Hypocrisy = Tony Abbott . . . Ambition without a real man!

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Hypocrisy  = Tony Abbott… Ambition without a real man!

As we all know, this political cycle has been well documented, and will go down in

Australia’s history, as one of the most divisive and appalling political chapters in living memory. There are many reasons for this, including ;

  1. The longest dummy spit in history, by Abbott and his LNP, acting like spoilt brats and sore losers.
  2. The lies and spin from Abbott and his LNP, and regurgitated ad-infinitum by the MSM , led by that paragon of mendacity, Murdoch.
  3. There have been numerous attempts at trying to remove a duly elected government by underhanded, deceitful, dishonest and dare I say illegal means, all of which appear to have Tony Abbott and his LNP’s grubby mitts all over them.
  4. Murdoch’s mendacious MSM fawning over Abbott like he is Australia’s own messiah!

Now, it would take more time than I care to spend…

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