Hypocrisy = Tony Abbott . . . Ambition without a real man!

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Hypocrisy  = Tony Abbott… Ambition without a real man!

As we all know, this political cycle has been well documented, and will go down in

Australia’s history, as one of the most divisive and appalling political chapters in living memory. There are many reasons for this, including ;

  1. The longest dummy spit in history, by Abbott and his LNP, acting like spoilt brats and sore losers.
  2. The lies and spin from Abbott and his LNP, and regurgitated ad-infinitum by the MSM , led by that paragon of mendacity, Murdoch.
  3. There have been numerous attempts at trying to remove a duly elected government by underhanded, deceitful, dishonest and dare I say illegal means, all of which appear to have Tony Abbott and his LNP’s grubby mitts all over them.
  4. Murdoch’s mendacious MSM fawning over Abbott like he is Australia’s own messiah!

Now, it would take more time than I care to spend…

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158 comments on “Hypocrisy = Tony Abbott . . . Ambition without a real man!

  1. Apparently the Fiberal Party are making preference deals with Pauline Hanson-you know, the woman they helped put in jail? Hypocrisy has reached new depths with this mob of power hungry morons!

  2. To me Abbott’s major flaw is that he lies without conscience; logic is irrelevant – what Abbott says becomes “the truth”. Hence not a scrap that he promises can be trusted because once Tony changes his mind, this will become the New Reality.

  3. I have been wondering for sometime now about Tony Abbott.. There is no doubt he has no conscience, the truth and logic is irrevelant. Could one think that his misgivings is because he is not sure of his own skin.?

  4. Talking of dummy spits…this place and the imploding Labor Party has been spitting their dummies over Abbott and I reckon will hold the record well and truly after the election.

    Most of the threads here are about Abbott, I reckon you people have an Abbott fetish. Kinky much!

  5. Most of the threads here are about Abbott, I reckon you people have an Abbott fetish. Kinky much!

    Followed by

    Trying to spin the Turnbull line is hilarious?

    Much amusement scaper 😉

  6. Patricia B, I think that this is evident during one of his episodes which some have titled “brain f*arts”. I think that the opposite could be true..it’s something which might be described as morbid narcissistic complex disorder – egotism gone psychotic in other words. There have been a number of instances such as the head-nodding episode, the wild almost surrealistic excuses when cornered, the unrealistic demands and expectations (remember when Abbott readied the troops as there was going to be an election called *any tick of the clock*) are examples of problems which anyone can find via a Google search of this disorder under the DSM-IV. I think that this is one very sick puppy.

    That is, he exudes confidence (sure of his own skin) but the brain is somewhat removed from normal motivations.

  7. Min, I just reckon Liealot is a pathological serial liar.

    And I think the government should start a serious investigation into Ashbygate and Liealot’s slush fund. There’d be plenty of juice in those oranges & a lot of sweat at Liars HQ.

  8. Liealot promises a town hall full of invited wankers barrackers that the Liars are

    going to have this organisation, Infrastructure Australia, which will do its best to rationally and as scientifically as you can look at various infrastructure projects and rank the best on public cost benefit – then all levels of governments will be able to fund what they choose to be the one that makes most sense.”

    He was also tackled on whether or not he would make promises he knows he can’t keep.

    Read the full story.


    Albo got hold of the story & I believe had a lot of fun this afternoon.

    Can’t wait for Neil’s convoluted load of bullshit to explain Liealot’s idiotic plagiarism. Perhaps scaper or Voyager can give him a hand, Bwwwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Waiting Neil.

  9. Min, I think Albo beat you to the punch. Apparently, he had quite a lot of fun today & Liealot looked embarrassed. I bet he did!

    He announced that the first project is to be opened this weekend.

  10. Does anyone here know when the Ettridge v Abbott court hearing is to take place? I recall seeing the 6th of June or some such date. Can anybody shed some light please?

  11. Crikey have a link to Albos punch here

    In an incendiary, ranting answer to a dixer from the Member for Page about ‘how the government was getting on with its plan for nation building infrastructure including the Pacific Highway’, Albo started slowly but then cut sick (listen to the full audio here).


    The msm, surprisingly ( NOT! 😯 ) don’t appear to care that tabot is running around the country with ‘his’ policy that Labor has had in for years. There is a link in the Crikey story to an article titled ‘Abbott Show Rolls into Town’ which is truly vomitous in its fawning, slavering pandering to the tabot cause and the medias general push for his place at the lodge.

    It is no wonder stories like this come out

    There is a ”palpable” community concern about declining media standards and the way journalists are treating politicians, the head of the communications regulator says.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/public-concern-over-media-standards-amid-review-20130617-2oeil.html#ixzz2WVt0Opvo

    It doesn’t specify, however, which politicians, and in what way they are being treated, ie, Gillard, willfully misrepresented in the worst possible light on a daily basis; tabot, blissful ignorance for his own blissful ignorance.

  12. Ben Eltham has an excellent article up … yesterday (OK, I’m behind again)

    Whether you think Gillard has been a good prime minister or a poor one, the highly sexualised attacks against her person are on the public record for all to see. The avalanche of personal slurs against the prime minister has snowballed so far, overseas media outlets are starting to take note of it.


    There’s no doubt that abortion is a divisive issue. But few seem to have bothered to read the full speech, which is actually quite moderate. Gillard’s decision to raise abortion and gender issues is hardly beyond the pale. How can it be? These are vital social issues of the utmost ethical significance.

    But few seem to have bothered to read the full speech,

    That would be pretty much every msm commentator I have read or heard on the subject. And they do it repeatedly, from the misogyny speech, to her original speech on the Gonski, the media fabricate a story out of it, and miss, entirely, (purposely?) the point that is very obviously being made.

    The sooner their business model dies, the better. That is, if the cops don’t get to them first.

  13. “Can’t wait for Neil’s convoluted load of bullshit to explain Liealot’s idiotic plagiarism.

    You mean plagiarism like this


    The Rudd Labor government has put its own stamp on one of the Howard government’s major programs, Auslink, by successfully renaming it.

    Auslink was the former coalition government’s main vehicle for building major roads and railway lines throughout Australia.

    The Rudd government took it over and added to it, calling it the Nation Building Program…………………..The Nation Building Program (National Land Transport) Amendment Bill 2009 passed the Senate.”

  14. Hardly plagiarism nil, when they state, from the start, exactly what it is, and what it is replacing/renaming

    Second Reading Speech

    I move that this Bill be now read a second time.

    I am pleased to introduce the Nation Building Program (National Land Transport) Amendment Bill 2009.

    It renames the AusLink (National Land Transport) Act 2005 (the Principal Act), as the Nation Building Program (National Land Transport) Act 2009.


  15. A few videos that some patrons might be interested in.

    A Love Song for Tony

    Australia – The Happy Country

    Smiling for Australia

  16. Oh dear, talk about the gossip merchants. Maybe Price and the twits should get the full story before commenting. Better still…get a life!

  17. Maybe Price and the twits

    So it’s the tweeters fault price is a misogynist?

    Wow, blame the victim AND the messenger 😯

  18. We women should ignore all that Abbott has said. or they say so. No, we do that at our peril. One should also that Nicola Roxon for refusing to back off but carry on the attack, against that handfuls of low life, that are a disgrace to the wonderful men in this land of ours.

    Yes, the PM has guts indeed. The PM does say it, as she sees it.

    “………….So who is the “Real Tony®”? A man who respects women, or a rampant misogynist? Well, you decide when reading the following quotes from Tony Abbott’s own blog on abortion:
    Abortion may not be the precise moral equivalent of infanticide but it’s not just removing an inconvenient wart or cyst either. (07/08/04)
    To a pregnant 14-year-old struggling to grasp what’s happening, for example, a senior student with a whole life mapped out or a mother already failing to cope under difficult circumstances, abortion is the easy way out. (17/03/04)
    But because I had been audacious enough to suggest that 100,000 abortions a year, more or less, was a national tragedy, that there was an abortion pandemic gripping Australia, I wasn’t to be trusted with this power. (09/01/09)
    A serious debate about fertility might force us to rethink our attitudes to permissive divorce and abortion and recognise them for what they are: a concession to human frailty rather than a badge of social liberation. (03/08/02)
    There is actually a good reason why Christians should speak with one voice on life issues but not on economic ones. The sanctity of life is a higher order moral issue than the promotion of social justice. (06/07/07)
    I should state that to me abortion is something that I would rather not see. (21/08/02)
    But in this debate I think it is worth stating my view that the best that can be said of abortion on demand is that it is a concession to human frailty rather than a badge of liberation (21/08/02)
    I’ve chosen to run this risk because, as all sides now seem to agree, 88,000 abortions a year (on the most reliable figures) are far too many. In my view, abortion is a tragedy, not a crime. Still it’s worth trying to bring these huge numbers down. If these initiatives help women to make genuine personal choices rather than socially-conditioned ones; if they help women in an almost impossibly difficult situation to feel less alone, they will ultimately be one of the Howard Government’s more significant achievements. (02/08/06)
    Obviously, my views on [abortion] are well known. But I have no plans for any change whatsoever in this area. (30/07/10)
    I suspect that Malcolm is just as unhappy about the numbers of abortions as you are or as I am. He was stressing, though, that – in his view – it was ultimately a matter for the woman concerned. It was to help women to understand that they had more than one “choice” that the Howard Government set up the pregnancy support hotline and pregnancy support counselling. Let’s hope that in many more situations, the prospect of a child will seem more like a gift and less like a burden. (21/11/08)

    While not earth shattering revelations, this does point toward a man who has disdain for women seeking abortions as opting for the “easy way out” & somehow being less of a woman than someone prepared to raise a child under difficult, if not impossible, circumstances. The idea that an abortion is the “easy way out” sickens me & devalues any woman who has had an abortion, no matter the circumstances.

    A menu from a Brough fundraiser (via @Drew_Bowie).

    The problems with sexism & misogyny in the Liberal & National parties don’t seem to stop at Abbott, with Pyne & Hockey well documented as following the PM shouting/singing sexist slurs at the PM. Today, even Mal Brough had to admit to some rampant misogyny at one of his own fundraisers in the form of a menu…”


  19. Just listen to Abbott in MPI talk. Do people realise, that he is takng the same polices to this election as he did the last. PPL. Direct Action and turn back the boats. Nothing new. That said a lot for the work ethics of the man, that tree years down the track, he sees nothing new that has to be done.

  20. I see another poll that predicts a disaster for Labor reported in The Australian today. For all the conspiracy believers and the deniers here…it was conducted for the ACTU. Spin that.

  21. Not into the neo feminism that if one makes a disparaging comment one is labelled a misogynist.

    Nor I, but people who portray a pattern of behavior, as the PM did with tabot, that is a different matter.

    Sorry, didn’t see the oo, but I did see the other polls not shown in the oo that don’t fit with their story, such as the morgan. Oakeshot is also bemused about the polls he sees that go unreported


  22. I see there was some abuse against Akerman on Insiders because he mentioned a rumor that the press gallery all new about but never mentioned. It was a strange conversation because Cassidy brought up the Sattler abuse against Gillard and then did not allow anybody to discuss it.

    Anyway Akerman mentioned rumours about Gillards boyfriend that Akerman claimed everybody in the Press Gallery knew about. Everybody on the Insiders panel said Akerman was mad and they had never heard the rumors. Malcolm Farr was on the panel and point blank denied he had heard the rumors. But he had actually written about them before.


    So why did Farr deny he had heard them??

  23. because Cassidy brought up the Sattler abuse against Gillard and then did not allow anybody to discuss it.

    They did discuss Sattlers comments, what they didn’t do (well, most of them) is re-enforce them.

    So why did Farr deny he had heard them??

    Farr denied it was circulated around the press gallery. He didn’t deny they didn’t exist at all. Pretty much every fruitloop conspiracy has been thrown at the PM. The claim was to do with the Canberra Press Gallery, not radio jocks

    I even read the other day that Gillard cannot be PM because she is still Welsh, not a real Australian citizen 😯

  24. I’m not saying the polls aren’t bad scaper, I’m saying the worst are blown out of proportion, and the best are ignored.

    What if something else was going on? What if many voters parked with the Coalition were desperately looking for a reason not to vote for the right, but that Labor in its current configuration was too entrenched in crisis to give them one?


    A crisis largely confected by the media. Without them, and there ‘saucing’, there would be no ‘fevered speculation’. Even yesterday, the fact that nothing happened, was proof that something was happening ❓

  25. Well from memory Farr denied on Insiders that he had heard them and he is part of the Press gallery. But he wrote an article on the topic. I got this Insiders transcript from Bolt

    Akerman: You’ve never heard that…?

    Farr: Hur, hur. Ha, Ha.

    Akerman: A lot of people in the Canberra gallery have been saying the same thing…

    Farr: Hur, hur. Ha, ha.

    Akerman: Malcolm, you’ve never heard it either?

    Farr: No!

    Akerman: Oh really?

    Farr: Really. Well, I think you had better name names. “

  26. Hey, they better get better as I’ve locked myself in at Labor retaining 47 seats. But then again…I predicted Labor holding 13 seats at the last Qld election.

    Going out to buy a new crystal ball…I think I’ve got the same model as Swan’s.

  27. Scaper – we’re a bit over your common tactic of throwing a poll result at us just to change a topic you’re not comfortable with. Anyway, the second you mentioned ‘The Australian’ you lost me – it has absolutely zero credibility and is partisan, pure & simple.

    And Neil – what’s more important to you – Farr’s comments or Akerman’s? I think you’re missing the main game.

  28. I think you’re all missing the main game. Julia’s victory is all but assured now that big Russ has tweeted his support. “A leader through the tough times”. Can we assume the ‘tough times’ for Russ were parting with some of tens of millions when he split with his wife ?

  29. Yes nil, they are talking about the Canberra press gallery, and if Farr has heard them making these claims.

    Didn’t ask him if he had not ever heard the claims at all, but from the press gallery

  30. Fact is Farr lied.

    Didn’t I just show that that is not the case? They were talking of this rumour being spread around the Canberra Press Galley, not radio jocks.

    Repeating the assertion doesn’t make it true

  31. I’m replying to the tennis racket up the page.

    Got my new crystal ball…it says Labor will have 80 seats. Looks like I’ve got the same model as Gillard’s. I’m taking it back for a refund and I want compensation.

  32. But Martin Spalding makes much sense

    the second you mentioned ‘The Australian’ you lost me – it has absolutely zero credibility and is partisan, pure & simple.

    The oo is a joke. And has corrupted our media landscape.

    Running at a huge loss, simply to push its owners agenda

    The ‘free market’ at play 😉

  33. I really find it interesting that you mentioned that The Australian is partisian but the ABC is not.

    Even if you are right, The Australian is not taxpayer funded and can say what it likes. The ABC however is partisian using taxpayer dollars.

    My belief is that you people from “The Left” of politics are natural totalitarians. You would ban everything if you had the power that did not agree with your opinions.

  34. I got this from Bolt

    Murdoch papers embrace a diversity of opinion not matched by the ABC. Its on-staff columnists of the Left include Paul Syvret, Susie O’Brien, Phillip Adams, Malcolm Farr, David Penberthy and many others.

    In contrast the ABC is just a taxpayer funded broadsheet for the ALP.

    Just imagine if Howard was still PM and was currently under Police investigation. It would be front page. The media is very quiet about Gillard being under investigation.

  35. I really find it interesting that you mentioned that The Australian is partisian but the ABC is not.

    Oh, to correct you, again, I have not said that their abc is not partisan. In fact, in the past few years, it has become simply another barracker like the fairfax and ltdnews.

    Note today, the glee with which they ‘report’ on Trish Crossin’s valedictory speech, but barely a whimper about Nicola Roxon’s speech. And, all they highlight is anything bad she has to say about the PM, even blowing comments from Kim Carr and Doug Cameron out of all proportion

    “While I wish Trish’s successor every success, as I do every single endorsed candidate across this Commonwealth, I still maintain – Trish you were treated unjustly,” Senator Carr said.

    which their abc labels bitter public attacks over Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s treatment of veteran Senator Trish Crossin.

    tabot never gets the same treatment over MP’s disagreeing with him.


  36. “In fact, in the past few years, it has become simply another barracker”

    Yep, for the ALP and using taxpayer funds. Your natural totalitarianism is coming out again. You just do not like when when you don’t get your way 100% of the time.

    And Roxons speech was reported by the ABC.

  37. Today carbon tax and electricity.

    Treasurer. Those on the Opposition benches are at war with the facts, they are at war, with the 21st century, in fact.

    Sophie, up asking questions.

  38. How is the leadership issue going?
    On Carbon Tax accross the ditch in NZ they pay 75cents per tonne ,
    what is ours come 1st July?

  39. Leadership…where?

    But Combet said Australian companies are paying $1.30 a tonne in Parliament today. If so, then we are subsidising the corporate giants and Labor says they are the party of the people.

    Yeah, the Labor people!

  40. Bacchus @3.20pm, who’d know? Any chance he’s found a key to a cellar, any cellar?

    Bwwwaahahahaha! The trolls are using Dolt & Rupert’s rags to back up their statements.

    Could this be the same Rupert who is facing 2 additional charges in the UK & 2 in the US? The same Rupert who has been found unfit to run an international business?

  41. So ABC publishes a Roxon valedictory speech story, & this somehow balances up the 100s of feverish leadership spec stories, ‘govt is doomed’ opinion pieces & robotic ‘The Opposition says…’ pieces…?

  42. Well. the PM pointed out a problem with one of Abbott’s questions today. Abbott has persisted the Australia is going it alone with our CEF, or price on carbon emission. Abbott then stands up toady, mouths off a long list of countries, that he compare out scheme with.

    Not Abbott cannot have it both ways.

    One, that there are many out there that cost more than ours, or we are going it alone.

    Also reminded Abbott that his will cost $1200 per person, per year, not exactly cheap.

  43. Repeating the assertion doesn’t make it true

    It does if you’re Neil.

    Interesting that Neil thinks Ackerman, Savva, Albrechtson,Reith, Dolt etc are ALP supporters.

    How is the leadership issue going?

    Dunno, ask PorkyPyne. he claims to know all about internal ALP stuff. Oddly enough only PorkyPyne seems to have this knowledge. Go figure.

  44. Have we had this one yet.. surely something is wrong here…

    Racist is wanting Australians to be hired before 457 visa holders? Racist is allowing foreign workers in first?

    But then this of course is the Libs pandering to Gina and co, whose prime aim is to undermine Australian working conditions – the sole reason being more money in their own hip pockets and bugger off you Australian workers…after all you’re *just unionists*. But of course that’s not true because the vast number of 457 visa temporary workers do not replace the jobs of unionists, they replace the jobs of your son, your daughter..and YOU.

    The bill, labelled by Liberal MP Don Randall as “the most racist piece of legislation” he had ever seen, includes new rules to ensure Australians get priority for jobs and would force employers wishing to hire foreign workers under the 457 visa program to prove they had tried and failed to recruit suitable local employees first.

    But there would be exemptions from this “labour market testing” rule, mainly for positions requiring higher levels of skills.


  45. Min, that is a beautiful picture. Wish I could look so good under pressure. The stress we see ingrained in Abbott’s face, I suspect he envies her also.

    That scarf will be made to order. Maybe a collectors item one day. cannot see picture of a bike ride being valuable.

  46. Min, I have been following that debate. The Opposition is sure putting up a fight. Why? All the bill does, is top put into law, what the Opposition claim the bosses are already doing.

    Not that I believe them Spent the day, helping some who have lost jobs to 457, looking for work. One team just came back from WA. Even thought they have done the work for years, not one qualified over there, And that was Barrow Island, where there is. I believe a 87% turn over of staff. They are desperate.

    Abbott has said, he wants to make this the centre piece of our migration policy. that is terrifying.

    These are visa’s like working tourist visas that are for temporary work.Abbott seems to want to turn them pinto permanent visas.

    One should not confused them with the scheme we have had for decades, to encourage highly skill workers to come to the country. They are accommodated, by the points they earn over other applicants. We also have, I believe, sponsored migrants, that also similar.

    Why would one want what is no more that a guest worker scheme, to be centre piece of our migration scheme.

    It is immaterial, if they are being abused or not. In fact it is impossible to abuse the scheme we haves now, as the employer does not have top demonstrate he has looked for workers here.

    What makes it more stupid, a great number of those coming by boat, are highly educated or skilled.

    It amazes me, that the Opposition is allowed to be getting away with it’s present action.

    Where is the poll that tells us, what Australian workers think.

    Yes, maybe it is racism. Racism against Australian workers.

    The Opposition, earlier in the week, put a similar fight against legislation that brings workers, working beyond the low tide mark, under Australian IR laws.

    With much of mining going off shore, this is important.

    Most of the other bills are going through, with little or no input from the Opposition

  47. “Prime Minister Julia Gillard will travel to Indonesia next month to discuss ways of combating people smuggling and terrorism.

    Ms Gillard will meet President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on July 5 to discuss a number of political, security and commercial issues.

    The talks, which are part of the annual Indonesia-Australia Leaders’ Meeting, will canvas issues around education, trade, climate change and transnational crimes such as drug trafficking.

    They’ll also cover ways of stopping people smuggling and counter terrorism.

    Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop on Wednesday urged Ms Gillard to travel to Indonesia and hold discussions with President Yudhoyono on ways of combating people smugglers.

    The prime minister said she had already held a number of meetings with him and accused the opposition of insulting Indonesia with their policy of towing back asylum seeker boats.

    Ms Gillard will be in Indonesia on July 4 and 5 and will visit Jakarta and Bogor.”


    Wonder if the boat people trap be sprung shut, when the PM is over there.

    Bishop stood up demanding the PM go immediately. If Bishop was on top of her job, she would be aware this trip was on. It is a routine visit. If Bishop knew, it is shabby politics.

  48. Clive Palmer has fled a press conference on his federal election campaign after being grilled on reports of a nickel refinery closure in northern Queensland.

    Mr Palmer was in Canberra to announce he would add $1 billion more to ACT health services if he is successful in the September 14 election.

    But the media conference was sidetracked when a journalist from The Australian began asking questions about a letter the reporter said showed Mr Palmer would axe about 1000 Australian jobs from Queensland Nickel and other key businesses unless he received a massive cash injection he was owed from a Chinese company.

    Mr Palmer was also questioned on accounts the journalist said showed the nickel refinery lost $58 million last financial year.

    ‘Well I love losing money. I love losing money,’ Mr Palmer said, refusing to say how much, if any, the refinery was losing.

    He refused to guarantee all 1000 Queensland jobs would be safe.

    ‘I’m making a statement on Monday, to our workforce, who are partly involved with this and who have been frightened by your (The Australian’s) journalists who have got no morals or ethics, and I’ll be making a statement then,’ he said.

    Mr Palmer was repeatedly asked by the journalist to disclose his business interests and accounts as he was running for public office.

    ‘I’m not answering more of your questions. Why don’t you report me to the police? Why don’t you take legal action? Because you’re gutless,’ he said.

    ‘Anybody else got a question?

    ‘You’re like a broken record, why don’t you shut up and let somebody else have a go?

    ‘I am a public figure. I’ve been voted by the people of Australia to be a living national treasure by popular vote (National Trust)………………….


    Well it happens to the best of them.

  49. Is CWs turning into an off shoot of some woman’s fashion magazine?
    ACTU polling similar to all the other polls .
    It all a downhill slope for Labor.
    If Rudd is retreaded there will be so much internal hatred and bloodletting
    The end result maybe worse.

  50. Clicked on this place and thought I was at Womans’ Weekly.

    Oh well, when in Rome. Trim figure? Seen better figures on bags of spuds…nice kankles.

  51. Clicked on this place and thought I was at Womans’ Weekly.

    Every time you come here you think you’re at a different place.

    Then you complain it’s all the same YAAAWN

  52. Every time I catch you out you disappear for a while.

    Nigella? No ABC coverage of Roxon’s valedictory speech? Liberal seats lost at 46.5% to Labor?


  53. Every time I catch you out you disappear for a while.

    Care to highlight where. Or is it the time you failed to take note of what I had actually said. In regards to the abc coverage of Nicola Roxon?

    (fyi, while some say ‘diappear’, others say ‘have a life’ 😉 )

    So, where exactly have you ‘caught me out’?

  54. Ahh, so it’s the “but they’re the same” pseudo-defence from Voyager & Scaper. You find a few blog comments talking about the PM’s figure (mostly a reaction to derogatory right-wing put-downs like that menu) and that suddenly makes the Left as bad as the phalanx of right-wing commentators who criticise the PM for her looks, clothes, cleavage etc over years & years. Classic ‘moral equivalence’.

  55. Ah, scaper came back from ‘his life’ of complaining about lefties, and didn’t want to back up his baseless accusation, just basically gets back to complaining about lefties

    So predictable really

  56. Scaper – I was about to say something about you completely changing the topic (ie, away from comments on PM’s clothes, looks etc) then I saw your last sentence. Care to explain?

  57. Hypocrisy = tabot AND the msm
    How the media gets it so wrong. A Government, portrayed constantly as chaotic and unable to function. The reality, however, is far from that. A long copy and paste from Independent Australia coming up, but what our media ignores is probably more corrupt and misleading than what they choose to zone in on.

    Historians will ponder and explore these 15 accomplishments with wonder and delight.

    1. The Government of Michael Joseph Savage in New Zealand (1935-40) was recently eclipsed by the Government of Julia Eileen Gillard in Australia for the lowest rate of ministerial sackings due to incompetence or corruption in the Westminster world. Since 1820 anyway. What led to this? Minority government? What else do Michael Joseph and Julia Eileen have in common?

    2. Why is Australia now being urged to lead the free world? Australia has been voted to chair the Pacific Islands Forum. Plus next year’s G20 group of the world’s 20 major economies. That’s on top of a seat on the UN Security Council. Everyone wants to sit next to Australia.

    3. Why was Prime Minister Gillard given that standing ovation after addressing the US Congress? Traditionally, that honour is reserved for deputy sheriffs who follow Uncle Sam into battle. How has this government managed to strengthen the alliance without supporting a single invasion? What singular advantage has Australia thereby gained?

    4. What precisely transformed relations with Indonesia? Australia is no longer the target for embassy killings, nightclub bombings, presidential invective and diplomatic insults. Who was the man who accomplished this? Or was it a woman?

    5. How has Australia dealt with the wanton cruelty inflicted upon live sheep and cattle exported to Asia and the Middle East? With what outcomes? And why are bulls being tortured in television reports always named Billy or Bobby and not Brutus or Bozo?

    6. Australia now ranks higher than ever before on the economic freedom index published by Washington’s Heritage Foundation. [Mission: “to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”] Australia’s score is now the highest in the 34-nation OECD. A Labor government? Holy handguns! How did this happen?

    7. Australia is one of four countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to have unemployment below 5.5% and job participation above 75%. Which are the others? What else distinguishes them?

    8. Australia is one of only three nations in the OECD and G20 economies with interest rates in the optimum range between 1.75% and 4.75%. Only Australia has maintained this through the global financial crisis. How? What can Australia do now that was never possible before?

    9. Australia is the only developed country to have had continuous economic growth for 22 years. Australia and Poland alone among OECD nations avoided recession in 2009. Why just these two? Which other nation is the most envious, and why?

    10. Labor productivity is a tricky concept to define and even trickier to get right. It measures the costs of labour and other inputs used to produce things. Low productivity has bedevilled the world for decades, including Australia’s. Until 2011, that is. Suddenly it surged in Australia, rising dramatically for a record seven consecutive quarters. Seven. Wow! What generated this amazing surge? And what will trigger a sudden reversal?

    11. Australia has zoomed to the top of the table of well-managed economies. That’s based on all the key variables. Not just in the world now, but anywhere, any time. How? Was it abundant minerals, critical decisions by Treasury, or the sound work of Peter Costello?

    12. Speaking of whom, why does Australia always rise up through the ranks during Labor regimes and tumble down during Coalition periods? From 19th in 1983 up to 6th during the Hawke/Keating years, then down to 12th in 2007 under Howard and Costello, then to the very pinnacle in 2010. Who benefits from this cycle?

    13. Best economy in the world is creditable enough. Best the world has ever seen is more impressive still. But achieved during the worst global economic crisis since the 1930s? How is this conceivable?

    14. Remember when national strikes routinely disrupted train and air travel? Petrol rationing, supermarkets running out of milk and garbage piled in the streets? City intersections clogged most Fridays with demonstrations against the war or the US alliance or the government?

    Ah, sweet memories. What brought about this cultural change in Australia – almost alone in the Western world – to have such disruption and discord diminish?

    15. Finally, what’s with Canberra’s extraordinary dishonesty differential? A journalist was recently assigned the task of counting all the blatant lies – as distinct from unfulfilled promises – by Australia’s four federal party leaders. He found twelve. That’s a lot for just four leaders. He also found they were all by the one leader. Which one? Why was the research not published?


  58. Fed up, out of all the pictures of people at the ball, the only one who’s smile looks forced, or in fact looks more like a sneer is Abbott.

    The video of him walking in with Margie showed a man who looked like he was about to punch someone, while Margie looked quite happy, maybe the rumours are true, and she’s looking forward to his defeat so that she can get her (Rumoured) Long awaited divorce?

    Cheers 😀

  59. scaper actually reminds me of another factless troll who use to visit this site, all noise, no facts, now where is he.

  60. How many seats will Labor win off the coalition on 46.5%?

    Was the Nigella incident in fact domestic violence?

    Did the ABC do an article in regards to Roxon’s speech?

    Now Paul’s gravatar is really fat, fatter than Hockey who Gillard called fat in Parliament. What does it eat, mincing poodles?

  61. AHHH scaper, that’s a good one, now maybe, and I say maybe, because I know you will not answer the question, PLEASE give us a valid reason on why we, the voters should vote for the Abbott and the coalition.

    your gravatar, hands with fairy dust, suits you I think

  62. Channel 9 reporting of the ball.

    First, clip of Julie Bishop in ice blue number. (by herself)
    Second, long clip of Abbott and Margie “Abbott and Margie arrive hand in hand looking happy, Abbott resplendent.”
    Third, very short clip of Gillard and Mathieson walking in hand in hand but no mention of that or their obviously happy demeanour.
    Fourth. Long clip of Rudd and his daughter, “looking glamorous”.

    This is why Gillard is low in the polls.

    Every media item, including the ABC’s (have a look) always puts Gillard as secondary, portrays her in a negative way, uses the worst shots and implies negativity, even the short promos, whilst Abbott get more air time, longer clips and as much as possible is portrayed positively with laudatory commentary.

    This has been constant, day in day out ever since took the leadership.

  63. I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark here ME and suggest it’s because nobody likes her ?!?!?!

    I thought she looked lovely myself, but who’s doing her hair ?? . . . Tim, you’ve got a lot of ‘splaining to do !!

  64. This is why Gillard is low in the polls.

    Yes, Gillard is low in the polls, because Gillard is reported to be low in the polls.

    Along with, we hate her (but no real reason why, we just do)

    But, they still refuse to run front pages with polls that don’t show her as low in the polls as others they can find. Drive it down. It has been their action since the first poor polling.

  65. Tom they also don’t report that Abbott is consistently lower than Turnbull.

    It has taken a considerable effort of long term Gillard bashing and Abbott praising to get Abbott ahead of Gillard, which shows just how on the nose Abbott is with the people. If the media treated Gillard equally to Abbott he would have been gone a long time ago.

    It took periods of hiding him away when he had one of his brain farts, careful control and rehearsing of his appearances and speeches, the reason for his drawn out face screwed up pauses and long “ummms and arrrrrs”.

    It took minders pulling him away when very simple questions got too hard for him to respond to and it took putting him in every deceiving positive light possible, and even with all that he’s not liked, just barely tolerated because the media have falsely made out Gillard to be the demon.

    Very tragicomical state of affairs in this country.

  66. Exactly ME

    I also noted on the news I watched last night (9?) that their only it on QT (in which Labor trounced the opposition, again) was that apparently Gillard has been forced to visit Indonesia because tabot told her to 😯

    Some very careful splicing of the video reel happened there, as critical parts of Gillards answer appear to have hit the editors floor

  67. “because the vast number of 457 visa temporary workers do not replace the jobs of unionists, they replace the jobs of your son, your daughter..and YOU

    This is one of the few things Labor has complained about that i tend to agree with. I cannot believe that we are so stupid that we need so many 457 visa immigrants. I suspect that many employers find them easier to control than native Australian workers. Some foreign workers would be terrified of being sent home so most probably do what they are told more so then Australian workers.

    However i do think Labor is dog-whistling a little bit. Playing the 457 visa card for some political gain.

  68. If Tony Abbott gets in, poverty in Australia will double…. but there are optimiststs around every corner… even in Warringah 😀
    “…So c’mon down to the beach. Let’s do it Warringah! We have an opportunity to save and improve the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people. Join us as we call on Mr Tony Abbott to encourage him to finish what we started and for Australia to give its fair share to helping to halve global poverty by 2015.

    Some things just shouldn’t be left unfinished.

  69. Paul you should not vote for Abbott because I doubt you live in his electorate so can’t vote for him and also the coalition don’t need the vote of people like you as there will be no one to humiliate for the next dozen years.

    Does your gravatar wear budgies and lycra too? Picture Gillard in a G-string bikini? More ripples than Ayers Rock!

  70. scaper, I do not live in his electorate, so cannot vote for him, same goes for Truss, but they are the leaders of there respective parties in the coalition, so a vote for the coalition is a vote for them. so a vote for Labor is a vote for The PM Gillard. so please keep up to date with politics.

    Does your gravatar wear budgies and lycra too? Picture Gillard in a G-string bikini? More ripples than Ayers Rock!

    Why is always the right who make these comments????

    So, where is the answer on why Abbott and the coalition would be better on the Treasury benches????

    I know you will not answer because you do not know.

  71. Read on twitter this morning . someone asking. could the problem be that the PM is playing the “policy card”.

    One should listen the the debate on 457s. I can only come to the conclusion, it is the employer who has the right to decide who comes to Australia. The right to bring in who they like with no questions asked.

    It is wrong for the worker and union to be concern that their jobs are at risk. It appears this government should not listen to these people.

    One should recall that the Opposition say they want to make 457 the centre piece of their migration policy. I take that to mean, it shpild be based on the whims of employers.

    I have no problem bringing skilled workers. There are many other sections of immigration to deal with this. I believe that these people go to the top of the list, of all we bring in.

    What they are debating is temporary, or what some countries call guest worker. Workers one would think are to fill jobs, after employers prove they cannot be found here. It appears that is not so.

    As it stands now, employers have to prove nothing, and they stay. Just as those bought out under training visas. mostly for fraud training schemes, were also allowed to stay.

    Yes, the birders are indeed porous under a Coalition government.

  72. scaper, this is from the Liberal web site on there achievements,

    Achievements in Government

    From 1996 to 2007, the Howard and Costello Government eliminated more than $96 billion in government debt, restored Australia’s AAA credit rating and delivered more jobs. During this time Australia experienced the lowest unemployment rates in 33 years and lower inflation, lower interest rates, a lower tax burden.

    Australian’s benefited also from higher wages, more productive workplaces, higher pensions and better living standards. A strong focus was placed on more funding for health, education, defence and transport.


    Now if this is there list of achievements, god help us in the future.

    Ohh thats right, Abbott believes in God, so everything will be OK, think not.

  73. “Yes, the birders are indeed porous under a Coalition government.

    But we are not under a Coalition govt. You do know that it is the ALP/Greens/Independents in power don’t you??

    And i intend to agree with some of the things Labor is saying about the 457 visa’s. But I also suspect they are playing dog-whistle politics a little bit.

    Labor has bragged about how much legislation they have got through parliament. Instead of moaning about the 457 visa problems perhaps they could stop whinging and fix the problem by passing some legislation to do this.

  74. Just listen to the Dutton interview with Lyndal Curtis. Yes, he is talking about health, the first time ever, I believe.

    Lyndal said to him, but are not most of your policies aspirational. Now there is an interesting word, another that the Liberal party have changed the meaning of. A favourite word of Howard. In his days, he meant he wanted to set up a society, where those with aspiration has the option of achieving. Of course, all those who did ot achieve, was not the governments fault, but their own. They had no ambition.

    Now when the modern day Liberal party, especially Abbott use the word, they means all their policies are aspirational, that is what they would like to do, but probably will not.

    Dutton then said that the interest paid on this country’s debt could build ten hospitals. Sounds good, but is that necessary so., Should not one look at what that debt has been invested in. Yes when one borrows, what counts, is what it is spent on. If spent on infrastructure both physical and human capital, should that also bring future profits and savings. Therefore, allowing more hospitals to be built/

    If, I as factory owner, borrow to buy a luxury, that would be a cost. If I bought ne

    The only other thing to come out of the interview that was of note, is the fact, they will have to cut back on money to mental health.

    Yes, when one goes down the path of demolishing and austerity, one can supply little.
    User pay is OK, but at the end of the day, it has to be paid,. If it is put back on the taxpayer, they have less to spend on what is produced in our businesses, That leads to less revenues, to a government doing less.

    Demolishing our public hospital system is not the answer. Remember the Port Macquarie Hospital fiasco of a few years ago.

    Has Abbott ever explained what he was going to do with the Mersey Hospital he bought as Health Minister during the 2007 election.

  75. “Yes when one borrows, what counts, is what it is spent on.

    Unfortunately it was spent on roof insulation and school assembly halls. Not going to get much money back from that. And I doubt the school building program will have any effect on students results.

  76. The PM visit to Indonesia is an annual event. It is due, and as shadow foreign minister, Bishop should have been aware of this.,

    Just like the time that Abbott said the PM should go there, when the PM was in the company of the Indonesia at another event.

    Yes, the PM was not at home at the time.

    One wonders how much time Abbott takes note of what is occurring. Seems to be too busy, planning and pulling stunts.

    That visited could not have been planned within a couple of hours.

    I believe that Bishop is well aware of the coming event, and is scared stiff. I believe this PM has been giving the Opposition enough rope to hang themselves,and the first week in July will see the trap sprung.

    Why after three years, do they still underestimate this PM.

    The PM giving obit on Michael Hodgement. Very gracious.

  77. But I also suspect they are playing dog-whistle politics a little bit.

    Yes, I agree with this. They are dog whistling that their priority is Australian jobs.

    Redknecks [sarc]

  78. Why is Truss now sitting next to Bishop. Is he reminding her, it will be him that will be deputy leader if they win in September, not her.

  79. “They are dog whistling that their priority is Australian jobs.

    Why did they wait so long to mention any problems with the 457 visas??

    And why doesn’t Labor set the example. Isn’t McTurd on a 457 visa?? You mean Gillard cannot find any Australian to organise a race riot and start class and gender warfare?? We have to fly in a Pommy to do this?

  80. Neil, perfect examples. Yes, over one and quarter million roofs that have insulated, and saving all money on electrify, both summer and winter. Yes, cut back in energy used. Very productive investment.

    Yes, all schools in this country, bought into the 21st century, with buildings that enable better education outcomes, and the computerisation technology, that allows great leaps forwarded in education. Yes, a part of the groundwork need to wards Gonski. The NBNCo will put some icing on the cake.The language and science libraries will not go amiss either.

    Along the way, the actions of Mr. Garrett, left a safer industry, when it came to insulation of roofs. Yes, now there are safety and health rules to cover insulation, along with regulations for the first time.By the way, that should have been the responsibility of the states.

    Yes, Neil, the bosses responsible for the four deaths were convicted, not Mr. Garrett or the Rudd government.

    Yes, Neil, this government has much to be proud of.

    Any more examples of waste, Neil.

  81. Neil, sorry for the typo error. We all make them you know.

    How are our borders insecure. What army is going to invade us.

    Neil, I do question, when one says they are going to make guest workers visas the centre of our migration policy. What is wrong with asking employers to prove they need these workers. No do whistling here, unless you mean what is coming from the Opposition.

    I happen to think the 457 issue is indeed a serious matter. I will add, that if one listens to the present debate, the Opposition is handing over to employers, the decision of who comes. hey are saying the worker and unions have no say in the matter. Not the Australian voter, I will add.

    Neil, how many people have got through our borders, and are loose in the community. Suspect the number is a big fat zero.

  82. Why did they wait so long to mention any problems with the 457 visas?

    It was only a few years ago that Labor clamped down on the abysmal policy they were left with, and examples are only starting to filter through now.

    Isn’t McTurd on a 457 visa?

    Labor do not have an issue on using 457 visas. They have an issue with using 457 visas inappropriately. A highly specialized professional such a McTern? doesn’t fall into the same category as using diesel mechanics from overseas when local ones are available


  83. “Labor has bragged about how much legislation they have got through parliament. Instead of moaning about the 457 visa problems perhaps they could stop whinging and fix the problem by passing some legislation to do this.

    Neil, it is being debated. It is the Opposition that is fighting hard to prevent this from occurring.

    Mr. Oakeshott is not helping. On this one, I believe he is wrong, but is entitled to his opinion.

    Neil, no government gets all through, but that does not take away from the fact, this government has got through more than most. Much more in fact. Amazing when one considers it is a minority government.

    I suspect it is the lazinesses and lack of interest of Abbott. in what occurs in the parliament, that has allowed this to occur.

    Also one must acknowledge the ability of this PM to negotiate with other parties to get legislation through.

  84. and examples are only starting to filter through now.

    After 6 years. Yeah right. Mate you lot would believe anything. I actually agree there are problems with 457 visas but find it strange Labor all of a sudden mentions this

    And lots of Aussies would want Mcturds job. Your just a tribal loyalist who backs Labor every time.

    What do you think about this??


    THOUSANDS more foreign students will get the green light to compete with young Australians for jobs next week, when Julia Gillard’s “Aussie-first” government expands a back-door work visa scheme.

    The Immigration Department is relaxing the work rules for foreign students – even though the Prime Minister is vowing to “put Aussies first” by cracking down on 457 professional visas.”

  85. TS, shocking of you to suggest there might be problems in paradise. One rumour, I believe that does not get any air in the MSM.

    Still, TS it is still only a rumour and should not be repeated.

    After MSO by Wilkie, which was defeated, we now have MPI of Morrison, Refugee Day.

    Bull shit of the highest order coming from Morrison. Trying to be statesman like. Failing badly.

    Deterrence is the name of the game. Does not explain, how one of the harsher deterrence this country has ever had, is not working.

    What is the harshest. Bridging visas versus Temporary

    Turning back boats versus sending back by plane.

    What is the difference.

    Morrison, the policies have been returned they do not work.

    Makes one wonder, if something else was in play, last time the boats stopped.

  86. That is the difference

    Actually, I challenged someone the other day to highlight the alleged lies in Gillards misogyny speech. They were unable to pinpoint any. Maybe you can do better?

  87. It appears we now have them coming from Syria. Of course their could not be any push problem.

    Claiming they force her to Indonesia. This is an annual event. Has nothing to do with the Opposition.

  88. Neil of Sydney, if the PM lied, where is the evidence that she did, or are you like all trolls here, all mouth and no facts.

  89. Paul, you’ve got a troll fixation disorder. I can offer you a bridge that even your gravatar could fit under but you’ll have to out bid Tommy blanks gun.

  90. scaper, I knew you wouldn’t answer the question, just stupid remarks about someones gravatar, I just goes to prove a point, you are nothing but a fact-less troll, like all trolls who come here.

    By the way scaper, where are the coalition policies we keep hearing that are going to be announced before the election. Ohhh that’s right they have no policies, only aspirations.

  91. Voyager and scaper, as most that dislike the PM mention her large bum and lack of dress sense, surely it is relevant, when we see pictures that say, you are all wrong. If we do not show here, they will not get a run elsewhere. Seems the same goes for the entertaining speech she made.

    Now my recollections from earlier years. one would see a glimpse on the late news of the Mid Winter Ball. Not so this year. Could it be, they would have to show the PM in a good light, and one cannot have that. no matter how trivial.

  92. ” but can’t take it when one opines on the PM is fat slag! So funny really.”

    I take it, that many do not believe this is a low and sexist remark. One that often falls from the mouth of Pyne. Slag is his favourite. Asked to withdraw so often, that he added bag/ Did not make it any better.

    We women take it a step further, and assume that is what you think of the woman on this site.

    It is also gutter talk and bad manners. No. it is not, and never can be seen as funny.

    One day, you minority, of low life males will get the message. Well one can hope.

    In this regard. I might be delusional. Maybe there is no hope for some. One has to have respect for their fellow man.

  93. :And lots of Aussies would want Mcturds job.”

    Maybe, but none have his experience. The experience that the PM wanted.

    Get it Neil.

  94. Neil, they both gave the same Message. Please show us where the PM lied.. If not, I suggest you shut.

  95. Trouble for Abbott, the PM is playing a card, the policy card.

    Not my suggestion, but one swirling through twitter. Spot on. Policy card.

  96. Abbott on policy, where are the policies, I have only seen two or three, PPL, Fraudband and Direct action, and all going to cost the consumer.

  97. Yes, both the shadow leader and FM should have known this trip was on. That is if they ever took any notice of what the PM and Labor is doing, and what they have achieved.

    Abbott makes too many mistakes of this nature. Once telling the PM she should be in Indonesia, when the Indonesia was with her, in NY, I believe.

    If they are up to date, then yesterday was inane and clumsy politics at the best.


    omment from another site, sums it up.

    “………..“Indonesia talks were ‘long planned’
    Updated: 10:22, Thursday June 20, 2013

    Trade Minister Craig Emerson insists talks between Julia Gillard and Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will be productive, even though both leaders are at the tail end of their leadership.

    Jeez! Howard arranged the whole box and dice of APEC in Sydney to try and add a golden glow to the dying days of his Prime Ministership! Which we all had to pay for! In NSW we had to pay for it twice! All the security precautions that he demanded to protect George W. Bush (like anyone in Sydney cared & The Chaser proved it was all useless anyway), were a burden shouldered by the NSW taxpayer!

    So, could someone in close proximity to the Abbott & the Bishop remind them of that next time they have a whinge about the PM’s trip to Indonesia?
    At least the Australian taxpayer is only paying for the jet fuel to Jakarta and back this time……….”


  98. There could be another explanation,. They are so busy, searching for dirt and negatives, they miss the facts.

  99. Fed up, the only video of Abbott that I saw showed him with a face like a thunderhead, Margie was happy but certainly not him, just thought it was worth pointing out. 😀 and the rumours have been around for some time now, It just seemed to fit,
    Although ME said they looked happy in the clip that he saw?

    Cheers 😀

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