100 comments on “Who would you vote for?

  1. Well, of course, Julie Collins would win hands down, although I would take issue with calling Abbott an alpha male. Sure he is a male (I think) but isn’t an alpha even though he would like to think he is. Abbott is not a leader, he is a follower with no empathy for others & lacking a mind of his own.

    The making fun of Julie Collins by the deliberate editing of the video of her press conference, to emphasise her speech impediment, is appalling & is typical of what Liberals consider to be “funny”. The fact that she is a woman is an added bonus. Their alleged sense of humour consists solely of belittling those they think of as being their inferiors Their lack of empathy is nauseating & does seem to be a requirement for belonging to the Liberal Party..

    Julie Collins is to be admired for fronting the rabid press corp something Abbott won’t do even though they never challenge his ridiculous statements & are far more conciliatory towards him than they ever are with any Labor MP..

  2. Julie Collins looks as though she is out of her depth, maybe not Ministerial
    material. Very difficult to answer questions when you dont know the subject.
    Suspect current Ministry contains many similiar.
    Who wants to bore the public with a debate until an Election is called. Kevin when will we have an Election?

  3. 😆 There we have it again – “when will we have an Election?” The unhinging is complete 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  4. This is all symbolic of a certain tone which has not just developed but thrived under Tony Abbott, that is belittling of women based on their age, body type and now their disability. Abbott would of course use the excuse that he himself did not personally make that comment..however, as per always when such things surface he does nothing thereby giving his silent approval.

    Such things would never have happened under John Howard instead he would have been straight to the newspapers to offer either an apology or a retraction, promising immediate discipline against the person involved. This might not have been done with all sincerity by Howard, but at least he set some sort of standards.

    Is it that Abbott is 1. completely incapable of understanding how such things are inappropriate and/or 2. completely unable to maintain any sort of discipline within his own party.

  5. Bacchus..it’s hysterial isn’t it when will we have an election? Umm errr, sooon and as soon as a date is found which doesn’t conflict with school holidays, Yom Kippur or either of the Grand Finals. 😀

  6. I agree – this is pathetic and typical of the juvenile Liberal sense of humour. Of course we will now get the howls of indignation about ‘political correctness’ etc. Stuff that. What a conservative calls ‘PC’ is in fact civility and respect for humanity. Wonder what Bolt will have to say about this?

  7. Oh dear, we never had all this bitching & moaning about “when will we have an election” when Howard was in office. That’s because the Center-Left don’t have an in-built “born to rule” mentality, like the completely unhinged members of the Right Whinger brigade. Given the way Abbott & Co tried to overturn decades of convention by falsely declaring the government to be in “caretaker” mode since January this year, Rudd’s reticence to name a date is entirely reasonable. As for the debates, why is Abbott so scared? If he has so many great policies up his sleeve, then why wouldn’t he want to put them on the table for all to see?

  8. The first question to the next incoming Lieberal PM (in about 2022) should be, “When are you going to hold the election – we DEMAND to know. Business needs certainty.” 😆 😆

  9. Voyager, remember “shit happens”?

    Exactly, and this mob is questioning her ability to be a Minister. The tool who cannot even answer a question (at least Julie Collins was attempting to) wants to the PRIME Minister.

  10. I wish people would leave voyager alone, we all know he has the brain of an ant. I still reckon he is Christopher Pyne.

  11. Oh Liberals please keep this up…. keep up the negativity..so this is on Liberal TV, Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt. .. The media wanted a popularity contest and they got it. That was the biggest political blunder the LNP has made and this ad reaffirms why they are not fit to govern…..
    Hugh Jackman V Ivan Milat….
    Mirrabella V Plibersek
    Negative verses positive

    Its … hilarious 🙂

  12. It is not something i would do but did they know she had a stutter?? I am sure if it was a Coalition minister the ALP would have been ruthless.

    However apparently she does not have a stutter. Looks like she had a brain snap, totally froze in front of the cameras and did not know what she was talking about.

    Oh dear, we never had all this bitching & moaning about “when will we have an election” when Howard was in office

    That is because the Coalition did not have leadership problems like the ALP. How many Cabinet ministers resigned when Rudd became PM again?? A slight cause for concern that we maybe have a psychopath running the country. His own party have called him that. No cause for concern??

  13. “I am sure if it was a Coalition minister the ALP would have been ruthless.” Really, Neil? Got any evidence for that bold statement? Oh, that’s right, you’re an Abbott adorer, so evidence is a dirty word. Abbott has proven himself to be a grade A psychopath on multiple occasions over the last 15 years or so. Rudd is definitely egotistical & self-aggrandizing, but I don’t believe him to be certifiable the way Abbott is.

  14. @ Nil

    I am sure if it was a Coalition minister the ALP would have been ruthless.

    Thus ignoring the point of the post.
    The extreme right have attacked a government minister on the grounds of her disability – nil reckons that’s OK, apparently, meanwhile barracking for a fascist psychopath attempting to gain power without having to reveal policies or argue a case – misogynistic behaviour excepted, of course.

  15. Oh, that’s right, you’re an Abbott adorer, so evidence is a dirty word.

    No I am anti-Labor and anti-labor supporters. But does Collins have a speech impediment or not?? Mocking somebodies impediment is not something i would agree with.

    members of Rudds own party have called him a psychopath and I have never seen so many people resign from the Cabinet rather than serve with a PM. gets lots of extra money and power. How many resigned??

    And Stephen Smith was asked on Meet the Press a couple of weeks ago if he would be standing for re-election and he said YES. As soon as Rudd became PM he is now leaving.

  16. That is because the Coalition did not have leadership problems like the ALP.

    Except of course for a written note from howard promising to hand of over to the hammock.

  17. The extreme right have attacked a government minister on the grounds of her disability

    I’m not sure she actually stutters, she simply was finding difficulty answering a question, but kept attempting to.

  18. I’m anti Labour and anti Labor supporters. Wow that’s a rational approach to life, hows that workin for you? No wonder you identify with the Liberal party 🙄

  19. Well, Neil, I happen to recall when Abbott tried to physically menace a wheelchair bound MP-& Vietnam veteran-simply for calling him a “disgrace”. The man who verballed another MP so badly that said MP tried to commit suicide. The man who joked about another attempted suicide by a member of his own party. The man who verbally abused a terminally ill man, simply because the latter wanted a drug listed on the PBS. The man who surrounds himself with the kinds of people who say “abortion is a greater sin than child sex abuse” (George Pell), “She should be put in a chaff bag & thrown out to sea” (Alan Jones), “she should be kicked to death” (can’t remember the guys name), “she should have her throat slit” (Steve Ciabo) & with people who make threatening gestures & comments towards their political opponents (as was seen by Van Onselen at that Dinner). All of these things are the makings of a psychopath. Now, I certainly have a number of issues with Rudd, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t guilty of any of the above, & I’m equally certain that Labor supporters have never been as nasty & brutal towards Coalition MP’s as this current mob are being towards Labor. Try providing facts in future, Neil, instead of just being a typical moronic troll!

  20. I love the vignettes of Abbott avoiding all meaningful questions- but seeing that all of the media is represented at these non-events WHY ARE THEY NOT REPORTING THIS AVOIDANCE?? Instead they choose to actively ignore the giant leaps that Labor and the Greens are making with policy and implementation and report on he said/she said!!

  21. It’s irrelevant, Neil. The advert seeks to claim that a speech impediment is a sign of low intelligence, which should be reason enough to condemn it. Whether Collins has a speech impediment or simply had a “brain fart” moment, it is the height of both rudeness & hypocrisy for the Libs to attack her in this manner. If it wished, Labor could easily string together a vast montage of all of Abbott’s “public speaking” fails, but I’ve found that this is a tactic usually reserved for those political parties that lack actual policies-like the Fiberal Party!

  22. Well, the thread post alleges she has a speech impediment. Does she or is it an untruth??

    I know the truth does not matter to you, Tommy. Don’t care about truth as long as your pathetic ideology is confirmed…sad really.

  23. “Very difficult to answer questions when you dont know the subject.”

    Bloody projection at it’s finest. The perfect description of Abbott, and he admits not reading up on or being in touch with the subject he lamely attempts to answer questions on. When questioned and it all gets above his feeble brain and very narrow scope of knowledge for a supposed leader, he runs away.

    And talk about failure of a ministry, you don’t have to suspect the current shadow are out of their depth and haven’t a clue, they prove it time and again.

  24. “Don’t care about truth as long as your pathetic ideology is confirmed…sad really.” LOL. Sounds like you & your fellow Right-Wing troglodytes to me, Scraper. Stop with your pathetic trolling & projection. So tell us, Scraper, is making fun of an *apparent* speech impediment for political gain acceptable? Or is it only acceptable when your psychopathic Liberal Party mates do it?

  25. A speech impediment, are you sure of that?

    I see that the Libs are going to preference the Greens last in the seat of Melbourne.


  26. Conservative commentators like to play “squirrel” whenever one of their stupid publicity stunts, in this case the negative advert, backfires. Voyager went first with the tiresome “when is the election” meme and Neil followed it up by discussing the ALP leadership. Both of these are irrelevant to the point of this story and demonstrates the inability of conservatives to engage in honest discussion. They will do or say anything to distract other readers from the story which paints an appalling picture of their party. It is the same tactic employed by climate change deniers, conspiracy theorists and the anti-vaccination crowd when confronted with factual evidence that makes them look stupid.

    This negative advertising campaign is also a symptom of the conservatives. They are asked repeatedly for policy detail and they respond by highlighting perceived weaknesses in the government. In this case, it is a horribly insensitive, and negative attack. Personally, I hope they dish out more of this garbage because I have faith that the vast majority of Australians are smart enough to see it for what it is…an attack on their intelligence. The conservatives are elitists and think the public are stupid. That will be their downfall.

  27. I know the truth does not matter to you, Tommy.

    Talk about projection lol

    In this case, it is irrelevant if she has a stutter or not. What is the issue, is that the libs are trying to make a political point from her stuttering in this instance. Which is a slight on everyone who stutters.

    Which is the same as when Labor attacked tabot for his ‘shit happens’ head bobbing was a slight on all bobble-heads on dashboards.

  28. It’s hilarious that some here want proof or otherwise as to whether Ms Collins has a speech impediment, when directly underneath Mr Abbott, who does NOT have a speech impediment, has exactly the same trouble answering questions, giving straight answers and speaking about unscripted issues!

  29. Dear Voyager, the election HAS been called! It’s on 14th September. Did you miss that? It’s been on the TV! Date stands until further notice. Abbott is just a coward looking for excuses NOT to debate the issues.

  30. Collins does not have a speech impediment, she has an competence impediment and holding a portfolio it would be serious but then again…standard for this government.

    I refer to the post, states clearly that she has a speech impediment when she doesn’t. Talk about a slur!


    I wonder does 2SP realise this will probably mean another seat goes to Labor?

  32. Doesn’t bother me, Soxy. Will be maybe the only seat that Labor gains and I expect the Greens to wane as they have hit their high mark.

    No Bob Brown to give the rabid far left legitimacy anymore.

  33. No Tommy, intimating someone has a stutter when they don’t is though. But then again, you’re excused due to your twitter slant on reality.

  34. No Tommy, intimating someone has a stutter when they don’t is though.

    So, thinking that someone has a stutter is a slur? Glad you cleared that up 😉

  35. Interesting that, like the libs, you appear to associate stuttering with a slur. The similarities continue to grow.

  36. Scaper, in case it escapes you the entire focus of the Liberal Party advertisement was to draw attention to Ms Collins’ speech impediment – the suggestion being that because a person slurs their words that she is not up to the task.

    If they were to tackle her on her competence otherwise, then fair enough but to suggest that someone with a disability is not competent because they cannot speak as well as others is simply appalling.

    There are quite a number of we hearing impaired folk on this blog and we’ve made this public previously, in fact dear friend Rabbit wrote a wonderful post about it a while back. I know that at times I do not speak as well as others – I know of people with MS and similar who have been taken to be drunk. Just because we cannot do something as well as others due to disability does it mean that we cannot give it our best shot, have a try and be a public figure without risking having our disability used as a weapon against us.

  37. Did Collins freeze in front of the cameras because she did not know what to say or does she have a speech impediment??

  38. Neil, that is also quite typical..having one’s disability disputed. She’s not really hearing impaired..she heard what I said. He’s not really suffering from a physical disability, why has he got a wheelchair sticker..I saw him get up and walk!

    People with disabilities have had to go through it all, and for a very long time.

  39. So Neil, what are the Liberal Party doing then, making fun of people with stutters or not. To me they are.

  40. I guess they are saying she is incompetent. I suspect she had no idea what the answer was to the question and did not want to admit it.

  41. Paul, Abbott trying to wriggle and squirm out of denigrating a woman with a disability. How “alpha male” of him. 🙄

  42. I think it is actually disgusting what the liberal party has done with this video, I have contacted Tony Abbott, his daughter through twitter, my local member, who is a national, and have asked it to be taken off YouTube and Facebook page.

    It is the lowest of lows.

  43. Scaper, so you are going to be the judge – as to a person’s disability. One moment they walk funny because it’s muscular dystrophy and the next moment it’s because they..walk funny….

  44. Here we go again folks. Let’s put the woman down, make fun of her, put her back in her box. The trolls here today are just typical – bloody stupid really.

  45. “Abbott trying to wriggle and squirm out of denigrating a woman with a disability

    Do you have any evidence that Collins has a disability?? If so I wonder how she went during her first speech to Parliament.

    It looks like she had a brain snap. Actually it looks like she did not know the answer.

  46. Yes Neil, just like Abbott: does on a regular basis, I have never seen a leader of a political party have so many brain farts.

  47. I’m anti Labour and anti Labor supporters

    Wow! Who knew?

    As for Neil’s great hero, wasn’t it Liealot who attacked a disabled Vietnam vet? Wasn’t it Liealot who crassly mocked John Brogden after he attempted suicide? Wasn’t it Liealot who abused a dying Bernie Banton?
    Wasn’t it Liealot who could only stand bobbing his head after Mark Riley challenged his “shit happens” gaffe?
    Wasn’t it Liealot who ran out of the House like a spoiled kindy kid?
    And isn’t it Liealot who runs away if he’s asked a question that doesn’t involve a 3 word slogan answer?

    And let’s not overlook the classy mocking of Julia Gillard’s dead father.

    Min, I understand Liealot, PorkyPyne, Sloppy et al, slur their words quite often. Apparently their speech impediments are caused by alcohol consumption. Looks like a spot of mockery could be called for.

  48. Min, it is you and the gaggle of wowsers here that are judging the person by inferring she has a disability.

    Then you somehow use the falsehood to play the gender card. Low and lower.

    I’d like to see the people here perform publicly.

  49. On the people smuggling issue. As previously stated by Indonesia, Abbott’s plan to turn back the boats is nothing more than grandstanding from Abbott – a simplistic plan to pander to the uninformed and indeed might I add, the bogan elements.

    Previously Indonesia had given verbal warnings to both Abbott and J.Bishop via diplomatic avenues, now they’ve put it in writing.

    Indonesia has delivered a rebuke to Tony Abbott’s turn-back-the-boats policy, signing a communique warning against unilateral action.

    The communique, signed by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, reinforces both countries’ emphasis on regional solutions to people smuggling.

    ”They stressed the importance of avoiding unilateral actions which might jeopardise such a comprehensive regional approach and which might cause operational or other difficulties to any party,” the communique said.


  50. Made a post on this in the other thread Min.

    The right made a huge brouhaha over the government’s reaction of the cruel cattle slaughter but are mute over Abbott and his team twice upsetting the Indonesian authorities, now right up to the President.

  51. Announced by Indonesia in conjunction with Australia that there will be a multi-national summit of countries in the region on cooperatively resolving the asylum seeker question.

    Something Abbott in his unilateral do it my way or else approach could never achieve. Probably the opposite. As the region sought a cooperative approach without Australia because of an Abbott government’s unilateral approach, the result could be the channelling more boats to Australia.

  52. Scaper, Ms Collins has identified herself as having a disability.”

    Do you have a link for that??

    I certainly would not agree with making fun of people with disabilities.

  53. Neil, I’ve Googled and found absolutely nothing to back up Min’s aspersion.

    I will ring the person’s office on Monday to ascertain the truth.

  54. When Google fails go to You Tube. No indication whatsoever that Collins has a speech impediment. Seems to be not a confident speaker but definitely no stutter.

  55. Scaper

    Don’t bother. These people tell lies to support the ALP.

    I have given up believing anything a supporter of the ALP says.

  56. and yet you will believe a man who by his own admission cannot be trusted to tell the truth, has been caught out lying countless times, and whose only policy seems to be to engage in negative attacks on his opponents to avoid detailing any policy of his own. Interesting.

  57. PO scaper.

    You do realise the video in question was sneakily edited, & exaggerated, from a three to four minute interview Ms Collins did in 2010? It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with current events. Typical nastiness from juvenile LNP supporters.or staffers who get their kicks from making fun of others. Prats.

  58. Are you serious? The first ten seconds wasn’t and if you can comprehend the clip (doubtful) it was clear that it was not a current display.

    Don’t squat in my pocket with the typical nastiness when there is a corresponding clip of Abbott!

    Your wit has been truly screwed.

  59. “You do realise the video in question was sneakily edited, & exaggerated”

    What was the exaggeration??

    “It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with current events

    But AbbottAbbottAbbott may have punched a wall 40 years ago and that is relevant.

    Typical nastiness from juvenile LNP supporters”

    You need to look in the mirror more often.

  60. NoS & scaper need to look in the mirror themselves. It was the puerile Libs who are trying to make out this video is of recent origin.

  61. Just lucky for the lousy Liberals that Labor has the decency not to make mocking ads about the Mad Abbott. Imagine the fun they could have with this…

  62. Oh what a fucking hypocrite Abbott is, and those who keep attempting to support this deceiving bastard.

    Abbott has been forced to pay back $9,400 in expenses he illegally claimed for when he was promoting his book Battlelines. Not that you would know about it in the media, who have kept this very mum.

    Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws show that in response to the article, the Finance Department wrote to Mr Abbott on 19 August under the Minchin Protocol – which allows MPs to repay false claims to avoid being referred to the AFP – requiring him to justify his Battlelines‘ claims.

    In reply, Mr Abbott’s chief of staff, Ms Credlin agreed to repay $6255.49 for flights “inadvertently booked for official travel rather than private”.

    But on 10 January 2011 the Special Minister of State, Mr Gray, wrote to Mr Abbott confirming that he had failed to reimburse other claims for non-flight Battlelines expenses, including the use of Comcars, and had repaid another $3,141.93.

    Mr Gray said that “given the repayments made I do not intend to take further action” but that he should not make such claims again and desist from requiring taxpayer funded staff to work on his private business.

    Compare the treatment of Abbott and by the media of his diddling tax payers to that of Slipper. Slipper has been charged for wrongly claiming $900 in allowances. He offered to repay it last year, but was told by the Finance Department that the Minchin Protocol did not apply because the matter had been directly referred to police by a person who remains a mystery. Know guess which party that mystery person belongs to.

    What a low down bunch of corrupt and dishonest people the Liberals are. They began their subversions under Howard and have taken it to new lows under Abbott. Anybody who sticks up for this lot is as bad as they are.

  63. Now I hope some mystery person details all of Abbott’s other spurious claims whilst performing political stunts and charity rides that are nothing to do with government but purely undertaken for party political campaigning, and thus should be paid for out of Liberal Party funds. Then the Minchin protocol doesn’t apply.

  64. How quickly can the MSM bury this “misdemeanor” for the annoited one Mö? It’s only 10 grand, after all 🙄

  65. What a low down bunch of corrupt and dishonest people the Liberals are. They began their subversions under Howard and have taken it to new lows under Abbott. Anybody who sticks up for this lot is as bad as they are.

    Absofknlutely, Adrian! Kittylitter, just provided the link to this sneaky mess across the road …

    Baccy, the amount is irrelevant it is the double standards … BUT in my eyes why blame one party? What did the ALP do to rectify/defend Slipper … nowt! What a bunch of slackarses.

    And why does this surface in the underground press and not in the “professional” journalists’ domain … blaming Murdoch is not the answer … blame the incompetent journalists … the professions in this country are woeful … lawyers, finance, teaching, training … and the answer? – if you pay more they’ll become more competent – what bullshit all driven by the Robber Baron Virus … or absolute fkn ignorance!
    Professional my arse!

    Who can actually run this country – anyone!

  66. Yeah and Slipper’s $900 done when Abbott was minister is so terrible he should have full AFP after him and be sent to jail.

  67. No wonder Abbott has been so desperate to engineer an early election, so as PM he can bury all his misdemeanours and public funds diddling. Su.rely someone sooner or later has to break down his enormous office expenses.

    Real laugh the hypocrisy of the Abbott lovers who go on about this government’s waste when Abbott as LOTO is spending public money for his own personal gain like there’s no tomorrow.

  68. Agree TB, given the chance both big parties are the same when it comes to things like this. A Minchin protocol for fuck sake, so Liberal ministers could get away in attempting to diddle public funds and when found out just repay it, probably reimbursed from public funds.

    Abbott’s huge expenses must be exposed and splashed across the media, and that’s where the real problem in this country lies, the decrepit MSM and how low it has gone.

  69. TB, it’s because Slipper has not been found guilty. He might be a sleaze, he might be guilty as sin..but until a court of law finds him guilty then I stand up for his right to be considered innocent until proven otherwise. This is what our forefathers fought for, the rights and privileges which living in a democracy affords us.

  70. Min, it is also on the cards, that the matter might be dismissed before it reaches that stage,

  71. would it be this man?

    . A RECENT ARTICLE in The Monthly entitled ‘Inside Tony Abbott’s Mind‘, Waleed Aly attempts to answer one of Australian politics’ current mysteries –what makes Tony Abbott behave like Tony Abbott?

    The Abbott enigma confounds the intellect – he professes staunch Catholic faith, but exhibits no external sign of ‘Catholic guilt.’

    This, despite the fact that, as Aly says, “few have [indulged in double standards] so unashamedly as Abbott.”

    He also notes “He’s the ‘conviction politician’ who frequently and spectacularly changes his mind…his two greatest and most frequently cited influences are Bob Santamaria and John Howard.”

    These are his two diametrically opposed political mentors.

    Aly concludes that Abbott’s apparent hypocrisy is the result of shrewd political judgement. Political expediency promoted at the expense of conviction politics.

    But this leaves many mysteries unexplained.

    Abbott’s change of heart on maternity leave was clearly a politically driven correction. His previous position – “over my dead body” – was severely out of step with the mood of the electorate.

    Many in his party see his subsequent back-flip and policy as an extreme over correction. So extreme in fact, that those who’ve been agitating for maternity leave for years were left asking “but can we afford it?”

    Again showing his failure to understand modern Australia, Abbott, as Health Minister, sought to ban the RU486. A position taken against both expert advice and the mood of the electorate. He was saved only by his party pulling him into line……


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