One Million

It’s likely that sometime later today we’ll welcome our 1,000,000th visitor to Café Whispers.

It doesn’t seem long ago that we (Min, Nasking and myself) were excited when we reached 10,000! Now we’re on the cusp of six zeroes.

With such a milestone it’s traditional, and obligatory, to hand out individual accolades but there are far too many great individuals who have been part of this blog over the last three years and it’d impose upon me an enormous nightmare just trying to single them out. Hence, I hope nobody is offended if I include everybody – writers, admin, commenters and readers – into one big group I can say thank you to.

I’m enriched through traveling with you the last three years.


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107 comments on “One Million

  1. Hey Migs, I was out by a matter of say half a day. My bet was for us to hit the mark yesterday. Yours was on Thursday.

    I would have got it yesterday but I left my Abe Linkin’ campaign too late. What was the wine you put up as a bet?


    Congratulations Whisperers.

  2. Thank you, scaper. My bet for July 4 was looking good until we went crazy over the last few days, getting roughly a thousand more visitors a day than usual.

    My big fear was that we’d reach the milestone on July 3 when I’m under the knife.

  3. Congratulation’s Café Whispers!! 🙂 1,000,000 visits in three years is quite an achievement & I know I am glad I found you.

    Please keep up your great work. It is even more important now as an antidote to the noxious MSM.

  4. Congratulations on one Million.
    Now that you know numbers , CWs understand what a Budget Deficit
    of $300 Billion is. Who is a better treasurer Swan or Bowen?
    Answer : neither!

  5. The biggest congratulations must go to Migs who without his inspiration and a good deal of just plain hard word this blog would not exist. Michael thank you for taking me on this journey with you.

  6. Naturally, now that I’ve predicted that we’ll see our one millionth visitor sometime today . . . Nobody will turn up and we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

    But we only need another 1500 so it’s a shoe in.

  7. Scaper, you’ll be pleased to know that the surgeon anticipates I’ll be in immense pain for the next couple of weeks. I’ll do the usual ‘man thing’ like moan and groan and expect sympathy from anybody within ear shot.

  8. scaper, I see those leaving as refreshing

    If one cannot make their mark within the decade, time to go. If they have, many then hang on too long.

    I have problems with some, that are making politics their lifelong career. Some having no other.

    Any party needs to keep on renewing. Just like your football team. Come in, do your best and get out before you have lost your talent.

  9. cuppa, we do know how he will react, that is why the pressure needs to stay on.

    Funny, all I have heard this morning is the words, Prime Minister. Prime minister Kevin Rudd and and odd Mr. Rudd. I have not heard Kevin or Rudd.

    Not like it was always Gillard or Julia, missing the words Prime Minister.

  10. scaper. can you tell me what the likes of Ruddock and the older Bishop have contributed over the last decade, just to mention two, among many.

    Yes, it is time for Crean to go.

  11. Another right-whinger (VOYAGER) who can’t tell the difference between debt & deficit 🙄 Bring on the Gonski reforms to our education system quickly! It’s too late to help the likes of VOYAGER, but the next generation may be a little less dumbed down…

    Congratulations Migs & Co. I assume you’ll be throwing the celler open for all once the magic milestone is reached? 😉 Well stocked with Blackberry Nip for LOVO, Mateus for Min, quality craft beers for Roswell and a few others, and quality Shiraz & Cab Sauv for you and I? 😀

  12. voyager, the polls still mean little. What we have seen is how easily and quickly they can change.

  13. Well done CW, a great site, great articles, we can tell by the trolls that visit, we get under their skin.

  14. Migs, Congrats on the milestone. I look forward to a nicely chilled Honey and perhaps a lovely Monte Cristo. mmmmmmmm

  15. Bacchus, more worrying, many cannot tell the difference between debt and investment. Congratulations. Michael, A similar operation I had was not so bad. I suppose it depends where it is.

  16. scaper, I just realised. You know what I mean anyway. Did not mean to. Sorry, everyone. I got distracted and come back, kept writing without looking.

  17. scaper, of course I would not to cause derailment, would I. I will leave that up to you, as it is your specially. Would not want to take the pleasure away from you. That would be mean.

  18. Scaper, it’s impossible to predict the exact time we’ll scratch up one million as WordPress doesn’t update the hits singularly. One moment it might show 999,622 and it will remain that for a few minutes and then at the next tally show us 999,679 for example.

    Nonetheless, it’ll click over in the next couple of hours.

    Boy, would I like a dollar for every hit.

  19. Btw, Scaper, the hits from authors or admin don’t count. I could sit here for the next hour clicking onto the site but none of the clicks would be counted. Hits are only registered for visitors to the site.

  20. Doesn’t that hurt to be hit 1 million times? 😥 😛

    Build it and they will come. Build it with the truth, and they will come…1,000,000 times. 🙂
    Good job. 😎
    Pop the champagne and set off the fireworks. Welcome to Millionaire’s corner of the blogosphere………..Now how does that convert to dollars? 😯 (if only) 😀

    “In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act” – George Orwell, Author …..

  21. Migs
    That sounds like a severe case of manflu you have, chin up and most of all let the force be with you.
    Your milestone has brought out the trolls in force maybe one of them will be the millionth visitor.
    Just heard that Kevin is taken the credit for the NDIS but congratulating Julia for her input. That just leaves the parting of the red sea credited to him to be confirmed.

  22. Yep his idea from that summit he had. But he does thank her for all the hard work.

    I believe we will see what Rudd is about in the next few hours. Be interesting to see how much he dumps, because he has not the guts to fight for good policy. Hinted that there is to be a cap on Uni places.

  23. Rather have Rudd’s ministry, than Abbott’s were ten are from the Howard government. No change in three years. Will be the one that sits on his front bench, if we are unlucky enough, for him to win.

  24. Go LOVO, good one.

    The cellar is yours, the moment you can pry Bacchus away from the door and unpick the dozens of locks he’s installed.

  25. I’ll be in that Migs. They are great breakfast’s there.

    Too cold for the bike at the moment and the Kings Hwy is having lot’s of closures but I’ll get there by hook or crook.

    No how do you prise the keys to the cellar from Bacchus’s cold dead hand.

  26. Dead? Dead!! News of my demise is very much premature :mrgreen:

    No need to prise anything Mö. On such an propitious occasion, the cellar door is wide open, and Migs has been very generous with his restocking for the occasion 😀

  27. Gee, the Liberal women are wonderful. Now according to the younger Bishop, Rudd has Julia’s blood dripping from his hands.

  28. No, the million is over.

    July 1, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Looks like the case against Craig Thomson is falling apart, if David Donovan’s tweets are anything to go by. The most important – and, when you think about it, obvious – point made by the Magistrate was that “incidentals” were part of the allowed expenses on Thomson’s credit card. So the bulk of the charges against him can be thrown out on that basis alon

    July 1, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Wixxy said that Craig Thomson was asking for a Summary Judgement from the Magistrate today on all charges to date. Looks like he got the outcome he expected.

    It’s worth bringing parliament back for one week to see the look on the Coalition’s faces when Craig Thomson gets up in parliament and unloads on them

    This, I believe is news.


    …Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg adjourned the case to July 19 for a special committal mention, when the application for summary jurisdiction would be heard.

    Mr Rozencwajg had earlier asked prosecutor Kieran Gilligan why police were concentrating on the pornographic movies Mr Thomson is alleged to have watched in Sydney and Melbourne hotel rooms before paying for them using the HSU credit card…


  30. More blood and guts.

    “.utting aside the astonishingly vitriolic abuse levelled at Wong – a woman who has unassumingly notched up so many firsts (first climate change minister, first female Senate leader, first openly gay minister, first Asian born federal minister) – it’s nevertheless fair to question whether it’s more important for female ministers to resign in protest, or stay on to further progress the interests of women and all other Australians. I saw Wong’s decision similar to that of Tony Burke: loyalty to the party and the nation outweighed that to Gillard. It was a tough choice, and I wouldn’t have liked to be in her position.

    Cash’s outburst, however, raises another far more troubling question: why do female Coalition MPs descend to such levels of spiteful abuse?

    No one was surprised when departing independent Tony Windsor appeared on Insiders yesterday and labelled Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella the “nastiest” member of parliament. Admittedly, this may have had as much to do with an independent running against Mirabella this election as the Liberal MP’s reputation for confrontation in parliament. Nevertheless, the shadow industry minister has a long rap.”

  31. I see, as usual the Trashers are running a commentary on this place.

    Got to laugh at the gutless turd that calls himself many names with a toilet prefix.

    You know, confronted him at another forum and ran back for support like the little ball-less Nancy that he is!

    Should have stopped off in his little toilet town on my way back from Perth but is the softy worth it? A pissant walks taller.

  32. What is really a hoot? The death metal freak rents out a church to live in.

    What is it about atheists and latent religion? A new form of cross flagellbation. You get that from morons whose claim to fame is the top echelon of a toilet paper factory. Soft cock!

  33. And what really makes me laugh? The softy has seen a photo of my ‘frame’ and on his opinion he could crush little lone me.

    Left a trail of his type bruised and battered on my life journey. Toilet trash is all ring no hardness! No wonder he is married to missy KY.

  34. Congratulations on 1,000,000 Migs, Min & Nas’. It’s been quite a ride & I’ve loved every minute of it.

    Gee, the Liberal women are wonderful. Now according to the younger Bishop, Rudd has Julia’s blood dripping from his hands.

    But hadn’t she just claimed that Julia had The Termite’s blood all over his hands? Can it be that she likes a 2 way bet? I also noticed that bastion of democracy, Senator Cash was also screeching the same accusations against The Termite as she had recently accused Julia of.

    Perhaps they’ll apologise to Julia for their past aspersions on her character.

  35. Congrads whisperers… well done all to all the contributors and posters.. haven’t been round much, still crook, healing and brokenhearted.
    Big shout to Migs and Min..a pair of crackers if ever there was… 🙂

  36. 😆 …. pterosaur1, you can only leave if this world is about to end and/or if Abbott gets in…. same/same IMO….. and as for 42… thats the number of seat’s the LNP Vogons’ may win this election …. oh, guffaw 😆

  37. While I’v been rumaging amongst the unopened Blackberry Nip bottles in the cellar 2nite… 😀 … I came across this , umm, ‘gem’…..
    November 11, 2012 @ 9:33 am
    Mig. I love Cafe Whispers. I love the consistent naive view of the world held exclusively by the whisperers. I love the unquestioning support each of you give each other. It is like a group round robin back slapping that has gone on for 100,000 episodes. Truly we don’t mind carrying you guys.
    Enjoy the mindless bliss.
    All the best from Tweed currently sailing around Langkawi.”
    …… Umm, Tweed and co…. ‘look over there’ ➡ …. 1 million back slaps …. umm, whom’s carrying whom 😆 😆 😆

  38. Congrats Migs, Min and all involved, a great milestone, 1M, and well earned 😀

    It’s hard to imagine you getting excited over 10,000, but I understand the feeling as I have just passed 26,000 thanks largely to encouragement and support from Migs 😀 so well done all 😎

    And a huge big CHEERS 😀

  39. Good Grief I am 19 days late in congratulating the Café. While I do lurk and read the stories there has been a lot happening in my life that must (at this stage) take precedence over debating issues. Congratulations to everyone especially Migs in keeping the site running. It is, however, only successful if there are those who comment and debate, so congratulations to all and this includes those I vehemently disagree with as it all helps to keep a site active and relevant. Just try ( it seems very hard for some 🙂 ) to keep the personal insults to a minimum. Respect for a different opinion and the ability to debate that opinion is what creates great ideas and visions. Cheers to all.

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