Now who is the heat on?

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OK, I’ll admit it. There’s nothing I’d rather see than Tony Abbott lead the Coalition to an election defeat in September. I want to see the smirk wiped well and truly of his arrogant face. I want to witness the likes of Jones , Ackerman and Bolt unhinging, even more than they are currently unhinged. I want to lap up the greatest dummy spit ever thrust upon us by both the Coalition and their media lap dogs. Yes, it will be sweet.

Up until now they have had a reason to smirk and gloat. Even only a week ago the only way Abbott could lose the election was if he got run over by a bus.

Well I think that bus has come along.

I had giving this post much thought but over at The Political Sword Ad astra summed it up for me and thankfully, robbed me of much more thinking:

We might see parliament recalled to debate legislation to bring forward the date of transition from a price on carbon to an ETS.  If the Greens could be persuaded to go along with this, Slogan-Abbott would lose what he regards as his most important weapon, the carbon tax, as it would already be on the way out.  There is the possibility of the election date being moved into October so as to allow Australia to have highest level representation at the upcoming G20, important because Australia hosts the one after that.

The shift in the polls, the uncertainty about the election date, and the possibility of recalling parliament has to be a worry to Slogan-Abbott and his minders.  Kevin Rudd is already playing with his mind!

Every weapon Abbott has had at his disposal evaporated a few days ago. The man is now vulnerable, especially now that public support is diminishing at a great rate.

If the polls are correct and continue to turn against him and with Rudd the right person to screw with his head, I reckon Abbott might be gone before the election. I couldn’t see a party sticking with a leader who looks like leading that party to an election defeat. Labor made the tough call. Can the Coalition?

A short post, yes, but one where there is so much to consider. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I say let’s keep TA as leader of the opposition right up to the election date … and beyond.

  2. so much energy raging against the Murdoch polls, actually all polls, when it was about Julia. Now they are going Rudds way and we all suddenly think the polls are an accurate reflection on the views of the community. What happened to all those discussions about polling, time they ring? home phones not mobiles, numbers of people called. What about the big statements about Obama going against the polls. Was that all just to keep ourselves going, no truth in it? JEEZ. Very selective in when and what we believe in.

  3. YES.. Abbott WILL lead the coalition into the coming election …because there isn’t enough time to change and have the public not see how scared shitless they are..

    They can’t change their lead AFTER condemning the Labor party for it.
    because the public would actually see right through it this time.

  4. I guess I’m doing a bit of crystal ball gazing.

    Whether polls are true or not, parties respond to them. I’m just wondering how the Coaltion would respond if they continue to turn against them and Abbott.

    Personally, I don’t think Abbott has the character to be able to cope with it without a massive un-hinging. He’s too stupid.

  5. joor, I believe the Libs will do as they like.They have recently done so in Victoria and NT,

  6. PS – I had so much to put into this post but it is one of those subjects where I don’t have to say much, but rather, just throw out an idea.

    Besides, after the fine bottle of Peter Lehmann Shiraz I found that a lot of my words simply disappeared. 😯

    Which reminds me, RIP Peter Lehmann.

  7. I think Abbott is definitely a bullet we must dodge, but it currently overshadows the far larger issue of how the media and the political process treats women. In the big picture this is far more serious.

  8. Migs, ah,.. such a sweet dream…. Abbotts campaign is going the way of the Arctic…. it’s in complete melt-down….. 😉

  9. This is the person you lot are going to vote for.

    Rudd has always displayed erratic work tendencies, plus a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. His mercurial temper and appalling treatment of any member of staff or bureaucrat he considered an underling was legendary; these traits were occasionally reported when he was opposition leader, and again — sporadically — when he became PM. In the lead-up to the events of June 23 and 24, these tendencies bordered on the manic. Of all his ministers, Gillard and Wayne Swan most intimately knew how unhinged Rudd had become in the first half of 2010; so, too, did most of his staff. Perhaps, in his heart of hearts, Rudd knew it about himself as well. He may have possessed an overweening ambition to succeed and slick PR skills, but he did not, and still does not, have that essential mix necessary to lead a political party: a steely and steady personality, the ability to be calm under great pressure and under the weight of extreme criticism, and consistently clear thinking.”

  10. Rod Steedman, it’s amazing how quickly people forget what a turkey Turnbull was. He’s no better than Liealot.

  11. “We might see parliament recalled to debate legislation to bring forward the date of transition from a price on carbon to an ETS. ”

    Combet said changing the CEF is not as easy as some think. Their is much work to do still. That is the reason for the fix price period in the first place.

    If Rudd goes to October, there will be more house sittings in August.

    Patricia, Abbott has looked stress for a long time, especially in QT. I believe he is terrified of a proper campaign period, where he has to face debates and have policies costed.

    As for the polls, no more reliable than before.

    Still keeping am eye on undecided. Seen that one tonight on one question is 45%

    While they remain up to 30%, they do not tell us anything. That could be what scares Abbott.

    Michael, I think we have said all we can at this time.

    I do hope it is Albanese that has the NBN, though he already has a full time job, keeping Rudd in line.

  12. I have a funny feeling in my bones at the moment. It is that the full bench are about to uphold Judge Rares’ decision, it is taking ages. If that happens then the AFP finally pull their finger out and the election is moved to October, well the mind boggles.

    And yes I want see Mr “I have no specific knowledge” go to the election and lose and lose his seat, like his mentor.

    To cap it off, more witnesses come forward about the goings on at the Japanese restaurant. I am sure there is at least one newspaper still interested. That would just cap the year of.

  13. I am so glad Rudd is on your side. Looks like you people will be voting for a psychopath this year.

  14. I would like to see the ETS brought forward – and I am a Green. Christine Milne’s objection to bringing the ETS forward was that it will create a large hole in the budget. Well, big deal. If it wins over more of the voting public, then the more likely there will be a Labor landslide!

  15. I believe that Craig Thomson is back in court tomorrow, with the police laying more charges.
    as they did last time, delaying the hearing further. The last lot of charges, that were no different to those already laid. I see this as a delaying tactic on behalf of the police. One wonders why.?

    It is said, that Thomson is trying to get a summary hearing or decision or something like that. This would lead to the matter being decided earlier, but an action one would only take, if one expected to be found innocence.

  16. Combet said it would be difficult to bring the ETS forwarded, as there is still a lot of work and preparations to do, That is why the fixed period was set.
















  18. Migs, do you really believe that the Libs did not have a clue about Rudd’s ascension or has not prepared to campaign against Rudd? To even suggest that they would change leaders before the election is at best, fanciful in the extreme.

    Yeah, the polls have tightened as predicted by everyone that does not have a broken political compass but is it a sugar hit or a real comeback? We will see.

    Here is a small taste of what the Libs have in store for Rudd when the campaign starts proper. I suppose these people are just liars too?

  19. As the right were going on about polls so much and putting their full faith in them they can’t very well now dismiss them.

    As the left were dismissing them they can’t very well now embrace them.

    Having said that and the old cliché that a day is a long time in politics, Abbott campaigning (badly by the way) in Melbourne yesterday said, “What the people want are plans, POLLS DON’T MATTER.” (my emphasis)

    He went on to say only we have “plans” for Australia.

    More interesting than him now fobbing off polls and ABC radio this morning attempting to spin it positively for Abbott and negatively for Rudd, more on that later, is Abbott saying the word “plans” and not “policies”.

    This was very deliberate and you could see him thinking very carefully over what he was supposed to say.

    Remember the opposition have promised time and again to release policies closer to the election and now I’m certain Rudd will be rightly calling them up on that promise, so Abbott is desperately attempting to squib on that promise by pushing this plans line as one thing is certain in this election campaign that apart from their paid parental scheme (which is still to be detailed) they haven’t got any policies apart from removing Labor policies.

    This opposition has been so lazy, by far the laziest this country has ever seen, and follows on from their very lazy Liberal government, spending all their time taking the easy route engaging in nothing but negativity. Just shoot everything down and don’t offer any alternatives. They even abandoned their “alternate government” meme in the first six months as that meant they would have to work and produce tangible and lucid alternatives.

    But in spending all their time shooting down everything, often without even bothering to read what it was they were damning, they have now left themselves in limbo without anything alternative to offer except to dismantle everything without replacement, thus the plans meme that’s now coming out.

    What a joke Abbott has turned the once great Liberal party into with the rot started by Howard, who by the way will be campaigning beside Abbott. They deserve each other.

  20. That clip also proves that it was Rudd behind the destabilisation of Gillard and her government. Do you believe there will be no pay back in kind from the ones leaving politics?

    Another thing…name the seats that Labor will win off the Coalition. Dobell, Fisher, New England or Lyn? Just remember, Labor have to win seats, not save the furniture to govern.

  21. The msm has acted like a triple rated asbestos fire wall in shielding Abbott and co from any scrutiny for the past four years.

    The msm heat will stay on rudd and labor, party in disarray, divided, challenges facing rudd and labor, broken promises, lack of policies, no costings, the opposition says, hockey criticises, robb slams, morrison ridicules, brandis questions

  22. Amazing – well the bagging I have got recently over polls, now they show
    Rudd in honeymoon period you want to gloat at their turn around.
    Oh well just have to wait till some bloodletting occurs , dont be so
    comlacent to think it will not happen. And the unions cannot wait to shaft Rudd.

  23. hahahahha I see they used their ideal technology creating that video. #fraudband.

    And yet they still just throw mud, Mobius, you are right. It is time they showed some real policy, not just negativity, mud slinging etc. They are still playing the man.

    Come on Kev, keep pushing for the one on one debates. I suspect we all know who will win. Bring back the worm!

  24. Yeah, all the Libs have to do is say that if you vote for Rudd you will get another PM after the election with a caption of a Trojan horse with Rudd’s head.

    There are so many angles to discredit him. If I was Rudd I would go early and go hard before the taste of sugar wanes.

  25. If the pressure keeps on Abbott, who knows how he might react.

    Remember that incident with Mark Riley came about with practically ZERO pressure. A simple, reasonable question, and one that wasn’t sprung on him unawares as his office had received more than 1.5 hours notice of the topic of questions Riley planned to ask.

    If Ruddy messes with his already-fragile mind…. tick, tick, tick… BOOOM!!! 😀

  26. Must keep a running list of quitters as might grow longer.

    Julia Gillard

    Greg Combet

    Stephen Smith

    Nicola Roxon

    Craig Emerson

    Martin Ferguson

    Robert McClelland

    Chris Evans

    Peter Garrett

    Simon Crean

    One thing that you lot have not considered…these seats could be vulnerable because the new candidates are unknown and I suspect, ill prepared. My 47 seats prediction is looking good.

  27. Essential Poll before Krudd 35 % primary vote, with Krudd 35 % and the winner is……

    Murdoch as he can trust Krudd more than Abbott.

    Abbott is the more unreliable liar.

  28. I have to agree with Kim W and Möbius – this is a pretty disappointing post Migs, when you consider the number of times over the last 3 yrs you and commenters lamented the focus on polls and the tactics of the Murdoch press. Last thing I expected was glee over a tabloid front page!

    And we seem to have moved on a tad quickly from the woeful treatment of Julia G – someone this blog admired very much.

    That being said, Scaper, Voyager & Neil – you can’t complain much because you’ve been crowing about polls & Murdoch front pages as long as I can remember. This is just the same material back in your direction.

  29. Martin, I suspect that the surprise nay shock came from the Murdoch media publishing anything positive for the government whatsoever.

  30. Martin, I can’t argue with you there, but I think we’ve seen how parties react to polls, whether they are true or not. I’m just wondering if the Opposition would react the same as Labor have.

    Rather than this post being a statement, it’s a post where I’ve sought people’s opinions.

  31. Must keep a list of quitters from the other side as well:

    Joanna Gash
    Barry Haase
    Judi Moylan
    Alby Schultz
    Mal Washer
    Alan Eggleston
    Gary Humphries
    Zed Seselja
    Paul Neville
    Alex Somlyay
    Ron Boswell
    Senator Sue Boyce
    John Forrest
    Tony Crook

  32. Of course not – there is no talent on the coalition benches. There are no leaders on the current opposition front bench either, only pretenders 😛

  33. Global Credit Research – 30 Jun 2013

    Moody’s Investors Service says that its outlook for Australia’s Aaa foreign and local currency ratings remains stable.

    Australia’s Aaa ratings are based on the country’s very high economic resiliency, very high government financial strength, and very low susceptibility to event risk.

    These conclusions were outlined in Moody’s annual Credit Analysis of the Government of Australia.

    Australia’s economic strength is classified in Moody’s rating methodology as very high, based on the country’s size, economic diversity, the performance of the economy during the past two decades, and favorable long-term growth prospects.

    As one of the world’s most advanced economies, the country has not only a significant natural resources sector — including minerals, hydrocarbons, and agriculture — but also well-developed manufacturing and service sectors.–PR_276692

  34. Care to point out here where the Lib supporters disagree with what the latest polls indicate?

    I’ve scanned this thread and see nothing.

  35. You are absolutely correct guddy.

    For the last few months whenever a poll came out with bad news for the government out they would come and sprout petty right wing nonsense with utter glee.

    Now they don’t mention the polls or don’t even turn up (as I predicted).

    But this was also the case in the past where they would ignore polls with good news and only ever go on about betting or bad polls.

    Lot’s of hypocrites and fair weather sailors amongst the right.

  36. I see that Tosser Thomson wants his case heard in a Magistrates Court because the court can only mete out a two year sentence.

    If Thomson is innocent as he claims why does he not want a trial by jury where the consequences are more severe if found guilty?

    Where’s Wixxy???

  37. Yes guddy he’s a real live wire that one, goes off on the slightest push and gets all abusive and such. Thinks he’s smart and witty but really is just uppity.

    Best not to play really, you know don’t feed them and such.

  38. For calling Möbius Ecko a liar, when it was you who was lying all along – re his voting for Joanna Gash…

    He first said he had voted for Ms Gash back in the Blogocrats days and has been consistent ever since, right up till most recently on this site in January this year.

  39. Thanks ME, I think I will let that one go. Fair point you made @ 213, everything I read at the moment seems to reflect that.

  40. Not when I asked him here.

    Talking of lies…refer to his post. He, himself has raised an eyebrow when the polls were bad for Labor.

    However, I do admire your chivalry, Soxy.

  41. You keep making assertions with absolutely nothing to back them up! Still not man enough to apologise – instead you try to deflect. The leopard never changes his spots…

  42. Michael…
    I think that they would actually increase their chances OF being defeated if they dumped him at this point of time….

    They are kind of between a rock and a hard place….

    If they dump him.. they DO have the chance of picking up some people if the go with MT …

    BUT…… I think there would be enough people who would go HUH ? THEY ARE DOING WHAT LABOR DID… or BUT TONY GOT RID OF JULIA AND KEV HE’S SUPERMAN TO ME.. and they will be pissed at the party and could wander over to PUP or KAP

    I tell you .. IF nothing else.. it has made it all incredibly interesting for the person who likes to consider possibilities and consequences ..

  43. Talking of polls that we don’t talk about.

    Latest Morgan poll has Labor winning. With only Newspoll out of step, Galaxy, Essential and Morgan will have Labor 74 seats and Coalition 72, which is nearly a 1% swing to Labor.

    For mine this is a honeymoon for Rudd and the MSM will go full bore at him soon enough. They desperately need their gormless puppet Abbott in power so they can start running the country.

  44. I heard about the Morgan poll on TV, but I didn’t know they were also leading in Essential and Galaxy. Oh how the Libs must be panicking.

    The latest Liberal Party meeting:

    Goodbye, Punchy. Miss ye will I not.

  45. Mirabella. Abbott has more interviews than either Gillard and Rudd. Abbott been on qanda than anyone else.

    So Mirabella thinks those doorstops are interviews.

  46. Rudds best chance is to go early while polls still like him.
    Rudd very capable of bombing out with stupid comments eg War with Indonesia
    This was said on more than one occasion, thurs and Fri. Very stupid from an
    ex Foreign Minister. You call it Political Postulating

  47. Oh my friggin’ god Voyager, talk about desperation in grasping at straws through sheer ignorance.

    First I would like for you to show us the exact quote where Rudd said “War with Indonesia”.

    Next. First the Indonesian Ambassador complained about Abbott and Bishop verballing the Indonesians over their meeting with asylum seekers and telling the Indonesian what to do without consulting them. Then when Abbott continued to tell the Indonesians what to do, the Indonesian Foreign Minister stepped in and lambasted Abbott and the opposition. Finally when Bishop lied about the meeting they had with the Indonesians over asylum seekers, then indirectly called the Indonesians liars, the Vice President stepped in and stated quite bluntly the Indonesians were not impressed with the opposition and Bishop calling them liars.

    In anyone’s language that is conflict, and the Indonesians have intimated that if Abbott goes ahead with his boat people policy there will be conflict with Australia.

    Spin it anyway you like it’s gormless Abbott and his dysfunctional shadow ministers that are the ones who keep putting their feet in their mouths, and Abbott is the most brain farting prone to brain freeze pollie this country has eve seen.

    Lame attempt at projection Voyager, but then again we didn’t really expect anything in the way of an intelligent contribution from you to the million plus posts here anyway.

  48. I see the reptile is playing semantics…yet again.

    Rudd did not say “war with Indonesia” but everyone who heard his little rant to cover the fact it was he that created this mess was suggesting a possibility of such when he mentioned Konfrontasi.

    You really are a two trick pony, projection and hypocrisy, which you are the biggest exponent of in this place! I see you are working ‘gormless’ into your rants too.

    I laughed at you yesterday butting in on the conversation and if you had bothered to look, there was not one comment in the thread from Lib supporters questioning the accuracy of the polls.

    Another thing, you fool…there has not been a million plus posts here either. You just make shit up!!!

  49. Question: Have we ever been on the cusp of war with Indonesia in the last fifteen years? Also, I suggest you do some research on what was Konfrontasi.

  50. I see scaper projects again in falsely calling me for projection. Real childish in “not me you nya nya.”

    Downer giving an account, oh please. For a person who time and again states they are not right wing they certainly go a very long way to stick up for them. Hypocrite come to mind.

  51. Oh and I note that again falling back to abuse as always whilst often picking on others here for abuse. Again the hypocrite on display for all to see.

  52. Around 2004, federal police and RAN personnel on shore patrol were in East Timor. This was an armed and ready situation.

  53. On Timor I suggest you watch an SBS doco with an ex-Army intelligence officer who tells the real story of it. Downer cost untold lives in East Timor and the the Howard government put in place an agreement with the Indonesians to rip off East Timor over the gas fields.

    Remember it was also Downer who stood up in parliament and blatantly mislead it on Saddam WMD when Downer had been briefed shortly before about the information he was quoting as being very suspect. Downer did that twice.

  54. Looking foward to you never playing the man again then scaper. Won’t hold my breath though.

    In the case of Downer his history of obfuscation, deceits and misleading parliament is there for all to see, including the doozy of AWB, which was his responsibility.

  55. I have posted this comment on TPS. Just as relevant here. We need to stop looking to the past, and move on.

    “Not sure if what we are seeing is a sugar hit. I say this, that Rudd supporters, no matter the politics since he was deposed by his caucus because of their lack of confidence in him, have struck by him the whole time.

    They wanted no tack with Gillard or what they seen as her government.

    On the other hand, they have no liking for Abbott either. Abbott has been as unloved in the polls, as Gillard has been.

    Yes, the Opposition has been leading in the polls, but I suspect more because it has nothing to do with Gillard, than liking for the Opposition, or because the support Abbott.

    I suspect that many support Rudd, because they see him as their man. Not interested in policies of politics.

    The support has held through thick and thin. This I believe is why Gillard has handed over in such a graceful manner. Yes, if Rudd had walked away, I believe Gillard would be far out in front. No reason why she should not be.

    Yes, the media has made good use of the Rudd factor. At the end of the day, this is politics. It is what makes politics so interesting to follow. We have been at this place many times since the end of WWW2.

    Each time, a new Labor party has arisen.

    There does not appear to be any Blueberry rules for the game. Politics is forever changing.

    No, I believe that PM Gillard did deliver all she set out to do. I believe that PM Gillard has left Australia in a better place.

    I believe that Abbott will only wreck the country, and take us back to the dark past. See no evidence that he even understands the problems that this nation faces, and believe me, their are many.

    At the beginning of last century, we went from horse and buggy to the era of mechanical means of moving and producing. It serves us well for most of the century, developing along the way.
    We have entered this century, into the digital and cyber space. We have moved into an era, where the world has become much smaller, and most things are global, not confided to national borders. The significance of borders, is fast receding. it is a global economy, and work place we are not in., Yes, a completely new world.

    I had this belief, that no generation would see the changes that my father born in 1900, dying in 1997 would see. I was wrong, my generation has witness greater change. Wonder what my kids, grand and great grand kids will witness.

    Today, our modern factories, have very few, unskilled workers on the floor. Not needed.

    No, education and a highly trained workforce, one that can change overnight, is essential. This belief, I believe has underline d all that Gillard set out to do. What she has laid the groundwork for.

    Yes, a democracy can choose Rudd. That is there right. Many that are interested, can ensure he heads in the right direction. This I believe Rudd will do. He is still a very clever man, I do not believe that is in dispute. He is also a man, I believe is seeking glory. That can be used to advantage.

    Yes, Labor can have a bright future. We can ensure that happens, but not by whining about what has happened.

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  57. What makes you believe that Abbott will wreck the place?

    What makes you believe a Coalition government would let Abbott wreck the place?

    What makes you believe that the people would allow Abbott to wreck the place?

    The same people that brought down Turnbull would not stand idly by like you lot that cheered on a class and gender war! That is the shame of the left but in reality, you were and will remain powerless because you support an undemocratic party.

  58. I believe what Carr said clumsily was that disagreements with neighboring countries can quickly lead to war. Yes,history has shown that to be true, especially with our near neighbors. I seem to recall, in my earlier life, war with Indonesia was seen as very real. We were given the impression that all in Asia were coming to get us.

    I am amuse as to why Carr said this, as I belief the man does not say things, without reason. I heard Bowen say this morning, that he is the one the put the present inquiry in place. That is to look at how they should be assessed.

    What Labor needs to do is change the favour of the Asylum Seekers debate.

    We need to get past Abbott;s stupid charge that Rudd cause the present flow. There is no evidence to say, that they would have kept coming, whatever the Australian government did. The proof is in the fact, we now have harsher scheme in place, that makes no difference.

    Heuston said, unless his plan was put in place, one hundred percent, it will not work. Cherry picking was not an option.

    Maybe, the reality is, they cannot be stopped, a reality Fraser accepted, and adjusted to. The country thrived thanks to his decision.

    What we are getting, is the highly train and professionals that are fleeing. Some seem to think, is one is not penniless, one is not a refugee. I ask,, what does position or wealth have to do with the need to flee.

    The saddest part of this truth is the country they are fleeing, are losing the people they will need, once the situation changes in their home country, to rebuild.

  59. Yep I’m still cheering on a class and gender war. Bring it on. As a woman who devoted her working life to working with the homeless, BRING EM ON!
    This leftie, leftist, shame on the left crap. Are you from the era of the reds under the bed mate? Time to move on honey

  60. Can anyone explain to me the strategic reasoning behind Bob Carrs appt. Why did Julia select him. I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now.

  61. What are going to fight your war with when the nation has moved on, dear?

    The yearly interest bill on our debt could have fed and housed the homeless.

    Did you get paid for devoting your working life or have you actually taken anyone off the street and help them rebuild their life with dignity?

  62. I noticed that Abbott has followed Carr down that Rabbit hole. Wonder what Abbott will find. A dead end for sure for starters.

    What has occurred, is reframing of this debate.

    That cannot be bad.

    We need to move on from the chant, it is all Rudd’s fault.

    I believe we need to get back to basis.

    I believe that is all Carr;s words are about. People are now discussing why people are coming. Looking at the problem, not the rhetoric.

    Yes, Abbott has goner down the rabbit hole willingly.

    Pyne on ABC with more rubbish. One day, that man is going to make a mistake and say something that makes sense.

    I see that low income housing is raising it ugly head. I do hope it comes to the fore front. This is the greatest problem facing low income earners. Is the main reason they cannot cope. How can one pay $300 or more weekly rent on the minimum income., Is impossible. Both rental and ownership.

    I believe this is one of Rudd’s pet topics. The problem will be disastrous, if the interest rates move back to normal, as they will in time.

    I an not even focusing on homelessness.

  63. Can we start a discussion about the way the masses view such people as our new esteemed Muslim MP. First we endure the embarrassment of the way shock jocks, politicians and citizens degrade our first female Prime Minister, and now its those who take oaths on the Koran. What has happened to the humanity in this country?

  64. ………As Mr Rudd announced his new cabinet, including Tony Burke as a new broom in the politically sensitive Immigration portfolio, the government was believed to be moving quickly on cutting the number of boat arrivals.

    Fairfax Media understands that Australia is speaking to Iran and the UNHCR about how failed asylum seekers can be returned to that country.

    At present, the Iranian government refuses to take them back, although hopes have been raised by the recent election of a more moderate regime after the rule of the hardline Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Foreign Minister Bob Carr told the ABC on Monday: ”The fact is, these people are middle-class Iranians. They’re leaving their country because of the economic pressures – much of it produced, I guess, by the sanctions that apply to Iran because of the nuclear ambitions of its Supreme Leader and its Guardianship Council.”…………

    Read more:

  65. yes, when one looks at “turn the boats back” is there a warning in Carr’s words. that one ignores at their won peril. ”

    Yes, our relationship with Indonesia is good, but there are big changes coming in the country, The present leader which we have good relationship with is retiring, as he can only serve two terms. The new one competing for his job, are nationalistic.

    “…….Rather than protecting relations from controversy, a future president of Indonesia might be quite happy to take advantage of one.

    On top of that, elections in any country are a time when rash things are said, silly things done and unintended consequences follow.

    When two neighbours are nearing election season together, and when those two neighbours have an issue of great sensitivity between them, the risks are amplified.

    So far, Australia has not featured in the Indonesian political debate. That is a good thing. The sensitive issue, of course, is asylum seekers.

    ”The whipping boy for Indonesia in recent years has been Malaysia,” Fealy says. ”If we were to tow boats back, and there was a debate about it in Indonesia, it could quickly turn into a very big negative for Australia.”

    But Australia, under John Howard, towed boats back, although not across the Indonesian sea border. The number was small – seven according to the former Liberal government, four according to the Houston review. How did Howard get away with it then?

    Howard’s immigration minister at the time, Philip Ruddock, says: ”Indonesia will work with you if you don’t decide to embarrass them over it.”

    On one occasion when Howard did embarrass Indonesia over asylum seekers, it rebounded badly on him. He publicly called on Indonesia to take asylum seekers from the Tampa. But when he phoned Indonesia’s then president, Megawati Sukarnoputri, on the matter, she refused to return his calls. For months. It cast a pall over the relationship….”

    Read more:

  66. I think Scalper was referring to me re homelessness. Not that his comments suggest any worthiness for reply I will. Yes I did get paid. And until this year when Ms Gillard encouraged the increasing of salaries to people who work with the disabled the homeless and abused, I and everyone else was paid a pittance to work 16 hr days and to worry and consider options for the children we worked with the other 8 hrs)
    As I worked with children Scalper, many of whom are now parents and even grandparents I can say in all honestly that the teams I worked with including myself supported young people, argued on their behalf, fought to the death if required, risked our jobs, so that these young people could have opportunities that the majority of the community took for granted. As for lives with dignity. I am only prepared to tell you this, after 30 years, many of these young people are still in contact with me, discuss their jobs and families and I believe they live “dignified” ( Whatever the F***k that means). They did homelessness with great dignity, they survived abuse from those who were in positions of care, with dignity and they lived within the communities who’s members didn’t give a shit and where they were judged because of the harm done to them with dignity.

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