Tony Abbott’s promises

Tony Abbott wrote to a friend. Who that friend is, I do not know, but you can read the letter here.

I’d love to reproduce the letter in full but I note this little deterrent at the bottom of the page: Copyright © Liberal Party of Australia.

It’s  only a short letter, probably only kept short because Tony talks about his promises “during these uncertain economic times”. Hardly worth copyrighting, in my opinion. Rather worth framing though. It’s one for the ages.

Anyway, have a read and you’re welcome to come back here and talk about it, ie, pick it to pieces for the load of crap it really is. 😉

PS: I wonder who is friend is. 😯

58 comments on “Tony Abbott’s promises

  1. It is estimated that 65% of children will have an imaginary friend in the first 8 years of their life – most grow out of this phase before they turn 55 though 😆 :mrgreen:

  2. You cannot pick it to pieces because there is nothing in the letter, just the usual slogans from the mouth piece Abbott.

    Just like his LITTLE BLUE BOOK he carries around, which is just an extensions of the letter.

  3. LOL @ Bacchus! I had a laugh right at the start when I read the heading “Liberal E-News”. Yep, thought I, they are usually pretty liberal with the e-news – or what they would like us to think is news. Then I read the letter (all 30 seconds of it) and laughed again – is this really a summary of their entire manifesto???? Oh, silly question… of course it is! Nothing to it. Literally. Liberally 😉

  4. Just like there web site,

    Achievements in Government

    From 1996 to 2007, the Howard and Costello Government eliminated more than $96 billion in government debt, restored Australia’s AAA credit rating and delivered more jobs. During this time Australia experienced the lowest unemployment rates in 33 years and lower inflation, lower interest rates, a lower tax burden.

    Australian’s benefited also from higher wages, more productive workplaces, higher pensions and better living standards. A strong focus was placed on more funding for health, education, defence and transport.

    So for a government that was in power for 11 years, this is all they have to show, and most of that are lies. Actually I think it is all one lie.

  5. None of the crap the Libs have published in the past few months has any substance whatsoever! It all ‘We’ll do this’ and ‘,we’ll do that’ but no mention of HOW they will do anything. It scares the shit out of me…what are they keeping so secret?

    I know it will be ‘Cut, slash, cut, slash, cut’ if they get in and I can kiss my penalty rates and my arse goodbye!

  6. He says that he “is addressing the issues facing Australians every day” while talking in the next sentence about what they will do once they are in government. Anyone else think they are missing something. Yes, you are right how they have done that! Maybe it should be read that “[we will] address the issues facing Australians every day” in that case the Gonski reforms can’t come soon enough and well Abbot needs to go back to primary school…….

  7. “restored Australia’s AAA credit rating”

    Yes this was important. Under Hawke/Keating we had high unemployment and we lost our credit rating. In fact we were downgraded twice.

    When elected Howard tried to get the budget back into surplus and we had a parliament house riot. It then took 6 surplus budgets by Costello before the rating agencies gave us back our AAA credit rating. This is something Labor would never do because they believe debt is not a problem.

    AAA rating meant we paid less interest on govt debt and it gives business confidence. We had good govt from 1996-2007. And unemployment at 4.3%.

  8. WE lost our credit rating under Hawke/Keating

    Standard and Poors and Moody’s gave us back our AAA credit rating in 2003 or sometime around then. It took 6 surplus budgets to get it back. That was when we started paying lower interest on our debt. Those two credit rating agencies are the ones people take notice of and covet.

    I hope you are not talking about some third rating agency (Fitch) nobody had ever heard of who gave us a AAA under Swan. That third rating agency is unimportant. We got our AAA back in 2003.

    The question should be asked is why Fitch did not give us AAA under Costello when govt debt was zero.

    I find it amazing you claim credit for something that happened more than 10 years ago.

  9. Ok, I think we’ve got it now.. “I’ll abolish the carbon tax…”. So that’s it? Should Tony become PM, he’s going to spend his entire term doing nothing whatsoever except abolishing the carbon tax..that’s just about right you know…

  10. With only 1 in 4 males supporting Ms Dillard , it may well be the Carbon Tax is
    the main reason.Well Min for example we feel robbed when on July 1
    Australians will pay $24.50 a tonne but our Kiwi friends $0.75 a tonne.
    Even the dead drovers dog says that is flawed.
    Will they dust off the page boy Mr Rudd? Time is running out , Labor always
    does their back stabbing at night.

  11. Did anyone notice that they promise to “eliminate the carbon”? That’s gonna be even more of a feat than getting the boats back to Indonesia! 😉

  12. See Neil is once more back on surplus. His merry go round, continuous on it’s merry way, arriving nowhere.

    Wonder if he ever looks ups,wondering why he never arrives..

  13. Fed up Carbon Tax –
    Do you want me to call it
    – a levy
    – a service charge
    – a surcharge
    – another Labor slug
    – another one of Ms Dullards lies
    Lets just call it all of the above but it is certainly a vote winner. Not!

  14. So voyager, what do you call Abbott’s paid parental leave policy then. Or Abbott’s Direct action Policy.

  15. No, just a fixed price on carbon emissions, that will move onto a market place price.

    Same with MRRT. No super profits, no tax. Unlike what the states have done, putting up the cost of royalties, which miners pay, regardless of profits.

  16. One can and can only call it a price on carbon emissions. NO emission, no cost.

    Not sure of the mechanism, but to compare prices overseas, at this time is not comparing apples with oranges. I believe there are many compensations that apply to industry,

    It is not black and white as Abbott and Co would want one to believe.

    When the penny drops to the majority that believe in man made climate change, is spite of all the noise, this is what most want.

    It is the cheapest and most efficient mechanism to deal with the threat of climate change.

    The cost to the community has been lower than predicted. Most have been compensated for that cost.

    Yes, and it appears that electricity might have reached it peaked, and in some places on the way down. The majority of electricity rises has nothing to do with the CEF,

    Rescinding the CEF will not lower energy prices as Abbott claims.

    With the assistance given to industry, and the emergence of CEF power production, is creating jobs.

    If one still believes that man made climate change is occurring, and that it should be addresses, there is little point in demolishing something, that happens to be working.

    If one does not believe, what is occurring, moves us from the reliance on fossil fuels, to what in the long run will mean cleaner and cheaper energy

    The biggest cost is transferring to renewals. Once in place, will be cheaper and more efficient.

  17. Migs, you say that you would like to publish the letter in full when a ten second search on the Liberal site reveals it is E news. In other words a standard release.

    I also note that the version at your link is missing a word which skews the meaning which one picked up here. The word is tax.

    If you want to aspire to be a citizen journalist then I would suggest more research to check your facts as your standard appears to be sub-tabloid.

    Here is the original version.

  18. Wonderful isn’t it, for two and a half years, we have had the opposition and their media patsies like toolman crapping on about we are the only country doing this, and now, their argument is that ours is more expensive than some other countries 😯

    If not for the media being in lock step with their lies AND stupidity, they would be a rabble. Unfortunately, it is highly likely these idiots will be running the country before too long.

    That’s when Whyalla should be getting nervous.

  19. All Politicians are idiots please remember this,
    Just that the current Government are the Bigger (bad Grammar to say Biggest)
    Idiots. No matter who leads Labor 14/9 it is still Labor and it is only a
    change of leader not its members or politicians.

  20. See Neil is once more back on surplus. His merry go round, continuous on it’s merry way, arriving nowhere.

    No I was just correcting a falsehood. Paul at 8.01PM post something from the Liberal Party website and said they were lies. I commented on one alleged lie. Costello did indeed get our AAA credit rating back. Paul repeated the falsehood when he said this/

    Yes Neil, considering Howard and Costello government never received the AAA credit rating”

    This is false. Standard and Poors and Moody’s gave us back our AAA rating in 2002/2003. When those two agencies give our AAA that means we have AAA. You don’t need any other agency. That is when the interest rate on our debt dropped.

    And when Howard was elected it took a parliament house riot and 6 surplus budgets to get our AAA back which we lost under Hawke/keating.

  21. @ Lotharsson

    Did anyone notice that they promise to “eliminate the carbon”?

    Yes, you beat me to it! From the release

    We not only have a plan to abolish the carbon,

    It seems that the liars as part of their generalised “war on reality” have now made a specific declaration of war against the Periodic table,
    finally fleshing out a “policy” aspiration. 😆

  22. Yet more delusional thinking HERE

    Apparently they believe that if they ignore the adverse effects of AGW, they won’t happen ?

    Primal idiocy.

  23. Scaper – I know you’re a bit dim (being a denialist and all :grin:) but I’ve already read of and understood your link.

    Have you ever heard of satire?

    Why should I not “take the piss” out of the amateurish editing of a poorly concieved and formulated statement?

  24. “I agree with ToM again: it’s called balance”

    In that case, I suggest you change your tag line from “We won’t back down” to:

    Cafe Whispers – We’ll write any load of crap (in the interest’s of balance of course)

  25. Neil, if you read what people say, you would not make so many inane comments.

    No one has said that Howard never had any AAA ratings. What is being said, Howard never had the three different AAA ratings at the same time..

    Yes, Neil, once again not a lie. Just your misunderstanding of what was said.

    I will not be nasty and say, your misrepresentation of what is said.

  26. Not interested in balance. My only interest is telling the truth.

    Sales insists it is only the polls that count. Maybe if the likes of Sales forgot about the polls, and let Labor talk about policies, the polls just might change.

    Yes, if the public was allowed to talk about what they have done and intend to do.

    That interview with Shorten this morning was ridiculous. The interviewer not only demanded the answer, but insisted on the exact words that Shorten was to use. Thankfully Shorten did not cave in.

    I support the PM , means, yes I do. Not I may do, or any other meaning the media wants to put on the answer.

    I want to talk about policies, should also be respected.

    We all know about the polls. Why do we need to hear the same message on the hour?

  27. bushfirebill sums up sales from last night Fed Up

    OMG, I just watched the Sales-Emerson interview.

    “Why can’t Gillard cut through?”

    “Because all you want to do is talk about polls, not policy.”

    “What’s the point of talking about policy if the polls tell us she can’t win?”

    “What’s the point of trying to win if all you want to talk about is polls? Let’s talk about policy.”

    “Sorry minister, we’re out of time.”

  28. @ Scaper

    displaying a link of a release and altering it ‘satire’.

    Well, nor would I.
    Has that happened? I assumed that the error reflected the general and editorial incompetence of the purported “opposition”.

    Have you any evidence for your claim that the release has been “altered”?

  29. Yes, you look at the link supplied by the author at the top then look at the link I supplied. The word ‘tax’ has been deleted which makes it read ‘abolish carbon’ instead of ‘abolish carbon tax’.

    Not on in my opinion!

  30. Three reasons not to vote Liberal or national Party.

    Paid parental leave, big new tax 1.5% on companies with a $5,000,000.00 profit, that is over 3000 companies.
    Direct action plan, Coalition plan actually states that the govt pays the polluters, voters $1,300 per person per year in Australia to pay.
    Murdoch media telling Abbott what to do.

  31. Tony Abbott stating his position on Climate Change, then says he wants to put a price on carbon.

  32. Conclusion

    In short, this is not a venture in the best interest for the country, but rather for short term business exploits.

    Personally, I would prefer the Coalition to cut the “middleman” and be honest enough to propose giving Ms Rinehart a fat cheque to stick in her pocket and save us all from this disgraceful venture. Of course, with such a proposal on the table, they are unlikely to win the upcoming election, so we find ourselves instead with the Coalition whipping a dead horse, while insisting to us that it will win the upcoming race.

    I’m not willing to make that bet, are you?..

  33. Well one cannot expect two good Drums in a row, can they.

    Not being discussed in the general community, I bet. Not being discussed on these sites. Just on our ABC.

    While this is going on, the PM is busily working on the asylum seekers, and expect a big announcement in the very near future. Yes, they are already coming back from Mannus Island.

    Does one really believe that this PM has been sitting on her backside, ignoring the problem for the last 12 months. If so, it would be a first for her.

    Have seen where one of the better journalist, hinting that this will occur.

    Suspect it will be the media, that will have problems getting out of the pickle they have themselves in. Yes, there will be much back peddling on their behalf, that will lead to them digging a bigger hole for themselves.

  34. How does one cost the aspirational proposals that Abbott is putting forwarded, that are no more that White papers, that will be concluded within their first term of office.

    We have Gina, pushing his recent brain fart.

    If there is riches to be made, why is not the worlds richest woman investing in the region herself. She is already there. No need for bribes.

    One on the Drum Good idea to move PS to where they are needed. I thought this plan is moving them away from the majority of Australians.

    There is nothing new in economic zones, Where the fashion back in the end of last century. Mostly failed.

  35. Julia Gillard working on ‘regional solution’ to slow asylum boats

    Government rethinks asylum …….

    ……….With polls showing Labor’s primary vote has slumped to just 29% and Gillard facing serious internal questioning of her leadership, the government is working on a package of measures to implement the regional approach that its expert panel said was essential to solve a problem that could not be addressed by domestic policies alone.

    Gillard will discuss the issue with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the third annual bilateral leaders’ talks on 5 July and the government’s special envoy on asylum seekers, former defence force chief and former chair of the expert panel, Angus Houston, has been engaged in talks around the region since March.

    The government had considered pressing opposition leader Tony Abbott to allow regulations through the parliament in the final sitting week that would add Malaysia to the countries to which Australia can legally send asylum seekers, but it is a proposition the Coalition has consistently opposed and the parliamentary agenda is already full………….

  36. Abbott sure is overreaching in that letter! Not only is he going to stop the carbon tax: “We not only have a plan to abolish the carbon” – he’s even going to stop the pollution!

  37. Another victim of the ‘stop the carbon’ editing of the author.

    A decent person would have thought this disgusting slant would have been rectified by now!

  38. Yes scaper… can’t you just see it? The LNP going into the election on the dual platform of stopping the carbon and the boats! A sure winner!

  39. Carbon is the basis of life. Abbott’s proposal to stop the carbon is really a Freudian slip that tells us he wants to destroy all life on Earth.

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