Toxic Tony


Tony Abbott will go down as the most toxic Leader of the Opposition in Australian Parliamentary history.

He’s responsible for every sitting day of this Parliament descending into absolute balderdash and poison, as he attempted, day after day after day to bring the Government down. He’s tried every ghastly ploy he can muster to bend the Parliament and the media and the Australian public to his personal maniacal viewpoint: that he is the rightful leader of Australia, thwarted as he was by a mere woman – a lying, evil witch though she is.

Australia now deserves this dangerous bastard of a man, we’ve earned him and his psycho crew. We’ve given in to our xenophobia, our distrust and hatred of powerful women, and our fear. We win the fruits of our labour. We should be proud of ourselves.

His every word is a twist of the truth . . . He’s the complete liar. And yet he’s made it look like it’s the Prime Minister who’s the real liar.

Thanks to CN for the above (via Facebook). His comment sums up what a lot of people think of Tony Abbott and it speaks the absolute truth. Thank goodness there are forums available that allow us to put forward opinions that are a ‘no go zone’ in the mainstream media. His comment – as you can see – is worthy of a post on its own.

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  1. Exchage Abbott for Gillard, opposition leader for PM, bring the government down to slander the opposition, he for her and then you might have something much closer to the truth.

    Gillard is so toxic half the caucus wants to get rid of her but you lot being in denial and getting more unhinged by the day will be clinging to the train as it goes over the cliff. Most entertaining!

  2. I think Abbott has got into your heads. Almost every post is about Abbott.

    Actually it is Gillard who is setting the tone for debate. Being PM she is really the only one with the power to do this.

  3. Yep the government and its leader, Miss Toxic sets the tone of Parliament. She said “game on” but plays the female victim card when she is losing. A neo feminist!

  4. And yet he’s made it look like it’s the Prime Minister who’s the real liar.

    No he hasn’t. The media has done that. He’s just ridden along with their campaign they have laid out for him.

  5. What absolute BULLSHIT!

    Your line of a media conspiracy has no basis or evidence…just looking to blame others for Labor’s woes that they brought on themselves.

  6. Miss Toxic sets the tone of Parliament.

    Actually scaper, the Parliament does that, and there are just as many libs as Labor there. And it was highlighted just the other day just who is being toxic

    He ordered that they would not contribute to the democratic process

    Add that to the most no’s

    and they have proposed more suspensions of standing orders in the 43rd Parliament than were proposed in the previous 42 parliaments put together.

    Yea, it’s all that woman’s fault I tells ya!

  7. Media has allowed the toxic Abbott to say anything he wants without being challenged I dont see PM on TV telling us how bad Abbott is I see her pointing out weakness of his policy’s that are unfunded I see trying to sell labor funded policy against a hostile media wake up and look at Abbott Pyne Morrison Hockey they are not good for the country no matter how Libs supporters try to spin it

  8. Suspension motions are a valid tactic in reprisal to Gillard and others never answering questions, instead they abuse and get it back in the form of this tactic.

    If Gillard and co said the shit they did outside Parliament they would be sued. Cowards the lot of them!

  9. In your dreams Scaper, do you know what the word projection means. If it were a disease you’d be suffering from it and so would all of the other LNP trolls that love to hang about Cafe Whispers trying to bait & play mind games.

    You need to grow up, use your brain, that is if you have one. Open your eyes to the fact that we here just don’t like people like Abbott or his puppet master Murdoch trying to take charge of this country. We don’t like them because the are manipulating propagandists who will do anything & say anything to distort what is truth. They think that by making sure that all of the MSM follow their wishes to make sure that their propaganda reaches all of the poor people who just haven’t got time to really do anything much but work & watch TV for relaxation that they have a captive audience. But you know, people finally get start to smell rubbish after it has been shoved in front of their noses when it has the distinct smell of rotting fish.

    Why don’t you buzz off and try sorting out your own party the LNP isn’t it. They could do with a little help right now, because your beloved leader has feet of clay.

  10. Your line of a media conspiracy has no basis or evidence

    I remember the denizens of another place saying the same thing to me years ago. Until even some of them were appalled at how the media dropped the ashby saga once the judge handed down his findings.

    I was once the minority, whereas now, it is just accepted fact that we move to murdochs whims. Denying it now just makes you look like one of his playthings.

  11. Suspension motions are a valid tactic

    read it again slowly

    they have proposed more suspensions of standing orders in the 43rd Parliament than were proposed in the previous 42 parliaments put together.

    It is a valid tactic, if you want to influence the tone of the debate. It lies at their feet the toxicity of this Parliament, all because the PM will not ‘lay down and die’.

  12. A suspension motion is a tool to give back the abuse Gillard and others have given. The fact that there has been so many is a reflection of the government’s abuse.

    Funny how lefties like to give it out but complain when they cop it back!

  13. So true. This disgusting bigot has dragged Australia to new lows with help from his paymasters, miners and Murdoch, the neo-con owned and controlled mainstream media and Howard stacked ABC. Not only is Abbott the most toxic arsehole to have ever led the party of uber rich parasites, The Liberal party, but a PM that has done far better then the low life pathological liar John Howard ever did in over a decade is being unjustly trashed. If abbott is elected it will be a victory of MSM propaganda over reality, of ignorance and lies over information and truth, of the stupid and mean over the thoughtful and moral. Shame on the Libs and those disgusting low life maggots who would vote for them.

  14. give back the abuse Gillard and others have given.


    Go on, show us this ‘abuse’ And while you are at it, try and remember what howard and Keating dished out in Parliament while you are at it. Pretty Petals.

  15. Geee, look at all these brainwashed Abbott supporters… as Jesus once said please forgive the people as they do not know what they do

  16. Here we go, back into the distant past. Gillard’s misogyny rant in reply to her defense of unshelled mussel Slipper is a perfect example.

  17. “a lying, evil witch though she is” . . . . finally something posted by CW that I can agree with 🙂

  18. Gillard’s misogyny rant in reply to her defense of unshelled mussel Slipper is a perfect example.

    lol, the misogyny speech was in RESPONSE to the abuse. And, she didn’t abuse (which is what made it so pertinent) she simply called the bullshit when she saw it. And it all started because of his lowest abuse to that date

    Then of course the Leader of the Opposition comes into this place and says, and I quote, “Every day the Prime Minister stands in this Parliament to defend this Speaker will be another day of shame for this Parliament, another day of shame for a government which should already have died of shame.

    Read more:

    If that’s all you got scaper, you really are bereft.

  19. Yeah, you have got me there. It was the die of shame for protecting Slipper comment that set the scene.

    Funny how Abbott had used that phrase on many occasions previously and how Gillard politicised her father’s death to jump on Abbott. Rather toxic of the precious petal as you would say.

  20. Abbott had used that phrase on many occasions previously

    He hadn’t used it for years, and then, all of a sudden, the week after jones uses it to be a pig, he decides to resurrect it.

    I’m not a big believer in co-incidence, especially when the words are being read from a prepared speech.

    So, what you are saying, after all of your bluster, is you have nothing. another day in scapes world.

  21. I’m not going to waste my time giving you evidence of abuse in Parliament, I’ve watched it on the computer.

    Obviously you have not watched it if you believe there has been no abuse by Gillard and co. Her misogyny rant was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen, eclipses her ugly fat man and mincing poodle attack.

    If a Lib called her that she would play the gender card as she can give it but not take it. Like most lefties.

  22. Gillard’s big speech that day was just another part of her politcial strategy. And ‘most’ people can see right through it.

    The misogyny speech, the women of labor, destroy the joint . . . the worst thing about it is, you have all these women on sites like the destroy the joint facebook page who have been duped into thinking they’re actually part of some special women’s movement.

    And when some of the m’ship start to notice more and more pro labor / gillard posts, the admin through up a montage or two . . . . unforgiveable.

  23. Oh look, here comes Scraper, the troll of trolls, here to spout his Liberal Party propaganda. He really does get in a snit the moment you *dare* question his beloved Tony Abbott. Methinks Scraper is blinded by his Far Right ideology. Of course, if he so vehemently disagrees with the views of this site, then one can only ask why he & his fellow trolls bother to come here-except to be the trolls they so clearly are.

    BTW, Scraper, as someone who has taken the time to actually *listen* to question time (clearly that’s far much to expect of an imbecile like you, Scraper) the government *do* answer *reasonable* questions, but exactly how many times is a minister really expected to answer the *same* questions about the Carbon Price, repeated for the 400,000th time? The fact is that the SOSO’s are being abused by Abbott as nothing more than a soapbox from which to spew his vitriol-& have nothing to do with transparency or good governance. Now, Scraper, please do us *all* a huge favour & piss off back to your “We love Abbott, he can do no wrong, ever” site!!!

  24. Now now kids, behave yourselves. As long as the debate continues at this level, it detracts from the fact that the Libs have no policies of any worth and they’re trying to hide that fact for as long as they can. With regard to the post, I can understand the sentiment but in my opinion it’s too defeatist. The writer seems to think that the results of the election are done and dusted, which is just what the MSM wants you to think. Its not! Moreover, the result is going to be much closer than most people seem to assume. Remember, when you use the word assumption, you automatically become the first three letters of the word. Keep the faith! There’s still a long way to go yet and when the Coalition unveils its policies (more of the same that we got under Howard) then the rubber will hit the road.

  25. ’m not going to waste my time giving you evidence of abuse in Parliament
    because now that I’ve looked, it appears that it all comes from tabot and his team

    Finished it for ya scaper 😉

  26. The pro Abbott supporters are always very “hatey”. I think that lends support to this great piece of writing!

  27. Abbott and the Main Sleaze Media,which includes the ABC, aka Abbott’s Bunch of C#%#ts, are rated lower then a used car salesman, but in reality they are lower then the shit on your shoe. They both have an absolute fear of the truth but love the fear and the smear. It is all they have got,and it will not be enough for these misfits.

  28. The pro Abbott supporters are always very “hatey”.”

    Um, the title of this post is toxic tony. Hard to get more hateful than an ALP supporter.

  29. Scaper, have you really watched Q.T. in Parliament? It’s embarrassing to watch how TOXIC Toni’s team actually wastes valuable time & gets PAID for it. How many times they need to receive answer to a question? Truly EMBARRASSING SHADOW lot.

  30. This has been the worst opposition I can recall in 40 years, they have not offered one coherent policy, no plan for the future & only see re-election as their only goal. The Liberals have been smarting ever since the 2010 election when they believed that they were robbed & since then have treated the parliamentary process with utter contempt.

    God help us if these lunatics sit on the treasury benches after September because no one will escape their wrath & a witch hunt will begin of all those who they perceived denied them power.

  31. It’s hysterically ironic that a Gillard supporter refers to Abbott supporters as ‘hatey’ and then their post is immediately followed by another Gillard supporter calling the MSM, the ABC and everyone else “a bunch of c….s that are lower than the sh_t on his shoe”

    Assuming ‘hatey’ was actually a real word . . . that sounds like pretty ‘hatey’ stuff to me ??

  32. ‘…they have not offered one coherent policy, no plan for the future & only see re-election as their only goal.’

    Its a worthy goal.

  33. With posts like this from ALP supporters is it any wonder the Government is in
    such disarray. Talk about fixing the problem and you might get a few more votes
    14/9 , you really need everyone you can get.
    What’s the hot gos on Leadership? Is it Gillard or Rudd to lead into oblivion.
    Pls share it with us.

  34. What gets me is one poster cited something that Jesus said and another pleads to God to be saved. This place will require a Chapel for the posters to pray.

  35. I’m still yet to see any of the abbottic sycophants attempt to explain why abbott deserves a vote. Lies don’t count.

    What about trying that task? If you can restrain your trolling.

  36. “I’m still yet to see any of the abbottic sycophants attempt to explain why abbott deserves a vote.”

    Because it means J.Gillard will be thrown out . . . . not a lie and just about all the reasoning I need !!

  37. Erin’s Back, If that is all the reasoning you need, It is the same reason not to vote for Abbott as well.

  38. You guys are getting absolutely desperate. Around eighty days to go before the clean out. Like sands through a rather generous hour glass this will be the unhinging of your psyches.

    Got the popcorn and sitting back enjoying the entertainment.

  39. Well the liberal trolls are out in force, reaching towards a climax so they are pushing for Rudd who they know they can wipe the floor with, “Lemon adds come to mind for starters”.
    Only one week left in parliament so distractions galore as Bushfire Bill comments the media and trolls feeding off each other rather like a snake eating its tail, full circle.

    Julia will give them a run for their money and can win, however Rudd would be like a rabbit in a cars headlights. All the way with (WWJ) Wonder Woman Julia.

  40. Funny thing is, this thread is supposed to be about how toxic Abbott is, but just how toxic do you think Gillard is ? Most people really want to see her keep the leadership just so they can stick it to her in September. And I know self funded retirees who rather give their money away (or burn it) than hand it over to Gillard and Swan.

  41. You know Erin, that is the same I hear about the Abbott, he is going to take there money, and that is from liberal and national party voters as well.

  42. Just do not assume Abbott has the election in the bag, Sept 14 is a long way away in politics.

  43. What court cases is the PM facing at the moment there scaper, none that I can think of, and what court cases is Abbott facing, so who is toxic.

  44. scaper. it would be a change to see some questions that are worth answering. The PM does answer. It is the answer that they do not like.
    scaper, if one asks open ended questions, they cannot keep the abuse out of, they deserve the answers they get. In fact, they are not interested in answers, just embarrassing the PM. Well this PM does not lie down, and let that occur.

    Stop asking smart arse questions, and stick to ones, that do seek information, they might just get a answer.
    scaper, the questions, everyone of them, get the answers they deserve.

  45. scaper, if you read the evidence placed before the court, you might find that Slipper was responding to a mussel comment, raised by Ashby.

    Saying that, the comment Could be seen as no more than smutty language, albeit at the level of adolescent boys in the playground.

    It was a private conversation between two adults, I believe. The problem that Justice Rares, and anyone that read the transcript, was that most of the smut was raised by Ashby, not Slipper.

  46. As Tony has suspend his daily stunt, of MSSO, I suspect because private polling told him it was back firing. No longer goes down that path.

  47. Yes just look at the smutty menu put out by a LNP donor, at a LNP function, that was attended by LNP members and members of the coalition frontbench, but yet all deny seeing the professional printed menu that the owner had printed. Now tell as all scaper, how did they not see the menu that was there.

  48. Yes, scaper, I do agree with you, that the PM wipes the floor with Abbott and Co every day, in question time.

    Abbott needs to learn, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    Tell me scaper, what has the PM said, that is not fact. Just one comment will do.

  49. scaper, if this PM survives, it will be in spite of being a woman.

    With Abbott, we do not have policies, not even core and no core ones.

    We have aspirational proposals and a promised White Paper, that is to be concluded within their first term.

    How does one cost this.

    How does one analyzed this.

  50. ‘We have aspirational proposals and a promised White Paper, that is to be concluded within their first term.’

    Yep and we can expect Project Iron Boomerang to be a big talking point. To bring the food bowl into fruition there will be a need for a very fast train.

  51. Can you imagine the outrage if a professionally printed menu was sighted at an ALP fundraiser that made mention of Toxic Tony’s penis and testicles being on the miniscule side? You would never hear the end of it, but Julia is expected to just get over it when one disgusting insult after another is thrown her way. Abbott won’t even front up to interviews without a script, the gutless wonder.

  52. The other thing about the menu, the owner apologised to Brough and the liberal party, but didn’t have the guts to apologise to the PM and everyone else offended on the menu, truly says what the liberal’s and the LNP are like, and they want to run the country, NO THANK YOU.

  53. No decency at all amongst the lot of them. I wonder if the rumours floating around about Toxic Tony being ditched after the election is true as they can’t trust him not to put his foot in his mouth in situations that could prove to be a national disgrace.

  54. Somewhat predictably, none of the abbottics seem able to mount any positive reason to warrant a vote for abbott – a bit more slagging off the PM, BUT NO COHERENT ARGUMENT to justify tone’s aspirations to power.

    The mythmakers and fantasists of the extreme right seem fundamentally unable to mount any arguments in abbott’s favour, there is nothing but misogyny and lies/propaganda there.
    Claiming as erins back does that

    Because it means J.Gillard will be thrown out

    hardly amounts to coherent argument, but rather indicates the paucity of reasoning so common with the right wing extremists.
    Like their masters they are absolutely shitting themselves as they approach the realisation that their fantasies and lies are not going to be enough for abbott to achieve his dream, and that he will have to front up to an election, and have his “invisible clothes” subject to examination by an electorate awake to his chicanery.

  55. I can hardly wait for the shit to hit the fan as Toxic T will have to come out of hiding sometime and answer a few tricky questions without his minders in tow.

  56. Just waiting for the debates during the campaign, if QT in parliament is anything to go buy, BYE BYE TONY

  57. i have looked down the page at all the raves on here and i must say that i agree with those who see the manipulation of the truth by the media… we are all pawns to the media’s slant owned by the fossil fuel conglomerate of fat cats who control the world pushing us into global warming – pterosaur1 i like how you summed things up!

  58. Who went public with his concerns yesterday by describing Ms Gillard as “toxic” to voters and declaring she had to be replaced or the party would be wiped out at the election?

    Answer: Queensland ALP vice-president David Hanna.

  59. “there is nothing but misogyny and lies/propaganda there”

    I’ve got news for you pterosaur1 . . . wanting to vote someone out because they are a union muppet and a poor leader is not misogyny.

    It’s the same mantra over and over again with the Gillard supporters. Anyone who opposes the PM gets labelled a misogynist . . . and then you all wonder why people stopped listening.

    “Like their masters they are absolutely shitting themselves as they approach the realisation that their fantasies and lies are not going to be enough for abbott to achieve his dream”

    As for this statement . . . HA . . . the only one’s shitting themselves are Labor as they scramble to figure out what to do in the face of electoral oblivion. I will admit though, I’m somewhat undecided on one point. I can’t figure out if I’d prefer to see Gillard suffer the humiliation of being turfed by her own party before the election, or suffer the humiliation of being royaly turfed by the people at the election. But TBH I don’t really mind. Either way, it’s a WIN WIN 🙂

    I hear the Age has an interesting editorial about ‘your’ Julia !!!

  60. The cheerleaders for this creep in the media and on internet forums, blogs etc – we will hold them responsible for every single Abbott/LieNP brainfart and scandal, stuff-up….and there will be plenty.

  61. Error’s back… you are a Labor hater, let’s see if you’re still game to show your face here when Abbott and the LieNP start attacking your fellow citizens.

  62. And yet you seem completely unwilling to hold Gillard accountable for her leadership. Just stop one for second and look at where Labor is right now (and where they are likely to be in a few months time). By your own admission, Abbott has really had to do bugger all lately . . . . like everyone else, he only needs to sit back and watch. You want to hold someone accountable when Abbott gets in. Say hello to Julia Gillard.

  63. You show all the signs of what psychologists refer to as aversive rationalisations of identity. For example, a fat man may have a diet coke with their Big Mac meal because they are trying to lose weight or in years past, a “witch” was burnt at the stake to show conformity to good Christian values.

    From what I’ve seen in your posts, especially the 457 visa post, I am in no doubt that you are racist. Like a fat man having his diet coke, you may have convinced yourself you are something different, but there is no respect for foreign cultures in your posts. Likewise, there is no respect for women or for honesty. How could you value honesty? You follow Gillard and lie to yourself.

    Mate, You just keep yourself in denial and in the white Australia era while the rest of us move on and embrace the 21st century.

    Usually I am a swinging voter but this election it will be an easy choice. Tony Abbott’s party will be first, and Gillard’s will be last (even behind the Greens)

  64. The only consolation with a Toxic Abbott “government” is that blogs like this would be free of right wing trolls. They won’t be game to show their face in decent company when monkey brains starts screwing Australians and our economy on the behest of unimaginably wealthy vested interests.

  65. Looks like cuppa is losing it.

    Not going anywhere after the election and I laugh at you calling me a right winger because I opine that this government and the union doxy leader is the worst I have ever had to endure.


  66. I have to say it again but i think facts are irrelevant. About 45% of the population vote ALP/Greens, 40% vote Coalition and there are 15% swingers. The Coalition have to get most of the swingers to win an election. This was the unemployment rate last time Labor was in power

    Sept-Dec 1991- 10.1, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4
    Jan-Dec 1992- 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 11.2
    Jan-Dec1993- 10.9, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 10.8, 11.0, 10.8, 11.0, 10.7, 10.9, 10.8, 10.6
    Jan-April 1994- 10.4, 10.3, 10.3, 10.1

    Thirty months of double digit unemployment. And in 1993 we had an election which Keating won. That is something the Coalition could never do. Win an election with such a bad unemployment rate. They could not even win in 2007 with unemployment at 4.3%.

    But hopefully this bad govt will be tossed out in September.

  67. Not losing it at all (but thanks for your concern). Just signalling who will be held responsible when the abbott shit starts hitting the fan. That’s IF the MSM/ABC/magnates/IPA/Catholic cabal have their way.

  68. Cuppa – don’t forget to blame all men, badgers, the eskimos, God, Thatcher, Bin Laden, that bloke who pushed in front of your shopping trolley the other day, the baby jesus, the internet, smokers and non-smokers, and those little black rubber things that go nip, nip, nip.

  69. Usually I am a swinging voter

    Pull the other one – it plays jingle bells 🙄 Mate, you’ve never voted anything but coalition in your life and never will.

    You talk about “respect for foreign cultures,” “respect for women,” “honesty” but with only one eye half open, you fail to see that the party you intend to vote for is 1000 times worse than you percieve Labor to be on all of these points.

    Swinging voter – GMAFB 😯

  70. …all men, badgers, the eskimos, God, Thatcher, Bin Laden, that bloke…

    I certainly won’t be holding any of those you listed responsible when Abbott/LieNP start the abuses of Australians. Why would I? What is with the distraction? …Oh, that’s right, you seek a distraction because you are among the ones publicly agitating, and in belligerent tones, for the demise of this decent government, Will we still see you here when the LieNP start expressing in action their true colours? You people will certainly have some explaining to do, and all the distractions/excuses/spin in the world won’t cut it.

  71. Bit like an aeroplane, but anyway. There is no distraction. I’m simply highlighting that you seem intent on blaming everyone for Labor’s current predicament except for the one person who is actually responsible. Now what was her name again ?

  72. From what I’ve seen in your posts, especially the 457 visa post

    As opposed to your confused mish-mash of straw-men, putting non-existent words in others “mouths,” ignorance of what other countries require in terms of work visas (green card anyone, tried to work in the UK recently?) and ignorance of the many different schemes available to foreign nationals to work in Australia besides 457 visas? (485 visas, student visas, skilled migration program anyone.)

    A racist coming here calling others racists is beyond the pale 🙄

  73. Bacchus mate, you’ve been on the sauce for too long and it’s made you bitter and twisted. I voted for Rudd. I admired his passion for foreign policy and international engagement. I see that foreign policy is not your passion, just like it isn’t for Gillard. You can build your walls but all walls eventually crumble.

    A big difference between me and you is that I take pride in being about to see both sides and change my position when the facts change. You need to be that way to be progressive. It’s ironic that you tried to insult me with accusations that I am an inflexible dickhead like yourself. No I am not. I gave Gillard a chance, I admit my mistake. Meanwhile, the lemmings still march towards the cliff.

  74. Tony is so Toxic that without Rupes who tweets Labor must go and today Gina through the AGE editorial has decreed that Julia MUST step down for the good of the country, he would be the nowhere man.(aka the Beatles song)
    We have arrived at the final solution for OZ no more elections in the future, just media announcements, Rupes can return to the land of his birth just ahead of US Federal warrants for wire tapping etc etc and Gina well we know where she will be drilling in the not so great barrier reef.
    I have been saying for some time that the polls are manipulated, when a good week for Julia still gives a crap poll result, and a bad week for abbort see’s no change.

    Yesterday I cancelled my Foxtel subscription and told them I could no longer support an organization whose principle benefactor is trying to overthrow the elected government.

    To his credit he said it is political I said yes so my feeling is it is not the first time he and his people have heard this. I felt a little better after that call.

    I posted the following elsewhere I include it again
    “Just after Kevin kicked the rodent out I made a comment on Possum that labor would face a hostile media Bushfire Bill responded “You better believe it” unquote.
    Well here we are 6 years down the track and to their shame the abc (not worth capitals) slithered into the enemy camp joining Fairfax leaving only the fifth estate to show an unbiased perspective not all but most.
    The polls imho are being manipulated and as others have intimated, if they the Noalition were such a shoe in, why has the rhetoric reached historical high levels.
    The aim is to scare the Labor into some action, neither the media nor the noalition will bring Julia down, the only danger is the labor nervous nellies in caucus who think they have a better chance with Kevin.
    NO WAY. the media and the Noalition will go ape shit, a government that can’t lead itself can not lead the country/ disunity is death etc etc.
    The Lemon ad will do a Lazarus saving them heaps of money and effort.

    Such a change would see noalition policies not even get a mention too many side attraction to pursue.
    We have heard all sides spout this over the years and watched it play out.
    I pray each week that the Australian General Public wake up, even Bob Ellis is starting to make sense and that should scare us all.
    The only way forward for Australia, “is all the way with WWJ” (Wonder Woman Julia).
    the MSM will NOT change its spots.
    Julia and co need to hammer “It’s the Economy stupid” day in day out plus its own Bisons from Finnigans site
    STOP the LIES.
    VOTE for Julia and democracy NOT Murdoch and mediocrity. AMEN.”
    Keep up the good work folks

  75. “(green card anyone, tried to work in the UK recently?)”

    Nah Bacchus, I haven’t tried. Is it hard? Did they knock you back? Grab a tissue and keep the chin up.

    As fr me, I am interested in the eastern hemisphere and it is Japan and China where I’ve worked. I am not interested in just hanging around in the English speaking anglo countries. Not that I have anything against America.I have a lot of respect for America. Can’t say I am a fan of England like you, buy hey, each to their own.

    But lets be honest hear. Gillard had no issue with 457 when the majority of the applicants came from her homeland. It is only now that we’ve had an increase from Asia and many applicants don’t have English as first language that you Anglophiles are up in arms.

  76. If the media had any confidence in what the LieNP are and stand for they would say,

    The Coalition have the good policies and ideology that will benefit Australia and its people. They can withstand scrutiny and can make their own way on the strength of their integrity and fitness-to-govern.

    But none of that!! Rather, the media bend over backwards to boost and cover for the Noalition.

    The only conclusion is that:

    The Coalition do NOT have the good policies and ideology to benefit Australia and its people. They can NOT withstand scrutiny and they can NOT make their own way on integrity and fitness to govern. They rely FULLY on the media, like a legless person needs a wheelchair. It’s the Liberal News Limited Party, LNP.

  77. I’m also aware of Japanese and Chinese work restrictions. Son attended university in Tokyo (UEC), worked there (for a digital content service provider to Telecoms companies), and married a lovely Japanese girl.

    That Japanese girl came to live with us for 2 years while she studied in Brisbane, so I’m also aware of what work students can do. I met one of her friends from her uni days a couple of weeks ago – she studied law & is now working in Sydney.

    Currently a very good friend is in Shanghai – he actually landed a very good job with eBAY, but the head office in San Francisco put a hiring freeze on, so he’s moved into a friend’s apartment & is continuing to look for work – I communicate with him at least every 2nd day.

    You continue with the racist rhetoric re the 457 visas – they’re being rorted – used in a manner not intended. It has nothing to do with race, except those like yourself who wish to go down the dog-whistling route. Did you know that the largest source of migrants to Australia currently is India?

  78. ” they’re being rorted – ”

    I tend to agree. One of the few times i agree with Labor. I cannot believe that we cannot find people here to do the job. But Gillard should set the example. If she wants someone to start a race riot and gender and class warfare why can’t she find someone in Australia rather than fly in McTurd???

    And why wait 6 years to bring up the issue. They would have known about the problems back in 2007 when they were elected. Rudd could have fixed the problem. Gillard is playing dog whistle politics on the 457 visa issue.

  79. Mr Abbott will be very surprised to learn that there are a finite number of our jobs, given that he’s promised to make millions more of them, Neil. Maybe workers working together make jobs. If that is so, maybe trained and skilled workers of all sorts might continue to lend their labours to co-inventing the dynamic jobs of tomorrow’s ever-changing world, even here in Australia amidst a flourishing five-pillar, five-sector economy with pronounced skills shortages, not including any ongoing rorts.

  80. Bacchus, you make me laugh. You give new meaning to the expression, “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black.” For you, it’s, “I’m not racist, some of my friends associate with Asians.”

    Not sure why you are telling me that most migrants come from India. Is it because the increase immigration from India is what sparked the concern about 457 visas?

    Anyway,good thing I think as it was help forge relations with what will become the most populated nation on earth, improve our IT industry and perhaps strengthen our cricket team (ok, I admit, even I have some nostalgia for some Aussie traditions and things England has given us. Just a shame they gave us Gillard. Migration can bring with it a few bad eggs.)

    Sometimes when I’ve watched World War 2 documentaries, I’ve wondered how so many people could stay loyal to Hitler when everything was falling down around them; however, with you Gillard supporters I see it first had. Forget the conflict in Australia or even this blog, look at the Labor Party under her rein. Is that division and that hatred really what you want to proliferate?

    Hatred always begets hatred and prejudice always begets prejudice. Let it go. It feels so much better to embrace the future. The next election will be a chance for all of us to let this go and move on. Don’t fight it, look forward to it.

  81. Neil,

    Not all 457s are being rorted – there are genuine shortages in some areas. As an example, a close relative working in IT as a systems analyst, has a group of code-cutters working for him on short term projects, converting old legacy systems onto newer systems. The particular skills required of those programmers is in very short supply in Australia, so some are provided by an Indian company – Satyam. The rest come from IBM in Australia.

    I’m also quite familiar with work outsourced to Infosys and IBM, both of whom use 457 visas to fill skills gaps.

    I have no problem at all with that arrangement. The problem is with other companies who either don’t give Australians a chance to apply for positions, as in the 7:30 report I linked to on the 457 thread, or as in a particular case I’m very familiar with, replace Australian workers with overseas workers & then rip-off those OS workers. This was in the metal fabrication area – the OS workers were being paid correctly, but then forced to stay in company supplied accommodation at exorbitant rents. The OS workers were too scared to complain, fearing (rightly) they would be sent home if they did.

    The case of Mr McTernan is one the right-whingers have seized upon like slavering dogs! It’s a very specialist position requiring particular skills and experience. That sort of experience can’t be found at a university –

    It’s very much like what Lynton Crosby does for the UK conservatives. Shock, horror – an Australian advising UK politicians – surely not 😯

  82. Not one of our visitors tell us why Abbott is better. Not one. Not one comes here, telling us about and praising the policies of Abbott.

    I well admit, it is hard to explain aspirational brain farts, but at least they could try.

    It is easy to criticizing, but to explain why, is another matter.

    Please, pretty please, I am desperate to know why I should vote for the Coalition.

  83. Even if you are right Bacchus it is not a good look to say 457’s are being rorted while employing people on 457’s. While I am sure there are problems, Labor is also doing some dog whistling.

    Also I have never heard of 485’s but what Labor has done here is worse. To allow PhD graduates from overseas to work here for 4 years is wrong. There is an oversupply of PhD’s. Why bust your guts for 8 years to get a PhD only to find yourself competing with a flyin. And most PhD work is govt funded so someone who flies in to get a degree contributes nothing if they get a job.

  84. Those 457s. if I am correct in the beginning bought in doctors and nurses. The shortage was bough about, by the Howard government cutting back on training places for both.

    I believe that the PM has alleviated this sad position, by upping the training of our medical needs.

    PM, now on ABC 24 Queensland.

    Yes, they are wonderful for filling labour shortage holes, while the country gets on with training for the future..

    In no way do I want 457s to be the centre point of our migration policies, where employers control all the strings.

  85. In my case, some of my FAMILY is Asian 🙄 You know, I once even allowed an aboriginal child into my home! And I used to give a lift home to an aboriginal colleague every day. I even lent money to the coach of son’s football team – I think he might have been aboriginal too. What a racist bastard I am hey? 😯

    The day after son & daughter-in-law’s wedding, we held a dinner at our home before the Japanese visitors went home – apart from my immediate family, present was the bride’s mother, father, brother, and two grandmothers, the bridesmaid (a lovely Thai girl I still keep in contact with via facebook) the best man (an Australian of Vietnamese origin), and two of my new daughter-in-law’s friends who had flow out from Tokyo for the weekend, just for her wedding. What a racist bastard I am hey? 😯

    It’s also very informative that the “racist” calls re these 457 visas is all coming from the conservatives. As usual – using the race dog-whistle to further their own ends. Why am I not surprised a close-minded rusted-on like redearthbluesky continues this line?

  86. most PhD work is govt funded so someone who flies in to get a degree contributes nothing if they get a job.

    They contribute nothing of their knowledge and expertise to our research efforts Neil? Australian pHDs aren’t also employed, probably in greater numbers, in overseas institutions? I remember from my uni days, one of the professor’s main jobs was lining up Australian graduates to work in overseas institutions.

    It’s a two way street Neil 😉

  87. Neil, why is it not a good look to say there are problems with employing someone under the scheme, while pointing out, some are abusing the same scheme.

    Not one is condemning the scheme. All that is being said, that employers should demonstrated first that they have tested the market.

    I fail to see what all the uproar is about. It is not changing the scheme. The only conclusion, I can see, and is shown in some of the research, the Opposition and some employers, see the scheme as being a tool, to lower wages.

    Now the argument against putting into regulation, that employers should test the market., before bringing workers in., It is said they already do. So how is making it law, making any difference.

  88. “The devil, better known as Ditch The Bitch Witch Juliar.”

    Yes that sign, the one that Abbott and his cohorts stood so proudly under.

  89. redearthbluesky, still waiting for you to put the other side. Have not seen any evidence yet, that you do indeed have another side. All I have seen so far, is criticism and put downs,

  90. Bacchus, I welcomed my Indigenous grand sons into my family, along with their mother. Also some from Germany, Samoa and South America.

    Love my multi nation descendants.

  91. Fed up, I’ve reached a point of anyone but Gillard. At the very least, Abbot wont sell himself using the politics of hate that you use and when is the basis of this thred.
    (P.S, doesn’t surprise me that you are old.)

  92. Yes FU – certainly makes for a more diverse and interesting family. Min has a similar tale too…

  93. “They contribute nothing of their knowledge and expertise to our research efforts Neil? ”

    Not really. It is just an interesting job which does not contribute much. And it is taxpayer funded. Most scientific research goes no where.

    “Australian pHDs aren’t also employed, probably in greater numbers, in overseas institutions?”

    English is the language of science and every Eastern European scientist wants a job in an English speaking country. If you look at the number it is basically a one way street. Mass migration from Eastern Europe. There are research labs in the US where they actually speak Russian or Polish in the lab.

    Lots of Aussies do go overseas but not enough to flood the job market. But when you look at the numbers it is a one way street. A PhD for an Eastern European is their passport out. And if they can get out they will.

  94. Bacchus,

    Abbott’s sister is gay and he loves her. Does that mean you wont criticise his stance on gay marriage? Do you see him as a defender of homosexual rights? Likewise, his children are female as is his wife. Does that mean that this misogyny accusations are unfounded? Basically, should be ignore a policy position on the basis of who is a member of his family?

    You and Fed Up go around peddling in abuse and that abuse can just as easily be thrown back at you. How does it feel?

    You are not uniting people with your abuse of Abbott just as Gillard didn’t unite the Labor Party when she encouraged her ministers to line up and publicly vilify Rudd. Hate begets hate and there is no shortage of hate on this blog.

  95. They, the visitors, continually accused us of never having a good word for Abbott.
    Yes, that could be true, as I personally have not been able to find one.

    Now, I would also like to point out, they also never seem able to have a good word for him. The only reason I have seen them given, for supporting Abbott, is that he is not this PM.

    Not one word of praise for Abbott or his policies. Not one.

    No matter how often we ask, why is Abbott is better, one never gets a reply.

    One can only come to the conclusion, they do not have an answer..

    One can also question their comments that they respect race, women etc, as they have no respect, whatever, for those who have differing opinions to them.

    They do not respect, that in an democracy, differing political beliefs are paramount,. Yes, one does have the freedom to support whatever party or politician they choose.

    They should be allowed to do this, without abuse from the other side of the political fence.

    The media of the day, should also respect this right.

  96. Maybe so Bacchus. But nevertheless it is a fact.

    Eastern European PhD’s are paid the equivalent of $20K/year. In Australia you get $80K/year plus 17% Super and holiday pay. If you lived in Russia what would you do??

    Most of them will also work for half pay if they get a job in Australia. Half pay here is still better than fill pay in Moscow.

  97. I am watching the dedication to the Avenue of Honour, on ABC 24. Those soldiers did die, I believe to protect democracy. whin h the media and Abbott are doing their best to trash.

    Very sad, impressive and moving ceremony.

  98. Abbott not into the politics of hate. If one believes this, one should just look in now and again on question time. One should just study the faces of those who sit behind, especially Pyne, Mirabella and the younger Bishop. If that is not hate, ( fail to see what it is.

    Go back and arch some of the earlier, MSSO speech , Pure hate, and nothing else.

  99. Abbott also said he was uncomfortable among gay people. But then, Abbott also told us he lies.

    I have a gay daughter and grandson. Yes, I love them. They are mine. Does not mean I find the subject comfortable. That they are, is just a fact of reality.

    PS. I do also support them in every way. Support the drive foe same gender marriage. Yes, I accept that being gay, is just a fact of life for m

    Just cut out

    Those who denigrate women, also have female mothers. and often sisters. Does not stop them from putting women down at every opportunity, especially those who threaten them in the workplace and other domains.

    Yes, Bacchus, I love the times, when my kids backyard barbecues looks like a meeting of the united nations, People of all colours and races. Makes for interesting food, if nothing else. Our Christmas menu is one to behold, as each tries to outdo the other.

    The first thing that one notices, the difference, when one moves on from food, are hard to identity. The truth, there is more that holds us together, than divides us.

  100. As for abuse, anyone that follows these sites, would know I get more than my fair share,

    I wear such abuse, as a badge of honour, It means that I am getting under the skin of some. Means I might be getting my point across.

    The one thing I do know, I last longer than those that abuse me. I am in it for the long run, and like out gutsy PM, do not lie down and die for anyone.,

    Saying that, outline where I have abused anyone.

    Thanks for the compliment.

  101. this is the Tony we are talking about.

    “……So, day two of the penultimate week of Parliament before the election, and things just get stranger.

    For a start, Tony Abbott has quite suddenly gone all kumbaya on us. Who would have believed it? But at the end of Question Time, he jumped up and launched into a big speech about the need for niceness in public debate.

    Truly. Abbott spoke of the need to unify the country. He lamented the fact that there was “too much venom” in the Parliament and in the wider political sphere. About Australia’s need for a leader who would heal the divisions.

    Laudable sentiments, of course … if they had come from someone else.

    But we’re talking about Tony Abbott here, the fierce warrior of student politics, with his violent outbursts. The health minister who insulted the integrity of a man dying of asbestos-related illness. The most unremittingly negative and obstructive Opposition leader in memory….”

  102. @redearthbluesky

    At the very least, Abbot wont sell himself using the politics of hate

    Well what a change that would be 🙄

    Seems the right are still unable to venture any reasons why one should vote for abbott’s mob – apart from their smears of the PM.

    One would think perhaps some policy might be presented, in an attempt to gain government, however they obviously are devoid of such, and/or realise how unpalatable to and destructive of society and the economy their agenda is (apparently having outsourced policy developement to murdoch, the ipa and andev).

  103. Yes, does give one much hope for the future.

    “…….They bring their meanness of spirit to a wide range of issues, from immigrants to education, from human relationships (see Bernardi, above) to the environment.

    Facts are unimportant to their pitch. The children of same-sex couples, they say, will suffer. No matter that the science shows the kids are all right.

    Asylum seekers are criminal. No matter that the evidence shows they are law-abiding. Climate change is “crap” (as the great healer himself once said), when the scientific evidence is overwhelming. We are having an “economic emergency” (also from the lips of the healer, in his Budget reply), when we patently are not. There are so many examples; you can think of some for yourself.

    They seek to divide us, one from another. Their stock-in-trade is the promotion of “downward envy”, the perception that someone below you on the ladder of life is getting an unfair boost up.

    Their message is never hope, but fear. They exaggerate the problems, but they are too shy to reveal their solutions. A cynic might think that’s because (a) they don’t have any, or more likely (b) they realise people would find their solutions unpalatable…..

  104. Yes, old but a long way from out. Nothing wrong with my memory yet. Fear I am going to end up like my old man, mid nineties, entomb with many younger, who lost their minds decades before. Maybe some never had any. He found it a lonely place indeed.

    Yes, where is examples of that abuse. I gave out.

    Never got around in getting into university until late in life. Did extra well too,the young ones were not challenge.

    Explains my poor grammar. A lifetime of English usage, is near impossible to turn about. Nothing wrong with content though.

    Another urban myth, that all over sixty have lost their marbles. Just not true.

    Wonder if you will have learnt anything, if you reach my age. Suspect not. If anyone does not let new things into the brain, it does not grow, m It just becomes more bitter and entrenched.

    Not that old anyway, not at 71. Just lucky enough to have many life experiences, many not good, but leads to one knowing what they are uttering.

    Made many bad life choices along the way.

    Yes, I do believe my age, does give me the right to have an opinion.

    What is your excuse?

    Came from a middle class back ground, strayed along the way, but have been told, that is where I ended up once again.

  105. I deny that I have ever abuse Abbott. At all times, ail I have done, is repeat what Abbott has said or done.

    Now if those who abuse the PM follow this method of talking about her, we would have no complaint.

    Now, if you believe what I have written, is indeed false, feel free to give me examples.

    It appears, that you also have no respect from age, following from your comment, that you should have known I was old.

    Mate, you have a lot to learn in life. Believe me, I have learnt one thing, life makes sure you learn.

  106. No Election is won until the Writs are returned and New Government is sworn in.
    Labor seems united in losing this Election, we all know that Rudd is not the
    saviour as touted. Repeat – you have a Donkey and you change the head you
    Still have a Donkey, sounds just like Labor. Change the leader you still have
    The same members etc. It is Time for a change.
    Amazing to think presently only 1 in 4 males will vote Labor.

  107. Hi, I am not just old, I am a old woman as well.

    Sorry, cannot claim to be from overseas, as all my people came before 1860.

    Not a convict among the lot.

    All small business or farming,. Not even from a laborers background,

    Manage to have a child out of wedlock, three within a disastrous marriage, divorce, lived in sin, and now have no religion.

    Left school with only the Intermediate certificate, worked in factories. Lived on most benefits at different times. Manage university later in life.

    Now on the pension, a small but thanks to this and the previous Labor government, appears to be adequate.

    Yes, I am just a old woman., So what?

  108. LOVO, how long have we been asked that question. On all sites, and still not ONE reply.

    Same as when asks for examples of abuse, none never given,. Well not given in a way that one can reply.

    Nothing but allegations and innuendo. Never challenge the facts we put forwarded.

    No just accusations, that all we do is abuse.

    No how, why where or when

  109. redearthbluesky, congratulations, you have exposed Bacchus’ racist underbelly. And what an underbelly it is!

    You have hit a nerve…when FU fires off multiple posts to draw away from the fact you know that you are on the right line. Seen this many times before. Proceed.

  110. scaper, do you even know what you are talking about.

    I believe you have been spending the day, once again in the gutter. Once Gain, not your words.

    Hope you thought th shower before coming back here.

    Yes, when people talk rot,it does touch a nerve.

  111. …..OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott hasn’t absolutely ruled out moving a no-confidence motion in the government should Kevin Rudd topple Julia Gillard during the final sitting of Parliament next week.

    But he indicated little confidence such a motion could get up without support of independent MPs.

    Speaking in north Queensland following the latest leadership speculation, Mr Abbott said as Labor’s soap opera rolled on, the Australian people were sick of their shenanigans.

    ”In the end the Australian people should be choosing the next Prime Minister not the faceless men. So I rule nothing out and we will respond appropriately in the Parliament top whatever happens this week,” he told reporters in Cairns.

    In a significant development, The Age newspaper has called for Ms Gillard to accept she has failed as a leader and stand aside.

    Mr Abbott said the Opposition always said it would only move a motion of no confidence if there was a reasonable prospect of succe……..

    Read more:

  112. It’s all in scaper’s diseased tiny mind FU. He’s trying in vain for a bite. Just ignore the insignificant little fellow 😆

  113. scaper, I believe it is impossible to offend you. Why would one want to. Why the hatred for Bacchus?

    See nothing that he writes, that could cause you to reply with such passion.


  114. Don’t worry about Scaper, he’s projecting, as per….. what he says about others defines him really… 😛
    ….Scapers just another of those ANDEV nutters….. completely bonkers, got more money than sense and just plain nasty,….. in an infantile manner 😛

  115. I detest lefties because they are pissants. Especially at Cafe Delusions.

    One would think that anyone who believes that, yet visits here several times daily, really does meet the criteria for being a troll.

    Sorry scaper – I’m not Col. Thanks for the compliment though 😀

  116. It would appear all the infants are out tonight. Time to cool the set and warm the tinnies (or open a red) for the Wallabies and Lions game 🙂

  117. The 2013 election, when policies were replaced by Green and maybe White papers. Is this how history will write it up?

    Well,just asking.

    Submitted by nancyy on Fri, 2013-06-21 10:05
    Friday, 21 June 2013 – 10:04am
    PoliticOZ position:
    Editor’s Note

    In what passes for a Coalition policy announcement, Tony Abbott is today reviving the Northern development plan. More accurately, he is announcing that if elected he will commission a white paper that will set out a “clear, well-defined and timely policy platform”.

    As Phillip Coorey reminds us, this white paper can be added to those promised on the direct action climate change policy, tax policy and on streamlining federal-state relations. There are also Productivity Commission reviews promised into industrial relations policy, car industry assistance an……..”

    Are we being conned?

  118. Which version of tax zones do we believe?

    ……..The Coalition will propose different tax rates for those who head north” – Guardian.

    What Abbott actually said is that “the efficacy of current relocation incentives and personal and business tax incentives could be reviewed.”

    All of which is in stark contrast to what he said in February: “There is absolutely no way that people in different parts of Australia will be paying different tax depending upon where they live.”

    But consistency in policy is apparently less important if your consistency is in the polls..”

  119. Yep,. plenty of inquiries. Lack of policies is the way to go.

    “…We are determined to break the ongoing development deadlock that has held northern Australia back for so long,’’ Mr Abbott said.

    The white paper would include having Infrastructure Australia conduct an audit of the region’s infrastructure and outline a 15-year list of priority projects.

    Already, Mr Abbott has promised that, if elected, he would commission white papers to shape his direct action climate change policy, tax reform and policy on streamlining federal-state relations.

    He has also promised up to four Productivity Commission reviews into industrial relations policy, car industry assistance and the childcare system, with a view to incorporating nannies under the existing childcare funding umbrella.

    There may also be one into broadband policy…..”

  120. Bacchus, given your political beliefs I would have expected you to open a Chardonnay. The choice of a private schoolboy games doesn’t surprise though. (“m watching the mighty Tigers with a few coldies.)

    Speaking of sports, rugby union shows the short shortsightedness of building walls to prevent competition that you support with opposition to foreign workers. At the turn of the 20th century, Union prevented Australian football and rugby league from playing on Sydney’s enclosed grounds. It slowed the progress of football and league but ultimately union fell back to private schools. It was only when it became more inclusive that it started to grow. That said, even after turning professional, there was a period there where foreigners were banned from the Australian provinces. Maybe if the Warratahs had employed a Japanese rugby player they could have got the exposure and good will that the Wanderers got with Shinji Ono and the Swans got with Mike Pyke. Yeah, maybe employing a foreigner would have cost an Australian a job, but by employing a foreigner on the field, the size of the pie could have been increased, which perhaps resulted in more Australians employed off it.

    I love how the culture of AFL embraces people from all walks of life. Wish rugby union was more like it. Even though its made some progress, I guess its history is still used against it and I fear your policies will be used against me or my children on an international stage if you had your way. Quarter time over. Must get back to the footy.

  121. redearthbluesky, how come a old woman gets under your skin so easy. Must be doing something right.

  122. Fed Up, you flatter yourself. Your views that I read were generic and uninteresting to me. Giving yourself a title of “fed up” sort of just makes me pity you. Then you went on to telling stories that didn’t go anywhere so I read a few lines and just ignored your long posts. I know I should respect the elderly, or at least pretend to, but since the left has a history of vilifying the aged who I am to disagree with your peer group.

  123. redearthbluesky, it might amaze you, but I care less what you think. The likes of your type, come and go quickly all the time.

    I just find you all handy, th hang my responses on. For that I thank you.

    You all follow the same track, end up at this point with personal put downs, and I believe you all think you are above the likes of me.

    None of you answer questions, or put forwarded any facts.

    As sure as night, you move on, another clone taking your place.

    No, I do not flatter mystify, just telling you what always occurs.

    Of course you would ignore any articles from other sources. One cannot have inconvenient facts getting in the way of your comments.

    That is not your interest.

    Your interest is in derailing threads.

    I do flatter myself, with the belief, that I will still be here, long after you give up.

    Sadly, I do not believe you will gain any benefit from this or any other site.

  124. Silly little trolls still unable to “put up” for tones hmmm.

    No spiffy uniforms or shiny jackboots for them, then I guess.

  125. You are incapable of pitying anyone, let alone a old fed up woman. Still, you do have a use, you stop me from being bored. Not that you contribute much else.

  126. Fed Up, shorten your posts if you would like me to read them. As I inferred earlier, an old person telling stories that don’t go anywhere is not interesting.

  127. Why do you think I care whether you read them or not. Must say you have tickets on yourself.

    If you do not like the way this site is run, scamper off and create one more to your liking.

    What misplaced arrogance.

    Your comments are becoming inane. That short enough.

  128. One of the better international rugby games I”ve seen for quite some time. Sets up a good series. If the Wallabies got their kicks, they win. Well done Lions!

  129. The LNP and Tony Abbott types and their ‘gunna’ do this or that…… and then do what they always do…. bow, scrape and pander…. bunch of wanna be’s that never was..ay,T. Muck….. “arsepirationals” … Scaper, remember you have a used by date in the mob ya hang’n with…. and oh dear, how sad.. when ya ‘spat out’…. *ding* 😆

    Can’t wait to see the trolls faces on Sept. 15-ish … when they finally ‘get’ that they should’nt of ‘GONE’ with the ABBOrTT’…….. nobody likes him, left-right-middle, nobody likes him….. nobody can come up with one reason why he would be ‘betta’ (other than the eat shit/spinach argument)…. he’s Labors friend and such a great asset…..Tony ‘small target’ Abbott looms large in the liability stakes……. oh and.. HAHAHA

  130. That’s better. As you will have noticed, I am not initiating discourse with you, I am responding to you out of politeness.

    Most of my comments were directed towards Bacchus. I just enjoy shit stirring the chardonnay drinking, anglophile, private school boy, union watching “patriots” stuck in the 1900s. I know not going to change the mind of a dinosaur and abuse has never caused anyone to open their eyes, but just call it my catharsis to the concern I feel about discrimination.

    I have not criticized how the the site is run. Is it yours? If my comments are inane, ignore me. As I said, I respond out of politeness but more than happy to agree to ignore each other’s posts.

  131. …and hence the name of the thread…. Toxic Tony ( he’s no good for anyone, left or right) 😀

  132. Toxic Tony should chew on this.

    Seems like Toxic’s armor is being dented

    Abbott carbon tax mantra blunted

    Tony Abbott’s insistence that the election will be a ”referendum on the carbon tax” has been undermined by polling showing that just a third of voters support the Coalition’s plan to abolish it.

    Fewer voters want to see the carbon tax removed now than before it took effect on July 1 last year. Nearly half, or 48 per cent, wanted the tax scrapped a year ago.

  133. So I see redearthbluesky is an ageist.

    Doesn’t surprise me, nor does their projection, having tickets on themselves, saying they were ALP but coming out with long held far right wing 1950’s mantras that say otherwise.

    So much like someone else who used to be here, and they do have a habit of coming back when they say they’ve gone for good. Can’t even be honest about that.

  134. So as the right wingers now believe so much in the polls, but didn’t when they were the other way round, they must believe two interesting sets of information that have come out of polls recently.

    Now only around a third of Australians are against the Carbon Price, down from nearly a half a year ago, and two thirds don’t want to see it scrapped.

    The second is that most people believe the MRRT does not go far enough and should be increased.

    These are two of Abbott’s planks that he has promised to get rid of.

    Yet another example of the disconnect between polls on voting intentions and what people want for policy. They are diametrically opposed and makes no sense.

    What is being proffered is that the people want Labor’s policies, Carbon Price, MRRT, Gonski, NBN, NDIS and it goes on, and don’t want Abbott’s policies, that have been universally condemned, but are going to vote for Abbott.

    Something doesn’t add up.

  135. It has often been said that the left is consumed with self-hatred and these comments almost seem to prove it. Basically, you are what you despise. Furthermore, it is perhaps inadequacy about yourselves on an individual level that drives this nationalism you express through your desire to keep out the foreigners.

    First with have Chardonnay Bacchus who, like Abbott, is a union loving anglophile. (Perhaps the main difference is that Abbott has a more inclusive and progressive policy on migration.) I called him a mate before, but considering his love for union, I really should have said pal or old chap. I can’t see a future for if Gillard wins her class war.

    Next we have Fed Up who is like the caricature of a bitter and rambling Grandpa Simpson and the “old white men” that are always being denounced by the left. I appreciate she is a woman but we don’t want to be sexist here so we will say she fits the stereotype of the old white Australian. Again, not much future there for those who want to move with the times.

    Patricia Ryan’s profanity and toilet humour has been in the media recently as something we want to get rid of in Australia. Certainly our PM doesn’t like it. I guess we could say she is that kind of uncivilized Anglo bogan that we often hear abusing Asians on public transport. Again, not much future for her if Gillard succeeds in washing out the mouths of Australia with soap.

    So, in the interest of peace I am going to help you lot. Take a look in the mirror and just say that you are happy with who you are. After that, let’s say some nice things about one another. Fed Up and Patricia could perhaps say to Chardonnay Bacchus that it doesn’t matter that he is a toff like Abbott who drinks his wine and watches private school games. I’m smiling at you Bacchus old pal. You are ok.

    Bacchus and Patricia, say something nice to Fed Up. I am not really sure what you can say but I’m sure you will think of something.

    And now Patricia. We know she is trying to be funny and perhaps just wants to make us laugh with her funny jokes so let’s humour her. Your dummy joke was very funny chortle chortle.

    But by all means don’t just follow my lead. Think of your own nice things to say. Between the angry and bitter words I am sure you will find something redeemable about each other.

    Finally, lets not leave out those who just want to help. Scaper, you seem to be getting under their skin which by Fed Up’s definition, makes you ok.

    I’m feeling much better now and if we imagine ourselves in a circle, I’m sure you will too once we get that positive energy flowing.

  136. My god what a long spray with a lot of meaningless words and so much shit, all whilst lamely attempting to project.

    Just like another used to do here.

    Very hypocritical that you appear to be praising scaper, who at times has been one of the most abusive here. Double standards on clear display.

    Instead of trying to tell us what to do, typical right wing full of themselves control freak, why not have a look at yourself, for your supposed nice things to say are laced with angry and bitter words to do nothing more than bait and invoke retorts that you can respond with in a holier than though projection, another right wing trait, being holier and so much better than those they preach to.

    If you can point to all the right wing blogs and forums where you have also lambasted them for being angry and nasty, telling them how to conduct themselves then I will give you some cred. But as a right wing provocative at the moment all I see is the typical projection and piles of verbal shit that is next to meaningless.

  137. PM now on ABC24. Completion of the Hume duplication.Trip between Sydney Melbourne cut by three hours.

  138. Could be a lot of traffic next week my sauces tell me. Worcestershire seems to be in the know and rarely wrong. Chile reckons business as usual. I better check with Kecap Manus before I nominate my day but leaning towards June 30.

  139. I’m sorry that I forgot about you Morbius. You are also confused with your self hatred; denouncing “populist” polling but then spreading the word when you find a poll that is populist.

    We need love Morbius, that’s all we need, Just love. Let it go. No one is changing their vote now so there is no point trying. The electorate is too polarised. I will vote for Abbott and you for Gillard. Let’s instead use our time to overcome our differences. I’m sure Chardonnay Bacchus, Fed Up, Patricia will say nice things about you if we open our circle to you, but by all means lead the way by saying some nice things about them. You deserve love Morbius. You just need to admit that to yourself.

  140. Hope, yes Michael, hope is a positive emotion. Good.

    but I’m afraid the polls have been terminal for Gillard for so long now that I fear it’s false hope you are cling to. Anyway, because I recognise the need for positive emotions, I wont argue with your hope, but I wont be changing my vote. I cant see many of the people Gillard supporters have abused on this blog changing either. Abuse really isn’t an effective persuasion strategy. Why don’t you give love a go? Don’t just denounce love out of hand because you want to be like Morbius. Go on, say something nice.

  141. Also why don’t you practice what you preach and say something nice about Labor supporters and the government, who on any measure overall have done a great job?

  142. So I today announce that later this year, I will advise the Governor-General to dissolve the House of Representatives with writs to be issued on Monday the 12th of August for an election for the House and half of the Senate, to be held on Saturday the 14th of September.

    I do not do so to start the nation’s longest election campaign. Quite the opposite, it should be clear to all which are the days of governing and which are the days of campaigning.

    Announcing the election date now enables individuals and business, investors and consumers, to plan their year.

    But the benefit of fixing the date now is not just the end of speculation about election timing.

    It gives shape and order to the year and enables it to be one not of fevered campaigning, but of cool and reasoned deliberation.

    Not a year without passion, because elections are the time in our national life when values should contend, when alternate plans can be compared and considered.

    No surprises also means no excuses.

    Australians aren’t interested in campaigns without content, platitudes devoid of purpose.

    There is now clearly the time and certainty necessary for the people and parties contesting the election to lay out their fully detailed, costed plans for the timely consideration of voters.

    There’s plenty for this Government to be getting on with – plenty of work to do for our nation.

    I will devote the days of governing to that work and then, at the time now fixed, to asking the Australian people to endorse my plan to keep building a strong, fair, smart nation.

    I’m looking forward to all of it, and I look forward to your questions about it all.

  143. My vote is made up Mobius and I don’t have any nice to say about the Gillard government but I am not asking you to say nice things about Abbott, I am asking you to say nice things about yourself and your peers.

    Shall I begin by something nice about you Mobius? Is that what you are asking in a round about way?

  144. Not at all condescending and facetious redearthbluesky.

    You’re about as genuine in being nice and demanding it of those here for altruistic reasons as a backstreet market stall selling Omega watches and Dior.

    I also contend your vote was always made up otherwise you would be able to tell us why voting for Abbott knowing about his string of lies, backflips, brain fart policies contradicted by his own Party, $70 billion in unfunded liabilities, a DAP that will give billions of tax payers money to polluters to pollute whilst costing each household $1300pa without compensation, a paid maternity leave scheme that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy whilst introducing a tax that is worse than anything Labor has proposed, has mostly taken up a large swag of Labor’s policies so endorsing them, won’t and can’t stop the boats, will scrap a carbon price and MRRT that two thirds of the people want, with them wanting the MRRT to be increased, and his failures really do go on.

  145. So now, I am just not a old woman, but a bitter old man of a woman.

    That is a surprise, as I did not think I am bitter, or ever presented as so.

    Then some do not need facts to write as they do,

    Please except my apologies, if I have been imposing my bitterness on all, for the last few years.

    I am sorry indeed.

    I really believed I was a positive person, who believed that Australia has a bright and exciting future, that we are on the verge of being leaders in the Asian future.

    That we have a government, that is looking forwarded, investing in the necessary infrastructure, both physical and human for this to occur.

    We have a PM that is into building, taking us forwarded.

    If that makes me bitter, so be it.

    Now, I know some will find this to long, as all they are capable of taking in at anyone time,. is slogans, three word ones at that. Even then they have to be repeated continually,, before they even sink in.

    Yes, one is bitter indeed, to be excited at the reforming policies, such as NDIS, Gonski, NBN and CEF.

    Wonder what the put down will be this time???

  146. Red seems noice 😉 …. Could you please Red, if it’s not to much trouble, please tell us, in your loving manner,… please tell us, ..and I really hope I’m not stessing you in any way,… could you please let us in on why you think Tony would be a better PM.
    I would be ever so grateful if you could 😀 … because I’m having such a hard time finding anyone, anyone at all, that wants to inform me as to the ‘why’. 😯 ….. and seeing how nice and reasonable you appear to come across, I thought you may be able to inform me/us, ….anyhoo, hope to hear from you soon, friend….. 😉

  147. ME, who do you think the new visitor is. I agree, we seem to have had all this before.

    One thing for sure, it will be a recycled one from the past.

    Around in circles they go. Never arriving anywhere.

    They have one thing in common with Abbott. The only way the believe they can win, is in destroying their opponents. Put downs and insults, is their limit.

    Debating facts are beyond them all.

  148. Michael, there is indeed up to 30% undecided. I suspect there could be as many soft votes as well.

    It is not what the poll s are saying that is the problem. It is what is being read into them. Notice one has to search to find how they are compiled. The undecided figures are getting hard to find,

    What we are getting, even from the media, it is not the PM policies. They are now adding, it is not the implementing of those policies. It is that she is not getting the message out. We are also being told, that Abbott is just as unpopular.

    I suspect we are seeing the last desperate play of the media, to bring down the PM.

    The PM. will this week, finish off all she set off to do, except for her asylum policies,

    There will be no ballot, as this is not what Rudd wants. He is just a bitter man, that has spent three years in undermining a government,. His days are numbered.

    No, we will see the PM fly through this week, wiping the floor with Abbott and Co, everyday within the house.

    We will, in the first week of July, see the PM launched a strong and acceptable refugee policy. One that puts Abbott on the back foot.

    The visit to Indonesia is a regular meeting, but it is Indonesia that has set the date.

    It amazes me, that many still continue to under estimate this woman. She has proven that she is not one to sit back and do nothing. She has proven, that she has patience, continues to work behind the scenes and make announcements at the most appropriate time.

    Why would it be any different when it comes to a regional; solution. The PM also is not one to throw her hands up, saying it is too hard.

  149. I don’t think they are anyone in particular, just they spruik similarly, but then again the right wingers have many things in common, hypocrisy, arrogance, winning is more important than country, selfishness, greed, projection etc.

    Yet we had a right wing poster that was in a league of their own in self aggrandisement and egotism who also would use the condescending polite and nice tone, yet launch into vitriol when proven wrong or when pulled up. Not saying the visitor will be the same, just there are similarities.

  150. ME, you are being nice. They all end up in the same place. What gets me, is that they think they hurt or upset us. I find them a amusing game for a Little while, then just a pain in the arse, with nothing to offer.

    I think this is the strongest I have come to abuse. One just gets fed up with the same old rubbish.

    Maybe it time to find that scroll button again.

  151. Morbius, have people broken your trust and hurt you in your personal life? I see your pain and I want to help. Let it out, cry, yell abuse. I’m here to help.

    I will begin with some praise. Morbius, I know you feel and I know you care.

    Fed up and co, there is someone here who needs some kind words. You all need kind words. Come on, we can do this. 🙂

  152. Lovo,

    I know if I praise Abbott you are just going to ridicule what I say and try to cut someone I respect down. Perhaps you will make a toilet joke, maybe liken him to a pedophile, or make crude references about how his genitals look in swimwear. That’s not going to get us anywhere.

    It is only once we have addressed the source of your anger, bitterness and need for social acceptance, that we will be able to have a polite debate about policy without all the abuse and negativity.

    Your peers are crying out for praise. Say something nice about them and then they may say something nice about you. We will all be supportive here.

  153. silkworm, have unionist changed. My experience was that they could put away the beer, Do not remember any wine draining ones.

  154. Oh My God
    Then we have an atheist as PM
    So make it – Oh My Goodness.
    What a lot of rubbish posts and most showing high levels of frustration.
    Proves we need an Election now.
    Who will lead ALP to their destiny?

  155. Back to carbon tax. PM wiping the floor with Abbott;s questions, throwing his and the words of others on hos side back to him

    PM pointed out that she spoke about pricing carbon emission in the 2010 campaign.

  156. Now, Morrison up. I suspect he might find his answer early in July.

    Yes, indeed she believes the man knows the answer. Yes, he could help, not say no to what the expert panel advised. Yes, Opposition says No no no.

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