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We’ve heard every argument for and against the National Broadband Network (NBN) from the moment it was launched. It’s fairly blatant that those who oppose it do so for political reasons, whereas the most vocal support in favour of it comes from industry experts down to just about everyone who knows how to turn on a computer. That’s an argument that has been debated fiercely since the launch of the Liberal Party’s broadband plan – considered by everyone bar Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull to be a dud – but with the strong likelihood of an Abbott victory in September we look like inheriting a dud, in more ways than one.

This speech in Parliament by Independent MP Rob Oakeshott on 19 June represents one of the best arguments I’ve heard in favour of keeping the NBN plan rolled out by the Labor Government. His message no doubt fell on…

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33 comments on “The NBN: worth voting for

  1. Has to be the biggest fraud by Labor so far.

    In 2007 they won a lot of votes by promising an NBN costing $4.7B and finished in 5 years. That means it should have been finished last year. All lies just to win an election.

    And I am well aware that all govt programs finish over budget. But this is ridiculous.

    The ALP should stop telling lies to the Australian people to win an election. Same goes for all their other unfunded programs.

  2. Neil, here we go again. Do we really have to explain why you are wrong, once again.

    I do hope not,.

    Quick summary. That NBN costing $4.7B and finished in 5 years, was based on the 15 or more previous failed attempts of Howard. In fact I believe it was 19, but I am not bothering to check.

    Labor did attempt to keep this election promise. Yes,, it ended up the same as Howard’s attempts for the same reasons. There were no takers when tenders were called.
    The main reason, being that Telstra controlled the copper wires, giving a unfair advantage. This was caused by Howard messing up the sale of Telstra.

    Labor then went back, coming back with a superior, but more expensive plan.One that cuts the copper wire out of th picture. One that is far superior, brings us into this century, and will meets the needs of this century.

    Yes, one that is more expensive in the short run, but cheaper in future years.

    One that by passes the coper wire, that Telstra said was worn out and should have been replaced more than two decades ago.

    Neil, you will have to learn to compare apples with apples. Not with oranges.

    No matter what Abbott says, within four years, we will have to move onto, what Labor is doing now.

    Patching the system up, once again, will only be waste of money.

    Now Neil, you can twist it any way you like, but this is the reality, you and the Coalition will have to come back to.

    As the PM says, do it once and do it right.

  3. My understanding is that the current Coalition policy is similar to what Labor took to the 2007 election. Its fibre to the node which is what was Labors 2007 policy.

    Anyway this is the Coalitions 2007 policy.

    A contract was already signed (with Opel Networks) to give broadband to the regional areas but Conroy broke the contract.

    But it looks like Labors fiber to the home is way too expensive. I want affordable broadband and you can bet anything you like that the final cost will be double what Labor says. And it will take twice as long to roll out as Labor says. Government programs always go way over budget.

    Oh and Telstra has just come out and says the copper network will be good for the next hundred years.

  4. Another furphy, misdirection, misinfo, sowing seeds of doubt session in play by an ever desperate MSMLNP and ‘the trolls’…… Tony’s looking shonkier by the minute as people start look’n at the policy’s….. ALP’s NBN is ‘ringing’ true with the punters and now on mass the forth is doing a rewrite of history …. 🙄
    “Telstra will replace its century-old copper wire phone network with new technology within the next 15 years, saying the ageing lines are now at “five minutes to midnight”.

  5. No, Neil, it is not. The 2007 one of Labor was similar to those proposed by Howard.

    The NBN is nothing like that scheme. It is fibre that bypasses the copper wire, bypasses Telstra. The, the fibre, in some places, is being pulled through Telstra pits and ducts. to avoid digging up the footpaths. NBN, is paying Telstra rent for these ducts and pits. Telstra has to ensure they are safe. This is why Telstra is responsible for ensuring there is no danger from asbestos.

    Abbott gave Turnbull the job of destroying the fibre scheme, I assume relying on the copper.

    Now thankfully, Turnbull did not do this, but convinced Abbott to move to the fibre to the node. Now Abbott will have to bring Telstra back into the equation,to use their copper wire. Heard Turnbull say tonight, no one knew the true state of the copper, and how much it will cost to bring it up to standard. I was surprised at his words. He was on ABC 24.

    We will now have a less efficient, slower and in the long run more expensive NBN lite, that relies on Telstra once again.

    Neil,. do you really want Telstra back into your life, when it comes to your phone and broadband. I am one that does not.

  6. “The Bottom line
    FTTN would have been a great idea 5 years ago. But now, it’s out of date. Countries around the World are already beginning to replace their FTTN networks with FTTP. The NBN is our opportunity to leapfrog these countries, and save the billions of dollars associated with the double-upgrade. Economists have been suggesting we do this since 2007!

    FTTN, while an incremental improvement on what we have now, is a short-sighted waste of time and money that will still leave Australia lagging behind the rest of the developed World, squandering billions of dollars on obsolete technology in the process.”

  7. and LOVO, not that much cheaper, or quicker to implement.

    Those that are hooked up early, will have immediate access to the superior service.

    Yes, it is really not NBN lite but NBN fraud.

    It is a investment in the future, Does not affect the budget. Will pay back money plus interest to the taxpayer.

    Yes, we can afford it.

    No, we cannot afford not to go ahead with it.

    We need it now, not int twenty years time. Too late then, we will be left behind, fast on the way to be coming the white trash of the Asian century, instead of one of the leaders.

    Was listening to a UK program, talking about some distant and backwards parts of the country, that have hooked up to fast broadband to the home. Yes, it does occur in Somme parts, even if the policy is to the node,. They had on some business in the region, saying how great it was, and how they have been able to expand their businesses. Some moved to the region because of the access,

    You will hear that the UK is to the node. I also recall last year, their PM envied what we are doing. That to the node is the first step. He added, that it was because of the economy, they were not following our lead.

    Maybe the Abbott scheme is not as cheap as he is claiming, if what Turnbull said tonight, that they had no idea of the cost, to bring the copper up to standard. Copper not needed in NBNCo. it definitely cost a lot more to maintain it every year. A cost that will only grow.

  8. Labors NBN will cost at least double and most probably triple what Conroy says. We need affordable broadband.

    “Copper network will last another 100 years, says David Thodey”

    And the regional areas of Australia would have had broadband by now. The Opel contract was signed. Conroy before the 2007 election said he would honor the contract, but being an ALP politican he lied.

  9. We”ve been through the Opel crap system before Neil. It was an overpriced, technically inept attempt at limited rural wireless using shared spectrum…

    Mr Thodey is doing his job. Talking up the price he thinks he’ll be able to extort extract from the government should the Liberals get to implement their outdated, 3rd rate excuse for an NBN.

  10. I don’t want to pay $500/month for broadband. Anything Labor builds will not be double what they say but more like 5 times what they tell us.

  11. Neil, where in the hell are you getting your figures from. I believe the cost per month is similar to ow. Not too sure you will be able to afford the NBN lite/fraud.

    Do not believe anything that comes out of the mouth of Abbott and Co.

  12. Neil, it is running pretty near what was predicted. Delay was cause, by getting the deal with Telstra in place. In the scheme of things, will not mean much. I do not even believe the asbestos beast up, will cause much of a problem, as Telstra has been working in and cleaning those pits up for over a decade I know of. Maybe now the contractors that are doing the Job might get a livable wage.

    Neil, the Abbott scheme, to get to where NBNCo is going, will in the long run be much more expensive.

    Get it, if will cost more. Take longer to get there,, and in the meantime, provide a inferior service.

    All the experts say this. Neil we cannot afford the Abbott model.

  13. Neil, there is not a person in the industry that believe that man,. Telstra said over twenty years ago, that the copper was crapped out and need replacing. I believe there is a link on this page.

    No the man is mad. There is no way, having copper in the system, meets the technology needs of now, let alone in one hundred years.

  14. I don’t want to pay $500/month for broadband. Anything Labor builds will not be double what they say but more like 5 times what they tell us.

    I think it is time for to put up where it is going to cost this much, if you do not we will just know that you are the troll you are.

    Someone else use to say things like you on this site, where is he now, in troll heaven.

  15. Facts from those at the coalface who know the truth, not the spin from a CEO aiming to extract even more $$$ from a potential Lieberal government

    Key points

    * Unions say Telstra’s copper network is in a state of “disrepair”.
    * Unions have nicknamed the cables ‘bag-dad’ because of the plastic bags used to protect them.
    * CEPU NSW assistant secretary Shane Murphy says it is time to replace the whole network.
    * Telstra says it spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year operating and maintaining its copper network.
    * The Coalition has vowed to replace any copper that does not meet minimum standards.

    The last two points are the relevant ones Neil – how much more than Labor’s NBN is #Fraudband going to end up costing?

  16. Plus the fact that the opposition deliberately left out of their fraudband plan the costs of the thousands more large service boxes they need to create and install around the nation.

    I think it was Whirlpool or an IT site that pointed out whilst the Coalition used the absolute worst case in every instance to cost the NBN in comparison to their fraudband, they not only used the best impossible to achieve case for their plan but left out swaths of infrastructure like the boxes they will need.

    These boxes are three to four times larger than the NBN fibre ones, they are more complicated, cost considerably more to both manufacture, install and maintain.

  17. Yes Mö – “hideous” is an apt description of these monstrosities. This is an example from the BT FTTN in the UK:

    Speaking of BT,

    One of the UK’s foremost telecommunications experts, a former chief technology officer of British telco BT, has publicly stated that fibre to the node-style broadband is “one of the biggest mistakes humanity has made”, imposing huge bandwidth and unreliability problems on those who implement it

    And relevant to the state of Telstra’s copper:

    The CTO and Co-Founder of business ISP Timico UK, Trefor Davies, has called for a “total network rollout” of true fibre optic broadband (FTTP) services after highlighting how corrosion on his copper BT telecoms line had caused a recently installed FTTC service to drop from an average speed of 53Mbps to just 6Mbps (Megabits).

    #Fraudband – we just can’t afford it!

  18. I recall when the first announcements about the NBN were being made Abbott burbled something really stupid (as you’d expect) about not seeing the need for fast broadband if it were to enable movies and porn to be downloaded faster.

    I don’t believe he has moved from this position, hence the sealing-wax-and-string Fraudband, a hurried attempt by the Coalition to pretend that they were up there and cutting edge.

    What the trolls do not realise or don’t want to realise is that a cobbled-up Fraudband means that when the weak parts of the connection (i.e. the legacy copper) fail, the rest will fail too.

    On the copper network – even in inner Sydney it is about 100 years old and deteriorating. Intermittent drop-outs occur regularly. And you don’t have to go far out of the metropolitan area, where 2 million people live, till you hit the persistent black spots.

  19. Ya gotta laugh as it’s so tragic that the opposition went on in a beat up over digging up nature strips for the NBN but are going to not only dig up real estate but put thousands of these huge expensive ugly boxes everywhere.

    Fraudband doesn’t get close to what they’re planning to foist onto the Australian people.

    And to illustrate the point as extraordinary heavy rain pelts down in Nowra out business has lost it’s VPN to the satellite offices because the rain has caused to of our lines to go out. So from an already crappy and expensive internet service that’s an embarrassment to our company when we deal with overseas suppliers and customers, to an even crappier one because of rain.

    Welcome to Abbott’s back to the past internet. Tragic, expensive, failure and redundant before it’s built.

  20. @ Neil….. your a disgrace, ….. thanks for showing yourself up you MSMLNP ad hominem-wit 😛 ….. as per…… $500 per mth, surely you lie……. go figure, TROLL 🙄

    Dave H. said this the other day, thought I’d share it here :-

    “Hi Guys. I’ve got NBN on in Kiama. As well as being super fast and cheap, there’s another advantage with NBN. This is the disconnection of the old Telstra copper phone line, and with it the line rental charge each month is dropped. So even before getting NBN, I’ve saved $30 each month. I now use a VOIP phone as my home phone. (Monthly phone bills are usually around $10 – another saving). As far as NBN charge goes, I`m on a $40 a month plan and get 25000 speed with a download limit of 50GB. In saying that, I’m considering changing over to the 100,000 speed with a download limit of 75GB. This deal is only $50 a month.

    So just to summarise and compare. I used to pay $30 a month phone line rental, $68 a month for ADSL2 with 12GB limit and around a $100 per month phone bill. Total approx $200 each month. Now I pay $0 for line rental, $40 a month for superfast NBN and around $10 a month for phone/ VOIP calls. A total of approx $50 a month. SO NBN HAS SAVED ME AROUND $150 EACH MONTH.”
    …… not so good Neil when you put your fellow Australians ahead of your ‘paid for’ point of view’….. your a liar Neil…. a stooge….. 👿
    ….. the ALP NBN is a winner with the punters and rightly so, just shows that as per usual the ALP builds, the LNP destroys…. 🙄

  21. “I`m on a $40 a month plan and get 25000 speed with a download limit of 50GB.”

    Yeah and is that covering all the costs like salaries and instillation?? The whole thing at the moment is being funded with borrowed money and some money from the govt.

    Do you think it can be funded at those rates???

    Unlike you i do not trust the ALP.

  22. Neil your a fool, how can you honestly and reasonable vote for the piece of shit Abbott, here Neil this vids just for you..

  23. I see neil is back again with no proof of his mouthing off, do a search of the net and find us the proof that internet is going to cost us

    I don’t want to pay $500/month for broadband. Anything Labor builds will not be double what they say but more like 5 times what they tell us.

    Come on weasel prove it.

  24. Unlike you i do not trust the ALP.

    we gather that WEASEL, but you are not putting up any alternative to prove the LNP are going to be better.

  25. I want to get rid of that land line, I do not need.

    If the fibre is being pulled through the copper wire ducts and pits, how much new digging is needed?

  26. It’s quite easy, LOVO, Neil & Voyager are clearly employees of the Fiberal Party, as all they ever do here is repeat LIEberal Party propaganda verbatim. Clearly, given their extremely low levels of education, this was the only paid employment they could secure!

  27. Turnbull has said today he would have to buy the copper wire back, Does not know how much it will cost. Does not think it will be much. ABC 24 this afternoon.
    Yesterday he said no one knew the condition of the copper wire, or how much it would coast, to bring it up to standard.

    Yes Neil, a well thought out and costed scheme that Abbott is promoting.

    I think I will stick with the real, superior NBN, Cheaper in the long run. Does not take a BILLION A YEAR TO MAINTAIN,

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