Who gives a darn?


So the Prime Minister likes to knit! Really, who gives a darn? The Daily Telegraph, so it seams (pun intended). But it’s not just knitting, they declare, it is a political move that fails to resonate with the voters.

Silly me. I thought she was just knitting. But no:

In her toughest week, facing sinking opinion polls and soaring opposition, Prime Minister Julia Gillard appears in a women’s magazine knitting a toy kangaroo for the royal baby.

The remarkable image, on sale tomorrow in the latest Australian Women’s Weekly, was not the magazine’s idea.

My goodness, what a scandal! It’s more than just knitting. To quote by lines from the article and photo it’s:

  • PM’s last-stitch bid to win voters.
  • Spins and needles.

And was an:

  • . . . extraordinary image of her knitting was arranged by her chief spin doctor.

What pathetic journalism. But if you think that’s bad, have a read of this opinion piece from the same paper about the same story, fitting snuggly under the heading Out of touch if you pose as PM:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard makes some unusual choices. Following the 2010 election, Labor’s leader decided to form an alliance with the Greens, which led to an abandonment of her previous pledge not to introduce a carbon tax.

The move has haunted the Prime Minister ever since and is one of the primary reasons for the catastrophic decline in Labor’s electoral support over the past three years.

In opposition, Gillard was the architect of Labor’s more relaxed policy on asylum seekers, which turned out to be another ill-considered decision. Once that policy was put in place early in 2008, it led to a massive surge in asylum seeker arrivals. Subsequent policy revisions have not stemmed the flow.

Now, staring at electoral oblivion and increased pressure on her party leadership, the PM has made another questionable choice.Although it has none of the gravity of policies on carbon emissions or asylum seeker arrivals, Gillard’s decision to pose in an elaborately staged photoshoot for the Women’s Weekly calls into doubt her basic political acumen.

Nobody could possibly have any issue with the Prime Minister personally knitting a toy kangaroo for a royal baby. It’s a sweet gesture.

But just look at how luxurious and over-the-top is that image of our Prime Minister, who posed in a Sydney photographic studio for five full hours in order to achieve the desired look.

Six prime ministerial staffers accompanied her at the photo session, which was the idea of her senior adviser, John McTernan. Consider the public expense, all just to present a positive angle at a time when Ms Gillard’s political stocks are in freefall.

Rather than being positive, the image suggests a prime minister who is completely out of touch with the electorate and who cannot read the public mood. It also supports the view of critics who claim Ms Gillard misunderstands the seriousness of her office.

And somehow it epitomises her stand on that darn ‘carbon tax’.

While the country falls apart because of that killer carbon tax she has the audacity to knit . . . while the media tries to pull the wool over our eyes.

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  1. Min, the silly part about this beat up, it is stale news. Ch 9 used it tio send Abbott up, That is a change.

    Abbott did no better with the PM out of the house. Poor PM, had to endure the younger Bishop, on that plane ride to Sydney. I think I would rather Rudd.

    I really believe that the PM gives little thought to the antics of either Rudd or Abbott.

    I wonder if Rudd;s daughter has written a sequel to her book?

    If so, I wonder where the PM ends up in it.

    How many spent the day, at the Abbott lodge that day. You know, when he and the girls ended up in the pool. By the way, that bald patch his daughter spent time rubbing that day, has grown enormously.

    What about the daily stunts that we had from Abbott for nearly four years in up to three states in one day, with the media in tow,. How much did that cost.

    I think we can afford five hours for the PM.

    I believe the pictures are the price the PM had to pay, to get the chance to speak to the Weekly audience.

  2. ABC Local radio had a PR expert on and it was a 15 minute Gillard bash over this Women’s magazine photo. Spin and inappropriate.

    Of course Abbott can do a stunt a day, spend millions of tax payers money doing them purely for political gain and he’s hailed and praised.

    Nothing can illustrate how the MSM have lost it in this country and how hard they are attempting to get Abbott into power than their kerfuffle and beat up over this.

    It’s really worrying that they are going to so much effort to get who they know will be a terrible PM into power. The pay off must be considerable and that can only mean Australians will be worse off.

  3. Bishop pointed out that women used to knit, while sitting below the gallows. Nice lady, that one.

  4. Russell Crowe summed it up tonight. In my words, there is lack of gallantry aboard.

    Went on to say, he did not believe people in this country do not realise how bad things are abroad,

    I noticed Leigh did not cut his answers off.]

    ]I thought that Garrett was going to snap back. She cut all him off, every time he went to answer. He persisted with one answer, and she told him it was along and complicated answer. Yes, it was, a appropriate answer to the question he was asked.

    So it appears now, one must follow Abbott with three word slogans. Nothing else is accepted.

    I have come to the conclusion, Leigh is not interested to the answers. Does not even listen. She has a prepared list of questions, that know matter th

    I noticed that Abbott got away with saying the education funding model is not broken.

    If so, the only ones that believe this, is Abbott and Pyne. Not even O’Farrell agrees with him.

    Leigh did not get away with her statement, that Gonski has been pushed onto the states at the last minute. They were the questions that Garrett insisted on replying to in full. Pointed out, it has been a long process, that has include consultations with all parties along the way. Hundreds of meetings.

  5. Yes, the PM might have spent time being interviewed and having her picture taken.Yes, there was a long interview as well.

    At the same time, she is continuing with the work of governing. That job seems to be taking up 24/7 of her time. It worries me that she does not have weekends off.

  6. …..but she did look nice. Showing that new figure off to good advancement. Noticed she even changed clothes.

    I do wish on Thursday, she walks into question time, minus the jacket. The PM does not need the jacket prop anymore.

    Not that I am that interested in clothes, I am not.

  7. They failed to get Rudd to challenge .The Bastards are afraid of Gillard ,they would prefer to have to go up against Rudd come the election .So now it’s any old gag they can come by. What a crock of SHONKS

  8. Ahhhhhh that Telegraph article. I want to vomit. No I want to scream. How bloody awful. What does one need to have or be to get a job at the Telegraph nowadays?

  9. ME, maybe she could knit him something to take to bed, something to cuddle on cold nights.. Have thought of something else, but maybe I should not continue.

    Did we not go down this path, a long time ago, when he hobby of knitting was first mentioned, I think it was when she knitted a jacket for the Wong baby.

  10. If anyone was really serious about this they would also ask “how much have Tony Abbott’s publicity stunts cost the voters?”. There would also be some discussion and comparison of the policies of the two major parties – even though this would result in a poorly balanced set of scales. There could be some acknowledgement of Australia’s current economic status compared to the rest of the developed world. Let’s at least present both sides using the same criteria for the electorate to come to informed opinions.

  11. I admire the PM for this shoot, at least she shows there is a softer and compassionate side to her, Why was Abbott not at the Memorial Service to a great Aussie lady, Hazel Hawke. It was a disgusting dis regard to the Hawke family that the Leader of the Opposition did not attend this service. But it shows what we will be enduring IF he ever becomes Prime Minister. He will be a total embarrasement to Australia.

  12. I don’t think I’ve read anything more pathetic in our mainstream media, though I suspect I will as we get deep into the election campaign.

  13. The Daily Toerag would probably have given the picture the Ok if the PM was doing her knitting while wearing a fluoro vest or a firefighters uniform or budgie smugglers or Lycra or riding a bike or something. What a putrid lot of freaks inhabit that cesspool of a so called newspaper.
    Vote the Redhead not the Deadhead because in your guts you know he’s nuts. The Daily Toerag just like Abbott is mired in filth just as the PM said in Question Time on Monday.

  14. Lets go for a photo shoot while the Country stands still and the Government
    flounders , that is the issue.
    Oh and what about the ultimate hypocracy – knitting a kangaroo for Kate and
    Williams baby. Ms Dullard is the ultimate Republican ! How two faced.
    Too cute , another attempt to win votes turns into a vote loser.
    Only 80 sleeps to go , hooray.

  15. Ah, Voyager, we can always count on you for pointless, stupid & factually incorrect comments. We can also count on you for your total inability to spell or use proper punctuation or grammar. Clearly you must have been a “victim” of the Howard era cuts to the public education system. Australia is far from “standing still”, & nor is the government. 500+ pieces of legislation passed, & several major reforms already being implemented. Meanwhile, inflation, unemployment & debt/GDP ratio remains low & economic growth remains high. Meanwhile, Abbott is to busy engaging in stunts to bother formulating policy or even to read important documents. Now, Voyager, why don’t you make like a good troglodyte & go back to your cave?

  16. No doubt that, as an employee of the LIEberal Party, Voyager won’t have to fear the job losses that will result from Abbott’s inevitable, austerity driven recession.

  17. Marcus

    Were you around from 1983-1996?? Do you remember this?? Unemployment rate under the ALP.

    Sept-Dec 1991- 10.1, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4
    Jan-Dec 1992- 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 11.2
    Jan-Dec1993- 10.9, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 10.8, 11.0, 10.8, 11.0, 10.7, 10.9, 10.8, 10.6
    Jan-April 1994- 10.4, 10.3, 10.3, 10.1

    Thirty months of double digit unemployment under Hawke/Keating. I remember well because i was one of the unemployed.

    debt/GDP ratio remains low

    Not if Swan remains Treasurer. But i thought you people say debt does not matter? We are sovereign in our currency so we can print money when we need it. Isn’t this correct???

  18. What sorta PM k-knit’s with glasses on 🙄 …… a sure sign of weakness that the good people of the MSM FAILED to pick up on…… tsk, tsk…. why want they do their job ??? ….. inane trivialities such as that are the fodder that keeps us all enthralled, …. no, really 😀

  19. Neil. lots of figures. What do they mean.What do you believe they proves. What was the context of the time.

    To me, all they say, that is what happened at the time. Does not tell me why or how. Does not even say, whether the government done a good job or bad.

    I am sure I can go through, and put the same up for her Libs. I know I can find much lower for Whitlam.

    Neil, it means nothing, absolutely nothing.

    Neil, when one makes a judgment, one needs all the facts, that are in context.

    I do know this, the Hawke government did follow the years of stagnation of the Fraser government.

    One wonders how much the dirty politics, that follow the Whitlam dismissal; fed into a period of economic and political instability.

    One can wonder what the surreal politics and dirty politics of this time will bring.

    Neil, you also have to know what was occurring in the rest of the world.

    That is what is so successful with this government. We are doing OK, while the rest of the develop world is falling behind.

    voyager, do you know when those shots were taken.

    As the PM is seen out and about 24/7, making announcements, carrying out her duties, I fail to see what you are on about,

  20. Fed up
    Do you understand what two faced means?
    Do you think knitting a Kangaroo for a Royal Baby when you hate the Royals
    Is two faced.
    Or would it be more two faced if Dullard knitted a Wombat and sent it to
    Jessica Rudd for her daughter?

  21. Where has the PM said she does not respect the royal family. That has nothing to do, with wanting Australia being an republic. I am not even sure, what her view is in this matter.

    As a PM, and us still being a part of the Commonwealth, where is the problem. It could even be a personal gig to the family,

    No, I see nothing two faced about it.

  22. From our media

    extraordinary image of her knitting was arranged by her chief spin doctor.

    It is the Governments job, again, as well as implementing it’s impressive array of policies, to correct the media

    Women’s Weekly requested an interview and photo shoot in March.

    It was suggested by the PMO that a news angle for the story could be the Prime Minister’s gift of a knitting package (wool, patterns, and knitted toy) for Kate Middleton, for the July edition.

    Women’s Weekly agreed to the idea of the article.

    Women’s Weekly arranged the photo shoot, including requesting that the Prime Minister knit and that her dog, Reuben, attend.

    Women’s Weekly claim that the PMO organised the photo shoot:


    Even the Women’s Weekly is in on the Gillard ‘stitch-up’

  23. As for the opposition member who said it was like Madame Defarge knitting while the tumbrils arrived at the guillotine, he should remember that Mme Defarge was watching the removal of those ‘born to rule’.

  24. The ABC continues to show how fearful they are of retribution if there is a change of government, by reporting on the knitting saga, not with information on the actual knitting , but by reporting the comment mentioned above, and illustrating the whole thing with a picture of the guillotine in action in the 7pm TV news.

    The previous day they had reported in their 1pm news on RN that “the PM had made a speech about the clear differences between the parties’. This headline was followed by several comments and short interviews which all referred to the leadership question. There was not a single word about the subject of the headline to the item.

  25. “Neil. lots of figures. What do they mean

    What the unemployment figures mean is that facts are irrelevant. I remember the thirty months of double digit unemployment under Keating since i was one of them. Nothing like it since the Great Depression. If Howard was in power with thirty months of unemployment above 10% you lot would be saying we should change govt.

    Howard could not even win govt when unemployment was at 4.3% in 2007. Labor voters will think of any reason not to vote for the Coalition.

    Basically 45% of the population vote ALP/Greens, 40% Coalition with 15% swingers. The Coalition has to get most of the swingers to win govt.

  26. Do you think knitting a Kangaroo for a Royal Baby when you hate the Royals
    Is two faced.

    Do you just make shit up?

    “There is a real sense of respect for the Queen, so I do think a
    natural moment to look again will be when her reign comes to an end.


    It is sad, but thank god for an English paper to bring a bit of balance to the reporting of a bloody photo shoot.

    Meanwhile, amongst the rest, the Unhinging relentlessly intensifies.

  27. The Coalition has to get most of the swingers to win govt.

    And at the moment, they still remain still undecided, even though the unhingers want to ignore them for now, it doesn’t suit their ‘death by polls’ meme.

    Don’t worry, when the voters are finally forced to look at policies, the decision will become easier

    Remember, policies will always be lower under a coalition government 😉

  28. It was the younger Bishop that come up with the story.

    “As for the opposition member who said it was like Madame Defarge knitting”

    The PM is well known for giving gifts of her knitting, to everyone that see knows is having a baby. That come out, back when the Wong baby was born.

    Not as bad as taking over a fire truck, taking it south, when the coast was alight with bush fires.

    Reith really got to me last night. Was upset the way the media dealt with Swan’s allegation that Abbott was drunk. Demanded that they should have pointed out, in the beginning he was not drunk. Does not have the same trouble with them saying the same things about the PM. In fact has no problem talking the same way himself.

    Why does the likes of Reith, Richardson and some others, utter so much hate, when it comes to the PM.

  29. Neil, no we would not. If Howard had such figures the last time he was in, we would indeed be condemning him, as it was during times of boom. When Hawke had those figures, it was following Howard’s time as treasure,. when he was not that successful

    By the way Neil, how many interest rates was it in a row, Nine or more I believe,.

    Neil why was the private debt the highest since federation, when Howard was kicked out.

    Neil why are there still 19 from Howard’s government, most on the shadow front bench. It is seven years and two governments ago. Where is the new blood.

  30. Not as bad as taking over a fire truck, taking it south, when the coast was alight with bush fires.

    Or telling people he’s sleeping in a tent when he is actually claiming over $100 per night for ‘travelling expenses’ on what is ‘allegedly’ a ‘fundraiser’

    Others have to do those sorts of things during their holidays, not work hours.

  31. Anyone remember what the unemployment rates when he was treasurer.

    Seems Obama is getting serious about climate change, appears to have the coal industry in his sights.

  32. What policies. All I have seen is aspirational; proposals, that seem to be a green paper, followed by a white paper, that will be issued before the end of his first term.

    How does one cost a dream or desire.

  33. Yes, there were a photo or two with her knitting, There was also wide ranging interview. Not hearing much about that.

    “Some 400 shots were taken, it said, including of Gillard ‘’with and without knitting needles and wool, with and without Reuben, and in a formal outfit and an informal outfit. Reuben was also photographed with the knitted roo.

    “The PMO agreed to a wide-ranging interview. Caroline Overington interview the PM for one hour on her achievements, leadership, misogyny, knitting, the Royal Family, Kyle Sandilands. Not a word of this interview appeared in the article published in Australian Women’s Weekly”.

    Clearly the attempt to humanise the PM had backfired, just as so much else has for her.

    Revealing was the magazine’s choice not to go bigger on the story.

    Gillard polarises people; her future had been uncertain when it was preparing the issue, the Weekly explained. Like the polls, it was a telling barometer of the trouble that Gillard’s in..


  34. There was also wide ranging interview.

    I recall a ‘ wide ranging interview’ the PM did with some abc show a while back. From over 50 minutes of interview, all they showed was her answering a gotcha on rudds removal near the end of it.

    I’m still not sure why the message can’t get out though 😯

  35. Mind you, even Russel Crowe gets ‘it’

    I think it’s just a lack of gallantry that has crept into not just politics but the way politics is reported and I think it gives licence to a type of hater that will only further reduce the quality of our lives, you know?


    I wish we coulda’ seen sales face when he said that.

  36. Why is Abbott getting rid of this. Even with his inefficient and expensive Direct Action, he will need a similar institution, unless he will need a similar institution, unless he is leaving it up to his ministers to hand the money out.

    “……..The Opposition has clearly stated its intention to remove the Clean Energy Finance Corporation if it takes government at the next election. Will the Coalition introduce another mechanism to take its place? How will an Abbott Government make sure Australia brings to market the diverse range of renewable technologies we need to transform our energy sector?

    Last week Opposition resources and energy spokesman Ian Macfarlane said an Abbott Government would support the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). But the Opposition remains opposed to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). According opposition spokesman for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage, Greg Hunt, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation is “putting at risk $10 billion of borrowed taxpayers’ money”, and is a “direct competitor to those already in the renewable sector”…


    Good interview of Oakeshott with Fran Bailey on ABC radio. In desperation, he told Fran to listen, after he answered the question for the third time.

    Said two contenders, one formal, the other informal, need to put policy on the table, none there yet.

    Fran was talking, as if there is gong to be a ballot today.

  37. While delving through the mud that 730 has become, I see ulman was kept out of the loop. For a ‘journalist’, he is very ill informed.

    But there’s no hint of it on the cover and the article makes it clear the knitting idea comes from the Prime Minister’s office.


    That story went to air hours after the PMO put the record straight.

  38. unless he is leaving it up to his ministers to hand the money out.

    That’s what they refer to as ‘small government’ 😉

  39. Tom, I do not know why, but Leigh let him talk.Russell Crowe, that is.

    It appears, according to the ABC, the ballot is on,. according to Rudd’s mob.

    Windsor on shortly. Morrison now on, running down over 457 bill. Why is the Apposition spending so much energy and passion on this bill. Cannot see the importance of it.

    Oakeshott reason for not supporting the bill, is because he believes there is penalties there now, that can be enforced, but are not.

    Show Rudd and his crowd going to pull on a vote, while there are important legislation going through.

  40. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

  41. Looks like the PM is taking control.

    “..The Prime Minister’s supporters are preparing for the Rudd camp to deliver a petition signed by one third of caucus to force a special meeting of MPs to debate the leadership. But under caucus rules, MPs could be forced to vote on a show of hands to force a leadership spill, which would then be conducted by secret ballot.

    The show of hands would be a potential stumbling block for a Rudd challenge as it would require wavering MPs to publicly declare a position on a leadership ballot.

    Supporters of the former prime minister reacted with fury to the suggestion last night, declaring that four cabinet ministers had demanded a ballot and the suggestion that an open show of hands would be required indicated they now did not want one..


    Is behind the paywall.

  42. It was reported ‘ that last night Ms Gillard knitted a number of voodoo dolls
    for distibution to her collegues later this week ‘

  43. Don’t forget it was the loose-with-the-truth Daily Telegraph who photoshopped Tony Abbott, all dressed up in his untouched by soot or grime pristine volunteer firefighter’s gear making it look as though he was casually walking away from the raging bushfire.in the background. They were a disgrace but they got away with it because it was News Ltd. Despicable.

  44. Ah, & now I see Voyager’s partner in crime, Neil of Sydney (assuming they’re not the same person. They talk the same crap) offering his utterly pointless dribble. Remember 1975-1983, Neil, when Fraser/Howard gave us Stagflation (a combination of high unemployment & high inflation) & a record debt to GDP ratio? I most certainly do. I do recall that Labor spent much of its first couple terms in office undoing the enormous damage left behind by the laziness & incompetence of the Fraser/Howard years, as well as bringing in much needed social & economic reforms-not too dissimilar to what is happening now. Yes, unemployment rates rose in Australia between 1990-1993 (after Labor brought them down from over 10% to around 6% between 1983 & 1988, but that was a problem faced the world over due to a global recession-“even” Tory Britain & Republican USA-but the numbers were already coming down when Howard took the helm. So, Neil, do you have anything intelligent to add, or do you plan to keep spout pointless bullcrap like your mate “Voyager”?

  45. Tony Abbott’s publicity stunts will eventually turn around and bite him.

    I won’t forget how he took up the time of a bemused Campbelltown Police in the 2010 election campaign (you know, the one he lost?) playing with their guns, Kevlar vests and tasers at 1:15 in the morning. Bad luck if any of the locals needed urgent police attendance.

    One asks what have the local police to do with his Federal campaign. Even NSW Police Minister Gallagher has not ever pulled that one.

    Someone has to take him to task for these infantile stunts. Time we had a grown-up LOTO to match our grown-up PM.

  46. Marcus

    The point i was trying to make is that the Coalition would never win an election if they were in power with 30 months of DD unemployment which occurred from Sept 1991- April 1994. Just wouldn’t happen. But Keating won an election in 1993.

    And the USA never had DD unemployment during Keatings recession.

    Howard could not even win with unemployment at record lows of 4.3% in 2007.

    Just shows you that facts are irrelevant.

  47. Just shows you that spin Neil puts on the facts is irrelevant.

    There, fixed it for you Neil 😀

  48. No, Neil, but the UK did under Thatcher. So, again, your point is? Oh, that’s right, you don’t actually have a point-well not one that is remotely relevant. Go back to your cave & hang out with your fellow troglodytes!
    As I said, above, Labor actually brought unemployment down between 1983 & 1990-after it hit double digits under Fraser (along with high inflation, a feat never before achieved in Australian economic history). Howard was kicked out, not because of anything related to unemployment statistics, but because of his mean-spirited, short sighted approach to government.

  49. after it hit double digits under Fraser”

    Yes and for how long was this?? Three months or something like that. Compare that to Keatings 30 months of DD unemployment.

    And it was the Fraser govt not Howard govt.

    My point is that 45% of the population will vote ALP/greens whatever the policies are.

  50. The Murdoch media have tried this *line* before, and got themselves into *knots* about it. A few months ago, they ran with the headline “Gillard’s bizarre hobby”. I read the article with some expectation, what was this bizarre hobby? Was the PM into breeding piranha or perhaps she made collages from the entrails of sheep? No, not at all…she knits.

  51. Cu, on the importance of the 457 Visa bill..it’s because 457 Visas allow Gina to import cheap labour. She and the Liberals clearly have a problem with Australians being employed first to fill vacancies rather than importing temporary workers.

    So what sense is there in Abbott’s proposal to lop all those under 30yrs from the dole if they don’t move to the mines when Gina would much rather import foreign workers.

  52. She and the Liberals clearly have a problem with Australians being employed first to fill vacancies

    Maybe so but this is worse. Labor introduced the 485 visa in 2008 and has just changed the rules.


    “IN THE first week of March, Julia Gillard promised ”to stop foreign workers being put at the front of the queue with Australian workers at the back………Fewer than three weeks later, the federal government quietly changed the rules of another visa in ways that will enable thousands more temporary migrants to work in Australia for up to four years.”

    So if you bust your guts for years to get a Degree you now find yourself competing for a job with the several hundred thousand foreign students in Australia on a 485 visa.

  53. Pyne still does not accept the government’s legitimacy. So much for the will of the voter.

    ABC Interview with Albanese and Pyne.

    ABC 24

  54. Does anyone know of any PM in any Commonwealth country that has made a gift personally….with their own hands……. ???? ….. we have one special lady as PM 😉

  55. Pyne whining, they did not have the numbers,. Yes, Pyne that is the point. Labor did.

    Yes, Albanese, you are right. The Opposition has no respect for the parliament.

  56. Pyne, you will have to have the vote on the floor of both houses. That is the only mandate you will have to remove the so called carbon tax.

    Other MPs do not have to lie down and give their vote to you.
    That is the way our Constitution works.

  57. Labor MPs pushing Kevin Rudd’s return to the leadership are circulating a petition to force a special caucus meeting to oust the prime minister, Julia Gillard, in a desperate bid to avoid a landslide election defeat.

    Rudd’s backers are confident the former prime minister would contest the ballot, instead of declining to stand as he did in March, when Gillard responded to escalating leadership tensions by calling a vote in which there ended up being no other candidates. Rudd has not publicly confirmed this.

    They also believe a resurrected Rudd could avoid an immediate election, despite equivocal statements from the crossbench MPs whose support would be needed for the new Labor leader to assume the prime ministership in a hung parliament..


    Wonder what side is circulating this petition?

    Rudd doen not appear to be smiling.

  58. LOVO, I have to confess to being a craftsperson which I guess is why I sub-majored in Art. Art in itself is a form of expression, but for myself how much more wonderful is art when it has a practical application – I am thinking of those fine tapestries, the laces of Flanders and all the embroideries, potteries the world over where everyone can express themselves in both a practical and an artistic manner.

    Knitting is a century old art as is crochet and macramé, the latter being sailors knots. Once, women were not allowed to tie sailors knots (macramé)..I should imagine much like how women were not allowed to use a typewriter (very early days).

    Today it seems, women are *allowed* to put their children into care, be home only a few hours a day..but heaven help us if we knit.

  59. Apparantly according to Latika Bourke she cant find any Labor Polly who has seen this so called petition.Also smeone else blogging on PB has said that Bill Shorten is still backing the PM

  60. Tony would never ever pull a stunt like that – unless he could be photographed knitting in a hard-hat and reflective vest – because that’s much more manly.

    I wonder if the wool came from a gay sheep. I think we have a right to know!

  61. No one seems to have seen that petition. Taking a long time to get those 35 signatures.

    Still many steps to go yet. This is just the first.

    The problem could be, that after March fiasco, when Rudd did not turn up, not many are game to put their name on it. How many lost their jobs, and reputations last time.

    Would you trust him.

  62. Keep the kool-aid on ice. Been out, bit it appears no one has seen that petition. Taking a long time to get the 35 signatures.

    Could it be possible, after the March fiasco, when Rudd shot through, maybe one is reluctant to be the first to sign. How many last their jobs and reputations last time.

    PM now on ABC 24.

    There is still many hurdles to get over, this is only the first,

    If one signed, could one be sure that RUDD WILL TURN UP TO THE PARTY.
    Leadership ballot, called by the PM at 7 pm tonight.

    Now we have to see, if there is a challenger.

    Who ever loses leaves parliament. That is what she will do. Yes, and I bet if that becomes necessaRY, IT WILL BE DONE WITH GRACE.

  63. Would not like to play poker with this woman. Whatever happens, she has guts.

    No, I will not be supporting Rudd, or Labor as long as he is in the party,

  64. Cassidy just said, that those in Labor do not want Rudd

    By the way, Hockey in the MPI is beginning with the Rudd attack, all from the past.

    All these known unknowns. Many doubt he will not front up once again.

    I suspect commonsense may reign. Commentators seem to be saying this.

    Let your local member know what you think.

  65. Windsor giving his valedictory. Sadly the house is empty.

    Wonder what his health problems are.

  66. Windsor’s health problem is he knew that Barnaby would beat him. A case of bad loseritis! Barnaby is an ANDEV supporter…so is half of the Liberal reps. You should see our political list. A few Labs and a hat or two also.

    Be very afraid!

  67. If Rudd gets the gig I might just vote Labor.
    Just kiddin’ youse.

  68. PM in the house, listening to Windsor’s valedictory speech.

    Windsor, putting Turnbull on the spot. Seems to be enjoying doing it.

  69. Turnbull seems to be the only one from the Opposition.Well would one expect any decency from that side.

  70. Rudd, is to talk from the caucus room. Maybe he should wait until the vote is casted before taking occupancy.

  71. Wonder how one tells Rudd and Abbott apart. Both believe in destroying all in their path, to get what they want.Diddle dee, diddle dum.

    Was it Oakeshott, that said this morning, the PM has had two opposition leaders to face. One formal, the other informal.

    Interesting days ahead.

    I just hope, if the PM loses, those who are out celebrating, get all they deserve. I am sure they will.

    How can a man, that has spent three years white anting this PM and government, be given any respect. Keating went to the back bench and challenge policy, out in the open.

    What policies is Rudd promoting.

    Who is going to win. Tony Abbott of course.

    At least the loser will walk tonight. We can still hope.

  72. Windsor did say three years ago, that he would be most likely retiring at the end of this term. I believe that Windsor would win, if he ran again.

    Back to 457s

  73. Funny , well no very sad.
    Who is retiring now? It’s Gillard , are you all surprised.
    Amazing what 24hrs can do.
    Will things improve, with traitors like Shorten its a dim outlook.
    Labor in disarray , polls will jump up and fall back just as quickly.

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