Who gives a darn?


So the Prime Minister likes to knit! Really, who gives a darn? The Daily Telegraph, so it seams (pun intended). But it’s not just knitting, they declare, it is a political move that fails to resonate with the voters.

Silly me. I thought she was just knitting. But no:

In her toughest week, facing sinking opinion polls and soaring opposition, Prime Minister Julia Gillard appears in a women’s magazine knitting a toy kangaroo for the royal baby.

The remarkable image, on sale tomorrow in the latest Australian Women’s Weekly, was not the magazine’s idea.

My goodness, what a scandal! It’s more than just knitting. To quote by lines from the article and photo it’s:

  • PM’s last-stitch bid to win voters.
  • Spins and needles.

And was an:

  • . . . extraordinary image of her knitting was arranged by her chief spin doctor.

What pathetic journalism. But if you think that’s bad, have a read of this opinion piece from the same paper about the same story, fitting snuggly under the heading Out of touch if you pose as PM:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard makes some unusual choices. Following the 2010 election, Labor’s leader decided to form an alliance with the Greens, which led to an abandonment of her previous pledge not to introduce a carbon tax.

The move has haunted the Prime Minister ever since and is one of the primary reasons for the catastrophic decline in Labor’s electoral support over the past three years.

In opposition, Gillard was the architect of Labor’s more relaxed policy on asylum seekers, which turned out to be another ill-considered decision. Once that policy was put in place early in 2008, it led to a massive surge in asylum seeker arrivals. Subsequent policy revisions have not stemmed the flow.

Now, staring at electoral oblivion and increased pressure on her party leadership, the PM has made another questionable choice.Although it has none of the gravity of policies on carbon emissions or asylum seeker arrivals, Gillard’s decision to pose in an elaborately staged photoshoot for the Women’s Weekly calls into doubt her basic political acumen.

Nobody could possibly have any issue with the Prime Minister personally knitting a toy kangaroo for a royal baby. It’s a sweet gesture.

But just look at how luxurious and over-the-top is that image of our Prime Minister, who posed in a Sydney photographic studio for five full hours in order to achieve the desired look.

Six prime ministerial staffers accompanied her at the photo session, which was the idea of her senior adviser, John McTernan. Consider the public expense, all just to present a positive angle at a time when Ms Gillard’s political stocks are in freefall.

Rather than being positive, the image suggests a prime minister who is completely out of touch with the electorate and who cannot read the public mood. It also supports the view of critics who claim Ms Gillard misunderstands the seriousness of her office.

And somehow it epitomises her stand on that darn ‘carbon tax’.

While the country falls apart because of that killer carbon tax she has the audacity to knit . . . while the media tries to pull the wool over our eyes.