For once I agree with Andrew Bolt

My dislike of Andrew Bolt is well known, but it doesn’t mean to say that I shake my fists in disagreement at every word he mutters. Of course, most of the times I do. In my opinion most of what he comes up with is inspired by his tainted hatred of all things of the left and all that they stand for. His views on climate change and his continual mocking of those who stand by it are a case in point. So too are his opinions on Aboriginal issues. I disagree with his views and I would argue that they are based on ignorance, with a sprinkle of ‘hate for the left’ thrown in for good measure.

I find that he hardly writes about anything without resorting to his legendary ‘left bashing’.

I was directed to an article he wrote today titled Will Kevin Rudd be likewise asked to denounce this disgusting abuse? and whilst he grasped every opportunity to have a go at the left I feel his criticism of it was valid. The article is produced in full below.

Some crank carries a sexist sign at a rally against the carbon tax. Journalists and Labor turn on Tony Abbott.

A restaurateur creates a sexist menu for the private amusement of his son. Journalists and Labor turn on Tony Abbott.

A broadcaster at a private dinner makes a nasty crack (for which he apologises) about Julia Gillard’s father dying of shame. Journalists and Labor turn on Tony Abbott.

Anonymous trolls post abuse on the Facebook site of a Muslim Labor MP. Journalists and Labor demand a response from Tony Abbott.

The rank attempts to smear-by-association are offensive enough. Just as telling, though, is the hypocrisy of so many of the Left who hyperventilate over the insults of trolls when aimed at Labor, but cheer and book seats for even worse insults by prominent people when aimed at Abbott:

STAND-UP comedian Josh Thomas has been criticised after making sexually explicit remarks about Tony Abbott’s mother.

The TV star courted controversy after he publicly tweeted to the Opposition Leader’s official account: ”Stop the boats? I would prefer it if you stopped YO MOMMA from comin’ round my place at night for sex. #Political”.

Thomas’ comments were yesterday broadcast to his more than 220,000 followers.

Should Kevin Rudd apologise for creating this climate of hate?

Should Rudd, Gillard and Labor generally denounce and distance themselves from this small sample of the vitriol hurled at Abbott and his family – and not just from the usual anonymous Internet trolls, but from ABC guests, ABC guest presenters, former Fairfax columnists and assorted others of the Left, so sure of their superior morality that they feel licensed to be more cruel and vicious than anyone they denounce:


And then there’s the utterly vile abuse from Labor speechwriter Bob Ellis, who deserves to be sued again by Abbott as he was before.

The hypocrisy is as sickening as the hatred.


The hypocrisy of the Left…

The ABC says it is deciding whether to allow Piers Akerman to return as an Insiders’ panelist after he (correctly) noted Canberra press gallery journalists had some time ago discussed false rumors about the sexuality of Julia Gillard’s boyfriend.

But it is happy to keep employing as an on-screen book reviewer Marieke Hardy, who wrote one of the above tweets and published something far more evil:

Marieke Hardy… is hired by the ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club as an expert in literary culture.

That alone tells us so much about the parallel decline of both our branch of that culture and the ABC itself. Here, for instance, is Hardy’s tweet on the Opposition Leader at his campaign launch:

“The most conservative instinct of all – the instinct to have a family’. Tony Abbott, I hope your cock drops off and falls down a plughole.

This now passes for sophisticated discourse among our fashionably educated barbarians. And so do these readers comments on her blog which Hardy to this day has refused to remove, despite being repeatedly reminded she should do so (the deletion of expletives is mine):

Lawrie said…
You mean you were within 5 metres of [then Opposition Leader Brendan] Nelson and you didn’t glass the c..t?You dropped the ball Fits…

Margi said…
I agree with Lawrie. You should have “glassed the c..t” Nelson. You should have taken a piece of glass and torn his face to shreds, only leaving trails of bloody skin dripping from his ugly face and then you should have glassed his ass and balls so much, you castrate him so he could never procreate with his wife. Furthermore, glass the c..t wife and their children, while you’re at it, because they don’t deserve to procreate and have any children themselves, those blood-sucking Liberal c..ts!


The hypocrisy. And with it the viciousness – endorsed by the political party which caters most to a tribalism which strips the “enemy” of their humanity:

When Howard was PM, Lindsay McDougall, of the band Frenzal Rhomb, got musicians to contribute to Rock Against Howard, a CD that included tracks such as John Howard is a Filthy Slut and Gun Him Down.

H-Block 101 sung this advice on handling such politicians:

F…ing c…, here’s a stunt.Kick him ‘til he’s dead.

Now guess who endorsed this muck?

Answer: Labor’s national president and a former premier, Carmen Lawrence, sent McDougall a warm note, declaring “It’s time to put an end to (Howard’s) regime of fear.” Greens leader Bob Brown also blessed the project, telling these barbarians how “mean, nasty and repressive” Howard was instead.

Even Peter Garrett, now Education Minister, said the CD was a “good idea”.

If I must be critical of his argument, it is his own absence of condemnation against the equally disgusting performances of those from his own side of politics.

But that’s not my point. It has long been the belief in the Fifth Estate that the ‘nastiest’ types generally dwell on the ‘right’ side of politics. I strongly believe this too and am one of the first to condemn the questionable behaviour that has become their trademark.

It is they who have set the bar of decency low. Whilst I don’t believe Andrew has made any attempt to recognise this, let alone condemn their behaviour, he has made it clear that he does not accept similar behaviour from the left.

Neither do I. I expect better from us. I don’t from them.

52 comments on “For once I agree with Andrew Bolt

  1. It’s comments like these that have people wondering if you actually are on the left side of politics.
    You have clearly not gone out of your way to see the vile, revolting sexist comments about former PM Julia Gillard – yet have gone deep to find comments about Abbott – in response to Gillard’s hate – not dislike – hate.

    So, if you’re going to take the ‘Andrew Bolt approach’ in writing an anti-Left piece – at least say so, yeah?

  2. This is the first I have read about Abbott, but perhaps that’s because most of the stuff is printed by Murdoch etc?? No idea there. But, all I can say, it is disgusting how you can’t just have a say and have people write such nasty, vindictive things. One case in point my neighbour (and also Facebook friend) and myself commented on a SMH article on refugees. Boy, did we have some hate thrown our way (no facts in the hate). But one of her “friends” set up a fake Facebook account called Tessie Teatree, and commented on something very personal that no one would know about, so she kind of narrowed it down to someone she knows. Go look up Tessie Teatree if it is still there and go and have a look at the disgusting anti Julia stuff. This it is female too, and a lawyer. Apparently you need a brain to get through law, I guess she drew her line at friendship. This has been a nasty, nasty tit for tat election, but I suppose it has a lot to do with social media these days.

  3. Actually Tony Abbott fronted that anti carbon tax rally in full knowledge that it was a vitriolic attack on Gillard. Alan Jones was MC, the banners were huge. Is he blind? It was poor judgement by him and he should apologise.

    The die of shame dinner was a Young Libs function, also Alan Jones, and some shadow ministers. Those shadows should have apologised, and Abbott distance the parliamentary party from such attitudes. Instead Abbott tells us what a great mate Jones is, and his cabinet continue to go on Jones program.

    The menu affair came about because, … The restauranteur thought he could ingratiate himself with attitudes pushed from Abbott’s team.

  4. I had No idea one of the above tweets is a follower of mine no longer I attack Abbotts lies along with the rest of the coalition everyday I do not attack the person and would never lower myself to that standard I have been attacking Abbotts policys or lack off back flips and lies for nearly a year now

    I am disgusted at the abuse coming from people regarded as commentators reporters rich middle class and show biz listed above what have we become as a society when this tripe is acceptable in our country why are they so bitter How do we get society back on the right track as caring mindful people

  5. What a load of rubbish, the Liberals have a racist hate group called Menzies House that imported guest speaker, Muslim Hater Geert Wilders to give a talk. one side has a torrent of party sanctioned abuse that solicits funds the other side has the occasional person who majorly oversteps the mark. when Labor have a hate group, when Labor support a radio shock jock who creates riots, when Labor want to change the legislation to allow a favored journalist to engage in racial vilification, then you have a point, At the height of the Liberals getting the idea that democracy is over (dead) every new post from Julia Gillard was open to sometimes hundreds of hate filled comments and death threats.

  6. It has long been the belief in the Fifth Estate that the ‘nastiest’ types generally dwell on the ‘right’ side of politics.

    imo, the ‘nastiest’ types generally dwell on the extremes, no matter the side.

    It just seems that there are more extremes from the right who get a lot of exposure.

    In short, and imo, the extreme on the left are on the fringe, or further, the extreme on the right are what is now ‘the right’

  7. Well all I will say is Bolt has a big fat zero in credibility when it comes to preaching outrage and hypocrisy as he is the poster boy for self serving vitriol and hate speech. Quite frankly both sides of parliament need to grow up because it is just dragging the countrey away from policy. The country has decided that it is not interested in policy and wants a popularity contest. So be it, now Rudd will force Abbotts hand as the opposition will actually have to put up. Notice Abbott is just attacking, coming out swinging? its all that one trick poney knows and the more he does it the better Labor will do. Abbott is just not liked, full stop. It is reflected in the poles and it is reflected in his fake rebuilt personna. The more he runs from long interviews the worse he looks, the more negative he is the lower his cotrast to Rudd. I dont care what Liberals say or think, Labor can win this election as people are getting tired of this negativity and they love an underdog, Kevin is in the box seat. It is a race to the depths that bottom feeders like Bolt are fuelling to further their own careers. They perpetuate such garbage by writing vessels of faux outrage for ugly Australia to attach prejudice for money.

  8. it comes to a point where Australia as a whole might have to have a sharp look at itself. the tone in politics reflects the tone a society considers as acceptable.
    in spite of many critical voices and intellectual approaches present on the internet, the population still enjoys a good ‘biff’ on the sportsfields, a catfight in the pub and thrives on blokey culture that is supposingly ‘Australian’. this is not a feminist comment. Your average Aussie chick is rather rough at the edges too.
    No wonder, the politicians think it’s ok to dumb down the pre-election campaign and along with “internet activists” have turned it into a vile, low-blow competition for attention that certainly doesn’t serve democracy in this country.
    I also feel that it’s ok to present the equally low smack-talk of sympathisants of the left without repeating all the stuff we have now heard for months from the right. From YOU mind you, whereas Bolt obviously just uses it to smear more shit on those that usually point out his own derapages. I am actually getting BORED by all this.

  9. You HAVE to be kidding me. You surely would have seen this for what it is: another sham article from La Casa de bullshite. Compared to the sheer vitriolic spew that comes from this awful man’s pen, a handful of trinkets from some ALP supporters is like casting snowflakes at a lava flow. How could you consider such a bunch of complete tripe, valid? How could you?

  10. Find out who is behind the Julia Gillard Worst PM Facebook page, publicly name & shame them then you will see a lot of hateful people crawl back under their rocks.

  11. Yes, Michael I agree with you. I too, have been uncomfortable with some of the personal descriptions & attacks on politicians and others and it doesn’t matter whether they are from the left or right. We need to confront, be critical or scathing about a person’s offensive behaviour, but let us keep the person out of it. I would prefer more decency and respect in the Twitter sphere.
    That said, I find much of Andrew Bolt’s writing, in its deliberate ignorance (climate change), in his hate-generating attitudes toward Aboriginal people, refugees and to people of Muslim faith, frightening. It is frightening in that it so easily serves to undermine our democracy and common decency in Australia.

  12. I obviously live under a mushroom and I’m grateful that I don’t receive the disgusting tweets displayed. No-one can claim the moral high ground when being so grossly disrespectful. That I, an ‘average’ person has not even dreamt of such a discourse, might point to the more limited reach of such garbage. However, the filth and disrespect that Larry Pickering, Alan Jones, Howard Sattler and their ilk have been pouring on Julia Gillard have been ‘mainstreamed’. As you note, Bolt has singularly failed to pull them into line. Pots and kettles of the vilest black.

  13. I think people are missing the point here. I have had Bolts measure for years. His attempt to be Australia’s Bill Oriely, Rupert’s boy and his connections as spitoon for the iPA caper. He is all about the money and being a wannabe celebrity rockstar jouno .

    He is a whore, who has the credibility of a Kardashian dolly columnist. Its all about him, faux power and the money. HE has just found his little hate niche that pushes dumb, Ugly Australia’s prejudice buttons to sell his Prancy peacock show in for a fistful of filthy lucre. He hates inteligencia because those of intelligence see through his little scam as he never presents a plausible argument if you take away the agenda. He himself has contempt for critical thinking as it the chink in his scam. Like Abbott he would say, do or sell his ass to do it and is never wrong and always on the attack.

  14. It doesn’t matter what that court-confirmed racist says.

    Andrew Bolt is, and always will be, a malicious, disingenuous lying piece of shit.

    Why didn’t bolt mention that the Convoy of No Continence was organised by a Liberal Party front group?

    Why didn’t Bolt say anything about Alan Jones being a member of the Liberal Party?

    Why didn’t Bolt say how the disgusting menu was used for a Liberal Party fundraiser?

    Why didn’t Bolt admit that most of the lunatics spamming hatred on Ed Husic’s Facebook page were members of the “Liberal National Chat Page” and followers of the bankrupt con-man and failed Liberal Party candidate, Larry Pickering?

    Because if he did, the disingenuous turd then has no reason whatsoever why Abbott should not be held directly accountable. Abbott’s mob has been pandering to the ugly, xenophobic extreme right for years, climaxing in their importation of crackpots like Geert Wilders and the utterly ridiculous ‘Lord’ Monckton.

    Now he’s crying like a baby when a few heavily diluted droplets of what they’ve dished out in buckets flies back in their own faces?

    Oh, please.

    Bolt and his cronies set this tone. So he has no rational basis on which to cry foul – especially when they want to repeal racial vilification laws in the name of “Free Speech”.

    Just look at how Frea Speach Bolt whines about the Table Talk blog. Can you see the mound of hypocrisy that is Andy steaming so much that the EPA ought to subject him to penalties under the emissions trading scheme?

    What did Bob Ellis imply in that cited article which was untrue? That Tony Abbott, while dressed as a priest, had unwed sex at the same time that his good friend, Nestor The Molester, was diddling underage boys? Or that Abbott later went to court and vouched for Nestor and thereby directly assisted the overturning of Nestor’s criminal pedophile conviction?

    Those are facts on the public record.

    Oh, my goodness; I do hope Abbott does sue Bob Ellis – because discovery in that case will prove to be very enlightening for everyone – except Abbott. Bring it on. Presuming, of course, if ‘Tones’ can keep his paws off of harmless female Aboriginal poets minding their own business in coffee shops long enough to file a claim.

    And it seems that Bolt still hasn’t learned his lesson… Hey, Andy? Truth is a defence to defamation and if Dr Matt Collins, the best barrister in the business, could not dig you out of the hole you put yourself in with Pat Eatock, then you never had any defence or any justification for the drivel and hatred YOU wrote.

    As far as I’m concerned, the relentless defamation which Bolt and his cronies have unleashed will never be forgiven, nor forgotten; not everyone can afford to take Bolt and the filth supporting him to account in the courts when the damages award ceiling in Australia is set so ridiculously low that it’s roughly at the same level as the costs to pursue an action.

    But the difference between the right and the left that I see is that the left isn’t afraid to put the boot into its own for a lapse of ethics or standards, while the those of right who have no ethics or standards whatsoever are more than willing to cover up the lapses, abuses, and even the criminality of each another.

    The left has nothing to learn about standards or ethics from the likes of Bolt, and the left kicks its own enough – sometimes justly, but sometimes not – and thus it doesn’t need to do the wingnuts’ jobs for them.

    I’ll never agree with anything uttered by the bastard.

  15. Because the right screw people over, people can have some pretty rough experiences. The right vindictiveness is based on nothing more than arrogance towards ‘The Great Unwashed’ who they live off. I think it is much easier to be gracious when you aren’t being turned away to die from public hospitals, you’ve had your public transport cut, the social and educative programs keeping your at risk kids on track are cut, the cost of living goes up, the economy goes down and the Qld pollies give themselves a massive pay rise. They build massive unnecessary buildings as compensatory fallic symbols, beef up the bureaucracy with their mates, and cut front line services. Anger is justified. Abuse is a choice. I can understand intensity people feel about what the Qld LNP have done to them.

  16. I think that the best we of the left can do is to continue to hold people like Abbott to scrutiny, which we do without stooping to the low levels of vitriol that a large number of commentators of the right have reached.

    I agree with Tom R that we are heavily outnumbered when it comes to subdivide types.

    We can still maintain the rage, but we can do it more effectively if we continue to expose Abbott et al for their lack of policies or credibility.

  17. Not really much different to some of the stuff I’ve read here, just less swearing. One of my favourites here: “Tony Abbott needs his tongue cut out!”

    Twitter and Facebook are the domains of the weak and gutless that exposes the putrid underbelly of society.

    These people should be ignored but they won’t because the wowsers need to feed off them to justify their pseudo superiority. So I say just take a teaspoon of cement and you lot know the rest.

    Got a concrete pour on in an hour…a lick of the screed does it for me.

  18. I just don’t think we need to emulate him.

    I feel all dirty now. Could I just highlight this wonderful statement. I think it deserves repeating.

    I agree with Tom R

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Well done Migs 😉

  19. With freedoms comes responsibility. Comments of this nasty nature are best
    ignored as their authors are pure attention seekers.More attention ,more filthe.
    It still remains a wonderful world created by a Master Craftsman.

  20. I think I should have done this earlier but I added two short sentences at the end of the post. I could have saved myself from a lot of angst if I had made my point clearer with the inclusion of these from the start.

    I can’t believe I agree with Tom R though. 😯

  21. I can’t believe I agree with Tom R though.

    You have already agreed with bolt, so the bar is pretty low 😦

  22. It still remains a wonderful world created by a Master Craftsman.

    Huh? What’s god got to do with anything?

    I think what Voyager means to say is that it doesn’t matter how vile or hate-filled your language is, as long as you declare your faith in a god, you are morally justified.

  23. Tom, the thought processes are as Roswell says. Good grief, Michael stick up for Andrew Bolt..why he’d rather barrack for Adelaide against Port. :mrgreen:

  24. I believe that the *hate filled bile* of the left is miniscule compared to that of the right. One reason is that it is the right which have their claws around the microphone, their noggins hogging the TV screens.. therefore the venues where the *hate filled left* can very their spleen are miniscule by comparison. The hate filled left by comparison have to resort to Twitter whereas hate filled Bolt has an entire media mega-mogul network at his disposal.

  25. I cannot and will not believe that a “leftist” made the above attributed comments. And if they did – shame on them.

    It seems far more probable that such comments were made by right wing internet trolls as a “test”.

    The comments of the likes of Alan Jones SHOULD have been apologised for by the Leader of the Opposition – given that they were spoken at a party event.

    And to even intimate that the “media” in ANY WAY “turn(ed) on” the Leader of the Opposition or his party due to those comments is PREPOSTEROUS!
    The “media” (or Murdoch/Reinhardt syndication of events currently reported in this country) reported (for once) the FACTS of the given situations, for if they hadn’t their true bias would have been too blatantly obvious.

    Let us remember that each commercial television channel has adopted (as their respective “Political Commentator”) a person from the “Right”.

  26. Thanks for proving my point, Migs.

    Certain people here were playing the man and seemed to not get the message.

    Love the denial that somehow accounts were taken over by the right, sniggers!

  27. I heard recently that somebody in Queensland was selling soft Julia dolls that are meant be be used as toys for dogs to maul.
    There has always been a certain level of personal bile used in political debate and I thought that the left side of politics were reknowned for their personal hatreds but there is just as much (if not more) personal attacks on right wing blogs.
    Abbott’s strategy was always to attack Gillard personally and force an early election and has helped set this new standard.

  28. I believe Gillard deserves to be free, at last. Australia owes her an apology

    Julia Gillard believes the ALP will win the next election and says she is looking forward to working with the incoming Lalor candidate to continue the legacy of achievements ”that only a Labor government can deliver”.

    In her first statement since last Wednesday night, when she lost a ballot for the Labor leadership to Kevin Rudd and announced she would stand down at the election, Ms Gillard said it had been an honour and privilege to represent Lalor over the past 15 years.

    As a removalist truck was spotted outside the former prime minister’s residence in Canberra, Ms Gillard paid tribute to the western suburbs community where ”residents are so engaged and willing to fight to achieve better outcomes

    Read more:

  29. The bullying of Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard

    Yes, the Australian media can well and truly hang it’s head in collective shame for three years of abysmal failure.

    What is probably the most shocking was the instant cessation of the group Unhingement on the day they finally got their dream of another media puppet in the lodge.

    Is their any occupation less trustworthy than an Australian journalist?

  30. Certain people here were playing the man and seemed to not get the message.

    I’m not saying you are the only one responsible, but you are the last one with any right to be complaining.

  31. Tom, what really got me, was the fact, as soon as Gillard called the spill, the bullying ceased. They spent the rest of the night, talking in a nice and positive way about her. Since that time, we have decent things being said.

    I have a son, when it comes to politics, that I am not that proud of. He has no interest whatever, but has always been a Rudd man.

    The comment I got, being a son, is our man is back. Then reply to what I said, “she” bought that carbon tax in, Of course I said, no she did not. Then why am I having trouble finding work. In informed him that 457 in his case more to blame (Which is true) and I later said th maybe the problem is the high dollar. I expected nothing more from him, but I am afraid there are many like my son out there. By the way, he came back, with you do not want Abbott. To him, Abbott is also a no no.

    Yes, we all owe GIllard a big vote of thanks, doer the way she has accepted defeat.

  32. “What is probably the most shocking was the instant cessation of the group Unhingement…”

    Not quite. Virginia Trioli ABC News, one of Gillard’s and Labor’s greatest bashers in the media was almost over herself with glee this morning as she reported on the removal truck leaving the lodge.

    Cassidy on the same show has started on Rudd and made excuses for Abbott. If you were listening to the piece and didn’t have a clue who Cassidy was you would swear he is an Abbott PR adviser.

  33. We now have Virginia Trioli waffling on how much our democracy is better than what occurred in Egypt. No violence here. it was said to her, there is plenty of verbal violence. That does not matter according to Virgina. Jeerer you have it.

    I believe that Rudd is going to wrap up an agreement with Indonesia, that Gillard has already put in train.

    Now that Rudd has accepted blame, will Morrison move on to actually come up with an solution.

    Of course Rudd said that Labor was slow in 2009-10 to adjust to changing conditions.

    That is not what Abbott and Morrison are saying. They say they fixed it then, and will fix it again, using the same methods. I think not,
    Should make scaper happy. Not sure what it adds to finding a solution

  34. how much our democracy is better than what occurred in Egypt

    Isn’t it what the convoy of no consequence was trying to do? What tabot actually encouraged.

  35. I have just read this post and have to say I am astonished. Surely we can’t buy into Bolt’s ham-fisted attempt at moral equivalence..? I agree with Migs’ general thrust (that you don’t fight fire with fire) but seriously – a handful of tweets & song lyrics that must have taken ages to scour for, which very few people on the left ever owned (let alone have to disown) – vs thousands upon thousands of vile remarks – as comments on RW blogs, at Lib functions, by mainstream conservative commentators, or defended by the conservatives in some other way. There is simply no comparison. The sheer volume alone says enough. Look at most conservative blog comments pages – I rest my case.

    Bolt should be issued a challenge – we disown the small amount of nasty stuff by our side, now what about you? He would have nowhere to go.

  36. Yes, Tom R and it’s what turned many people off what Abbott had to say. They didn’t want any part of his people’s revolt.

    Revolting People Don’t Rule Here! Okay?

    Few people joined the demonstration,
    Called for by Tony Abbott for ‘one nation.’
    He thought that Aussies would unite
    And fight with him for all that’s ‘Right’
    And thus ensure his elevation
    And girly Gillard’s relegation.
    She held him off – shed not a drop of blood,
    Ensuring victory for the ‘Left’ and nerdy Rudd.

  37. I obviously live under a mushroom and I’m grateful that I don’t receive the disgusting tweets displayed. No-one can claim the moral high ground when being so grossly disrespectful. That I, an ‘average’ person has not even dreamt of such a discourse, might point to the more limited reach of such garbage. However, the filth and disrespect that Larry Pickering, Alan Jones, Howard Sattler and their ilk have been pouring on Julia Gillard have been ‘mainstreamed’. As you note, Bolt has singularly failed to pull them into line.


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