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Now and again a blogger will make a comment that could easily be a post on its own. It’s the type of comment that could attract a response or a discussion in its own right. I believe that Fed up has provided us with one such example and I take the liberty of reproducing it here. Fed up, for a bit of background, is not a big fan of Kevin Rudd and was not happy about the circumstances surrounding his re-elevation as Prime Minister, but through it all has not had her logic dessert her.

Read what she had to say:

The fact that Rudd now has chance of winning, is not due to any greatness on his part. It will be due to a weak Abbott.

Abbott, from day one believed that he needed no policies. All he had to do was attack Gillard, not Labor, and he would be in the Lodge by Christmas 2010. He said so. Did not care about what he used to attack. Even sexism was brought in.

As that year went on it was becoming clear the woman was not going to lie down and die. Could Abbott see this? No. Thankfully for us, he did not.

His action was to up the ante for the next two years. His only interest in the Parliament was to use it as a vehicle for his daily stunt, leading to a record number of MSSOs: something that all previous Opposition leaders used sparingly. But not once did he move a no confidence motion against Gillard.

He cannot even detail the contents of the legislation passed; the ground breaking reforms.

In the meantime, Gillard got on with good governance that has put in place infrastructure for the future. She has strongly invested in human capital, which will ensure that we are well-placed to to take a leading part in the coming exciting Asian Century. Gillard ignored the noise about her form, even some in her own party and got on with the job. She has left a great legacy indeed.

Now back to Abbott, all he has done since the 2010 continue his dummy spit and kept up the abuse against Gillard. Against Gillard, I would say, and not Labor.

He has created within the community, a hatred for “that woman”.

All Abbott’s energy has been expended in his ambition to bring the PM Gillard down. He seen no seen no need to promote new policies, or even to address those of Gillard’s.

In his mind, Gillard would lay down and die leaving him in the role of caretaker PM, and then off to a very quick election. No time for review of anyone’s policies. He saw Labor as being in disarray and of no consequence. It would be a walk in for him.

That is not the scenario we have. Abbott must be in shock. What he created was hatred for “that woman”. Not for Labor. He did not create any love or respect for himself. Still seen as a bully, that few people now want.

What he did not see, was Gillard focusing on all her policies, getting them into place. The only one she did not get time for, was an answer to the boats.

Suspect we might have seen something new in that regard this week, if she could have survived long enough to go to Indonesia next week.

What he did not see, and many others, that Labor is capable of rearranging itself, to take the moves needed to put themselves in a stronger position.

We have the Labor leader back, that the polls tell us the people wants. That leader has agreed to a tight rein being kept on him by Caucus. Rudd has agreed to the tight rein Caucus has imposed on him.

All Rudd has to do is to sell the strong policies that Gillard has put in place. Most which no one has problems with.

What has Abbott got with Gillard gone? Nothing, absolutely nothing. No polices of worth. A badly flawed asylum policy and the world coming on board, including China and the USA, in relation to carbon emissions.

We still have that strong economy, which with the falling dollar is likely to be even a little bette, before the election

What has Abbott got with “that woman” gone? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He has his flawed slogans to deal with asylum seekers and empty carbon tax warnings.

He has naught.

It was Gillard that he stirred up hatred for, not Labor. It appears they will listen to what Rudd says. Rudd does indeed, thank to Gillard, have a great message to sell.

He will have to do better than turn back the boats and big taxes.

Many do not like what has happened. Is is not fair.

But it just might work, and yes, we do not have to like Rudd, or even thank him. We can leave that to history.

Once again Julia Gillard did not act as Abbott expected. I suspect she is more interested in the policies surviving, than being in the lime light herself. History will also make it judgment on her. I suspect, she will not be found wanting.

All I am trying to do, is make sense of the last few weeks of what is occurring in politics.

What do you think?

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  1. Heard that electors who were door knocked today were quoting Rudd so you may be right. The hairs on my neck stand up when I hear his voice but he seems to be inexplicably popular and Abbott certainly is not

  2. I think you are 100% correct and have stated it simply and powerfully. The media haven’t n the consequences at all, just the immediacy.

  3. I like the way you think Fed up. Maybe now the Premiers of the states and chief minister of NT who have not yet signed up to the National Schools Improvement Plan will be doing some quick thinking and seriously reconsidering their stance. With an extra 2 weeks for deliberation we will hopefully see more sign up.

  4. A bigger part of me wanted a showdown between Abbott vs Gillard because she had the policies, he clearly didn’t. But what’s been I’ve seen is bullying on three fronts, the media’s blatant bias, Abbott’s contempt and incompetence, as well as ALP internal divisions. And Gillard went on with her job. If the media had focused on policies perhaps Gillard could have overcome Abbott. But I doubt it. I’ve seen, with the emphasis on polls, those polled anyway, buy into the media’s narrative determining how personalities are perceived. I do hope you’re right because TA as PM is a frightening concept on so many many levels.

  5. I think that you are right in many respects, Gillard took the knives and poison arrows and kept on walking a straight line. It should be very much obvious to labor now that the people want to vote in a prime minister, even keating failed after his night of the long knives, and it should be VERY clear to Rudd that he cannot survive without the support of his colleagues and he will learn to lead by example not by nit-picking. If he is able to pick strong candidates for what will now be vacant seats and sell the legacy then yes we can not only win but get a mandate. I believe the pro gillard supporters will come to realise that the only way her legacy will survive will be through Rudd and that Abbott will wipe Gillard from history. I would also not be suprised if low polling starts to put pressure on Abbotts leadership. If Rudd settles into a steady as she goes prime ministership if elected and operates on merit of ideas rather than his gut urge to create a Rudd legacy, then we could look forward to a dynasty. It is a shame that what was such a great team Rudd and Gillard could not operate on the same page but it is obvious that Rudd has the publics ear, something Gillard could never really manage for whatever reason. He has credibility with the Masses and it’s sorely needed. If all this comes to pass then after a term or two his thoughts should be to a worthy successor and build a pathway to an honorable exit rather than the long slow dry death Howard had.

  6. What a succint, well written piece – I don’t like Rudd but do like the Labor Party. Abbot is beyond description – I look forward to seeing him sent packing come Election Day.

  7. Rudd was great b4 he was axed by Murdoch and the coal corporations over the mining superprofits tax. Most Australians wanted that tax. The corporates didn’t, and brought him down with Murdoch/Fairfax help.Rudd is still great. Gillard copped it from day one to stumps! it was disgraceful! She is a legend and deserves better! History will tell us she was the best P.M. in a long time! The office of P.M. deserves better than that! As a nation we are the laughing stock of the world for all this. I place the blame wholly on the corporate media and their quest for a Liberal govt. to pander to their excessive wants. I don’t blame the Labor for either the axing of Rudd or Gillard. They simply re acting to negative polls, (which i personally don’t believe)

  8. Abbott MUST be defeated at all costs, the sad thing is Julia became part of the cost. I understand a high up UN position needs to be filled by a woman, the postee thinks it would be ideal for Julia and it does seem a good fit.

    Kevin leave Abbott at home he has been sucking off the taxpayers teet long enough as it is. His office expenditure exceeds everyone in some cases 3-4 others, it must cease plus reduce his front bench to match the governments and watch the feathers fly on the noalition benches.

  9. very interesting and insightful analysis – rings true and demonstrates once and for all that it was the personal attacks that brought our former PM undone, nothing to do with poor policies or poor leadership- she could not cut through the miasma of hatred Abbott spun about her.

  10. Has anybody else heard that tony abbott wears a secret ear piece,? so he can answer questions , because obviously he is not up to answering questions on his own. someone said this on a facebook site. just wondering ?

  11. History should show Julia Gillard as a reformist who was able to ‘stick to the knitting’ of passing significant legislation in the face of a vile series of personal attacks by Abbott flamed by sycophantic journalists such as Bolt and Ackerman and radio morons such as the ‘Parrot’ Alan Jones.

    Julia Gillard will sleep at night. Abbott must be choking on his own bile.

  12. Steven Subhash James I suspect they will step on Abbotts neck soon after the election as you can see it in their faces that he worries them. He is far too unpredictable to be let loose on his own.

  13. I like both Julia and Kevin, but then I like the Beatles and The Stones. Perversely, Gillard’s successes will transfer to Rudd, but her failings, real and perceived, will stick.
    It was interesting to hear people in Gillard’s own electorate suggest that she had wronged Kevin and people in Western Sydney saying they preferred Rudd. But on ABC 666 Canberra the next morning, most comments were anti-Rudd.
    And I wonder how a new conscience vote on same-sex marriage might go now that the PM and Leader of the Senate are in favour.

  14. And another thing, on Facebook Rudd posts as “Kevin Rudd and Labor”. Not all members of the Government have been keen to show their brand, preferring to appeal to their electorates as locals first and foremost rather than a member of some silly old party. Maybe that will change?

  15. Fed Up, you are quite right! After being quite impressed with Kevin early on, and then feeling terribly sorry for him when he was stabbed in the back (so to speak), it was really cringe-worthy seeing his tantrum-chucking on the backbench and elsewhere since then, which really has just played into the LNP/MSM’s efforts to present Labor as unstable and unworthy of holding government. That’s what I object to most, in regards to his behaviour/actions.

    However, his press conference did give me a fair amount of hope, and even his first day in Parliament, where he set the record straight about refusing to trash Julia’s reputation because he knows very well what it’s like to be in her position and he wouldn’t make someone else suffer the way he did. That was pretty big of him, I think, and kudos to him for making that plain. Politicians always have vested interests, and they dissemble more often than not, but with a result like that (refusing to allow Julia’s reputation to continue to be trashed), who really cares what his intentions were?

    Well, from where I’m standing, Kevin has made a good start in his bid for success at the next election. Personally, I’m only interested in voting parties in on the basis of what I think are good policies. The LNP have no policies worth spitting on, in my honest opinion, let alone considering them seriously. Whereas, Kevin was astute enough to make a direct appeal to young voters in his first presser: “vote for me and you’ll get a world-class NBN and you’ll also get a PM who will work to ensure that marriage equality is addressed properly”. These are two things that many young voters will be tempted by. Whoever he has advising him on this (and maybe his son is helping him here?) is VERY clever, in my opinion. Slam dunk, I dare say.

    If he keeps this up, and he manages to somehow get the MSM to broadcast his actual messages (and those of his party), rather than the misinformation/biased crap that we’ve been forced to stomach for so long now, then he might just have a chance!

    I must say something regarding Julia: I think that what she achieved, in the circumstances that she faced, was just brilliant. And as a fellow woman, the fact that she chose to tackle the issue of misogyny and sexism head-on, knowing full well that she’d be berated for “playing the gender card” was pretty courageous from where I am standing. In fact, I think it’s pretty impressive that she took it on, and addressed it, especially given her unique position as first female PM.
    Of course there was some political mileage to be gained from it for her/Labor, but I suspect you could say that about all good achievements by past governments (Whitlam’s reforms to education, Rights for Indigenous Australians, Women etc.). It’s not cynical to say that these things were only addressed because mainstream power decided they had a vested interest in doing so, it’s actually very realistic to look at it this way.
    Anyway, I think her speech was excellent, and the fact that she went there, and was not only articulate but was also personally justified in her anger, just makes me admire her courage.
    One more last thing I’ll say about how Julia was treated: one of the things that angered me the most was the way that men would constantly fire back at her with “oooh you’re playing that gender card again, Juliar!” If I was her, I would have said “Well, stop dealing it, dickhead!”, but she obviously has more tact and grace than I do 😉

    Side note: What has passed as a product – e.g. The Australian, Daily/Sunday Telegraph, The Age, SMH/Sunday Herald etc. – to be sold by proponents of the Australian MSM (News Ltd and Fairfax, mainly but increasingly the ABC and I think they should be ashamed of themselves, more so than the commercial outfits, for failing us taxpayers who are funding their bile) in exchange for actual money, has just been pathetic! Better to give them monopoly money for the shit that they’ve all been printing, with the exception of the Guardian Australia.

    I think I’ve finally convinced my mum and dad not to buy daily newspapers anymore, even if they are just buying them for the crosswords (so they say)…old habits die hard! 😀

  16. “Abbott, from day one believed that he needed no policies”

    Really?? Do you have any evidence for this or are you making stuff up.

  17. I think that I’m very sick of the ongoing support for Julia Gillard. I fail to see the attraction. I don’t like her human rights policies one little bit, for women or Aboriginals or asylum seekers. I don’t like that the United Nations and Amnesty International criticised my country’s track record on human rights on her brief. I don’t like the faction that put her in power, I don’t like her selling out to mining companies by watering down the mining tax and continuing to encourage coal mining and approving the destruction of our national icons by allowing industry into the middle of them, I don’t like that she was selling uranium to India so that they could then use their existing stockpiles of uranium to build weapons. I don’t like her stance against same sex marriage and only giving the conscience vote to MP’s when she knew it would fail anyway, because the Coalition were not going to do the same. Much of the above is personal for me.

    I don’t like the damage she did to Rudd’s reputation, I don’t like the version of him that she and her faction put across as gospel and I think this is Rudd’s revenge on her. Ultimately, the Australian people believed in him over her. I also think he’s the only chance Labor has of winning the next election because the Labor brand stank to high heaven under Gillard. It was not all about misogyny, or her being targeted by the MSM and a cruel and crude opposition party – although those things certainly happened. She had policies that the public may have liked if she sold them, but she didn’t. He media advisors were inept and she didn’t see the need to change them . She was condescending toward the people and they hated it. Some of her policies were deeply unpopular with even staunch Labor voters and left a nasty taste in their mouths. Some of it was bad luck and bastard opposition and the Murdoch press, but much of it was bad management. If you don’t inspire people to follow you, you’re not a leader. She was only a leader to the converted. Rudd however, is seen as a leader by a very wide section of the population and they will vote for him.

    I don’t like that the main response I will get to this is “Yes, but she’s better than Abbott”. That doesn’t excuse her behaviours. It’s like saying being bitten by a redback is OK because it’s not as bad as being bitten by a funnel web.

    You asked what I think 🙂

  18. Neil, it may have escaped your notice but Abbott doesn’t have any policies. There’s your answer.

  19. Steven Subhash James, that’s an interesting question.

    I have not heard that about Tony Abbott, but I can see the sense in it if it is indeed true. I mean, he is a terrible, terrible speaker! So many things he has said make me feel dumber for having heard them. In those cases, I often wish I had not let my brain translate those sounds into words, then the (completely stupid) ideas they represent!

    If you’re right, and he does wear a secret earpiece, I suspect it would be quite easy to sabotage. Any devious “tech head” (LOL!) would know how to disrupt the frequencies that would likely be involved in transmitting from a secret (and therefore undoubtedly wireless) earpiece/transmitter. It’d be like some hilarious movie, where they disrupt the frequency and the person wearing the earpiece stops mid-sentence and looks totally blank. If that were to happen, it’d be like that Ch7 interview where he was nodding his head repeatedly like some pre-dementia old-timer. I admit, if this were to happen it would be standard Tony-Abbott-fare…. 😀

    Or if someone wanted to be really nasty, they could not only interrupt the frequency, but also transmit onto in with a VERY loud sound, so that it would cause him to physically convulse in shock. Hmmmm…

  20. I was saying this to my wife the other day: in a sense, the seemingly chaotic series of events we’ve seen within Labor over the last three years will actually work out brilliantly. Gillard was able to stay in just long enough to get everything done that needed to be done, doing them without thought of the political consequences – she didn’t care about accolades, she just wanted to get everything through. She takes the political heat for her politicy bravery with her; now we need to protect her legacy by winning the election, and Rudd is ideal for the job that needs to be done now. Labor will be able to cruise through the next term, thanks to all the hard work Gillard has already done for them, and I suspect Gillard will be okay with that. I would sum up Gillard thus: perhaps not the PM Australia wanted, but the PM Australia needed.

  21. Thanks Michael. These are just thoughts of mine. The one thing is we need to move on. We have two leaders there for the one reason, that is too win.

    We get over the election, but then I believe we will need to do more thinking, as to what to do, to get politics out of the gutter.

    I suspect we will have to get off our backsides, join our branches and take the party back.

    Those on the other side, might consider doing the same.

    Democracy belongs to the people. It does not belong to big business. It does not belong to the powerful;

    Democracy is a numbers game. We have the numbers.

    Sitting on the sidelines, sniping is no longer a option.

    I believe we could be heading for political disaster that could make the split of the fifties, look like a children’s picnic.

    We have just seen a PM, act very gracefully in defeat, in an attempt to calm the waters. History will show us the significants of what she has done. One other PM did similar. That was Mr. Gorton. If I remember, he was followed by an idiot, but that is what his party wanted, not Gorton. Gorton had won, but not big enough, to hold off another attack.

    Yes, I do believe that Rudd had to go. Maybe, it might be more politically accepted, if they let him cause more harm before doing so. Problem was the election was looming. Mr. Rudd’s own action, says they were right.Yes, I have no respect for Mr. Rudd. That is not important. He might just get Labor over the fence. That is important. The on;y thing that is.

    Mr.Abbott and his type of politics must be condemned in every way. It is not acceptable.

    I suspect many I the mini asters have just come to the decision the last three years has been hell, and that they have nothing more to offer.

    In fact, I would like it to become more normal for politicians to come in, do what they believe is important, then move on. We have many that stay for twenty years or more, spend some time as minister, then move to the back bench. In all reality, what do they have to offer. Definitely no new ideas or enthusiast.

    So we now get in behind Rudd, but I am not forgetting. That is to be dealt with down the track.

  22. It is not a matter of me being correct. That will depend on what we do down the track.

    What has happened over the last three years is not RIGHT.

  23. “Neil, it may have escaped your notice but Abbott doesn’t have any policies.

    Really?? No wonder i think you people are crazy.

    But even if he didn’t, he should do what Labor does. Make some big announcement. Like he is radically going to change the way Universities are going to operate and be funded. And everyone can get excited and vote for him and then 6 years latter when it doesn’t happen be disappointed.

    Remember the excitement about Labors NBN proposal during the 2007 election campaign?? Wow this is GREAT!!!! NBN in 5 years costing $4.7B.

    SIX years latter we have nothing.

  24. Julia Gillard was not only a good Prime Minister She was a great PM. The savage campaign aimed at her by Tony Abbott has never been equaled. I hope we never see this filth again.
    Having said that, I believe the only way her gains for us and and her legacy, can stay is for Labor to win the next election. Abbott has got the dubious skill to drill down and draw out the worst in the Australian character.

    That is a dark distrust of the males of women who stand up for themselves. This manifests itself in the violence against women, the incest and rape, the paedophile priests betraying the trust placed in them. And Abbott promotes a macho society where women should know their place. The boys I know seem to like that.
    The only way we can stop going back in time, to the day before the 2007 election.
    is for Rudd to defeat Abbott because with his hate campaign, he had made that impossible for Julia.

    Never forget John Howard dismantled everything Paul Keating had put in place.
    Howard an Abbott are two of the most right wing politicians ever elected in Australia.
    They were both pre selected by the Uglies Faction of NSW who is was made up of imported Nazis (by Menzies, his ASIO chief as good anti communists) pretending to be refugees.

    The cold war continues and Julia Gillard has become another casualty of our relationship with the US where Unions are the enemy of the corporations and left wing people are communists are the enemy of the religious right.

    Just a little history for younger voters.
    In the late 1940’s many anti-socialist conservatives thought the Allies had fought the wrong war (it should have been with Hitler against Stalin). Australia’s attorney-general Bob Menzies in the 1930s was an admirer of the Nazi state as a bulwark against “atheistic Bolshevism”. The Nazi war criminals may have been anti-Semitic mass murderers but they were anti-communists and therefore welcome. 
    These Nazis found a ready champion in ASIO. Allied intelligence agencies gave the Nazis a clean bill of health in the screening process, allowing them to assume false identities or lie about their past, and frequently recruiting them as agents. ASIO put them to use as spies and covert operatives against the migrant left. 

    When Australian governments were forced to investigate suspected war criminals, they happily relied on ASIO which was far more interested in putting Nazis on the payroll than investigating their crimes. When the Yugoslav government requested the extradition of Milorad Lukic and Mihailo Rajkovic in 1951 for their fascist war crimes at POW camps, the head of ASIO in Western Australia reported that the two men, ardent anti-communists and supporters of Menzies, “represent a body of Yugoslavs who cause infinitely less trouble to this organisation than the great body of their fellow immigrants”, as well as providing “invaluable assistance to ASIO”, as ASIO boss Charles Spry wrote to the head of the Commonwealth Department of External Affairs. 

    Post-war Labor and Liberal governments ignored mounting evidence of Nazi arrivals. Refugees, immigration staff, crew members of US Army transport ships and even ASIO’s predecessor, the Commonwealth Investigation Service, reported anti-Semitic incidents, including serious assaults, on the refugee ships and in the migrant reception camps and hostels. The blood group tatoos, or scars from their removal, observed under the left armpit were a giveaway of SS membership. Nazi memorabilia, such as Hitler statues and swastikas, were regularly seized in the migrant camps.

  25. There does appear to be a change in Rudd since last time,. Long before Gillard took over, it was apparent he could not control the media. The treatment he was getting, was not unsimilar to what Gillard endured.

    I felt that when Gillard made her move, she would do better in this regard. In fact she did, but it never stopped them, in their attack.

    It is early days, but he seems to have developed the skill of cutting them off, continuing with his message.

    The media is still the real enemy.

  26. Neil, as usual making things up. Now you are going to tell us all about Tony’s wonderful policies. I am waiting with bated breath,

  27. Agreed, Fed Up, the media is indeed the enemy. And that shouldn’t be the case at all. Anyone who knows, like I do, what the Fourth Estate ideal of the MSM was always aimed at, will know how antithetical (opposite) it is for the Government to be calling the MSM on their ass-hattery in reporting (like Gillard was forced to do last week).

    Historically, it’s almost always been the other way around: it’s been the MSM holding the Govt and Big Business to account for their actions. But when you’ve got the situation that we have right now, where the MSM is big business (they are one in the same!) we see a total breakdown of this system.

    What am I getting at, specifically? Well, it’s to suggest that any of you who still buy in (contribute any $$$ towards) to the MSM, should seriously consider why you are still willing to do so at this point.

    Why bother with them? They are so one-sided and negative in their view that you couldn’t possibly be informed as a result of reading anything that they have been producing of late (with a few notable exceptions, the chief of these is the Guardian Australia – check them out if you haven’t already).

    What kind of value for money are you getting? I just can’t imagine why you’d waste your hard-earned cash on a faulty product: yes, that is what it currently represents!
    If you think my views are “crazy” or can easily be ignored as “just one person’s ignorant beliefs”, how about you check out the links below. I’m not the only one who is saying these things. Far from it!
    This is just for starters…there are many more.


  28. i liked rudd when he was PM, but do you all remember , the polls were all saying labor would lose in a landslide. he tried and tried to get the ets scheme through. the libs would not budge. so that was that ! then they all said he was a coward for giving up ! and he had to go ! so julia came in to save the day ! thank god ! i liked her too. then the same thing, labor will lose in a landslide. they all said she had to go ! i felt sad when she lost the ballot. but i also felt happy for kevin.. It seems to me that if people did not listen to the lies from the radio and the papers .maybe labor would have been in good shape. I hear behind the scenes that kevin was difficult to work for, thats a pity and i hope he has learnt from his errors. but after all that has happened, i wish that julia and kevin could have kept working together. they would have made an awesome tag team to destroy abbott. bring on the debates, i would still like to see julia go one on one with abbott. she would destroy him in no time..

  29. I fail to see where Gillard did any harm to Rudd. I believe he did that himself.

    Gillard and Labor at the time, played down criticizing Rudd. Left it at, that he last the confidence of his caucus.

    It was clear to anyone keeping a close eye on politics that Rudd was struggling.. Yes, he done wonders bringing us through GFC. What he did was brave and decisive.

    Then Rudd appear to hit a brick wall after he came back from the conference on global warming, and was attempting to bring in a MRRT.

    What we seen, was every day, Rudd in some hospital, nothing going forwarded.

    Yes, the miners did mount an extensive adverting campaign against him. Hew began making policy back flips, that made no sense.

    In my eyes,, his real downfall began when he failed to support Garrett. That was unforgivable. He open the door for ongoing media attacks, that carries on to this day. The Insulation scheme was worth fighting for. He left Garrett out on a limb, when Garrett had already done much to make the industry safer. Same goes for BER, but Gillard did a better job of protecting the scheme.

    Most of the criticism of Gillard come from Rudd’s days.

    As for Gillard and Labor not treating him well.That is not true. They handed him the job of FM. It took a long time, before he was sent to the backbench. It was only after Rudd kept the stalking up and two attempts at dislodging Gillard, did anyone come out saying why he was removed. Most of those who spoke then, have moved on this week.

    I believe the PM should not have pulled any punches about the reasons in the beginning, instead of having concern for Rudd’s feelings.That is now old history, Today is a new ball game.

    A game that I am not sure what the rules are.

    I wish I was starting out at university. There is a wonderful thesis here for someone, in many disciplines.

    One can come at it from many angles.

  30. John, thanks for reminding us, the inquiries she has set up for investigation into institutional sexual physical abuse of children alone is worth keeping Abbott out of office.

    They need to run their course with no political interference whatever. The state ones, already PROVE THIS.

    There will be many more caught in the web, than the Catholic Church. There will be many reputations ruined across all spectrums.

  31. Steven, it appears that Rudd has had to agree for controls to be put on him. The first appears that most has to go through caucus. I have no problem with that. There are a couple of downsides. One being, most will be in the public arena, before decisions are made. I believe in time, we can l live with that.
    Rudd will be the salesman, which he is good at. Those who have criticized Gillard for decisions, will be forced now to be a part of the decision making process. They might find it is not as easy as it sounds., One such case, is the removal of the Howard grandfather clause from those who receive single parent allowance,. One, I believe they would have agreed with, having to consider all the facts. Takes some responsibility off the PM. That cannot be a bad thing..

  32. Pathetic. All the last few weeks has proved is that, sadly, it is a mans’ world after all. We have seen a capable woman who, irrespective of her mistakes, achieve so much more than her predecessor, but be driven out of politics because of a bunch of men and their sense of entitlement. FFS, Albo – the person who was supposed to have the PMs back, let Dystari do numbers from his office! Oh look, he’s now Deputy PM. You know, ADFA isn’t an anomaly, it’s the face of sexism that exists in Australian society, today! If, after all of this, you can stomach to vote for either major party now, then all you are doing is saying you accept this behaviour towards women.Pfft.

  33. i never really understood the grandfather clause, you see i have been married twice and had a son with my 2nd wife, she suffered depression, and before my son turned 4 she suicided. that was over 5 years ago. now i am almost 58 and a single parent and have been raising my son since birth, but on my own for over 5 years. yet i fell into that grandfather clause ? I don’t understand it at all ? my job was early morning and late afternoon, i had to stop doing early morning so i could get my son ready for school. so that left just 4 hours in the afternoon for work, but i got the single parent allowance so that paid for child minding. but then he turned 8 and i lost the pension, so i could no longer afford child care fees. so that meant he had to take himself home and wait for me to finish work and not get home till after 6pm. in winter it was dark and scarey for him. so i had no option but to give up work to be with him. i had that job for 18 years. but because of the government changing the rules i had lost my job ? when the reason we are told they changed the rules was to get people to work. mine i feel maybe an isolated case, yet i fell between the cracks. still i would never vote for a low life like abbott ! I must be a rusted on labor supporter.

  34. i think there are many types of discrimination, mostly discrimination of appearance, like are you pretty or ugly, are you to small or to tall, to skinny or to fat, people are frowned on in many ways. humans are a bigoted race. i llive in qld. but was born and raised in NSW, and you should hear all the rubbish i hear about how great queenslanders are.i am called a lowly cockroach or mexican. i like queensland but not the attitude of a lot of them. the same goes for city people or country people. i was abused once because someone found out i was from sydney and what a hole in the ground sydney was.I said have you ever been there ? he said no and i never will. its full of gays ! this man was a migrant living in a qld country town, but he was from london england . yep human suck ! well a lot of them anyway !

  35. Steve, …. us single Dads do fall through the cracks….. it’s like we don’t exist sometimes…… alas…….. I’m a hearing ya, cobba, society isn’t…. IMO …… the only help you’ll get from so called ‘Mens’ groups are if you are Gay, Aboriginal or old….in my experiance…….. so much for gender equality.. oh to be a single Mum in this day and age, the help is laid on… but alas… I’m only a single Dad…. we barely exist…. just crack fillers of a sort, doing it on our own 🙄

  36. A lot of logic, I agree. I agree with most of it. I think “boat people” a community ignorance and bigotry capitalised on by the MSM and whipped into a frenzy the facts cannot justify. I don’t understand what the author means of “It isn’t fair”. Mr Rudd took on big business and had his head chopped off for it. Ms Gillard was a very good prime minister apart from the fact she knew she had to make the kids of one parent families pay the mining tax for big business to get the gig in the first place. She is an intelligent, strong woman who has laid important foundations for this country. Murdoch was so successful with his campaign against her, he allowed himself to relax on the one more vote for Abbott that Turnbull division in the LNP. Even if they win, their complacency will be punished and that will still be an awesome improvement for human rights and social justice, than had Ms Gillard led the party to the electoral wipeout. I welcome the cabinet regeneration. If only we had it in Qld with valuable 4th termers left on the back bench while those in portfolios wouldn’t let go until the public made them. All that talent gone… for a inexperienced first term parliamentarian Premier with inhumane objectives. I am glad that we now have a strong ALP opposition, if not a strong ALP government in the next term federally. JG can hold her head high. What Murdoch and Rinehart did to her was unfair. What the ALP did to her was commonsense. Federal politics is the nation’s biggest popularity contest and you have to put the contender who can best throw off the right wing MSM propaganda machine before an election.

  37. Latest poll not only has Labor in a winning position but Abbott plummeting as preferred PM to levels below Gillard.

    “Has anybody else heard that tony abbott wears a secret ear piece,?”

    I don’t believe that. He’s now very carefully coached and rehearsed, which is why he sticks to slogans, to the meme and is very hesitant between short sentences, you can see him trying to remember the next line.

    The Liz Hayes 60 Minutes Extra piece illustrates this where she compares the early nasty Abbott to the latter one surrounded by an entourage of minders and reeling off rote answers without being allowed to go off on tangents otherwise a minder would intervene and pull him back in line.

    You also see it when he runs away from even simple straight forward questions that are outside his small cache of rehearsed slogans. The minders are there and either prompt him or guide him away when they think Abbott is going to brain freeze or brain fart, which is always a constant danger with him.

  38. The leader the People VOTED IN is back in place. Julia has done too much damage now, Labor was sinking fast. They (party) ousted RUDD because he would not play the MINING GAME and MINING is the biggest issue this country has at present. He needs to get tough on the MINERS and the ENERGY companies and not throw his pearls after the low swine of the past in the Labor Party. Labor needs to become the party for the people who work not BIG BUSINESS who thinks it runs the country by default and economy.

  39. I think this piece is nothing but rubbish!

    Here we go again…ABBOTTABBOTTABBOTT mania.

    Blaming Abbott for the electorate hating Gillard is at best, a cop out and at worst, slander. Gillard brought it all on herself when she announced the carbon tax. The polls dived from that moment and she never recovered.

    It was her own party that knifed her and to believe Abbott did not see it coming is delusional. Everyone in the know knew she was going to get knifed weeks ago but you lot living in your own bubbles never saw it coming.

    As far as Coalition policy is concerned…no opposition releases policy detail until the writs are issued. Pursuing the no policy line exposes your political naivety, but then again…what’s new?

  40. Well said Fed up, as always your right on the money. Yes I too have heard that about him being coached real time via ear piece. If they have a debate Kevin should surreptitiously check out his ears & DEMAND!! it be removed on national TV, that would destroy Abbott in one move & prove he is a weak sneaky hollow man.

  41. Hey newby, referring to Australians as the “dumbed down masses” is a disgusting slur but that is expected from someone who appears to have keyboard deficiency syndrome, you fool!

  42. Seems Abbott’s free run in the media might be over.

    Abbott supporters are in a lather that he’s been asked questions on policy and has been unable to answer, revealing him for the policy illiterate he is. They really don’t like attention being put on their beloved gormless and very flawed hero.

    The latest was on Sunrise this morning were he got caught on a simple question on his baseless scaremongering over Carbon Price.

    If the media keeps doing their job then Abbott as preferred PM will drop below 30%. All the talk will then be of a Liberal Party leadership spill. Surely they won’t countenance Abbott losing them two elections.

  43. As Abbott is now almost being universally canned for his direct Obama rip off presidential style campaign replete with the “Hope” slogan everywhere, this is being posted around.

    Is it really that hard for the Liberals to come up with anything original from either a policy or political standpoint.

  44. I have often wondered why Abbott hesitates before answering questions. If he does use a ear piece he certainly has the ears to hide it. Hey where the hell is voyager????

  45. Good piece by Kerry-Anne Walsh. Sadly it’s true.

    In his sights: Covert Kevin’s mission to get Julia

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/in-his-sights-covert-kevins-mission-to-get-julia-20130629-2p3p7.html#ixzz2XeLJMMvX

    With Abbott’s misogynistic vitriol pampering to the males, the media pack determined to prove they can bring down a government and Rudd aiding and abetting them every step of the way, Gillard never stood a chance.

    That she achieved so much good in the term will go down as history showing the very impressive woman and person she is.

  46. Hey newby, a while back you wrote that you had pity for my wife which is crossing the line.

    For your information, pal…she is a confident beautiful woman who is very respected in the judiciary and does not take a back step from any man. When confronted, does not hide behind her gender and is in a position that affords her the oversight of lawyers. Dislikes feminists and does not require your veiled misogynistic, paternal pity. We have been together for 27 years, 24 in a wonderful marriage.

    You, however…say that you have been in two marriages. The last ended in your wife’s suicide. Why did you not sense the depression, use the appropriate services to ensure that your wife did not take her life? You failed her badly!

    Did your first wife also take her life or did it end in divorce which would be an admission that you also failed to a degree?

    I suggest you back off on the abuse as it confirms my last paragraph and exposes you to the readers and they can make their own judgements.

    Oh by the way, it is you’re, not YOUR you dumbed down failure of the first degree!

  47. Patricia the hesitation is Abbott trying to remember his coached lines. You can almost see it as he digs deep to try to get his sluggish barely firing neurons to spark.

    An example of where this tactic fails can be found on Sunrise this morning, where Andrew O’Keefe asked him what were in anybody’s book some fairly simple an innocuous questions but ones that were obviously outside Abbott’s briefing, so he failed miserably.

    That anyone, even the most ardent Liberal supporter, would want this clueless man as a leader of a nation is beyond me. I put it down to my belief that nearly all rusted on right wingers believe Abbott will be booted in his first term having done the job of Negabore to oust the Labor government. Only the unthinking rabid right would actually want this man to be a permanent leader.

  48. >>Just a little history for younger voters.
    In the late 1940′s many anti-socialist conservatives thought the Allies had fought the wrong war (it should have been with Hitler against Stalin). Australia’s attorney-general Bob Menzies in the 1930s was an admirer of the Nazi state as a bulwark against “atheistic Bolshevism”. The Nazi war criminals may have been anti-Semitic mass murderers but they were anti-communists and therefore welcome.
    These Nazis found a ready champion in ASIO. Allied intelligence agencies gave the Nazis a clean bill of health in the screening process, allowing them to assume false identities or lie about their past, and frequently recruiting them as agents. ASIO put them to use as spies and covert operatives against the migrant left.

    interesting info…I have always had a bad feeling about the Howard/Abbott group…this obsession with flags, mobilising the people by way of common enemies and talk of previous wars, the focus on sports and physical fitness, the traditional family unit…the list goes on. Just because they cater to a few traumatised right-wing Jewish families whose trauma makes them behave somewhat like their previous oppressors does not make them any less superiority complex-driven…that rally yesterday with Abbott and Howard was disturbing.

    I wrote two essays related to fascist and NAZI propaganda at UNI…something disturbs me deeply about this present Coalition group. HOWARD expanding Christmas Island detention centre included.

  49. FED UP,
    a thoughtful, effective post.
    I agree that Abbott has little to offer. His primary roles were that of wrecker…and wedger. Not unlike Murdoch and motley crew. He failed to stop the legislation from passing. The minority govt ran three years. The policies are being implemented. The HOWARD era damage has partly been repaired. We are moving on. Mindset is far more progressive in many sectors…business reshaping, transforming. He has shown us the pointlessness and sheer self-destructiveness of the ‘ugly Australian’…in the past two elections it was rejected…now ABBOTT IS BEING REJECTED…hopefully his mate BARNABY JOYCE TOO…and MAL BROUGH THE DECEIVER.
    Liberals need to become REAL LIBERALS.
    As for the policies Rudd has been provided to sell…many he worked on with other contributors like Julia, Lindsay, Wayne, ALBO, Nicola, Bill and others over the years…some need adjusting before the election…some later…as is oft the case…taking into account changing needs, mood, affordability, lessons learnt due to trial and error, useful independent think tanks etc.

  50. I agree with you Fed Up and particularly on the point that Abbott felt all he had to do was go into relentless attack dog mode against Ms Gillard and all would be well. The order of things in his own mind would be righted, he would be Prime Minister and that is what he was born to do. And as he has proved the Pope role wasn’t to his liking so Prime Minister it had to be.

    And guess what? He was right, he was able to normalise his vitriolic mysoginist ranting to the point where almost everyone followed suit. The evidence is in the behaviours of all his followers, resulting in a record number of LNP members being asked to leave the house under 94a. As an example, last week the fascinating Ms Mirabella was warned on several occasions yet again and asked to recant after sitting in parliament yelling liar, liar, liar ad infinitum across the floor. Along with all the other psychopathic behaviours of many on that side of the political fence, the media and other sycophants that were epitomised by the flagrant and persistent lying, ( Malcolm Turnbull invented the internet, one of the minor breaches of the truth) abuse in all it it’s forms, lack of empathy, utter belief in their superiority, seeking of revenge for imagined slights are just some of the behaviours that have been utterly normalised since Abbott lost what he firmly believed was his……the Prime Ministership of this country.

    Unfortunately my training leads me to believe this was very strategically planned to be as deeply malicious as humanly possible, this is how Abbott has behaved all his life, compete, lose, attack and destroy without consequence. I have rarely heard of anyone being accused and charged with the level of abuse Tony Abbott has and still manage to avoid any consequences whatsoever. He must have felt untouchable, and I don’t doubt he was until now.

    His plan appears to now be failing, made patently clear by his first QT under Kevin Rudd’s Prime Ministership mark 2. He began by asking questions that allowed Kevin to slash and burn him in a second. From his demeanour it was clear that he didn’t have a clue what to do. And his performance since has been notable in it’s stupidity. Who in their right mind would publicly thank Malcolm Turnbull for inventing the Internet? Delusional, I think not, just someone whose concept of reality is being severely shaken.

    I can imagine him sitting in his office repeating to himself, what went wrong, what went wrong?

    I know Julia Gillard is a strong competent and highly intelligent woman, but I can’t imagine how she coped with 3 years of this treatment. Anyone else would be in very bad shape indeed.

  51. Seen lots of government advertisements on TV (eg NBN, Super, Disability care). Havn’t see any complaints from Labor supporters

    HOWARD expanding Christmas Island detention centre included.”

    Yes, all Conservatives are Nazi’s. However ALP supporters are the good guys fighting for truth and justice.

  52. Jade, if one cannot see the present political climate is not fair, I am afraid nothing I could say. would explain it to you.

    Most of the criticism against Gillard is subjective. That is OK. I disagree with most.

    What is not subjectivist or not real, is the continuous abuse and lack of respect to the office of Prime Minister. That was real It was cruel. One can call it what they like, but it existed. That is not fair.

    As for Abbott. if Rudd leaves the election to October, he might disappear with Turnbull bought back. That would not be good for Labor.

    It would be fun to see Abbott accompanying Rudd to the G20. I wonder what the role of Abbott would be. One thing for sure, if we go on the history of Abbott;s responses to leaders to this country, Abbott will not resist the politics, and once again put his foot in it.

    I believe in the middle of September, there is another important meeting at the UN, that involves Australia and it temporary seat. Will both go there too. It would be fun to see him turn up to something he was opposed too.

    Good to see the Health Minister signing off those necessary but expensive drugs. Many believed they would miss out. Yes, it appears governance is continuing, even in this state of flux. Would have like to see Tasmania sign up to Gonski, as was planned.

  53. Maybe I should have said, it is not fair, but that is life. Would be nice to see this not to be so. I think that is what I was saying, it is time for us to take back our democracy and make it fair.

    Time just sitting on the sideline, will not be an option, if we care for a civil society.

    It could be that every one is responsible for how politics is conducted. It bad pr in appropriated behaviour is condoned, by silence, it will continue, will increased in it’s ferocity. Do we really condone that final speech of Senator Cash. Does one say that is OK.

  54. Fed up, you have very ably said what so many of us believe.

    I have lost all respect fot Rudd. He is just another lying hypocritical misogynist like Liealot. Worse really; at least Liealot has been upfront, not sneaking around behind anyone’s back whiteanting.

    Had Rudd had the character to support the government instead of actively undermining it,

    I believe we would have been in a better position now.

    I believe the msm may not have been as rabid without his treacherous input.

  55. Note to self. Posting from a smart phone is a big fat pain in the butt.

    ME, asusual, you’re spot on.

    For a glaring display of hypocrisy, I caught the final 20 or so minutes of Insiders. All saying Gillard had ben treated extremely badly, but
    of course not accepting ANY responsibility for
    their role in demonising her as a backstabber etc.

    Frankly, they almost make Liealot look honest & truthful.

  56. If you want to look like an idiot, continue the abuse as it proves that you can not form a constructive argument. In other words…you lose. Simple.

  57. What, because I state that the barely literate person who calls Australians dumb and is a failure as a husband is a dumbed down failure of the first degree???

  58. All I know is that I have an almost visceral dislike for Abbott…followed by every other member of the opposition front bench. With the possible exception of Malcolm Turnbull, who at least, has a conscience and was not afraid to exercise his right to his views on carbon taxing….even if it meant losing the leadership of the party to all the other ‘flat earthers’ in the coalition. His time is coming soon.

    Abbott has been diligent in repeating words that the electorate has been drilled to remember: “Incompetent guvment”, “great big new tax”, “turn back the boats”, etc, etc, ad nausium. The politics of fear and ‘negativity’. There’s a word the Labor government have used to fight Abbott’s message and it’s working. There’s nothing inspirational about this man. His team are doing their best to try to keep up a brave face right now, but I suspect the horses have already become skittered by the proposition of going to an election that with a dud leader with a low approval rating across the board. .I suspect we may see some blood on the floor of in their camp soon as well.

    Julia Gillard was the person who saved the Labor Party in this governmental period. She stopped the internal haemorrhaging and pulled it all back into a state of relative health and productivity…the like of which we will be talking about and marvelling over for decades to come. The fact that she is a woman and the first female Prime Minister gives me great pride in her achievements under extraordinary attacks on her personally, with the majority of men in our country having trouble with a woman at the top. Even women turned on her for what reason I am still trying to fathom.

    Julia Gillard is tough and kind at the same time. Smart, wise, insightful and a team player. I’m glad the Labor Party are back into a place of equity…possibly to be built upon to an election win and a crushing of the opposition. This would be a complete reversal to what the Coalition was congratulating itself as “almost in the bag”.

    However, Rudd will have to mend a landscape of bridges to recover a high regard in his own party and the tendency to overreach with his popularity buoying him on, might be his undoing.

  59. Now they come out of the woodwork.

    Two pieces, one Ten and one ABC, both saying that Abbott was never popular and never will be, it’s the hatchet job done on Gillard that made her out to be as bad as Abbott and Abbott seeming at times to be preferable to her.

    In my mind Abbott would have been found out in the election campaign proper where he would have had to elucidate the basis of some credible policy, and hold intelligent debates and conversation that went beyond three word slogans.

    I also believe the election would have been a lot closer than the polls suggested as people finally engaged and thought about who they were voting for, with Abbott being a considerable negative to anyone but the most rusted on of rabid wingers.

  60. Migs, you set the standards here. Is cocksucker and deadshit acceptable language?

    If so then I also reserve the right to abuse people using those words. I thought you were above that, if not than this place is no better than the slimy gutter!

  61. “In my mind Abbott would have been found out in the election campaign proper where he would have had to elucidate the basis of some credible policy, and hold intelligent debates and conversation that went beyond three word slogans”

    I agree one hundred percent. I do believe that Gillard could have broken through.

    Then I stand back and watch the faces of some, since the rebirth of Rudd, I am not so sure. All that they seen, was a woman that dumped their hero. Nothing else mattered. I believe that was the biggest mistake Gillard made, was not to announce very clearly at the time why Rudd had to go. That never happened. Maybe it was hard to explain. Maybe they should have white anted Rudd before moving.

    What is true now, the past, we cannot change. We are now in a new ball game, one that I do not want to see Abbott win.

  62. Jealous of a man that most probably drove his first wife away because of abuse and stood by and did nothing while his second wife spiraled into depression and committed suicide.

    Hardly, old chap.

  63. I do not believe that Gillard was talked into anything. She is a strong woman that makes her won decisions, and whats more takes responsibility for decisions made.

    From my observations, Gillard is not that interested in the trappings of office and pulling rank. Did not see the need to blow her own trumpet.

    All things that played against her. It is a pity, because I believe these are good traits to have.

    I believe when history writes her up, her interest was in doing the job, putting in place what she believed in.

    Gillard is very good at doing. Not good at saying, what a clever girl am I. Did not see the need to cultivate the media, or be in regular contact with Murdoch.

    No. I suspect that Gillard is comfortable with her actions in the last week. That is not saying she liked the outcome, I am sure she did not. She was not willing to take Labor down with her.

    I suspect that Gillard can say I have done my best, cannot do anymore, time to move onto something new.

  64. now that the scaper we all know and hate ! back to your true standards ! thanks for sharing your real true nasty self, for all to see. now take a tea spoon of cement and harden up pussy cat. xoxo

  65. Angry? Not much at all but when I see someone putting down Australians by calling them dumb I will react in defense of Australians as they are not dumb. The left/right ideologues…

  66. St Krudd the Pious was prepared to bring down the Gillard Labor government at the last election, he failed, but Krudd is on a mission from god and he succeeded when all the tough, hard work had been done by all those who have now been driven away.

    Krudd has a good memory and recently raised the prospect of conflict with Indonesia. In a wonderful stunt, he reminded us all of Confrontation 1962-66.

    Well I would like to remind him of the Labor Party/ DLP split that began in 1954 and probably did not end until the 1972 election (23 years of Liberal-Country rule).

    To reward this guy for his 3 years of undermining not only the PM, but the Labor party means that even if they save the furniture the bums on seats will be little more that lickspittles.

    There will be a reckoning.

  67. You do know that Rudd’s so called popularity in the public is a stunt, don’t you?

    A while back I wrote here how Rudd did a Corio Village shopping centre stunt by bussing in a load of supporters for the cameras to give the impression he is a rock star. I believe the comment was deleted by patriciawa by mistake.

    I’m not into this MSM conspiracy thing but some in the media was compliant by the fact they did know but did not report it. I have received information that the same stunt has again happened with thirty supporters and media on the same bus in the Blue Mountains shopping centre.

    These reporters conspired in the contribution towards the downfall of Gillard by playing along with it. I believe there is an element of truth to your conspiracy theory,

  68. Abbott the coward refuses to debate Rudd, just as he refused to debate Gillard.

    The right wingers are going apoplectic at Abbott being called cowardly and his popularity plunging lower than the MSM’s.

    As has always been the case, they love to dish it when things are rolling their way but either go into hiding or go apeshit when it’s not.

    Notice the distinct lack of mention of polls and betting from them when they hadn’t shut up about them or in rubbing them in for the last six months.

  69. scaper, most of what politicians do is stunts. What is new. Of course all that hullabaloo and putting Howard on show was not a stunt.

    Stunts seem to be what many of the public want.

    Scaper, maybe it is time to point out to us, why you believe Abbott is the one.

  70. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
    ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    “The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearth-stone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.
    –as quoted in THE RIVER OF WINGED DREAMS”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

  71. Even Wagga is turning against Abbott.

    The NOPE and HOPELESS posters are coming out of the woodworks. Tactical error by Abbott’s minders to launch a copy of the Obama presidential campaign.

  72. What makes you believe I like, ‘little lone’ support Abbott? You, yourself wrote a comment sometime in the last few days that we do not elect a PM so why do you expect me to answer why Abbott is the one as it is a party decision?

    I’ll tell you my perspective…all this came about when Turnbull went too early against Nelson, he completely stuffed up the progression and that is how we ended up with Abbott.

    I know who will come after Abbott, someone who is a moderate but that is down the track and it won’t be Turnbull. I find it quite amusing being labelled here as a Liberal just as been called Labor in 2006/7.

    I don’t support any party and don’t identify with any ideology espoused by either the left or right. My skin in the game is the vision, not the ANDEV vision but my own…Great Southern Cross and will be working towards such.

    I had been communicating with Labor since 2006 and have quite a large file of letters and a cache of Emails from this period in the attempt to convince Labor to at least consider the vision and if not at least look at some type of vision. The result…a convoluted Summit that was another stunt that produced no vision but one great idea. Wonder where the idea for that Summit came from???

    So I tried to get some vision happening from the other side. Thanks to Dr Nelson I was introduced to some Liberal front benchers and have had and will have input into nation building policy that has nothing to do with ANDEV.

    I do not like what this government for how they have governed but that will not prevent me with maintaining contact with some and if the Liberals govern badly I will vote accordingly because unlike most, if not all here, I am a swing voter so I can’t and won’t answer your question.

  73. Also, if you think they all do stunts why did Gillard’s people not set some up in shopping centres too???

    Bringing Howard out in a campaign launch hardly equates to Rudd’s tactics in shopping centres.

  74. I want to talk about education but first I want to talk about Yothu Yindi. We are a band with a philosophy. Yothu Yindi is the name of a fundamental concept in our Yolngu life.

    For us Aboriginal people of Arnhemland the name Yothu Yindi conjures up the idea of balance, a harmony we actively work at.

    We took the name Yothu Yindi for the band because it is the name of an important relationship in our kinship system. In this kinship system the land and its peoples are divided into two sides — the Yirritja and the Dhuwa. Our life is dedicated to maintaining balance between these. For us, when Yirritja and Dhuwa are working in harmony the land and its peoples are one.

    Together in the twentyfirst century we can construct a unique way of life here, inspired by the traditions of Aboriginal Australia and of Europe and Asia. Land rights for Aboriginal Australians are in the best interests of all Australians. Land rights must respect the contributions made by those people who have immigrated here over the past two hundred years, as well as recognising the place of those who have always belonged to this land.

    That’s what the Yothu Yindi balance means.




  75. I believe Rudd in his primeministership and Gillard in hers both implemented important policies that have been entirely overshadowed by personality politics that has been fuelled by the media. Neither is a perfect leader but both have done a lot for the broader community and hopefully the reinstatement of Rudd will see an end to Labors discontent and in fighting because personally, the idea of a coalition lead by an ultra conservative right winger is a scary thought indeed

  76. scaper, I suspect that is another of Gillard’s faults, along with not having an overgrown ego, did not see the need for stunts

    As I have said for years, Gillard is a doer, builder and not a talker.

    Unlike Abbott, who loves to demolish and talks a lot. Also has the biggest ego this country has seen.,

  77. scaper, you cannot answer the question, because there is no evidence to suggest that Abbott will do better.

    Yes, scaper you are entitled to believe what you like.

    Just acknowledge that others also have the right to alternative views, without your abuse,.

    Where does Abbott turn up today. On Bolt of course.

  78. We have a new term from Abbott. A floating tax. Any economics out there, that can explain that term to us. How is a cost on carbon emission, a tax.

    Another word, that the Libs have given new meaning to.

    By the way, all we getting from Tony, is the same old slogans. Surely they can come up with some new ones.

  79. You have no evidence that he will do worse. All of you have got is hateful speculation and none of us have a clue until he gets the gig.

    Thought Rudd and Gillard would have done a good job but they both were woeful as evidenced by their own kicking them both out.

    And don’t give me the abuse bullshit until you clean this site up unless you like reading cocksucker and the like!!!

  80. I think the most important thing that Rudd did was make criminal child related convictions and child safety substantiations admissible in the Family Court. He also gave the Family Court investigative powers. That so many Australia children have been saved from abuse. Have you not noticed the reduction in child killings in custody cases in Australia for a start??? KR himself is responsible for that. Sure it only helps children of separating parents but it enables protective parents to better PROTECT their children now against already convicted child abusers. I think JG did a remarkable job as PM. I didn’t think KR needed to go. I do think his PMship was usurped but JG did do a good job. There will always be different opinions, from different perspectives, from our unique life experiences but what I like about a latter post from Fed Up is the concept “Democracy” has now crept up again in political discussion. There is a very tough economic road ahead for Australia. I’d rather see Rinehart’s wings clipped than have Australia’s disadvantaged continue to fund her.

  81. Shows you what the ALP is like. They will elect a leader because he is popular and win them an election. Rudd is not leader because he is good for Australia. ALP first and Australia second.

  82. neil, if abbotts lack of popularity continues to dive, are you telling me they wont revert to turnbull. to give them the best chance to win the election ? its just common sense to do that. why make a big deal out of it ?

  83. Haha, up to last Wednesday the right wing was saying “Labor was so stupid that they would not put their most popular forward, not giving Australians who they wanted.” Now the LNP are needing their diapers regularly changed, they are criticising ALP for “putting who the public want as their leader in the top job”, as if common sense is a dirty tactic. The LNP lack of it is not the ALP’s fault. No party can be more divided than the LNP. Only one vote separates Abbott and Turnbull… Talk about disunity!!! How can people trust a party that has its party framework based on one strong leader split so decisively right down the middle? The ALP have more argy bargy because more people can have a say. Conflict brings change and renewal. The can be very proud its is not a “blind leading the blind” and “might has right party”. It can tolerate dissent and every member can actually think for themselves. When the leader of the opposition is a bird brain, the LNP have no one but themselves for putting them in jeopardy of losing the “un-losable” after years of being propped up by Murdoch. The LNP may have the dollars, but the ALP have the sense!

  84. ” It can tolerate dissent and every member can actually think for themselves.”



    In October last year the Parliamentary Library got out the voting records of the past half century or so – from 1950 until August 2004 – and it did the numbers. What the library’s researchers came up with, in a four-page paper, was the reality that, during those 54 years, 245 MPs – 87 senators, 154 MHRs, and four who served in both houses – crossed the floor. Or, more pertinently, one in every four politicians “who sat in Parliament during this period”.

    And of the 245 MPs who crossed the floor during the 54 years, only 28 were from the Labor Party. The reason is that Labor MPs are bound by a formal party pledge to support the collective decisions of their parliamentary caucus. To flout the pledge is to risk expulsion from the party. The last MP to ignore such warnings was Western Australia’s Graeme Campbell. He lost his ALP endorsement in 1995, and his seat, as an independent, in the House of Representatives in 1998.

  85. It’s time for your diaper change Neil 🙂 Oh… and you have some sand still on your head, Mr Ostrich.

  86. “Gillard, Swan and Shorten all knew exactly what they were doing on Wednesday evening.”

    Agree. One thing that Gillard has done, is never behave as predicted.

    One thing that Abbott has done, is act act as all expects. Has not let us down yet.

  87. Sorry guys, couldn’t help but play around with him, he’s so cute and adorable, he’s irresistible to have some fun with 🙂

  88. Rudd when he was first PM did a few great things, and one was get us through the GFC. People forget that it was he and Swan who achieved that, not Gillard and Swan.

    The Coalition’s policy as they stated it at the time was to also put us into large deficit but also to go into recession and sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    But for mine the one and only thing I give Rudd high praise for up until now is the skills training packages he bought in. The in school trades training and other measures he put into place have been highly successful but you hardly hear about them. These programs were heavily canned by the opposition, with Abbott saying he wanted to keep with Howard’s dismal and failing technical colleges.

    Of all Howard’s failures, and there were many and considerable, with some like the lies and deceits over Iraq to send us to an illegal war being criminal, the one that gets my goat up the most was his failure in investing in skills.

    Why this one irks me so much is it’s not as though Howard didn’t know about an increasing skills shortage, and probably ignored it for so long disregarding all the warnings from his first term in office until his last so as to deliberately manufacture a problem he would fix with lots of self aggrandisement and tax payer funded advertising. It was SOP for him.

    Howard’s solution of technical colleges was exactly that, a supposed white knight rescue by throwing millions at a hastily cobbled together scheme that was criticised across the board. Its aim was to achieve the severing of unions from VET stream and to make Howard look good whilst he opened up 457 visas to employees at the cost of Australian jobs and wages.

    I believe that Gillard achieved greater and more substantial reform but Rudd for being such a twat and bad people manager also achieved some significant ones. Between the two of them they achieved far more in much less time than the Liberals ever have in office, even when they had the greatest sustained global growth expansion on their watch whilst Labor had a massive global financial crisis on theirs.

  89. Jade, not sure where I am going on the concept of democracy, except for the feeling we should be in control of it, not it controlling us. Not something I have given much thought to up to now. Something, I believe we will need to do. More from the point, of making it work, for the benefit of all.

    Yes, there are many serious economic decisions to be made. Yes, we do have to look at our revenue base. More so, that than how we spend.

    Yes, there seem to be big problems arising out of the globalised economic world we now live in.

    We have seen decades of cutting taxes, especially those of business. It is proving difficult to collect taxes from businesses because they now trade on a globalised basis.

    Screaming debt and deficits does not lead us far.

  90. Silky, sorry, I should have made it clear I was C&Ping your cite of the ninemsn lead paragraph from earlier in the thread.

    If the MSM/ABC weren’t so biased, this would mark the end of Hockey’s political career.

    As ominous as it is I think the Liberals have now “normalised” violent rhetoric in the political discourse.

    Drown her in a chaff bag.
    Died of shame.
    Kick her to death.
    We will slit your throat.
    Won’t lay down and die.
    Targets on their foreheads.
    … and there are more too, that happily I cannot recall just now. Pigs.

  91. Take this Abbott:

    Her last act as PM included signing off on cabinet approval for RU486 to be listed on the PBS.

  92. So sad that Kevin couldn’t swallow his pride and work with Julia to publicise the great things that this Labor government have done. He may win votes and court popularity but I can’t see him being any more successful as Prime Minister than the first time. I really don’t like him but he is, I suppose, a better option than Abbott.

  93. Can someone tell me how I find out about how preferences are distributed. Is there a website I can go to?

    Thank you

  94. Dr Carl Tweet thread.

    Q. What causes brain freezes and are some people immune through genetics?
    Dr. Carl. Cold blood to brain>reflex vasodilation to thermoprotect brain>stress on meninges>headache.
    ME. Abbott being asked a question.

  95. @Mezza, the only people who voted for Rudd were the people in his electorate, so unless you were/are in his electorate, you could not possibly vote for him. Likewise, you have no say in who is elected leader, the caucus elects the leader.

    Fed up @11.24am, I agree that they should have told the nation that Rudd had lost the confidence of the caucus, which was the truth. Trying to protect him the way they did was a monumental blunder which, with hindsight has allowed the meme of Gillard singlehandedly backstabbing him to flourish & fester in the electorate’s mind, aided & abetted by the msm, the Liars & Rudd’s rats.

    She was not willing to take Labor down with her.

    And that’s the difference between her & Rudd. He didn’t give a toss how much damage he did, as long as he got what he wanted. I will never have any time for him after the last 3 years.

    I believe that he’s having a brief honeymoon, now, but Rupert will soon order his downfall as the gap narrows & Liealot loses the plot.


    Cuppa & Silkworm, not a word about that crack from Hockey. And yet all the whining about the so-called gender card wrt blue ties. The msm; an essay in mediocrity, mendacity, corruption & hypocrisy.

  96. Such a shame Julia Gillard was cut down, not because of her performance but, because of the performance of others in spreading and promoting hatred.

    For 2 years or more, most Oz media and the rabid Shock Jocks drenched the populous with brainwashing bile, marinating their heads with poisonous spin, whipping them into a frenzy, mouths dripping with venom and their heads full of hatred until they were so psyched up they actually believed the disgusting things being said.

    Hundreds of years ago, the Witchdoctor did something similar in whipping the young mindless warriors into a frenzy around the campfire before sending them off to attack a nearby tribe. They believed the Whitchdoctor.

    It worked then and it’s working today. But Julia didn’t deserve it.

    She has taken this hatred with her, so now the Witchdoctors will work fevorishly to “create” a similar intense hatred of Rudd.

    They really do intensify the meaning of that great Australian noun, “Bastards”.

    One of my cartoons on them . . . . . . .




  97. The biggest load of crap comments I have ever read. And as for the article, well the bigest problem for you is that you believe it. That is your problem – might be time to face it. Continual denial gets you nowhere.

  98. i agree with you cartoon mick, i was just thinking of the salem witch trials in america. where normal people were brainwashed into believing lies. A lot of innocent women were murdered because of that. I believe the same happened here. re ( julia gillard ) I and many others call them the dumbed down masses. some people ( patriots ) take offence of some australians being called dumb ? But i think it has nothing to do with being an australian or ( patriots ) its to do with human weaknesses. And we are no different to anyone else in the world. I think people need to broaden their vision, its just that those with limited vision, make the most noise.

  99. This is my letter in reply to a letter the previous week , arguing that Labor ( and Oakeshott) had ‘wrecked’ the economy. His letter offered no evidence to support such a claim . Only the wild , ratbag claims of Abbott and the shock jocks.

    Dear Editor,

    Regarding Dick Pearson’s letter in Tuesdays paper, can I simply say: PRODUCTIVITY. Like we rode the ‘sheeps back’ for decades (then came undone) , here we are again thinking we can ride rich on the back of our ‘resources’. When will we ever learn ? When the ‘infrastructure boom’ in China goes off the boil , we will have to start SELLING SOMETHING ELSE to earn our living .

    Pearson lists the “massive national debt” as the No: 1 ‘problem’ caused by Labor (and Oakeshott).

    Abbott has done a great job brainwashing the electorate on this issue . The relentless repetition of “the deficit”, “the debt”, “where’s the money coming from”……Christ! George Orwell would be proud of the ‘constant fear’ engendered by the constant repetition ! How much easier it is to manipulate people when you have them ‘fearful’. We had the ‘war on terror’ to keep us terrorised. Then the ‘war on Tampa’ to prevent invasion. Now we have the ‘war on debt’ to prevent Greek – like insolvency. Yet again a magnificent manipulation of peoples emotions and a ‘play’ on the average voters chronic lack of understanding of economics .

    BHP-BILLITON and RIO-TINTO are ‘ debt leveraged’ to approx.: 45% of their capitalised value! . They have borrowed BILLIONS knowing that the INVESTMENT SPENDING they make with that money will create 10 or 20 or 30 times that amount !That’s right INVESTMENT spending , by definition, creates something that will increase PRODUCTIVITY. And ‘productivity’ is the golden goose. Productivity increases output per worker per hour. If more is produced per hour ,then the cost price falls , and we become more competitive on the world market. Here we are on the crest of Chinas’ INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION …..where approx. 300 million Chinese are approaching our living standards , and you have people complaining about a National Broadband Internet Network , and a Modernisation of our Education system(Gonski). Both aimed at increasing the PRODUCTIVITY of the Australian workforce, so that we can sell more than just Coal and Iron Ore to China . 80% of our economy is the Service Sector: Finance ,Legal, Health, Education, Tourism. Imagine the Billions of dollars we could earn from China if we get clever and get competitive . But no ! all we here is relentless doom and gloom about a possible $20 Billion Budget Deficit , and the Federal Governments’ $150 Billion debt. The $36 Billion on the NBN. The $12 Billion on the Gonski Education revolution. …………..But what these ‘doomsayers’ don’t tell you is that the $20 B deficit when compared with a $ 304 Billion TAXATION REVENUE is only 6% of total income !…. and the Government debt( $150B) must be compared to Total income of the economy : $1,500 BILLION ( $1.5 TRILLION)…………………..That’s right the Governments debt leverage is 10% of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT !…… not 45% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Greece and Spain have BEDT:GDP levels of 160% !!!!). REMEMBER , ITS INVESTMENT SPENDING (JUST LIKE BHP ETC) AND WILL INCREASE AUSTRALIAS PRODUCTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….If Australians want to maintain their high wage rates (higher than all our trading partners) then we have to use productivity to bring costs down and be competitive . The Government ‘investment’ spending is essential for our survival in ‘this Asian Century’. Do yourself a favour , read some economists’ appraisals of the Governments’ policies(none see Gov. debt as a problem) , don’t just ‘parrot’ Abbott and the ‘shock jocks’.

    And as for Pearson’s crack about ‘only Oakeshott’s’ electorate getting funding. The great achievement of the INDEPENDENTS in 2010 , was to get $ 9 BILLION allocated to Regional Australia. To get our share of Federal Taxes , after many decades as the ‘poor cousin’ . If you check the Website : REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUSTRALIA FUND , you will see a list of hundreds of projects funded across Australia ,over the last three years . For decades the cities got everything they wanted . Hundreds of millions to dig a tunnel , so motorists could avoid 6 sets of traffic lights. Well now regional ( thanks to Oakeshott and Windsor) taxpayers are getting their share.

    It staggers me how so many people have been convinced by Abbotts relentless repetition. But that does not mean he is right. He may be doing it solely to get where ‘he’ wants to be. Please , please , take the time to look at the possibility that Abbott may be ‘selling you a line’ , purely for ‘ the win ‘. ( not really for the benefit of the country).

  100. I would like to apologize for my bad grammar and spelling. I do my best, but some find it wanting. Saying that, I believe they have problems, not me.

    When ones sight is not the best, it is writing the comments that causes the most problems. One just does not pick up the typos, spelling mistakes or bad grammar. No matter how hard one looks. That pesky spell checker, often changes words. This is particularly so for punctuation.

    I find no problem reading the comments, as one can just enlarge the font. Does not seem to work so hard, in the comment box.

    I used to write in word, cutting and paste to comments. Trouble is, that it takes up to much time. I have decided to let the comments of my bad spelling and grammars to go over my head. If people find it annoying, so be it.

    If they are lucky enough to grow old, they will find out for themselves, how stupid they have been over the years.

  101. Mark, many spuik nonsense. Truth will always out in the long run.

    I am not comparing a business budget, with the national budget, but if a company does not invest in ti’s future will go broke quickly. It matters not whether the money is borrowed or not.

    The same goes for a country.

    What Julia Gillard did, was invest in infrastructure and human capital, so the country and economy can grow, Not to do so, will take us backwards.

    Julia must hate sitting on the sidelines today, with the launching of NDIS. Still she can be proud that her efforts, against the odds led to today.

  102. Why apologise? Most of the grammar and spelling Nazis are over at the gutter. My qualm is your lack of question marks as sometimes it is hard to tell if you are making statements or actually inquiring.

    Funny thing is I looked over the other place and Tool of Melbourne seems to think the newest thread is about celebrating the 250,000th comment. Talk about a major comprehension failing.


  103. scaper, not using a question mark, I believe, leaves it as a statement. Anyway, if one looks at how the young write, they have disposed of all punctuation. Does make it hard to read though.

    I think that most comprehend what I say, it is content that counts. They must, as they are quick to condemn what I have written.

    scaper, the missing question marks, is laziness on my part, and yes you are correct.

  104. Mark, I do not believe many here fall for Abbott’s lies. You are among friends here, I suspect.
    Now have the younger Bishop on ABC 24

    More rubbish here. They are sure desperate

  105. Mark

    Most of your post is a load of crap. It attitudes like yours that got Greece and Spain into so much trouble.

    And I find it hard to believe that a Liberal/National Party govt would not fund the regional areas of Australia. In fact I heard that hawke/keating starved the Regional areas because there was no votes in funding regional Australia

  106. What really went wrong?

    “.The cruellest irony of Julia Gillard’s political career must surely be the chasm that existed between public perceptions of the first female prime minister and the views of those who worked with her closely.

    To those who knew her at a personal level, as I did, she was regarded as warm, good-humoured, dignified, hard-working and courageous.

    But as pollsters and shock jocks regularly reminded us, among much of the population she was viewed as a godless, childless, unmarried, lying, backstabbing witch.

    To understand this brutal disjuncture, a balanced appraisal is needed of Gillard’s ability as a politician and her period as prime minister.

    Gillard is one of the best close-quarters politicians the Federal Parliament has ever seen.

    As prime minister, she ran a disciplined, professional office that operated in much the same way as a well-run law firm – a product of her early career at Slater & Gordon.

    Cabinet process was strictly upheld and the massive flow of administrative and policy paperwork that moves between government departments, the prime minister’s office and the prime minister’s desk was dealt with efficiently….”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/secret-softie-the-cold-truth-is-gillards-warmth-couldnt-be-conveyed-to-voters-20130630-2p58z.html#ixzz2Xm67p885

  107. Where goes Newman there goes Abbott ten fold.

    Newman granted his party room a $57 thousand pay rise whilst knocking back any pay increases for his 50 thousand plus public servants.

    This whilst he keeps sending his state further backwards.

  108. of course he did, and its all anna bligh and the labor partys fault. and of course its illegal to say no ! of course ! i understand completely. those poor struggling pollies. maybe we should get meals on wheels to help them out.

  109. Michael, and to add.. There has been speculation for some time that internal polling by the Liberals revealed a different picture than the one presented to us by the Murdoch media in particular..hence the reason why “panic” seemed to set in at times, especially for Tony Abbott.

  110. Thanks Min, I was going to post that, have copied the link to the clipboard.

    Interesting thing for me is, and you would never have known it unless you visit Green or Possum, Gillard was slowly improving and I have no doubt that very close to the September date it would have been much closer than the MSM would have you believe. I bet most people out there don’t know that the polls were inching up for her.

    Also Abbott told another whopper today.

    After already twice claiming to be PM in speeches today, he said he’s always stated it would be a very close election and intimated he was the underdog.

    This man is the most unbelievably adulterated individual this country has seen.

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