89 comments on ““The haunting” caption competition

  1. Not a caption but an observation.

    I thought Howard was the least photogenic PM we ever had but Abbott takes the cake by a long way. Whether it’s still shots or video of him in action or at pressers, he always comes across as putting on a staid stiff persona that takes an awful lot of effort to control and keep in place. Even his talking and speeches convey this.

    The photo above is a good example. Phoney in every pixel of him, with only the kid, who senses the phoniness of adults, unimpressed and wanting to get away from the bad clown.

  2. Had the misfortune to see this Abbott campaigning puff piece, presented as news, on Ch 7’s TV news the other night. The poor kid hated every minute of this whole fiasco. He was squirming every which way but Abbott was determined to plant a kiss on the little boy’s face. He eventually did but, unfortunately for the boy, Abbott’s wet kiss was mostly on his mouth. Yuck, it was really stomach-turning & nauseating.

    Abbott displays most of the diagnostic symptoms for sociopathy & Narcissistic Personality Disorder & so he seems to lack the ability to read other people’s body language (or doesn’t care). He was totally unconcerned that the child seemed to be uncomfortable & was resisting Abbott’s attempts to look child-friendly. This is probably why he was clinging on to the kid so hard there would possibly be bruises on his arm. The parents need a good talking to for permitting their very young child to be in the position of being a political prop

  3. says “Oh what big teeth you have mister”, thinks” mummy mummy help me, I am afraid of the big bad wolf”

  4. Oh, @ scaper, you are such a clueless, amateur troll. You couldn’t get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.

  5. A lot of religious vilification going on here. I thought Gillard was leading us away casting dispersions about sexuality. It seems change will take time. Anyway, Abbott is probably saying to the boy that people will hate him for being different, and you will encounter insulting bullies, but with conviction you can achieve your dreams.

    What a nice message yes?

  6. @ scaper your intelligence qualifies you more for the primordial soup
    than for the “master race.” Recognize your limitations. Then shut

    On-topic caption – “Mummy, I don’t trust this man!”

  7. Tony : “That’s right son. You’ll still be paying off Labor’s deficit by the time your my age”

  8. @ Erin’s back, “And you still won’t be able to spell when you grow up because I will NOT waste Government money on education.”

    You’re spelling level is lower than your aware!

  9. “Hey Mr, could you pweese tell me why you would be a betterest PM, I’v asked awound the playgwound and nobody can tell me”

  10. He can think again, I am no stooge.

    The idiots cannot even match my shirt to trousers, when they dress me as a prop.

    Where in the hell did this shirt and tie come from. Not mine, that’s for sure.

    They can lead me to the camera, but no way am I going to smile.

    Look at the hold he has on me, cannot even run away, as he often does.

  11. “…and you will encounter insulting bullies,”

    Talk about pot calling kettle black, or another example of right wing projetion.

    Abbott would know as he’s one of the biggest bullies on the block and throws insults around like confetti.

    “Mummy, mummy get this insulting bully away from me!”

  12. What this shows up,is the difference in the way kids react to Gillard and Abbott.

    The PM gives the impression, that she is comfortable in the company of kids, of any age. The kids appear to react to her in a positive manner.

    With Abbot, we mostly see hims competing with kids. Remember all the races he had with them, back in 2010. He always had to win.

    If I was Abbott’s adviser., I would tell him to make a wide berth of kids, in any form.

  13. Maybe someone can find some of the 2010 video clips. One racing the kids out of the surf, another at a school, where he nearly knocked the kids over to win. There where many, along with the ones, that had him stuffing food into his gob.

    As for our visitors from the right, it is hard to have a sense of humour, when one is overwhelm with bitterness.

    What I do not understand, why is Abbott so uncomfortable around children, when he is the wonderful father of three girls, adult girls at that.

  14. Mobius, notice that they never challenge the facts we put on these sites.

    Just that we are full of hate for Abbott. The latest, is that one is bitter.

    Never tell us where we are wrong. Never tell us why he is so good.

    One wonders what those thousands that pass through think of their comments.

    Then to be fair, it is hard to talk about policies, when one only gets, what at the most is a green paper, that might become a white paper, which may lead to policy the next election after September 14.

    Yes, it is difficult to promote what is only inspirational brain farts. How does one cost such announcements.

    Maybe that is what the kid is trying to tell us.

  15. As always the hypocrisy here is breathtaking. Endless pissing and moaning about all the horrible / sexist comments Julia has had to endure, yet most of you are happy to post highly offensive pedophile references above. Comments which are not only offensive to Abbott, but to the child as well. The ‘Ohh George Pell, look what I’ve got for you’, and the ‘torch in the pocket’ comment are particularly horrible.

    And for those that didn’t comment along those lines, it obviously doesn’t bother you that others have. I’d like to hear just one of you offer a reasonable explanation why you find this acceptable. It’s bad enough in it’s own right, but given the outrage you all have over personal attacks on Julia it’s down right hypocritical.

    It’s pretty clear, the more dire Gillard’s position becomes, the more desperate your comments and posts become.

  16. “What this shows up,is the difference in the way kids react to Gillard and Abbott.”

    What this shows is the enormous gap in how both handle difficult people and children.

    Gillard is always articulate, gentle, polite, diplomatic and brave in facing antagonism, whilst Abbott is brusk, condescending, halting, overbearing and cowardly either freezing or running away when facing unpleasantness.

    Gillard the other day faced a child who started crying when she approached to talk to her. Gillard immediately backed away used soothing words and told the child her mother was right there for her.

    Abbott if you see that footage grabbed the child, ignored the child’s discomfort and wanting to get away and was abrupt and loud further scaring the child, all the while pulling the child toward him and holding him tightly just so Abbott could get the shot. His photo op was far more important than the discomfort and wants of a child.

    So this is why I see the hypocrisy in what redearthbluesky goes on about politeness and being nice when they openly support a person who is the antithesis of politeness and doesn’t know the meaning of the word nice. If redearthbluesky was honest they would be condemning Abbott and praising Gillard for her propriety and politeness in the face of harsh antagonism.

  17. Why ? Because I really don’t want to see the unions running this country, which is what’s going on right now IMO. Rudd wasn’t the puppet they’d hoped for so they pushed him out and put Gillard in. A decision I’m sure they are regretting now. Because I’m utterly unconvinced about man made climate change. And because quite frankly, I don’t find Julia Gillard at all credible. Now, Tony Abbott may not be all things to all people, quite frankly I’d have preferred Peter Costello but I would much rather see an Abbott led liberal government than a Gillard (or Rudd) led ALP Union led government.

    So then LOVO, a question for you. Why do you find it acceptable for CW posters to make awful references to pedophilia regarding the picture above. Tony Abbott aside (which is bad enough) would you be happy to see those offensive comments if that was your child, grandchild, nephew) ???

  18. Not offensive to the child.

    I am sure some will see the latest photo more offensive. So be it.

  19. My grand child would not be found in that photo. In fact would not be found in any photo, with any politician.

  20. “Not offensive to the child. I am sure some will see the latest photo more offensive. So be it”

    Fed Up seems to be quite prolific here and quite representative of CW posters so there you have it.

    Multiple pedophile references involving the leader of the opposition and someone’s young child are absolutely fine.

    If that’s the standard here then quite frankly, you can all have it. I may have very different politics to most of you, but up until now I felt somewhat comfortable expressing that amongst you here.

    Not anymore. I won’t be back. I’m sure most of you won’t care (I mean who the hell am I anyway) and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy deriding my post as arrogant or god knows what else. Knock yourselves out, but the next time one of you posts a link or thread about how poorly Gillard has been treated just remember . . . People in glass houses !

  21. Erin,

    Sorry to see you go. I agree it is very unsavoury what we are seeing here. The question is what we do about it. Some of these posts clearly vilify on the basis of religious orientation. I think if a Catholic put in a complaint to the Human Right’s Commission this blog would probably be investigated as a hate blog, which it is. Pretty clear cut on that one.

    I don’t really know if the stick is the best way to deal with hate though. I’m hoping a bit of positive commentary may help, but really it is hard to remain positive when you see some of the stuff on this page but I’ll do my best. I have the ying yang idea that there is a little bit of good in even some of the most unsavoury of people and hopefully that good can be increase.

  22. Michael, thought that might upset some. Hope they follow the link. They say it much stronger there.

    Yes, Erin is right, Abbott has been known to support some of our worse pedophiles.

    That is simply a fact, not allegation.

    I wonder why truth upsets some, and sends them running.

    Cannot see one comment here, from the left, that is not fact.

    Abbott is uncomfortable in the company of kids, ams it shows. Kids do not appear to welcome his company.

    “red earth blue sky.” Why so much bitterness from one that call themselves thus,

    Why does so much negativity come from such a positive title. Waste of a good name.

  23. Goodbye Michael. Your reluctance to address these offensive posts on your blog demonstrates you are every bit as bad as the MSM you hold in such contempt. Hypocritical and cowardly as well.

    FU. As this is my final post I might as well be the one to tell you. Most of your posts are incoherent. You ramble and regurgitate others material and it rarely seems to be in response to anyone or anything in particular. Just so you know !!!

  24. Goodbye Michael. Your reluctance to address these offensive posts on your blog demonstrates you are every bit as bad as the MSM you hold in such contempt. Hypocritical and cowardly as well.

    Pathetic parting shots, I see.

  25. So people like you tell me all the time. If so, why do your lot. always pick me out for special attention.

    Yours leave a lot to be desired. A facts would not go amiss.

    Most others do not seem to have trouble with what I write. Yes my English is far from perfect. My content is not.

    And I do love lobbing it back. I also enjoy the games, some come here to play. That seems to upset some.

  26. Michael, I do not believe it. You have upset, those who come to abuse. That has to be a red letter day. Such thin skins, some appear to have.

    If one look at what they write here, one could say it was offensive. But then, who really takes what they say, as having any worth.

    Did you hear the story, that Pyne manage to get bitten by a rat, on his knuckle.

    so erin is back, is now erin has gone.
    Had to put a band aid on it.

    That is an injury that would take me off to see the doctor. As Pyne told the story, it must be true. Also lost his ear plug, and was annoyed by the snorers.

  27. Another who leaves in a huff of faux outrage and displaying typical hypocrisy.

    If true to form they will come back under another moniker or just come back.

    What the problem is they make a parting spray at what’s wrong here or what Migs is doing wrong in their eyes but when challenged to show the same outrage and criticism in right wing sites and media they are mute.

    Make no mistake, the real aim is to cobble left wing voices. To resist is futile but when there is resistance just like their master they run away in the face of it.

    There is also the erroneous accusation of being as bad as the MSM. In one short hit they are admitting the MSM are lying, deceiving right wing mouthpieces, something they deny up until the parting shot.


  28. I love it every time Scaper does this….. oh and the HAHAHA…. I feel a little bit of kinship with the old fella, ay …… you see people like Scaper and moi, we ain’t’s overly smart, but by bloody christ we ‘have a go’ …… still mugs but, ay….. the only real difference is I’m kinda a nice fella, smart enough to k-know how dumb I am… where as Scaper’s just a *unt who dosn’t………….. HAHAHAHAHAHA 😛

  29. scaper. once again, a typo. It is nice to know you are perfect. Did you have trouble working out what I meant. Suspect not.

    scaper, I am willing to begin serving it back, if that is what you really want,.

    I make a point of not pointing out your mistakes, or those of others.

    Proves nothing.

  30. Scaper, may be you could tell the readers here why Tony would be better….. go on express yourself,…. ‘ave a go ya mug 😉

  31. Erin, whom is gone 😆 .. in answer to your Q….. I would’nt let the little creep anywhere near my children….. he’s a sick *ucker that nobody likes… he creeps everyone out… even you trolls would say that if you were honest. 👿

  32. Joke’s on you, scaper – I was commenting on Erin’s post – “Tony : “That’s right son. You’ll still be paying off Labor’s deficit by the time your my age”

    As I said at the start, your pathetic humourlessness is epic – in a pathetically humourless way!

  33. Interesting Erin’s back your reason for supporting Tony Abbot is because you don’t want the unions running the Government. So, you’d much rather see Gina Rinehart, Rupert Murdoch, George Pell, Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, et al manipulating our Government? FFS I’d rather the unions any day.

  34. The unions will be pushed back under their rocks.

    Gee, that is a nice list, Alex. You forgot ANDEV and the IPA. They have done a fine job on the northern development front but it is time to ride away from the pack and go in another direction.

    The direction I outlined six years ago.

  35. Ah, like all good Right Wing trolls, it appears that Scraper doesn’t comprehend either irony or satire, which is clearly what the your & you’re thing was all about. Not surprising at all that the joke would go right over the head of someone who could be outsmarted by a 3 year old-much as his beloved Tony Abbott could be!

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