Toxic Tony


Tony Abbott will go down as the most toxic Leader of the Opposition in Australian Parliamentary history.

He’s responsible for every sitting day of this Parliament descending into absolute balderdash and poison, as he attempted, day after day after day to bring the Government down. He’s tried every ghastly ploy he can muster to bend the Parliament and the media and the Australian public to his personal maniacal viewpoint: that he is the rightful leader of Australia, thwarted as he was by a mere woman – a lying, evil witch though she is.

Australia now deserves this dangerous bastard of a man, we’ve earned him and his psycho crew. We’ve given in to our xenophobia, our distrust and hatred of powerful women, and our fear. We win the fruits of our labour. We should be proud of ourselves.

His every word is a twist of the truth . . . He’s the complete liar. And yet he’s made it look like it’s the Prime Minister who’s the real liar.

Thanks to CN for the above (via Facebook). His comment sums up what a lot of people think of Tony Abbott and it speaks the absolute truth. Thank goodness there are forums available that allow us to put forward opinions that are a ‘no go zone’ in the mainstream media. His comment – as you can see – is worthy of a post on its own.