The Spill

I can tell from the way the discussions are going on the other threads that people want to talk about the spill.

I reckon this issue might just have enough juice in it to warrant its own thread. 😉

Go for it.

318 comments on “The Spill

  1. I’ll show my cards before the spill. My preferences are:
    1. Labor
    2. Gillard
    3. Rudd

    No matter what happens after tonight, my first preference won’t change.

  2. I just find all of this heart breaking. I am not one that understands the inner workings of any political party and try to see the best in just about everyone but I am really disheartened by all of this because of the free ride Abbott has been handed on a platter. It is such a disgrace, such a let down. The enemy is Abbott, not each other

  3. Sorry Michael can’t list my votes in the same order. If the party votes for Rudd I’m out. WHo wants a party that rewards reckless egos. Rudd knows as we know that the polls are BS, therefore if he gets in he can be the messiah that pulls Labor through. Its not ethical and its sticks in my craw. Who is going to do really well out of this The Greens!

  4. Channel Ten contrasting Rudd’s and Gillard’s speeches. Ten praising Rudd for making an election speech, and therefore the preferred winner.

  5. Simple if K Rudd wins, I for one will never vote Labour again, Independents, Greens and Minor parties with LNP last preference. Be interesting to watch in the election how much the much minor parties gain

  6. So Kevin resigns tonight
    Ihave and will continue to vote Labor while Julia leads the party

  7. Michael, they’re my preferences as well, I do hope that if Rudd wins tonight, he continues to honour Julia Gillard’s legacy and not back down on any of Labor’s legislative successes. I dunno, I’m feeling very dispirited.

  8. My second vote will not be changing and I know I cannot vote directly for Gillard or Rudd, however, I shall be using my second vote for Stephen Smith, as is my constitutional right.

    I will be hoping for more Greens in the lower house and a Gillard Ministry after Sept 14th.

    My ballot paper will look like this ;-

    1; Greens
    2: Labor
    2a; Gillard
    2b; Rudd
    4; Coalition

  9. ALP – All Lost. People.
    What a degenerate Government we have after almost 3years of governing.
    An insulting result to all Australians, the only good thing is one of them will quit.
    Thus ridding ‘the House’ of one louse.

  10. How does one tell the difference between Rudd and Abbott. The formal and informal opposition leader.

    Abbott will be the victor, I am afraid.

    Still not the end of the world., Been here before, and Labor is still around..

    Governments come, governments go.

    That is politics.

    If one believes tonight will bring political stability, they have rocks in their head.

    The instability is only beginning.

    When a man says he has the power to perform miracles, one must worry.

    I am sure that it will be Abbott that is the most relieved., Do not believe he wants to face the PM tomorrow.

    The result could be, that the whole cabinet and front bench comes in behind the PM. The back bencher with Rudd. A funny situation.

    Has anyone seen the petition, and how many signatures. Look like the PM has given the ABC a miss, going to Sky to make her announcement.

    May the best man/woman win.

  11. PM. I can no longer be in the position where I face opposition from two parties. One, the Opposition, and one in my party. That can no longer continue.

  12. Rudd was a dysfunctional leader, which is why he was overthrown 3 years ago. The Ruddites want us to pretend he was not but most people are not fooled. If Rudd is made leader again, and wins the election, is he suddenly going to stop being a psychopath and a bully, or will he have to be overthrown all over again?

  13. @ voyager, With so many people and demographics not being polled, there are no certainties on Sept 14th. I shall be cheering as you go down, all guns blazing with the blanks you have been using all this Parliamentary Term.. All noise and no substance. Empty vessels making the most noise. The Liberal bloodletting will be a special sight!

  14. Rudd lied in his speech. He said Julia’s calling a ballot removed the need for a petition, but it was the petition that brought on the ballot. He is trying to blame Gillard for bringing on the spill. Everyone knows it was he who brought it on. Australians aren’t fools, though journalists might be.

  15. Tom R is expert at the spelling of the word “shrill” I can assure you.

    I blame spell-checker 😉

  16. If Rudd gets up, Labor will not be getting my vote, until he is sent on his way. Which I believe, will be something that happens quickly.

    As Cassidy said tonight, it is not the Labor voters that want Rudd, it is voters in the wider community. It is Rudd once again, stealing the Labor party.

    Earlier today, I was day dreaming, imagining how the PM would react, if beaten. I seen her coming into the house, congratulating Rudd, then saying she has fought a hard fight, and now it is time to retire gracefully.

    Funny, that is what she will be doing, if beaten.

  17. Curse you, Kevin Rudd, and curse you media. Because of this stupid leadershit tussle, Channel Ten is not showing The Simpsons tonight.

  18. If Rudd gets up, Labor will not be getting my vote.

    Yes you will. No woman is stupid enough to vote for Punchy.

  19. Well Abbott will still be last on the ticket, I hope I can find a good independent. Yes, my vote will still end up with Labor

    By the way, that is what I wrote about the PM three years ago. That she was taking the poison chalice long before she was ready.

    Sadly I was correct. I expected her to lose, not the abuse and undermining, she had withstood since the last election.

    The one thing for sure, no matter what happens, history is going to write up this, and the Rudd government as successful. That cannot be taken away from her.

  20. If Rudd is made leader again, and wins the election, is he suddenly going to stop being a psychopath and a bully, or will he have to be overthrown all over again?”

    Shows you how bad a judge of character were the voters in 2007

  21. The most powerful media magnate, Rupert Murdoch has won again. He said that he could make or break a political party at will (his words). He did it with Whitlam, Fraser and now it will be Gillard or Rudd. The media keep saying that the Government is not getting its message across. Why is this so? I always say there is a reason for everything. Why is the media preventing this from happening? Because of the the geriatric yank’s lust for power and for the preservation of his empire.

  22. Shorten using his press conference to push labor policies such as NDIS. Shorten is supporting Rudd, however. Oh dear.

  23. Does not Shorten realise, that the PM biggest problem is Rudd, If he goes so does the PM problems.

    Once Rudd is out of parliament, the PM will have clear air to move forwarded.

  24. Barrie Cassidy: There’s only one winner, and that’s Tony Abbott. Cassidy, go hang yourself.

  25. Fed-Up, Shortman realises that the Independents seats will go to Nationals, and Joolya cannot gain any seats, only lose seats, Windsor and Oakey resigning today, changed the whole game.

  26. silkworm, a Labor MP said that. 730, still going to be in Opposition. Rudd will unravel again. Nothing has changed in his regard.Rudd was not deposed for nothing. He was deposed for character flaws, that are still apparent. What type of man would launch the three years on white anting, that he has done,. Rudd has worked the system hard, to get to this position.

  27. scaper, when bombs go off, they affect all. Sometimes the innocence are the ones hurt.

    Voters in western Sydney, seem to be saying Rudd said he wouldn’t and should have struck to that,

  28. Rudd walking in on his won.

    If the PM wins, it will be over. She will be able to get on with winning the election.

    If Rudd wins, the fun will be just beginning. The PM will be leaving, but many left behind, wil be very angry

  29. Pyne needs to be careful He will drop dead with over excitement.

    Then the last one, that Pyne and Abbott want to see across the chamber tomorrow, is the PM.

  30. >>If Rudd wins, for the first time in my life, for the ALP… I’M out and Truth Seekers Musings is done!

    Me too TS. It will mean Shock jocks, MURDOCH empire, channel nine, UHLMAN, Simkin, Richo, Paul Murray, Sky News….and the saboteurs in the ALP have won.
    My wife and I will vote Green and exhaust our votes…tired of Western sydney bigots being catered to.

  31. So Ullmen holds his mobile and keeps checking? So who’s the caucus leaker. Reckon it would be Joel….but no news yet hmmmm

  32. I don’t care what ALBO says.
    I’m out.
    Stace is disgusted.
    She feels the ALP have screwed women for the men with interests in mining…money, money, money.
    Who don’t care about the environment.

  33. Looks like Shorten made the difference. Wonder how long Swan will last as deputy.

    Abbott might just get drunk tonight.

  34. Kim Wright, they’ve alienated a lot of men too.

    On the bright side, Punchy is shitting his pants.

  35. The Queen is dead, long live the king.

    Suspect not for long.

    Now the fun begins,. The stalker has won.

    Now what is his policies.

    What is wrong with Cassidy. Why has he not been saying the things over the months, that he is saying now,. He is in agreement with all that most here has been saying.

    A lot of talent, going outside the tent. A lot of lesser talent being bought back in.

  36. Laurie Oakes says Rudd might reduce “carbon tax” (his bogus term) to European level, thereby relieving the cost of living. What bullshit. It was due to reduce to the European level when the ETS comes online anyway. And who fed this BS to Oakes anyway?

  37. When Gillard got the gig she declared to Abbott, “GAME ON!”

    Now it is GAME OVER!

    Their is glee from the girls in this household. Bring on an early election so Australians can determine who the PM will be…a thang that you quasi elitists fail to grasp.

    Ding dong, the witch and her divisive tactics are dead.

    Now, say after me…”Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister.” Come on…you can do it.

    I repeat…”Kevin Rudd, PM.”

    The Kool-Aid is still chilled but the bubbles have fizzed out. Reminds me of a blog…

  38. Why do I feel so gutted? After all the struggles and all the acheivements, we, the Australian people, have lost. Lost, not just the next election and the chance of a bright new future, but we have lost for generations. Winston Churchill said, in a similar circumstances, “then the curtain will descend again to a very large extent, if not entirely. . . . an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. …. Anyone can see with his eyes open that our path will be difficult and also long.”

    Our children and their children have just been condemned to a regime run by Opus Dei and the Billionaires. The wall in Germany took many decades to fall. How long will it take for this wall around the protected elite take to fall?

  39. So you lot are trading in your Lefty-panic for Lefty-Misery over Joolya.? Cheer-up FFS, Mr-Rabbit just lost the election. Remember him.? He`s the dick-head that couldn`t convince a couple of Independents to support him.

  40. Labor have now lost me. I will NEVER vote for them again
    though I would vote for leprosy before I ever voted Lib/LNP

  41. silkworm @ 8:10 pm

    Bur Oaks did say that Abbott is a terrible and very unpopular leader even in his own party.

    I have no doubt there will be spill by the Liberals not long after the election if Abbott wins.

  42. What in the hell is wrong with Uhlmann and Cassidy. Al we have heard, is what a strong wonderful woman the PM is.

    What Rudd does not have this time, is the steady hand of Gillard. I suspect that Albanese might not take any rot, with ability to tell Rudd as it is,

    Now the policies will be interesting.

    There must be a no confidence motion tomorrow. Abbott has quick and hard.

    Yes, scaper, I am sure we will find much to talk about,..

    Why are they now talking about the real Julia.

  43. A sad day for Australia Murdochcracy 1 Democracy 0
    will get slightly sozzled later. My OH will not vote labor.

  44. Brenda. do not give up hope. Time fixes all,. In this case, it will not be that long.

    Same goes for Abbott. I believe that mob are so lacking in ability nous, the fall will come quickly.

  45. Forgive me by trying to add some logic. These are the facts:

    1. We have just lost a brilliant Prime Minister.

    2. Whatever the circumstances, no matter who we blame and how we feel, life will go on.

    3. Most of us here do not want to see Abbott in the Lodge.

    Think about it, a Rudd Government will be better than an Abbott Government.

    Yes, I too am disappointed. In my opinion Julia Gillard was an awesome Prime Minister who has been battered from pillar to post by the media and a large part of the electorate. Unfairly, I might add.

    But even if Neil of Sydney were the the leader of the Labor Party, I’d still vote against Abbott.

  46. The one thing I hope, is that there is no early election.

    The public needs to have options from both party’s to compare and opt for.

  47. Has already written ti the GG. Will be seeing her soon. So Rudd will be in place this night.










    SAD DAY.






  49. Miglo you do realize that the slither of difference that exists between Liberal and Labor is why the majority of the public can`t tell the difference between them. Joolya, like Kevin07 ran the ALP as the teabag-`lites`, which is why they have now had their 2nd knifing. Until they display some substantial difference to the Teabags, they will continue to flounder.

  50. I wonder where the PM would be, if Rudd had acted in a similar manner three years ago. Where would Labor be.

    Once again from Uhlmann, credit to what a wonderful strong woman she is. Might have made a difference if we heard this yesterday.

    The reaction of the media is confusing. Are they building PM up to undermine Rudd. She still is the PM, for a little while yet.

  51. They are still keeping the pushing for early election. . The only one that would benefit is Abbott., Would allow him to get away without policies, and definitely no costings.

    I believe that Rudd’s overblown belief in his abilities will not allow hi =m to do that. I hope so.

    Yes, believe the nice words for Julia, is to open the gate for attack on Rudd. Already began.

  52. Remind Uhlmann, it was Rudd that did not defend the government on the insulation allegations.

  53. I am disgusted with the outcome. Julia Gillard has been has had to fight not only the opposition but a psychopathic vindictive man in her own party. He had lost support but couldn’t retire gracefully. What a hero!. Not only that, the media has hammered her relentlessly, thanks Murdoch! If I could stomach the opposition, I would vote liberal.

  54. Just turned ABC off before I vomited, their crew full of pseudo feelgood bonhomie toward their victim. Lengthy faux wondering as to why she couldn’t get her message across, as always writing themselves out of the story. Right now I think Julia’s got the right idea, fuck it, let’s be gone.

  55. Would not be surprised if Julia told the likes of Wong, not to cut their own throat, but to get in there and fight for a win.

    Now Uhlmann is saying that Julia is liked by the PS but Rudd is not.

    Yes, the begriming to white anting Rudd has began. By praising Julia, they are undermining Rudd.

    Yes, there is a glorification of Julia in play. It is like the woman has died. Only good can be said.

  56. Wonder if Julia complained to the GG about her son in law.

    Rudd frightens me. Did not realise that until now. Manage to rubbish the ex PM without seeming to do so. He talk about people not listening, and he understood why. He was asking them to come back. What did he mean, by ‘I know why?’

    Yes, we all know why. When one is stalked and undermined for three years, it is impossible to get your message through. I suspect, that is not what Rudd. meant.

    We are at the beginning of very turbulent politics and great instability. We now have two lunatic leaders.

    On top of that, many of the skilled and experience ministers are moving on.

    No sign of the Opposition. I believe it is not by want of trying on their part.

  57. The ALP will be a lot better without the likes of Shortman and other so-called `king-makers` _ l hope voters chuck them out. Start with Shortman and Carr.

  58. Pity they did not get behind Julia, like they are getting behind Rudd, Can they trust Rudd. I believe not.

  59. Why waste time in having Abbott on. Still the same old slogans. Some new words would not go amiss.

  60. You need to recognize Teabag media can`t defeat Kevin07, he is a much better communicator than most of them are. Joolya, and her `communication-team` were shit-house, and was continually defeated on the communication front. Mr-Rabbit needs to be kept away from the media so he can`t shove both feet into his mouth.

  61. What a bunch of clowns…All grappling for power and a leg up while forgetting to really govern…Very embarrassing…

  62. Rudd will take the fight up to Abbott. I wonder what Julia does each day in the house, and would continue to do, when the campaign proper began. No one is on top of every topic as she is.

    Yes, Rudd, you did work with her closely. Are not you lucky. She watched your back t all times. One could say, say at the end, she carried you.

  63. Sorry ALP I just can’t stomach that whiny little narcissistic toad & as such I will not be assisting the ALP Federal campaign. I will rather burn the ALP to the ground & rebuild from scratch than deal with what the ALP stands for tonight … a party of self interest & self promotion.

    If it takes 12 years to regain office than so be it & we can use this period when looking back at ALP history to say ‘never again’.

  64. For the last few hours I have been inconsolable…… I have been saying things like ” went to bed as a Watermelon, will wake up tommorrow a Honeydew, green on the inside as well” … and totally trite shyte as that…basically I’m pretty 😀 umm,…pissed off….. I have voted anything other than the duopoly for 35 plus years…. Julia brought me back in to the it were 😉
    ….. and I guess Kev had a hand in that also….. Kev said SORRY…. that to me as an Anglo Australian that ‘gets’ IT, ranks in the same vein as a Snowy Mt Scheme… an Medicare….. an NDIS….’the real’ NBN… the wheel… etc,.. we advanced as Australians,… advanced as a ‘people’ into the 21st century with a hope of being one inclusive people,….. but though I will give him credit where credit is due….. I’m still really pissed off….. the same sorta pissed off ya feel when one discovers ‘whiteants’ in their home,..AY…… :mrgreen:

    The questions I must now ask myself…. 🙄

    But really it comes down to this…. do we as Australians want to be subjegated under an Rupert/Gina corrupt puppet squad…..
    ….do we want ours and our childrens futures sold off for the ego of short term gains……
    … we want to return to some semblance of democracy, without the media complicite….
    or… do we want the embarrassment that Tony Abbott IS.. to blight our countrys reputation and history into the future…..
    .. the fight is not about whom is leader of the ALP…. the fight is about stopping the destrustion of our Australian way of life and democracy by the MSMLNP and hanger ons (*winks* @ Scaper).
    Who or whom ever you vote for, don’t vote for Tony… he only represents the 1%, he will be an wrecking ball for the rest of us in the 99%
    …and one more thing,………. Dear Julia… thank you.

  65. CWs united in their lack of love for their new leader from the posts.
    Well you have the ‘new Kevin’.
    Unfortunately new will turn to old very quickly.
    Unions must be spewing, they hate Rudd even more than CWs
    Polls will go up before descending , let the Limbo Rock begin.How low can you go.
    Does he have the numbers in the house to prove he can be sworn in as PM?

  66. Well, the Unhingement has won. The battle at least. And a major battle at that.

    Chalk up another scalp for rupe

    a Rudd Government will be better than an Abbott Government.

    Well said Migs. However, I’m going to have to sit back and watch to see what evolves. I am confident that Rudd at his worst is streaks ahead of tabot at his best (does he even have that)

    But, the manner that Rudd went about this just leaves you sick to the core. Prepared to thoroughly trash his own party in order to get back his job. I know politics is brutal, even within ones own party, but what rudd and his backers did last election and ever since is abhorrent in my book. They actively helped out the libs on a path to win an election, purely for his own gain.

    I am going to miss Gillard, who was prepared to stand up to the media, the miners and the men. She lifted the lid on vitriolic and putrid underbelly of who and what really runs this country, and they didn’t like it one bit.

    The most interesting thing from now is, what manner in which the Unhingement will take attack rudd? I have seen in the comments that tools such as ulman etc have been lauding Gillard, which is probably the first step in the undermining of Rudd. Will the voters attention span be that short to fall for it?

    The upside of all this is that Labor is united. The Gillard forces have shown through their leaving that they will not be launching an undermining campaign like Rudd and his lot did. Labor will be worst off for their departure though.

  67. I expect Gillard to vacate the Lodge today so the place can be fumigated. The bed will have to be burnt as no fumigation will disinfect it.

    No longer can Gillard avoid police questioning by hiding in the office of PM. A hearing in the Victorian Magistrates Court very soon will clear the way for charges to be laid.

    Your blind admiration for Gillard is noted.

  68. The unhingement? Yep, the comments here are certainly a testimony of the unhingement.

    You say it was Rupert’s fault then you blame Rudd? Nothing like unhinged hypocrisy in the morning.

  69. Despite the anger and frustration, Abbott/Murdoch are the immediate enemies, and although I will not fight for Krudd, I will fight against the scum!

    I will fight for our country, our democracy and our futures 🙂 and when it’s done, I will fight for Karma. 😯

    Cheers 😉

  70. “…while forgetting to really govern.”

    And Sparta chimes in with ignorance.

    For your information. Well over 500 pieces of legislation through in a minority government. Many some of the most profound and major reforms seen in this country, and of great benefit to Australians like the many with disabilities or unable to get a decent education.

    And whilst this leadership spill was going on, two major reform policies got through parliament this week.

    So you tell me how they are not governing.

    I guess unlike conservatives, who even with both houses and overwhelming majorities, have trouble governing in the best of times without screwing it up, progressives can do many things at the same time, including infighting, and still govern well, as unlike conservatives who always put their vested interests and masters ahead of the people the progressives put the people ahead of themselves.

    Finally it was good to see that it was a woman who held up and stymied the republicans in their wish to restrict abortion in Texas. Wonder how many “tough” republicans could have stood for over ten hours with no breaks and talking continuously. The answer is none, they are nearly all old white males whose bladders can’t last one hour let alone ten.

  71. You say it was Rupert’s fault then you blame Rudd?

    In the same way that tabot wouldn’t be able to get away with what he has without the support of the media, so it was with rudd.

    Three years of leadershit, and, even after he had said no, so many times, little words from little men behind the scenes causes the media pack as one to ignore policy completely, and pursue rudds agenda for him.

    I pity the caucus, they were left with not much room to move. Stick with Gillard, and have leadershit dominate right through even the election campaign, or give rupe what he wants, and play with that hand.

    At least with Gillard, they knew what they were getting into, who knows what parts of his soul rudd has sold in order to get his prize.

    The only upside is, it is clear even rupe can’t trust him, no bar is too low. In this case, when dealing with the likes of the murdochs, that may well be his saving grace.

    I don’t believe the Unhingement will cease. We might get a lull, but it will return, just with a new target. And rudd has shown he cannot handle that. His skin is too thin.

  72. “I don’t believe the Unhingement will cease. We might get a lull, but it will return, just with a new target.”

    What lull, it’s already started as there are attack ads against Rudd circulating now.

    They are playing his many times promise of not challenging and framing it as you can’t trust him on his word. Which is rich coming from the conservatives who support Abbott, the greatest liar and backflipper we have seen, but apart from their hypocrisy they have a point.

  73. I’d only glanced at the front pages so far ME, and all I saw was smug headlines basically bragging “Look what we did!”

    Too worn out to look any deeper at the moment. But, as I said, the Unhingement will return. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was already

  74. Still too gutted to comment rationally. Hard to be inspired by a man who has actively worked to destroy a true Labor great whose legacy of progressive reform is what will help him in his election campaign.

    I wonder if Albanese is feeling as uncomfortable as he looks in this picture?

  75. “Many some of the most profound and major reforms seen in this country”

    I am sure Adrian…The ignorance you speak of must be “airborne” because the last time I checked the majority of “your countrymen” disagreed with you, not just the American; including the Labor party itself…Sorry old chap, nothing “profound” when you can’t even win over your own party. If what you say were true they could stand on it, clearly they can’t…Glad to see your brilliance is henceforth still “in your own mind”…Haloperidol Adrian; been in depot form for some time, please utilize it…..

  76. Many some of the most profound and major reforms seen in this country, and of great benefit to Australians like the many with disabilities or unable to get a decent education.

    What reforms?? You lot get excited when Labor announces a major policy. How about you wait until it is actually up and running and see if the program is any good before you give praise.

    We were promised an NBN costing $4.7B and to be finished in 5 years during the 2007 election campaign. It helped Labor win a lot of votes. But where is the NBN after 6 years??

  77. Sorry Sparta I was directly referencing a specific statement you made, that was stated in ignorance, unless you can come up with direct examples of where they failed to govern and didn’t get any legislation through out of the more than 500 pieces that were passed included two of the biggest reforms this week, one that was signed off yesterday in the midst of infighting.

    I note that you chose to ignore that.

    Typical though and I didn’t expect anything less from you, including the lame ad hominem attacks.

  78. Interesting point was made that Abbott supported nearly all of those 500+ pieces of legislation without the normal opposition practice of offering amendments or highlighting shortcomings, thus he endorsed all of them and believed they were sound policy.

    Apart from the Carbon Price an MRT he has promised to repeal, he now needs to state which of the other 500+ pieces he plans to repeal. If he doesn’t repeal them it means he is endorsing them as good legislation.

    So far he has stated that he will be keeping just about all of the bills passed since the last election. A ringing endorsement for Labor’s agenda and governance.

  79. Miglo its not that we just lost a wonderful PM. Its that the party rewarded his bullying, destabilising, unethical behaviour. To vote for Labor now means we too are supporting that behaviour, and I for one cannot do that. People shouldn’t be encouraged to let their own ethics e thrown aside to defeat Abbott. There are ways to make it clear we are not impressed. Just be careful with your preferences. A donkey vote though does nothing.

  80. A ringing endorsement for Labor’s agenda and governance.

    I’m not sure tabot not being able to propose any amendments is a ‘ringing endorsement’. It’s like saying that since a dog doesn’t complain about space travel, it must be good.

    However, the policies themselves are testament to how good they are, and the unhingement from those opposed, without any facts to back them up with, just outrage.

  81. “for nils short memory

    I have a good memory.

    NBN, NDIS, Gonsky don’t exist. MRRT does not collect any tax and is driving away business most probably reducing tax for the govt. I will give you plain packaging of cigarettes.

    “that Abbott supported nearly all of those 500+ pieces of legislation”

    I am sure you lot told me that Abbott opposed everything, now you are saying he supported everything.

  82. NBN, NDIS, Gonsky don’t exist
    And as was patiently explained to you earlier, just because they are not fully completed, does not mean that they do not exist. How simplistic.

    MRRT does not collect any tax
    it is, just a small amount, as, it is a tax specifically on ‘super’ profits. It will.

    and is driving away business
    Love to see the evidence for that. Not some tools opinion.

    now you are saying he supported everything.

    He told everyone he opposed everything. He keeps harping on about a no confidence motion, but is too gutless to do it. He did actually oppose a lot in the Parliament, particularly the large reforms, unsuccessfully, although, it did make getting anything through difficult. That is when he wasn’t sleeping of a bender in his office. What he didn’t do, was successfully amend anything.

  83. He told everyone he opposed everything.”

    Did he or are you making stuff up?? Your list

    Legislated Mental health package

    My understanding is Labor has cut mental health funding and anyway they are all Howard govt programs

    Legislated Dental Care package

    Labor abolished a Hoard govt dental program (CDDS)

    Created 90 Headspace sites

    Headspace was a Howard govt creation

    Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects)”

    Labor renamed Auslink to Nation Building Program and then claimed credit for it.

    “· Low unemployment”

    Unemployment was 4.3% in 2007

    Lowest debt to GDP in OECD

    And what did Labor do to create that?? Govt debt was ZERO in 2007.

    And you lot wonder why I do not trust anything you say.

  84. hahahahaha

    Just saw tabot telling us that in 2010, we voted for Gillard, and now we have Rudd.

    After three years of telling us this was an ‘illegitimate’ Government 😯

    Whats the bet the media fail to highlight this?

  85. And that Abbott yet again doesn’t seem to know about how our democracy works. How many times now has he made the mistake of saying Australians vote for the PM?

    Didn’t we have Turnbull as opposition leader once and then have Abbott. Since that time Abbott has consistently polled lower than Turnbull as preferred leader. So why isn’t the media calling for a change of LOTO?

  86. Most of you here know my feelings on the first ousting of Kevin Rudd so naturally I am pleased that he is back as PM.
    However I am also very sad that our first female PM came to power in the way she did and in addition the treatment she received while being PM from many sections of the community, politicians and media. Trying to handle a minority government would be so very hard for anyone and I really hope that the next government is also a hung parliament so that Tony Abbott can feel the heat of a blow torch that fries him alive. I hope every day they seek to bring him down, just as he has done to a fully legitimate government.
    I also hope for a hung parliament as I simply detest the two party duopoly that is our so called democracy.
    Those who claim this minority government was a failure simply are rusted on partisan LNP junkies who cannot see past their own bias.
    Those who claim this minority government was perfect are simply rusted on partisan ALP junkies who cannot see past their own bias.
    I think the ALP now stands a chance of not becoming a rump like it has in QLD State Politics and this can only be good for the country and our democracy as too much of a majority leads to complacency and dictatorial policies not revealed to voters prior to the election (as we have also seen here in QLD).
    I remind Tony Abbott that he came to be leader of the opposition through underhanded tactics and won by 1 vote when 2 members were away and unable to vote. He cannot claim the moral high ground on either how he got his own job or the slimmest possible margin he was elected when stating unity of a party. I would be milking this for all it is worth during the election campaign if I was Rudd.

  87. I bet we will not see in the next poll, the question “Who do you prefer, Rudd or Gillard”. They will not be game to ask that question.

    We are now seeing the political system run by popularity, based on polls. That can only lead to disaster.

    We see that wonderful, gutsy woman, sitting in the house listening to the Oakeshott valedictory.

    The new PM< will be traveling on the shirt tails of Gillard's many achievements of the last three years, as well as those of the three before. It will be the results of Gillard's efforts the the present PM.

    I will not be working for the present PM in anyway. I will follow the example of the Julia over the last few hours. I will ignore the man, get on with doing all I can, so that Abbott does not attain, what his parents said was his destiny. He has done nothing to earn that privilege.

    I will fight to see Julia's legacy protected. That much, she deserves. Labor will eventually come to their senses. They have made their choice, panicking because of

    As I have been saying about those that attacked Julia, politics is not about popularity, but what one achieves. Therefor whether I like the present PM is of no account. What I do expect, that now after stalking the PM for three years, he better not muck it up.. He better not undo all the good she has achieved.

    What Julia has achieve in the long run, not be undone. It is up to the present PM to ensure that is the case. I suspect she has achieved most of what she set out to do. Time now to move onto another field, which I believe she will also achieve at.

    In the meantime, we need to do what we can. to keep Abbott, the mad monk, sitting where he is now. Better still would be to see him out of the house altogether.

    After all, at the end of the days, politics is all about numbers.

    Member for FIsher is giving his valedictory. Does that mean he is not running again. Wonder if he will dump any rubbish on others.

  88. This just in. Ashbygate wound reopened. Joe Hockey said to have acknowledged that Clive Palmer was the one paying James Ashby’s legal fees.

  89. Those who claim this minority government was perfect are simply rusted on partisan ALP junkies who cannot see past their own bias.

    It wasn’t perfect, far from it, but it was a fine Government that achieved a lot of great practical policies.

    And, the Labor Government (whomever leads it) still does.

    The Federal Government’s bill to crackdown on the 457 foreign worker visa scheme has passed the Lower House.

    I have always supported a party that supports the worker, regardless of personalities.

  90. The one thing this PM has seen, is how easy it is to wipe the floor with Abbott.

    Suspect that will continue.

    Yes, one could write down all Abbott’s question before QT started. Yes, he will act as one could predict.

    It is clear, we are going to hear from Abbott, what we have been hearing for over the last three years. The brief appearance of Abbott last night proved that. Still the same old stale slogans and nasty remarks. The man cannot adjust.

  91. If I was Abbott, I would not be aiming one question at the PM, but to his ministers. That is were the weakest spots are.

    NO, they are attacking, as if the Julia is still standing there.

  92. shaneinqld

    Hi Shane

    I am pretty sure you were one of the people who condemned the Costello tax cuts from 6 years ago. If this is correct just wondering what you think of this.

    The Government has delivered $47 billion of tax cuts in our first four years since coming to office. In addition, we have provided further tax cuts as assistance for the cost of living impact of the carbon price from 2012‑13. Even after accounting for the small increase in the Medicare levy in 2014‑15 we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales.

    Why do Labor supporters go back 6 years to condemn the Costello tax cuts but do not mention the tax cuts in last months budget??? Swan even does a comparison with Costello’s last budget.

  93. Why do Labor supporters go back 6 years to condemn the Costello tax cuts but do not mention the tax cuts in last months budget?

    As I mentioned earlier nil, those tax cuts are offset from elsewhere in the budget, as that report you referred to the other day that you were unable to comprehend showed.

  94. Like the mining tax??? HAHAHAHAH!

    I see that the Auditor General has found that the Gonski education reforms contain only $879 million in new spending over their first four years, compared with the $2.9 billion reflected in the budget and that spending will decline in two of the first four years.

    The Budget Papers are not worthy of wiping Gillard’s tears!

  95. Neil
    I told you last time that your petty gotcha style of debating is childish and I will not enter into debate with you anymore. Your oh so boring labelling really annoys me as well as by now you should have enough brain cells to comprehend that I dislike things on both sides, but your own blindness seems complete.
    I berated the Costello Tax Cuts and I also berate the ALP Tax cuts, but how about you have a look who benefited from the Costello tax cuts the most and the ALP Tax Cuts. You may find there is a marked difference between the two. However you simply cannot be reasoned with as your hatred of one side of politics and your blindness to the other has consumed you, much like Alan Jones.

    Expect no further responses from me.

  96. “No longer can Gillard avoid police questioning by hiding in the office of PM. A hearing in the Victorian Magistrates Court very soon will clear the way for charges to be laid.”

    scaper, do you really believe we are going to hear more about this. Julia is gone, that was all it is about.

    Not so sure, that Julia herself might not stir the pot, with a few legal actions herself. But then, the woman strongest strength, seems to be, her ability not to hold a grudge, but to quickly forget.

    Smith valediction now on. Women in the forces have much to thank this man for.

    At least the ex PM has spent her last day, listening to what many think of her.

  97. If Gillard gets convicted and sentenced to a year in prison she will lose her parliamentary pension.

    Your support for her is sickening!

  98. and I also berate the ALP Tax cuts

    Lots of ALP supporters have told me Costello has created problems for the budget because of tax cuts from SIX years ago.

    Most do not know about the tax cuts in last months (May) budget. I didn’t until someone showed me the page in the budget. And Swan has tax cuts for the next 4 years.

    What I dislike are double standards. Maybe not you, but most ALP supporters will condemn the Costello cuts but do not even know that Swan has also been delivering tax cuts.

    And i am not blind.

  99. I see that Gillard’s pet misogynist (Slipper) is also retiring. Never could understand how you lot were supportive of that grub. That’s right, ethically challenged.

  100. And Swan has tax cuts for the next 4 years.

    Yes, and what you appear to deliberately ignore, is that those cuts are offset by other facets within the budget.

    Which is how the structural deficit within the budget, introduced by howard/costello, is being addressed.

  101. That’s a huge IF from the resident Abbott / Gina butt plug – she hasn’t even been charged with anything, little lone (sic) convicted and sentenced 🙄

  102. Gee, the seven month investigation by the Victorian Police must be a wild goose chase then.

    Hey, explain this structural deficit…should be interesting or are you talking out of your arse? Come on, Tommy.

  103. Mr Slipper has used parliamentary privilege to reveal a story passed onto him by wealthy political hopeful Clive Palmer about Mr Brough’s involvement in the Ashby case.

    “Mr Palmer mentioned to me at that time that about Easter last year, Mr Brough accompanied by the Member for North Sydney came to see Mr Palmer to ask him to fund James Ashby’s legal fees,” Mr Slipper said.

    Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey is the Member for North Sydney.

    Will this be chased up by ANY journalist?

  104. Come on, Tommy.

    Read back through the previous threads I alluded to else you might come across as appearing ignorant scaper 😉

  105. scaper

    You conveniently forget that slipper was supported by Tony Abbott and the LNP party machine for YEARS and YEARS despite rumours and rumblings. Only when he decided to accept the position of speaker did the dirt and allegations and outright character decimation commence. Does this not show you the disgusting lengths the LNP and conservatives will go to in order to destroy someone is they dare leave the fold and join the other side. What a sickening display we are providing as examples for our future generations. Problem is that there is dirt on both sides and they fling it at every opportunity, however the media have sided with the LNP and so the mud slung at the LNP seems to disappear very quickly thanks to Rupert, Gina and Co never to be regurgitated ad infinitum like the ALP mud is.

  106. “Which is how the structural deficit within the budget, introduced by howard/costello, is being addressed.

    You obviously have no shame. There was no structural deficit. It was a con job by Swan to trash Costello.

  107. despite rumours and rumblings

    So you think it is O.K. to sack Slipper for rumours?? I guess you do.

  108. I think we all should stop trying to educate the scaper and Neil. Waste of our energy

    Wise words Kim Wright. Besides, it’s Beer’O’Clock

  109. I don’t require your brand of education as doing quite fine. Was it not you that used Gillard’s first name Julie?

    Hey Bacchus, did you find your way out of the cellar? Obviously not because I doubt you have seen daylight, little lone been to the USA where I’ve heard that used many a time.

  110. Cheer-up Lefty`s. Kevin07 has already lifted morale and stopped so-called `land-slide` to Mr-Rabbit. (if you really believed there was one)
    Confidence is actually returning because at some level the public are well aware that Kevin07 is an excellent communicator and campaigner, while Joolya is not.
    Stop sulking. Mr-Rabbit just lost.

  111. Hey Tommy, your first link puts the responsibility of the so called structural deficit mainly on the Rudd/Gillard governments. Like to know who the peer reviewers were too.

    They have created real deficits due to their tax cuts and excessive spending…and of course their top end revenue projections like a 12% increase last fiscal year.

    Got anything better to back up your aspersion???

  112. I think we all should stop trying to educate the scaper and Neil. Waste of our energy”

    Socialists normally do not try to educate people. You just send us to re-education camps.

    “lol, nil’s memory lasts less than a day

    My memory? I showed to that PBO link. Treasury has published three results for the alleged structural deficit. In the PBO paper it did not exist.

    But you might be right, it was trending down but the structural deficit was measured by Swan to trash Costello. Swan doesn’t mention it anymore because it did not exist under Costello. it does exist now.

  113. The younger Bishop now on. Nothing new there but venomous spite. She will not now have another woman to make purring noises and clawing moves at.

  114. We need to remember that the caucus removed Rudd because they lost confidence in him. I do not believe that they deposed Gillard for the same reason., NO, the caucus came to the conclusion, that no matter what she has achieved and how good she has been, it is impossible for her to turn those polls around.

    Of course, if all pulled in behind her, including Rudd, she would not have been in that position. That is history, and cannot be changed.

    Those on this side of the fence, appears to be accepting the reality of what has occurred, even though many do not like it, are getting behind Labor. What we do not want is Abbott. Nothing has changed there. Nothing to show that he would be a worthy successor to this government.

    Nothing that Abbott has done, has led to Gillard’s downfall. Absolutely nothing, in fact it has been her superiority over Abbott that has mostly kept her in office so long.

    All that has happened today is. that Rudd has been able to carry on from Gillard.

    They, are in my opinion mistaken. They accepted the reality of what the PM has had to cope with, and put back in office the one man that seems to have a chance, of turning polls around.

    Sadly, we live in an age, where it appears the media controls our democracy. Polls have replaced the voting box.

    Thanks to the previous PM, Rudd will be taking to the electorate a strong platform to take us forwarded.

    What is clear today, the Opposition has not changed in any way. Is still struck in the past.

    Who wins the next election, is up to the voters. What we have now to choose from, is two men, that are similar. What Labor has, is the foundation and policies laid down by Rudd. It is up to him to ensure they are not squandered.

  115. No the MRRT is not collecting much tax now. That is not surprising, as the super profits have receded.

    Now, I wonder what all the miners think of what the states have done, which takes away from the MRRT..Yes, to undermine the PM and Federal Government, raised the mining royalties, that they pay no matter their profits.

    Not going into the NBN again., Just cannot be bothered dealing with the lies put forwarded. Those who want a better broad band are well aware what is the better.

    The same goes for the CEF, events in China and the USA proves that Labor is on track.

    Pyne enjoying himself. Speaker does not seem to agree with him.

    Garrett is now making his valedictory. Pyne thankfully cut off.

  116. Yes Fed-up the `mining-tax` hasn`t brought in much, shame really, when so much bickering and fighting was needed to get the damn thing through. Are you watching Abc24 or Sky.?

  117. Is this the reality of our politics today. I fear it is, that we have cowered to the fear of the polls and the media. Yes, I believe the blame lies with Rudd, but would not have occurred if the media did their job, and report all, not use Rudd to depose a PM.

    What we cannot allow, is the media t also control what becomes the next government.We the public need to take back our control.

    Rudd has proven he is a good campaigner but poor in implementing policies. Thanks to the good work of Gillard, this is not that important for the next government. What Rudd has to cement Gillard legacy into place. . Ensure that they survive. The building blocks are there, to take us well into this century. Yes, the investments in infrastructure, both physical and human have been laid. All that Rudd has to do, is build on that. I suspect he will be good at this role.The hard work has been done.

    What we cannot have, is the demolisher being allow to pull them all down.
    At the end of the day, politics is not and should not be about personalities. Personalities have to deliver.

    I lived with Hawke, who I was never keen on,. I suspect, I can live with Rudd, as long as he respects and protects what Gillard has done.

    At the end of the day, it is Labor I support. warts and all. Leaders and MPs come and go. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. It is up to us, to make it better.

    Throwing it out, it is not the answer.

  118. Yes, because of the toxic political climate today, what happen last night was inevitable, What can we do, to turn the climate that exists today, around. Not very good for democracy.

    Whatever the date of the election, it is true, it will be within the next few weeks. Why the noise about it. Why is Abbott desperate for it to be held early. Can only think, he is afraid the pubic might wake up to the fact, he has nothing to offer.

  119. One good thing that has occurred out of the last few days, the PM can return to SA and give her mother the support and attention she needs. The PM can ow have the space to grieve. Politics demand a big cost in ones private life these days.

  120. Neil, the main reason is he was not interested of what happened in parliament. Was just plan too lazy, rather spend his time with stunts. That is why, many times, he made a fool of himself, asking questions, that the answer could be found in the bill, that his side had just supported.

    Yes, if it meant having a go at workers and supporting bosses, they were in there fighting hard, just as they have this week, fighting moderate changes in the 457 legislation.

    Yes, Gillard mange to get through many reforms, important ones, that take us into this century, that Keating, Howard and Rudd has no success at.

    All essential, to allow us to go forwarded.

    Neil, you can twist and turn all you like, but cannot change the facts.
    By the way, her legacy is also one of the leading western worlds economy. Nothing to be sneezed at.

    We have now two leaders, that are good at stunts. but little more.

    At least Rudd will not make a fool of us overseas.

    I suspect he will not get the genuine respect that Gillard received.


  121. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Ms. Gillard’s place in history will be as one of Australia’s finest Prime Ministers. This article below is true, however also emphasises the fact that it’s not about achievements but The Almighty Campaign..winning the race being all important rather than why you were taking part in the event in the first place.

    But Gillard can claim some legacy achievements: DisabilityCare Australia, paid parental leave, plain cigarette packs, the apology to forced adoptees and the creation of one million jobs despite a faltering global economy.

    However, her inability to be able to sell the government’s achievements led to the final caucus revolt and return of Rudd, who was seen as the more electorally popular, “cut-through” campaigner.

  122. As far as Rudd, I must respect him for his apology to the stolen generations, and for his response to the GFC..for which he (surprisingly) was awarded The Australian newspaper’s Australian of the Year.

  123. Min, some are concerned that Rudd will take credit for Gillard’s achievements.

    Who cares if he does. We know different. There was moment in Parliament today, another handshake, that should be as prominent, as that one of Latham and Howard.

    When Rudd come int the house. he paused to shake hands with Tanya. Her body stiffened, shook hands, no smile, and pulled her hands to her chest. I think the action was involuntary. I suspect Rudd picked up what occurred, as he quickly moved on. In that I must be wrong, as I do not believe Rudd sees the feelings of others.

    Another was watching the body language of Wong last night, when they came out with Rudd. She did her best to get as far behind as possible. Comfortable she did not look.

    Neil and scaper, time to get up to date. It is a new day.

    The one that seems to be in trouble is Hockey. Appears he lied in Parliament today. Palmer has come out and said he was ask to fun Ashby. Kinda puts meat on the Rare’s judgment.

    scaper, it could be that Sipper has the last laugh.

    scaper and Neil, it is now a whole new ball game. Time to catch up

  124. “:20pm: The Coalition will try to get an upper hand in the asylum seeker debate with immigration spokesman Scott Morrison to fly to Indonesia tonight.

    Read more:

    Interesting move, when Indonesia recently let it known that they were fed up with politicians using their country for political reason.

    Did not Indonesia say that the arrangements made with Gillard are still on. I think I heard an aside, they could not understand why she has been replaced.

    This is one issue, the PM should pick up the phone and talk to the Gillard. It could be a winner for Labor, or what leads to defeat.

    Yes, I believe Morrison would do better by staying home.

    I also believe that Gillard has something in store regarding asylum seekers, with Indonesia.

  125. Looks like Rudd has trouble telling the truth.

    Kevin Rudd, February 27, 2012:

    TO Julia I would say this … You will have my absolute support in your efforts to bring us to victory. I will not under any circumstances mount a challenge against your leadership. I go one step further. If anyone turns on Julia in the 18 months ahead … Julia – you will find me in your corner against them.

    Rudd, March 21:

    WHEN I say to my parliamentary colleagues and to the people at large across Australia that I would not challenge for the Labor leadership I believe in honouring my word. Others treat such commitments lightly. I do not.

  126. Hey, Catching up…you have the gall to tell me to catch up?

    You and the other blind Gillard supporters are still crying into your porridge and the thought hasn’t even crossed your minds that now with a real PM it is now a contest.

    My prediction of Labor holding 47 seats is looking much better now.

    I also noticed the change of tone in Parliament QT yesterday and you fools maintained that the PM does not set the tone. Well, how much more foolish do you lot look now!

  127. I suspect that Rudd is a psychopath. He is definitely a liar since he promised he would not challenge Gillard under any circumstances.

    Looks like 45% of the population is going to vote for a psychopath.

  128. I also noticed the change of tone in Parliament QT yesterday

    lol. How many lnp mp’s got kicked out again ❓

    pyne got booted for calling rudd a liar, back to his old tricks. Nothing changed. Still a mob of hateful little upstarts.

  129. Has there ever been a question time when no one was kicked out??? That’s right, you are one of the fools that believe the opposition sets the tone…amazing!

  130. I see a Reachtel poll held on Thursday night (3000) has 48/52 to the coalition. A loss of around twenty seats. My prediction is in the ball park based on those numbers.

  131. I must admit nobody does a leadership spill like the ALP. I think leadership changes should be a little less violent but that appears to be the ALP way.

  132. It seems that Rudd supporters are urging him to dump Gonski, in spite of the fact that Tasmania is to sign up this weekend.

    Gutless mob, I must say.

    Same goes for the price on carbon emissions.

    I thought the man was a great salesman. Why not go out and sell the policies.

    They are all worth fighting for.

    In fact, I would say they are essential.

  133. I have this feeling that Rudd intends to erase the Gillard government from history., Erase everything she achieved. He is happy to praise all she did as deputy.

    It is quickly coming apparent that politics in this country, in both parties has reach a low level that it has never before. Labor is sinking to the level of the Liberals. Sorry, Labor has sunk.

    When one looks at the Labor ministers, that have reacted to this weeks happenings, by leaving parliament, one should ask themselves why. There was no indication that any was leaving before this. In fact, I believe they would have made it known before this,

    I have a feeling we have rats in the ranks. That does happen from time to time. I think that NSW has been cleaned out, and not it is time to clean them out Federally. The shame is, it is not the rats that are jumping ship.

    One cannot vote for the coalition,. It is becoming near impossible to vote for Labor.

    It appears that we cannot now even save what has been achieved over the last three or more years.

    Maybe there will be large number of decent independents that decide to run.

    Maybe, and I hate to say it, the Greens are the best of the lot.

    I really believe we have a big dilemma on our hands, if we value our democracy.


  134. “I suspect that Rudd is a psychopath. ”

    Neil. I would not say that. In fact, there seems to be many politicians like him on both sides of the house. Just self centred and full of their own self importance.

    They are only a danger, when they get their hands on the tiller of power.

    Just nasty little men.

  135. scaper, how would some of the honourable members of the LNP go, if Rudd was to order a Royal Commission into the Slipper/Ashby case.

  136. Crowey, I would support the Royal Commission as it is the best way to expose the conspiracy theorists or indeed if there was some wrong done. A bloody expensive way to get to the truth though.

    You people just can’t get it into your heads that I am no patsy for any party or person.

    Hey Catching Up, that is bereft of question marks. The trouble with our polity is it is influenced by the extreme minorities of the left/right, in the long run we get what we deserve!

  137. As the right wingers go on about polls so much, and they seem to be very mute about them and betting since the Spill, then they must believe the latest data.

    Go to Antony Greens election calculator taking into account after Spill polls.

    Labor wins election by 4 seats, Coalition loses 4 seats.

  138. ” if Rudd was to order a Royal Commission into the Slipper/Ashby case.

    I hope somebody does. I am sick of allegations against the Coalition with no substance. And what would be the point however. Brough is not even in Parliament.

    Still waiting for something to be done about AWB. It was one of the leftoid talking points.

    It seems to be the ALP way. You try and smear an opponent. If that does not work you tell lies. What is the point with Swan saying Abbott was drunk?? Was Swan present?? Was he an eyewitness??

  139. Anyone who is saying that rudd is planning to dump any reforms put in by Gillard didn’t watch question time yesterday

    I understand that you are upset FU, but, it is a choice between Labors reforms, or liberals sycophancy

  140. What reforms??

    Gonski maybe money in 15 years time. NDIS maybe money in 20 years time. NBN maybe finished in 30 years.

    All the ALP does is give people hope (NBN in 5 years) and then does not deliver.

    It is amazing how ALP supporters convince themselves to vote for Labor. Unemployment at double digits for 30 months under Keating- still vote Labor. Howard takes unemployment to 4.3%- still vote Labor.

  141. After today’s political efforts from both parties, I suspect that the public is going to turn off more. This is what they do not want to hear.

  142. I believe we are getting nearer to a couple of court cases. At least it will be a little different to what we are getting today.

    Bough and co would not survive a Royal Commission. Trouble is they take too long. Needed to be done months ago. Pity Gillard did not have more mongrel in her.

  143. Tom, he only praised what she did as deputy. He did this on more than one occasion. We will see in a hour or so.

    Yes, Tom, I have been listening, Do not like what he is saying.

    Tom, I do not trust the man.

    Even Cameron was a little taken back last night. Listen to what Bob Carr has to say.

    Now he is gong to reverse the cuts to a handful of single partners that were covered by Howard;s grand father clause.

  144. There is news around that Rudd will drop the carbon “tax” and the Greens are up in arms about it. However, this may help us in fighting climate change, if one thinks it through. Kevin Rudd said years ago that climate change was the greatest moral challenge of our time, and he could reaffirm this by saying that participation in the global carbon market will give Australia more say in the global climate talks. The sooner we join the global market, the sooner we will have a say in the matter.

    Climate change is a global challenge, not just an Australian one, and Australia could use this as an opportunity to pressure others countries to come on board the global trading scheme. Once the USA is on board – and Obama has indicated his enthusiasm – the combined countries could then raise the price of carbon to give the scheme more effect. I don’t know that the Greens have thought this through, but may just be thinking in terms of national pride, i.e., we are doing more than other countries to combat climate change.

  145. Yes Tom, some say that. Sadly I have not seen it. Keeping focused and keeping to task is not being a mongrel.

    If they dealt with Rudd, when he first started his campaign, we would be in a better position.

    It is hard to believe one man can destroy a party, especially one as tough as Labor,

  146. The list goes on.

    I been through some of that list. Obviously you do not agree with my opinion. Most of it is a load of crap. The list mentions this

    Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects)

    The NBP is just a renamed Auslink from the previous govt. Auslink 1 ran from 2004-09 and Auslink 2 runs from 2009-2014. These things take years of preparation. This from Costello’s last budget.

    “The Australian Government will invest $22.3 billion in Australia’s land transport system from 2009–10 to 2013–14, under the second stage of its National Land Transport Plan—AusLink 2. AusLink 2 is the biggest investment in land transport infrastructure ever made by an Australian Government. It is 41 per cent larger than the current AusLink programme, which runs from 2004 to 2008–09

    Labor just changed the name costing millions of dollars to change all the signs.

    It also proves you lot are liars because back in 2007 you told me that Howard did not spend on Infrastructure. And please don’t say he was playing catch-up.

  147. I’ve always voted for Joanna Gash and said so. I’ve also stated on more than one occasion that in my adult life I’ve voted Liberal more than Labor and even voted for the Democrats when Natasha Stott Despoja was leading them. Recently I searched out Independents to vote for and think I have stated in the past that if a decent Indie stood in the South Coast I would vote for them over Gash, but none ever has.

    If I have said I didn’t vote for Gash, and I can’t remember having stated that then I was in error or lied.

    I will never vote Liberal again. Howard destroyed that party for me. And though Labor has many flaws and has also lurched too far right from centre, it is still the best party for the good of the people and country.

    The Liberals have turned into a sad shell of a party for very greedy vested interests who have anything but the country’s welfare and people’s prosperity at heart.

  148. Mobius, I think that is the sad state of Australian politics – that Abbott having no valid policies, that there is no choice. I have stated on numerous occasions my strong opposition to some of Gillard’s policies, especially her opposition to gay marriage and the re-opening of Nauru. I didn’t spend umpteen years fighting for these only to have a Labor PM go against the wishes of the majority of moderate/lefties.

    Abbott has no vision whatsoever other than winning *the game*, therefore I would vote for the drover’s dog before I would accept that he has a valid claim to The Lodge.

  149. Keep looking, sock puppet!

    I also remember Treeman asking he ever stated that due to AGW plant species would not survive. Same denial. Being people of horticulture…how we laughed!

  150. No drovers’ dogs standing at the election that I know of. There is a junkyard dog but she is not standing. Stood on a land mine on Wednesday night.

  151. Scaper, Mobius has had this name for at an estimate around 3 years so it’s a little stupid of you to be bothered about it now. Remember how Tim’s blog had the rule that one had to put in one’s location? Nowra it was then, just the same as you and I had to identify our then locations. You are not gaining any points against Mobius by trying to make irrelevant inferences against a fellow blogger.

  152. Scaper, also irrelevant is making useless comments such as these. A person with half a brain looks at policy, looks at the Big Picture, looks at the welfare of the nation. Tony Abbott provides no Big Picture. Tony isn’t intending to sack tens of thousands of public servants for no reason whatsoever..logic states, no policies, nothing to implement and so you do not need workers. With Abbott as PM watch the downward spiral…

  153. Just pointing out his indiscretions and also he has no right to pass himself off as a left wing commentator.

    Off to the Hilton to lunch with my wife. Life is a little rosier with a new PM.

  154. Shall we go back looking for your (real) indiscretions, rather than the imagined indiscretions about a well respected blogger here? I believe an apology to Möbius is in order, but I wouldn’t expect the likes of you to be man enough to do that 🙄

  155. And people say we do not have Presidential politics here.

    All Labor needs to win an election is to have a popular leader.

  156. Rudd once said that climate change was the most important moral challenge of our time. He would do well to reiterate that sentiment, and grab hold of the progressive vote and the redneck vote at the same time! But to placate the Greens, he needs to reaffirm his commitment to the renewables industry.

    Some say he is likely to bring forward the ETS, and thus reduce the carbon price, and this has enraged the Greens. However, this could be spun in a positive manner. He could argue that an earlier participation in the global carbon market could give Australia more influence in the global community, and this could play into his renewed commitment to meeting the moral challenge of climate change. Besides, a reduction in the carbon price won’t matter all that much in the long term as far as the globe goes.

    And also, isn’t the collapse of the global price due to the global financial crisis? Rudd could argue that, given Australia’s golden performance during the GFC – on his watch – Australia’s participation in the global carbon market gives us the opportunity to put forward sensible measures that will repair the market, and thus restore the global price on carbon.

    Rudd needs to reprove himself as a global moral visionary.

    I look forward to Rudd’s meeting with Obama, as Obama has indicated his commitment to the new industrial revolution, though perhaps not in those words. Perhaps it would do us all well to use this term – “new industrial revolution” – and give tribute to Gillard who began to use this term.

  157. Hi Min, was PMJG actually opposed to gay marriage or simply not willing to endorse it? I know she was happy for Labor MPs to have a conscience vote on the issue.

    I think the Nauru thing was always going to be a problem for any one in government unless we could come up with an alternative like the Malaysian solution.

    Apologies for not contributing here to the expressions of outrage at the the goings on in Parliament yesterday. Dumb struck with grief and rage is my only excuse. I wonder if I’ll ever want to write a post or pome supporting the ALP again. I haven’t been able to do much more at my own site than a
    Last Post for PM Julia Gillard which marks the whole horrible occasion but which I use as an opportunity for just one more great picture of our lovely lady PM and refers to all the wonderful tributes to her here and on other sites.

  158. Gee, I go out for a few hours, get home and read around the press that Rudd said that Abbott would risk a conflict with Indonesia over the boat people issue. Didn’t think Rudd, having diplomatic experience would stoop so low to even suggest such a thing.

    Was not Rudd the one that started this so called mess? Oh dear, my 47 seat prediction will not look good if Rudd carries on like this.

  159. Been reading a few blogs. Annie, over at Jack the insider’s blog commented: “Come back Julia. All is forgiven.”

    Didn’t take long.

  160. Scaper..then you believe that Abbott would risk a conflict with Indonesia over the boat people issue?

    Rudd was only restating that which Indonesia has already told Abbott and J. Bishop publicly and on numerous occasions that they Indonesia will NOT be accepting any of Australia’s “returns”, those who an Abbott-led government might choose to attempt to send back to Indonesia. Indonesia has made several public statements that they will treat any such attempt very seriously.

    Rudd is the one via diplomatic negotiations who increased federal police presence on Indonesian soil in order to catch the big players, rather than just punishing the peasant fishermen crewmembers. Rudd is also the one who negotiated with Indonesia to allow two of our patrol boats to operate surveillance patrols in Indonesian waters.

    Compare Rudd’s effort with Tony Abbott’s pathetic grandstanding.

  161. Chris in The Australian comments to the story: This just sums it up. For all of Gillard’s jibes at Abbott, she or her colleagues never said anything of this sort!

  162. Tom, believe me, I have never wanted to be wrong so badly. Been out, will have to catch up on what Rudd has to say, today.

  163. ” For all his flaws and missteps, Stephen Conroy has been an incredible reformer and revolutionary force for change in Australia’s technology sector over most of the past decade. He will ultimately be remembered as Australia’s greatest ever Communications Minister; a visionary who almost single-handedly drove the creation of the National Broadband Network.

  164. Patricia, PM JG while to her credit allowed a conscience vote on the issue voted against gay marriage. It is my opinion that as PM that she should abstained from voting. However, her reasons are interesting – Ms Gillard stated that she did not believe in the institution of marriage per se and therefore could not vote for it. I disagree with her on this one as I believe that it is a matter of equality and allowing all Australians the right to choose.

    There is not much to add about the way Ms. Gillard was treated, the overtly sexist jokes, the deliberate attempts to humiliate in a way that only males who enjoy bullying women do. I feel somewhat dismayed that it should come to this, a woman basically bullied out of office. However for those Abbott supporters loudly guffawing at their *success*, there are no accolades as none exist where a person is brought down by slander and denigration.

  165. “as Australia’s greatest ever Communications Minister; a visionary who almost single-handedly drove the creation of the National Broadband Network.”

    This is so ALPish. Just announce a program and then give praise.

    How about waiting until the NBN is up and running and functioning. I will even applaud the ALP if it is ever finished.

    It just builds up hope (and wins votes) but is dishonest if it never happens.

  166. “And people say we do not have Presidential politics here.

    All Labor needs to win an election is to have a popular leader.”

    Neil, you might have just hit on one reason, that our politics is in the mess it is. I am saying that across both parties.

    Many appear to have confused our system, with that of the USA.

    We do not elect an president. We do not elect a

    You will not find the words, Prime Minister,

    We do t have a put Westminster system either.

    Our Constitution is a small document, of a few pages. Easy to read, It is a pity more do not do so. We would not be hearing the stupid remarks, that we have over the last three years.

    From memory, I do not believe the words, minority or majority government is mentioned. Not needed if one takes the time to read the document.,

    Yet, all the comment we have heard, condemning Gillard and the government she led, is argues as it the beliefs are correct.

    When the Founding Fathers drew up the Constitution, parties did not exist or where rare.

    What happens on election day, each voter, in their electorate, elects a MP. All the MP’s across the nation are equal in every way. Yes, they each have one vote, which gives them the mandate to vote within the house, on behalf of their electorate. Sorry, that is the only mandate given.

    The MP’s first responsibility is to the electorate he represents. Not to a party, not to a PM.

    What occurs once the election is over, has grown out of how each MP organizes themselves, in order to make the parliament work. Over time, parties have arisen. Each MP organizes themselves either into a party group, or even remain independent.

    What the Constitution demands, for legislation to be enacted, is the numbers on the floor of each house. If there is only a mandate, if that happens. Bills have to pass both houses,. Can be changed or rejected in both.

    How the parliament works today, is the result of conventions and practices over time. At times, some parties do ignore conventions. They are able to do this, if they have numbers on the floor of the lower house. If the government loses the confidence of the house, others will be called on to form government.They will also have to prove they have the confidence on the floor of the lower house.

    Now and back as far as the Whitlam crisis, you will hear experts give different explanations of what they expect to happen. None can say for sure, this and this and that will happen. Every situation is different.

    Now this is a very simple and I hope I have not given any misinformation of how our government works.

    I am only trying to point out, we do not vote for PM.s. We do not vote for parties. We do not even vote for governments.

    We vote for our local member, who, if they get the majority of votes, get a mandate from the electorate, to act and voter on their behalf.

    The person that becomes PM, in reality has only one vote, the same as the humblest back bencher.

    If people could look at how a the government works from this preceptive, they might not be angry when the expectations does not eventuate.

    The minority government, we have had, is probably closer to what the Founding Fathers had in mind, when they drew up the Constitution.

    Many more MP’s from different perceptions have had input into all legislation passed.

    Much more democratic, than big majorities and winner take all.

    There must be someone out there that can explain it better than me.


  167. Howard is back.

    “.JOHN HOWARD will formally campaign with Tony Abbott in Melbourne tomorrow in an attempt to take the shine off Kevin Rudd’s return to the Labor leadership.

    Mr Howard’s spokesman told News Limited the former prime minister would be at an election rally with the Opposition Leader at the Melbourne Showground tomorrow morning.

    “In light of this week’s events it will be a pretty good rally to be at,” the spokesman said.

    Mr Howard will introduce Mr Abbott to the rally and will give a US-style presidential c

    Read more:

  168. Well Abbott is proud that 19 on his shadow front bench, the ones that will become minister, come from the Howard government. Wonder if Costello will come along.

  169. Howard is back.

    That means that Workchoices is back.

    The Libs must be in total panic mode if they are relying on the Rat King.

  170. Rudd’s Konfrontasi comment is messing with Punchy’s head, just as it is messing with Scaper’s. Keep it up, Kev!

  171. Tom, I believe the Rudd said the correct words yesterday. About time. Yes, I agree with you, we can go ahead and hope that Abbott is crushed into the ground.

    Glad to be proven wrong.

  172. Hey grub, obviously you have a two digit IQ if you believe Rudd did not overstep the line yesterday. I see the Indonesians have dismissed Rudd’s foolish comment as nothing more than internal domestic politicking.

    I also see that both Rudd and Carr are referring to the boat people as “economic refugees”. Kind of destroys your argument that they are genuine refugees.

    Rudd created this mess when he changed the rules when there was hardly anyone in detention for populist reasons and now he is using deflection because he has no idea how to rectify his gross error.

    Rudd Mark11 still has not a clue…like a dog chasing a car, does not know what to do when he catches it.

  173. What got me in this nasty tenure of Gillard that she somehow thought she was the representative for women. The women in my family and every other I know despises her and was offended by her.

    But then again…I only know strong capable women who do not need to hide behind their gender.

  174. The beginning of the gender war that was not. How dare Gillard attempt to pit man against woman by calling a family man a misogynist! Funny coming from a spinster who does not believe in marriage.

    The final straw was her blue tie speech which was not only abhorred by men but also women…even some in her party.

    Well, enjoy her rant and woe betide any man or woman in politics that goes down such a lowly path as we, as Australians will not tolerate such. Enjoy sisters as only you can because the rest have moved on!

  175. I note Krudd has organised a picture of Jessica in the Courier Mail, but of course this is not playing the gender card. It is more likely Krudd has plans for the daughter to inherit his Federal Labor Seat like so many second generation Labor drop kicks.
    Who knows maybe she will become Australia’s second female PM, in which case I sure hope she get better treatment than was dished out to our first woman PM by the dad.
    Advice to Jessica, keep working on those lies it is so easy to check where you were and when (except Liberal party leaders visiting restaurants).

  176. “I also see that both Rudd and Carr are referring to the boat people as “economic refugees””

    Would not surprise me if that were true. Most Labor policies end in failure.

    Under John Howard we took 14,000 refugees from camps around the world. The most desperate of people. No need for detention centers. Only 6 people in detention in 2007 most probably for security reasons.

    Under Labor we take only people with $$$10,000. Selling our precious 14K places to the highest bidder.

  177. I always thought that the principle that underpinned our economic growth was that the best was rewarded and promoted to the top. It used to be what the Liberal party stood for, just look at their Carbon policy to see how much they have trashed their own values.
    Now the best a brightest within the Labor party have been replaced by the dregs, the arse lickers and lickspittles like chris bowen.

    I now have a choice between a lying bastard like Abbott who is an up front arsehole or a lying bastard like Krudd who loves his “nice” guy image. Krudd is the more subtle backstabber and liar and many will say that therefore he is a better politician. No wonder politicians are so hated in this country.

  178. Frantic posting? No come back I see

    Lol, I didn’t read them. On the right hand panel of the front page is a box with a summary of the last 10 or so commenters. I saw your name as having posted something like seven in a row. Maybe more, I didn’t exactly count. That’s frenzied, you’re rattled. Rattle on… 😀

  179. What a rabble! No wonder they can’t govern.

    While that is true, Labor is still getting 45% of the 2PP and are not far away from winning the next election.

    Go figure?

  180. Sen. Michaelia Cash must be into heavy metal music…

    Someone should make a gif of her making that grasping motion in the air.

  181. It appears many of the refugees are coming from Iran. It is said that they are not claiming to be in danger of their lives. It is also claimed that Iran will not take them back. Whether that is true, I do not know.

    Then we have the large number coming from Sri Lanka, where it is claimed the war is over. Many of these are being sent back by plane.

    It is true that Indonesia will not support the Abbott plan of turning boats back. What is different in sending people by plane to Malaysia, and turning boats back to Indonesia, Both countries are the same,. when it comes to refugees.

    Indonesia has said it will go ahead with the visit of Carr, but do not understand what is going on down here, getting rid of Gillard. Many others have voice similar sentiments.

    Nothing is easy or simple when it comes to refugees.

    We have a choice between Labor and Liberal. Still the same as last week. Yes, Rudd leaves much to be desire, but he is in the position.

    If he delivers Labor policies, and preserves what Gillard has achieved, I can live with it. Do not like it, that is another matter, but then I do not have to.

    That is the position that Gillard herself accepted, when she advised her peers not to sacrifice themselves, when she was graceful in defeat.

    From at we seen of Rudd yesterday, he has a thin line to walk. Maybe it is Labor using Rudd, not the other way round. He is never going to be respected by many. In some ways from him it will be a hollow victory. He realizes he cannot trash Gillard.
    cannot also change policies.If changing the name from Gonski, to Better Schools is a policy change so be it. It is phrase that Labor has been using anyway. Makes no difference.

  182. Oh yeah and Krudd could not just come out and say I traded the prospect of support for gay marriage for Penny Wong’s vote (people might have said he was doing a slipper)

    Nah he had to have an “epiphany”.
    Penny you are stupid to sell out so cheaply and don’t think Krudd is in anyway beholden to keep his word.

  183. scaper, there are no gender wars. Well not coming from Gillard anyway. Raising issues that apply only to women is legitimate. Especially so at a women;s gathering. Defending oneself from abuse is also acceptable. What was raised was necessary.

    If there is any gender card being played, it is from the Opposition and media. Look at that shocking display of Senator Cash.

    The Black arm band view of history, reflects reality. The so called was of Howard against political correctness, has led to may believing they can treat others any way they like.
    They are wrong. A civil society demands that all respect one another. Free speech demand responsibilities, not to harm.

  184. scaper, I have this theory, that unlike many other nations and peoples, Australia does not have, or have not developed a strong sisterhood. This is to women’s disadvantage in this country.

    In out early history, women were isolated in the bush, with only children for company.
    Most learnt to survive on their own, completely dependent on men for their existent. Anyone that has done their family tree, would not be surprise of the huge number of women, who remarried after being widowed, often in weeks.

    it was a men’s world in every way.

    The notion of sisterhood did not seem to develop.

    I sometimes think, that many women themselves see themselves as second to males.

    That is what I admire Gillard the most for. Not that seen herself as good, but she saw no difference when it comes to the ability to achieve.

    We have the likes of Mirabella that manipulate men, or Bishop that uses feminine wiles, always looking for the males appreciation. Gives the impression that women are born to serve. Not only inferior, but to serve men.

    No scaper, women’s issues are still important. as to ignore them, leads to much abuse and injury of many, including our kids, in society.

    Women are not put on earth to be owned, adored,idolized or used by men, but always their inferior.

  185. Combet is going. Does not surprise me,as I have felt for a time, that there something more important on his mind, other than politics.

    To me, he held some hope, that in the near future, Labor could be saved. That is now gone.

    Whatever happens, there will be a day, when Labor will be rebuilt. Rebuilt stronger that ever. Pity we have to do it the hard way.

    The rest of us are left with no alternative, but to keep fighting, to ensure the long term damage is alleviated. Damage there is going to be.

    Throwing in the towel is not an option..

  186. Labor will be rebuilt. I do not expect that rebuilding to come from what is left. But it will occur. If history is any guide, it will be stronger than now,

    Where the Liberals are going, I have no idea, and is truly frightening.

  187. I must have been one of a very few people who saw his recent press club address. He exposed the Liberal environment policy for the sham that it is. Labor just can’t afford to lose talent like this.
    He was coming under attack from the rat fuckers (see Nixon and Watergate) because of a recent divorce/ new partner.
    Ghee if we knock out anyone who has had a divorce, we will exclude half of the adult population.
    Combet faced the prospect of being dumped by St Krudd the Pious, not to worry there will be a very ordinary, compliant good christian somewhere in the party to replace him.

  188. Funny, Labor is in the worse position that it has ever been. Politics in general, more so, but the public seem to like what has occurred.

    Yes, one can ponder at why this is so?

    Are many being led down a garden path. As a lover of politics, I find this exciting, but as I love my country, I am shattered.

    Labor has sunk to the level of the Opposition.

    Yes, will vote Labor, with the hope that change can be bought about quickly.

    Choices in life are rarely what we desire. Why should politics be any different.

  189. It’s the cult of celebrity Fu and fantasy over substance.

    Nearly everything is framed around celebrity nowadays and politics is no different. The return of the royals in the UK was all done on a massive PR campaign that elevated them to celebrity and now there’s barely a news bulletin or daily that doesn’t mention them.

    People have been swamped with celebrity, from sport to the selling of the most innocuous product for many times what it’s worth, because of celebrity endorsement.

    Through being bombarded with polls, even local ABC radio is now running radio polls nearly everyday and pushing them hard, to the selling of the leaders as celebrity, politics has also succumbed to the cult. Policy doesn’t matter, the good done for the nation gone through disregard, positives sold as negatives and negatives made into mountains.

    What you are seeing are the death throws of the MSM and celebrity is the only thing they have left to sell and the only thing that sells outside of sex.

  190. Steve this resignation will truly missed. He was the one I was putting my money on for the future.

    It is a shame that many in his own electorate did not accept him. Believe the rubbish that arose when he first won the race to be selected. Many, from my observation where only now accepting him.

    He will be truly missed.

    Then it must have been demoralising, being surrounded by Hall and Fitzgibbons.

  191. silkworm, is that the face that represents women?

    scaper, put the question mark in, means you can answer.

  192. Funny, as weak as Labor appears, it is still a damn lot better than the Libs. Leaving the Nats out, as we hear little from them, these days.

  193. Wonder who represents our country cousins these days?

    scaper, question mark. Feel free to answer that one also.

  194. Has Kevin Rudd walked into an almighty trap? Events of the past few days may have seemed chaotic and unpredictable, but look further and there seems to be more to the Rudd resurrection than meets the eye.

    The evidence is circumstantial – it could not be otherwise, until various players’ memoirs are published decades from now – but there is certainly a pattern of events to suggest Bill Shorten’s bid to save the ALP from Kevin Rudd is working.

    Before getting into that, let me say that Shorten receives high praise from some of my sources – yes, he’s a schemer and ruthless powerbroker, they say, but he’s also an incredibly hard worker and the driving force behind Labor’s historic DisabilityCare reforms. In this dirty game of politics, say Shorten fans, all leaders have some blood on their hands……….

    Read more:

  195. What an utter joke Abbott now is.

    He couldn’t directly face Rudd in Sydney’s West nor answer the questions raised on how Abbott is going to send back the boats so he sent Howard in to do the talking for him.

    Won’t surprise anyone that as usual, apart from his broken promise of bowing out of contemporary politics, Howard lied through his teeth.

    There’s not an honest Liberal in the party nor amongst their rabid right supporters and media mouthpieces, and that rot started with the greatest liar of them all, Howard.

  196. Remember, there is another plan top Abbott’s Asylum policy. To take seven thousand less refugees fro the region.

    I am sure that is NOT to Indonesia’s liking.

    This is being overlooked.

    Surely that alone, would encourage more onto the boats.

    Another thing that is being ignored, is the increasing push factors from the middle east with the Arab spring and the likes of what is occurring in the war zones. How many millions pf newly displaced people.

    Notice that Howard now has pure white hair. Does not make him look anymore distinguished as it does with some.

    Another thing to recall, is the fact that Abbott has managed to insult any leader that has visited, with his speeches to them. Everyone, including Obama.

  197. The latest UNHCR report states there are now over 45 million refugees and displaced persons around the world.

  198. Malcolm Turnbull

    Sorry Greg Combet is leaving parliament. He is well liked & respected on both sides. Labor loses another decent, talented straight shooter.

    Wonder if Turnbull realises he’s stated that all Combet said about the Liberals lies and failures is true.

    Then again Turnbull once was straight shooter himself until Grech and then Abbott got his claws into him. May Turnbull inventing the Internet in Australia was his undoing 😉

  199. l agree Mobius, but don`t forget `democracy` is a management system based on a popularity contest. The embedded media are only going for the easy, low-hanging fruit, of a system not created or controlled by them. The Noise-Polls are the drug of choice of both politicians and embedded media, and the losers to `addicts` are the powerless, voting public who more often than not see little to no difference from major parties. Meanwhile, the embedded media now know for certain that the politicians are poll-driven creatures that will knife their leader whenever said polls demand so.

  200. 730reportland. It’s also a symptom of the paring back of journalism, both investigative and knowledgeable.

    Most policy is complex, especially major reform, and it goes through changes and evolution bought about by circumstance changes, discovered flaws and/or professional oppositions bringing up amendments, all that have flow on effects.

    Crystalline reporting on policy and politics requires astute journalism taking the complex and convoluted and reporting it in a manner that ordinary people can grasp at least the basics.

    But the required in depth reporting, time and effort. I’m afraid that is way beyond the current crop of political journalists, even the old hands who are fully under the control of their powerful masters and impossible 24/7 news cycles.

  201. Now for the good news, Uhlmann’s wife is on track to lose her seat.
    Gai Brockmann, Member for Canberra is hated by the local party and is likely to lose her seat at the coming election.
    Brockmann a long time closet Krudd supporter has played and important part in the back stabbing of Prime Minister Gillard.
    Well Gai, life’s a bitch and so are you.

  202. The current crop of so-called political journalists are creatures owned by the pr-department, investigative and knowledgeable will will not enter the spin-cycle. Media orgs have raised the white-flag and surrendered fully to advertising. Instead, they now prefer to compete with wordpress and be thrashed in the `opinion` market, while the Canberra Press Gallery cack themselves when local bloggers try to obtain a press-pass and try to do the interviewing that the embedded media have vacated the field in.

  203. Thank Fcuk for that LunaLava.
    Glad to see the arse-end of Mrs-Toolman, now Sally and Leigh have no reason to pollute my show by indulging Toolman`s pillow-talk, passed off as `internal-rumblings`.

  204. I dont believe that when Ms Gillard talked of sexism and misogyny confronting women in her position she was only referring to “the other side”

  205. Haha, Howard going on in the West about his successful turning back the boats. So how many did he turn back?


    3 sank, 1 ran aground, 1 started diplomatic incident with Indonesia that was not fixed until he was kicked out.

  206. The fact that Rudd now has chance of winning,is not due to any greatness on his part. It will be due to a weak Abbott.

    Abbott, from day one believe that he needed no policies. All he had to do was attack Gillard, not Labor, and he would be in the lodge by Christmas 2010. He said so. Did not care about what he used to attack him by. Even sexism was bought in.

    As that year went on, it was becoming clear the woman was not going to lie down and die. Could Abbott see this, no, thankfully for us, he did not.

    His action was to up the ante for the next two years. His only interest in the parliament, was to use it as a vehicle for his daily stunt Leading to a record number of MSSO. Something that all previous Opposition leaders used sparingly. Not once did he move a no confidence motion against Gillard.

    He cannot even detail the contents of the legislation passed, Much essential, that previous PMs have not succeeded at. Much reforming and ground breaking.

    In the meantime, Gillard got on with good governance, that has put in place infrastructure for the future. She has strongly invested in human capita, which will ensure that we are placed to to take a leading part in the coming exciting Asian Century. Gillard ignored the noise about her form, even some in her own party and got on with the job. She has left a great legacy indeed.

    Now back to Abbott, all he has done since the 2010 continue his dummy spit and kept us the abuse against Gillard. Against Gillard’, I would say, and not Labor.

    He has created within the community, a hatred for “that woman”]

    All Abbott;s energy has been expended in his ambition to bring the PM Gillard down. He seen no seen no need to promote new policies, or even to address those of Gillard’s.

    In his mind, Gillard would lay down and die, leaving him in the role of caretaker PM, and off to a very quick election. No time for review of anyone’s policies. He seen Labor as being in disarray and of no consequence. It would be a walk in for him.

    That is not the scenario we have. Abbott must be in shock. What he created was hatred for “that woman”. not for Labor. He did not created any love or respect for himself. Still seen as a bully, that few want.

    What he did not see, was Gillard, focusing on all her policies, getting them into place. The only one she did not get time for,. was an answer to the boats.

    Suspect we might have seen something new in that regard this week, if she could have survived long enough to go to Indonesia next week.

    What he did not see, and many others. that Labor is capable of rearranging itself, to take the moves needed to put themselves in a stronger position.

    We have the Labor leader back, that the polls tell us the people wants That leader has agreed to a tight rein being kept on him by caucus. Rudd has agreed to the tight rein, caucus has imposed on him.

    All Rudd has to do is to sell the strong policies that Gillard has put in place. Most which no one has problems with.

    What has Abbott got with Gillard gone. Nothing, absolutely nothing. No polices of worth, A badly flaw asylum policy and the world coming on board, including China and the USA, in relation to carbon emissions.

    We still have that strong economy, which with the falling dollars, is likely to be even a little better, before the election

    What has Abbott got with “that woman” gone.
    Nothing. absolutely nothing. He has his flaw slogans to deal with asylum seekers. and empty carbon tax warnings.

    He has naught.

    It was Gillard that he stirred up hatred for, not Labor. It appears they will listen to what Rudd says. Rudd does indeed, thank to Gillard, has a great message to sell.

    He will have to do better than turn back the boats and big taxes.

    Many do not like what has happened. Is is not fair.

    But it just might work, and yes, we do not have to like Rudd, or even thank him. We can leave that to history.

    Once again Julia Gillard did not act as Abbott expected. I suspect she is more interested in the policies surviving, than being in the lime light herself. History will also make it judgment on her. I suspect, she will not be found wanting.

    All I am trying to do,is make sense of the last few weeks, of what is occurring in politics.

  207. Some political commentators on Twitter saying attention is now being put on Abbott and he’s not only failing, it’s ugly.

    If anyone can stomach something utterly vomitus have a look at the footage of Abbott’s over the top style US campaign stunt today, along with a woeful song, awful slogans and Abbott looking like clueless head nodding dork.

  208. ANyone want to put bets on. Labor loses, Rudd is rolled, Shorten is Leader and Bob Carr Deputy. And Kevins ego hasn’t even allowed him to glimpse the trap

  209. 3 sank, 1 ran aground, 1 started diplomatic incident with Indonesia that was not fixed until he was kicked out.”

    Yes and John Howard produced a much fairer humanitarian system. We took 14,000 of the most needy refugees from camps. WE now take people with $10,000 and Bob Carr now calls them economic refugees.

    The lives you people have destroyed by voting for Rudd in 2007 is a disgrace. All our places are now being taken by asylum seekers with $10,000.

    Lets hope Abbott can reintroduce a much fairer system we had in 2007 before the ALP dismantled the Coalitions border control.

  210. Latest poll 51:49 to Coalition.

    Labor can win with 49% TPP and will win with 49.5%.

    Long way to go and I’ve always said come election it will be closer than the polls up until now suggested, even with Gillard at the helm.

    My hope is the Daily Telegraph Tweet that Abbott will not be elated with their coverage of him during the election campaign is true but I don’t hold out hope for that, but I really hope that deserved scrutiny is turned back on Abbott, equal to that of Rudd.

    If today is anything to go by Abbott was shown at his ugliest lacking any substance whatsoever, to the point he had to roll out has been Howard to speak for him.

  211. Lets hope Abbott can reintroduce a much fairer system

    The Liberals wouldn’t know “fairness” if it walked up and yelled its name in their face.

  212. Really?? Not taking people from camps anymore is one of the reasons Abbott wants to stop the boats.

    As I said you lot have destroyed the lives of many desperate people and have given our humanitarian places to people with $10,000.

  213. Pingback: What do you think? | Café Whispers

  214. Neil,ur a user….. you will use anything to justify…. what a blood sucker, you….94% come by plane….. 6% come by boat…please stop being a bigot, Neil ….. ( you can say your not, but we know you R )….. the Q you never ask is why…. why do they take life and limb and throw it all to the wind Neil…. oh, thats right…. for your political advantage…. lucky you … Neil,…… 🙄

    Neil, you so-o-o got a handle on IT 🙄

    Howard’s boats are gunna keep on coming Neil, ……if you go about, actively, creating the conditions Neil… the boats are a gunna keep on a come’n….. and they are a comin’, Neil…… and they ain’t gunna stop coming, thanks to you and your ilk, Neil……and the reallity is … who cares…..most of thems ‘illegals’ will turn out to be legals…. just like they did under the “Rodent”……and you will say that ‘Howard Stopped The Boats’ … but what you won’t say is that 95% of those ‘illegal boat people” he suposedly k-stopped are now living here in Australia……. Why???…. because they were fairdinkom refugee’s, you bigot……arrrrrrr, the boat people, just footballs to kick, ay, Neil 🙄
    … wonders, as one does…….

  215. So Gillard was wrong to raise the abortion question in relation to women. First we have the DLP senator, then this.

    “,…Acontroversial bill giving legal rights to an unborn child will be supported by the O’Farrell government under a deal with Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile in exchange for his support for crucial state budget legislation to privatise Newcastle Port.

    The Reverend Nile said the government had promised to pass through the upper house ”Zoe’s Law”, which creates a separate criminal offence for causing harm to or the destruction of a foetus and stemmed from the deaths of unborn children in driving accidents.

    The government told Mr Nile it reserved the right to amend the bill in the lower house….

    Read more:

  216. Just the smallest taste of women’s rights that will be taken away if Abbott wins power Fu, and indeed many other rights as well.

  217. How come Abbott missed the plane North. I though he was seen as the Saviour of the Indigenous people. What no invitation. Wonder if Rudd will talk to the NT leader while there on Gonski.

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