Phoney news

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott rang up a phone bill (no pun intended) of $33,523 for the six months to December 31 2012, but the journalist who embarrassed us with Utegate, Steve Lewis, headlines this with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd racks up $29,676 phone bill in six months.

That earth shattering revelation shared equal top billing on this morning with Minister Kate Lundy left in dark over Kevin Rudd’s reshuffle where we read that:

Having fashioned himself as consultative, kinder Kevin, the Prime Minister failed to personally call a female minister to tell her she was losing a plum portfolio.

Gosh, he should have called her. Steve Lewis could have added the 30 cents to his phoney headline.



174 comments on “Phoney news

  1. A month or two ago you Labor misfits were telling it as it was…that you can’t stand a bar of KRudd. Today, you will kiss his arse until your lips bleed, because you THINK he will deliver you salvation. What morons Labor have become. You’d sell your children if you thought it’d save you a vote.

  2. Who let you in?

    And perhaps you’d care to show me where I’ve said what you claim I did.

    And BTW, this post is having a go at Not that you’d be smart enough to see that.

  3. The Liberal agenda is so repellant they need a phalanx of shills across all media outlets putting lipstick on the pig 24/7.

  4. Summo, that would be a lie. There are a good number of people who were dismayed at Gillard’s taking over from Rudd. It was a polarising situation which did nothing except benefit Tony Abbott. Via the democratic process this has now been finally rectified.

  5. Also note how the troll-types do not have the mental capabilities to enter into informed debate but instead but can only resort to crude insults.

  6. Maybe Steve Lewis had to quickly find something to write about because his story with photos of Albanese entering and exiting (just over an hour) an illegal brothel in his electorate last Friday was canned?

    I kid you not!

  7. Perhaps ‘Scaper’ should rename himself ‘Scraper’, as in ‘bottom of the barrel’. Revolting.

  8. The graphic that shows Labor winners and losers in the article is blatantly false. Under the Rudd rejected area, completely ignores that 5 of the 7 MP’s listed are resigning.

  9. From the lewis tale

    And Foreign Minister Bob Carr spent an amazing $721,576 on foreign travel, in what may be a record spend for any Australian MP over a six-month period.

    Then again, it may not be a record spend. We don’t get that detailed here 😉

    I see scaper is spreading the smear for the libs again.

  10. But, even in an attack story as pathetic as that, where tabots bill is mentioned to be higher, it just doesn’t contain the level of pettiness and bitchiness that accompanied all articles about Gillard.

    The one thing I have noted since Rudd was restored, is the media have treated him as an equal of tabot, something they never did with Gillard. I also don’t think they did it because they were sexist, I think they did it because she would not play their game. So, they unhinged, and, much of their unhingement attacked her in a sexist manner. But, the reason for that was not sexism, but purely nastiness.

    It is THEIR game, and if someone doesn’t play it, they will bring them down.

    It is unfortunate that it happened this way, I would have liked to see her win. But, particularly in light of the way the tenor of the media’s coverage has changed in favor of Rudd, it might have been the only thing that will have allowed the Government to get it’s message out.

    I would have liked to see Gillard go the whole way, I still think that she had something planned. But, we will never know now. At least the environment within which the Government is operating now is a little less toxic.And that is not Gillards fault, but the fault of the so-called ‘gate-keepers’, who have exposed themselves to be as petty and vindictive as any politician has.

  11. Of course once KRudd has served his purpose by duping the gullible to vote for him, he will once again be disposed and relegated to the outhouse, until 2016 when labor will once again roll out the barrell. Min, your interpretation of democracy wouldn’t be a socialist view would it? I mean, Labor knocked KRudd back 3 times in 12 months, They don’t want him! But now, Labor forces this fool onto the Australian people undemocratically, the same way the knifed him undemocratically. Soon enough, Krudd’s folly will be that he didn’t call an early election, because with each passing day the Australian “folk” will see for themselves how little he has changed. Already they are sick of news takes everyday all day. Do not be surprised when the Labor vote drops back to 29% and it’ll be “time to zip.”

  12. This event has nothing to do with the Libs.

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    That’s what they said about Slipper too 😉

  13. In case our ‘guests’ don’t get it, the only game in town is keeping their gang of thugs, extremists, frutiloops and cranks out of office.

  14. KRudd has served his purpose by duping the gullible

    Much projection there. That could be more said about Abbott with the aid of the MSM. Isn’t the hypocrisy telling though, as it always is with the right, that when these same were supposedly supporting Abbott as indicated by the polls they went on and on about, they were not gullible.

    But as usual nothing new to see here, the same right wing guff, projection and hypocrisy.

  15. ME, and, apparently, removing him was undemocratic, as was re-installing him 😯


    Basically, I get the feeling that some think that Labor winning is just undemocratic 😆

  16. Who runs the most expensive office in parliament?

    The most expensive by a long way and the most expensive ever by a huge margin by the way. A portent of what they would be like as leader of the country as that person has said in the past they don’t believe their renumeration is satisfactory.

    Then you need only look at his template in Newman. $57,000 pay rise for his office granted, small payrise for his 50,000 public servants denied.

    And again you need look no further than past Liberal leaders.

    Two most expensive ex-PMs? Fraser and Howard. But Howard is by far the most expensive every year than all other ex-leaders combined.

  17. So cuppa, how do you propose to keep those nasty people out of office? You only have one vote. Oh, by the way…you have succinctly described the union movement which is Labor.

  18. scraper, your vilification of unions gives you away as a Liberal stooge. You’ve denied being such, but your rhetoric betrays you.

  19. They don’t even know how our democracy runs Tom as they rant on about it, that’s the stupidity of them.

    After Abbott saying on at least three occasions the people should get the chance to elect the PM there was nastiness herself, Mirabella saying that we should have an election now so people can vote for their PM.

    I bet if Abbott and Mirabella along with the rest of them were told that changing leaders during their time in government meant they had to dissolve parliament and allow the people to chose the PM they would backtrack as fast as their lying mouths could talk.

  20. As for Howard, he was worth every cent and still is.

    Your grandkids would be born into a third world sweatshop way of life if Howard’s IR ideology were realised by the Liberals. Howard’s extravagance in retirement is more important than your descendants’ future? Sickening.

  21. Scraper really has become an embarrassing parody of himself. Talking a load of shit about the Union Movement (who, last time I checked, didn’t rip the global economy off to the tune of trillions of dollars, beg to be bailed out by the government, then give themselves all massive pay rises….just for starters) & talking a load of shit about members of the Labor Party….all whilst dying in a ditch to defend his beloved Tony Abbott, & the mob of imbeciles who make up his Front Bench. Seriously, Scraper, don’t they have something you can take to treat your condition? I really do *almost* feel sorry for you & your pathetic delusions.

  22. Which PM doubles advisory staff at immense cost to the tax payer, uses 457 to do so and then places an impost on business denying business 457’s. Is it any wonder the silly woman is gone?

  23. Oh poor misguided Cuppa. It’s your responsibility to provide for your children and your descendants. Yours cuppa! Not the Govt’s, so get up off your backside, improve yourself and earn a quid….or do you engage your shop steward to bey on your behalf? Of course you do Cuppa, it’s the socialist way…or should that be ideal?

  24. Hey, I was an AWU delegate in the eighties and the BLF tried to extort thousands from my employer when I was running the Dockside Project around 1990.

    Told them to fuck off so they sent a couple of thugs to bash me at the Storey Bridge Hotel. Mad Mick and I kicked the shit out of them so bad they had to be carted to hospital.

    Next day the BLF delegate was dangled by his feet from the tenth floor of an apartment block and told if he fucked with the company again he would be fish food! Together united, one on one, wimps just like you I should imagine.

  25. “Which PM doubles advisory staff at immense cost to the tax payer”. Hilarious Summo, you pathetic Liberal Party troll. Got any sources you can cite? If you want to talk “cost to tax-payers”, Abbott has become one of the most expensive Opposition Leaders in recent Australian history, even if you ignore all the valuable time/money wasted with those ridiculous Suspensions of Standing Orders he engages in. Heck, he even billed the tax payers for a *CHARITY RIDE*.

    “uses 457 to do so” LOL. She had *one* advisor on a 457 Visa. How like a Menzies House troll to turn a single “incident” into a regular occurrence. Typical Right Whinger Delusional crap

    “Denying business 457′s” . More Right Wing bull-crap. Making sure that businesses don’t exploit the 457 system to bring in cheap, overseas labour, at the cost to local employment & training, is actually a *good* thing in the medium to long term-even for those businesses who currently deride it. Like your Right Wing Cheer-squad, they’re just too stupid & short-sighted to realise it. Now, Summo, don’t you need to go back to Menzies House to collect your pay for today’s trolling efforts?

  26. Here’s the abbott whingeing after being kicked out of power in 2007…

    …Mr Abbott, one of the few ex-ministers willing to discuss his personal finances, said: “the Abbotts are just soldiering on as best we can” after having $90,000 lopped off his former ministerial salary.

    “What’s it called? Mortgage stress?” he joked. “The advent of the Rudd Government has caused serious mortgage stress for a section of the Australian community, ie former Howard government ministers.”

    The base pay of a federal MP is $127,600 a year, with electorate allowances and perks such as a car on top. Cabinet ministers earn about $219,000 a year.

    “You don’t just lose power, in inverted commas, you certainly lose income as well, and if you are reliant on your parliamentary salary for your daily living, obviously it makes a big difference,” Mr Abbott told The Australian.,25197,23130209-2702,00.html

    Meanwhile the Liberal ideology is to inflict pay cuts, loss of conditions and job security on Australians earning a lot less than Liberal Ministers.

  27. Awww, poor Scraper. Needs to make up fantasy stories to “prove his point”. Got any EVIDENCE to back your case, Mr Delusional Sociopath, or are we just meant to take the word of a well known pathological liar like yourself? We all know that you’re a paid employee of the Liberal Party, a Party who have made lies & distortions their stock & trade. I remember when John Howard’s brother stole his employee’s entitlements to keep his insolvent business afloat, but then got bailed out using tax-payers money so he wouldn’t have to face an investigation. I remember how the Libs turned a blind eye to the massive fraud committed by HIH, that left hundreds of thousands of people in the lurch. I remember how the Libs turned a blind eye to rampant bribery & corruption within the AWB. Heck, I even remember the “bottom of the Harbor” schemes of the construction industry, & their long-time links with organized crime. The difference between what I’m saying, Scraper, & what you’re saying, is that my stuff has been confirmed as fact! Now, piss off back to your cave, Scraper, you ignorant troglodyte.

  28. “must be too wet at the bottom of the garden”. Ouch, that hurt *so* much, Scraper. Man, your “insults” are as weak & pathetic as your deluded ideology & your imbecilic poster boy, Piss & Moan Tones.

  29. Squirm all you like, scraper. With the decontextualised vilification of workers’ unions, you’ve outed yourself as a Liberal stooge. (It’s OK, I’d be bloody ashamed to admit it, too).


    When the Liberals start ripping off your grandkids at work I trust you will be the first to stand and applaud.

  30. Marcus marcus marcus. You flatter me with your extraordinary insight in to the mechanizations of parliament house. Do you work there? Do my taxes pay for you? Please don’t promulgate your cogitations with platitudinous ponderousness on my account. They’re being wasted. Save them for when you glance upon Kevin with your adoring glazed eyes at one of his shopping center hug fests. lol

  31. Judging by what Summo has to say, along with the rabid comments I’m getting on Facebook, I’ve the impression that right-wingers are bitterly offended over the existence of left-wing blog sites.

    As soon as an ill word is said about the Opposition or the Mutdoch media they go feral. In summary, the media are allowed to say what they like, however, any opinion from those with a countering view are simply attacked for no other reason than being a lefty.

    I’ve noticed the large number of right-wing death beasts coming out of the woodwork lately. One must ask whether it is planned or coordinated. Both, I think. They’ve been quiet up until now, when the election was a shoe in. It looks like things are changing so it’s time to unleash the dogs.

  32. Cuppa, my grandkids will work in the family business. You know, the one that supports many other families despite Labor (read unions) trying their best to take us over.

  33. I don’t have a wife.

    But as even Scaper would attest, making reference to other blogger’s family members is low and distasteful.

    If you want to behave that way then I think we can do without you.

  34. I’ve the impression that right-wingers are bitterly offended over the existence of left-wing blog sites.

    Part of the totalitarian mindset. Look how they used to go apeshit at the existence of an impartial, unbiased ABC. They couldn’t tolerate that a media outlet wasn’t slavishly flying the flag for them, so Howard stacked the board, setting off changes that now see the ABC in chorus with News Limited and hate radio etc.

    You never have a one-party state without also having a one-party media. The RW extremists in Oz have already got that indispensable component, and the mindset demanding it.

  35. Piss off dummo, you’ve got no idea where your grandkids will work. Your vile Lieberal ideology would have coming generations down the mines on $2.00 per week, like the days of Charles Dickens.

  36. Migs, they are jealous at your success…. most RW blogs get less than 10 hits per day….. 😆

  37. Migs, Min – can we please have Scaper’s libellous comments removed from this site? Better still, how about banning him altogether?

  38. You mean he went and had sex….. OMG…… and paid for it…. OMG…… and in this day and age…OMG… umm, SO.. comes to mind 🙄

  39. Imagine if Abbott was photographed entering a brothel? You would be screeching like banshees. I reckon Carmel would not be impressed but who cares about his wife?

  40. me thinks summo and scraper is just 1 person

    Maybe from the one room in the bowels of Headquarters. 😀 Dimly lit, bars on the windows, superiors standing behind them with prods. At the end of a week’s spinning they’re paid $2.00, which is enough to buy a bowl of rice a day (if they’re frugal) and a chicken drumstick on Sundays. SerfChoices – that’s the life! Vote Liberal!

  41. Nah, just sunning myself on the back deck pondering lunch. Unlike you soon to be $2 a month serfs I decide whom I work for and when I work. Freedom.

    You lot will have to suffer without my company tomorrow as it should be dry enough to work.

  42. I don’t think the boys at the child centre where she works would be interested. I’m sure I could get the number so you can ask her.

  43. Did Albo ring Kevin to share his experience via phone sex. Kevy has form from NY remember. He cant help himself. He just has to touch the stage girls when he drinks. Methinks Kevin might be a pervert….he looks like a perv.

  44. Interesting dialogue going on here between scaper and summo, especially when scaper was just crying about ‘playing the man’

    Also, scaper decides whom he works for and when he works, but summos grandkids will work in the family business.

    It’s the liberal way I guess. Do what you want, when you want, as soon as you are told to 😯

  45. Trying to spin again, Tommy? On the other thread I put up a link that put to bed the lies but the only comeback was Downer and the ABC and I doubt the ignoramus even viewed the clip.

    No one tells me what to do, ask…yes.

    An alien concept in your little world.

  46. That child care centre is by day only. At night it is used as a brothel. Michael Smith has photos to prove it.

  47. I didn’t bother with the ‘context’ scaper, you are generally too inarticulate to bother reading.

    I just highlighted the fact that, over on the other thread, you were having a go at someone allegedly ‘playing the man’, only to see here that that is precisely what you are doing, with more unsubstantiated, slipperesque smears and innuendo.

    A leopard and all that.

    summo slots right in with you. And, another thread clogged up with crap.

    So, what’s your opinion on an opposition leader using more in a phone bill than the PM? Wonder when an expose on his claiming entitlements for a ‘charity ride’ will get a run?

  48. And just to show how low this thread has got, scaper gets down to discussing other peoples dicks

    Who knows why Migs puts up with you.

  49. When can Rudd get round to telling us the date for the Election.
    We want it now! We are entitled to demand this.

  50. I just highlighted the fact that, over on the other thread, you were having a go at someone allegedly ‘playing the man’, only to see here that that is precisely what you are doing

    Right-Wing Projection – a Liberal trademark.

  51. Interesting to see the right-whingers going berserk over the election date. They really are losing it 😀 getting worrieder chappies? 😆 😆

  52. Interesting to see the right-whingers going berserk over the election date

    Yea, Gillard got caned for announcing it, and now, poor old business reckon they need ‘certainty’


  53. Michael Smith’s work of fiction comes rapidly unstuck when you consider the identity of the Deputy PM too 😉

  54. “Interesting to see the right-whingers going berserk over the election date…”

    Isn’t it something watching the right wingnuts serpentine every which way but straight. Something they lambasted just a short while ago they now demand, something they demanded a short while ago they now lambaste.

    Surely there must be a word beyond hypocrite as that no longer seems to adequately describe them.

  55. Surely there must be a word beyond hypocrite as that no longer seems to adequately describe them.


    liberal with the truth
    liberal with the facts
    liberal with reality


  56. What do you socialists fear about an election? You all seem to think you’re on a winner now….so bring it on….or is there some mysterious behind the scenes idealism yet to spring into action that will sink the LNP?…you know some really important hair brained scheme like pink batts that the socialists can throw another $15 billion at. Why do you all fear an election?

  57. we don’t fear an election; we fear that to many people have been brainwashed to believe all the lies and crap that is being spread far and wide. you just being a small part of all the bullshit. we also fear that tony abbott if he gets elected will totally destroy all the good work that is already been done. you see that man is just not right in the head. he is very loopy with his distorted beliefs. thats just a small sample of our fears. others can tell you more.. if you bother to read..

  58. Maybe some of you clowns should look up the meaning of liberal before spouting off ‘liberal’…especially you, Tommy. Shakes head…

  59. OK summo why the double standards. When Howard refused to name election dates and said it was he as PM who determined when they would be held in accordance with the constitution the right wingnuts would defend him to the hilt.

    Now their hypocrisy is laid bare for all to see.

    So why are they so scared to go full term. What are they hiding and running away from that they can’t bare to see Abbott face even an extra day’s scrutiny, he’s that much of a liability to them.

    If the Liberals are so good then let the term go as long as possible so the Liberals can detail their policies as they promised they would “closer to the election”.

    There’s a point. How about the Liberals release all their policies and Abbott debate them and then go to an election with the electorate fully informed on what Abbott and the Coalition are really offering.

    Hahaha… Split my sides laughing over the last bit.

  60. all the good work? Don’t make us laugh….you fear an election because you won’t get all the somethings for nothings that the socialists love handing out…get a job and earn some respect!

  61. Then how about Summo learning the meaning of socialist scaper?

    Seems your hypocrisy is on display again, shakes head.

  62. Mobius…only fools such as you and the socialists would divulge policy this far out from an election. You conveniently overlook the “METOO Kevin” campaign last time around. All he did was regurgitate LNP policy to win votes on said policies.

  63. You really haven’t a clue Summo. You do know Abbott is engaging in metoo as well and Howard took up as many of Rudd’s policies as Rudd kept of Howard’s.

    They were known as Metoo (Howard) and Metoo lite (Rudd).

    Now why the double standards?

    When is Abbott going to announce his election date if he wins. By the logic of the right he should be telling the people up front when he intends on going to an election. Of course he won’t because like he was planning to do in 2010 he was going to engineer a quick election as soon as possible if he was in a minority government, thus breaking his promise.

  64. I reckon he has got you lot pegged with the socialist tag…more like the Chardy variety though but the difference is you wouldn’t know a fine wine unless you looked at the price tag.


  65. well summo scaper voyager and all the others, it seems like when i try to put my point of view over, all i get back is ridicule and abuse from people like you. well if you want to do that to me. then what you receive in return is your own bad karma.

  66. Steven scaper’s a laugh on that front. He goes on about abuse and how terrible everyone here is who engages in it and how much of a failure Migs is for allowing it all whilst being abusive.

    The big joke is that scaper whilst supposedly being above those here because he doesn’t engage in abuse states what you just did, if we abuse he will abuse back. I think if you go back though you will find scaper has been dishing out abuse for a long time.

  67. Maybe because I didn’t see it as don’t read every comment due to doing other stuff.

    You…think??? Don’t put tickets on yourself wage slave!

  68. Adrian, it is you who has no clue. Climbing all over social media trying to quench your insatiable hatred for anything decent. Society has gone to the pack under labors watch. If you don’t believe me, then bravely take a walk along any inner city street at 2am and find out. Labor socialists! Australians have had enough and you will find out soon enough. I for one hope the idiot goes full term. Your going to get smashed on election day….you can take that to the bank!

    and Steven. Just shut up! You making a goose of yourself again.

  69. Put downs as lame as his abuse.

    There’s only one with massive tickets on themselves here. I don’t even have to name them and everyone immediately knows who.

  70. Hang on Summo the inner city street is State responsibility and all have gotten worse under Liberal governments who promised to get tough on crime and fix things, and are failing miserably.

    You can’t even get that right.

    Why the change of moniker to Summo? Not that it matters, I’ve done it several times as well.

  71. No answer then Summo? Didn’t expect anything more than a gormless one sentence reply actually.

  72. and who praytell, has been in power in NSW for a decade, SA, Vict and Qld for 20 years? Who.??? What’s that stench? The labor movement!

  73. Why did they have the power for so long? Don’t answer it will be ridiculous coming from you.

    All those Liberals promised to fix the supposed Labor failures but in every case things have gotten worse under them and the states are going backward at a great rate of knots, including racking up huge deficits of their own making.

    But thanks for admitting that the streets are a state responsibility and thus a state government failure, whoever it is.

  74. whats the matter summo ! you like to be abusive don’t you ! well if you want to do that to me ? get ready for abuse in return.. now why don’t you shut up ! you lying piece of crap !

  75. Oh scaper, you poor behind the times man. If you care to go back you’ll find I’ve been using that word to describe Abbott for nearly three years now and use it often here.

  76. Not behind the times…just rarely used to read your stuff due to the repetitive pattern of your posts. About time I resume as nothing on offer of interest.

  77. Then why say what you did? You’re exactly like your beloved gormless hero Abbott, don’t bother reading the thing you’re sprouting shit about.

  78. If a socialist govt is what you so fervently desire, just pop off to Spain or Greece after the election. You’ll love it there. The socialist experiment has worked wonderfully well in Spain in particular and Greece even more so, where everyone who chooses not to contribute to society is on welfare.

  79. The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living. That’s you Stevey, you oxygen thief.

  80. David Summerfield

    Education: Brisbane Grammar School Born with the silver spoon 😆
    Labourer: XXXX Brewery Didn’t do well at school – at least did once know about honest work 😆
    Pay Master: Queensland Police Dept This is where the corruption starts 😆
    Self Employed – Food Wholesales – Cobbity Farm Bakery probably means “Food Wholesalers” Oh well, didn’t do well at school 😆
    Owner – Summerville Taxi Trucks A failed business? 😆
    General Manager – Storage Choice Current – we can all see the “ethics” and abuse that this “business-man” brings to the table. 😆

  81. Migs
    When one is doing that much white anting the phone bill could be high, mind you Abbort’s is worse must be all those calls o/s to Rupes for his next set of instructions. I notice the Trolls are out in force, must be on orders from Troll central (Menzies house???). Hope you are on the mend

  82. It’s been an interesting sojourn into the left today. I cant say I enjoyed it. The abuse is rather challenging, but I guess it’s what one should expect. Thanks for the entertainment and take care on the roads if travelling this week.

  83. I found it entertaining. The lefties complaining of abuse but couldn’t see it was them that was doing most of the abuse.

    I also enjoyed watching them gang up as one on one…cowards I should imagine.

  84. yes and the abuse you received was well earned. yes my first job was at age 14. you guys should realise that if you ridicule and abuse people. there will be a reaction. you are both pretty dumb if you don’t realise that !

  85. Explains your writing. My memory says that I called you newby (new boy) which is not an insult considering I had never seen you here before and you launched into a tirade of abuse.

    You haven’t stopped abusing since as evidenced by your behavior on this thread.

  86. That’d make us the same age Stevy. Not only you basket weaving sandal wearers have had to work. I am into my 43rd year, still at it and loving it.

  87. 41% of Abbott’s pamphlet “Real Solutions” are direct quotes from May 1994.

    Still phoney.

  88. Drum today is very good value.

    If one does not believe that police can be manipulated by those outside, I suggest they take another look. There is a book called Unholy Trinity, that I suspect is a must read. Sexual abuse of children and the legal system protecting the offenders. Author Denis and Peter authors.

  89. yes but the mentality of you two is still pre pubity. . still at what scummo ? i can only imagine. scaper, didn’t you say you have been married for 27 years, yet your only 36. ?

  90. bilko, I am amaze that the Astroturf, or whatever one wants to call it, disappear after a short run a few years ago. Wonder what one went wrong. Been expecting them back, long before this.

    If the new trolls think the way they are acting now is the way to go, I think they are in for a rude awakening.

    I suggest that one only replies to comments, that at least have a basis of commonsense. Glide past the abuse. Is easy to do.

    I notice Agatha Abbott has been force to move on from slogans, but he has a long way to go yet.

  91. Albanese visits massage parlour.

    And this is important because…….? Worse than Liealot supports pedophile priests?

    Now why the double standards?

    Only ones they’ve got, ME.

    ………..don’t bother reading the thing you’re sprouting shit about..

    You’re assuming they’re literate, ME?

  92. “Basically, I get the feeling that some think that Labor winning is just undemocratic”

    Spot on, this they do really believe. The only ones allow to win, are those born to rule. Do not know how Abbott got into the game. When I was young, Catholics went to the PS, never to the Liberal Party.

    Yes, they were always found within Labor, never good enough for Liberals.

    So the dirt barrel is being bought out again.

    In this respect, if rumours that have been doing the rounds for years, needs to be careful. Some in the know might just throw away their ethics, and stop playing fair.

  93. I missed this in the Justice Rares Judgment on the Ashby matter. It seems that Rares found that Steve Lewis input was plain wrong., Yes, he was mistaken in what he had written.

    Maybe that is why the media has ceased, following up on the allegations he has been making for months.

  94. Mr. Taylor, do you have a wife.

    :Listening to a rerun of Pyne. Sounds like some of the trolls here. I wonder, if they could be Pyne masquerading as trolls.

    If one wants a laugh, suggest that one catches up with his PC this morning from Adelaide on ABC 24.

    he could give these trolls a lesson on what to say. One does need a book on phrases though to keep up.

  95. Steven, we have found that we do not have to abuse back. Just gives them to much legitimacy.

    Better to send them up. That is not hard to do, they write the scripts themselves.

    I suspect that scaper is no more than a stirrer.

  96. I suspect Summo, is an old timer that has got through our defences once again. Anyone for guessing real identity.

  97. So I take it, he is Japanese this time. Why he takes on the role of a newcomer to this land is interesting.

    Come on Summo, let us in on who you ARE.

  98. Jane could have been out door knocking. All votes count. Next we will hear, it was a male brothel. That makes better headlines.

    Why a illegal one in the area he lives in . I thought there would have been plenty of legal ones.

  99. thanks fed up, i know i should not., but the nastiness of those two, does fire me up. i will try harder though. they do remind me of someone in my class in primary school, a real nasty piece of work i thought at the time. these two goons pretend to be fully grown men. their maturity and mentality is just the same as a spoilt rotten horrible nasty little school boy who pulls faces, screams obscenities and gives the finger to all who are there to see… thats the impression i get from those two and a few others here.

  100. I hope this all blows up in abbotts face Tom R. it seems to me their is mass corruption in the LNP. and the truth of it all needs to be told for all to hear. we must not have that evil man as PM. we already have bad things happening in QLD with newman doing as he wants. Those liberals point their fingers at others mistakes yet what they do is far more worse.

  101. So Abbott, hates gays, He hates abortion, He feels women who have abortions should be sent to prison. But he feels a need to protect priests who rape little boys. If that is what being a catholic is all about, then count me out ! opus dei a boys club looking after their own !

  102. It amazes me that Abbott sees keeping the present education funding as a positive. Not too sure what Rudd is up to with the Catholic schools. I believe that Gilllard come to agreement with them. Yes, there was some noise from Pell, but I believe what he says, does not count much. He is not Catholic Education.,

    Abbott cannot get to Hodgeman’s funeral. That is puzzling.

  103. Abbott cannot get to Hodgeman’s funeral. That is puzzling.
    Fed up. Nothing is puzzling when it comes to Tony Abbott.

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