Stop the rot (the media rot)

A message from . . .

Rupert Murdoch, Fairfax, ABC, SBS and all other Australian media outlets: Stop interfering with the democratic process.

The editorial published in The Age on Saturday, June 22 calling on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to step down, has spurred many of us to express our anger and dismay at the way the mainstream media are manipulating the public.

Like many other Australian voters, we believe that we’re living in the most desperate times that Australia as a nation has ever faced. Nothing less than our precious democracy is at stake.

So far, we haven’t taken to the streets, but we will if necessary. Many Australian voters have found it difficult to believe what’s been happening to us, and to our Prime Minister. But the time has come for us to take action to express our anger and disgust and to demand change.

We are no longer prepared to accept that a former Australian billionaire who owns so much of our media, and Newspoll, of course, is lying to us, manipulating us, and using us to further his own interests. And that the rest of the mainstream media, including the taxpayer-funded ABC, has fallen into step with the Murdoch media.

We are no longer prepared to accept the blatant bias of the mainstream media. We are not prepared to accept television and radio interviewers refusing to allow both the government and the opposition to spell out their policies.

We have had enough of the colossal cheek of interviewers preventing Labor spokespeople from talking about anything other than the leadership, as happened on the 7.30 Report last week, and then being told, as we were in The Age editorial: ‘The Age’s overriding concern is that under Ms Gillard’s leadership, the Labor Party’s message about its future policies and vision for Australia is not getting through to the electorate. Our fear is that if there is no change in Labor leadership before the September 14 election, voters will be denied a proper contest of ideas and policies – and that would be a travesty for the democratic process.’

The travesty rests squarely and heavily on your shoulders – it is of your own creation. How dare you treat the Prime Minister in this way, and then try to blame her for your own behavior?

Why is the message not getting through the media to the voters? Why are you refusing to allow it? Why are you creating doubts about the Labor leadership? Why are you not asking the opposition the tough questions? Who are these unnamed sources? Where are these leaked internal polls?

We could mention uncountable other examples of behavior from the mainstream media that we are no longer prepared to tolerate. It is not OK to treat anyone in the way our PM and the Labor-led minority government has been treated.

So, we, ordinary Australians, request that the management of Fairfax, the Murdoch press, SBS, the ABC and all other media outlets insist that their journalists commence demonstrating the professional qualities required to truthfully inform the people of Australia of issues impacting on ordinary Australians.

In particular, we insist that:
• The media discontinue its creation of news as opposed to the reporting of news.
• The media immediately commence reporting on the policies (or lack thereof) of the Government and the Opposition to allow Australians to have an informed vote.
• You get your hands off our democracy. No more interference in the democratic process.
• You cease and desist from allowing the Prime Minister to be demeaned and trivialized in the media.

If you want to help stop the rot: sign here.


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  1. Migs, I was about to post a link to this petition, that was set up by Kate Ahearn of Fair Media Alliance, but I am so glad that you have put it up as a post, and I would encourage everyone who cares about our great democracy to sign it. 😀

    Cheers 😀 😎

  2. Michael, thank you for this. As I have stated many times in the past, all that I want is an equal chance to be heard. The MSM is akin to the snitch who passes rumours, creates false impressions but most especially without giving the other person a chance to state their own case. You create a false impression/false imaginary persona eg Julia the bogan, and then build on this until everything that she does is coloured by that.

    It’s an easy technique and especially effective against females and gay people. There are “the imaginaries”, they’re a slut, they’re a marriage wrecker, he’s a deviate, a pervert. Once labelled then the person has to spend so much time justifying themselves that they can almost cease to function effectively..such is the power of the slime…

    And thus endeth the Labor term – not because of shonky policy, not because we’re now all living on the edge, but due solely to the above mentioned slime.

    Those who gloat at the demise of Labor and sneer that they have *their man* Tony Abbott as Prime Minister should be reminded of the saying, the power but without any glory.

  3. Thanks again to Kate Ahern! BIG SHOUT OUT TO FAIR ALLIANCE. Lets just make this go viral!

  4. Any sensible thinking Australian Citizen Should Be Appalled By The Media Distortion Of the true Facts We must show That the People CARE about what Is Happening

  5. I could not agree more. I am sure a protest on Parliament house would gather a damn site more people than the bodged stop the wind turbine protest that Jones tried to get going. unfortunately I fear that the MSM would not give it any air time and it would be left to sites like this and similar to promote it’s outcome.

  6. We need to share and encourage others to sign, not just sign ourselves. To have an impact it has to go viral!

  7. I would say the PM is going to get it really and truly tonight. With the panel, and is starting from first question. Used to like Richo years ago.

    I believe it is time for us Labor supporters to relearn the hate as in the past,

    If it continues in this vein, it is definitely one step too far.

  8. Signed the petition.
    Somehow, it seems akin asking a (pack of)hyenas to stop eating meat. Although hyenas are at least, honest about their nature, a characteristic the corporate media does not share. 😦

  9. Yes. that is what Tony Jones and most off the audience and panel reminded me of tonight. A pack of hyenas that have not been fed for a while.

  10. What, given up on the ABBOTTABBOTTABBOTT and now it is all the media’s fault???

    You people insult the intelligence of your fellow Australians if you believe that the media can manipulate them. This government has been the most divisive, incompetent disaster ever.

    Go ahead, sign that pissy petition as it is not worthy of wiping Gillard’s arse with. Yeah, protest too so the people of Australia can see the faces of the quasi elitists because in these dark days we could do with a good laugh!

  11. The Age editorial was inappropriate , the leadership of the ALP is an internal
    matter. If the same piece was written on Election Day it would be accepted as
    Common practice. At this point Australian voters have made their own judgement
    and will vote in or out the appropriate Leader on 14/9.
    That’s called Democracy.

  12. and now it is all the media’s fault?

    It always has been. Everyone else is just catching up with what I have been saying for years now.

    Last night, their7.30 had the balls to run this crap

    LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Federal Parliament is sitting for its final week before the election, but Labor remains paralysed with indecision about the party’s leadership.

    Yea, “paralysed ” 😯

  13. Tom R – please accept that the current Gillard Government is in a state of
    hibernation ( is that better than paralysis?) and has been for some time.
    Blame Rudd – it is totally self inflicted. The solution would be to expel him
    from the Labor party. The Unions would support this.Can Rudd make a third
    comeback, who knows.

  14. Please please everyone. Dont just sign the media petition it needs to be shared far and wide to have an impact. Encourage your friends and not so friends.

  15. Seriously? The Age and the ABC are extreme left wing and pro-Labor. When they abandon the cause, you know there’s something amiss. Face the truth, Gillard (mainly), Swan and co have trashed the great ideals and ethos of the Labor Party and their legacy will be to leave us with a token opposition, the worst situation we could have. Have you forgotten, they stabbed Rudd in the back for polls that were much better than these.

  16. Seriously? The Age and the ABC are extreme left wing and pro-Labor.

    Seriously? You expect us to take that seriously 😯

  17. On deep consideration 0f RR’s cogent point

    The Age and the ABC are extreme left wing and pro-Labor.

    I have now had cause to change my analysis of the current political environment.
    I mean, given RR’s searing analysis, obviously both “phone card” Reith and the ipa (both regularly featured on the ABC) are card carrying communists bent on the destruction of our democracy.
    Thanks for the wake up call, RR, back under your bridge now. 😆

  18. “…they stabbed Rudd in the back for polls that were much better than these.”

    You lost it Richard Ryan when you stated that. It proved you are clueless as to why they dumped Rudd.

  19. Might be helpful to show Mobius Ecko the video et al describing why Rudd had to go and evidencing that he wasn’t “stabbed in the back” He may also benefit from the weighty list of achievements of Labor in recent years. He seems like a nice enough chap, just not well informed.

  20. Hockey once up again.
    The Opposition seem to have gain some life, seeing the PM is not in the house,.

  21. Albanese enjoying himself announcing the numerous turning on the NBN. Mentioning that the Opposition is buying back copper.

    I believe the Opposition should they were going to have it easy today. Suspect that is not the case.

    Problem for the Libs, Labor has depth.

  22. Questions for the Opposition. Not mine, but would like most answered.

    “The questions:
    Of the hundreds of pieces of legislation passed by the 43rd parliament what specific pieces will be repealed by a coalition government if elected?
    Will a coalition government repeal legislation that it actually supported while in opposition?
    What will the coalition do in government that the current government isn’t already doing to discourage asylum seekers arriving by boat?
    Given the small impact of the carbon tax on electricity prices what will a coalition government do to bring down electricity prices?
    How will a coalition government improve the living standards of low income people?
    What will a coalition government do to ensure equity of educational opportunities across states and systems?
    What will a coalition government do to ensure that all Australians have affordable health care that is timely & delivered by expert staff?
    How will a coalition government protect the working rights of young people seeking entry into the workforce for the first time?
    What would a coalition government do to preserve the protection of collective enterprise bargaining for working Australians?
    The cost of education is soaring in Australia. $2560 for a one semester certificate 4 course at TAFE in Qld. How will a coalition government reduce the costs of education?
    How will a coalition government ensure that Australia’s interests as a global citizen will be furthered if elected?
    What will a coalition government do to protect the superannuation of Australians from being eroded?
    Will a coalition government give refugees the right to work and pay taxes while waiting for permanent citizenship?
    How will a coalition government address the gross inadequacies in basic service delivery to remote aboriginal communities?
    How would a coalition government protect Australia from the threat of diseases such as TB being imported from PNG?
    How would a coalition government ensure that the pervasive and growing incidence of mental health problems in the community be addressed?
    How would a coalition government protect the interests of all Australians by preventing tax minimisation by the rich?
    What would a coalition government do to reduce the death toll on Australia’s roads?
    How would a coalition government reduce the rate of youth suicide in Australia?
    What would a coalition government do to prevent the fracturing of Australian society along lines of income, education, access to technology?
    How would a coalition government address the serious issue of alcohol fuelled violence in communities?
    What strategies would a coalition government adopt to reduce the impact of domestic violence in communities?
    How would a coalition government ensure accountability of all politicians to the electorate and under law?
    How would a coalition government ensure equal opportunity in Australian society and workplaces?
    What would a coalition government do to return the focus of government to governing rather than focusing on the personality cult of leadership?
    What would a coalition govt do to maximise the benefits of mining for all Australians?
    What would a coalition government do to ensure a planned transition to a low carbon based economy? What it the plan to wean us off coal?
    What would a coalition government do to enhance health services to rural communities? What is their plan?
    What would a coalition government do to reduce the burden of spiralling higher education costs on young people?
    What strategies does the coalition have for reducing the impact of a growing population on the environment?
    A decade of drought will come again. What water security measures does a coalition government plan to implement?
    How would a coalition government deal with an ally who spies on Australian citizens? Can it protect our freedom?
    Why won’t Tony Abbott go on Q&A? Why won’t he go on the 7:30 report?
    What specific aspects of the current government’s asylum seeker policy would a coalition government keep?
    How would a coalition government protect Australian manufacturing jobs in the face of globalisation?
    How would a coalition government ensure that Australians are protected from global financial pressures?
    What is the coalition’s plan for restoring tertiary education as a driver of innovation not just vocational training?
    What additional taxes will a coalition government introduce to return the budget to their promised surplus?
    Will a coalition government protect the universal health care system that has served Australia so well?
    Would a coalition government follow through on the current investigations into child abuse and the Catholic church?
    What percentage of Australian GDP will a coalition government spend on defence forces and related expenditure? How would this compare with efforts to resolve conflicts through peaceful diplomatic means?
    What lengths will a coalition government go to, to support the USA in its agenda of global interventions?
    How will a coalition government promote Australia as a peaceful nation with legitimate interests in the development of Asia?
    How will a coalition government address the social injustices that plague many countries in our global neighbourhood?
    Will a coalition government recognise the rights of Indigenous people in Australia to exercise their legitimate interests in the management of traditional homelands?”

  23. The relationship between the politicians and the media remind me of a ponce with his hookers, but for the life of me, I cannot work out which is which.

  24. Möbius, I think Kim meant it was something you could show the doubters, not something you should see yourself.

  25. Sorry Mobius Ecko. Mistook the author of a comment. Should have been robert ryan. My apologies

  26. weighty list of achievements of Labor in recent years

    What achievements?? Asylum seekers in camps can no longer get to Australia since all our intake is being taken by people with $10,000.

    And as usual Labor has trashed the budget. Not sure how important is a credit rating downgrade is but i believe business and govt has to pay a higher rate of interest on their borrowings after a downgrade. We were downgraded under Hawke when debt wasn’t that high. Queensland has just been downgraded and so has South Australia under Labor.

    And the Coalition gets handed a mess as usual. And then look mean and nasty trying to get our credit rating back.

    But hey lets just print more money. We are sovereign in our own currency. Debt does not matter.

  27. For you Neil, something to think about, plus what credit rating downgradeWhat has the Labor government done for Australia? Let me count the ways… Courtesy of Kaye Lee

    · NBN (the real one) – total cost $37.4b (Government contribution: $30.4b)

    · BER 7,920 schools: 10,475 projects. (completed at less than 3% dissatisfaction rate)

    · Gonski – Education funding reform

    · NDIS/DisabilityCare

    · MRRT & aligned PRRT

    · Won seat at the UN

    · Signed Kyoto

    · Signatory to Bali Process & Regional Framework

    · Eradicated WorkChoices

    · Established Fair Work Australia

    · Established Carbon Pricing/ETS (7% reduction in emissions since July last year)

    · Established National Network of Reserves and Parks

    · Created world’s largest Marine Park Network

    · Introduced Reef Rescue Program

    · National Apology

    · Sorry to the Stolen Generation

    · Increased Superannuation from 9 to 12%

    · Changed 85 laws to remove discrimination against same sex couples

    · Introduced National Plan to reduce violence against women and children

    · Improvements to Sex Discrimination Act

    · Introduced Plain packaging of cigarettes

    · Legislated Equal pay (social & community workers up to 45% pay increases)

    · Legislated Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave scheme

    · Established $10b Renewable energy fund

    · Legislated Murray/Darling Basin plan (the first in a hundred years of trying.)

    · Increased Education funding by 50%

    · Established direct electoral enrollment

    · Created 190,000 more University places

    · Achieved 1:1 ratio, computers for year 9-12 students

    · Established My School

    · Established National Curriculum

    · Established NAPLAN

    · Increased Health funding by 50%

    · Legislated Aged care package

    · Legislated Mental health package

    · Legislated Dental Care package

    · Created 90 Headspace sites

    · Created Medicare Locals Program

    · Created Aussie Jobs package

    · Created Kick-Start Initiative (apprentices)

    · Funded New Car plan (industry support)

    · Created Infrastructure Australia

    · Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects)

    · Doubled Federal Roads budget ($36b) (7,000kms of roads)

    · Rebuilding 1/3 of interstate rail freight network

    · Committed more to urban passenger rail than any government since Federation

    · Developed National Ports Strategy

    · Developed National Land Freight Strategy

    · Created the nations first ever Aviation White Paper

    · Revitalized Australian Shipping

    · Reduced transport regulators from 23 to 3 (saving $30b over 20years)

    · Introduced NICS – infrastructure schedule

    · Australia has moved from 20th in 2007 to 2nd on OECD infrastructure ranking

    · Awarded International Infrastructure Minister of the Year (2012 Albanese)

    · Awarded International Treasurer of the Year (2011 Swan)

    · Introduced Anti-dumping and countervailing system reforms

    · Legislated Household Assistance Package

    · Introduced School Kids Bonus

    · Increased Childcare rebate (to 50%)

    · Allocated $6b to Social Housing (20,000 homes)

    · Provided $5b to Support for Homelessness

    · Established National Rental Affordability Scheme ($4.5b)

    · Introduced Closing the Gap

    · Supports Act of Recognition for constitutional change

    · Provided the highest pension increase in 100 years

    · Created 900,000 new jobs

    · Established National Jobs Board

    · Allocated $9b for skills and training over 5 years

    · Established Enterprise Connect (small business)

    · Appointed Australia’s first Small Business Commissioner

    · Introduced immediate write-off of assets costing less than $6,500 for Sm/Bus

    · Introduced $5,000 immediate write-off for Small Business vehicles over $6,500

    · Introduced Small business $1m loss carryback for tax rebate from previous year

    · Legislated Australian Consumer law

    · Introduced a national levy to assist Queensland with reconstruction

    · Standardized national definition of flood for Insurance purposes.

    · Created Tourism 2020

    · Completed Australia’s first feasibility study on high speed rail

    · Established ESCAS (traceability and accountability in live animal exports)

    · Established Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse

    · Established National Crime Prevention Fund

    · Lowered personal income taxes (Ave family now pays $3,500 less p.a. than 2007)

    · Raised the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200

    · Australia now the richest per capita nation on earth

    · First time ever Australia has three triple A credit ratings from all three credit agencies

    · Low inflation

    · Lowest interest rates in 60 years (Ave mortgagee paying $5,000 less p.a. than 2007)

    · Low unemployment

    · Lowest debt to GDP in OECD

    · Australian dollar is now fifth most traded in the world and IMF Reserve Currency

    · One of the world’s best performing economies during and since the GFC

    · Australia now highest ranked for low Sovereign Risk

    · Overseen the largest fiscal tightening in nations history (4.4%)

    · 21 years of continuous economic growth (trend running at around 3%pa)

    · 11 years of continuous wages growth exceeding CPI

    · Increasing Productivity

    · Increasing Consumer Confidence

    · Record foreign investment

    · Historic levels of Chinese/Australian bilateral relations

    · First female Prime Minister

    · First female Governor General

    · First female Attorney General

    A fiscal strategy to return to budget surpluses over the economic cycle without damaging its economy with austerity measures already proven to fail. A future linked to the National Broadband Network, renewable energy and greater productivity through higher education and infrastructure investment. Improved social equality and has a larger voice on the world stage.

    All this (and more) despite a hung parliament, a recalcitrant press and the most negative and asinine Opposition since Federation.

    In my view this has been one of the finest parliamentary periods in our history.

  28. Load of crap.

    NBN – where is it after SIX years

    Gonski, NDIS- no money for it and the programs don’t exist.

    You just announce something and then expect people to applaud.

    I will give you plain packaging of cigarettes.

    And the credit rating downgrade is coming if Labor keeps putting stuff on the credit card.

    And Headspace was a Coalition creation.

    I feel for the 14,000 refugees in camps we no longer take and you people do not give a stuff about.

  29. Lowest debt to GDP in OECD

    Yeah and what has the ALP got to do with that you LIAR. Debt was zero in 2007 before Swan got his paws on the piggy bank.

  30. What achievements??

    Carbon pricing
    Plain Packaging
    Ocean reserves
    School bonus scheme
    Roll back of middle/upper class welfare including Private Healthcare rebate
    Raising of tax-free threshold to record levels

    And all this in the shadow of the GFC, a hung parliament, a rabid media and clingy old men within the party

    Yes nil, those achievements 😉

  31. Debt was zero in 2007 before Swan got his paws on the piggy bank.

    Yes, but at least he has started to rectify the structural deficit the libs built into the budget in order to do that.

    And all this in the shadow of the GFC, a hung parliament, a rabid media and clingy old men within the party


  32. Neil You make a huge leap saying no one here gives a stuff about refugees. NBN, well Neil you are in Sydney and already benefit from speedy internet connections. The NBN has already made a huge difference to those West of the Divide. Information is readily available to show how many areas now enjoy what you have in Sydney. The impact on medical services has been huge. Gonski is funded and thats why Barry O’Farrell got on very early. He saw what great social benefit it would be to the people in his state. NDIS is also funded and I can only tell you that I know of many who are carers or live with disabilities who are extremely excited about its roll out in July. I used to work with Headspace. It was a Labor program and many young people with mental health issues have benefited. Those that make credit rating decisions ( and I don’t aim to suggest I understand) say that economically Australia is on the right track and even with increased spending will maintain the AAA rating.
    Hmmm plain packaging! As a long term smoker I have finally kicked it. I am grateful for all attempts by government. The highest achievement within this issue is our Attorney General took on the most power and wealthy cigarette companies and won. Something to be proud of I think.

  33. It appears, whoever wins on September 14, has immediately to go to New York., First meeting in relation to that win.

    So they cannot go to Indonesia.

    Anyway, I suspect by then, we will have new agreements in place.

  34. Neil, are we women not allow to expect women’s issues cannot be addressed, as it is seen as playing the gender card.
    Neil, I suggest that those who are attempting to stifle legitimate debate, are the ones playing the cards.

    There are many issues, that are urgent, and do affect woman.
    As for the abortion debate,,, it is already began, thanks to the DLP senator. If the election goes as some say, that man will be in the same position as the ex senator Harradine. Yes, will use the abortion lever, to allow Abbott to get legislation passed.

    Yes, it is a legitimate issue to raise. So is sexism in the hope and workplace. Women and children are still suffering at the hands of some men. It fact, I have seen articles lately, that say the incidences are rising, not decreasing. That in itself is a worry.

    Neil, how does a community deal with these issues, if mentioning them becomes taboo.

    It is such beliefs, such as

    Yes, it makes some uncomfortable, which I find hard to understand, so be it.

    What makes me uncomfortable, that some believe the victims should be ashame to speak out, somehow saying, it is their fault.

  35. Albanese named a number of areas, across the continent, today in parliament, that are this week having the NBN switched. There have been many in recent times. I believe the moderator of this site might be one of the lucky ones.

    It is becoming a weekly occurrence,

    In fact it is less than six years. Labor first attempt, along the lines of the 19 Howard attempts, slowed things up.

    Would have been quicker, if Labor did not have to sort the mess that Howard created when he sold Telstra, That is all behind us now.

    Neil,it is a massive undertaking, and it does take time to put in place the mechanism to build it.

  36. Neil, the money for Gonski, is already in place, in the budget.
    Yes, not as much as one would like.,But plenty to get it up and going.

    As for asylum seekers, where is Abbott going to send all that are coming from Iran at this time. Iran will not take them back. Just asking.

  37. Another wonderful Howard success?

    ..The timing of yesterday’s audit report into this affair could not be more embarrassing. The findings could hardly be more damning. The report is an indictment of the Government’s shameless pork-barrelling in the Regional Partnership Program.
    The ANAO found that the Howard government’s Regional Partnerships Program does not meet an acceptable standard of public administration. Howard and his Ministers, particularly John Anderson and other Nationals, had favoured schemes in Coalition held electorates. In distributing hundreds of millions of dollars in grants they governed in ways that rewarded some of us; whilst punishing others for what they’d decided in the poll booths at the previous election.

    The Auditors concluded that the Regional Partnerships Programme is a very flexible discretionary grants programme. It has broadly based assessment criteria, and projects are subject to continuous assessment rather than being considered through structured funding rounds. Funding decisions are taken by Ministers……

    I hope TPS or nasking does not mind.

  38. Yes, but at least he has started to rectify the structural deficit the libs built into the budget in order to do that.

    Your are obviously not up to date. The structural deficit never existed. It was a lie by Swan to try and trash Costello. have you seen the latest results from the Parliamentary Budget Office??

    I don’t know how to link to a PDF file but go to

    Estimates of the structural budget balance of the Australian Government 2001-02 to 2016-17

    under publications and look at Figure 1. In 2007-08 it is estimated that we were in structural balance (if you trust TREASURY) and Swans spending has driven us into a large Structural deficit.

    I used to work with Headspace. It was a Labor program and many young people with mental health issues have benefited.”

    Really Kim???

    Headspace is a youth mental health initiative established by the Australian government in 2006. The project is funded by the Department of Health and Ageing under the Youth Mental Health Initiative Program.”

    labor was no in power in 2006.

  39. if you trust TREASURY


    Actually, that chart you reference shows the descent into structural deficit perpetuated by the libs. Swan has slowed and finally stopped it, and it is now heading back in the right direction.

    And all this in the shadow of the GFC, a hung parliament, a rabid media and clingy old men within the party

  40. Mate you people are blind. The chart actually shows we are in structural deficit up to 2016. And we were never in structural deficit under Costello.

    I agree with this

    Some economists have questioned the distinction between cyclical and structural deficits. They contend that there are too many variables involved to allow a clear distinction to be made, especially when dealing with current circumstances rather than retrospectively, and suggest that the concept of structural deficits may be used more for political purposes than analytical purposes.[6]”

    And that is what the LIAR Mr Wayne Swan used it for- political purposes. Have you noticed that Swan no longer talks about structural deficits?? I have.

    I wonder why??

  41. You are right Neil in 2006 15 million was provided to start up a Youth Mental Health Foundation and establish Headspace. Labor conducted evaluations in 2009. By 2011 15 new centres , 2012 Labor had provided funding for a further 18 centres. 247 million was provided by the Federal Government for Headspace. Because of the strong support of the Feds it is expected that 90 Centres will be open by 2015. There is some question as to whether an Abbott government would continue with the funding as he has sited defunding of various areas of community health including the new hubs that have been operating affectively.

  42. Well that has to be a first. A Labor supporter after posting a falsehood actually admits to it. Well done. Yep, Headspace was a Howard govt program

    Carbon pricing

    One thing i have noticed about ALP supporters is that all the ALP has to do is announce a program and people get excited.

    NDIS, Gonski NBN don’t exist. The mining tax collects no tax and most probably reduces tax revenue by scaring off business. And the carbon tax is starting to destroy our manufacturing industry.

    It would not surprise me that the only good govt programs running are those left over from the Howard govt.

  43. The best govt. in years…. and with the best PM in years and all Neil ‘cando’ is say NO….. 🙄 .. typical 😀
    The rabbid attack dog of Howard’s is starting to ( HIC ) shlip hish leash (burp)…. as it slowly unravels, as it gets closer to the ‘day’… the more it unravels… oh, guffaw…. I for one can’t wait for Labor to finally unleash their secret weapon………. Tony Abbott, (sshh ) 😆 ………ROFLMFAO
    ….. IMO, the Media have been so speculatively over the top today that it ‘shows’ …. Joe Blow now knows…. double guffaw……as the adage goes….’ some, some of the time… etc.. “……. slowly but surely the fifth estate is defining the debate….. who’d a thunk that the God damned Pleb’s would know how to Google……. oh, triple guffaw….. tick, tick, tick….. HA and Nyaanaa

  44. As to the chart, please read what economist say.

    The PBO reports that the structural deficit goes back to the final years of the Howard/Costello government when the actual budget was in surplus and the government was not only retiring debt but was a net lender.

    Instead of accumulating greater surpluses as investment against the eventual downturn, it gave away a huge amount particularly in generous middle class welfare and significantly eroded the tax base with cuts to income tax rates and thresholds. While it looked like government finances were in good shape, the structural balance estimates present a different picture.


    The budget office says more than two-thirds of the initial five percentage point decline in structural revenue was caused by the cumulative effect of the six tax cuts in a row delivered or promised by Costello. (Two-thirds seems too much to me. I suspect it doesn’t allow for the notional indexation of the tax scale and so counts this as structural rather than cyclical.)

    So, it appears that Labors biggest crime was to implement the tax cuts howard promised, and they had to match, in hte opening days of the 2007 election.

    Sometimes reading wider is better than getting all your info from judith “dim-witted graduate” sloane

  45. Neil Yu can’t have it both ways.”One thing i have noticed about ALP supporters is that all the ALP has to do is announce a program and people get excited.”
    The Libs announced a pilot for Youth Mental Health in 2006 with a small funding grant. From 2007 to 2013 the actual Headspace as we know it grew to currently 40plus centre with funding allocated to increase to 90 centres by 2015. The Labor Fed have contributed 247 million and negotiated with States and territories for contribution. Now I can pull out lots more information, annual funding, State funding, projections, but I am way too busy trying to encourage those that want to consider the reality of having Tony Abbott as PM As I said though Tony Abbott’s government is very likely to defund.
    Can I suggest Neil that Wikipedia is a starting point for information only, but good on you for starting at least

  46. “So, it appears that Labors biggest crime was to implement the tax cuts howard promised, and they had to match, in hte opening days of the 2007 election.”

    Really so this is Costello’s fault???

    The Government has delivered $47 billion of tax cuts in our first four years since coming to office. In addition, we have provided further tax cuts as assistance for the cost of living impact of the carbon price from 2012‑13. Even after accounting for the small increase in the Medicare levy in 2014‑15 we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales.

    Labor has been in 6 years and they are still giving tax cuts and you have the hide to blame Costello.

    And be suspicious of the structural deficit crap. In the 2010 budget they said Costello’s last 2 budgets were in SD. In 2011 they revisited the calculation and said only the last budget was in SD. The PBO now says no SD in Costello’s last year but it was trending down. Three goes at measuring the SD with 3 different results. Treasury/Swan is trying very hard to trash Costello.

  47. Labor has been in 6 years and they are still giving tax cuts and you have the hide to blame Costello.

    The difference is, these tax cuts are offset by savings elsewhere

  48. What savings?? We are running $20B deficits. Labor supporters go way back 6 years to condemn the Costello tax cuts but say nothing about the Swan tax cuts in the May budget.

    Facts are irrelevant and people believe what they want to believe.

  49. we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales.”

    You notice Swan compares his tax cuts with Costello’s

  50. Sorry cuppa you are wrong. But even if you are right it is easy to fix. Instead of bragging about passing 500 pieces of legislation how about passing one extra piece?? The extra one would be to abolish middle class welfare and to fix up the tax scales and to spend less money. The Greens and Independents would go for it.

    You do know that Swan passed tax cuts in last months budget, ie. 30 days ago don’t you??

    But nooooo. You go back SIX years and try and trash Costello’s reputation.

    Even after accounting for the small increase in the Medicare levy in 2014‑15 we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales.”

  51. Nope. What an ALP supporter does is to try and trash the reputation of a Conservative voter/politician. I am not sure why. I have never seen such hatred before and against your fellow Australian citizens as well. If character assignation does not work the next thing is to tell bald face lies about Conservative voters/politicians.

    This whole structural deficit thing is designed to trash Costello. The surplus budgets were not really surpluses but structural deficits. All a load of crap.

    Swan most probably got Treasury to spend millions of dollars trying to find a way to trash Costello and came up with the SD.

    Treasury has published three results, all different. Their last go showed no SD.

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