. by bringing back the unequal female wages of the time.”

    There was a recent report that sadly shows wages for women have not improved much at all in the last few decades. The difference has narrowed by only a couple of percentage points, 19% to 17% from memory, over the last 30 years. So the unequal wages still exist, but the difference now is woman can eke out a living whereas before the 70’s most were totally dependent on their husband.

  167. Fed up @ 8:38 am

    That’s not good Fu. Depending on the circumstance it can be a way of indicating superiority to the person whose hand you’re shaking, which makes them guarded and suspicious in any interactions that follow.

    Body language happens in clusters, so the circumstance of him doing that would need to be given. For instance when comforting someone you grab their hand in both your hands as a show of support, but this is not normally done with strangers and definitely not in the business/political power play world.

  168. Abbott may not last the weekend.

    According to Twitter an Age article is stating Abbott is under pressure from the party and may not last the weekend. I can’t access social networks outside my phone at work so can’t look at the article.

  169. Abbott may not last the weekend.

    I certainly hope he does. I hope he goes to the election (although, I don’t think he will)

    But, it is irrelevant. Stories like these below are not just about tabot, they are about the libs in general, and Labor, when it all comes out, need to highlight that.

    And another biggie could be on the way.

  170. I noted it when he shook hands with the Indonesian President. Did one also note, the President did not smile or relax once. I seem to remember him being more at ease, when with Gillard.

    I see the action as being patronizing, and saying I am your friend. Not appropriate, I believe.

    Abbott on with his slogans ONCE again. Just said the Fair Works Act has to be changed. He is getting desperate. He is at the electorate of Griffith’s.

    First question on Pyne.

  171. I love seeing things reversed Tom.

    “Senior Liberal insiders are worried that Tony Abbott may not be able to change tact away from the simple slogans and negativity.”

    Apparently the strain of him having to do so is showing and is plainly visible on his face when he confronts questions or is asked to produce something other than his slogans.

  172. Mr. Rudd has an aspiration. Was not that Abbott’s favourite word.

    Mike Quigley has quit. May not be good news.

  173. And another biggie could be on the way.

    What a waste. Instead of debating policy you spend most of your time trying to find dirt on the Coalition. But that is to be expected.

    Labor first attacks a mans reputation. If that does not work tell lies.

    You know somebody did used Thomsons credit card for prostitutes. But you don’t care.

    Looks like 45% of the population will vote Labor no matter how bad they are or what damage they do to Australia.

  174. Neil, after all these years I still can’t work you out. Either you’re just toying with us (and in doing so, destroying your credibility) or you are a complete dill (with no credibility to start with).

    Either way, you’re just brim full of shit. Seriously.

  175. Yep, someone might have used that card. My bet is Jackson’s ex, or someone from that camp

    After all he was forced by Thomson to pay back money for similar behaviour.

    Now we have Thomson, who made a predecessor pay money back, then goes out and does the same himself. I little hard to believe, would not one say.

    One generally knows how to spell their own name, when they sign.

    As for the Opposition, the slur game began way back in the days of Rudd, and increased with Gillard. In fact, as far back, with Abbott, to the days of Hanson, when he pursued her to jail.

    Nothing has been said about Abbott, that is not fact. There is one fact, that one cannot deny, if there is to be an attack on anyone, by the Libs, one will see Abbott leading the pack. He, himself has admitted this. He is proud of his head kicker role.

  176. Neil, why the sudden need to talk policy. Is that the new message sent out from Menzies’s House.


    “There is one fact, that one cannot deny, if there is to be an attack on anyone, by the Libs, one will see Abbott leading the pack.”

    Via his personal adviser, Credlin. You know what’s so sad about Abbott and his corrupt pack of Liberal party cronies, their policy pamphlet, it can’t be called a document, is way way thinner than just one of those dirt file folders Credlin is holding.

  178. Abbott has announced a another step closer to WorkChoices in his Industrial Relations reforms.

    From WorkChoices being dead and buried, written in his blood, what he’s now proposing as IR policy is so close to WorkChoices they are almost indistinguishable.

    Note that Abbot has all of a sudden come out with a plethora of policy announcements. No detail or funding of course, just lots of announcement.

    The problem is the every single one of his policy announcement are terrible policy for ordinary Australians and an absolute disaster for the lower income. He has announced that inequity is an unavoidable consequence of his policies.

    In other words, not well off, struggling, stiff shit, fend for yourself. And that’s more or less how his policies are framed. Well off and especially if you are very wealthy, here’s all the money and government assistance I can give you, everyone else fuck off.

  179. Instead of debating policy


    like fraudband 😯

    Quick, look over there. Oh, don’t worry, it was NOTHING ROFL

  180. TomR

    How much time do you spend digging up dirt on the Labor Party?? If it actually leads somewhere it may be time well spent. But it usually ends up being a false accusation.

    Like that picture of an empty parliament when the NDIS legislation was passed and you lot were trying to make out the Coalition didn’t care. There were reasons why the chamber was empty and most of the ALP was absent also.

    Is anyone getting sick of all the govt advertisements like i am??

  181. But it usually ends up being a false accusation.

    Exactly, unlike any dirt that is appearing on the libs 😉

    and most of the ALP was absent also.

    No they weren’t, and, the reason most of the libs were absent, is because they just don’t care. Most were all at parliament house, they just couldn’t be bothered going to something trivial it seems.

  182. Meanwhile, tabot has “Questions To Answer”

    Abbott hasn’t explained why he falsely claimed travel allowance while promoting his book

    Still no comment on who paid for his staffers to accompany him on the book “tour”.

    Abbott hasn’t explained why he claims travel allowances while doing voluntary work at an aboriginal community.

    Abbott hasn’t explained why he claims travel/accommodation allowances when doing charity rides

    C’mon, Gillard did over 2 hours on matters 20 years old and that weren’t directly related to her Parliamentary position. Surely tabot can spare us a few minutes 😉

  183. Talking of Abbott and dirt, they do go hand in hand, what about him being caught out directly in a lie trying to dish out dirt on Rudd by saying Rudd dished out dirt on him when Rudd had nothing to do with it, and Abbott knew that. (my emphasis)

    It’s been reported that you have been forced to repay the amount? Are the reports inaccurate?

    This was dealt with two years ago. This is old news. Old news. Now, why is Kevin Rudd now trying to dish this sort of dirt? Kevin Rudd came into the prime ministership a few days ago and he said let’s have a kinder, gentler polity. Now, that was a bit rich from someone who’d spent three years and three days plotting against a prime minister, but he called for a kinder, gentler polity and he called for positive politics. Now, we’ve got the Labor Party spinning this kind of stuff. Now, let’s move on.

    It’s not the Labor Party. It’s an independent website who did an FOI?

    Let’s move on. Let’s move on.

    By the way it was after this Abbott told the reporter to calm down. The one who was getting upset and needed to calm down was Abbott, the reporter was calm.

    And another by the way. Telling how uppity the right wingers get when just a little attention is rightly put onto Abbott. They have no problem with all sorts of attacks, dirt, slurs and abuse being levelled at Gillard and now Rudd, but pretty please leave their poor precious duncical Abbott alone.

  184. No they weren’t

    You are obviously blind. At least half the ALP was absent. I suspect that photo could be applied to many pieces of legislation.

    There was no NDIS legislation in the parliament this week. The NDIS legislation was passed in March. It’s already received assent, it’s already law. The legislation that was passed on May 15 was the procedural bills for the money for the DisabilityCare fund. You know they were minor bits of legislation because there was only one speaker, and half the Labor party wasn’t there either (count them!) – they only had the necessary 30-odd to ensure the chamber looks full enough behind the PM when she’s speaking from the 3 TV camera angles.

  185. I see repty is untruthful yet again. Yesterday with a photo before a handshake at a bad angle to somehow justify his hatred and today a very selective copy and paste to further feed his unhinging. Absolutely pathetic!

  186. And I see his sidekick, is now being untruthful. Albanese omitted it from the notice paper in an attempt to embarrass Abbott and you fools on Twitter not only fell for it but have been perpetuating the lie as I made the point clear here before.

    Gillard’s tears were fake as it was staged!

  187. scaper, did you not noticed, there was also concerns re Rudd’s handshake.

    No one claimed that was the original NDIS bill. It was clear at the time, it was the bill to finance the NDIS. You do get upset over nothing, I do say.

  188. Sorry scaper but what is pathetic is you bending over backward to defend your love of Abbott and forgive him for all his lies, getting niggity and being an aggressive arsehole.

    I did not selectively post that for the reason you state as you unhinge in your eagerness to defend your hero, but did it to show the lie Abbott perpetrated and then his getting niggity when he’s called out on that lie.

    How to misrepresent things, which is the norm for you.

  189. And the picture of the handshake shows what it shows and would not matter what angle it was taken from. Jeez, talking about drawing a long straw in defence of the indefensible.

  190. On the grounds that Justice Rares found the action politically motivated,

    Strong words indeed.

    Wonder if media will continue to ignore the matter.

  191. Truth Seeker

    I went to your link. Mate, you are one sick puppy. Its people like you who make me appear a rusted on Coalition supporter. You said this when people have said the Gillard govt is the worst ever

    Worst Government ever, when it is far from that, and many would argue that Howard’s Government would win that accolade, and certainly the most profligate Government.

    Most profligate??? Do you have any ethics or morals?? I guess not. If you are talking about that IMF report mentioned by the liar and fraud Peter Martin, you have been misinformed. Australia is a Federation. The IMF report was actually talking about the State govts, all Labor. Costello saved $90B. You people are born deceivers. It was actually talking about this.

    And what other Labor state govts were doing in trashing their budgets.

  192. Lets see…Quigley quits his post at the mess that is the NBN, the Labor candidate for Bennelong is been hauled to ICAC (such citizens of virtue Labor endorses) and to top it off, King Kevin being courted by the ambassadors who had to stand in line in the cold for the rare privilege.

    My 47 seats is looking better by the day!

  193. Getting abusive, repty???

    Haha, projection on a grand scale from a self evident hypocrite. You crack us up sometimes scaper. If that’s what you believe abuse is it’s no wonder you engage in it so much whilst thinking you’re being clever, but are anything but.

    Yes Tom.

    And you know what the great thing is about it? Ashby and the parties supporting him have to pay all costs. The government had ruled that it would meet Slipper’s costs but don’t have to spend a cent of tax payers money.

    The judge ruled that as Rares found that the case against Slipper was politically motivated and thus those prosecuting Slipper have no legal case, they must pay all costs win or lose to put their action to court.

    Wonder if Palmer is going to fork out another million or so to help the Liberals.

  194. Nill, don’t judge others by your own standards 🙄

    You’ve obviously been playing with yourself too much, as not only have you gone blind, but you’ve also gone deaf and stupid. 😯

    Now back to ignoring you, which is all your ignorant stupidity deserves. 😀

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